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ELCOME to the ChillOut edition of The Local – the official media partners of the festival.

You’ll find a massive 48 pages of all things local and all things ChillOut. The best of both worlds. There are great stories, features, photos and all the low-down on what’s happening with ChillOut – where to go and what to do. If you’re a local, you’ll read about people you know. If you’re a visitor, you’ll read about people you’d like to know! And you’ll also find out all about this magic place we are lucky enough to call home. There are also some fabulous offers from our advertisers who have gone the extra mile to add colour and a bit of bling to their adverts for ChillOut. We had a great time putting this publication together and hope you enjoy reading it just as much. Oh, we’re also online at or like us on Facebook to keep up with what’s happening in the Central Highlands. And we’ll be out and about all weekend – including being in the parade. We’ll be on the float with the amazing Di Alysis – the queen of the parade. Like all queens, she just loves the attention so give us a cheer! Enjoy. Donna – and all the crew at The Local!

The Local

Just a little bit naughty


ATIE Gogoll loves sweets. And she has been cooking cakes since she was a 15-year-old high school student.

So it’s no wonder she has started her own business, eat happy. Katie said she started her journey with a cake decorating class at high school under the watchful eye of teacher “Mrs Perry”. “She was passionate about her cooking and taught us all her skills,” she said. “And I have been self-taught since then. I think I have done one class.” And while Katie has been the secret cake “go to” person for family and friends for many years, she decided last year it was time to focus on what she loves. And that includes boutique and specialty cakes, cookies and cupcakes. “My focus is wedding cakes and novelty cakes. I absolutely love doing novelty. I love making up all the little creatures that go on top. “Lots of friends will bring me photos they have found in magazines and most of them let me put my own little spin on them. “They have their own idea but I like putting my own turn on it.” A cake order takes about four days and Katie is adamant every cake tastes as good, if not better, than it looks. “Sometimes you can get a really beautiful cake but when you bite into it, it’s dry. I guarantee my cakes taste amazing.” But sometimes making an incredible looking cake can cause problems. “I made a massive suitcase cake for my uncle because he loves travelling,” Katie said. “It had all the stitching on the leather straps – and he looked at it and said ‘I just can’t cut it’. I had to tell him he had no choice.” Katie said while everyone had different taste current fads were red velvet and white chocolate. “Red velvet is so beautiful and so rich. Nigella Lawson said it was like molten velvety lava.” Katie, who moved to Daylesford nine years ago to run the former café Della’s on Vincent, said she loved all food but sweet things were her thing. “With cake, I love that you can be silly and a bit naughty. Even if you are on a diet you can have just one slice and treat yourself. “I love that.” Details:

Pop-up art for Daylesford Town Hall Laneway


N ARTIST will be commissioned to develop a temporary public art piece for the Daylesford Town Hall laneway – at a cost of $8000 to Hepburn Shire Council.

The project follows the formal adoption of the Council’s Public Art Policy in December last year. Mayor Cr Don Henderson said that the project presented local artists “with a great opportunity to develop an artwork that reflected the unique character of Daylesford”. The work, which will be on display in January and February next year, can include music, poetry, sound, sculpture, landscaping, performance, digital interactive projects or light/multimedia installations. The successful artist will receive $8000 for the commission. “Hepburn Shire is the home of a talented and diverse group of artists, designers and craftspeople,” Cr Henderson said. “The selected artwork will add some interest and attraction to our region, and create a greater appreciation of the arts. I’m certain that public art will start conversations in the community.” Expressions of interest close on March 14. A briefing session for artists was held on February 24.

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4 The Arts

The Local

Tea time for artist Jodie


RTIST Jodie Fergusson-Batte is donating her work Hot Summer Night to be auctioned at ChillOut’s The Slowest Lunch at The Argus dining room this Friday. Money raised will go towards the Roz Moynihan Worthy Cause - the ChillOut Youth Development Program. Jodie spoke to The Local’s Donna Kelly about life, art and tea. Donna: What’s your background? Jodie: I was born in Sandringham, Melbourne and lived in Queensland, Darwin and Sydney before moving to Daylesford in 2005 for a long-awaited tree change. My background is in intensive/coronary care nursing and I left this career in 2000 to move into the field of medical sales and marketing. In 2009 I started my own tea company, She-Tea, with a colleague, fellow nurse and friend. We wanted to continue to nurture and support people in our own way, while putting all of our energy into something that inspired us. The tea canisters in our range all display my original artwork, giving me a creative outlet and making my paintings accessible to everyone. Donna: What got you interested in art? Jodie: I have painted for as long as I can remember. When I first saw Picasso’s work I felt my heart light up and this is what keeps me passionate about painting. I want to feel that all the time and I want to make other people feel that in some way too. I had a wonderful art teacher in secondary school who never tried to influence my work. She rewarded creativity and absolutely loved what she did every day. She was the person who I sold my first painting to in year 10 and I have always thanked her for encouraging me to follow my heart in school and in life. Donna: What do you do with your painting? Jodie: These days I am so busy with my family and my business that I don’t get as much time to paint as I’d like to, so I focus on commissioned artworks. People commission me to paint pictures of them, of their families, and even their alter egos. It’s hard work channelling creativity into this kind of work but very rewarding to see their faces when they are finally presented with their piece of art. Donna: Do you have a particular style? Jodie: I do have an easily recognisable style that has developed over the years. I paint this way as it’s what makes me happy so I guess that’s why I have always stuck with it. I have tried to change my style a couple of times in the past but it didn’t make me as happy so I went back to what you see now. Donna: How do you find people react to your works? Jodie: Most people say that they’ve seen my work somewhere before, which always makes me feel good that they remember the style. Our She-Tea canisters have certainly raised the profile of my paintings across Australia, which has been great.


Don Huntley Memorial

Piano Recital

Dr. Timothy Young

Donna: What’s the philosophy behind She-Tea? Jodie: She-Tea was built backwards from a list of passions, inspirations and values that Vanessa and I both shared. The key elements to the business were art, tea, family, friendships and humour. We had this list of elements sitting in front of us and had to work out what kind of business could include each of them. She-Tea was born. Our vision is to nurture, support and inspire busy women every day with healthy tea, fun artwork and a little giggle. Donna: Why are you donating to ChillOut? Jodie: I think it’s important to support local events like this and this is the best way I can do so. I think Hot Summer Night suits the event and the people at ChillOut. It’s fun, relaxed and a little bit country.

March 15 2014 at 7.30pm Wendouree Centre for Performing Arts Performing: Rameau Pièces de Clavecin (selection) Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue Beethoven Sonata Op.111 Bookings: Ph: (03) 5338 0980 or visit $40 inc. Champagne supper, $25 Recital only $15 Concession, $5 School Students

‘ ...truly magnificent piano playing’ - The Classical Review (US)

News 5

The Local

Locks of love at lake


OCKS of love - even one professing love for The Local - have started appearing on the footbridge next to the change rooms at Lake Daylesford.

Also known as love padlocks, the phenomenon has taken off around the world since 2000. Sweethearts, friends or family use the locks to symbolise their love, often writing their names on the lock and then throwing the key into the water. One of the most famous bridges now covered in locks is the Pont des Arts, a footbridge in Paris which crosses the Seine River. In Australia, locks of love can be found at the Mt Keira lookout near Wollongong, on bridges across the Yarra River in Melbourne and on the University Footbridge over the River Torrens in Adelaide. In Australia and around the world, the locks are sometimes removed by councils because they are seen as vandalism.

Choosing good legal advice is the most important decision you will ever make

Meters for Vincent? Hepburn Hub talks



ARKING meters are a possibility for Daylesford’s Vincent Street.


■ Administration ■ Wills

+ Probate

Daylesford Phone 5348 2225 56 Vincent Street Daylesford

of Estates

■ Family ■ Civil

Law Litigation

Office Open Monday to Friday 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm email:

A query to Hepburn Shire Council, prompted by concerned traders, was met with the following response. “Council has commenced the budget preparation process and in accordance with the Council Plan 2013-17 Key Strategic Activity 20 ‘Continue to pursue alternate revenue streams and procurement efficiencies within council’s operating budget with a view to reducing the reliance on rate revenue’, council is considering a number of alternative revenue generating initiatives. “The budget process commenced in December 2013 and concludes with the adoption on the final budget on the 17 June 2014. “During this process all potential revenue streams will be considered.” Watch this space…

SITES and Spaces” will be under discussion when Hepburn Shire Council and ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects will host a community forum at the Daylesford Town Hall laneway this month.

The talks will be about potential sites and key spaces of the proposed Hepburn Hub with informal presentations, interactive displays, workshops and children’s activities. The hub is a proposed new multi-purpose community facility which will integrate a number of council facilities including library, council and early years and information services, community space and art spaces to improve service delivery shire wide. The forums are on Friday, March 14 from 6pm to 8pm and Saturday, March 15 from 10am to 4pm. The Friday session will include informal presentations and discussions with council officers and the architects ClarkeHopkinsClarke.

