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December 2, 2019 Issue 164 Trentham sketchers

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The Local - The Heart of the Highlands

Your local real estate guide to the Central Highlands

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Front cover: The genesis for what is now the informally (dis)organised Trentham Urban Sketch Club, or TUSC, was a burst of drawing at a Penang resort in October 2016. It was started by Peter Young and the late David Bryant, sketched here working on the last painting before his first solo exhibition. Read all about TUSC on page 43.

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December 2, 2019 Issue 164 Trentham sketchers

Sketch: Peter Young

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The Local - The Heart of the Highlands

Your local real estate guide to the Central Highlands

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The Little Local

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Wish your clients a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in The Local.

The Little Local Summer 2019 edition out now!

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The Farmers Run


To carry all their supplies, Jenny Young from the Pig and Whistle Hotel at East Trentham has offered a courtesy bus along with an enclosed trailer for Brooke and Chris to use. Leanne and Samantha have been donated a light truck from Ballarat Avis Rental to carry their cargo up the Darling. Like last year, The Farmers Run members will stop at local pubs. Everything The couple, pictured above, called their grass roots charity effort The Farmers Run donated will get put out and families from the communities can take what they need and they thought they may just do it once and see how things go. But the response and want. There will also be a massive big barbeque laid out as an opportunity to was so positive the couple are doing it all over again, bigger and better. meet the locals and find out what is needed for future runs. It appears that a journey “A lot of people we visited kept in contact and asked us to come back again because they still needed the help,” says Brooke. “Conditions are worse than last year, that started as a one-off trip for a concerned couple from Bullarto is now evolving into an ongoing project. and people’s moods have deflated more. A lot of them say they are only going on Brooke agrees. “We now have a five-year goal in place and our aim is to continue because of their kids and that was hard to hear. So it has pushed us to do it again.” our run all the way to the Gulf of Carpentaria eventually.” This year the donations have increased. They have much more animal feed For anyone wishing to donate to The Farmers Run there is still time. Their final including dog and cat supplies and a lot of water (almost 1000 litres). They have collection of donations will be the afternoon of December 3 from the Daylesford upped the amount of food by triple and will be bringing much bigger and better Shell service station, Daylesford Community Op-Shop, Run With Me Fitness, presents and treats for the families for Christmas day. Trentham Petrol and Trentham IGA. Chris and Brooke will be joined by Leanne Byrne and Samantha Whitehouse. And due to the volume of donations The Farmers Run has for delivery, the group will be doing two separate trips. Chris and Brooke will depart on December 5 and Leanne Words: Anthony Sawrey | Image: Kyle Barnes and Samantha will depart December 12. “We will head straight up the Silver City Highway and through Broken Hill,” says Chris. “Our first stop will be Silverton, then we go out to Packsaddle and stop at Milparinka on the way to Cameron Corner before returning. Leanne and Sam will follow the Darling River to Pooncarie and on to Menindee.”

WELVE months ago, Brooke Gedling and Chris Kendall, in response to an ongoing drought impacting farming families in north western New South Wales, set off in their ute to travel to the worst affected area with donations of food, water and Christmas presents.

4 Words

Local Lines wagging wagging for the first time sitting on paspalum after lunch under the clothesline in Jimmy B’s backyard the rest have drifted back for maths leaving just Dolores and me she reaches over scoops her white soft pack from the lawn flicks the bottom shakes up a Kent extracts it with her lips plucks it from her mouth do you think people talk when they’re you know doing it? the pegs on Jimmy’s singlets tighten their grip

Bill Wootton Bill Wootton lives in Hepburn Springs and gave up smoking 40 years ago. Poems for Local Lines come predominantly from a group of poets. However, other locals who would like a poem considered for publication can contact Bill Wootton -

Vale Norm Suckling


ITH no subtlety at all, I’m wondering if I’m now ‘of an age’ where the people around me start to die.

Fairly recently, as in over the past few months, I have given out more condolences than ever before. My close friend’s mother passed away after just a fiveweek battle with cancer. A friend’s husband passed away after a heart attack. Many friends of the family, both close and not-so-close, have also died. And Norm, too. Norm Suckling died in late October. He had a motorcycle accident so it left everyone who knew him in shock. And oh, the people who knew him. Norm was both well-known and much-loved. So much so that media sought comment from the Hepburn Shire Mayor on his passing. To me, he was dad’s cousin. We would all pack into the family car and head to his farm for a big family reunion or birthday party. The parties were usually reserved for 80th birthdays and above - birthday parties that were of the kind that we weren’t sure that the person was going to make it to the next one. Norm made it to 64. But the man certainly did know how to pack an extraordinary amount of living into those years. It showed in the hundreds and hundreds of mourners at his funeral this month, filling the seats then finding a spot to lean against the walls. It was a big, beautiful service to commemorate a remarkable community man. In the days following his death, as the tributes began to flow, I noticed a few differences. People spoke of Norm being from Kingston, not Mollongghip as I had always remembered him. Plus I didn’t know that he was in a motorcycle club. But the front page picture of the Ballarat Courier, that was the Norm I knew - holding up a spud as big as his head. He used to bring a big hessian sack of them to our house whenever he visited and because I grew up in a city, I always wondered why there was so much dirt on them and why weren’t they in a plastic bag with a little tie at the top? As it turns out, there was a lot about Norm that I didn’t know. Things that maybe only come up when people are talking about somebody in the past tense. He had been in the CFA for nearly 50 years. He was an advocate for farmers' water rights. He served on boards and committees. I did know about his work fighting for the rights of spud farmers though; I had written a story about it and interviewed him for it a while ago. He’d asked about my little girl. I’d asked about his kids. Now, it will always be the last time I spoke to him. I also know that Norm was the son of Betty, who was the sister of Faye and Adele, who had all passed away before death seemed to reach out and start on the next generation. I don’t know how something so natural can be so awful. Is it that more people that I know are dying, as I myself get older? Or am I just more aware of it, because I myself am getting older. It doesn’t matter. Because I know what does matter. What matters is that even though I hated being dragged to those long-ago family reunions, it was a chance for me to make memories of people. Good people. Like Norm.

Words: Kate Taylor

Awards 5

Photography awards for The Local from VCPA


HE Local’s 2019 Producers’ Feature has been awarded highly commended for Best Photo Study in the Victorian Country Press Association awards.

The awards were held last month. Judge Bob Mackie, a former photojournalist in Canada, before moving to Australia and working with Fairfax and Rural Press, said the category attracted many entries and a huge range of styles, technique and creativity. "This category was arguably the closest contest in the photo awards this year. While there was one clear winner, the commendations were separated only by points – and subjective points at that. Many of the photographs could have easily shared the winners’ circle. In the end, the highly commended and commended mentions were very close calls. “This series of photographs by Kyle Barnes and Anthony Sawrey comprises all the illustrations for The Local’s Producers’ Feature, pictured right. The photographs are all images of local small food producers with their products; while the photographs combine to make a whole, each photograph in the series could stand alone as a single illustration. The entry is a good example of how a photographer can combine creativity, technical skill and a commitment to the overall story to take what could have been seen as a ho-hum assignment to the next level and create a winning publication.” Mr Mackie also commended the Roadside Stalls series. “Kyle Barnes in The Local again takes an everyday assignment to the next level with its 'Roadside stalls' series (Hillcrest Farm pictured below). Again, each photograph could stand alone as a single illustration to the story – there are no weak images – but combine to create a warm and friendly illustrative series. Very well photographed and very well presented by The Local."



6 Nature

Nature Diary

The old name for asteraceae was compositae, named after the structure of the daisy flower. The flowers are composed of a tight mass of tiny little flowers, and with Tanya Loos the petal-like structures are in fact brightly coloured bracts. The podolepis pictured has tiny flowers in the centre, surrounded by yellow bracts, and the billy button is a ball of flowers, without any bracts. NE of my favourite things about early summer is the abundant This type of flower head means that flowering of a prime patch of showy podolepis along the top track of when an insect visits a daisy, they are Tipperary Springs. actually visiting hundreds of tiny flowers These wonderful native daisies are appropriately named for they are indeed very for nectar and pollen, and when fruiting showy. Packed densely along the path, and growing in between grassy tussocks and time comes, abundant seeds are produced, rocks, their blossoms are a beautiful golden yellow. creating food for ants and small mammals. The family of plants known as daisies is called the asteraceae, after the Greek word Whether they are shrubs or single for star. It is one of the largest plant families – with over 20,000 species worldwide. plants, when our daisies are in full flower, There are your traditional garden daisies, food plants such as sunflower, artichoke the flowers are covered in insects such as and surprisingly, lettuce. The yam daisy or murnong is an important indigenous food beetles, bees, butterflies, and native hoverflies which in turn feed birds. The young of plant. these insects feed on the leaves of daisies when they are in larval form, also wonderful Chamomile, marigold and absinthe are also daisies, as well as hundreds of weed food for birds which are often nesting when the daisies are in flower. species such as capeweed. Planned burning that is carried out too often, or when too hot can wipe out the In Australia, there are about 1000 native daisies. These include shrubs such as the daisy shrubs, much to the great detriment of the ecology of the forest. beautiful olearia family and the ozathamnus or grey everlasting, and our two cassinia There are some fantastic showy podolepis patches along roadsides in the Wombat shrubs – the dogwood of wetter areas, and the Chinese scrub or coffee bush of drier State Forest – well worth a drive and coming into full display now. habitats. Weedy looking native daisies include the whole senecio or fireweed family, a Image: Tanya Loos. Taken at Tipperary Spings, Hepburn Regional Park. common feature in our local forests, especially after disturbance. Latin name Podolepis jaceoides Podolepis are endemic, which means that the 20 or so species grow only in Australia. The showy podolepis patch I am familiar with also has a few other daisy species, Tanya Loos is a keen field naturalist who spends a lot of time wandering including those fantastic round flowers known as billy buttons. Billy buttons are also around the bush in our beautiful region. She loves writing about nature and daisies.


science - she blogs at

Don’t wait for somebody else to do the right thing

It’s easy to tune out during rush hour. But it’s good to stay present and be aware of other commuters. We all have a role to play in calling out sexual harassment. Respect women: call it out.

Playing Mick Taylor keeps Chris busy


ROM bar brawls and biker gangs, to barman and boots, this bushie is busy.

“At the time John was stepping back from his role a little bit and they were looking for someone to stand in for his Wolf Creek character, Mick Taylor, at car shows and other public events including Supernova.” And John Jarratt’s response when he saw the video? “You look more like Mick Taylor than Mick Taylor.” And while Chris has found other work, including recently doing a bikie movie called Steel Warriors which involved a few bar brawling scenes, on the whole, it’s the Mick Taylor character which has kept him busy. “I have an advert coming up soon for Cougar Footwear’s boots where I’m a barman. It was shot last Saturday at the Dunolly pub. And then I have been cast in a full-length movie in February, where I have to play a Mick Taylor-type bloke. “My character gets these blokes and cuts their fingers off and tortures them. You know, a nice pleasant type of a bloke,” says Chris, as he adds the infamous Mick Taylor giggle. So, what’s next for this long-term Yandoit resident? Has his new-found fame gone to his head? “You know, I’ve met some great people and friends so far, especially John Jarratt, he is a terrific bloke, but I’m getting old so I’m not sure. And no, it hasn’t changed me at all. I am the same guy I was and always will be.”

