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Hi everyone! It is my great pleasure to be addressing you, reader, as the new English editor of Dunman High’s Publications CCA. So that you can immediately jump into what we have in store for you, I shall keep this short, simple and sweet.

This issue serves as a bridge: it is the swansong of our graduating batch of ‘17-‘18, as well as the debut of our incumbent batch of ‘18-‘19. And what better way to celebrate the past and welcome the new than to take a look back at the previous year? In this issue, we shed light on the events and people that have made 2017 a year worth remembering. 2017 also marks a year of continued digitisation for Publications. To keep up with the times (yo), we have avenues on Instagram as well as Issuu, a digital magazine platform. We are planning to update both platforms regularly, so do follow us on @dhs.publications and keep an eye out for new content published on Issuu at “Dunman High School Publications”! Finally, I would once again like to extend our appreciation to the 10th batch of DHS Publications’ members on the behalf of the 11th batch. None of the above would have been possible without your effort, and we will continue to work hard to continue your legacy. -Joyce Lim


torials 不知不觉中,一年又过去了。时光总是在我们不经意间,悄然无息地逝去。繁忙的生活可能让我们在不 知不觉中变成了为生活而生活,忽略了许多好玩有趣、能放松自我和提升自己的事物,错失许多美好。 忙着学习、忙着准备各种活动、忙着交际、忙着和家人相聚,我们是否预留了些许时间给自己? 本期主题是2017最美好心事物,它为广大读者推荐和介绍了许多旅行圣地、音乐、电影等,记录了那些 值得我们学习的杰出人物。我希望通过这一期对2017的回顾,读者们可以对自己周围发生的一些事 情、潮流有所了解,亦或者找到适合自己的去处和消遣。当然,这些信息也绝对是能与朋友、家人分享 的“好料”! 回顾2017,你准备好了吗?




instagram accounts in dhs.


17 fantastic beats and what they mean.

from the navy to civil service.

2017 最佳旅 行目的地。

12 2017 年新加坡 人最卓越的成 就。

38 2017 最值得 一看的电影。



to be continued...

ounts c c a m instagra n on the rise e have be nd here’s why. in DHS, a


To give you some background, memes are defined as an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations’. But they’re more than that: they’re a subculture that allows people of all walks of life to relate to one another. Thus, it’s not surprising that students, dismayed by the stress and boredom of school, seek entertainment and solidarity through memes. This gave rise to the first secondary school meme accounts, and thus, Dunman High’s very own meme accounts were born.

While most people find these memes to be humorous and relatable, some of the older generations may dismiss them as being meaningless or a distraction from our studies. Indeed, the relevance of memes in our school lives remains a debatable topic, but these school memes have gradually become a minor part of our lives whether we like it or not. We have asked some of our Dunmanians as well as the Dunman High Instagrammers for their opinions towards school memes, and here are some interesting perspectives which they have shared with us.

“It was really a spur-of-the-moment decision. I did not expect this kind of response from the school.”


@dunmanhighaf, which has more than �,��� followers, is the most popular meme account in our school; the account’s followers almost eclipse that of our school’s population. According to the account’s admin, whom we interviewed on the condition of anonymity, the enthusiastic response from our school was a surprise.

“It was really a spur-of-the-moment decision,”says the admin.“I did not expect this kind of response from the school.”

Hearteningly, the account has also received overwhelmingly positive responses from our schoolmates and even teachers, which the admin says is“encouraging”.“Dunman High is privileged to have very nice teachers and schoolmates,”he/she added.

Despite the attention the account has gotten, there has surprisingly been few problems in managing it. There are few disciplinary issues, except for a reminder from our Disciplinary Master, Mr Lim Pia Leong to be“sensitive”. Of course, @dunmanhighaf’s admin has taken heed, and his/her posts have reflected this: they are not offensive or insulting to anyone, but are still hilarious and pertinent to the daily lives of Dunmanians, representing a sensitive and inclusive platform for relatable humour.“[I] try to avoid being racist, sexist, and pointing out anyone’s flaws, [unless] the person agrees to it,”he/she says. In fact, the only problem is the multitude of people trying to guess the admin’s identity, which he/she calls“frustrating”.

