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Dhaka Tribune Wednesday, January 8, 2014 Volume 1, Issue 38

Tales From the City Episodes 35: GET THE FIREFLY


Jonaki's Headquarters Hey friends, Today is Bubble Bath day in some parts of the world. Not all of us have tubs at home, but you could easily make a bubble bath for your favourite Barbie or some other doll. Just pour some shampoo into a small bowl of warm water, and stir to make lots of bubbles,

and you will have a nice, bubbly bath to put your plastic doll in. The best part? They come out squeaky clean! Let me know when you have tried it! Send your poems, drawings and stories to

Love Jonaki

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DhakaTribune Editor Zafar Sobhan

Magazine Editor Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Treehouse Team Sabiha Mahmud Sumi Rubab Nayeem Khan Munira Fidai Natasha Rahman Saudia Afrin Tahsin Momin Baizid Haque Joarder Fuad M Hossain Contributor Rad Sharar Sama E Deen Solution: The vicar is lying - without knowing it. In October all clocks are turned one hour back (Daylight Saving Time) - except sundials. So when the sundial shows 12 o’clock the time is actually only 11 0’clock, so the tramp could easily be at the scene of the crime at noon. His alibi blown he confessed.

Graphics Sabiha Mahmud Sumi Mohammed Mahbub Alam


Cartoonist Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy Rio Shuvo Colour Specialist Shekhar Mondal Kazi Syras Al Mahmood Production Masum Billah Advertising Shahidan Khurshed Circulation Wahid Murad Email Website

WED N ESDAY, JA N UA RY 8 , 201 4

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Discobang's Pad Teacher of the week


sports star

Rod Laver Rodney George Laver or “Rod” was one of the greatest professional tennis players of all time. Retiring in 1976, this very talented Australian had broken records and still remains unbeaten today. As actions speak louder than words, here are a few of his many well-known achievements. The rest is for you to judge. Career titles 200 (highest in history) Singles titles per season 22 (alltime male record) All 4 Grand slam singles title 2 (highest in history) Grand slam singles wins 11 Grand slam doubles wins 9 Pro slam wins 8 Ranking world no 1 For 7 years (in a row) rad sharar

With 20 years of Bangla teaching experience, Quazi Rezina Akhter has managed to make every student, taking Bangla as a subject for O levels, love her. Not only do her students attend her classes regularly but they also love Bangla as a whole. She says: “If you don’t take the child’s problems and faults to be your own, they will never learn to be friendly.” Rezina’s students get excellent results and show strong respect for our mother tongue. When asked about her success, she answers: “It is only a relationship of trust, love, and respect that the child deserves. That is what I give, and in return I get excellent responses everytime, may it be for my projects,

respect or love. Funny and having the ability to gain blind trust from parents, Rezina is an excellent teacher and a friend when needed. She likes debating, music and reading, and has encouraged students to get involved in extra curricular activities. Rezina is currently a teacher in Dawn Grammar International School. “She is nothing but positive energy and an extremely lively person” say her students. In her free time, Rezina loves to read novels and study. Other than that, she is always surrounded by students, trying to show their thankfulness towards her, be it in Bangladesh or America. anka malik


Superhero of the week


rogue Real name Anna Marie Publisher Marvel Team affiliations Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, X-Men Superpower Ability to grip memories, nature, powers and special gifted touches Rogue was raised by her aunt, but later ran away to be taken in by Mystique as a foster mother. She realised she could never live normally because of her powers, which

made her so angry that she joined the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Following their orders, she drained Ms Marvel of her powers and used it to attack the Avengers and the X-Men. However, she soon started losing control, and her only hope of a fresh start was Charles Xavier of the X-Men. He believed and agreed to help her, from which point on she began to work to make the world a better place, both for mutants and humans alike. Rad Sharar

Free text book distribution The first day of New Year was celebrated with a huge distribution of free text books among school children.

WE DN E SDAY, JAN UARY 8, 20 1 4

Treehouse Comics


Created by Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Story by Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Illustration by Syed Rashad Imam Tanmoy Colour by Rio Shuvo

Tales From the City

Episode 35: Safe JOnaki

The story so far Back at the Treehouse, Jonaki’s friends are planning for a way to break her out

WED N ESDAY, JA N UA RY 8 , 201 4


Bhootum's Classroom

ROFL Q: What do you get when you cross a snake and a pie? A: A pie-thon! Q: What is ‘out of bounds’? A: An exhausted kangaroo! Q: What did the buffalo say to his son when he went away on a trip? A: Bison! Q: Why didn’t the boy believe the tiger? A: He thought it was a lion! Q: How do bees get to school? A: By school buzz! Q: What do you call a bear with no ears? A: B!


tongue twisters Tongue twisters are difficult to say. How fast can you say it without making any mistakes?