It all started innocently enough when Chris Olver turned up to the Ballarat Mill Market, in character as the infamous Mick Taylor from the movie Wolf Creek. The word had got around that one of the vehicles from the movie had been purchased by Mill Market owner Mark Ward. As legend has it, and according to staff on the day, the Ford F100 had rolled downhill brakeless and broken down without a helmsmen, into the showroom where it is now on display. While Chris was doing a photoshoot for The Local the Mill Market’s social media team happened to be filming their own Mick Taylor character, that is, until they spotted Chris who was quickly pressed into the role. “The other bloke’s wife wasn’t too happy,” Chris says. Chris’ acting career quickly spiralled from there. “I mean, I’m just a little runabout bloke that’s popped up from nowhere,” Chris said. But shortly after the social media clip went viral, John Jarratt’s manager Emma Hall got in touch and asked Chris to the 40th anniversary of Mad Max dressed as Mick Taylor “because they wanted to take a look at me”. “I agreed at first and thought about it later and backed out of that, but at the last minute Shirl, my wife, said ‘come on, you’ve got nothing to lose’, so we loaded up the Inset, at Supernova, from left, cameraman Yurie, manager Emma Hall, Chris truck and went over for the weekend. “We arrived there and then holy hell, they were swamping me. They were Olver, Shirley Olver, John Jarratt and Wolf Creek truck owner Glenn Bertram everywhere. I did 167 photos for the day and I met Emma who requested me to do a video to send to John Jarratt. Words: Kyle Barnes | Main image: Kyle Barnes | Inset: Contributed

A cooling ale and a sparkling spritz. Summer salads and platters shared. A beer garden made to graze and laze for hours. Exceptional service with food to match SPEND SUMMER AT THE DAYLESFORD HOTEL LUNCH FRI - SUN 12-3PM DINNER 7 NIGHTS FROM 5PM DAYLESFORDHOTEL.COM.AU

8 News

FARMERS ARMS HOTEL DAYLESFORD MAJOR SPONSOR Proudly supporting our community’s news

The Daylesford Foundation with HRCC


HERE are exciting times ahead for Hepburn Regional Community Cheer in welcoming our new partner, The Daylesford Foundation along with existing partners Variety The Children’s Charity, Hepburn Health, Daylesford Community Op Shop, Rotary Daylesford, Grampians Disability Advocacy and CAFS Daylesford.

The Daylesford Foundation, a benevolent charity which advances social and public welfare, has been in existence since 2018 with local members of our community on its board. HRCC has been built on empowering resilience, equity, compassion, wellbeing and community and along with our platinum donor The Farmers Arms and Art Suites we provide much-needed Christmas cheer with our Day of Giving where we fill the Daylesford Town Hall with new toys and presents for children, gift vouchers for 10- to 17-year-olds and provide adults with food vouchers and hampers. Extra-special ones for pensioners. We have an inclusive open Christmas Day Lunch on December 25 at The Farmers Arms and also provide Back to School Funding to Hepburn Health Welfare. Registrations are now open for both our Christmas Cheer Day of Giving and Christmas Lunch by contacting Hepburn Health on 5321 6550. Transport can be arranged for lunch. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed to making this a successful event for our local community and thank The Daylesford & District Community Bank for its ongoing support with the Gift Tree where you can make donations of new or unused toys. On a different note, we would love to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to Jan Pengilley, pictured right, who has been a founding member, past president and integral part of our team who is leaving to move to a warmer climate. It has been such a privilege and great fun working with Jan. We will all miss her for her integrity, warmth, empathy and ability to bring much laughter and happiness to our team. Adieu Jan.

Words: Michelle Clifford

Holistic Funeral Directors

Sustainable & authentic funerals Call 5427 3112 visit

News 9

New home needed for wholefoods collective


EPBURN Wholefoods Collective needs a new home.

The organisation, which has been running for seven years, has 130 members and currently operates out of the old police residence behind the Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre, has outgrown its premises. Spokesperson Beverly Risstrom said she was hoping they could find something accessible, "with a toilet" and for a reasonable rent in the town. "We are organic, bio-dynamic and local. We stock a lot of dry goods like lentils, chickpeas, oats, nuts and flour but we also have other items like miso, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables and honey. And we recently we added laundry products, soaps and healing creams." Beverly said members paid $130 each year and could buy as much food as they liked, which was bought wholesale with 10 per cent added to the sale. The annual turnover is $60,000. "At the moment we are in the old police residence but only have two rooms, no hot water and no toilet. If one of our volunteers needs to go to the toilet, we have to close up shop and head down to the Neighbourhood Centre. "We think ir we get somewhere more convenient in the town we are going to get more members and will be able to offer longer opening hours and a bigger range. It could lead to a whole different future for us." Current opening hours are Mondays, 9.30am-11.30am, Tuesdays, 5pm-7pm (daylight saving only), Wednesdays, 2pm-4pm, Thursdays, 3pm-5pm and Saturdays, 11am-1pm. People need to bring their own containers. Details and to offer new premises email

Pictured from left, back row, Tony Soccio, Anthony Petrucci with Fab on his shoulder, middle row, Dora Berenyi, Virginia Langsford, Beverly Risstrom, Maree Hempel, Marianne Lavelle and Fiona Petrucci, front row, Avic McClay and Luna Image: Kyle Barnes

Did you know bushfires kill from 300m away? Bushfires can reach temperatures of up to 1100°C. Long before the flames reach you, the wave of radiant heat can kill you from up to 300 metres away - the distance of two football ovals. Planning and preparing for bushfire is the only way to survive it.

Plan. Act. Survive. Go to

Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne

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4 Howe Street Phone 03 5348 2249


12 News

Clunes Newsagency back after bungled burg


Reflecting on the broader economic impact Craig said: “You take away (a town’s) banking, it’s severe…people decide to do their banking in Ballarat or Maryborough or wherever… before you know it they get all their shopping, pay their bills there From the early morning hours of March 3 when the bungled attempted burglary of the Bendigo Bank ATM at the front of the historic newsagency building, instead of here, they develop new habits and we lose their custom…Clunes can’t business owners Cynthia and Craig Drewer knew they had a mammoth task ahead to afford that.” Repairs happened incrementally. The verandahs on the adjacent hairdresser and rebuild the historic premises and keep the newsagency open. collectibles store were the first to be restored in August and September and then What followed were eight stressful months involving insurance companies, work on the newsagency followed. Every day Cynthia and Craig observed the gradual the Hepburn Shire Council and a variety of engineers and finally builders – and a repair and rebuild, with work in strides some days and in micro-steps on others. wrecked heritage area, a constant reminder of a senseless act of vandalism. However, the day the new Bendigo Bank ATM was installed there was “light at the It did bring out the best of the town with multiple acts of kindness and end of the tunnel and you’d have to say the town drew a huge sigh of relief ”. compassion from product buyers, locals, other traders and many customers. Thankfully, the business reopened in its old home on Monday. For the first time “A lady brought in a homemade sponge or sausage rolls every week,” Cynthia said. in eight months a full newsagency product range is available, displayed on new racks “Then there were regulars who quietly handed us vouchers or envelopes containing and shelves, with a new service and Tattslotto counter and upgraded security around money…and the casseroles, the pub pints and hugs – I can’t forget the hugs!” Clunes threw its collective support behind the couple. Led by the Clunes Tourism the Bendigo Bank sub-agency. And there’s a Christmas tree and decorations in the shop window. Development Association, the town put on a community barbeque and fundraised A relieved Cynthia and Craig are finding their feet again. “It’ll take us a fair few $22,000 – plus an individual Clunian established a GoFundMe page – to keep the weeks to feel settled in after what we’ve been through. I still go to reach for things in only newsagency in Clunes afloat. the wrong places,” Cynthia said. “Local businesses have been fantastic, supporting us however they can. It’s been Meanwhile, two large bunches of roses sitting on the shop counter remind them solid,” Cynthia said. Add the encouragement from the Bendigo Bank and Tabcorp’s help to re-establish of the town’s love and support. the business temporarily at the Club Hotel across the road. Family and friends were there to debrief and assist with the multitude of tasks including collecting the younger children from school, while the eldest Drewer daughter and son pitched in at Words: Barbara Curzon-Siggers | Image: Kyle Barnes home and at the agency. Despite all the support, the strain did show. It’s impossible to overerestimate the effect on Cynthia and Craig these last few months have had. Interviewed for The Local in July, Craig described the personal and business toll of “week after week of frustration, stress and concern…we’re exhausted…we’re almost in the red and if there isn’t an end point…(we) can’t survive”.

or small businesses in small towns, there’s challenges and then there’s catastrophes.

Above: St Michael’s Students with Dr Beth Quin (centre) and teacher Leona Ryan (right)


Springs Kids Art Project is a Springs Medical initiative supported by Daylesford and District Community Bank and The Rotary Club of Daylesford. This year artwork was produced by students at St Michael’s Primary, Daylesford and is now on display at Springs Medical, Daylesford. Springs Medical would like to sincerely thank the Students and staff of St Michael’s Primary for their fantastic work and their support of the Spring Kids Art program. Dr Beth Quin, who first conceptualised the idea of Springs Kids Art Project back in 2011, visited the school at their recent assembly to present the certificates to our 2019 artists.

Christmas & New Year

Essential Health Information For Residents And Visitors


CODE RED (CATASTROPHIC) BUSHFIRE RISK POLICY Springs Medical is committed to providing essential health services to residents and visitors to our region. THE PERSONAL SAFETY OF OUR PATIENTS, OUR STAFF AND THEIR FAMILIES IS PARAMOUNT.

On all CODE RED days we will:


Springs Medical at Daylesford and Trentham.

Seek to provide an ‘Urgent Care’ service from Daylesford Hospital.

Attempt to contact all patients with booked appointments to reschedule as appropriate.

Please heed the advice of the CFA and other authorities. For urgent medical attention on a CODE RED day contact the

After Hours GP Helpline 1800 022 222.

We recommend that you download the Vic Emergency App.

In an emergency always call 000

We wish everyone a happy and healthy festive season DATE




21 DEC




22 DEC




23 DEC




24 DEC




25 DEC




26 DEC




27 DEC




28 DEC




29 DEC




30 DEC




31 DEC









Resume normal hours

Please note: SIS Clinic will be closed 23/12/2019 - 5/1/2020. If you have an urgent, non life threatening health concern after hours or on a public holiday, call the After Hours GP Helpline 1800 022 222

For more information, visit our website Daylesford 10 Hospital St | tel: (03) 5348 2227

Trentham 22 Victoria St | tel: (03) 5424 1602


14 Happy & Healthy

Health services join


ENTRAL Highlands Rural Health is the new name of the combined Hepburn Health Service and Kyneton District Health.

Do you keep people Happy & Healthy? Advertise here.

Dr. Susanne M. Heringslake Chiropractor Moments To Ponder a little gift from me to you

Thank you! [\ Last Thursday, the 28th was Thanksgiving, a special day of celebration for me.

Minister for Health Jenny Mikakos has confirmed the formation of the new health service. Over the past two years, the boards of Hepburn Health Service and Kyneton District Health have been working together and consulting with their communities on better ways to share resources and improve clinical services. The combined management structure of Central Highlands Rural Health started last week with no reduction in services, staffing or funding. All campuses in Kyneton, Daylesford, Creswick, Clunes and Trentham will stay in place and keep their local identity. Donations remain with the community that raised the funds. Kyneton District Health and Hepburn Health chief executive officer Maree Cuddihy said the formation of the new organisation would enable it to deliver a stronger health service in each community. "We will be able to strengthen services, enhance quality and deliver more consumer-driven care. Personally, I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities for improvement to local healthcare our voluntary amalgamation brings." Ms Cuddihy said the single entity would ensure the health services could meet the future health care needs of a growing population, deliver more and new services locally and provide greater access to high quality care for locals in each community. Patients would enjoy better health outcomes thanks to the sharing of knowledge, skills expertise across campuses to improve care and a stronger ability to recruit and retain staff, she said.

Springs Family Dental YOUR LOCAL DENTIST

Keeping the Families of Daylesford Smiling.

OPEN Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm

It’s a day of gratitude and heartfelt thanks for the people, the experiences, the moments which are my life. So, from both of us, thank you to all the members of our community for being a part of our lives in your own unique way. We’re indeed blessed. Thank you!

For all enquiries and to book appointments, please contact: Dr Susanne M Heringslake Chiropractor Mobile: 0407 301 352

Children’s Dentistry | Smile Makeovers Dental Implants Crowns & Veneers Teeth Whitening | Emergency Dental Appointments Happy Gas Available 16 Albert Street, Daylesford | P 03 5348 2939 | F 03 5348 3203 E

Happy & Healthy 15

Suzanne just bobbin along at Hepburn House


HEN Suzanne McQuade moved to Hepburn House, she brought a fantastic sense of style - and her sewing machine - with her.

