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All the coffee beans in South America can’t make me a morning person.

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Quote of the week He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.

Lingo of the week Throning Meaning Sitting in the bathroom for too long with a handheld communication device Usage Boy 1 “Enough of your throning! I need to use the bathroom badly.” Boy 2 “I’ll be out just as soon as I am done sending my last BBM.”

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Editor’s note Dear Readers, Hey Readers! 1500+ fans on Facebook! Woot! It might not seem like much, but to us, it means the world, so thank you! After a lot of seriousness, we’re stepping into the lighter side of things with some family fun. This week, we talk about brothers and sisters and all the fun and frustration there is to be had with them. We’ve got tips and tricks for sharing your room (Page 2), skintessential advice (Page 4), ad rivalry (Page 5), interviews galore (Page 6&7), and music for the whole family (Page 10). Let us know how we did! Check out our Facebook page dhakatribunetmag, and like, share and comment. Send us your doodles, flash fiction, and room photos to tmag@ Love, Love from the TMAG desk

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3 Doodle of the week “Fullmetal Alchemist” by Faiza

TM AG TU E SDAY, JAN UARY 28, 20 1 4



Your Life FYI


TMAG’s Room of the week!

Rohini a

Living under the shadow


dhanmondi Fuzzy teddy bears makes everything better

Being the younger kid has its perks. And in your mother’s eyes, you will always be her youngest child. While that feels good at times, you may well feel frustrated too. For instance, your parents are likely to be more protective of you than your elder sibling. And then there is the great comparison between the two siblings, who is probably much wiser, better looking, has more achievements and list is endless


How many certificates do you have in your name hanging on the living room wall?

saudia afrin

If the elder one has achieved this, why can’t you? See, even if people share the same gene pool, it is possible that they can be different than their siblings by miles. So it’s wise not to try too hard to fit in your elder sibling’s shoes if they are too big. But try and achieve things that you are comfortable in. There may be times when you are frustrated by your elder one but don’t be. Remember one thing, they have a head start. You can always go to your brother or sister for advice as you know that they are likely to have faced something similar when they were your age. And the best part is you don’t have to pay a subscription fee for it. Everyone is different and no one is perfect. Keep that in mind and be sure to excel on your own.

Mirror mirror on the wall

If you are the youngest daughter in your family, sure enough you are likely to hear aunties at weddings comparing you and your sister’s beauty. Guys, do not think that you are safe from this ritual. Not for one bit! The comparison of your nose, your health, your height, your confidence, and down to every last meaningless thing, be sure to encounter the comments.

Knowledge is the pillar of what?

No matter how good you are in other fields, if you fall behind in terms of grades even if they gave the particular exam when you were in your diapers, you may still have to endure a few smirks regarding your marks compared to your sibling. baizid haque joarder

Funk up your room

What’s yours is mine

The abovementioned line applies for those, who have to share a bedroom with a sibling. Let’s face it; sharing rooms with a brother or a sister can certainly try your patience, no matter how well you get along. It all starts from habits, where sharing a room is concerned, you might become each other’s worst enemies if your day-to-day practices are poles apart. TMAG’s got sibling friendly ideas that’ll make your living space more of a bedroom and less of a battle ground. Here’s how we do it Talk

Since you won’t be getting a separate room anytime soon, might as well talk about your differences. See if the both of you can come to terms with certain habits of each other.

Kill the clutter

Any junk the both of you have been storing, needs to go.


Make a checklist of both your preferences about your room. Narrow down the things you want/need, and consider the same thing for your sibling. Make sure both of you come to a mutual understanding when it comes to adding and disposing of your belongings.



Clothes are the root cause of sibling wars. Mute that by deciding how you want your wardrobe. If you are strict about having a neat wardrobe, then pick out that side of the closet where your sibling refuses to keep your clothes. For those of you, who want a floordrobe (out of the wardrobe and on the floor), make sure, it’s within the closet area and not lying around the entire room.


It all comes down to taste. You may agree to disagree, but when it comes to making your room look nice, you’ll both have to be on the same page. Lighting, wall colours, and separate add-ons such as souvenirs that you both like, will help

bring out your separate personalities, despite the fact that you’re both living in one room. For lights you could try Aslam Lighting in Gulshan 2 (same building as Plaza Central), also, Jatra has a range of trippy lights and lamps. For souvenirs try Gulshan-2 market - statues, masks, all the vintage stuff, you name it!

Sharing is caring

If you are sharing clothes, it would be essential if you keep one or two of those separate plastic boxes. RFL has a range of plastic boxes that serves this very purpose. That way, you’ll know what you borrowed from your brother/ sister. This saves you from being at each other’s throat. rubab nayeem khan





School Survival

The Cheaper Way Out Siblings fight, make truce, have fun, and care for each other. The bond is so unique, it’s unlike any other relationship one can ever experience. Apart from being a joyride from the start to the finish, who would have thought that having siblings would also be so much easier on your wallet? Here are a number of ways in which having a sibling can be a money saving scheme

EVENT Tweets Bdcollectors Gaming Tournament

January 29-31, 4pm-7pm Venue House 53, Road12, Sector 13 uttara

BRAC Bank Women’s Open January 30 Venue BRAC University

Photography Quintessentials - Workshop by BUETPS January 30 Venue BUET

Dazzling Hazel’s Valentine and Falgun surprise January 30 Venue Drik Gallery

Commercial Photography and Studio Management January 30, 10am Venue Counter Foto bigstock

Uniform and stationery

Unless siblings are of different genders, uniforms can usually be handed down from one sibling to another. Even if siblings are from different genders, books and stationery can be saved for younger siblings, reducing a big chunk of expenses for the parents.

