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Status of the week “If I could only sleep and eat, I’d be born as a pig”

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Quote of the week

Dear Readers,

“Youth is the trustee of prosperity” - Benjamin Disraeli

There comes that nerve wrecking, exciting, time when we are about to leave school and venture out in to the world. Besides having to say goodbye to your second home, your school, there is the pressing urgency of getting into college or university. To make the transition from school to college easier, we have for you on Hot Topic(pg6and7) a handful of skills and achievements that will make your resume a hefty one. For all you peeps who are heading to the US, look into FYI(pg2) for the visa checklist. We also have on You Write it(pg9) how you can ace that essay that will shoo you into your desired university. Do send us your flash fiction, funky room photos and doodles to tmag.

Lingo of the week Right wing Meaning a conservative viewpoint Usage your political hash-tags portray right-wing extremism.

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Your Life FYI

TMAG’s Room of the week!

US visa checklist


Sharazad Hassan

Applying for university is always a hectic process. And that process isn’t over until you’ve got your visa stamped on the passport. Here is a checklist for those of you who have gotten into a university in the US and need a quick guide through the US student (F1) visa process in Dhaka


Niketon, Gulshan 1

The dance of the rain and the wind kissed curtains are perfect anecdotes to healing a bad day. Deck up the corner with a crimson cushion seat and give in to nature.



TM AG TU ESDAY, J u n e 1 7, 2014

First of all, contact your admissions officer at least two to three months before your departure date, to ensure that they are in the process of sending you your I-20 form. The I-20 form is basically a certificate of confirmation by the school to which you have applied and been accepted. This form contains your SEVIS ID number and is as important as your passport when you are travelling. This means that you cannot lose it and must not, under any circumstances, let anything happen to it. While waiting to receive your form, take the time to visit the Dhaka US embassy site and read through what you need to know about student visas. When you receive your I-20 form, Google the DS-160 non-immigrant online visa application form or use this link: Default.aspx. Fill out your online application form; this is the first step in your visa application process. It is fairly simple, however, it is a lot easier if you have all your passports (previous and current), the I-20 form, all certificates and transcripts from your school(s), and any employment letters (if you have any) handy. When you near the end of the application process, you will need to upload a passport photo. For this you can easily scan a passport size picture and crop it on Photoshop to the size 2in x 2in. When you have cropped your photo, upload it and check your application form thoroughly before confirming. When you are done you will be directed to a confirmation page. Print 2 to 3 copies of this page and tuck it away with your I-20 form and your passport. Second step is to pay your SEVIS fee of $200 (Tk16,000) with a credit card. You can do this at After you have done this, do not forget to once again print two to three copies

of the SEVIS fee payment receipt. The third and final step is to head on over to Saimon Overseas Ltd at House 4A, Road 22, Gulshan 1. You must bring two copies of 2in x 2in passport photos, your passport, your SEVIS fee payment receipt, a copy of your DS160 application confirmation page, a clear photocopy of your passport (the photocopy must be big enough to fill up the entire A4 page), and Tk13,675 as your visa-processing fee. Submit all the material at the desk and they will direct you to a counter where you can pay your visa-processing fee. When you’ve got your receipts, head upstairs, and receive your interview date. After you have confirmed you appointment date, (which takes place with in two to four days from the time you submit your application), you should take the time to prepare for your interview. The visa interview is something that a lot of people get nervous about. Make sure you do not take or submit any fraudulent papers, reports, or certificates. Make sure you have the following with you before heading for your interview. Your acceptance letter, any financial aid or scholarship grants letter, your passport, the DS-160 confirmation page, visa-processing payment receipt with the stamped interview time and date, your I-20 form, your school and college certificates, and bank statements of those paying for your education. Given that you have done everything right, you should have received your visa and are free to exit the building and jump with joy. Make sure, however, to pick up your passport from Saimon Overseas Ltd on the date that is stamped on the pages returned to you. Good luck with school! Sabiha Mahmud Sumi




School Survival

EVENT Tweets

PDF Summer Challenge

PREP 101 You’re not done yet. After the exhausting period of day-long coaching classes and “non-stop mock schedules,” you are due for yet another worrisome phase. Just when you think you can breathe after you finish your high school, a swarm of concerning questions hit you in the head. And right when you’re done questioning yourself, your results are out and it’s time. We understand the kind of cruelty this competitive world can put you through but don’t you worry. TMAG’s here to make your journey easier by bringing you the answers

