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Dhaka Tribune Wednesday, January 22, 2014 Volume 1, Issue 39



Jonaki's Headquarters Hey friends, The ‘Rivers of the World’ art exhibition by British Council and HSBC took place in Dhaka last week. Young children (aged 11-15) from six Bangladeshi schools and four UK schools took part in creating the paintings. The theme was about keeping our rivers clean and healthy. This week, we’re printing the three winning paintings.

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Solution: A person planning to travel by public transportation would never pack THREE suitcases for a weekend visit. It would be almost impossible to carry for one person. The husband confessed the murder. His wife was leaving him and was about to call a cab when he shot her and placed the body in the doorway to make it look like a drive-by shooting.

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WED N ESDAY, JA N UA RY 22, 201 4

2 Discobang’s pad

Teacher of the week Mr Jon Ryan Sports Frank JamesLampard Super villain of the week Skeletor

3 rivers of the world Art competition

4 Bhootum’s Classroom Amazing facts British Council Jokes

5 Speedy’s Zone

Book Unhooking the moon Music A chilly feeling Toy Ticket to ride TV review Numbers around the Globe Video game Mario Party: Island Tour

6 Dr Meow’s Lab

Animal Facts Chinese Golden Monkey Pet tales Paprika DIY Tissue Paper Flowers Fun science Travelling Toothpick


Discobang's Pad Teacher of the week

An Ideal Teacher

sports star

his life. This shows how he can open up to students and learn from them as well. His favorite quote by George Orwell (author of Animal Farm) is, “If people cannot write well, they cannot think well and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them.” This leads to Ryan’s usual line; “Keep in mind folks, read, read, read!”  As you can probably already tell, Mr Ryan is a classic role model! 

SuperVILLAIN of the week


SAba sattar


Frank James Lampard

Jon Ryan is our pick of the week for this corner! A teacher at the Canadian Trillinium School, he is the teacher you can count on for a fun educational experience. He teaches English, History, Sociology and Political Science. What makes him teacher of the week? For one, he always takes care of his students as if they’re his own. A grade 12 student, Zihan states, “Mr Ryan always tries his best to understand his students.” And he does. Second, he is a lifelong learner. If he could, he would be a student for the rest of

Original name Keldor World Eternia Species Gar Hide out Snake Mountain Affiliations Evil Warriors Nemesis He-Man His name is Skeletor, and he is a true demon who wants one thing more than anything else – power. To become the Master of the Universe, Skeletor needs to know all the secrets of Castle Greyskull, and he will not rest until he does. He is so powerful that nobody can stand in his way, but one. That person is the protector of Castle Greyskull itself, He-man. Rad Sharar

Birth 20th June 1978 Profession Footballer Role Midfielder League English premier league (EPL) Club Chelsea football club Country England

syed azraf zaman

suhadha afrin

A ‘slice of joy’ in the streets! This is the scenario of a typical bright winter day in Rayer Bazar. Children residing in the nearby slums play fun games together -this is the highlight of their day. A “mischievous” distraction with marbles can make these little jewels enjoy the little pleasures in life. Raisa Tamanna Khan

Source: Jaago Foundation

Frank James Lampard started his football career at the club West Ham United in the year 1997. After struggling to settle in the club, Lampard moved to Chelsea for a reported £11m. He is now the highest scoring midfielder in the history of EPL, having scored more than 200 goals and over 150 assists. Not only does he have an eye for goals, he adds to the team defensively and is well known for his “work rate”- a quality that is very important for the game. His long-range shots and free kicks are breathtaking and he is famously known for it. Lampard is currently playing for Chelsea and fits just like any other footballer.

word on the street

WE DN E SDAY, JAN UARY 22, 20 1 4

Art Competition


Rivers of the world

The “Rivers of the World” art exhibition by British Council and HSBC took place in Dhaka last week. Young children (aged 11-15) from six Bangladeshi schools and four UK schools took part in creating the paintings. The theme was about keeping our rivers clean and healthy. This week, we’re printing the three that won paintings.

