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Cruising in Cannes 2 Tuned

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11 Tailored Slim fit everything

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Dear Readers, This week, we’re in a 60’s frame of mind. With the final season of Mad Men starting this season, that’s where we’re finding our inspiration. Steal the style of Don’s ladies as we show you how to rock a beehive and pastels in a way that’s current and trendy. Get inspired by the man himself in our Tailored page. Join us in Cannes, home to one of the biggest annual events in advertising. And what’s Mad Men without a little relationship drama? Let our Agony Aunt sort it out for you in a special Trial Room session. Here’s to getting your groove on, with us on Avenue T. Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Editor, Avenue T

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Making marriage magic

This week Trendy throwback We’re taking the hot retro style of Mad Men and giving it our own deshi twist this week. For pointers on how to steal Anita’s style, check out our Tempt page. Model N Anita Amreen Photographer Miftah Rahman Make-up Sohail Amir Shoot coordinator Sabah Rahman

AVE N U E T SATU R DAY, APR I L 5, 20 1 4

2 | Tuned in event


EMK Platform Presents


Alor Pathojatree

EMK Center hosted an enchanting evening of dance recital, Alor Pathojatree by the dance troop Bhabna on March 29. Bhabna was founded by Zeenat Afroza and Samina Husain Prema in 2007. The programme had the audience completely mesmerised by the performance of the dancers, reciting and clapping along with them.

American Hustle

The year is 1978, Irving Rosenfeld and Sydney Prosser are con artists forced to work with the FBI agent Richie DiMaso. DiMaso blackmails them into helping him entrap various other high profile personalities including Mayor Carmine Polito. Making the plot more interesting is Irving’s unpredictable wife Rosalyn Rosenfeld.

Location: EMK Center, Midas Tower, Dhanmondi 27, Floor 9


The Killing

This crime drama series follow two homicide detectives Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder as they try to unravel the murder mystery of local teenage Rosie Larsen. The series has three main storylines - the investigation of Larsen’s murder, the Larsen family’s story of dealing with her death and a political campaign which becomes an important part of the case.


in Dhaka

April 8-10

this week

April 18 Revolutionary Road

Baisakhi Mela Venue: Baridhara Chairman Bari Field

Photographic Exhibition for Photo & Fun Members Venue: Drik Gallery

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, AP R I L 5, 201 4

This beautiful novel by Richard Yates has primarily two major characters, Frank and April Wheeler. While for the neighbours, this couple seems perfect, within their household their lives are crumbling. Frank is tired with his monotonous officebased life, while April is exhausted being a housewife. Their lives take a positive turn when they decide to move to Paris. However, April’s sudden pregnancy and Frank’s unexpected promotion put an end to their newly found zing. Read and find out how the lives of these two characters shape up subsequently.

Try Out |


Woodinking it diy

| N Anita Amreen

Making vintage memories If you’re thinking of capturing memories vintage style, what better way to do so than to imprinting your special moments on wooden blocks? Transferring photos to wooden slabs can be a quick and easy way to place your pictures on a permanent surface. Not only does this give you that distressed, sepia toned look, it’s also an extremely creative way to display your photos.

You’ll need:


• A laser printed photo • Wood block cut to the same size as the photo • Gel medium (must be an acrylic gel medium) • A brush • A butter knife or any flat instrument • Sandpaper • Soft wax to smooth and seal print

2 4

Directions Find a clear high resolution photo with high contrast. It’s absolutely mandatory to print it out using a laserjet printer or else the photo will not work on the wood. Once you have your photo and wood ready, apply a very thin layer of gel medium to the surface of the wooden slab, ensuring that the gel doesn’t get clumped. After making an even layer, very carefully place your photo on the wooden block. Start with the corner edges, smoothing it out quickly as you go, to make sure there are no air bubbles. If air bubbles do form, keep a butter knife or a plastic ruler handy to quickly even out those too. Allow the print to rest overnight before moving on to the final stage. To remove the photo, dip your fingers in water and directly rub them on the photo. Keep rubbing it until the paper crumbles off bit by bit. This may take up to 20 minutes so be patient with it. Finally, brush on the soft wax to seal the print permanently on the wood. Once that has dried – there you have it, your very first photo craft art!

3 Photos: Big Stock

5 AVE N U E T SATU R DAY, APR I L 5, 20 1 4

4 | Tech troubleshooting


No need to snooze

Photo: Big Stock

LED vs Plasma

| Mahmood Hossain

When we’re not working, most of us are sitting at home, comfortably in front of our television sets. The countless shows and films entertain us until we’ve completely lost ourselves in the engaging entertainment. If you’re looking to buy a new TV for your home or office space, most likely you’ll end up buying the more common LED HDTVs. But there are certain pros and cons to an LED TV and its competitor, the Plasma TV.

LED pros

• Edge lighting gives the manufacturers the advantage of making TVs super thin. • Edge lighting can also lead to brighter and consistent looking images. • LED TVs give way to sharper technology like quantum dots and blue LEDs that produce lifelike images that are vibrant and vivid. • The power consumption is at an exceptional level. For example, a 42inch set might use as little as 40 to 50 watts.

| Mahmood Hossain

It’s more than just an alarm Productivity apps are an integral part of our busy lives so it’s only appropriate that we receive our information from the moment we wake up. AlarmPad for Android is an interesting take on the generic alarm app for smartphones. It gives you a little more of what you need at certain times throughout the day.


• The app lets you set up upto four daily alarms for morning, afternoon, evening and night. • Setting an alarm also provides you the weather forecast updates and appointments following the date of your alarm. • You are able to receive detailed weather and calendar information after dismissing the alarm. • AlarmPad can also speak the information to you.

Share your troubleshooting problems, write to us at

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, AP R I L 5, 201 4

• You can set your own personal message and have AlarmPad speak it in your language. • The app detects when you’ve created a calendar event and asks if you want to create an alarm for it. • It’s Bluetooth active, you can dismiss an alarm using voice command while driving. This app is ideal for those on a hectic schedule and need constant reminders throughout the day. It doesn’t hurt to have a pleasant morning alarm with the necessary information to get you started. The

presentation is simple and easily customisable, making it a go-to app for everyday use. AlarmPad is free to download on Android devices, with the option to upgrade to the Pro version.


Introducing the M8 | Mahmood Hossain

Plasma pros

• The biggest advantage is that it’s very easy on the eyes with superb black levels. Each cell is lit individually so the TV can produce a black image without applying any extra effort. • Plasma TVs are made in a way where the brightness levels on screen is appropriately balanced. • Viewing angles are better compared to LED TVs. At any viewing angle, you will see the same rich colours as if you were watching it from the dead centre. • It renders images much faster. Fast-moving objects on screen look sharper, even when viewing 3D content. It’s safe to say each “pro” for an LED TV is a lacking characteristic for the Plasma TV and vice versa.

