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Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated

Annual Report 2003-2004

The new promotional figure of DBYD in Costas Kilias, as we launch the web-based Digsafe software across Australia.

Trading as Dial Before You Dig Queensland. ABN 34 464 054 437


The DBYD Board at meeting Left clockwise 窶適ym Schubert, Kevin Black, Roger Frith, John Reid and Gary Searston Absent are Tom Williams and Neville Stride

The DBYD Call Centre at Work The Mondial Assistance Call Centre and staff who process the DBYD requests for our members

3 Introduction Queensland Call Before You Dig is a non-profit association of members who own or manage underground assets right across the state. The Service trades as Dial Before You Dig Queensland. It provides a single phone number 1100, fax 1300 652 077 or website that excavators can access from anywhere in Australia. The specifics of the work site are recorded and members with assets in the area are notified. This one stop referral service is free and is an easy way for all excavators to obtain details about any underground assets before starting work.

Vision: To be the first point of inquiry before any excavation work commences.

Mission: To facilitate access to information from our members, that promotes safe excavation and the protection of underground services. The Mission will be achieved by: • • • • •

Providing ease of contact through various electronic mediums Establishing partnerships with organisations who have similar objectives Encouraging a culture where no digging occurs without plans Growing our membership base Including organisations in membership who may not have underground services, but fit the broad objectives of DBYD in Qld • Delivering world class service that builds confidence in DBYD • Continual improvement through AADBYDS membership and partnership • Actively promoting use of the DBYD Service to excavators and planners • Commanding respect in the industries that benefit from or work with DBYD • Being cost effective, efficient and strongly supported by our members The Australian Association of Dial Before You Dig Services (AADBYDS) was formed in 1999, and is making Dial Before You Dig more consistent across Australia. In cooperation with the AADBYDS, we are working to create service improvements, implement web-based software and operate a single national communications centre for the whole of Australia. A new Business Operations Manager and resident Information Technology Manager has been appointed by the AADBYDS to further support these goals and to support the state associations. This report will show the seventh year of operation in Queensland reflecting higher than expected growth with plan inquiries, service membership and increasing community awareness. By any measure Dial Before You Dig is a success borne out by a 20% increase in contact this year. The Call Centre staff at Mondial Assistance has contributed to this result by finding new efficiencies of operation and rising to meet the challenge of increasing demand. Despite continual growth they have met all our performance requirements under the contract. Our partnership with Mondial Assistance has been one of strong support and they have always kept the DBYD contract requirements as a high priority. The report will show that Dial Before You Dig continues to be well used, strongly promoted and has grown even stronger with additional members in 2003-04.

4 Dial Before You Dig Qld – Chairman’s Report If their was any doubt in the continuing high level of construction and infrastructure activity in Queensland, it would quickly be dispelled when viewing our figures for the growth in enquiries to the service over the past year, which has recorded 20% or more for the second year running and shows no signs of slowing soon. These growth figures have been enhanced by the ever increasing level in awareness of the service as was demonstrated by a surprise reference to the service on TV lifestyle show ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ which generated over 400 extra enquiries in Queensland alone during the period immediately following its airing. Considerable credit must go to our call centre contractor, Mondial Assistance who, despite this large growth in enquiries, have proactively managed their resources and worked with those lodging enquiries to maintain a very high level of service. We are working with the National Association of Dial Before You Dig Services (AADBYDS) to ensure that this level of service will be maintained when our call centre operations are merged with those of the Southern States which is now scheduled for the 1st November 2004. Due to the delays in completing the Web based software for the lodgement of enquiries over the internet, the board took the view that the system needed to be fully proven before our migration. The system is now fully operational and it is encouraging to see the speed of growth with the lodgement of enquiries over the internet. We will be asking our members and the excavation community in general to use the internet to lodge their enquiries once it has been released in Queensland, with the view to improve accuracy and reduce costs. Other initiatives on the National front have seen the introduction of an awareness package to outline use of the service and safe digging which was jointly developed by the Civil Contractor’s Federation and AADBYDS. This is now available for utilisation by all our members along with resource packs, which can be obtained from the DBYD Manager. While we enjoy a considerable amount of standardisation of the DBYD service across Australia with single phone and fax numbers, web site and documentation, it isn’t the case in other places with well developed DBYD systems. Spare a thought for those providing location services in the United States, where 48 of the 52 states has its own service (and sometimes more than one) and a 10 digit phone number. A campaign is underway in the USA to establish a national 3 digit phone number for all states, but this is requiring authorisation all the way up to the Senate and the President and therefore taking some time! It is likely however, that 811 will be approved as the new ‘One Call’ number for use in the USA during 2004-05. Finally we note the renewed interest being shown in membership of the service from various councils and other asset owners across Queensland and welcome on board 15 new asset owners and three associate members who have joined during the course of the last year. More asset owners are seeing DBYD as an essential part of their Risk Management strategies. We will continue to encourage membership of the service by all asset owners throughout the state to assist in promoting safe digging. Roger Frith Chairman DBYD in Qld

