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Afrikaanse flieks is nie 6 dood nie

Access denied at Jonkershoek after 3 protests

USSA welcomes new president 10

Student court orders mass meeting and vote for parliament speaker

SRC given 10 days to respond ANÉ VAN ZYL



Photo: SASPA

CELEBRATIONS Maties women’s hockey after their victory over UJ. Maties concluded the thrilling series undefeated. Read more on page 12.

Nazi-era posters spark concerns on campus


Several posters sporting popular Nazi images with a national-socialistic message surfaced on the Stellenbosch University (SU) campus, attracting nationwide attention. The posters, that appeared on campus two nights ago, provide a time and location for a supposed meeting of The Anglo-Afrikaner Student, an unknown group calling for students to “Fight for Stellenbosch”. According to the posters, the meeting will be held in the JS Gericke Library auditorium at 17:00 on 11 May. When approached by Die Matie, library staff stated that the auditorium had not been booked for that date and time. SU spokesperson, Martin Viljoen, said the matter was only brought to the university’s attention late yesterday morning. “The posters were put up on campus without the knowledge or consent of the university, the library or the Student Representative Council (SRC),” stated Viljoen. Viljoen added that a query was received on the availability of the venue and that no official booking

Posters advertising a meeting of ‘The Anglo-Afrikaner Student’ group. was made at the time the posters were displayed. “SU, its library and information service, and its SRC condemn racism, racial superiority and any attempts to polarise our campus community in the strongest possible terms and will not allow any event promoting racial superiority to take place on campus.” Information about the event was

not provided and the origin of the posters remain unknown. “Not only is the message of the posters totally unacceptable, it is also not in line with our institution’s values. There seems to be deliberate mischief-making involved, and if that should be the case, disciplinary steps will be taken,” said Prof Wim de Villiers, rector and vice-chancellor of SU. The Stellenbosch SRC stated they would not tolerate “these types of discriminatory acts” and have called upon the student body to condemn acts of racism and violence. “It is deplorable in a time when the university has called for the decolonisation and transformation of our campus,” said the SRC, promising to hold those involved accountable to their disciplinary code and the South African Bill of Rights. The posters have also been reported to the university’s equality unit and an investigation is currently underway. Any student or staff member with more information is requested to contact the client service centre at 021 808 9111 or to send an e-mail to

he student court of Stellenbosch University (SU) has ordered the Student Representative Council (SRC) to hold two mass meetings within the coming month. This decision comes after a case was made by ex SRC candidate Inge Odendaal to review the constitutionality of two decisions made by student parliament last year. The two matters under question are the appointment of an interim Speaker, and failure to hold ordinary meetings. The student court has ordered the SRC to call a mass meeting within 10 university days of the ruling. The ruling is in conflict with a principle rule of the SRC that no events or gatherings shall be hosted by the SRC in the two-week period before exams are set to begin. When contacted for comment, chairperson Nomzamo Ntombela failed to respond before print. It remains unclear what the SRC is planning to do about the ruling. It is, however, clearly stipulated in both the 2011 and 2014 versions of the constitution, that students have to be informed of any mass meeting at least one week in advance. If the court ruling is to be followed, the SRC has until 17 May to call the first mass meeting. The purpose of the first mass meeting is for all attending students to elect an independent convener to oversee proceedings at the second mass meeting. Any student may ask the court to set aside the nomination of a convener, if it can be proven that the elected convenor would not fulfil their duties. The SRC must then call a second mass meeting within five university days of the first mass meeting, where all the attending students will elect an independent, impartial, and competent Speaker of parliament. This meeting will be overseen by the elected convener. The elected Speaker of parliament will be under an immediate obligation to call a meeting of parliament and must report to student court regarding the arrangements within five university days after he/she was elected. If successful, the process will reestablish student parliament after the

entity dissolved last year. Parliament has not attempted to meet since.

Student court can’t rule on SRC election convener In a ruling made last Wednesday, SU’s student court found the SRC in contempt of the Student Constitution. “Noncompliance by the SRC with its own prescribed processes is not in line with the values and rights enshrined in Chapter 2 and section 21 of the Student Constitution.” Student court was however unable to rule on the matter of extending the period of appointing an election convener. According to court documents, the court has no discretion in choosing which rules to enforce and which rules to ignore. The documents further state that the court is not empowered to extend any deadline by submitting another date. The court declared that the omission of not appointing an election convener by 31 March is “invalid and inconsistent with the student constitution”.

Which constitution? Student court made use of the 2014 constitution, claiming in its documents that there are no discrepancies between the 2011 and 2014 constitutions in the sections relevant to this matter. However, as pointed out in the previous edition of Die Matie, there are notable differences between the 2011 and 2014 constitutions in the sections relevant to this matter. The 2014 version is also not accepted by the university council. The 2011 version only gives the executive of the SRC the power to appoint the convener. Therefore, the fundamental difference between the relevant sections of the 2011 and 2014 constitution is the parties involved with the appointment of the election convener. If the 2014 constitution is “active” as confirmed by policy officer Jeandré Boshoff, the party responsible for appointing the election convener is the student dean along with the executive committee of the SRC. This implies that student dean, Tonia Overmeyer is also responsible for the appointment of the election convener.




Campus radio station of the year is...MFM! MFM 92.6 was named the campus radio station of the year at the Liberty Radio Awards in Johannesburg. The station also won the award for the best campus breakfast show for 2017. As a youth radio station that broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week on every day of the year, it is estimated that MFM 92.6 reaches an audience of 39 000 people in the larger Stellenbosch region.

Programme manager at MFM, Kabelo Mekoa, said that the professionalism at the radio station is unparalleled. “MFM is the best campus radio station in South Africa and that has been the case for some years now. It’s fantastic that we have finally been recognised by the Liberty Radio Awards,” said Mekoa. Veronique Smal, the station manager, drew emphasis to the countless hours that staff dedicate.

SU strives to collect 2000 sanitary pads with drive The 2000 wings sanitary pad drive aims to provide sanitary pads for women who cannot afford it. The campaign is a combined effort from the Frederick Van Zyl Slabbert (FVZS) Institute (women in leadership portfolio), the Student Representative Council (SRC) transformation portfolio, as well as help from the dean of students, Tonia Overmeyer. “We felt that we should give back to the community and hope that the participants of the women in leadership short course will be involved with this particular campaign,” said Sindiswa Matheloula, coordinator of the short course. “Menstruation is not a choice, the body makes it necessary for us to bleed, and we believe that sanitary pads should be free,” stated Yamkelani Mbandla, a member of the SRC transformation portfolio. Mbandla further explained

the importance of the campaign as a means of providing agency for women that tend to lose, due to restriction of movement from menstruating. This respective pad drive is different; a target has been set and the student body is proactive. Due to a collaboration with the FVZS institution, SRC and dean of students, it is thus a campus wide initiative, which maintains a bigger capacity to reach more people. A lot of the initiatives and overall success are dependent on student participation. “Advice and suggestions are encouraged and we hope for a meaningful integration with the student committee,” said Mbandla. The campaign runs from 27 April until 30 August. Drop off points are at the FVZS office in Bosman Street, outside the SRC office in the Neelsie and TSR office at Tygerberg campus.



PANELLISTS Ton Vosloo (middle) with Alide Dasnois, Chantel Erfort, Marenet Jordaan and prof Tanja Bosch.

‘We are fighters with a pen’ JEANINE MALAN


he need for journalists with integrity despite the industry’s diminishing capital was the prominent message at this year’s celebration of World Press Freedom Day. The event was hosted at Stellenbosch University’s Journalism Department on 3 May where prominent figures from the SA media were invited to talk to aspiring journalists about the current state of affairs in the SA media landscape. The panel consisted of prof Tanja Bosch from the University of Cape Town, Chantel Erfort, editor of Cape Community Newspapers, and Alide Dasnois, associate editor of GroundUp. Lecturer Marenet Jordaan facilitated the discussion and Lizette Rabe, head of the Journalism Department, opened it. Rabe quoted the slogan of Reporters Without Borders: “Don’t wait to be deprived of news before defending it”. “To defend news, the public must support professional mainstream media by subscribing to their services,” she said. “We are fighters with the pen. And the pen will always be mightier than the sword.” This year’s discussion was titled, “Empowering the public: The role of journalism in creating inclusive societies”. The issue of decreasing funds

in South African (SA) journalism was a recurring theme in the panel discussion. Bosch spoke about community radio and said that this “forgotten space” plays a big role in giving a voice to the voiceless, those people who are marginalised and, in some cases, illiterate. “In community radio, you still get the closest to civic journalism, the kind of reporting in which the aim is to find solutions to problems” Dasnois identified sustainability as the most challenging issue for GroundUp and other donor-funded publications. GroundUp, which focuses on issues related to poor and vulnerable communities, gives their material to other mainstream, profitmaking news companies for free. “As GroundUp is growing slowly, the mainstream media continues operating under ever greater profit pressure and are therefore increasingly takers of what we offer. “It is an interesting double phenomenon: we are getting a little better at what we do and they are getting more and more needy.” Another challenge lies in continuing to cover the same issues in a way that keeps them interesting. Dasnois said the only solution is to make the story more personal to the reader by “telling the issue through the person”. “The skill is to bring home the importance of the issue by making it come alive through the story of a family.” Erfort agreed, stating that this

storytelling is a journalist’s call, “Without engaging there can be no storytelling”. Erfort added that community journalism is the covering of neighbourhood news and how it impacts people and that it is deeply personal. “You don’t get nearly as much recognition as your counterparts in mainstream media, but it’s incredibly fulfilling.” Former Naspers chair Ton Vosloo criticised community newspapers for being too profit driven. “Most community newspapers belong to four big companies, so there’s no real independence of editorial freedom. These papers are being told to load their newspapers with 80% advertising. So they just write a lot of fluff.” Erfort disagreed: “I’m glad to say our advertising ratio is 60:40. There is some good work being done in community media. “If we’re not doing enough investigative work, it’s because there’s no resources.” Erfort closed by saying that significant stories often debut in community newspapers before they are covered by mainstream media. “We are close enough to the ground to hear the rumblings underneath, we are trusted enough to be confided in; and when things are still talked about in whispers, or when someone is not being heard by the mainstream, it’s usually us who are the ones willing to listen.”