Photos: Big stock

HTC’s new powerhouse

The new HTC One (M8) is pretty much the same as the last one, and that’s not a bad thing. Naturally, the successors will either have a radical redesign or a simple upgrade. It’s a calming factor knowing that the new One (pun intended) has been given the proper features to stand up to the other giants in the market.


Every aspect of the new flagship has been given an upgrade. It’s sleeker than the HTC One M7. The new phone has a 5-inch display to meet modern standards. This, of course, means a better and beautiful image on screen. The new design is curvier and even more comfortable to hold. There’s something of an “X-factor” towards its design;

it almost feels as if this must have been the original desired design.


The camera has been given a solid enhancement, which is expected. There is now a duo rear camera with a dual LED flash. Its BoomSound feature has also been given a boost with a redesigned amplifier. Just like its predecessor, the sound from the speakers are best in its class. The larger speaker chambers assist with the wonderful quality in sound. In addition, the Sense 6.0 is now giving the user greater personalisation regarding its BlinkFeed feature. Overall, this sequel has been a very positive one.


• Android 4.4.2 KitKat with Sense 6.0 UI • 5-inch Full HD 1080p resolution; 441ppi • 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor (Krait 400); Adreno 330 • 32GB & 64GB storage with miscroSD card slot for up to 128GB; 2GB RAM • 5-megapixel front camera; 4.1-megapixel UltraPixel Duo Camera as main camera • 2600 mAh battery with NFC & LTE

Tires | wheels



2013 Hyundai Elantra | Tahsin Momin

No more bland cars! The Hyundai Elantra crashes the party with daring looks and a not so straight cockpit

Photo: Big Stock

Now in its fifth generation, the 2013 Hyundai Elantra is better than ever before and a sign that even the worst things can Hyundai Motors Bangladesh Ltd. get better with enough time 206/1-207/1, Bir Uttam Mir Shawkat Sarak, Tejgaon - Gulshan Link Rd, Dhaka 1208, and a willingness to improve. Bangladesh, Phone: 0 1199-800110 It is a very good looking car, has an exceptionally good fuel consumption and it also has a well-designed, spacious cabin. The best thing about this car is that even the base model comes with a lot of added features, which means they don’t stack up to put a dent in your bank account.


Even after two years since the Elantra got that incredibly distinctive exterior, the design still looks as fresh and dazzling as ever. The front end retains those aggressive, long headlights and pronounced fender flares and the shape of the car seems to flow from nose to tail in a single motion. The roofline of the Elantra slopes with utmost grace down the trunk and ends at the tip of the trunk lid, and the rising beltline changes its direction towards the rear to give the rear windows a soft triangular shape. 16-inch steel wheels with hub caps are standard with the 2013 Hyundai Elantra. Heated mirrors also come as a standard, but fog lights, power moonroof and automatic headlights are optional.


The 2013 Hyundai Elantra is equipped with a 1.6-litre, fourcylinder Gamma engine that delivers 138hp and 123lb-ft of torque. It is available with a five-speed manual transmission as standard and a four-speed automatic as optional. Even though it has more than adequate power, most of the excitement dissipates after sitting behind the steering wheel. It is still great to drive but not as great as expected. The engine is peppy enough for inner city commutes. The handling on the Elantra is strictly okay but it isn’t for those who have fun on the agenda.


The interior of this new Elantra is impressive. The materials used are


Why is there air in my brake lines? | Tahsin Momin

If there is sometimes air in the brake lines of your car, this is caused by decreasing brake fluid in the master cylinder (the reservoir where the brake fluid is stored). Since brake fluid runs through the lines when you step on the brakes, a master cylinder that is almost empty of brake fluid and full of air will pump this air into the brake

neither expensive nor luxurious but the best thing is that they look good and attractive, and when it comes to cars, looking good is what matters the most. The seats are comfortable and are covered in all leather. Even though the rear seats have enough leg space, they do not have enough head room. The rear seats can be folded to provide you with more cargo space. Elantra also has a six-speaker sound system with a CD player, satellite radio and an iPod/USB audio interface.

lines. This is what causes your brake pedal to become spongy, and therefore decreases the performance of your brake system. This can be very dangerous, so tend to this immediately. You should always check the brake fluid level and top it up regularly in order to avoid getting air in the brake lines.


This sedan has a number of safety features. It has active front head restraints, front seat side-impact airbags and side curtain airbags that provide you with immense safety and security. It has traction control system and anti-lock brake assist. The stability control system keeps the car under control even in the worst of weather conditions. The 2013 Hyundai Elantra is a beautiful sedan with loads of added features and an exceptionally good interior. But it’s the driving experience that has let it down yet again.

No light, no light | Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Have you been out and about in Dhaka lately? Then you must have seen the veritable diarrhoea of light that goes by the name of ‘beautification’ of the city for the T20 tournament. From plastic trees with neon folliage, to unsightly floral curlicues adorning the railings of the overpasses and the iron fences lining the VIP road, to the wedding style string of fairy lights randomly draped over buildings, that’s an embarrassment of light. As if it’s not bad enough to be driving through the city where high-beams are the norm and not a contingency, drivers and pedestrians now have to be exposed to epilepsy-inducing displays of illumination. With summer creeping in early, and the demand for A/C’s adding to the strain on our already spotty electricity supply, and regular “power interruptions” breaking out like a rash over the city, the question remains as to whether we can really afford to spend so much on what is clearly a superfluous energy drain? Do we really need to? One can only hope that as the games wrap up, the lights will also get packed up and we can once again look forward to driving through the city without wanting to scratch our eyes out. Share your auto correct problems, write to us at

AVE N U E T SATU R DAY, APR I L 5, 20 1 4

6 | Tell drama mama

Leading by example

Aries (MAR 21-APR 19) Your partner may seem slightly distant, unwilling to share every detail of their life with you. Rely on your intuition for it will be hinting at the right direction. Taurus (Apr 20-May 20) Extensive work will be expected from you so it’s best to tackle these tasks first thing this week. If you’re unsure about your decisions, consult a specialist in the particular field to help guide you. Gemini (May 21-Jun 20) Your creative juices shall be flowing and you will be inclined towards adding spice to your life, which you can. Explore other creative avenues too to see where your talent lies.

Photo: Big Stock

My 12-year-old son is slightly on the chubby side. He’s a weak student and has two private tutors. So, studies and school prevent him from being active and it’s hard for me to deny him the food he enjoys. His friends have been taunting him, as a result of which he has become very sensitive about his weight. How can I ask him to control his diet without hurting his feelings?

