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......introducing the SPA BUFFET at Dahra Spa & Beauty Select from the spa’s extensive menu any treatments for a maximum of 4 consecutive hours (or 240 minutes of total bliss and relaxation) at one fixed price. Dahra Spa is located at Triple Two Hotel on Silom Road, right in the center of the business, shopping and entertainment district and is open daily from 10:00 AM until 11:00 PM. The spa is within walking distance of Sofitel Silom and Narai Hotels and just a few minutes walk from BTS Skytrain station Chong Nonsi. Massages Dahra's invigorating massage therapies embrace the most effective European and Asian massage techniques, including Swedish, Shiatsu and Thai strokes. Our healing hands and aromatic oils loosen tight muscles, improve circulation, soothe the mind, nurture the spirit and promote a sense of well being. Feel your muscles being kneaded and the tension seep away, to the point of feeling completely relaxed and carefree. Royal Thai Massage (60 / 90 / 120 minutes) A keystone of Thailand's traditional healing system for more than 2,000 years, Thai Massage is a total body therapy that is both relaxing and releasing tensions on many levels. Through a series of assisted Yoga-like stretches, alongside gentle traction and pressure-point massage that follows the body's energy lines (referred to in Thai as 'sen' channels), this extraordinary massage helps relieve tension and lubricates joints. It also increases vitality and awareness, and allows you to achieve a deep state of tranquility. Head-Shoulder-Neck Massage (60 minutes) Most stress and anxiety is felt in the head, shoulder and neck region. You now have a chance to relax by having our masseuse delicately stimulate the blood vessels in this region of your body, which helps to release endorphins. Combined Massage (120 minutes) In this two hour session the combination of a Royal Thai massage and a Head-Shoulder-Neck massage will leave the body feeling totally relaxed. Foot Reflexology Massage (60 minutes) The practice of manipulating points on the feet to balance energy flow around the body, stimulating the body's natural healing process. These points are called reflexes

and each reflex corresponds to a different part of the body, such as a gland, organ or other body part. When manipulated, the reflexes can trigger physical reactions in the corresponding body parts. The foot massage will be concluded with a 15minute Head-Shoulder-Neck massage Thai Herbal Massage (80 / 120 minutes) This variation of traditional Thai Massage that for centuries was used only in the Royal Thai Palaces uses only hand, thumbs and body weight balance to deliver the service. It is based on the principles of acupressure, and involves working on the body's energy lines to release blocks that are said to cause discomfort and disease. Specially prepared warm herbal compresses, Luk Pra Kob, are also applied to help draw out toxins and promote circulation. Aromatherapy Massage (60 / 90 / 120 minutes) A gentle massage of the full body using the healing properties of pure essential oils. Essential oils are aromatic extracts distilled from plants, trees and herbs. The scent from essential oils activates nerve cells in the nose which send impulses to the limbic system, the area of the brain associated with emotions and memories. During an aromatherapy massage, the pure essential oils will be absorbed through your skin, stimulating well-being and encouraging a healthy mental, physical and emotional body.


Aromatherapy Massage with herbal treatment (80 minutes) This healing ritual is ideal for those with chronic tension or muscle soreness. The service begins with a light herbal foot massage to prepare your body and mind for the Luk Pra Kob Herbal Compression Massage - a porous muslin sack, packed tightly with fifteen potent herbs, which is steamed and pressed directly into your skin along the ten 'sen' energy channels of your body. (Sen Channels are pressure point lines that correspond to different organs and physical systems.) When steam-heated, these herbs release essential oils that are absorbed through the skin to soothe the underlying connective tissue before entering the blood stream. A gentle aromatic oil massage concludes this service. Swedish Massage (60 / 90 / 120 minutes) A massage technique designed to disperse physical tension from the body in a gentle way by loosening tight muscles and reducing stiffness, removing energy blockages within the body and increasing blood and lymph circulation. Swedish massage uses five soft tissue manipulation techniques: Effleurage (long, gliding strokes), Petri sage (kneading strokes), friction (deep circular rubbing), Tapotement (tapping) and Vibration (fine, rapid shaking movements). After this massage your body will be back into a balanced and relaxed state.

