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Congregation B’nai Israel 6525 Sylvania Avenue Sylvania OH 43560 p. (419) 517-8400 f. (419) 517-8401 A Congregation Affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

Bulletin 146 Years of Consecrated Service to God, Torah and Israel 14 Elul-13 Tishrei 5772-73

September 1-30, 2012

High Holiday Schedule EREV ROSH HASHANAH


Sunday, September 16

Tuesday September 25 Kol Nidre………………………7:00 p.m. SHARP Candlelighting ..................................... 7:06 p.m. Wednesday September 26 Yizkor Morning Service .................................. 9:00 a.m. Family Service…………………………10:30 a.m. Mincha ................................................ 5:30 p.m. Neila ................................................... 6:30 p.m. Fast Ends – Maariv ............................. 8:05 p.m.

Mincha/Maariv .................................... 6:00 p.m. Candlelighting ..................................... 7:24 p.m. ROSH HASHANAH I Monday, September 17 Morning Service..................................8:30 a.m. Family Service…………………………10:30 a.m. Tashlich Service (meet @CBI)............4:00 p.m. Mincha/Maariv ....................................6:00 p.m. Candlelighting .....................................8:23 p.m.


ROSH HASHANAH II Tuesday, September 18 Morning Service..................................8:30 a.m. Family Service…………………………10:30 a.m. Mincha ................................................6:00 p.m.

Sunday, September 30—Erev Sukkot Service ............................................... 6:00 p.m. Candlelighting ..................................... 7:00 p.m. Monday, October 1 ........................... 9:30 a.m. Mincha/Maariv .................................... 6:00 p.m. Candlelighting ..................................... 7:57 p.m.

Saturday September 22 (Shabbat Shuvah) Morning Service..................................9:30 a.m. Mincha/Maariv/Havdalah ....................6:45 p.m.

Tuesday, October 2 .......................... 9:30 a.m. Mincha/Maariv .................................... 6:00 p.m.

SELICHOT PROGRAM September 8, 2012 Movie at 9:00 p.m. @ CBI Documentary film “The Jews of Nigeria” Refreshments to follow Services 10:30 p.m.

Special Memorial Service Beth Shalom Cemetery

KEVER AVOT Graves of Our Ancestors

CEMETERY SERVICE & VISITATION Sunday, September 23, 2012 1:00 PM at Beth Shalom Cemetery

BABYSITTING will be available DURING HIGH HOLIDAY SERVICES 10:30 am-12:30 pm INFANT THROUGH 4 YEARS OLD (Children must be pre-registered) $5.00/PER CHILD/PER DAY Call the office to register 419-517-8400

The Rabbi and Hazzan will assist those wanting special memorial prayer(s) recited at the grave. Please call the office, 419-517-8400, if you will be needing a ride. Departure from B’nai Israel parking lot at 11:30 a.m. 1

From the Rabbi’s Desk Is environmentalism a particularly Jewish concern? If anything is a universal issue, isn't it our concern for the planet? Surely, all of us, irrespective of religious persuasion, should be deeply concerned about the survival of planet Earth. Experts have been telling us in no uncertain terms that our physical environment is ailing, if not in a terminal state. Wendell Berry, the author and agronomist, wrote: “Our environmental problems …are not, at root political; they are cultural…our country is not being destroyed by bad politics; it is being destroyed by a bad way of life.” That way of life, which I believe is characterized by hyper-consumerism and unbridled consumption, is shared by us all, Americans of every color, ethnic background and religion. So why should Jews be particularly concerned? This idea is addressed in a beautiful, rabbinic legend, a Midrash. The text presents a powerful image: God takes Adam for a tour of the garden, and points out all the flora and fauna and says to him, “Behold My works, how splendid they are. All that I have created; I created for your sake.” It continues: “Now listen up - do not ruin or destroy my world. Sh'im kilkalta, ayn mee sh'taken achrecha -if you mess it up, there is no one to clean up after you.” (Kohellet Rabba 7:13) The point could not be made more clearly. The agricultural laws of the Torah carry this idea as well. We are not to farm our land into oblivion. Every seventh year the fields are left fallow, to regenerate. Fruit trees cannot be harvested until their fourth year. Even when we harvest our fields, we cannot be overly materialist. The corners of the fields must be left for the poor; forgotten sheaves are for them as well. Over the centuries, in fact for thousands of years, Jewish philosophers such as Maimonides, Rav Nachman and Rav Kook, Rabbis Samson Rafael Hirsch and Abraham Joshua Heschel, taught us about the importance of our relationship to this earth and the fact that God expects us to be stewards for this creation He has loaned us for our benefit. This is the season for taking stock, for asking ourselves how we measure up to the expectations God may have of us. How are we doing in relation to our responsibility as shomrim, guardians, for this good earth? Are we doing our job? Do we recognize that if we allow this earth to fall into ruin, there is no one to set it right after us? We are exhausting our earth's resources, and we are exhausting ourselves. Let's take this upcoming New Year of 5773 to mark a new beginning. May it be a year in which we take more seriously our responsibility to be guardians of this precious blessing we call the earth. As we celebrate the earth's birthday on Rosh HaShanah, let's wish it many more. And may it not only be a happy birthday, but a happy new year for us all. Rabbi Moshe Saks

If anyone is interested in volunteering to learn how to be a Masgiach, a supervisor in the synagogue’s kitchen, please contact me.