It sounds like your son is lacking a general sense of discipline, which governs all walks of life, including diet and studying. Of course, this is natural for a young boy and has to be instilled in him by you, his parent. You’ve hired tutors to help him study; similarly, control his diet by giving him the right foods. He will change his mind about the food he enjoys when his habits start to change. Lead by example and have nothing but fresh fruit, vegetables and healthy food in your home.

Dina Sobhan is a free-lance writer, a part-time counsellor and a full-time mom


Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22) Your whole household will be focusing on one situation this week. This will seem convenient at first but later it may frustrate you. Get away for a week or two to find some time to relax. Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22) Your life will be ripe with gossip. Everyone will have something juicy to feed to the rumour mills; if you do fall at the receiving end of this banter, don’t take it to heart. Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22) You will make a new, immense decision this week. This can really dictate your financial and personal future. Be sure to make your moves carefully.

letters to mars

Pet, with love Q

One of the reasons why I married my wife is because we both have a shared love for pets. We currently have two dogs, one Persian cat, two rabbits and a host of pigeons. Recently I found her laptop open and saw a collection of videos of animals mating. Perhaps this is just mild curiosity on her part but later on I found print outs of serially arranged files on the same topic. She keeps these files under lock and key and she has never discussed this with me. The fact that she’s doing all this research secretly makes me doubt the innocence in her odd interest. Do I talk to her about this or let it slide?


I can understand you may worry that this is more than just a passion for pets. How is your marriage? Do you have any reason to wonder why your wife owns such material? Does it interfere with your love life or your life as a couple? The best thing is to tell her what you have found out and that some of these photos make you wonder what her interest is about. Do not accuse her or tell her there is something wrong with it: when accused, people become defensive and the matter is closed within minutes after having a fight about it. So, mention it and then drop the subject. Pick up the subject a few days later and tell her you are intrigued by this. Ask her to share those photos with you and pretend everything is normal; maybe she may not need to hide them anymore and may even consider letting go of this “pastime.”

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, AP R I L 5, 201 4

Photo: Big Stock

Our Agony Aunt is a life coach and a relationship coach as well as a corporate and organisational consultant. AA lives and works in Bangladesh but travels extensively around the world to attend seminars and to see her clients. Write us your problems and send them to

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22) Something that you weren’t remotely interested in previously will intrigue you this week. The simplest things in life will have you awed. Enjoy this time Libra, for it won’t last long. Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) Although you believe you’re downto-earth and simple minded, this week you may just feel slightly superior and high and mighty. Don’t allow this feeling to bleed onto others as they won’t take it too well. Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21) A chat with someone unexpected will turn into a deep, heated debate. This week is all about deep connections and strong emotions. Try to allow your head to rule so as not to let weak decisions bring you down.


Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19) Someone who has had an unexpectedly special place in your life will make a shocking, sudden exit. Try discussing this with your friend to help you come to terms with this situation. Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 19) You will be so spiritually in sync with yourself that you will feel your worries leaving you slowly. This week will be a period of healing for you. Demons of the past shall escape. Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20) This week you’ll play the role of a detective, investigating situations you have no place in but find interesting to study. Beware of meddling too much as it might lead to scary revelations.

Tell |



Code red | Sabah Rahman

When it’s that time of the month for the special lady in your life, things can sometimes get a bit tricky. While some women seem to breeze through the dreaded week with minimal issues, those 5-7 days can be a real struggle for others. Here are a few tips on how to make things easier on you both: Pay attention

As mentioned above, some women deal with major pre-menstrual symptoms such as painful cramps, violent mood swings, lethargy and powerful emotions. If your beloved happens to be one of those unfortunate women, help make things a bit easier for her. Get her a hot water bag, offer her a massage or go all out and buy her a day spa package. Bear with the ever changing moods and emotions, knowing that they will soon be gone. We’re not asking you to be her whipping boy, if she is chucking a remote control at your face (that’s just a bit too much), but just grit your teeth and let it ride out.

weighing scale and relax if she really does start looking a bit swollen. Unless she’s been gorging on endless portions of double cheeseburgers on a regular basis, chances are, once she starts, the extra padding will dissipate.

Work it out

The best thing you can do for the both of you is to work out together. Women who exercise on a regular basis are actually less susceptible to bloating and a host of other symptoms mentioned above. Get in shape together and reap endless benefits for your minds and bodies. It’s really a no brainer.

Do I look fat in these jeans?

Due to bloating, she’s going to feel fat and convinced she looks it too. Here is a major tip: do NOT agree! Some women can gain up to five or even more lbs of water weight during the week before they start. Hide the

letters to venus

If all else fails, buy her chocolate; a whole lot of chocolate

Photo: Big Stock

Taking the leap Q

I met T in England when I went for my masters. He’s a Christian white boy while I am a Muslim girl who lives in Bangladesh. He also has a child from his previous marriage but the child lives with his mother. My family would never accept a white boy – let alone a divorced one! Despite the odds of making it, we’ve continued a long distance relationship. I want to move to England and be with him but I’m split between my parents and T. I thought in my next trip to the UK, we could get married and then I’d break it to my parents. They will hopefully accept it sooner or later. Will this be a good move?


I understand that you would like your parents’ blessings and approval for marriage. Have you discussed it with them or have you just presumed they would be against it? Are you sure about your love for him? If you are, and your parents are not for this marriage, you do not need to change your mind about him. Take the responsibility and go ahead. I think if your parents love you and respect you, they may warn you about possibilities of things not going well with him. However, if you look around, those who marry within their culture, religion or social circles, have problems in their marriage like everyone else. Marriages are not made in heaven, marriages are made one day at a time, with patience and understanding while practicing unconditional love. Trust your love and instincts.

Our Agony Aunt is a life coach and a relationship coach as well as a corporate and organisational consultant. AA lives and works in Bangladesh but travels extensively around the world to attend seminars and to see her clients. Write us your problems and send them to

AVE N U E T SATU R DAY, APR I L 5, 20 1 4

8 | Tucked in digs & finds

Idea Crafts


Mad about Mod decor | N Anita Amreen


Reliving the edgy simplicity of the 60s

Gate College & i 11 Banan

The 60s were the symbol of simplicity and class, all put together in a bold, quirky fashion. Subdued colours made alive with vibrant pastels, sudden splashes of solids in a sea of mutes, Mod décor is all about meshing the elegance of the past with the edge of today. Read on to find out three ways to revamp your living spaces to bring it alive with the 60s sizzle.

Wall decorations

Be bold and beautiful

Begin your redecoration by setting a bold colour theme. If your couches, curtains or carpeting seem dull and drab, bring it alive with one bright family of colours. For instance, if your room is mostly a mix of dull grey or brown, add a bit of funk to it – be it with vibrant shades of orange or even turquoise. Throw in bright coloured cushions on a dull couch, a vibrant lampshade on a plain lampstand or even a bright, old-school umbrella for your veranda. What is important is to give the room a few striking pieces in exciting colours, while remaining minimalistic with the furniture itself.