Sibling scholarship

Many schools and universities offer from 25% up to 50% sibling scholarships on their school fees. Because Bangladesh has more sibling families than single child families,

these institutions know that providing these waivers will ensure future child enrolment. As parents rest easier putting their children in familiar schools and especially with an older sibling close by, it is a win win situation for everyone.

School bags and copies

Made of tough stuff, bags are a great hand me down gift. Because they are used to rough weather, they are usually in good condition to be reused. One wash will make it as good as new. Copies cannot be reused. However,

lessons in the copies are a great way to walk your young one through the mistakes usually made by students or the kind of questions to be expected.

Stationery at home

Study tables and stationery at home can be used and reused for younger siblings. This is one way to not just cut down on major costs but also to keep traditions alive. Why waste money when you can hand down memories? munira fidai

Prego Blast

January 30, 6pm Venue Prego, The Westin, Gulshan Avenue

e-Commerce & f-Commerce Meetup February 1, 11am Venue EMK Center

Ekushey Boi Mela

February 1, 3pm Venue TSC, Dhaka University

Free workshop on biomedical treatment approach for ASD & ADHD February 1, 4pm Venue EMK Center

TMAG’s Doodle of the week!

faiza doodled this because she is a fan of fma, And therefore awesome

If you are a classroom doodler, email your doodle to and see it in our weekly!

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4 tmag


Beauty Check bigstock

Wait, that’s mine! Siblings who share a room usually share the same toiletries. While this could be an okay thing to do earlier on in life, once adolescence sets in, you need to identify your type and use products that are compatible. There are a few key products that teens share which may not suit two different people. Let’s take a look

Face wash - Oily skin needs an

alcohol free, non abrasive face wash while a dry skin needs a moisturising one. Finding a middle ground here would be difficult and teenage is a time when your skin problems double. Once you have identified your skin type, you can even make natural scrubs together. Just like sharing was fun, de-sharing can be fun too! Shampoo - Just like your facial skin is different, the skin on your head (scalp) is also different. Some scalps are oily, which results in oily hair, and some are dry, which results in a head

full of dandruff. One shampoo may not work for both types. While these are options for two extreme ends of the spectrum, there may be siblings who have similar kinds of hair, which is great, because that means a fun shopping trip. Pillow - This may seem like an eyebrow raiser but it is true. When you sleep, oils from your hair and face are rubbed into your pillow and it is never advisable to sleep on a different person’s pillow. Washing pillow cases every other day is also advisable for whoever sleeps on the pillow. It could

Look of the Week

help you steer clear of problems like acne, dandruff and much more. Make-up and hair oil - Just like your face wash, your make-up should also be according to what your skin type is. Make-up shades should also be according to your complexion. Makeovers can be a lot of fun, but only without the nail biting fear of getting a pimple the next day. Hair oils and other products cater to different kinds of hair - frizzy, sleek, curly, and oily. It’s good to know your hair type before sharing your sister’s serum. munira fidai

Wardrobe Check

Revamping your sibling’s mess Every year, you’ll find your older siblings clothes either stacked at the back of your closet or in a laundry basket that mostly remains untouched. This week TMAG shows you a few tricks to funk up your sibling’s hand-me-downs

The renewed kurti

Pull out your sister’s long kameez and scissor out the long sleeves to quarter sleeves. Get your tailor to shape the bottom of the kameez into a u-boat pattern which comes down to your thighs.You can pair up an old kameez with matching leggings and a scarf around your neck to make it look contemporary and chic.Try keeping the back length of your kameez longer and snip a few inches from the front for the raging high low kameez style.

Revamp the blazers and the wrap coats

Black & Blue Even the closest of sibs have their share of scraps, but at the end of the day, nothing says harmony like pulling off matching denim, skinnies, and loafers

Model Maisha, Shahryar Photographer Homayra Adiba


Make as many loops as you want, and reach under one loop, grab the second loop, and pull it under and over the first. Then, hold on to the second loop and pull the third under and over the second loop. Keep repeating with the procedure till you finish the curve of the t-shirt. Once you are done, press in the sides of the first loop, turn it over and sew it in together with a matching thread. Chek out a pictorial description at http://crafting-dreams.blogspot. com/2012/01/t-shirt-braiding-diy.html natasha rahman

Plain blazers and wrap coats can be found in bulk. However, to find these with a twist is a feat that will take you to the throes of Dhaka college’s traffic for hours before you bag yourself a decent one. Or, you’ll be spending big bucks in the malls for a flimsy coat that may not last your washing machine for more than a month. Take your sibling’s old jackets or blazers and give it your own spin. You can buy rhinestones and place one string of it either on the curve of your blazer’s pocket or only on the collar, maybe even do a small design near the last button. Stones are risky business though, if you overdo it, it will only look tacky. Avoid going all out on the stone work, keep it to the minimum. Less is always more.