The Local

6 Opinion

My Say By Donna Kelly


HEY must have rocks in their heads.

Look, I like art as much as the next person. Maybe more. I have a lot of art on my walls and around my home. When I buy art it’s a bit of a kneejerk thing. If I like it enough and I can afford it, I buy it. By affording it I mean the dogs have already had all their shots, there is some food in the freezer, a bottle of wine is in the fridge, most bills are paid… That sort of thing. Anyway, I hear that the Hepburn Shire Council is going to buy a piece of art. That’s nice. Now I am not sure if all their bills are mostly paid but I guess so because they could afford to send out a nice shiny, glossy 20-page brochure telling us all how well they/we are doing. (Oh, on the front page, it should be “Our new website on its way”. No apostrophe…But that’s just me.) And they can afford to fix Vincent Street – twice. So they must be doing alright enough to buy some art. But then I read it’s going to cost $8000. Mmm. Well, that’s OK. Look at Blue Poles. Gough picked it up for a mere $1.3 million in 1973 and now it’s worth, depending on who’s talking, up to $100 million. So this could be a good investment for council. But wait, there’s more. Then I read that the art work is “temporary” and will adorn the laneway next to the Daylesford Town Hall for just two months. And which two months? January and February, of course, when there’s no-one bloody here. So the council is using $8000 of ratepayers’ money, with more in administration costs I am sure, for a two-month pop up art work in a lane no-one uses unless they’re going to a senior cits, U3A or council meeting, during a time locals are

off enjoying their summer break and tourists are off in non-bushfire prone areas. Really council? But look, if it goes ahead, and it will, I have a few ideas of my own. My mum is a painter of note. Well, she is now. I have a lovely painting of sunflowers (think Van Gogh but not) with a nice goldy frame, and that is just $80. The council could buy 100 of them – that would look quite nice. They’re not waterproof but they would probably last about two months. Or Kyle is quite artistic. He made a funky lamp using an old fence post, the top off a 20-gallon drum (for the base) and picked up the workings of an old lamp at the tip-shop for $1. Oh, the globe was shop bought for $10. So the council could have 727 of them. That would cover the illumination angle. Although the energy bill might go through the roof. And he’d need to know soon ‘cos we’re pretty busy at The Local. And if they want something really local we could frame all the front covers of The Local, which feature locals, and pop them on the walls. We’ll be up to about 35 issues by then – so that would look quite cool. We could even throw in one lamp and one painting for free. Just to help out with costs. And at least 35 people would show up. Maybe. Anyway, just some ideas. And some of you will be thinking “she’s got rocks in her head”. And maybe I have. But I reckon I’m not on my Pat Malone.

The lamp!

Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre 13 Camp Street Daylesford Phone: 5348 3569 Email:

Nationally Accredited Courses Certificate II in Production Horticulture Commencing April

Certificate III in Aged Care/Certificate III in Home and Community Care Commencing 7/3/2014

Certificates in General Education for Adults. Courses ongoing throughout the year.

Call for further details

VCAL The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning is a A hands-on option for students who wish to complete Years 10, 11 and 12 in an adult learning environment VCAL offers pathways into further study, employment and apprenticeships. Ongoing enrolments

To discuss your study options or find out more about a course please call the Centre..

Pre Accredited and Pathway Programs Introduction to Computers and Mobile Devices Including IPads, IPhones, Computer Business Skills, Skype, Blogs and all your Web and Internet needs. Offering one on one sessions and small classes. Tuesdays and Thursdays $10.00 per class or $5.00 concession Please call to book a timeslot

Microsoft Excel Refresher

Update your skills and refresh your knowledge of Excel spreadsheets Tuesday March 25 9am - 12noon $20 (Conc. $17.50)

Hospitality Food Handlers Course (Follow Workplace Hygiene Procedures) Saturday March 29


$135/$130 Concession

Responsible Serving Of Alcohol (RSA) Wednesday March 19 5.00pm—9.00pm

$90/$85 Concession

First Aid

Groups at Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre

Levels 1 & 2 & CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)

Friday 28/03/2014 9.00am to 3.00pm $60/CPR $80/Level 1 $130/includes Level s 1, 2 & CPR

Mondays 10am-11am, 6pm-7pm

Learn the basics of French Conversation whist playing Petanque @ Lavandula (Shepards Flat) begins 19/01/14@3pm

French Conversation - Intermediate

French Cuisine with Graham Lockyer

Sat. Starting in May (6 classes in total—come to all classes or select the classes that suit you ) from preparing Entrees through to Desserts. Costs include lunch. $28 per class/$25 concession $168 for 6 classes/$150.00 Concession

Wild Foods Walk—With Alexis Pitsopoulos

Stroll through Daylesford in search of edible wild plants. Learn about their culinary and medicinal uses. Followed by a cooking (and eating) class Sunday March 16 (April date TBA) 10.00–11.30am Banquet 11.30am–1pm Walk only $30 (Conc. $25/Child—donation appreciated) Banquet only $30 (Conc.$25) Walk & Banquet $55 (Conc. $45)

Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique is a set of skills that helps people suffering pain, poor posture or stress, it offers a gentle path to long-term relief. Monday evenings 7pm—8pm $15 (Conc, $13)

Current Affairs Discussion Group Wednesdays @10.30am fortnightly

Clayspace Presents Clay Making Workshops

please call the Centre for Venue details:

How to Successfully Keep Chickens Barista Training

Classes begin Mid-March

$13 (Conc. $11) or $117/$100 term

Mondays 5.15—6.45pm , Tuesdays 10.15—11.45am Chi Kung Tuesdays 9.00-10.00am $180 for 10 wks/$18 per session

All Abilities Garden Group Tuesdays

9.30am — 3.00pm


9.30am — 3.00pm

All Abilities Life Skills Group

Tuesdays 5-6pm

How to keep health happy chickens in your own backyard. March 2014 Saturday Workshops

Thursday & Wed

Yoga & Chi Kung with Larch @ Holy Cross

French Conversation - For Beginners

Mondays 10am—12noon $35 per session


Tuesday 1.30pm—3.30pm

Tai Chi

Home, Living and Learning

Ongoing Classes Starting 28/1/14

Sweet Justice Choir


Wholefood Collective at the DNC in the Old Police Cottage Saturdays & Wednesdays

Coming soon

Funky Reuse/Recycle Sewing Class Basic Massage Poetry Seasons Creative writing Bee Keeping Painting/Watercolours Curry Cooking Baking/Bread Classes Let’s Go Fishing 1 Pot Wonders Cooking Digital Photography Back to Work “Boot Camp”

Services available Photocopying Hire of Space Internet Hub Hire of Equipment Broadband for Seniors Laminating Faxing Homework Club Job Agencies Meeting Rooms For details check out our website and Facebook page

Artedeco Art Deco 20th Century Vintage Furniture – lighting – interesting objects –original posters- statues Vintage dressing –designer couture - jewellery – accessories all original An eclectic and diverse collection individually chosen from Europe and America Members of the Australian Art and Antique Dealers Association and CINOA The shop is open 7 days 10.00 to 5.00pm. Artedeco, 3/27 Vincent Street, Daylesford 3460 T 0407 321 865

The Local

News 9

Long journey to Longhouse


MAZING. That’s the first word that comes to mind looking at the Daylesford Longhouse.