From going to art school, then owning a vintage clothing shop in London and dressing hippies, Suzanne is now combining her creative talents as a seamstress in her new home at Hepburn House. “Now I like to lay about and on my good days I like to sew, making bags and different types of clothes,” Suzanne says. A government-funded aged care facility, Hepburn House offers all levels of care, from permanent to respite, in a comfortable home-style environment. Hepburn House is Rainbow-tick accredited and along with the beautiful gardens and natural bushland that it is set in, there is a full lifestyle program on offer, including an inter-generational playgroup. Suzanne has been a long-time friend of the LGBTI community and has even used her stunning sewing skills to make outfits for Hepburn House staff to parade in at ChillOut. An extension to Hepburn House is also now underway and it will include a LGBTI and friends section consisting of 31 beds. There will also be a purpose-built area for residents living with dementia consisting of 15 beds – as well as a gym and a theatre. Entertainers also often perform at Hepburn House, as well as regular favourites for residents like Morning Melodies and outings for coffee and cake, to local attractions and events or shopping. “All of the staff and residents at Hepburn House are absolutely wonderful,” Suzanne says.

Hepburn House is located at 1 Hepburn Road, Daylesford. For more information call 5348 8100 or visit Advertorial



CRESWICK NURSING HOME Don’t miss this rare opportunity to secure a beautiful room when the current refurbishments are completed. • • •

Permanent or Respite care available 24 Hour nursing Accredited with the Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission

For enquiries contact: Gabrielle Kirby, Waitlist Manager 03 5321 6595 or email:



Christmassy things TRENTHAM Christmas Carols in the Park will be held at the Quarry Street Reserve on Friday, December 6 from 6pm. The event includes carols and concert including local performers and the Trentham Primary School. Santa will also make a visit. Details: 5424 8291 or 5424 1127. THE Clunes Community Christmas Parade starts at 7pm in Fraser Street on Friday, December 6. A great family event. THE Daylesford madrigal group The Marigolds will present a free pre-Christmas concert at the Convent Gallery Chapel on Sunday, December 15, at 2pm. THE Twilight Christmas Markets at Daylesford, a fundraiser for Hepburn Regional Community Cheer, are held at the Daylesford Town Hall every Friday in December leading up to Christmas, from 5pm to 8pm. For a stall call Sue on 0400 025 602. COUNTRY Carols at the Church at Scrub Hill on Wednesday, December 18 from 5.30pm. DAYLESFORD Brass Band will be playing for Christmas at: Trentham Carols, December 6 from 8pm; Daylesford Christmas Markets in the Daylesford Town Hall, Friday, December 6 and Friday, December 13 from 7pm-7.30pm; Hepburn and Daylesford Carols on the Bus, Monday, December 9 (including Hepburn House) and Monday, December 16; Glenlyon Community Christmas Fair, Saturday, December 14 from 6.30pm; Carols by Candlelight at the Hepburn Sound Shell, Friday, December 20 from 8pm; Carols in Vincent Street, Saturday, December 21 from 10am to noon (includes a visit to Daylesford Hospital); and the Ecumenical Carol Service Sunday at the Anglican Church on Sunday, December 22 from 6.30pm. Got a free event happening for Christmas? Let everyone know here. Email

Our providers 17

Dining award for Talbot Provedore and Eatery


HE Talbot Provedore and Eatery has been awarded joint state winner for Best Casual Dining in the 2019 Golden Plate Awards.

This is the third consecutive year the Talbot Provedore and Eatery has won a state level venue award in the Golden Plate Awards and it was also awarded state finalist in Best Menu of Local Food, Best Chef - Christopher Howe, Best Casual Dining, Best List of Local Wines, Beers and Ciders, and Best Value. The Golden Plate Awards is an annual state-wide award programme that seeks to give recognition to excellence in hospitality venues located in regional Victoria. Hospitality venues are blind judged, without notice, by two or more independent expert judges, with every aspect of hospitality assessed including food quality and presentation, customer service, use of local produce, local beverages, coffee quality, ambience, and value for money. The Talbot Provedore and Eatery was judged on two separate occasions during the judging period, with both judges dining on a Saturday evening. Chef and owner Christopher Howe was also a finalist in the Peter Watson Memorial Best Chef award. Held in Melbourne at the Comcater demonstration kitchen, finalist chefs were provided with a mystery box of ingredients from which they were required to present two dishes each of entrée and main course for judging. The judge’s comments included: "Talbot Provedore and Eatery is all about celebrating the incredible locally grown produce, and wine. Fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry and even the dairy are all sourced almost exclusively from local producers. "The chef celebrates local ingredients with respect, creating dishes that are simple, elegant and utterly delicious. It is set in a charming old Victorian building in a picture-perfect village. This is the type of restaurant that I would recommend all chefs to eat at, at least once. No pretence and no ego. Just great food, impeccably prepared and elegantly presented. Go for the drive, this will be a restaurant you won’t forget." Mr Howe said he suspected many in the audience had not been to the tiny little town of Talbot. “We sometimes feel that we live in a bubble so awards like this are a real validation for what we do.” Co-owner Jayne Newgreen said the business was "all about celebrating local produce at our venue, that is what we do, and we love all of our local producers, so thanks to them, we couldn’t do it without them". Daylesford's Bistro Terroir was the joint state winner for Best Casual Dining.

Pictured, from left, Talbot Provedore and Eatery's Jayne Newgreen, Stephan Zimmerman and Jane Cox with the award

Open Day at Musk's Dairy Flat Farm


AIRY Flat Farm Daylesford will hold an open day and Christmas market on Saturday, December 7 from 10am to 2.30pm.

Entry cost is $6 and families $12 with proceeds going to the Daylesford Primary School Kitchen and Garden project. Tours of the vegetable and cutting gardens will run throughout the day and guests will be free to wander around the lodge and formal gardens, the olive grove, down the pear walk to the dam and through the orchard. Baked goods, coffee and other refreshments will be available for purchase from the Bake House. Freshly harvested vegetables, herbs, flowers and a variety of local items suitable for Christmas gift giving will be available at the farm shop. Tickets at the gate. Head to 238 Dairy Flat Road, Musk.

18 Our councillors

Second time around for Mayor Janet Pearce


“So when you make that decision everyone needs to feel they have had an T IS easy to see why Cr Janet Pearce has been elected for a second term as opportunity to contribute. mayor for Macedon Ranges Shire Council.

The Woodend resident of 19 years is passionate about her role, her council and her community. Going into the final year before elections in October next year, Cr Pearce said her priority was to continue the work of the past three years, achieve even more over the next 10 months before going into caretaker mode and being very conscious of leaving a solid legacy for the incoming council to continue. Her councillor years have gone very quickly, she says. And the decision to run for council was pretty much a no-brainer for the volunteer and nurse. “Firstly it was for the community. I have lived here for 19 years and two of my children were born here. So I got involved with playgroups and my husband and I have just always volunteered. I was chair of the Woodend Neighbourhood House for many years and it really opened my eyes to the number of community groups and volunteers here. “Then I got a scholarship for the Loddon Murray Leadership Program and that really gave me the bigger picture and I started thinking about the great asset we have here, the community, and their skills and dedication and volunteers and whether we were connecting to council. And I felt we could do that a little better, and I think we have. “My husband is a GP and we invested in a practice in New Gisborne, so that gave me an interest in small business and then there is this great environment we live in and the importance of protecting that. They are all the reasons I nominated for council.” Asked for three highlights over the past year, Cr Pearce struggles to keep to that number. “There are so many things. One would be as mayor you have such a great opportunity to go around and get invited to so many community events. People tell you their stories, you share their achievements and meet the volunteers. That is a real highlight for me. “And listening to people. I think the most important thing is that people want to be listened to. We, as council, have to make decisions on what we think is the best outcome for the entire community.

“So you listen to every side, read everything you can and at the end of the day you make the best decision at that time for the bigger picture. And sometimes people may find that a little difficult to understand because consulting doesn’t mean consensus. But we have just appointed a community consultation staff member – because we know how important consultation is. We have also appointed a grants officer for both council and community groups.” Another highlight, although some would see it as a low, is the recycling crisis. Cr Pearce sees it as an opportunity to be both “innovative and brave”. “We have really stepped out of the box and we are very much respected in Victoria for that. We have responded to the crisis really well as staff, councillors and the community. We have just introduced food organics and garden organics recycling, which will start in February and we have been doing a study on glass recycling that we implemented in Lancefield as a trial and will now be phasing that in shire-wide from January. That is a first in Victoria. And we keep working on a metals solution. “We have also increased our hours for our waste education officer who will focus on schools and we are also allocating money for a feasibility study on how we can enter the recycling industry here.” Cr Pearce said her final highlight was the council’s strengthening advocacy role including with organisations such as Coliban Water – over the Kyneton Water Reclamation Plant, and Canberra – asking for better communications. “That is the councillors working with the CEO and staff and working with the community advocating together for state and regional partnerships and I think we have really strengthened that role.”

Words: Donna Kelly | Image: Kyle Barnes

um i em mer r P m Su 019 2

HOUSE.LAND.HOME. Your local real estate guide to the Central Highlands


Daylesford 12 Indigo Lane 3



One of the most beautiful architecturally designed houses in Daylesford “Helix House� will make you stand out from the crowd! Helix House is set on just under 5 acres of sprawling gardens and bushland, was created by a local architect and building team, and is constructed from beautiful, textural Mt Gambier limestone. Designed to bring nature inside and give the feeling of open space, it has walls of glass at incredible angles that take you on a journey and seem to follow the sun as it moves throughout the day. The property consists of 3 good sized bed rooms (all with split systems), 2 bath rooms and multiple living spaces all heated by hydronic heating. The property also features a loft/tower room, which is the perfect spot for relaxing! Central kitchen with gas appliances and island bench plus laundry completes the picture. Outside in the beautiful gardens there is also an open planned studio with wood fire and loft office. Town services are electricity, water, gas and septic tank plus the added bonus of a bore and a dam. This is a unique, modernist, stylish home surrounded by beautiful landscape and stunning views towards Mt Franklin. Pre-arranged inspections by appointment only.

Price $1,115,000

Inspect By Appointment

Land Size 4.7 acres approx.

Contact Nathan Skewes 0439 322 630




Wheatsheaf 80 Whitegum Drive Gary Cooke 0488 547 004




Hepburn 5/207 Main Road 2




1514m2 approx.

This is a rare chance to own world class luxury holiday accommodation boasting virtually 100% occupancy and returning over 14% pa, with bookings across 77 countries. This fully self-contained two-bedroom plus two-ensuite villa is set on 1514m2approx, the jewel in Daylesford and Hepburn’s crown. You must come and see for yourself...words simply don’t do it justice. Leave your cares at the door and step into Tranquility, a retreat to fine living, unparalleled architecture and opulent indulgence. A luxurious getaway where floor-toceiling windows are the only thing that separates you from the spectacular landscape, and where nature has dug a deep ravine that climbs up sheer cliff-side and unfolds onto scenic bushland with abundant bird-life and natural fauna to help you unwind, relax and rejuvenate.

Price $990,000

Daylesford 17A Leggatt Street Annette Leary 0407 917 054







Agency in Hepburn, Hepburn Springs & Daylesford

Inspect By Appointment

Contact Nathan Skewes 0439 322 630

Thank you for your support hockingstuart Daylesford has been voted the #1 Agency in Hepburn, Hepburn Springs and Daylesford in the RateMyAgent 2019 Agency of the Year Awards. The RateMyAgent Awards are the only awards that recognise agents and agencies who have been the most consistently recommended by the people that matter most – customers who have sold their property with us in the last 12 months. Thinking of selling? Find out what makes hockingstuart Daylesford the most recommended agency and call us on 5348 1700.



Daylesford 6 Green Gables Road 3



2163m2 approx.

Sitting right on the edge of Doctors Gully this stylish and private renovated cottage awaits. With exterior textures of wood, tin and weather-board the cottage boasts a modern bathroom and kitchen, open plan dining and living, three bedrooms and activities space-office/study/small sitting area. The outdoor entertaining area offers glorious 180 degree views across the lovely back garden and along Doctors Gully. An outdoor hot and cold water spa invites and the garden with manicured stone paths lays home to a studio, mowing and tool sheds, veggie garden and chook pen.

Daylesford 41 Hill Street 3



1032m2 approx.

Situated just moments from the iconic Convent Gallery, Wombat Hill Gardens and Daylesford town centre, this lovely period residence has been sensitively renovated providing three bedrooms with an option of a fourth. The master features WIR and ensuite. Both the second and third bedrooms have BIR. The study/TV room could easily be used as a fourth bedroom. There is a second bathroom and laundry. The sunny lounge room has elegant period features whilst the large and airy kitchen/dining room has ample cupboards and a spacious pantry. A north facing deck overlooks the beautiful garden. In addition, a separate studio, attached workshop and storage room offer a multitude of possibilities to this exceptional home.

