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Cover Photo: Syed Latif Hossain Model: Hridi Shafiq Wardrobe: Doors


Truths about hair colour 4 Tuned – A deathly chronicle 5 Tech – Motorola’s new moto 6 Trial Room – Transitioning to the new 8 Tact – Keeping up with time 9 Tailored – From your neck to your waist 10 Tempt – No lies about coloured hair 11 Tempt – Light it up with white hot 12 Trends – Trying out brooches 13 Tease – Men, get to know women 14 Tell – Safely out of the closet 15 Take Care – Why yoga 16 Tantalise – A date with nut bread 17 News – Runway and the glamorous 18 Trails – A visit to Jaipurhaat 20 Travels – The Chinese capital 22 In Town – Kalaripayattu


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‘Before I Do’ event design and planning exhibition by Paula Rahman Wedding Diary Bangladesh presents ‘Before I Do,’ an event design and planning exhibition by Paula Rahman. This exhibition is an insight into the planning and effort that goes into every minute detail leading up to wedding celebrations. The three day long exhibition will be held from September 5th - 7th from 3pm to 10pm at Drik Gallery (House 58, Road 15A (New), Dhanmondi)


Tuned Entertainment


“Breaking Bad” is the story of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer. Circumstances prompt him to get involved in the production and selling of drugs. He does this in order to secure the financial circumstances of his family, so that in his absence, his pregnant wife can fend for herself and her disabled son.


“The Purge” is a futuristic thriller in which the crime rates of the US have been reduced manifold. The catch is that the US government has initialised a 12-hour, yearly event known as “The Purge,” whereby all criminal acts become legal during that period. The movie is about James Sandin, a home security designer, and his family’s fight for survival during this period.


“The Winner Stands Alone”, by Paulo Coelho is similar to Sidney Sheldon’s writing. The story revolves around several characters who come together at the Cannes Film festival, and how each of their lives intervene. It is a story of love, revenge, success, crimes, dreams and failure.


Book Review

‘Chronicle of a Death Foretold’ If you were to hear that someone in your locality was under a death threat, what would you do? Would you try to save the person, or pretend it was none of your concern? Gabriel Garcia Marquez studies how humans react under such circumstances in one of his most accomplished works: ‘Chronicle of a Death Foretold’ By Tausif Sanzum The story begins with an unnamed narrator trying to uncover the events which led to the death of Santiago Nasar nearly three decades ago. The narrator personally knew Nasar, and interviews various characters throughout the novel to find out why Nasar was murdered by two twin brothers, and whether the foretold crime could have been prevented. The twins claim their reason for stabbing Nasar to death is family honour. When their sister, Angela Vicario, returns home on her wedding night, her husband, Bayardo San Roman, discovers she is not a virgin. She tells her brother that Santiago Nasar is responsible for this, and so her brothers want to avenge their family’s dishonour. The book is a testament to what society has become over time. People are becoming so engrossed in their personal lives that other people’s life or death hardly matters. The Vicario twins tell everyone they come across about their motives, and readers feel as if the

in Dhaka this week


twins wanted someone to stop them from committing this crime, but no one pays heed to their threats. Marquez employs dark humour in various parts of the novel, most notably in his description of Nasar’s body after his butchered autopsy: “The helper fainted, and Colonel Lazaro Aponte, who had seen and caused so many repressive massacres, ended up being a vegetarian as well as a spiritualist.” It’s interesting to see how Marquez creates a masterpiece in so few pages, with a story whose climax is foretold in the first line itself. The book leaves the readers with a few unanswered, important questions to ponder upon: Was Nasar actually responsible for the crime that Angela Vicario accused him of? Throughout the novel there are hints that she is trying to save her actual lover. Does the guilt of Nasar’s death fall only on the twins, or on everyone in town who, despite knowing the future, could not stop two drunk young men from committing the heinous crime in broad daylight? Lastly,

Marquez highlights the hypocrisy of a town filled with God loving people who gather and celebrate the arrival of the bishop but don’t bother to save the life of a man they knew was under threat.





Ashique M Fahim Band Live @ Westin Splash

B-ball Showdown

Angel’s Smiles Exhibition

Time:8:00pm Venue: Splash, Westin Dhaka Gulshan 2

Time:7:00am Venue: ISD (International School Dhaka) Bashundhara, Dhaka

Time: 7:00pm Venue: Bagha Club House 6, Road 71, Gulshan 2, Dhaka

Tech & Turns 5 App Watch

New Tech

What’s the buzz?