Basharat Sheiira (Tusti) Scholars School and College Five years old

Lamisa Siddique Dhanmondi Govt Girls High School Class VII

WED N ESDAY, JA N UA RY 22, 201 4

Ishrat Jahan Tisha Dhanmondi Govt Girls High School Class VIII


Bhootum's Classroom

ROFL Q What kind of shoes do spies wear? A Sneakers. Q Why did the boy eat his homework? A His teacher said it was a piece of cake. Q Why did the barber win the race? A He took a short cut. Q What has four wheels and flies? A A garbage truck. Q Why don’t skeletons fight? A They don’t have the guts. Q Did you hear about the kidnapping in school? A Its okay, he woke up. Q Why did the girl bring lipstick and eye shadow to school? A She had a make-up test. Q What did the butcher say on a date? A It was nice meating you. Q What is 65+24+98+173? A A headache.

Label the dragon!

Q Where did the school kittens go for their field trip? A The Mewseum.

Dragons are fantasy animals that you can see in stories and legends. This dragon is made up of different animal body parts. Can you label them in the picture?

Q Why did the tomato turn red? A It saw the salad dressing! Q What did the water say to the boat? A Nothing, it just waved.

eagle’s claws

clam’s belly

cow’s ears

deer’s antlers

fish’s scales

camel’s face

tiger’s feet

snake’s body

Answers: 1 camel’s face  2 tiger’s feet  3 eagle’s claws 4 clam’s belly  5 deer’s antlers  6 cow’s ears 7 snake’s body  8 fish’s scales

Q Where do polar bears vote? A The North poll.









more online at: You can see this activity and englishkids arn g/le il.or unc hco www.britis

WE DN E SDAY, JAN UARY 22, 20 1 4


Speedy's Zone

MUST read book

The search for family In the freezing cold mornings, we are sure you don’t want to leave your bed and would rather stay under your blanket. Why not grab an interesting book to read while in bed? “Unhooking the moon” is a great read. In this story, two siblings Rat and Bob after the passing of their father, plan to go to New York in search of their uncle. Their journey to New York gets adventurous and interesting as


A chilly Feeling Brought to you by the Disney movie Frozen, the official album talks about a great deal of joy and love. With a funny touch, the soundtrack has 10 songs written and put together by Robert Lopez with his wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez. The movie features actress Kristen Bell as Anna and Broadway star Idina Menzel as Elsa.The soundtrack also includes Demi Lovato’s cover of “Let it Go.” The music from Frozen reminds you


video game of the classic music from “Beauty and the Beast” and “Under the Sea.” The different characters come to life through song. The director captures the main character’s cheerfulness in the tune “In Summer,” and Kristen Bell shows off a surprisingly sweet voice. But the real star is Idina Menzel, who’ll give you chills on the song, “Let It Go.” Whether you’ve seen the movie or not, you are bound to enjoy the soundtrack. Saba sattar

throughout the US. You can earn points by connecting two cities using longer pathways. Players making the longest continuous railway can earn extra points as well. “Ticket to ride” is an easy game to play and can be a lot of fun. You can find the game online, till then, Treehouse hopes you don’t miss out on your outdoor games all that much! Syed Azraf Zaman

1 Quack 2 Hoot 3 Zzz It’s true, numbers are boring and hard. But not to worry! There’s a TV show which will make you learn numbers better than Dora the Explorer’s uno, dos, and tres. Called Numbers around the Globe, this show will not only take you on a trip to the deepest jungles and meet the biggest animals, but also teach you to count along the way. Animated animals, from the smallest bees to the biggest elephants, go on adventures and use numbers to help them. Each number is said again and

WED N ESDAY, JA N UA RY 22, 201 4

Syed Azraf Zaman

Mario times 80

Choochoo! Winter is here and you must be missing the outdoor games because of the cold weather. Why not play some fun board games? Stay indoors and enjoy the “ticket to ride” board game with your friends and family. The game is about visiting different cities of the US using train cards. Players are needed to collect train cards which will allow them to get hold of railway paths that will connect cities

tv review

they make new friends and sometimes save themselves from dangerous meetings with unexpected strangers. Will they be successful in finding their uncle? To know of the outcome, grab a copy of this book, tuck yourself in bed with a cup of hot chocolate and read on. This book will surely take you to the streets of New York.