Built on a ridge with stunning views at Elevated Plains, it’s clearly a labour of love for its owners Ronnen Goren, left, and Trace Streeter. The pair spent years looking for the right piece of land for their project, which will ultimately include a cooking school, a one-off bed and breakfast accommodation, their own home, a couple of rooms for workers (WOOFers), fruit and vegetable gardens, and housing for farm animals. All inside. Yep, all inside. And that’s why it’s called Daylesford Longhouse – it is 110 metres from one end to the other. Ronnen said the decision to build the Daylesford Longhouse was ultimately a lifestyle change. Trace was making the move from Brisbane, after the couple met through mutual friends, and they wanted something that “married together two individual passions”, he said. “It was a place to live the dream together. Trace’s passion for farming and my passion for cooking and hospitality. “It’s a journey for both of us – going back being more closely associated with the land in terms of eating and what we produce. “And learning everything from bread-making through to butchery. And we’re allowing people to come along on that journey and share that knowledge.” Ronnen said the couple was moving into their own accommodation, at one end of the building and including two bedrooms, a lounge, kitchen and bathroom, in March. The area has been built using Passivhaus, a design and construction methodology which results in buildings which are energy efficient, comfortable, affordable and ecologically sound. And next year, the long-awaited Daylesford Longhouse, will open – a five-year project in the making. They will also host events from a lunch for 12 people to a sit down wedding for 100 guests. Trace said the project, which is being filmed for Australia’s Grand Designs, was “definitely a legacy project”. “It’s not just for our lifetime, it will be for others, and they may take it to another level.” In the meantime, the couple are spending their time planting vegetable gardens, establishing citrus trees and enjoying the views. “In here, it’s beautiful every day. If there’s bad weather you’re in here doing the gardens. In good weather, you can be in here enjoying the views. “The idea is that we can leave the amazing landscape as it is – because it’s all in here.” Follow the journey at

in March

What’s On The Rex Community Theatre

47-53 Vincent St

Daylesford VIC 3460

Monday 10 March 2pm 12 Years a Slave (MA15+) 5pm Last Vegas (M) Tuesday 11 March 3pm Last Vegas (M) 6pm 12 Years a Slave (MA15+) Friday 14 March 7pm 12 Years a Slave (MA15+) Friday 28 February 7pm Anchorman 2 (M) Saturday 1 March 4pm The Railway Man (M) 8pm Anchorman 2 (M) Sunday 2 March 3pm Anchorman 2 (M) 6pm The Railway Man (M) Tuesday 4 March 3pm Anchorman 2 (M) 6pm The Railway Man (M) Friday 7 March 7pm Last Vegas (M) Saturday 8 March 4pm 12 Years a Slave (MA15+) 8pm Last Vegas (M) Sunday 9 March 3pm Last Vegas (M) 6pm 12 Years a Slave (MA15+)

Saturday 15 March 4pm Last Vegas (M) 8pm 12 Years a Slave (MA15+) Sunday 16 March 3pm 12 Years a Slave (MA15+) 6pm Last Vegas (M)

Sunday 23 March 1pm Mr Peabody & Sherman (PG) 3pm August Osage County (MA15+) 6pm Her (MA15+) Tuesday 25 March 3pm Her (MA15+) 6pm August Osage County (MA15+) Friday 28 March 5pm Mr Peabody & Sherman (PG) 7pm 300 Rise of an Empire (MA15+)

Saturday 29 March daylesfordcommunitytheatre 2pm Mr Peabody & Sherman (PG) 6pm Mr Peabody & Sherman (PG) 8pm 300 Rise of an Empire (MA15+) Tuesday 18 March 3pm 12 Years a Slave (MA15+) Sunday 30 March 6pm Last Vegas (M) 1pm Mr Peabody & Sherman (PG) 3pm Mr Peabody & Sherman (PG) Friday 21 March 6pm 300 Rise of an Empire (MA15+) 5pm Mr Peabody & Sherman (PG) 7pm August Osage County (MA15+) Tuesday 1 April 4pm Mr Peabody & Sherman (PG) Saturday 22 March 11am Mr Peabody & Sherman (PG) 6pm 300 Rise of an Empire (MA15+) 2pm Her (MA15+) 5pm August Osage County (MA15+) 8pm Elton John: The Million Dollar Piano

The Local

News 11

Happy anniversary A FTER 60 years Bill and Monica Patterson are eloping. Sort of.

The Trentham couple are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on March 13 and with family spread far and wide, are travelling to Moama to celebrate with friends. The Pattersons met in Ararat in 1953. Monica had arrived in Australia two years earlier with her parents and sister after a trip out on The New Australian. They had settled in Ararat, with Monica finding work at the Prestige Knitting Mill, where she met Bill one afternoon. “I’d just come out of the army and some mates and I went on a bit of a tour. We got to Ararat and as boys do we tried to find out where the girls were. So we waited at the knitting mill and got talking. It just sort of took off from there.” The pair was married in Moonee Ponds at St Thomas and Bill returned to the railways – a 49-year long career. And with demand for railway people in country towns in Victoria, they soon found themselves living in Wycheproof where they spent 13 years. Eventually, with their two sons growing up, and country towns offering little employment, they returned to Melbourne and Bill started on electric trains. He also became president of the Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Enginemen. In 1980 Bill put his hand up for a job at Kyneton choosing to live at Trentham. “We went through here (Trentham) and I said ‘I like this little town’ and that was that,” Monica said. The couple, who now have four grandchildren and six great grandchildren, said they had lived a good life. And there’s probably a shared sense of humour. Leaning in to give his wife of 60 years a kiss for the photo, Monica admonished him for being “too quick” for the photographer. “After 60 years you don’t linger,” he said. With a smile.

Up to


Est. 1947


12 Healthy & Happy

The Local

CHILLOUT REWARD 10% Off EVERY Treatment & Packages all weekend!! Groups of 5 or more - 1 Hour Body Massage for $75 each!! INN TOUCH DAY SPA @ Daylesford Inn 2891 Ballan Road, Daylesford. Phone 0447 270 756 or 03 5348 2774

The Local

Happy & Healthy 13 Women’s photography BOKEH Gallery will open its Women’s Photography Exhibition on Saturday, March 8 from 2pm to 4pm. Photographers include Heather Dinas, Meredith O’Shea, Robyn Wilding, Hilary Finch, Margaret Chandra, Sandy Scheltema, Julie Hough, Suzanne Williams, Julie Boland, Marnie Tole, Poppy Cagalj, Heather Cull and Sonja Rolton. Guest speaker is Hepburn Shire councillor Kate Redwood. The exhibition will run until March 29. Bokeh Gallery is at 10 Howe Street, Daylesford.

Natures Wheel

Art applications open APPLICATIONS are open for the 2014 Daylesford Macedon Ranges Open Studios Art Trail in November.

Massage Therapy and Body Mechanics

Therapies available: Relaxation Massage, Deep Soft Tissue Massage, Myo Facial Manipulation, Therapeutic/Remedial Massage Reiki

Shamanic Healing Healing is within Us Intuitive Counselling Illuminations Soul Retrieval Extractions Readings

For Bookings: Phone: 0400

Jaqi Mudge 0423 499 901

Aframe_bird_draft2.indd 1

Artists who live and work in the region are invited to apply for the program, which draws 4000 visitors to the region’s studios. This year the program will be extended to the first three weekends in November and include a group exhibition, a series of Arts Talks and an art auction/ dinner. A series of artist briefings will be held during the year for artists and volunteers to collaborate and discuss issues and ideas. Details: or

017 623

Email: 8/2/13 1:12:03 AM

INDULGE with us this Chillout season! restore balance naturally...

Relaxation Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage Remedial Massage Reflexology Motherhood Pregnancy Hot Stone Therapy Ear Candling Reiki Energy Balance Spiritual Healing Chakra balance Facial Body Polish/Scrub Body Wrap Foot Treatments Tarot Astrology Retail Therapy

we are open everyday! Mon - Thu 10 - 5 Fri - Sat 10 - 6 Sun 10 - 5

Book in for our Extra Indulgence package and receive 10% off the package cost! plus receive 20% off any jewellery purchase! Our Extra Indulgence is a 105 minutes treatment and features a 60 minute massage with either a 45 minute facial or polish/scrub or ear candling or foot treatment. Single $166 (normally $185) or Double $319 (normally $355).

This offer is valid for bookings made and treatments enjoyed between 03 to 12 March 2014, subject to availability. The Jewellery must be purchased at the time of treatment. Full payment is required at the time of booking. If you cancel prior to 48 hours of your treatment a 25% cancellation fee will be applied, cancellations within 48 hours of treatment will incur 100% cancellation fee. Changes may not be possible. No further discounts apply.

shop 5, 11 Howe Street, Daylesford 03 5348 1099

The Local

Happy & Healthy 15

Shamana’s work on display


HE art works of Shamana Kivinen, a Daylesford resident for 14 years, are on display at the Daylesford Library.

With any one hour treatment booked at EKO over the long weekend receive a complimentary extra half hour of your choice mini pedicure, facial or back massage.

ChillOut Festival special offer!

p 5348 3154 mob 0429 681 030 website 1 Camp Street, Daylesford (next door to Kazuki Restaurant)

Ms Kivinen has been “pottering with paints and canvas for about eight years” and with no formal training she learns through “trial and error”. “I am inspired by nature and indigenous artwork, but also by a drop of rain running down a window pane,” she said. “I create through intuition and am guided by the energy of what I see or feel. Instead of painting a traditional tree, I may paint what I feel is the essence of the tree.” Ms Kivinen said she loved working with the canvas and allowing it to tell the story. The 62-year-old works mainly with acrylics and pastels and says she “plays” with her creations rather than formally painting a picture. Along with her art, Ms Kivinen also works as a volunteer meditation tutor for U3A and volunteers at Daylesford Hospital and Lumeah Lodge in pastoral care as a trained Buddhist spiritual care worker.

