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Our autumn-winter 2014 Originals 1913 collection helps you cope with weather at its worst – far out at the Gåsö point or in the stormy sea at Tjurpannan*. That’s where our company was born more than 100 years ago. Grundsund. One-hundred years of experience with terrible weather enables us to create our collections. The results? Tight seams. Heavy-duty, copper-plated zippers. Buttons proudly embossed with our name and generous pockets that feature built-in drainage so they don’t fill with water if waves drench you in salt water.

Our Originals 1913 collection was tested on a cold November day at sea. We searched for the ocean’s black gold and ended the day in a fishing shed with candles, warm sweaters, and freshly boiled lobster. Just as it should be in the autumn on Sweden’s west coast.

We hope you enjoy Didriksons Originals 1913.

*Classic landmarks for everyone who approaches Grundsund by boat – where wind and weather reign supreme.

07.55 am Loading the lobster traps. Our old friend Stig-Arne: wearing the new GĂĽsĂś design with pride and loading lobster pots faster than his 40-years-younger f ishing buddies.

Heading toward the boat on a foggy morning in November.


Torsten Men’s Multi Jacket



08.39 am Leaving Grundsund, heading for Tjurpannan.

Details make the difference. Our Originals collection have the features and details to deal with the harsh weather of the Swedish west coast.


The boat’s slope varies with the intensity of the sea’s waves.


Harriet Women’s Parka holds us warm, even at the very front of the boat – as we head out toward the outer archipelago.

09.48 Finding a good fishing spot and checking the first traps.

To legally bring home

a lobster, its carapace must be 8 centimeters (minimum) from the forward edge

between its rostral horns,

excluding soft tissue and

proceeding along the

middle to the carapace’s rear edge. This is called

Carapace length.


Hannes vest and Emanuel Men’s Parka are perfect combinations when it’s really cold at sea.

500237 500251


11.23 am Caught: 1.2 kg of black gold. Dinner is secured. Lobsters (Nephropidae, previously Homaridae) is a family marine

In Sweden, lobsters are found in the Skagerrak, Kattegat,

The crusher claw is used for holding things. The second

Their genitals are at the base of the third and fifth breast-

crustaceans. Lobsters live in salt water. The clawed

and the northern part of Öresund (a sound). They live at

and third pair of legs are also equipped with pincers, while

bone pairs. Mating occurs in the summer, and the female

lobsters’ habitat extends from Tromsø, Norway to the

10–30 meters depth on rocky bottoms and algae-covered

the fourth and fifth pairs end with a single claw each.

retains the sperm over the winter. The following summer,

Mediterranean – on the European side and from the Strait

gravel bottoms.

The two rear-most pairs of legs are used for moving.

the eggs are laid and fertilized. After about another year,

of Belle Isle between Labrador and Newfoundland to Cape

They have five pairs of legs. The first pair is modified into

Lobsters usually move forward on the seabed; they can also

the eggs hatch into larvae, which live pelagically – freely

Hatteras in North Carolina – on the North American side.

large pincers (claws). Lobsters normally have one larger,

move backward. They use their hefty tails and split tail fins

drifting in the water for 2–6 weeks, before descending to

These claw lobsters are similar in size although the Euro-

stronger claw, and one slender, sharper, pincher claw.

to swim backward when they’re forced to quickly flee.

life on the sea bottom.

pean lobsters are darker and have slightly smaller claws.


The gang gathered on the boat’s bow. Seasickness reared its ugly head when the boat rolled violently.

Bohuslän’s rugged cliffs formed a backdrop for our lobster safari.

Kerstin Women’s Boyfriend Jacket


Torsten – Two jackets in one. Twenty-three great features. Washed fabric in cotton and nylon with coated backside. Waterproof and breathable.

Roomy hood with adjustable back for perfect fit.

Cozy pile lining in the hood from 50% recycled material. Adjustable hood with copper drawstring slider. Finely knitted collar on the inner jacket. Corduroy trim that absorbs water and prevents it from flowing inside. Used in cuffs, hood, and lower edge.

Quilted inner jacket snaps into the outer jacket with a flick of a wrist. Use the outer or inner jacket separately or together. Ultrasonic technology created the inner jacket’s quilting. Seamless = better warmth retention and more windproofing.

