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AvenueT Dhaka Tribune | Saturday, April 19, 2014 | Volume 1, Issue 50


Lessons learned

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Beauty secrets

from back in the day

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A visit to Westeros

2 Tuned Freezing moments

10 TrIAL Room Lessons learned

The Westeros touch 4 Tech All purpose headphones 5 Tires BMW 5 Series 7 Tell Stop being a doormat 8 Tucked In Bring Highgarden home 9 Take Care A mean mental state

12 Trending Lady in rouge

3 Try Out

Dear Readers, On the occasion of our 50th issue, we’re indulging in fantasies of our favourite fantasy show “Game of Thrones”. It may be set in a fictional medieval setting, but few shows ring true for us the way this one does. Join us as we visit the shoot locations, travel back in time to discover ancient beauty rituals, and check out our horoscope to see what the stars have in store for you. We’ve also got some sterling life advice from the characters themselves. Check us out on Facebook and let us know how we dids Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Editor, Avenue T

13 Tailored Jon and Tyrion 14 TemptAncient beauty 15 Ticket Vintage accessories

A feast for crows 18 travelogue Westeros in real life 17 Tantalise


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Lessons for life

This week This cover is inspired by none other than the fearsome mother of dragons, Danarys Targaryen. A pop of blue, and some rustic accessories like the ones you’ll find from Urban Truth, and you can steal her style, Model Samira Sadeque Photographer Miftah Rahman Photo Editing: Syed Latif Hossain Make-up Sohail Amir Accssories Urban Truth Shoot coordinator Baizid Haque Joarder and Sabah Rahman

AVE N U E T SATU R DAY, APR I L 1 9, 20 1 4

2 | Tuned in event


“Freezing Moments”

What to do

Photo Exhibition “Photo & Fun”, a well-known Facebook group held its premier photo exhibition at Drik Gallery on April 18-19. The group was initiated to provide a platform to professional as well as amateur photographers to showcase their talent.

Photo: Alberto Shiavo

Photo: Gulam Robbani

Photo: Hassan Tareque Chowdhury

in Dhaka April 15- 21

Venue: Drik Gallery, House 58 Road 15A (New), Dhanmondi R/A

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 4

The famous tale of the Old Testament gets a new interpretation by Darren Aronofsky in the Russell Crowe starrer Noah. The story is about Noah who builds an arc to rescue one creature of every species from a flood sent by God to destroy humanity after it has resorted to cannibalism and all kinds of evil. The movie is visually brilliant and the director’s passion is noticed in every scene but it deviates too much from the actual tale. Most audiences are familiar with the tale of Noah and hence the deviations might not gel with them. Also instead of being a religious movie like The Passion of Christ, it ends up being a mishmash of a disaster movie meets Hollywood big budget action blockbuster with big stars. Watch this movie for the wonderful acting by its casts, particularly Russell Crowe and the special effects during the ‘Great Flood’ scene.


this week

April 24

Photography Exhibition “Exile in Calcutta” by Thomas Meyer


Room 2

Venue: Goethe Institut, House No. 10, Road No. 9 (new), Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka

Game of Thrones (Season 4)

This series has been reigning high on the popularity and TRP charts since its first season. And now at the advent of its fourth season, it has already become a cult series building a huge fanbase around the world. Catch the new season as the world of the Westeros and Essos come to life. Find out what happens to the Mother of the Dragons, how the lives of your favourite characters change after the Red Wedding, and if winter finally arrives. One thing to look forward to is Arya becoming a bad ass and so many other heart popping surprisers.

Try Out |



A touch of

Westeros | Anita Hotpie Amreen (N Anita Amreen)

Unleash your inner cobbler as you craft the perfect pair of Game of Thrones inspired shoes If you have a pair of plain black loafers or drab ballet flats that have lost their past glory, don’t throw it away for there’s plenty you can do with it. With Game of Thrones acting as inspiration, why not allow winter to come a tad bit early? Sometimes all an old pair of footgear needs is a touch of vintage glam. Read on to find out how to revamp your old ballet flats by bringing alive the moochie in you!

You’ll need: • • • • •

1 pair of solid coloured ballet flats/Vans 1 tube of super glue A spool of thread to match your shoe colour A needle The detailing for the shoe (you may find similar or different types of beads, stones and branches from Banani Super Market , Priyangon Market or Pink City)


Take your beads and stones and lay them out on a piece of paper to preplan your design. For this DIY design inspired by Game of Thrones, we used a few golden branches and grey stones to restyle an old pair of loafers. As the branches are very delicate, it is advisable to stitch them together using a needle and thread. Once you have the branches stitched together, begin placing them on your ballet flats or loafers. Place the first bunch of branches on your shoe, stitching it on using same coloured thread. If you cannot stitch it on, glue it to the shoe instead. Keep layering the branches till you have them all placed according to your preplanned design. Once they are securely placed, start attaching the stones to the shoe using super glue. Spread a hefty amount of glue on one stone at a time and place it on your shoe. When you’re done with the rest of the stones, voila, there you have it, your very own, personally crafted Game of Thrones inspired shoes.

Done AVE N U E T SATU R DAY, APR I L 1 9, 20 1 4

4 | Tech troubleshooting


Inflikr in style | Moody Martell (Mahmood Hossain) It’s Flickr with a new face

Photo: Big Stock

Only a tab away | Moody Martell

Here’s another one of those should I or should I not problems. There are clear yet significant differences between a standalone e-reader and a full featured tablet. This one is for the average consumer looking to buy a new tablet or an e-reader.


You bibliophiles sure can’t stop flipping pages one after the other. E-book readers are exactly the same. You may have a large library at home but you can’t always carry it around with you. This is where this device comes in. Remember, this is only for reading purposes. Take the very popular Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (approximately Tk15,000). It’s not too expensive and does exactly what you want from an e-reader.


