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Chaos: the order of the day LOLITA DE ABREU


he sitting held by Student Parliament on 7 May was anything but ordinary. With the late arrival of Parliament members, multiple outbursts of anger from the members of the house, and only two of the six discussion points on the agenda being somewhat addressed, the evening in Wilcocks 1001 did not go as planned. Keitumetse Lebesa, the Speaker of Student Parliament, brought forth the #NotAllMen discussion point, originally third on the list, as the first point of the evening. The #NotAllMen critical engagement event was held by the SRC at Dabreek men’s residence on 16 April. The session sparked tensions as some students allegedly believed it denied the lived experience of women suffering from gender-based violence who are represented by the #MenAreTrash movement. The discussion surrounding the controversial event was interrupted by a series of complaints regarding the change in the order of agenda for the evening. Lebesa explained that upon request by members of the house, the #NotAllMen agenda point was brought forward. Not all members approved of the change as some voiced their frustration towards the lack of prior notice. “We know Dagbreek has issues, but mental health needs to be addressed,” stated a member of the house. This was the first of multiple critiques levelled against the men’s residence during the evening. To provide a ruling that would please most of the house, the Speaker proposed the change. It was voted on and votes against the change were outnumbered. Almost an hour of the evening was spent debating the change in agen-

Ntsika Mbebe reading an Inkululeko booklet at the launch of this booklet on the Rooiplein. Photo: Clint Cupido da order. “If we understood why it was changed, maybe we could’ve been past this point,” one of the members said. The Speaker had made the reason clear more than once. Points of order were raised so frequently that members began leaving the sitting with shaking heads. According to Tian Alberts, Dagbreek Prim, the debate surrounding the change in agenda was “malicious”. Days after the sitting occurred, he disclosed to Die Matie that he was among those that requested the #NotAllMen agenda point be bumped to the top of the list. This was supposedly due to another obligation Alberts had alongside the Ordinary Sitting, and neither the Dagbreek prim nor the Speaker of Parliament apparently saw any harm in switching the order of agenda points.

Robert Kucera, Dagbreek HK member, said that Dagbreek did not voluntarily attend the Ordinary Sitting. “We were summoned to account for relevant actions that some students had a grievance with,” Kucera said. In a lengthy back and forth exchange, Kristhoff Krige, SRC manager for Critical Engagement, was asked multiple times to shed light on the #NotAllMen event the SRC held at Dagbreek. He said that he had already given clarity to the situation. Several other members came to his aid and argued that Student Parliament did not have the authority to force Krige to repeat his statement that was emailed to Parliament already. “I don’t see the point of repeating myself to the house. Speaker,

you have access to the communication, I think it’s appropriate for you to convey that information,” Krige said. The statement was eventually retrieved and read out. In the statement, Krige and his committee accepted full responsibility for the event and said that Dagbreek had no part in the content presented at the event. He added that the Dagbreek Inkululeko booklets were only made available at the event as a condition for using the venue, and that the SRC were not responsible for them. Thereafter, members of the house accused Dagbreek, as well as Alberts, of being racist and sexist. These members of the house felt that the Inkululeko booklet denies the lived experience of marginalised individuals on campus. After hearing several accusations from members in the house,

Alberts left the venue on his own accord. However, multiple other members were asked to leave due to their conduct. “Having a platform to practise your freedom of speech is valued on campus. However, we must also utilise the procedures correctly,” Lebesa said. Alberts said that the claims against himself and Dagbreek are completely unsubstantiated. “It seems like there is a fringe group on campus that is trying to taint the [Inkululeko] booklets and Dagbreek in general,” Alberts said. He added that the booklets describe an open society as well as promotes seeking deeper understanding instead of just winning an argument. Kucera referred to the residence’s welcoming programme as a defence against the accusations levelled against Dagbreek in Student Parliament. “If you want to talk evidence, take our welcoming programme for example. We were commended by the university for being one of the few residences that managed to balance our history, tradition and heritage and align ourselves with the progressive practises and attitudes that the university wants to introduce in the light of inclusivity,” he said. The Dagbreek representatives said that they confidently stand by Inkululeko. They disclosed that they will continue to hold critical engagement events next semester, and that there will be many more booklets like Inkululeko in the future. Regarding the rest of the sitting, the second agenda point was eventually brought to light. The discussion did not go far, due to the sitting being dismissed as the venue was only booked until 21:00. Lebesa said that there will be another Ordinary Sitting next term, and encouraged students to attend.

䄀昀昀漀爀搀愀戀氀攀 匀攀氀昀ⴀ匀琀漀爀愀最攀  倀爀椀挀攀 瀀攀爀 甀渀椀琀 瀀攀爀 洀漀渀琀栀  䌀爀愀琀攀 䴀椀渀椀 瀀漀搀 匀琀愀渀搀愀爀搀 瀀漀搀 䔀洀愀椀氀㨀      椀渀昀漀䀀瀀漀搀椀琀⸀挀漀⸀稀愀 䌀攀氀氀㨀         㜀㌀   㘀㘀 㐀 㐀 圀攀戀猀椀琀攀㨀   眀眀眀⸀瀀漀搀椀琀⸀挀漀⸀稀愀

䰀愀爀最攀 瀀漀搀 䨀甀洀戀漀 瀀漀搀



Students accepting the ‘dare to be kind’ challenge



esides posters and advertisements put up by society organisers, FinAcc tutoring service providers and second-hand book salesmen, the Neelsie’s walls are decorated in colourful A4 posters with headings that speak of kindness. ‘Dare to be kind to yourself’ is one such example of the ‘Kindness Campaign’ poster with pull-off statements which challenge students passing by to pull off a tag and, for example, ‘Dare to be kind to the environment’ or ‘Dare to be kind to others’. Van Wyk Venter, a fourth-year BMus (Bachelor of Music) student, said that he was walking with a friend and pulled off a tag from a pink poster titled ‘Dare to be kind to others’. The tag challenged Venter to “offer to carry something for someone” which he did, offering to “carry [his] friend’s backpack”. Hannah Lester, a final-year BA Music student, is one of the campaign’s founders who organised poster design and admin. She said that in September last year, she realised that not only was there a want for this kind of campaign, but there was a “need for kindness” on campus.

ENTHUSIASTIC INTERACTIONS WITH KINDNESS CAMPAIGN Van Wyk Venter (top right gratefully accepting a free MyBrew coffee from Zander Prinsloo (top left). Megan Wallace smiling after having accepted her ‘Dare to be kind to yourself challenge’ (right). Photo: Kathryn van den Berg Lester said that “every single person has the innate ability to be kind, but we often forget that we can be”. In explaining how the campaign started, Lester told a story of how a student (who is not named) had a bucket list for their

university career, and on it was ‘buy a stranger a cup of coffee’. After having paid for a stranger’s coffee, the student was aware of people around her seeing this act of kindness and accepting it by paying for the coffee of other

people standing in line. Megan Wallace, a Visual Studies Honours student, admits that the kindness posters in the Neelsie made her laugh and brightened her day. Wallace said she laughed when pulling off the tag from the

‘Dare to be your kind to yourself’ poster that challenged her to ‘take a nap’. “I will definitely accept this challenge – I just submitted an honours assignment and am seriously sleep-derived” Wallace said.

Undergraduates present while postgraduates present SINESIPHO MBANGU

Studente bring hul kant vir liefdadigheid. Foto: René Esterhuyse

Kos vir kinders RENÉ ESTERHUYSE

STUDENTE van die Universiteit Stellenbosch (US) het die afgelope Saterdag bymekaar gekom om teen hongersnood en wanvoeding onder skoolkinders te veg. Connect, die US se fondsinsamelingsliggaam, het ‘n maaltyd-verpakkings geleentheid gehad wat die doel voor oë gehad het om voedsame maaltye aan kinders wat in die Wes-Kaap te voorsien. Die idee vir die geleentheid het ontstaan ná die Universiteit van Kaapstad (UK) onlangs hul eie projek, genaamd #LunchBoxChallenge , geloods het. Vir dié projek het studente 750 toebroodjies verpak wat toe aan skole geskenk is waar honger kinders ‘n kwessie is. “Die idee agter die geleentheid was in reaksie op die UK se uitdaging,” sê Taydren van Vuuren, ‘n Connect-verteenwoordiger.

“Wanneer kinders op ‘n jong ouderdom aan wanvoeding blootgestel word, veroorsaak dit verdwerging, wat hul akademiese prestasie belemmer. Met die afgelope naweek se geleentheid het Connect nie net probeer om op #LunchBoxChallenge te reageer nie, maar om ook op die inisiatief te bou. “Ons wou nie net ‘n oplossing skep wat leerders vir net een dag sou help nie. Ons wou ‘n manier kry om ‘n langer durende impak te hê en nie net hongersnood takel nie, maar ook wanvoeding in skole,” sê Cailin Perrie, Connect se Voorsitter. Maties-studente het dit reggekry om 20 000 kospakkies saam te stel. Elke kospakkie voed 6 mense. Perrie sê sy hoop dat hierdie geleentheid soortgelyke inisiatiewe sal laat vlamvat by ander SuidAfrikaanse universiteite.

MANY Stellenbosch University (SU) undergraduates are interested in postgraduate studies but might be unaware of what is expected of them if they further their studies. Russel Botman House and the Wimbledon Cluster have collaborated to present the Academic Principal Program Research Colloquium Series, an event that gives master’s students at SU a practice run at presenting their research project by sharing it with all students. Helia Witbooi, SU student and Wimbledon cluster convener, said the purpose of the event was for undergraduates to learn more about the research that postgraduate students do, and to give postgraduate students input and feedback from students about their research. “The event encourages people to go further than their undergraduate and learn more about how research is done,” Witbooi says. Thabani Mtsi, SU student and Wimbledon cluster convener alongside Witbooi, said the event gave the presenters an external eye to what they are subjectively involved in. “At the event, the audience is given a feedback sheet which rates the speaker on their speaking abilities, how clear their content is, how well they project the message and how understandable their content is,” Mtsi said.

MASTER’S STUDENTS WHO PRESENTED AT THE EVENT Postgraduate students posing with certificates. Photo: Zwonaka Mapholi “After they RSVP, the audience are given a link which allows them access to the abstract of those that are presenting so they know what to expect from the presenter and they can prepare questions that they might want to ask the presenters after their presentation.” “When you are in the workplace, we need to sell our ideas to a wide range of people and this event will help to sharpen your skills to do so,” Mtsi said. Andreas Werle van der Merwe is part of the Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering department, and the title of his project is “Investigating the Evolution of Modularity in Neural Networks.” Van der Merwe said he enjoyed presenting – the discussion was lively and fel-

low presenters delivered quality advice. According to him, the audience consisted of a healthy mixture of students from science, technology, engineering, mathematics and humanities backgrounds. Witbooi said in efforts not to make other residences and PSOs feel excluded, they are planning to widen the community by collaborating with other residences and PSOs to open a network and communication in the community. “This event will address social wellness, intellectual wellness, and occupational wellness. This will foster the development of all students in a holistic manner,” Mtsi said.


