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MonoPix MonoPix is an international monthly magazine for photographers around the world who like to see there work being published. There are so many photographers among us who doesn’t get that chance. Well, MonoPix gives them a chance. Our publications presents the portfolios of amazing photographers. Portraits, street, scapes, or macro photography: each edition of Monopix has a general theme which can include a wide variety of photos. MonoPix is a growing series of hardcover books with the works of international photographers, releasing a new edition every month. Enjoy!

Jessica Schaap

Dick Visser

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Despite his age (born in 1958) Chris

sites or during short city tours at

Fraikin from The Netherlands is still

home and abroad. In addition to this he

a newcomer in contemporary art

also works in series like “A Touch Of

photography. He was educated at the

White” and “Station To Station” which

Royal Academy of Art in The Hague,

you also will find on his website. For

where he studied graphic design in

the commercial publication of his work

the seventies and built a professional

he has chosen to sell them through

career for forty years in succession

his own website where his works can

in the graphic, the IT and the music

be purchased in a limited edition of 12

industry. In 2014 he decided to focus

pieces. Besides this Chris published

more on photography and in search

two coffee table books: “Archtracts – A

for a direction in photography that

Minimal Approach” and “Santorini – A

would attract him most he attended

Minimal Approach”. In 2015 Chris was

workshops and made several photo

invited for a solo exhibition in Gouda,

tours as well in The Netherlands as

The Netherlands and besides that he

abroad. Besides projects of all kinds,

participated in group exhibitions in

his current field of interest is what he

Amsterdam and Portland, Oregon.

calls ‘archtracts’: minimalistic extracts

End of 2016 a Swiss gallery presented

of architectural, industrial and urban

Chris’ works at the Miami Art Fair.

objects. Most of his photos are self-

Chris receives a lot of attention from

contained and mainly shot at industrial

third parties for his photography.

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GUP Magazine has selected him as one of the hundred most appealing and upcoming photography talents from The Netherland and presented his works in the book New Photography 2016 while his work is also included in the Yearbook of Dutch Artists in 2016. Besides this he received a Moscow International Photo Award, has his work be seen all year on the covers and in the content of the Magazine Business Park and received an – on invitation only – portfolio presentation at the prestigious Lens Culture website in addition to the presentation in other media such as New Dawn Paper, PF and The Photo Phore.

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David R. Purnell is the owner of NEW


YORK WEST Medical Illustration Studio

Center, where he was a medical/

— which creates custom 2D & 3D

surgical illustrator for 19 years. More

illustrations, and 3D-animations for

recently, he founded NEW YORK WEST,

the medical & scientific community,

in Minnesota, USA. In addition to loving

medical device industry, and dental

the field of medical illustration, he

industry. David has a Masters Degree

loves the art of minimalist photography.

from the Johns Hopkins University

He is one of the administrators of

School of Medicine. His career began

“Minimalist Photography,” a curated

as a staff member at New York City’s

Facebook group.

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Angelo lives and works in Ragusa,

to photography in 2014, devoting himself

Italy, dealing with health and safety

to the art of minimalist photography. He

at the workplace. While still studying

participated in the collective exhibitions

in Bologna, he started working as

Expo 2015 Ibla and Art at the Center.

a photojournalist at the prestigious

For two years he has worked with

Attualfoto Agency, as a correspondent

Imago Orbis, an independent video

in Sicily (drafting of Ragusa). At the

production company in Bologna, as a

request of Italy Nostra he did a report

still and advertising photographer. He

on the decay of Ragusa Ibla, which

has obtained numerous recognitions

now has a UNESCO World Heritage

and prizes. One of his most succesful

status. Later, he did several industrial


photography jobs for private clients.


After a long period of rest, he resumed

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Born in Poland (1975) and living in the

children. Capturing their emotions/

Netherlands (Rotterdam), I consider

moments, has always been a favorite

myself a citizen of the world.Design has

of mine. But I also love challenges

been a lifelong fascination of mine. I

and will try my hand at anything. By

love to design and create. First fashion

varying my shots, looking at works of

and then interior. But nothing has

others, I am continuously evolving in

captivated me as much as photography.I

this profession. The great thing about

work intuitively and let my senses guide

photography is that it’s an infinite

me.I create a world all of my own.The

process, with infinite possibilities. It

photograph is my sketch, the beginning

has its own creativity. Keep pushing

of the process. My focus is not on the

your bounderies, think outside of

end result, I never  plan ahead,I play...

the box. Only then you can grow and

I love photographing people, especially

capture inspiring moments.