A touch of vintage

When going vintage, the general idea is to keep it simple yet stylish While you may be tempted to dump your old furniture in favour of modern fittings, take a moment to really look at what you’ve already got at home. Storage spaces such as old cupboards, shelves and desks can easily be given a vintage spin by tweaking its look. Experiment with paints to repaint your desk in a fun new shade, or you can even give it a vintage spin by covering it with a printed wallpaper. If you have wrought iron furniture, think of colouring it in a shade other than black and gold. The insides of shelves too, can be covered in wallpaper while leaving the exterior in a one-shaded tone. Keeping in tow with the idea of minimalistic elegance, keep your artwork limited to graphic arts and retro prints. Accent your walls with pieces that are abstract, yet have a contemporary spin.


Take a modernist approach by investing in single couches or tulip chairs for quiet corners or your sitting room. Don’t forget the quintessential egg chair, a musthave of the 1960s that offers both style and comfort. Try finding the ones that come with lower cushions.

Coconut shaped lamp

Wall floral decoration Photos: Neloy I Hossain

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, AP R I L 5, 201 4

Photos: Big Stock

Take care |



Gym tips

No equipment? No problem

| Waleed K Rajamiya

Strength from within

Six ways to sleep better | Sabrina F Ahmad Wake up exhausted? Chasing sheep to no avail? Can’t get enough Zz’s? We can help


Get the temperature spot – a room that is too hot or too cold will have you waking up several times in the night. The ideal temperature range for sleep is between 15-23C.


Restrict those drinks – Whether we’re talking alcoholic or otherwise, drinking lots of liquids right before bed leads to full bladders which leads to multiple bathroom trips. Cutting back at least three hours before sleep will minimise the interruptions.


Check the labels - If you’re on medication, chances are, they come with a side order of insomnia. Read the ingredients, and if you do find the culprit there, consult with your physician. Photos: Big Stock

Working out in Dhaka has never been easy; either the gym’s too far away or doesn’t have much equipment, or perhaps you just don’t have the time. This article is about a workout routine, especially designed for those who do not have access to a gym. There’s a saying I go by: “Excuses only exist because you want them to.” Everything is possible; you just have to figure out how. You don’t own a pair of dumbbells? It’s not a problem, you don’t need heavy chunks of metal to get fit. All you need is what you already have your bodyweight. Now bodyweight training is something I particularly enjoy, mainly because it not only adds muscles to your frame but is also a great form of cardio. I believe that in order to pick up a dumbbell one needs to be able to handle their own bodyweight. The only reason people don’t do much body-weight-only training is because they don’t realise how tough it really is. You may be able to bench press a 100 kilos easily at the gym but can you bust out a 100 push-ups in one go? This may seem peculiar but it really isn’t. During Day 1 Exercise Reps Jump squats

10 to 1

Pull-ups 10 to 1 Dips

10 to 1

Day 2

a bench press you have the gift of stability and hence the ability to hoist heavier weights. The bench press only uses your shoulders, triceps and chest muscles. Now the push-up - this old school bad boy exercise puts your ab, lower back, shoulder and leg muscles to good use. Only when all these muscles work together and balance you above the floor, a push-up is possible. Now you know which one’s tougher. Only when you master your own body weight, can you set yourself up for actual weights. I don’t say this because I’m a huge fan of bodyweight exercises but because using weights without training, the auxiliary muscles can cause some major injuries (usually the rotator cuff). If you seek fat loss and improved athletic performance then I would strongly recommend a wide array of bodyweight exercises. They might not add the desired amount of mass but will most definitely add a staggering amount of definition and strength. Ask yourself this, what good is benching 100 kilos if you can’t apply that strength during the heat of battle. Want a good Day 3

Day 4







Crab walk

50 feet

Burpee to long jump

3 sets of Close grip 3 sets of 10 reps push-ups 15 reps

Parallel bar hand walk

End and back

Dip to leg raise

3 sets of 10 reps


3 sets of 20 reps

Forward/ 150 feet backward sprint

Pull-up to knee raise

3 sets of 10 reps


3 sets of 20 reps

example? Look at gymnasts, they train using only their body weight and have more definition and strength than bodybuilders. Heck, some of them can bench twice their body weight! Now that you know the benefits of bodyweight training, here’s a workout routine to get you fit, fat free and stronger than you’ve ever been before. To follow this (almost) bare bones routine, all you need is a pull up bar and able-bodied hands (also a parallel bar, like the one at Dhanmondi lake). Always remember to warm up before you start a routine. Even if you don’t have time, cut your workout short and spend at least 5-10 minutes warming up. This is a four day routine, which means you take the fifth day off for your muscles to recover. Blurpee – the extra “L” in blurpee stands of lats. This exercise is the same as a normal burpee, but with wider foot placement and without the pushup.

Photo: Big Stock


Don’t sweat it – We get it. With office during the day, many of us have no choice but to schedule gym sessions for the evening. Exercise has many benefits, and waking us up is one of them. The later you exercise, the longer you’ll be awake, so make sure your workout ends a good four hours before you hit the sack.


Skip the shower – You’ll hear a lot of people recommend a hot shower to relax you before you sleep. While this idea has its merits, your body temperature naturally dips when you’re falling asleep. Warming it up with a hot shower will just hit reset on that process. What you want to do is take that shower, and then wait an hour before you go to bed.


Go easy on the dinner – That bhorta might be awesome tasting now, but you don’t want it keeping you tossing and turning. Heavy, spicy dinners create digestion problems that make for an uneasy night. Do yourself a favour and keep your dinners light.

AVE N U E T SATU R DAY, APR I L 5, 20 1 4

10 | Trending fashion

In retro-spect | N Anita Amreen

Retro fashion has a timeless appeal regardless of when or how you revamp your look, given that you follow a few retro do’s and don’ts (as mentioned on the right). Here’s your go-to guide to restyling your deshi outfits while creating a look that’s still in Play with prints While elaborate embroidery and designs have been reigning the past few seasons, there’s always space for the more bold allure of retro prints. Geometrics, polka dots and even florals can add a refreshing spring appeal to your kamizes. The key to evoking the retro era is in investing in bright, fresh coloured printed materials to make your own kamizes or saris. Prints don’t necessarily have to be limited to your kamizes or your saris. Head scarves, dupattas and even hair bands that come in these prints can be sported in the most unconventional ways. Create with cuts The beauty of retro cuts lies in its bold yet modest appeal. For plain or simple printed saris, play with fun necklines for your blouses. High neck halters, tie-up halters, off-the-shoulder boat necks can all be fun ways to add a pop of style to your neckline. Even a simple round, pleat-hole blouse can do wonders for your look. Your kamizes too, can flaunt a simple A-line cut reminiscent of the old world glamour of retro dresses. Ace the accessories There’s no denying that one of the most fun ways to retro-inspire your look is to add on the right accessories. Toss on a pair of cat eye framed sunglasses with your simple sleeveless kamiz or even add a bold neon shaded bindi to match your floral printed sari. The idea is to keep the colour play alive, be it with heavily played eyes or the pop of a red pout. Just remember to be selective about how and where you add that pop of colour.