15 May 2019


YAY FOR AG MEI Maties sitting together on the Rooiplein grass discussing the events of the Ag Mei week. Photo: Carla Visagie

QueerUs takes control of ‘Ag Mei’ week with pride CARLA VISAGIE

THE QueerUS society hosted a series of events from 7 to 10 May to create a space for the queer community to express themselves. “[The week was] in reference to the homophobic primary school joke “Ag Mei”, so it’s like we’re claiming the word and took it back just like we’ve done with the word queer and now we are using it positively,”said Paul Joubert, vice-chair of QueerUS. Ag Mei week kicked off with two discussion platforms to pro-

vide an opportunity to engage about gender and identity. Brave Space was held on 7 May and, according to Joubert, the discussion was “open to allies to hear queer narratives and ask questions that would be otherwise uncomfortable”. Safe Space was held on eight May, which is a weekly tradition of QueerUS to provide an opportunity for the queer community to come together and share their experiences with each other. “Everyone is always together

when QueerUS comes together because it is a space where we see each other and we become friends very easily because you know this person understands what you are going through and to share your experiences with each other so every time QueerUS comes together it feels like something special. We set the expectations for people to be different so you don’t have to sensor your weirdness and your otherness,” Joubert said. The events continued on Thursday with an event that

was hosted in collaboration with UNASA, where there was speed dating to meet new people and a screening of While you weren’t looking, a South African queer movie. A discussion on being part of the queer community followed. The week concluded with a pinic on the grass in front of the Neelsie on Friday. According to Tshegofatso Matsha, a third year BA (Humanities) student who attended the picnic, the Ag Mei week is a way of normalising being queer and

Something phishy in your email MIA VAN DER MERWE

PHISHING can be a big problem. Phishing warnings flood the inboxes of students at Stellenbosch University (SU) at regular intervals, alerting users against fraudulent emails containing links that could infect their devices with viruses. Damage on an infiltrated device is very difficult to fix. Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies or credible individuals asking for login information, in order to ploy individuals to reveal their personal information. The hacker sends an email with a link and gets hold of personal information such as passwords and other intellectual property.

Suné van Niekerk, from the SU IT Hub, explains that the IT Hub can see threats on the university’s network before serious attacks can damage personal devices or accounts. Andrew Stevens, chief IT executive at Humarga, says that there are monitors in place to detect an attack or virus before the hacking process is set in motion. The phishing alert email from the IT Hub itself is not a phishing attack, purely a warning. According to Stephens, no serious damage from phishing attacks has ever occurred and no student or staff member has ever lost personal information as the monitors that are in place work effectively. Van Niekerk says that students who could potentially be a victim of an attack are immediately con-

Students have been warned about phising attempts. Photo: Mia van der Merwe tacted and warned by the IT Hub. Stephens advises that students be vigilant when opening these emails, and to be certain that one is always on a legitimate website.

According to Stephens fraudulent websites can easily be spotted. For example, would be a legitimate website and not.

increasing visibility of the queer community. “I think the visibility [that is created by the eight May week] shows people that [we’re] allowed to be queer and associate with other people that [are] queer. It is important [to have such a week] because there is still a lot of stigma, stereotypes and hatred towards the queer community. Thus the week shows gay isn’t a disease and it is okay to exist and be part of the queer community,” Matsha said.



Food moving student success CARLA VISAGIE


ver since the launch of the #Move4Food campaign in August last year, the aim of raising R10 million in donations and funds in order to establish sustainable food banks at Stellenbosch University (SU), was high on the priority list. However, no food banks have, as of yet, been established on campus. According to Candice Egan, manager of the #Move4Food campaign and in charge of Fundraising: Corporates and Government at the Alumni Office, no food banks are going to be established because “there is no one-size-fits-all to addressing student access to this kind of support, but all non-perishable food-items that were collected have been distributed through the Centre for Student Counselling and Development (CSCD) at the SU campus and via the PantryProject at Tygerberg campus”. “To date, approximately R680,000 worth of non-perishable food items had been received and distributed. All food stores have now been depleted due to a high up take. And students are currently being assisted via meal vouchers to selected residential dining halls and other meal suppliers as well as fund allocation to Intellimali cards,” Egan said. Eendrag’s annual Damestouch was one way in which students donated non-perishable food items for #Move4Food. In order to par-

DONATIONS TO #MOVE4FOOD IN PROGRESS Student doing her part and donating to the campaign to help hungry students on campus. Photo: Carla Visagie ticipate in the tournament, one had to collect a certain number of non-perishables. According to Tiaan Fourie, Eendrag HK-member who was in charge of the Damestouch donations, no feedback was received of where the food went that students gathered. “The campaign was definitely effective in raising enough food,

but the feedback on where the food went and to whom it was given was not as effective,” Fourie said. According to Lauren Stevenson, SRC representative for the #Move4Food campaign, the social workers at the CSCD were responsible for distributing the non-perishable food items on campus. “The reason why it is the CSCD that is distributing the

food is because they are also focused on psychology and counselling and they look further than the means test (to see if a student qualifies for food grants). The means test is dependent on the family’s income to define how much help they will get, if there is an issue that goes beyond the means test then the CSCD can go look and see that you are in need

even though your means test might say that you are not. “This (the students who qualifies for help from #Move4Food) includes NSFAS students from the R0-R360 000 income group for first years and second years, and from third year it was only until “R0-R120 000” for third years and above. The R120 000-R360 000 third year income group and the R360 000-R600 000 first and second year income groups are the missing middle and they also qualify for help. Students who would fall into these categories would benefit from the food grants, but if they are not included in these groups the CSCD would investigate and see if the student qualifies for help.” At the time of print, the CSCD did not respond to enquiries from Die Matie, after being contacted repeatedly. According to a student helped by the campaign, he was granted vouchers to eat at the SU Botanical Garden from 1-8 December last year when he went to ask for help at the Student Affairs office. “It was kind of a hustle [to get access to the vouchers], as if they didn’t want to give the vouchers [to me] at first. They first asked me to go to the bursary offices. When I got to the bursary offices, they said they couldn’t help me and I had to go back to the student affairs office and that’s when they only helped me,” he said.

Studente soek pille vir eksamen DOMINIQUE FUCHS

DIE eksamen is om die draai en studente begin solank Concerta en Ritalin opgaar vir die paar weke van hel wat voorlê. Medikasie soos Concerta en Ritalin word normaalweg gebruik om ADHD (Aandagafleibaarheid-hiperaktiwiteitsindroom) te behandel. Dié pille is albei stimulante wat help met konsentrasie en die beheer van gedragsprobleme. Concerta en Ritalin het albei ‘n soortgelyke effek op die brein en is verskillende weergawes van methylphenidaat hidrochloried. Die verskil tussen die twee pilsoorte is dat Concerta ‘n langwerkende medikasie is wat dopamien stadig vrystel. Dopamien is ‘n chemikalie wat in die brein voorkom en verantwoordelik is vir die gevoel van plesier en beloning. Anders as Concerta word Ritalin se effek onmiddellik gevoel en duur vir ‘n korter tydperk as Concerta. Die pil verhoog ook dadelik die dopamien-vlakke in die brein. Nadiraah Matthews, ‘n tweedejaar-BCom-student, het gesê dat Concerta dadelik inskop en haar help om haar leerwerk te verstaan en daarop te fokus. Sy geniet dit ook meer om te leer wanneer sy die pil geneem het. “Sonder die pil voel dit asof ek nie kan fokus nie en ek raak angstig,” het Matthews gesê. “Ongelukkig kry ek pynlike hoofpyne ‘n paar uur nadat ek die pil geneem het en my eetlus verdwyn ook heeltemal.” Die pil veroorsaak, volgens haar, ook dat haar

Tracey Kasambula, ’n eerstejaar-BCom-student, sukkel met stres. Foto: Dominique Fuchs brein nie in die aande “afskakel” nie en sy dus sukkel om te slaap. Volgens dr. Anél Terblance, ‘n mediese dokter en oud-Matie, is methylphenidaat se funksie nie om misbruik te word deur studente om wakker te bly of om hulle te help studeer nie. “Die beste maniere om konsentrasievlakke te verbeter en te leer is steeds die natuurlike maniere, insluitend meer as sewe ure se slaap per nag, ‘n bietjie oefening elke dag en genoeg (alkoholvrye) vloeistof,” het Terblanche gesê. Marietjie Taljaard is al 47 jaar betrokke in die onderwys betrokke en ook aan die Tina Cowley leessentrum (wat kinders met leeren leesprobleme help) verbonde. “Deur die jare het ons tientalle kinders, sommige so jonk as 5 jaar, by ons gehad. Die gebruik van Ritalin en Concerta het astronomies

toegeneem. Ek glo dat hierdie chemiese stowwe wel hul regmatige plek in die behandeling van ADHD het, maar die misbruik daarvan deur veral studente tydens eksamens, is uiters kommerwekkend,” het Taljaard gesê. “Baie van ons leerders en studente wat Concerta en Ritalin gebruik, kla oor versteurde slaappatrone, hoofpyne en ook ‘n gebrek aan eetlus.” Taljaard het gesê dat DMAE, ook bekend as dimethylamino-ethanol en Omega drie salm-olie deur honderde van hulle leerders, universiteitstudente en selfs volwassenes vir die afgelope 13 jaar gebruik word en dat die resultate uitstekend is. Volgens Taljaard is DMAE ‘n absolute natuurlike middel, wat géén negatiewe simptome het nie.

VIERPOTIGE VRIENDE OP DIE ROOIPLEIN Pets as Therapy (PAT) het hierdie week glimlagte op kampus versprei met studente wat die geleentheid gehad het om tyd met die honde te spandeer. Die geleentheid is deel van die SU Kindness Campaign, ’n student-gedrewe veldtog wat in Oktober verlede jaar gestig is om studente aan te moedig om vriendeliker met mekaar te wees. Die honde het spesifiek dié week ’n draai op die Rooiplein kom maak aangesien die eksamen om die draai is en honde ’n manier bied om van stres ontslae te raak. Die hond wat op die gras le se naam is Freya. Foto: Carla Visagie


15 May 2019

Hoe om predikaatskok te oorwin NICOLE NASSON

kan dit doen.

oërskool was ’n vulletjie. Agt salige ure van non-stop konsentrasie elke dag, vyf dae ’n week. Daai was die dae toe jy skaars ooit moes deurnag en voor jy ’n kafeïen-verslaafde was. Nou is negeuur klasse gans te vroeg en kan jy skaars wakker bly in jou eenuur klasse. En voor jy weet, is pred-punte uit... Daar is niks wat jou vinniger terug aarde toe bring as jou pred-punte nie, veral in eerste jaar. Dit is vir almal amper deel van ’n inisiasie om teleurgesteld te wees. Party sweef terwyl ander teëspoed het. Vir die van julle wat skat dat hulle eerste semester nie soveel vrugte afgewerp het soos hulle gehoop het nie, is hier nou ’n vier-stap gids om jou ontmoeting met die aarde ’n bietjie meer gemaklik te maak en die herstelproses te begin:

Herken jou eie vermoëns Wees jou eie cheerleader. Jy is jou grootste vyand, maar terselfdertyd ook jou grootste aanhanger. Dus, wanneer jy net ’n tree weg­ gee vir perspektief, moet jy kan sien dat jy jou eie kant gekies het. Probeer ook dalk om motiverende post-it notas oral op te plak om heeltyd herinner te word aan dit wat jy self moet hoor.


