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Tuesday, November 26, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 31

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Editor’s note

How to wake up before 8am classes 1. Set an alarm at 5:45/6am; 2. Press dismiss when it goes off, and hibernate like a graceless bear 3. Gain consciousness for few seconds, then slither towards the edge of the bed and start hanging by the bed sheet. 4. Let go off the bed sheet. 5. The butt/back injury will wake you up.

Quote of the week My friend falls, I laugh...My phone falls, I panic.

Lingo of the week FOMO Fear of missing out (on events, trends, etc) Example Boy 1 “Dude, I can’t believe I missed the concert yesterday!” Boy 2 “Calm down you FOMO!”

More inside GOSSIP 12 Blush Much? PICKS OF THE WEEK 2 Room of the week Nipa Chowdhury 3 Doodle of the week Imad Al Din 10 Guitar tabs of the week “Blurry” by Puddle of Mudd

11 App of the week Trailerpop YOUR WORLD 5 Car Morgan Aero Super Sport 9 Fiction Nondini 9 Non-fiction Techno magician 9 Comic book “Seven Soldiers of Victory” by Grant Morrison

9 Book “The Book Theif” by Mark Zusak 10 Music New album by Washed Out 10 Spotlight Rocknation III- Centre Stage 11 Gadget Logitech ultimate ears 100 11 TV The following

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Dear Readers, Now that November’s events are winding down, and the city grows quieter ahead of the wedding season, and the threat of another rash of hartals hangs in the air, nights in Dhaka can get pretty suffocating. This is sad because given the pace of life in the city, many of us find the night time is the only time they get for themselves. This week we decided to do a Gaga and marry the night. We’re talking about sleep, the lack of and the need for in FYI (page 2) and Schoologistics (page 3). On beauty check, we discuss the night-time beauty routine (page 4) and this week’s Written in the Stars (page 8) is really written in the stars. Got a question or comment? Drop us a word on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook. com/dhakatribunetmag Want to contribute? Send us your doodles, flash fiction and room photos to tmag@ Look forward to talking to you! Love from the TMAG desk

HOROSCOPES 5 Your forecast

About the cover Turning it up at night Model Aminur Rashid, Kazi Tahmid, Istela Imam, Priota Farelin Iftekhar Photographer Homayra Adiba

4 Look of the Week Jammy Junction

6 HOT TOPIC When darkness falls

8 Written in the Stars Bangladesh Astronomical Association

TM AG TU E SDAY, N OVE MB E R 26, 20 1 3



Your Life

Funk up your room

Flawless sleep

It is almost the end of the year. Generally during this time, people start feeling cold at dawn and dusk, as well as at night. One of the prevalent troubles faced relatively often is the inconsistent temperature levels. This is high time to rethink your bedding situation? To ease you from this hectic decision making process, TMAG has come up with a number of cool and colourful ideas for your bed. Check out the fantastic ideas and make your life much better A tale of patterns

Simplicity in vibrant colours, tie-dye and winter is a perfect match. Blanket your bed in this semi-cold weather with colourful floral designs of tie-dye. To make your room brighter, go with a white background and wavy designs of tie in any colour. Apart from this, how do you feel about adding bold colours and subtle patterns to your sleep space like bright paisley patterns in splashed or seaside floral on white? Or just twist your bed into a work of art with our traditional stitches. Feel the beauty of life which comes out on the canvas of your sheet.

Comfort in fabrics

Every fabric has its own quality to deliver comfort but this is also a matter of individual taste. For such unpredictable weather, when you think of fabric, cotton comes first to mind because it suites every season. What’s more, the crisp appearance of percale with shadowy coloured flowers would seem wonderful for a trendy and personalised look. Cotton - polyester blended fabric is another great option because it wrinkles less than pure cotton. Also, it helps to increase body heat when needed.

How to get

Aarong and Jatra are some of our home brand shops, but you will find a wide collection of bedsheets at Gulshan 1, Gulshan 2, and New market. Prices totally depend on the material of your fabric and you’ll find plenty of good quality bedsheets with prices starting from Tk2,000 up to Tk10,000. Or, you can just enter the virtual shop of Browse around the website, choose and order your desired one. Saudia Afrin



Rock-A-Bye-Baby When it comes to sleep, opinons can be poles apart. Some of us love nothing better than to sleep while others find it to be a complete waste of time. With temptations like BBM, Whatsapp, Viber, readily available video sites like YouTube and the social universe that is Facebook, it is getting harder and harder to coerce oneself to go to sleep. TMAG hopes the benefits below will make you consider otherwise

Tahsin Momin

TMAG’s Room of the week!



Snooze time is when your brain consolidates all that you have learnt during the day. How does it do this? Wel, that’s for your biology teacher to explain but what TMAG is going to tell you is that you can emerge sharper than your CPU if only you give your brain a chance to recuperate.


Sleep boosts your creativity by organising all the information you have accumulated through the day and helping you make sense of where you left off the previous night. This leaves your brain uncluttered enough to think of more creative ways to make your work better. Artists, writers, and teens in other creative fields- sleep off your respective blocks!


Athletes and sports addicts, this one’s for you. Research shows that getting a good

TM AG TU ESDAY, NOVE M B E R 26 , 2013

night’s sleep can improve your game by a lot. It decreases daytime fatigue and increases stamina, all of which is good news for sports people.


While adults just get cranky or sleepy because of lack of sleep, young adults get hyperactive and lose their much needed attention span to all-nighters. Since ADHD is a popular fad and everyone claims to have it, let it be heard that attention deficit symptoms can be curbed by proper sleep.