Plain tees to party tops

If you have a collection of old tees, then you can funk it up in a zillion ways. Braiding the neckline can do it for you. Carefully use a chalk to mark out the braid you want to make on your T-shirts, and cut at one inch intervals.


tmag 5

Street FFPB Fantasy Football Players of Bangladesh (FFPB)

Fantasy League Top 10 after Gameweek 22 Rank Team 1 Da_Dreamers 2 EBeastmode 3 Sesc17 4 Underdog FC 5 Dream United FC 6 Tomahawk Galacticos 7 Blue squad 8 ABRAR FC 9 Spellbinder 10 FC Sharp Shooters

Car Talk

Manager Fazle Rabbi Ibrahim Mohammad Shadman Haque Shazzadur Rahman Fahim Al Ifran Rahim Rax Rahman Zayan khan Abrar Moeen Arifin Satej_FFPB Maruf Mahbub

GW TOT 65 1454 54 1,421 45 1,419 57 1,406 63 1,404 58 1,396 64 1,395 57 1,389 45 1,384 57 1,379

The code to join FFPB fantasy league is 975-707

HOROSCOPE Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Engaging in sports or going for a brisk walk should do you good this week. If you plan to take up projects, it’s key to think on your feet. Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

There’ll be highs and lows in your level of insight. A friend will let you in on their misery this week. Gemini (May 21-Jun20)

ad wars A good old-fashioned fuse has blown up between two normally sober luxury brands, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar. The weapon of choice? Ads, with dancing chickens

Matters concerning money should be dealt with at the beginning of this week. Don’t wait around for those bills to pile up. Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

Restlessness might get the best of you at the start of this week. Make sure your activities don’t clash with your priorities. Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22) There

Although Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar are poles apart, the 2014 Merc S-class and the 2014 Jag XJR are direct competitors. Being released at the same time this year, both brands have desperately been trying to boost their sales. This has bought them to the point where there is a massive internet war between the two titans of the automotive industry- YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter being the battle ground. In September 2013, the German automaker released an ad titled “Magic Body Control,” named after the 2014 S-Class’s road-scanning technology that detects and stifles the bumps in the asphalt. The commercial featured chickens and their rather strange ability to keep their heads and necks level no matter how their bodies are being moved about. It was a viral hit, thanks in no small part to funny looking flightless birds bobbing to Diana

Ross’s “Upside Down.” Here is a link to the YouTube commercial http://www. embedded&v=nLwML2PagbY In December, Jaguar served Mercedes with an ad of their own, called “Jaguar vs. Chicken.” In it, a typical German engineer dances with a chicken, trying to simulate the Mercedes ad, until the end where the bird is consumed by a jaguar (the animal, not the car). The tagline of the video: “Magic Body Control? We prefer cat-like reflexes.” Damn! Jaguar also added the Twitter hashtag #GoodToBeBad to rub added salt in the wound. Check out the YouTube commercial from the link below http://www. embedded&v=3PQS8SFWNQw Two days later Mercedes-Benz struck back with a photo ad showing an S-Class about to run over a jaguar

(again, the animal) crossing the road. The ad itself read, “Because cat-like reflexes aren’t fast enough- The PreSafe brake.” Mercedes also posted a status on their Facebook page stating “Jaguar is proud of their cat-like reflexes. #IntelligentDrive helps ensure they can stay that way.” Burn! The Pre-Safe system applies maximum braking, 0.6 seconds before what the car decides is an unavoidable accident, reducing the force of impact. Mercedes has described it as an “electronic crumple zone.” So it seems to imply, disturbingly, that the car will indeed go on to hit the large cat. Oh snap! Ding, ding, ding, your turn Jag! We are hoping that Jaguar replies and continues this harmless, but amusing advertising for both brands, keeping us entertained in the process. Tahsin Momin

are perks of being there for loved ones: Hear them out. It might be long and boring, but in the end, they’ll put you on the pedestal. Virgo (Aug 23- Sep 22) Responsibilities and projects may come your way from all directions. Take it up, and try not to flinch.

Libra (Sep 23- Oct

Deadlines are god; understanding that would help you get by this week faster, especially if you have pending work. 22)

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

If you are planning to go on a vacation this week, better get done with any project that’s incomplete first. Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec

Bearer of bad news, or a rather useful one? You could gain information about someone close. Get a grip. 21)

Capricorn (Dec 22Jan19) Don’t let your emotions guide you this week. A grave mistake made by a loved one in the past still haunts you: Try to get closure, or steer clear.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

A part of your brain seems to have shut down. Being active in one aspect is okay for now, but won’t make the cut in the long run. Pisces (Feb 19-Mar20)

Finally you’re on the right track this week. Continue basking in the warmth of glory.