Firstly, ask yourself, “Where do you want to see yourself four years from now?” You need to choose your field wisely since you will have to live with it all your life. Secondly, choose the country which best utilises your field of study, unless you have other preferences. Thirdly, do your research well. Different institutions ask for different proficiency tests, some of which also depend on your major. These tests include the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) which is required by most universities in the US, SAT II (optional subject tests), MCAT Test for Medical College admissions, LSAT for Law School Admission, the ACT (American College Testing). Besides those you may

also have to sit for IELTS (Internation English Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) for admissions in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Equip yourself, with coaching centres that will provide you with mock tests, tutorials and admission information. It is wise to take a TOEFL and SAT preparation programme before you sit for the tests, for, as a bonus, it’ll boost your confidence. You can also find test dates, tutorials and practice papers at official websites, such as www. One final suggestion, do not waste a minute after you finish school. Prep yourself with the best scores and get ready to go! Good luck, readers. Raisa Rahim

World Cup gaming frenzy To let the young generation devise and implement their own ideas for the betterment of the society, Physically-challenged Development Foundation (PDF) organised a “Summer Challenge” fest, which took place at Nawab Ali Chowdhury Senate Bhaban, Dhaka University on June 14. In this year’s challenge, 20 selected teams from both public and private schools, colleges, and universities of Dhaka, served the community in different creative ways. Some of the teams worked on acid victims, while others observed the victims of Rana plaza tragedy. They carried out various projects concerned with social issues and introduced new development scopes for slum habitants, under-privileged primary school children and autistic children.

At the occasion, chief guest, Barrister Naser Alam, said: “I have been following this summer challenge in all seasons and this is a clear example of how the youth of Bangladesh can help shape this country in good ways and make it a better place for the neglected ones.” Physically-challenged Development Foundation (PDF) is a youth movement to raise concern for all those who suffer from disabilities. It’s purpose is to promote the concept of an inclusive society through and by the youth who are capable of serving the community. The PDF Summer Challenge is a signature annual event of PDF, a student-based activist group with a goal of allowing every participant to come up with new community project ideas which is to be implemented by the youth themselves.

CLEAR MEN Dhaka Games Week 2014, powered by Samsung UHD TV took place on June 9 to June 10 at IUB. More than 425 FIFA ‘14 gamers around Dhaka city participated at this mega gaming event. The FIFA World Cup 2014 was also celebrated during the event. The total participation was based on the 32 Teams of FIFA World Cup. The ultimate fans of different countries fought each other to become the number one fan and get a chance to represent their favourite country. The rounds were designed according to the FIFA World Cup fixtures, and Rafsan Jani Opu was crowned the winner while Shiul Salehin came in second. Faruque Ahmed, division of students affairs of IUB, was present as the chief guest at the prize giving ceremony. The winners and runner up got prizes and crests from different sponsors.

The event was supported warmly by the Division of Students Affairs (DoSA) IUB, Unilever (CLEAR Men), Samsung UHD TV Curved, Etihad Airways, Computer Source Ltd, NOKIA, Corsair, Nestle Bangladesh, MSI Notebook Bangladesh,, Dhaka Tribune, Buy24, WEBTVNEXT, DhakaFM 90.4, and Maysha Properties & Builder’s Ltd.

TM AG TU E SDAY, J u n e 1 7, 20 1 4

4 tmag


Look of the week

Beauty Check

Instaglam Be it a semi-formal dinner, or a night out at a bistro or cafe, a layered blue tee and black tights will keep you comfy and in style!

The perfect mugshot When facing the camera, do you cringe, squirm, or jump with glee? While some of us may love the camera taking a few dozen shots of us, there’s also a bunch who hate even their shadows being photographed. Hate it or love it, there is no way you can weasel your way out of taking a passport and stamp sized photograph! Be it for your national ID, college applications, school ID - you need to have your mug shot. We have gathered for you, a couple of easy tips that will not make you cringe


Get your pose right

Model Romaisa Rahman Make-up Urmi Photographer Ashfaq Ahmed Shikder Studio Wedding Story

Forget the selfie angles, the tilt of your head, and the eyebrow raise - this is your passport photo, not your profile picture. However, practise beforehand which pose you want to go for. If a full smile looks good on you, start over with a fresh smile after every two to three shots.

For the pudgy and round

Make-up is minimalistic – a daily liquid foundation, kajal and lipstick should do. But if you want your face to look sharper, opt for deep blush and blend well. If you have thin hair, bring your head down and brush from the nape of your neck to the roots and fling your hair back to add volume.

Cascade your hair around your face and chin. You can also clip your hair up or bring it to one side.