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Stripping into essence

To capture the beauty of the moment when nothing is everything. When

To create is my passion. To walk with

mushrooms become a fleshy pattern.

bare feet on green moss still humid

When an abandoned barn becomes an

from warm droplets of rain. To drink

altar of light. When a bridge is a portal

sweet mist from the branches of the

to a different world.

flowering oak. I am a clothing designer and a social I live in the 2nd Northest Capital in the


world, in Helsinki, Finland. When the

flow, the Rome where all roads come

waves of the sea turn to ice I pack my

together. I began this journey in the

pink suitcase. I fly to my soul home San

darkroom under the red light almost

Francisco, California, to stay until the

30 years ago - kissing my boyfriend

sun wants to warm my fingers again.

between dodging and burning. Today I




cherish the multitude of pixels in the I strive for h a r m o n y. To learn how

silence of the night while listening to

to stand and fall simultaneously is my

the rhytmic breathing of my sleeping

motto. To notice what is overlooked.


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I step into the postminimalistic era as happily as into my grandfather’s black rubber boots. I often gather my pixels into squares and tape colourful prints on familiar walls, but I’ve rarely allowed them in unknown places. Pick my floating juniper berries. See the lips on the blue sky. Fill in the silence between the parking meters. --Welcome to get a daily dose of visual essence Minimalist








Facebook that I founded with my friends in 2015:


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I am a 34 years old dreamer, born in

felt an inner call to follow my instinct

a small town of the northern part of

and start investing in the emotions

Romania, but lived and studied at the

collection exercise through a camera.

heart of Transylvania, in a medieval,

Educated in mechanical engineering,

charming town - Brasov. I have been

with a sense for exact science and

living and working in London for

geometry of things in life, I nevertheless

the past 9 years, pursuing better

feel that I have an eye for the emotion of

opportunities that my life could have

motion of colors. Above all, the black-

possibly rewarded me with.

and-white portrait segment is the one niche that I best identity myself with...

I have been nursing fantasies about

with a bit of an ‘eternal snapshot’ twist.

the photo shooting art since I used to

I like capturing the quintessence of

watch my father painting on canvas. I

someone’s inner beauty and nostalgia.

first dreamt becoming a painter just

I feel I have a different experience than

like my father never happened, I

the classic stream as my models often

felt I was never as good enough as him.

tell me that I am able to metaphorically

I pay homage to his talent and artistic

transpose their souls into black and

spirit through my work.

white memorabilia, which lasts for eternity. All my portraits capture a

I have never really unearthed my

unique artistic trait, they all in fact

passion before 2-3 years ago, when I

define me, define who I am.

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I have been awarded the first place in

Sixth sense cannot be explained, talent

the international photography contest

cannot be x-rayed, and so heart-felt art

by Cityscape BW and my photographs

in the making cannot be disliked...I feel

frequently appear and are commented

inspired by many things and people

in the MonoPix magazine. My camera

around me, whom I learn photo art

is my best companion on the streets of

techniques from, who allow me to grow

London and I never miss an opportunity

and develop every day. Follow your

to capture the special flavor of an after-

heart, follow your instinct, and you will

rain street landscape or the unspoken

never fail to voyage your unique journey

charm of a surprising sunrise.

from simple passion to complex form of communication.

People say that a photography tells just as much as 1,000 words. I personally like

I leave the details of few websites that

to say that photography is too beautiful for

I own for those who are interested in

words. I do not narrow down my interests

knowing me better and learning more

into strictly portrait or landscape niches,

about my work: ‘I cannot sing, I cannot

I just seek new perspectives, I play

paint, I cannot write about how I feel;

with angles and architectural geometry

therefore, photography is the one

of space around me. I only rely on my

communication channel that allows

instinct, I do not rationalize a move or a

me to express myself.

motion...I rarely set expectations, I just let nature do its job.

