DIBS for Kids 2021 Annual Report

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We Do Dedicate This Annual Report to:

Our Mission

DIBS for Kids is on a Mission to help schools provide every child with access to powerful in-home reading experiences, every school night.

We envision a future where classrooms, schools, and entire districts are supported to make daily in-home reading accessible and exciting for all students.

And Our Vision

Thank You for Your Support to Do What We Do,

All those books in my childhood have led to the privilege of leading DIBS for Kids. As I visit classrooms, I see children who are curious, insightful, and voracious collectors of information. All they need are the books to help find their way.

Angie Miller, J.D. Executive Director

I see that child I once was in the mission and vision of DIBS for Kids, to help schools provide every child with access to powerful in-home reading experiences, every school night so that our vision of a future where classrooms, schools, and entire school districts are supported to make daily in-home reading accessible and exciting for all students could become a reality.

As DIBS prepares to serve over 250 classrooms in three states in 2022-2023, we are propelled forward by the continuing need for children to have consistent access to books at their reading level. Thanks to your support, over 4,500 children have access to over 1,000 books a year.

It is a pivotal time to be the new Executive Director of DIBS for Kids. Our mission has always been important; now, with the knowledge of the pandemic-related learning loss, our mission is urgent and critical. We know access to a multitude of books, with diverse topics and characters, with the ability for a student to select the book they want to read, sparks the lifelong benefits of reading. On average, DIBS students take home over 80 books each year; over 750,000 books have been taken home to read since 2012.


Throughout my childhood, I was that kid in a corner or huddled under my bed covers with a flashlight, reading any book I could get my hands on – books borrowed from libraries, teachers, friends, and family. Books transported me to new and different worlds, away from that small farm in western Nebraska and introduced me to people and places I would never have encountered otherwise. Books were also my key to higher education, to being the first person in my family to graduate college and then pursue my graduate degrees.

Dear Supporters,

Your support is instrumental in providing the books that fuel an infinite number of dreams – dreams from being a first-generation college graduate and inventing the next great technology to exploring our universe or dinosaur fossils. Thank you for supporting the mission of DIBS and the dreams of thousands of students!

Over 60% of low-income children do not have a single age-appropriate book at home. However, research tells us books at home provide more language and literacy opportunities, which are key to reading proficiency. DIBS for Kids offers students the opportunity to increase their learning through at-home reading practice. Children graduate high school at higher rates, unlocking higher education, and better economic and health outcomes.



80%70%60%50%40%30%20%10%0% 56% 50% 64% 59% 40% 31% 31% 27% 32% 20% 41% 31% 28% 34% All white hispanic/latino black americannative reducedfreeluncheligible languageenglishlearners 2019 2021 nebraska third

• Graduating high school is important for better overall health. Individuals who do not graduate high school report suffering from at least one chronic health condition, like asthma, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, hepatitis, or stomach ulcers.


reading proficiency


LifeLong impact of reading Proficiency on children

• Students who were not proficient in reading by the end of third grade were four times more likely to drop out of high school than proficient readers.

We Do Know Children Need Nightly Reading Opportunities

• 88 percent of students who failed to earn a high school diploma were struggling readers in third grade.

OF STUDENTS grade students at

Most importantly – reading is the basis for igniting dreams. Every child deserves the opportunity to dream about their future and to do that, every child needs exposure to, and knowledge of, everything the world can offer.



5,0004,0003,0002,0001,0000(estimated)servedstudentsofnumber 550 1,188 2,596 3,498 3,498 4,466 2016-20172017-20182018-20192019-2020schoolyear (Pandemic2020-2021year) 2021-2022 250,000200,000150,000100,00050,0000 2016-20172017-20182018-20192019-2020schoolyear hometakenbooks (Pandemic2020-2021year) 2021-2022 50,219 88,061 139,467 171,661 10,964 204,196 Schools Served Students Served Books Sent Home

What We Do Best: Providing Access to Books for Kids leverages the best of what classroom, school, public libraries, and book giveaways have to offer – access to books – but without the barriers of time, transport, finances, limited quantities, and potentially limited diversity, interests, and types of literature. for Kids provides over 1,000 age-appropriate, culturally-representative, leveled books that students can self-select our custom software in a place they visit every weekday–their classroom. excel at providing nightly reading opportunities to thousands of students in Omaha and beyond.


4 2520151050servedschoolsofnumber 3 5 11 19 19 24 2016-20172017-20182018-20192019-2020schoolyear (Pandemic2020-2021year) 2021-2022



• Number of students reached: 4,466


BOOKS SENT HOME 2012 – 2022


• Total Books in Inventory: over 42,000



• Percent of OPS students served eligible for free or reduced lunch: 78%


In 2021, DIBS for Kids reached more students and delivered more diversity in books. The program numbers speak for themselves!


• Average number of books taken home per student each year: 80

We Do Reach Young Readers Every Day!

• Percent of OPS students served who are Black, Hispanic, Native American/Indigenous, or two or more races: 81%

Program Insights




• Number of classrooms served: 215 181 in 18 OPS elementary schools

Part of why our program is successful and easy both for students and teachers is because of our custom-built, web-based software, first used in 2015. In 2021-2022, we realized it was time to make additional investments in the software. We partnered with Volano Software, creating a more modern look that is more intuitive for students, teachers, and DIBS staff, improved reporting abilities, and assurance of compatibility with all internet enabled devices and operating systems. Not only does this improve the experience for our current users, it allows DIBS to continue to sustainably grow to serve more children and DIBScommunities.forKidshas

Marie Kovar, Ed.S. Director of School Support

Although these expansions were on pause for a year due to online learning, in August of 2021 we excitedly and confidently launched five new OPS schools, including Jefferson, Jackson, Franklin, Mount View, and Western Hills. We also added three classrooms at Wayne Elementary, in Wayne, Nebraska.