However, it seems like the account may one day come to an end. Once the admin graduates, he/she plans to pass the account down to a junior who can manage the account as well, or “even better”. Yet, if such a junior cannot be found, the account will just“stop posting altogether”, putting an end to one of the biggest sources of school-specific humour for Dunmanians. 6

It is a communication expressway essentially.

While we were unable to interview the admins of the other school-based Instagram accounts, we did survey some Dunmanian Instagrammers who actively use these accounts. While some of these students patronise these accounts on a daily basis, the average student surfs through them once a week. To our pleasant surprise, many students also responded positively, singing praises about these student-initiated accounts. Amongst a plethora of accounts on Instagram, respondents find these student-centric posts particularly “relatable” and “entertaining”. Amidst our hectic lifestyle, some“comedy relief”will only serve to lighten the atmosphere and bring smiles to faces. Furthermore, confession accounts, such as @truebluedhs, are a perfect example of how seniors can impart valuable advice to juniors, allowing the younger ones to benefit from their past experience. They can also be a precious platform for students to share their thoughts and worries anonymously, without fear of judgment. Due to careful management from the admins, hate speech or offensive confessions are generally rejected, preventing controversy or drama as much as possible (though considering the nature of the platform, some of this is unavoidable). It is a communication expressway essentially.

Not only do students gain the autonomy to express opinions freely, like-minded Dunmanians now have the opportunity to connect with each other, strengthening bonds amongst batches, and even across cohorts. Often do we hear about members of the public exchanging comments on the“competitive”nature between students in DHS or how Dunmanians only speak Mandarin; nonetheless, these platforms reveal a more light-hearted side of our school which will (hopefully) debunk some of these myths that surround us.

If utilised appropriately, there is no doubt these accounts will continue to flourish and serve as a remedy to one’s mundane schooling life. However, a word of caution here is mandatory, as student-initiated platforms are inadvertently double-edged swords. There is a thin line to be discerned between entertainment and derogatory content. Controversial topics are always the hottest debate in town, and emotional sensitivity is crucial when tackling thorny issues as “inappropriate memes could come off as crude and offensive”, which will tarnish the reputation of our school. So long as admins stay mindful of certain boundaries, all ought to be well. After viewing school memes and confession accounts from different ends of the spectrum, we’re sure you have now gained a broader perspective of how these Instagram accounts have impacted our school lives. If you had been one to think that school memes or confession accounts are offensive and a waste of time, perhaps reading this article has made you reconsider your opinion and start associating terms like‘school identity’and‘inspirational’with these accounts as well. As previously mentioned, beyond their negative aspects, school memes and confession accounts actually provide a huge source of enjoyment and platform for students to express themselves. While the concern that memes provide entertainment at the expense of others will always be a relevant one, we believe that as long as the account holders are willing to follow a certain protocol and exercise more discretion to the content that they post, they will be able to ensure that the line between enjoyment and disrespect is not crossed.


2 0 最佳旅行


“生 命没有了,灵魂他还在;灵魂渐 远去,我歌声依然......”歌手郑钧的这首

《长安长安》 ,正道出了这座中国西北重 镇生生不息的精髓所在。作为中国陕西 省的省会,西安素有十三朝古都之称,文 化与历史如同城市的血液,在时间的隧 道中延伸至今。漫步城内,斑驳的古城墙 无言地伫立,见证了数千年的风雨变迁。 也许会有几个热情好客的小吃店老板邀 你进店坐坐,也许会有三两天真的孩童 跟你大声打招呼。总之,这片踏实的黄土 地,始终蕴藏着无尽的潜能。



作为新世界八大奇迹之一,秦兵马俑的名声甚 至超过了这座城市,成为中国在许多西方人眼 中的标志性符号。秦兵马俑位于西安临潼,出土 于千古一帝⸺秦始皇嬴政的陵墓。走入俑坑, 整齐划一,威风凛凛的庞大陶俑军团,尽收眼 底,无不令人叹为观止。这些兵马塑像、或蹲、或 立、或仗剑、或驭车,雕工细致入微,栩栩如生。 虽沉睡地下千年,魅力不减。这些瑰丽的艺术 品令人联想起两千年前 秦王朝金戈铁马,叱 咤中原,雄兵一统 天下的壮观场面, 不虚其名。

0行目的地 17


顾名思义,这条并不宽的文化老街上,有为数不少 的穆斯林商家。西安人相当认可这条街巷对保留原 汁原味的西北饮食文化作出的贡献。街道两旁酒 旗招牌很随意地露出来,人流从早到晚总是熙熙攘