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I was born in a little town on the

Some of my works have been published

southwest of Slovakia, and now I live in

in and, and one

Veľký Meder. Photography has always

of my still life photos was published

been my passion, since early childhood,

in As another great honor, I

but I decided to study architecture, and

was allowed to share a number of my

I work in that field. Making photos is

photos in the Monopix books ’’Faces

my hobby, and I do not use expensive

of the World” and “Low-key @ High-

equipment. All my photos are taken

key” earlier in 2016. Also, I have been

with a Nikon D3100, initially with the

involved with as an

Nikkor 18-105 kit lens, and currently

editor/curator, but I had to stop doing

using a Nikkor 1.8/50mm.

so due to a lack of time.

My photography focuses on portraits, sometimes making still life work as well, but what I love most is low key photos. Preferably, I use a special light setup, with nothing but a reflector and flashes with umbrellas, soft boxes, and beauty dishes.

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I am a Paris, France based (passionate

My subjects tend to be that seen in

hobbyist) photographer where my roots

everyday life, but, with a slight twist. I

are (born and bred) in New York. With

take pride with my unique techniques,

studies in art and design, creativity is

perhaps considered a bit eccentric,

etched from within. Landing in Paris in

where my photographs are manipulated

2009 my photographic visions took off.

within the camera itself as opposed to

Living here in Paris I am influenced

post processing. My black and white

from the varied art that surrounds

work, a special passion, is always shot

myself. Venturing out to museums,

in black and white, working with varied

galleries, exhibition halls, concerts


and just walking about the city itself I am inspired.

within the camera. By working within the camera itself, this enables me to

I tend to see things not as the literal,

capture an image exactly as I visualize

what is the obvious to others. My

it. My images can be defined as being

images are simple in theory, though

lost in a special place, where I am

my visions tend to be abstract in

alone if even in a crowd. This place

nature and always with a bit of

I create enables me to feel each and

mystery and even whimsy at times. I

every image. Life is for living and

prefer that the viewer sees something

photography is my life.

different and maybe even strange. MonoPix 2017Š | 88

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I’m 38 years old. I was born in Israel. In my life. I’m a Real Estate Agent. I’m a professional photographer for about 3 years now. The photography for me is like music of nature. Every frame is like a song I’m capturing and it’s playing for ever. My work is outdoor, usually at sunrise hours. I love to combine nature elements with the sun rays and capture these moments when the sun rays give a new liveliness to nature. Photography gives me the ability express my emotions during these moments.

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Iam a Hairdresser but in my free time

I use long exposures, I enjoy how time

I shoot Black and White landscapes.

is captured by the exposure and not

I use digital, 35mm film and medium

really knowing what sort of result you

format film in my photography. Most

will achieve especially with film, the

of my work is shot around first light

effect the exposure as on the clouds



and water this technique is perfect

went to a exhibition and viewed the

for black and white work. I use social

work of Micheal Kenna his black and

media to get my work seen Facebook

white work influence my direction

,Flickr ,Tumblr, I was approached by

in photography as I only produce

Canon to make a short documentary

black and white images. My work

of my work in various locations close to

as appeared in various Photography

were I live in the North west of England

publications and exhibited in gallerys

the video will be available to view Jan

in London ,Liverpool and Hawaii.

2017 on Canon Europe website .


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Born in 1961, I live in Caltrano

And as a philosophy of life, the

Vicenza. I approach to concretely

minimalist focus on some essential

Photography towards 35 years of


age, attend courses of Photography

simplicity and elegance. A photograph

and various workshops with several

apparently cold, but the viewer can


interpret their own sensibility, freed







passion for photography was born with

from conventional code reading.

the knowledge of the master Franco

In short: lights, shadows, colors, and

Fontana, source of my inspiration. The

shapes, a mix of elements that embrace

pictures of the landscape have been

in a strong and exciting.

my first passion that has fascinated me for years and served in the knowledge

It is increasingly clear to highlight. In

of the fundamentals of photography. In

every situation I seek the meaning,

recent years I discovered minimalism,

the synthesis of things so that they

the urban one in the first place (of which

become subject to object, and the task

I’m particularly drawn), art movement

of creative photography is not illustrate

born mainly in the United States in the

or represent but express. (F.Fontana)


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