Hê jou ineenstorting Oukei, so jy het jou pred-punte terug en dit is glad nie wat jy verwag het nie. Jy mag ’n bietjie uitfreak. Kry vir jouself ’n terapeutiese uitlaatklep om jou te help om vrede te maak met jou akademiese terugslag. Huil, skree of word jou innerlike Bella toe Edward haar gelos het. Doen wat ook al nodig is om van al die frustrasie ontslae te raak. Goeie idees om van al dié stres ontslae te raak kan enige iets van ’n stappie deur die botaniese tuine wees, tot ’n gim-sessie, of selfs terapie. Of dit nou PET-terapie is, of by die Sentrum vir Studentevoorligting en -ontwikkeling is.

OORKOM EKSAMENSTRES Studente wag in angs na al hulle predikaakpunte en begin dit stadig maar seker terugrkry. Foto: Armin Prinsoo Dan is dit tyd om aan te beweeg na die volgende stap. Kwartaal een is ’n toetslopie Ná jou pity party moet jy jou brein weer aan die werk kry. Dink aan die eerste kwartaal as ’n proeftydperk waarvoor jy nie hoef te betaal het nie, maar hulle soek nou jou bankbesonderhede. Nou moet jy ’n speelplan vir die res van die semester uitdink. Analiseer wat jou beste studiemetodes is, wanneer jy lekker leer en waar jy onderbreking-vry kan werk. Wanneer jy dít alles eers weet, kan jy rondom dit begin beplan. Jy sal baie beter voel as jy eers ’n strategie het. As jy reeds ’n plan voor die toets-seisoen gehad het,

maar jy sien dat dit nie gewerk het nie, sit jy waarskynlik met die verkeerde een. Gaan praat met jou dosent en/ of tutors om ekstra hulp te kry. Bespreek jou probleme met hulle, hulle is meer werd as wat jy besef! Wees jou eie grootste fan Wanneer jy val, is die eerste ding wat jy moet doen om met jouself te praat. Hierdie gesprek is baie belangrik omdat jy jou volgende besluit daarop baseer: of jy op die grond bly en of jy gaan opstaan. Met hierdie geselsie moet jy jouself probeer motiveer, selfs al bedoel jy dit nie. Fluister soet woorde van aansporing vir jouself. Sê vir jouself jy

Bier vir die eksamenstres Die eksamen is om die draai en studente moet oppas om nie te veel te leer nie. Annelize Visser het van die lekkerste kuierplekke besoek en ’n kaart geskets.

BIERKAART LEI JOU DEUR DIE EKSAMEN Annelize Visser het van die top kuierplekke geskets met bekostigbare pryse. Die eksamen raak vir almal bietjie lank en een van dié plekke kan net die regte breek wees. Skets: Annelize Visser

Werk en speel Net werk en geen speel, sorg vir ’n vaal Matie-student. Moenie daai persoon wees wat net heeltyd werk en nooit tyd neem om te ontspan nie. Party studente oorskat hoe moeilik universiteit is en beplan dan hul lewens tot so ’n mate dat hulle hulself van die res van die wêreld afsonder. As jy skuldig is aan té hard leer, is die antwoord dalk bloot net om ’n breuk te neem. Pulp–flieks Gaan Pulp toe en kyk ’n fliek, of sluit by ’n vereniging aan wat jou aandag trek. Doen iets anders buiten net werk om jou stres uit te balanseer, en laat jou brein rus. Om jouself te oorwerk kan tot ’n burnout lei, so dit is vir jou eie gesondheid dat jy ruskanse in jou skedule inwerk. As jy nie kans sien om iets te doen wat niks met jou studie uit te waai het nie, sluit aan of begin jou eie studie-groep, sodat jy ten minste geselskap het. Aan die anderkant van die spektrum weer, as jy té hard kuier is dit tien teen een ’n goeie idee om elke nou en dan jouself voor die boeke in te skuif en te begin leer.



“Kissing burns 6,4 calories a minute. You want to work out?” “On a scale from 1 to America, how free are you this weekend?” “You are so fine, I would drink your bath water.” “I lost my number, can I have yours?” “If you were a booger, I’d pick you first.” “You’re looking at the best procrastination you’re ever going to find.” “Are you a parking ticket? Because you have fine written all over you.” “Kiss me if I am wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?” “Are you a banana? Because you are appealing.” “I am not actually this tall. I am sitting on my wallet.” “Are you a magician? Because now that I have seen you, everyone else has disappeared.” “Jy lyk vir my bietjie uit jou plek uit, kan ek jou bêre?” “Hoeveel weeg ’n ysbeer? Genoeg om die ys te breek.”


Genre: Crime, Comedy Director: The Coen Brothers, 1998 Starring: Jeff Bridges Gradering: 4/4


THE first thing you should know before going in to watch The Big Lebowski is that the first viewing will most probably be a perplexing experience. At its core, it is an ordinary crime film that involves mistaken identities, kidnappings and stolen cars, but the outlandish nature of the characters and their strange encounters makes it anything but ordinary. The Dude’s ethos has even inspired a real-life religion called Dudeism - where members of the religion live by the philosophy and lifestyle set out by the character in the movie. This film would be nothing without The Dude (Jeff Bridges), our shaggy, robe-and-flipflop-wearing protagonist. Unlike most protagonists in crime films, the Dude is a dopey sloth of a man, with a perpetually stoned demeanour.

Fittingly, he lives a slow life: his days are either comprised of visits to the bowling alley with his buddies or visits to the bottom of a White Russian cocktail glass. His life is shaken up when he is mistaken by a group of thugs for a wealthy L.A. man who shares his surname. After getting his rug peed on by the group of thugs, The Dude, along with his two friends, Walter and Donny, meets the wealthy Lebowski (the “Big Lebowski”) in an attempt to get compensation for the rug. The Big Lebowski ages like fine wine, and I have no doubt it will remain a classic for decades to come. This is all thanks to the genius dialogue written by the Coen brothers, which is what makes the film so absolutely unforgettable. Maybe their secret lies in their reliance on the F-bomb, which is dropped in the film, a total of 260 times in the movie, which equates to 2.22 F-words per minute (even putting Pulp Fiction’s 1.72 per minute to a complete shame).



It is the final season of Game of Thrones. Marie Mjacu took a deeper look into students’ thoughts regarding the heir to the throne and who they think will win the fight. ,

Photo: Rhys Williams Ntsika Mbebe Fourth Year Industrial Engineering

Sarah Kropf Third Year BA International Studies

Dylan Thwaits Third Year BA Humanities

Lia Snijman Journalism Honours

Chloe Bosman Second Year BA Humanities

CERSEI is going to get killed by Jaime. Daenerys will probably get killed by a traitor of some kind and Jon will get killed by Northerners when they find out that he’s a Targaryen. Sansa will realise that she can’t take over King’s Landing because she has to guard the North so she’ll marry Gendry who will become king Baratheon. A Baratheon the throne again with Sansa being the Queen and the Queen of the North.

SO I think Sansa Stark is going to get revenge on Daenerys and poison her for Jon Snow to take over. Then I think Brienne is going to travel to the Wall and she and the ginger guy are going to get together and have a big ass baby. And while all these big leaders die everyone will unite under Jon Snow, but he will find out that Sansa killed Daenerys and that she was actually pregnant so he will banish Sansa.

DOES it even matter how it ends if Missandei and Greyworm do not end up on a beach together? Does it really matter? But other than that I know it’s predictable that Jon sits on the Iron Throne, but I feel like that’s where we’re going since there seems to be a loss of faith in Daenerys. I feel like Cersei is going to die – I think she’s going to kill herself because I don’t think she’ll let anyone else kill her.

HONESTLY I think it’s going to end with Daenerys on the throne, but people are not going to be happy. She’s going to have to stoop to some low level, or she is going to have to do something crazy. And I think it is going to end just with people figuring out that she and Jon are actually family. They are going to say things like “she’s just like the other Targaryens”. This will spark a new uprising .

AT this point honestly I have no idea. I literally don’t know. I feel like I want it to end in a certain way, but I know it would not end in that way. Also, I really want Daenerys to kill Cersei. I want Cersei to die first of all – that’s the one thing I want to happen; she needs to be dead by episode five. And then Daenerys needs to sit on the iron throne somehow, and that’s how I want it to end essentially.

Shine bright like a diamond A’s with Aces AMBER PAYNTER


s Marilyn Monroe would say, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” but for those of us on a tight student budget, we can’t even imagine buying high-end jewellery. Making all of our jewellery dreams a reality is Charen Nortje who has recently launched her web-based business, Ring Artisan. The magic began when Nortje gained enough confidence in herself and decided to start up the business after some encouragement from her family and friends. Although she graduated in 2018 after studying BSc Agric Viticulture and Oenology, diamonds have been her true passion, captivating her since a young age. “I was drawn back to my original passion of what I wanted to do, so I’m incredibly satisfied with my job at the moment. I’m so happy,” Nortje said. Despite not being involved in manufacturing the jewellery, Nortje quite literally has a hand in the design process since she sketches each creation. Her aim is to educate people about diamonds and advise them throughout the production of their bespoke designs. Above and beyond her guidance, the artisanal jewellery is easy on

ACES Paul Roux, founder of Aces tutoring. Photo: Juan Steyn JANA GOOSEN

RING ARTISTAN Charen Nortje started her own jewelry business and she is shining. Photo: Amber Paynter the pocket yet top quality. “I want [the client] to understand what they are buying and have confidence in the product,” Nortje said. “I’m able to cut costs because I don’t have to pay rent and I don’t have any staff – I’m just paying my manufacturer, so the prices are very affordable.” When it comes to designing, Nortje’s philosophy of “less is more” inspires minimalistic yet feminine jewellery that incorporates natural elements. To get the ball rolling, it’s as

simple as filling in the form on her website and receiving a quote. The best part is, you won’t even need to leave cosy Stellenbosch since she is based right here and even does safe courier deliveries across South Africa. “My favourite part of the job is the joy it gives people and the happiness you’re able to bestow on others through your creations. I love that it makes people happy – nobody’s ever sad buying a diamond. It is absolutely beautiful,” Nortje said.

ACES Tutoring started off as a small business with a website that “looked like it was put together by a preschooler”, according to founder Paul Roux. Today, however, it has twenty-five tutors, mostly third year students, that assist their clients with subjects from most faculties. Roux established Aces in 2018. Originally it was named “Crush Your Commerce”, seeing that tutoring services were limited to BCom students, but the business soon morphed into Aces Tutoring as they branched out to other subjects. Tutoring takes place either at the Stellenbosch University (SU) library, Roux’s house or the client’s house, depending on

what the client is most comfortable with. According to Roux, tutoring is to help people with academics in an extra-curricular way. The idea is to build relationships with the clients and to walk with them through the experience. to students who do not want weekly tutoring. Roux explained, “I was not tutored when I was studying and that is where I saw the need for extra help around campus. I have a passion for tutoring, and I would not be doing this if I did not like it, because I have other degrees that I could do something with if I wanted to. It started as a way to generate a little extra income but after a while I realised that I can make a living off of this business.” He said that some of his groups consist out of two or three people, while other Aces tutors assist about ten people per day. Aces started advertising on SUjustkidding’s Instagram, improved their website and have created their very own Instagram and Facebook pages. “When we reach fifty or sixty tutors we will start advertising commercially, but for now we want the business to grow generically,” Roux said.