Remember to send in any corrections for the Yizkor book by the September 5th deadline. 2





Breakfast at the Wingate An essential aspect of the High Holydays is remembrance and nostalgia. Rosh Hashana is called Yom Hazikaron, the Day of Remembrance. The middle section of Musaf is called Zichronot, Memories, and on Yom Kippur we recite Yizkor, the Memorial Service for loved ones. Many of you are aware that my dear mother Miriam, who resides in distant Cape Town, South Africa, recently visited us in Toledo. She came for our son Ari’s wedding in New York as well as to celebrate with us her milestone 90th birthday. I have not been physically with her on her birthday since I left South Africa over 30 years ago. You lavishly showered her with an outpouring of love and hospitality which helped make her visit and birthday celebration so memorable, and for which we shall be eternally appreciative. Her only regret that her crowded schedule could not accommodate many more invitations she received. I even twisted her arm to address a Lunch and Learn session, during which she had everyone mesmerized with her inspirational talk. A survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto and 5 Concentration Camps, she is a true story teller in a most unique style, and her person and life more amazing than Hollywood could conjure up. Mom stayed at the Wingate Hotel which is close to where we live, because our home has stairs she could not negotiate. The hotel provides daily breakfast, so each morning after minyan, after hanging with the minyan chevreh at Panera for a while, I would join Mom for breakfast. As we approach the High Holydays when I, along with many of you, will recite Yizkor for my dear late father who has been gone 26 years, leaving my mother to live alone all this time, I am overcome by a deep sense of nostalgia. Yet I am also most grateful for so rare an opportunity that mother and I had, to share our lives face to face. Whether eating meals or chatting, taking strolls along the beautiful newly-finished River Trail of Harroun Park behind the hotel, or just being in each other’s company, this was a time I shall always cherish and recall with the fondest reminiscence. How many of us fail to take advantage of opportunities to truly interact with our loved ones? We become immersed in our own immediate lives or jobs, or perhaps our sense of humanity is being dulled by the instant gratification that electronic and social media contact provide. In the Zichronot/Memories section of Musaf for Rosh Hashana, God, speaking nostalgically through the prophet Jeremiah, says, “Zacharti lach hesed ne’urayich…” ”I remember the devotion of your youth…” referring to the Biblical wandering in the desert, one of our most poignant prayers. But were our ancestors really that devoted in the desert? No sooner had they escaped hundreds of years of slavery, than they complained (Numbers 11, 5) “Zacharnu et hadaga…” “We remember the fish we ate in Egypt…” What a contrast in ‘memories.’ During Yizkor on these High Holydays and at other times that invoke memory and nostalgia, we, like God, could selectively recall the good in our loved ones and in the past, letting the bad fade with the passage of time. We need each other, as Judaism declares, “tura b’tura lo paga, enosh b’enosh paga” “ a mountain cannot touch a mountain, but humans can touch each other.” Jan and our children Mayron, Ari and Hayley, and Jackie join me in wishing you all a healthy and wonderful new year. Hazzan Ivor Lichterman 3

RELIGIOUS SCHOOL We are looking forward to all of the amazing changes to our Religious School program this year. The Religious School committee has been working tirelessly throughout the summer to make this the best year yet for our students. Hebrew will be incorporated into the program for all ages on Sunday mornings in addition to the Wednesday afternoon sessions. Many collaborative projects will continue to take place with our friends from Shomer Emunim and Etz Chayim. Please turn your forms in to the CBI office if you have not yet done so. Kim Brody Religious School Principal

Congregation B’nai Israel Sunday Religious School Calendar 2012-2013 September 23rd First day of Religious School September 30th Race for the Cure Family participation day

January 13th January 20th January 27th

RS No RS-MLK Weekend RS

October 7th October 14th October 21st

February 3rd February 10th February 17th February 24th

RS K-1 go to Pelham Manor No RS President’s Weekend Purim Spiel and Purim Carnival

March 3rd March 9th March 10th March 17th March 24th March 31st

5/6th grade Giant Eagle prep Consecration 5/6th grade Giant Eagle trip RS Model Seder No RS

April 7th April 14th April 21th April 28th

No RS Yom HaShoah RS RS

May 5th

Last Day Sunday RS and Confirmation

October 28th

RS zoo van –pre-k 11:00-11:45 Israel Ambassador 8-10th grades 6/7th grades to Holocaust Museum Cherry Street Mission All 7th grade boys

November 4th zoo van k-2 11:00-11:45 November 11th Community Book Fairall RS participation th November 18 Global Learning Daygrades PreK-3 December 2nd RS December 9th RS December 16th RS