Price $695,000 Inspect By Appointment


Contact Annette Leary 0407 917 054

Price $1,165,000 Inspect By Appointment

Contact Nathan Skewes 0439 322 630

Dales Creek 369 Greendale Trentham Rd 5



15.12 acres approx.

This lovely country home sitting on approx. 15.1 acres in the Wombat State Forest has beautiful views over a feature dam to a natural forest backdrop. The property offers 5 bedrooms, open plan kitchen, meals and family room, large living and dining with stunning views, office/study, sitting room/kids retreat area, downstairs activity room, entertaining deck, outdoor sunken fire pit/ BBQ area, large workshop shed, 2 garages and more. 82 kms (1 hr 10 mins) from Melbourne, with easy access from the Western highway, 15kms (8 mins) to Ballan (train), 6.1km (5 mins) to Blackwood, 21kms (18mins) to Trentham and 43kms (37 mins) to Daylesford.

Price $1,425,000 Inspect By Appointment Contact

Annette Leary 0407 917 054




Smeaton 24 Corringarra Road 3



2023m2 approx.

Formerly the headmasters house of the Allendale Primary school, this light & bright 3-bedroom cottage has lovely views from the front deck veranda across farming land to surrounding hills. The country kitchen includes updated cabinetry, servery, original lining boards in the lounge, wood heater and timber flooring adds to the charm. Perfect as a country holiday stay or your own home.

Clunes 40 Alfred Street 1



Currently run as a Clunes Cabin B&B, don’t miss the opportunity to buy into historic Clunes with this sweet lifestyle property with loads of potential. Features one bedroom, 2 living areas, split system & wood fire, two way bathroom, kitchen, dining & living is comfortable and light. Continue to run b&b for extra income or simply enjoy your own country outlook from the front deck overlooking the valley, creek and surrounding hills. Large dbl carport also excellent entertaining area, plus set out volley ball area for family fun. Town water plus rain water tank. Good fencing with 2 small paddocks. 2 Titles.

Price $295,000 - $324,500 Inspect By Appointment

Contact Angela Flowers 0437 456 908

Price $350,000 Inspect By Appointment




4.8 acres approx.

Perfectly positioned on an undulating block with scattered gums and cleared grazing this immaculate home is being offered for sale. Step inside to open plan living and dining, a spacious country kitchen with electric appliances and dishwasher. 3 generous sized bedrooms with robes, the master with a walk-in robe. With 4 car plus workshop (approx. 6x12m), Sleep-out/storage room, 4x9m caravan shed and Sundry/wood shedding. Divided into 2 good sized paddocks, plus the house yard, there is plenty of room for the kids to have a pony or ride bikes on the approx. 4.8 acres.

Talbot 5335 Ballarat Maryborough Road 3


Contact Angela Flowers 0437 456 908


5200m2 approx.

Thoughtful in design and layout this tastefully decorated spacious home on approx. two acres comprises 3 generous sized bedrooms all robes, and walk-in robe and water closet adjoin the master. Study/family room with feature double doors can easily be converted to a fourth bedroom for the extra family member. Stainless appliances complete the stylish and functional kitchen open to the living and dining areas. Plenty of outdoor fun to be had in the partially in-ground pool with sloping deep end to 6’plus own decking and solar heating.

Price $375,000

Price $600,000 Inspect By Appointment

Contact Angela Flowers 0437 456 908


Daisy Hill 95 Nicholls Road 3

4,166m2 approx.

Inspect By Appointment

Contact Angela Flowers 0437 456 908



Daylesford 21 Little Street $435 per week Bond $1,890





Daylesford 65 Lake Road $440 per week Bond $1,868

Hepburn 2 Fifteenth Street $420 per week Bond $1,820











Glenlyon 4 Barkly Street

$300 per week Bond $1,304

Daylesford & Macedon ranges specialists

Is your investment property ever empty? The dedicated and well-trained team at hockingstuart will ensure you receive maximum return on your property investment. For total peace of mind, call hockingstuart Daylesford today. Mitchell Roberts Property Manager 0427 481 700


Money with Matt


S WE approach the end of another year, it’s a time where many of us decide to shift our focus to New Year's resolutions. Commonly, these are physical goals, mental goals and can often extend to financial goals.

This relates to a question that is posed to me quite frequently on a professional level. “Do you think ‘XYZ’ is a good idea as a financial investment/decision?” My strategy to answering this is to flip the question on its head. The question then becomes – “Is this idea a bad financial investment/decision?”. The reason for this is that in my opinion, a bad financial decision usually sticks out like a sore thumb. My view is that it is easier to recognise a bad decision than a good one. With respect to a bad idea, there are generally multiple warning signs and when an idea provokes anxiety I am quick to become not so fond of it. Please don’t get me wrong, I am all for positive thinking and being glass half-full, but I cannot in all good conscience agree with a financial investment if I think there is a good chance of it going pear-shaped and causing financial stress in the future. This process means that a person can analyse nine bad decisions before finding a suitable idea to proceed with. This process unfortunately means that there are times that I leave a client disheartened after they have presented me with what they thought was a great idea. I firmly believe however, that it is much easier to avoid a problem altogether than have to deal with the consequence – prevention is better than the cure. Financial turmoil resulting from a bad investment or business decision can have harrowing effects on the person experiencing it. As a result, if I can stop just one single person from making a terrible financial decision in 2020, I’ll consider that a success. As such, my advice can be summarised as follows - concentrate on not committing to bad decisions and by default, you’ll be left with great decisions.

- Matthew Richardson is a certified accountant with Cooke & Foley based in Ballarat The content expressed within Matt's column does not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of The Local Publishing Group Pty Ltd. But we do like Matt!

House.Land.Home. Premium is published by The Local Publishing Group. The next Labour Day Weekend edition is due out on Monday, February 24. Advertising: Kyle Barnes on 0416 104 283 or email Editorial: Donna Kelly on 0418 576 513 or email Photographers: David White & Kyle Barnes Editorial: Donna Kelly Graphic design: Dianne Caithness Sub-editors: Nick Bunning & Lindsay Smith

Connecting the community of the Central Highlands

All yeartheround ultimate Creating ultimate all year outdoor entertainment entertainment area outdoor area Traditionally, outdoor areas were thought of as spaces just for occasional use. Today, outdoor entertaining areas are considered part of the total home environment. Creating the ultimate outdoor entertaining area is a big job, but you’ll love the results. If you decide to sell, your outdoor entertainment spaces will add considerably to the value of your property. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on acreage, have a sprawling backyard or a pocket-sized inner city courtyard, creating a functional and beautiful outdoor entertainment area is more than achievable for everyone. Your entertainment area is no longer restricted to fixed, solid roof structures. There are many alternatives

for covering your outdoor space, which provide shade and all weather coverage. Louvered roof structures are permanent structures which allow sunlight through when you want it and also provide shade, wind and rain protection when required. Retractable and conservatory roof systems stack back or roll away to maximise sunlight when desired and extend out for full shade to keep the summer heat out. A wide range of fabrics allow you to personalise the space – adding colour and cheer – with both bright colour selections and muted palette choices available. For an outdoor entertaining area to be a success it must: ∙ Be easily accessible from indoors

∙ Open up to include your indoor living areas ∙ Have a dedicated barbecue or outdoor kitchen ∙ Provide shade and shelter ∙ Be furnished Anything less will be an improvement, but if you want the ultimate outdoor entertaining area, it will need all of these elements. Taylor and Stirling has a broad range of products to make your outdoor entertainment area a success, from retractable

flyscreens to cover large bi-fold doors through to a range of both louvered and retractable roofs, zipslide and zipscreen awnings, external venetians, outdoor plantation shutters, all season panels and a broad range of outdoor fabrics suitable for outdoor curtains and accessories.

The outdoor alchemist

Taylor and Stirling brings out the original energy of each outdoor area to turn it into a living space, customized and made-to-measure (P) 03 5333 1441 (E) (W)




IDYLLIC COUNTRY RESIDENCE ON 30 ACRES Proudly positioned just a short 15minute drive to Daylesford, this beautifully appointed property is set on approx. 30 idyllic acres of mostly cleared farmland. The residence offers views of the acreage from the wrap around veranda and the land is separated into approx. 5 paddocks, some with stock troughs. This immaculately presented light filled home features an open plan living/dining area and a well-appointed country kitchen. The 2 bedrooms downstairs have built in robes, the main bathroom boasts a spa bath and large shower. The laundry/second bathroom also features a shower and second toilet. Upstairs the spacious master bedroom offers scope for an ensuite and WIR.

a3 b2 c2 FOR SALE PRICE $1,200,000 CONTACT Tom Shaw 0438 118 903 OFFICE 43 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2328

DAYLESFORD 58 EAST STREET IMPRESSIVE HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION Located in the heart of Daylesford, Kuca Slate is an exceptionally stylish modern home designed for entertaining and large groups. Currently very successful on the holiday let market with three large bedrooms all with individual ensuites. A modern and very well-appointed kitchen with a large open plan dining and sunken lounge with ambient gas log fire. Soak in the indoor spa room or entertain on the west facing deck and take in panoramic views over the rolling countryside and sensational sunsets.

a3 b3 c2

FOR SALE PRICE $739,000 CONTACT Tom Shaw 0438 118 903 OFFICE 43 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2328

ID and contact details are required at all open for inspections

BLAMPIED 25 BRADSHAW COURT LARGE RURAL ENTERTAINER ON APPROX. 9 ACRES Nestled in the private bush setting of Blampied this wellpresented home offers the best of country living overlooking a picturesque dam. The large floorplan offers 3/4 good sized bedrooms. The country style kitchen features granite benchtops, ample storage and dining space overlooking the bushland surrounds. A separate family/dining room leads to the large lounge area. The jewel of the property is the outdoor entertaining decking overlooking the dam which can be enclosed with outdoor blinds.

a 4 b 2 c 10

FOR SALE PRICE $735,000 CONTACT Tom Shaw 0438 118 903 Michael DeVincentis 0417 142 152 OFFICE 43 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2328




VALLE MAGGIA – HISTORIC HOMESTEAD ON 4 ACRES IN CENTRAL DAYLESFORD Built around 1860 and is only minutes from the Daylesford main town centre and walking distance to Lake Daylesford. The property consists of approx. 4 acres [16,300 m2] of fertile soil on 6 titles. The homestead features many intact period details and a bygone era ambience. Established formal gardens featuring grand mature trees and terraced lawns. The land is currently separated into 3 paddocks with a veggie garden and room for livestock. Flexibility abounds with 3 road frontages. The front 4 titles face Lake Road and the rear 2 titles have access from Lerderderg Track. The opportunity presents to sell off the rear land or to further develop the estate grounds.

a3 b1 c2 AUCTION Saturday 7th December at 12:00pm CONTACT Tom Shaw 0438 118 903 Michael DeVincentis 0417 142 152 OFFICE 43 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2328 HEPBURN SPRINGS 101 MAIN ROAD

A GRAND VISION - DUDLEY HOUSE Instantly impressive in character, scale and presentation this exceptional property is located in the heart of Hepburn Springs just a few minutes from Daylesford. The property showcases a remarkable blend of period elegance, detailing and proportions typical of the era with contemporary luxury design. Within the generous scale of space, the principal accommodation comprises a magnificently proportioned living and dining room, a separate sitting room, 4 beautiful bedrooms - each with a private ensuite - and a large well appointed kitchen with access to a wide elevated deck. In addition, on the lower level there are two large versatile living spaces with 2 bedrooms, office/bed, bathroom, storage, cellar, gym and utility areas.

a7 b6 c4 FOR SALE Contact Agent CONTACT Tom Shaw 0438 118 903 Rae Corris 0408 358 772 OFFICE 43 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2328 ID and contact details are required at all open for inspections



DAYLESFORD 26 QUEENSBERRY STREET ECLECTIC GLAMOUR A magical combination of traditional and bespoke contemporary design sited on 2200 sq.m (over half an acre) with sweeping views across the town to the waters of Lake Daylesford. At the entry, an original timber cottage has been transformed to create a welcoming formal lounge. A few steps down and the magic begins with vast contemporary open plan extension showcasing flexible indoor-outdoor living. The double storey northern wing incorporates 4 BRs, and 2 luxury bathrooms. Outside, there is a spacious studio building, and a heated in-ground swimming pool.

