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Dhaka Tribune Wednesday, February 19, 2014 Volume 1, Issue 43

Tales From the City Episodes 39: she She came back


Jonaki's Headquarters Hey friends, Spring is here! So that means lots of flowers, bright clothes and lots of fun. Did you know that there is a 2000 year old proverb that says that when it rains in spring, the world becomes a happier place? Hope you all are enjoying this lovely weather. This

week in Dr Meows Lab we have for you a magic trick that will amaze your friends, and a fun experiment you can try under the bright sun. Flip to the pages for the art tutorial; connect the dots, and much more. Let us know what you enjoy the most.

Love Jonaki

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DhakaTribune Editor Zafar Sobhan

Magazine Editor Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Treehouse Team Sabiha Mahmud Sumi Rubab Nayeem Khan Munira Fidai Fuad M Hossain Natasha Rahman Saudia Afrin Tahsin Momin Baizid Haque Joarder Contributor Syed Azraf Zaman Faizah Aziz Anka Malik Khatidja Hussain Solution: After having pushed her husband down the stairs, Mrs. Norton made a blunder by placing his cane in his right hand. Walking down a flight of stairs with a sprained ankle you would normally hold your cane in your left hand while placing your right hand on the banisters for support.

Cartoonist Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy Rio Shuvo


Graphics Sabiha Mahmud Sumi Alamgir Hossain Colour Specialist Shekhar Mondal Kazi Syras Al Mahmood Production Masum Billah Advertising Shahidan Khurshed Circulation Wahid Murad Email Website


2 Discobang’s pad

Mythical creature of the week Cyclops Meet the artist Fujiko Fujio Word on the street Roadside happiness

3 Tales from the city She came back

4 Bhootum’s Classroom British Council Connect the dots Jokes Amazing facts

5 Speedy’s Zone

Toy Funskool Mastermind Movie The Nut Job TV Wishbone Art tutorial Perspective drawing

6 Dr Meow’s Lab

Magic tricks Invisible string My pet story Take me too DIY Pen holder Fun science Fireless burning


Discobang's Pad Meet the artist

mythical creature of the week

Everyone loves Doraemon, don’t we? But, do any of us know the history behind Doraemon? Who made Doraemon? Why was it made? Well to answer your questions, here’s where your favourite robot cat came from. Doraemon was first seen the December 1969. It was seen in six different magazines at the same time. In the past, Doraemon was only a Japanese manga (comic) series, created by Fujiko Fujio. Even though Doraemon is 31 years old, we are sure he has a lot of young fans all over the world. Khatidja Hussein

word on the street Suhadha afrin

Cyclops The Cyclops were a wild race of oneeyed huge monsters that liked eating humans. While they lead very wild lives, they were also known to be very skilled workers, able to build things like lightning. Legend goes that the Cyclops had traded their second eye for the ability to see the future, so they were left with only one eye in the centre of their forehead. Sadly, the only future they were able to see was about the day of their death. The Cyclops were locked in Tartarus, deep inside the underworld, because of their scary features. Zeus had helped them escape, and the Cyclops had thanked him with gifts of thunder and lightning.

Roadside happiness Children playing are always such a treat to the eyes. The laughter, joyful smiles, and the shouts of happiness can make you grin, even on the worst of days. The children in this picture are not playing with very expensive things but small stuff they found on the streets. It goes to show that you do not need costly things to be happy, it is just as easy to be happy without them! munira fidai

Source: Jaago Foundation

WE DN E SDAY, FE B R UARY 1 9, 20 1 4

Treehouse Comics


Created by Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Story by Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Illustration by Rio Shuvo

Tales From the City

Episode 39: She came back

The story so far Jonaki finally has a chance to escape the humans, but decides to come back and save the boy. Is this a truce or a trap? Keep reading to find out



Bhootum's Classroom


What's the best thing to put into a pie? Your teeth! Waiter, this food tastes kind of funny? Then why aren't you laughing! Did you hear the joke about the peanut butter? I'm not telling you. You might spread it! Why do the French like to eat snails? Because they don't like fast food! Why did the fisherman put peanut butter into the sea? To go with the jellyfish!

connect the dots

tongue twisters Tongue twisters are difficult to say. How fast can you say it without making any mistakes?

‘ How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?’

Find lots more fun things to do at:

WE DN E SDAY, FE B R UARY 1 9, 20 1 4


Speedy's Zone

Meanwhile, in the Lego Universe… The evil villain, Lord Business plans to destroy Lego universe by gluing it together, using his weapon, Kragle, a superglue. A wizard warns him that a person called “Special” will stop Kragle and defeat him. Emmet is an ordinary Lego figure; he doesn’t have any powers. But people think that he is “Special,” the only “Master Builder” who can save the Lego universe.