Hebrew Name

Grade/fall 2012


1. ___________________________________________________



2. ___________________________________________________



3. ___________________________________________________



4. ___________________________________________________



Parents/Guardians: ____________________________________________________________________ Primary Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________ (Street) (City) (State) (Zip) Phone: _____________________ (home)

_____________________ (parent cell)

____________________ (parent cell)

Email address: ________________________________________________________________________ Parents/Guardians: ____________________________________________________________________ Secondary Address: ___________________________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________ (home)

_____________________ (parent cell)

____________________ (parent cell)

Parents email address: __________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact: ________________________ (Name)

________________ (Home phone number)

___________________ (cell)

In order to better meet the needs of our students, please list any special information: Medical conditions: ___________________________________________________________________ Allergies: __________________________________________________________________________ Medications your child(ren) takes: ________________________________________________________ List any special needs/assistance: ________________________________________________________

***Preschool students must be 21/2 by September 23, 2012***

School Fee (Sunday): School Fee (Wednesday): Consecration Fee: Confirmation Fee:

$ 250.00 $ 450.00 $ 100.00 $ 100.00

Registration deadline: September 11, 2012 No child will be admitted to Religious School without being properly registered 5

Sisterhood /mens club Torah Fund Women Ensuring Conservative/Masorti Jewish Education Support the campaign as we celebrate its 70th Anniversary. GIFT OPPORTUNITIES You are Torah Fund—at any level: Guardian……….….…. ...$300 Benefactor……….……...$180 Chai Units………….…...$72 $54 $36 $18 Koach ……...………..…$28 With your pledge you are entitled to contribution cards for all occasions.

A campaign to ensure our legacy to future generations of Conservative Jews by providing: Rabbis, Cantors, Lay Leaders, Social Workers, Educators and Administrators (for Day Schools and Synagogue Schools) Scholars, Researchers and Synagogue Administrators.

Uri Uri— ‫עורי עורי‬

Awake—Greet the New Dawn!

Being roused to action is often just the prelude to awakening others, whether via the shofar—as seen growing out of the letter ‘ayin in the 5773 Torah Fund pin—or by using our voices and networks to focus on the critical needs of our families and communities, our movement, and our people. The imagery of dawn invokes an awareness of the challenges before us as well as our need to be alert to address them. What challenges will we face in 5773 as Jewish women? Will we rise to meet them, and will the glory of God be present in our response? Uri,uri—awake—and shir dabeiri—sing a song—of activity, of victory, and of thanks to the Holy One whose light illuminates all of our waking moments. Make your checks payable to Torah Fund and mail them to: Torah Fund c/o Phyllis Diamond 3008 Strauss Ave. Toledo Ohio 43606 You may pick up your cards at the opening Sisterhood meeting on Sunday, October 21. Contributions can be made throughout the year by calling: Marilyn Reinstein at 419-882-8757 Ruth Sitzmann at 419-843-7718 Phyllis Diamond at 419-531-5005

Men’s Club Getting ready for Sukkot. Sukkah build will be September 23, at 10:00 a.m. Please bring a wrench & a ratchet set.

Men’s Club Mud Hen’s game


Join B’nai Israel for BREAK THE FAST Yom Kippur WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2012 Immediately following Neila service

- RESERVATIONS REQUIRED Menu includes: Hot Dish, Salad, Tuna, Soup, Lox, Bagels & Cream Cheese, Fresh Fruit, Veggies, Egg Salad, Desserts

$18/adults; $9/children 3-12; 2 and under/free Open to all congregants - Your check is your reservation. Please send to the office, by September 19, 2012. If you have any questions please call the office 419-517-8400.

Monday, September 17, 4:00 p.m.

A CALL TO THE BIMAH WOULD YOU LIKE AN HONOR? Please call the office, 419-517-8400, or Howard Rosenbaum, 419-517-3953, if you would like to be a reader or do an ark opening for these High Holy Days.

On Rosh Hashanah it is tradition to walk to a river or spring (preferably one that has fish in it) and recite special prayers called penitential prayers. The Tashlich prayer comes from the Book of Micha (7:18-20). After you say the prayers you throw the bread crumbs into the water. Tossing the bread crumbs on the water is symbolic of casting away our sins and starting a new year with a clean slate. Bring Your Own Bread – We will meet at CBI at 4:00 p.m. and to walk to the lake at the back of the campus with Temple Shomer Emunim.

If you wish to purchase a

Lulav & Etrog $48 per set please call the office, 419-517-8400 by Friday, September 21st

When the Temple stood in Jerusalem, the Jewish people used lulav and etrog on the first day of Sukkot. Once the Temple was destroyed, the rabbis decreed that all Jews should wave the lulav and etrog all seven days as a remembrance of Temple days. ORDER YOURS NOW!