Trust your own instincts

If you know your style, stick to it. Remember, flash photos in a little studio won’t do much for your looks. So it’s all up to you to bring out your best. For a close mouthed smile, avoid pressing your lips together. From the corner of your lips, form a small smile. Before going into the studio, take a few selfies of yourself to see what works best. If you can master looking good in a passport sized photos, then you never need to worry about looking dashing in a picture! Natasha Rahman

Wardrobe Check

Dressing your way to admission First impressions are lasting in nature, no doubt. But wearing your best clothes to the entrance exams may not be the wisest thing you can do. Not simply because it is unnecessary, but because if you are not pulling it off, you are being an eye sore for the rest of the candidates. So why take the risk? Here’s TMAG at your service, telling you what NOT to wear

Something too uncomfortable

As they all say, beauty is pain. So why endure it? It’s just an entrance exam and the invigilators are not usually the ones who will grant you admission. All they are likely to check is that you do not resort to unfair methods while giving your exam. And your fellow candidates are not the fashion police either, so go easy on the “jori-chumkis” and “suit-boot.”

Something too comfortable

Not wearing something that is too uncomfortable is a good idea but wearing something that is too comfortable is not good either. Comfort is one of the primary things you should keep in mind but that does not tell you to show up wearing your homely pyjamas

TM AG TU ESDAY, J u n e 1 7, 2014

and worn out tees.

Excessive accessories

You may think those bangles are making you look better but they are probably irritating the candidate next to you. Wearing a watch that compliments your attire is the best bling option at your disposal, because it is safer and you can actually use the watch to time yourself during the exam.

Excessive make-up

It is an examination, not a wedding. It’s best to use the time before your examination revising your notes rather than putting on unnecessary make-up. You are not Nicki Minaj. Baizid haque Joarder


What are you carrying in the bag? •

Nothing that you are not allowed to carry in the examination venue stationery (extra pens are a must) Anything that you may need and that which is “legal” inside the

• • •

venue (inhalers, medicine and so on) A bottle of water A protein bar (If the authorities allow you) A hair-band

tmag 5

Street Car Talk

HOROSCOPE Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

This is your lucky week as it seems you’ve got the Midas touch. Make most of the luck this week as it may not be the same the next week.

Rebirth of a legend

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Some things from the past are best left there as warm, fuzzy, distant memories. But not always; sometimes, things from the past are so legendary, so iconic, that when they suddenly reappear, you can’t help but scream to the hills and this is one of those things The 2014 Corvette C7 Z51 and that isn’t it. Here is the best part; “Stingray.” This is no land barge- with an engine developing more than 450Bhp and a top speed of 190mph, the Stingray is quick. Chevy claims that it’s much less of a road car with racing technology and more of a race car that’s built for the road. The original Stingray was launched in 1963 and it still remains one of the coolest car models ever made. This was the car the Mercury and Apollo astronauts raced in. It doesn’t get any cooler than that. Now for the first time in 30 years, the legendary name is back and Corvette has set its sights on luring younger buyers away from the German competition. In fact, the bench mark in development was the $100,000 Porsche Carrera S. So, what have they done to reach the incredibly high bar set by Porsche and its Euro buddies? Well, to start with, they have opted to go with a whole new generation of LT1 V8 engine that creates 465 lb-ft of torque; that is 150 more than the Porsche or even the Ferrari 458. What does that get you? Well, that means just about anyone can do 0-60mph in precisely 3.8 seconds. Difference between driving the Stingray around the track and the Porsche it claims to bench mark is that

the Porsche is a much more precise, razor-edge experience and the Stingray has an out-right grunt of the motor. Just the brutality of the torque and how easily it gains speed makes it feel almost juvenile. You can make mistakes, you don’t have to be disciplined, you can do all the wrong stuff and it is still awesome. If there was one place where the Corvette had historically fallen short of the European rivals, it was the interior and Chevy claims to have taken notes. The interior no longer looks like an economy Toyota. Plastic is no longer the go to material. Aluminium, leather and even carbon fibre have helped drag the Corvette out of the 90s and into the 21st century. The exterior; you still know is a Corvette but with sleeker more modern lines, it is more Usain Bolt than Hulk Hogan. Chevy claims that every single one of these changes were born in the wind tunnel with only one thing in mind; speed. In its attempt to match its Euro rivals, Corvette has fitted the Stingray with state of the art technology. With such effective technological additions, high performance and good looks, the new Stingray could be the first American sports car in years to run ahead of its lustrous European rivals.

Arrogance is never a good idea. Remember there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence. Master that line. Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

You can expect a visitor this week. Be wary of the nosy neighbour. They only bring more harm than good. Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

Believe in yourself as others do. You have great potential to achieve the zenith of success. Be confident and go for it. Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

Keep your friends close and enemies even closer. They are planning a sabotage which may cost you. Keep your eyes open. Virgo (Aug 23- Sep 22)

Change is scary but it is also good, embrace it. Adapt to this new lifestyle, it will only bring you better luck. Libra (Sep 23- Oct 22)

Try taking up kick-boxing lessons. A perfect stress buster is what will help you clear your mind and solve the hurdles you might be facing. Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Keep a tight leash on your appetite this week. You are going to be gaining pounds that you worked hard to keep off.