Funds raised for ground water research Photo: HENK OETS

PANIC BUTTON The emergency pole on Rooiplein.

Emergency pole for safety SAVANNA BOSMAN

In light of the recent series of muggings in Stellenbosch, a new emergency blue light pole has been established on the Rooiplein in an effort to tighten security. These muggings prompted Stellenbosch University (SU) to install a new ‘panic button’ feature on campus. The new blue light emergency pole allows students to contact security in emergency circumstances through the press of a button. Although new features have been installed, more security guards are to be expected around campus. “It is exceedingly important not to walk around alone at night, especially if you are a female,” said Lieutenant Natalie Martin from the Stellenbosch

SAPS. “It’s also important not to carry valuables that are in sight.” “Thousands of mobile phones, computers and vehicles on campus attract criminals. It’s important to take precautionary security measures to avoid becoming a victim of crime,” said Viljoen van der Walt, Director of Risk and Protection services. Students have been advised to make use of the shuttle services offered by the university and to attain safety escorts at night when walking alone.A Lydia student was stabbed in April by an unknown male in an attempt to steal her laptop and personal belongings, and another female student was approached by two unknown men and attacked for her handbag whilst walking on Victoria Street in broad daylight.


A team of Stellenbosch University (SU) students has raised over R149 000 to develop software that will be able to show the areas that have the most sustainable ground water reserves. The Know Your Water campaign, started by Jared van Rooyen, an SU Earth Science masters student, is aimed at delineating the areas of the country with the most sustainable water reserves. “Now that everyone is moving on to ground water resources so dependently because of the localised droughts all over the country, people are drilling bore holes all over the place without knowing that abstracting is not an infinite resource. You can’t just put a pump in and pump water out. “Just because you have good rain next season doesn’t mean you’ll have a good borehole again, it doesn’t work like that,” said Van Rooyen. The team made use of Thundafund

in order to raise the funds for the campaign. Thundafund describes itself as South Africa’s leading online crowd funding marketplace for creatives and innovators. Van Rooyen said the motivation behind using crowd funding as a method of raising capital became a consideration when he was presented with the opportunity to do his masters. “I completed my honours last year without any intention of doing my masters whatsoever. I had a job in Johannesburg at a ground water consulting firm, I’d been working for a week when my supervisor called me and said that there had been big interest in my honours project. But the problem was we hadn’t applied for any funding. “I hadn’t applied for any bursaries, I hadn’t done anything so that’s when we came up with crowd funding the idea. The vice-rector of research, innovation and post-graduate studies, prof Eugene Cloete, said that this

would be a great proof of concept for any postgraduate study that lacks funding.” According to Van Rooyen, there are different types of ground water reserves, some of which can be five to 10 thousand years old. “When people drill deep boreholes and abstract water that’s not being recharged by rainfall it’s bad. “If you permanently deplete the ground water table, it has implications on volume. The less volume, the more salt in the water so the ground water quality deteriorates and then things like stability are affected. “The ground needs to be saturated with water otherwise you have problems with buildings and things like that,” he said. Van Rooyen is busy setting up an online portal which features an application page for those wishing to take samples for the project. The sampling kits will be posted to participants in July and sent to analysis upon return.

10 Mei 2017



Access denied at Jonkershoek

Studente wag op ‘gap funding’





fter several destructive protests at Jonkershoek Nature Reserve managers have closed the reserve to the public until further notice. This follows protest action by residents of the Fish Point area regarding poor service delivery and their demand that CapeNature provides them with land that was promised to them almost 20 years ago. Riots and vandalism began at Jonkershoek on the evening of Wedensday 27 April and continued until 4 May. The first incidences of protest action were reported to the Stellenbosch Fire department late Wednesday evening. “A team was dispatched to an area near the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve after a civilian called our help line,” said Wayne Smith, Stellenbosch Fire Department chief. Some members of the nearby Volunteer Wildfire Services (VWS) also inspected the scene but claimed they were not formally involved. Chris Murtz, a member of the Stellenbosch Fire Department, explained that when they arrived on the scene the situation seemed to be under control as SAPS riot police were already there. “I saw a person moving towards my vehicle after which they proceeded to throw petrol in my face and over the door and into the vehicle through the open window. A lighter was used to start a fire and set me alight,” said Murtz. “I reacted by pushing the door open which knocked the subject off balance. The police then intervened and shots were fired.” The petrol failed to ignite and the person disappeared into the bushes and vanished. “The Jonkershoek area is a trap due to its nature and one route in and out,” explained Murtz. According to Murtz, the Jonkershoek area must be stabilised

CLOSED OFF Jonkershoek has been closed until further notice. by the Law Enforcement and SAPS before the Fire Services can risk its staff and other resources in this area. “I recommend that Fire Services is not to respond to Jonkershoek under these conditions. The Stellenbosch Municipality are running the risk of losing staff and other resources under the current conditions. Jonkershoek is a ‘no-go’ until it is stabilised.” Police spokesperson, Andre Traut, said that a man was arrested during the protests on a charge of public violence. The latest disruption happened after a meeting was called in good faith by the Stellenbosch Municipality with all stakeholders which included the National Department of Public Works, Provincial Public Works, CapeNature

and community leaders, in order to determine the ownership of the land and to discuss issues within the community. “During this meeting the community was asked by the municipal manager to be patient as all stakeholders are working hard to address their concerns. The municipality said it will be facilitating the land transfer/ ownership process as the land does not belong to the them,” said Vernon Bowers, Stellenbosch Municipality spokesperson. According to CapeNature, the land the protesters are occupying belongs to the National Public Works Department. CapeNature’s Marietjie Engelbrecht said CapeNature staff


have temporarily been accommodated at other CapeNature offices to ensure their own safety and minimal disruption to operations. Although the extent of the damages is yet to be determined, Engelbrecht disclosed that it includes two offices at Jonkershoek Nature Reserve and Assegaaibosch Nature Reserve that were destroyed, as well as damages to the Sport for Christ Action South Africa (SCAS) Eiland Campsite and Training Centre, and MTO Forestry’s Jonkershoek division. CapeNature's Justin Lawrence has asked the public to avoid the Jonkershoek and Assegaaibosch Nature Reserves until they announce that it is safe.


Strenger toegang deur middel van valhefbome beplan ANNERINE SNYMAN

Koshuisstudente van onder meer Heemstede, Huis ten Bosch, Lydia, Minerva, Metanoia en Nerina sal deur die oprig van verdere valhefbome (booms) geraak word. Die oprig van valhefbome op kampus in areas waar toegangsbeheer nog nie opgerig is nie, is reeds onder konstruksie. Konstruksie sal onder meer by Admin A, Admin B, die GG Cilliégebou, die sportwetenskappe-gebou en die Smutsstraat-parkeerarea plaasvind. By laasgenoemde word daar ook betonpilare opgerig. Verder sal verbeterings aan die parkeerarea in Joubertstraat by die ingenieursfakulteit aangebring word, asook aan die toegangsbeheer tussen die Visuele Kunste-gebou en JH Neethling-gebou in Victoriastraat. Toegangsbeheer sal by die ingenieursfakulteit se hoofparkeerarea in werking gestel word, asook


CLOSED OFF Een van die areas waar valhefbome opgerig word. in Claassen- en Bosmanstraat. Betonpilare en valhefbome sal ook toegang in Claassen- en De Waalstraat beheer. Daar sal ook verdere konstruksie in Claassen-straat plaasvind om ’n culde-sac draaisirkel te bou. Volgens Roelof Loubser,

mobiliteitsbestuurder van die Universiteit Stellenbosch (US) se vervoerdiens, is die doel van hierdie valhefbome om toegang tot universiteitsparkeerareas te bestuur en om te verseker dat die US se studente en personeel die hoofgebruikers is. Ongemagtigde motors sal dus

nie toegang tot die universiteit se parkeerareas hê nie. Studente of personeellede wat verby hierdie punte toegang wil verkry, moet aansoek doen vir parkering (soos tans die gebruik) en daarvolgens sal studente- of personeelkaarte geaktiveer word. Die projek is vanaf 27 Maart 2017 tot 5 Junie 2017 geskeduleer. Aangesien die tydsduur van hierdie projek ook gedurende eksamentye val, mag dit langer as verwag neem om af te handel, omdat daar tydens die eksamen nie naby koshuise, studiesale en klasse geraas mag word nie. Die projek se kontrak stipuleer dat daar gedurende eksamentye op stiller areas, wat verder weg van eksamenen studiesale is, gefokus sal word. In die dokument word daar ook gestipuleer dat, aangesien die projek se konstruksiewerk binne die hoofkampusarea val, die teenwoordigheid van studente en personeel ten alle tye gerespekteer moet word.