唐代诗人白居易留有诗作《长恨歌》 ,其末两句 “在天愿作比翼鸟,在地愿为连理枝。天长地久 有时尽,此恨绵绵无绝期。 ”为世代相传。而诗 歌中唐明皇与杨贵妃缠绵悱恻的爱情故事,正 发生在����年前的西安华清池。如今斯人已去, 曾经的繁盛与奢华也只能从残余的断垣残壁中 窥见一二。不过泉水依旧温润,烟柳仍笼十里 堤,历代的修复之下,骊山脚下肃穆典雅的华清 宫对文人墨客而言仍是吊古的不可错过之地。

攘。举例来说,一张手擀的馍饼,加入一碗秘制的牛 羊肉老汤,佐以香菜、蒜苗等,一碗香气腾腾的肉泡 馍便完成了,调料自取。除此之外,甜爽的黄桂柿子 饼,筋道的西北凉皮,多汁的羊肉水饺等等,都是千 百年来西北人民珍贵的饮食文化遗产,值得一试。 酒足饭饱后,不妨去高家大院看看皮影戏,听听秦 腔,细细品味三秦大地千百年来爱恨情仇的传奇。

回 民 街



From the navy to the civil service An interview with Mr Lai Chung Han, Second Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Education and Ministry of Home Affairs Sheng Hongyi, Gabriel Lee, Joyce Lim

For Dunman High School’s Speech Day this

year, members of the Senior High Publications were honoured to be given the opportunity to interview the Guest-of-Honour who graced the event, Mr Lai Chung Han. Mr Lai Chung Han is currently the �nd Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), and he was previously the Chief of the Republic of Singapore Navy. Hongyi: For the first question, I was curious as to why you chose to serve in the Navy, amongst all the other vocations in National Service and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). Was there something in particular that drew you to serve in the Navy? Mr Lai: I chose the Navy because I thought it was good to force myself to learn something new, to try something different, and in that sense venture out and I thought I would try my hand at it. The second reason is because compared to the Army, the Navy is a much smaller service. For the smaller ships, we have only about �� to �� people, whereas Army units can be large with a huge number of people. I felt that I wanted a small team in which everyone has a very important role to play and is indispensable to the team. The third reason is that in the Navy, we have a

very strong family spirit. We always describe ourselves as a Naval family, and that’s because our work takes us away from home, away from our family but enables us to live together, work together in a small space and look out for one another. Joyce: So throughout your service in the Navy, you’ve held so many key leadership positions, and accumulated a wealth of experience. Currently you’re serving as the �nd Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Home Affairs, so I’m curious to know, how different is military leadership compared to leadership as a civil servant? Mr Lai: Well, I think most people would think that there are stark differences, because a military organisation is a uniformed, hierarchical organisation and the impression that most people have would be that there are significant differences, but I’d rather talk about the similarities. When you think about leadership, ultimately it’s about galvanising your people and your resources towards a fulfilling mission and achieving an outcome. I think that’s true whether you’re in the the military or the Ministry of Education or Home Affairs. In every organisation, there is a mission. A leader must be able to gather the strength of the people and the resources



to achieve that mission. I would say that there are a lot of other similarities because whether in the Navy, or in Education or Home Affairs, we are very values-driven. We believe in what we do: defending our country, educating our people, moulding the future of our nation (as the MOE motto goes) and also providing for the safety and security of Singapore. So actually, if you think about it, the leadership that’s needed in all these three organisations is values-based. It’s about having conviction in what you do. Are there differences? Maybe stylistically. You must understand that the people you work with have different backgrounds and different experiences. In the military, of course, we have uniform, rank and hierarchy. Sometimes you can give a direct order. But it’s not just about ordering as you wish, but giving the right guidance and

the right instructions; having won the respect of your people before that, rather than lording over them. So it’s true everywhere: in any other organisation, uniform or otherwise, you must win the respect of your people. Hence, there are more similarities than differences.