There’s a slight grey area here. Kindle also has a different Fire HDX model. It’s like an e-reader on steroids, but it won’t be able to go head-to-head with, let’s say, an iPad Air. Tablets are supposed to be a portable entertainment hub that can be carried with one hand. Fully featured, you are allowed to do what you won’t be able to do on an e-reader. There’s browsing, playing multimedia files and enjoying the many apps both Android and Apple have to offer. You will be spending much more on an actual tablet but you are getting more for it. But if that’s not your cup of tea and you rather be left alone with your books, the e-reader is a perfect choice. Share your troubleshooting problems, write to us at

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 4

We’ve already featured the very beautiful app Muzei and well, they’ve dipped their creative hands into Flickr’s best client. Flickr, as we all know, is the very popular photo sharing social network. It also happens to belong to Yahoo. But not to worry, you don’t have to sign-up to Yahoo or Flickr to view and interact with this wonderfully built app. If you’re familiar with either Muzei or Flickr, you’ll know that it’s all about the beauty of image. Browsing through the world’s most beautiful photographs has never been easier. This app functions as if you were exploring through Flickr on the web. The biggest difference is the presentation of course. Inflikr is very easy to use and navigate through, while keeping up with the simplistic and fun UI (user interface). From the get go, you’re able to log into your Flickr account through e-mail or Facebook. When everything comes in sync, the rest of the experience becomes whole.

Again, you’re allowed to use the app without having to login to any account. The go-to feature has to be the “Explore” option where you can dive right into the sea of breath-taking photos. As you browse through the photos, you’ll be able to choose and view them separately. The chosen picture can also be shared in a quite interesting and colourful way through social media or can be saved in your phone’s gallery. Download Inflikr for free in the Google Play Store.


Check your pulse | Moody Martell

Sony continues its tradition in pure entertainment The Sony Pulse (7.1 stereo) wireless headset is an all-around superstar when it comes to headphones. The Pulse can become your go-to headset. In other words, it would seem as a Jack of all trades. It’s mainly used for entertainment purposes when you connect to your gaming console like the PS3, PS4 or Xbox One. But you’d be surprised what it has to offer beyond gaming.


It’s sleek, elegant and in form with the rest of Sony’s attractive line-up. It’s clear that they take no exception when it comes to designing their products. The ear cups are cushioned to everyone’s satisfaction. This is where the main focus has to be, as the comfort throughout remains consistent. You never want to sit for hours on end while the band tightens, and it is not the case with the Pulse.


Keep in mind, it is wireless. This means you’ll have a selection of switches and adjustments on the headset itself. On one ear cup you have the power on/off switch. There’s also a volume slider, letting you adjust between in-game sounds and voices in multiplayer. On the other side there is a basic function, a 3.5mm headphone input. One thing that will stand out in all the switches is the “BassImpact.” You can apply the perfect level of bass to your liking. The Pulse also comes with a standard cable so you don’t always have to go wireless. In addition, there is also a USB adapter that you can plug into your PC, gaming console, smartphone or MP3 player.

Whether it’s using the Virtual Surround Sound for watching movies and gaming or enjoying the bass thumping music, the Sony Pulse is a great buy. You can purchase the headset through Amazon for around 114USD (approximately Tk8,846).

Tires | wheels


2013 BMW520d The BMW 5 series is still the king of the executive car class, thanks to great looks, an outstanding drive and superb practicality

| Tahsin Momin

The 2013 BMW 520d is a car to provide you with immense joy, comfort and better mileage. It is extremely powerful and your guess is absolutely right, it is expensive Executive Motors Ltd. too. With a bundle full 188/B Gulshan-Tejgaon of luxuries, style and Link Road, Dhaka 1208 Phone: 8878492, 8878512 power, you expect nothing short of - “big bundles of money.”

Alpona Outrage City streets are public property. In other words, NO ONE has the right to use them for reasons other than the ones they’ve been designed for. Painting decoration patterns on the tarmac and making sure that the rest of the city can’t use said streets while your painting on them is misappropriation of a public asset, especially when you have perfectly acceptable alternatives available elsewhere (I’m looking at the national parade ground, where you can stuff at least 300,000 people as far as we know) where you could do the same thing without turning commutes into dog-eat-dog warfare. What a certain publication and its sponsors have done by perpetuating this culture of painting the street tarmac year after year at the expense of commuters who use the city streets is essentially occupying public resources that the taxpayers of the country pay for. And by any ethical standard, that merits punishment. - Ifty A, Dhanmondi



Some styling refinements have been done on the new BMW 5 Series. There have been made small yet noticeable changes to the headlights and bumpers. The BMW 5 Series is designed beautifully with active cornering lights. The front bonnet has corner lines which add elegance to this car. It has been given a sportier appearance with trademark BMW kidney grille. There are two strong lines on both sides of the car which give a rugged shape to the car. It has fog lights that help you in foggy climate and restyled tail lights. It has 17inch lightweight alloy wheels which are very efficient in all weather conditions, especially in summer. The curves and lines on the car are worth holding on to, adding a more aggressive look to the whole package.


The interior of this car is second to none. It has an elegant roomy interior. The cabin has wooden horizontal inlays in the middle with lots of features embedded in the dashboard. The seats are quite cosy with a lot of space to make you easy and comfortable. Sitting inside this BMW will make you feel like home. To provide you with awesome entertainment there is a brilliant sound system. The iDrive controller is available and has new physical buttons and menu structure.


The 520d is powered by a 181bhp, a 2.0-litre diesel engine that is capable of doing 0-100kmph in just 8.1 seconds and has a top speed of 144kmph. The economy figures are equally as impressive, with the 520d returning a combined cycle of 15km/L, and CO2 emissions of 134g/km. The 520d’s outstanding handling is what grabs your attention. The steering is naturally weighted and delivers accurate feedback. Body roll is well controlled so the car sticks to the road well, and is truly the only executive car that feels right and its precise action adds to the fun.


There are a number of safety features in 2013 BMW 520d. It has vehicle stability control system which controls the stability of the car. It also has traction control, anti-lock brake system, frontseat side airbags, side curtain airbags and active front head restraints. The 2013 BMW 520d, is a good looking car with a beautiful interior. The lustrous element inside the cabin makes this car

Let Loose the Horses

Dhaka’s a wizard when it comes to remixing its past and present to constantly update its look and even more attractive. And with its poised rear-wheel drive handling, great refinement and strong pace, the 520d continues to set the standard for driving fun in the executive car class.