TM AG TU E SDAY, JAN UARY 28, 20 1 4




with or without you Straddling the boundary between friends and family are those annoying, lovable people we call our brothers and sisters. This week, TMAG chats talks about siblings, and life with and without them

one love So much has been said about the love, hate, or estrangements between siblings. Some say, “Can’t live with them, can’t live without em!” Single children on the other hand grow up with a different mindset. They are always under their parents’ radar, sole recipient of all the love and attention. Life for the only child can be different from what most of us imagine. Afsana, an only child, tells TMAG about life sans brother or sister. On relationship with parents: “It’s good. They are overprotective, since I’m their only child.” On who her trouble-shooters are: “I talk to my parents.” On the greenness of grass beyond the fence: “Yes, things would have been a lot different. Their attention would have been divided, which would have made life a lot easier. My parents get worried whenever I’m going somewhere, so, if I had siblings, they wouldn’t just worry about me then. The presence of siblings also affects your personality as well. When you’re the centre of attention among your parents, you expect the same thing from everyone.”

story By

Rubab Nayeem Khan, Baizid Haque Joarder, Natasha Rahman, munira fidai

Photos by

Homayra Adiba


Maisha Shahriar


Ages apart Whenever there is a big age difference between siblings, a lot of issues become evident. A common misconception is that the greater the age difference among siblings, the lower the chances of them being close. It is not entirely unfounded, but not necessarily a rule. Gaps are caused by the people themselves. For instance, in our parent’s generation, the gap of three years would mean that younger one would end up calling the elder “apni”-which signifies a very formal relationship between the two. Is that really necessary? Thankfully, the times have changed. The members of TMAG have talked to a few pairs of siblings with a minimum age gap of five and a maximum of ten years. The findings show that the thought about age differences being a barrier between siblings is more of quite misleading. Talking to a brother and sister who have about six years between them, we found out that they have had a smooth relationship, which came in as a surprise given that most brothers and sisters, even the similarly aged ones, tend to drift apart at some point of time. In another talk with two brothers who share a gap of a solid ten years, we found out something very interesting. They agreed that they never had a problem among themselves but they felt a bit of a drain in their relationship when the younger one hit adolescence. But now they believe that they are the closest they have ever been as they share everything and that due to a level of maturity, they can connect to each other. If you are in a situation where there is a big age difference between you and your sibling that is affecting the relationship between you two, the only bit of advice TMAG can offer you, is to take the initiative to ease into conversation with your sibling. There may be a few awkward situations at first but as the both of you become comfortable, you will start sharing things on your own. Mind you, having someone with whom you can share things with has its perks. And the advices you receive from elder siblings, it’s wise not to blow them away.




two’s company TMAG caught up with Ivy Ahmed to discuss the special connection she has with twin Farabi.

The older twin Farabi, by five minutes only, because that is the amount of time it took the doctors to take me out after her. Bossypants It really depends on the situation. But we boss over the other simultaneously actually.

Peeves When she talks over the phone at night when I am trying to sleep. And when she needs to have the exact number of dresses as I do and how she copies me all the time. Perks I love how we always do the same things together and have same taste in clothes and food.  How to tell them apart Her face

is rounder than mine, she has a zillion beauty spots on her face and I have a huge one on top of my right cheek below my right eye. I am more of the hyper, fun type. I have a pierced nose and she doesn’t. I am the crazy twin. Points of contention Our guy choices, and the fact that Laughing Cow cheese is the best cream cheese ever. Icebreakers Usually we just start talking and at times when we have a common interest like going to a party together etc. 

Proof of twin telepathy When we were kids, we would get sick consecutively. Last year when we were travelling to London, a day before our flight she cut her ankle and the day after we landed, in the airport I cut my ankle in the same place. We can’t sense trouble or sadness unless we are under the same roof (which is all the time). Otherwise we can tell when something is wrong by our certain activities or comments. Usually when we are in any sort of trouble whether little or serious, we let each other know immediately and expect the other to do something about it there and then.

I Got Here First! According to research, the order of your birth is as important as your gender and running a close second to genetics! Yes, an elder child does have a distinct personality, as does the middle child, as does the baby. No, it probably has nothing to do with your genetics or the time of your birth but more to do with how different the same set of parents usually are with the first, middle or third born. Because the first born is the very first experience for parents, they are forever careful and all the more responsible with them. First borns have their parents all to themselves for a certain amount of time, and take on the traits of their parents- responsibility, reliability, good manners etc. Because of the above mentioned characteristics, the first borns are generally perfectionists or high achievers and great with leadership positions, having bossed around younger siblings! The middle child may also be known as the peace maker. This child is not the oh so special first born, nor the much doted upon baby of the family. They usually compensate for the least attention they get from family by having a wide circle of friends. While middle children tend to be very different from the first or last borns, their negotiating skills in family can help them excel at entrepreneurial roles later in life. The last born is usually babied but parents, used to parenthood by then, are not all that over attentive anymore. As a result, last borns learn to seduce and charm early. They share a slice of the special cake with first borns but because of their status as the child of the family, they do less of responsibility and more of creativity. Independent as they are allowed to be, they tend to do well in careers such as acting, comedy, teaching, etc.

The twin equation We don’t have a love and hate relationship at all. We share every single thing with each other and watch out each other’s back and a lot of friends and people don’t know about this. We are pretty proud to be the kind of twins we are. And we are both loveable, and friendly. We have a really normal and a positive equation with each other. The responsible twin We are both

responsible but in different aspects. But I will say I am more responsible.

TM AG TU E SDAY, JAN UARY 28, 20 1 4

8 tmag

written in the Stars

Muscle mania Working out has become a norm in the recent times and the popularity of the idea of going to a gym to keep your body fit is a growing one. There are gyms all around the city but in order to find a quality one, enthusiasts go through a lot to find something that fulfils all their requirements. Rad Sharar gets in touch with Abul Fatah Saad, a young entrepreneur and one of the minds behind Hammer Strength, a gym located in Banani Where did the idea, the effort, and the funding come from?