Tahsin Momin

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Seek some help regarding mental health, you need it to stay focused for the rest of the week. Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan19)

Just because cows eat grass doesn’t mean you should too, gain some sense and use it to your advantage. Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Pace yourself, for the best results come to those who wait for it. Pisces (Feb 19-Mar20)

Long gone are those days when people got recognised for their talents, please do something to be recognised!

TM AG TU E SDAY, J u n e 1 7, 20 1 4




What makes you different Once high school and board examinations end, things get serious. What colleges you’ll apply to will be the first of many life-altering decisions you are asked to make. As the fight to get into your dream school begins, it becomes painfully clear just how tough the competition is. How do you rise above the sea of pristine report cards all vying for a seat in the same institution you want to get into? Grades are only part of the story. This week, TMAG focuses on maximising on your USP By Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Interviews conducted by Natasha Rahman, Munira Fidai, and Rad Sharar Bin Kamal

Lending a hand School life is a great first step towards learning to interact with others, but college, and then university go further. You are expected to learn to put the needs of others before your own in order to achieve some sort of goal. This requires a lot of patience and empathy. Community service helps make it easier to develop these Skills. So many institutions take into consideration how much community service you’ve been involved in. Not only does it tell them that you’re a caring, compassionate person, it also shows them your ability to juggle studies and other social commitments. While volunteering or participating

TM AG TU ESDAY, J u n e 1 7, 2014

in social service alone can win you brownie points (or a scholarship), sometimes the very experience can teach you other skills that you can bring to the table. How social business helped me in my job or academically? Foot Soldiers is a social business, producing affordable, fashionable sandals made from rubber tires. I also work as a project manager for Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd a social business producing software in agriculture to solve the problems of small farm holders. My job requires that I work

closely with representatives of our customers in agricultural ministries of different countries along with farming cooperatives and private sector firms. I train field staff, have to plan out collaborations/projects, speak at farmer sessions, and work aggressively with the software team. I also have to drive any talks of enhancements in software and business development engagements. Such a demanding work environment offers uncertainties and show stoppers/blockers for activity. However as a social entrepreneur, such work pressure is enjoyable and I am able to quantify my targets and goals. I am able to take on tasks aggressively

and press on with any road blocks to my work. The work with Foot Soldiers, allows me to treat the work in my job at Grameen Intel as similar to any work in my own business venture, hence achievements and positive impact make more sense. It’s a great balance between creating positive impact as well as being able to serve my company and be actively involved in creating revenue, partnerships and provide superior customer value, and this drives and motivates me. Saqif Nayeem Khan, co-founder of Foot Soldiers




Embracing diversity Colleges abroad, particularly in the US, are often on the lookout for a melting pot of cultures. Having some experience in the field, be it through student exchange, or participating in international seminars or debate, or Model UN conferences, for example, might well be what makes you stand apart. How did you get this opportunity in the first place? Boarding school has always fascinated me and that’s how I found out about United World College (UWC). It was not merely an academic institution. It makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. UWC offers a challenging and transformational education to a dynamic group of young

people, inspiring them to become agents of positive change. You do not only study the six courses for IB, but you are expected to participate in approximately 200 hours of service, engage with your local community, and emerge as an aware global citizen. It believes in giving students immense freedom but also helps us realise that with freedom comes a lot of responsibility. I was sold. Applications to UWC are made available for Bangladeshi students around March every year. Fortunately for me, I applied and was accepted. Thus began my UWC journey. How has it changed you on a personal scale? At 16, UWC threw me into a world of two hundred unique individuals who

were eager to engage in the exchange of ideas and find their own voices in the diversity of opinions. For the first term I interacted with the people who were vastly different from me, economically and culturally. There were differences in opinions and we fought relentlessly to establish our points, but it was always a process of making us aware. In the six years I spent at Wellesley and UWC, I celebrated the privilege of having spoken my mind, of having passionately believed in a cause, and of having asked tough questions every single day. I still hope to relive that experience. How did the scholarship help you in your career? UWC not only gave me a wonderful experience in those two years but it also gave me the opportunity to attend

a wonderful university in the US. The Davis foundation that funds higher education for UWC graduates enabled me to pursue an undergraduate career at Wellesley and even at Wellesley, my UWC experience followed me. I, like many other international students, was shy and hesitant to vocalise my opinions. English did not come naturally to me. By exposing me to a diverse group of opinionated individuals, UWC taught me how to vocalise my opinions. After graduating from Wellesley with a BA in Economics, I worked in Bangladesh for a non-profit organisation called Innovations for Poverty Action and now work as a health assistant research assistant at a think tank in DC called Centre for Global Development. Rifaiyat Mahbub