X marks the spot

Motorola’s Moto X aims to rival the giants of the game. Now owned by Google, it The iPhone’s native seeks to please everyone with its latest announcement By Mahmood Hossain Contacts application isn’t Let’s not be mistaken, their Droid The phone’s embedded 2,200mAh minute differences. The display is still too bad of a tool, but if handsets are solid products, but the battery is also specially designed to sit pleasing to the eye, as there are images that produce wonderful results in vivid you’ve got many business brand has yet to enjoy global success in the curvature. colours and wide viewing angles. with a flagship hit phone. In all honesty, and family contacts, Buzz the Droid is still considered a midOn the inside: Contacts is the app to go range phone. There is nothing wrong l X8 Mobile Computing System: with that, especially when the brand 1.7GHz dual-core, Qualcomm S4 Pro for By Mahmood Hossain produces something as genuine as this In the office, networks get larger and larger, and this adds onto the already large family you may have. Buzz becomes the ideal utility to keep in touch with everyone you know in many ways. And in all honesty, Buzz gives the native app no room for competition. The obvious standout is that Buzz has better organisational skills. It lets the user organise contacts into as many groups as possible. Let’s face it, just like in high school, there are different cliques at work, and everyone deserves a category to fall under. These groups can be placed for the phone, email, and SMS. When you have the ability to group your friends, family and coworkers, it becomes easier to send out messages in bulk.

new smartphone. One major difference between the Moto X and the rest of the Droid family is the design. Motorola actually put a little more thought and effort into making their new handset look attractive. More curves have been given to this model, slightly mimicking HTC One’s design. It has a nice, rounded frame and seems to fit quite well in the hand. Within the same line, the contours and the chassis feel as premium as the HTC One’s. There’s an effective difference, though. The back seems to have a firm grip and is soft to touch; it tends to fight off fingerprints and moisture from the hands – consider that a plus.

The Moto X has a 4.7-inch 720p (1280x720 pixels) OLED screen. Sure, it may not be as powerful and stunning as the likes of HTC or Samsung’s flagships, but it’s nothing to knock on. The average user won’t be able to tell the difference, and a trained eye wouldn’t really complain about the

The Motorola Moto X launches with Android 4.2.2 and will be available in the market soon for around $200 (Tk16,000).


Predator instincts It’s what’s inside that counts

Another cool addition to the organisational skill by Buzz is that once you’ve added a person to a list, you are able to choose what the contact’s primary mode will be. For example, if you’ve added a business contact, you can choose whether the best way to contact the individual is through voice, email or SMS. Whichever the primary choice may be, it will come to the top of the list in mode of communication. Buzz will also pick up on frequent contacts. When you go to dial a number or search for a contact by typing their names, the results will show you your “favourites.” In other words, the app will make a list of people you call more often than others. It also offers a simple, third-party application integration that allows users to include data from apps such as Skype or Dropbox. The integration works so well that you’ll be reminded to make certain calls or send important emails. For all those who have iPhones and consider communication vital for both work and personal lives, Buzz Contacts is a must-have. Buzz can be downloaded in the App Store for free.

processor that is married to a quadcore Adreno 320 graphics, along with 2GB RAM l 10-megapixel “Clear Pixel” camera with RGBC sensor and LED flash l Ability to grab 75% more light than leading smartphones l Cool features, like turning the device twice horizontally in a fast motion quickly launches the camera without touching or pressing any buttons

Some say it’s quite dull to look at. Some say it lacks the appeal. But if you ask someone who owns a Toyota Noah, you are certain to get an endless list of characteristics that electrify their feelings towards the MPV. From the outside, it might not look like much, and you might assume it doesn’t account for too much, either, but you’d be wrong. Placed in the same C-segment MPV class as a Toyota Wish, the 2010 Toyota Noah has won the best car in its class award. The majority of buyers love it for its cool interior, good handling, spaciousness and ample baggage space. It can seat eight passengers with ease even

Compiled by Tahsin Momin

for long hauls. However, the main attraction for most is its power and fuel economy. And if you’re still not convinced, munching up on a few numbers might help. Going from 0-100km in just 9.8 seconds, the same as a Corolla, this car has a top speed of 175kph. And most importantly, it does 13.4km/l, which is a lot more efficient that an Allion or Premio. The Noah is the first car to be powered by Valvematic, Toyota’s next generation technology. It is powered by a 2-litre, 4-cylinder 3ZR-FAE which produces 158Hp and 144 lbs-ft of torque. While air intake is controlled using a throttle

valve in conventional engines, the Valvematic adjusts the volume of air taken in by continuously modifying the lift of the intake valve. This enables optimal performance based on the engine’s operational condition, hence helping the vehicle achieve better fuel efficiency and dynamic performance boost. Originally, the Toyota Noah was only meant to be sold in Japan, and most models in Bangladesh are not brand new. Sure enough, therefore, there are no figures for how many of these MPVs have been sold in Bangladesh. Based on casual observation, their presence on our roads speaks volumes.



Trial Room

New season, new trends!

Some days are breezy, while others are warmed by the scorching sun. This season, autumn is finally here and in Bangladesh, there are very few people concern themselves with autumn fashion. Avenue T makes it simple by bringing you the latest trends of the season By Sabiha Akond Rupa

Cropped denim with a T-Shirt: Whether you’re heading to university, the office or a mall, slip on some navy-blue denim and an off-white, tangerine T-shirt. Follow the trend by cropping your denim and tucking in your T-shirt. Add wedges, a bag and a belt, and you’re good to go!