How did Hammer Strength start out? Well it first came to my mind when I used to exercise in other gyms sometime during 2009. After a few years, it was out of my mind as I was busy with my studies. But in late 2011, during my study period at North South University, for my major in marketing, I took a course named service marketing and that triggered the idea of opening a gym as it is based on providing a service to the customers directly. One thing I had confidence in myself for, was the ability to handle customer service and maintain good relationships with them. So I shared my thoughts with my best friend, Ashfak Ali and started to implement the project in reality.

Mainly the effort came from my friend and I. We conveyed the idea to my father and he was very confused about the concept of opening a gym. He himself is a businessman and we knew we had to demonstrate some facts that would make him understand the concept of a gym as well as the significance of opening it. As a result, we started to gather information for the cost-benefit analysis of the project. Rest assured, the journey was not smooth at all. There were times when we thought it might turn out to be a complete disaster if things didn’t go according to plan. But we believed in ourselves and in our ability to pull something like this off. After analysing for almost a month, we showed the facts and figures, which were hypothetical, to my father and eventually convinced him. We also stated how we would advertise and serve the customers. Consequently my father decided to fund the project himself and not rely on bank loans or other methods. Starting from the purchase of equipment to the installation of the bathrooms, we did it all on our own as we wanted to gather as much

experience as possible. It was a brutal four to five months before the opening of Hammer Strength. One thing I have to mention is that if my friend Ashfak wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have dared to think about such a project. With the grace of Allah and the people engaged in this project (especially my parents and Ashfak), Hammer Strength came into being.

In your opinion, how do you think Hammer Strength is different from other gyms? Almost all the gyms have similar types of services such as equipment, trainers and other facilities. But the most important thing is maintaining it for the longest period of time. We at Hammer Strength strive to maintain a good relationship with our customers and build on it. We have trained staff members who are very capable of doing these things properly. Also the cleanliness and hygiene factor works as a strongpoint for us. We see every person as our potential customer whether they are our members or not. Another characteristic of Hammer Strength is its environment. There hasn’t been a single incident relating to

customer dissatisfaction over the last year and a half. We also do surveys from time to time directly with our customers to learn about their needs/suggestions and try to rectify things accordingly.

State a few facts which you believe your potential customers would like to know about Hammer Strength? Well Hammer Strength is not only a place for exercise. It’s a place where people can meet new people, share, and laugh and build new relations. When we see people come in numbers and have a good time here, we feel proud. So for the customer’s need and convenience, we have already started to expand our gym to another floor within the existing premises. And we hope to start the new floor by mid March In Sha Allah. It will come along with new equipment, new services and new training staff. With the help of Almighty Allah and our well wishers, we are able to come this far and hope to carry on from here to give our customers what they need to remain fit and healthy. Above all, it’s the customers who are doing us favours by coming to the gym and making it a place of immense success. n

What were the biggest hurdles you had to go through when you were forming the gym for the first time? State a few of your hobbies and dreams I like to hang out with my buddies at least once a week. I also like to walk a lot as I find it pleasant. My childhood dream was to become a cricketer but that won’t happen I guess. Dreams change with time. However, if I ever get a chance, I would certainly like to meet Roger Federer as I love seeing him playing tennis as much as I enjoy watching tennis.


As the formation work started during my university days, one of the biggest hurdles was adjusting the time for studies alongside the development work of Hammer Strength. As it was my first experience of tackling things simultaneously, it threw me apart at times but I didn’t let go my dreams. It became a dream which I had to chase down. Eventually the magical day appeared and my life took a new turn, which I think was the game changer in my life.

tmag 9


comic book



non fiction

Sweet Valley Series Written by a series of ghost writers and produced by Francine Pascal, this series chronicles the lives of twins, Jessica and Elizabeth. The stories start when the twins were as young as kindergartners and moves on to their lives in middle, high school, and university. Born to successful parents Ned and Alice Wakefield, Jessica is portrayed as a more flirty and feisty twin in contrast to her sister Elizabeth, who is more conservative and mellow in nature. The series develops their characters very well all through their formation years, that is, their teenage. Incidents like peer

pressure, teen adrenalin which lands them in trouble, pushy boyfriends, lost love, and parental issues are all highlighted in the series, played across each book in a seamless, almost effortless manner. The books delve into telepathic connections that are unique to only twins and one usually senses when the other is in pain, danger or trouble. A fun joyride, from early childhood all the way into adulthood, this series does not disappoint! Munira fidai

The Myth of The Emerald Archer One of the first superhero television shows to achieve acclaim from mainstream as well as die-hard comic fans, Arrow has been a breath of fresh air and seems to be opening the door for even more projects based on comic lore. But Green Arrow as a standalone superhero has always played second fiddle to the likes of Batman or Superman - until a defining story changed everything. Released in the late 80’s the book sees the ageing superhero move to Seattle along with his girlfriend in search of a calmer life only to find themselves pulled into a chain of horrific murders and clashes with the brutal drug trade. The story contains plot points that are fairly standard but what sets it apart is the depth that Grell adds to the

character, Arrow who’s already reflecting on the actions of his past finds himself in further doubt when he takes a life to save his girlfriend’s thus breaking his moral code and leading to a tale that deeply examines the character and everything it stands for. The action isn’t lacking, if anything it’s more realistic and grittier than anything else that was prevalent at the time. Fans are treated to a display of master archery that’s expertly drawn and the retro feel of the art will still resonate with today’s readers. All in all it’s the comic that truly gave birth to a generation of Green Arrow fans and something you absolutely must pick up. fardeen Ameen