Speaking in tongues Good English skills will go a long way in getting your foot through the door, but if you can throw in a third language, you’ve got that extra edge. The polyglot tells all I was brought up in a household that spoke multiple languages. My dada jee was from India and spoke fluent Farsi, Hindi and Urdu, my mother spoke Urdu and Punjabi (as she was brought up in Pakistan) and later picked up fluent Bangla, and my dad - Bangla, Hindi and Urdu. I have always enjoyed learning new languages,and learning Bangla/Urdu as a child helped me to pronounce and catch different accents with ease. There’s a little twisted story as to why I chose to learn French, in addition to being fluent in Bangla, Hindi, Urdu and English. When I was around 13 years old my elder brother used to learn French at Mastermind and then he did not take it further. However, I picked up the book

and learned a few words - not knowing exactly how to pronounce them. When my cousin, who grew up in Belgium and spoke excellent French, visited us in Dhaka, he said that French is a very difficult language and that I won’t be able to learn. I signed up for classes at Alliance Française de Dhaka and then joined the Cultural Department of the French Embassy at Baridhara as an administrator (Branch-in-charge). As I was applying to Britain for my higher studies, being a polyglot helped me to earn extra credits at London Metropolitan University. Moreover, I had the opportunity to take French as an elective subject and got a good grade which helped me pass my degree with flying colours. Knowing different languages help a person to show their versatility, capability to learn and progress in any field of study or practical work. In addition, you can easily speak to people around you from different places and country. It also helps you to grow into a

bigger and better person. The colleges look at you as an important asset and will have a positive attitude towards your application that will lead you to have an upper-hand in getting admission. Moreover, as you portray your linguistic skills your CV automatically gets a boost as it proves you to be good at interpersonal and communication skills. My advice to someone intending to pick up new languages, is to first learn your mother tongue at the level best, as it will help you understand and differentiate the grammar and tense. Then, enjoy it rather than burdening yourself with learning something that you don’t want to. Besides English, what I can suggest is to learn Chinese as it will open doors to the youth who are going to study abroad. If possible, I might be adding Chinese in my bucket of languages next. Nida Zaidi Currently qualified as a chartered accountant, I have an undergraduate

degree in Economics with a specialisation in finance from BRAC University. I spent a large part of my childhood in Montreal, Quebec. Studying in the French medium of education, I never imagined that knowing this language would help me bag a distinction in my O levels, or that I would be offered a job as secretary of cultural affairs at the French embassy in Dhaka at the age of 17! Generally, people get well-paid jobs only after they graduate but knowing a foreign language helped me become a French teacher at Alliance Française and BRAC Institute of Languages before I even graduated, with the salary of a senior executive in the corporate world. Besides the job market, knowing French has helped me to interact with all kinds of people on holidays, in different countries and among unknown cultures since it is among the most widely spoken languages in the world. Mubina Hossain Hirani, chartered accountant

TM AG TU E SDAY, J u n e 1 7, 20 1 4

8 tmag

written in the Stars

Our rights, our lives Mohammad Mostafijur Rahman is a youth with a vision to serve human rights development. After spending many years in the fields of youth empowerment, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability and human rights, he recently represented Bangladesh at the 2nd Youth for Human Rights Asia Summit in Taiwan. Saudia Afrin had a conversation with Mohammad Mostafijur Rahman about his beliefs and opinions recognising these rights can become a massive tool in addressing various global issues and empower people from all walks of life.

Future plans

I have two other global initiatives “Embracing Leadership,” and “No Excuses 4 Sustainability.” With these I hope to inspire people to become leaders and grow as responsible citizens, and leave a sustainable planet for future generations. I would continue to advocate, conduct research and hold various events in order to change people’s mindsets; leadership is not a title, it is a characteristic. “Embracing Leadership” will help build a global culture where everyone will take responsibility in understanding their massive capacities and will work together in making a better world.

What inspired you to work for human rights?

Since I was a child, I learnt to accept that human beings are full of potential. Even more so since 2008, as I had been studying leadership and sustainability. Three years ago while working with an international development organisation in Bangladesh, I realised that CSR or social responsibility is nothing more than an idea to reestablish the issues of human rights. I was all set to present a paper, “The future of CSR and responsible investment” at an international conference on sustainable development in Thailand. I along with the president of FOURD group, who was also a participant, discussed about several issues mainly concerned with human rights. She showed me a few videos of YHRI. After watching the video “We Are All Born Free & Equal,” I was so moved that I couldn’t hold back my tears. I decided to watch the remaining videos, consequently, taking an oath to dedicate myself to the field of human rights. Following that, I became

obsessed with the fact that I would like to inspire, help, support and serve people in this field.