Sedert verlede jaar is terme soos “missing middle” en “gap funding” toenemend op die Universiteit Stellenbosch (US) se kampus gehoor. Ten spyte van landswye #FeesMustFall-betogings het Blade Nzimande, minister van hoër onderwys, steeds gesê universiteite mag klasgelde verhoog, mits die verhoging nie meer as 8% is nie. Die regering het egter ’n ‘silwer randjie’ vir studente aangebied: ’n staatsgesubsidieerde toelaag, die “2017 fee adjustment grant”, wat ontvangers nie hoef terug te betaal nie. Hierdie toelaag reken outomaties alle historiese en huidige ontvangers van die Nasionale Finansiële Hulpskema vir Studente (NSFAS) in, asook studente in huishoudings met ’n gesamentlike jaarlikse inkomste van R600 000 of minder (die “missing middle”) en alle studente uit kwintiel 1, 2 of 3 skole. Alle ander studente moes aansoek doen vir hierdie befondsing. Volgens die departement van hoër onderwys sal studente wat staats- of privaatsektorbeurse ontvang het, egter nie in aanmerking geneem word nie. “Die US het reeds vroeg in 2017 hierdie befondsing aan alle studente gekommunikeer. “Alle studente het ook later SMS’e in verband hiermee ontvang,” verduidelik Arrie Hanekom, hoof van die US se afdeling vir voorgraadse beurse en lenings. Volgens Hanekom het hulle vir omtrent 8 000 voorgraadse en 4 000 nagraadse aansoeke begroot, maar net ’n klein hoeveelheid ontvang. “In totaal het net 1 232 studente aansoek gedoen vir hierdie beurse, uitgesluit die NSFAS-studente en kandidate wat uit kwintiel 1, 2 en 3 skole kom.” Hanekom skryf die lae syfers toe aan ouers wat moontlik nie hulle persoonlike inligting bekend wil maak nie en die waarskynlikheid dat daar minder behoeftige studente op die US-kampus is. Die aansoeke en inligting van studente word deur ’n buitemaatskappy gekontroleer om enige bedrog te voorkom. Volgens Hanekom was die oorgrote meerderheid van die aansoeke suksesvol en is hulle besig om die kandidate in kennis te stel. Onsuksesvolle studente sal ook binnekort deur middel van e-posse in kennis gestel word, maar hulle het die geleentheid om appèl aan te teken. Volgens Hanekom het daar tot dusver net enkele studente aangedui dat hul graag appèl wil aanteken. Aangesien studenterekeninge in April aan studente uitgereik is en studente steeds onseker is oor die status van hul aansoek, heers daar kommer oor hul vermoë om die verhoogde fooie te betaal. Die adjunkdirekteur van studentefinansies, Werner Abrahams, het egter beloof dat, indien die “gap funding”-projek lei tot enige krediete op ’n student se rekening ná 15 Augustus, die US hulle sal terugbetaal.



Markets to check out in and near Cape Town

Slow markets: The ideal weekend getaway

The ride is not bad either - on your way there you have a view of the Atlantic. Open: Fridays: 17:00-21:00 Saturdays & Sundays: 09:30-16:00



hen living and studying in Stellenbosch, a visit to a Saturday market is inevitable. These markets offer organic produce and a feeling of relaxation where wine and beer can flow freely. You never feel guilty while drinking a beer and munching on pizza because you know you are not the only one. Markets are ideal for a weekend getaway to drink wine, listen to music and have great conversation with friends, family or even strangers. Stellenbosch students all know about markets like Root 44 or the Blaauwklippen market; however, here is a short list of different markets “Stellenboschers” can visit for that perfect weekend road trip. Oranjezicht Market Located next to the Waterfront in Cape Town, this market is a kingdom for all those health nuts and organic, juice drinking hippies. This market does not have that many stalls where you can buy food, but it is rather a place where you go to buy local and fresh produce for your weekly meals. So take your basket and fill it up with all the wonderful veggies and

FRUITFUL Some of the fresh produce at Oranjezicht. fruit mother nature has given us, whilst drinking a turmeric chai latte. If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, don’t feel guilty about indulging in their 100% real Belgian hot chocolate or Italian gelato. The food is organic and healthy, and you’ll be supporting local farmers whilst stuffing your basket full of spinach. And the best part? The prices are

super reasonable for the amount of produce you can purchase. Their sweet potatoes are to die for. Just try making sweet potato fries with them! Open: Saturdays: 09:00-14:00 Hout Bay Market This market is an absolute must and is perfect for those lazy days when you want to escape the hustle of town (or


you just don’t want to cook). This market suits every personality type as there is a variety of foods and other items on offer. Highly recommended is eating from the soup section in winter, they have the best heart warming soups for those cold winter days. If it’s summer, you can drink a nice craft bear or eat the best pistachio gelato.

Hermanuspietersfontein Market We all have those days where we just want to escape, put our phones on mute and disconnect with the rest of society. When you feel you need a break, or even when you’re just in the mood for a road trip, the Hermanuspietersfontein market is for you. This is not a very big market, it’s actually really small, but it has all the necessities. It offers a wide variety of wines, packed with depth and flavour. Whether you’re in the mood for a red, white or even rosé, this market has it all. If you’re a red wine drinker, try to drink the “Kleinboet” Bordeaux or “Skoonma” Merlot, which are delicious. On your way to the market you have beautiful scenery, which makes for an ideal road trip. When you get to the market you can fuel your hunger with oysters, breads, olives, cheese, jaffels or even a bobotie spring roll. This market is perfect for those days you just want to escape. Open: Saturdays: 09:00-13:00

Blog of the Week: Boring Cape Town Chick WIANDA GILLILAND

Some blog about food, some about travel destinations, and some blog about beauty and lifestyle. Then there’s the Boring Cape Town Chick (BCTC): the blog about anything and everything Capetonian. Whether you’re looking for a new restaurant to try, or just curious about the latest trends, or need some advice on travelling, BCTC is the place to start. The creative mind behind BCTC, Megan Peta, started her blog back in 2012, after a friend suggested that she document her adventures while living in Cape Town. She describes her blog as “my personal, lifestyle, foodie and adventure blog about living in Cape Town, South Africa. This is my little digital space to practice my writing, digital marketing skills and, most

importantly, my creativity”. BCTC won the award for Best Lifestyle Blog 2016 from the SA Travel Blog Awards, and has become one of the most visited blogs in Cape Town, with over 23 000 page views just this year. But BCTC is more than just a blog. She also has a YouTube channel, where you can find quirky vlogs of Peta at Up The Creek music festival, clubbing in Cape Town and going on fun little outings. BCTC has done many collabs with big brands like Superbalist, Uber, Sorbet and various festivals, from The Winelands Chocolate Festival to The Colour Run. You can often find competitions to enter on her blog and social media to win goodies from these brands and many more. BCTC is the place to go when

you’re feeling, well, bored, and don’t know where to go or what to do. She offers cool day trip ideas and restaurant reviews situated in and around Cape Town. Even though she is a proud resident of the Mother City, she hasn’t always lived here. “I have a unique background as I was made in Zimbabwe, born in South Africa, grew up in Namibia, moved to London and back to Cape Town.” Peta’s fun and bubbly personality comes through in her articles with expressions like “Oh my days!”, and rhyming phrases like “I love food that is tasty, that myself don’t have to bakesy”. Her articles are fresh but also uniquely personal; you instantly feel like Peta’s best friend when you read them. Go check it out www.


NOTHING BORING about this Capetonian’s wander-filled life.

Hoe om die eksamen vanjaar suksesvol in te vaar S.Z. MINNAAR

Met die eksamen wat oor minder as ’n week begin, kan almal se stresvlakke met Britney Spears s’n in 2007 vergelyk word. Dit is daarom belangrik dat jy nie aan die begin van die eksamen black out nie. Om koelkop die eksamen binne te gaan, sal die onderstaande wenke help. Doen eers die ligte admin Doen solank die klein werkies wat jy nie in die middel van jou swotsessies sal wil doen nie. Dit is die tipe werkies wat nie te veel tyd vat nie en jou gereeld in die versoeking bring om te procrastinate. Gaan soek byvoorbeeld solank die datum, tyd en plek van al jou eksamens. Hou dit heeltyd byderhand sodat jy nie te midde van ’n cramsessie dit óók nog moet opsoek nie.

Maak ook seker jy weet wat alles gedek word vir die eksamen. Kyk op SunLearn en praat met vriende sodat jy nie onnodige werk leer of belangrike werk oorslaan nie.

“Maandag: lees bladsy 1 – 20 in die handboek”. Jou projekte sal skielik nie meer so vreesaanjaend lyk nie en jy sal makliker daarmee wil begin.

Maak lysies Dit is afgesaag om in hierdie tipe artikels “maak ’n lysie” te sien, maar regtig, maak lysies. Die geheim is om groter take eerder op te breek in kleiner take wat makliker sal wees om te verrig. Om ’n goeie lys op te stel is nie in almal se aard nie en dit is maklik om daarvan af te wyk, maar probeer dit gerus. Begin elke item op die lys met ’n werkwoord (skryf, lees, skets). Elke item moet ’n taak verteenwoordig wat jou nie langer as twee uur sal neem nie. So byvoorbeeld, “leer vir toets” moet eerder wees

Pasop vir uitstel Gee aandag aan die verskonings wat jy maak wanneer jy besig is om iets uit te stel. Luister mooi na daardie klein stemmetjie in jou kop wat vir jou sê dit is oukei om iets af te stel. Herken jy enige van die volgende? “Ek werk baie beter onder druk”, “ek gaan in elk geval nie cum nie”, “daar is nog oorgenoeg tyd om te begin” en die immergewilde “ek sal dit môre doen”. Jy sal nog baie ander voorbeelde by hierdie lysie kan voeg, maar sodra jy dit begin hoor, moet jy die gevaarligte sien flikker. Stop daai stemmetjie en doen

eerder iets produktief.

