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05 MY PERSONAL SUCCESS The Limited’s staffers succeed on and off the clock. Each week we celebrate a sales team member who’s achieved her personal best. 06 MAKE ME OVER Need a new look? The Limited can help! Check out how we helped 39-year-old Maria Martin jumpstart her business with a brand new look. 07 TURN YOUR PASSION INTO A PAYCHECK Find out how your favorite pastime can become the pathway to your financial success.


10 LOOK WHO’S WEARING THE LIMITED These celebs know a good deal when they see one. 11 PREPARE FOR THE POWER MEETING Whether you’ve just gotten promoted and aim to impress, or you want to look pulled together for the next PTA meeting, The Limited has options for every important occasion. 13 ANSWERS UN-LIMITED Our team of experts answer your most pressing career conundrums.

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your personal success |



04 Letter from Linda 19 LTD Local 23 On the Web 24 Did You Know? 26 Deal of the Week 27 Event Calendar 28 Concept to Construction 32 Trend Report

14 HOW YOU WEAR IT Get Rose Byrne’s look for less at The Limited. Tweet, tweet: tell us what you think about her look on Twitter. 15 HIT OR MISS? Readers send in pictures of their favorite outfits. You weigh in on whether they should wear it to the office. 16 YOUR SUCCESS HOROSCOPE See what the stars have in store for you (plus product recommends customized to your sign!) 20 THE RECESSIONISTA STYLE GUIDE You don’t need to spend big bucks to get great goods. We’ll share our saving secrets.

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Personal success means a lot to me. Not just as the lifeblood of The Limited’s brand—in both designing clothing for our consumers and creating a supportive, stimulating and encouraging environment for our associates—but to me as a woman. What I love about personal success is that it’s just that: personal. I think we all come to an empowered point in our lives when we define success on our own terms. I also believe our definition of success can change over time and that it’s worth actually sitting down and thinking about it on a regular (if not yearly basis). In the spirit of the new year and with the intention of opening up the conversation, I’ll share mine with you if you’ll share yours with me. I love what I do and spend a lot of time at work, so my team means everything to me. Personal success in my career means surrounding myself with people who challenge, support, motivate, encourage and inspire me each and every day and to give that back to my team in return. Since I travel a lot, success to me is also having friends, colleagues and family to connect with wherever I find myself – Boston, New York, Columbus. I have people I love and who love me in all of my ports! I also love fashion and personal success to me in that vein means finding the perfect mix of high-low. While I’m not going to lie and tell you I don’t love to treat myself to a pair of 4-inch Louboutin stilettos, nothing makes me happier than pairing them with The Limited’s pencil skirt.




my personal

CARRIE KOLTKO AGE: 32 POSITION: East Coast Regional Manager, The Limited HOW I ACHIEVED MY PERSONAL BEST: “I’m a mother of a three-year-old but I’m eager to advance at work. There was a point when I thought there wasn’t room for both my family and my lofty ambitions. It took me quite some time, but I’ve learned to manage both effectively—in fact, I just got a promotion this fall!”

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CARRIE’S TIPS: Focus on the present. “Forget the “what ifs” and only think about the things that you can control in this moment. Multi-tasking is another word for halfassing. Check off one thing from your to-do list at a time.”

Learn to delegate. “After searching high and low for a babysitter I could trust, I’m able to leave home each morning with a clear conscience. Sure, it costs me a few extra bucks, but it’s worth every penny. At work, I trade responsibilities that would otherwise leave me feeling overwhelmed—like staying after hours when I need to be home with my baby.”

eet meet &atrw with c rie! 1.20 7-8PM


Let go of perfection. “I’ll never be perfect, but I think I’m pretty darn close. I’ve come to understand that I can’t be ‘on’ 100% of the time. Allow yourself some wiggle room, relax and have fun—if not now, when?”

