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Dear Readers, Riding on the crest of the new start-up boom, more people are walking off the beaten path to chase their dream careers. Some are building upn an inherited legacy to make their own mark; others are forging new ventures altogether. Still others are changing the very nature of work. This week, we’re all about that. Join us as we explore new workspaces, discuss make-up etiquette, and find ways to make the home life easier for working families. Join us at the Trial Room for words of inspiration from a young visionary, Sharif Shaham. Let’s work together! Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Editor, Avenue T

13 Tailored The hotter style backup 14 Tempt Bare face vs make-up 15 Ticket Online shopping

Off in Malaysia 18 tAntalise Healthy and tasty 16 TRAVELOGUE

A young gun in an old game

This week Sharif Shaham talks motivation and work philosophies on Trial Room. Model Sharif Shaham Photographer Sabiha Akond Rupa Shoot coordinator Mahmood Hossain

AVE N U E T SATU R DAY, M AY 0 3 , 20 1 4

2 | Tuned in event


Plus Point summer runway

What to do

Fashion outlet Plus Point recently unveiled their summer collection, arranging a fashion show titled “Summer Runway” to display an array of their colourful and casual creations.


After wearing a crow on his head for The Long Ranger, Johnny Depp returns to the big screen as Dr Will Caster, an artificial intelligence researcher. He and his group of fellow researchers want to create a machine having the knowledge of everything that ever existed and also possess human emotions. During a presentation to attract potential sponsors for the project, Will is attacked by anti-technology extremists resulting in his physical death. However, his wife Evelyn uploads his consciousness in processors using the technology they were working on so that he can exist in digital form with her. The same extremist group which carried out the fatal attack on Will again try to sabotage the project. As the movie progresses, Evelyn comes to know about secrets that Will has hidden from her and his thirst for knowledge becomes unstoppable. The movie has a thought provoking premise but is let down by what the director projects on screen. Nevertheless, it is visually beautiful.


in Dhaka

May 5

this week

May 5

The 100 Workshop on ‘The Art of Public Speaking’

Venue: EMK Center, House 5, Road 16 (new) 27 (old) , 9th Floor, Midas Center, Dhanmondi

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, m ay 03, 2014

BUBT Intra University Photography Exhibition -2014 Venue: BUBT Photography CLUB Dhaka, Bangladesh

This post apocalyptic series is set in a distant future. The world we knew has been destroyed after a nuclear war. The only people who have survived are the people who were orbiting the earth in twelve space stations at the time of the war. The inhabitants of these space stations now comprise of the Ark. Resources are running short and as such the leaders of the Ark decide to send 100 criminals back to Earth and find out if it is habitable again. These 100 now face new challenges and few pleasant surprises in the new world.

Try Out |



Pearl sunglass


| Sabiha Akond Rupa Sunglasses are an essential part of summer, and nothing makes a bigger fashion statement altogether. Ditch the regular sunglass straps and go for this striking pearl strap instead

You’ll need:

• A black rope (preferably a braided one) • Small pearls • Sunglass strap rubber findings • 2 silver ends caps • Scissors • A white cord

Preparation : 1. Cut two pieces of leather cord roughly into 25cm each.

2. Tie the strap findings onto the leather cord, leaving a 2.5cm cord after the knot.

3. Thread the pearls onto the cord.

4. Tie the cap onto the end.

5. Repeat it on the other end.

6. Put some glue to the end caps.

7. Push the rope into the end cap. 8. Allow the strap to dry overnight.

And there you have it, your very own handmade pearl sunglasses strap!

AVE N U E T SATU R DAY, M AY 0 3 , 20 1 4

4 | Tech troubleshooting


The music librarian | Mahmood Hossain Shazam has a magic ear for music and TV

| Mahmood Hossain Eight shortcuts for eight Windows 8 may seem very strange to those who have been accustomed to the very popular Windows 7. In truth, Windows 8 (8.1) is suited best for touch screen devices, like smartphones, tablets and particular laptops. But this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy or effectively use this operating system on a non-touchscreen device. If you have 8 installed, here are some really easy ways to make your experience with the latest upgrade more pleasant. •

Press the Windows key and the letter D key (Windows + D) to take you directly to the “Desktop” if you are in the Start screen. Pressing the Windows key again and again will let you toggle between the Desktop and Start screen. • Press the Windows + . (Period key) to pin and unpin a selected app to the side of the screen. • Windows + X will open the power user menu. This gives the user access to all the features like Device Manager and Command Prompt. • By pressing Windows + C you will open the Charms. In other words, the side panel that lets you search, share, start, choose devices and settings. • If you wish to skip right down to it, press Windows + I to open Settings. • Windows + Print Screen (PrntScr) will automatically save the screenshot you have taken of your display in My Pictures. Also to keep note, each of your screen corners are referred to as hot corners. This means whenever you point your mouse to each corner, a different action takes place. Share your troubleshooting problems, write to us at

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, m ay 03, 2014

We’ve covered music recognising apps before, but Shazam delivers a service where others may lack. This is something us colleagues here on the magazine floor have experienced first-hand. We sat in one of our frequently visited restaurants and as we love fine dining, we also appreciate fine music. A wonderful playlist of a popular Italian artist started to serenade us throughout the dimly lit ambiance with moderate chatter across the room. We instantly fell in love with one of the songs and had to know the title and artist. This is where Shazam came in and worked its magic. Shazam’s recognition library is up there with the best, if not the best. The app opens with its first and main function. All you have to do is press the logo in the middle of the screen and wait until it processes the sounds (which is surprisingly fast). This is what the app calls “Tagging.” Whichever song or TV show soundtrack you

choose to tag gets saved in a history page under “My Tags.” There is also “News” and “Explore” – features that open a map of the world and display the current trends. This app is filled with wonderful features, letting users choose from different outlets after a song has been recognised. You can sing

along with real-time lyrics, share your discoveries in social media, watch music videos through YouTube, and many more. If you haven’t tried Shazam before, this is definitely worth the download. Shazam is available for free in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


Zzz... | Mahmood Hossain

Don’t worry, Sony’s new flagship won’t put you to sleep It’s the Sony Xperia Z2, the third generation Z. This sequel, alongside the new Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8), is the biggest and best smartphone around. The three kings, if you will, have taken a nice grip on the market, each providing something unique in the race of supremacy. The Z2’s design hasn’t changed much, which was expected. Nowadays it’s more about the performance and key features. In truth, Xperia’s design is still sexy. Making a radical change could be a huge risk at this point. The allaluminium frame remains, which keeps those tempered glasses in place. It’s slightly narrower and slightly taller. In other words, if you have held the Z models before, it will all feel familiar.