Kry iemand om te help Kry ’n vriend, mentor of study buddy wat jou sal help om by jou werk uit te kom. Dit moet verkieslik die tipe mense wees wat ernstig oor hulle kursus is. Hierdie soort mense sal jou help om gemotiveerd te bly en sal jou kan ondersteun wanneer dit rof raak. Maak net seker die persoon is bereid om dit te doen. Dit is vir almal ’n stresvolle tyd en moenie sleg voel as iemand nie kans sien nie. Op daardie noot, oppas om nie vir ander mense ’n las te word nie, want dan sál jy gelas word. Niemand wil die heeltyd in die eksamen gepla word nie. Gaan kyk eerder self wat alles geleer moet word, stuur self die e-pos vir die dosent of begin om self om die langvrae uit te werk.


10 Mei 2017


Second hand shopping etiquette explained Buying second hand clothing is risky business. The second hand world can offer beautiful diamonds in the rough and be your greatest ally in the battle to save money, but it can just as easily trick you into buying threads that can fall of your back or ruin whole outfits. Here are some of the many tricks of the trade, brought to you by Luke Smith and Carla de Beer.


Scout Many vintage stores now offer an Instagram a page which allows them to showcase new pieces that come into their stores. Canvassing a shop before hand can give you an idea what to expect as well as increasing your chances at a successful shop. Also check out the Instagram page for sale updates.

Try it on This rule applies to all clothing, but especially when buying second hand. There is the possibility that the previous owner stretched the clothing, or made adjustments according to their figure. These subtle alterations could be missed on inspection and will only present themselves once it’s too late.


VLOEIBARE GOUD Bier wat te veel geskuim het, bier wat al sy gas verloor het, en die perfekte bier.

Die geheim in jou bierskuim NELRINE BEYERS

“Kom ons gaan drink ’n biertjie na klas?” Matie-studente ken hierdie frase al goed, maar meeste studente weet nie baie van die bier wat hulle so graag ná klas drink nie. Die goeie nuus is egter dat selfs leke hulself binne ’n oogwink kan opgradeer na volwaardige bierkenners. Daar is een groot geheim wat byna alles omtrent jou bier verklap: bierskuim. Bier het klein koolstofdioksiedborrels wat tydens die fermentasieproses gevorm word. Tydens fermentasie word gis na suiker en alkohol omgeskakel. Wanneer die bier in jou glas gegooi word, word die koolstofdioksied-gas vrygestel en die borreltjies ontstaan, wat die skuim help vorm. Wanneer ’n student ’n bier koop met baie skuim op, bevraagteken die student dadelik die kroegman se vermoë om bier te skink. Jy wonder of daar minder bier in die glas is en of jy geld verloor het (teen die derde bier gee jy dalk nie meer om nie). Hierdie skuim verklap egter nie veel oor die hoek waarteen die kroegman die bier in die glas gegooi het nie, maar wel alles wat jy van jou bier wil weet.

Wat bierskuim oor jou bier verklap: - Die alkohol in die bier werk teen die skuim. Hoe hoër die bier se alkoholinhoud, hoe minder skuim sal dit hê. - Indien jou bierglas nie ordentlik skoongemaak is nie en daar steeds spore van skoonmaakmiddels in die glas is, sal daar ook minder skuim wees. - Wasagtige stowwe soos lipstiffie kan jou bierskuim verminder. - Vet van kos, of selfs van jou vel, kan die skuim verminder. - Die temperatuur van die bierglas self is ook deurslaggewend. ’n Yskoue glas sal verseker dat net die regte hoeveelheid skuim vorm. ’n Warm glas sal te veel skuim maak, en die bier sal gas verloor en flat proe. - Al ooit gewonder hoekom mens so maklik koffie mors, maar die kroegman kan omtrent jou bier oor die toonbank gooi sonder om ’n druppel te mors? Die antwoord is weereens bierskuim! Dit is duidelik dat jy ’n bier op sy voorkoms kan oordeel. Die pluspunt is natuurlik dat jy nie eers, soos met wyn, aan jou bier hoef te ruik en daarmee rond te speel in die glas nie. Met bier sit jy net terug en ontspan, die geheime sal vanself uitborrel.

The waist down risk Perhaps applying to men more so than women, buying clothing second hand for the hips down is risky business. Pants and shoes seldom fit well second time around as previously mentioned. As far as other waist down items of clothing, buy undies and socks at your own risk, you don’t know who has been in them.

Feel the clothing It is important when determining the quality of the garment to consider the material of clothing, literally how the fabric feels on your skin while you wear it. This will especially prevent annoying scratchy knits and other uncomfortable fabric qualities. Again, trying on items is best.

Look at labels By examining labels you can determine the quality and the year of production of most second hand clothing. It also helps to be aware with brands, both vintage and new. Brands can offer comfort through their reputation, giving you an idea of their quality. With that in mind, try and find pieces with versatility.



‘At long last, ’n eerlike fliek in Afrikaans’



ie fliek Johnny is nie dood nie draai rondom ’n beweging in die Afrikaanse geskiedenis wat baie keer in geskiedenisboeke geïgnoreer word. Die fliek, wat filmteaters op 5 Mei getref het, volg die lewens van ’n groep Matie-studente tydens die ontstaan van die Voëlvry-beweging. Dié beweging, met onder andere Koos Kombuis en Johannes Kerkorrel as lede, was ’n manier vir Afrikaanse mense om afstand te neem van die identiteit wat deur die apartheidsregering vir hulle geskep is en was ’n protesaksie wat gebruik gemaak het van musiek. Albert Pretorius, wat die karakter van Dirk vertolk, meen die Voëlvrybeweging was so spesiaal in daardie tyd, omdat Suid-Afrika reg was daarvoor om te gebeur. “ ’n Tydperk moet ryp wees vir iets om vrugte te dra. Suid-Afrika was reg vir iets nuuts toe die Voëlvrybeweging begin het.” Net soos wat Suid-Afrika reg was vir die Voëlvry-beweging, is SuidAfrikaanse filmteaters ook nou reg vir ’n fliek soos Johnny is nie dood nie.


VOËLVRY Roelof Storm as Johnny in ’n toneel uit Johnny is nie dood nie. “Ek dink Suid-Afrika het helde nodig, ons het nie baie mense om na op te kyk in die geskiedenis nie. Ons kan nie na politici kyk nie, so daar moet gekyk word na figure in die kultuur,” sê Ludwig Binge, wat die rol van Hein in die fliek vertolk.

“Ek hou nie baie daarvan om die term ground breaking te gebruik nie, want ek dink mense gebruik dit te veel, maar ek dink regtig die fliek is ground breaking vir die Afrikaanse bedryf,” voeg Pretorius by. Die fliek is ook nie net

grensverskuiwend as gevolg van sy tema nie, maar ook oor die manier waarop tonele geskiet is. Die tonele is baie langer as normale flieks s’n, wat beteken dat daar baie minder spasie vir foute is. Volgens Binge het die repetisies

voor verfilming baie hiermee gehelp. “Die styl het dit vereis. Ons het lang continuous takes geneem, so die rehearsals het gemaak dat die margins for error baie kleiner was. “Ek wens mens kon altyd rehearse voordat jy aan ’n fliek begin skiet het.” Die regisseur Christiaan Olwagen en hulle mede-akteurs was van die redes waarom beide Pretorius en Binge by die fliek betrokke geraak het. Binge sê dat hy baie graag saam met Olwagen wou werk. “Hy het saam met my drama geswot by Stellenbosch, so ons ken mekaar goed. Hy is ’n baie exciting mens om mee te werk.” Johnny is nie dood nie het oorweldigend goeie resensies ontvang voordat dit verlede Vrydag amptelik vrygestel is. Oor die aandag wat die fliek ontvang het, sê Binge dat dit een van twee maniere kon verloop het: “Mense sal of gewalg wees daardeur en nie daarmee geassosieer wil word nie, of mense sal dit sien as ’n verfrissende fliek. At long last ’n Afrikaanse movie wat eerlik is.”

*Johnny is nie dood wys tans by Ster-Kinekor in Eikestadwinkelsentrum.

‘Get Out’ promises gripping, comic horror LUKE SMITH


AGONIZING COMEDY A scene from the movie Get Out.

This year’s most celebrated horror movie to date takes the form of a social thriller that dives into the dark undertows of post-racial America. Jordan Peele, most famously known for his contributions towards the Comedy Central sketch series “Key & Peele”, made his directing debut in his own screenplay Get Out. Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), an African American male, joins his white

girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) on an out of town trip to visit her parents. As Chris arrives in the eerie suburban neighbourhood, he begins to feel an uneasy atmosphere settle around him as he realises he is alone. Slowly but surely he is confronted with the rest of the neighbourhood and it becomes clear that he is not looking into faces but into masks. The comedy horror hybrid will have you digging your nails into the seat with agonizing suspense, as well

as bursting out in laughter with some much needed comic relief. In addition, it will absolutely give you something to think about. In a controversial time filled with campaigns focused on Black Lives Matter and newly elected president Donald Trump, this movie does well to tap into American racial tension whilst staying light hearted with its African American inspired humour. The film premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.


WÊRELDKLAS Met ’n nuwe repertorium en choreografie het die Universiteitskoor van Stellenbosch laas week

oudergewoonte gratis vertonings aangebied. Van die ligte stukke uit die repertorium is voorgedra. Van die stukke sluit popmusiek, Afrikaanse liedjies en ’n stuk van ’n komponis van Indonesië in. Die koor het vanjaar elemente van teater geïnkorporeer en selfs rekwisiete ingespan. Die vernuwende choreografie is self deur van die koorlede gedoen. Die koor sal volgende jaar aan die Llangollen Internasionale Eisteddfod in Wallis deelneem, waar hulle met nuwe koorlede en ook ’n nuwe repertorium sal toer. Die koorleier, André van der Merwe, het ’n beroep op alle studente gedoen om oudisies af te lê om by die koor aan te sluit.