Crossing the Bars


The thin rays of light entering through the small window fall on his eyes. He twists his body to hold on to sleep for a few more minutes. However, the increasing temperature causes the sleep to fly away from his eyelids. He gets up reluctantly, rubbing his eyes with the sleeve of his dress. He looks at the window and sighs. It has been days, since he’d seen the reddish sky in the morning and smelt the freshness of a new day. He takes out a small calendar from his pocket. Tears run down his cheeks as he goes through the calendar. Today is the first day of a new year, a new beginning. However, for him everything is paused; time does not fly in this cage. Last year, on this very day he was lying beside his wife. “You moron! This is not your palace where you’ll sleep so much! Go and work in the garden. Go!” The sentry bangs the bars with his steel rod and leaves. Tarun sweeps the dry leaves of the jail garden. Suddenly he

catches sight of a half dried leaf. He picks it up and examines it very thoughtfully. His life has a great resemblance with it; just like the leaf, he too will dry up soon, rotting in this living hell. The big bell rings, he leaves the broom near the weeds and heads towards the dining room. Picking up a warped aluminum plate, he recalls the white ceramic plate on which he was always served by Ratri. Now, there is no ceramic plate nor is there anyone to serve him so affectionately. He sits in the corner of the room, contemplating the sin he has committed. He had choked his happiness with his own hands. He stares at the plate. Seeing the special food of first day of the New Year, a cold fear runs through his spine, cramping his heart, and numbing his nerves. Tarun’s finger trembles as he holds a morsel near his mouth. His ears perceive Ratri’s voice saying, “Are you enjoying your favorite food?” Ayesha khan


Siblings For life While it’s so common to have siblings who are tearing each other’s hair, there are also those who are braiding each others, Locks you both could be polar opposites, but you can always find a meeting point where you could live with each other in peace. Here are a few ways

Make peace with the differences: If your sibling is a

hurricane in the room, shouting and screaming will only make the problem worse. She will probablyfold a T-shirt or two out of fear, and forget about the rest of the mess. Either shift rooms, or get separate closet space. That way you could have your corner mess free and she can bask in her hurricane corner. Socialite by the night: If you are the social butterfly with your Twitter, Whatsapp, and Facebook buzzing all night, keep it down. If your sibling needs to sleep for the big test tomorrow, give her the shut-eye she needs. You may share a room, and sharing means keeping an eye out for your sibling’s discomfort. Hygiene freak: Dripping with sweat over a workout can never be a bad thing. But when you collapse on the comforters of your bed in all that sweat, that calls for trouble. Your sibling’s hygiene antenna may shoot up and that won’t lead to a peaceful night for the both of you. Either take your workout to a different room and if shower isn’t your thing, dip your tower in warm water and rub yourself well. Sleeping in sweat will only have all the germs accumulate in your body, and no one wants to wake up with a zit or two in the morning. natasha rahman

TM AG TU E SDAY, JAN UARY 28, 20 1 4

10 tmag


Guitar Tabs Smells Like Teen Spirit “Nirvana”

Tunes and tones Instrument

E, A, G, C (x4) E, A, G, C (x2) E



Load up on guns



Bring your friends



It’s fun to lose



And to pretend



She’s overboard



Myself assured





I know I know a dirty word





Hello, hello, hello, how low (x4)

[Chorus] E

With the lights out





It’s less dangerous Here we are now









Horses and music The ever-stretching imagination of the human mind has created an endless assortment of musical instruments. Basically, the instruments we see are made from metal, plastic, animal skin, or nylon string. These basically cover most of the common instruments, seen regularly. And in some very rare cases we have instruments made from horsehair. “Horsehair”- you heard it right. The Jouhikko is the national instrument of Finland. Endowed with the genes of the browed lyres (stringed instruments) , the Jouhikko has strings made from twisted horsetail hair, strong on a wooden base and complemented with a bow made from horsehair. If the Jouhikko has two strings then the string on the right (from

your point of view) will emit a drone (a melody which is played continuously throughout the music) and the one on the left is used to tune the music using knuckles at different lengths. It is like chords for guitars, but instead of multiple fingers and strings we use knuckles for one string. In cases when there are three strings; the centre string is the drone, the right one produces an open scale tone and the left one is played just like the tunes of the two stringed Jouhikko. As strange as it may sound, this instrument plays just like a violin burnished with its own personality. It is typically used to play folk music.

inspired banjo tune that showcases gorgeous, if incredibly ghostlike, melodies amid a truly divine power chord crunch. Kimberly’s transformative voice; sweet as the girl next door or as intense as a woman incensed, manipulate the dark lyrics, lending what could have been very one dimensional with an exquisite depth one expects of artists of Leonard Cohen’s caliber. Then, you have “Done” where it is all about moving on, while stomping your feet to the beats of the song. Our personal favourite – what plays like a countrified tribute to 70s theatrical rock piece, Reid and Kimberly Perry with Country Western star Brad Paisley called it

“Forever Mine Nevermind” with its blazing guitar works. The album and its versatility culminate into “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely” which opens with pensive lyrics whispering about a yearning to break free; turning into a powerful youth anthem. The Band Perry works. Whether it is because of Kimberly’s incredible vocal range, or Reid and Neil’s tight musical compositions is yet to be determined but the siblings together have given us an album to remember. Notable Songs: Better Dig Two, Forever Mine Nevermind, Chainsaw, End of Time.