Specs: •

• • There are noticeable differences like the speakers. If you look closely at the top and bottom, you’ll find little slits where those front-facing speakers are placed. You’ll also notice Sony has made a brilliant move to change its pixel density in a 5.2inch 1080p display. Surely, this is a welcome change for the better. And yes, it is still dust proof and water resistant.

• •

1080x1920 pixels, 5.2inch screen with 424 ppi pixel density. XReality and better viewing angles. Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) Snapdragon 801, quadcore 2.3 GHz Krait 400, Adreno 330 16GB internal memory (microSD expandable to 128GB), 3GB RAM 20.7-megapixel LED Flash rear camera with 2.2-megapixel front facing camera. 3200 mAh battery with great power saving features

Tires | wheels


2013 Honda City

The walking dead (deshi style)

| Tahsin Momin

The Honda City may not be the newest subcompact in the market right now, but it is still worth every penny Now in its mid-life cycle, the 2013 Honda City still provides the best package compared to its key rivals, from the ever-reliable Toyota Yaris to the exciting Ford Fiesta. The small sedan segment is more competitive than ever before, but overall, the 2013 Honda City remains our pick of the segment - leading with a stylish exterior, a roomy, quality interior, and fine ride and handling.


The 2013 City has gotten a minor facelift but this time the facelift isn’t all that outrageous. It is meant to give a sportier look to the car than the previous models. The trademark of the Honda City that is the honeycomb-mesh grille, which has been re-done using chrome this time. The added chrome bits make this car more stylish and stunning to the eye. The headlights are wider than before with beautiful jewel like small lights on top. The taillights on the other hand, got an LED treatment.


On the inside, Honda made a few minor changes to make the City more liveable. It has an all-new set of upholstery options and the redesigned centre console has an automatic opening and closing with just a touch. The dashboard elements are styled with a brushed aluminium finish to give it the executive feel. The cabin is quite spacious. It is so beautifully designed and the finishing is done so brilliantly that you just can’t keep your hands off it. The steering wheel, the gear knob and the handbrake lever are covered with leather. You can keep your body posture very relaxed while sitting on the seats. They are highly comfortable with adequate head and leg room. The rear seats are equally comfortable and the cargo area is sufficient to fit four fullsized suitcases.


The 2013 Honda City is powered by a 1.5-litre four-cylinder DOHC i-VTEC engine that pumps out 120 Hp and 161 lb.ft of torque. The torque is the force that gets you moving and the horsepower is the energy that sustains momentum. There is no shortage of power. You are most certain to have a smooth and powerful drive. It is highly efficient. The engine is very responsive and has a superb


| Sabah Rahman

Available at : DHS Motors Ltd. 11, Mohakhali C/A, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh Phone: 9889600

acceleration. It comes with a five speed manual transmission and an optional four-speed automatic.


Photo: Big Stock

The City comes standard with an anti-lock braking system. It also provides you with an electronic brake force distribution so that you can drive safely and smoothly. It has a strong body structure and it has a five-star NCAP Euro safety rating which makes it very safe. It comes with two front air-bags and the facility of seatbelts for all seats to guard you in case of any jerk or an accident. While the older models were not known for responsive acceleration, the 2013 City has a very efficient and responsive acceleration. The 2013 Honda City might not be the new kid in the block but it has everything going on for it to make it stand out of the lot.


What happens when the coolant warning light comes on? If the coolant warning light comes on it means that the level of coolant in your radiator is low and needs topping up. DO NOT OPEN THE RADIATOR CAP WHEN THE ENGINE IS HOT! The coolant system is pressurised and it could easily release pressure and spray you with boiling coolant. Do it when the engine is cold. Top up the system with either a pre-mixed coolant bought from a shop, or with

distilled water. Don’t use tap water; the mineral deposits in it boil out in the cooling system and calcium gets deposited around the inside of the radiator making it less efficient (which will eventually cause it to fail). It’s always best to use pre-mixed coolant, or to mix your own rather than using neat water. The coolant mixture behaves as a corrosion-preventer to stop your engine rusting from the inside out.

What is the deal with pedestrians in Dhaka city? God forbid they ever use the overpass, people on the streets of Dhaka literally act like they own the roads we all have to share. It’s infuriating when people look at the opposite direction of traffic flow when crossing the road. The same people get upset if your car comes too close. That’s the only time they look your way. They also hold meaningful conversations with their BFF’s, holding hands while crossing the street super slowly, too busy to care if they are indeed holding up traffic. Then there are those chilling when the traffic light is red. The instant it turns green they start sprinting across the street in front of moving cars, while shooting you killer looks like you were in the wrong. Is there ever going to be a solution to this annoyance? As if it’s not hard enough to be a woman in this country, we also have to deal with random men on the street, bursting out into song the moment they spot a lady. They don’t care if you are fully covered up or even cradling a baby. Maybe they watch too many Bollywood movies, but it’s doubtful that any woman in her right mind will just drop everything at a moment’s notice, and run into the arms of the tone deaf youth in question.

Got a peeve to share about the state of the city’s roads and traffic? Sends it to us at, or post it on our Facebook wall.

