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Dhaka Tribune Wednesday, July 31, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 16

Tales From the City Episode 16: 15: speedy’s Speedy’s Story story


Jonaki's Headquarters Hey Friends! Eid is almost here, which means there’s just a few days of fasting left. If your school was closed for Ramadan, it means the end of your holiday break is over, so I hope you’ve finished your homework. Eid won’t be a lot of fun if you have to study during the festival! You know our friends from Word on the Street? We meet a new person every

week, and their lives are very different from yours and mine. So when you’re getting ready for your new Eid clothes, family time, yummy food and salami, don’t forget to think about them for a bit. If you meet them on the street on Eid day, don’t forget to wish them.Don’t forget to write to us to let us know what your Eid plans are. See you next week!

Love Jonaki

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Solution: The murderer is probably the guitar player. According to the witness the murder was committed by a lefthanded person in the guitar player seems to be the only lefthanded person in the group as indicated by the way he carries his guitar.

Contributor Fardeen Ameen Cartoonist Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy


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2 Discobang’s pad

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Sports star Edinson Cavani Superhero Captain America Teacher of the week


Fatima Sarmine Razzaque Word on the street Rasel & Rana Learn English kids Cut outs


WED N ESDAY, J U LY 31, 2013

3 Tales from the city Speedy’s Story

4 Dr Meow’s Lab

Pet tips Toilet trained Fido DIY Crafts Go green Fun scince Mystery markers Animal facts Kangaroos

5 Speedy’s Zone

Book The Witch’s Curse Cartoon Burka Avenger Music Veggie Orchestra Toy Game of Life Videogame Scooby Doo: Mystery Mayhem

6 Bhootum’s Classroom Amazing Facts Facts About space Jokes


Discobang's Pad


Captain America

Teacher of the week

Source: Jaago Foundation

word on the street

• Real name Steve Rogers • Birth date July 4, 1922 • Location of origin New York, USA. • Weapons Vibranium Steel-Alloy Shield

Najat Fayeza Swagota

simple joy

Young brothers Rasel and Rana, roam around the park all day. Something about this duo catches the eye. Rasel, the elder one is worried that he cannot find his younger brother’s new toy, a cricket ball that they’d found lying on the ground. Not having fancy playthings, it is the little things that matter to these kids, and for Rasel, it’s the simple joys that make Rana happy - the perfect elder brother! Often, we take the small things for granted, for example the little traces of joy we see on the faces of our loved ones or the simple good morning that can brighten up someone’s day. Whatever we do, we must not lose focus on the simplest things that have the ability to keep us smiling. Tasmia Nehreen Ahmed

rifat binte haider

You Always Have a Reason to Smile “We had so much fun in her class that we had no idea until finals that we learnt a lot of economics as well” says her student. Readers, this week our favourite teacher is Fatima Sarmine Razzaque, a traveller, shopaholic and a great friend. She spent most of her childhood in Nigeria studying in various schools after which she did her O’levels and A levels in Wills’ Little Flower School. She went on to complete her MSS in Economics in Dhaka University. Razzaque started her teaching career

since 1993, a part time teacher in her school. She later joined Scholastica as teacher of English and Economics of Middle School, finally in Aga Khan School, as A Level Economics teacher. When asked about her students, Razzaque replies that, “Each stage is different. The simplicity of smaller children astonished me while with my senior students, the bonding is treasurable.”

Read the instructions and make your own spider mobile.

Cut out the spiders Make holes in the spiders Attach thread of different lengths to the spiders Cut a paper plate into a long strip Make holies in the plate and attach spiders Hang your mobile where you like

more online at: You can play this game and arnenglishkids

artist and peak physical conditioning.

• Allies The Avengers, Bucky, Falcon, Nomad, Sharon Carter, SHIELD

• Enemies HYDRA, Red Skull, Red Guardian, Baron Zemo, Doctor Faustus

fardeen ameen

sports star

Rifat binte haider

LearnEnglish Kids

make a spider mobile!