16 Things to do

What’s up! Rainbow Storytime Rainbow Storytime, to celebrate ChillOut, will be held at the Daylesford Library on Saturday, March 8 from 11.30am to 12.30pm. Storytime will also be held at the library’s booth at Carnival Day at Victoria Park on Sunday.

International Women’s Day Honour Roll Victorian Women’s Trust executive director Mary Crooks will be the keynote speaker at the International Women’s Day Honour Roll civic function on Thursday, March 6 at 3pm. The event will include the announcement of inductees to the 2014 Hepburn Shire Women’s Honour Roll.

Piano recital Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, Beethoven’s monumental final sonata Op111 and a selection of the elegant Pieces de Clavecin of Couperin is the program to be played at the 2014 Don Huntley Memorial Piano Recital on Saturday, March 15 from 7.30pm at the Wendouree Centre for Performing Arts. Ballarat Grammar’s special guest is Dr Timothy Young, head of piano at the Australian National Academy of Music. Details:

Daylesford Probus Club Daylesford Probus Club meets at 10am on the third Tuesday of each month at the Daylesford Bowling Club, Camp Street, Daylesford. Details: 5348 2553.

Trentham Lunch A community lunch will be held at the Trentham Neighbourhood Centre on Wednesday, March 5 from noon. It is being hosted by Hepburn Health Service to gather ideas to help people “eat well, play well and be well more often”. People should bring their ideas and lunch. Details: 5424 1354 or

Going Going Almost Gone... The Rex Shopping Arcade 2 Tenancies only available Tenancy 5 weekly $273.70 inc GST Tenancy 11 weekly $318.06 inc GST Weekly rental also includes $50 a month advertising. Generous Terms and Conditions Apply

Enquiries to Centre Manager Karen Hemming on 0402 010 266 to make an appointment

The Local


ARK your diaries for April 6 – for the annual Anderson’s Mill Festival at Smeaton.

Run by the Newlyn Football Netball Club and its many volunteers, in conjunction with Parks Victoria and the Hepburn Shire Council, the festival offers visitors local produce, award winning local wines, a great mix of music and a fun, family friendly atmosphere. Music starts with students and teachers from Ballarat High School followed by Melbourne twins, the Pierce Brothers, with a five-piece country- folk- rock outfit, the Merri Creek Pickers, finishing the day. Activities for the kids include face painting, model making and pony rides and Farmer Darryl’s mobile animal farm. Then there are the sheep shearing, working dog and woodworking demonstrations as well as wood chopping, tours of the mill, panning for gold, Maverick the Clydesdale and blacksmith demonstrations. The festival runs from 10am to 4.30pm. Costs: $5 children, $8 - seniors, $12 - adults and $30 - family.

The Local

Advertorial 17

Creative haven at new designer store MULCH International designers cohabit with local artisans in a new retail concept by local design studio SABATO e DOMENICA.


LURRING the lines between art gallery and retail space, designer homewares store MULCH presents a tightly curated mix of objects which are both functional and beautiful for home and garden. Local studio owners Ty Symonds and John Galanti describe their new store as a space which “awakes the aspirational Daylesford lifestyle”. “Each product is underpinned by a creative process or a design philosophy,” Ty says. “We want people to understand where things actually come from and how creative ideas grow.” John said MULCH, located at 12 Howe Street, Daylesford (co-joining The Secret Garden), “stocks beautiful items from all around the world but we’re most proud of the local work MULCH supports and the balance of price points to suit everyone”. The store interior and unique product selection speaks of Ty’s design background and his years of leading the creative direction for some of Australia’s largest and most loved brands. Ty said while he was fortunate to scout the globe for the best international trends and find the most beautifully made products, “I am always impressed with the local talent we have right here”. He said he loved mixing classic and loved brands back with unique handmade original pieces to create

a new aesthetic. Step behind the tall bespoke window frontage, white brick walls and rustic timber furnishings add a classic Daylesford aesthetic to a playful set of chalkboards and vignettes dedicated to beautiful homewares, creative kids toys and clothing, luxurious bath and body products, fresh cut market flowers and pantry delights such as organic loose leaf tea and fresh roasted coffee. “It’s a coup that we are exclusive regional stockists of loved Finnish label Marimekko and iconic Australian cosmetic brand Aesop. Visitors to our store can expect that we have a healthy selection of local ceramics and artisanal objects, local letterpress stationery and bespoke industry products from around the world” Ty said. Ty and John said they hoped to inspire others to follow their passions and welcomed them to live a beautiful and creative Daylesford life.

Exci�ng �mes coming up at The ARC Daylesford as we start back for 2014! We have a great variety of sports and arts ac�vi�es happening, including our Youth Space which is now open every week day from 3.30pm ‐ 6.30pm! Got an enquiry? Give us a call on 5348 1777!



Study Hall & Creative Writing @ The Youth Space 3.30pm

Art @ The Youth space 3.30pm

Mi So Far Youth Choir 3.45pm Sprung Circus 4pm Daylesford Volleyball 6.30pm



Games Night @ Girl Talk @ The The Youth Space Youth Space 3.30pm 3.30pm

Aussie Hoops 4pm

Springers Basketball 4pm

Sprung Circus 4pm Adult Class 5pm

Springers Basketball U18’s 5pm Hepburn Netball Club 5pm

Friday Movies & Pool Night @ The Youth Space 3.30pm


I am thrilled to extend a very warm welcome to everyone attending the 2014 ChillOut Festival . Now entering its seventeenth year, ChillOut celebrates gay, lesbian , bisexual , transgender and queer pride within the unique and beautiful regional environment of Daylesford and Hepburn Shire .

t u O l l i h C 4 1 0 2e s t i v a l F

In Daylesford over the festival long weekend , you will find stunning food & wine , art & music and most of all true community heart. Celebrate , experience and immerse yourself in all that this amazing region has to offer. I hope that some of our ChillOut visitors will – as many of us locals have already done– choose to make this amazing region your home in the future . Hope to meet you at the huge parade on Sunday!

Authorised by Amanda Millar MP, Tenancy 3, 80 High Street Woodend

The Local

Advertorial 19

Birth and pregnancy retreats


IXTEEN years ago, Nina Isabella’s youngest sister asked her to be her birth support.

It was her sister’s first child, and Nina, at that stage, was not a mother herself. “We have two other sisters with children but my younger sister decided she needed me to be there,” Nina said. “We were both blissfully naïve…but to be in the presence of birth, for me, was life changing. Everything changed that moment. It was ‘right, I get it now, this is what I need to do’.” So after having her son not much later, Nina then started yoga teacher training and a few years after that threw in a successful career as a landscape architect. Because quite simply, being a part of a woman’s journey to giving birth “became the most natural thing”. “I love it and I am passionate about this work. Many people told me I was crazy, but I haven’t looked back,” she said. Nina is now a child birth educator teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga along with being a doula – a non-medical person who attends births to support women and their partners. She has been running regular mamashanti yoga classes and workshops, which she founded, in Melbourne for the past 10 years and since 2012 has also been holding retreats at her Glenlyon home. The Fundamentals for Pregnancy and Birth workshops and retreats offer women, at any stage of pregnancy, a full day to learn techniques to feel more comfortable and enjoy their pregnancies more, “and even more importantly than that, to prepare for birth”, she said. “It’s always a diverse group of women – the one thing they have in common is that they are pregnant. The feedback has been pretty fantastic. The women who come to me are overwhelmingly positive. “They feel the practices that we use are really appropriate for their needs during pregnancy, they feel safe working with those practices and, after giving birth, they say it really helped contribute to them having a positive birth experience. “They talk to me at length about how the active birth practices - the movements and the integrated breathing techniques really help them to sustain

focus during their labour. It’s got so much to do with the way regular practice of this suite of active birth practices takes women from working with learned technique into the realm of instinct and intuition. “This is what creates a profound body-felt confidence in their birthing potential. “I have women referring their pregnant friends and family and themselves coming back to me for their second and third pregnancies.” Nina said while some of her first time mothers, many older with little interaction with babies, were a little nervous about the birthing experience she also supported them in their journey helping them find the right support from health professionals to birthing partners. “They say it takes a village to raise a child, I think it takes a village to help bring that child into the world,” she said. “And we have to remember it’s the most natural thing in the world. As one of my women said ‘I’m just participating in an ordinary, everyday miracle’.”

mamashanti | yoga for birth | birth support | 0432 078 899








For more information on our donor program call 1800 111 483 or visit

Supporting LGBTI families.