What is your opinion about Youth for Human Rights International’s (YHRI) principles and how long it moves ahead towards its purpose? The purpose of YHRI, a non-profit organisation based in Los Angeles, is to teach the youth about human rights, specifically the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), and inspire them to become advocates for tolerance and peace. YHRI is certainly doing a great job in empowering young people across the globe. They are constantly creating leverage with their activities while accomplishing their prime objectives simultaneously.

What are your observations on how the Bangladeshi youth think about human rights?

The youth of Bangladesh are very smart. They understand many things although

most of them don’t speak up. Some of them get frustrated for not being able to practise their fundamental rights. They feel that rights are constantly being violated especially in cases of discrimination, slavery, torture, privacy, social security, freedom to move, thought and expression. However, the most interesting thing is that, around 95% of the youth are unaware that they have 30 basic human rights. This scenario is more or less the same all over the globe.

Tell us more about the 30 articles of human rights and how it influenced and affected your thoughts.

It is magical, there are 30 articles as per the UDHR. These rights are something that you do not need to buy, apply for or ask permission to have. They are for everyone. At times there are people who might violate or ignore them and pretend that they don’t exist. In a nutshell, human rights are the basic entitlements for any individual to live with dignity. I believe that just


“Young people are the real game changers. Do not get lost in being trendy and being another person. Please be aware of your own capabilities. Start believing that you can be successful even if no one believes in you. Develop a mindset that whatever the work is, you do not stop until you finish.”

Getting personal with Mostafijur

Mostafijur is greatly inspired by Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his pragmatic approach. He is moved by the book called “Who will cry when you die?” by Robin Sharma. Mostafijur believes non-violence is the greatest force at mankind’s disposal. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by human ingenuity. Beside serving the community, he loves travelling, listening to music, making new friends and encouraging people. Mostafijur termed leadership in three words “Absolute Personal Responsibility.” n

Photos TM AG TU ESDAY, J u n e 1 7, 2014


tmag 9

Essay writing tips


Acing the college essay If there is one thing I would have loved to have had access to when I was in the 12th grade writing countless college application essays, it would have been a nice and handy book that had step by step instructions on how to write an essay that would get me into Harvard. Of course, no such thing existed, and I didn’t get into Harvard. But I DID get into college, and a pretty decent one at that, so I must have written a half-decent essay. This made some of my friends believe that I was a hotshot at that kind of stuff. Full disclosure: I am nowhere close, but what I lack for in writing talent, I will try to make up for with my experiences at university. I will try to provide some legit tips on writing, maybe not a killer college essay, but one that will at least be acceptable to the admissions officer handling your application •

Please write an outline first. This way you don’t ramble too much, and have a tight sounding essay. If you know what you want to say it helps you to avoid running around in circles trying to make whatever point you wanted to make. Don’t write a song of Ice and Fire. Please for the love of all that is beautiful under the sun don’t think your college essay is a creative writing assignment. It doesn’t matter how many Commonwealth Essay Competitions you won


many people read your college essay as you can. You will notice that they will point out many flaws, be it grammatical or argumentative - that you would have noticed in a heartbeat if you were the one checking someone else’s work. Such things are usually glossed over when one reviews their own handiwork. Please avoid the fluff. Be concise and to the point. I don’t remember if college essays had word limits but even if they didn’t, you’re impressing nobody by writing a 10 page piece of nail clippings. Don’t try to impress the admissions officers by using those 20-letter words you learnt while studying for the SATs. Instead, they’d be much happier if you wrote them two pages that succinctly answered whatever prompts they gave you.

Honestly these things are pretty intuitive and most kids applying for college should already be conscious of them. I was unfortunately very unaware of these things when I was sending out those CommonApp and UCAS applications way back then, and I probably would have fared better if I had thought about these things. These essays can make or break the rest of your lives, so do take some time and think about how you want the universities to think of you when you write them, and hopefully, by spring you will be getting those coveted acceptance letters in the mail. Ayman Arka Khondker

Comic strip


for writing about the Little Rakhal Balok who found a Purple Power Ring and became a Guardian of the Galaxy. Universities don’t really care about that, EVEN if you are planning on going to college for creative writing (please don’t), you MUST try to show them that you are a worldly person, and you must try to show them that through your writing. Try to write about how your experiences in life have set you up for success in college or, how you want to study a certain subject because it will enrich you in some way. But please don’t write about green dragons. Try to write something that actually has a central argument. This is such an important thing that so many smart kids I knew at school would never understand. The key to a good essay is structure, and if you divide your ideas into an introduction, argumentative body, and conclusion while you’re outlining your essay, it will be infinitely better. Additionally, it is a good idea to write about what you actually think about an argument - it does not help you to pretend to be someone you are not. Make your teachers and friends read through it and get as much feedback as you can. It is always easier to find faults in other people’s work, so you should leverage that part of human nature and make as