Syed Azraf Zaman

Entertain us I feel stupid


And contagious Here we are now



Entertain us









A milato An albino

The Sophomore Success

A mosquito My libido



[Repeat Chorus]

Verse 2: Same as the Verse 1*

TOP all in


the family


Aisa Hota Hai Shaan and Sagarika


Ain’t nobody Daniel and Natasha Bedingfield

3 Closer Tegan and Sara 4 Dreams The Corrs

5 ¡Corre! Jesse and Joy


Kai Zhala Leslie Lewis, Hariharan

7 You can’t stop us now Hanson

8 I put your records on The Pierces 9

Les Nubians Makeda


Who do you like The Moffats


The second album by the country western trio (siblings no less!) is as electric as its predecessor had been, if not more so. While Country Western usually conjures the image of misery meeting a staid lyrical stump, the Perrys with their combination of bass guitars, and pianos, mandolins, accordions and drums boy, do astound you. Pioneer, the album, lives up to its name, having managed to hit that right balance between bluegrass and classic rock that tugs at your soul. Pioneer’s number one hit lead single, “Better Dig Two,” is a murder ballad that kicks off with Mississipi

nabeela M

tmag 11


gadget hunt


Titan-ic! Shingeki no Kyojin is a Japanese anime with the name translating to “Giants Advance.” However, for nonJapanese viewers, the show was given a new name, albeit a cooler one called Attack on Titan. It takes place in a Medieval-looking time period where humanity lives in the areas between three separate circular walls, one inside the other. These walls are put up to protect humanity from the Titans, mammoth humanoids with no apparent intelligence that simply eat humas because they enjoy it. A bunch of kids who join the military are the focal point of this brilliantly violent and riveting series.There’s loads of gore but the bloodshed doesn’t feel gratuitous at any point. There’s also a horror aspect coming from the unpredictability of events and of course


from the eerie Titans who exhibit an evil-clown like creepiness thanks to the spine chilling expressions on their faces. The ever present feeling that we are seeing what it’s like to be ants in a human world is also a factor worth considering. Besides that, the artwork is fantastic, the soundtrack is decent and improves with the progression of the series. The character and plot development is topnotch and there’s still a ton of room to grow with where the Titans come from, what Eren’s dad injected him with, what’s in the basement and how the Colossal and Armored Titan keep appearing. If you can deal with a bit of gore and are looking for a great show, it’s a fantastic piece of work, well worth the watch. irad mustafa

The Other side We have all came across a handpicked variety of science fiction TV shows namely Lost, Star Trek and others. Each show has its own allure making them different from others. However, it is that X-factor that makes them gold. A series of unexplained bioterrorism attacks known as the “Pattern” has caused an uprising primarily in Boston, Massachusetts. FBI agents Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) along with John Scott were sent to investigate this phenomenon. Amid the investigation, John was exposed to an unknown biochemical, which was detrimental to his body resulting him in fighting against death. In a cry of desperation, Olivia sets out on a journey to find the genius Dr Walter Bishop (John Noble) who she believes could potentially save John. At that time, Walter was residing in a mental institute for a fair 20 years and only his

son Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) could sign his father’s release. Having recruited them both, Olivia was quickly assigned to the “Fringe” division within the FBI - a division that focuses on supernatural events. Olivia, along with Walter, Peter, and Astrid Farnsworth (Jasika Nicole - Walt’s lab assistant) solve exciting new cases together. Fighting crossbred dangerous creatures to catching psychopathic killers, this TV series has it all. Certain interesting elements such as mind reading and walking to parallel universes is what makes this TV series unique and watching it worthwhile. Of course there are other fascinating occurrences as well; then again we wouldn’t want to spoil it for you. “Fringe” has five seasons containing 100 episodes. Check out the series for yourself. Syed Azraf Zaman


Venomous Headshots The match is nearly complete, for only one enemy remains. Carefully taking refuge behind a corner, you reload the last round of your sniper rifle and wait. Seconds pass, and there he is, walking past. You aim, slowly, patiently, and click! Your finger slipped and you missed by a mile. Next thing you know the game’s over. These are the moments you wish you had a better gaming mouse, a reliable one and an affordable one. Well, here it is – the Razer Deathadder 2013. One of Razer’s best selling mice, the Deathadder 2013 has everything you need, and nothing more. Under the hood, it supports up to 6,400dpi, which you are able to configure on-the-fly, or while playing. All five independently programmable buttons are hyper responsive, and also support other cool features like mouse acceleration, surface calibration, independent X-Y sensitivity and even off-lift distance customization. Sounds all high-tech, but it’s actually very simple. The mouse itself is large, uncomplicated and easy to hold. The buttons are widespread, so it’s effortless to figure out where they are during heated gaming sessions. The textured rubber grips on the sides allow full control and precision at all times. It even looks like it’s about to spit venom from its big, gloating mouth. The sinister green glow from the scroll wheel makes it seem even more lethal. It’s really not that difficult to see why the Razer Deathadder 2013 is so popular. It’s even relatively cheap, priced at Tk6,900. If you’ve been missing headshots lately then go ahead and get yourself one of these bad boys, and never miss your target ever again. rad sharar