We Do Make an Impact!

After an unprecedented experience with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have continued to grow into more classrooms, reach more students, and make improvements in efficiency.


DIBS also began the first year of our three-year program evaluations to determine the impact that nightly, in-home reading has on student reading proficiency in Kindergarten to third grade students. We are excited for the results of this first portion of the evaluation, which are due in summer of 2022.

The 2021-2022 school year marked our biggest year of classroom growth so far! In total, we successfully and safely added 50 DIBS classrooms in 18 OPS buildings and five other schools in Nebraska, Iowa, and Michigan.

a lot to be proud of this year, from program achievements, to growth and expansion goals, to relationship building in the community. Thank you for supporting us, our schools, our families, and our students!

- Third Grade Student

We Do Believe in Students, Parents, and Teachers!


“I have seen firsthand how this program has increased literacy skills in the classroom and a love for reading. I have also seen this program bring families together at home with reading.”

“I love DIBS because I can read a new book every night. I get bored with the ones at home because I’ve read them all.”

- Teacher

“DIBS For Kids thank you!

They speak for themselves and about the unique learning experience and support DIBS for Kids provides them! Our goal is to make reading fun and engaging for each student while extending a simple solution for teachers and parents.

“It does because it helps you keep learning on all of the words!”

-First Grade Student

“The good thing is that even if you don’t have a background teaching or working with kids, you know exactly what to do.”

“Do you think reading your DIBS for Kids Book makes you a better reader? Yes or No?”

We have LOVED how there has been diversity in the characters as well as content from educational to fun fiction. As a parent of multi-racial kids attending a diverse school, this is very much appreciated.”






DIBs $184,642programmingAdministrationFundraising$60,043&management$40,183 $246,500Grants Other COVID-relatedContributions$41,467Governmentfunding$75,630Totalexpense:$284,868TotalRevenue:$363,597


We Do Take Investments in Our Program to Heart! appreciate every contribution that allows us to reach young readers, so we intend to use that money wisely. In 2021, we faced extraordinary challenges, but we persevered and provided books while students were in school.

Cy AdamJillDavidKarenAsureWakemanWestWhiteWiesmanWilsonWiltgen

We Do Value the Generosity of Our Donors!

William and Ruth Scott Foundation

FamilyToddThriventTheSchragerTheFamilyTheSaxenaTheTheTheImpactTheTAGGSnow-RedfernFoundationOmahaKumKrogerFoundationKiewitCostcoFundCommunityBaerAnonymousAmyAmazonSmileFoundationL.ScottFoundation(2)FoundationServicesofNebraskaWholesaleCompanies&GoFoundationCommunityFoundationBenevityCommunityFundLozierFoundationSherwoodFoundationShikharandKristinFoundationSteveandLoreePotashFoundationPhillipandTerriFoundationHawksFoundationFinancial&MaryHeistandFoundation WeitzWalmartFamily Foundation

Kelli and Scott Cavey

Joseph Clanton

Christine Montez

Becky and Matt Nelson Rosann Nichols

In a time when help was needed to ensure children had access to books, the following individuals, foundations, and organizations said books are essential to learning – about ourselves, about others, about the world, and about who we can become. Thank you for your support of DIBS for Kids, and most importantly, the kids themselves.

Michael Crabb

Amy AngieJeffMariaJessicaNancyMarieClaytonMichaelKatherineWesleyPhillipMaryLauraFolkerGorynskiSueGrossmanHausslerJonesandSkipJoyceJoyceKellerandDavidKovarLazerLeeandBeauMalnackMcGuireMillerandRyanTucker

Karyn and Larry Overbeck

Dianne and John A. Scott

Kristin and Scott Brown

A.J. and L.D. Fangman

Liz ConnieBonnieKyleOrrickQuinnRubelandSteve Saunders Stacey Schmid


Jan Egermayer

William C. Dana



The Patterson Family

Ann Slegman

Individuals Organizationsand

Sarah and Dr. Michael Tucker

Our Board


Jeff McGuire, Secretary Partner, Kutak Rock Staff

Angie Miller, J.D. Executive Director

Tom Hoy Director of Development, Together Inc.

Connie Saunders Retired Teacher and Former Iowa Reading Teacher of the Year

Cy Wakeman CEO, Reality-Based Leadership

Kat Nixon School Support Manager

Scott Brown, Chair Regional Director, Gallup

Marie Kovar, Ed.S. Director of School Support

We Do Appreciate Our Dedicated Board and Staff!

Maria Malnack, Treasurer Director of Finance and NorthStarInfrastructure,Foundation

Katie Lessman, M.D. OB/GYN, Nebraska Medicine Assistant Professor, UNMC

Their investment of time and talent keep our organization operating efficiently. They believe in our mission and understand that books inspire children to experience a world beyond their reality and inspire them to explore new interests.

Katy Spratte Joyce Freelance Writer

Dr. Danita Webb Assistant Principal, Omaha Public Schools

Kelli Cavey, Vice Chair Vice President of Donor Services, Omaha Community Foundation

All parts of this publication are encouraged to be shared with any member of the public who is interested in expanding access to books for children.

DIBS for Kids (Delivering Infinite Book Shelves for Kids) was founded in 2012 in Omaha, Nebraska. Today, DIBS proudly serves over 4,000 students across three states in over 200 classrooms. DIBS students, through our collection of over 42,000 books, have an opportunity to take home a book every school night to read.

Author: Every Single Child Served by DIBS for Kids

To learn more, email DIBS for Kids at contact@dibsforkids.org

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