What happens when the ABS light on the dash comes on? If you have got an ABS-equipped car, you also have an ABS warning light in the dashboard. If it comes on, get it checked as soon as possible. It means the ABS computer has diagnosed that something is wrong in the system. It could be something as simple as dirt in one of the sensors or something as costly as an entire ABS unit replacement. It is important to note that this light

normally comes on when you start the car and then switches off a few seconds later. If it blinks, throbs, flashes or in any other way draws your attention to it, then do take note. It is not doing that just to please itself. Compared to a steady light, a blinking ABS light normally indicates something more serious. In some cases it could be as bad as “you have no brakes at all.”

culture. The recent re-introduction of horse-drawn carriages to the main roads as festival joyrides is one such move. While it’s charming to see this throwback to a more romantic time, the state of the animals that draw the carriages is anything but pleasing. If you’ve ever felt sorry for the poor rickshawallah straining his muscles against the midday heat to earn his daily bread, maybe it’s worth paying a thought to the helpless, underfed horses being put to the whip in all kinds of weather without a care for how exhausted and weak they may be, or how heavy the carriage might be. Not saying to ban the carriages, but maybe some provision could be made to ensure that the horses are better treated? - Fatima H, Mirpur Road Got a peeve to share about the state of the city’s roads and traffic? Sends it to us at, or post it on our Facebook wall.

AVE N U E T SATU R DAY, APR I L 1 9, 20 1 4

6 | Tell issues

Aries (MAR 21-APR 19) Your yearning for power will have you shoving aside anyone and everyone who comes between you and your desires. Be careful for the night is dark and full of terrors.

Sneaky situation

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) If you’re all geared to show peers your true self and effort, remember that if you pass the sentence you should swing the sword. Gemini (May 21-Jun 20) Don’t try to force triangles into circles dear Gemini. You’ll want to believe the worst of people but truth be told, by what right does the wolf judge the lion? Photo: Big Stock

I’m a 26–year-old woman and I just started working at a radio station. I was always convinced that I am a fairly average looking woman, and I dress just fine. Often I get compliments on my hair, my complexion and my petite physique. I’ve never had any self-esteem issues before, however, recently a few comments have left me feeling really down and out. I wear jeans and snug fitted T-shirts regularly, and I pair them up with sneakers. People keep making fun of me and ask me if I’m going to the gym. How do I deal with this? MK Dear MK, Are you comfortable with your body image and the way you dress? Remember that at the day’s end it is your feelings that matter. Do what makes YOU feel best. However, don’t succumb to peer pressure and strut into your office in heels just because that is what your colleages expect of you. If you feel at ease in your sneakers, then so be it. Embrace your individuality and don’t let people’s comments get you down. If you stand up for yourself, brave a smile and confidently tell them that that’s how you enjoy dressing, they will not have the courage to put you down again.

Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22) You may have already realised that the more you love, the weaker you become. Tired of the drama that comes with commitment, you will move towards a life that breaks free from such traditional promises.


Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22) If you want to grasp the best of what this week has to offer, stay in control without losing yourself in the heady delight of power. This week shall be a gamble because when you play a game of thrones, you win or die. Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22) As much as you enjoy gossiping with your buddies, keep your secrets to yourself this week. Do not put all your cards on the table, instead take a back seat to study your goals.

letters to Mars

Love lost, and found Q Four years ago me and a woman, S, shared a special connection. We never dated or went out, but we used to talk and it was very different from anything I’ve ever experienced. Although it was just a friendship, we had strong, emotional connections. However, neither of us made a move and she eventually got married; I got into a relationship of my own as well. Now she’s divorced and trying to reconnect with me. I’m single but I feel confused;I feel like I’m just a rebound. She keeps insisting that the main reason she got divorced was because she knew she and her husband lacked the connection we shared. Should I give her a second chance?


You? On a rebound? Why would you feel this way? If you had made a move and she rejected you, I may understand your feelings, why blame her? You should be delighted she had the courage to get in touch with you. She did something that you did not have the courage to do. Go ahead and have a happy life.

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 4

Photo: Big Stock

Our Agony Aunt is a Life Coach and a Relationship Coach, as well as a Corporate and Organisational Consultant. AA lives and works in Bangladesh but travels extensively around the world to attend seminars and see her clients Write us your problems and send them to

Tell |


tact Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22) Don’t let overflowing finances or the lack thereof get you carried away. You need to relax and enjoy the highs of this week more. Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) As Tywin Lannister puts it “Any man who must say, I am the king, is no true king,” therefore, try proving your worth through hardwork rather than words. Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21) Close friendships may be strained as jealous vibes are on the rise. Don’t be disheartened for this will be a temporary issue. Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19) As far as progress is concerned, you shall be going one step forward and then one step back. Never compromise with your decisions, forgetting who you are. Wear your identity like armour and it can never be used to hurt you.


Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 19) Your ambitions will be far more optimistic than fate itself. If you get on your high horse, you may feel like you know it all, but in reality you know nothing. Be humble with your intelligence. Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20) Piscean, if you want to get what you’ve been craving for, stop taking the childish path of nagging and playing victim. Instead, take matters in your hands and step up to your role.

Four ways to stop being a doormat Mou Sansa Khan Have you ever looked at a couple and couldn’t help but feel sorry for one of the partners for being treated like a doormat? It’s not that rare nowadays, is it? But here’s why you shouldn’t feel sorry for them – their partners treat them like a doormat ONLY because they let them to. Typically, doormats grow up as kids believing that their opinions and needs do not matter as much when compared to others. They also blame themselves when things go wrong in a relationship and make all kinds of self-sacrifices. They seem to be on a lifelong expedition to please their other half, trying to selflessly tend to all their needs. But in reality, those are not selfless sacrifices at all. When you’re being so giving, it’s basic human instinct to have some expectations in return. But more often than not, these expectations are not met, and the self-sacrifices are not appreciated or registered by their other half. Over time, the bottled-up resentment make them feeling frustrated, drowning in selfpity and blaming the other half for walking all over them.

Well, there’s no easy fix to this but here’s what you can do, if you consider yourself the doormat in your relationship:

Work on your self-esteem:

The feeling of insecurity and a low self-esteem will keep you trapped in this behaviour forever. Just shake off whatever self-esteem issues you have and learn to value your own needs.

Acceptance: Learn to accept that it is humanly impossible to please everyone and people will dislike you for no reason at all. Learn to say “No”: Without being rude, learn to say “No” to others. Do NOT try to help others at your own expense, even if it comes to your significant other. If they truly love you, they will respect your decision.