Mr Lai: Actually, the very fact that you first started out with the values of Dunman High, and based on my experience interacting with students here, including what I said in my speech this morning about this �� year old who was very clear about what the school rules are, again I don’t think that there are too many differences. And actually, I would answer your question this way: it is not so much about what Dunman High can learn from the military, but actually, from the leadership model in which the similarities are far greater. It has to start with just that clarity about your mission, and then focusing the efforts. I thought also, the other similarity is that sense of community from serving a cause larger and greater than yourself, and I think I see that manifesting itself here in Dunman High, so that’s something very good. So rather than think about what I would think as a lesson or an ex-

perience, I thought there are many similarities and much that we can learn from one another.

Gabriel: As you would probably know, our school motto, 诚信勇忠 (honesty, trustworthiness, moral courage and loyalty) serves to instil Dunmanians with the necessary moral values needed to thrive in the ��st century. It is also known that the rigorous and regimental nature of the military demands one to be principled and disciplined. What are some lessons for character building in the military that educational institutions such as Dunman High can borrow from?

Hongyi: During your speech just now, you mentioned about preparing for the future. With regard to that, do you have any advice on how Dunmanians can perhaps gain more confidence, because we are known to be soft-spoken, as well as how we can future-proof ourselves?

Mr Lai: That’s a very good question, but I think we have to be realistic. We cannot future-proof ourselves in a sense that whatever changes and whatever disruptions occur, we are water-proof to it, fire-proof to it. Considering the words future proof, really, the correct idea is to be future ready, rather than proof. The word“proof” suggests that just like a water-proof watch or something else, the item will never be affected

(by changes in the surroundings). But I think we really have to respond to these changes. For our Dunmanians, I think you all have a reputation for being diligent, hardworking, very respectful, great team players and a great asset. Maybe there’s an impression that perhaps you are not so outspoken, and perhaps, therefore, a little more reticent. As I said in my speech, how can Dunmanians be more future-ready? Really, be a lifelong learner. Here in Dunman High, you learn very deep values, you master your subjects, as you move on, especially in Year �, when you think about which university you want to go to. I understand many of you are keen to go to SMU; I am not sure whether it’s the case for you. But there you learn different skills, so be a lifelong learner. Be more articulate, more eloquent, and be able to present yourself. Also, become a digital native. What does it mean to be ready for the future? Are you ready for the technologies of the future? Are you comfortable with computing and coding?

Hongyi: Yes, I am relatively comfortable (with computer coding). Mr Lai: Relatively? Good. That’s much better than most of us. Then you can be confident about the future. And finally, be global citizens. Be global in your vision. Recognise that Singapore is your home and that is where the heart is, but also, that the world is your oyster and go forth. I just came back from Jakarta, visiting Block ��, a start-up incubator, which is a collaboration between NUS and the Salim Group, a very big conglomerate in Indonesia. I see Singaporeans there, forming start-ups, thinking about starting pre-schools in Indonesia, being entrepreneurs. So I would say, for Dunmanians, it is not so much about being future-proof, but to be future-ready, and in those three aspects.

Joyce: Seeing as how you’ve had a prestigious education, it’s safe to say that you did pretty well in school.

Mr Lai: Above average, yes. [laughs]

Joyce: During your schooling days, how did you juggle your academic life with other commitments such as CCA, interests, and having a social life? What advice would you give to Dunmanians regarding that aspect of student life?

Mr Lai: Actually, I think that you all have a much harder time. If I look at education today, and the programmes that you have, both in and out of school, all of you are juggling with far more. When I look at your CVs and when I do scholarship interviews, well by comparison, mine wouldn’t even have survived the first round of vetting. All of you have a much harder time. You’re doing much better, coping with a lot more. From my own experience, when I was a teen in school, I learnt that one has to also recognise when one’s plate is full, when there’s too much to do. I recall how when I was juggling being in the prefectorial board and also participating in another major CCA, and I wasn’t able to give enough to that, to schoolwork, to family and to friends. A very wise teacher told me that I shouldn’t think of myself as being “indispensable”, that I“cannot leave because I would disappoint others”but to just recognise that there are other people who can step up and also play a big role and you should just focus on things which you can manage. Go for greater depth, and not just always be spread so thinly. So I think the advice would be this: take a good look at what’s on your plate and although everything looks good, if you spread yourself too thin, you cannot gain mastery. Take a few things that are aligned to your strengths and then pursue that. And thus, you can be a lifelong learner, because you are pursuing something that you are passionate about. Don’t worry about dressing up your CV; just show the depth of your talent and excel in those areas. Give the time to other things in life— your family, friends— that’s very important. Joyce: Thank you.