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do’s and don’ts

Retro done right | Sabah Rahman

Vintage clothing is always popular for a good reason. Fashion forward women worldwide have vintage dressing down because they are experts at incorporating a few key items from the past into their everyday looks. Here are a few tips on how to get it right and avoid looking like you’re off to a Halloween party:


load up on every single trend from your favourite decade at one go. Stepping out of the house, channeling Cher circa 1975 would be a hard look for even the die hard fashionistas to pull off.


highlight a killer piece, be it sky high platforms from the 70s, art deco jewellery from the 60s or cinched waists from the 50s.


forget to draw inspiration from the boys. Remember James Dean’s killer sense of style in “Rebel Without a Cause?” Steal his look by pairing cuffed blue jeans with a plain white T-shirt, topped with a red jacket. Let’s not forget how hot Tom Cruise looked in those slick aviators in “Top Gun” either.

Need a quick fix? Raid your mother’s, aunt’s and grandmother’s closets for some guaranteed treasure


start off small. Eyewear is the easiest and sometimes the cheapest way (unless you absolutely refuse to wear anything but designer brands) to incorporate a retro vibe into your everyday look.


copy Elizabeth Taylor’s bedroom style in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” Tantalise your man in a silk slip with lace trimming.


Tailored in fashion

style session

Slim fit everything Q

with mahmood hossain

| Mahmood Hossain Narrow around your neck The 60s styled suits made its return in a big way a few seasons ago when Mad Men became a total craze. One of the best things to come out of that era is the slim or skinny tie. Slim fitted clothing is pretty much available in every store you walk into thesedays. On the matter of suits for young professionals, you can’t do any better than slim ties.

There is a certain touch of youth and sharpness to slim fitted suits with narrower ties. It exudes confidence with a fearless swagger. Another plus side to these ties is that the knots don’t have to be complicated. A simple Half Windsor knot is the perfect fit for this style of tie. If you don’t know how to tie a tie, shame on you. But no worries, there is always YouTube. The difference from now and the 60s is that the make of the tie has changed. The methods and fabrics have improved to meet today’s standards. Always remember, if you’re going to put on a slim tie, make sure the lapels of your suit jacket or blazer are also narrow. Wide lapels and skinny ties are pole opposites. Consider that a style foul. If you are looking for a good selection of slim ties, head on over to the closest Yellow store. It’ll be a little more than Tk1,000 but it’s worth every ounce regarding their quality.

I never really knew the difference between pleated trousers from flat-fronts. Which looks better?


Flat-front trousers will always look better. Pleated trousers are generally for older gentlemen and highly unflattering for younger men. While pleated trousers may never go out of style completely, it’ll suit a certain type of man. The pleats on each of the pant legs make your crotch area puff out, which is something you never want to flaunt, unless you’re MC Hammer. Why do you think he kept saying, “can’t touch this”? Flat-fronts allow the trousers to look more fitted, almost as if you have tailored them from scratch.


My father used to be a very stylish man back in the day. At times I tend to borrow a few of his watches and ties. Is this acceptable or do I risk looking too old?

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his style

Take the lead | Mahmood Hossain

It may be the last season of Mad Men but Don Draper’s iconic style will always remain He is the epitome of the alpha male in the corporate world. Don Draper has become a style icon for many, alongside the marketing misfits of Madison Avenue in the 60s. So what does it take to become the man himself?

Don’s wardrobe

The mystery man

Apart from Don’s countless affairs, frequent smoking and heavy drinking, he remains a proper gentleman. This means taking his hat off when a lady enters an elevator or holding the door for another before he enters or exits

himself. He has the etiquettes down to a “t.” He’s incredibly charming, making clients believe what they want is what he says is right. Now, we’re not telling you to manipulate others. It just means good people skills with a sharp suit will take you places of the highest accord.

Suit after suit. With stashed away crisp white dress shirts in his office desk drawer, elegance would be an understatement. It won’t be too difficult to figure out the colour palette. The dress shirts will always be white. You can also keep a collection of black, shades of grey and navy suits. It’s always a solid fit, which means no pinstripes, plaid or windowpane patterns. The man means business and attention to detail is in order. His ties however, fits the 60s aesthetics for professional businessmen. Some can be muted down, while others flirt with flamboyance. But remember, the ties will always remain slim (two inches wide).

Photo: Big Stock


There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Not sure how old you are but this practice should be more encouraged. If your father allows you to rummage through his wardrobe, look for vintage ties or even his well maintained shoes. Just as long as you keep your clothes modern and fitted, accessorising with vintage pieces will always be a hit. It’s the perfect balance between the past and present, elegance and sophistication won’t be too hard to reach. Whether they are watches or ties, you will only enhance your look. Not only that, people will notice and admire the details and that is always a good thing. Send in your style inquiries to

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12 | Tempt FAQ

Bold bouffants


| N Anita Amreen

I’m a big fan of bouffants! The only problem is that whenever I try doing one myself, I can never really get the pouf I aim for and even if I do, it usually deflates. What’s the best way to do it at home?


As long as you have a teasing comb and a mirror handy, mastering the art of the perfect bouffant is not that difficult. • Begin by sectioning your hair based on your parting. If you want a backwards bouffant, section your hair horizontally and if you want a side parted tease, section it vertically. Begin from the back of your head and work your way up to the sections near the crown. Make sure no section is thicker than an inch and a half. • To start teasing, divide each section into two – one very thin top layer and one layer underneath. Always remember that you start teasing from the layers underneath. • Take the layer underneath and begin backcombing, making sure the top layer is away from the lower. Backcomb towards the roots of your hair, starting two inches away from your roots and then moving another inch in and so on. Build on the teased section to reach the height you weant. • Take the top layer and using your comb smooth it out over the layer underneath. This ensures that your hair will have a smoother finish, hiding all the disheveled teased sections underneath. • Continue this with every other section, making sure you check it in the mirror after completely teasing each section. It’s essential that you follow the shape your hair takes in the mirror to make sure it has a smooth, clean form. • Once done, apply some more of your hairspray and let your hair settle into its shape. If you feel that some sections look deflated, stick the thin end of your teasing comb inside that particular section and lift upwards.