TM AG TU E SDAY, JAN UARY 28, 20 1 4

12 tmag


Dear Diary,


Five types of siblings The second mother This species is one that usually takes the form of an older brother/sister but can often be confused for being the mother. Characterised by strong maternal instincts to feed, protect and lead the young ‘uns to the “righteous” path, your second mom can be quite a headache at times. An extreme version of this sibling often takes the form of the forever dreaded tyrant – bossing you around, bullying you into doing their bidding and dictating your every move. However, their every move is always aimed at “bringing out the best in you,” however annoying that may sound.

The rebellious brat

Everything in their life is dealt with an open-minded curiosity that they call a “beautiful mess.” Whether the young or old, this one truly believes in the notion of the slob life. Attracted to all things forbidden, like Lindsay Lohan to bad decisions, their complete disregard for consequences has helped them embody an attitude of foulmouthed obnoxiousness. Despite their shortcomings, these brats still manage to get their way, be it with kicking up a fuss or storming out the door leaving a trail of heated fury behind them.

Picture perfect

The golden achiever of the family and the perfect child – this one’s superhuman abilities to get everything right often leaves you feeling like the black sheep. Top marks in class, otherworldly table manners, trophies for sports, singing and dancing: this one aces it all. Every mother’s dream come true and every sibling’s dreaded benchmark for comparison, it’s best to deal with these types by mentally playing “he was adopted” card to help make the blow easier on you.

The snitch

The nightmare sibling, the Jezebel/Judas of snitches, this one makes sure no bad deed of yours goes unpunished. Like an inconspicuous lizard in the crack between your wall, they hide in silence, looking for an opportune moment to catch you red handed. And once they have, boy are you in trouble! No cautionary signals and no warning signs. They’ll tell on you the moment you have your back turned, basking in smug glory.

The partner in crime

Also known as the dream sibling, your partner in crime is your best friend, your confidante, and every other cliche that helps you in your path of no-goodery. Their exuberant enthusiasm for living life on the edge is contagious. They know how to have fun and they know that every game is better played in pairs. Be it late night shenanigans, the thrill of shoplifting, of vigorous stalking – every vice is treated with a “hell yeah!” N Anita Amreen


JANUARY 23, 2014

...I woke up only to find out that whatever happened last night was not a dream. It was as real as it gets. The letter that came in probably changed my day. It was from a school abroad offering me a seat as an exchange student for a year. My parents told me to reply to the offer as soon as possible. It felt good after I contacted the school accepting the offer. But it dawned upon me that I had to leave my current school at least for a year. Although I was loathed the idea of going to my school, I would definitely miss Priyanka more than anything. And the thought of not seeing her smile broke my heart. So as I start packing for my foreign endeavour, I kept on thinking whether I should call up my crush to hear her sweet voice one last time. Oh I would miss her sultry eyes and the beautiful hair that caressed her face ever so slightly. But on the other hand, I thought to myself that when I return from the programme after a year, a lot will have changed and for the better, I hope. I could start fresh when I come back, but will Priyanka remember me? Will she still be single or will some roughneck sweep her off her feet? The mere thought of it brought tears to my eyes. I guess that’s a chance I will have to take. On the day of my departure, I called up Priyanka’s cell phone and waited for her to pick up. On the other side, it felt as if an angel said, “Hello” and my body froze. In an instant, I hung up and turned my cell phone off. I guess I have to survive one year with one “Hello.” When I reached my new school, I thought to myself... late bloomer

If you want to share your awesome or not-so-awesome life events email it to us at

s y a s ys e H e sa Sh

Siblings can either be a pain to live with or blessings in disguise. But incorporate them in your love life; we have a roundup of fist fights and hair tearing between couples. Here are two scenarios couples have to face with their partner’s siblings.

The problem of pretending to be nice to the siblings

He says

My girlfriend loves her elder sister. She has a terrible habit of sneaking into my girlfriend’s phone and giving her advice when she doesn’t need it. Sometimes I feel like I am dating her sister instead of her.

She says

I don’t have any siblings, and unlike many others, I absolutely love it. Hence, when my boyfriend takes me to his clan of cousins’ birthday parties, I just don’t seem to gel well. It gets really awkward and the more I try being nice to them, the pretentious I look.

The problem of having a sibling on a date

He says

The little brat of a brother my girlfriend has, made my life even more irksome than it already is. Pampered to bits by his parents, he insists on going everywhere with my girlfriend. So, I end up babysitting her little brother on a romantic date.

She says

My temper always gets the better of me. However, when I go visit my boyfriend at his cousins, his two sisters are always’ smirking and cracking jokes at me, but never let me hear what they say. I get so conscious around them that I can’t express myself fully in front of my boyfriend.

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