1800 111 483

The Local

Our Artists 21

ChillOut thanks artists for taking part in Worthy Cause C HILLOUT wants to thank all of the wonderful local artists who have donated works for ChillOut Festival’s Roz Moynihan Worthy Cause. The Slowest Lunch auction is held at the Argus Dining Room on Friday, March 7. ChillOut president Tim Hick said the organisation was thrilled with the donations of the artisans for the Worthy Cause auction. “These artisans have taken the time to contribute to an amazingly worthy cause which will help our local youth into the future. Their work is amazing, their commitment is so appreciated and we are incredibly honoured to include their work on this important day.” The artisans include Petrus Spronk (petrusspronk., Tanya Baricevich (tanya.furnituremaker@ Jodie Fergusson–Batte (, Mark Payne (, Kai Remy, Stefan Nechwatal (, John Barter (, Elicia Ward ( heartbeatz.elicia) and David Dawson (overwrought. Tanya Baricevich is a third-generation furniture designer-maker. She specialises in commission work from contemporary art pieces to ornate antique reproductions. She has donated a modern 20th Century inspired Rock Maple Desk selected with the Argus Dining room in mind where it will “pop against the darker tones”. John Barter said he was very happy to support the festival and the Worthy Cause donating one of his oneoff linocuts, Three Robots and a set of wire bottles, 3 Bottles in Wire.

brought to you by Central Highlands Water

Kai Remy has lived in Daylesford for 21 years and has “followed and joined with the growth of ChillOut from its origins” with his painting donation referring to a ridiculous King Canute type figure trying to hold back the tide of social progress. Elicia Ward, who has donated ‘Friday’ and ‘Light of Truth’ said she lived in “one of the most creative and community driven towns”. Jodie Fergusson-Batte is donating her work Hot Summer and said she had painted for as long as she could remember. “When I first saw Picasso’s work I felt my heart light up and this is what keeps me passionate about painting.” Mark Payne said his creative journey had always been about the visual arts starting out with BBC television as an art director, morphing to cartoonist and children’s book illustrator in London and Oz and finally gravitating with a happy landing to his true passion, oil painting. His giclee art print is titled Rebirth. David Dawson, pictured right, said his Daylesford business, Overwrought, was dedicated to “creating beautiful hand-made decorative metal work of all kinds”. “Originally we started out making gates, which we still do, but now we have branched out to many other forms including wall art, garden art, sculptures, signs, noticeboards, furniture pieces and archways.” From a young age, Melbourne-born artisan Stefan Nechwatal, now at Paradiso Arts in Sailors Falls, experienced “frequent exposure to a range of powerful physical images of exotic architecture, grand gardens ancient furniture and rich furnishings”.

Finally, Petrus Spronk has donated a “mesmerising” bowl. “While walking in the forest recently I watched a leaf slow–falling to the ground, and became aware of the silence of the trees. I found myself listening. During my ongoing journey along the ceramic path, where each bowl represents a step, I found myself again in the forest and there, written amongst the trees, a message. This became my inspiration for this exhibition.” *See all the wonderful sponsors on page 27!

Look out for the Be Smart, Choose Tap hydration station over the Chill Out Festival.

ChillOut Carnival Day Map Sunday March 7 Ticket Sales




Photo Booth


Mini Vanessa

Dog Show Arena

Hydration Station Rainbow Cloggers

Public Mischief


Public Shade Structures


Food and Wine ChillOut Bar

First Aid

Main Stage

Friday 7th March

Saturday 8th March


The Slowest Lunch 12.30pm-4.30pm The Argus Dining Room, 124 Main Road, Hepburn Springs The Daylesford Hotel 12pm onwards 2 Burke Square, Daylesford The Perfect Drop 6 pm till late 5 Howe St, Daylesford Heather Peace 7pm Daylesford Town Hall, 76 Vincent Street, Daylesford Short Fuse 7.30pm 4c Duke Street, Daylesford Nat Allison Doors open 6pm The Old Hepburn Hotel, 236 Main Street, Hepburn Pre Cream 11am-4pm Hepburn Pavilion Café, Mineral Springs Reserve, Hepburn Springs Scenic Morning Bush Walk 11.30am-2pm 10.30am-1pm Meet at the of Chatfield CAN Twisted Rodeo Thelake Oldend Hepburn Hotel,Avenue, 236 MainDaylesford Street, Hepburn The Daylesford Hotel 12pm onwards 2 Burke Square, Daylesford High Tea on the Line 12pm, 2pm & 4pm Daylesford Railway Station, Railway Crescent, Daylesford A Garden Party 12pm-5pm Grande Hotel,1-3 Church Avenue, Hepburn Canapes and Cocktails 12pm-5pm Agora Courtyard, Frangos & Frangos, 82 Vincent Street, Daylesford Ballarat Roller Derby 2pm-4pm Daylesford Arc, Daylesford High School, Smith Street, Daylesford Creating A Ripple 2pm-5pm Daylesford Neighbourhood House, 13 Camp Street, Daylesford CREAM 2014 4pm till late The Old Hepburn Hotel, 263 Main Road, Hepburn Out Open Yoga 5pm-7pm lè.yoga.daylesford, 67 Vincent Street North, Daylesford ChillOut Mass 5pm Daylesford Anglican Church, 54 Central Springs Rd, Daylesfor The Perfect Drop 5pm till late 5 Howe St, Daylesford 10 Years of the 6.30pm Grange Bellinzona, 77 Main Road, Hepburn

Fabulous Dolly Diamond The Laugh Out Loud 7.30pm-10pm

Sunday 9th March


Big Gay Comedy Night ChillOut Bush Dance ChillOut Street Parade ChillOut Carnival Day The Daylesford Hotel Swinging Sunday The Laugh Out Loud Big Gay Comedy Night ChillOut Dance Party Michelle Parsons ‘Women of Rock’ Show

The Convent Gallery, 7 Daly Street, Daylesford

8pm 10am for 10.30am start 11.30am-6pm 12pm onwards 5pm onwards

Daylesford Town Hall, 76 Vincemt Street, Daylesford Vincent Street, Daylesford Victoria Park, Daylesford 2 Burke Square, Daylesford Perfect Drop, 5 Howe St, Daylesford The Convent Gallery, 7 Daly Street, Daylesford


Daylesford Town Hall, 76 Vincent Street, Daylesford The Old Hepburn, 263 Main Road, Hepburn

7.30pm-10pm 8pm-Late

Happy Chil Out! Connie & Kyla

Carnival Day Ella Hooper, 100% Kylie, Dolly Diamond, Luke Gallagher, Victoriana Gaye, Nicollette Forte and Band, The Twine. Local food and wine, Dog Show and Stallholders.

Come and experience all the carnival fun! Sunday March 9, Victoria Park, Daylesford.

Tickets $22.50 + $2.50 bf $17.50 Concession + $2.50 bf - 7-10 014 March 2


Media Partners

BRAND NEW exclusive Saffron range NOW available! All of our products are handmade with love to help fund the work we do, rest assured that all proceeds go straight to the dogs. The range includes: Collars



Seat belts


Double leads Key fobs ...and so much more! All products are machine washable. Available in all sizes for dogs online at or come and visit us at The ChillOut Festival in Daylesford.

C omic Strip


Ziggy’s Superheroes

Please mention this voucher to receive

20% off*

your next Saffron purchases! *Voucher applies to full price stock only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Voucher must be mentioned at time of purchase to receive the 20% off discount. Valid only for The ChillOut Festival.

Happy Albert

We need your support! JOIN US in saving a life. Adopt, Volunteer or Donate

Saffron on the Hill is a not-for-profit rescue that concentrates on the rehabilitation of ex-breeding and breeding dogs. These rescue dogs have spent most of their lives confined in a cage often with minimal human contact. These conditions take its toll on their bodies from bad diet and continuous breeding. It is legal for puppy farmers to kill the dogs after they have finished making money off them. We say that is not good enough. Although we are mainly a pug rescue we never ever say no to giving a dog freedom from this

For more information visit our website

so called life. We teach them what a pat is, how to live in a home, be a dog for the very first time and most of all we teach them that they deserve to be loved. All of this means that they can be in care for months, years and some live their lives with us. We are very proud of what we do and although the public can give generously by donation, we never ask for this. Our work is funded through the sales of our online shop and stalls manned by our fabulous volunteers.

Saffron on the Hill Inc

The Local

ChillOut 25


NOW ON Hours 10am-5pm Thurs- Sun


Simon Ramsay mp

Catherine King MP Federal Member for Ballarat

I'm proud to support marriage equality

State Member for Western Victoria

I hope everyone has a wonderful time at the 2014 ChillOut Festival

Contact Simon

Have a great time at ChillOut 2014! @CatherineKingMP

211 Dana Street, Ballarat

5332 9443

Authorised by Simon Ramsay, 211 Dana Street, Ballarat.

P: (03) 5338 8123

Authorised by Catherine King MP - 5 Lydiard Street North, Ballarat VIC 3350

THE REX hen c t i sK ’ a n e


Traditional Chinese Dumplings. Gluten Free Foods. Clay Pot Oriental Dishes. Traditional Chinese Tea and More. All of Our food Is Homemade Using Quality Seasonal Ingredients.