This one is for all weight conscious teens out there - if you’re following a special diet, a good way to have the diet work better for you is to also pull your bedtime earlier. According to research, early sleepers lost more fat whereas late sleepers just lost more muscle. Munira Fidai



Nipa Chowdhury


Tick Tock Wall decals and mirrors are great, but sometimes a statement timepiece is all you need to add some visual interest to your wall




EVENT Tweets

TMAG’s Doodle of the week!

GRE Tips & Strategies Workshop November 26, 1:30pm Venue EMK Center

Graduate University Search Process (Activity B) November 27, 3pm Venue The American Center

EMK Volunteer Orientation and Certificate Giving November 27, 5pm Venue EMK Center

imad al din doodled this during insomnia

BRAC Bank Women’s Open November 28 Venue BRAC University If you are a classroom doodler, email your doodle to and see it in our weekly!

School Survival

B’s Winter Exhibition

Silent Night

November 28, 11am Venue Drik Gallery

Aspiring and current students of architecture, medicine, and other demanding fields are all too familiar with group studies, especially those spanning over entire nights. While we have grown up hearing the early to bed and early to rise cliche, there are many among us who can truly concentrate better at night. Here’s how to make this popular ritual, albeit for a most boring reason, a little more productive Couch potato

“Rivers of the World” Public Art Exhibition November 28, 3:30pm Venue Rabindra Sarobor

EWU Debate Spree

November 29, 9am Venue East West University

Emergency Response with Volunteers: Community Emergency Response Team in Urban Areas

Prepare yourself with things you will need for the study group- pens, highlighters, laptops and chargers, books, notes, and paper. Yes, it’s all there in your room somewhere, but best to gather these around your main perch. Night times are very lazy. Make sure you have everything you need around you so that you don’t have to get up again and again to look for essentials.

November 29, 9am Venue EMK Center

Premier show - “Shopno Pothik’’

November 29, 7pm Venue Bangladesh Shilpokola Academy

Perk ups

Coke, coffee, and foods that are high in sugar and/or caffeine are the best for such nights. True, they are not healthy if made a habit out of but for certain times when there is no option but to pull an all-nighter, these are great. They help you stay up longer and ward off sleep, keeping you energetic and going for hours. Be sure to sleep off your tiredness the following day unless you want to fall sick with exhaustion.

FIFA 14 Competitional Tournament

November 29, 10am Venue Road 59, House 4, Rooftop, Gulshan 2 North

Video Contest: Engineering for life November 30 Venue BRAC University

Socio Camp

Take a break

Everyone starts off the night feeling most productive and determined to get work done. However, our bodies are conditioned to rest during night times and unless you are a serious insomniac, you will, at some point, give in to exhaustion. Have some food on the side, preferably munchies that keep you from falling asleep altogether. Stretch your legs, go up to the balcony for some air and do some channel surfing on the TV before turning back to studies. Keep these breaks short but make the most of them.


November 28, 9am Venue ULAB Computer Programming Club

November 30, 5pm Venue North South University

Extreme Collision Outdoor Underground Basketball Tournament November 30, 9am Venue DPS STS School bigstock

Wind up

Start the studying early and try to wrap it up by 5am. Put in at least a few hours of sleep before class the next day. Also,

try not to make these all-nighters a habit. They may be fun while they last, but they put a bigger strain on your mind than you realise just then. Munira Fidai

Arindom’s Solo - MAGHPORI (A Harmony of Romance) December 1, 6pm Venue G-Series, Bashundhara City

TM AG TU E SDAY, N OVE MB E R 26, 20 1 3

4 tmag


Look of the Week

Beauty Check

Sleep in Beauty

If the demand for night creams is anything to go by, it is most evident that the best time for the skin to rejuvenate itself is after you sleep. While we know that the skin has its own natural processes by which it does this, there are some simple habits we can cultivate, and play helping elves to Mother Nature. This is how


Jammy Junction Whether you’re chillaxing solo or having a sleepover with friends and cousins, you can be comfy and still be stylish, in a combination of cute t-shirt and jammy bottoms

Model Kazi Istela Imam Photographer Homayra Adiba

Wardrobe Check

Instaglam in no time

You are in your PJs and your friends are picking you up in ten for a late night dinner. Now this is definitely the worst time for you to empty your closet and change a zillion times before getting your attire right. Let TMAG show you how to instantly glam up for a quick night outing

A popping element

Your pair of basic jeans and tees can be prepped up with a popping accessory. If you don’t have time to do your hair and makeup, then pick out a startling accessory. Be it a dazzling watch, a belt or, if you dare, a pair of bold heels. The added height will make you look good in almost anything! No matter how muted your jeans, or how worn out your shirt, pair it up with an overstated item and you are good to go.

Scarves can save the day

This deserves a section of its own because of the sheer versatility of it. If you are wearing a plain tee, pick out a contrasting scarf and let your imagination run wild. You can either bundle it up around your neck or give it a breathable knot and let it hang from one side. Another fun way to wear a scarf is to tie it up neatly on your left hand while wearing your watch. The long spandex fitted tees with a belt on

TM AG TU ESDAY, NOVE M B E R 26 , 2013

it can be dazzled with a scarf. Tie the scarf around the belt and knot it in the front so that it dangles from the left and right side of the belt.

The classic call

Night time means you can bring out the bling colours in your wardrobe. If its dinner at a fancy place and you have next to no time in your hands, then nothing works better than a form fitted or a dress shirt. If you have a layered party camisole, that would be even better. These are always a classy pick and even if you are wearing sordid pants beneath, your shirt should take the attention off of your pants.


