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12 steps to Jump start Your business The ultimate 3 hour Boot camp

Supporting Global Entrepreneurship Week. 18th – 25th November 2013

Time to take control

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A very special offer for GEWUK 2013

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12 Step Checklist for your business -2013 Want to know where your going wrong?

No Nonsense 3 hour tell it as it is BOOTCAMP You don’t have to start from scratch. If you need help with a status report or ideas for a photo album, look no further.

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2013 Business Boot Camp: Time to Take Control

A very special offer for Global Entrepreneurs Week (18th - 24th Nov 2013) where business owners and entrepreneurs and can learn the 12 essentials of business success at a fraction of the normal cost* £ 9.99! In 2013 the nightmare headline for entrepreneurs and new business owners in the UK is as follows: 62 per cent of all start-ups will fail within their first year of trading. This is an astonishing statistic, and one that becomes even worse in certain parts of the country. In parts of the UK business failure rates have reached almost 85 per cent. Necessity is the mother of invention is an old adage but one that holds true today. Youth employment is at a 60 year low. Young people face a dearth of opportunities, and some of them are taking it upon themselves to pave their own way. The generation of entrepreneurs to come out of the abysmal job climate may be the silver lining of these tough economic times. Yet the truth is that half a million people per year set up new businesses. They need help and they need great advice. Imagine a boot camp where they will get great advice, hear from the experts in the field and understand the key elements for business success, all at an astonishing £ 9.99! People set up in business for a number of good reasons, including being in ‘control’, ‘being their own boss’, ‘getting a better work / life balance’ and of course, ‘freedom’. Do any of these thoughts resonate with you? Most business owners work very long hours, for very little reward. They often cannot afford or have not planned to take on anyone else.

The entrepreneurial instinct is the mental toughness that is required to make something from nothing. It is the mind set that allows you to take smart risks, thrive in ambiguity and bounce back from failure. It’s the reason why the team that looks good on paper doesn’t always win and why the drop out becomes a billionaire – we hear that story over and over again. But here is the really stunning fact you may recognise; most of these business owners end up investing all their money (or family savings) and giving up the very reasons they started the business: freedom, work / life balance and control. Far be it from being in control, most businesses and business owners are in fact spinning out of control, being highly reactive rather than proactive, with no real goals, no clear vision and many being so time deficient that there is no time to think, let alone have time for a plan.

Owning a business requires a vision balanced with attention to detail. You need to be a generalist who understands the multiple aspects of running a business, as well as the ability to step back and see the big picture and to reach into the future. The business environment is a complex place to be. Whether you wish to work as a consultant or freelancer, establish a corporation, or set up an operation that meets a need for very particular type of customer, there is a tremendous amount of information that you need to know and to apply. The Academy of Vocational and Professional Training is providing 12 express training courses that explore the essentials for new business owners, whether the business is just in the idea stage or have already begun and need to fill in the gaps. Normally retailing at £474 we can offer each subject at £ 9.99! Book here at AVPT and start the journey to Business Success. Entrepreneurs are impulsive and adaptable. In business, impulsivity translates to a bias to action. When counterbalanced with a personality that is adaptable or knows how to roll with the punches, it is a winning combination for taking risks for gain. Entrepreneurship is a career path in which evolution is the norm and failure is a given. Persistence, optimism and resourcefulness are traits that pop up over and over again. Now here is the crucial point so often ignored by new business owners. You need the ability to get on with other people. A brilliant ‘soft skill’ that can be acquired. A large number of businesses fail because they are over-reliant on a very small number of clients. This is the hidden danger that lurks for all business owners. It takes just one unexpected

closure to result in significant financial hardship. Short-term future earnings can be massively reduced, and invoices for completed work can go unpaid. While maintaining caution about spreading yourself too thin, try not to rely on a very small client base. If you deal with a very few clients, or if a small number make up most of your turnover, you must start finding and bringing in new clients and business.

Effort only fully releases its Reward after a person refuses to quit A business needs a good business plan that covers all these issues and makes them part of a living, working document. If you want back control of your life and your business then write a plan and get help. Business failure can be quick and unexpected. Make sure that you are totally aware of the major risks facing your company and ensure that you are in the best possible position to avoid them. Treat entrepreneurship as an evolution. Where you start is rarely where you land once you have been in the market for a while. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak got their start hacking ma bell, amid their experimentation in phone phreaking Wozniak discovered his technical skills and Jobs learned he could sell and that led rise to one of the greatest technology businesses of our time. We can tell you that the road to success will be long, windy and full of potholes: Be strong about conserving resources, learning from experts and follow a plan. That means start small, focus on bootstrapping and take steps to lengthen your financial runway so you can last the journey and get help with the experts.

