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O Beauty, is living the happy experience of mystery.

ur face is the mirror of soul and reflect our internal balance. In Dien Chan, the original method of facial reflexology, we can treat and balance the body. In Chan’beauté we add a therapeutic dimension to the treatments of beauty and wellbeing. This natural technique of æsthetics allows us to realize an initial diagnosis on the face thanks to the diagrams of reflection of Dien Chan. So, we can verify the origin of the imbalance and create a complete protocol of care. We realize local stimulations, on chosen reflex zones and we complete with fixed points of the face to rebalance the natural flow of the energy. We strengthen the natural capacity of autoregulation of the body to obtain visible results in æsthetics.

Facial anatomy

Facial muscles are the most important ones on the skull; without them, facial movements would not exist as these muscles facilitate all movements from chewing to the outline of a smile. For the same reason, it is not surprising these muscles weaken over time. Located under the skin they are different from other skeletal muscles, as fascia or a fibrous casing does not surround them. They are found around facial orifices as well as in a longitudinal way: mouth cleft, eye and nasal cavities, ear canals, etc... 3

The weakening of the facial muscles shows with the appearance of wrinkles and skin disorders. To obtain profound results and to complete our treatment Chan’beauté, we tone the antagonistic muscle with the yang tool so it tones up, then we feed it with the yin tool to reduce the softening. Once the micro-circulation in the zone is reactivated, we achieve a better penetration of the active ingredients in the applied products.

The main wrinkles of the face are: The Jupiterian wrinkle: to be found on the chin and indicates tension accumulated in the mentalis (muscle in the chin), and the weakening of the orbicularis oris muscle around the lips. Social wrinkle: located at the corners of the mouth, indicates tension of the triangularis muscle near the lips and a weakening of the deep levator muscle of the upper lip and the canine muscle.

The Venusian wrinkle: also known as «Crow’s feet», indicates tension the zygomatics, in the orbital of the eyes, and in the frontal muscle.


The lion wrinkle: indicates excessive tension of the pyramidal muscle and loosening of the frontal muscle.

Treatment to remove wrinkles

Before we begin, we work around cervical 7 with the «mini double yang ball» nº307 to prepare and improve the toning treatment of the double chin. We recommend doing the Chan’beauté treatment on dry skin, before using cosmetics. For good results, blood circulation is first stimulated in the contracted muscle using the toning and warming (yang) effects of one of the multireflex tools. Then roll with a dispersing and refreshing tool (yin), which fills and rehydrates the wrinkle.

The denture wrinkle: also known as the «bar code» wrinkle, tells of tension in the orbicularis oris (muscle around the lips) and loosening of both the buccinator and the levator of the upper lip. 5

1.  With the beauty pastille nº374: gently draw small circles under the chin and on both sides of the neck to mobilize fluids and fat in the area. 2.  Starting on the right side, from the earlobe to the chin: draw circles concentrating on the jaw line. If there is an accumulation of fats or tension, keep working those areas gently. 3.  Sweep lightly from the chin to the cheekbone: to move the fluids to that region. This action stimulates the microcirculation of the large maxilla muscles.

the left outer lower corner to go back up to the left eyebrow. 7.  Rehydration and face scrub: repeat step 6, but this time with the smooth cylinder yin tool nº252. The previous stimulation is toning (yang) and we now need to refresh deeply and hydrate to consolidate the effects obtained.

On the face

For the left side of the face, repeat steps 1 to 4.

4.  Focusing on the cheekbone: more specifically on its lower edge, sweep gently which sometimes will be more enjoyable with the «mini brush», tool nº252, depending on the face and skin type. 5.  Continuing from the temples: go to the forehead working into the hairline. Insist on the areas where nodules are present. 6.  Then, with the «mini brush», tool nº252: stimulate the contour of the eyes being careful not to move the tissue whilst following the direction of muscle fibres around the eye socket. We draw the infinity symbol (∞) from the outer and lower angle of the right eye toward the nose. Work up to the left eyebrow and down along the temple to 7

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Chan'beauté | anti-wrinkles  

Natural treatment of wrinkles in Chan'beauty, the original method of therapeutic beauty care in facial reflexology. —International School of...

Chan'beauté | anti-wrinkles  

Natural treatment of wrinkles in Chan'beauty, the original method of therapeutic beauty care in facial reflexology. —International School of...