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Dhaka Tribune Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Volume 1, Issue 37

Tales From the City Episodes 34: not so bad


Jonaki's Headquarters Hey friends, Happy New Year! We hope this one will be a great one for you, filled with fun and games and lots of learning. School isn’t starting for a few days yet, so enjoy the lovely wintry weather. My favourite part about winter is snuggling under a

warm blanket when it’s cold outside. What is yours? Write to me and let me know. Send your poems, drawings and stories to

Love Jonaki

A weekly production of

DhakaTribune Editor Zafar Sobhan

Magazine Editor Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Treehouse Team Sabiha Mahmud Sumi Rubab Nayeem Khan Munira Fidai Natasha Rahman Saudia Afrin Tahsin Momin Baizid Haque Joarder Fuad M Hossain Contributor Rad Sharar Sama E Deen Saba Sattar Anka Malik Avita Maheen Tamkanat Siddique

Solution: Mr. Faisul from Saudi Arabia is “The Man with the 1000 Faces” in disguise. He is drinking wine from a wine glass and no Muslim would ever drink any kind of alcoholic beverage at a public and formal occasion like this.


Cartoonist Rio Shuvo Graphics Sabiha Mahmud Sumi Mohammed Mahbub Alam Colour Specialist Shekhar Mondal Kazi Syras Al Mahmood Production Masum Billah Advertising Shahidan Khurshed Circulation Wahid Murad Email Website


2 Discobang’s pad

Teacher of the week Tariq Khan Superhero of the week Nightcrawler Sports star Peyton Manning Word on the street xxx

3 Tales from the city Not so bad

4 Bhootum’s Classroom Amazing fact Jokes Learn English kids Paint it

5 Speedy’s Zone

Book Blythewood Movie Madagascar 3 App Motion Math: Pizza! Poem Happy new year Videogame Sofia the first

6 Dr Meow’s Lab

My pet story Tin Tin the cat DIY Plastic plate bird nests Fun science Mending Envelope Animal facts Pine Marten


Discobang's Pad Teacher of the week


sports star

Peyton Manning Full name Peyton Williams Manning Nationality American Profession Football player (NFL) Current Team Denver Broncos Position Quarterback

A great personality, a caring friend and a unique teacher, Tariq Khan is a English Language and Literature teacher at Mastermind school. It was the will to make a change in this world that encouraged Khan to become a teacher. Always patient with all his students in class, Khan never fails to recognise his students’ problems and always makes studies fun for them by his special ability to teach with ease. Following his favourite quotation “I may not agree with you, but I will

fight for your opinion.” Khan is a teacher admired by all. When asked about his favourite memory from his teaching career, Khan proudly talked about the time when he guided one of his students with the admission for MIT. In hopes of contributing to a uniform education system based on kindness but directed to the generous practice of science, Khan continues to aim for his goal, in turn instructing many potential souls. Sama E Deen Courtesy

word on the street

Nicknamed “The Sheriff,” Manning is one of the popular names in the National Football League (NFL). He began his professional career with the Indianapolis Colts in 1998, but switched to the Broncos in 2012. His trophies alone are remarkable, for he was named AP Most Valuable Player in the NFL four times and the AFC Offensive Player of the Year seven times. He even led the Colts to win the XLI Super Bowl while bringing home the XLI MVP as well in 2007. Manning comes from a successful sporting family, his father being former NFL quarterback Archie Manning and brother, Eli Manning, the quarterback for the New York Giants. A loving family man, Peyton even wrote a children’s picture book called “The Huddle,” showing how he, his brother and father played football together when they were young. rad sharar

Superhero of the week

Farzina Ahsan

education first Source: Jaago Foundation

Those eyes are full of dreams, hopes and a good life full of joy. They are the Rayed Bazar dwellers, living next to JAAGO School. They are eager to learn and we should all come together and help them get into school. It would require Tk1500 to sponsor a child in JAAGO. JAAGO has created a huge opportunity for us to contribute on the change of the country. So, come forward and support these beautiful souls.

nightcrawler Real Name Kurt Wagner Alias Fuzzy Elf Affiliation X-Men, former Excalibur Physical Attributes Has blue skin, indigo hair and shining yellow eyes with no pupils Powers Teleports through portals, clings to surfaces with hands and feet Abilities Olympic class acrobat, skilled hand to hand combatant, master at fencing which he also performs with his tail. Sama E Deen

Suhadha Afrin

WE DN E SDAY, JAN UARY 1 , 20 1 4

Treehouse Comics


Created by Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Story by Sabrina Fatma Ahmad Illustration by Rio Shuvo

Tales From the City Episode 34: not so bad

The story so far Jonaki has been captured by the Human Boy, and she doesn’t know what is going to happen to her. For now, it looks like the Boy is having fun with his new toy


Bhootum's Classroom


ROFL Q. Why did the cat visit Minnesota? A. To get a mini soda.

Q. Where does a sheep like to go for vacation? A. Baaaaahamas.

Q. What do you call an alligator that steals? A. Crookodile.

Q. How do you make fire with the help of two sticks? A. You make sure one is a match.

Q. Why did the banana visit the hospital? A. Because he wasn’t peeling well.

Q. Which country is most slippery? A. Greece.

Q. Why can’t you say a joke standing on ice? A. Because it might crack up.

Q. What starts with E, ends with E and has one letter in it? A. An envelope.

paint it! Have fun colouring this clown’s face. Colour his nose red. Colour his eyes blue. Colour his mouth purple. Colour his hair yellow. Colour his ears green.