ATTENTION PARENTS OF COLLEGE STUDENTS Remember hearing about those paper clip holders, keychains, fleece blankets, walking matzo balls and delicious snacks? Well, now is the time to be sure your college student continues to get these great items and more. We at the Toledo Link to College are preparing for another fun and exciting year. The purpose is to provide “care packages” to the college students from our community at various times throughout the year. This program has been generously funded by Mrs. Sylvia Thal and the Stanford Thal Memorial Fund of the Toledo Jewish Community Foundation. In addition, all three synagogues support the project by providing the cost of shipping. Please help! If your child is an incoming freshman, undergraduate or in graduate school, please complete the form below with your child’s updated school information and mail it by October 1, 2012 to Congregation B’nai Israel, 6525 Sylvania, Sylvania, OH 43560 Attn: Shelia Rothstein or email her at SHEILAROTH@BEX.NET. 2012-2013 Toledo Link to College Student’s Name_____________________________________________________ Student’s Email Address______________________________________________ Name of School_____________________________________________________ Student’s Address___________________________________________________ (Circle One)






Expected Year of Graduation _________________ Parent’s Name__________________________________________________ Home Address_______________________________________________________ Phone___________________________________ Local Synagogue Affiliation__________________________

Children’s Services We are very fortunate to have Dani Saks organizing our Children’s Services for the High Holidays. Dani has planned fun-filled educational programming that will include prayers, games, role-playing, singing, and storytelling. All activities will be ageappropriate for grades Pre-K through six. Dani is a graduate of the Joint Program of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America and Columbia University in NYC. He has taught Public School Science classes in a middle school located in Maryland as part of the Teach For America program. Dani has been a camper and staff member at Camp Ramah in the Poconos (PA) for 12 years. He will be getting married this October to Naomi Ehrich of Allentown, PA, also a public school teacher. The services will begin at 10:30 a.m. on both days of Rosh Hashanah and on Yom Kippur. Babysitting will be available for infants and children thru four years of age from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. on those days. Pre reservations required. 8

Sam Kuperman: Thank You for Your Gift to CBI Former Congregation B’nai Israel member Sam Kuperman passed away on December 3, 2009, in Cleveland, but Toledo and Congregation B’nai Israel were always in his heart. Through his estate planning, he made a generous gift to our congregation, and we honor his foresight and kindness in our memories. Sam made his gift in honor of himself and his mother, Eva Kuperman. Sam Kuperman was the son of Harry and Eva Kuperman. Many congregants may still remember Kuperman’s Butcher Shop, which was run by his parents. He and his extended family were members of Congregation B’nai Israel and involved in the Jewish community in Toledo. He attended Scott High School, served in the Coast Guard and was stationed in the South Pacific. Sam and his parents lived in Toledo, and after his father’s death in 1971, he lived with and took care of his mother until her death in 1988. More recently, Sam was living in Cleveland to be nearer to his extended family in that area. Thanks to Sam’s generosity, B’nai Israel is able to continue to provide the kinds of services that our congregational community, our kehilla, hopes for and deserves. A Note: Sam Kuperman’s bequest reminds us all that one decision, made many years ago, can have a profound effect on all of our futures. Many adults think of estate planning as something important to do – but something than can be postponed. Working on your estate plans today, however, can have many benefits, including the peace of mind from knowing that your wishes will be fulfilled. If you include a provision for Congregation B’nai Israel, you will have the added satisfaction of knowing that others in the future will benefit from your generous act today. The future of B’nai Israel depends on you. Preparing your estate plans does not need to be cumbersome of complicated. Here are some steps to begin. First, gather information about your assets. Second, think about the people and organizations that matter most to you and how you would like to provide for them. Third, think about whom you would like to serve as your executor or trustee. Fourth, meet with a professional. If you do not have an attorney in mind, ask your friends or your local bar association for a referral. Our grandparents and parents had the foresight to create and support Congregation B’nai Israel. Please keep them in mind as you are planning for the futures of our children and grandchildren. 9

Special Birthdays Eva Bernblum 9/18 Hanna Fotsch 9/15 Judy Gersz 9/5 Ben Morse 9/6 Libby Morse 9/6 Sandy Romanoff 9/27 Chloe Rothschild 9/21 Morgan Segall 9/3 Jordan Slutsky 9/13 Howard Yaffe 9/16

KIDDUSH – Todah Rabah to: Sept. 1– Jeff & Alison Sherman in honor of Jamie’s Bat Mitzvah Sept. 15 – Greg & Irina Zaurov in honor of their special anniversary Sept. 29 – Jan Katz

MILESTONES Mazel Tov to Michael & Rena Leizerman on their marriage. Mazel Tov to Hazzan Ivor & Jan Lichterman on the marriage of their son Ari.

Special Anniversaries

Mazel Tov to Jeff & Linda Rosenbloom & Irwin Rosenbloom on the marriage of their daughter & granddaughter Carly. Mazel tov to Paulette Sherline on the marriage of her daughter Abby.

45 Years Jim & Ina Tuschman 9/2 25 Years Greg & Irina Zaurov 9/10


15 Years Mark & Andrea Richards 9/28

We are in the process of compiling a new

Synagogue Membership Directory

B’NAI ISRAEL SISTERHOOD BOOK CLUB TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2012 to be reviewed The Dove Keepers by Alice Hoffman Morning Session:11:00 AM to12:30 PM B’nai Israel Synagogue

and want your correct contact information! •

Your email address helps us contact you quickly for changes in times, places, and programs.