AVE N U E T SATU R DAY, M AY 0 3 , 20 1 4

6 | Tell drama mama

The forbidden world of modelling My 21-year-old daughter was offered a TVC role where she has to shoot out of Dhaka for five days, living with a bunch of strangers, most of whom are men! My husband, being the “pro-liberal” man he’s so proud to be, readily gave her permission. Sending my daughter with strangers for something like a TVC is the last thing I want her to do! I’ve forbidden her to go but my husband, always eager to play good cop, is backing her up. Is there no way to talk sense into these two?? Times are changing and even Dhaka is not the segregated, conventional society it once was. Whereas something like this would definitely have been an issue even a decade ago, it clearly no longer is. That being said, I’m sure there are provisions in place to ensure that there are no problems on such shoots. It is not financially and

| Dina Sobhan

otherwise prudent for TV channels to get mixed up in any potential scandals, and hence they will probably have your daughter roomed separately. Now if your concern is less for her safety and more for her ability to use good judgment in her interactions with these “strangers,” then that is something that you need to discuss with her. It’s an issue that won’t be resolved by forbidding your daughter from doing things and going places, which she will do regardless of your wishes. Discuss your concerns with her openly but also ensure her that you trust her and will support whatever decision she makes. While your natural instinct is to protect her, it is better that you have the kind of open and honest relationship with your daughter in which she can confide in you rather than doing things secretly in fear of your disapproval.

Aries (MAR 21-APR 19) You may suddenly feel attracted to someone from the workplace that you’ve known for a while. Instead of getting too overwhelmed with your new found love, take a breather and give it some time. Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) To sail through this week unhindered, patience will be of utmost importance. Whether it’s your finances that need a quick fix or a relationship that needs to be mended, nothing will happen overnight. Gemini (May 21-Jun 20) Oozing with unexpected sensuality, you will be drawing the opposite sex to you like pins to a magnet. This is a great week to create a few intimate memories so make the best of it. Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22) If you’re single, your thoughts will dwindle on your past lover. If you’re committed on the other hand, there may be feeling of inexplicable distance. Your best bet would be to keep distraction by your side to keep your mind off things.


Photo: Big Stock

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22) Amidst all the hard work you are putting into the work front, you may lose yourself. Remember to wake up from your trance and take a walk down the real world’s path before you forget why you’re there in the first place.

Dina Sobhan is a free-lance writer, a part-time counsellor and a full-time mom

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22) You will be very prone to romantic inclinations this week dear Virgo. You’ll see AND feel love in every place and every person. However, remember to see the person for who he is rather than fall for you romantic fantasies.


The Chore Chart

| Sabrina Fatma Ahmad

The greatest thing parents can give their chilren is independence. As more mothers are spurred by economic pressures to join the workforce, and good domestic help becomes even harder to find, it pays to teach children to do their part in maintaining the household, both for your peace of mind and to help them become self-sufficient. We’ve put together a chart for age-appropriate chores for kids to help you get started training them.

Photo: Big Stock

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, m ay 03, 2014

Tell | Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22) A small idea will soon turn into an elaborate, full-fledged plan to conquer what you desire. This week you will work doubly hard AND you will enjoy yourself while you’re at it. Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) You will sizzle with unabashed appeal and will want to flaunt it to whoever happens to be looking. Anyone with even a slight interest in you may have just found you in the perfect mood. Enjoy this attention! Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21) Your finances will experience a positive surge that will allow you to tick off a lot of things on your to-do list. Long forgotten plans, too, will be rekindled and enjoyed with great aplomb.


Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20) The “friend” you’ve wanted so much more from, may just answer your prayers this week. As your fantasies take a sharp turn to reality, you maybe surprised by your reaction to this sudden change.

4-5 years At this age, they’re old enough to learn how to wipe up spills, fold napkins, make the beds, and even begin to set the table. They won’t

truth Child labour:

On the other end of the spectrum | Khan N Moushumi

In a perfect world, instead of relying on children breadwinners, a healthy, educated workforce would be built, where adults are paid a fair wage so that their kids can get an education. But too bad we don’t live in a perfect world and there are tons of poor families starving to death before their children can grow up to be adults and make a living to feed themselves and their families. Yeah we know! Nothing good comes out of child labour – it enslaves kids, deprives them of education, their childhood and in some cases, their lives. We’ve heard it all. But what would you rather these kids in dire straits do to feed themselves? Rob a bank, sell drugs or starve to death?

Of course, the risks and the snags still persist. Child labour do put kids health at risk, affecting their mental well-being if forced to work. In developing countries (ours being one) more often than not these kids are deprived of many of their fundamental rights. Then there are instances where

Believe it or not, child labour is the lesser of many evils. Instead of begging or stealing, or even getting into prostitution, these children make a living for their families and themselves the proper way. It’s better than living in poverty and starving oneself to death. Over time, they learn the tricks of the trade and may even save up enough money to pay for an education at a later date.

their employers make them work long hours in hazardous conditions. But if they are not allowed to work at all, they might be even more vulnerable to exploitation than usual. Instead of banning child labour, workplaces should be made safer and better for children. Under the right conditions, work can be a positive experience for these kids and beneficial to both themselves and their families.

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19) You will try to resist the charms of a co-worker, simply because you aren’t interested in them. However, you should make an effort to be kind with your rejection for your rude disposition may work against you later. Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 19) You will want to take two opposing paths when it comes to your relationship. You may want to be in sync with your partners desire while on the other side, you also want to establish your independence. Find a common ground to help you strike through.

2-3 years That’s right, if your little munchkin is old enough to make a mess with toys, s/he is old enough to help clean it. Simple chores like putting away toys, throwing garbage in the trash (small things like used juiceboxes and tissue paper), can not only instill habits of neatness in them, but also make life much easier for you.


do a perfect job right away, so resist the urge to scold them, or straighten up their work, because this will discourage them. Instead, praise their efforts and patiently have them do it over. They’ll gradually get the hang of it. 6-7 years If they’ve had the head start at 2-3 years, by now, they’re ready to gather the trash, fold towels, match socks, and help peel veggies, de-seed fruits and sort through rice. Get them into the kitchen regardless of gender. The boys might need to see their dad

helping out a few times to really get enthused about doing so, but the effort is worth it. 8-9 years Dusting, sweeping and cleaning rooms, taking out the trash, folding clean clothes, wiping tables, sorting groceries, your child is capable of so much at this point. Once the kitchen orientation is done, get them making simple salads and sandwiches, and organise bake days which are fun for the whole family.

10-12 If you’ve started early, there’s not much your kids can’t do by this age. They are now ready to mop and clean bathrooms, sweep and clean rooms, wa organise furniture, and make simple meals. Complete their training by teaching them how to change lightbulbs and do some simple mending and darning, and rest assured you’re on the way to raising children who can handle any situation.