10 Mei 2017


The Lumineers parade for folk rock JOHA VAN DYK


he Lumineers created a ‘Big Parade’ on 26 April, gathering a fleet of stubborn loves and Cleopatras to come together in the name of folk rock. Set in Green Point Park, the entire layout was reminiscent of Rocking the Daisies with concession and merchandise stands lining the edge of the park, with the alcohol and smoking area bringing up the rear. If the artisan styled foods and freshly brewed coffees weren’t enough, the park was adorned with fairy lights giving way to the massive stage where Cleopatra’s symbol shone loud and proud. The goal of this not so common setup was to create an intimate performance after residents complained about the possible magnitude of the concert. Cape Town based bands Opposite The Other and Early Hours caused a hum of excitement as fans waited patiently for The Lumineers. They kept the crowd at bay with songs like ‘Ride Along’ and ‘Smells like Summer’ respectively. Whether they were spread out on the grass with picnic blankets and snacks or standing in the frenzy at the stage, fans swayed along and bopped

14 May USK Gala Concert Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre


FOLK ROCKING The Lumineers at Green Point Park in April. their heads in unspoken support for the up-and-coming bands. If you are a Lumineers fan, you probably pride yourself on going to the once-in-a-lifetime Cleopatra World Tour concert. If you are a fan and didn’t go, you’re probably regretting it right about now. Not only did they perform most of their repertoire, leaving no fan’s

disappointment to chance, they also performed with the same raw emotion you hear in all of their CD’s or vinyl’s. While the crowd sang along with every word, screaming and dancing at the sound of the guitar, cello and drum, Wesley Schultz poured his heart out into the lyrics, co-written by his band mate Jeremiah Fraites. The music of their new album was inspired by many real characters.

According to Schultz, ‘Long Way From Home’ was written for his father, who’d passed away nine years before, and ‘Cleopatra’ is based on a taxi driver who’d shared her story with him during a trip. Knowing their music holds truth and real emotion, it’s not difficult to understand fans’ fascination and support, especially in a lively place like Green Point Park.

‘The Effect’ klim van papier tot op die planke


Studente wat die vak English Studies 178 neem kon hierdie jaar ’n opvoering van hul voorgeskrewe drama, The Effect, sien. The Effect deur Lucy Prebble is sedert laas jaar die voorgeskrewe drama vir eerstejaarstudente wat English Studies neem. Die Universiteit Stellenbosch (US) se Engelse departement het vanjaar met die drama-departement saamgespan om die produksie op die planke te bring. Sukki Hofmeyer, ’n dosent by die drama-departement, behartig die regie van die werke en dramastudente beeld die karakters uit. Die toneelstuk gaan oor twee jong pasiënte wat instem om deel te neem aan ’n mediese proefsteek rakende nuwe medikasie vir depressie. Die manlike hoofrol van Tristan word deur Andahr Cotton, ’n


LAG SAAM van liefde of medikasie? tweedejaar-dramastudent, vertolk. Sy vroulike eweknie is Yana Piek, ’n finalejaar-dramastudent wat die karakter Connie, ’n slimkop sielkunde-student, uitbeeld. Twee honneurs-dramastudente, Herschelle John Benjamin en Elandré

Bosch, vertolk onderskeidelik die rolle van dr Toby en dr Lorna James. “Die stuk op sy eie is ’n meesterstuk, so hopelik het ons dit justice gedoen,” sê Piek. Dr Tina Steiner, wat The Effect met die studente behandel, sê die stuk stel

vrae rondom die etiek van mediese eksperimente asook die potensiaal vir menslike foute. Steiner sê dat tutors en studente gesê het hulle verstaan die karakters beter as hulle die vertoning gekyk het. Cotton beskryf die stuk as ’n emosionele reis waardeur die gehoorlede gaan. Die produksie vind in die Letteregebou plaas, wat bydra tot die kliniese milieu van die teks. Devonecia Swartz, ’n tweedejaar-dramastudent, wat ook The Effect in English Studies in haar eerstejaar behandel het, sê sy was “baie beïndruk met die gebruik van die verhoogspasie”. Die produksie was weeksdae slegs toeganklik vir studente wat die vak English Studies neem, maar Saterdag was dit ’n publieke vertoning. Dit is nie die eerste keer dat hierdie twee departemente saamwerk nie. In 2009 is Athol Fugard se Master Harold and the boys ook opgevoer.

Matt Carstens chills whilst brewing in the music

Matt Carstens, a first year Stellenbosch University (SU) student, is launching his first acoustic album, 2D Heart. One of his launches was hosted at Brewers Co-op in Woodstock, where Elze Goosen and Dané Dooge had the opportunity to get to know him a little better.

You’ve been making music professionally since you were 14. Has music been on your agenda since you can remember? I’ve been playing music since I was 12. I can’t remember a time when music was something that I didn’t want to do. You recorded your first album last year. What can we expect? I am doing a bunch of shows. I started at the Pringle Bay Village Festival, and will be ending the launch on 13 May at Brass Bell in Kalk Bay. On MFM you said that you get

your inspiration while ‘chilling’, but what really inspires your music? This whole album was based on my personal experiences. I started writing it when I was 16 and single. It is a story about wanting love, finding love and then getting heartbroken. It’s about finding love again and at last being happy. I don’t think a person should stick to one genre though, because you cut yourself off from the whole spectrum of music. I want to convey what I’m all about, and I am all about listening to all kinds of music. It is 2017, so I think genre is kind of dead, I mean look at a band like Twenty One Pilots, they go from reggae to pop. What comes to mind when you think about the South African music industry and why did you chose to write English music?

2D HEART His first acoustic album.

I listen to musicians like Jan Blohm, Fokofpolisiekar and Koos Kombuis, but even though I am Afrikaans, I feel like I can convey myself better in English. But I’m not denying my Afrikaans roots. I think the South African music industry has potential. We cover every genre, and if people just make the effort to go to live shows and listen

to the up and coming bands, they will see it. What are your future plans? At the end of June, I’m doing a project with Black Cat Bones, and Jaco, the bassist of Tidal Waves. Do you write your own music? I wrote all the songs on 2D Heart. I’m in two minds about writing your own lyrics. I believe that music is a personal thing, but I don’t have a problem with musicians who don’t write their own songs – Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ was written by Ed Sheeran and I love that song. Best author or book? John Irving's The World according to Garp. If you could grab a drink with three music legends, dead or alive, who would it be? Kurt Cobain, Ed Sheeran and Damien Rice. Best music video? ‘Girls’ by The 1975.

17 May Justin Bieber in Cape Town Green Point Stadium

19 May Radio Raps: Dingetjies en Goedjies Grand Arena, Grandwest 20 May Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge Jonkershoek Nature Reserve 23 May Open Mic Comedy Night Aandklas 2 June Francois van Coke: Hierdie is die Lewe Die Boer, Durbanville

The Good Food & Wine Show CTICC 5 June The Summer Send Off (Townhall Takeover) Town Hall, Stellenbosch

9 June Watershed live at Koelenhof Wine Launch Koelenhof Wine Cellar 11 June Nooitgedacht Trail Fun Nooitgedacht Wine Farm 23 June END OF SEMESTER 1 14 July Majuba 50ste Bestaansjaar Majuba Manskoshuis 17 July SEMESTER 2 STARTS



editorial/redaksioneel PERSVRYHEID IS OOK JOU VRYHEID Van alle vryhede wat ons gegun word, is persvryheid seker die een waaroor die meeste studente die minste omgee. Met Wêreldpersvryheidsdag wat op 3 Mei gevier is, hoop Die Matie tog dat daar wel ’n paar studente was wat kennis geneem het van dié belangrike dag. Vanjaar se tema, “Kritiese ingesteldheid vir kritieke tye: Die media se rol in die bevordering van vreedsame vreedsame, regverdige en inklusiewe samelewings”, is ’n gepaste titel vir die kritieke tye waarin ons onsself bevind.

Die onlangse skandaal oor die Huffington Post-blog het die kollig weereens op die media se rol geplaas. Hoewel dit ’n hartseer voorval vir joernalistiek was, was dit ook ’n nodige waarskuwing. Die Huffington Post-voorval het gewys hoe belangrik dit is dat daar steeds ’n geloofwaardige, regverdige pers is, joernalistiek wat die waarheid bo alles ag. Hierdie is ook die ideaal waarna Die Matie streef. Hoewel ons ’n kleiner rol in die medialandskap speel, is ons steeds ’n belangrike deel van die nuusketting.

As die Universiteit Stellenbosch se onafhanklike studentekoerant dien ons alle Matie-studente se belange. Ons word net deur voltydse studente bestuur, wat ongelukkig beteken dat daar tussendeur klasse, toetse en ander verpligtinge dikwels foute insluip. Die Matie se kantoor is immers ’n plek waar aspirant-joernaliste ervaring kan opdoen om eendag ook saam met die groot waghonde te kan blaf. Tussendeur ons studies, sport en (skrapse) sosiale lewe, probeer ons om kampusnuus tot die beste

van ons vermoë regverdig en akkuraat oor te dra. Ons reg op mediavryheid gaan met ’n groot verantwoordelikheid gepaard, ’n verantwoordelikheid wat in die era van fake news selfs meer belangrik is en wat ons getrou probeer nakom. Sonder mediavryheid sou Die Matie byvoorbeeld jou nie kon vertel dat die SR stééds nie hul begroting bekend gemaak het nie en dat hul boonop ’n grondwet volg wat nooit aanvaar is nie. So why should you care? Student newspapers operate in

a very exciting environment. We are the leaders of the future and in a country like South Africa, informed leaders are becoming increasingly important. We need student newspapers – not only to hold the people in charge accountable for their actions – but also to foster an awareness amongst students that the people in charge can’t always be trusted and that the media serves the public interest by being a watchdog. If you can realise this on university level, it will make the case for media freedom even stronger.