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over! make me

name: Maria Martin age: 39 hometown: Miami, FL my journey: “I fell head over heels with my high

school sweetheart, got married young, and dropped out of college so he could pursue his law degree. I have a nice life and a great family, but I’ve never even earned a cent on my own and have always wondered if there was more out there for me. I’ve spent the last year doing research and perfecting my craft and am finally about to take the leap and launch my own scrapbooking business! AFTER Second guessing myself and scared to death I might fail… I’m in need of a major confidence boosting kick in the butt.”


our experts weigh in:

Nicole Williams Career & Motivational Expert “Going out on your own can be unsettling, so Maria and I worked on establishing a Board of Trustees she could call upon for support—a financial advisor, a mentor, a babysitter and a personal cheerleader (her sister). We also enrolled her in a public speaking class at a local college. Together we filled out a specific goal timeline that will help her stay on task and track her successes so that she can be motivated by the small steps she’s taking toward her goal. With the extra prep work, Maria feels less overwhelmed and more in charge. Her ‘Who’s the boss’ attitude is starting to show!”

Elliot Staples VP of Design, The Limited “Maria’s trouble spots were her curvy hips and athletic thighs. The baggy pants she was wearing were only emphasizing both. We put her in a high-wasted pencil skirt which shows off her petite waist and gives her a sexy shape. At two inches above the knee, the skirt lengthens her legs and makes her frame look leaner. With a variety of colorful and flowing printed blouses, Maria can easily pull together a combination of looks that are sweet, smart and stylish.”

Joann Jacobs Makeup Artist, Tarte “Since Maria is going to be interacting with customers all day, I wanted to brighten up her face for a more inviting, radiant look. First, we added honey highlights and layers in her hair to draw attention to her beautiful eyes. Too much makeup can be distracting, so I stuck with a clean, natural palette on her face—a dewy foundation to even her complexion, caramel eye shadows, a matte pink lip, and some highlighting cream on her cheeks and below her eyebrows. She looks awake and ready to take on the world!”

Ready for a change? Submit your story and you could be selected for a full lifestyle makeover from The Limited!

passion paycheck

turn your into a


risk trying to make a living doing what she loves. Let her story inspire you to find your own brand of personal success.

I was raised to believe in the straight and narrow. In other words, going to college, getting a full-time job with health insurance, and climbing the corporate ladder. Trouble is, after more than two years trapped inside a cubicle, my career in publishing was going nowhere and I was the unhappiest I’d ever been. I knew I needed to make a change, but had no idea what to do. Over and over I heard the advice “Do what you love.” To me, it simply couldn’t be so easy. I loved to make people laugh, but how was I going to get paid to do that? After wasting even more time rotting away at my office job, I decided it was up to me to find out. I quit my job to pursue a career in television writing, and I am happier than I have ever been. And you can be too. Keep these tips in mind as you follow your bliss.

Figure out where your love lies.

Many times, the things you love doing today are the same things you loved doing as a kid, when life was much less complicated. Robyn Murgio of Los Angeles got a starter sewing kit for her 8th birthday and enjoyed making stuffed animals and doll clothes. Years later, she turned her love of sewing and design into her own company, Murge Designs, creating funky aprons, bags, and baby gear that are sold around the country.

Know your niche.

Necessity certainly is the mother of invention. But for artists, designers, and writers, holes in the marketplace are the mother of creation. Murge Designs was actually borne of Robyn’s desire for her ideal bedding. “I wanted a cute and interesting duvet cover for my bedroom but couldn’t find anything I liked that I could afford. So I bought a sewing machine and designed one,” says Robyn. After friends wouldn’t stop placing orders, Robyn realized she was onto something and Murge Designs was born.

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Be your own advertisement.

I’m not suggesting being a nonstop billboard for your new venture, but loving and believing in what you’re making is a good place to start. Leslie Newton of (timi & leslie, inc.) is an L.A.based actress–cum–handbag designer who got her start when she made a simple carryall for herself. “Strangers kept asking me where to buy one, so I’d charge them $25, get their address, and then make one,” she says. Now her bags are sold worldwide, with sales topping $500,000 this year.

Recruit help.

One thing is for sure: You’re not going to be able to do it alone. Both Robyn and Leslie credit much of their success to the advice they’ve gotten along the way. “Find a mentor or an ally who has done something similar to you. It’s invaluable in figuring out how to go about turning your craft hobby into a business,” says Robyn. Leslie has recently taken on advisers to help grow her business internationally.

Tune out the negative Nancys.