C C C C C C U U U C C C C U C U C U C T C U T C U T C U U T O U T O U T O U T C U T C U T C U T O U T O U T O U T O U T O U T O U T Education is the path to freedom, and today O U O O O U U U O O O T T T U U T T T I will walk that path with confidence. U T U T U T U T O U T O U T O U A chance to grow. T T learn isT a chance T T Uto U T U T Therefore, I am growing. T T T supports supports supports

Die MATIE-mantra

supports supports supports The more I learn the



supports supports supports more knowledge I attainsupp supports supports supports supportsand supports supports the more I achieve.

Taking the stress out of eating The exam period is a stressful time for most students and with all your energy fixated on acing that exam, who has time to cook? To make your life easier, Kesia Abrahams found a few cheap and easy meal ideas to get you through exam time.

BREAKFAST Peanut butter-banana quesadillas Ingredients 1/4 cup peanut butter 2 tortillas 1 large ripe banana 2 tsp. oil Maple syrup or honey

Directions 1. Heat a small pan over medium-high heat. 2. Spread the peanut butter evenly over the tortillas. 3. Layer the banana slices on one of the peanut-buttered tortillas and then place another over it. Press gently to help them stick together, and then brush both sides lightly with oil. 4. When the pan is hot, add the quesadilla and cook, flipping once, until browned in spots on both sides, about 2 minutes per side. 5. Cut the quesadilla into halves or quarters. 6. Serve with a drizzle of maple syrup or honey and enjoy!




Chicken burrito rice


Quick curried chickpeas

Ingredients 1 or 2 diced chicken breasts Salt and pepper 1 onion 1 tomato 1 can black beans Rice 2 tsp. olive oil Directions 1. Peel and dice the onion. 2. Heat a little olive oil over a medium heat in a large frying pan. 3. Add in the diced chicken season with salt and pepper and fry until white all over. 4. Add the peeled and chopped onion together and fry for 5 minutes. 5. Add in the beans, chopped tomatoes and three tablespoons of water. 6. Mix everything together and bring to a boil. 7. Add in the rice and mix together. 8. Cook until the rice has adsorbed all the water and has softened. 9. Chow!

Ingredients 350g spaghetti Salt 3 large eggs 1 cup freshly grated parmesan 8 slices of bacon 2 cloves of garlic, crushed Black pepper Directions 1. Cook spaghetti until al dente. 2. Whisk eggs and Parmesan until combined. 3. Cook bacon until crispy. Reserve fat in skillet. 4. In the skillet you cooked the bacon, add garlic and cook until fragrant. 5. Add cooked spaghetti and toss until fully coated in bacon fat. 6. Remove from heat. Pour over egg and cheese mixture and stir vigorously until creamy. Beware not to scramble the eggs. 7. Season generously with salt and pepper and stir in cooked bacon. 8. Drizzle with olive oil and garnish with parmesan. 9. Ready, set, eat!

Ingredients 2 Tbsp. olive oil 1 yellow onion 2 cloves of garlic 2 400g can chickpeas, drained 1 400g can tomato sauce 1 cup water 1 Tbsp. curry powder Directions 1. Cook the onion and garlic in a large pot with olive oil over medium heat until softened. 2. Drain the canned chick peas and add to the pot. 3. Also add tomato sauce, water and curry powder. Stir until everything is mixed. 4. Bring the mixture up to a simmer. 5. While the chick peas are simmering, rinse the cilantro and pull the leaves from the stems. 6. Add the chopped leaves to the pot. 7. Stir the pot every few minutes to prevent the sauce from burning and sticking to the bottom. 8. Eat up!

LOW CARB OPTION Keto frittata with fresh spinach Ingredients 5 oz. diced bacon or chorizo 2 tbsp. butter 8 oz. fresh spinach 8 eggs 1 cup whipping cream 5 oz. shredded cheese Salt and pepper Directions 1. Preheat the oven to 175°C. 2. Grease a 9x9 baking dish or individual ramekins. 3. Fry the bacon in butter on medium heat until crispy. 4. Add the spinach and stir until wilted. 5. Remove the pan from the heat and set aside. 6. Whisk the eggs and cream together and pour into baking dish or in ramekins. 7. Add the bacon, spinach and cheese on top and place in the middle of the oven. 8. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until set in the middle and golden brown on top. 9. Munch away!

Só maak jy die meeste van jou breektyd CARLA VISAGIE

MET die komende eksamens is dit maklik om in ’n roetine van eet, slaap en leer te verval, maar dit is belangrik om steeds tyd vir ontspanning in te ruim. Hier is ’n paar maniere hoe jy ’n studiebreek kan vat wat jou met nuwe oë na jou werk sal laat kyk. Kyk na kuns in GUS Die Galery van die Universiteit Stellenbosch (GUS) is geleë op die hoek van Dorp- en Birdstraat en is op weeksdae tussen 09:00 en 16:00 oop. Al is kuns nie jou ding nie, is GUS dalk net die ding in jou prysklas – dit is gratis. Die uitstalling White City is tans aan die gang en die fotografie- en nuwe media-kunstenaar Ashley Walters se werke word vertoon. White City duur tot 31 Mei. Stap rond in Jan Marais Die Jan Marais-natuurreservaat is geleë aan die bopunt van Victoriastraat en toegang is gratis. Aangesien jy nie meer klas toe hoef


te stap nie, kan jy jouself bederf met ’n nuwe roete in die idilliese natuurskoon. Om aktief te bly is veral goed vir jou gedurende die eksamen. As jy nie wil gaan stap nie, kan jy fietsry, piekniek hou, mediteer of watookal jy nie in die SS kan doen nie. Eet iets saam met vriende Op Stellenbosch hoef uiteet nie duur te wees nie. Jy moet net op die regte plek op die regte tyd wees om nie die gat in jou sak té groot te maak nie. Watami bied daagliks vanaf 12:00 tot 17:00 40% afslag op hul soesji-buffet. Courtyard Café sluit daagliks vanaf 12:00 tot 16:00 gratis tapas in as jy pizza of nachos bestel. Julian’s Café Bar het ’n ontbyt vir R26,95 tussen 08:00 en 11:00. Speel met die diere by die DWVS Die Dierewelsynsvereniging (DWV) Stellenbosch is ’n nie-winsgewende organisasie wat altyd op soek is na vrywilligers om aandag aan hulle diere te gee. As jy jou woef by die huis mis of sommer net terneergedruk voel

IDILLIESE PARK Die reservaat bied jou die ideale geleentheid om jou tekkies af te stof. Foto: Carla Visagie deur die eksamenstres, is vierpotige vriende net die ding om jou op te kikker. Hulle is ’n entjie buite die dorp in Devonvalleistraat geleë en Sondae tot Vrydae vanaf 10:00-16:00 oop en Saterdae vanaf 09:00-13:00.

Besoek die speelgoed-museum Toegang tot hierdie versteekte Stellenbosch-juweel geleë in Markstraat sal jou slegs R15 uit die sak jaag en is weeksdae tussen 09:00 en 16:30 oop, op Saterdae tot 14:00 oop en op Sondae gesluit.

Die museum is ’n betowerende wêreld wat wag om ontdek te word vol ditjies en datjies en speelgoed van toeka tot nou. ’n Skaalmodel van die Bloutrein, die enigste van sy soort in Afrika, is een van die museum se groot pragstukke.

Coffee or Cough-E: where to get your fix for the exams



offee is contentious and preferences vary wildly from friend to friend. Coffee shops can become popular due to multiple reasons, from having an alluring ambiance for dates, workspaces for studying, food options to pair with your hot bean water or to the actual product, good coffee. When doing a simple “coffee shops in Stellenbosch” Google search, it is immediately apparent how plentiful the available locations are. However, as exams become a reality at the university, the demand for coffee on campus is sure to rise. As it stands, three coffee shops dominate the coffee sphere on campus, namely Pulp, DCM and MyBrew. The coffee shop in Pulp offers three roasts of coffee, with Deluxe being the lightest roast, Häzz being a medium and Terbodore being the darkest. The baristas produce good shots of coffee and other than the fact that the Terbodore espressos often slide down your throat like hot Bovril, it is always a pleasantly speedy experience. DCM is just a classic campus coffee destination with no real ulterior motives other than supplying students with their needed bean juice. The muffins are huge and, in times of despair, the zebra on the cup can act as a friendly face to look at before burrowing into the depths of the SS for another go

COOL BEANS A friendly smile from the Pulp barista Byron. Photo: Mike Wright at the books. MyBrew started as a single store, after which it expanded to two other destinations on campus. Due to the popularity of it, I have always given MyBrew multiple attempts to change my mind, but the unfortunate sense of disappointment always washes over me when drinking their seemingly watered down and uninspiring brew. Other Neelsie stores which you can go to are TaMaties and Java Junction, both of which act more of a one-stop destination, serving student-style foods and decent roasts of coffee. If you are looking to sit down and study for a while with a coffee supply at your ready, then definitely veer clear of the Neelsie.

Places which are both study friendly as well as excellent coffee shops include Bootlegger and Häzz, both on Ryneveld Street, or Deluxe Coffee Works and The Blue Crane and the Butterfly, both on Dorp Street. Otherwise, if you want to try something exciting, you can go to the Stellenbosch University Botanical Garden, order a pot of Rooibos, connect to Maties Wi-Fi and power out a peaceful and relaxing few hours of studying. Note: This coffee critique is based on a normal order of a double espresso and a glass of water. Espresso is like the 100 m dash – it is straight, to the point and you are able to pick up the nuances of the bean, how it has been roasted, blended and brewed.

Ko’s praat oor wat om aan te peusel Met die eksamen om die draai het Heléne Leonard met Hannelise Rademan, ’n befaamde dieetkundige gepraat om raad te kry oor studente se eetgewoontes gedurende die eksamen. Hannelise het ’n lys van gesonde versnaperings opgestel en wat om liefs te vermy. Wat om te vermy

Kies eerder

Sjokolade en lekkers Lekkergoed verskaf vinnig energie, maar so vinnig soos die energie vrygestel word, word dit ook verbruik. Dis hoekom jy dan ook so vinnig moeg voel wanneer jy studeer, want jy het nie ’n volhoubare bron van energie nie

Gemengde neute Kan baie maklik in jou boeksak rondgedra word, is vullend en verskaf gesonde vette vir jou brein.

Energiedrankies Dit bevat hoë dosisse kafeïne en suiker en ’n blikkie kan tot 8 teelepels suiker bevat. Dit is verder ongesond aangesien jy verslaaf kan raak aan die suiker en kafeïne wat later tot hoofpyne kan lei as jy nie genoeg daarvan drink nie. Energiestafies Dit bevat gewoonlik net soveel suiker soos ’n gewone sjokolade-stafie. Kitskos Dit is seker die swakste maaltyd wat jy kan eet om jou brein te voed. Dit bevat groot hoeveelhede slegte vette, suiker en sout, om net ’n paar te noem.