Identify opportunists: It’s

always nice to be nice! But don’t let opportunists take advantage of you or exploit your niceties. You cannot love someone else unless you love yourself first. You might as well start now!

letters to Venus

The frisky husband Q

Me and my man get intimate around four times a month. Sometimes it’s less or more, but usually less since I have a very busy schedule and tend to be very tired most of the time. When I deny my man, he lectures me on how religion demands that a wife never refuses his husband and that its her duty to tend to his needs. He gives me these ridiculous speeches which anger me even further. He expects me to act like his physical slave. When I fend him off, he gets friskier and excited by this. Does he have a problem?


No, he does not have a problem. Men unlike lots of women have a higher sex drive. I do not buy the religious argument because making love is an act of love, not of submission. Discuss with him to find a time when it is most suitable for your both, when you are relaxed as you also want to enjoy it. I am sure he loves you, but understand that his beliefs are different from yours, so do not insist on discussing only why submission is wrong. Help him look at it from a different perspective: he is important to you, you want him happy and therefore it is best for both of you to find time when you are at your best. Men’s ego can also be hurt as they believe it is a rejection of who they are. Men are fragile too, do not forget that.

Our Agony Aunt is a life coach and a relationship coach as well as a corporate and organisational consultant. AA lives and works in Bangladesh but travels extensively around the world to attend seminars and to see her clients

Photo: Big Stock Write us your problems and send them to

Photo: Big Stock

AVE N U E T SATU R DAY, APR I L 1 9, 20 1 4

8 | Tucked in digs & finds

Jatra Jatra @

i Banan branch


Your very own Highgarden | Joffrey Sanzum Not all of us have the space in our front yard to make a garden. Most of us have to make do with the balconies or the rooftops. Instead of complaining about it, transfer these unconventional spaces into your dream garden retreat Limited space is not a bummer

Hieroglyphics and feet make this clay pot stand out

Even though space might be limited on most balconies that shouldn’t be an issue. Make optimum use of the space available. Make sure that you have a shade to protect your plants from over exposure to direct sunlight or wind. Hanging pots from the railing is always a good idea because that way there’s plenty you can do in a small space by vertically spacing the plants. Do make sure that your hanging pots are securely fastened; you do not want a pot to fall and land right on your feet or soil to splatter all over the floor.

Plan ahead

If you have a rooftop which you can turn into a garden, you need to first visualise what you want the end product to look like. You need to find out if you will have the entire roof space to yourself or if the other tenants (if there’s any that is) are okay with your idea of a rooftop garden. Once these issues are sorted out you need to decide whether you want a simple garden by adding a couple of potted plants or you want a full on garden with

trees, shrubs and other exciting greeneries. Consult with the building engineer(s) whether the roof can uphold the weight of your Babylon themed hanging garden. You wouldn’t want to run out of money halfway into making your dream project, so plan your budget way ahead. Research plants and trees which are more suitable for your area and get a thorough knowledge about gardening and its various techniques.

Take care of the essential amenities

Before you start planting trees on your rooftop or balcony, you need to figure out how you are going to water them. You would have to create a form of shelter to protect them from sunlight and other weather mishaps like rain or harsh winds. If you are planning to add furniture such as a couch, hammock or tables to your garden, keep in mind that either you have the provision to take them inside every time it rains or you arrange them in such a way that they are sheltered from discolouration due to excessive sunlight or rotting due to being exposed to the rain.

Lights are very important, you wouldn’t want to trip and fall in your beloved garden at night nor would you want to miss a chance to host a rooftop party due to lack of lighting provisions.

Unleash the creativity bug in you

Visit other nurseries and choose plants that you already haven’t included in your rooftop or balcony garden. Look for artistic pots or even better try to get a few customised ones from a clay porter. Play with colours by planting plants of two different colours in the same pot or side by side in different pots. Add a hammock to give it an exotic look or get a classy look by adding bamboo sitting arrangements. Even for the light stands opt for things which go with the overall look of your rooftop or balcony garden. However, in all your creativity do not forget to keep empty spaces for cleaning the dirt which collects regularly.

The fish motifs on these pots would make a tully proud

Can we just say Happy Feet? Photos: Sabiha Akond Rupa

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 4

Photo: Big Stock

Take care |




Q&A What makes a

| Dr S N Shampa

meanie? We all have been there – exposed to criticism – both constructive and offensive. But have you ever wondered why some people feel the need to criticise other people? Well, here’s some insight into what really goes on their mind: Same of people who seen to feel the need to pass on their unwanted judgment and opinions on matters that don’t concern them, may just be looking out for your best interest. They possibly identified a problem with you and are trying to help you find a solution to it in a positive way, without being malicious. Analyse their message and consider them to be constructive. Don’t be offended or let their critique sting you, you may as well look for a self-improvement pointer in there somewhere. The other kind of people are those who, growing up as kids, have dreams and goals that they fail to accomplish as adults. Over time, the accumulated frustration for being a failure in life takes a toll on

their mental well-being and they attempt to take out this frustration on others at every opportunity they get including passing on offensive criticisms to people, specially to those who are successful and happy in life. Out of sheer insecurities and resentment, these people derive a sort of satisfaction by putting other people down, being downright mean. They feel important and accomplished by making others feel less of themselves. You can identify these meanies by the way they get all worked up while ranting about how little they think of you (cough, Joffrey, cough). If they get all emotional, their critiques have less to do with you and more to do with their personal problems. Now, if you’re wondering if there’s a way to ward off the unwanted criticism from people without giving them the finger, you’ve come to the right place my friend! What you should do is avoid these people like the plague. Nothing good comes out of being

around them. Instead, surround yourself with those who have a positive outlook on life. But if you have no way out of dealing with these meanies, the best and the most effective thing to do to shut them up is to be unaffected by anything they tell you. Just smile at them while they sit there and make an effort to intentionally put you down. Don’t let their destructive criticism affect you in any way. Do not be worked up by their comments and do NOT try to defend yourself under any circumstances. Maybe a subtle comeback with some humour such as, “Oh I had no idea I mattered so much to you,” or “Aww I can’t believe you actually took the time to list down my shortcomings,” might make light of the situation and go to show how unaffected you are by their effort of putting you down. Just sit back and enjoy watching them make a fool out of themselves.