HEPBURN 26 GOLF LINKS ROAD ELEGANT HOME IN EXCLUSIVE GOLF LINKS AREA Located close to the beautiful Hepburn Springs Golf Course, this home will surprise you with its spacious well appointed interior and rare combination of modern living with a country aspect. A superb 4 bedroom residence that showcases quality-built designer style, impressive proportions and deluxe finishes. A statement of contemporary elegance, providing an enviable lifestyle opportunity for permanent living or holiday accommodation suited to groups and golfing weekends.

a4 b2


a4 b2 c2


FOR SALE PRICE Contact Agent CONTACT Rae Corris 0408 358 772 OFFICE 43 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2328

FOR SALE PRICE $750,000 CONTACT Tom Shaw 0438 118 903 OFFICE 43 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2328

ID and contact details are required at all open for inspections

LUXURY LIVING IN A QUIET LOCATION This elegant home features luxurious country living - a serene garden haven within easy walking distance of Hepburn Springs cafes, stores, Mineral Springs Reserve and Hepburn Bathhouse. With a vaulted ceiling in the open plan living area, French doors leading to wide decks and contemporary dĂŠcor throughout the home shines with natural light. Each of the 3 exquisite bedrooms has its own ensuite bathroom, access to private verandahs and garden. This gorgeous property will suit those seeking a private home, secluded personal retreat or holiday accommodation.

LIVE, WORK AND PLAY Located in a quiet no through road on the doorstep of popular Daylesford, this large 3 bedroom sturdy brick residence is sited on a sheltered and securely fenced allotment of nearly 1 acre. Surrounded by lawns and attractive established low maintenance gardens the home is presented with pride and care, featuring expansive indoor-outdoor living areas where every effort has been made so that all you need to do is move in and enjoy relaxed year-round living.

a3 b3 c2

FOR SALE PRICE $745,000 CONTACT Tom Shaw 0438 118 903 Rae Corris 0408 358 772 OFFICE 43 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2328

a3 b1 c4

FOR SALE PRICE $595,000 CONTACT Rae Corris 0408 358 772 OFFICE 43 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2328



ATTENTION INVESTORS, DOWNSIZERS AND FIRST HOME BUYERS! This 10 year old cottage is situated on a generously sized allotment of 874m2 (approx), just a short stroll to the centre of the historic Clunes township. From the freshly painted front deck, you step into a very roomy & light filled lounge room complete with reverse cycle heating and cooling. The open plan design continues through to the meals/ dining area with plenty of space for the whole family to enjoy a meal together. The modern hostess kitchen with island bench/breakfast bar, step in pantry, dishwasher, gas cooking and plenty of cupboard space overlooks the spacious rear gardens.Sliding glass doors give you access from the meals area to the rear timber decks, ideal for entertaining.

a3 b1 c2 FOR SALE PRICE $299,000 to $310,000 CONTACT Nik Bradley 0448 407 387 OFFICE 32 Albert Street, Creswick 5345 1073

BLAMPIED 9 DAYLESFORD-CLUNES ROAD OPEN RURAL ASPECT Located within Blampied hills zone and only 12min to Daylesford with its shops, cafes and restaurants or 12 mins to Creswick. Zoned Farming, this home provides the opportunity to live and/or work in this open rural environment. Sitting on 696m2 approx. and comprising 3 good sized bedrooms, formal lounge, open dining-kitchen, huge separate living area and laundry, mudroom, bathroom. There is also a fabulous undercover area with adjoining storage and outside toilet. Two lock up garages with a 5.5m x 2.2m workshop complete this rural family home.

a3 b1 c2

FOR SALE PRICE $414,000 CONTACT Nik Bradley 0448 407 387 Michael DeVincentis 0417 142 152 OFFICE 32 Albert Street, Creswick 5345 1073

ID and contact details are required at all open for inspections

ALLENDALE 4010 CRESWICK NEWSTEAD ROAD AMAZING ACREAGE OPPORTUNITY IN ALLENDALE/KINGSTON Situated on the border of historic Kingston and only minutes from Creswick and 20 minutes to Daylesford and Ballarat is this stunning property on over 48 acres of land. Currently fenced into 2 paddocks with a dam to the back of the property and town water also connected, this is an ideal place to build your dream home and secure a future in this tightly held belt.Planning Permits are in place and available for viewing to interested parties for a sensational 6 bedroom dwelling and significant shedding.

FOR SALE PRICE $449,000 to $485,000 CONTACT Nik Bradley 0448 407 387 OFFICE 32 Albert Street, Creswick 5345 1073


Kyneton Community Park Located within the heart of the town’s botanic gardens, Mollison Street, Kyneton.


NE of regional Victoria’s finest botanic gardens now breathes new life as a park/garden/reserve since a major transformation completed in 2017.

Like many regional town gardens I’ve encountered throughout the state, somehow, perhaps through lack of civic will, interest or finances, their maintenance and upkeep has left them wanting. So it was a delight on my first visit in many years to discover the “new” gardens. Dating back to 1858 and entered through bluestone walls via a wrought iron gate, the garden features magnificent large specimen trees, 17 of which are listed by the National Trust of Australia including an enormous spreading Algerian oak (quercus canariensis) and a similarly sized specimen of the endangered Chilean wine palm (jubaea chilensis). The garden also has a rotunda, a fairy ring of trees, a drinking fountain dating back to 1902 and a modern sculpture called Fetching Them In, depicting a sheepdog rounding up sheep. Relocation of an adjacent caravan park has not only enabled the establishment of a community park and reserve, but also better access to the riverside walk along the Campaspe River. There is access for cars and parking throughout as well as more than adequate street-side parking. The roadways and paths encourage potential use for bike riders, runners and dog walkers and the overall size and structure of the area would seem to lend themselves to public events such as outdoor cinema, farmers markets and seasonal festivals. Apart from seats and lawn areas, barbeques and picnic shelter, a play space includes activities and picnic areas and offers a connection with local history and nature among the significant trees of the gardens. Facilities for hours of fun include giant and basket swings, sand play, mazes, cubbies, and several refurbished tractors, A petanque piste and table tennis offer year round entertainment and there are plenty of seats and lawn area for relaxed moments. But the highlight is the interactive water splash pad for children to play in and walk through - open from early December until March. The new gardens and community park are a great credit to the foresight of the volunteers and Macedon Ranges Shire Council but I am led to believe that this is just the beginning, with lots more to come. My visit to the gardens unfortunately coincided with the seasonal die-back of the daffodils and other spring bulbs, but that’s just a good excuse for a more timely revisit.

Words & images: Glen Heyne


589 Williams Road Werona 4A 2B 1C

Superb Farm & Homestead This 507acre grazing and cropping property is currently run as a stud cattle breeding property. Dating back to 1860’s it comprises an elegant colonial settlers home with 5.5 kilo watt solar system, delightful gardens, spacious lounge and an enormous family room .4 bedrooms, master with ensuite, spa bath, kitchen featuring a Raeburn wood stove for hydronic hot water and heating as well as reverse cycle units. Crystal clear mineral water from the bore reticulated through troughs to the livestock, 3 excellent dams and Deep Creek flowing along the back boundary. A powered 2 stand shearing shed and cattle yards,4 bay machinery shed and large hay shed.

Private Sale Price

$2,750,000-$3,025,000 Inspect By Appointment Contact Liam Crowley 0418 378 177 Bernie Massey 0438 396 877

Mount Macedon

41 Childers Road

Hither Green - A Private Sanctuary of Grand Proportions Architectually designed, this elegant and meticulously maintained four bedroom residence and separate guest house, sits on over 5000m2 of landscaped and immaculately presented grounds. Features include light filled formal and informal living rooms, hydronic heating, private swimming pool, quality infrastructure including a secure water supply and much more. One of Mount Macedon's most beautiful homes. Price $3.9m

View Inspection by private appointment

Mount Macedon - Cherokee

Sandi Barry-Mueller 0408 392 347 John Keating 0419 880 444

109 Mountains Road

Craigielea – circa 1875 on 8.9Ha (22 Acres) The panoramic views over the Barringo Valley to Melbourne CBD, the You Yangs and Port Phillip Heads are stunning. A majestic tree lined driveway leads to the historic four bedroom freestone and timber residence which triumphs heritage ambience, and three separate self-contained cabin suites known as Cherokee Mountain Retreat offer excellent income earning potential or deluxe guest accommodation. One of the very special properties of the beautiful Macedon Ranges. Auction – Saturday 7 December at 2pm (if not sold prior) Reserve Price $2,280,000 View Inspection by appointment Sandi Barry-Mueller 0408 392 347 John Keating 0419 880 444 Peter Wood 0408 866 774


The Shelter Shed Come and stay at ours while you look for yours! Pet-friendly, self-contained accommodation in the heart of Glenlyon. Just $140 per night, two-night minimum. Call Kyle on 0416 104 283 or email


DECLARATION Fire Danger Period The Chief Officer of CFA will be introducing the Fire Danger Period for all land within the municipalities listed below. The Fire Danger Period will commence at 0100 hours on the date shown and unless varied by a subsequent declaration, will end at 0100 hours on 1 May 2020. Municipality

Date of Commencement

City Of Ballarat Hepburn Moorabool Golden Plains

09/12/2019 09/12/2019 09/12/2019 09/12/2019

REIV regional news Land value up


he Real Estate Institute of Victoria recently conducted a deep dive on property prices and land sizes since 2014.

CEO Gil King said the study had shown that Victoria continued to ace the property test, with land values increasing across the state. “It's always important to look at how the long-term market is trending – as shown by the significant five-year change in land value per metre squared,” he said. “At the same time, the average property size has also slightly decreased, resulting in Victorian families forking out more money for less land. We are lucky to be home to some of the fastest-growing areas in the country.” Mr King said incredibly nine locations in regional Victoria had doubled in land value over the past five years. They include Malmsbury which has a per metre square value in 2019 of $303 compared to $104 in 2014. That’s a whopping 193 per cent increase. Then there’s Tylden which has jumped up to $84 from $41 in the five-year period. A 107 per cent increase. Also among the top 30 are Hepburn Springs, up to $573 from $324 (77 per cent) and Woodend, up to $682 from $387 (76 per cent). Mr King said as the market improved, there would be more interest from interstate and international investors. “The Geelong region continues to be a popular area for property investors, with three of the nine suburbs having the highest growing land values near Geelong. “Huntly has performed very strongly against neighbouring Bendigo with land value increasing by 459 per cent since 2014. “Real Estate in Victoria has grown in value, a person who bought a property in 2014 has been handsomely rewarded. “These figures have produced a lot of smiles across the Victorian real estate sector, and Victorian real estate has shown long term durability and growth.”

Spring auctions strong


PRINGTIME can motivate a person to do a lot in life; the warmer weather after a long bleak Winter can be powerful.

REIV CEO Gil King said it was a time when people got out and started enjoying life again, making the most of the increased daylight hours, finish those DIY renovations, become more social and exercise more. "Traditionally Spring is also a time when the most houses are sold at auction; Victorians love getting out on a warm Saturday morning and competing against another bidder in a battle to buy their dream house. "The 2019 Spring auction period has been very strong with 11,034 homes having gone to auction. "Buyers have been scrambling to purchase homes, weekly clearance rates have remained above 70 per cent throughout spring, whereas last year they would hover around 50 per cent. "Belmont has led the way across regional Victoria with 44 sales and a clearance rate of 72.7 per cent. Highton also performed well with 28 auctions and a clearance rate of 64.3 per cent. "With softer lending conditions and record low interest rates, a lot of people are eager to purchase a property. "If you are thinking about selling your house, now is the perfect time to do so."

Certain restrictions on the lighting of fires are in force during the Fire Danger Period. Information about fire restrictions within the Country Area of Victoria can be obtained from, your local CFA District Office or Municipal Fire Prevention Officer.