You may be a teen but unless you have spent the whole day at home, there are high chances that you have put on some amount of makeup on your face and even if it is as minimal as face powder, you must remove it. Makeup clogs the pores of your skin, ageing it before time and making it more prone to acne breakouts. Use makeup removing wet tissues for your face and rub petroleum jelly on your eyelids and lips before wiping it off with plain tissue.


You have lived with your skin for years now and only you know best, what it likes and what it does not. If a deep cleanser suits it, go for it, if a milder one works for you, go for that. Remember to exfoliate your skin twice a week with a good scrub but on other nights, stick to your face wash.


Every kind of skin needs moisturising so don’t make the mistake of thinking you can let that go if you have oily skin. Use an oil free moisturiser that keeps the natural moisture of your skin locked in. It keeps your skin supple without adding stickiness to it and is especially great for winter.


Hands and feet are as important as the face is and winter months, especially, can be harsh on them. Because your hands and feet are in constant use throughout the day, the most feasible time to take care of them is at night. Coat your hands with a hand moisturiser, slather your feet in some baby oil, pull on some socks and sleep well. munira fidai

Where to buy

Doja opposite Dhaka College has amazing collections of camisoles, scarves, and flair ponchos. Also, Ecstacy in Gulshan will have for you belted shirt dresses. Natasha Rahman bigstock

tmag 5


HOROSCOPE Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

If travel seems to be on the agenda at the beginning of this week, don’t turn it down. It’s okay to seek isolation once in a while.

Car Talk

Blast from the past

Whether one calls it passion or a stubborn refusal to change, there’s nothing else like a Morgan. A unique blend of swoopy, timeless curves, and hunkered down muscle-bound appeal, Morgan’s Aero Super Sport sure makes a bold statement

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Something you’ve been eyeing for ages will be yours sometime this week. Don’t let it slip out of your hands. Gemini (May 21-Jun 20)

Hibernation is bliss, but while you’re at it, try not to lose track of time. Better pick up your pace, or you risk getting labelled as a “slacker.” Cancer (Jun 21-Jul 22)

It’s one of those days when you’re not ready to take other people’s attitudes. Getting into conflicts will not bode well for you this week. Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

Take the week to confront that person who’s been getting on your nerves. Eyeing someone won’t be enough to seal the deal, make a move. Virgo (Aug 23- Sep 22)

Any new projects you lay your hands on will be a success. The fantasy you’ve been calling a reality needs to retire.

If you haven’t heard of it, that’s no surprise, because it’s built in a small town in Britain called Worcestershire. The Brits are very good at one thing, that’s making cars but over the last few years, England has lost more car companies then they have lost colonies.

actually used wood. Even though it’s a little bit old school, but laminated ash is light, flexible, and incredibly strong; because they are hand built, no two are the same. The bonnet opens sideways and is powered by a BMW 4.8-Litre V8 engine.

The classic British makes have fallen prey to the foreigners. Jaguar and Land Rover are now Indian, Rolls Royce and Bentley are German, Lotus - Malaysian, Aston Martin - Kuwaiti. Sadly, there are only a few British car makes left but one stands out and it makes its cars out of wood. Yup, you heard it right. The Morgan Aero Super Sport looks like none other. Sort of the retrofuturistic feel, something they would have drawn up for Flash Gordon in the 1930s. If Al Capone was alive today, this is what he would drive. The Morgan family started making cars in 1911 under H F S Morgan and today its run by his grandson, Charles Morgan. Morgan’s are still made by hand and that reflects the company’s rich heritage. It’s got the classic swooping fenders, the big grille, and side exhaust pipes. The chassis is built from aluminium but in the frame they

Morgan only makes 600 cars every year and only 200 of them will be made into Aero Super Sport, and it will cost somewhere around £150,000 to £200,000. This is a car that is both simple and extravagant at the same

Libra (Sep 23- Oct 22)

You might not face any challenges in the romance department, kudos to you for that. However, don’t get too carried away with it. Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Creativity kicks in at the beginning of this week. If you’re thinking about starting a project or finishing up an existing one with a bang, get right to it. Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

If you’ve been feeling blue this week, let a friend in on whatever is bothering you. Isolation won’t be doing you any good. Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan19)

Are you certain that you’ll be following your plans wholeheartedly? Take the week to think about it. Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

“There’s more where that came from” shouldn’t be the motto to live by especially when you’re low on cash. Pisces (Feb 19-Mar20)

You’re in that weird place again. Get involved with outdoor activities like sports or travelling to cure the blues.

time. The interior is just pure business, its minimal with the old school analogue gauges, hand crafted aluminium knobs and a thick beautiful leather wrap all around. When you put your foot on the floor, it’s a beast, it would thunder through the suburbs like a galloping wild black pony and the suspension is good too. It is a bit on the softer side so that the ride does not get too uncomfortable at high speeds. Its maker’s claim that it is a high performance sports car; 376bhp, 490N.m of torque and weighs just about 1,200 kilograms, which makes sure that it falls in the same category as a Porsche 911 GT3. It would do 0-100km/h in just under 4.5 seconds. Morgan also claims to have a top speed of 270km/h. However there is a drawback to it, the car is not aerodynamically stable, all the curves and twitches will lift the car up, at high speeds. Taking this car out on the track is as inappropriate as taking the Queen to a sorority party. This car is all about being classy. It is not made to compete with Ferraris or Lamborghinis or Porsches. It’s a pure breed gentleman’s sports car. Tahsin Momin