Taariq F. Tayob NUUS Arleen Stone STUDENTELEWE Gizellede Götz DAG & NAG Jana Wentzel SPORT André Huisamen ONLINE Ingrid Heÿdenrÿch FOTO’S Henk Oets UITLEG Ané van Zyl SUB-EDITOR Hayley Grammer


RAAK BETROKKE / HELP OUT Indien jy as joernalis, rubriekskrywer, taalversorger, grafiese ontwerper, fotograaf of videograaf betrokke wil raak, stuur ’n e-pos na diematie75@ Kommentaar, kritiek of wenke is welkom.

ARGIEF / ARCHIVE Die Matie is digitalised from 2003 onwards. The rest of Die Matie’s previous content can be found at the JS Gericke Library archive

KONTAK ONS / CONTACT US POSADRES Langenhoven Studentesentrum; Privaatsak X1; Universiteit Stellenbosch; Matieland; 7602 WEBADRES w w FACEBOOK w w diematie OPLAAG 6 000 VOLGENDE UITGAWE 26/07/2017 SPERDATUM 21/07/2017 ADVERTENSIES Suzaan Potgieter ( or

KLAGTEPROSEDURE EN FOUTRAPPORTERING / COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE AND REPORTING ERRORS Die Matie is onderhewig aan ’n gedragskode wat by die SR-lid vir Media beskikbaar is. Alle klagtes word deur ’n regsdosent ondersoek, waarna Die Matie voor die Mediaraad kan verskyn. Klagtes moet volgens die uiteengesette prosedure binne veertien dae ná publikasie aanhangig gemaak word. Die Matie subscribes to the South African Press Code that prescribes news that is truthful, accurate, fair and balanced. If we don’t live up to the code, please contact the Press Ombudsman at 011 788 4837. You may also lodge an internal complaint or report factual errors by contacting the SRc member for Media and following the procedure explained above.

GORRELKOP WHERE IS THE SRC BUDGET? Gorrel wonders when the SRC will be releasing their budget for the “year”. Gorrel says “year” because their term can’t exactly be described as a year; their term officially started in February and will only last until August. The student constitution clearly states that the budget must be made available to students before the start of the term – we all know this hasn’t happened yet. The fact that the SRC doesn’t seem to make any effort to make the budget available makes Gorrel wonder what exactly it is the SRC spending money on? Gorrel saw something on Twitter for an amount in the regions of R700 000? If that is true, Gorrel wonders if all this university money will be spent before the end of August? And on what? Gorrel can’t wait to see what the SRC has spent on their photo shoot, coffee and InetKey so far.

As jy die grondwet kan lees en eenvoudige goed soos verslae kan opstel en dit BETYDS kan inhandig, is jy reeds ’n paar groot treë voor ons huidige SR. As jy in staat is om vir ’n uur of wat nie op jou foon te tik nie, jou broodjie later kan eet en genoeg respek het om jou hoed af te haal in ’n vergadering is jy ook ’n stappie voor die huidige SR. Die helfte van die probleme waaroor Gorrel elke week moet lees, gaan oor dit wat die SR nie gedoen het nie. As jy enige leiereienskappe het, admin kan doen en al van die grondwet gehoor het, sal jy ’n briljante SR-lid maak. En as jy omgee oor studente en studentesake en regtig ’n verskil wil maak, wil Gorrel jou aanmoedig om vir SR te staan. Die ergste wat kan gebeur is dat mense lag vir hoe jy op jou blou poster lyk (of dat AfriForum die verkiesing kaap).

JY KAN VIR SR STAAN Hoor nou wat Gorrel vandag vir julle sê – enigiemand kan vir SR staan.

WHERE IS THE SRC VICE-CHAIR? In a rather amusing Facebook post, Gorrel found some juicy gossip about the Vice-Chair of the SRC,


Maxwell Mlangeni, being suspended by SRC Chair, Nomzamo Ntombela. The procedure followed is marked as “highly questionable and unconstitutional”. But that isn’t even the most amusing part. The following is a direct account of the contents of the aforementioned Facebook post: “You can never just wake up from your single bed in res and decide to suspend someone without letting them know of his offences. We are not operating in a shebeen here.” The rest of the allegations made in the post are quite serious, and Gorrel has no doubt that Die Matie will investigate and get to the bottom of what happened. Maybe the SRC will release one of their famous statements on Facebook so that 7 000 of the 30 000 students on campus might scroll past it on their news feed. If the decisions made were truly unconstitutional, and if the behaviour of the chairperson is as “delinquent” as claimed, Gorrel hopes those in charge (cough, cough) will take action.

Last week Die Matie reported that Marijuana can now legally be gown and consumed on private property within the Western Cape (WC) after the WC High Court (HC) ruled in favour of legalising Marijuana. The article suggested that laws had been changed or adapted as a result of the case brought by Gareth Prince, Jeremy Acton and 18 other plaintiffs in the WCHC. However, Judge Davis declared certain sections of the Drugs Act and the Medicines and Related Substances Act of 1965 invalid, namely where it prohibits the private and personal use of marijuana.The court suspended this order of invalidity for 24 months to allow Parliament to amend these Acts and bring them in line with the Constitution, but before Parliament considers the matter, this order of invalidity must first be confirmed by the Constitutional Court. The order also creates a defense for anyone charged with a crime under the invalid sections. If you are charged for cultivating or being in possession of Marijuana in a private dwelling, and this possession or cultivation was for personal consumption, you can raise a right to privacy defense against the charge. Although this judgment marks a step towards the decriminalisation of Marijuana, it is a small and limited step, which only works to protect the right to privacy. True decriminalisation of Marijuana use is going to be left to parliament.


10 Mei 2017

TSR improves campus life SHAAHID KAJEE The Tygerberg Student Representative Council (TSR) is the highest representative body at Tygerberg campus. Since taking office on 1 September, we have aligned our projects and portfolios with our vision – to be innovative, inclusive and future focused. We have committed ourselves wholeheartedly to creating a culture of caring at the campus of champions. Tygerberg campus is the most demographically diverse faculty at Stellenbosch University (SU) and, as the first TSR comprising a majority women and persons of colour, we are keenly aware of the positive changes occurring on our campus. This, in the context of our university’s history and institutional culture, is no small feat. However, with growing diversity comes greater socioeconomic disparities. The TSR has noted with alarm the number of students on our campus who face daily food insecurity and, in response, the office of the TSR has created a food pantry for those in need. This pantry stays stocked through the generous donations of our fellow students and staff members, and the TSR will create additional pantries in each residence to serve a greater number of students. In the aftermath of Fees Must Fall, the TSR was adamant that no TygerMatie be denied the opportunity to register for the 2017 academic year, despite having unsettled fees. We are pleased to report that, through our engagement

with Faculty Management, all academically deserving students were registered as of April this year. In an effort to reduce the growing costs of obtaining a degree at the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, and being mindful of our environmental impact, we have successfully championed a paperless learning model. This ensures that all resources are available online and learning material is no longer printed for students (and no longer levied to their student accounts). It is a global phenomenon that health science students suffer higher rates of mental illness than any other group of students, and Tygerberg Campus is no exception. For years, psychological services at Tygerberg have remained unable to address this ever-growing need and, while we continue to press the Centre for Student Counselling and Development for additional resources and personnel, the TSR hosts Art Therapy sessions every Monday evening in order to provide an alternative emotional outlet. While we have made great strides, we know there is always more work to be done and that progress is often frustratingly slow. However, TygerMaties from all walks of life can rest assured that we will be unrelenting in our efforts to carry forward only their best interests. *Kajee is the vice-chairperson of the TSR.

Vulnerability and courage in men with depression

Cowboys do cry: Depression a male problem too


Major depression is one of the most Societal norms and gender roles, and common mental illnesses, affecting how they influence the experience or individuals across boundaries for age, manifestation of depression in men, ethnicity, socio-demographics and should also be questioned. education level. Importantly: discussions regarding The prevalence of depression mental health and gender roles cannot is increasing globally – indeed, be isolated from discussions regarding expected to become the primary academic performance among men. cause of morbidity worldwide in From a young age, boys are coming decades. While depression exposed to two notions which inform is more common in women, and has their developing views on masculinity traditionally and gender. Firstly, “All male students should boys are told that been considered a “female” recognise their responsibility showing weakness healthcare a feminine trait, to have real courage and is problem, it and that putting is now well- show potential vulnerability on a stoic mask is established that in discussing depression the “male norm”. suicide rates are boys are among their male peers” Secondly, higher among subconsciously depressed men taught that success compared to women. In fact, with is linked to competition with other increasing age, suicide becomes a males for more material possessions, distinctly male issue. wealth and power. The result of this Current diagnostic criteria may is a societal perception of masculinity not be nuanced enough to detect the which contributes to poor recognition disease, and therefore risk, in a “male of depression among men. depression” subtype. These tools may The internalisation of these also fail to reflect the problem of conventional norms of masculinity depression as a societal and personal may represent a barrier impeding one, in addition to being a clinical one. appropriate health-seeking behaviours It is therefore important to re- and the adoption of coping strategies. assess the factors that contribute to Internalisation of these notions may the underdiagnosis and inappropriate contribute overall to men downtreatment of depression in men. playing symptoms of depression and

showing reluctance in discussing them with partners, friends, colleagues and family members. Depression should be described, understood and managed in gendersensitive terms. A more focused approach is required to counteract the reluctance men often show in “opening up” about their own experiences and emotions. This solution should place the emphasis on the normalisation of depression as a common neurobiological illness – exactly what it is – as well as male-positive values and peer-support. From a university viewpoint, it is important for staff and students to consider to what extent depression affects academic performance, and how this is in turn related to flawed perceptions regarding masculinity. All male students should recognise their responsibility to have real courage and show potential vulnerability in discussing depression among their male peers. It is only by confronting perceptions of both masculinity and mental illness that we as society may address the issue of depression among men head-on.