Photo: Big Stock

Mou Sansa Khan

We recently discovered that our father is diabetic. This news has deeply alarmed us since he has never been the type to maintain or control his eating habits. We’d like to help him bring about healthy changes in his diet but we’re slightly unsure about how to go about it. Any suggestion?


First and foremost, there is no drastic difference between a regular healthy diet and the diet for a diabetic patient. Both diets are the same except for one basic, yet vital difference: diabetic patients should avoid and limit consumption of any and all sugarbased foods, while maintaining a generally healthy diet. Many diabetic patients are under the misconception that they will have to avoid a whole range of regular food and make drastic cuts to their intake. However, the truth of the matter is that diabetics need not pressurise themselves with these restrictions. Rather, they can follow a simple yet controlled diet on their own. That’s right – healthcare starts at home. Begin by making a few healthier food choices for your father. Small changes such as increasing consumption of high fibre vegetables like borboti (french bean), cucumber (with the skin), green papaya, bitter gourd and other leafy vegetables are excellent options. Methi (fenugreek seeds) can also be taken on its own or it can be mixed with daal (lentil) or vegetable dishes. Dr S N Shampa is a consultant nutritionist at Samorita Hospital, Panthapath

Photo: Big Stock

Photo: Big Stock

AVE N U E T SATU R DAY, APR I L 1 9, 20 1 4

10 | Trial room | Sabrina Targaryen, Mou Sansa Khan, Moody Martell, Anita Hotpie Amreen, Sabah Wildling Rahman and Saud Tywin Anam

Life lessons learned from Game of Thrones Despite all the blood that was shed, monsters that were slaughtered and the nonstop backstabbing, Game of Thrones shed some light on us commoners in real life

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 4

Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armour, and it can never be used to hurt you

From unwanted second son to a little man forced to fill some big shoes – literally and figuratively, Tyrion Lannister knows a thing or two about life handing you lemons. The lesson learned here is to be proud of your roots and your identity, and it can work for you. Everyone has a certain amount of value they can bring into their career or their relationships. Finding your unique selling point is the first step towards success.

Power resides where men believe it resides. No more and no less

The savvy eunuch is a king maker and a power player and continues to play the game of thrones like a pro. What you can learn from him is to face the world with confidence. Dress for success and hold your head high. If you act like you’re worth it, people will treat you that way as well.

A reader lives a thousand

lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one

Jojen Reed is a relatively new addition to the series, but he’s already shaping up to be a character of uncommon wisdom. As for his advice, need we say more? A reading habit is a friend for life.

Winter is coming

Keep your head above water and always prepare yourself for the worst for you never know when and how life screws you over. Too bad Ned Stark didn’t follow his own advice.

Always pay off your debts

What is a man if he’s not of his word? Keep the promises you make to yours friends, and strive harder to keep the ones you make to your foes. If you’re in debt, you’re a slave, so let’s not get carried away once you get what you wanted.

Be Swiss on this

Diplomatic immunity works wonders in a pool of sharks. Competition is always healthy but within a limit. Keep your head down and work hard.


Trial room|

Once the hard work is noticed, you’ll gain respect. Your opinion starts to matter to most; people will come to you first. But keep in mind the task at hand, keeping trouble at bay. Taking sides can be dangerous, not knowing the consequences. Taking the middle route is the wisest, as the parties involved will realise you value the truth more than anything else. You’re allegiance is to everyone and to no one. If you have something for everyone, they will value the relationship. They will seek to keep you satisfied, knowing you possess something they desire. Let the titans clash for all of eternity, let them reach for the sun only to watch them fall later. You have your best interest in mind, and of others.

There is opportunity in chaos

Sometimes as tensions rise and relations break, lives are put in jeopardy and everything seems to break out of its natural flow. Chaos, in its true form, brings with it a swirling tornado of confusion and dismay. While some lose themselves in the mess of it all, others, take

a look at the wild side - one that no one bothers to consider in the confusion of it all. To most, chaos is anything but a force to be reckoned with. To the rest, chaos, all of a sudden, turns into a dangerous, yet tempting ladder of opportunity. Those with the fearless greed for power, slyly brave the climb, beating the odds and making it to the heights of power. As the ancient Chinese saying suggests, chaos then turns into a ladder, only to be climbed by those who lack the fear of heights.

You can’t trust everybody

Do not trust people who practice the black arts, dark magic, voodoo, or whatever it’s called in your neck of the woods. You never know what their true motives are or their alliances lay. Mirri Maz Durr was supposedly a healer who tricked Daenarys into falling for her blood magic and look where that got her.

Family first

If there’s something we can take away from the tyrannical Tywin Lannister or the humbly honorable

Ned Stark, it’s that the bond that holds families together is a precious commodity. They’re worth starting wars for, they’re worth dying for and most importantly, they are worth the trouble. This isn’t a rule you want to test because you won’t know it until you lose it.

If gold won wars, then why isn’t

Tywin Lannister the king? Money isn’t everything so don’t spend your whole life chasing it. Friends, family and close knit relationships will get you further in the long run and keep you happier. You may be able to afford a sword cast of Valyrian steel or a horse decked out in gold, but armies won’t follow you to the gates of King’s Landing because of your bling.

AVE N U E T SATU R DAY, APR I L 1 9, 20 1 4

12 | Trending Style Sessions


| Sabrina Targaryen Ahmad (Sabrina Fatema Ahmad)


I work in a creative field, and recently landed myself a big promotion. How do I dress to reflect my new boss lady status without seeming desperate?


Nothing screams power the way a blazer jacket does, and these days, the market has no dearth of summer blazers for women. You don’t have to keep it on, as long as you walk into the office wearing one. Other details include a good watch (menswear watches are currently a hot androgynous trend), modest heels, and a standout jewellery item. Our pick is a great cuff or a cocktail ring in mixed metals.


Better off Sabah Wildling Rahman (Sabah Rahman)

Photo: Big Stock


Everyone I see is wearing palazzo pants this season. I was finally tempted to buy myself a couple of printed pairs and now I’m panicking. How do I wear them without looking like a fashion victim?


Relax. Remember, balance is key. Palazzo pants are flowy and loose, so you want to team them up with something fitted. A nice sleeveless top, or tank top, or even a snug tee, with a bright scarf, and tons of arm candy, is the safest route. If you’re really slender, you can even go for an equally flowy button-down, cinching the waist with a belt.