TM AG TU E SDAY, N OVE MB E R 26, 20 1 3




When Da


A bit of evening entertainment The hartals may have you cooped up at home but that’s no reason to ruin a perfectly good night. Whether you’re an introvert or you have a fondness for socialising, here are a few ideas to help you pass your time in today’s Dhaka madness. For you busy bees out there, get your creative honey flowing by tapping into your skills reserve. Have a knack for filmmaking? Get your friends together and make a movie you’d be proud to show off at the next film festival. Got a beautiful voice? How about your own rendition of your favourite YouTube videos? Perhaps, “The Tiger,”or “Thursday.” Looking for a foolproof way to an amusing night? Take the sleepover

to a new level by boogying straight into a free-style dance party with the close circle. And for you cooks/bakers, ever think of spicing things up with a little competition? Call in the cousin crew or the buddy brigade, team up and have a good old fashioned cook-off! Introvert? Are you good with a paint brush? Think of your wall as a giant canvas. Take up a few new hobbies like blogging. More of a study bug? Consider looking into for a free (and worthwhile) Dino 101 class (Certificate included). The possibilities are almost endless, as long as you are staying safe from the hartal marathon. Saba Sattar and Afshan Sattar

Late night stroll

Homayra Adiba

At TMAG, we like to believe that ours is a city teeming with possibility. After the hustle bustle of every day, one would like to unwind, maybe have a little fun. This is where many run into an impasse, and hence you often hear the lament “Dhaka has no night life!” While we admit that options for teens are a little limited, we have a few suggestions on how to enjoy this city once the sun goes down

Once we’ve ticked off everything from our to-do list, and we are left with nothing else, eventually the inevitable feeling of boredom creeps in. That’s when we think of ways to kill that dreadful feeling. Usually, we end up calling close friends over to watch the next Champions League game or just have an all-night movie marathon. However, once the excitement of hang outs and stay overs wear out, we wonder what other adventures the night holds. Fret not, if you are a foodie you always have the option of eating out at a popular food joint or chilling at a lounge. And for those of you who are interested in the simple joys of life, there is always Old Dhaka. Known for their bustling eateries, Old Dhaka is every foodie dream come true. Take a walk down Old Dhaka’s Nazimuddin road and delicacies like Nanna Miah’s or Mamun’s biriyani are easily found. You are also likely to find many shops there which have “chaaps,” kababs and other delicious late night munchies.

Baizid Haque Joarder

Feasting round the clock While there aren’t many places to hang out for some snacks and coffee at night, we’re not entirely devoid of options. Not only are they always open, they serve pretty delicious Japanese food. Up in Uttara and Banani, Terra Bistro has a wide range of juicy burgers and sandwiches, with coffee brewed from freshly roasted beans, to wash it

TM AG TU ESDAY, NOVE M B E R 26 , 2013

A “lassi” or “shorbot” from Beauty Shorbot is another brilliant way to cool your stomach as you spend the night stargazing with your buddies. If Old Dhaka is too far away, there are many places near the Bihari Camp at Mohammadpur that you may also explore. And of course, closer options always include upcoming food joints in Gulshan and Banani. Gulshan Plaza Restora, Dhansiri or Star Kabab offers a great variety of options such as kababs, pulao, biryani etc. If you manage to get out by 12am or 1am you can always try “Awesome Burgers.” Finally, feel free to give your sweet tooth a treat with the forever favourite Movenpick or Cream and Fudge Factory. Finally, give in to the beauty and bounty of winter and cycle your way through Hatirjheel. In the late hours of the night, Hatirjheel promises to be an exciting private retreat away from the hustle and bustle of packed streets.

all down. Two can eat here for under Tk1000, moreover the food is just out of this world. Indulge yourself in the hot table and bakery offerings at all hours, and it will most certainly satisfy all your cravings. As long as you can juggle your chicken fillet and slice of cheesecake as you make your way out the door, you’ll be full and happy. Tahsin Momin




arkness Falls S Latif Hossain

Night Time Trivia •

The average person wakes up six times per night.

You can only dream about faces you’ve seen.

In perfect darkness, your eyes see a gray colour instead of black.

This is called Eigengrau, which is German for “intrinsic gray”.

You can see about 2000 stars with the naked eye.

Worried about the upcoming mosquito season? Try befriending a bat. The average brown bat consumes 1200 mosquito-sized insects in one hour.

The pm poll

We quizzed 30 random readers if they stay up at night or are morning birds. These are the results 16.6% people said they are roosters

83.3% people said they are night owls

What’s keeping our readers up? 20% said they read books

50% people said they watch movies/TV shows

13.3% people said they play games

16.6% people said they talk on the phone

S Latif Hossain

TM AG TU E SDAY, N OVE MB E R 26, 20 1 3

8 tmag

written in the Stars

Walking into the Zero Though their start up point was buying a telescope, they have now spread their dream in different arenas of their own discovering. The voyage of Mash-hu-rul Amin and Bangladesh Astronomical Association this year completed 25 years. Saudia Afrin shares more about him and BAA’s chronicles What is the current placement of other planets in the solar system? Will planet Mars get very close to earth this year? After attending a series of astronomy lectures at the science museum, Mash-hu-rul Amin and his friends took an interest towards the mechanism of the sky. To accomplish their desire, they needed their own telescope. Without wasting time, they assembled and formed Bangladesh Astronomical Association on May 5, 1988. After that, the organisation made it possible for the general people to watch eclipses or

the fall of comets. In BAA’s publication Ninduk Puran Brishchik, it has been said: “There are some crazy people who were seen at different fields in Dhaka with a cylinder shaped weird thing called a telescope, looking towards the sky.” So far, BAA has conducted many workshops at different schools. Regarding this matter, Amin says: “If any school invites us, BAA always tries to be there.” Also, BAA shares a good collaborative relationship with the Russian embassy.