Kristoufa Unisex Hair Studio Specialised in men’s, Ladies and kids cuts. Your one stop shop for style ideas or indulge yourself with a whole new tone at affordable prices Men’s & Ladies Gifts, Accessories, Clothing and Furniture. A quirky retail outlet in the heart of Daylesford’s Vincent Street. Visit Yang With Yin for a special gift for you or for someone you love.

Newborn to kids, educational children's toys, swaddles, sleeping bags, blankets, eco friendly toys, soft toys, balance bikes & ride on trikes

Award winning chocolates, gourmet treats, cakes, triple choc ice-cream & gifts We provide relaxation from head to feet, furthermore the deep tissue massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. Genuine handmade Turkish rugs, ceramics, tiles & giftware. Come see our beautiful colorful, inspiring mosaic lights, A gift for that special someone.

Eclectic Notions

Unique and inspiring giftware Come and see our large range of crystals and incense; Inspirational posters, wall hangings and felt fairy houses: Our region soaps and exciting jewellery. Rainbow - Bali flags, head bands and hats At The Lazy Roo Cafe, we strive to ensure that your experience is enjoyable and lasting by being committed to providing good quality, delicious and affordable food and drink and creating an environment you won’t want to leave.

The Local

ChillOut 27

Thanks to our Worthy Cause sponsors!


ANY businesses have been very generous with their donations to ChillOut’s Worthy Cause - the Roz Moynihan Youth Development Project.

Money for the project will be raised at the The Slowest Lunch at the Argus Dining Room on Friday, March 7. The ChillOut Festival committee would like to thank them all. They include: Daylesford Accommodation Escapes, Daylesford Day Spa, Double C Jeanery, Alyanya Massage & Beauty, Balconies Daylesford, Hares & Hyenas, Frances Pilley, The Complete Garden, Frangos & Frangos, Motherload Tattoo, Captains Creek, Red Star Café, eCasa, Finishing Touch Décor, Colour Me Cooper, The House Of Benjamin Bandicoot, Daylesford Massage Healing Centre, Mulch, Stockroom, Larder, Tuki, Passing Clouds Winery, Native Youth, Daylesford Hardware, Paris End Of Town, Ista Designs, Ellender Estate, Harry & Me, Creswick Natural Fibres, Wombat Gifts, Alpaca Passion, Lake House, Artedeco, Upstairs at Alpha, Cellarbrations, Jenkin & Thomas, Clayfire Gallery, Mimosa, Bokeh Galley, The Argus Dining Room, Dayget, Tanya Daniels The Good Guys, Designscope, Ascend, The Farmers Arms and The Mineral Spa.

28 Things to do

Second Sunday o f

e v e r y

m o n t h

Fountain Street, Maldon, Central Victoria

historic goldfields region


from10.30am Sunday March 9, 2014 admission - $7.00 children under 16 - $3.00 further details contact Len Orr: 5348 5555


Sunday 9 March 2014

BULLARTO HALL 7.00pm ‘til late Sausage Sizzle 6pm Featuring local band

The Guinness Brothers Adult: $15 | Child $5 | Family: $35 proceeds go to Bullarto PS kitchen garden and dairy goat stud

Enquiries: 5348 5559

News 29

The Local

New look for Earth Garden magazine


ARTH Garden, one of the first sustainable living journals, has had its own makeover.

Produced in a solar powered straw bale house in Trentham, the journal is now printed on eco-friendly paper using vegetable based inks. Editor Alan Gray, pictured far left with his team, said the new format made the most “of cutting edge, eco-printing techniques” and took him back to his first edition in 1986 when he took over the business. “I’ve got the same feeling of excitement. The printer has just delivered a totally revamped journal that we have spent every day of the last three months working on,” he said. “It’s taken up more brain space than any issue I have ever worked on. And it’s very exciting to think that quality is now something we can build on. We have a very exciting future ahead for the journal and for the philosophy it represents.” Mr Gray said the Earth Garden team “try to practice what we preach” including being housed in the straw bale house which kept a temperature of 24 degrees during the recent heatwaves “with no form of cooling”. The new Earth Garden is on sale from today, March 3.

5348 2130

Wednesday 6pm – 8pm

The Local

Out & About 31

Big day out for Bullarto


IGS and reels will be on the dancing agenda when the Bullarto Hall hosts the annual Bullarto Bush Dance on Sunday, March 9.

Everyone will be up and dancing thanks to the sounds of the Guinness Brothers. And if you don’t know your Country Pumpkin from your Flying Pieman, Bullarto Primary School children are busy rehearsing the dances to lead visitors through the jigs and reels. Local produce will be raffled and there are prizes for the best costumes. There is a sausage sizzle for the kids but adults are encouraged to bring a share plate. The action starts at 7pm. Cost is $35 for a family, $15 for adults and $5 for children. The dance follows the 20th annual Bullarto Vintage Tractor Pull and Vehicle Display. Held at the Bullarto Hall and railway grounds, also on March 9, the event draws visitors from around Victoria. The event includes a display of pre-1955 tractors and crawlers, restored vintage and classic cars, along with trucks and small engines, and the tractor pull itself. There’s also plenty of entertainment and the quirky mobile phone throwing contest for the ladies. The event runs from 10.30am. Cost is $7 for adults, $3 for children under 16, $15 for a family ticket and $5 for restored vehicles. Len Orr on 5348 5555 or

22 Raglan St, Daylesford Phone 5348 4433

An eclectic gathering of objects, apparel and footwear from Daylesford and around the world including a select collection of unique vintage finds.

Great Steak Off! 33

The Local

The Local’s Great Steak Off!

Daylesford Bowling Club - Eye fillet wrapped in bacon with your choice of delicious sauces!


Daylesford Hotel - Local grassfed Black Angus porterhouse!

HE wait is over. The Local’s second “Great Off” is here.

We brought you the Great Burger Off! And this time it’s Great Steak Off! And it’s simple. Just choose your favourite steak, go to The Local’s Facebook page and “like” the photo of the steak you “like” most. (Make sure your “like” is on The Local’s FB page...)

Old Hepburn Hotel - Pork sirloin steak with honey glaze coleslaw and roasted chats! The winner is the dining venue with the most votes by noon, Saturday, March 15. And the winning venue will receive the inaugural The Local Giant Pepper Grinder, two metres high and in working order, for three months. With a plaque for time immemorial. Of course! May the best steak win.

Fully Licensed Vegetarian and vegan options available

Open 8.30 – 6.00 across ChillOut weekend

105 Central Springs Road Call 0414 830 435 for bookings

The Local

Really chill out at the Farmers Arms Hotel

Nom Nom Nom! 35

By Donna Kelly


N TOWN for ChillOut? Looking for a great place for a meal, a snack, maybe just a drink? You can’t go past the fabulous Farmers Arms Hotel in Daylesford.

We turned up for dinner on a recent Sunday, choosing, as usual, the bar. (After 20 years together it’s nice to have the option of someone else to chat to and it’s also fun to hear the local goss.) But there are also plenty of tables on offer – along with the alfresco option in the garden. History The oldest pub in Daylesford, built in 1857, The Farmers blends country charm with a sophisticated menu, wine list and professional, friendly service headed by owners Claire Levine and Susanne Devine. There’s a huge local following and no bookings are required. You just grab a seat or, if it’s busy, let the staff know you’re around and they’ll find a table for you. Entrees They can also help with suggestions, as Claire did for us, mentioning a new addition to the “lighter mains” offering smoked eel with pancetta, beetroot, rocket and horseradish yoghurt. ($22) We decided to share it as our entrée and, as promised, it was amazing. The eel was smoky, the pancetta was crispy, the salad was a perfect mix of flavours and the yoghurt was just yum. Mains For our mains Kyle went for the dukkah crusted schnapper with rocket, fetta and pistachios. ($31) And another winner. The fish was perfectly cooked, with the dukkah adding a new depth of flavour, and the salad was the perfect base for a fantastic dish. Looks like it will be added to his favourites list of roast pork belly, mash, broccolini and relish, and the eye fillet mignon with mash, green beans, garlic spinach and red wine jus. I couldn’t go past the pan-fried gnocchi with caramelised onion, spinach and fetta. OMG! I have always been a little disappointed by gnocchi – but not anymore. This was like eating little pillows of potato – so delicate and yet so full of flavours. The onion, spinach and fetta are a great combination and bring the dish to a definite 10! That is definitely my new favourite – along with linguine with prawns, chilli, garlic and rocket, or the entrée of taramasalata, fetta, olives and flatbread. Drinks Oh, and while we’re having a fabulous meal, we’re also sharing an amazing bottle of Paringa Estate chardonnay. ($65) It’s a full-bodied wine - call me old-fashioned but if I am drinking wine I like it to have flavour - with notes of peach and grapefruit and a lovely yeasty complexity. There’s French oak involved somewhere for sure. There is a great wine list here, plenty by the glass, along with options of tap and bottled beers and ciders, and anything you fancy from the top shelf. Chilled By now we are both feeling very satiated, relaxed and just plain looked after. And believe me, we are regulars, so it’s not a special “review” level of service. This just is The Farmers Arms. This is what they do. And what they also do is incredible desserts. Now we don’t usually do dessert – but when the next two dishes come out, I think it might be time to rethink that idea. Desserts Priced at just $16 each out comes the summer berry cassata with mascarpone and pistachio, followed by the baked almond crepe roulade with apricot sauce and ice-cream. Wow. Both are full of zing, amazing textures and chock full of summer flavours that you can only imagine. We share them and even as we get towards the end of our ability to sample any more continue to scrape just another berry or another lick of ice-cream onto our spoons. Seems a shame to leave any…. Just for fun Oh, if you’ve arrived in time, Friday night will get you involved in the locals’ meat raffle. It’s always for a good cause – this Friday is the Hepburn Primary School’s turn. Tickets on sale from about 6pm with the raffle drawn at 7.30pm.