Wynd Race Car at Willowbank

New Estate Development

5 Highlights from 2003/04. The statistics show that we had another year of exceptional growth in plan requests and the resulting referrals they generated. While the percentage growth is down on the previous year, it is still higher than expected at almost 20%. In broad terms the call centre staff are processing around 50 additional plan requests per day over the previous year, with no increase in staffing levels. Each working day that equates to around 300 requests to generate around 960 referrals to our member asset owners. The tables below tell some of the story. It is encouraging to know that our average contact by phone remains low at 26% of total plan requests. As we prepare for Digsafe in the latter part of 2004, our goal will be to migrate most of the existing fax contact over to the web. More about future plans later in the report. Sources of Actual Plan Requests in Queensland Source


























22.5% 16.5%

Member Other Utility Private





Total Annual





Ann. Growth





Avge. %

From 2002-03 Consultant included with Other Utilities because of software programme changes. Contact Medium and Comparative information for 2003-04 Enquiry by:

QLD Average

National Average
































Total Plan Requests % of Nat Requests







State % of Population







Dial Before You Dig continues to be promoted to contractors, training establishments, the building sector, rural producers, local government, state government and the insurance industry. Farm field days, trade shows, community open days, industry forums and conferences, along with TV (opportunity in rural), newpapers, magazines, sponsorships and other publications continue to be the main contact mediums into the community and specifically the excavation industry. Our members were kept informed by four User Group meetings and four newsletter releases during the year.