Pretty in pastels | Sabah Rahman

Bored of the same old red lips and winged liner? Make way for pastel shades that are hot this spring. A refreshing throwback to the 50s and 60s, the modern way to wear pastels is focusing on one feature at a time. Here is how to make these candy hues work for you without resembling an Easter egg:


Whether it’s lavender, mint green or baby blue that gets your engine running, stick to one colour when it comes to your peepers. Since light, matte make-up can crease easily, prep with a primer or concealer and set with loose powder. Apply a sheer wash of colour with a brush and finish off with two thick coats of black mascara.


Say yes to powder pink blush. Contrary to popular belief, baby pink does not only work on fair-skinned ladies. It complements darker skin tones with a skin wakening effect. If you’re a novice, blend a cream version on those apples and be prepared to be called “sweet cheeks” all day.


Don’t think you can pull off bubblegum pink lips? How about coral or violet? Pick one. If you’re not feeling bold enough to sport candy coated lips, try a sheer orange lip gloss as it works on most skin tones.

Break all the rules

You can actually wear a whole face of pink without looking like the little girl who raided her mother’s makeup bag. Here’s the trick: use different shades of pink. A wash of beige-pink shadow, peach lips and rosy cheeks.

Photo: Big Stock

Photos: Big Stock

Shopping 101 Send in your fashion faqs to

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All products listed above are available at all outlets of Almas and Priyo



Boishakh online sales! % 70 off As boutiques stock up on designer kamizes and saris, Avenue T gives you the lowdown on online sales offering just the same outfits, that too, at discounted rates

Boishakhi discount

An online super shop offering saris at discounted rates, Shoibal has a special collection of saris for Boishakh alone. Their Boishakh special saris are made with tasar silk and georgette. Do check out their extensive collection of designer kamizes if you want to enjoy the festivities in style. You can order online and get the items home delivered for Tk50, paying cash on delivery.

Bay Chic is an Indian online retailer of luxury apparel, footwear and accessories offering up to 70% discount. They offer privileged access to the most sought-after fashion, home and beauty luxury brands at prices up to 70% off retail. Each sale lasts 48 to 72 hours and features hand selected styles from a single designer. Their current collection has a host of celebrity style saris, anarkalis, lehengas and as well as designer suits. baychicdotcom

36 off


A Bangledeshi online store, is now offering a flat 36% off on Bhagalpuri silk saris in vibrant shades of Boishakh. Log on to their website to browse through their collection of silk, georgette and chiffon saris and find your perfect Boishakh match. A1, H-66, Block-C, Road8, Niketon, Gulshan, 1212 Dhaka, Bangladesh 01920-242424

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14 | Trial room | Agony Aunt I am a great admirer of Socrates, yet I do not agree with his views on marriage. He famously said:

“Marry if you wish. If you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.” it, in our mind we imagine how things will be, how the other will behave and when the other does not do what we expected of them, we feel let down. In our mind the other person has changed, he is not as compromising, gentle and as truthful as we thought. The spouse begins to feel that the other is not the same person and begins to believe what s/ he always heard about marriage: Marriage is the beginning of the end. The husband will get discouraging messages from his friends, “Ah, you too,” “It’s too late now” or something similar. In short, some begin to believe Checkov, who must have had a negative beginning in his marriage declaring, “Marriage is a romance in which the hero dies in the first chapter.” Romance will not die and must not die if the couple

Illustration: Priyo/Dhaka Tribune

It seems that Socrates puts all the responsibility of a good marriage on women. Well, truth be told, it takes two to tango dear Socrates! Nobody gets a good or bad spouse; a marriage lasts when the couple is determined to become each other’s best friend and lover. Courting before marriage is a necessary step, this is when we get to know what the other person is like, even if it is to a little extent, and during that period we tend to like our future partner, overlooking his/her idiosyncrasies. It is not because we are blind or unaware, it is due to the fact that there are a few challenges to overcome in the relationship. It is easy to love a person, especially in the early stage when we are going out on dates, meeting at parties, taking long walks in a park and talking for hours. All

Making marriage magic this just aids us in our efforts to get to know our prospective partner. Getting married is like a business partnership where you go into business with someone you think has something to offer you, be it good ideas, intellectual opportunities or the possibility of expansion. At the beginning of the process there is clarity with everyone feeling excited and everything working well. Then, real life sets in and marriage happens. The process of problem solving begins to appear: schedule, tasks, house keeping, money, in-laws, how to spend free time, how to arrange the house, etc. Suddenly the couple who thought they had so much in common, feel “the other has changed.” In actuality, it is not so, each individual has a different way of reacting and solving problems. Each partner feels s/he is in the right. Fights and doubts arise with both partners or sometimes with just one thinking, “he or she has changed, s/he is not the same.” The truth of the matter is that most people do not change but expectations do. Expectations are the tragic manipulators of our sorrows. Without even realising

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, AP R I L 5, 201 4

remembers that the first two years of a marriage is a period of learning and they must immediately address what is hurting and irritating them. Then in comes the in-law issues; they can often be a major source of dispute. In these cases, too, the couple constantly needs to remember that they got married because they like each other and dealing with the in-laws are part of the process of understanding one another. Marriage is really a journey of discovery because there are differences. But more often than not, most couples begin to see the differences as problems, instead of seeing them as other ways of thinking or behaving. This is when the feeling of being cheated out of the deal starts to set in.

Follow these solutions to such teething problems: • Remind yourself, you love your spouse and you married her/him because s/he is different. • Observe your thoughts and catch yourself when the thoughts of expectations appear. Thoughts such as “My spouse used to be so different, what does s/he want now?” • Sit down together and ask each other to believe the best of each other. • Do not sulk for more than 15 minutes, yes, do not stop talking. • NEVER express your pain by saying “You make me angry/ upset/hurt.” Instead, say, “It hurts when you say this. I feel I am not being heard and I feel like my words have been dismissed.” This way the other will not feel attacked. You take the responsibility of feeling this way, in short you give “the other” a chance to explain what s/he meant, rather than defend himself/ herself.

• It takes practice, please read again IT TAKES PRACTICE AND PATIENCE to work through these problems. • It is a human tendency to expect the worst from “the other” as soon as our feelings go haywire. You tell yourself, “If I feel hurt, s/he must be the one who have caused it.” It is not necessarily so, it is our perception of what was said that makes us feel either happy or unhappy. • The sensations and feelings we have, depend on our experiences of the past, they are about us - the perceiver. I know how my previous experiences in life were digested. If something looks like, smells like or sounds like something similar of the past, I expect the outcome of the present situation to be similar too. But nothing is the same, even if it looks the same, so separate past from present.