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Tunes and tones The goodsheet


Song The Happy Birthday Song Birthdays are going to be raining this month and the next, so why not set a personal tone to the weary birthday wish? CAPO: 1

C G7 Happy Birthday to You

G7 C Happy Birthday to You

C F Happy Birthday dear NAME

C G7 C Happy Birthday to You

TOP Fresh



1. Rather be Clean Bandit 2. Chandelier Sia 3. Sing Ed Sheeran 4. Wiggle Jason Derulo feat Snoop Dogg 5. Main hoon Sanam 6. Love never felt so good Michael Jackson 7. Banjara OST Ek Villain 8. Khalifa OST Lekar Hum Deewana Dil 9. Abar Rafa 10. Ami tumi Arfin Rumey feat Puja

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Hearts ablaze The soulful voice of Passenger once again sees the limelight with its fifth studio album “Whispers.” In his latest album, there is a subtle peace and elegance that Passenger manages to deliver with his deep voice Passenger’s first mainstream smash hit “Let Her Go,” was released last year. The song caused a storm across the billboards, sending waves everywhere. Michael David Rosenberg, the man behind all these melodious words, found global success with this “break-up tune.” He has been a part of the band since he was 17, and as of 2009, after the break-up of the band, he retained the original name and kept going. And

as expected his latest album is just perfect. The songs have enough depth to give you the goose bumps and get your heart racing. The 42 minute album also includes the amazing lead single “Hearts on Fire,” which was released previously on April 14. His melodious voice and soft style, is something that will keep the listeners longing for more. For instance, “Golden leaves” is one of those songs that is very heart-warming and will bring you to tears. Then there is the upbeat “Thunder,” which

gives you the image of turtles wandering into the sea. “27” is another upbeat and joyous one; it talks about the 27 years of life and celebrating all the dates and occasions. Lastly “Whispers,” the title track is definitely one of the finer ones in the album. The album was released on June 10 earlier this year, through Black Crow Records and Nettwerk. It has a total of 11 songs, and is not disappointing. Lameya Alma Amin

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Back to Old School When everyone is raving about smartphones and DSLRs, Fujifilm has been daring enough to introduce its retro looking polaroid cameras. These point and shoot cameras from Fujifilm Instax Mini Series has been in the market for quite some time. As a recent addition, Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 25 has stirred remarkable attention among camera lovers. At first glance you’d mistake it for a toy. The colorful Mini 25 has automatically expanding and collapsible lens that allow you to take 62 x 46 mm sized pictures. But, be sure to load Fujifilm’s Instant Color Film into the camera first. Designers have included a small mirror beside the lens anticipating the interest of “selfie” lovers. Plus, the camera features a smart flash sensor


that detects brightness and sets shutter speed automatically. It also offers two separate shutter buttons allowing both horizontal and vertical snaps. The auto print technology of Instax Mini 25 makes life easier for you. Since it prints photos by itself, Mini 25 saves you the trouble of frequently visiting print-shops. You can share the photos with your friends and families instantly. It’s lightweight so that’s a bonus for portability too. The only downside is that you’ll have to buy spare films, which are not cheap. If you plan on buying one of these, we suggest you buy it from “Kartbd”— which will cost you Tk8,500. You can also find these at the shops in Bashundhara City level 1 block B. . Muhammad Mustafa Monowar


Light the way

Reminiscing your childhood It’s time to accept how much we all hate the transition from childhood to adulthood. It is the trickiest time in our lives; making us struggle beyond our imagination. The entire process of growing up involves letting go of more or less everything that matters to us. Our lifestyle, our friends, every little thing capable of making us happy, is to be traded with something else, to accommodate the bigger picture.

The short film Cycle, by Psycho Projections beautifully portrays nostalgia and attachment, by displaying a part of young Kochu’s life. A glimpse of Kochu’s fun times with his bike and friends, in his hometown will surely take you on a ride down memory lane,

and will leave you thinking about your childhood with a smile. It is always difficult to let go, but it is never hard to look back and cherish those happy moments of childhood. Do see the short film, to enjoy your wonderful journey lead by Kochu! Kyoko Bhuiyan

This show is a mix of a few genres; drama, romance, thriller and somehow a little funny at times. Sure it can be a little cliche and usually a little predictable but the subplots are quite unique. The story will twist and turn and confuse you but you have to keep watching it to solve the countless plots

that are thrown at you. It’s a good series, one that will make you curious and leave you to wonder what could possibly happen. In a nutshell, It is a good way to escape reality and this guilty pleasure is just that and should be regarded as such.


