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MonoPix MonoPix is an international monthly magazine for photographers around the world who like to see there work being published. There are so many photographers among us who doesn’t get that change. Well, MonoPix gives them a change. Our publications presents the portfolios of amazing photographers. You will find a variety of photo’s from portraits, street to landscape etc. Enjoy!

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JĂ–RG HEIDENBERGER Germany I was born 1967 in a small village in Franconia. Since many years I am earning my living as a systems-programmer at IBM Mainframes. As an outlet for my creative ambitions and after some experimenting with charcoal and pastels, I discovered for myself, a few years ago, that photography did it for me. Normally I do not accept any orders but take pictures depending on my mood and only for my own pleasure. For me photography should be fun and it is a perfect escape from my everyday life. I started working 3 years ago with a EOS 5D Mark II. This was for me the initial spark and since that day I would describe myself as a junkie. Sometimes I wonder if I should have studied photography and if that would have resulted in me making better and / or other pictures. On the other hand, as an autodidact I have perhaps another, unbiased approach and more fun because I am always discovering new things and also developing myself. Probably I should invest more energy in digital image processing! But when a picture forms itself first in my head, I am often too impatient to implement this elaborately or to sit long in front of a PC. The finished picture is for that reason often just a rudimentary version of my virtual sketches. But because now I know that my idea works (or sometimes also not), I am also completely satisfied with it. MonoPix 2015Š | 6

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JEREMY CLAUSSE France I’m a young fine art photographer. The camera began to accompany my journeys in 2001 but it is only in 2008 when I was interested in the power of the photo, what she can convey and allows to share. Anaïs Nin said ” the internal rooms of the soul are as the darkroom of the photographer. We cannot stay there for a long time, otherwise it becomes the cell of the neurotic. ” I enough agree with this quotation. The camera just like the human mind possesses secret one thousand which it is necessary to learn to tame. What I appreciate in this way of expression, it is the possibility that allows the photography to take the imagination and the spirit “somewhere else” beyond some centimeters of the support of exit. I used photo manipulation to create another world of image which shows the human being and of his report to the world. Here is the approach: an invitation, to whom will linger in its world.

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WILLEM JONKERS The Netherlands Willem Jonkers is a street photographer residing in the Rotterdam area. After pusuing all different kinds of photography, together with his wife Sandra, he decided solely to focus on street photography. First conventional and in a later stage onconventional by using a fisheye lense. By photographing with this lense, he photographs his subjects from a close proximity to get them framed in full and use the intended distortion on their surroundings to get rather unusual compositions. Meandering the streets and get interaction with his subjects on a regular basis is what drives him to keep re-inventing and exploring this unique appoach to this genre. With eight interviews and publications in 2015 alone, his style is getting known and reccognized by a broader audiance already. His advice: Photograph who you are and appreciate everyday life surrounding you while doing it.

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STEPHANE USA Born in Canada, I had travel and live in different cities since my early age, Halifax, Montreal, New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles, etc… At a very young age, I find the camera of my dead father in a box in the attic, and I started shooting, not knowing what I was doing and not knowing how the camera was working, only a few years later, my older brother told me that I needed a film. I’m an autodidact musician and music is my work since my 16 years old. Music has influence me on the way I take pictures cuz I shoot the streets like I play music, searching for emotions.

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PAUL SHARP England I was born June 1970 in West Yorkshire, Huddersfield. I am the eldest of three, my brothers share British saints names as I do, Andrew and Mathew. Our family moved to the coastal town of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I was a young twelve year old and went from a true northerner to country boy over night. I have been in the construction industry for 28 years however have realised they my passion is not in bricks and mortar and now want to dedicate my love and passion to my photography. I know photography has been in my blood from an early age and recently found that my polish grandad used to hand colour photos during the war. So my journey started on the 12/12/12 the day that I married my beautiful wife Cheryl, I purchased my son Joel a camera as a gift for being an amazing part of my wedding and honouring me as my best man. From that moment I couldn’t keep my hands of his camera and therefore six months later I had to purchase my own. That was the start, I love B/W moody photographs as they tell a story about my life, I hope my parents are looking down on me are proud. I hope the people looking at my art enjoy it as much as I do producing it.