*Luckhoff is a writing consultant at the SU Writing Lab. He completed an MPath and HonsBSc (pathology).

Watch them swim in confusion


One of the best ways to describe the relationship between the Stellenbosch campus and Tygerberg campus is by using the ‘fishbowl effect’ as an analogy. Stellenbosch campus is the fishbowl, and Tygerberg are the observers. We are always watching, sometimes amused but mostly, baffled. The separation between these two campuses is not only a geographical separation, but also includes a huge difference in ideas and perspectives. Die Matie usually gives us a good idea of what is happening in ‘our university’. The beauty of the fishbowl effect is that everybody on the outside gets an opportunity to analyse (or judge), criticise and notice the actions of the oblivious goldfish inside. One of the most recent examples of this was during the Student Representative Council (SRC) versus Die Matie faceoff, which included articles and cartoons that seemed overly biased and a very interesting SRC statement clap back. When we, the outsiders, read the articles written by Die Matie on the SRC, people said: “Hey, what does the newspaper have against this new SRC? When the SRC came to Tygerberg they seemed like good candidates?”. Things did not correlate and people started accusing Die Matie of bias. People smelt bias in the air. Are these observations and assessments true? Who knows? Maybe we are missing something and do not understand goldfish language. Die Matie is one of the few strands of connections Tygerberg people have to the realities on the Stellenbosch campus. Whenever we realise the immense differences in ideas and

perspectives of people between the two campuses, as people from a campus that is a satellite campus, we see ourselves as outsiders of the entire institution. Immediately, Die Matie becomes a publication that does not represent our ideas and perspectives. I do not believe that human beings can be impartial, non-biased and inclusive of all. But I do believe that in order to have a full picture of the entire university one needs to include a variety of views, whether you like it or not. Things that should represent the institution should include the entire institution. Maybe Tygerbergers need to learn to get their hands dirty and stop being armchair specialists watching fish, and maybe people from Stellenbosch need to realise that in order to get a full picture of the ideas in the entire institution, a deliberate action of including Tygerberg needs to be made. We are honestly so tired of the ‘Stellenbosch superiority complex’, aren’t you (oh superior one who studies in the actual town of Stellenbosch)? Sometimes we find ourselves asking questions like, “Do people in Stellenboch think that all we do is study?”, “Do they think we have any knowledge to give?”, “If there was a medical question, would they even ask us?” but then feelings later become, “hmmm, maybe we should just let them be. Let goldfish be goldfish, you know”. However, the reality is, this is real life and not an analogy. If we actually want things to be better, we need to be better. Until such a time comes, ask us, we have the best critiques to give you. *Nkabinde is a fourth year medical student from SU’s Tygerberg campus.


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Sport director speaks of the power in passion llhaam Groenewald is not only the first Chief Director of Maties Sport. She is also the first female executive council member for South African (SA) Rugby and recently elected president of University Sports South Africa (USSA). Kyra Tarr sat down with her to talk about her achievements in the higher education sporting environment.


ith a serene demeanour management. In fact, the only degree and an easy smile, Ilhaam I have in sports management is my Groenewald is humble master’s degree.” about her achievements. It seems as though she considers “To be elected in a position that her success secondary to the happiness requires me to lead USSA at the the pursuit of her passion has brought highest level is indeed an honour and a her. huge responsibility. “I’ve been involved in committee “It was, however, extremely structures, I suppose, all my life. It necessary that I had to occupy the started at the age of eighteen years, to various positions such as vice- be exact. chairperson, chairperson and first “I was involved in the CPUT’s vice-president, all allowing me to sports council. It all happened by fluke contribute and learn in a number of – you meet people and say you’re ways,” says Groenewald. interested in sport. She believes that it is the “I had very good mentors and I’d responsibility of universities to like to place an emphasis on that, even develop leaders. from my student days,” she says. “The USSA constitution requires She remembers Virginia Dreyer, a the election of a minimum of four lecturer at CPUT. students. “We fondly referred to her as Ma “For the first time in the history Dreyer. In fact, she’s still lecturing at of university sport, the National CPUT. Executive Committee (NEC) consists “And there’s Sakkie Booysen who of 70% student representation. was the key sport administrator at the “This is already a confirmation time. of our commitment to creating and “After completing my studies I enabling an environment for student started my first job as departmental leadership development at all levels secretary for the political studies within the USSA family. department at the University of the “Sport, through various Western Cape (UWC) in 1991. opportunities, creates hope and “If you recall those years, the early continues to change lives. 90s leading up to 1994, they were “One of the key focus areas for exciting years in South Africa.” universities, for example, is to ensure It is at this point in her life systemic sustainability, and the same when politics combined with sport. applies to sport.” Groenewald quickly realised the scope When questioned about the sport offered to influence a nation’s potential challenges she may have morale, but more importantly, to faced by being a woman in what create opportunities for young people. is often characterised as a male“I had the privilege of being dominated industry, Groenewald surrounded by some very smart young disregards obstacles as immaterial in people. the face of true passion. “It was about politics and we can’t “If sports management and really separate sport and politics. development is your passion, find “I took this opportunity to engage ways to make it happen. them quite deeply on sport and the role “To live your passion and achieve of sport; how do people view sport in your dreams, it is important that conjunction with moving forward?” you don't slow down on your career Groenewald explains. without making careful decisions, In an unguarded moment she and most importantly, let go of reveals an experience she underwent unattainable goals. at a young age, which spurred her “Paramount to career women is to involvement in South Africa’s struggle be very clear against apartheid. about what “I was seven “If sports management success is and years old when, and development is your as a result of the why you want to achieve passion, find ways to make it Group Areas Act, it, as well as I felt the pain and happen. how it will disappointment To live your passion and impact your of being removed achieve your dreams, it is with my family broader context other than the important that you don’t slow from our home. workplace. “As young as down on your career and let I was, “The reality I told my go of unattainable goals” neighbour that I is that we also have working would not allow fathers juggling schedules. what happened to stand in the way of “That means it can no longer be my happiness. argued as a challenge for women only, “Something I don’t really share so find the solution.” with people is that I was an activist Groenewald comes from Kaymus, during my student days. a small town in the Northern Cape. “That in itself grounded me in a When referring to her childhood very special environment, if that’s home, she boasts of its beauty. what I can call it. “I left in the late eighties and came During those days you had to to Cape Town to study. become street smart. You needed to I pursued my first two qualifications engage at levels that you probably had at the then Peninsula Technikon, which never imagined. “I did all of this without my family is now the Cape Peninsula University knowing about it, because I don’t think of Technology (CPUT). “My sporting involvement really my mother would ever have allowed started there from an administration me to get involved in stuff like that,” point of view. I got involved as she laughs. “I’m referring to that because I am a student assistant in the sports of the opinion that the role of sport, department. “I studied business management in terms of its possibilities, such as and only later studied sports nation building and contributing

toward social development and the development of human capital is immense in our country! “From a very young age I understood the importance ofVENTER sport, Foto: LUMÉ and so, it became my full time passion. “I always speak about passion because I believe there is power in passion. “If that is what drives you then anything is possible.” Her first break into sport management came in 1999, when she left the political studies department for the sports department at UWC. “The rest is history,” she says, smiling. During her time at school Groenewald was a talented athlete herself. “I loved 800m [athletics],” she beams. “I started playing volleyball at university, and that’s the sport I excelled in. “I made the national team, but unfortunately, due to circumstances, we were never allowed to compete abroad.” Whilst watching a USSA track meet, she once laughingly commented to Suzanne Ferreira that she would never have made it if she had to compete against an athlete of Caster Semenya’s ability. Her admiration for the athlete is plainly observable. “My bloed is groen. I am very home-based. I like to see our own athletes progress. “One person that I got to spend special time with during my years at UWC was Natalie du Toit. “I love her to bits. When you spend time with her there is just something that gets to you. “The athletes that really touch my heart are our para sport athletes,” she adds. Names mentioned include those of Wayde van Niekerk, Francois Pienaar and Geraldine Pillay, all of whom share the quality of tenaciousness and a winning spirit that Groenewald admires. As a professional with an immensely busy schedule, it is refreshing to hear Groenewald make frequent mention of the Maties athletes as her main priority. “It always relates back to the students,” she insists.


BREAKING GLASS CEILINGS The new president of USSA. Her hope is to encourage greater interaction between the sporting coaches, administrative staff and the athletes. She, herself, spends parts of each week visiting Stellenbosch University’s (SU) sports facilities and takes an active interest in the progress of the SU athletes. An accolade of achievements stud Groenewald’s career, but she reveals that in her time off, she enjoys a good book or a movie just like everyone else. “I like to chill at home. “Luckily my kids are also quite home based because as a family we have a very busy life.” She has three children and a

husband who runs his own business. “We find ways in which we can all make time for each other. “This might sound weird, but to us, finding time for each other is being at home. I try not to work over weekends. I love reading! “The other day I was searching for a book to read and my coach gave me The Art of Possibilities. It is wonderful.” Groenewald makes mention of a quote which she assimilates with her life and which has perhaps guided her towards her many achievements. “Einstein said, ‘Strive not to be of success, but rather of value,’ and for me, when value remains the focus in university sport, success will follow.”