Photos: Courtesy

Tale of the initiator Mash-hu-rul Amin, initiator of the BAA, is mostly known as Mohakash Milon. After doing his HSC, he stopped his education for 10 years. He always dreams of being able to experience everything in this world in his journey of self exploration. Some places he would like to visit include The Great Wall of China, exploring the Amazon and much more. Amin says, “I didn’t find anything in the world unpleasant.”

If Interested According to Amin, any members willing to join must have a genuine passion for astronomy. There is no age limit therefore anyone willing to know and work for the organisation can sign up.If you are eagerly looking forward to know about the next Astro Olympiad, check out their official Facebook page groups/mohakash.barta. Bear in mind, you need to get your registration done before December 20 for the Olympiad.

“A person’s mind should be like a room with a window that allows light, signifying knowledge, to come in. More windows, mean more enlightenment.” Triumph chronicles BAA has organised three Space Fests, the only event on space, science, and astronomy from 1996 till 2003. Since 2006 till 2013, BAA has attended 12 astronomical Olympiads which include International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics, International Astronomy Olympiad,and Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad. Astro-Olympiad programme is basically for 14-19 year old children. In their search for the best, they organise this programme divisionaionally. Amin said: “On international grounds, Bangladeshi children have always performed well. In 2012, at the AsianPacific Astronomy Olympiad, one of our students got the title of being the “best at observation level. Also, the following

TM AG TU ESDAY, NOVE M B E R 26 , 2013

year Bangladesh won gold, silver, and bronze medals for the first time.” From 2001 till now, every year BAA hosts and organises the Sun Festival on January 1. Each year they select new locations, places where people don’t usually go. Though observing the sun is their prime objective, they promote eco-tourism and trekking during the entire excursion as well. nother important achievement of BAA is that for the very first time in Bangladesh, astronomy workshop was broadcasted on Desh TV from January 1 to January 10 this year. Publications Amin says: “The main concern behind starting up Mohakash Barta was informing people about astronomy. If they were to become interested, it

would boost their awareness of BAA.” Another publication of BAA, Dolchut, an adventure related magazine, started from 2002.Till now, only two issues have been published. In 2003, on behalf of Dolchut, they arranged their first mountaineering programme, Mountain Dew Mission Everest, to celebrate 50 years of the Everest conquest. Dearth facts After the huge success during 1995s “solar eclipse” BAA has always held the vision of building their own museum. The museum will consist of astronomy related seminars, workshop, class projects, research, and so on. To enrich the project section of the space centre, they arranged the SPACEFEST and gathered a pile of projects. Moreover,

many organisations were willing to sponsor for the execution of these projects. However, their biggest hurdle is that they do not have a fixed property to build their own insititution. On this matter, Amin says: “Around 10 years ago, the government had an agenda of providing a space for us inside the science centre but that remained unfulfilled. Also, present day costs of properties in Dhaka made it impossible for any organisation to contribute for BAA despite their willingness.” Future missions In 2014, BAA plans to organise its 4th SPACEFEST after seven years. Also, the international Astro Olympiad will be held in Dhaka, organised by BAA.

tmag 9

comic book




Techno magician Nafees Bin Zafar presented an interactive session at IUB on Visual Effects, Animation Software for Film & CGI on November 22, from 6pm to 8pm, organised by School of Computer Science & Engineering. The event allowed all students of IUB as well as the media to get a sneak peek in to this amazing world of animation and special effects that we have come to know of. Nafees Bin Zafar is a second generation, Bangladeshi-American, who has a wide range of experience working with both traditional and cutting edge digital techniques. He creates fluid simulation, a system that incorporates algorithms and redefined algebraic equations to achieve large-scale water effects. Initially he started off as a live action studio, which meant doing things physically on smaller scaled models. Nafees started his career with Digital Domain back in 1998. Ever since that he has come a long way.

He worked at his very first visual effect in 2003 in the movie “Peter Pan.” Nafees is now a principal engineer at DreamWorks Animation. He has worked on a long list of blockbuster films over the last 13 years, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Kung Fu Panda, and Transformers franchises. Nafees won an Academy Award in 2008 for his work on pioneering digital fluid effects now used throughout the visual effects industry. His expertise ranges across distributed computing, image processing, and dynamics simulation systems. He is an active contributor to leading academic conferences and serves on the AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) committee that confers Academy Awards for technical contributions to the film industry. At the end of his hour long lecture, he mentioned to the audience that anyone and everyone can be him, they only need the right amount of devotion to follow in his footsteps. Tahsin Momin

Listening to their taunts had been as regular as sunshine. Every phase of the day brought fresh torture. Still, she lit the lamp of her hope. She would look forward to her husband’s return every night to come and act as an ointment over her pain. She was proved wrong every time, and yet she clung to her confidence. Being a bubbly nineteen year-old, she tried with all her strength to be the ideal wife of an aimless man who was double of her age. However, it was not too long before the violence reached a climax. All her hope, expectation and love died. She was beaten up brutally by her husband that night and it was impossible

for her to stay back anymore. The vessel of her patience had burst. All she could think was to save herself and her unborn child from the hands of those inhuman creatures. She stepped out of her house, leaving behind all the infected relations and her anguish. It didn’t end there. She was yet to bear another thundering shock. She lost her child. A shiver ran down her spine as she saw the unborn fetus in front of her eyes. No! Nondini opens her eyes. She is amidst the celestial rain. Her tears mingle with the rain drops. Nondini sighs. She is free.