Primmer Racing for DBYD

6 Service Promotion: • During the year DBYD was represented at AG-Show (Toowoomba), IPWEA Qld State Conference (Technical Managers for LG), Water & Waste Conference (water & sewer managers), FieldFest (Rockhampton), Farmfest (rural industry Kingsthorpe), FarmFantastic (greater Brisbane), and a stand at Logan City during their Local Government week celebrations. These along with a formal presentation to the annual GITA (Geospatial Information Technology Association) Forum and sponsorship of the QCCF apprenticeship awards were used to effectively promote our message this year. As a sponsor of Local Government Week, we were actively involved with Logan City at their open day in July, as well as providing promotional items to member councils around Qld. Plans are underway to be involved again at LOGOV Expo and the IPWEAQ state conference in October along with other key events. • Advertising – We have found radio to be of minimal benefit for DBYD, as the message has no lingering effect and tends to produce spikes at the call centre. We join with other states as opportunities arise to use Imparja or WIN TV for special events and cost-effective advertising to western Queensland. Free TV advertising has occurred through the year from Groundforce, Backyard Blitz, Gardening Australia, Burkes Backyard and Better Homes and Gardens. The Better Homes and Gardens segment recently created a rush of activity right across Australia. On the Monday morning following the feature there were 160 emails waiting at 8am in Queensland and before the days end some 450 requests were logged. That kind of promotion will continue and serves as one of our best mediums to create general awareness. We maintain our profile to local government through editorial and advertising with the ‘Council Leader’, a full colour magazine that is printed bimonthly. Rural awareness is maintained through the bimonthly ‘Blues Country’ magazine, where we advertise in every edition. Some of our best advertising comes free from members who display our bumper stickers and these are becoming increasingly common on all kinds of trade vehicles. The smaller machinery sticker continues to be popular amongst manufacturers and machinery sales and hire outlets. At one show alone, some 400 stickers were willingly accepted by stands that sold or operated excavation equipment. The DBYD newsletter continues to be issued quarterly to keep our members and contacts informed about the Service. • Sponsorship – We maintain our prime sponsorships with Wynd Racing, Primmer Racing, Pacific Surf Club, Local Government Week and the Ipswich Knights Soccer Club. Whether in the surf, on the racetrack, sporting fields or at special events, DBYD is proudly featured and promoted by the recipients of our sponsorship. This year the DBYD apprentice of the year award for Certificate 2 in Civil Construction was issued to Max Zeller from Dalby in support of the Civil Contractors Federation. This is the second year of our sponsorship with the QCCF and we expect it will be a feature of our relationship for some time to come. Sponsorship of the IPWEAQ (Institute of Public Works Engineering Qld) events like the state conference and golf day have helped forge our links with local government and the many cities and councils who support DBYD. Sponsorship of Local Government week has enabled us to place 700 flyers in delegate satchels to the LG State Conference during September. • Other Industry Contact – Our involvement as members of the Construction Safety Managers and Officers Association (CSM&O) has provided opportunities to speak to the safety and construction industry, while developing contacts and support for the Service. Our strong links with the Council of Queensland Insurance Brokers has also afforded opportunities to support the service. The CQIB has taken the pro-active step of promoting the Service to their clients through the various policies they issue to the excavation industry. During the year a DBYD link was arranged on the CQIB website. The Civil Contractors Federation continues to support DBYD in their publications making our newsletter freely available on their electronic newsletter (via a link). DBYD has worked with the CCF to jointly sponsor the development of an industry wide awareness package for people in the excavation industry. The DBYD Awareness Package was completed and issued during the year and is now available across Australia. The package with explanatory CD has already been distributed to QMBA and various construction companies. Many TAFE colleges Operator training groups and other companies (like landscape outlets, location contractors and pest control) actively promote DBYD and distribute our literature. There are some 70 councils who now display DBYD literature in their customer service areas. NULCA (National Underground Locating Contractors Association) was formed in Australia during April and there have been a number of contacts between us to develop the relationship. We will hear more of NULCA and how they may help develop the standards for location contractors to compliment the service provided by DBYD over the next years.

7 • Service Promotion – Promotion trips were conducted in three primary areas with the aim of keeping a personal contact with asset owners and also to challenge about Service membership: 1. Regional Qld – Mackay to Mossman along the coast and back over the Atherton Tablelands to attend IPWEAQ state conference and meet with councils. 2. SE Qld – Gold Coast City and other greater Brisbane contacts from Sunshine Coast to Rockhampton, Wide Bay and Maryborough. 3. Darling Downs – Lockyer Valley, Toowoomba City, Eastern Darling Downs, Fassifern district and Granite Belt areas. A feature of our promotion during the year has been the offer of ‘a trial period’ free of cost or obligation for councils. This promotion has been effective in allowing councils to evaluate the benefits and operational processes over a period of 3 months. All but one joined after trial completions and another two are conducting a trial as this report goes to print. • Future Activities – We are in the implementation phase of Digsafe software and centralised call centre operations for Queensland. From November 1, our call centre operations will be amalgamated with the other eastern states to Victoria. This change will enable us to adopt all the advantages of web-based software, with the emphasis shifting to self- registration for plans. Digsafe has some features that will encourage many of our members to gear up for auto-processing to further enhance the service. Regular users of our fax service can more easily put their information directly into Digsafe from the web-site, than transcribing it onto a form for faxing. Our goal will be to achieve around 30% of all plan requests in 2004-05 by direct lodgement from the website. All upfront contributions to software development have been paid in full. • National Perspective – A newly appointed Business Operations Manager will assume prime responsibility to manage the centralised operations on behalf of the AADBYDS. The appointment of a BOM removes direct control by any state of the national call centre. Each state will continue to represent their member interests through their appointed director to the AADBYDS and each state manager. Full transition of the call centre contract, premises, equipment and staffing to the AADBYDS will occur during October. Brian Zeller General Manager