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 4

Mysterious, sexy and powerful, red is a colour that is supposed to stimulate minds and makes a statement. While all of us may not be able to pull off Melisandre’s crimson cloak, hair and gown, let’s go through some ways you can make red work for you:


wear a red sari with a red blouse, matching makeup and nails paired with red accessories. Just don’t go there.


pick a signature piece in red like eyeglass frames, shoes or a banging bag.

them until you find the best match for your skin tone.





stay on top of trends by wearing coloured denim in shades of red. keep different shades of red in mind and experiment with

attempt to wear scarlet eye shadow if you’re a make-up novice and don’t know to blend properly. wear red lipstick. There is a shade out there for every lady.


Tailored in fashion

Taking the black | Moody Martell

style session with moody Martell

(Mahmood Hossain)

You don’t have to be of The Night’s Watch to don their colours One of the standout trends of this season is the black and white combination. It goes against the spring norm and it is the easiest to pull off. While Jon Snow chose the black for a completely different reason, you don’t have to travel all the way to The Wall to try out spring’s sophisticated yet aggressive black and white combo.


Photo: Big Stock

It’s not always about suits and evening wear. The best take on the two colours are through casual outfits. You can’t get more basic than a solid white T-shirt with black denim and a pair of black Chelsea boots or the trusty and classic Converse All-Stars. You can always mix things up with a

his style

Reach higher

two-tone or striped black and white polo shirt and some off-white casual trousers.


Never mind the cape and long swords, your blazer or suit jacket will do just fine. A crisp white dress shirt and a black suit is of standard. Don’t forget your black lace-ups. The dress shirt can always be substituted with a quality white polo, while the trousers can be swapped out for dressy, dark-washed jeans. Don’t forget the accessories, like sporting a Wayfarer or Aviator. This is just another way of making the black and white look fun to pull off during a colourful spring. It doesn’t always have to be presented as something serious or bland. While Kit Harrington is killing it in street style, we can only hope his character on the show can take a few tips here and there. But then again, you know nothing Jon Snow.


There are times when I rush while shaving and accidently cut myself. How can I stop the bleeding; is toilet paper the only method?

Ouch. We’ve all been there. You want to avoid tissue and toilet paper as much as you can. There are methods not too many men know about. For instance, you can use deodorant to stop the bleeding; antiperspirants contain aluminium chloride that not only shrinks sweat glands but tightens blood vessels. Lip balm and Vaseline work wonders too. It’s a great way to seal up cuts and prevent them from getting bigger or developing a scab afterward. Ice cubes are always a soothing fix for small cuts. Mouthwash (yes, mouthwash) have certain solutions and alcohol that act as astringents which halt blood flow by contracting the tissues.


| Moody Martell

This one is for all the shorties out there Some of us may not be as short as Peter Dinklage, but we sure as hell do admire his wit and unswaying bravery. There is a huge percentage of shorter men out there who attempt to look tall and go on about it the wrong way. First thing’s first, embrace your height. There’s nothing wrong with being under the average height of a man. You can still look as fly, fresh and sophisticated as Tyrion Lannister by following these simple rules. • You have to have a proper fit. Tired of hearing or reading this? Well, don’t. It’s rule #1 for anything stylish. • Aim for darker shades (black or navy) and lighter fabrics. The weight on your clothes should never seem heavy. • While mixing and matching different colours sound like a fun idea, stick to a single colour but

Photo: Big Stock

My friends make fun of me because I blow-dry my hair. They say only women use blow-dryers. Are they right?


Ah, yes. The old questioning masculinity insecurities. It’s understandable if you have a crew cut or any other short hairstyle. In that case, a blowdryer is absolutely unnecessary. Longer hair actually needs that kind of attention and care from a blow-dryer. How do you think Ser Jamie Lannister and Ser Loras Tyrell maintained their famous manes? Sure as hell didn’t air dry them. You can tell your friends that there is nothing wrong with keeping your hair healthy. And that it’s perfectly fine getting blown.

in different shades. This will let you avoid any obvious breaks to where between your torso and legs. • Try to wear shirts that have smaller prints instead of larger ones. The bigger prints will make things look overwhelming. • As long as you’re comfortable, go for a small rise when it comes to jeans. The “rise” is the distance between your crotch and the waistband. A small rise will visually elongate your legs.

Send in your style inquiries to

Photo: Big Stock

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14 | Tempt FAQ

Sabah’s Picks

| Sabah Wildling Rahman

All about eyes

Eyeliplex-2 from GoodSkin Labs is an amazing duo of an eye treatment. Packaged like contact lens containers, there is a cooling, fast acting gel to battle early morning puffiness in one jar. The other formula is a creamy balm to help reduce the appearance of fine lines while you sleep. Get your own from Thai Airways on your next trip abroad.

Good old soap

You put what in my bath water?

Making sense of ancient beauty rituals | Sabah Wildling Rahman

This may seem like a no brainer, but if you tend to touch your face a lot, wash those hands frequently. We have so many types of germs on our grubby hands at any given point, you need to make this a regular habit. You’d be surprised at how many people just tend to forget to keep them clean. The bonus? Well, apart from halting contagious diseases from being spread, you’ll also have to deal with less breakouts caused by transferring icky bacteria onto your precious mug.

Send in your fashion faqs to

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 4

Ladies lounging in their golden tubs, fanned with giant feathers, screaming orders to their handmaidens - this is the image that pops to mind when you try to picture how beauty rituals of the past were. But it’s been a while since we stepped out of the dark ages. Now, while most of us would draw our own baths, there are some ladies amongst us who still “need” the domestic help to supervise bath time, but that’s a whole different story. Meanwhile, let’s explore a few treatments performed in the name of beauty that were considered common back in the day The good

Cleopatra bathed in milk and honey to get her skin glowing. Can’t afford a tub full of milk? A few scoops of Red Cow dissolved in a bucket could do the trick on a more serious note, you can try applying a paste of milk and honey like a body mask pre-shower for baby smooth skin. Another element both the sexes were fond of was oils - a whole lot of heavily scented oils. Before you empty out your wallet buying expensive essential oils, remember that most people back in the day

(excluding wealthy folks) didn’t bathe on a regular basis and needed those strong aromas to mask unpleasant odours between intervals of cleansing themselves.