Groentestokkies en guacamole Ook ’n goeie kombinasie vir ’n konstante vrylating van energie en dit is ook ryk aan gesonde vette wat mens langer versadig hou . Gekookte eier Eiers is ’n baie goeie bron van Vitamien B6, -B12, Folaat en Cholien wat belangrik is vir breinfunksie en -ontwikkeling. Vrugte Bloubessies bevat anti-oksidante wat kommunikasie tussen jou breinselle kan verbeter.

Vir meer inligting en verdere raad, volg vir Hannelise op Instagram by @the_gutsy_dietitian.

How to handle major exam loads ANNERI COETZEE

OFFICIALLY kicking off next week Tuesday, the first round of exams for Maties are here. Some students are more prepared than others. So, what does one do when you have forty-five chapters to memorize and only twenty-four hours to memorise it? The first thing you should do when you’re unprepared for an upcoming exam and the clock is ticking, is to remain calm, says Dr Eileen Sinclair, head of the Unit for Academic Counselling and Development at the Centre for Student Counselling Development (CSCD/ SSVO). The Yerkes-Dodson law, coined by educational psychologists Robert Yerkes and John Dodson, provides that study performance is enhanced with an increase in stress (mental arousal), but only to a limited extent. Once the limit is reached or passed, the brain shuts down and restricts the amount of information it absorbs and retains. This is a bio-psychological phenomen which results from your body going into “emergency”mode. If you are too stressed, it may therefore become impossible for you to process, retain and recall new information during your exam In cases of severe stress by students, it is almost impossible to

Appel en eetlepel neutbotter Mens kry grondboontjiebotter/amandelbotter-sakkies wat genoeg is vir 1 porsie. Hierdie kombinasie hou mens versadig vir langer en verskaf ’n meer konstante vrylating van energie in jou liggaam.

EXAMS MADE PEOPLE SAY? “I have grafted a girl much harder than I have grafted for the exams.” – Stressed Majuba resident “The bib is fuller than De Lapa, and I do not like it.” – Unhappy final-year student

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN Jan-Louis Jordaan and Anelmari Truter busy preparing for the exams. Photo: Dané Dooge master complex work, memorise facts and solve problems. Some stress, however, is beneficial and in fact neccessary for high quality performance. “Stress is not necessarily bad. You need healthy stress to function optimally. However, once stress intensifies over a longer period of time, psychological stress results,” adds Sinclair. You can decrease your stress levels in a variety of ways. One of the most effective ways is to get an endorphin-boost through exercise. Multitudes of scientific studies demonstrate the strong causal relationship between endorphins, a reduction in stress and a reduction in feelings of depression. So run around the block or if

you are lucky enough to have a gym subscription, use it. Johanness de Villiers, yoga instructor at the Hot Yoga Studio and author of the meditation guide Kalmte in die Malle Gejaag, recommends a relaxation exercise aimed at increasing mental concentration if you do not have time to break a sweat. “Lie on your back on the floor. Close your eyes, exhale and relax. Focus all of your attention on your pinky-toes, noticing any tension in the muscles and the temperature or texture of the skin. Repeat the exercise on every toe. Then your ankles, then your knees, and thereafter every part of your body up to the top of your

crown. Take 5 slow breaths, as slow as you can, then open your eyes and retreat to your study table,” he suggests. Once you have calmed down, Sinclair suggests making a comprehensive list setting out various tasks and writing down clear time-allocated goals regarding the things you still need to do, to ensure you use the time you have left optimally. This involves considering the weight different work will carry. The CSCD will be facilitating a stress management workshop today (15 May) at 13:00 at Den Bosch next to the Konservatorium. The workshop is free.

“I was so stressed about exams yesterday, I searched for my phone under my bed while having my flash on in search for it.” – First year BA student “I feel like Jon Snow; exams are coming and I know nothing.” – Game of Thrones fanatic “I am not sure whether my IQ, pred or motivation is currently the lowest.” – Stressed honours student “There are so many classmates here that I have not seen before. The lecture hall might as well be called BarelyPredMarga.” – Confused student


UU P Z U Z Z L E M E P U ZZ L E M E P U ZZ L E P U Z P U is worth Z Z Z ZaE ZZZE Z Z Z E A picture U U U E E thousand words, or less. Z UZ Z L Z L L M M ZZ L L M M ZZ L L M Z Z LL Z E L E EM E E Z L EEME E Z L EEME Z EELL Z E LE E L E E E L E L E M P E M M E MM E MM M P E M P EU M E E M EE M EE M P E U M P UE E Z M M E M E P E U Z M P E U Z E E E U Z Z E UL Z Z Z LL Z E Z Untitled L E Z ELL Procrastination station: Exam edition E L EP M E . Theatre 1. Building P .M Building 2. Building EE 7 8 5 1 8 4 P M U . Faculty 4. Building 9 4 3 Building 6 2 9 3 1 2 M . Building 7. Ou UP E P M U E Z 4 2 6 4 9 5 P M U E Z P M 3 8 5 9 2 U E Z U E 6 7 5 8 1 7 3 2 6 5 Z Z U E Z L 1 9 3 7 9 Z Z LL 9 8 7 8 9 3 Z E Z 6 5 9 7 1 3 2 6 9 EELL Z 4 8 2 2 3 4 LE L EP M E M P EE M P U M P E U M P E U Z M P E U Z P M E UE 8 57 1 35 11 4 8 54 8 Z Can’t piece U together the Z 4 7 63 6 22 9 9 3 49 21 42 Z puzzle? U E Z L Z Check out our 5 8 4 1 2 96 64 89 1 3 Z Instagram story LL Z from tommorow 5 7 5 3 3 8 9 9 1 42 E at 18:00 for the Z solutions. L 6 7 5 8 1 7 3 2 6 5 3 2 8 4 3 5 E Z Or, visit our website ELL on 17 May to 1 3 7 2 69 5 1 8 19 download this page E L and solutions EM 9 8 6 7 1 9 7 33 8 2 8 4 as a pdf. E 6 5 49 77 5 1 3 2 6 2 6 9 8 6 M E Blokraaisels deur SZ M E 4 18 Minnaar, foto’s deur 4 1 5 42 7 42 33 Mia van der Merwe M E 1















3. Theatre 5. Building 6. Faculty 8. Building Down

1. Building 2. Building 4. Building 7. Building



Across 5. Game of ..., popular series in its final season. 6. ... van Niekerk, eerste vroulike professor aan die US. 8. ... van Deventer, mayor of Stellenbosch. 9. Xhosa word for “bird”. 14. Waar musiekstudente swot. 15. Toekenning wat Die Matie onlangs gewen het. 16. Where Erica, Nemesia and Serruria dine. 17. Weekday when exams kick off. 18. ... day, celebrated on 16 June every year. 19. Seisoen waarin die jaar “ryp word in goue akkerblare”. 20. Naam van die eerste gay boer op Boer soek ’n Vrou.




Down0.46) Puzzle 1 (Medium, difficulty rating

Puzzle 2 (Medium, difficulty rating 0.49)


4 5











Down 1. Place where yogi Johannes de Villiers works. 2. Street between Dagbreek and campus. 3. Wie is die “ring artisan”? 4. Die SS se volle naam. 7. Natuurreservaat aan die bopunt van Victoriastraat. 10. Provinsie waar die DA regeer. 11. How many pages are there in this issue of Die Matie? 12. Between July and September. 13. Who reclaimed “8 Mei” with pride?






Puzzle 1 (Medium, Puzzle 3 (Easy,difficulty difficultyrating rating0.46) 0.37)

Puzzle 2 (Medium, difficulty rating 0.49)0.51) Puzzle 4 (Medium, difficulty rating



5. Game of ..., popular series in its final season.

1. Place where yogi Johannes de Villiers works.

6. ... van Niekerk, eerste professor aan die US.

2. Street between Dagbreek and campus.

8. ... van Deventer, burgemeester van Stellenbosch.

3. Wie is die "ring artisan"?

9. Xhosa word for "bird".

4. Die SS se volle naam.

14. Waar musiekstudente swot.

7. Natuurreservaat aan die bopunt van Victoriastraat.

15. Toekenning wat Die Matie onlangs gewen het.

10. Provinsie waar die DA regeer.

16. Where Erica, Nemesia and Serruria dine.

11. How many pages are there in this issue of Die Matie?

17. Weekday when exams kick off.

12. Between July and September.

18. ... day, celebrated on 16 June every year.

13. Who reclaimed "8 Mei" with pride?

19. Seisoen waarin die jaar "ryp word in goue akkerblare".

Generated by on Mon May 13 12:49:12 2019 GMT. Enjoy!



20. Naam van die eerste gay boer op Boer soek ’n Vrou.


15 May 2019

Photo: Henry Engelbrecht

Matt Carstens is die regte MVP


Dag & Nag

Dané Dooge & Willow-Ruby van der Berg


at het Bohemia, Aandklas en Die Mystic Boer in gemeen? Drie dinge: lekker bier, stoute kos en goeie musiek. Meeste Stellenbosse studente het al dié kuierplekke besoek. As jy een van die regulars is, het jy seker al vir Matt Carstens raakgeloop. Carstens tree gedurig by een van die Bosch se drie geliefste kuierplekke op, wat terloops sy gunsteling plekke op Stellenbosch is. ’n Ware allesdoener, maak Carstens musiek van alle kleure en geure: pop, RnB, folk en selfs indie. “Ek probeer dit interessant hou deur elke keer iets anders te doen wanneer ek my musiek skryf,” sê Carstens. “Ek vind my inspirasie in verskeie musikante. My top keuses is byvoorbeeld The 1975, Ed Sheeran, The Wombats en John Mayer. Ek het groot geword in ’n huis waar ons baie Stevie Nicks en Leonard Cohen geluister het. “Ons almal is ook baie lief vir musiek, so dit het vir my natuurlik gevoel om ook my eie musiek te begin maak. Toe ek op hoërskool was, het ek al klaar in sommige van die pubs in my tuisdorp begin speel,” verduidelik hy. Baie mense kan musiek maak, maar nie almal het noodwendig die nodige inspirasie om iets goed te produseer nie. Carstens meen dat hy nie streng gesproke ’n kreatiewe proses het

KOOS KOMBUIS The man of the hour in all his glory was one of many to perform. Photo: Ruan Goosen

Some craft beer, culture and Koos Kombuis GABRIELA VILJOEN

MATT MAAK MUSIEK Matt Carstens aan die brand agter die mic. Foto: Alex Van Gossler nie, maar dat hy elke dag bietjie kitaar en ukulele speel. Carstens is tans besig om homself voor te berei vir ’n moontlike toer wat binne die volgende paar maande in Gauteng sal afskop. Maar eers het hy nog ’n paar optredes in die Bosch. Een van hulle vind op 22 Mei om 20:00 by Steam restaurant plaas.

“Ek is so dankbaar vir almal wat my musiek ondersteun. Ek sal graag verskeie mense se opinies [oor my musiek] wil hoor,” sê hy. Nou het jy nóg meer rede om gereeld Bohemia, Aandklas of Die Mystic Boer te besoek; vir die talent, natuurlik. En as jy vir Matt gewaar, gaan knoop ’n geselsie aan en gee jou opinie.

