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Chu Hai College of Higer Education Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Architecture Selected Work 2017-2018

Contents Project 1 - Community Green Network Project Background Bring Green to Network Programme Cross & Node Development Final Floor Plan Section Elevation Rendering Physical Model

Project 2 - BMX Tower Project Background BMX Facility - Ramp BMX Equpment - Bike Programme Concept Development - Slab Shifting Development - Track Development - Facade & Structure Floor Plan Section Elevation Rendering Physical Model


Project 1 Community Green Center


Project 1 Green Network

Project Background The site located with 2 separate lots on 2 sides of Kwun Tong Road, together with the road in between, which the northeast lot is vacant St.Joseph Anglo-Chinese School and the southwest lot is the playground east of Kai Ning House, Kai Yip Estate. In this task, we need to design a Community Recycling Network in Choi Hung,which require recyclable solid waste Collection and Sorting Areas,Recycling Education Center and Workshop,Corss-street service bridge with elevated pedestrain netowork and Public Gardens.

Kai Yip Estate

Site Photo

Vacant St.Joseph Anglo-Chinese School

Kwung Tong Road


Project 1 Green Network

Bring Green To Network Case Study - Seoullo 7017, Seoul City, Korea It uses‘Direction’ to connect different landmark of Seoul City, which represents the main core of the City. In orders word, the bridge was designed by the city, at the same time it can be the main character of future city regeneration.To control the direction, maybe is one of my main task in my design.

Recycling Most of Hong Kong people still think that Recycling is just about rubbish collect which is something dark and smelly.But,Recycling also has its possibility, it can be very clean and professional.


Project 1 Green Network

Programme Operating System Planning

Programme Bar & Zoning


Project 1 Green Network

Cross & Node Creates five kinds of flow by arrange different programme accroding to different site condition, and combine with two big zone which interlock to others to perform a‘Cross’.


Project 1 Green Network

Development .Bring

the new idea of Recycling

When the passerby walk along their zone, they will see that the workers who exchanging 'garbage' come nearer. Until the point when they get to the center point which is the hub of the cross and the exhibition area. They will find that the 'garbage' can shape a workmanship which appears in the exhibtion area. At that hub, they will know 'who to produce, 'how to create', 'what to create' and 'where to produce’.

Development Consideration I follow the rule of the cross to have several developments, which aims to have the balance of the path wide, programme arrangement, access methods, structure limit, and beauty.


Project 1 Green Network

Form Development

The cross

The cross with curve

Cross fluidity

Further cross fluidity with Ground Level

Conceptual Section

Continue Crossf Form Area to the empty St.Joseph Old English Chinese School. In the meantime, to make some uncommon minute like the hub keeping in mind the end goal to pressure my idea.


Project 1 Green Network

Physical Model


Project 1 Green Network


Project 1 Green Network

Project 2 BMX Tower

The Site The site (Boundary B) is the existing St. Joseph’ s Anglo-Chinese Primary School at the junction of Kwun Tong Road and Choi Shek Lane, in an area of about 2,700 sq m. It also need to integrate green network design(project 1) into the new tower design.

Programme This “BMX Park Tower” should take the advantage of verticality to explore the special pleasure of playing on a high level of the city. As a public space for both BMX players and non-players, it should also enhance interaction between these 2 types of users while sufficient segregation of them for safety and other reasons.


Project 2 Boundary

Project 1 Green Network Design


Project 2 - BMX Tower

BMX Facility - Ramp Common Height & Radius

Various of ramp in the same radius

Height : 1.5m is possible for BMX freestyle, >3m in some special cases

In same radius, the steep of the ramp

Radius : 2.4m ~ 3m (only the charge radius)

will be dependent on height ,width and the angle with centre

Common combination of different ramps


Project 2 - BMX Tower

BMX Equipment - Bike

BMX bike’s crank and frame size(top tube length) will change according to the user height


Project 2 - BMX Tower


Programme Bar


Project 2 - BMX Tower

Concept Conceptual Vertical Massing

Conceptual Section


Project 2 - BMX Tower

Development - Slab Shifting

Slab Shifting Method Create the first slab by 2 entrance. Then, simulate and move the slab to different place accroding to different site condition. Finally create 5 circular slab, which is about 22m radius.

Inclined Column The shifting slab method makes the span and total area larger which will need more column to support. However, some column may be outside the site boundary. Then, to simulate the shifting slab, also let the structure “shifting� which is the concept of inclined column.


Project 2 - BMX Tower

Development - Track BMX Track The BMX track also is the essential element in this project. State the point or line on different slab which is some place that want them stay or run. Link all of them together, to form a complete BMX Track.

Merge the Track to Programme The BMX activity should not isolate with the normal user. So, some of the programme like office,workshop will stick with the track aims to maximize the interaction between the BMX players and normal users.


Project 2 - BMX Tower

Development - Facade & Structure Partial Slab

Facade Concept

Facade Function


Project 2 - BMX Tower

Merge the Facade to Structure

Partial Slab Create 5 more partial circle slab to increase the covered area and provide protection to users.

Facade Concept Simulate the slab’ s outline to create some horizontal long thin planter, can increase the covered area and provide protection to users.

Facade Density

Facade Function The facade not only a artistic design, it also act as a structural beam to transfer the gravity loading and as a shading device to increase daylight levels while controlling the amount of excessive sunlight and reducing discomfort and glare for the occupants.

Merge the Facade to Structure Same as the BMX Track, the facade design must not isolate with the building. The inclined column and the horizontal thin planters beam can form a “flower structure”.

Facade Density The thinkness of the planters beam will justify by the programme inside. To create different openness space.


Project 2 - BMX Tower

Physical Model


Project 2 - BMX Tower


Project 2 - BMX Tower

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