AVE N U E T SATU R DAY, M AY 0 3 , 20 1 4

8 | Tucked in decor

A day in utopia

Avenue T gets a special tour of Maverick Studios’ new office. This is a great workplace enviornment for creative, forwardthinking minds. | Sabiha Akond Rupa and Tausif Sanzum

It’s not all work and no play. You don’t have to miss your favourite T20 or soccer matches while at work. Oh yes there is a PS4 too

The orange and pastel blue represent two different companies – Maverick Studios and Ice 9

The dual purpose glass doors can serve either as writing boards or alternatively, can be kept open during a meeting so that two rooms can be transferred into one huge conference room

Waiting rooms don’t need to be dull and bland. The ambiance of this room will keep you entertained even as you wait for a gutwrenching interview

One of the very few offices in town to employ a hot desking system. Instead of having separate cubicles, the entire production team sits and works together on one long table

Friendly on the eye Photos: Sabiha Akond Rupa

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, m ay 03, 2014

Adjustable workstation

Take care | Consultation


No gym, no worries

Three health care myths | Dr S N Shampa

| Naveed Choudhury


The daily commute and dealings with the denizens of our glorious city can often be soul crushing. At the end of the day most of us would like nothing more than to just chomp on some aloo bhorta and bhaat, and fall spread-eagled on the bed. But hold up! You shall have plenty of time to sleep at work. Now is the time for some heavy duty workouts that’ll have you looking like a Greek god (if you’re diligent, of course). You can do most of these at home, although number four might ask for some outdoors Pull-ups

The king of all exercises. Pull-ups work your lattisimus dorsi, biceps brachii, your abdominals, and your smugness. People who’ve never attempted pull-ups can generally not do them. The trick is not to dive into it thinking you’ll be able to do one. Use a chair, kick yourself up, and slowly let yourself down. This is called a negative pull-up, and you should practice it until you can do this 10 times. The next day, attempt one pull-up, and nine negatives, and so on.


If these are too hard, start with your knees on the floor and your body bent. Work your way up to knees on the floor with a straight body, until you can do a full regular push-up. If you’re not being challenged with a regular push-up, try moving your hands closer together, further apart, closer to your hips, away from your head. The possibilities are endless! These work your chest, triceps, core and biceps.


Burpees don’t cause muscular hypertrophy like exercises 1 and 2, however this is geared more towards


being a cardio workout if you don’t have the place to run around. The trick is to not give up just because you’re tired. Three sets of 20 repetitions should be a great starting point, but make sure you don’t rest too much between sets!

lead to a pretty strong core. Don’t just look towards your toe and call it a day. Lie down, make sure your feet are anchored, and come all the way up. Point to the sun or something, if it helps. No more than 20 in a set, for about three sets.


So what would a typical “stay fit” routine look like?

Stand upright, put one foot forward about twice the distance you would if you were walking normally, and bend the knee. This is a lunge, and this is going to make sure you have strong legs. The deeper the lunge, the harder it should be. A good starting point would be three sets of 10 repetitions.


Not an exercise I’d recommend usually but if done properly, they can

Pull-ups: 3x 6-8 Push-ups : 3x20 Burpees: 3x20 Lunges: 3x10 Crunches: 3x20

Start small and work your way up. A pair of suspended rings will help with all of these exercises, so an investment will be worth it. The key is to try!

Cholestrol-free oil is healthier than regular cooking oil

Fact: Some people are under the

misconception that expensive cooking oils that claim to be “cholestrol-free” are a healthier alternative to regular soybean oil. There is no such thing as “cholestrol-free oil” as no oil has cholestrol in it. Sometimes health nuts purchase expensive oils and think it is okay for them to consume as much of it as they want since it’s low on calories. Regardless of which brand of oil one chooses, 1 gram contains 9 calories, while 1 spoon contains 45 calories. It’s always advisable to limit the consumption of oil no matter what brand it is.

Myth: There is more protein

in small chickens or pigeon meat than regular meat

Fact: The protein content is

always equal in all types of meat products. Some believe that opting for smaller chickens over larger ones is a better option since smaller chicken, or even pigeon meat has higher nutrition levels. The truth is that there is no drastic change in nutrition levels when it comes to meat protein.


Tamarind consumption leads to thinning of blood


This is a complete hoax. The more tamarind you consume, the better it is for your blood as tamarind is very rich in iron. In fact, it’s a really good fruit to help increase iron and haemoglobin levels. Photos: Big Stock

Dr S N Shampa is a consultant nutritionist at Samorita Hospital, Panthapath Send in your health queries to

AVE N U E T SATU R DAY, M AY 0 3 , 20 1 4

10 | Trial room The

all rounder | Mahmood Hossain

It was a marketing class in North South University where a fortuitous “accident” occurred. While the rest of the class teamed up for the final class project, I wondered who would take in poor old Oliver. I found myself lost as a tourist would in new surroundings. Looked over my shoulder and there he was. Sharif Shaham welcomed me with a slight reluctance, assuming I would be a slacker. Thankfully, I proved him wrong. But the fact was that he gave me the opportunity to do so. It should be said, the guy has a big heart. No, a huge heart. We’ll get to that a little later Shaham was a workaholic, and still is. He had a certain confidence about him, never flirted with arrogance though. His work ethic is second to none, not caring that he’s well off. It is a certain hard working characteristic in him that brings creative individuals and intellectuals together. He’s shown great poise in the professional arena and has always remained humble. From classmates to very good friends, and frequent trips to his beautiful three-storey house (lived five minutes from each other), it was nice catching up with the now very successful businessman. You’ve come a long way from simple office work. How much have you changed, now that you have spearheaded the success of Elite Force? First, I’d like to say that the success was a combined effort. You can’t succeed without a functioning unit. And I have learned a lot growing up in that enviornment. Nothing was handed to me, I had to work hard and learn all at the same time. My father is one of the board members, but he showed me no slack. And this began when I started from the bottom. I saw the potential of greater things when I had to convince the board of a new way of marketing. Security guards weren’t given too much respect. He was just a guy in a uniform, but he’s more than that. We had to make it in a way where they were actually valued. It took a long time but we finally got there. At the same time, I was working on building our brand. That was vital. And in that process, I realised I was doing a lot of creative related things. So I put marketing and the creative skills for a new venture. Photos: Sabiha Akond Rupa

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, m ay 03, 2014

You’ve also recently opened three new companies. Could you briefly tell us about what they are? That sounds crazy, right? Three new companies all at the same time. Well, actually, we dipped our hands into technology not too long ago but we failed horribly. The board was furious and nearly kicked us out. Learning from our mistakes, we kept fighting for a better result. The fact that we didn’t give up was the most important thing. Now, we have a tech company, alongside a marketing firm and an import service. All of which will be revealed later this year. How do you manage to juggle all of the stress that comes with your position? Being a CEO of one company is a pain but three is something else. The hard work is there, that’s normal, everyone has it but I love what I am doing. When I see my dreams forming or seeing our clients use our products or services, it makes things even better. It balances things out so there is no actual juggling of stress.