AN ice-cold craft beer, local musicians jamming out on stage and a breathtaking sunset over the Summerhill Farm landscape. A Taste of Craft, a festival held in celebration of MFM Radio’s birthday, made its annual appearance this past Saturday. Live entertainment got the crowd going with the likes of The Steezies, Jack Parow, Uncle Spike and the legendary South African musician, Koos Kombuis, gracing the stage. This unforgettable line-up was accompanied by a variety of craft beer, craft gin, craft wine and craft brandy tastings which were available till 18:00 to all the festival goers. The Vanilla Colts and The Stinging Rogers opened the evening, setting the laid back and social atmosphere where-after students and craft enthusiasts gathered around the stage to sing along with

multi-talented Koos Kombuis. Once again, Uncle Spike did not disappoint and the Steezies brought their eclectic style and proudly South African sounds to Stellenbosch. Both performed some of their unreleased and upcoming music which they have been promoting on their social media platforms. Jack Parow brought the house down with his dynamic and energetic performance and new songs. He seemed thrilled to share the stage with Koos Kombuis and posted a picture of the two of them on Instagram, captioning: “Altyd ‘n eer om saam hierdie legend to jol”. There was truly no better way to have spent your sunny Saturday evening than on the Sir Thomas Brewing Co. farm with local creatives and musicians. If this is what’s to be expected from next years MFM birthday bash, mark your calendar, because you don’t want to miss it.

The silver lining KESIA ABRAHAMS

’N VERSAMELING STUDENTEKAARTE Wat doen jy met jou ou studentekaarte? Sommige verantwoordelike studente vang graad met die studentekaart wat hulle tydens verwelkoming ontvang het. Ander studente, soos Lisa Slabber (bo), het al ’n versameling opgebou. Lisa s’n pronk teen haar yskas. Foto: Lisa De Clercq

WHAT is more fun than a little hip-hop at the Stellenbosch Town Hall? Friday evening, students gathered for a hip-hop festival aimed at raising awareness for mental health. Melt Hugo, the current SRC executive member, is a founding member of the #SUpport student mental health task team who hosted the event in collaboration with Magnifique, which is an event organising company. The event was partially also a tribute festival to the late rapper, Mac Miller who overdosed last year following a long-term battle

with mental health issues. Hugo said in connection to the collaboration with Magnifique that, “we played different roles in making the event a reality but at the end of the day, both of us contributed equally to making Silver Lining a reality and a fairly subsequent success”. The night itself progressed without a single hiccup. The main acts included the likes of Shane Eagle and Patrick Lee. Following the event, Hugo stated that he felt that the event was a success. He said, “we are still doing ticket sale counts and sponsorships, and it looks good so far”. Furthermore, he stated that

with the help of their sponsor, Cipla, they were able to print fabric festival armbands which had a 24hour mental health helpline number printed on them. Furthermore, according to Hugo, the feedback from the event has appeared to be nothing short of spectacular. The funds raised by the event will also be going towards a new mental health service and application that #SUpport would like to establish known as SUNLine. SUNLine aims to be a confidential student listening and support platform for students, by students, that is non-counselling and non-advisory.


Soek oomblikke van geluk tydens eksamen Hierdie tyd van die jaar is vir my altyd die vreemdste. Ons almal maak ons reg vir die winter, wat sy tol eis op meer vlakke as om koue te verskaf. Die reënweer het soms ’n snaakse effek op mens se gemoedstoestand. Dit is daarom juis ’n onaangename tyd om eksamen ook te skryf. Nie net is ons almal moeg ná die lang semester nie, maar ons raak maklik gespanne en gefrustreerd. Dit lyk ook vir my of kampus meer woelig raak met konflik gedurende hierdie tyd. Ons het almal iets om oor te kla en ons almal verlang bietjie ekstra baie na ons tuistes, behalwe diegene wat gelukkig genoeg is om ’n ouerhuis naby genoeg te hê om Moedersdag dáár te kon spandeer. Dit voel ook vreemd om te dink aan wat ná die eksamen vir ons wag. Dit is amper so lank soos die Desembervakansie, maar wat eienaardig is van hierdie vakansie is dat ons daarna weer terugkeer na dieselfde jaarvlak en nie nuut begin met nuwe kursus of jaar nie. Ek, en baie van die mense waarmee ek gesels, het vroeër vanjaar elke dag geoefen het en reg geëet en net oor die algemeen goed oor die lewe gevoel. Hierdie situasie het egter drasties verander. Dit is omskep in laataande, kitskos en klas toe stap wat as my enigste oefening dien. Dit is egter belangrik om kop te hou van die belangrike dinge. Ons het nou gulde geleentheid

om onsself te herstabiliseer en sekere keuses te heroorweeg. Die Matie bied in hierdie spesiale eksamen-gefokusde uitgawe wenke vir studente om die meeste van die eksamen te maak. Ja, ons bied ook ruimte vir uitstel, maar almal moet op een of ander manier ’n studiebreek neem. (Die koffiekoppie-belaaide asblikke voor die bib getuig daarvan.) Ons is glad nie kundiges op die gebied van eksamenskryf nie, anders sou ons lankal maniere gevind het om dit te ontduik. Al wat ons het is die ervarings wat ons al beleef het. Ek hoop ons medestudente baat daarby om hierdie wenke aan te hoor. In die aftye, tussen blokraaisels invul en koffiekoppies herwin, dink ek dit is nodig dat ons gedurende die eksamen tyd vir mekaar maak. Die eksamen kan mens soms geweldig isoleer en die triestige weer help nie met opkikkering nie. Soms is dit lekker om die skinderstories van jou vriende te luister of mense in die dorp dop te hou en hulle snaakse gedrag te analiseer, net om jou eie gesonde verstand te bewaar. Ek hoop almal se pred is voldoende en dat die uiteindelike punte net meer verblydende nuus bring. Moenie swyg vir die angs wat eksamen bied nie, vind lafenis in die mense rondom jou en maak die meeste van die tussen-oomblikke van geluk.

KLAGTEPROSEDURE EN FOUTRAPPORTERING / COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE AND REPORTING ERRORS Die Matie is onderhewig aan ’n gedragskode wat by die SR-lid vir Media beskikbaar is. Alle klagtes word deur ’n regsdosent ondersoek, waarna Die Matie voor die Mediaraad kan verskyn. Klagtes moet volgens die uiteengesette prosedure binne veertien dae ná publikasie aanhangig gemaak word. Die Matie subscribes to the South African Press Code that prescribes news that is truthful, accurate, fair and balanced. If we don’t live up to the code,

please contact the Ombudsman. You may also lodge an internal complaint or report factual errors by contacting the SRc member for Media. Also following the procedure explained above. Die Matie is accountable to its readers and will correct errors where necessary. Please send any complaints to the paper’s ombudsman/ public editor, George Claassen, at or 083 543 2471.



HOOFREDAKTEUR Annerine Snyman INHOUD Lian van Wyk NAVORSING S.Z. Minnaar ADVERTENSIES Dané Dooge AANLYN Rachele Button en Mike Wright UITLEGREDAKTEUR Janique Amber Oliver FOTOREDAKTEUR Armin Prinsloo ENGLISH SUB-EDITOR Nicholas Carroll AFRIKAANSE SUBREDAKTEUR Mart-Marié Serfontein NUUS Kathryn van den Berg STUDENTELEWE Heléne Leonard DAG & NAG Willow-Ruby van der Berg SPORT Anke van der Merwe FINANSIES Alexander Carstens en Oliver Frew

E-POSADRES POSADRES Langenhoven Studentesentrum; Privaatsak X1; Universiteit Stellenbosch; Matieland; 7602 WEBADRES w w FACEBOOK w w diematie OPLAAG 5 000 VOLGENDE UITGAWE 31/07/2019 SPERDATUM 26/07/2019 ADVERTENSIES Dané Dooge ARGIEF Vorige uitgawes van Die Matie is in die biblioteek beskikbaar


DAnkie tog! Gorrel is al te bly dat die verkiesing verby is sodat Gorrel nie elke dag deur daai blou party gebel of gesms hoef te word nie. Gorrel wil ook net weet waarom soveel mense nog steeds vir die ANC stem? Het hulle nog nie genoeg bewys hoe onbekwaam hulle is nie, of moet die ligte eers aangaan ná nog beurtkragperiodes?

Wanneer is die winter verby? Gorrel sien amper elke dag iets oor drake, sneeulopers of kraaie met drie oë en Gorrel wens tog dat die winter net verby wil kom. Dan kan Gorrel weer intelligente gesprekke met mense hê, want dan sal almal oor die skok wees van wie nou op daardie ystertroon

Journalist of the edition

gaan sit.

Watse pred Dit is nou weer daai tyd van die jaar – eksamen. Gorrel vrees nie die eksamen so baie nie, want dan het Gorrel nie klas nie en kan Gorrel eintlik leer. Gorrel is meer angstig oor Gorrel se predpunte. Of eerder die predpunte wat Gorrel – ’n week voor die eksamen – nog nie ontvang het nie. Gorrel moet weet hoe hard Gorrel moet leer (en of Gorrel enigsins vir sekere vakke moet leer). Miskien is dit dalk net dat Gorrel hoop die dosente kom Gorrel tegemoet met goeie punte. Gorrel wil ook net vir Gorrel sê medestudente sterkte toewens met die eksamen. Dit is ’n harde tyd wat voorlê.

Nicole Nasson Read Nicole’s articles on pages five and fourteen.

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30 April 2019



My rejected ‘lived experience’ TIAN ALBERTS

A few weeks ago, I was “summoned” to Student Parliament to “account to” Dagbreek’s Inkululeko: Talking Freedom booklet, which Mr Luke Waltham, Chairman of UNASA Stellenbosch regarded as “problematic”. I was told by the Speaker that I would have 10 minutes to deliver a speech. On Tuesday, upon arrival at Student Parliament it was made very clear by certain members that myself and Dagbreek HK member Rob Kucera were not welcome. After two and a half hours of ranting about procedural issues, personal attacks perpetrated against myself and Rob and verbal threats of violence and harm levelled against me, I left without having had the chance of delivering my speech. Here follows the speech: Mr Speaker, three years and four months ago, I arrived at this University – expectant of all the diverse people that I was going to meet and equally expectant of all the diverse worldviews and perspectives that I would be exposed to. I met many diverse people, but I have with very little exception consistently been exposed by this university and its structures to one singular and generalising perspective: the perspective that your race and gender are determinant of the merits of your arguments, your right to speak on a given topic; the perspective that your skin colour

or gender are indicative of whether you are marginalised or privileged. And if you are put in the category of marginalised by virtue of your identity, you are morally superior to others and your intentions and movements are assumed to be inherently moral. EndRapeCulture was the first movement that I was confronted with on this campus. Myself and many impressionable first year students persistently came to face with the officially endorsed unsubstantiated idea that this campus perpetuates a rape culture (“rape culture” is a sociological concept for a setting in which rape is pervasive and normalized), and this absurdity was solidified by an official task team report of 43 pages which postulates no evidence or confirmation of any rape culture on campus – only dogma and ideology. I opposed the report. I was

heckled at and told by a Senior Director that “you are really going to enjoy our training programmes”. Later, I encountered a booklet called Siyakhula: Talking Transformation. I read through its content, which can be described as an elaboration on critical theory and identity politics – a one sided world view that disregards the individual and imposes identities of oppressed and oppressor on students based on immutable characteristics that they have no control over. To my horror I found a Stellenbosch University logo on the cover. The University’s subsidised Transformation Office was responsible for the publication of this booklet, which amongst other things, deprives all white students of the possible grievance that they might have experienced racism. So what was my response to the Siyakhula? I got a committee together at my residence and we drafted a booklet called Inkululeko: Talking Freedom – to take us back to the values that our Constitution envisages for us and to describe an open society in which the individual is the core unit of value. Although at least two Directors commended the effort and one even remarked that the booklet falls in line with the Transformation Plan of the University, a fringe group of students want to taint this booklet and Dagbreek. And they have been wasting their time.