• Abilities Expert tactician, martial

Edinson Cavani Born February 14, 1987 Nationality Uruguay Current club Napoli Former clubs Danubio & Palermo Position Striker Shirt number 7 Career total goals 153 goals in 285 games Major achievements Coppa Italia(2011-12), 2010 World Cup 4th Place, 2011 Copa America Winner, Serie A Top Scorer(2012-13), Coppa Italia Top Scorer(2012) Playing style An out and out striker with the capacity to score goals of great technique and varying skill. Fardeen Ameen

WE DN E SDAY, J U LY 3 1 , 20 1 3

Treehouse Comics

3 Created by Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Story by Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Illustration by Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy

Tales From the City

Episode 15: speedy’s story

The story Jonaki’s been having a hard time at school, but she’s not the only one. We’ve met Speedy, the fitness guru who lives in the Treehouse. Today we hear his story

WED N ESDAY, J U LY 31, 2013


Dr Meow's Lab diy crafts

Go Green!

Readers, it is very important to take care of our Mother Nature. After all the wonderful things she provided us with, it is our duty to not be ignorant and careless.


Things You Need: • Clear 2-liter soda bottle • Small flowerpot • Potting soil • Seeds • Saucer • Craft stick marker (sticks from Chocbar ice-cream) • Scissor Step 1 Cut the top half from the clear 2-liter



soda bottle. Be careful not to cut yourself! Step 2 Find a small flowerpot that fits inside the bottle. Make sure the flower pot is filled with potting soil. Plant the seeds according to the packet’s instruction given. Consider herbs which can be transplanted outside and are fun to trim. Step 3 Place the pot in a saucer and poke in the craft stick marker. Put the bottle over the pot and be sure to water your plant accordingly. Rifat Binte Haider

mammal facts


Toilet trained


Training a dog to do its business outside is difficult, particularly because they don’t use a litter box like cats. If you want to stop your precious canine from making a mess out of your room, here’s what you could do to potty train him: Potty spot Take your dog to a big grassy spot to do his deed. This way he’ll be able to move around freely when answering nature’s call. Do not take him to a park to do his deed; you risk getting thrown out. Loo time After 10-30 minutes of eating or sleeping, take him outside for a walk. Remember to accompany him and wait after he gets comfortable with what he’s about to do. Take him outside every 2-3 hours for a walk. He’ll soon get the hang of it. Pay attention Once he’s gotten trained, you have to pay attention to his gestures; your dog won’t be able to tell you that he needs to go to the loo, you have to observe and understand or else he’ll just be making a mess out of your room.



MYSTERY MARKERS! You will need • Bowl of water • Paper towels, cut into strips • 3 or more different coloured markers, including black How to Draw a wavy line an inch above the bottom of each towel strip, using a different color pen on each. Dip each strip into the water so that the bottom edge of the paper towel is submerged, but not the line of ink; Hold in place as the water creeps up the towel. The ink marks will spread,

revealing the different dyes that make up each colour. Explanation Most colours are actually made up of several different dyes. As the paper towel draws the water out of the bowl, the water molecules bond with the different ink molecules and spread them. The process of separating these dyes is known as chromatography. Grab a black marker and discover the several blue and red smears that make it! Sama E Deen

• Can grow between 3 and 8 feet tall, and they can weigh between 18 to 100 kilograms, depending on the species. • Herbivores, and they regurgitate grass and shrubs and chew them again before swallowing. • The only large animals that hop around for travelling. • When sensing danger, it alerts others by loudly thumping their feet on the ground. • A female kangaroo gives birth to a “Joey,” once a year, which can be anywhere from the size of a grain of rice to the size of a honeybee. • The tiny, hairless and blind newborn instantly crawls into its mom’s pouch where it nurses and continues to develop for 120 to 400 days. • Great hearing, and, like cats, they can rotate their ears to catch tiny sounds. • Can’t walk backwards, but they are good swimmers. Sama E Deen

Rubab Nayeem Khan

WE DN E SDAY, J U LY 3 1 , 20 1 3


Speedy's Zone

MUST read Book

From target to prey! Author Keith McGowan Genre Fantasy Age 9-12 The Story

Siblings Sol and Connie escape from their house, in search of their long lost aunt. Instead, they are soon lost in a scary forest and fall into a witch’s trap! When Sol gets cursed and starts turning into a deer, both the siblings find themselves in a wild chase to save their lives, as the wicked witch decides to come after them and find her prey.

video games

Sama E deen

WED N ESDAY, J U LY 31, 2013

Though a bit scary, The Witch’s Curse is a funny and heartfelt treat for its readers. With detailed illustrations and positive messages on determination, resourcefulness and sibling love over sibling rivalry, this book is a must read and a definite suggestion for all. Sama E deen