We hope that all Dunmanians who have read this article will have gleaned some insights from our interview with Mr Lai, and hopefully, his passion for leadership will continue to inspire Dunmanians in the years to come.

from left to right: Sheng Hongyi, Gabriel Lee, Mr Lai Chung Han, Joyce Lim


����年新加坡人 最卓越的成就 光阴似箭,白驹过隙,又一年匆匆地过去了,相信许多人在忙碌的同时,都有留意国人在����年所取得的卓越成 就吧!若没有的话,也无需担心,就让我们在这篇报道里与大家分享新加坡人在去年所创下的种种“第一”和佳 绩,好让我们一起为他们的卓越成就喝彩!

� 陈敬音

本地年轻女导演陈敬音(Kirsten Tan),以她 的首作, 《大笨象》 (Pop Aye) ,在����年�月 的美国日舞影展 (Sundance International Film Festival)中脱颖而出,摘下“国际剧情片 竞赛评审团特别奖”的荣衔,让她成为第一位 在这项著名国际影展中得奖的新加坡导演。陈 敬音作为德明校友,不但为我国争光,也让我 校感到骄傲!


� 刘敬贤

本地漫画家刘敬贤(Sonny Liew)凭借《陈富 财的艺术》 (The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye), 在����年�月夺得美国漫画界重要颁 奖典礼 Eisner 的三大奖项,使他成为首位获 得 Eisner 奖的新加坡人。虽然刘敬贤的得奖 作品前一阵子因为“内容敏感”的关系而被国 家艺术理事会取消了����元的拔款,但是他并 没有轻易放弃,坚持一定要将他的 “富有历史 性” 的漫画刊登出来。看见刘敬贤努力了这么 久,我们都非常高兴他能够有今天的成就!

� 董姿彦

续向洋(Nathan Hartono)在����年的《中国 好声音》创下第二名的佳绩之后,本地歌手董 姿彦(Joanne Dong)在去年的《中国新歌声 �》中又报捷 ⸺ 她在这项国际歌唱比赛中赢 得了第三名。董姿彦这几年来付出的心血可谓 有目共睹,自称 “从来没有想过会有这样的收 获”的她总算得到了她应有的认可!

� 朱永辉

失 去 双 腿 和 一 只 手 臂 的 海 军 人 员 ,朱 永 辉 (Jason Chee),在 ���� 年亚细安残疾人运 动会的男子乒乓球个人赛中,为新加坡夺得一 枚金牌 ⸺这是继他在 ���� 年的亚细安残疾 人运动会所得到的耀眼成绩。在接受《早报》访 问时,朱永辉对记者说过这么一句话: “我相信 一切都会好起来,人生只能活一次,我要把每 天都过得充实、快乐。 ”朱永辉不向命运低头的 精神真的是值得我们大家学习!

� 约瑟林 新加坡蝶泳冠军约瑟林继���� 年里约奥运会后,在����年东 南亚运动会的男士蝶泳���米 的项目中又赢夺了金牌,并且以 ��.��秒的佳绩打破了东南亚运 动会有史以来最快的纪录。约瑟 林在受访时表示,自己参加这次 运动会的目的并不是因为成绩, 而是要指导其他年轻的运动员, 所以只要自己有尽力就满足了。 这种无论何时都竭尽全力的精 神是非常可嘉的,我们应像约瑟 林一样,比起成绩更注重过程, 这样才能让自己有更优越的表 现!


� 杰基英

去年(����年),新加坡生物工程及奈米科技 研究所的执行主任杰基英(Jackie Y. Ying), 被誉为 “美国发明家学会”(United States National Academy of Inventors) 的院士之 一 。更了不起的是,杰基英不仅是第一个获得 这份殊荣的新加坡人,她也是至今唯一一个能 够享有 “美国发明家学会院士”美誉的穆斯林 女性!感谢杰基英为我国的科学研究界带来这 份荣耀!


� 总统科学 与科技奖章

����年��月,共有�人因科学成就杰出而荣获 了本地的“总统科学与科技奖章”,其中包括南 洋理工大学环境工程学院教授,还有新加坡科 技研究局首席科学家。伍文桢研发出了名为暂 态循环 “续批式反应器” (sequencing batch reactor)的污水处理科技,为本地环境工程做 出了杰出的贡献,而大卫·连爵士则是在����年 发现了一种名为“p��”的致癌基因,并且多年 来都在研究如何用它来预防或治疗癌症。这些 获奖者不仅多年来都在科学界取得了了不起的 成就,而且对科学研究都持有很浓厚的热忱。相 信他们的成就将鼓励更多国人在科学界有所突 破!