We hear from them that the Inkululeko-effort “disregards marginalised groups”. “Marginalised group” is of course a category wholly constructed on the basis of melanin and combinations of chromosomes, and not individual circumstances that are indicative of marginalisation. At this point, I would like us to look at some of the concepts that the Inkululeko elaborates on. These are some of the definitions: Racism is defined as the systemic mistreatment experienced by white people in South Africa. Black Privilege is institutional and social (rather than personal) set of unearned benefits granted to black people. This includes having greater access to power, services, opportunities and resources. Actually, you will not find these definitions in Inkululeko at all. The definitions that I have just read stem from Siyakhula – the University’s booklet. I have just replaced the word “black” with the word “white” (and the word white with the word black at the White Privilege definition) to illustrate the absurdity. If you now suddenly endorse these Siyakhula definitions now that races have flipped back, then congratulations – you are a racist. Inkululeko: Talking Freedom’s real message is straight forward: everyone has a right to freely define their own identity as an indi-

vidual. Although there is no credence to this notion of “marginalised people” in so far this category is constructed on the basis of identity, even if such groups existed on campus, we see that unlike the Siyakhula that positions the straight white male as the oppressor, the Inkululeko does not denounce people or groups of people. It denounces a very specific ideology. Criticizing an ideology is not the same as criticizing people or denying their lived experience. No ideology should be exempted from criticism or even ridicule. Why should any booklet protect divisive ideologies such as identity politics? Why should Inkululeko: Talking Freedom spare racial politics the criticism that it deserves? It could not. There will be many more Inkululeko booklets and events on a continued basis. Why? I am determined to leave behind, not the campus that I spoke of that I arrived at 4 years ago. I am determined to leave behind a campus that promotes free debate and intellectual diversity in an open society in which the content of our characters matter more than the colour of our skin or the combination of our chromosomes. I’ll meet you on the other side. Thank you.

*Tian is a postgrad law student. He is also the prim of Dagbreek.

May your mental Game of Thrones: WTAF ? health be your priority LUKE WALTHAM

IT is that time of the year again where exams overwhelm students across campuses, leaving many of us stressed, worried and spending many days and nights studying as much as we possibly can. Whilst this is considered the ‘norm’ at any educational institution, it must be reminded, once again, how important your mental well-being is, especially during these difficult times of the year. Mental Health issues have been affecting our campus, like many others, for various reasons. Students are impacted by it due to personal, circumstantial, societal, financial and academic reasons. The causes of mental illness are endless, but are becoming more prevalent on our campus on the daily. During the exam period, it may be extremely tough for you, and the waves of uncertainty regarding your well-being may be an addition to your stress. I believe it is important to do what you can in managing your stress levels so that you may also have some control over your mental health. Stressors inevitably influence your mental health and therefore will play a role in your overall study schedule. Take breaks. Now I am expecting the usual eye-roller here because people often disregard, or say they already do take breaks. However, taking breaks is crucial to giving your mind a rest. Whether it is going for a walk to the Botanical Gardens, watching something on YouTube or simply

meditating, giving your mind 5-10 minutes off per hour is crucial. Psychologists often recommend exercising in your weekly plan in order to remain physically and mentally active. Don’t forget to socialise. This is the time of the year where you are expected to be locked away in a tower, studying your life away, but do not let that create an imbalance of social interactions. Being able to see a friend for coffee or simply having a time to vent and hang out is always important. If you’re battling during the examination time, do not keep it to yourself. It will fester and eat away at you.Your diet matters. You may have heard someone saying this to you before, but keep it in mind to eat properly during the study period. During stressful periods, people tend to either not eat at all or they will eat, but it will be too much junk food. If you feel that you fall into either category, consider adding a nutritional eating plan to your study plan. A healthy mind is the epitome of an overall healthy person. I know these exams are bound to stress you out, and you may be worried. But you are not alone. The entire Stellenbosch community is in this together, and it is vital that we watch out for one another. I wish you all the best and remember: your mental health is more important than the percentage on your exam paper. *Luke Waltham is an activist, blogger and writer. He is also the Chairperson of the United Nations Association of South Africa, Stellenbosch Chapter.


GAME OF THRONES season eight has seen numerous disappointed fans. Regardless of the questionable writing we have witnessed thus far, viewers, including myself, are in hope of a miraculous season finale to make up for all the ‘wtf’ moments we’ve encountered. One of these moments include the death of one of the greatest, most conniving and dangerous villains television has ever seen – Cersei Lannister. Yes, her death was highly disappointing. Yes, she should’ve died in a more torturous manner, and yes, she did not deserve to die in the arms of the person she loved. But maybe the writers were trying to prove some other point – the bad guy, or in this case the evil queen, doesn’t always get the death he/she deserves. The same can be said about her dwarf brother, Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion has been, by far, the smartest character throughout the entire series and suddenly, this season, he decides to be one of the most short-sighted (no pun intended) characters. This too, is highly disappointing and frustrating, as we all know never to trust a single word Cersei says, and it was very much evident Daenerys Targaryen was losing her marbles. Then again, it could be said that the writers were perhaps trying to humanise Tyrion – not everyone can be brilliantly smart twenty-four-seven.

Another aspect we can criticise is how the writers have managed to disregard the majority of our favourite characters’ character development this season. What was the point of Jamie Lannister realising that Cersei was a horrible person, leaving Kings’ Landing, ending up with Brienne for one night and joining the resistance against the Night King? All for him to run back to her, rendering his entire story arc null-and-void. Perhaps this was a piece of advice for those who keep running back to their exes, regardless of how toxic the relationship is – you will die a pathetic death. Again, after all the King in the North has been through, including resurrection and dragon-screaming, Jon Snow has become a high profile secondary character with no meaningful contribution to the overall narrative of this season. The episode did have some positives though. We’ve come a long way from the grainy aes-

thetic of season one, and it is only fair to mention the magnificent cinematography. In this episode we witnessed some of the most beautiful shots the small screen has ever seen. From the beautiful encounter between Sandor and The Mountain, to Arya Stark and the white stallion, we can see that more thought was put into the cinematography than the actual writing of this episode. Nonetheless, the second last episode leaves many questions unanswered. What is the purpose of Bran and his supposed powers? Who are the children of the forest and why have they not been incorporated into any narrative this season? Will they be able to answer all of our questions in a single episode? Find out on the next, and final, episode of the most disappointing season of the century. *Jessica is a BA Journalism Hons student.



HARD AT WORK Emmanuel Jamas and Mandi Zara Venter dish up food at Roots Vegan Bar. The pair manages this food stall in the Neelsie Spar. Photo: Armin Prinsloo

Roots: Dishing up to save the world Nicole Nasson sat down with Mandi Zara Venter and Emmanuel Jamas, managers of Roots Vegan Bar to discuss what living vegan entails.


ou’ve probably noticed the food offering at the entrance of Spar in the Neelsie. It is cool; it is fresh; and it is vegan. Occupying the smallest space, but tackling the big challenges like reducing our carbon footprint and healthy eating, Roots Vegan Bar is a charming little food stall. Managed by Mandi Zara Venter and Emmanuel Jamas, a former Stellenbosch jazz student and a retired actor, Roots has become quite popular amongst students. When asked how it all started, Venter went right to the beginning and talked about her switch to veganism two years ago. “It started with my roommate [who had] IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) and her doctor suggested that she should go on a vegan diet to see if that helps her. She didn’t cook at all so I always had to cook,” Venter explained. Venter has loved cooking since she was little. She attributes her love for food to her father, Jasper Maarten Snr., the owner of the Neelsie Spar, whose Mediterranean-like diet had a big influence on her cooking. Once Venter got the hang of vegan cooking, she liked it. So much in fact, that she became vegan herself. Venter is the creator of each dish on the Roots menu. However, Jamas didn’t have as a graceful transition into veganism. Introduced to the lifestyle by Venter, Jamas tried the meat-free lifestyle, but kept going back to meat and cheese. It wasn’t until being exposed to the ethical reasons behind veganism that Jamas decided to let go of animal products and become a committed vegan.

VEGAN POWER Both Venter and Jamas are vegans and credit their success to Stellenbosch students’ open-mindedness. Photo: Francina Steyn. “I was one of those people who would ignore the vegan movement, but then I looked into it. What did it for me was the animal cruelty,” Jamas said. Even though veganism is famous for being a way of eating, it is not limited to a diet. Veganism is also a way of living. Veganism is a lifestyle that tries to cause as little harm as possible to people, animals and the planet by choosing not to consume animal products or animal by-products. According to PETA, an an-

imal rights organisation, animal agriculture is a major contributing factor to climate change, water waste and deforestation. Therefore, consumption is not restricted to one’s diet, but all things people buy, like clothes and cleaning materials. Roots not only tries to introduce students to vegan eating, but also vegan living, by using bio-degradable packaging. Venter said that the small things such as what your food comes packaged in also makes an impact

on the collective carbon footprint. Roots also has metal and bamboo straws for sale in an effort to lessen the use of single-use plastic straws. Last year, the Neelsie Spar underwent renovations and wanted to include a new healthy food offering for students. Jasper Maarten Venter Jnr., manager of the Neelsie Spar and Venter’s brother, suggested she take the space and open a vegan bar. With her passion for cooking and her new love for vegan food, Venter jumped at the opportunity.

Thus, Roots was born! Initially, Venter managed the bar by herself while Jamas was occupied with another endeavour. However, due to his flexible hours, and Venter needing help, Jamas joined Venter in managing the bar, eventually deciding to permanently work at Roots. Venter and Jamas wanted to emphasise that their objective is not to convert students to veganism, but rather introduce them to vegan eating and raise awareness of how delicious and affordable vegan food can be, especially on a sttudent budget. “[We want to] show that vegan food isn’t weird food,” Jamas said. Before opening the bar, Venter and Jamas calculated the costs of how much goes into a dish and then visited many vegan restaurants to see how vegan food was priced, but soon realised that vegan food is heavily exploited. Jamas recalls paying R79 for avocado toast, whereas nothing at Roots is over R50. “It’s actually mind blowing how much they overcharge you,” Jamas continued. As for the future of Roots, Venter hopes to eventually expand to another location. Both managers agree that Roots would not be profitable if it had not been here in Stellenbosch, accrediting the open-mindedness of students to their success. “We give them a small spoonful [of food] and they’re sold immediately, then they buy a portion,” Jamas said. So whether you’re vegan, tranititoning or just curious, Roots welcomes all foodies.