If you are leaving for the winter, please let us know your forwarding address and how long you will be gone. Call Kandee at the office at 419-517-8400 or email or

Evening Session 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM Sharon Rappaport’s Condo

Sisterhood Judaica Gift Shop Stop by to see the new merchandise on display in our beautifully redecorated Gift Shop. There is a fresh selection of 14K gold charms, beaded ladies kipot, bracelets to match, pierced earrings with various colored beads, Rosh Hashanah serving pieces, challah covers and an assortment of gift items for all your needs. Fall Hours: Wednesday 10-3 Sundays 9:30-noon beginning Sept 23. Call Phyllis Diamond 419-531-5005 for individual appointments. 10

%"9 %$&; Contributions for September

Regular Contributions are $10.00 Please note: More generous contributions will be indicated in the following ways: * denotes B’nai Mitzvah-$13.00 ** denotes Chai-$18.00 *** denotes Silver-$25.00 A box denotes Gold-$50.00 A double box denotes Platinum-$100.00

GENERAL FUNDS In Appreciation of



In Honor of


HARRY GOMETZ Yahrzeit DAVID FETTMAN Greg, Hope, Jeremy, Adam & Andy Davis HARRY GOMETZ Marty & Harriet Davis LEONA SOLDINGER Lannie & Roanne Katzman

HARRIS/WILLIAMS In Memory of EDWARD COHEN Loren Williams & Ruth Masters **

ELI & FAGIE BENSTEIN Sharon Rappaport ALIYAH Sheldon Richter & Marcia Levy **




In Memory of


CHARLOTTE LEIBOVITZ Jeff & Diane Goldstein

Yahrzeit IDA COHEN Ronald & June Goldman RENEE QUIROGA Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Goldman


LARRY ALTMAN Corey Russell EDWARD COHEN Michael & Leslie Podolsky MYRON EDELSTEIN Howard & Karen Rosenbaum CHARLOTTE LEIBOVITZ Steve, Jodi & Cory Berndt ** Ron & Debbie Melser & Becca & Shana Marks ** DOLORES PERLMAN Michael Rappaport ***

HAZZAN IVOR & JAN LICHTERMAN, Son's marriage Marty & Ruth Sitzmann JANICE OSTER, Granddaughter's marriage Jerry & Ruth Gold

RELIGIOUS SCHOOL Yahrzeit BEN FREEDMAN, Grandfather David & Lori Friedes * SAUL H. KORMAN Arnie & Marlene Remer ** SADYE RABB, Grandmother David & Lori Friedes * MINNIE REMER, Mother Arnie & Marlene Remer ** In Honor of HAZZAN IVOR & JAN LICHTERMAN, Son's marriage Cary & Michelle Kart MIRIAM LICHTERMAN, Special birthday Jerry & Arlene Russell HOWARD & KAREN ROSENBAUM, New home LENNY THAL & SELMA MASTER, New home Cary & Michelle Kart DAVID & JUDY WEINBERG, Naming of granddaughter Shirley Gerber

KATZ SANCTUARY Yahrzeit BELA LIPSZYC Jack Lipszyc ** EVELYN SIMON, Mother Bernice Katz & Shirley Yaffe


In Honor of

MYRON EDELSTEIN Sharon Rappaport CHARLOTTE LEIBOVITZ Howard & Ann Rosenberg

MABEL SMITH, Wife, mother & Nana Sondra Gallis & Family

In Memory of

KIDDUSH In Memory of


In Memory of



MAURICE LEVEY Elaine Levey LOUIS NESENMAN Marc & Paula Meyer ** ALBERT RUSSELL, Brother RAYMOND RUSSELL, Brother Merv & Marlene Russell

Yahrzeit LEON LEVISON Lee & Gail Kwait ** MAX MALKIN Helen Hess JENNIE WITTENBERG Al & Arlene Brookenthal

In Honor of MARVIN & BEV GREENBERG, Special anniversary Howard & Karen Rosenbaum

In Honor of MARTHA BIRNBAUM, Special birthday Mike & Yael Liber



Yahrzeit BENZIOR CUZNIR Feiga Gudelman ** HESEL CUZNIR Feiga Gudelman ** DR. PHILLIP HOROWITZ Inge Horowitz Dan & Cheryl Troy & Family Mark & Jackie Horowitz & Family LINA PLAUT Inge Horowitz Dan & Cheryl Troy & Family Mark & Jackie Horowitz & Family CLARA KATCHER Marty & Rita Katcher * NORMAN KATCHER Marty & Rita Katcher * RUTH A. KATZ Hon. David A. Katz & Family *** NORMAN LEVITIN His loving family ** SHIRLEY LIBER Kevin & Faylayn Liber & Family ** DINA MARKOWICZ Philip Markowicz *** HENRY SALZMAN Elsie Liber JAMES SCHROEDER Richard Schroeder JACOB YURO, Grandfather Rolf & Marcia Hess **