The bad

Swallowing tapeworms whole, so they could stay skinny, applying raw egg whites on their faces to make slackened skin look tighter, or letting leeches suck out their blood so they looked paler, ladies took the painful route to achieve the look that was hot at the time. Things we do for beauty!

The ugly

Then there was poo. The geishas used nightingale droppings as a cleanser and bird poo facials are all the rage in the west these days. The Greeks and Cleopatra were fans of crocodile waste. You read that right. Mixed with donkey’s milk, it was considered even better than soap. We’ll stick to Lux, thanks.



A song of brass and bronze

| Catelyn Rupa Stark

The inexplicable popularity of gold and diamond will never cease to exist. However, as retro accessories are making a comeback, local and international fashionistas are giving these traditional brass and bronze jewellery their cool stamps of approval.

Local fashion houses such as Aarong, Aranya, Idea Craft, Piran, Rang, Bibiana, etc. have a huge collection of brass and bronze jewelleries. Also, Orange Theory, an online store has an amazing collection of some of these exclusive vintage pieces.

(Sabiha Akond Rupa)

s: Bangle Tk250

ce: Neckla Collar d up n a 0 0 Tk2 nd up k100 a Ring: T 0 and 8 k T : s Earring up 0 and s: Tk20 Bangle up

Available at Aarong, this beautifully crafted collar necklace and pearl shaped earrings are in bronze and the ring is a combination of wood and bronze. The two pairs of bronze bangles are from Aranya. These lovely bronze bangles and the brass bun pin are available at Idea Craft.

s: Earring Tk500 s: Bangle Tk250

This pair of earrings is reminiscent of Shuchitra Sen and the vintage pair of bangles, made with brass, is from Piran.

k900 Ring: T ce: Neckla 0 0 1 1 k T

This magnificent brass ring is definitely for Tagore lovers, which is one of the best-selling products of Orange Theory. They also have a similar pendant collar necklace, made with brass.

ce Set: Neckla 0 and 5 4 1 k T up

This divine necklace is made with fine brass and comes with a pair of earrings, which are available at Idea Craft

AVE N U E T SATU R DAY, APR I L 1 9, 20 1 4

16 | Tying the knot

Proposal schemes to knock your partner off their feet

| Natasha Rahman

Proposals can be nerve-wracking, making you break into a sweat worrying about your wallet and the pressure of getting it just right! Don’t sweat it, here’s Avenue T’s mantra for all you lovebirds who want to steal your partner’s hearts once again


nexpected is key. Take your ladylove for lunch and become unreasonably suspicious, irritating and catty about the silliest of things. No matter how this may hurt you, make her feel terrible. Remember it will all pay off at the end of the day. Gather your close friends in her house with balloons and streamers and a camera. When she enters her room, switch the lights on and boom - surprise! Let those streamers and balloons go haywire. Emerge from between this chaos and go down on one knee with your ring.

wallet and rush back to the table and let her find a ring box under the napkin.


adies, if he’s an office goer, leave a break up note on his desk. Don’t pick up his calls. As soon as he leaves office, make a mutual friend of yours drag him to their house for an “emergency.” Have him sit in front of the television

and play out a proposal video of you in it talking to him and take him through a slide show of old memories, photos, videos, etc. and let the video end abruptly. Bake him a cake and let the ring be dangling from the tip of the candle stand.


o to the jewellery stores on your ring shopping sprees and ask one of your trusted jewellers to

make a silver/platinum band with his initials on the inside. As your man is looking for rings for you, ask the shopkeeper to give the ring to your guy saying that it would fit him perfectly. As he peeks into it, he should see the initials. This time you go down on your knees and make him wear it.


o over to her place early morning and prepare her a breakfast in bed with her favourite items. Choose the nicer plates that are stacked in for special occasions, because this surely is one! Gently wake her up and hide the ring under the butter tray cup with a small note proclaiming your love for her.


ave a distant friend give her a glossy leaflet before she enters her office with a couple photo of you both on it, with a date and time of where she needs to be that evening. Let her be a little confused. Book a secluded corner in a restaurant that none of you have never tried before. Seek permission beforehand to start playing a song about her beauty, and as she enters, let the waiter escort her to your table. Put a pendant in the ring box so that when she opens it she gets half disappointed. Right before you leave, tell her you lost your Photos: Big Stock

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 4


Tantalise |

Warm, inviting and so utterly comforting, every morsel seems to be worth the delicious torment of dealing with the remorse of a guilty stomach. This week, Avenue T gives readers the ultimate chance to commit the sin of gluttony, but in good taste. Let the feasting begin!

Spitfire Chicken corleone, veal escalope, grilled crusoe, chicken piccata, rib eye steak, roasted lamb shanks, Irish stew, whole red snapper, char grilled quail, grilled pigeon, Bangkok duck breast.


(Breakfast Buffet) Corned beef hash, baked beans, eggs (any style), Danish bread, bagels, waffles, English muffin, hot fruit toppings, pancakes, banana bread, hot chocolate, a variety of six cold cereals.

rth han No 8, Guls NWF n a e Gulsh Avenu ladesh g n a B , Dhaka 0135 02-989 Phone:

Verdict: 3/5

Phone: 02-8754555

Verdict: 4/5

The grand feast

| Anita Hotpie Amreen (N Anita Amreen)

Five places to indulge the binge-eater in you. There is, in all of us, the primal instinct to seek and gorge on that which gives us pure, utter satisfaction. In the ever growing need for personal gratification, many such acts leave us breathlessly sated. Panting, heaving and sighing in satisfaction, we groan in delight. What better way to feed the soul than letting all bars loose and drowning oneself, uninhibited, into the passion pit of food.