Trial room| Any little Sharifs popping out anytime soon? Little Sharifs huh? (Laughs) You know what? I am actually ready. It’s been three years since we got married. My wife has been wanting it for a long time but I was trying to build something on my own first. One of my business partners brought in his daughter to the office not too long ago. I felt the love and joy when interacting with her. I really want that feeling now. You have always treated the individuals that work under your roof with the utpmost respect. You have always acknowledged their hard work and rewarded them. Who or what instilled this quality in you? Intially, I worked for a manpower company. We delt with security guards. These guys are the bread and butter. I learned so much from their hardship. My parents were a huge influence. My mother is a very patient lady, taught me a lot and how to deal with people. My father was in the army, of course. There was plenty of discipline there. I have so much respect for those who serve us at home because once you think about it, what would happen if they were no longer there? You can’t sit there and think your life would be easier if these hard working people just left.

You do plenty of work outside the office, like travelling abroad. There is a sense that you have fun in the process. Is that true? I do travel a lot, especially for my tech company. It is fun, I have to be honest. Because at the end of the day, after all that work, we get to relax and watch movies, go out to eat, go shopping. Again, in that process, I still keep my eye out on inspirational things. It doesn’t matter if I’m in China or the US, my mind is always on.

Finally, is there something you would like to share with the upand-coming entrepreneurs or businessmen and women? Never fear to fail. I’ve failed twice, but it’s important to keep trying. Never give up. Don’t let age get in the way. Seniors may undermine you and your actions but don’t let them discourage you. Don’t let that demoralise you. You are the future, always remember that. The future is not out there waiting to be met. It’s right here, waiting to be created.

Within the hectic schedule, how do you unwind? Do you even get the chance to? Well, this room that we’re sitting in right now. It’s kind of like my only place to unwind. This is where I take power naps or just listen to music. It’s still in the office but no one else is allowed in here unless I call them. It’s no secret, you are very much of a family man. How much of a support have they been? My family is everything. I go home I see my family. I come to work, I see my family. My father, mother, wife and others are all part of the company. So the support is always there. They are an integral part of my success. Without them I wouldn’t have achieved anything.

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12 | Trending Style Sessions | Sabrina Fatma Ahmad


I love, love, love bold and bright prints, but fear they might be too distracting as work wear. How can I indulge without my colleagues complaining?


You can wear your prints as bold accents to a demure outfit, like a bright scarf, or a hot-damn It bag, or a tank worn under a sheer white shirt. Or you could wear one bold printed piece and tone it down with neutral accessories, like a pastel kurti worn with some wild pantaloons.


Bold & beautiful

| N Anita Amreen

Creole has introduced a fresh new spring collection that boasts clean, well-defined lines that are layered over palazzo pants. Sheer fabrics such as muslin are used to create a look that is both elegant yet bold. White muslins embroidered with all over gold khari print, a boat neck kamiz with bright geometric prints highlighted by wool thread work and a fresh white kamiz with a pop of bright yellow, blue and fuschia are just a few pieces from their new line. For more information visit Creole’s facebook page at creolebd or call +8801711082148.


I’m a working woman with a crazy schedule and currently no domestic help. Please suggest some no-maintenance clothing options to help me stay professional and chic but won’t take too much time to put together.


Why not try georgette kurtis and kaftan-style tops in pretty prints? They don’t wrinkle easy, and you can wear them with jeggings (which also require no ironing), or straight salwars for a more deshi option. A strong print won’t require much by way of accessorising either; throw on your favourite pair of dangly earrings and you’re good to go.

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, m ay 03, 2014


Tailored in fashion

style session

Bandana republic

with mahmood Hossain


I’m a huge gym rat, I love keeping my body fit. The thing is, I want to wear clothes that highlight my physique. How do I accomplish this without seeming like I’m showing off?


If you’ve got it, flaunt it. At least, that’s how it should be. Then again, you never want to come off arrogant or a show-off. In all honesty, there are only a few times gentlemen get to show off their physique. You can either take up a sport, go swimming often, or just become a model. If sports aren’t your thing, it is spring after all. Spring or summer, the hotter days give you the excuse to wear less and less. A snug fit T-shirt does the trick, with slim-fit jeans.

| Mahmood Hossain

Old-timer still around the block No worries, you won’t get jumped by gang members for wearing the wrong colours. Bandanas have made their way into the spring/summer fun and you don’t have to spend an entire pay cheque on it. This accessory can be worn as usual around your fashionable necks, and even on your wrists. Keep in mind bandanas aren’t handkerchiefs. Bandanas were made to wrap around your head; it’s larger than your common handkerchiefs. In other words, don’t embarrass yourself by donning a handkerchief on your head or tying it around your neck.

