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MonoPix MonoPix is an international monthly magazine for photographers around the world who like to see there work being published. There are so many photographers among us who doesn’t get that chance. Well, MonoPix gives them a chance. Our publications presents the portfolios of amazing photographers. You will find a variety of photos from portraits, street to landscape, and so on... Enjoy!

Jessica Schaap

Dick Visser

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YUCEL BASOGLU Turkey yucelbasoglu.com I’m interested in photography since childhood time. Long exposure and black and white photography was not very popular in my country. So I wasn’t able to do it professionally. I think black and white photography is the best technique that shows you the purity in human and in nature. On a colour photo of a smiling person for example, you only see the smile. But on a black and white photo you see the reality behind that smile. It’s the same with nature, you see the power of nature on a black and white photo. I see a divine light in black and white photography...

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IVAN BREZOVEC CROATIA facebook.com/Ivan-Brezovec-Photography

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ANDY VAN DEE England facebook.com/andyvandee Andy Van Dee is a photographer / Cinetographer in both travel and humanitarian photography, his artwork portfolio spans over the globe. Throughout his work, one can see that he combines his love of the human & nature world with his fascination of the world’s diverse cultures. Each of his photographs tells a story of life.

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JUAN BLANCO SPAIN facebook.com/JuanBlancoPhotography

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TOMAS VOCELKA Czech Republic tomasvocelka.cz

I have had camera since I was teenager. I am 49 years old now, so I am taking pictures more than 30 years. I started taking pictures thanks to my father, who taught me a lot about photography. Great Czech photographer Gustav Aulehla (a big Leica fan) also explained me a lot of things. An he showed me Henri Cartier-Bresson’s work, which I adore. I was amateur photographer as a student. Then I worked as a journalist in the regional weekly newspaper. I wrote stories and photographed as well. But there was also a long gap (from 1998 to 2008), when I didn’t photographed at all. I returned into photography as enthusiast photographer at 2009, when I have bought my first digital SLR camera. I prefer landscape photography and city&architecture photography.

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RUI JORGE LOPES PORTUGAL facebook.com/rui.lopes.9028

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JOE ARIAN INDONESIA facebook.com/joe.arian12345

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ARNAUD BATHIARD France ndmagazine.net/photographer/arnaudbathiard Born in Burgundy, France, in 1973, I share my time between photography and my current job as a teacher in history and philosophy of medicine. I started to take pics at the age of 40, learning by myself. I like long exposures and minimalism, Japanese poetry and Russian novels, I collect Jazz records and old African statuettes, I travel a lot - and I guess that’s all about it. I don’t have any special theory about photography or art, I just try to do my best to take good shots - sometimes I succeed, sometimes not. I prefer b&w mainly because I don’t see very well the nuances between colours. I’ve been certainly more influenced by Japanese haïkus than by any photographer - except Michael Kenna, of course. I take long exposures for I never know with certainty what will come out of the camera : sometimes a good surprise, sometimes not. But the wait is in itself always exciting, and that’s what I like. The seascapes I photography may seem out of time and space : sometimes they look quite unreal - but I guess they reflect my own special vision of reality. I’d like to dedicate this pictures to Tiphaine and to my parents. They are the best part of me.

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JOAQUIM MACHADO PORTUGAL 500px.com/jabiliomachado

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JOHN STARKEY England johnstarkeyphotography.co.uk My photographic journey began in 2007,Quite late in life some may say, (aged 53), I like to keep my photography simple by not getting bogged down by the techi stuff, When i purchase a new camera i read the manual from front to back so i understand how to get the best from it, This allows me to concentrate on taking images when i am out in the field, i like to keep my eyes and mind open to new ideas and i never happier than when i am wondering around London or walking in the lake district, My main areas of photography are Landscapes, Long exposure, Architecture, and macro.

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LUIS FILIPE MOTA PORTUGAL facebook.com/lfocmota

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LUIS FILIPE MOTA PORTUGAL facebook.com/lfocmota

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RUSLAN BOLGOV Lithuania facebook.com/ruslan.bolgov.1 Born and live in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Started to take photos back to 80ties while at school with film Zenit-E, but then photography was forgotten quite for a while. Returned about 3 years ago when got old enough for quality photography searching for own style At this point started to photography seascapes, since obviously live at the seaside and trying to reflect the beauty of the nature around us Since nature and woman are the most beautiful what we see around, easy started to participate in photo shoots and create own projects photographing beautiful woman Both those forces (nature and woman) have inside a lot of power, which may create, or may destruct. Catching of both moments are most interesting point. What is more important in photography, reality or vision.. that’s very hard question. All the *reality* we see that’s comes out of our personal vision. For myself the vision and fantasy is more important, because reality as more restricted. My inspiration is beauty. Making photos am not really creating this beauty, but trying to stop those beautiful moments. After all, the world is like we see it.

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GITTAN BEHEYDT BELGIUM gittanbeheydt.com

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MARJAN POLLEY BELGIUM facebook.com/marjansphotography

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MARJAN POLLEY BELGIUM facebook.com/marjansphotography

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ALFONSO MASEDA Spain alfonsomasedaimaxes.com I was born in Lugo, Spain. Photography is my passion and I devote as much time as possible to it. My first camera was a compact Canon IXUS, and now I shoot with a Nikon D800E. The digital age gives us many options, but I have realized that I do not like pictures that are overly processed. I consider myself self-taught, although I have learned so much from other photographers; without their help I would never have reached the level I have today. I am passionate about landscape photography, but lately I have been doing quite a lot of social photography. For me, it’s the type of photography that best transmits my feelings and gives me the most joy.