Chief Executive Officer/ Chief Officer, CFA


Steven Warrington


Cool your home in Summer


ANS and air conditioners play their part when cooling a house but passive techniques that focus on windows, ventilation, insulation and landscaping can reduce energy consumption and be instrumental in keeping a house cool during the heat of the Summer months. Passive cooling The ability to cool down your home in Summer and reduce your energy consumption and costs is affected by five key factors. 1. Insulation - Insulation is the most effective way to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. A fully insulated home means you'll spend less on heating in Winter and cooling in Summer. 2. Draught proofing - Draught proofing, or sealing up gaps and cracks, will minimise the amount of heat entering your home and reduce your cooling bills. 3. Window design, orientation and coverings - Windows can let a lot of heat into your home during Summer, especially if you have large west, east and north-facing windows that aren't adequately shaded. Fortunately there are simple steps you can take to reduce heat gain through your windows. 4. Ventilation - Ventilation is also an important way to regulate your home's air temperature and keep it free of condensation build-up, which can result in mould, rot or damp. Once the temperature starts to drop in the evening, or after a cool change, it's important to open your doors and windows to flush warm air from your house and allow cooler outside air to enter. The benefits are likely to be greatest if you open doors and windows facing the breeze and also doors and windows on the opposite side of the house. 5. Landscaping - Careful selection and positioning of plants can provide Summer shading and act as a buffer against hot winds. Tall, deciduous canopy trees provide shade to north windows while still allowing the lower Winter sun through. Smaller, deciduous shrubs are useful for shading east and west windows and walls. Deciduous creepers over a north-facing pergola will provide shade for windows and walls.

Active cooling If you need to actively cool your home with supplementary cooling, choose the most appropriate system for your needs. Fans - Ceiling, wall-mounted and portable electric fans can be a cheap and effective way to stay comfortable on warm, humid summer nights. Evaporative cooling - Evaporative cooling systems draw air through a moist pad, cooling and humidifying the air before it is blown through your house. They are available in ducted, wall-mounted and portable units, and work best in hot, dry conditions. Evaporative coolers are less effective on humid days and are not well suited to humid climates. Air conditioners - Air conditioners extract heat from the air inside your house and transfer it outside, cooling the air to a temperature determined by a thermostat. They are available in portable, room and ducted systems.




03 5464 7380

• Roller Shutters • Security Doors • Fly Screens



Hepburn Shire & Ballarat

Phone: 03 5464 7380 or Michael 0422 643 901 Email:


0418 779 159 0418 779 159 CALL LUMA


Bells Water Gardens @ Newlyn

Bells Water Gardens has been in the water garden business for over 25 years, building and maintaining ponds and growing a diverse range of aquatic plants for the nursery trade and public. We are passionate about building natural eco-system ponds, adding beauty and encouraging wildlife, allowing interaction with nature. Water gardens built by us are quiet, contemplative places to rest and energise the senses. Contact us for all your water garden requirements or come and see our nursery at 1 Campion Rd, Newlyn.

0418 567 195



Design with Indre Kisonas

Bar cart It's mobile, stylish and serves drinks. What's not to love? My thoughts have turned to my most dreaded time of year, Christmas. This year I seem to be ahead of myself by actually planning Christmas rather than dreading it, hoping it will go away and when it doesn't, going into full panic which means the stress makes me hate Christmas. My love is of practical things that can multitask. This is where the mobile drinks trolley or bar cart comes in. It's a mobile piece of furniture that comes in myriad styles since its inception during the Victorian era. It began as a mobile tea server when morning and afternoon tea was part of everyday life. The world wars, economic depression and a change in the way society functioned meant that the mobile trolley was only seen and afforded by the higher society. Move on to the 1950s and home entertaining becoming important. The drinks trolley was back along with fancy cocktails, swizzle sticks, after-work drinks and canapÊs. Move onto 2013 and the infectious popularity of the show Mad Men sees all things mid-century popularised. Whiskey by the drinks trolley is a happening thing. Since 2013 to the present day, eBay’s best seller has been the drinks trolley. We now see a huge variety of trolleys ranging from vintage, art deco, Bauhaus, modernist, boho and affordable. The humble drinks trolley can indeed hold your tea service, bottles or cocktail shakers. It can be of service when entertaining plus a decorative piece to show off your green house plants, vases or candles. Serviceable, mobile and good looking is why I love the mobile drinks trolley. A perfect companion for Christmas entertaining and a superb gift idea that fits into that vacant spot by the window. Give them a thought and maybe you will come to love these underrated furniture pieces as much as I do. They will serve you well.

Indre Kisonas- owner and principal designer iok design /

Serviceable, mobile and good looking is why I love the mobile drinks trolley. A perfect companion for Christmas entertaining and a superb gift idea that fits into that vacant spot by the window.

How much do you know about handmade rugs? Said Atif has extensive knowledge and is happy to explain. Said, who migrated as a 15-year-old to Australia in 2000, is the proud owner of Samarkand Gallery in Daylesford with other stores in Melbourne.

He is very passionate about handmade rugs and left an accounting career to pursue his passion. He has been collecting, selling and decorating home interiors with beautiful rugs since 2000. Said’s love for the handmade rugs began at a very young age, when he used to see rug weavers sit for hours every day to weave their dreams in a rug, knot by knot. “Rugs are inspirational for me, they project the beautiful souls of the artists who declare their wishes and hopes on a rug. They are the only source of income for many families in Afghanistan, I feel a river of joy in me to know that I am part of their hope.” All the designs in a handmade rug have beautiful meanings in them and require an in-depth piece of writing to discuss every pattern. However the most famous are Tree of Life and Paradise Gardens. It is a time-consuming art that requires so much time, effort and dedication to complete, in some cases building a house would take less time than a room-size rug. A small rug would take weeks to complete, whereas a room size rug would take 5-12 months, and some very fine silk rugs up to three years. Talking of silk rugs, he has a few in his gallery, the biggest being 2.5 x 3.5 metres, which took three years to complete and has a price tag of $29,000. Handmade rugs are timeless and suit most types of decor. Their colours, design and warmth turns a house into a home, and thanks to their highest quality craftsmanship, they become an heirloom, passed from one generation to the next. Said encourages all customers to use his in-depth knowledge in interiors, colours, positioning and size guide, by bringing rugs to your home for trial until you find one that you just love. He doesn’t believe in just selling a rug. There’s a rug for everyone and when you see it, it will talk to you. Said Atif welcomes you all to his gallery in Daylesford, featuring, handmade rugs, unique giftware, silver and gemstone jewellery.

Samarkand Gallery is at 1/52A Vincent St, Daylesford (in the Coles breezeway). Open Saturday - Tuesday, 11 am - 4 pm. Phone: 5301 8002. Viewing by appointment can be arranged. Advertorial

Summer in the Central Highlands Image: Kyle Barnes

Our artists 43

Penang drawing leads to Trentham sketchers


RENTHAM'S Tuesday sketchers have become a familiar sight around town since their first sketching outing three years ago this month.

CRESWICK TRAILS PROJECT From now through to the end of January 2020, we are seeking your feedback on the Concept Trail Alignments – a map of where the Creswick Trails are proposed to go. We will release the Concept Trail Alignments on or before 7 December. In anticipation of this, we want you to put some dates and events in your calendar so that you can ‘have your say’. For more information join us for one of three Community Information Sessions to be held in Creswick: • Saturday, 7 December 2019 at 10am - 12pm - Hammon Park. There will be a coffee cart with free coffee. • Wednesday, 11 December 2019 at 6pm - 8pm - Creswick Town Hall. Light refreshments will be served. • Wednesday, 15 January 2020 at 6pm - 8pm - Creswick Town Hall. Light refreshments will be served. If you can’t make it, that’s OK. You can find out more ways to have your say at the Creswick Trails website https://

Thirteen sketchers have drawn local faces and places each week, often being greeted by friendly car-tooting as they huddle on portable folding chairs over sketch pads at outdoor locations around town. But the genesis for what is now the informally (dis)organised Trentham Urban Sketch Club, or TUSC, was a burst of drawing at a Penang resort in October 2016. Daily poolside drawings and Facebook travel blogs by holidaying Trentham doodler Peter Young, who wasn’t keen on swimming or lying on the beach, caught the eye of Trentham artist David Bryant, an accomplished painter whose work had figured in the prestigious national Blake Prize and in Hidden Faces portrait exhibitions, as well as locally via places such as Trentham’s Little Gallery. Subsequent late-night chats over several bottles of shiraz led to David’s suggestion that they sketch each Tuesday as a discipline that would force them to draw regularly instead of constantly talking about what they were “gunna do artistically” one day. “David often joked that plenty of us in Trentham could ‘talk a good painting’ while allowing time to slip away without actually doing anything,” Young said. “We started by turning up at local cafes and twisting the arms of patrons into sitting reasonably still so that we could have a crack at portrait sketching. “We later branched outdoors and David often joked that drawing trees was safer than drawing people because nobody would know if a branch angle or foliage detail was not quite accurate. “He was pretty amazing - he would turn up with his granddaughter’s rainbow pencil and turn out wonderful pieces marked with random colour, depending on the angle he held the pencil at. “On one occasion, he spilled his coffee across his page and, unfussed, grabbed a water colour brush and converted the mess into a wonderful, sepia-looking, coffeecoloured work of art.” The discipline - and enjoyment - helped David organise himself into staging his first solo painting exhibition, which attracted a huge crowd when it opened at Trentham’s Cosmo Hotel. Sadly, David died in early 2019 while working on his other love, gardening and landscape design, but the sketching he inaugurated has continued. Others have seen the sketchers around town or have seen the regular Tuesday social media posts and have enquired about joining in. Thirteen sketchers have turned up on different Tuesdays over the three years, with four to six making it most weeks. Sketchers have ranged from total beginners to full-time professional artists, with some attending most weeks and others dropping in and out on an occasional basis. Young said that while TUSC had no formal connection with the growing global urban sketching movement (Google “urban sketching” for detail), the practice and principles are pretty similar. “We are totally informal and non-judgemental artistically, the emphasis is as social as it is artistic, we welcome anyone interested and our ability to organise ourselves is pretty random - whoever said organising artists is like herding cats with a whip was not joking. “And we are always fascinated to see how we can all sit and chat and draw the one subject and come up with completely different takes on it.” The regular artistic workouts had also demonstrated that sketching is like a muscle, it needs exercise to grow and get stronger.

Words: Contributed | Sketch: Peter Young by David Bryant

International Volunteer Day - December 5

Volunteers creating lasting written memories


“This biography was also a first; my first biography with the Hepburn Health Service’s Beyond Words Program. I asked Ken if he’d be my ‘guinea pig’. Of course Ken, ever the volunteer, said ‘Yes. But mine’s just an ordinary life’. And so Ken’s biography was born. “I feel especially honoured to have shared his stories about his lifelong love for his dear Pat, who he was married to for 58 years. To hear him explain his relationships After several months of work preparing biographer handbooks, training notes and with Elsie (his birth mother) and Kitty Boyley (his mother-in-law) was indeed very forms, the Hepburn Health Services Beyond Words Volunteer Biography Program special too. started and earlier this year the first four volunteers attended training. “Ken showed so much pride in his boys – Peter and Kevin - and much love for Volunteer biographer Debbie Rauber was already volunteering in Lumeah Lodge his grandchildren. I have felt incredibly honoured to have met Ken and we will be in Daylesford and interested in helping residents to capture life stories to put together continuing our friendship by sharing our love of music with musical afternoons with their biographies. Adrian Holmes and sing-a-longs with other residents of Lumeah Lodge, Daylesford. After several months of visits with resident Ken Smith, pictured above with Not to forget, a few chats here and there. Debbie, recording, transcribing and editing, Debbie presented the first completed “Feeling very grateful. Debbie Rauber.” Beyond Words Program biography titled Just an Ordinary Life to Ken. Ken’s son Kevin was very helpful throughout the process, finding photos and More volunteer biographer training will be run next year with expressions of checking dates and other details. The biography presentation was a special moment interest accepted then. for Ken and Kevin, Debbie and J Cawton. The final page from Ken’s biography is a note from Debbie.

STABLISHING a Volunteer Biography Program had long been a dream for Hepburn Health Service. And just over a year ago, HHS Volunteer Services manager J Cawton received a scholarship from Palliative Care Victoria to attend training with Eastern Palliative Care for that very reason.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to be able to work with Ken on his biography. We have laughed, shared a few tears, smiled heaps and reminisced with many stories about a life well spent. “Ken and I met on my first excursion as a volunteer at Lumeah Lodge. He ended up driving back with me from Bendigo and we chatted non-stop all the way home.