Trial room|

The solution: Stay in the present. In the midst of an argument, ask yourself “What do I really want? How do I really want to feel about this relationship?” And then put yourself in charge; in charge of making a difference. •

Patch up, don’t let your ego get in the way; don’t feel that you will be defeated if you are the first to smile at your partner, but instead tell yourself, “I will not sulk, I will create a happy moment for myself.”

No, I do not mean to let things stay the same! I mean talk about the problem in a moment when you feel good, not when you’re feeling bad and low. Always presume the best. When your mind goes into a negative mode about your partner, remind yourself that YOU love her/him and it is okay not to like her/him at this moment.

The first secret to a happy marriage:

readers, you’re probably saying, “So I should accept a partner who beats me, insults me, etc.?” No, I did not mean that. If there is psychological or physical violence involved, you

You do not have to like everything about a person to like that person! Yes, you read that correctly. You do not need to like every single thing your partner says or does, to love him. After all, others love you even though you are not perfect.

need to address it with the help of a professional or a wise aunt. If there is no improvement you may have to consider dissolving the marriage. At day’s end, just remember to welcome the struggles and challenges in your life. Struggle is not a negative word, it means we are trying to find a solution to a problem. If we knew the solution, we would not be struggling. Struggles mean learning. Challenges are a way to engage in problem solving. The challenge of a struggle is to want to find a way to be happier. Remember how, as young children, we struggled to find solutions to math problems? Your challenge was to find a solution, that is where you got your learning and stretching. Marriage is the joy of living harmoniously in finding solutions through cooperation. I would like to hear from my readers and how they successfully managed a difficult situation. We can all learn from each other, so please do not hesitate to share or ask questions about your own situation.

The secret to a happy life be it with your partner, the family, work colleagues or friends is:

The second secret:

There is no such thing as perfection: Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. What is perfect for you, may not be so perfect for me. The more comfortable we feel in our skin, in ourselves, the less perfection we demand of others. This is because we learn to accept who we are with warts and all, as a result we do not fight who we are. We actually start a life of self-actualisation.

Third secret:

You beging to accept yourself as you accept others.

What makes a happy marriage? Learning to love, accept and appreciate oneself through the struggles and challenges of our experiences, so that we can appreciate and accept others the way they are. I can already hear you, dear

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16 | Travelogue

Cannes, France | Saud Anam

Some are in need of an elusive destination for the international playboy or playgirl, and there’s no better place than Cannes, France. Many have heard of it, a few have experienced it and even fewer know how to pronounce it (Ka-en). The secluded city is created for those who admire scenic views of the French Riviera, lust after the world of avant-garde films and art, and those who are willing to loosen their purse strings to enjoy one of the most renowned social scenes the world has to offer. Preparation is key to travelling and Cannes can be unforgiving to the last minute jet-setter. The city’s lifeline is the myriad of galas, festivals, regattas and upscale soirées which don’t take kindly to uninvited guests. So, unless your last name is Kennedy or you’ve just won an Oscar (nominations don’t count, our apologies to Leo), do your homework and show up just when the party starts

What to do The festivals Get dressed, Get relaxed Get dressed. Get relaxed. The city has a plethora of fashion choices, from high-end labels to designer boutiques on Boulevard Croisette and Boulevard Montfleury. Most stores are happy to provide you with a personal shopping assistant so you won’t have to spend a minute rummaging through racks trying to find if it comes in your size or colour. Once you drop, head to the Shiseido Spa. They’ll wrap you, head to toe, in whatever essential oil or slimming seaweed you desire.

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Show off

Free up some time in May for the Cannes Film Festival and get a sneak peek into the upcoming European talent and tear-jerking films heading your way. For something more lighthearted, attend the

Actors’ Performance Festival which showcases comics and sketch comedy. If you still have time, stick around for the Carnival on the Riviera, a 21-day event filled with celebration and pageantry.

If you came to Cannes on your custom-made 75 foot catamaran then you have to attend the Festival de la Plaisance. This massive boating event is the place to show off your most luxurious or sporty seafaring device. All are welcome to play and enjoy so don’t worry if your only nautical accessory is a rubber duck.



What to eat

Palme D’Or

In Cannes, Michelin Stars are as easy to come by as Starbucks. But if you’re coming for a short time, enjoy the best of the best. First stop should be the Palme D’Or at the Martinez. The selection of fresh, local and imported, delicacies will astound and amaze

you. The highlights of the night will be the majestic view of the Riviera and the notable faces that are sure to dine beside you. If you’ve brought your own beautiful view, then opt for the private kitchen in which the Michelinstarred chef will privately tantalise your palate.

Z Plage

If you want to enjoy your Fruits de Mer and canapés on the beach, stick around the Hotel Martinez to dine at Z Plage. The outdoor dining experience is private, scenic and awfully romantic. So, be sure to bring someone special (Victoria’s Secret models love Cannes).


Check out Vesuvio for a light and ultra-chic Italian experience. This eatery focuses on seasonal flavours and aromatic creations which will leave you satiated and not stuffed.

3.14 Hotel

Where to stay

5 Rue François Einessy, Telephone: +33(04) 9299 72000

Hotel Martinez

73 Boulevard de la Croisette, Telephone: +33 (04) 9298 7300

Cezanne Hotel & Spa 40 Boulevard d’Alsace, 06400, Telephone: 04 92 59 41 00

3.14 Hotel

Tk22,000 per night Not sure if they serve pies but the décor is sleek and exquisite. Each

of the five floors is styled after a continent. Check out the Asian floor if you’re in vibrant and colourful mood.

Cezanne Hotel & Spa Tk39,000 per night This oasis of relaxation is focused on spa goers rather than thrill seekers. It has an ambience designed for Coco Chanel and alike so if you’re interested in getting massages, ordering award-winning room service and tanning on a private beach, you should book now.

Hotel Martinez

Tk32,000 per night This hotel is home to the best eateries in town and brings in a never-ending list of celebrities and high-ranking officials. No surprise since the Martinez has its own private beach and a breathtaking view.

How to get there Turkish Airways has regular flights to Nice, France where there are trains that will get you to Cannes

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18 | Tantalise

Five things to try at

George’s Cafe | N Anita Amreen The quaint George’s Cafe recently opened its doors to Uttara dwellers. Albeit low-key, the New York style cafe offers an exciting mix of drinks (both hot and cold), along with an interesting brunch and breakfast menu consisting of hot dogs, sandwiches and a tempting selection of baked goodies. Despite the limited seating, George’s Cafe always provides you with a cozy getaway where you can sit back and lounge. Fairly priced and offering excellent service, whether you want to grab a sandwich or get a quick coffee fix, George’s Cafe is at your service

Photos: George’s Cafe

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Here’s Avenue T’s pick of their top items:



Arnold Palmer

German Chicken Slider

The Arnold Palmer is George’s Cafe’s very own version of iced lemon tea. Once you try it, you cannot help but feel that every sip is like having your lips wrapped around a supple piece of peach, soft and inviting, waiting to be devoured. Hands down, the Arnold Palmer is the best iced lemon tea by miles - just the perfect tang of lemon is matched with a gentle sweetness to create a distinctly Southern iced tea. A definite hidden gem that must be tried.