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CHRISTIAN CROSS ENGLAND facebook.com/chris.cross.92317121

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CHRISTIAN CROSS ENGLAND facebook.com/chris.cross.92317121

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TREVOR COLE Ireland coleimages.com To capture people and landscapes and the interactions between them in the light of a world in transition is to encapsulate an inimitable moment, which will never again materialise. My own ‘take’ as a geographer photographer! Born in the City of Derry but I have lived most of my life outside the bounds of Ireland in England, Singapore, Togo, Italy, Ethiopia and Brazil. Recently I returned to Ireland (Donegal). My photography, together with travel, have become two of my life’s passions. I studied Geography at University and taught it in international schools. My photography focuses on culture, landscapes and wildlife; images which reflect a spatial and temporal journey through life and which try to convey a need to live in a more sustainable world. I seek the moment and the light in whatever context I find myself and endeavour to use my photographic acumen to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. I aspire to have a vision for tomorrow - An Alternative Vision. I believe that photography can capture those inimitable moments and empower us to make a positive change in our world.

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SALVATORE DI VENUTO ITALY facebook.com/di.v.salvatore.5

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ALBERTO BONGIORNO SUNSET IN VERNAZZOLA flickr.com/photos/102516665@N06

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GINA BOCHIS Romania 500px.com/ginabochis As long as I have a thirsty heart and a photo camera in my hands with which I can build the immortality, no one can rob me of my passion. I will disappear, the images will remain as a testimony of what, once, was all my richness.

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LUIGI ALLONI ITALY facebook.com/luigi.alloni

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HERNANI SANTOS MORAIS PORTUGAL facebook.com/HernaniSantosMorais

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PATRICK EMS Switzerland visual-decadence.com Entering the world of photography fifteen years ago, I’ve noticed a strong change of my perception. Any kind of different moments and impressions, everything capable being captured by photography invoked my desire to catch and let those experiences live on. Chased by emotions and haste, like a little child exploring a totally unknown world, there wasn’t any plan or vision where this journey would go. For the next ten years this chase lead me through countless styles and various influences. Photography has become more and more an integral part of my life, a way of expression without using any words. Influenced by a multitude of artists and philosophical ideas, my style of photography gained focus and clarity. By reducing the content down to a certain point, I’ve started developing a intense fascination for simplicity. The point, where the true essence of an image appears, awaking feelings and thoughts. Patrick Ems, born October 1980, Zurich. Favourite quote: “I’ve been 40 years discovering that the queen of all colours was black.” [Pierre-Auguste Renoir]

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HARALD FERBER SUNSET IN TAHUECA fotodigital.puertoangel.net

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FRANCESCO NOBILE ITALY facebook.com/francesco.nobile.9256

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RANKO TINTOR FIKO Croatia facebook.com/FikoHenna I was born in 1962. In Zagreb, capital of Croatia where I currently live. I am an architect who fell in love in photography in 2011. and keeps discovering it’s magic ever since. Architecture has helped me in framing and composition while creating photography. I’m a self-taught photographer and I’m not photographing every day but when I feel the need and inspiration. I started with DSLR Canon 60D, but now I mostly use Canon 7D for photographing and Canon 70D for making videos. My first challenge was concert photography which I find most complex in a world of photography. Then I moved into landscape photography and now I find inspiration in urban themes, people and street life. My photographs are guided by instinct and determined by the moment when an interesting situation is caught with the eye of my camera. Photography has enriched my life and made me contented. Since I’m the greatest critic of my work, it is more important to meet my own standards than to gain credits from others. Life is art, and art is life so I can easily say I live photography.

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KATHERINE YOUNG ENGLAND 500px.com/katherineyoung

MonoPix 2016© | 108

YUDHI KOESNADY INDONESIA facebook.com/yudhi.koesnady

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ANITA CHUNG CHINA facebook.com/anita.chung.319

MonoPix 2016Š | 110

ATIA MAJIDI ALZAHRANI SAUDI ARABIA facebook.com/abonasser.alzahrani.357

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ANTONIO SARNO ITALY facebook.com/Antonio-Sarno-Photography-1022657401107484

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ANTONIO SARNO ITALY facebook.com/Antonio-Sarno-Photography-1022657401107484

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DIKA YUDHA Indonesia facebook.com/DxPhotographer Dika Yudha Rio Pamungkas is a freelancer photographer living in Kediri, Indonesia. He has been loving photography since 3 years ago, and he has received many awards for photography contests in Indonesia. He is interested in landscape; black and white; and exploring any new places. Moreover, some of his photos have been published in various website like: fineartamerica. com - viewbug.com - youpic.com - kujaja.com - votoart.com flipboard.com - photopixelbest.altervista.org - instagram.com and bnw magazine’s photo’s. For him, photography is an art of observation, and it is about finding interesting place in life.

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ANTONIO DE LA ORDEN SPAIN facebook.com/antonio.delaorden.5

MonoPix 2016Š | 120

ANTONIO DE LA ORDEN SPAIN facebook.com/antonio.delaorden.5

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Monopix jan 2016 Landscapes  

MonoPix is an international monthly magazine for photographers around the world who like to see there work being published. There are so man...

Monopix jan 2016 Landscapes  

MonoPix is an international monthly magazine for photographers around the world who like to see there work being published. There are so man...


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