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FILIP VAN DER CRUYSSEN Belguim Filip van der Cruyssen better known on the Internet under the working title ‘Aleci’... in daily life active in the heating techniques. Star ted with digital photography in 2006 when he bought his first DSLR and caught the photography bug. Filip is complete self-taught, and learned the ar t of photography through self-study, many hours at the computer and camera, by reading countless books and be inspired by other photographers to study thoroughly. He characterizes himself through his work with minimal resources to put up with enormous detail and high contrasts. Clearly inspired by big names like Stephan Vanfleteren and Yousuf Karsh. His work includes mainly classic por trait work avant la lettre... by exclusively using natural floodlight and working with ver y shallow depth of field his often child or self-por traits ar beautiful, nostalgic with superb atmosphere.

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ARTUR POLITOV Lithuania Artur Politov is above all the photographer which tells endless stories of faces met, inscribed in wrinkles, in beauty, in her looks, the light emanating from the poignant melancholy existential. Thousand and One history in each work: sooner or later you will know and you will discover which the somatic characters come together in the emotions. Feelings and faces that are a universal language, skillfully translated by the photographer and by the man.

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DOLF WALTER The Netherlands I was born in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. In daily life I am a professional painter. I started studying portraits in 2011. After an intensive study of the old masters, I started my own work. My portraits are about the expression of the models. I edit photos digitally to find a balance between the background, the light, the softness of the skin and the ratio of light and dark areas of the image.

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HARALD FERBER Mexico A long time ago, to be exact, in 1953 I was born in Stuttgart/Germany. Since the end of the 60s I am fascinated by photography. I still vaguely remember as we built our own photographic enlarger in Junior High, made of a Nitraphot lamp, a convex lens and grandpas 6x9cm camera. The result was somewhat rudimentary, but it was much fun. By the military service I moved to Mannheim and the surrounding area, where I spent a decade of my life in a living community. Here I was finally able to set up my own darkroom. After a year and a half trip to Latin America in the late 70’s, I decided to emigrate to Mexico about 30 years ago. Unfortunately, most of my early works were destroyed by the climate. In the tropics and, moreover, near the coast everything gets destroyed in a short time. Negatives, slides, up to the camera equipment. Here I had to postpone photography for a while. The building of my new life (a guest house on the mexican coast - was quite time-consuming. Only in the last few years I came back to photography and swapped the darkroom with digital image processing. Herewith the possibilities of artistic development have grown now considerably.

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KEVIN BESSAT France I was born in 1986 in Aix en Provence, south of France. I now live in Lyon since 8 years where I work as an account manager in an advertising agency. In my career, I have always been asked to be creative, find concepts, ideas, learn how to visually express an idea and build a real story from something that could seems insignificant. The vision I have of Photography is quite similar. I made the choice to shoot in order to tell and build a story. My aim is to beautify the everyday life. What I like with photography, especially with long exposure photography is that you can totally change the vision people have of a place and give that place a new dimension, more mystical, more aesthetic or poetic. I am trying to use the processing techniques with a creative vision, to create, not only to make retouching. I am convinced that the creative process starts after capturing at processing steps. Furthermore, on social networks I have «met» some amazing photographers and I am convinced that being part of a community, either physical or virtual, is a great way to challenge yourself and push your limits. Regarding my photography style, I am trying no to focus on one type of photography, to process my frames both in colour or black and white. The only guiding thread of my work being the long exposure, I do not want to get stuck in a monochromatic vision.

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YUDHI KOESNADY Indonesia Photography has become my passion since 2005. Long exposure photography, sharp light transitions, naturalism, theme of loneliness - are all together my main direction in photography. With this form of art I trying to stimulate the senses, emotions of the recipient, leaving freedom of interpretation at the same time. I like colour photography but prefer black and white, at the end it all depends of the motive. I used Canon cameras and lenses, branded ND filters and gradients for support my photography.

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ALFONSO MASEDA Spain I was born in Lugo, Spain. Photography is my passion and I devote as much time as possible to it. My first camera was a compact Canon IXUS, and now I shoot with a Nikon D800E. The digital age gives us many options, but I have realized that I do not like pictures that are overly processed. I consider myself self-taught, although I have learned so much from other photographers; without their help I would never have reached the level I have today. I am passionate about landscape photography, but lately I have been doing quite a lot of social photography. For me, it’s the type of photography that best transmits my feelings and gives me the most joy.

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