Nondini The golden anklet chimes as she steps slowly on the velvety green carpet of grass. A cold breeze sweeps over her face, swirling her long, pitch-black hair. Nondini turns, stretching her hands in welcome. It’s raining. Yes, finally it is. She closes her eyes and takes a long breath, enjoying every single drop that falls on her. She feels so light! The rain is not only washing away the vibrant red of her saree, it is washing away the agony caused by her warped marriage. What was her fault? That she is a girl? She is expected to endure her sadistic husband and in-laws.

Ayesha Khan

hepta warriors Zatanna, The Shining Knight, Mister Miracle, The Manhattan Guardian, Klarion, and Bulleteer may not be the names that pop up in your head when you think of an elite team of superheroes. But in Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers of Victory, he takes on the challenge of taking on seven unfancied characters and successfully legitimising them to the audience. It’s fitting that the book isn’t written in stereotypical fashion, instead Morrison weaves a tale where we get to focus on the individual characters that never meet but according to mythology are destined to save the world from an invading race known as the Sheeda. Morrison takes us on seven wonderful journeys where readers are given a chance to delve into seven new characters as their lives build up to their first meeting. It’s a conscious effort on Morrison’s part to give the readers a chance to discover the DC Universe from a completely new perspective as we examine the underbelly of the superhero world and how some

heroes don’t get to be your Superman or Wonder Woman – they have to resort to means such as sleazy modelling or appearing in obscure comic conventions to try and make ends meet. The artwork really drives home the desperation and depression among these C-List heroes and then ramps up the style again as we edge closer and closer to their destined encounter. The action scenes (particularly those belonging to Shining Knight and Frankenstein) are drawn extremely well whereas panels featuring Mister Miracle and Bulleteer are more subdued and play with your emotions – the diversity continues as we get some obscure and fun art reminiscent of Tim Burton’s work when dealing with Klarion and Zatanna. All in all, it’s a refreshing tale with diverse artwork and a well written interconnected plot – give it a read and tell your friends that the Superman t-shirts are out of style, there are more heroes in town. Fardeen Ameen


Deathly Insightful This is one of those novels that will show you the heights the written word can reach. The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak is a story set in Nazi Germany during World War II. Despite having a life that is tainted with horrors and warfare, Liesel Meminger, the book thief, manages to find moments of pleasure in a few books that she obtains or, to put it straight, steals. The background of the story is not one unique. It has been written about numerous times over the many years since WWII, and honestly, it is a painful story every time. What makes “The Book Thief” different from the others in its kind is that the readers are guided from a first person perspective through the story. Narrating against the bloodstained background is Death. A tragically perfect storyteller for the tale, Death relates the struggle of the young girl as she grows up in Nazi Germany. With a loyal mother, and a kind foster father who taught her how to read, Liesel discovered the power of words, as do the readers of the story. Zusak is a gifted writer, and it was a pleasure to read the story. Highly recommended for all the avid readers out there, and everyone who is looking for an inspirational story. Note: this is not a quick read. It is best read slowly, letting the words gradually sink in. This is one of those books that will definitely make it to your favourites list. This can be downloaded in the form of an ebook or ordered from PBS bookstore in Shantinagar. Afshan Sattar

TM AG TU E SDAY, N OVE MB E R 26, 20 1 3

10 tmag Guitar Tabs


This week’s best Instrument

“Blurry” Puddle of Mudd

Tuning Eb,Ab,Db,Gb,Bb,eb (half step down) Note The harmonics are only played during the into and verse segments.

[Harmonics] eb:---------------------------------------------Bb:---------------------------------------------Gb:---5---4---5--4---5----5---4---5--4---5--Db:--4-5---4---5---4--5--4-5---4---5---4--5Ab:-3----3--3---3---3---5----5--5---5---5---Eb:----------------------------------------------eb:------------------5--------------------5------Bb:--------------------5----------------------5--Gb:---5---4---5--4--------5---4---5--4---(5)--Db:--4-5---5---4---5-----4-4---5---4---5----(0) Ab:-7----7--7---7---7---7----7--7---7---7-----Eb:-------------------------------------------------

[Verse] C Everything’s so blurry, D Everyone’s so fake, Em And everybody’s empty Em And everything’s so messed up .. [Chorus] C Can you take it all away? D

Can you take it all away? Em Well, you shoved it in my face Em

This pain you gave to me



10 1

Chandni Raatein Bally Sagoo


Aaj ar Rupkotha Nei Old School


Another Night Real McCoy


Marry the night Lady Gaga


Get Lucky Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams


Claire de Lune Claude Debussy

9 Mitternacht Rammstein 10 Ollie falls asleep Berlinist

TM AG TU ESDAY, NOVE M B E R 26 , 2013

developed in Europe in the early part of the 19th century. It is a free reed wind instrument used worldwide in nearly every musical genre, notably in blues, American folk music, jazz, country, and rock ‘n’ roll. Basic types of harmonica include the diatonic, chromatic, and tremolo harmonica. Typically, a harmonica sounds like a cross between a pump organ or accordion and a flute, but with a more solid, uniformly sustained, bright, and rich tone. The piercing character of its tonal quality and its tolerably distinct combinational tones is particularly sensitive to inaccuracies of intonation. It is played by using the mouth to direct air into and out of one or more holes along a mouthpiece. Behind the holes are chambers containing at least one reed - a harmonica reed is a flat elongated spring typically made of brass or bronze, which is secured at one end over a slot that serves as an airway. When the free end is made to vibrate by the player’s air, it alternately blocks and unblocks the airway to produce sound. Wasef Mustafa

versions of rock performed by Warfaze, Nemesis, Arbovirus, Shunno, Cryptic Fate, Mechanix, Karnival, and Minerva. The show is being held on December 6, Friday at the Winter Garden Hall, Ruposhi Bangla Hotel. The show starts at 3:30pm. As an addition to the show, they’ll also have Rocknation Collectibles

for the fans and food catered to you by the hotel. For Tk699 a pop, this show sounds like a music lover’s paradise and a perfect end to the year. To book tickets follow their event page on Facebook: https://www.facebook. com/events/262934140520661