The road to success will be long, windy and full of pot holes

Testimonials from 2012 GEW participants. “It is intense, but well worth it. I need to work on myself nearly as much as my business”. – Marta

“Book yourself in and come a long. This course will change your life”. – Celestine

“Vigorous, rigorous business overview- well worth the time“ – Clement “After this boot camp I felt a new person in terms of starting a business “- Peter

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The Business Plan ÂŁ9.99 + vat Please tick

Have you outlined your Operating plan? Outlined your 3 year plan How you will raise and repay Investment, Expansion capital or banks loans Described the Management & Risks

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Developing your USB ÂŁ9.99 + vat

Is your unique selling proposition (USP) defining your competitive advantage. Have you identify what makes you different from your competitors and emphasise these advantages in your marketing

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The Perfect Pitch ÂŁ9.99 + vat Please tick

Can you Avoid wordy expressions ? Include only relevant material? Avoid unnecessary repetition?

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How to add value to your product or service ÂŁ9.99 + vat

Have you worked out the difference between what you pays the suppliers, and the price that you are able to charge for the product/service with added value?

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Calculating your hourly rate & worth £9.99 + vat

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Do you know how much you need to Click to edit Master title earn every hour, each week or month to meet all your bills? style Do you know how to calculate this? Done

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Create your Brand £9.99 + vat Does your Brand Name, term, sign, symbol, design, or some combination identifies your products or service while differentiating them from the competition’s?

Brands have a powerful influence on consumer behavior.

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Design your business Process £9.99 + vat Please tick

Michael Gerber says if you’re an entrepreneur, you cannot grow and succeed in business by doing all the work yourself. He differentiates between working in the business and on the business.

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Have you decided whether you want to do the work or lead your team?

Using Social Media £9.99 + vat

Have you used social media to find you customers and builds clientele It introduces your brand To get feedback about your brand Solidify your reputation

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The Marketing Plan ÂŁ9.99 + vat Please tick

Have you produced a report that will show the reader, step-by-step, what you feel needs to be done in order to make your product/service successful?

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Goal Setting & meeting targets ÂŁ9.99 + vat

Have you Set out your goals, are they are in writing and readily visible.

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Are you working towards your goals on a regular basis.

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Working on yourself ÂŁ9.99 + vat Please tick

Do you live in acceptance or denial? Can you make changes? Do you accept full responsibility?

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Raising the Finance ÂŁ9.99 + vat Are you a UK start-ups still struggling to access finance, there's a new wave of entrepreneurial firms emerging to fill the void. There are several new players in the business funding market that are offering a viable alternative to the banks.

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Competition brings out the best in product and the worst in people Timetable for November 2013

Business is never done when your self employed

What type of training do we specialise in ? The seven soft skills. Based on the research findings obtained, seven soft skills have been identified and chosen to be implemented in all institutions of higher learning here.

In times of change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.

Eric Hoffer

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All our online courses are for a period of 4 weeks All our courses are mobile device friendly

All our courses are cost effective and affordable

All our courses are accessible to all

Student have almost 400 courses to select from.

All our courses are globally accredited by the IAO

All our courses come with a personal Virtual Tutor Facilitator

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• Tutors manual • Students manual • Course Overview • Pre Assessment • Powerpoints • Post Assessments • Course Evaluations • Course completion documents


Quality, Standards & Accreditation Accreditation and educational quality assurance are essential factors that complete the educational ecosystem. In the wake of growing globalisation, an increasing number of students are opting to study at education institutions or work for companies outside their home country. It is imperative to have standards that are both regionally and internally recognised and accepted. It is for that reason that AVPT Global sought and attained in June 2012 full global accreditation from the International Accreditation Organisation (IAO) to ensure that students around the world would truly benefit from our courses and awarded a certificate that would have some true value globally.

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Who we can form Collaborative Partnerships with Enterprise Organisations & Charities Community Projects, Housing Associations

Disability Groups & Enterprises

Corporate Business, SME

Government, Local Authorities & Trusts, Social Inclusions, Ministry of Justice Job Centres, colleges, universities and training centres.

Networking organisations, Trade Associations, Membership organisations

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