Zebras zig and zebras zag

You can play this game and more online at:

WE DN E SDAY, JAN UARY 8, 20 1 4


Speedy's Zone

MUST watch movie

IN THE SEARCH FOR HONOUR A 2013 South African animated adventure, Khumba tells the story of a half striped zebra that sets out on a journey in search for his honour and pride. Born into a clan of zebras that are crazy about stripes, Khumba is looked down upon for his unusual half striped body. The clan blames him for the drought that sets into Great Karoo and also blames him for the miseries that follow. Knowing that he cannot survive in the herd without gaining



all his stripes, the sad Khumba leaves his clan and becomes friends with other animals of the world beyond, learning many things at the end of his adventure which helps him gain back his confidence and pride. The beauty of the African wilderness is beautifully shown in this movie along with a great story plot. The movie is made up of, knowledge and entertainment which makes it one you really shouldn’t miss. sama e deen


Author Robert Paul Weston Genre Fantasy Age 8-12 years

company disappears. Now it’s up to Elliot and the creatures to make a crazy invention to bring his uncle back.

The Story 12 year old Elliot is excited to go to DENKI-3000, a crazy facility that makes Transmints- breath mints that use the Web to send out memories. When he and his friend Leslie discover the secret behind the mysterious factory- a group of alien creatures running the company, Elliot’s Uncle Archie who works in the

Any Good? The Creature Department is filled with crazy adventures which make it a fun read. The book delivers positive messages on friendship and self confidence. If you liked Willy Wonka, this book is going to top your list.

Gotta Catch’em All

sama e deen


cow beaten into human In a village, there lived an old woman. She had two cows, one was white and the other one was red. The white one was gentle and the red one was very naughty and arrogant. In that village, a teacher could make bad students into good students. It was said that he could turn cows into humans. When the old woman really thought that the teacher could turn cows into humans, she went to the teacher with her two cows. The old woman told him, “I am too old, who knows when I’ll die. However, if I die who will take care of my two cows then? Can you please turn my two cows into humans?” At that time, a naughty idea came into the teacher’s mind. He explained the old woman, “I can beat your two cows into humans but you cannot come every day to meet them. You can only come after a month. The old woman asked, “Why can’t I come every day?” The teacher replied, “If you come every day the cows would not pay any attention to my lessons.” So the old woman accepted to come

WED N ESDAY, JA N UA RY 8 , 201 4

after three months. After two days, the teacher sold the two cows at the market. Three months later, the old woman came to see her two cows. She called out the teacher and asked, “Do you remember me? I asked you to make my two cows into humans. Where are my two cows? I want to see them.” The teacher thought for some time and told, “Yes, I remember you old woman, your cows are now people, the white cow is the District Commissioner (DC) of a city and the red cow is the ASP of a police station. After hearing this, old woman happily went to meet the cows. First, she went to meet the DC She asked the gate-man, “Wise man, can I meet the DC of this place?” The gate-man replied, “What do you think old woman I will let you meet the DC?”He mistreated the poor old woman. At that moment, the DC was returning home and saw both of them arguing. So he asked the gateman what the problem was. The gateman explained everything. The DC was a well-mannered man so he took the old woman along with him to his house.

The DC gave the old woman some food. The DC told, “Old woman now you should go home and take rest” and gave her some money. Then the old woman happily went out and could realize that surely it was the white cow! The old woman then went to the ASP, which was the red cow. She asked the gateman that she wanted to meet the ASP of this police station. The gate-man let her enter. The ASP got very angry upon seeing the old woman so he yelled at her saying “What is the problem here?! I am being disturbed! Get out of here!” The old woman then sadly went to her village and surely could realize that it was the red cow. She met the teacher and explained, “My cows are still the same. The white cow was gentle and he still is gentle. The red cow was arrogant and he still is arrogant.” The teacher replied, “Haven’t you heard? Black will take no other hue!”The old woman replied, “Yes, Yes you are right. Even though they changed into human but their behavior is still alike before.” Rishov Shadman