International Volunteer Day - December 5

Thanks to all Friends of Cornish Hill


MALL groups like Friends of Cornish Hill can’t do all we do without help from our members.

It’s stunning to realise that over 300 hours of volunteer time over the past year has been achieved through attendance of volunteers at our working bees, onthe-ground support for our school programs and assistance with a variety of other activities. And on top of this, a volunteer contribution of over 1000 hours by school students has also been amassed. What a great result.. Of course, all of this doesn’t happen without a lot of hard work. Thanks to The Local for giving us the opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of everyone who has put up his/her hand this year. Regardless of what group you belong to, the Friends wish everyone a safe, stressfree festive season full of kindness, love and respect. And for those of you who would like to find out more about the Friends and their work, or the benefits of becoming a member, you can: 1. Check out our website at 2. Look us up on Facebook at the Friends of Cornish Hill discussion page 3. Give chairperson Andrew Pearson a call on 0459 689 805 4. Or if you are walking on the Hill, scan our QR code which will soon be located on a number of identification posts throughout the precinct.

Below: Happy volunteers and, inset, a picnic area waiting for a picnic.

Why not show your support for one of Daylesford's most active volunteer groups!

Annual individual membership is just the cost of:

Simply use the camera or the QR code reader app on your phone to scan the barcode on the right!

Words & images: Contributed

In times of crisis you can give

Please donate now

46 Markets

To market, to market, to buy Xmas decorations


OU can find everything you need at weekend markets, from fresh fruit and veg to handmade jewellery and wares, throughout the Central Highlands and surrounds. Here are just a few.

Daylesford Sunday Market – every Sunday Wesley Hill Market - every Saturday Daylesford Farmers Market – first Saturday Trentham Neighbourhood Centre Makers Market - first Saturday Golden Plains Farmers Market - first Saturday Woodend Farmers Market - first Saturday Castlemaine Artists’ Market – first Sunday Trentham Community Group Market - second Saturday Kyneton Farmers Market - second Saturday Ballan Farmers Market - second Saturday Kyneton Rotary Community Market – second Saturday Maldon Market – second Sunday Clunes Farmers Market - second Sunday Trentham Farmers Market and Makers Market - third Saturday Glenlyon Farmers Market – third Saturday Leonards Hill Market - third Saturday Creswick Market - third Saturday Talbot Farmers Market – third Sunday Woodend Lions Market - third Sunday Malmsbury Village Farmers Market - third Sunday Trentham Station Sunday Market - fourth Sunday Buninyong Village Market - fourth Sunday

food and drinks, organic veggies, local produce, craft, art, music, plants

kids' craft, handmade goods, eco-wares, 90+ stalls, friendly atmosphere

The Trentham Farmers Market has joined with Trentham Makers Market

Third Saturday, 9am - 1pm

TRENTHAM PETROL & STUFF 1 Market St PH 5424 1611 Mon - Sat 8am - 6pm Sun 9am - 6pm Petrol, oils, swap & go gas, firewood permits, farm produce / produce store, ice, milk, soft drinks, take-away pies, coffee, confectionery, local honey etc. rusty junk, secondhand books, old wares

Dining & Wining

Do you feed and water people? Advertise here.


Cellarbrations @ foxxy’s - our region’s largest local and boutique wine specialists. Open every day until late. 55 Vincent Street, Daylesford. 5348 3577

OMG! It's Christmas! Want to be in a Shop Local Feature? Email Charl

Pig and Whistle Iconic pub in the paddock

Family dining room and bistro Bar with pool table and big screen TV Guinness on tap g takin Local wine list Now gs for n i k Country-style meals boo as

tm Chris ons i 705 James Lane, Trentham East funct

5424 1213

Meal opening hours Monday - Friday: 5pm-8pm Saturday & Sunday: noon-3pm & 5pm-8pm

Don't get snowed under this Christmas! From just a few trimmings or an entirely catered Christmas lunch or dinner, Dele Foodstore Daylesford has you covered. Contact Adele on 5348 2462. Or head to 1/37 East Street, Daylesford. Just look for the red door!

Open 7 days Lunch & Dinner


THE COSMO, YOUR LOCAL WEDNESDAY - LOCALS NIGHT $18 Cosmo Classics Mains, $9 kids meals

ThursDAY - Wood Fired Pizza SPecial

buy 2 and the 2nd is half price (dine in & takeaway)

FriDAY - Happy hour 5 – 7pm

03 5301 8157


$4 Carlton Draught pots / $1.50 off all other drinks Complimentary bar snacks Meat tray raffle - proceeds to community organisations

Saturday & Sunday Complimentary wine tastings in the Cellar & Store Sample our region’s finest

Upstairs 74 Vincent Street Come on up, relax on the terrace Local Grass Fed Black Angus

FRESH NEW SPRING /SUMMER MENU Delicious Mexican, spuds, salads, vegan options loaded fries & more, dine in, takeaway & delivery 03 5348 3888

D AY L E S F O R D B O W L I N G C L U B BISTRO Book now for your Christmas Function

Bowling Season GreatGreatFood Atmosphere has started everyone welcome! DISCO BINGO 2nd thurs of the month - 6.30pm to 8.30pm Morning Melodies 1st Thurs of the month - 11am to 12pm Thursday Meat Raffle Friday Raffle

Come make it your club! To avo i d d i s a p p o i n t m e n t b o o k i n g s a r e a p p r e c i at e d

8 Camp St - Daylesford | 03 5348 2130 | Stay updated on the latest events by visiting our website or Facebook page

Dining 51


FIVE DAY five day lunch LUNCH trTRADING ading THURSDAY Thursday TO Monday MONDAY to Commencing Thursday 7th November

Exquisite water views from any vantage point, The Boathouse Restaurant offers a sophisticated dining venue for lunch and dinner. You can take in the beautiful views from our warm and cosy indoor dining area for winter catch ups and our outdoor deck and seating area during the warmer months. The Boathouse Restaurant provides year-round comfort with stylish food and a relaxed yet professional style of service, making it the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine over a meal with family and friends. REGULAR DINING HOURS LUNCH

Wed - Sun 11.30am - 2.30pm (last main course orders) DINNER


CellarCellar DoorDoor 7 days 10am-5pm 7 days 10am-5pm Dining Thursday - Monday forLunch Lunch Dining Thursday - Monday for | (03) 5348 5550 | (03) 5348 5550 For Dining Room reservations: For Dining Room reservations: @ feast Bookings Essential: 03 5348 2202 124 Main Rd Hepburn Springs

Fri & Sat

5.30pm - 8.30pm (last main course orders)

HOLIDAY HOURS Mon 23 - Wed 25 Dec Thurs 26 Dec Fri 27 Dec – Mon 30 Dec New Year’s Eve Wed 1 Jan - Sun 5 Jan Mon 6 Jan Tues 7 – Sat 11 Jan Sun 12 Jan Mon 13 - Tues 14th Jan Wed 15 – Sat 18 Jan Sun 19 Jan Mon 20 - Tues 21 Jan Wed 22 Jan Thurs 23 Jan Fri 24 – Sun 26 Jan Mon 27 Jan

Closed Lunch Lunch & Dinner Lunch & Dinner Lunch & Dinner Closed Lunch & Dinner Lunch Closed Lunch & Dinner Lunch Closed Lunch Lunch Lunch & Dinner Closed

The Boathouse Restaurant does not take bookings for lunch but welcomes guests on a walk in basis. Reservations are available for dinner.

2 Leggatt Street, Daylesford | 03 5348 2199

Locals Night at The Argus Every Monday $45 per person “feed me”. Local seasonal food prepared by our chefs in a shared banquet style for two or more. Includes a glass of local house wine or beer.

52 Meals & Music

Meal deals!

Gig Guide


Bellinzona Grange, Hepburn

Peppers Mineral Springs, Hepburn - Feed me - & a glass of beer or wine - $45pp


Pig & Whistle, Trentham East - entrees from $8, mains from $20, all desserts $8


Bellinzona, Hepburn - two/three courses & a glass of wine - $40/$50 Cosmopolitan Hotel, Trentham - $18 Cosmo classics mains, $9 kids' meals

Greg Steps - Saturday, December 7, 8pm-10pm India Havers - Saturday, December 14, 8pm-10pm Andy Lacy - Saturday, December 28, 8pm-10pm

The Cosmopolitan Hotel, Trentham

Rosario De Marco - Sunday, December 8 Sarah Wilkinson - Sunday, December 29

Pig & Whistle Hotel, East Trentham

Got a gig coming up? Email It's free

Kind of Blue Duo - Sunday, December 8, 2pm


Daylesford Hotel, Daylesford – Steak Night - $25

Blue Bean Love Cafe, Hepburn


Daylesford Hotel, Daylesford - Roast, a pot or glass of wine or soft drink - $25


Fundraising raffles are held on Friday evenings at the Farmers Arms Hotel, Daylesford, the Daylesford Bowling Club and the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Trentham.

Every day:

Steakhouse, Daylesford - Kids under 12 eat free with any main meal. New $25 express lunch menu, with loads to choose from, 7 days a week.

Jazz Deuce - Friday, December 6 North East - Saturday, December 7 Open Mic - Sunday, December 8 The Cartwheels - Saturday, December 14

Hepburn-Palais, Hepburn Springs

Ross Wilson & The Peaceniks - Saturday, December 7, 8.30pm The Old Married Couple - Friday, December 13, 7.30pm. A Swingin' Bella Christmas - Saturday, December 14, 8pm (Pictured below) Bakers Daughter (Alyce Platt) - Sunday, December 15, 2pm

Daylesford Cidery, Daylesford

Community Lunch

The 5000 Club, Daylesford offers a three-course lunch most Fridays at Victoria Park, Daylesford. The next lunch is on December 13 followed by a Christmas lunch on December 20. The first lunch for the New Year is January 17.

The Cartwheels - Saturday, December 7 Hawk & Dove - Saturday, December 14 The Duck Downpickers - Saturday, December 21 Lunar Dust - Saturday, December 28









Celebrating Christmas


SWINGIN' Bella Christmas is all about a finger-snappin', toe-tappin' romp through traditional carols, modern favourites and speciallywritten original songs of the season, executed with airy panache by a horn-laden bevy of brilliant performers known throughout the civilised world as the Bella All-Stars. Out front, MCs Casey Bennetto and Geraldine Quinn will be joined by special guests, Tripod (pictured above) and this year there's a country show to boot. Head to Palais-Hepburn on Saturday, December 14 with the doors open at 7pm and the show from 8pm.

Dine review 53

Just perfect pizza!


ITH a dine review at La Luna Pizzeria on the horizon, I went straight to the experts and asked cravatted chef Matt Preston what was the best way to reheat pizza.

Microwave? Oven? Frypan? As it turns out none of the above. Matt said the best "legal" was to use a table top pizza oven. Not a bad idea. I checked on Kogan and you are looking at $80. His second idea, which he deemed "illegal" was a toaster, which I already have. But the idea of "use a toaster turned on its side, may fuse your power and kill the toaster, not recommended" turned me off a tad. As it turns out we didn't need to reheat. A couple of friends popped in - maybe I had mentioned the pizza review - and there was nothing left over. And to be honest, there never is. All of the homemade pizzas from La Luna feature a large, thin 13-inch base, rolled out fresh to order from homemade pizza dough, and topped with homemade Napolitana sauce. Owner Kylie says her pizzas are all made with the highest grade local and imported ingredients right down to extra virgin olive oil, 100 per cent chemical free chicken and free range eggs. There are also gluten-free bases on offer.

Mains And it shows. We had the margherita with tomato and slices of Fior di Latte mozzarella and fresh basil ($19.90). It is a really delicious choice and the thin crust is just perfect. The basil gives it a nice fresh kick and the tomatoe slices are big and juicy. Next was the house special, Pizza La Luna with leg ham, sopressa, bacon, spinach, tomatoes and that awesome mozzarella again ($22.90). Another winner. Of course, you need to be a meat eater with that combination of ham, aged salami and bacon. Vegetarians But there are plenty of choices for vegetarians and vegans - the roasted sweet potato and mediterranean both look great and there is even vegan mozzarella on offer. Upmarket Oh, if you want to go a bit more upmarket, try the chipotle marinated chicken with red onion, charred corn, roasted red capsicum and pineapple topped with chipotle, aioli and fresh coriander ($22.90) or the porcini and truffle with field and button mushrooms, garlic, thyme, caramelised onions and Meredith marinated goat's cheese, topped with black truffle oil ($22.90). Yum.