Welcome to The Farmers Arms Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner

No bookings are required, simply come in, grab yourself a seat and order food and drinks at the bar For more information about the pub and also our current menu, please visit our 1 East Street Daylesford ph. 03 5348 2091

Trentham Easter Art & Craft Show 2014 18th to 20th April - 10am to 4pm 21st April – 10am to 3pm Trentham Mechanics Institute Hall High Street, Trentham General Enquiries to – Jill McCallum Ph: 54241483 or Email: Entry Enquiries to Dorothy Hancock Ph: 54241813or Email:

The Tavern at Daylesford Cider is the home of traditional English ciders made using 17 varieties of organically grown traditional English cider apples grown on the property. While sampling our ciders enjoy a tasting platter made using a variety of local produce including Goldfield’s Farmhouse cheese and Istra salamis.

Wednesday to Friday: Noon to 4pm Weekends / public holidays: Noon to 5pm General Enquiries: 0418 336 191 Weddings & Functions: 0409 203 290 e: 155 Dairyflat Rd Musk Vic 3461

The Grande Hotel ChillOut Garden Party Seafood & Gourmet BBQ $50 includes food & first drink

Saturday 8 March 12noon Live music - the silky sounds of Paris Payne and Jack Pantazis Unplugged 1pm to 4pm ACCOMMODATION AVAILABLE 1 Church Avenue. Hepburn Springs 03 5348 1978

Out & About 37

The Local

Woodworkers creating from crates

A TREE is born, and grows tall in the forests of northern America. Magnificent oaks, striking sycamores, majestic magpies and cherry orchards.

“They are harvested, graded, selected and sorted. Superior timbers get the top jobs, while the lesser grade timbers of these beautiful species end up as packaging structures. “They become shipping pallets and crates.” Those are the first few lines of Libby O’Brien’s “Waste Not, Want Not” piece in the Victorian Wood Workers Association’s Create from a Crate 2014 exhibition guide. Ms O’Brien is curator and executive committee member with the association and, not surprisingly, a woodworker. The Coomoora resident’s own entry for the exhibition, which opened on Friday at the Ballarat Back Space Gallery, is “count(eract)ing sheep”. It’s based on bedside tables and the idea that counting sheep can help lead to sleep, research has actually found that counting sheep keeps the brain active and counteractive to sleeping. “I’ve got two little lambs just lying down in the corner near the fence. And I have one little black sheep – because there is always black sheep in the family. It’s based on a shed and there’s even an anagram of crate in the title. “And the wood was beautiful, like a surprise package, and like America, everything was extra heavy. The nails were hard to get out but that just became part of the beauty of the piece. All the warps and holes. With perseverance it’s amazing what you can achieve.” Create from a Crate is on exhibition at Ballarat Back Space Gallery, Huyghue House, Alfred Deakin Place, 15 Camp St, Ballarat until March 16 from Thursday to Sunday from noon to 4pm.


od Food Stor o G 03 5348 1654 e Now open for Breakfast


New final.indd 1

Drop in to The Good Food Store and grab a great brekkie, a super tasty lunch or take something delicious home for dinner. We make it all here, with fresh ingredients… and don’t forget the great selection of sweets and cakes. Our courtyard is now open. We look forward to seein ya! 8 Howe Street Daylesford VIC 3460

2/11/12 10:30:12 PM

A fully independent fine wine retailer. Representing local treasures as well as International greats. A wine selection like no other. Take advantage of our on premise license and enjoy wine by the glass, coffee roasted locally, delicious charcuterie & cheeses. The little sit-in wine store…see you there!

0458 617 025


1/97 Vincent St


38 Wining & Dining

The Local

Poppy project WANT to learn how to crochet a poppy as part of the 5000 Poppies project for the 2015 Anzac Commemoration? Trentham Neighbourhood Centre is offering a crocheting course to be part of the project with funding from Kyneton RSL. The poppies will eventually be planted in a field at Federation Square. The free workshop is on Friday, March 7 from 10am to noon with tutor Kerrith McGrath Meanwhile Trentham Primary School is also getting involved, with the children making felt poppies. The classes are on March 14 and 28 from 12.40pm. If anyone can help call 5424 1354. Project details:

Dinner: Thursday - Tuesday from 6pm Lunch: Friday - Tuesday from 11am Breakfast: on weekends from 9am Coffee & Cake: always available Locals Night: all welcome Curry & Hot-Pot Night Tuesdays $18 Fish Night Fridays: $26.50 with glass of house wine (a la carte dining also available)

SUPPORT A LOCAL BUSINESS This year we celebrate 10 years as a family-owned tourism provider, offering high quality self-contained accommodation in a vineyard setting. We wish to thank all those loyal local businesses that have accepted our wine into their shops, restaurants and cafes. We are grateful to locals and places such as Peppers, Sault, Old Macaroni Factory, Cosy Corner, Cliffy’s, Radio Springs Hotel, Tuki, Breakfast & Beer, Wine and The Country, The Grande, Cellarbrations and IGA, for having faith in our product for nearly a decade. Our cellar door is open for wine sales 11.00am to 5.00pm each weekend or by appointment. Check our website for accommodation details and bookings. THINK LOCAL, BUY LOCAL. WE ALL BENEFIT!

The Local

Gigs! The Old Hepburn Hotel, Hepburn

Nat Allison - Friday, March 7 - 8.30pm Cream - Saturday, March 8 - 4pm Michelle Parsons - Sunday, March 9 8pm Sugarcane with Andy Vogel - Sunday, March 16 - 4pm

Radio Springs Hotel, Lyonville

Family Farm – Thursday, March 6 evening The Flames - Saturday, March 8 evening Birdland – Sunday, March 9 lunch Zeptepi – Monday, March 10 lunch

Gigs 39

Oh Pep! are musical explorers who travel in the form of a band - a collaboration between songwriters Olivia Hally (guitar, vocals) and Pepita Emmerichs (fiddle, mandolin). Drawing upon their escapades, they take you on a carefully arranged folk/pop adventure for your ears.

Perfect Drop, Daylesford

Annie and Charlotte - Friday, March 7 Victoriana Gaye - Saturday, March 8 Kindred Surprise - Saturday, March 8 DJ Swami Salami and DJ Staccers Sunday, March 9

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Nat Allison queen of pub rock Words/Image: Jack Larm


AT Allison has been labelled the queen of pub rock and it’s not difficult to see why. On stage, she certainly has the look, the attitude and the voice. On top of all of this is her ability to make her beloved Gretsch guitar sing and scream. Looking back at her life it comes as no surprise.

Nat was always going to be a musician. At the tender age of three, she was mesmerised by the antics on television, especially music programs. While her dad was busy cooking and singing in the kitchen, Nat watched the glamour and spectacle of Countdown. “I was drawn to the sound and colour,” she recalls. “And over the years I became more and more attracted to the idea of singers and guitarists sharing the limelight.” Nat’s very first adventures in music making started with an old acoustic guitar with missing strings. When she turned 10, she asked her dad to buy her an electric guitar. He agreed on one condition, “take lessons and really learn to play”. Eventually, Nat took to the stage. A normally timid young girl, her dad encouraged her to do a couple of songs at the First and Last Hotel in Coburg. It went really well. From there, she started

a school band and, soon after, at the mature age of thirteen, she joined a band made up of guys in their 30s. But things just continued to snowball. A chance meeting with music producer Mike Chapman led to Nat performing and recording with the queen of rock, Suzi Quatro. Nat went to London to sing and play guitar on Suzi’s 2011 album, In The Spotlight. When it was time for an Australian tour, Nat was given the responsibility of putting a band together for Suzi. Of course that also meant Nat was on stage lending her voice, guitar and unbridled rock attitude. There’s no doubt about Nat’s commitment to music. On average, she plays three or four gigs a week in Melbourne, but she has a special fondness for Daylesford, particularly the Old Hepburn Hotel. Although Nat’s happy to make a musical living playing her favourite rock classics, she continues to write and record her own material. “This year I want to put more time into writing songs and releasing an album,” she says. During the ChillOut festivities you can find her commanding the stage and lifting the roof off with her uncompromising brand of rock. Hear her live at the Old Hepburn hotel on Friday, March 7. In the meantime, check her out by going to


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THE GARDEN by Jackie Airey


’VE decided to plant even more stuff now: trees, shrubs, perennials – you name it, we’re greening up with it.