Lemony maxi dress: For a playful weekend party, this maxi dress is the perfect outfit of the season. Both comfortable and flattering, the dress will go perfectly with a pair of animal printed or golden shoes to give you a stylish look

Trial Room


Halter neck dress with leggings: During a friendly get-together, wear this beautiful Monaco blue dress with yellow leggings to bring out your inner-child. Matching slippers and funky jewellery will give you a complete new look

Model: Hridi Shafiq Photographer: Syed Latif Hossain Wardrobe: Doors Concept and styling: Sabiha Akond Rupa




Timing it right! In today’s fast paced world, it’s very important to be on time for everything. Whether it’s for a date, a job interview or a job itself, being on time matters By Safwaan Karim When you are punctual, you prove you are not a slacker and are serious about your duties. In a working environment, the impression it creates may help you get on your boss’s good side and maybe get that promotion you’ve been eyeing for so long. So, here are some tips to help you stay punctual.

4 If carpooling isn’t an option, try riding a bike. There’s a reason why this biking fad is sweeping Dhaka city. By cycling to work, you can avoid getting stuck in traffic and can reach work in record time. Not to mention, you’ll also get in some good exercise everyday.

1 Organise all the things you will need for work the night before. Pick out and iron the clothes you will wear the next day, and put your keys, phone and wallet in one place to avoid any rush the next day. 2 Go to bed early. As tempting as it might be to browse the internet or watch the latest episode of “Breaking Bad,” force yourself to sleep early to avoid waking up sleep deprived and tired, as this will only slow you down and make it more likely for you to be late. 3 Organise a carpool with friends. If there is a risk that your tardiness may directly affect your friends, you’re more likely to be punctual. Also, carpooling is better for the environment and will help you save gas.

Photos: Big Stock

Harmless addictions? No such thing Your alarm sets off and it’s time to start the day. Feeling groggy and cranky, all you can think about is that steaming cup of coffee that will awaken your senses and make you feel fresh. What happens if you don’t get that daily dose of caffeine? Let’s not go there… By Bassema Karaki While some addictions are less harmful than others, no addiction is good for health. Caffeine, for example, is beneficial in small amounts, but in excess causes an increase in the body’s level of cortisol, which can lead to various physical problems including rapid weight gain, irritability, heart disease and diabetes. Chocolate contains several substances that make it addictive, including sugar, fat and tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin (a chemical that regulates mood). While chocolate may reduce the risk of heart disease in moderate amounts, excessive consumption promotes

weight gain and obesity, which are risk factors for many diseases, including diabetes. Cigarette smoking is probably the most common and harmful addiction found in Bangladesh. It is the major, single known cause of incommunicable diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases, and people who start smoking before age 15 have double the risk of developing lung cancer. Most people here try their first cigarette and become daily smokers as adolescents, and the serious health risks associated with smoking are widely overlooked. The side effects of addiction are

positively correlated with the intensity of the substance, and many substances can lead to death if ingested in large amounts or over a long period of time. To cure any addiction requires a certain amount of self-control and the will to improve, not to mention acknowledgment that an addiction exists. Unfortunately, very few people do admit they have addiction problems, and those who do usually have nowhere to turn for help. In addition, many addicts lack the motivation to quit, as their addictions give them more pleasure than the harsh realities of life. Photo: Big Stock


Tailored His Style





You’ve already been introduced to the many different cuts in jeans, so here’s a helping hand in how to choose the right ones for you. Check off your body type, and shop for the perfect fit, tossing the rest aside. Tall and lean: Straight cut jeans are the perfect fit for this body type. If you have a physique you can show off, a straight leg will be the best choice to enhance your already fit body. Another advantage is getting to wear slim fit jeans, but then again, any body type that has the right measurements can pull those off.

Q: I have navy blue chinos and a navy blazer that aren’t from the same suit. Both look really good on me, as they are fitted, but they are of different fabrics. I want to wear them with a shirt and tie. Will I be able to pull that off, or will it look odd?

Slender: Straight cut, low-rise jeans that sit comfortably and low on the hips are your best bet. If you’re slim and of average height, you want to avoid jeans that are too close to your body, and wide-legged jeans will also look unflattering. Athletic: Wider-legged jeans, as they are of looser cuts, will show off the shape of a toned body. Wearing something too tight will only make your muscular figure look bulky, and that’s never attractive. The widelegged cut really settles in well, giving a subtle peek into your hard work at the gym Heavy-set: Read very carefully: larger frames should stay away from flare cut jeans. They may feel extra

comfortable, but they’ll only make you appear even larger! Choosing anything baggy is out of the question, don’t think twice about it. You want a pair that hugs your body just right. A very important thing to keep in mind is that deeper pockets will make your backside look smaller, and that’s a good thing. Another way to keep your wide tush concealed is to look for back

pockets that are closer together. Once you’ve found the right pair, buy more than one. Remember a rule of fashion: if you love one of something, stock up on it. The beautiful thing about denim is that it can last quite some time, even with regular use. However, everything needs to be replaced sooner or later, so stock up on similar styles of jeans.

A: It wouldn’t look odd unless the trousers and blazer are a similar tone of blue. Remember, mixing and matching is always a good thing, and you deserve applause for taking your style game to the advanced level. What you need to keep in mind is that if you aren’t wearing an actual suit, you always need a contrast. If your blazer is a darker blue and the chinos are a lighter blue, then you can wear them proudly. This rule applies to pretty much every other colour as well.