When it comes down to Pokemon, the rule is you gotta catch ‘em all! Along with collectables such as cards, figures, and dolls, Japan has now sent their love with Bandai Pokemon D-Arts. What makes these figures special is that they are very lifelike and full of movable joints. The first of the D-Arts was Mewtwo, and it is created to its perfect size, with 37 movable parts! It even comes with a shadowball and a smaller, adorable mew to fly by his side. Then you have the fiery Charizard. A little bigger than Mewtwo, Charizard comes with foldable wings, a biting mouth and flames burning from his tail and jaws! Both the figures are able to pose as if flying, which looks awesome when fighting against each other. For a true Pokemon fan, this is pure happiness. Bandai Pokemon D-Arts can be ordered online, and prices are reasonable at $60+ dollars (Tk4000) each. rad sharar


Dr Meow's Lab animal facts

East African Bongo



Flying Ice

• The East African bongo is one of the largest forest antelopes, with a height of four feet at the shoulder and a weight of approx 350-to-450 pounds. • The scientific name for the Bongo is Tragelaphuseurycerusisaaci • It is found in lowlands and mountain forests. • It eats leaves, grasses, fruit, roots, twigs and bark. • They feed from late evening to dawn. • Depending more on its hearing senses than on sight, the Bongo is shy and fast and hastily withdraws when alarmed. • It looks graceful when it breaks into a

full run through the forest, keeping its horns on its back, so the growth does not slow it down. • The male lives alone, while females with babies live in clusters of six-toeight animals.

• The female gives birth to one baby after about 285 days of carrying it. • The Dallas Zoo breeds this animal and sends the new-borns to Kenya’s Aberdare Mountains to prevent them from going extinct. munira fidai

my pet story

My own Mars Bar You know how magicians make things fly without touching them? Why not do it yourself? Here’s how you can put on a show by making ice cubes fly with your magic powers, with a little help from science. You need • Ice Cubes • Cold water • Glass mug/cup • Thin white string (6 inches of sewing string would do) • Salt Instructions 1. Fill the mug with water. 2. Dip the cube into it. Wait till it stops floating and stay still. 3. Gently, lay the string above the floating ice cube. 4. Sprinkle salt over the cube and the string. Wait 5 minutes. 5. Slowly raise the string, holding from both sides and watch the cube fly! What happens? Salt makes ice melt faster. When the salt is on the ice cube, it makes the ice melt just a bit. This allows the string to go into the cube and freeze again with the string inside it, as the ice is still cold. This is why the whole ice cube rises as the string is pulled. rad sharar

My friends and I were eating at the Awesome Burger stand in Gulshan 2, when a really friendly puppy ran up to us, and started wagging his tail and licking our hands. He was the cutest dog, and we all instantly fell in love with him. He walked with a limp because a rickshaw had hit him, but that didn’t stop him from trying to jump around and make friends with us. When he came and sat against my leg, I knew I wanted to take him home. That’s how I got Mars, and it was the best idea ever to adopt him. He is a mixed breed dog off the streets, but I think he’s way better than any other dog. When I come home, he doesn’t even let me step into the house; he

runs all the way out and starts jumping up and down trying to lick my face. Every morning when I wake up, I find him waiting outside my bedroom door, waiting to play. He has way more energy than me, and sometimes when he understands that I’m tried, he comes and lies on my feet, and rests with me. He’s not perfect though, because I will often come home and find my pillows ripped, or my room pretty much destroyed because he was bored without me. Mars can now play fetch, and learned to stay and sit on command in just two days. He also knows how to “heel.” This shows that he is intelligent as well as loving. He can be a handful,

but he puts a smile on my face every day, and I would not give that up for anything in the world. Rohini Alamgir


Memory Tidbits It’s so hard to throw away our old and fond memorable goodies, like that pretty pen given by a best friend or that awesome little coin which was found when digging a hole with a brother. Right? So, today, we are going to make a nice looking memory box to save all our memories. This memory tidbit box can be very easily made and without any help at all! You need • Cool and colorful paper-cutouts • Glue • Shoe box with a lid

Any kind of goodies to make the box pretty.

Instructions Wrap up your shoe box and the lid with cool and colourful paper cutouts with the glue. Stick any kind of pretty goodies like strings, cool buttons and stones or any type of scraps you thought were worth keeping on the box. You have your perfect little Memory Tidbit Box ready. All you now need to do is fill the box with every memory you can and promise to never let it go! Rubana Iqbal Prema

WE DN E SDAY, JAN UARY 8, 20 1 4