In Memory of EDWARD COHEN Inge Horowitz MYRON EDELSTEIN Mark & Gretchen Zyndorf *** LOUIS HEILBRUN Mike & Al Blumberg CHARLOTTE LEIBOVITZ Harry Schulman Richard & Shirley Shugarman Bob & Lynne Wengrow CALVIN LIEBERMAN Bill & Luann Garber *** Mark & Gretchen Zyndorf *** ANDY THAL David & Lisa Simon & Family ** Gene & Carol Simon *** NEAL TOURAN Gary & Ellen Petler & Lillian Petler ***


SHIRLEY POST Bruce, Shelia, Jordan & Brynna Post & Jay Post ** SALLY WEXLER Rhoda Miller & Family

Yahrzeit HENRY SALZMAN Bill & Eva Touran DR. HARRY ZANKEL The Kezur Malone Family

In Memory of CHARLOTTE LEIBOVITZ Laura Isenstein & Family * ANDY THAL The Kezur Malone Family


In Memory of DONALD CONNOR Rhoda Miller HARRY FRADKIN Bobby & Sharon Kripke ** CHARLOTTE LEIBOVITZ Bob & Gayle Retsky Lenny Rosenberg CALVIN LIEBERMAN Bobby & Sharon Kripke ** Katherine Shenofsky *** LINWOOD 'Buster' MILLER Dave & Kerry McMurray *** Tom & Patti Tuschman ***

ANDY & MARCI KLUMB, Special anniversary TED & SONJA PINSKY, Special anniversary Eli Abramson & Nora Romanoff

In Appreciation of CONGREGATION B'NAI ISRAEL Clara Rona ***

In Memory of

In Honor of

In Memory of EDWARD COHEN Bill & Luann Garber Phyllis Diamond MYRON EDELSTEIN Harry & Leeta Nistel HARRY FRADKIN Inge Horowitz Phyllis Diamond EILEEN "EDE" HESS Belle Swartz CHARLOTTE LEIBOVITZ Shirley Tochtermann Phyllis Diamond Sherrie Zaft Marvin & Peggy Damrauer Bill & Helene Sherman Marty & Ruth Sitzmann Mervyn & Marlene Russell

SHEILA POST Eli & Fagie Benstein

GEORGE KLUMB Inge Horowitz

In Honor of CYNDI ROSENTHAL, Honor Rhoda Miller

DON & ELAINE GREEN, 45th anniversary Inge Horowitz ***


In Honor of




Yahrzeit IDA BENSTEIN Eli & Fagie Benstein BRENDA FORMAN DAVE BLUMBERG Nina Ridgley ** Al & Mike Blumberg ** SEYMOUR GREENSPOON Al & Mike Blumberg * YOUTH ACTIVITIES NAOMI KRIPKE, Mother, grandmother SCHOLARSHIP FUND & great grandmother Larry & Joanie Kripke & In Memory of Family ** LINWOOD MILLER JR EDWARD COHEN Rhoda Miller & Family Hazzan Jamie Gloth & Bina Carr JACK TRUEHAFT Harvey & Edna Rosen

S.O.A.P Synagogue Organized Afternoon Program

Sept. 5 – Discussion of topics for the upcoming year 12 – Preparing for the High Holy Days 19 – Current events 26 – No S.O.A.P. All are welcome on Wednesdays at 1:00pm in the B’nai Israel Library.


SISTERHOOD TORAH FUND/ RESIDENCE HALL CAMPAIGN OF THE JEWISH THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Phyllis Diamond ……….…531-5005 Ruth Sitzmann …………....843-7718 Marilyn Reinstein ………...882-8757

Good Health Tribute


In Honor of


IRVING & CAMILLE ALLOY, 65th anniversary Shirley Tochtermann SHIRLEY BADER, Marriage of granddaughter Belle Swartz DRS. TED & SONJA PINSKY, 55th anniversary Shirley Tochtermann MARILYN J. REINSTEIN, Special birthday Shirley Tochtermann DR. DONALD STEINBERG, Special birthday Harry & Leeta Nistel Belle Swartz Joel & Nina Swartz Bob Swartz Phyllis Diamond Mervyn & Marlene Russell

Visit our newly updated website at . Many thanks to Ellie Williams for her work setting up the new program. Current info on programs & services more easily available.