The 1913 logo is based on handwriting in an old bookkeeping ledger. Practical and waterproof chest pocket.

Durable zippers. YKK Metaluxe that keeps water out.

Front flap with concealed button closure keeps wind and water out. Napoleon pocket inside for electronic devices.

Taped seams on the jacket guarantee a 100% waterproof garment.

Adjustable cuffs with two positions. Many practical, smart inner pockets on outer jacket.

Label design from old Didriksons stationery. Label welded on to avoid sewing stitches (holes) in fabric.

Our name proudly embossed on buttons.

Corduroy trim on inside flap.

Knitted wrist cuffs on inner jacket with snaps for attachment to outer jacket.

Adjustable cuffs with two positions.

Outer jacket lining of 100% recycled polyester.

Two-compartment lower pockets: a waterproof compartment and a hanging compartment with drainage holes, so water runs straight through.


Heavy zipper-pull tab lets you zip up with mittens on.

Corduroy trim on inside bottom edge. Adjustable lower edge.


13.56 pm Back in the port. Unloading traps and readjusting to steady ground under our feet. Gullholmen Heavy Knit Beanie


Sonja Women’s Vest 500257 Karin Women’s Heavyknit Jacket



Thick, comfortable Karin Women’s Heavyknit sweaters matched with a comfortable Sonja Women’s Vest.


Style and fashion in garments with a century-long history.


Mathilda Women’s Trenchcoat


Classic trench coat. A true original. A model that emerged from military history. Designed by Thomas Burberry in 1901. Initially a raincoat made for the British Army. A modified model of this raincoat was used in the trenches of France. During WWI, British soldiers called it a trench coat. We removed everything related to war in our model and gave it features we think are important: waterproof fabric; excellent fit; practical, tasteful buttons; and corduroy trim. A modern classic with history.


500250 Evert Men’s Heavyknit Sweater with classic cable knitting and matching stocking cap.

Torsten Men’s Multi Jacket


14.42 pm Chilling out while waiting for water to boil. Dinner on its way.


Ingrid Women’s Jacket


How to prepare lobster: 1 cup salt for every 3 liters of water

Often lobster cooking instructions generally specify boiling

refrigerator when you eat it. That way,

A bunch of dill

times that are too long. So follow these for best results.

all the flavors are evident.

3 sugar cubes

The lobster has an undeserved reputation for being woody.

A dash of lemon

Most often this is because lobsters are boiled too long.

Bring broth to a boil and let it boil for a few minutes to extract the dill flavor. Add the lobsters – head first.

When serving; cut it into two parts along its length. A Swedish lobster should be enjoyed au natural. Serve it as

If you want to be more humane, rinse the lobster’s head

it is with toast, butter, cheese (maybe a little mayonnaise.

under cold water or rub an ice cube on its head before it No fingers in the broth until the lobster is enjoyed.

is cooked, this stuns/lulls it, because it’s very sensitive to

Lobster may be frozen but must be eaten within two

The broth is very sensitive to bacteria.


months after being in a freezer. Pour a little broth in a plastic bag so it covers the lobster and gives it more

Use these times as a guide for boiling:

Remove from the heat and let cool with the lobster in the

protection. After thawing, boil new broth and pour it

400–500 g lobster: 8–10 minutes

broth. Cool the lobster and broth completely before placing

over the frozen lobster. Save all the shells and freeze

800 g – 1 kg lobster: 12–15 minutes

in refrigerator. Remove the lobster from the refrigerator

them for stock. Soup or sauce can be stored in a freezer

1–2 kg lobster: 15–18 minutes

one-half to one hour before serving so it’s not as cold as the

up to six months without problem.

1 cup salt for

3 liters of wa

A bunch of di 3 sugar cubes

A dash of lem 19

Asta Women’s Skirt


16.12 pm Lobster boiled and delivered by bike.

500244 Harriet Women’s Parka


A beauty looks great in anything. Julia stole Anders’ cardigan and donned a vest when it got chilly on the pier. Women’s and men’s garments in a lovely mix.


Men’s Heavyknit Jacket



17.59 pm Welcome to the Sandรถ fishing shed. Dinner is served. 22


W W W. D I D R I K S O N S . C O M

Didriksons ORIGINALS 1913 lookbook autumn / winter 2014  

Didriksons ORIGINALS 1913 lookbook autumn / winter 2014