15 May 2019

TROPHY MAGIC SFC being crowned champions a week ago. Photo: PSL Media Relations

Stellenbosch Football Club hits the spot S DOMINIQUE FUCHS

tellenbosch Football Club (SFC) is making waves as the first Stellenbosch based football team to earn a place in the Absa Premiership or Premier Soccer League (PSL), the highest division of the South African football league system. After the team secured the top spot in the National First Division Championship in the 2018/2019 season, they were automatically promoted to the PSL for the 2019/2020 season. The club was established in 2016, and the Coetzenburg Stadium is their home turf. Tony Zwane, who plays fullback for the team, said that he was over

the moon when the team got promoted to the PSL. “It took a lot of sacrifice, unity, honesty, hard work, believing in our process and trusting God to lead the way.” The team stayed on top of the league table for 23 weeks before securing promotion in a 0-0 draw against Johannesburg based Maccabi FC in the final game of the National First Division Championship. Coach Steven Barker says that the team wants to play in the big stadiums against the best players, and now that they have achieved their goal they can do just that. Captain Jarrod Moroole said the promotion is a big moment for the team.

“This team did a great job, and we are just grateful for everyone involved in the club, but also for the fans. We did this together as a family,” he said. The club was purchased by the Stellenbosch Academy of Sport (SAS) in 2018. Rob Benadie, the CEO of SAS, said that their main objective was to help young football players to pursue soccer after school, and to create a local team of which the community can be proud. SFC did not expect to be promoted in the first season under the new owners. The club aims to give back to the community through social upliftment, and to inspire young football players in the Winelands area.

SU’s Victorians withdraw from competition KESIA ABRAHAMS

AT the beginning of the month Stellenbosch Rugby Football Club (SRFC) released a press statement stating that the club was withdrawing their Victorians rugby team from the Western Province Rugby Football Union (WPRFU) Competition. According to the statement, the decision to withdraw the team from the competition was made by the Executive Committee of the SRFC after close examination of information that was supplied by surveys and consultations with the numerous stakeholders and players. For the past few years, the Victorians have taken part in the Super League A of the WPRFU alongside Maties. Quintin van Rooyen, Senior Sport Manager of Maties Rugby, said “the players understand the challenges and accept that we need to make the changes to face the new environment and excel on and off the field”. According to the press release, the decision to withdraw the Victorians was a result of the players struggling to balance their aca-

demic demands and participation in the WPRFU league. It became evident to the club that over recent years, the players were increasingly requiring additional time for reading, assignments, practical work and studying. Van Rooyen said “the class and test times are different the last couple of years where students are writing tests during the week and sometimes on weekends during practice and match times.” In addition to this, from the surveys completed by the students themselves, it became evident to the club that the players favoured other interests in comparison to taking part in the WPRU league. Furthermore, the Victorian’s experienced a cancellation of one of their previous sponsors, and, in general, the club is struggling to obtain financial support for the teams. Van Rooyen said that the club as a whole is struggling financially. After careful review, it became evident that it was best to withdraw the teams from the league rather than to continue.

MATIES Hockey Men's captain, Alex Stewart (above), was selected for the SA Hockey Men’s squad that will be in action in June in India to qualify for the Olympics. Photo: Maties High Performance


Krieketwêreldbeker: wie gaan die Protea-vuur laat brand? Met die ICC-krieketwêreldbeker wat om die draai is, het Die Matie se sportredakteur Anke van der Merwe dit goed gedink om haar voorspellings te maak oor wie van die Proteas in die openingswedstryd gaan speel. Die Proteas gaan te staan kom teen die gashere Engeland en speel op 30 Mei by die Oval in Londen. Foto’s: Krieket Suid-Afrika

Faf du Plessis (kaptein)

Aiden Markram

Quinton de Kock

Rassie van der Dussen

David Miller

JP Duminy

Andile Phehlukwayo

Chris Morris

Imran Tahir

Dale Steyn

Kagiso Rabada

Koshuise dien hulself tot bo-aan punteleer ALLISON WILLSON

DAAR het reeds groot kompetisie ontstaan tussen die Universiteit Stellenbosch (US) se onderskeie PSO en koshuis tafeltennis-spanne vir hierdie jaar se seisoen. Buiteperde soos die Aristea-span het die seisoen afgeskop in die tweede laaste plek en het tans tot tweede op die punteleer gestyg – alles deur toewyding en harde werk. Carli Benade, ’n Aristea-mentor en tafeltennis-verteenwoordiger, het haar opwinding vir die res van die

seisoen uitgespreek. Sy sê dat elke span tot die sport verbind is en dat almal tot dusver baie goeie sportmanskap toon. Die seisoen is tans halfpad verby met Nerina in die eerste plek in die Vroue A-Liga en Dagbreek eerste in die Mans A-Liga. Omdat die kompetisie juis hierdie jaar so straf is, is die stryd vir die tweede en derde plekke nek aan nek. Die uitslae vir die eerste plek in elke liga is soos volg: Erica (Vrouens B-liga), Dagbreek (Mans B-liga), Majuba (Mans C-liga) en

Huis Marais (Mans D-liga). Spanne reken elke week in tawwe wedstryde met mekaar af, met die laaste wedstryd vir hierdie kwartaal wat op 13 Mei plaasvind. Na die vakansie hervat die seisoen weer op 22 Julie. Vir enige Maties wat daaraan dink om saam te speel, is die geleentheid vir ’n laat toetrede ongelukkig reeds verby, maar die einde van die seisoen is so te sê in sig. Met voorbereiding, goeie sportmanskap en ‘n houding vir sukses, sal die strawwe kompetisie vir ‘n baie vermaaklike 2020 sorg.


HARD HITTING ACTION Captain Paige Phillips in action in Potchefstroom, where the semi-final between Maties and Pukke was played. Photo: Maties High Performance

Maroon Platoon hosts final



he Maties Ladies Hockey team is through to the Varsity Hockey final after beating the previous winners, UP Tuks, 7-5 in a semi-final match on Monday evening at the NWU Astro in Potchefstroom. This is the third time that Maties are through to the Varsity Hockey finals. Varsity Hockey pits eight teams from the various universities across South Africa against

each other over two weekends, with the final being played on a third weekend. The first round of this year’s competition started on 3 May, and the tournament ends with the final on 20 May. The first weekend saw Maties on top of the leader board with 12 points after having won all their matches at the Hares UCT Astro in Cape Town. In their first match, Maties beat UP Tuks 2-0, and then went on to beat UFS Kovsies 6-2.

In the third round, the Marron Platoon won against UJ with a staggering 7-0, and beat UCT in the final match of the first weekend with a late goal by captain, and woman of the match, Paige Phillips, helping the team to a 2-0 victory. “I was incredibly proud of the team’s performance. The girls worked hard and played with passion. We have a lot to look forward to and will definitely be pushing to be top of the log,” Phillips said. This past weekend in Potchef-

stroom, the ladies had a narrow 1-2 loss against NWU, and lost 4-5 on penalties against a strong Wits team. The Maroon Platoon, however, kept fighting and produced a convincing 7-0 win against the NMU Madibaz pushing them through to the semi-final where they played against UP Tuks. “Losing our first two matches is not ideal, but I’m glad we could step up and beat Madibaz”, Phillips said. The Maties women are now

set to square up against a strong NWU team on the Maties Astro in Stellenbosch. “[We] could not be happier to have the final at our home turf. There is certainly an advantage to having local support, knowing the astro and not having to travel. I am very proud of the team for being consistent in this tournament and securing that top of the log position.” Catch the Maroon Platoon in the final match against NWU on 20 May 2019 at 18:45 in Stellenbosch.

Rotsklimmers reg vir groot hoogtes LEMUEL BLIGNAUT

DIE meeste van ons is gelukkig met beide ons voete op vaste grond. Daar is egter mense wat verkies om aan hul pinkies rond te hang met moederaarde ver onder hulle. Vir die rotsklimmers op Stellenbosch, wat nou hul sport onafhanklik kan beoefen, was vaste grond nog nooit genoeg nie. Rotsklim, wat altyd onder die BTK-vaandel geval het, is sedert November verlede jaar ʼn onafhanklike sport, amptelik op 18 Februarie van hierdie jaar bekendgestel. Volgens Oan de Waal, BTK-bestuurslid verantwoordelik vir die rotsklim, het belangstelling in rotsklim as ʼn sport oor die laaste 5 jaar drasties gegroei. “Ek verwag om 250 rotsklimlede deel van die klim-gemeenskap te hê teen die einde van die jaar.” Hy het gesê die rotsklimmers is nie van plan om ’n “BTK-exit maneuver te trek” noudat hulle ook ʼn onafhanklike sport is nie, maar “om te groei en te verbeter”. “Ons wil steeds graag handaan-hand met die BTK werk, soos altyd omdat ons so baie van dieselfde passies en beginsels deel.

KLIPAANHANGERS Oan de Waal (links) en Ben Louw (regs) wys hul rotsklimvernuf. Foto’s: Verskaf Die idee is om spasie te skep vir groei.” “Nie-studente is ook welkom om deel te neem. Dis ʼn langtermyn wen vir die klim-gemeenskap, omdat dit nie beperk is tot net studente nie.” Oor die moontlikheid van ʼn skeiding, het Anke van der Merwe,

huidige BTK-bestuurslid in beheer van bemarking, gesê: “Aan die een kant, is daar baie BTK-lede wat rotsklim. Hulle gebruik ons as ʼn kanaal om by die rotsklim uit te kom. Maar, as mens na die lede kyk is daar baie wat net wil rotsklim, en nie enigsins aan staptoere wil deelneem nie.

Ek dink in die langtermyn sal dit sin maak om te skei, want hulle het ook hulle eie rotsklim komitee wat niks te doen het met die BTK nie. “Maar tog, as jy by die BTK aansluit is daar die opsie om ʼn bybetaling te doen, en dan kan jy maklik gaan rotsklim ook,” het sy bygevoeg.

Kostes om aan te sluit beloop maar ʼn skamele R200 per jaar, en voornemende lede is meer as welkom om saam met ʼn lid te gaan klim en dan net ʼn klein besoekers fooi te betaal. Om as ʼn sport erken te word, bring ʼn hele buffet voordele tafel toe. Die rotsklimmers kan nou amptelik die “Maties” naam gebruik, laer aansluitingsfooie uitwerk vir diegene wat net wil klim, en nie die hele BTK-lidmaatskap wil hê nie, en na afslag by ʼn hele string aanlyn klimtoerustingwinkels uitsien, om maar ʼn paar te noem. Dit skep ook die moontlikheid van erekleure kry, en moontlik self nuwe fasiliteite of ʼn borgskap hier en daar. En die kersie op die koek is ʼn nuwe klimfasiliteit by Coetzenburg, by die binnenshuise tennisbane. Dié gaan glo gereeld gewas word, en die grips gaan gereeld verander en geskuif word. Lede het 24/7 toegang tot die klimmuur, maar De Waal sê: “Mense verkies wel om elke dag van 17:00-20:00 te oefen en om oor naweke buite te gaan klim op regte rots.” Gereelde interne kompetisies by die muur, met roetes wat spesiaal uitgelê is, is deel van die vooruitsigte.

Profile for Die Matie

Die Matie – 15 Mei 2019  

Agt-en-sewentigste jaargang, nommer sewe.

Die Matie – 15 Mei 2019  

Agt-en-sewentigste jaargang, nommer sewe.

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