again, which makes it hard to forget in the end. The shapes of the numbers pop up many times with their sounds which helps link what the number sounds like and how it looks. There’s a gap between each number too, to give enough time to learn each one properly. The animals are very playful, friendly, and enjoyable, so it’s not dull at all. Numbers around the World can be watched online at any time. rad sharar

Chess, scrabble and checkers – what’s the common thing about these games? You’re right, they’re boring. But these games do become the way out when you don’t feel like playing on your Nintendo alone, and want someone to play with you. For those times, you could try out Mario Party: Island Tour and it’s not just one game, but 80 new mini-games! Games of adventures, fights, puzzles and strategies, you couldplay them all. You may choose characters for each of them, as you please. Better yet, the game can be found online, which means your friends can download it and play with you. There is no violence or harmful language in it, and is super fun and family friendly. Mario is a classic. For most, getting so many of its mini-games is a jackpot! It is available in game shops around Dhaka for the Nintendo 3DS. rad sharar


Dr Meow's Lab Fun


Travelling Toothpick animal facts

Chinese Golden Monkey •

• • • •

• • •

The Chinese Golden monkey is from one of the Old World monkey families. They have a snub, flat nose and bright golden hair. They are of three species – Moupin, Quinling, and Hubei. The males are double the size of females. They protect their babies fiercely. A few of them always guard their young. They love to eat lichens, and are very picky about their food. They live in very cold places, such as mountains. Fluffy and adorable to look at, even the adult Chinese Golden monkeys look like children.

rad sharar

Ready to play out a travelling toothpick? Here’s what you need to get started: 4 toothpicks, a dish or hand soap and a bowl of water. First, put the 4 toothpicks in a bowl of water. The ends of the toothpicks need to touch each other to make the shape of a square. Then, take a drop of soap on your finger and touch the water in the

middle of the square that you created. The toothpicks should spread out across the bowl. This is what happens with surface tension. When you touch the surface of the water with soap, you break the surface tension of the water and it spreads out like a popped balloon. As it opens out, the toothpicks go along with it. saba sattar

my pet story


Paprika Paprika the proud kitten was rescued when he was only a month. My cousin found him under a bush where he was seen to be abandoned by his mother. He was the most adorable fluff ball my cousin had ever seen. He was seen to have the belly of a proud lion, and would come for his meals regularly. Paprika the boastful cat, unlike other cats hates to play and be touched. One fine morning, my cousin ordered a poached egg and went to freshen up. After a while when my cousin came to eat his breakfast, the yolk was no where to be seen and Paprika was standing in the corner licking his paw like he did every morning. Out of anger, my cousin asked

everyone about the lost yolk but no one had a clue about it. When everyone’s attention turned towards Paprika, it was figured out that he had jumped on to the table and stole the yolk, while no one was around, and

it spilled all over his white fur. When Paprika was questioned about why he stole the yolk all he answered was a meow and managed to melt everyone’s heart. anka malik


Tissue Paper Flowers AFlowers brighten up any room. The problem is, real flowers do not last long and leave a mess. So how about you make them yourself? These tissue paper flowers are very easy to make, very colourful, and will last as long as you want them to What you need Coloured tissue paper (or any thin, coloured paper) Scotch tape Thin wooden sticks Scissors

What to do 1. Cut the papers into a square with six inches on each side. Ask an adult to help you with this. 2. Fold the paper in half. 3. Fold it again into a folded square shape. 4. Twist the corner of the square where the centre is supposed to be. 5. Fold back some of the outer corners so it looks like turned back petals. Press together a bit to keep it in shape. 6. Join the flower to a stick using tape, and you’re done! rad sharar

WE DN E SDAY, JAN UARY 22, 20 1 4

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