Style Tip: A scarf can go with pretty much anything, so don’t limit yourself to the more dressy looks. A white T-shirt and chinos will work just as well

In Fashion

Check your neck

Not all of us can walk around in suits or a shirt and tie everyday

In this heat, it’s better to keep things light as possible. And believe it or not, the perfect substitution to a tie is wrapping your neck with a scarf. You might be thinking: “Are you insane? A scarf in this disgusting heat?!” It’s not that crazy of an idea, it’s actually a very chic item to have in the warmer months. Let’s be clear, a scarf should only be an option for semiformal and casual occasions. Scarves are not limited to the winter months. There are light cotton and linen scarves just waiting to be shown off. Sure, most likely you’ll wear one as a statement piece to enhance your outfit, but don’t forget scarves also protect

your neck from the harsh beating of the sun. And unlike a necktie, they’re nowhere near as tight. Providing plenty of room to breathe, a scarf can be a colourful and attractive addition to semiformal wear. A solid coloured blazer, dressy jeans, a casual or even a dress shirt will go great with a spring/summer scarf. To add a little more flavour, you can match it up with a contrasting pocket square for the blazer’s front breast pocket.

You won’t see too many gentlemen out there sporting this, so take a step ahead and start the trend

Q: My wife keeps bugging me about getting a haircut! She keeps complaining that it’s too long and isn’t stylish. Can you please clear this up for her? A: Well, it all depends on the length and practicality of your haircut, as well as your lifestyle and where you work. In the ridiculous heat and humidity of summer, the best thing to do is keep your hair short. But if your grooming habits are in line, you’re taking proper care of your hair, and you don’t mind the upkeep, there shouldn’t be a problem. Even so, trimming it wouldn’t hurt, as keeping your scalp cool in this heat is very important. Stick to what you feel comfortable with, unless you resemble a lead singer from an 80s rock band. If that’s the case, you’d better listen to your wife, Def Leppard! Send in your questions at

Articles by Mahmood Hossain

Photos: Big Stock



Tempt Hair

Seven important truths about hair colour Photos: Big Stock

Will colouring make my hair fall out? Absolutely not! There is no scientific evidence that hair colour causes extra hair loss, BUT a bad hair colour job can cause hair breakage, which may be confused with extra hair loss. Colouring my hair makes it dry. What can I do about that? Semipermanent colour does not dry out hair as much as permanent colour does, but repeated use can cause dry ends. Always use moisture-balanced shampoo and conditioner, and once or twice a week, use a deep, remoistening mask. What should I look for in a hair colour product? Choose your colour from a reputable brand, and if possible, pick from a colour swatch on display. Colours may change according to fashion, and in some countries, you may only find colours matching the hair colour particular to that region; for example,

in Asia, darker colours are always more readily available than blonde ones. However, all products tend to have similar ingredients, so there is no point reading the label. The best person to seek advice from is your hairdresser, and the best place to get your hair coloured at a salon. Should I choose a permanent or semipermanent hair colour? This may surprise you, but permanent hair colour is the best choice for long term hair colouring, despite having a stronger peroxide and ammonia content. This is because during touch ups, permanent colour is only applied to the new hair growth at the roots, briefly overlapping with the previously dyed hair. Semipermanent colour, on the other hand, is applied to the whole head each time because of its more rapid fading. This results in hair ends that eventually look darker and have more of a build up of colour than the roots, and so in

the long term, the ends suffer from too many colour applications. Is it safe to have my hair coloured during pregnancy? Yes, it’s safe. All women want to look their best when pregnant, and what better way to boost your morale than to have your hair the way you want it? Can hair colour give me a dry and itchy scalp? Many women have dry and itchy scalps and blame this on hair colouring. You’d be surprised to know that not only does hair colour smoothen and seal dry ends, but it can also improve the condition of scalps due to the antiseptic effect of the peroxide. However, colouring should be avoided on scratched, overly tender scalps, very irritated skin conditions and open sores. If I don’t want to use peroxide or amonnia, what else can I use on my hair? The most obvious colouring agent

Su Jorgensen is a hairstylist and colour technician from New Zealand with over 20 years of international experience which includes teaching for Wella, Goldwell and Redken, doing fashion editorial work in different platforms, such as television, and running a successful boutique salon in London’s trendy East End. She has extensive knowledge of trichology, the science of hair and scalps.


would be a vegetable dye such as henna or camomile; however, the colours they produce are not natural looking and fade very quickly, resulting in more frequent applications, unnatural colours and ultimately, drier, brittle hair. Similar to semipermanent colours, the continuous overlap in application leads to an unnatural appearance, particularly on the ends.