In Memoriam

SEPTEMBER YAHRZEITS September 1 – Elul 14….. Elinor Brochin, Clara Katcher September 2 – Elul 15….. Brenda Forman, Abe Kigel, Samuel Kohler, Golda Lieberman, Melvin Newmark September 3 – Elul 16….. Beverly Fradkin, Herman Goldhammer, Theresa Gottschalk, Evelyn Krauss, Evelyn Simon September 4 – Elul 17….. Shirley Post, Mabel Smith, Abe Steinberg, Phyllis Unger, Leon Yaffe September 5 – Elul 18….. Louis Danziger, Sol Guttenberg, Helen Trattner September 6 – Elul 19…..Lawrence Beckerman, Charles Kale, Saul Korman, Samuel Ravin, Joseph Sakheim, Bernie Vogel September 7 – Elul 20….. Jacob Baneth September 8 – Elul 21….. Frieda Caplan, Paul Sussman September 9 – Elul 22…..William Goldstein, Kathryn Limerick September 10 – Elul 23….. Hillel Frankel, William Hamerman, Sadye Rabb, Phillip Tilchen September 11 – Elul 24….. Julia Gerson, Edwin Goldstein, Maurice Levey, Norman Levitin, James Schroeder September 12 – Elul 25….. Norman Katcher, Maxwell Malkin, Dina Millsberg September 13 – Elul 26….. Celia Fishbein, Morris Kornblet September 14 – Elul 27….. David Barry, Sadie Damrauer, Benjamin Goldstein, Lorna Neuman September 15 – Elul 28….. Esther Friedman, Ida Goldman, Rose Karp, Albert Russell September 16 – Elul 29…..Joseph Schwartz, Isadore Shall, Eva Soldinger, Dorothy Steinberg, Sally Wexler

September 17 – Tishri 1….. Pearl Benjamin, Jack Burke, Anthony Grande, Paula Rosenbloom, Raymond Russell September 18 – Tishri 2….. Morris Greenberg, Ruth Katz, Josephine Teitlebaum, Ralph Wahrman, Ritajane Wasserstrom, Jennie Wittenberg September 19 – Tishri 3…..Howard Cooperman, Louis Nesenman, William Shore September 20 – Tishri 4….. Leo Krawetz, Samuel Levin, Dora Swigert September 21 – Tishri 5….. Pearl Bookman, Ray Franks, Benjamin Freedman, Martha Gerber, Phillip Horowitz, Lina Plaut September 22 – Tishri 6….. Rita Tauber September 23 – Tishri 7….. September 24 – Tishri 8….. Mae Rothman, Rebecca Schwartz September 25 – Tishri 9….. Abraham Fajerman, Miriam Fajerman, Joseph Kanter, Dinah Lubov, Dina Markowicz September 26 – Tishri 10….. Ida Benstein, Herman Brateman, Tillie Kale September 27 – Tishri 11….. Celia Kripke, Jeannette Stupsker September 28 – Tishri 12….. Louis Greenblatt, David Jerzy September 29 – Tishri 13….. Joseph Frankel, Jerome Greenblatt, Irvin Greenspoon, Morris Kaminsky, Morris Laderman. I. Maurice Seligman, Jack Stein, Morris Weinblatt September 30 – Tishri 14….. Gladys Levison, Robin Newmark, Norman Rubinoff

The synagogue family mourns the loss of its members: Charlotte Leibovitz ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

Memorial plaques will be dedicated on Yizkor on September 26, 2012 for ALBERT BURG EDWARD COHEN DEENA KAUFMAN LINWOOD “BUSTER” MILLER FANNIE RAVIN CLARA SHUER


September 8, 2012 9:30 a.m. Newcomers, prospective members or anyone wishing to see our vibrant conservative synagogue is invited to join us for Shabbat Services. Enjoy the warmth of our membership and participate in our traditional music and prayers. Please join us for our weekly Kiddush luncheon following services. For more information please contact Rhoda Miller at 419-517-8400 or 13

Senior adult programs of Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo are supported in part through your campaign dollars and through a generous grant from the Jewish Senior Services Supporting Organization. Please note registration deadlines for all programs. To register for a Jewish Federation Senior Program, please call 419-724-0354 or email

Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo Upcoming Events RSVP to Jill Lane at 419-724-0354 or

To register for a Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo senior program, please call Jill Lane at 419-724-0354 or email

Extraordinary Life of Adam Grant 1 p.m. Leonard Lounge JCC/YMCA campus 6465 Sylvania Avenue Adam (Grochowski) Grant began painting in Warsaw but ultimately made his home in Toledo. A Roman Catholic survivor of Nazi concentration camps, his paintings demonstrate his fascination with human conditions ranging from destruction to rebirth. The classical nude became his forte, along with acrobats and musicians, revealing his humor, the popular “Paint-by-Numbers” paint sets. Registration is requested by Friday, August 31. Richard T. Eppstein, President, 1 p.m. Leonard Lounge JCC/YMCA campus 6465 Sylvania Avenue Consumers and businesspeople are cheated out of millions of dollars by schemes, rackets regional agency that investigates

and “blows the whistle” on many of these schemes is the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In his speeches, BBB President Dick Eppstein reviews the latest current schemes and explains the most common ways people are cheated. He also discusses the steps that all of us can take to protect ourselves, especially from identity theft. Stories and examples are given to illustrate the ways crooked operaon a daily basis as new rackets hit Ohio and Michigan. Registration is requested by Monday, September 10.