The style of which is very distinguishable, apart from the size. Bandanas are usually very colourful and popular in the paisley pattern. The difference is clear but the styling remains similar. Just as you would tuck in a pocket square, a bandana has to have a similar shade or a contrasting colour to your outfit. Since they are loud and colourful, you have to make sure there aren’t any clashing patterns. It’s a standout accessory so make sure your tops and bottoms are solid and not too busy. While you’re incorporating this new accessory, make sure you aren’t doing what women are doing. This means no tying your ponytail. If you

Photo: Big Stock

have one, God save you. Even though it was meant for your head, using it in such a fashion won’t be too flattering. Long hair or not. As usual, keep things simple. Keep it around the neck, and not too tight.

his style

Double up


As an entrepreneur, I don’t have much to start a closet full of suits. Can you help me with how to dress more professionally? I want people to take me seriously, how can I do this without wearing suits?

| Mahmood Hossain A backup is always a good idea If you’ve paid attention to past issues, we’ve always encouraged purchasing the same item more than once in one go. Several white dress shirts, underwear, socks, and well, you get the idea. With this ridiculous heat beating down on us, it’s about that time to check off certain items you should take with you that will get you through the day. • Face wash: Those mini versions of that wonderful Garnier face wash (Oil Free edition) will make the biggest difference. The last thing you want is to deal with co-workers and clients with a beat-up face. Best of all, it’ll fit right into whatever bag you are carrying to work and back. • An extra pair of each item or everything: T-shirts, shirts, jeans, trousers, and even shoes. Whatever you are wearing that day, make sure

A there is a backup. Most likely, you’ll have to keep a shirt.

induce your victims with your body odour.

• Deodorant sprays and colognes: Now, these don’t have to be travelsized but one or the other is good to have. It has the same negative effect as the not-so-fresh face. The last thing you need is to chemically

You can consider these as your hot weather essentials. Perspiration is your enemy and there is nothing stylish about a man who is sweating and unkempt.

Suits will always be the epitome of professionalism and class, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit to be taken seriously. Not sure which field you’re in but you can simply put on a dress shirt with some fitted trousers. And let’s not forget one black and one brown pair of oxfords for your feet. Shoes are as important. Many tend to forget that bit. Yes, it’s that simple. Stay away from baggy clothes, make sure your fitting is spot on. The best way to make sure everything fits is getting your shirts and trousers made by the tailors. Last but not least, your grooming habits have to be impeccable. Send in your style inquiries to

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14 | Tempt FAQ

Three quick


| Sabah Rahman When you’re really busy with work and life in general, every now and then, pesky little beauty emergencies tend to pop up and stress you out further. Don’t panic Your face looks washed out and you realise you forgot to tote along your blush. Quick fix

Multitask your lipstick. Dab a little on the apple of each cheek and blend to achieve a rosy glow. Your elbows are dry and flaky and you have no lotion. Quick fix

Chapstick! The super emollient kind that comes in tubes works best in this situation, but the stick version will do in a pinch.

Make-up vs

a bare face at work | Sabah Rahman

While getting ready for work, just how much is too much when it comes to

war paint? On the flip side, does going in bare faced cut it? We’ve all had a day where we didn’t feel like putting in any effort, and pulled our hair back into a messy bun, and skipped the eye-liner, only to be asked if we’re tired or sick. We may actually be tired and sick, but no one likes to have that pointed out. It

Your T-zone is super shiny and there are no blotting sheets in sight.

Quick fix If you’re lucky enough to be packing

a powder compact, don’t rush to it just yet. Use a tissue to blot oil before powder application. No powder? No problem. Use a few sheets of toilet paper to dab your face to absorb excess oil.

Send in your fashion faqs to

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, m ay 03, 2014

Photo: Big Stock

also makes you want to never leave home again without slapping on some concealer. Then comes the scenario where you’ve actually taken the time to pretty yourself up, and your colleagues ask if you have a hot date later. Sometimes, we just can’t win.

Remember that you can get away with a lot more when you work in a creative field . Want to bring out inner goth goddess? Go for it! Always stay true to you personal sense of style if you can get away with it. Studies from Harvard have shown that make up can dramatically alter how you are perceived at work. Another recent study claimed that better work performance is expected from women who are considered beautiful at the office. Makes you

wonder about the age-old theory that if someone is hot, they can get away with doing less. Even though the way you paint your face has nothing to do with the work you put out, vamping it up in the office can be frowned upon. A confident lady should never let that get in her way if a full face of products is what makes her feel good. Just be prepared for the office gossips and snarky men (oh, they do exist) to talk smack behind your back. But if you are indeed a confident person, you won’t care what they think. The easiest thing to do in this situation is gauge your boss’s reaction. If they are OK with how you present yourself, you’re good. At the end of the day, how you want to present yourself at work is completely up to you. If how people view you will actually hamper your chances of a promotion, have a good think about how you can tone down your primping without sacrificing what you think works for you. On the other hand, if this theory just ticks you off, stand up for yourself and try to communicate how your choice of beauty products does in no way reflect your hard work. Choose wisely.



Foodpanda Bangladesh Whenever you’re hungry at home or office, your favourite food is just a click away. Visit www.foodpanda., surf around the website to pick your preferred food from your favourite eatery and order home delivery!

Hungrynaki Another great website to order food from is From an array of some of the finest restaurants around town, you can get whatever food your stomach craves for at your doorstep delivered within an hour. Although they are delivering food in Banani, Gulsan 1, Gulsan 2 and Baridhara residential area for now but hopefully they will soon be expanding their horizons.

Life made easier! | Sabiha Akond Rupa

Dhopa The first online laundry service in Bangladesh, Dhopa makes life easier with just a few simple steps. Go to their website at,

place your order, they will drop in your place to collect your clothes and after having them cleaned, they will deliver your products within the next three days. Hot line: +8801977734672

Chaldal Tired and don’t feel like going to the supermarket under the scorching sun for grocery shopping? Then this website is your best friend! You can find grocery items, sweets, pet food, baby care items, beauty needs, stationary and many more. Go to and make an account and shop away! Get free delivery for the next day or within the next four hours for a fee of only Tk200. Pay when you get your items on hand.

KhanaHero You don’t have to be stuck in traffic before you get a bite of your favourite food from a restaurant that’s located on the other end of the town. Just go to and pick your favourite food online that you want delivered. Alternatively write to them at for more details.