To obtain natural looking hair, peroxide and ammonia are needed, as without these ingredients your colour will not look as good, take as well or last as long. Remember, these chemicals were purposely included in hair dye after complicated hair and chemistry research. All you need to do is make sure you take sufficient care before, during and after a chemical service, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t have beautiful, long-lasting colour and wellconditioned hair




Perk up It’s a problem many Asian women struggle with: dark circles and puffiness beneath the eyes. Skin around the eyes is thinner than the other areas of the face and has no oil glands, so it requires special care; otherwise, it will reflect neglect, stress and aging quite easily. Here are some easy tips on how to perk up those tired eyes By Tilat Khayer

Conceal, conceal, conceal The trick to concealing dark circles is finding the right concealer to complement your skin tone. Choose a concealer one or two shades lighter than your foundation for instant brightening. If your skin is on the dry or mature side, go for the ones with special ingredients to reverse aging, correct hyperpigmentation and shield skin from the environmental damage that causes dark circles to begin with. For Asian skin tones, gold or yellowbased concealer makes the skin appear brighter under the eyes. MAC’s Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer is my personal favourite.

Radiate from underneath Highlighters are the best-kept secret when it comes to brightening the face. Applying a pink highlighter under your eyes may seem strange, but if done correctly, it works to conceal darkness. Using a pink pencil or eye shadow, lightly trace a “V” shape that follows the inner corner of your eye from top to bottom. The tone will instantly lighten up dark skin to make eyes brighter. In addition to diffusing darkened areas, highlighters are tinted with sparkling gold flecks that add a subtle shimmer to catch light and brighten your skin. Brighten eyes with white eye shadow To cover up darkness around the inner corner of the eye (typically the darkest part,) dab a small amount of white eye shadow and blend well. This simple yet effective trick works really well, as the eye shadow reflects the light in that area and adds an instant brightness to the face.


Photos: Big Stock

Home Remedies Home remedies like cucumber juice are commonly used to minimise dark circles, brighten the eyes and reduce fatigue. Mixing cucumber juice with lemon juice in equal quantities and applying it daily for 15 minutes can effectively treat dark circles. Make sure to cover the dark circles under your eyes as well as the eyelids.

If you have sensitive skin, replace the cucumber juice with a teaspoon of tomato juice, and apply with lemon juice twice a day to lighten those dark circles

TILAT KHAYER is an international make-up artist who has worked with celebrities at London Fashion Week and Britain’s Next Top Model. Her brand Roshi operates in the UK and Bangladesh.


White hot!

Maya Almuqtadir is the designer and owner of Mayali, as well as a practitioner of fusing international and local trends.

It’s classic, it’s soothing , and it will never go out of style. White is the it’ colour for fresh, sunny, summer days. White looks chic and feminine, especially in soft, flowing fabrics. From chalk white to beautiful beige and cream colours, don’t shy away from wearing this hue By Maya Almuqtadir

Clean, ironed, crisp linen white pants always remind me of a warm beach vacation, so bring the vacation into your daily life by pairing white pants with soft coloured tops or bold, black shirts. White salwar kameezes always look effortlessly beautiful, so while others sport every spectrum of the rainbow, why not bring this calm and sensual hue into your wardrobe?

Tips: d For curvy sisters, since white can make you look wider, layer this hue with a darker colour. In kameezes, use the colour on the front and back, while colour blocking with a darker hue on the sides of the outfit. This will not only create a slimming effect, but will also prevent yellow sweat stains from appearing on the white garments d For yellow staining: If you sweat a lot and feel apprehensive about wearing white, dab some baby powder (not deodorant, as this can stain the clothes) under your arms. You can also soak the stain in a mixture of baking soda and water, or white, distilled vinegar. Let it sit a while before washing, and repeat the process if necessary




Brooches: bold, bashful and brazen

Perhaps the most necessary fashion accessory a woman needs today lies within her collection of fashionable brooches. Whether small and simple or large and eye-catching, a brooch will undoubtedly add a splash of style to even the most drab of outfits. No matter what you choose to wear, just pick the right brooch, pin it on, and watch your entire look transform in the mirror By Jennifer Ashraf Kashmi SARIS Glam up your sari at parties with the addition of a perfect party brooch alongside your usual jewellery ensemble. The ideal brooches for saris are usually yellow or white gold-plated pins with carefully placed stones. Small and elegant is the way to go here, and a minimalistic approach leads to the pinnacle of elegance. TOPS AND SHIRTS Chic and trendy – nothing beats a plain white, full sleeved shirt with dark blue jeans or even patterned or solid coloured leggings. Spice up your look with an oversized, fluffy brooch. Stray away from the usual styles and aim for


extravagant shapes; the more flair, the better! Feel free to experiment with colourful feather clusters or material flowers – chances are, the final effect will be totally worth it! KAMEEZES Let’s face it, the most commonly favoured attire in Bangladesh is definitely the kameez. Whether you’re planning to drape your dupatta around yourself, or strategically arrange it on one side, you’ll inevitably need pins to secure it in place. Instead of having awkward pins ruin your look, camouflage them with a gorgeous brooch of your fancy, and you’re all set! HIJABS AND HEADSCARVES Look modest and stylish simultaneously! Complement your hijab with a brooch on the side to hide the safety pins used to secure it in place. For patterned hijabs, the best choice is usually elegant and thumbsized brooches encrusted with stones. If your hijab is solid coloured, try brooches of a larger, more generous size; usually, bright coloured brooches complement a dark coloured fabric and vice versa. If brooches aren’t already a part of your accessory collection, you’re missing out on the fun! The ideas here are just an outline, and it’s completely up to you to unleash your artistic creativity. What better ornament to do so with than brooches?