� 教育方面 (QS) � � � � 年 � 月 ,在 英 国 教 育 市 场 咨 询 公 司 Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) 所公布的���� 年世界大学科目排行榜中,本地的新加坡国立 大学和南洋理工大学共有��项科目被列入全 球��大,在所有亚洲国家的大学中领先。这个 优越的成绩不仅给我国的教育界带来了荣誉, 也更是肯定了我国多年来在教育方面所做的 努力。希望我国能再接再厉,在日后的国际评 估中也能取得认可,并继续为学生创造更优质 的教育环境!

� 美食方面

本地受食客喜爱的御宝饮食集团(Imperial Treasure) 和中餐厅VLV 在“最佳亚洲风味餐 馆奖”中各获得了两个奖项,表现非常杰出。这 个奖项由本地美食记者根据食物和服务水平 筛选出获奖餐馆,除了御宝饮食集团和VLV获 得的银奖,总共还有��家餐馆获得了银奖和铜 奖。被列入得奖名单的餐馆展现了许多不同亚 洲国家的美食特色,也突出了本地丰富又独特 的饮食文化。希望这会激励更多国人往餐饮业 发展,发扬本地独一无二的饮食文化!


�� 新加坡米奇林指南

����年版的《新加坡米奇林指南》在二零一七 年六月刚发布,获颁米其林星的本地餐馆猛增 到��家,法国名厨侯布雄(Joel Robuchon) 的同名餐馆蝉联本地唯一最高三星荣誉。虽然 去年只有少数小贩摊位摘星,令人感到欣慰 的是大华猪肉粿条面和了凡香港油鸡饭面再 获一星,其中的了凡香港油鸡饭面又是全世界 最便宜的米其林美食。的确,能够受到《米奇林 指南》的认可是一件不易的事,希望我国的美 食界可以引以为豪,继续让我国的美食传承下 去!


这些成绩总结了新加坡人在 这一年来所取得的成就。有 了这些国人的努力和奋斗, 才造就了今天的新加坡。希 望大家看到了这些佳绩会有 所启发,并用自己的方式在 新的一年里创造出属于自己 的一番成绩!

Fantastic Beats& What They Mean by Charmaine Tan, Genevieve Soh, Hu Min Shi

Have you ever noticed what genre of songs your favourite playlist is made up of? If you have not, now’s the time to check! Many studies over the years have proven that there is a significant link between the genre of music you listen to and the type of traits that you have as a person. Read on to find out more about the personality traits associated with your favourite genre of music!


Classical Music


Traits: Smart, Analytical If you enjoy playing some of Mozart’s or Beethoven’s classics in the background while engaging in study, chances are you have been effectively boosting brain power as you work! According to Richard Wiseman’s book‘�� Seconds: Change your life in Under a Minute’,‘within �� minutes of hearing the lecture, all the students took a multiple-choice quiz featuring questions based on the lecture material. The results: the students who heard the music-enhanced lecture scored significantly higher on the quiz than those who heard the music-free version.’Moral of the story? Listening to classical music gets you closer to that A!


Latin Pop Music


Traits: Extroverted

Whether or not you enjoy grooving along to‘Livin la Vida Loca’by Ricky Martin, or screaming out the lyrics of‘Despacito’by Luis Fonsi in broken Spanish, you are a bubble of energy, who enjoys the feeling of being in the presence of other individuals. You can be highly talkative, action-oriented and outgoing. However, be sensitive to the feelings of others around you, as extroverts are sometimes also described to be attention seeking and easily distracted.


Havana-ooh-na-na, is half of your heart in Havana? According to a study conducted by Tr�s, ��% of Latin Music listeners list at least � genres as their favourite. Being indecisive is not necessarily a bad thing. Though you do feel the struggle of everyday tasks (what should I eat today?), it simply means you hold yourself to a higher standard and will therefore produce a better end product.