Jungle Science “Funskool Mastermind - Animal Friend,” is an animal version of the famous board game -Mastermind. It is a guessing game which involves two players out of which, one does all the guessing. Firstly, a player will place some animals, hidden from the person guessing. The other person has to guess in which column each of the animals lie,using his/her matching skills. There are 15 white pegs and 15 red

pegs to help you guess, along with 72 different animals coming in six different colours, hiding in fear from the mastermind searching for them. Fill in your boring moments with a fun hike on this adventure mountain. “Funskool Mastermind - Animal Friends” is priced roughly around Tk1,000 at Lavender. Check it out! Syed Azraf Zaman

What’s the story? Only the audience and characters in his daydreams can hear him speak and can also see him as the character he plays rather than a dog. This popular TV show has won many awards. The music is quite likable as is its theme song. If you like to hear stories in the form of a show, then this is for you. namira shameem




A hippopotamus can weigh some thousand pounds, however when it comes to running, these secondlargest land animals can run faster than an average human. An average human can run at 14mph to 27mph, while a hippopotamus can run at 18mph to 30mph. Parrots and rabbits are the



only two creatures that can see behind themselves fully, without the need to turn their heads. The inner part of your mouth heals faster than any other part of the body. While eating, we lose thousands of cells from this part; however they recover by the next time you sit for a meal.

He, and a bunch of strangers that he soon becomes friends with, go on a grand adventure, for which he is not at all ready. If you’ve ever played with Lego and found it fun, then this movie is for you. The Lego Movie is sure to make you laugh, surprise you so that you can never guess what will happen next! It is an enjoyable movie for all ages. Namira Shameem

ART Tutorial


“The little dog with a big imagination” is here! Wishbone daydreams about playing the main role in classics and other stories. This talking dog lives with his owner Joe Talbot in Oakdale, Texas. He matches the lives of Joe and his friends with the stories. The show is all about his daydreams as he plays out all the famous stories.




6. 7.

Hummingbirds are experts in flying, however they can barely walk. When someone else tickles us we laugh, but when we tickle ourselves we don’t laugh. The largest organ of a human body is the skin. Unlike humans, a bear has 42 teeth. Khatidja Hussein

Perspective drawing


Dr Meow's Lab magic tricks

The invisible string DIY

Easy pen and pencil holders

What you need • A tiny magnet • A James/paperclip • Thin sheet of cardboard Instructions Tell your friends that you have a magical and invisible piece of string

Going to school, you must have all sorts of pencils, pens, coloured pencils and brushes that you need and we bet a lot of these are lying around everywhere on your study table! Why not neaten things up by making your very own pen and pencil holder? Here’s a quick and easy way


What you will need • A mug, or a tin can • Markers, colours, beads, coloured chart paper, ribbons, stickers and glitter • Glue (optional)

Burning paper without fire

How to do it Empty out any old mug, jug or tin can that you can find. This is a good way to reuse old containers. Make sure it’s in good condition though. Now decorate it however you like! You can wrap coloured chart paper all around it. Or use stick stickers and glitter, or you can colour and write things with markers and coloured pencils. You can even tie a pretty bow made out of ribbon around your pencil holder! And there you have your very own pencil holder.


Put a paper clip on a slim cardboard sheet. Position a magnet underneath the cardboard sheet so that that it tugs



on the paperclip. Pull on the invisible string and pretend to drag it across the cardboard. When you do, move the


magnet under it to make it look like the paper clip is being dragged. Your friends will never know where the string is! munira fidai


We all see how quickly paper can be burnt with fire, but is it possible to burn paper without using fire? Read on to be amazed! Things you will need • A magnifying glass • A piece of paper • A glass or bucket of water


What you have to do 1. Do this outside on a sunny day, in a place where there are no other things nearby that might catch fire, like a sidewalk, a dirt field with no plants or grass nearby.



Hold the magnifying glass on top of paper and underneath the sun so that a small bright dot appears. Adjust as needed to get the dot as small as possible. At one point, you will notice the paper starting to burn a tiny hole. This will slowly start to spread. Put the fire out as soon as it starts spreading by pouring the glass of water on it.

Why does this happen? A magnifying glass reflects and concentrates the sunlight in one direction. When it is placed between the paper and sunlight a spot of light is reflected on the object. The paper burns the quickest when the spot of light is small and the magnifying glass is far. The increased level of heat caused by the sunlight helps in burning the paper. Faizah Aziz

Faizah Aziz

my pet story

Take me too! One fine winter night, I was at an aunt’s place attending a party. Since the house was crowded with people, I went out for a walk, and suddenly felt something pulling at my sari. First I thought it was stuck on something but when I saw the real reason behind it, I was surprised. It was a darling little puppy wandering around the street. Feeling bad for it, I bought it some food, and spent quite a lot of time with it. It seemed to start adoring me. But sadly, I knew I couldn’t

pet it because I had no permission. Just as I was about to leave, the puppy pulled at my sari again and gave me a look I couldn’t resist. Without thinking, I brought it back home, and to my surprise my father loved it. And that is how Bubee came into our lives. It’s been quite a few months that she has been with us, and everyday just seems more interesting with her presence in it. Anka Malik


WE DN E SDAY, FE B R UARY 1 9, 20 1 4

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