Taking the leap can be a daunting task, complete with the inevitable naysayers. While Leslie was lucky to have nothing but supporters, Robyn saw her share of sourpusses. “There were tons of discouragers, basically everyone I talked to in the sewing manufacturing world,” she recalls. But she leaped anyway, and now Murge Designs is in its fifth year of operation. “It’s a labor of love,” she says. As for me, I’ve taken the leap, and started small. While I haven’t “made it,” I’m expecting big things. And that’s half the battle.

Don’t know where your passion lies? Ask yourself these questions from The Limited sales team:

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What am I good at? (If you’re not sure, ask yourself what you enjoy. Most often we enjoy what we excel at.) What gives me energy?

What do I have strong feelings or opinions about?

What am I known for? What do I do better than anyone else in my circle of friends or family?

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wearing * look who’s


Jessica Szohr

This Gossip Girl loved The Limited’s infiniti scarf and peacoats. She also scored some of our fabulous dresses!


Uma Thurman

The blonde bombshell herself popped up in New York and left with our comfy cocoon coats!


Rashida Jones

The Office star scooped up our most glam pieces, like this one shoulder dress!




five tips:

meetings made easy CLICK HERE

We all have those occasions when we not only need to look our best, but feel our most powerful too. The Limited has the perfect look—you know, the one that makes you do a double take when you walk past a window—for every important meeting!


If you want to impress parents and teachers alike, show up in style. We love The Limited’s 917 skinny jeans in black paired with a classic button down—it’s a clean combination that always looks pulled together. Top off the look with a printed peacoat for a bit of flare.



It’s all about first impressions and you only have about 30 seconds to make a good one. If you want to demonstrate that you’re the best candidate for the job, a suit is not only a safe bet—it’s your best option. The Limited’s Luxe suiting is gorgeous in grey. Layer in a subtle printed blouse to add depth to the look!

Congratulations, you just went from assistant to associate overnight and now you need to look the part (jeans and a turtleneck just won’t cut it when you’re leading the team meeting on Monday.) Your outfit needs to communicate that you’re the boss. The hot pops of yellow in this all black look command attention—now use your brains to command authority as well.

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answers un LIMITED Elliot Staples

Linda Heasley

Nicole Willia ms

Got a question? Our experts Dear Linda: My boss is a Dear Nicole: My boyfriend and I have the answer! woman but it’s my senior male both have extremely demanding colleagues who actually give jobs and it’s taking a toll on our Dear Elliot: I’m a pretty me the kind of constructive relationship. Neither one of us conservative dresser but have criticism I feel I need to get wants to cut back at work, but been trying to find ways to better at my job. Is this all in we don’t want to lose each take it up a notch without my imagination? How do I other either. How do you make time for work and romance? being self-conscious. What’s keep it coming? —Kelly Los Angeles, CA

the best way to add a little life —Stephanie NewYork, NY to my wardrobe? —Tanya Columbus, OH Men are more comfortable and, frankly, simply more Color and pattern are a great willing to dole out criticism. away of getting yourself out Unlike women, men won’t of the conservative box. One pussyfoot around your issues of my favorites is a flash of because they’re afraid they leopard. I know it may sound may hurt your feelings. But a little too out there but I here’s the deal: They expect really believe leopard is a very you won’t break down and cry misunderstood print. It can like a baby or become a bitch play as sophisticated and a bit holding what they say against sexy. Pair a leopard sweater them. Also, they’ll bewatching with our black exact stretch to see if you actually take their pants (they literally suck you advice. They consider their in). We also have a fabulous critique a compliment—and black cape coat with a an investment of energy— leopard print lining which is one and they won’t waste their of Nicole’s favorite items in the time again if you don’t put line. Try it, I promise you’ll like it. their wisdom to good use (this is true for men and women alike).

Surprisingly, the friction around the whole power-couple issue isn’t so much the whole “mycareer-is-more-important-thanyour-career” thing but rather the feeling that your careers are more important that your relationship. In some cases, this may be absolutely true (no shame in loving your career more than your currentbeau), but if it’s not

and you do want to make your relationship a priority, say it out loud. Then act on your words. Sometimesa little reassurance goes a long way.