Chinese Pop Music


Trait: Romantic

修炼爱情的悲欢 我们这些努力不简单,快乐炼成泪水 是否是一种勇敢? Blasting your favourite Chinese songs as you belt out the lyrics at the top of your lungs, you are someone who truly appreciates the meaning behind each and every word and have a whole lot of love and respect for ideologies related to love. Your heart flutters at the idea of meeting that special someone and you sigh involuntarily just thinking about the wonderful future you’ll have with your significant other. You hate the idea of waiting for love. But if waiting means you’ll be with that special someone, then you’ll willingly wait as long as forever.


English Pop Music


Are the recent Billboard hits on the radio your top song choices? Or do you just simply love the upbeat melodies shaking your heartstrings? Well, fellow E-pop lovers, here’s what it all means:

Trait: High Self- Esteem

Despite chart pop fans showing a lack of creativity compared to other categories, they possess, however, sport outgoing and sociable qualities, and have high self-esteem! (In general, extraversion is linked with a love of happy music). You’re also most likely a gentle person, and a hardworking one no less :) Though tending to be worriers, listeners who have chart-topping singles as their cup of tea may be more likely to use music to regulate their mood, seeing how your brain has been shown to release dopamine before the peak of one’s favorite song.


Disney Music


Trait: Sentimental

Do you feel the urge to relive your childhood by listening to some Disney classics like Can You Feel The Love Tonight and A Whole New World? You yearn for the happiness from your childhood, and while that isn’t a bad thing, do remember to look forward in life and focus on the present while treasuring the past!


Country Music


Love those old school Taylor Swift jams? Or do you take it up a notch and indulge yourself in the country goldies from the ��s or ��s? Well, this’ uns for ya, partner!

Trait: Empathetic

Relate to them sad ole country love songs? Not surprisingly, country listeners are unpretentious and high on empathy. You’re generally agreeable and extroverted, and typically a hard worker. Yeee doggy! Now’s a fine Dunmanian you are, yessiree! Be sure to keep that fire in you going, and don’t ever stop chasing that sunset.


Korean Pop Music


Traits: Open-minded

Have you ever been puzzled by the English lyrics of SHINee’s‘Ring Ding Dong’? Or have you been weirded out by EXO’s‘Wolf’? Most fans of SHINee and EXO have been admittedly confused by the lyrics and music of these � songs respectively, but in the end, they grow to like the songs despite their unusual characteristics. You can be rather accepting of what is seen as uncommon to you, and this can mean that you’re very open to fresh and unconventional ways of doing things.


Does listening to Wanna One’s‘Energetic’make you feel so energetic? Vigour must be in your DNA! With all that vitality flowing in you, you are fun-loving and active. Use that bursting energy of yours to motivate others to get through a long day, or simply add some colour into your daily life!


Jazz Music


Traits: Creative

Do you feel your creative juices flowing? According to research, ambient noise improves creativity. Don’t let anyone dampen that creative thinking of yours, and unleash your originality!


Don’t you feel soothed when you tune in to Dave Brubeck or Mile Davis’jazzy hits? According to the University of Nevada, the slower tempos of jazz music can relax your body and mind. Chances are, you’re pretty laid back, without a worry in the world, if you’re a jazz listener. Just don’t let your productivity be affected by your relaxed personality and you’ll be alright!


Rock Music


Have a love for the soulful runs of an electric guitar? Or the intoxicating beat of a powerful anthem? Well, here’s what it all means.

Trait: Intuitive

Listening to rock means you are an intuitive person. This means you have no problem trusting information that is not directly related to your senses, and you like to associate it with other information, whilst being interested in future possibilities. Classics? Chances are you’re a hard worker, at ease with yourself and you love nostalgic vibes. Indie? Then you are probably a little lazy, and may sport lower self-esteem. Fret not, as an indie rocker, you are more creative than other people!



Learnt something new about yourself?

A personality report in your music playlist! How cool is that? Whoever knew so much of ourselves were just hiding beneath all our daily personal jam sessions. Next time you take a little cheeky peek at your friend’s playlist, or catch someone head-bobbing, or just full on body-rocking to their favourite tunes, have some discovery fun in getting to know your fellow music lovers better!





Well done, lads. Well done.

“All we did was survive.”

“That’s enough.”





Designers: Zhang Yifan Hoh Choi May Chong Hui Faith Claudette Zheng Yi Chong Kai Qing




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2018 Volume II: Best of 2017  

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