General Manager of LGAQ President Acting Paul Bell at Launch of Local Government Week

Stands at shows are important to our public awareness

8 Membership Growth. During the year eighteen new members joined the Service. New members admitted at the time of this report are: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Fitzroy River Water – providing water and wastewater services to greater Rockhampton Gladstone City – All city infrastructure Gatton Shire – Lockyer district council services Boonah Shire – Fassifern district council services Cardwell Shire – Services to Tully, Cardwell and Mission Beach area Perry Shire – Water services to Mount Perry Toowoomba City - All city infrastructure Pine Shire - All infrastructure services to Pine Shire (part of greater Brisbane) Millmerran Power – Wastewater pipeline from Toowoomba to Millmerran Alinta Gas – After assuming assets of Duke Energy (Duke no longer members) Hervey Bay City – Optic fibre links throughout the city area Aquagen – Water supply mains for Caloundra City and Maroochy Shire Education Qld – Optic fibre links at a number of education facilities in the state NQ Newspapers – Optic fibre cable link in Townsville DPI Fireants – Notifications are provided for fireant zones to limit the spread of this pest Locom Locations Australia – A provider of underground pipe & cable location services Aussie Hyrovac Services – An operator of vacuum excavation equipment Vac-U-Dig Pty Ltd – An operator of vacuum excavation equipment.

Crows Nest Shire is preparing to join DBYD along with a prominent petroleum supplier and a new central Queensland gas supplier. Enertrade Pipeline Management has recently extended its pipeline with DBYD to incorporate the newly constructed Moranbah to Stuart (Townsville) gas pipeline as well. Promising discussions continue with a number of other local government areas and a business enterprise of the state government. The following asset owners are also taking the opportunity to trial the service for three months as a means of evaluating the benefits of DBYD before committing to join: • Mackay City • Warwick Shire Fifty-four members now comprise the DBYD Service in Queensland. The DBYD Service recognises the valuable support of its membership during 2003/04



10 A Snapshot of DBYD Qld in Charts Ticketed Enquiries per Qtr in Qld With 000’s of Ticketed Enquiries per Million of Population (annually) 20000 18,968


National limit is 18,000/M


16000 12,500

14000 11,087

12000 10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 Qtr1 Qtr2 Qtr3 Qtr4 Qtr1 Qtr2 Qtr3 Qtr4 Qtr1 Qtr2 Qtr3 Qtr4 Qtr1 Qtr2 Qtr3 Qtr4 2000-01 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04

Member Referrals in 2003-04

V’nstream 5%

Others <4% 12% Telstra 32%

Optus 6% Origin 7% Ergon 8%

BCC 8%

Energex 22% Total Referrals = 189,016

11 Call Centre %Phones Answered <60 seconds 100 95 90 85 Achieved


Required Linear (Achieved)

75 70 Jun













Call Centre Average Answer Delay (secs) 35 30 25 20 15 Achieved




Linear (Achieved)