? yps | 13

How You Wear It: Rose Byrne

She may star in a show called Damages, but you can get this Aussie actress’s smart style without putting a dent in your wallet. Get Rose Byrne’s look— including the blazer, blouse, skirt and tights—right now at The Limited!

BOYFRIEND BLAZER, $158 For a look that balances casual and refined, opt for a loose-fitting boyfriend blazer. This one comes in a timeless cut with slender lapels to lengthen your line.

WAVY RUFFLE NECK BUTTON FRONT SHIRT, $49.50 Tucked under a boyfriend blazer, the ruffles on this blouse are made to look more sultry than sweet. An essential for any working girl’s wardrobe.



The pleated skirt school girl look is always fun, but the shape of this one is more “flirty” than “first period.”

Savvy shoppers will stock up on this season’s hottest accessory in the most practical color. ROSE BYRNE



Our readers sound off about Rose Byrne’s look:

Does this outfit work ?

Cast your vote now on Twitter!


YOUR SUCCESS HOROSCOPE With meetings to prepare for, play dates to arrange, and a jam-packed life to keep under control, wouldn’t it be nice if we knew some of the answers in advance? The secrets are in the stars… THIS WEEK’S FORECAST

JANUARY 18 - JANUARY 25, 2010



DEC 22 - JAN 19

Side Tie Shirtdress

Don’t limit yourself to only one option. Stoke the flames and raise the stakes! The point is that you need to remain in charge and that means making the first strike before anyone else has fully awakened and realized what’s at stake.


JAN 20 - FEB 18

Timing is crucial, along with your mysterious, take-no-prisoners persona. Keep others off balance by not letting them know precisely when you’ll sign papers, exchange money or release your long anticipated masterpiece.


FEB 19 - MARCH 20

Get your most trusted friends, partners and allies together. Sit them down and work out a deal that benefits all involved. You can get the ball rolling before the end of this week. Play your cards right and you’ll feel free and relaxed by spring.

The ever-flattering Side Tie Shirtdress is foolproof. Stand out in a bright pink hue and leave no room for doubt about who’s boss.


Zebra Skinny Belt slender, but in a fierce pattern that offers a peek at your personality.


Work Tote Bag Come prepared and ready to pull out all the stops. With this roomy Work Tote Bag, you’ll fit all the tools you need to get back on track.

yps | 16



You fit all of the qualifications both personally and professionally—and you’ve got energy and experience on your side. Be very cordial, look your best, and express that you are indeed interested.



Detail Trench A bold twist on a classic, this Piped Detail Trench will keep you warm—and looking lovely—while hopping between interviews.

APRIL 20 - MAY 20 PICK OF THE WEEK: Boardered

Peak Lapel Suit Jacket

Without documentation (a solid contract), you’re just another nice person who got rolled over by someone with deeper pockets. Handshake agreements are just mild exercise and don’t hold up in court. Get serious about your own value this week.



MAY 21 - JUNE 21

Take charge. A financial issue needs to be addressed now, but may require months of number crunching to get the details just right.

Show ‘em you mean business with the Bordered Peak Lapel Suit Jacket. Structured and sophisticated—just the point you want to make.

Cancer JUNE 22 - JULY 22 New partnerships are likely. You may find yourself in a potentially lucrative new situation, surrounded by highly motivated people that honor your skills and identify personally with your work, views and ethics.

Wallet Wristlet Store receipts and reminders during the day in this Wallet Wristlet— then tuck the strap away and take it with you for a night out on the town. PICK OF THE WEEK:

Braided Statement Necklace Make a strong first impression with this Braided Statement Necklace. Creative, original and classy—they’ll be vying for your attention.

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JULY 23 - AUG 22

Tie Dye Scarf

Work side by side your fellow workers. Your compliments and acknowledgement will make another feel extremely good and probably raise others’ hope level, too.


Spread office cheer with a sweet yellow Tie Dye Scarf. At this price, you can buy an extra for the team all-star.


AUG 23 - SEPT 22

The whole secret is to keep others excited between now and when they finally get the goods, services or treatment that you’ve sold them. There may be some unanticipated delays.