Steak House Westin Shrimp scampi, chicken liver pate, smoked salmon, pepper steak, chicken ala Kiev, lasagna,

chicken/beef quesadilla, sizzling prawn teriyaki, grilled chicken ceasar salad. Verdict: 4/5

53 8, Road House 2 n a h Guls desh Bangla Dhaka, 1604 4 8 02-9 Phone: 1,800 k T r fo Dinner nly on g tax (O includin and Fridays) ays Thursd

Assortment of sushi, noodle station, assortment of kebabs and naan, beef steak with tomatoes, steamed rice, biryani, live cooking station which includes snappers, chicken breast, beef steak, prawns cooked in any style, exotic beef curries, salad bar. Verdict: 3/5

Phone: 02-9891988


Menu: Paneer bhujiya, achari aaloo, murg musallam, chicken shahi korma, chicken handi kebab, beef keema matar, mutton banjara, mutton rogan josh, kerala prawn, chicken kabuli kebab. oad 11, e 14, R Verdict: 3/5

i Hous , Banan Block H gladesh n a B , a Dhak 2458 02-881 Phone: r fo h c Lun g tax includin Tk725

Oh Calcutta with aromatic herbs, Dhakai hilsha tikka, kakra chingri bhapa. Verdict: 3/5

Freshwater whole bhetki, golda chingri, hing aaloor dom, steamed fish with lemon and ginger, pan grilled chicken

age, i Herrit or, Kaz , 9 4 e s Hou H , Block Road 11 Bangladesh. a, k a h 81D Banani, -8812763, 02-8 02 Phone: 2764 for Lunch x ding ta lu c in Tk632 6th Flo

AVE N U E T SATU R DAY, APR I L 1 9, 20 1 4


Ballintoy Harbour

Game of Thrones

filming locations | Joffrey Sanzum

For the millions of Game of Thrones’ fans, this is surely going to be a treat. As season 4 of the cult series begins, take a journey across continents along with Avenue T to find out where your favourtie series was shot

Essaouira Morocco

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 4


Castle Ward





It all began in House Stark. Northern Island seems to be a favourite of the makers of GoT. They used Castle Ward as the set for Winterfell, exterior scenes were shot in the Mourne Mountains and Tollymore Forest. Cairncastle was used to film the eerie execution site in season 1. Some interior and exterior scenes of Winterfell were also shot in Doune Castle, Scotland. Every time there was a mention of “beyond the walls” a chill runs through the spine. These scenes were shot in North Iceland. Remember the scene where Daenerys was gifted with the dragon eggs during her wedding? The Azure Window

in Malta was used to film the wedding scenes. Malta was used as the natural backdrop for shooting scenes in King’s Landing in the first season but they moved to Dubrovnik in the second one. Remember the iconic scenes where Daenerys raises a huge army for herself in Essos in season three? These scenes were filmed in Essaouira port, Morocco. The beautiful Thingvellir National Park in Iceland was featured for filming the spectacular far Northern scenes. The Lordsports on the Iron Islands were shot in Ballintoy Harbour in Northern Ireland.


AVE N U E T SATU R DAY, APR I L 1 9, 20 1 4

20 | news Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel Dhaka announces Experience Meetings to be launched in Dhaka Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel Dhaka announced the rollout of Experience Meetings, the brand’s exciting, new meetings and events programme that will launch across the globe in 2014. Developed as a means to improve the effectiveness of meetings, the programme will place a strong emphasis on innovations in food and beverage, changes to the spatial environment and advancements in meeting technology. With Experience Meetings, guests around the globe can rely on a consistent product wherever their meeting needs may take them. Professionals can tailor their meeting experience from a creative surrounding that benefits their respective learning styles, to culinary offerings that stimulate the mind. This is the next generation of Radisson Blu meetings and events and Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel Dhaka will launch this initiative in a tailored fashion targeting the Dhaka market.

Balaka Restaurant turns 31

Balaka Executive Lounge celebrated its 31st Anniversary at its premises at Hazrat Shah jalal International Airport Dhaka on April 13. The birthday was celebrated with a cake cutting ceremony. High officials from the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism, the civil aviation authority of Bangladesh, different airlines and RBH executives were in attendance at the venue. Balaka Restaurant and Bar started its journey three decades ago as a restaurant and bar to cater to airline passengers. It is managed by Ruposhi Bangla hotel.

1421 at NSU Campus

North South University (NSU) celebrated the first day of 1421 on the Bangla calendar with festivities organized by North South University Shangskritik Shangathan under the the slogan of ‘Abar Ashuk Jhor’. The morning began with thousands of students, wearing colorful dresses brought out a colorful procession displaying different types of festoons on the NSU campus on 14th April. Prof. ANM Meshquat Uddin, Pro Vice Chancellor, North South University inaugurated the function. The festivities continued, featuring cultural performances, circus and puppet shows. The programme concluded with a choreography of lit torches and fireworks.

Big Bazaar in lil’ Palli On April 11, Zohurul Haque Chanchal, the proprietor of Benarasi Big Bazaar at Benarasi Palli in Mirpur 10, kick-started a grand opening with their exclusive sari collection. From everyday to bridal wear, their scintillating collection of saris are perfect for any occasion. For more information, visit their outlet located at House 18, Road 3, Block A, Section 10, Mirpur, Dhaka.

UIU’s Millionaire Mind UIUBC just concluded the ecstatic Gala Round of The Millionaire Mind (TMM). This is the first finance based university competition in the history of UIUBC (UIU BUSINESS CLUB). This was also their biggest project since UIU Marketing Samurai. After a gruelling three month long planning and development session all the pieces were put together on April 12 at the campus auditorium. Speeches were delivered by Shahid Hossain, managing director, Southeast Bank Ltd. as well as Mohammad Ibrahim, managing director, Super Star Group.

Le Reve’s

Boishakh’14 Collection With the theme derived from the concept of Pohela Boishakh’s “Mongol Shobhajatra,” Le Reve launched their new collection of their vivid range of dresses for men, women and children with a mix of dye effects, embellishment, embroidery and metallic tones and patterns. Traditional Boishakh motifs and colours have been the central focus while designing their salwar kamiz, kurta, panjabi, fotua, etc. For a glimpse of their new collection, visit www.lerevecraze. com and your.dreams.

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 4

The biggest easter egg hunt at the westin dhaka The Westin Dhaka held a spectacular Easter Egg Hunt on April 18, 2014 in their Grand Ballroom. Children up to 15 years of age took part in the Easter Egg hunt soon as the Easter Bunny gave the official green signal to commence the event. Children with special needs were also encouraged to join in the fun. The kids were able to hunt down the strategically placed, giant eggs that were exclusively designed for the participants. Children who ended up empty-handed were still able to enjoy special treats at the designated area. The event also included funfair rides, magic show, local food, spot prizes, bouncy castle, egg painting, face painting and many more.

AVE N U E T SATU R DAY, APR I L 1 9, 20 1 4

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, AP R I L 1 9, 201 4

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