0 Jun













12 Independent Auditorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Report To the Members of Queensland Call Before You dig Service Inc. We have audited the financial report, being a special purpose financial report, of Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Inc. for the year ended 30 June 2004 comprising the Statement by Members of the Committee, Income and Expenditure Statement, Balance Sheet, Notes to and Forming part of the financial statements. The committee is responsible for the financial report and has determined that the accounting policies used and described in Note 1 to the financial statements which form part of the financial report are appropriate to meet the requirements of the Associations Incorporations Act Queensland and are appropriate to meet the needs of the members. We have conducted an independent audit of this financial report in order to express an opinion on it to the members of Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Inc. No opinion is expressed as to whether the accounting policies used and described in Note 1 are appropriate to the needs of the members. The financial report has been prepared for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of the Associationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Incorporation Act Queensland. We disclaim any assumption of responsibility for any reliance on this report or on the financial report to which is relates to any person other than the members, or for any purpose other than that for which it was prepared. Our audit has been conducted in accordance with Australian Auditing Standards. Our procedures included examination, on a test basis, of evidence supporting the amounts and other disclosures in the financial reort, and the evaluation of significant accounting estimates. These procedures have been undertaken to form an opinion whether, in all material respects, the financial report is presented fairly in accordance with the accounting policies as described in Note 1 so as to present a view which is consistent with our understanding of the Associationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s financial position, and performance as represented by the results of its operations and its cash flows. These policies do not require the application of all Australian Accounting Standards and other mandatory professeional reporting requirements in Australia. The audit opinion expressed in this report has been formed on the above basis. Audit Opinion In our opinion, the financial report of Queensland Call Before You Dig Services Inc presents a true and fair view of the financial position of Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Inc as at 30 June 2004 and the results of its operations and its cash flows for year then ended in accordance with the accounting prolices described in Note 1 to the financial statments Haines Norton Chartered Accountants

Darren Laarhoven Brisbane Dated

13 Queensland Call Before You dig Service Inc.

Statement by Members of the Committee The committee has determined that the association is not a reporting entity and that this special purpose financial report should be prepared in accordance with the accounting policies outlined in Note 1 to the financial statements. In the opinion of the committee the financial report: 1. Presents a true and fair view of the financial position of Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Inc as at 30 June 2004 and its performance for the year ended on that date. 2. At the date of this statement, there are reasonable grounds to believe that Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Inc will be able to pay its debts as and when they fall due. This statement is made in accordance with a resolution of the Committee and is signed for and on behalf of the Committee by:

Committee Member

Committee Member Dated this

day of


14 Queensland Call Before You dig Service Inc.

Income & Expenditure Statement for the Year Ended 30 June 2004 Note

2004 $

2003 $

INCOME Annual Contributions Interest Recieved Recovery of Expenses Referral Fees Startup Contributions

7,617 8,034 26,934 547,396 300

156,475 4,923 30,988 473,433 330



44,004 2,230 261 6,171 5,353 327,678 37,170 1,982 7,689 7,174 142 663 74,675 7,090 882 2,815 8,009 2,329 5,980

39,374 2,650 217 4,791 13,164 331,485 37,170 1,462 8,465 6,000 1,730 72,864 8,916 643 2,589 -

542,297 47,984

531,520 134,629

EXPENDITURE Advertising & Promotion Audit and Accounting Services Bank Charges Computer Expenses Conference & Trade Show Expenses Contract Services Development Costs Depreciation Expense Insurance License & Fees Legal Expense Loss on Disposal of Asset Management Services Miscellaneous Expenses Petty Cash Expenses Printing Expenses Sponsorship Telephone Travel & Accommodation











The accompanying notes form part of this financial report

15 Queensland Call Before You dig Service Inc.

Balance Sheet as at 30 June 2004 Note

2004 $

2003 $

CURRENT ASSETS Cash Prepayments Accounts Receivable

199,364 4,450 164,326

179,278 2,958 143,825









37,267 129 615

41,433 520









Accumulated Surplus









TOTAL NON CURRENT ASSETS TOTAL ASSETS CURRENT LIABILITIES Creditors & Accruals Other Creditors Provisional for Income Tax