Mean girls? Pretty Little Liars, that’s an intriguing name as it stands. It is about four beautiful girls trying to sort out their high school lives and learning to trust, build friendships and keep secrets for the ones they care about. Seems simple enough? But no, the life of a teenager, even if he/ she looks handsome/pretty can be a difficult one. And this series is trying to highlight that; however that is sometimes blown totally out of proportion. Even then you feel like you need to watch it just to see what will happen next.

Kyoko Bhuiyan

“Child of Light,” produced by Ubisoft Montreal, is a work of pure, painted art. The story focuses on Aurora, a young girl travelling a distant dimension to defeat the Queen of the Night. “Child of Light” excels in its graphics and visuals department, creating a fantastic Lemuria, where Aurora’s adventures take place. The crux of the plot involves Aurora having originally contracted a disease. Once, having fallen asleep, she is now burdened with the duty of finding her father and waking up. Along the way she must battle various types of enemies, such as over-sized crabs, ghosts, rams, giants and many more, while receiving help from jesters, fireflies and others. A unique feature the developers included was how Aurora’s banter with other in-game characters utilises poetry. Besides that the game’s climax is ultimately based on whether she is able to find her father or not. Does the heroine overcome her obstacles? Can she achieve her objectives? Will she be able to find her father? Well, this is where the gamer comes in and takes over. As mentioned before, “Child of Light” does a fantastic job of creating a pen-sketched world for the player to fight in; a nostalgic 2D look makes the game more enjoyable, at a time when 3D and CGI have pervaded and conquered every facet of media. Not to be missed, “Child of Light” should be in every gamer’s possession. Check it out! Nadia Chowdhury

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Choose or Lose


It’s been seven years since I have been in a relationship. It seems like we have lost the spark, like any other old couple. I want him to look at me and say things he used to say during our first year. Sometimes I doubt that he still feels the same way about me. I don’t want to make things worse by being the insecure one in the relationship. Help!


Like any other year-old relationship, I guess you guys are past the honeymoon phase, but that’s very normal. Try to reignite what you had. First, talk it out with your guy, as he might be going through a phase of his own. And remember, it’s okay to be insecure. If he has true feelings for you, I’m sure he will turn out to be as concerned about this as you are.

Five kinds of people you meet at an exam hall

I really like this girl I met a few months ago. Back then, she was in a very miserable relationship with her boyfriend, who happened to have serious trust issues. She finally ended things with him and we spend more time together now. However, it’s been just a month since she broke up. Do you think she is ready to know how I feel?

When you are going in for an exam, your nerves are already overwrought and the heart is already palpitating. Tension is mounting and the last thing you need are the exam nut jobs making this experience even more suffocating! Here’s TMAG’s take on the five kinds of people you are unfortunately going to meet at an exam hall


I’m sorry to burst your bubble but don’t you think her boyfriend may have had trust issues for a reason? Try to get to know her better. And also, find out if she feels the same about you or if you are just a rebound for her.

Pragya Rahman

T The smug that finishes early

Got a sticky relationship ish? Let us help you make up your mind. Email your story today to

In the middle of a three hour exam this one raises his hand when there is still 45 minutes for the exam to end. Talk about writing like a super fast bloodhound!


I was in my hotel room, while rushing towards the dining hall I noticed my feet. I had forgotten to change my room slippers! It was a very embarrassing moment, and to this day it makes me laugh.


The hot air brushed my face as I sat in the bus, waiting impatiently to go home after a long day at the university. The lady sitting beside me utilised her time by asking me questions, when suddenly she turned her helpless face away from me and threw up in the bus. I wish I had given her the window seat.


I remember those days when I used to go to a teacher I had a huge crush on. The best thing about his classes was that it was over crowded with almost no space to stand, and I would always go in early, just to take the front seat. It wasn’t as pleasant when the teacher found out about my crush.


I hate wearing my glasses, especially when I’m all dolled up. This one time I was at a wedding and I accidentally hugged the wrong person and started calling her names I usually do for fun. I bought myself contacts to avoid such embarrassments in the future.

The sleeping beauty Just before she’d entered the hall, she brags about how much she’d studied the night before. In the last bench sleeping like a log, she makes up for the sleep she lost the previous night.

The genius The maximum amount of paper you’d need was seven but the genius kept asking for more and more paper actually amounting to a whopping 15 pages ! We have a major novelist here!

Blush Much?

The nerd He had to have his paper wrestled out of his hands because he wouldn’t stop writing. This was more like a testament of proof that the time he spent studying, was actually worthwhile.

The punk Writing their names on the edge of the paper and doodling for the rest of the time - the punk doesn’t even pretend to care! Finally, at the end of the exam, they walk out like a boss knowing full well that a huge F grade awaits them.

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