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We do global differently. Our global sites are based on long-term academic partnerships and outside of tourist zones to allow for the highest levels of immersion and integration. Our campus community is a cultural hub thanks to globally focused courses and Mosaic programs, international students, scholars and faculty, multicultural clubs and organizations and a considerable emphasis on world-language study. In class in Carlisle and Cameroon, at a dig site in Greece or in seagrass beds off the coast of Australia, our students connect all of their experiences to build a global skill set that will enable them to be forever ready for every opportunity.

An unmatched abroad experience. Many colleges and universities claim they have strong study-abroad programs, but few match Dickinson’s. For more than 50 years, the college has operated its own global study and research centers. The longstanding presence of Dickinson’s global centers, located purposefully in provincial cities, fosters deep ties with local communities, enabling a wide range of internship placements and opportunities for community-based research projects. In essence, Dickinson’s global study and research centers function as living laboratories for the exploration and investigation of globalization.

The Carlisle campus serves as the hub of the college’s worldwide network of study and research centers. More than 40 percent of faculty have personally led one of the college’s renowned study-abroad programs. All majors have pathways to study abroad and are linked closely with academically relevant study-abroad opportunities. Nearly 60 percent of Dickinson students study abroad during their academic careers— and nearly 25 percent of Dickinson students who study abroad do so for an entire academic year or longer. Learn more at

Dickinson Programs 15 DISTINCTIVE PROGRAMS IN 14 COUNTRIES Australia: Brisbane Cameroon: Yaoundé China: Beijing England: Norwich (humanities and sciences)

England: Oxford France: Toulouse

Germany: Bremen Italy: Bologna Japan: Nagoya Korea: Seoul Russia: Moscow South America: (Argentina and Ecuador)

Spain: Málaga U.S.: New York City Dickinson also offers credit for dozens of partner, non-Dickinson, summer and globally integrated programs.

A diversity of worldviews and approaches. Students and scholars from vastly different backgrounds and experiences come together in Carlisle to form a truly global community. Nearly 10 percent of degree-seeking students are international, representing nearly 50 countries across five continents. Special-interest housing—focused on foreign languages and engagement with global issues—plus globally focused clubs and organizations unite the Dickinson curriculum with the co-curriculum. A focus on global issues cuts across all academic divisions and departments, permeating the curriculum. Most majors offer internationally focused courses. Dickinson offers interdisciplinary majors in East Asian, Italian, Latin American, Latino & Caribbean and Russian-area studies, environmental studies, international studies, and international business

& management. These programs connect directly to global concerns and to research and study opportunities at the college’s network of global centers. On average, 29 percent of students graduate with majors in international fields. Additionally, Dickinson ranks among the nation’s top three institutions for foreign-language majors, with 13 percent of each graduating class majoring in one of the 13 foreign languages offered. Students frequently combine study of a foreign language with another academic discipline in a double-major or major and minor. Learn more at

Greening the global programs. Dickinson has sought to develop meaningful connections between its global-study and sustainability-education programs. Dickinson faculty are actively engaged in research on the economic, environmental and social concerns surrounding sustainability, and they extend that research into our network of global centers, which they are directly involved in leading. Professor of Biology Tom Arnold (pictured at right), for example, pioneered Dickinson’s inaugural Global Scholars Program at our center in Queensland, Australia, leading an interdisciplinary team of student-researchers in their investigation of the effects of ocean acidification. Learn more at globalsustainability.

A true global experience goes full circle. Dickinsonians don’t just study abroad. They take what they learned abroad and bring it back to Carlisle, and vice versa. One example of this connectivity is the Global Mosaic programs, which are semester-long research programs designed around ethnographic fieldwork and immersion in domestic and global communities. Their objective is to encourage students to reflect about

the diverse world in which they live as they engage in collaborative work with local, transnational and international communities. Global Mosaics allow students to apply classroom learning to the world beyond, and to bring their experiences in the world back into the classroom. Learn more at globalmosaics.

Three 2012 graduates who studied abroad in Cameroon were so inspired by the experience they had, they started their own nonprofit. “A visit to UTAMTSI’s organic, fair-trade coffee farm in Cameroon introduced an exciting dimension to our study-abroad experiences—one of applied sustainable initiatives. UTAMTSI’s objectives were aligned with the kind of global awareness that Dickinson actively supports. This visit, coupled with our interests in sustainable-development work, inspired the founding of CameroonianRoots.”

—Grace Lange ’12, Rachel Gilbert ’12 and Sarah Wright ’12

The facts. Dickinson is a premier four-year residential liberal-arts institution chartered in 1783 and widely recognized as a leader in global and sustainability education. We prepare our graduates to face the world’s challenges so they are always equipped and eager to collaborate with others to make an impact.


TUITION & FEES (’13-’14)

• 180-acre campus • 58 general and specialinterest housing facilities • 4  LEED-gold-certified buildings

• Tuition — $45,644 • Room & Board — $11,568 • Student Activities Fee — $450 AID • $39 million in grants awarded

ACADEMIC FEATURES • 10:1 student-faculty ratio • 17 student average class size • 42 majors plus minors, certificate programs, independent research • Army ROTC

in ’12-’13 • 66% of students receive merit or need-based aid ADMISSION & AID DEADLINES • Early Decision I – Nov. 15 • Early Action – Dec. 1 • Early Decision II – Jan. 15 • Regular Decision – Feb. 1

ENROLLMENT • 2,339 full-time students • 44 states and territories and 44 countries represented


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We do global differently. Our global sites are based on long-term academic partnerships and outside of tourist zones to allow for the highes...