Horoscope Aries (mar 21- apr 19) Surprise yourself by allowing your feelings to flow. You’ll be glad that you finally let go. Taurus (apr 20- may 20) New habits will soon turn into addictions that you’ll struggle to put a stop to. What really matters is your ability to realise when you’re going overboard. Gemini (may 21- jun 20) You’ve found yourself falling for another person, yet again. Every time it seems like true love, but is it really love? Only time will tell. Cancer (jun 21- jul 22) A change in your work environment will bring you immense joy. You’ll be taken aback by the ease with which you will adapt. Leo (jul 23-aug 22) Somehow, you’ve dug a hole for yourself and are stuck in the mutt. While these testing times are difficult, you will pull through. Virgo (aug 23- sep 22) You will throw caution to the wind. Just when you thought your quota for love had been spent on futile escapades that went nowhere, you find yourself a partner that is so close to being “the one,” you cannot help but love again. Libra (sep 23- oct 22) A major loss is coming your way. This week calls for strength, patience and belief in God. Brace yourself. Scorpio (oct 23 – nov 21) Finally, you’ve decided to stand your ground and follow your mind rather than your heart. Stick to your decision and you shall benefit from it. Sagittarius (nov 22- dec 21 You want to allow people to see the real you but are afraid of the consequences. Will the world still love you knowing who you really are? The stars say yes, they will. Capricorn (dec 22- jan 19) Just as much as you enjoy being around your friends, you will also feel the need to lash out. A feeling of inadequacy will haunt you. Aquarius (jan 20 – feb 19) You’re back to being in a comfortable place in your life again. Everything seems to have fallen in place. Remember the golden rule: your life is what you perceive it to be, so don’t cloud your mind with negative thoughts. Pisces (feb 20 – march 20) Extensive travelling will be on the agenda, and you’ll be spending quite some time on the road. Take this opportunity to reflect on your life and improve the aspects you’re not happy with.



Five things men don’t know about women By N Anita Amreen

As much as men would like to claim that they have finally come to understand the female psych, there are certain fractions of a woman that are kept hidden beneath their feminine folds and womanly masks. Here’s Avenue T’s guide to helping the male mind unravel some essential female truths: There is a man in every woman Regardless of all the debates on feminist theories, there IS a masculine side to every woman, just as there is a feminine side to every man. Although men would love to believe otherwise, if truth be told, women too have the potential to be sloppy, slack off and also want someone to pick up after them. While men openly showcase their not-so-pretty habits, women, too enjoy it just as much. However, they do so in the privacy of their showers or in the comfort of solitude, finding sweet joy in being able to let loose. Women crave “me time” too Despite the numerous calls she makes to her man, urging him to get home early, a woman loves her alone time just as much as a man. Whether it’s laying down in bed, or just relaxing in a bath knowing that no one will walk into her personal space, women want

to be left alone. When she says she “misses you,” it doesn’t necessarily mean she wants you attached to her from the wee hours of the morning to late hours of the night. The damsel in distress When women are found in states of distress, nagging, complaining and ranting away, they crave immediate and unconditional comforting. When they say they want you to “listen,” what they really mean is that they want to be heard, they don’t really want a solution to their troubles. Women live for compliments Several women will roughly brush aside the idea that they thrive on compliments. There is no greater lie than that – most women crave to be appreciated and loved. However, it should be noted that it’s not flattery they expect, they expect some sweet, genuine appreciation.

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Women want to be loved, not just by you, but by your friends too Whether they’re putting on their date night shoes, or wearing the perfume you like so much, contrary to popular

belief, women don’t just dress to impress their significant others. Secretly, they want your friends to take notice of the gentle flush of their cheeks and the strut of their heels as well.

First chance Many men find it difficult to muster the courage needed to go on a first date. Most get nervous, not knowing howt they should dress. There is nothing wrong with that, and if you are one of those men, you simply have to take the right steps in dressing to impress. With these short tips, you’ll have your date staring at you the entire night (not to mention all the other women who won’t shy away from making eye contact.) Here’s how to go through a first date in style By Mahmood Hossain Photo: Big Stock

Confidence, gentlemen. Women love this in men, so it’s not just about what you’re wearing, but how you are wearing it. Your look is in your strut, in your attitude. Having sprezzatura – making something difficult look effortless – in your personality is the perfect example of how to behave around the woman you are interested in. In other words, look good, and be yourself!

When it comes to clothes, keep things simple. A first date should feel comfortable. This also depends on the venue of the date. Bring her to a place where she will feel at ease in, and keep things casual but classy. A black or brown leather jacket (a blazer works, too) with a solid white T-shirt, a pair of dressy jeans and some quality loafers or casual sneakers will make you look chic and desirable. Above all, make

sure your clothes fit! Everything should hug your body, not squeeze it, and the lengths should be appropriate Etiquette. As much as a woman likes to be pampered, she also likes to feel as your equal. Don’t start assuming things about her. Be a gentleman. Offer to pay for the bill, but if she insists on taking it 50/50, don’t argue. The rule is that men should always pay for the bill, but

nowadays, the rules are bent. It’s the same as ordering for her, some women find that offensive. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the “ladies first” policy. Hold doors for her, listen first, then talk and be courteous to everyone around you. She needs to know you are a gentleman 24/7.