La L na


Dessert If you're having pizza, you might as well do dessert. Choices include the classic tiramisu, a homemade traditional Italian dessert made with espresso coffee, fresh marscapone cheese and Kahlua liqueur ($9.50) or a simple but delish homemade chocolate brownie ($6.50). And La Luna also stocks Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.




More Lovers of seafood are not forgotten either. The marinara has king prawns, mussels, anchovies, garlic and parsley ($24.90) and the gamberi picante is simply king prawns with fresh garlic and chilli ($24.90). Finally, if you want a bit of everything, order the Full Moon Pizza, which is my absolutely favourite. Leg ham, Istra hot salami, mushroom, Spanish onion, roasted capsicum, pineapple, kalamata olives and anchovies - and do not let anyone say "no anchovies". They are the piece de resistance!



Thursday, Sunday, Monday 5pm - 9pm Friday and Saturday 5pm - 10pm Tuesday & Wednesday CLOSED


Something else La Luna is the perfect place to call into after a big work day, when you can't be bothered with the "what's for dinner?" cry, or when you just want to treat the family. There is home delivery on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and La Luna is open every day during the school holidays - which are looming. Call ahead with your order or just turn up and chill out while it's made fresh in front of you. Great food and service. (And please don't try the toaster...)

Words: Donna Kelly | Images: Kyle Barnes

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WISH MOVING HOUSE WAS THIS EASY? No matter if you are moving into the area for the first time, moving to the big smoke or just moving across town - we will take care of you and your prized possessions like its our own home we are moving. Locally owned and operated, Oz Trans are the leading local removalist and general transport specialists in the entire Daylesford and Central Highlands region for over 25 years.


• Home, piano and commercial removals • House packing services • Sensitive freight • All kinds of art cared for


PO Box 1040, Daylesford, VIC 3460 (03) 5348 4852 or 0437 747 619

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• Furniture deliveries (new & second-hand) • General freight and produce cartage • Bulk freight, dry and chilled • Packing supplies available CALL JASON 0407 697 877 WWW.OZ-TRANS.COM.AU


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Successful year for The Mountview Theatre

The Mount Players SEASON 2020 The Mount Players

Mountview Theatre, Macedon


by Joanna Murray-Smith Director Lee Cook 'Thriller' : 28 Feb - 15 March

The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged)

by Adam Long, Daniel Singer & Jess Winfield Performed by Williamstown Little Theatre Inc. Director Peter Newling ‘Comedy’ : 19 June - 28 June


Music by Charles Strouse Lyrics by Martin Chamin Director Kristine Rawlinson Musical Director Jem Sherwill ‘Musical’ : 28 Aug - 20 Sep

The Vortex

by Noel Coward Director Andrew Meldrum 'Drama' : 15 May - 6 June

One Act Play Festival Weekend of 11/12 July

Too Many Crooks A Radio Play adapted and directed by John Rowland ‘Comedy’ : 6 Nov - 22 Nov


HE Mountview Theatre in Macedon has capped off a tremendously successful year at the annual Victorian Drama League Awards night in Melbourne.

The Mount Players production of 12 Angry Men, staged in May, won major awards in four categories which led to the ultimate accolade of Best Production for 2019. Awards included: Best Set Design – Alison Dudon; Best Actor in a Minor Role in a drama – Jarrod Catt (with Scott Hasse also nominated); Best Lead Actor in a drama – Adam Gehling (with Craig Lenaine-Smith and Darren Gregor also nominated); and Best Director – Leo Vandervalk and Frank Harvey. Spokesperson Karen Hunt said everyone involved was "just elated!".

Main image, 2 Angry Men in action on stage at The Mountview Theatre Inset, from left, 12 Angry Men actor John Taranto, codirector Leo Vandervalk, producer Bernadette Tonna and co-director Frank Harvey accept their awards Images: Contributed

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Daylesford Self Storage -Brick -Central -Secure

11 Howe Street Daylesford Phone: 5348 1700

Consulting in Administration & Management Book-keeping Administration Payroll Temp service Supplier monthly reconciliation Qualified to manage a small team of office workers Christ Jules Services Julie Hanson 0459 619 701

POOL AND SPA MAINTENANCE SERVICES DAYLESFORD AND SPA COUNTRY Over 25 years’ experience in the Pool and Spa industry. Cleaning and servicing of pools, hot tubs and jacuzzis. Water chemistry and water balance Commercial properties Domestic applications Reasonable rates All enquiries welcome Noel 0419 554 319 Declan 0438 212 107

Are you a tradie? Advertise here.




Peter Mackley 5348 3085 or 0418 571 331 Gary Mackley 5348 1108

Clement F Mooney

Email: Available to assist with all general accounting services and preparation/electronic lodgment of Tax Returns and BAS for Individuals, Sole Traders, Partnerships, Trusts and Companies.

Tel: 03 5424 1441 Mobile: 0412 584 555

A.B.N. 37 961 487 978

Certified Practising Accountant Registered Tax Agent B.Com, C.P.A., M.B.A.

Office: 19 Albert Street, Trentham 3458

Malone Tree Services Liam Malone . Limited Access . Fully Insured .Specialists Qualified . Mulching Available

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electrical appliance repair service washer, dryer, fridge, dishwasher, oven, cook top etc. Call Kiyo on

0419 267 685


0423 945 436

Daylesford Newsagency & Tattslotto Newspapers, magazines, Tattslotto, dry-cleaning, stationery, photocopying and lots more... We stock The Local! 55 Vincent Street, Daylesford 5348 2061

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Just sayin’...

Pick me, pick me...

By Donna Kelly


T'S a funny time of year. It's grinding to a halt and you can see the finish line just over the horizon. You are limping along, done for the year, ready to rest and rejuvenate.

And then just before you get there, just six days in fact, it's Christmas. And you have to put your happy face on and smile and chat with all those relatives you never see from year to year - for good reason. It's already causing tension in our household. Kyle wants a family Christmas, I want a family Christmas, we just don't want the same family. Kyle would have you believe I have kept him from his New Zealand family for his entire life - but let's face it, he started off as a Jehovah's Witness, so not a great tradition of "Ho Ho Ho-ing" going on there. And the trouble with this modern world we live in is that relatives don't live just down the road anymore. You know, it used to be lunch with one lot and dinner with the next, and if you were really unlucky, you would have started with a breakfast or brunch with another. Our relatives make that kind of organised chaos pretty impossible. Hmmm. Breakfast with mum in Frankston, lunch with Kyle's sister and her mob in Kaikoura, New Zealand and then back to Brisbane for a quiet dinner with my brother and his wife. It would be a hell of a day. And really, those frequent flyer points aren't all they were cracked up to be. Anyway, it looks like Christmas Day at our place, and very nicely my brother and his wife are coming down from Brisbane for the day. Then we'll have a "pretend it's Christmas" in New Zealand in February. They have snow on the mountains all year round so we can also pretend it's a white Christmas. Finally, the reindeers, pine trees and myriad American-themed Christmas cards will make sense. Now, off the subject of Christmas, and you should never get a pet for Christmas, but next to this column is Frank. Frank is a retired (read dumped) greyhound who is looking for his forever home. As you can read, he walks well on the lead and chatters his teeth when he is happy which I hope will become most of the time. He's just in Castlemaine if you want to say hi. But if you are thinking about getting a pet, and I remember picking up a very cute puppy we named Rosie over the summer holidays 20 years ago, please check out the rescue options first. There are so many animals looking for new homes, like Frank, and they will provide you with the best company you have ever wished for. Just don't dress them up in Christmas costumes. If they are like our dogs they won't like it much. And a pet has its pride. Unlike husbands, above. Just sayin'...

Hey there, I am Frank, an affectionate eight-year-old former racer looking for a loving retirement home. I have had a lot of change in the past few months, and now need the security of a forever home. I need a home where someone is home a lot and I can have lots of company. No other pets please. I walk well on the lead and chatter my teeth when I am happy! MC# 956000008240254 Source number BR100938 Mount Alexander Animal Welfare is at 24 Langslow Street, Castlemaine. Phone 5472 5277. (Pick me, pick me is run in memory of Rosie and Curly - we picked them!)

The Local - Connecting the Community The Local is all about Connecting the Community. And to help out we offer two, sometimes three, community adverts in each edition at no cost.

TRENTHAM Neighbourhood Centre TOWN WIDE community

Organisations need to be not-for-profit and must not be running paid advertising in other media at the same time - that wouldn't be fair. This time it's a new exhibition at the Daylesford & District Museum and Trentham's Christmas Lights competition. If you are keen to take up one of these spots just email and keep an eye out for call-outs on The Local's Facebook page. Let's all keep connected!






$150 TRAVEL VOUCHER FOR PEOPLE'S CHOICE An initiative of the Trentham Neighbourhood Centre To register contact the TNC 03 5424 1354 / prior to 06/12/2019

Opinion 59

Kyle’s Rant


T’S funny how things run in streaks. The other day while on a photoshoot out in the bush I was on a low streak, not emotionally low, just low on energy – and I’m not talking physical energy.

I am talking about the power in my camera flash. It decided to simply give up on me mid-shoot without warning, one minute it was fully charged the next empty. Then there was my mobile phone which was reduced to 15 per cent (plenty I thought) and within moments of plugging a map in to navigate my way back home, the life was sucked out of it. It was getting dark, I didn’t know exactly how to get back and the ute was running on fumes. I thought for a minute about how I would survive in the Australian bush overnight and quickly parked the thought and drove home navigating only by the setting sun to my Glenlyon resort. Speaking of mobile phones (sorry tough segue) I have been trying to be more of a social butterfly on Instagram these days, but Instagram has become a targeted advertising space. It must know I’m a bloke and like things like hardware, drones and other things that I couldn’t afford or that weren’t around when I was a kid. The most well-used thing in my toybox was my old lunch paper. I remember using the wrapper to smuggle chocolate biscuits under the house for me and my sister. The other items of note were a bonker (large marble) souvenired from a rich kid who had too many anyway and some sort of bee toy that you pulled around by a string and it made a buzzy noise and its wings spun around. (Kiwi bubs will know what I’m talking about.) But back to my tempting Instagram app. A couple of months ago after some wine I got sucked in to buying some pretty, outdoor flame light bulbs. That’s correct. These bad boys are reputed to flicker like flames, wow, I hear you collectively exhale. They arrived only to have blue flame and no outdoor ability because they had open holes in the bulb to cool the LEDs. WTF? Then there was the airplane, complete with camera and an undercarriage which retracted into the body after take-off, and a wing-span of 1.5 metres. I was imaging all sorts of mischief with this bad boy and wondering how I could stage a mid-air collision between it and my drone. And all wrapped up for under $50. Finally the day arrived and I collected this rather underwhelming parcel from the post office. It was marked “plame”, and yes, I should have known, and I wondered how fitted my 1.5 metres wing-span into a package that was only 22 centimetres long. You guessed it. In another cruel twist in the Instagram universe’s humour I was delivered a tiny die-cast model. This thing isn’t going to fly at all. So that’s it when it comes to buying off the Insta-sphere. I am done. And there is no comeback for the consumer. When I emailed, the plame pirates had suddenly shut up shop. Insta-worthy rant over…

PALMER STEVENS & RENNICK Barristers & Solicitors Property and Conveyancing Criminal Law Family Law Wills and Estates Commercial Law Employment Law Appearing in Castlemaine Court PLEASE CONTACT US

(03) 5422 6500 SINCE 1852

8 Jennings Street, Kyneton Email - | Website -

7 acres of well organised, easy to navigate, recycled goodness in the heart of castlemaine.

Salvage Yard

Structural timbers, hundreds of doors and windows, landscaping timbers, ex-commercial double glazed glass, steel, masonry and found objects... right down to hard to find hardware and homewares! Now also supplying a range of small production, sustainably sourced new timbers for flooring, decking, overlay and cladding. Also, manufacturers of custom designed engineered trusses from recycled timbers. 6 Lewis Drive Castlemaine • 0435 500 112 •



Summer 2019





E FRE e! em Tak A visitors guide to the Central Highlands

The Local issue 164 December 2 2019  

The Local issue 164 December 2 2019  

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