The music scene in Dhaka is getting, bigger, better, and louder every month. From the looks of it, 2013 will be ending with a bang, with up and coming concert; Rocknation being one of them. Element 79 presents Livesquares “Rocknation III - The Centre Stage, powered by Micromax,” which promises you a performance you’ve never seen before. The acts will be a mix of both soft and hard

2 Na Ghumoder Gaan Nemesis Aaj Ki Raat OST Don

Music has always been an important art form in common culture, and the 21st century saw a transformation in popular music with the addition of electronic effects creating a way to different genres. Even though this electric invasion is quite irresistible, a more organic sound is still desired by some, especially music enthusiasts, and those who prefer an oldfashioned approach. This so-called “organic” music would generally include sounds from acoustic instruments in their raw, un-tampered state without any external interference. It is not unusual for a musician to break out from the generally commonplace instruments; it is done frequently, and the additions of alternative instruments give for a fusion-like vibe. Of all the earlier used instruments in fusion, very few are as versatile as the harmonica. Mostly played by folk musicians and singer/songwriters, notable users of the harmonica include Bob Dylan, John Lennon, and Neil Young. Also known as a French harp or a mouth organ, the harmonica was

ROCKNATION: Back with a bang





Rubab Nayeem Khan

music Paracosm: Trip hop, don’t stop The American dream pop/trip hop producer “Washed Out” (aka Ernest Greene) has released his second studio album titled “Paracosm.” With nine different electro sounds, this album contains a variation of synthpop, dream pop, lo-fi, and chillwave styles. Don’t give up, Weightless, All I know, Falling back

are the most popular tracks from the album. The length of the entire album is 41 minutes. If you get them from iTunes or get the Japanese edition then you will get a bonus track titled “Pull you down.” Groove into the trip hop/dream pop sounds of Paracosm. Imtiaz Salim

tmag 11




Vampires Re-imagined An issue on night life would not be complete without mentioning vampires, creatures of the night. This week TMAG reviews a much acclaimed anime series “Hellsing.” The anime is based on a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kouta Hirano. For those who don’t know of this title, it can be said that this is a fantastic portrayal of a vampire in the world of anime. You would be correct if this reminds you of the legendary monster hunter Abraham Van Helsing. In fact it is about his organisation “Hellsing,” which is run by his daughter Integra Van Helsing, after his death. The plot revolves around this organisation and their operations to eliminate all vampires and much more. Sounds very generic, right? Well, think

again, because they have several agents and their ultimate agent is a vampire called “Alucard.” Notice very carefully and see how Alucard is Dracula spelt backwards. Yes! He is the famous Count Dracula himself who was defeated by Integra’s father. Wielding magical guns and immense power, his allegiance is strictly to Integra. The series has a lot of fight scenes which are very thrilling albeit a bit gory, as he fights with scores of vampires and his nemeses. The quality of the animation is top notch, though the story becomes quite bland nearing the end, and it uses strong language. However, the title doesn’t cease to impress and it might be scary for some, so enjoy at your own risk. Fuad M Hossain

Serial killer fan club

App of the week

Ins and outs Platform iOS/Android Price Free Size 13MB Trailerpop gives users access to more than 20,000 HD movie trailers and allows them to answer trivia questions to earn points and compete with friends. Users can create their own lists of movies, or can browse lists created by

Trailerpop’s editors, celebrities, and other users. With the new Relativity Media campaign and recent additions to the app, users will have a chance to answer trivia questions based specifically on the latest movie trailers. The app also features behind-the-scenes look at the latest movies and its actors. Aside from letting you watch and

play, Trailerpop also offers options for sharing your favourite trailer and adding a movie to your list of favourites. Trailerpop is essentially your playground for discovering entertainment. The app provides the perfect platform for studios and brands to cost effectively reach a highly targeted and super devoted fan base. Tahsin Momin

in five different shades and designs, each reflecting a different genre. The Green Cells, Red Blossom, Purple Splatter, Grey Industry, and Blue Robots are the names of available versions, stating their colour and customisation. The jack is 3.5mm and is placed in a thin plastic moulding, which easily fits regardless of covers. Same goes for the four sets of snug ear cushions provided

to suit your size. It also comes with a microphone to answer calls. The Logitech Ultimate Ears 100 is available at Computer Source branches around Dhaka. Price goes no further than Tk1,500 only. Comfortable, noiseless, efficient, and affordable, these buds are, as the name implies, the ultimate ear choice.

gadget hunt

luxury for your ears So you have these stock earphones for your smartphone, note or tab, and they’re absolutely amazing. What happens when one earbud stops working or when music gets so distorted? Buy another set? Sure, but they aren’t cheap, mind you. So here’s a proper replacement for those who wish to keep their wallets healthy after a replacement, and its eargasmic! Logitech Ultimate Ears 100 is one of the cheapest among the Ultimate Ears Series and it is worth every buck. It’s plug-in nature cancels out external noise completely. Blocking up to 24 decibels, you’ll barely hear Dexter stabbing away (in full volume) when you walk past the TV. Moreover, this version shall also appeal to the colourful. The Ultimate Ears 100 comes