Tell Letters to Mars

Letters to Venus

Marking my territory asked her to be polite, but it seems that’s too much to ask from her. She makes snide comments and stays aloof when around them. She cannot tolerate anyone sharing my time or attention. What am I to do? If I talk to her about it, she cries and tells me how much she loves me, and it breaks my heart to see her like this.

I’ve had a girlfriend for the last six months, and she is the sweetest, most perfect person I’ve ever met. When we’re together, she showers me with affection and is ready to fulfill my every need. The only problem arises when I try to introduce her to my other friends. Not only is she territorial, but she can become cold to the point of freezing herself against others. I’ve never asked her to become best friends with them, I’ve only

WT Could it be that your girlfriend is shy? Perhaps she is not used to being in front of strangers? Is she only shy in front of a particular friend of yours? If so, there could be a history behind the two of them, some rudeness. If the problem is with only one friend, see your friend on your own, and do not subject her to his presence. Shy people may come off as rude, but in reality they are not. They just fear they are inadequate in certain situations, or they feel judged. Be patient with her, and trust that with time and assurance from you, she will feel confident enough to welcome your friends.

Our Agony Aunt is a life and relationship coach, as well as a corporate and organisational consultant. AA lives and works in Bangladesh, but travels extensively around the world to give seminars and see her clients, alongside counseling them on Skype. AA is also the ghost writer of a renowned American magazine.

Wham bham, thank you ma’am

My boyfriend and I are a very intimate couple. When it comes to the physical front of our relationship, he’s very demanding. Sometimes, he’ll initiate intimacy just for the sake of it, and will not embrace me or give me one look of affection. He’s always methodical and rough. Once he’s satisfied, he doesn’t cuddle or share a few sweet words. How do I tell him this bothers me without really spelling it out? KP

KP Oh my dear, you must spell it out, and more than once. However, the manner in which you spell it out will determine the result. It will not be fast learning on his part. Don’t talk about it immediately after the act. Unfortunately, because intimacy before marriage is frowned upon, though it is practiced by many, it tends to be a quick affair. The limited time and space, as well as the fear of being found out, result in simply a sexual act rather than a loving and gentle experience of two people coming together.

While you are having a cup of coffee or a walk in the park, approach the subject: begin by being positive about his looks and how lovely it is that you love each other, then gently tell him how you would like him to handle the situation. Tell him you also want to enjoy the act, and explain that women need an introduction to the process, a gentle, loving one. Tell him you take the responsibility for not telling him earlier on, and you realise he is not aware of it. Ask him if he could go slowly and be interested in what you might like.

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Tiptoeing out of the closet By: Avenue T desk I’m a 26-year-old man who has never been attracted to women. While I do appreciate and acknowledge their beauty and strength, I have never really been “attracted” to them in the true sense of the word. While doing my undergraduate studies abroad, I discovered a new side of myself, one I was afraid to show the world or even accept myself. I knew Bangladesh’s unforgiving society would shun me for being who I really was. I can’t continue living in fear of society, and I want to come out of the closet. What’s the best thing to do? L

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L , This world is built on perceptions. What truly matters is what makes YOU happy. People will always talk and judge. It is up to you to decide whether their judgment matters more than your happiness, and whether you’re willing to sacrifice being yourself in order to conform to society’s norms. You can either live comfortably hiding beneath those layers and secrets, or, if you’re suffering and believe exposing the truth will make you happy, your choice is simple. Be yourself, and enjoy loving who you are. Remember, nobody can love or accept you the way you are unless you grow to love yourself first. Send in your inquiries, at


Take Care


Mummy Diaries

Second trimester roles in!

Samira Mostafa is a full time mom, a free lance qualitative researcher and education consultant at the Dhaka Tribune.

By Samira Mostafa

By the time I entered my second trimester, I started getting used to all the changes that came with my pregnancy, including new food, sleeping and walking habits. Since it was my first time being preggers, I read pregnancy books to keep track of whether what I experienced was normal. My backaches kicked up more often than I liked, and I couldn’t seem to find a comfortable sleeping position. Unfortunately, there are no comfy, L-shaped pillows made for pregnant women in Bangladesh, so I had nothing to support my back or sleeping style. I finally decided to get a long pillow custom-made to somehow help me in my miserable sleep. Though the nights were a wreck, my morning and afternoon naps were quite splendid, and so

I stacked up on as much sleep as I could during the day. My food intake increased phenomenally, yet my parents and friends constantly bugged me to eat more. I drank milk and ate eggs and bananas to stock up on iron. I went for a check up just to be on the safe side and get an update on the tiny one’s features. Actually, I was extra cautious and visited the doctor every month. Waiting at the doc’s office was always worth it when I got to see my baby growing healthy and hearty in my amniotic fluid, but my hubby would always squirm beside me and complain about how he hated doc visits. The best part was that I actually felt better during the day, so I could go out and walk, which is required for

a smooth pregnancy and delivery. Some amount of walking and light exercises are recommended by doctors during pregnancy. In the first trimester, I had to give up wearing heels, and from then on flip flops were my only option. I went for some shoe shopping, and my sister-in-law, who had gotten pregnant three months before me, had already stocked up on flat sandals for further use. So, I was happy with new shoes while outgrowing my existing clothes. Speaking of clothes, I actually had to stock up on free-flowing, bigger clothes as well, and I preferred light cotton clothing. My mom suggested I wear lighter coloured clothing in hope of having a cool-minded and fairer baby.