Tri-color Obi Belt The Tri-color Obi Belt will add fun and flare to any outfit. Wrap the tapered ends into a bow and they’ll remember what a gift you are to the team!


SEPT 23 - OCT 22


Pretty Petals Ring

You need to change things up—even for a couple days, just to revitalize your soul, minus the worries, mayhem and interruptions. Let’s get honest: you’re bored and a teensy bit resentful right now. A change is gonna come.

Scorpio OCT 23 - NOV 21 By the end of the week, someone may decide to part ways with you or the company you’re associated with. You’re fine with it. You see this person as dead weight, anyhow. Be cautious about how you handle this, though.

Sagittarius NOV 22 - DEC 21 Within a few more months, you may find yourself in a far better position than you’d imagined. One of your projects is likely to work out in surprising ways and lead to additional exposure, work, and alliances.

Liven things up a little with a Pretty Petals Ring… A symbol of what’s about to bloom!


Laptop Sleeve Lug your laptop around in style as you look for a replacement. These sleeves are slim, sleek, and sophisticated enough to stand alone sans briefcase.

PICK OF THE WEEK: Overnighter Bag

With growth in your future, you’ll need to be able to get up and go. Our glam Overnighter Bag will make business travel that much more bearable.


BOSTONEDITION Ashley Mais ano, Manager

ASHLEY’S PICKS Meet Jackie, the head fitting room wardrober at

our Boston Natick store. Here she shows us how to integrate this seasons hottest prints into your closet!

Your Local Shop ADDRESS: 1245 Worcester Street Natick, MA 01760-1515 PHONE: (508) 655-0983 CLICK FOR DIRECTIONS!

Structured Sheath, $79.50 I am obsessed with this color, plus the cut is a no-brainer!

Mix Bead and Bauble Bracelet, $26.50 I like to wear two of these together—plus if you buy two for yourself, you get another for free, which makes a great gift!

Skinny Belt With Flowers, $26.50 This belt dresses up every outfit—I wear it over a blazer, dress, cardi, you name it!

Present this page in store or enter code ASHLEY01 at checkout to get an extra 15% off these select items!


recessionista’s style guide

the recessionista’s style guide Just a year or two ago, fashionistas ruled the style scene. They proudly sported designer labels, toted the latest “it” bags, and rarely felt the need to shop the sale rack. But with the recent economic downturn, a new breed of shopper has entered the shopping scene: the recessionista. A recessionista knows the importance of stretching her dollars and watching her spending but also loves the thrill of purchasing something new and stylish to update her wardrobe. They are women who’ve learned to spot a great deal, and to shop for trendy wardrobes for half the price. And most importantly, they’ve embraced budget-friendly shopping tactics so they can continue feeding their passion for style and fashion in tougher economic times. If you’re looking to create a recession-chic wardrobe, there’s no better place to begin then The Limited. With these tips, people will only think you spent a fortune on your frocks.

Splurge vs. save.

Make a pact with yourself to only spend the big bucks on foundation wardrobe items. By these, we mean the garments and accessories meant to last a lifetime, not a season. So go ahead and splurge on a classic blazer like The Limited’s Draped Cuffed Jacket. Since you’ll wear it year after year, it’ll practically pay for itself.

Ask the right questions.

When visiting The Limited, take advantage of their knowledgable sales team. Ask them which items they think are worth splurging on, and if you love the fit of a skirt or sweater, inquire about what other colors it comes in. Also, consider asking when their annual or seasonal sales are and make sure to visit at those times of the year to stock up on fashionable finds.

Connect with other bargain shoppers.

The Internet is a ripe source for thrifty shopping tips. Start by scouring the blogosphere for posts by bloggers in your area who love to share their fashion finds. Become a fan of The Limited on Facebook for access to sales and discounts. Or sign up for shopping-focused newsletters like those from Daily Candy or City Picks Group. The writers and editors of these newsletter-style e-mails often share tips on sales and events at local stores that can save you big bucks.

Sign up for email lists.

The Limited sends out regular e-mails regarding sale items at their brick-and-mortar stores and online shop. Become an Insider on and you’ll quickly reap benefits such as saving 40% on your next purchase or receiving waived shipping fees if you spend a certain amount. Sounds like a win win to us.

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