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Photography: Jernej LasiÄ? / Shot in front of the Slovenian Ethnographic Musem, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Designed & manufactured in the EU.

Immerse yourself in your private audiovisual cocoon Beatnik lets you enjoy in your private cocoon in the middle of busy open plan spaces, ensuring audio and visual isolation. Designed as a roomin-room concept, Beatnik not only provides a new quality space within a space, but adds a distinctive feature to the surroundings.

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Beatnik 9/11/13 9:46 AM

Designed to sit in & stand out

Beatnik Sound Station Chair

Options & technical characteristics

Beatnik was designed for a variety of different modes of sitting, enabling you to choose your favourite sitting position according to your mood, activity or occasion. Quality plywood construction using precision CNC machining ensures excellent carrying capacity and stability, while three different foam densities are used optimally - softer on the seating area and backrest, harder on the outer shell.

Beatnik Sound Station Chair features a high quality Bose 2.1 speaker system with an integrated subwoofer under the seating area. The satellite speakers are located at the upper front part of the chair, creating an impressive spatial effect. The sound system connects to your mobile, tablet or laptop computer wirelessly using Bluetooth or Apple’s AirPlay technology.

Beatnik versions

Textiles and bases*

Fame by Gabriel


Audiovisual isolation

Beatnik Cocoon Chair


Beatnik Sound Station Chair


Beatnik Communication Chair


Beatnik Multimedia Chair


Integrated Integrated sound system iPad / tablet & receiver** mount

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Base Options Painted Plywood or Metal Powder-Coated Base Audio Systems Options*** BOSE: producer of superior, high-end loudspeakers, amplifiers and audio systems renowned worldwide. ADRaudio: known to few audio aficionados and many concert organizers, ADRaudio designs state-of-the-art loudspeakers and live audio systems for the world’s most respected artists. Design Beatnik was designed by Gigodesign, one of the leading design agencies in Central Europe. As a manifestation of good design with lasting value, Beatnik was selected among the distinguished projects baring the badge GIGODESIGNED™.

Beatnik Communication Chair Beatnik Communication Chair lets you communicate and make conference calls hands-free using the built-in iPad mount. The cocoon shaped chair isolates sound from the surrounding space, ensuring privacy.

Hallingdal 65 by Kvadrat


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Choose your own fabric

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* Avialable with Metal Powder-Coated Bases; ** Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth; *** Available with Beatnik Sound Station Chair and Beatnik Multimedia Chair.

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9/11/13 9:46 AM

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