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Dial Before You Dig The Importance of Safe Excavation

The Importance of Safe Excavation • Dial Before You Dig - a free referral service designed to protect Australia’s underground assets and workers • Single point of contact for all excavators to obtain information • The “Middle Man” between excavators and asset owners (DBYD Members) • A national not for profit community service

The Service • • • • •

The essential first step in any excavation Lodging an enquiry is free The service is funded by Members Enquiries can be lodged online - – 24/7 Dial Before You Dig has a single contact number - 1100 – free call

Our Service • • • •

Nationally – over 770,000 enquiries annually Over 3 million referrals to asset owners nationally Over 85% of all enquiries are lodged online DBYD refers enquiries to Members and they respond to excavators – normally in the form of plans

The Service Enquiry

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The Members • • • •

The power, water, gas and telecommunications organisations Councils Other organisations with underground assets Non-asset owners too (eg. industry groups and peak bodies)

The Online Service

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Damages • Most damages are caused through… – Lack of Planning – Lack of Awareness – Wrong Assumptions – Ignorance

• Machinery involved in damaging underground networks – Augers, backhoes, excavators, boring machines, directional drilling, bitumen strippers – Also shovels, picks, star pickets, garden stakes, For Sale signs

Damages • How to avoid damages… – – – – – –

Always use Dial Before You Dig Wait for all information to arrive Do not use plans that are out of date Always have plans onsite Pay attention to clues at the work site – warning markers, pits etc Do not assume the depth or alignment of underground networks

Damages • The main causes of damage… – – – –

Do not change the job specifications halfway through Understand that networks can exist at more than one level Do not assume that registered easements tell the whole story Communicate with workmates onsite!

Damages CONSEQUENCES • Costly delays to projects as damage repaired and services are restored. • The damager runs the risk of a substantial repair bill. • Bad Press for the offending organisation.

Damages CONSEQUENCES • The Service owner has to respond to the damage. • Services to network customers are interrupted. • The community may be put at risk through damaged services (e.g. Hospital’s water supply cut off).

How to avoid damage What can you do to avoid damage to underground networks? • Understand & Demonstrate your “Duty of Care” • Your “Duty of Care” is to … Plan Pothole Protect and only then Proceed

Dial Before You Dig • • • • • •

The vital first step in safe excavation Use every time – no matter what the project Wait for all plans to arrive Plans do not show the exact location of the pipes and cables Use contact numbers provided by the utilities for assistance Use onsite locators if necessary


Awareness Presentation 2013  

A Dial Before You Dig presentation on our service and safe excavation.