Sports Massage (60 / 90 / 120 minutes) This massage uses deep massage strokes to prepare you for intense exercise or to reduce soreness caused by the build-up of lactic acid during exercise. A sports massage will ease physical injuries by stretching and toning damaged muscles, resulting in decreased recovery time. It can also soften scar tissue caused by previous injuries and assist the removal of waste products from the body. Since Sport Massage also increases muscle flexibility, it will help you in preventing future injuries as well. Shiatsu Massage (60 / 90 / 120 minutes) A Japanese massage technique whereby pressure is applied to specific points (acupoints) located along the body’s 14 energy channels (meridians) using the fingers, thumbs, palms elbow, knees and feet. The aim of this massage is to increase the flow of energy (chi) throughout the body as a whole, releasing energy blockages and allowing chi to flow more freely. Shiatsu helps treat muscle and joint disorders, and because it also affects the internal organs can reduce stress within the body as well. Asian Blend Massage (60 / 90 / 120 minutes) A pressure point massage based on the oriental theories of energy meridians, this treatment relieves tension, aches and pains. The combination of soothing aromatic oils and gentle kneading and stretching will leave the body feeling totally relaxed and refreshed. The 1 hour treatment concentrates either on the feet and legs, or on the back and shoulders, while the 90-minute and 120-minute massage is a whole-body experience.

Body Scrubs (40 minutes) Using the finest ingredients that are both luxurious and nourishing to the skin, these scrubs give your body a beautiful and healthy glow. A truly exotic and therapeutic experience. Salt Herbal Scrub This is a deep cleansing scrub, using mineral salts to exfoliate dead skin cells, stimulate circulation and make the skin soft and smooth. Tamarind Scrub Widely used by Thai women, tamarind is rich in Vitamin C and is excellent in removing dead skin cells. White Sesame Yoghurt Scrub This treatment is suitable for dry skin. The white sesame is mixed with rich moisturizing yogurt and scrub powder to exfoliate and remove the dead cells as well as soften your skin at the same time. Black Sesame Scrub The Black Sesame in this scrub smoothens and moisturizes the skin. Ideal for normal to oily skin, this herbal scrub can also help to lighten blemishes

Coffee Scrub Give your skin a wake up call with our exfoliating Coffee Scrub. Coffee, a diuretic, combined with salt increases lymphatic drainage and rids the body of toxins. It leaves your skin firm and silky smooth. Coffee Cinnamon Scrub In this scrub Coffee is combined with Cinnamon, which gives this scrub an aromatic and sweet fragrance. Lulur Javanese Scrub Lulur scrub with its golden colour reflecting its main ingredient, turmeric, has unique cleansing properties. Chocolate Scrub The Chocolate Scrub makes your skin smooth and soft, as it lifts your spirit and tempts your senses.

Green Tea Scrub Green Tea is renowned for its skin-healing and detoxifying properties. It not only eliminates free radicals, but also helps reactivating dying skin cells, and improves the condition of upper layer skin.

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Body Wraps (40 minutes) A delightful collection of luxurious wraps using some of the richest and most active ingredients available, which when combined with the therapist’s effective techniques produces wonderful results. Green Tea Wrap A green tea body wrap detoxifies, prevents infections and moisturizes the skin. Black Sesame Wrap The black sesame seeds gently exfoliate your skin while honey, which historically was used extensively to cover open wounds and soften scar tissue, moisturizes and encourages new cell growth. Tanaka Herbs Wrap Using white mud, Thai herbs and Tanaka, this mixture works to cleanse and detoxify the skin and removes excess oil White Sesame Wrap The white sesame will absorb the toxins released from the body by sweating.

Oats Rice Wrap This special body wrap uses finely crushed Oats Rice grains to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, nourish and enhance the cell renewal process, leaving your skin soft and glowing. Liquorice Roots Wrap Liquorice roots are a wonderful medicine in restoring damaged or inflamed skin. Honey Milk Wrap Honey makes your skin soft and supple, giving it a lustrous glow. Combined with milk this is a truly heavenly wrap. Coffee Wrap The characteristics of coffee are that it moisturizes and encourages new cell growth to produce a healthier skin.

Complete Body Treatment (90 minutes) The combined Body Scrub and Body Wrap is designed for detoxification and exfoliation of the skin. This treatment stimulates the lymphatic system, which is largely responsible for the removal of cellular waste and balancing of fluid in most body tissue. It also supports the immune system, regulates the absorption of fats and distributes proteins throughout the body.

Energizing Body Treatment (120 minutes) Experience this Energizing Body Treatment. It's a celebration of life! You achieve absolute bliss as you emerge refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated, and in total harmony of mind, body and soul. Start with an exfoliating scrub followed by a refreshing herbal foot treatment to prepare you for a rejuvenating aromatic oil massage. The treatment will be concluded with a fresh milk massage to moisturize your skin.