Viennese Vegetable Orchestra

SCOOBY DOOBY DOOO! Whether you are a five year old or a young adult, you can never be too old for Scooby Doo. Scooby Doo! First Frights brings to you the ultimate Scooby Dooby madness of all time. Separated into four episodes, and several chapters, the storyline involves a lot of ghost busting and discovering real culprits behind the masks. Scooby and his team have to solve several mysteries in places like amusement parks to castles and islands. There is always a criminal who scares away people from these places by disguising themselves as ghosts and phantoms. Now its up to Scooby and his gang to solve these mysteries and reveal the culprit to the world. From fast paced chase scenes to ghost fighting, clue hunting and puzzle solving this game is a spooky but fun treat to all. So what are you waiting for? Grab those Scooby Snacks and go Zoink!

Is it a good read?

Avenger DEBUT Brace yourself readers! This week we bring in for you a real treat. Skilled in Takht Kabaddi, rare martial arts which uses books and pens to defeat enemies, “Burka Avenger” fights it out for women’s education against Taliban. This positive role model is the very first animation by Pakistan. The cartoon is loosely based on the 16-year-old education campaigner, Malala Yousafzai from Pakistan. The show is fun and it encourages children to be involved with studies. Although this show is not broadcasted in Bangladesh, readers can watch the show on Youtube and catch up with all the latest episodes. rifat binte haider

• •

Originated in Europe by an Austrian one-of-a-kind musical group who play from instruments made up of fresh vegetables. Instead of guitars and drums, the orchestra plays Cuke-ophones, radish-marimbas, carrot flutes, pumpkin basses, leek violins, and other freshly made instruments. The instruments create its own brilliant sound universe A lot of people were inspired from it to try on something more: toothbrush, vacuum cleaner. This utilisation from the freshly produced created a buzz worldwide. rifat binte haider


fantasy of life It is not often when we come across something unique which just might take our breath away. Readers, this week we bring you “Game of Life.” This is a game which consists of a track where players are supposed to spin their wheel with numbers 1 to 10. The game is filled with small colourful pieces and also three dimensional objects. As the game progresses, the player transits to “being married” or “having children.” Each game also includes bank and insurance policies. Who doesn’t love to show off with their abundant play money? Moreover, the game has lots of variations which the players can enjoy. Accordingly, there are also online versions as this board game isn’t available in Dhaka. At the end of the day, it is just another excuse to spend time with our dear ones. rifat binte haider

Bhootum's Classroom



liars? ts bad s o h ht g y are see rig Q. Wh se you can au A. Bec gh them her r h t ou mp hig ju n a c at dog ing? Q. Wh ild u b an’t a ings c than , build g o d A. Any int jump! ant pa eleph e h s t r u y did t colo Q. wh diffren in the lf e s e him ld hid he cou A. So x bo crayon white ck and noise? la b ’s f at Q: Wh akes a lot o kit m u r d and m ith a ebra w z A : A

spaced out

• Since Saturn is bigger than the Earth, a human being would weigh more on Saturn than they do here. • It is the second largest planet inuter the Solar System and it has a gas giant like Jupiter. The comp  bin shelf des k in clthe ock cuhelium presence of hydrogen and (twobo lightest elements universe) makes Saturn a pboard bookcase ard planet with very low density in the Solar System. • Since the atmosphere is made up of light elements like hydrogen and helium, there isn’t much gravity on Saturn. • Saturn’s rings are 169800 miles wide, which is approximately 273,266 kilometres. • The rings are made up dust, ice and rock particles. Rubab Nayeem Khan



Q:Ho wd punc o you ma h? ke a A:Gi fruit ve it boxi ng le Q. W sson hat d s shee o you c all a p tha t is cho A. A colate? covered Hers in hey baaa Q. W a hat h aar! as fo can’ ur le t w gs b A. a ut chai alk? r! Q. W hy is wed a horse like a A. Be ding caus e the need a gro y both om! Q: W hy d i d t he b pen A: To cil to be oy take a d? draw the c Q. W u r tains hat d ! book id the m ath say t ma o th A. Bo th book? e other y do prob I have lems

WE DN E SDAY, J U LY 3 1 , 20 1 3

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