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| Towsif Osman

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, m ay 03, 2014

Floating around in the miniature lake in a water park I looked back at the week that went by like a breeze. A pal of mine was trying to reach for a jumbo-sized Lego brick that was floating by as I relished the last day of my trip in Malaysia.

started getting interesting when one of the speakers invited us all for a nice bowl of (apparently) delicious sago worms from Sabah. When I saw that Sabah was the place to go to if I wanted some adventure on the trip, I changed my

Five days back, I was sitting in a conference trying to look like I was concentrating hard on the introduction to the new metro rail network that was going to be inaugurated later that year. It only

mind about the sago worms. But that wasn’t to be as our itinerary said that we would be going to “some place called Johor Bahru.” However, amid the chocolate fountain, sushi, squid, a whole mix of Oriental food, and the best of home style rice and curry from the Olive Tree, the worms soon took a back seat. It was the grand launch of the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 and our last day in KL. After the customary rain, speeches, and traditional dance performances at the Merdeka Square, the fireworks came on; they were inextinguishable. And thus the stage was set for the tourists. It was a grand welcome. After returning to the hotel, we decided that one last visit to Bukit Bintang had become mandatory. We were staying at the Seri Pacific hotel and it wasn’t too far away. A quick taxi ride, a long walk through the night traffic, and a couple of street performances later we were there: at the heart of the Golden Triangle. This


is where you should be at night when staying in KL, not in your hotel. And when it feels like your legs are killing you, give them the traditional foot massages. However, as we had other plans - a five hour journey to Malacca, a world heritage site - the next day, we had to return to the hotel early; by early I mean really early morning at 3am. After a shuteye and having an almost missed breakfast we started off. And stopped at Putrajaya after a couple of hours. We had to. It was the city where all the government machineries were housed, with an apparent population of zero - apart from the occasional tourists. It was a blissful sight. We became good tourists and took the guided boat ride that showed off the best of Putrajaya in one go. And then we were off to Malacca again. After another two hours, we eventually reached the historic city founded by Parameswara, aka Iskandar Shah. What surprised me about this city was that even though it wasn’t a popular tourist site such as Penang or Langkawi, it was as neat as KL. The wooden Sultanate palace was a treat to visit and we also took the customary tourist pictures with the dummy guards at the front entrance. But the most mind-blowing experience was the dinner we had

that night. What Malacca has is a man-made river, styled after Venice, coursing through it. It’s complete with shops, stores and eateries on both banks. And the option to have dinner on a boat while river cruising. You will need to book a dinner a few days in advance as it’s not something that’s offered generally, but it is worth the wait. What we had were traditional Malaccan food - sambal (what we know as shutki), black mushroom, fried squid, etc. - cooked with the right amount of spices.

five-year-old girls of your own; and to top everything off, a place off the highway to KL called Legoland. Remember Lego? What you wished your house was made of when you were a kid? Well, here your wishes come true! It comes with a hotel and a theme park. When you enter the lobby you’ll find a castle with a moat full of lego, completed with a dragon. All that and you don’t get to put your name under reservations, as it will have to be your kids who do the checking in! And then you get a choice of four-, six-, and eightbed rooms where the kids get bunk beds, and the rooms are decorated in various lego themes. The pirate theme was my favourite. Also your kids get priority here with boxes of lego in every room to help them sleep at night. When the rooms were dealt with, it was time to get the swimming trunks because the theme park comes with a water park. After a couple of rollercoaster rides, some failed attempts to win a life-sized minion, and a photo session in front of the Lego Twin Towers, the sun was getting to us. In the Johor heat, nothing can cool you off better than a water park. Few races down the slides later, our


ages caught up to us and it was time to calm down. The miniature river with its miniature current was the perfect thing. That night we had dinner at the Puteri Marina. And it was a delightful surprise to find a branch of the Olive Tree there. It was a hearty meal of Indian dishes that settled the craving for some food that we are more used to. The walk along the marina afterwards was better than any dessert.

Slowly undulating in the waters as we ate. All the five star food were humbled by the Malaccan experience in comparison. The next day we were off to Johor Bahru; anyone who has made a trip from Singapore to Malaysia will know it as a pit-stop city for your travel plans. But the thing is, now you need to make that pit-stop longer. You see Johor now has some new playgrounds. They are called Johor Premium Outlets if you’re a shopping fanatic like international brands; a Hello Kitty Town if you’re a five-year-old girl at heart, or have

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18 | Tantalise review

Bridging the gap between

healthy and tasty | Tausif Sanzum Photos: Tanzeel Abdullah

The restaurant industry in Dhaka is enoying a boom. Be it a food cart selling burgers or a fine dine restaurant, people here are ready to experiment with different types of cuisines and flavours. A number of international chains are also entering the Bangladeshi market and becoming part of this food revolution. The Korean franchise, BBQ Chicken is one such brand. Nestled in the upscale locale of Gulshan Ave, the restaurant gives the pleasant vibe of being someone’s dream project rather than a commercial food chain.

There are choices between smoking and non smoking seating. The décor plants a kiss of sunshine. The simple but chic wooden furniture is complimented by the green of the trees outside. The tables are set up in a fine dining style. The pleasant

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, m ay 03, 2014

thing about the restaurant is that its unassuming ambience. It stays true to what it promises – to provide a pleasant, homely environment for you and your friends/family to spend a good time. The restaurant buzzes with positive energy from seemingly satisfied customers having a hearty conversation over their meal. The speciality of BBQ is that they use only olive oil for all their cooking and serve their chicken within 24 hours of marination. The menu caters to the popular Bangladeshi fast food

choices with a few standout dishes. However, the presentation sets it apart. For starter, you have to try one of BBQ’s specialities, Pane Cream Soup. This dish consists of cream soup served in a bowl made of a bun along

with few bread pieces which you can dip and eat. The soup is made from a special cream from Australia, and has a light consistency which works because no matter how much you eat, not for once will you feel heavy. At Tk350, this is an entire meal on its own and it leaves a very pleasant aftertaste on your palate. Coming to meals, Korean Charbroil comes with two pieces of chicken fillet served with salad and one dish of your choice. It is advisable to try it with their special sticky rice. You can just slice through the fillets as if you are slicing into butter. They bustle with various subtle flavours. Just

when one thinks that the dish is too heavy, the salad consisting of slices of cherry tomato, capsicum, fresh leafy lettuce and a delicious dose of salad dressing balances it. You are only Tk385 away from this fulfilling dish. Expectations are high after two good dishes and if you are a fan of BBQ chicken, then you are most likely to opt for the Jamaican Grilled Whole Leg. The meal consists of a huge chicken leg served with salad and one dish of your choice. The skin on the chicken is soft and yummy. The dish as a whole remains a decent affair instead of being standouts like the above mentioned ones. For the side, try their Mashed Potato. This one is

buttery and wait for it – has cheese in it. You can either opt for regular soft drinks or you can try one of their special sparkling beverages. At Tk210 per glass is not something you haven’t tasted before at a lower price elsewhere. Nevertheless, they are quite refreshing and photograph quite well if you are a fan of taking selfies at restaurants. The above average food items which are priced modestly and served at a cozy place makes BBQ top your next weekend hangout destination list.