The accompanying notes form part of this financial report

16 Queensland Call Before You dig Service Inc.

Notes To and Forming Part of the Financial Statements for the Year Ended 30 June 2004 NOTE 1: STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANT ACCOUNTING POLICIES This financial report is a special purpose financial report that has been prepared in order to satisfy the financial reporting requirements of the Associations Incorporations Act Queensland. the committee has determined that the association is not a reporting entity. The financial report has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Associations Incorporation Act Queensland and the following Australian Accounting Standards. AAS1 AAS3 AAS5 AAS8

Profit and Loss or Other Operating Statements Accounting for Income Tax Materiality Events Occurring After Reporting Date

No other applicable Australian Accounting Standards, Urgent Issues Group Consensus views or other authoritative pronouncements of the Australian Accounting Standards Board have been applied. The financial report has been prepared on an accruals basis and is based on historic costs and do not take into account changing money values, or except where specifically stated, current valuations of non-current assets. The following material accounting policies have been adopted in the preparation of this financial report.


Income Tax The association adopts the liability method of tax-effect accounting whereby the income tax expense shown in the income and expenditure statement is based on the operating profit before income tax adjusted for any permanent differences. Non-member income of the association is only assessable for tax, as member income is excluded under the principle of mutuality.


Fixed Assets Office equipment is carried at cost less, where applicable, any accumulated depreciation. The depreciable amount of all fixed assets are depreciated over the useful lives of the assets to the association commencing from the time the asset is held ready for use.


Revenue Interest revenue is recognised on a proportional basis taking into account the interest rates applicable to the financial assets. Revenue from the rendering of a service is recogised upon the delivery of the service to the customers. All revenue is stated net of the amount of goods and services tax (GST).


Goods and Services Tax Revenues, expenses and assets are recognised net of the amount of GST, except where the amount of GST incurred is not recoverable from the Australian Tax Office. In the circumstances the GST is recognised as part of the cost of acquisition of the asset or as part of an item of the expense. Receivables and payables in the statement of financial position are shown inclusive of GST.


Neville Stride presenting Apprentice of the Year Award to Max Zeller Repair to damaged cables Sharing a site with Telstra Countrywide

Rural Hazards

Surfboat for Pacific Surf Club

18 Queensland Call Before You dig Service Inc.

Notes To and Forming Part of the Financial Statements for the Year Ended 30 June 2004 2004 $

2003 $

NOTE 2: INCOME TAX EXPENSE Prima Facie Tax payable on operating surplus/(deficit) at 30% (2003: 30%)



Less tax effect of: Non taxable member income and expenditure arising from the principle of mutuality





NOTE 3: RECEIVABLES $ Receivables Accrued Income


163,551 775

143,825 -



NOTE 4: PROPERTY, PLANT & EQUIPMENT $ Office and Computer Equipment-at cost Accumulated Depreciation


9,202 (1,689)

9,624 (1,840)



Plant & Equipment-at cost Accumulated Depreciation

2,405 (573)

1,634 (297)



Total Property, Plant & Equipment



NOTE 5: COMMITMENTS A Payment was ratified by the board to Association of Australia Dial Before Your Dig Services for $33,000 to assist with their working capital. The directors resolved the funds to be advanced as an unsecured loan with a repayment schedule to be agreed.

19 Farm Fantastic

Toowoomba City Administration Centre Ag Show

Warwick Shire Council

DIAL 1100

BEFORE YOU DIG! Further Information: Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Mondial Assistance Building 74 High Street Toowong PO Box 2022 Milton Qld. 4064

Managers contact: Phone 07-3325 4444 Fax 07-3325 4344

For underground asset enquiries: Website â&#x20AC;&#x201C; or, Phone 1100 or, Fax 1300 652 077

QLD Annual Report 2003-04  

Queensland Call Before You Dig Service Incorporated Trading as Dial Before You Dig Queensland. ABN 34 464 054 437 The new promotional figure...