Facials (60 minutes) Be spoilt for choice with our extensive range of skincare treatments. Our rejuvenating facials promise radiant and healthy skin through hydration, exfoliation and cleansing. Normal Aromatherapy Facial This facial treatment provides deep cleansing for all skin types. A purifying scrub and hydrating mask revitalize the skin. A nourishing mask is used to stimulate the skin, prevent premature aging and reduce signs of tiredness. Sensitive Aromatherapy Facial Designed for sensitive or sun burnt skin where exfoliation is not recommended. This treatment provides a light cleansing followed by a gentle and relaxing facial massage. A hydrating fresh cucumber mask helps to restore balance and completes the facial, restoring balance. Desincrusting Aromatherapy Facial Indulge in this facial which helps to extract impurities while rebalancing and

correcting sebum production. A purifying mask is used to tone and lighten the skin, leaving the face with a refreshing and comfortable sensation. Green Tea Aromatherapy Facial Green Tea is an antioxidant that protects your skin from damage. The scrub lifts dead skin cells naturally and leaves your skin radiant, purified, soft, moist and returned to its natural balance. It has a fresh, clean fragrance suitable for both women and men. freshen the skin for a perfectly harmonious complexion. Eye Mask (45 minutes) This treatment features a pure collagen eye mask to re-hydrate the delicate fragile skin around the eyes.

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After Sun Spa Treatment (120 minutes) This luxuriant body spa treatment is ideal for sunexposed skin. A light refreshing white sesame yoghurt scrub is followed by a honey milk body wrap to promote the healing of the skin and to give it a more youthful, healthy appearance. The nutritious Eye-spa gives special attention to the delicate skin around the eyes. The concluding aromatherapy massage will give you an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing.

Chocolate Hydrotherapy (180 minutes) Spoil yourself with our Chocolate Hydrotherapy. The Chocolate Scrub leaves your skin smooth and soft, as it lifts your spirit and tempts your senses. After that you will be treated to a chocolate wrap, which softens the skin and allows the penetration of rich vitamin B. Combined with two luxurious Jacuzzis and concluded with a refreshing aromatherapy massage, this is an ultimate treat which you will remember long afterwards.

Green Tea Spa Treatment (150 minutes) Green Tea is renowned for its skin-healing and detoxifying properties. It not only eliminates free radicals, but also helps to reactivate dying skin cells, and improves the condition of upper layer skin. After a scrub and wrap, a milk massage will make you completely refreshed. Concluded by an aromatherapy massage you will feel totally rejuvenated.

Full Spa Treatment (225 minutes) Enjoy the complete array of treatments including a salt bath, full body herbal steam treatments, a cleansing and soothing body scrub, and an aromatic facial and body massage. This blissful therapy induces a profound sense of peace and well-being, balances the emotions, and calms the mind. It is an ideal treatment for headaches, anxiety, depression, and stress.

Detoxifying Spa Treatment (150 minutes) A deluxe treatment to help detoxify the system and rebalance body and mind. This treatment features the application of a coffee scrub that encourages detoxification and the reduction of fluid retention. After this you will be wrapped in coffee to stimulate new cell growth and to moisturize the skin, followed by a refreshing shower. An Eye Spa gives the necessary attention to your eyes. This treatment will be nicely round off by a light massage with pure essential oils. Oriental Spa Treatment (160 minutes) A superb treatment that invigorates the entire body. First we will start with a gentle body scrub with black sesame to exfoliate the skin of dead cells, followed by a white sesame body wrap to absorb the released toxins. The herbal foot treatment prepares you for the rejuvenating and harmonizing aromatherapy massage. A concluding luxurious beautifying hand treatment using paraffin wax will make you feel like a person reborn. Hydrotherapy (180 minutes) Hydrotherapy is used to treat soft tissue injuries and back pain, as well as chronic conditions such as arthritis due to its thermal and mechanical effects. Touch receptors on the skin are stimulated when the body is submerged in water, sending impulses to improve blood circulation and stimulate the immune system. As a result, tight muscles are relaxed and toxins are released, while the sensation of water against the body has the effect of a kneading massage. The body also experiences a feeling of weightlessness when submerged in water, allowing it to rest from the constant pull of gravity.

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Spa Buffet at Dahra Spa & Beauty Bangkok  
Spa Buffet at Dahra Spa & Beauty Bangkok  

Introducing the SPA BUFFET at Dahra Spa & Beauty. Select from the spa’s extensive menu any treatments for a maximum of 4 consecutive hours (...