But I’m going to start with the subject of this column a couple of weeks ago: bulbs. First up, I couldn’t resist some potted galtonias at the Trentham Market last week, so half a dozen came home with me. Otherwise known as cape hyacinths, these onemetre high spires resemble towers of multiple snowdrops on steroids. They don’t need staking and they add a lovely green and white freshness to what is often a hot and dusty time of the year. I haven’t seen them around for a while and I’ve decided that anything that’s becoming scarce has a place in my garden. I also decided that I would take a friend to visit Lambley Nurseries in Ascot to choose my bulb booty from there personally. It was also a chance to have a squizz at how their gardens had held up in the recent heat and wind. David Glenn has been cultivating a dry garden for some years now, and it is always a revelation as well as a good lesson in appropriate planting. I only wish I could be so disciplined. Well it was looking great, as it was planned to do. In fact, it was so inspirational, that not only did I come away with my bulb haul, but many of the impressively resilient perennials also made their way into my car. Yes, I know – hopeless. So, what little gems did I choose? As to be expected, alliums (from the onion family) were well represented, with purple sensation (big purple balls), schubertii (pinky/mauve catherine wheel explosions) and carinatum pulchellum (bright azure blue) all hitching a ride. The tulip species whittallii (burnt orange with a biscuity back stripe) and majorletti (creamy lemon with rosy red feathering - thought to be extinct in the wild, so I have to plant it) came too, as well as some scilla peruviana (large heads of soft blue with turquoisy centres), ornithologum nutans (easily grown, with green and white scented star-like blooms) and gladiolus “The Bride” (pure white species gladdie with green throat markings). As my companion and I came from our tour of the dry garden, who should we bump into but David Glenn himself. Always very gracious, David gave us some of his time to show us his new projects: the Mediterranean garden and his new perennial border. Sensational both. That’s all I’m saying about them, you’ll have to seek them out yourselves to get the full impact. One last word: seeds – I’ll tell you about them and the stowaway perennials next time.

> Celebrate the Power of women with mary Crooks ao international women’s Day honour roll Civic function Mary Crooks will be the keynote speaker at the International Women’s Day (IWD) Honour Roll Civic Function. The civic function will include the announcement of inductees to the 2014 Hepburn Shire Women’s Honour Roll. Mary has been the Executive Director of the Victorian Women’s Trust since 1996. She has an extensive background in public policy and a passionate commitment to social justice. Date:

Thursday, 6 March 2014




Daylesford Town Hall

Come along and celebrate the 10th anniversary of International Women’s Day celebrations in Hepburn Shire - there will be entertainment and light refreshments. RSVP to Michelle Collett on or (03)5321 6423.


For the Daylesford, Hepburn Region. “As your local State Member of Parliament,

the most important part of my job is to keep listening to your concerns. I can assist with anything relating to the Victorian Government and provide you with information and advice. I would also love to know what you think are the most important issues facing our community.”

geoff howard mp StAte MeMBeR FoR BAllARAt eASt

15 Main Road, Ballarat VIC 3350 P: 5331 7722 E: Authorised by G Howard, 15 Main Rd Ballarat.

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Roller derby rules New blood at club


OLLER derby will take over The ARC in Daylesford’s Smith Street on Saturday afternoon. The Ratpack, from Ballarat, will take on the Chiko Rollers from Bendigo, in an hour of fast and furious rollerskating. Drummond’s Allison Hadfield, AKA Library Fine, said she had been training for two years and playing for just one. “It’s such a full-on sport,” she said. Meanwhile Creswick’s Sharon Kitts, AKA Vanilla Slicer, will be doing her part for The Ratpack. Doors open at 2pm and the action starts at 2.30pm. Entry is $10 for adults and $5 for children aged five and over.


HERE’S new blood at the Daylesford Junior Football Club.

News 43 Under 15s coach Jeremy Steen, left, with assistant Cameron Ralph

The new president is Rob Millar with Craig Wade taking on the role of vice president. Club spokeswoman Jan Steen said the committee, players and parents thanked and acknowledged the contribution of former president Stephen Walsh and other outgoing committee members. “Stephen Walsh has been a real asset to the club working tirelessly over many years and he will be greatly missed,” she said. “We have acknowledged his support, contribution and expertise by making him a life member of the Daylesford Junior Football Club. “A new generation of parents are becoming involved in the club and we welcome several new committee members this year. “The junior committee has a tradition of active discussion and consultation regarding decision making, and its members have always worked well together making the most of individuals’ skills and expertise. “Another football season is almost upon us and we hope that you are as excited as we are. We always welcome all old and new players in our U12, U15 and U18 teams.” A registration night for U12s, U15s and U18s will be held at Victorian Park on Thursday, March 6 from 6pm. There is a free barbecue. Details: 5348 1761 or


Carpenter offering personal touch for community work


FTER 10 years living in the Daylesford community, carpenter Steve Ralph is looking for a more “community” feel for his work.

see clients in the supermarket I can ask how it’s working out for them and if there’s any problems, like they need a laundry door to swing the other way to get the washing basket through, I am on to it straight away. With a background in anything from “It’s a real community feel. Just doing nice building new houses, using strawbale and things for good people.” mudbrick construction, and a recent project Steve said with 10 years up his sleeve that’s kept him busy for 18 months, Steve is he was also well networked with other keen to slow things down a notch. tradespeople and could easily get together a But he believes his skills are perfect for small crew if needed. the smaller jobs that many people either try “Ideally, I would also like to spend a bit of themselves or put off too long. time working on my house so if an ownerAnd he likes the idea of working builder is struggling with a project and needs collaboratively with clients. a bit of guidance, I can work alongside them “When I am building I think of the client and show them what to do. and what they would like. So I might look “I can also let them know which at something and think ‘I don’t think Donna tradesperson they need to talk to next so they would like that’ and we have a talk about what have everything lined up ready to go. might be better. “I like working with people, getting to “Or I might be building for an older couple know my clients, and making sure they are and I chat to them about perhaps making happy with what is being done for them. the shower recess a little wider – in case it’s “Just a spirit of co-operation.” needed in the future. “If you don’t know the person you can’t make that call. Steve Ralph Carpenter “I’ve also done a few jobs working alongside clients, which can work if you have 0412 336 001 the right people. “That personal touch means that when I

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SALE 9am Sat March 8 16 Hepburn Rd Daylesford old wares, collectables, clothing, kitchen ware books, magazines, electronic bric -a-brac CDs, DVDs power and hand tools

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Run for the Willow

$3,184 raised for Camp Quality thank you to our generous sponsors and supporters Telstra Priceline Pharmacy Ballarat Central Highlands Water Victorian Athletic League Ballarat Athletic Club Mick O'Connor Daylesford Builders Daylesford Escapes Rotary Club of Daylesford Stawell Athletic Club Daylesford District Community Bank Victorian Cross Country League Double Nut Chalets Adrian & Robyn Holmes John Evans Real Estate Brian Williams Ballan Builders Brian Marantelli Mrs A Frith Daylesford Engineering

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Glenlyon Hall future talks H

ERITAGE architect Brad Hooper will meet with Glenlyon residents to hear what they want from and for the Glenlyon Hall and precinct.

Mr Hooper has been contracted to prepare an initial scope of works to be undertaken at the Glenlyon Hall, developing scoping, cost estimates for the works and preparing funding submission documentation. The “listening post” for feedback will be at the Glenlyon Hall on Saturday, March 15 from 3pm to 5pm.

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READY TO RUMBLE! THERE will be no chilling out when roller derby takes over the Daylesford ARC this Saturday when Ballarat’s Ratpack takes on Bendigo’s Chiko Rollers. The Local caught up with Allison Hadfield, AKA Library Fine, right, and Sharon Kitts, AKA Vanilla Slicer, for a pre-bout face-off. Story p43.

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The Local Chillout Edition March 3, 2014  
The Local Chillout Edition March 3, 2014