Quintet 1 p.m. Leonard Lounge JCC/YMCA campus 6465 Sylvania Avenue Quintet has become one of Northwest Ohio’s favorite brass ensembles. Performing 30 to 40 shows per year for more than three decades, this group can credit its popularity to its wide range of repertoire and slick, fun-loving presentations. Handel, Sousa, Ragtime and Dixieland are just a sample of what you hear, presented in a comfortable setting along with a healthy dose of their legendary good humor. Registration is requested by

Special Notice: Please note that our trips are open to all seniors and reservations and payment are due at the time of the request to hold your space. We will

Campaign 2013 The issues facing American Jews today Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo for the

Campaign 2013 Launch with special guest Jay Footlik

Sunday, September 09, 2012 | 7:30 p.m. 22 Elul 5772 Temple Shomer Emunim 6525 Sylvania Avenue RSVP to Jill Lane at 419-724-0354 or

You are cordially invited to hear retired Israeli Ambassador Yoram Ettinger October 19, 2012 Temple Shomer Emunim. The Ambassador will address the congregation during Shabbat services , 6-7 pm. Q&A to follow

out an Emergency Contact Form if you will be traveling with us for the

October 20 Congregation Bnai Israel at 10:30 am during Saturday morning services. Following services, Ambassador Ettinger will join the congregation for lunch and Q&A.

For questions about a program, please contact René Rusgo at 419724-0365 or or Mary Lou Whittaker at 419-5312119 or Please note registration deadlines for all programs. To register for a Jewish Federation Senior Program, please call 419-724-0354 or email

If you plan on attending the luncheon at Bnai Israel, RSVP by Monday, October 15th to or call Jill Lane @ 419-724-0354. For more information please contact Wendy Goldstein, Campaign/JCRC Director at 419-724-0360 or




September 2012 2







SOAP 1:00 p.m.



Daily 6:00 p.m. services Sundays: 9:00 AM Mon.-Thurs: 7:00 AM, 5:45 PM Friday: 7:00 AM, 6:00 PM Saturday: 9:30 AM, see schedule PM

Office Closed for Labor Day



SOAP 1:00 p.m.



Board meeting 7:30 pm


Rosh Hashanah 2nd day


SOAP 1:00 p.m.

Rosh Hashanah 1st day





Book Club 11:0012:30

16 4:00 p.m. Tashlich Candlelighting 8:23 p.m.

Book Club 7:00pm8:30pm

Erev of Rosh Hashanah NO Religious school Candlelighting 7:24 p.m.


Yom Kippur Kol Nidre 7:00 p.m. Candlelighting 7:06 p.m.

Erev of Yom Kippur

Fast of Gedaliah

23 Religious school 10:00 Sukkah build 1:00 p.m. Kever Avot

Erev of Sukkot 6:00

30 Race for the Cure





Jamie Sherman Bat Mitzvah

Parsha Ki Tetze

7:45 p.m. service 8:50 Shabbat ends


Shabbat open House

10:30 p.m. Selichot

Parsha Ki Tavo 8:38 Shabbat ends

6:00 p.m. service 7:40 light candles


7:00 p.m. service 8:02 Shabbat ends

Parsha Ha’Azinu


7:00 p.m. service 8:14 Shabbat ends

Parsha Vayelekh


7:15 p.m. service 8:26 Shabbat ends

Parsha Nitzavim


6:00 p.m. service 7:28 light candles


6:00 p.m. service 7:15 light candles


6:00 p.m. service 7:03 light candles


CONGREGATION B’NAI ISRAEL STAFF Moshe Saks………………………………..Rabbi Ivor Lichterman…………………………...Hazzan Kandee Storm .......................... Office Manager Kim Brody ............... Religious School Principal

CONGREGATION B’NAI ISRAEL BULLETIN 6525 Sylvania Ave Sylvania OH 43560

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage

PAID Sylvania, OH Permit No. 42

Address Service Requested

Fagie Benstein/Sharon Rappaport ……………. ................................ CO Sisterhood Presidents David Zack…...…………….Men’s Club President Zoe Yaffe & Shayna Zack…….…USY Presidents EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE President ......................................... Meira Zucker Vice President ....... Hope Davis, Ellen Federman, Debbie Spangenthal Secretary .......................................Alix Greenblatt Treasurer ....................................Ron Wachsman BOARD OF TRUSTEES Eli Abramson, Jeannette Bernstein, Jill Kripke, Faylayn Liber, Rhoda Miller, Dara MusherEizenman, Michael Portnoy, Bruce Post, Arnold Remer, Fran Weinblatt

INTRAFAITH BLOOD DRIVE Sunday, October 28, 2012 Mark your calendar for the annual Intrafaith Blood Drive. This is a joint effort among the synagogues in the Toledo Area. The annual drive is Sunday, October 28 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Temple Shomer Emunim. For information please call Devorah Shulamit coordinator for Intrafaith & chairperson for Congregation B’nai Israel 419-841-4652. Our goal is a minimum of 60 pints of whole blood. We will be able to do double reds. Donating blood is a mitzvah. Its part of our Jewish heritage to help others as stated in the meanings of Tzedakah & Tikkun Olam. Volunteers are needed to make phone calls, donate & work for a three hour shift. Lunch will be provided for all the volunteers. Please reach out & touch someone by helping them live a healthier, fuller & a more productive life.


September 2012 Bulletin  
September 2012 Bulletin  

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