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Why Tablet Magazines?

The case for tablet magazines Unprecedented tablet adoption rates have completely changed the landscape for magazine readership and distrubtion. Now your organization has a tremendous opportunity to entertain, educate, engage and motivate qualified consumers by providing an interactive publication that goes deeper than print. Tablet ownership has quickly expanded with over 100 million iPads sold to date, and 750 million Android device activations already in place. Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, forecasts worldwide tablet shipments will total 197 million units in 2013. Reach and engage more readers and customers Tablet magazines enable you to broaden your base of loyal readers and customers. Now you can create captivating layouts, graphics, illustrations, embedded forms and interactive elements to deepen the engagement with your target audience. According to a study from The Association of Magazine Media, reading times and interactions for tablet magazines are extremely high. The median time spent reading tablet-style magazines is two hours in a typical week, and 86 percent of readers access the same issue multiple times. Think different With the explosive adoption of tablets as a media consumption and sharing device, it is time to think differently about your audience. Tablet magazines provide deeper reader engagement through interactive content, integration to social share options and real-time content feeds from your website. The once ubiquitous term of “consuming content,” is now turned to circulating and sharing your content. Today, a single reader becomes a portal to hundreds or even thousands of other potential customers. Understand your audience’s behaviors Tablet magazine analytics enable you to capture and apply key insights to improve content and further engage and captivate your reader. Analytics provides you with actionable, real-time intelligence about your digital strategies and marketing initiatives. Additionally, analytics help you quickly identify the most engaging elements within your publication; how much time is spent on edit, video and interactive elements; determine where visitors are navigating away from the tablet magazine; and identify other critical success metrics.

“Worldwide tablet shipments will ”

total 197 million units in 2013 Source: Gartner (April 2013)

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Higher levels of engagement and sharing

Share articles instantly on your social media networks View additional “overlay” content with a touch of a button Touch hot spots to instantly change content and graphics Integrate with your print publication and website content


How It Works

Transforming content into an engaging and actionable publication The tablet magazine platform enables you to create your own custom publication by replicating your existing material or creating something totally unqiue from scratch. You can further enhance your tablet magazine by adding video, enhanced graphic images, slideshows, audio, animation, and other interactive elements to better immerse your audience in a total reader experience. Your tablet magazine can integrate social media, email, charts, and embedded forms to create a branded, fully customized publication that will enable your audience to take actionable steps. With these deeper integration points you can motivate your audience to sign up for a class, purchase a membership, sign up for an enewsletter, purchase something from your e-store or any prescribed action you desire. One of the key elements that creates an engaging tablet magazine is the use of interactive objects called content overlays, such as photo galleries, videos, forms, scrollable content, captions and other assets. Overlays consist of content and assets that lay on top of existing pages and are enabled by a simple touch.

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Easy access to content

Tap videos, live links, audio for instant access Touch a button to display additional content Swipe to review thumbnails of pages

Content and design is at the core What makes any type of tablet publication effective? Is it great design? Is it great content? It’s both, and more. It all starts with great content. Creating compelling branded content is what DCP does best, whether for a tablet magazine, a print publication, direct mail, collateral or a website. DCP can enhance your existing copy, or we can work with you from the ground up to create a new tablet magazine. We know how to unite captivating content with key design principles suited to your subject, keeping a close eye on balance, grid, color, graphics, typography, white space and connection. Our experienced graphic design team translates your objectives into a visual package for your tablet magazine that will capture your customers’ attention. DCP’s design services will: 1.) Conceptualize and develop design strategy. 2.) Research and develop art and graphics. 3.) Specify color palette, photography, video assets and illustration usage.

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2. Publish

3. Distribute


Standard Tablet Magazines

Standard Tablet Magazines enable your content to be viewed on mobile devices such as the iPad, Android and Kindle Fire tablets. The tablet publication is presented in a mobile app browser, allowing control over page flipping, embedded links and other select assets. The format for Standard Tablet Magazines is preconfigured and made for viewing in a two-page horizontal and singlepage vertical format. These publications can range from replicas of their printed counterparts to slightly modified versions, including additional text, video or audio. Nearly any printed publication, from a magazine to a catalog to a brochure, can be successfully converted into a Standard Tablet Magazine. Pages within the publication can contain hyperlinks to other pages within the publication or to external web pages. The main navigation bar can contain icon links to archived editions, thumbnail views of pages within the publication, standard page view and a menu of any assets within the publication, including your company information. Standard Tablet Magazines can be distributed through a private server, Apple Newsstand and App Store, Android Market and Amazon App Store.

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Standard Tablet Magazine click to download a sample or search “Diablo magazine HD” in iTunes

Simple Navigation

Turn pages with a finger swipe—intuitive interface Link to articles within the app—quick access to content Thumbnail views of all pages—easy to find articles

Page flipping Search Printing and PDF downloading Thumbnail views Tap zoom (one level) Hyperlinking Archive back issues Social sharing iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire


Advanced Tablet Magazines

Advanced Tablet Magazines provide an immersive reader experience that propels your content to the next level of reader engagement by taking full advantage of the tablet platform. The Advanced Tablet Magazine’s platform offers a multitude of cutting-edge features and leverages the maximum creative development contribution from the DCP design, edit and project-management teams. Advanced Tablet Magazines offer you a fully customized publication with a variety of enhanced features. Images can come to life on your cover, headlines can become portals to stories and you can even have your cover talk to your readers. These are just some of the many features the advanced tablet platform have to offer. It’s all about engaging your audience with a deep reader experience. Have your customers experience 360-degree photos; panoramic images that they can control, including changing colors and styles, and photo galleries with audio narration. Readers can tap images to zoom and pan and inspect items from every angle, including a virtual product tour—immerse them in the experience. Custom in-app stores can be created, allowing readers to shop and sign up for classes, memberships, or whatever you offer.

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Interactive Content

Embedded HD videos—engaging display Share content on your social networks—increase readership Bring in additional content from the web—fresh content Embedded forms for readers—actionable Programmable buttons—deeper reader interaction


Advanced Tablet Magazine click to download a sample or search “Next, Chevron’s Technology Magazine (HD)” in iTunes

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Content overlays Optimized for horizontal and vertical view 360° panning photos Embedded HD videos Embedded audio Embedded forms Interactive slideshows Interactive/changeable pages Social network sharing Horizontal and vertical text overlays Animated cover openings Animated pages Programmable buttons Scrollable frames iPad, Android and Kindle Fire

> Next Steps We guide clients like you through our time-tested process to produce great products. It starts by understanding your objectives, immersing ourselves in your brand, applying a strategic plan, and then managing the details—so you don’t have to worry about them. Contact us to learn more about creating a custom tablet magazine for your organization. > To download an Advanced Tablet Magazine click here. > To download a Standard Tablet Magazine click here. > To ask us questions about price, products or process, click here. > Follow us:

Tablet Magazines from DCP  
Tablet Magazines from DCP  

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