Q. What kind of nails do carpenters hate to hit? A. Fingernails.

Q. Who could earn a living by driving their customer away? A. A taxi driver.

Colour his teeth pink.

more online at: You can see this activity and englishkids arn g/le il.or www.britishcounc

WE DN E SDAY, JAN UARY 1 , 20 1 4


Speedy's Zone


Let’s make Pizzas! Looking for a fun yet educational app? Motion Math: Pizza is just the thing for you! It’s a creative app that will teach you how to run a pizza shop. Once you open the shop you have to calculate the correct price of the orders you take, however, you can’t take too long to fill out an order. The game teaches


Avaline Hall, a seamstress is upset over the tragic death of her mother. When a sudden fire burns over Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, the place where Avaline works, she escapes and finds herself in a mental hospital, from where she is taken to a mysterious boarding school called Blythewood. She learns to fight imaginary creatures and discover

Happy New secrets behind her mother’s death.


ANY GOOD? Blythewood by Carol Goodman comes with strong positive messages on the value of friendship, love and honesty. Once you start reading it, you won’t be able to put it down. Sama e deen

Together we join Sofia’s world VTechInnoTab Software - Sofia the First is a game based on the TV show. It’s a classic princess story which includes Three Good Fairies from Sleeping Beauty. Through this game, you can learn about remembering and creating patterns, and grouping and classifying objects, as well as counting and skipcounting up and down. This game also includes an e-Book, a photo activity, and a collection of eight mini-games that are mashed together into a story.

The VTech photo lab activity permits you to take pictures of yourselves with characters from the game. In this journey, you will be overjoyed to join in Sofia’s world where they can use their painting ideas. After you complete each level, you get to unlock free play mode from the main menu. Moreover, this game is a dream come true to many as it includes the royal world and its actions and mysteries. avita maheen

I like to move it With the hope of getting back to their home, New York, Alex the lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippo land themselves into a new adventure. King Julien, Maurice and the Penguins of course, are additions to the thrilling adventure. The same craziness, smartness and the unbreakable bond of these friends lead

O my dear O my dear Happy New Year Happy New Year O my teddy O my bear I love you Happy New Year O my Jonaki O my friend This is a grand Happy New Year



Avita Maheen



video game

you to arrive on time and calculate money which are two of the most important things to run a business. Since you are your own boss, you get to name your pizzas. This app should be an instant hit among those of you who love pizza!

them to a journey in which they meet a perfect set of madness: a travelling circus. Amazing stunts and beautiful use of colours has made this movie a must watch! With house burning music and unlimited fun this movie is a hit. In addition to the craziness, the expected friendship and trust is also shown! Anka Malik

Everybody laugh and no tear O my dear Happy New Year Tamkanat Siddiqui, Age 7 ST. FRANCIS XAVIER’S GREENHERALD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL


Dr Meow's Lab animal facts

Pine Marten Fun


The Amazing, Mending Envelope

• They have chestnut-brown fur and a bushy tail. • They have a typical creamy-yellow throat. • Females are smaller than the males. • They live in woodlands, but sometimes they are also found in rocky moorland and hillsides. • They have a life span of 10 years or more. • They eat small birds and mammals. • They are active during the night. • They like to hunt alone. • They can climb trees easily. • They breed only once a year. avita maheen

my pet story

itty Bitty little kitty

Who knew you could do a simple trick with an envelope! The idea is to make your audience think you can fix a torn picture. Here’s what you need: clear tape, paper, markers or crayons, two envelopes which look similar, and an audience! First, tape the two envelopes beside each other as it should look like a single envelope. Then, draw any picture on one paper and trace it. It will look like you have two similar envelopes. Put one of the drawings in the front envelope. Show it to your audience. Tell them you can fix a torn picture out of thin air! Show them the inside of the back envelope which is empty. Put the pieces into it. Say some magic words. Hold the front of the envelope to the audience, open the front envelope. Pull out the other drawing you made which was not torn up. Your audience will be surprised! saba sattar

Cats are usually very shy and mostly seen when its play time or food time. Tintin, the kitten I managed to keep in my house for five months, won everyone’s heart in just a day or two. The cute fur ball was seen to have a very friendly attitude towards everybody and specially me. Very quickly Tintin developed the habit of waking me up early in the morning by scratching me and making me run after her. This game would go on for hours. One fine day I fell really sick, and following the usual routine Tintin came up to me. Out of irritation I pushed her from the bed. After that,

Tintin didn’t come up to me the whole day. After I felt a bit better, I searched for Tintin and to my surprise she was lying in the veranda all upset. Seeing Tintin upset made me feel really guilty. So I went up to her gave a pat on her back and ran away, and surprisingly I saw her running back after me. After she got hold of me, she scratched my feet, mewed to me, and started licking my hand. Suddenly after the drama love, she scratched my hand and ran! I could see how happy Tintin felt. Her excitement instantly made me forget about my sickness. And like I said earlier, even this time the game

continued for hours! Pets, they can brighten your life up even in the darkest of nights. ANKA MALIK


Plastic plate bird nests Ever think of making a bird’s nest on your own? Here are a few tips: You need • Disposable Plates • Staples • Ice-cream Sticks. • Paper • Acrylic paint Instructions Cut the plate into halves and staple the rims together keeping the

top part open. Color the full plate brown and for extra effect, glue some shredded small pieces of brown paper to the “NEST.” Once the nest is done, take some paper and shape it into a ball and give it a bird look by coloring it. Stick the ice-cream sticks at the end of the bird and place it in between the rims which makes it free to move side ways. Hang it on your wall. Pull the sticks to put the baby birds inside the nest and push it out to feed them! anka Malik

WE DN E SDAY, JAN UARY 1 , 20 1 4

Treehouse Vol 1 Issue 37  

Dhaka Tribune's tween supplement. Where the fun is at

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