What you’ll love about George’s Cafe is how most sandwiches on their menu have a smaller, more pocket-friendly “slider” version priced at Tk150 each. Their German Chicken Slider is a small yet packed sandwich made with fresh bread, with strips of chicken meshed with sauerkraut and the soft, punchy tang of sun dried tomatoes.

Tk120; Rating: 5/5

Mocha Latte

Tk150; Rating: 4/5

Tk225; Rating: 4/5

Arriving steaming hot, this temptress looks and smells like a melting chocolate goddess with just the right kick of caffeine. Rich and warm, this can act as the ultimate comfort drink for those who like to indulge in guilty pleasures. One can also try the mint and cinnamon Flavoured Latte priced at Tk225.

Hell’s Kitchen Dawg Tk120; Rating: 3/5

Don’t let this hot dog’s price or bite sized proportions fool you. Although it is tiny and very, very fairly priced, the Hell’s Kitchen Dawg gives you ample value for money, if not more. Made using house baked bread and sausage and topped with fiery mustard, sauerkraut and BBQ onions, this dawg is hot and happening, especially if you’re looking for a quick, small bite. The Chinatown Dog, priced at Tk120 and made with kimchi, BBQ onions and yellow mustard is another hot dog worth trying.

Chocolate Cupcake

Tk100; Rating: 3/5

0, , Road-1 House-2 ttara, ,U Sector-1 a k Dha 6 0-66856 PH: 0167

Haute hospitality for 1421 @ The Westin Dhaka The Westin Dhaka also has plans for Nobobosrsho with a two-day event. Their Boishakhi fair will be taking place during 13th and 14th April at South Park, featuring live performances, rides and more. Seasonal Tastes will have a food fair of traditional Bangali treats all day long, while Daily

The Chocolate Cupcake at George’s is rich, yet light enough to have with a hot mug of espresso. The flavours are on the darker end of the chocolate spectrum, with the chocolate icing really acting as the ultimate “icing on the cake.” It’s light but dark and chocolatey, giving the cupcake a kick of flavour in the right direction. Their Chocolate Brownie priced at Tk120 is also worth a mention.

Treats offers an assortment of deshi snack food. Finally, Splash restaurant promises food stalls and entertainment set against a relaxing backdrop of fountains. For information please call: 989.1988

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20 | news Bridal fashion photography exhibition organised

BRAC University English Campaign Launch

Dhaka Regency to celebrate Bengali New Year 1421

by Red Beauty Salon A bridal fashion photography exhibition titled “VLCC Presents the Beautiful Bride” was launched on April 3 at Gallery Chitrak, Dhanmondi. The exhibition is organised by Red Beauty Salon. With a group of hard-working celebrities and fashionistas including designer and choreographer Shahrukh Amin, beauty expert Afroza Parvin, five eminent wedding and fashion photographers, five renowned designers, 35 top-notch models, along with five distinguished celebrities have partaken in the exhibition. A press conference was held at Gallery Chitrak, Dhanmondi on April 3.

BRAC University (BRACU) has undertaken the initiative of designing an “English Campaign” for both its campuses at Savar (Residential) and Mohakhali, to improve students’ English skills. After the successful campaign launch in Savar on February 25 this year, the official Mohakhali campus launch took place on March 16 in the university’s indoor auditorium.

Honoured speakers vice chancellor professor Ainun Nishat and joint registrar Kumar Murshid opened the ceremony with speeches addressing a number of noble guests, most notably Sukendra Kumar Sarkar, treasurer, and Lady Syeda Sarwat Abed, director of BRAC Institute of Languages, as well as representatives from the media, university faculty, students and staff.

Enhance Clinics brings World Class Hair Transplant, Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery & Cosmetic Dermatology to Bangladesh Enhance Clinics, the one-stop solution provider for hair transplant, aesthetic cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology, is now bringing its wide range of services to Bangladesh. Sourav Ganguly (former Indian cricket captain)

On the occasion of Pohela Boishakh, Dhaka Regency aims to pamper the city dwellers by bringing conventional as well as lip smacking Bangla Food fever in its Grandiose Restaurant on level 6, which will be transformed into a fount of Bengali tradition on the purpose of promoting deshi food at all extent. On April 14 Dhaka Regency will offer an array of sumptuous indigenous delicacies, fuchka and chatpati live station, live local music from renowned artists, fortune telling with mysterious parrots, bouncing ball house, gun shooter, candy floss, etc. Call 01713332661 for advance booking and further information.

Spice Chicken opens their third branch

and other eminent sportsmen and personalities joined Dr Manoj Khanna, world renowned hair transplant and aesthetic cosmetic

surgeon and chairman of Enhance Clinics at the recently held press conference, as he unveiled his plans for Bangladesh.

The Westin Haute hospitality for 1421

Dhaka turns off the lights for Earth Hour 2014

@Ruposhi Bangla

Ruposhi Bangla Hotel plans to kick off the new year with their “Boishakhi Utshab” on April 14 right from first light. From pitha ghar at the lobby, with the accompaniment of traditional sitar music to an array of local delicacies at the daylong buffet at Bithika Restaurant, the event promises to be a gustatory gala. To reserve a table for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner please call: 8330001 extn: 4221

AVEN U E T SATU R DAY, AP R I L 5, 201 4

Along with the global movement organised by WWF (World Wide Fund for nature), with a message to inspire individuals to use their power to become super heroes for the planet, The Westin Dhaka has successfully concluded Earth Hour 2014 on March 29 from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. The aim was to mobilise the citizens of Dhaka for a cause of global concern and

to send a powerful global message about environmental awareness and caring for the planet. The property observed Earth Hour by turning off its non-essential lights and taking other energy-saving measures for one full hour further underscoring Starwood Hotels & Resorts’ commitment to environmental sustainability.

Spice Chicken opened its third branch at Uttara RAK Tower (4th floor), Jasimuddin Avenue, Sector-3 in Dhaka. The inauguration ceremony took place on March 29. Sayed Anowaruzzaman, chairman, Sayeed Ahmed, managing director and other directors of Mohammad Food and Alights were present at the ceremony. S A K Ekramuzzaman, managing director of RAK Ceramics and Anowara Begum Rina, ceo, SM Style Limited (Smartex) were also present, along with major general A K S Abdur Rahman, as the special guest.

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Avenue T Volume 1 Issue 48