Rad Sharar Bin Kamal

The opening minute starts with a bloodbath left by the psychotic antagonist at a Virginia penitentiary. The Following is a different take on an FBI hunting a killer thrill ride. Ryan Hardy, played by Kevin Bacon, is brought back in to track down and stop Joe Carroll (James Purefoy). Carroll is no run of the mill serial killer. He’s not only brilliant but charismatic, finding the perfect way to begin a cult of his own. The story has similarities to other FBI cases brought to film in the past. But what makes this an entertaining watch is how a serial killer can manipulate others to believe in his terrifying movement. The process is a disturbing one but effective. Equally important and torturing is the lead protagonist, Ryan Hardy. Hardy is fooled into thinking that he’s put Carroll away for good. The moment he makes his escape the tension and the wounded mind of Hardy is turned up full volume, just like the methodical violence. Watching this show is a bit like trying out new shoes. You aren’t quite sure if they are the right pair unless you slide your feet in and walk with them. It takes a bit of time to be seduced into another crime thriller. Ultimately, fooling around the shallow end of the pool can only last for so long. Once you make your way to the deep end, you will feel the need to hate Joe Carroll. Whether you take anything else away from watching this show is up to you. Mahmood Hossain

TM AG TU E SDAY, N OVE MB E R 26, 20 1 3

12 tmag


Question 1 What would make you more nervous? A. Having to kill a spider for your grandma B. Power outage (without a light source to use) C. Taking your little sister or brother to a clown circus D. A pie eating contest

Question 2 What do you think about scary movies? A. I love them B. No, movies involve snacks C. They’re ok I guess D. Detest them

Question 3 Which one would you rather eat? A. Carrots with ranch B. Candy C. Fruit smoothie D. Anything sour

Question 4 What is your favourite colour? A. Red, black, and grey B. White, silver, and metallic colours C. Rainbow D. Browns, greens, and mostly earthy colours

Question 5 What nightmares do you normally have? A. Becoming so fat that I can’t stand up B. A creepy clown under my bed C. Being all alone in the dark and something breathing down my neck D. Being eaten alive by a swarm of bees


Five signs you’re an insomniac

What scares you the most?

The night gamer

One more level is all it takes you to put off sleep. The drive to go further never ceases. Thoughts: “Its 4am, just one more mission, and then sleep! Anyways, how long could it take?”

Mostly A - Calories

The nerd

Your mom and dad have invited you out to dinner. It’s a wonderful restaurant and you all are having a great time. You order the cheeseburger, it tastes really good and I mean REALLY good. You quickly ask the waiter how many calories are in the burger. He answers, “310 calories.” OH THE HORROR!

Books are your strength, the pen is your sword, and tests are your battlefield. No compromise. Thoughts: “I’ll study a little more, the pretty girl who likes me during exams might need help.”

The texter

Texting till you fall asleep is your idea of perfect romance.

Mostly B - Clowns You are babysitting a wealthy family. The father told you to get the kids into bed and once they’re asleep, to go to a specific room (they didn’t want you wandering) and just watch TV in there. A few minutes later the kids are in bed and you are watching TV. While you are watching TV, a clown statue is creeping you out so much that you call the owner of the house. He picks up the phone and asks if everything is alright, you tell him the statue in the corner of the room you are in is really freaking you out. Then he tells you to quickly get the kids next door and call 911. You don’t understand, but do what you are told. Later that night it turns out that they didn’t own a clown statue, but the kids claimed that there was a clown watching them sleep during the night.



Mostly C - The dark There’s a huge power outage and you are home alone. You think you hear someone walking around right outside your bedroom door. Then all of a sudden you feel breathing down the back of your neck and a creepy voice says: “Whatever you do, don’t scream.” The hair on the back of your neck and arm spring up. Right before you scream, the lights come back on, only to reveal no one has been in your room.

The show addict

Once started, you cannot stop. Movies and series are best watched after midnight, undisturbed. Time is endless. Thoughts: “Just the start of the next episode…OMG woah seriously? Just the start...”

The thinker

For you, the major life decisions and analysis begins at night. Thoughts: “What have I done with my life? I should start working out and look like Ronaldo.”

I was clawing at a chicken wing to separate the meat from the bones and it slipped right out of my plate.

Rad Sharar Bin Kamal

Blush Much?

Couple of kids playing cricket in the park, waved at me so that I return their ball. When I threw the ball over to them, they said “Thank you aunty.”


I slipped on moss, split my legs and ripped my pants, on my way to university.


I rushed to a wedding without getting my eyebrows and upper lips done from the parlour. To make matters worse, my boyfriend pointed out to my friends that I had a silky moustache above my lips.


This one time at school, we fought over for a friend’s lunch box that had biriyani. Asking the friend, about the biriyani, we found that it was from his cousin’s wedding last November. It was September the following year.


Once, after a full day at school, I suddenly realised people were grinning around me all day. suddenly when I realised my pant’s zipper was open. I was wearing magenta coloured underwear.

Mostly D - Bugs You move into a new house, unpack everything, and become very tired after. You go to take a quick nap, which lasts a few hours. You wake up to a strange buzzing noise and start feeling strange stinging sensations all over your body. You look up to see every inch of your body covered with bees, all of them stinging you. Your vision becomes impaired, everything goes black, and you never wake up. Only if you knew that there were bees living in the walls of your brand new home.

Thoughts: “The suns already up? Wow, this must be the one!”

Email your confession today to

TM AG TU ESDAY, NOVE M B E R 26 , 2013

TMAG Vol 1 Issue 31  

Your space, your way.

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