10 Mei 2017


Huis Marais vat voor in Sauer-stryd ANDRÉ HUISAMEN


á die eerste twee rondes van vanjaar se Sauer-koshuisrugbytoernooi is dit Huis Marias en Elsenburg wat die leiding neem. In Vrydag se wedstryde, wat in redelike nat toestande gespeel is, het heelwat koshuise egter gewys dat hulle spanne is om mee rekening te hou. Huis Visser het van ’n groot opskudding seker gemaak toe hulle Helshoogte met 23-5 gewen het. Huis Visser, wat in die verlede as een van die kleiner spanne in die kompetisie beskou is, het met hierdie oorwinning gewys dat hulle reg is om vanjaar van die groter spanne uit te daag. Huis Marais het met hulle wedstryd teen Simonsberg weggehardloop toe hulle die manne van die Withuis met 45-8 verslaan het. Huis Marais het daardeur ’n bonuspunt beklink wat hulle ’n eerste plek op die punteleer verseker het. In ’n spanningsvolle stryd tussen Dagbreek en die PSO Barbarians het Dagbreek se speler van die wedstryd, Joubert Louw, die Bloutrein na ’n sege van 13-7 gelei. Die verdedigende kampioene, Helderberg, moes teen Elsenburg die knie buig in nog ’n naelbytstryd. Die manne van die plaas het met


PUNTELEER 1. Huis Marais (9) 2. Elsenburg (9) 3. Dagbreek (8) 4. PSO Barbarians (6) 5. Helderberg (6) 6. Majuba (6) 7. Huis Visser (5) 8. Helshoogte (5) 9. Eendrag (4) 10. Simonsberg (2) 11. Wilgenhof (1) 12. Medies (0)

12-8 geseëvier om hulle planne vir die seisoen duidelik te maak. Majuba en Wilgenhof het ook in ’n uitstekende stryd elk twee drieë gedruk, maar dit was Majuba wat die wedstryd met 15-12 net-net beklink het. Eendrag het ook gewys dat hulle hierdie jaar weer ’n span is om dop te hou, ná hulle Medies met 15-0 geklop het. Vrydag se bepalings: Huis Marias vs Wilgenhof Helshoogte vs Dagbreek Helderberg vs PSO Barbarians Elsenburg vs Medies Huis Visser vs Majuba Eendrag vs Simonsberg



GOUE SEUNS Jaden Flagg, Shaun de Jager, Gardeo Isaacs en Wynand du Toit (Maties 4x400m-aflosspan) het ’n eerste plek by USSA losgehardloop.


’N BATE VIR MATIES Nicholas Downes en Jazon Evezard (agter) en Lwazi Madi, Nicholas Schooling en Lood Rabie (voor) van Maties se waterpoloklub is gekies om Suid-Afrika by die EU Kampioenskappe te verteenwoordig.

Maties Krieket mis eindstryd net-net JEAN DE WET

Hoewel Maties Krieket ’n goeie vertoning in vanjaar se nasionale klubtoernooi gelewer het, was dit ongelukkig nie genoeg om die eindstryd te haal nie. Maties kon die uiteindelike kampioene, Tuks, in ’n vroeër wedstryd klop, maar dit was helaas nie genoeg nie. Die jaarlikse toernooi het vanjaar van 23-27 April in Pretoria plaasgevind en die land se ses beste krieketklubs het sake teen mekaar uitgespook. Maties het die Wes-Kaap verteenwoordig. Die krieket is altyd van uitstaande gehalte en die wedstryde uiters kompeterend. Vanjaar was die gehalte selfs beter met twee internasionale spelers, Heinrich Klaasen en Lungi Ngidi, wat ook deelgeneem het. Maties se toernooi het stadig begin ná hulle op die eerste dag teen die NWU-Pukke vasgeval het. Hulle kon

Maties football under the knife again TEBOHO MOKONYANA

Residence League Football at Stellenbosch University (SU) is undergoing a major face lift. From new facilities, to a clubhouse where players and enthusiasts alike can come together and share their stories and ideas, one of the main targets for Maties Sports is that football should have a home in Stellenbosch. Residence League players at the university complain about the lack of facilities at their disposal and that the little they have is taken up by rugby which discourages some from joining the league. “We still experience so many challenges. When we come here to train on Tuesday at Goldfields there are rugby teams training as well so we are forced into a very small space behind the goals to train,” said Benjamin Batenga, a player at Concordia FC. Ellroy Smith, the coordinator at Maties Football Club, explained that football will have its own area from 2018 where the league can grow. “At the moment, we are upgrading Lentelus. It will be the university’s football hub and it will be more conducive for the residences to play,” said Smith. Despite the shortage of fields for the


egter sake op die tweede dag regstel deur die Fort Hare-Universiteit met drie paaltjies te klop. Dit was grootliks te danke aan Kyle Simmonds wat drie paaltjies gevat het en 50 lopies aangeteken het. Niel Botha het ook 71 lopies aangeteken. Simmonds se goeie vorm het ook op die derde dag gewys, toe waar hy weer 50 lopies kon aanteken om Maties te help om die Universiteit van die Vrystaat met drie paaltjies te klop. Op die vierde dag van die toernooi het Maties teen die Crusaderskrieketklub te staan gekom, ’n gedugte span wat in die 2015 die algehele wenners van dié toernooi was. Botha en Gerhard Jansen van Vuuren kon albei in hierdie wedstryd die mylpaal van 50 lopies haal. Brandon Glover en Patrick Mambo het op hul beurt weer uitgeblink met die bal deur twee paaltjies elk te neem. Maties het die wedstryd gerieflik met 38 lopies gewen. Op die laaste dag het Maties hul

aartsvyande, die Universiteit van Pretoria se Tuks, aangedurf. Die afgelope tyd is dit die span teen wie Maties die meeste sukkel en daarom is hulle nie as gunstelinge beskou om dié stryd te wen nie, maar Jean Bredenkamp het ander planne gehad. Bredenkamp het ’n meesterlike honderdtal aangeteken. Botha het ook sy derde vyftigtal van die toernooi aangeteken en sodoende verseker dat Maties met vyf paaltjies as oorwinnaars uit die stryd kon tree. Tuks is egter steeds op grond van die toernooi se punteleer as algehele wenners gekroon. Jansen van Vuuren voel egter dat die span tevrede met hul vertoning kan wees: “Dit was algeheel ’n goeie toernooi en ondervinding gewees. “Ons is ’n redelike jong span, maar ons het baie geleer in terme van ons rolle en waar ons in die span pas, veral met die oog op die opkomende USSAtoernooi wat voorlê.”

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MAJOR FACE LIFT Maties football to gain new facilities. league, the biggest advantage this year is that more games are taking place on the Astroturf compared to last year, when games were played on the fields behind the Goldfields Residence. The fields are notorious for being water logged and uneven which disrupts match fixtures especially during rainy weather in winter. “Playing on those fields behind the residence last year was tough and having the opportunity to play on this Astroturf is unbelievable. “It allows us to play some decent soccer and it makes it more competitive,” said Max Koenig from Huis Visser. The improvements being made to

Residence League Football are not just to improve its facilities but also its attendance. “The existing shed will be transformed into a clubhouse with a cafeteria. Ultimately, if people come to soccer games there will be a facility where they can have a drink, buy a meal and experience the football culture growing here. “Hopefully there will be a nice big screen TV so people can come together and watch football,” added Smith. Although the league faces several challenges, it is growing steadily. Last year there were approximately 760 registered players in the league and now there is 820.

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Maties unstoppable on home turf

Photos: SASPA

BATTLE FOR THE BALL Polly Mashau from Maties in action on Monday against the NWU-Pukke. Maties won the match after a thrilling shoot out.

Maties top of log after thrilling battle ANDRÉ HUISAMEN



he Maties women’s hockey team proved too strong for their opponents during the first round of the women’s Varsity Hockey competition at the Maties Astro in Stellenbosch over the weekend. Maties beat Pukke on Monday night in a penalty shoot out. It was a thrilling match to conclude the weekend’s action, finishing first undefeated. The team is heading to Potchefstroom this weekend for the last round before the finals. Maties got their campaign off to a good start on Friday evening when they defeated one of the tournament favourites, UJ, by 4 goals to 2. Tarryn Glasby, who was one of the star players in the first match, inspired the home side to a massive 8-0 victory over Kovsies on Saturday evening when Maties made their intentions clear to be one of the powerhouses in this year’s competition.

1. Maties (12) 2. Tuks (9) 3. Wits (9) 4. NWU-Puk (9) 5. UJ (3) 6. Kovsies (3) 7. Madibaz (3) 8. UKZN (0)

It only got better for the Maties women’s team on Sunday when they demolished NMMU Madibaz by 13 goals to 2. Georgia Grobler and Stephanie Botha were some of the standout performers of the match, as they regularly made the score sheet. Before the final match on Monday, Pukke also had a good run over the weekend. They won all three of their previous matches, including a hard fought 1-0 victory over a strong Tuks side.

Monday night’s clash proved to be the match of the weekend as both sides went into the match without having lost a game. It was clear why Maties and Pukke were the two best sides as the match ended 0-0 after 60 minutes. Varsity Cup rules determine that no match will end in a draw and that penalty shoot outs will follow if the game finishes all square after normal time. Maties won the shoot out 3-2 in thrilling fashion. They led 2-0 after the first two rounds, before Pukke made it level at 2-2 after four rounds, with the final round remaining. Grobler calmly slotted away her goal before keeper Nicole le Fleur saved Pukke’s last shot to seal an emphatic win for the Maties side. Maties will now face Tuks, Wits and UKZN this coming weekend before starting with the playoffs on Monday. The top two sides will then battle it out in the final on 22 May.

POWERHOUSE Heather McEwan wins the ball for Maties.


Profile for Die Matie

Die Matie 10-5-17  

Die Matie 10-5-17  

Profile for diematie