19 Tying the Knot |

Bridezilla! | Mahmood Hossain

There is the princess turned queen, then there’s the horror behind the screen

Her blood starts to boil, the pitch of her voice rises, and she has just lost her mind. The sight of her frightens you, and all you’re doing is thanking God you haven’t turned to stone yet under her alarming gaze. You might also be thanking the heavens that she isn’t spinning around and shouting profanities like she’s in The Exorcist. Well, perhaps the latter is more likely to happen. What most people don’t know is that this creature is misunderstood. Not every bride can gracefully glide through the wedding proceedings. It’s a very important occasion for any woman. Some like it small and simple, while others want nothing but an epic wedding. For those who choose a grand event, having complete control is vital. And why not? What’s wrong with having things your way? If there is ever a

time a woman finds it justifiable to be a control freak, this is it. She wants everything to go without a hitch. In her mind, this will only happen once in her life and she wants things to be perfect. In many ways, labelling a certain someone “bridezilla” is a bit unfair. Unless, she was like that her whole life. How do you handle that? Simple. You avoid her at all cost and do whatever she tells you to do when she catches you. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Why should you give into a spoiled brat? First, get the name calling out of the way and go back to the blueprint. Again, this is her special moment. Think of it as an act of kindness when you provide her the service she desires. At the end of it all, she’ll be appreciative that you contributed to her special day.

Illustration : Big Stock

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20 | news

Mi Amore

This summer, Mi Amore Premium Dairy Icecream presents “Mi Amore on Wheels” - an icecream experience shop to provide an exceptional eating experience of Mi Amore, starting it’s month long journey from April 14.

Mentos Cool Zone During the summer heat wave, “Mentos Cool Zone,” an instant cooling system, was erected at Rabindra Sharabar in Dhanmandi. People around the Cool Zone were invited to pass through the tunnel to get a soothing, cool feel in this unbearable heat.

Speaking on the idea, Sania Mahmood, head of Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd. stated, “All around the world ‘Mentos’ as a brand always strives

to give consumers new and fresh experiences. This innovative idea is a manifestation of that effort to give a refreshing experience from ‘Mentos’. We will be conducting more such activations in the future to meaningfully engage with our consumers.” Perfetti Van Melle Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of the European Perfetti Van Melle group, started their Bangladesh operations in 2005. With sales in more than 150 countries worldwide, Perfetti Van Melle is the third largest confectionery manufacturer in the world. Products manufactured in the state-of-art factory in Bangladesh are also exported to various other countries.

Durex “Perfect Pair” Contest The prize giving ceremony of Durex “Perfect Pair” contest was recently held at the head office of Reckitt Benckiser Bangladesh Ltd. The contest involved a Facebook game app where the top six scorers were rewarded with prizes. Adnan Reza, Shazzatul Islam and Rakibul Hasan, being the top three scorers, received diamond rings as prizes.

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, m ay 03, 2014

The next three scorers received coupons for dinner for two at The Westin. The prizes were handed over by Mahbub Baset, marketing director, Mahmud Hasan Khan, supply director, Shezami Khalil, brand manager of Durex and Hossain Mohammad Sarram, manager, Digital Marketing.

Mi Amore is a special gift from the house of Abdul Monem, for all the ice cream lovers in town. Mouth watering real Belgian chocolate, Italian espresso and Russian cookie, from now on one can experience all these indulgences from Mi Amore. They also has their very own ice cream parlour at Dhanmondi 27,

launched on April 14, 2014. To popularise the words Mi Amore, a photo contest titled “Hello Mi Amore” is also coined. Those who visit Mi Amore’s ice cream parlour are encouraged to take a shot of themselves. Under the photo a caption (in one sentence) describing the experience has to be cited. The photo along with the caption has to be uploaded on Mi Amore’s Facebook page. The photos to have the highest number of likes and shares will win attractive prizes - 42” LED TV, Smart Phone and Digital Camera. Visit MiAmore for more details.

Lotto in Chittagong

Italian Brand Lotto opened their new outlet at New Market, Chittagong on April 27, 2014. Wahid Malak, managing editor, The Daily Azadi, Jasim Uddin, managing editor, The Daily Purbokon, Abdullah Al Mosaddak, chief executive officer, Syed

Hasham, director, and Kazi Jamil Islam, managing director of Lotto Bangladesh formally inaugurated this outlet. Guests and other officials from Lotto Bangladesh were also present at the opening ceremony.

HR Fest’ 2014 held at UIU To match the growing pool of human resource, Bangladesh is partaking in the global trend of HR Development. On this cue, UIU has conducted its first HR Fest’14 on April 26 and 27. The two day festival included presentations and speeches from some of the most renowned HRprofessionals of Bangladesh, including Musharrof Hossain, president, BSHRM, QM Shahed, CHRO, GP and various representatives from Airtel Bangladesh Ltd., APEX Footwear Ltd., Trust Bank Ltd., Intertek Bangladesh, Enroute Management Consulting and Citycell Bangladesh Ltd. The topics of discussion were, Bangladesh Labor Law Practices, 21st Century Competencies for

TelCo-Industries, Corp. Etiquette and Grooming, CV Writing and Review, Sector-wise Job Opportunity in BD and Interview Techniques and Mock Interviews. The objective here was to bridge the gap between the student-life and the professional-practices of the world, and it did just that. The students who attended the sessions and were certified claimed to have learned a lot of internal tips and tricks about how the corporate world really works. They now know the common practices, why the job market is so competitive, and how to strive in it. They also realised some common facts that go unnoticed but have serious performance implications.

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AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, m ay 03, 2014