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Why yoga? Which yoga?

Auronee Islam is a student, teacher, and practitioner of healthy lifestyle through good food, fitness and spirituality. Her philosophy in life is to strive for balance and bliss in the mind, body and soul.

Yoga is a form of exercise often suggested for people who suffer from stress to give a calming effect to their bodies and minds By Auronee Islam It is also known to provide enough physical challenge to build strength, stamina and flexibility. Moreover, mental strength is necessary and plays a key role in strengthening the physical body. Regular yoga practice is not only to relax the brain, but also to provide strength to the body, both physically and mentally.

To find the perfect style of yoga that suits you best, here are a few suggestions: Hatha yoga: This form of yoga supports the link between the mind and body. Being one of the traditional forms, it also keeps the breathing pace in check and calms the mind with the

and the body. Physically, it is quite similar to Ashtanga yoga, but is much more challenging, as it pushes you to prove and increase your physical and mental willpower and strength.

help of meditation. This method will work great if you want to work on your movements by making them beneficial for your mental health. Ashtanga yoga: This dynamic style of yoga is based on flowing movements. Each and every movement of this form is directly linked to inhalation and exhalation. After mastering the basic asanas (movements,) the focus is laid on breathing for a calm and relieving effect, which is attained by keeping the mind attentive while challenging you to strengthen your muscles. The flow of

movements makes this form best if you sport a hectic routine and wish for more steadiness in your life.

With these and so many other varieties, there surely is one particular yoga style that can meet your needs and preferences. Each form of yoga has its own exclusive challenges, and with regular practice, their potentials and benefits are endless.

Go on, let yoga make you stress-free and strong! Bikram yoga: This style of yoga poses a great test for both the mind



Tantalise Recipe

Date and nut bread

Fareeha Chowdhury is an avid food enthusiast and professional cupcake baker. She studied courses in pastry techniques at the French Culinary institute in Manhattan.

With the end of Ramadan came the end of our daily date consumption, and most of us have extra dates sitting in the fridge. This week’s recipe will make use of those dates in a great, unconventional recipe of date and nut bread. Try it out and you’ll be left with very moist and perfectly sweetened bread, which caramelises perfectly on top and will fill your kitchen with a delectably mouthwatering aroma while baking in the oven. The bread can be eaten alone, with tea of coffee, or even with butter and jam. The more popular version of this recipe is made with raisins, but since we have extra dates lying around the house, why not try something new? By Fareeha Chowdhury


Original recipe makes one 9x5inch loaf •2 1/2 cups chopped dates •1/4 cup butter •1 cup boiling water •1/2 cup packed brown sugar •1 egg •1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour •1tsp baking soda •1tsp baking powder •1tsp salt •1 cup chopped walnuts

Direction: 1 Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C.) Grease a 9x5 inch loaf pan with butter and flour. 2 In a medium bowl, combine the dates and butter. Pour boiling water over them, and let stand until cool (the butter infuses the flavour and stickiness of the dates.)


3 When the dates have cooled, stir the mixture to break up any clumps. Mix in the brown sugar and egg until well blended. Combine the flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt; stir into the date mixture until just blended.

4 Stir in walnuts at the very end, and pour the batter into the prepared pan. 5 Bake for 50 minutes in the preheated oven, or until a wooden pick inserted into the centre comes out clean. The top should look shiny golden brown.

I hope this recipe makes your meals more enjoyable and inspires you to be creative with common ingredients. Dates are not only a fruit that can be eaten alone, but can also be the star ingredient of some delicious dishes and desserts.



The following fashion houses will showcase their collections at The Lustrous Runway:

Pond’s presents elegance on a whole new level with The Lustrous Runaway, the most extravagant affair of Dhaka’s fashion calendar. As the most awaited fashion event of the year, it is a unique platform that challenges designers to cross the borders of creativity A collection very rich in ideas, The Lustrous Runway aspires to exceed expectations. From vintage inspiration to contemporary presentation, the event exhibits an assortment of exquisite designs and motifs that create an invasion of the senses.

q Anokhi by Humaira Khan q Andeem by Eeman Ahmed and Farha Deeba q Ambreen Miraly q Ariz Fatema q Creole by Maheen Khan and Tanzina q Nowrine q Kimaya Design Studio q Reela's Fashion Boutique by Mantasha Ahmed

To top it off, the international celebrity Neha Dhupia will be flown in to be part of the show. Tickets are available on a “first come, first served” basis at all Nando’s outlets until Thursday, September 12th. The event is organised by Infinity Event Management

Glamorous Last month, Naushad Choudhury and Syed Ruma, one of the country’s star models, partnered up to create an institution called Glamorous in DOHS Baridhara. In this institution they plan to train fashion conscious people who aspire to enter the world of modeling or simply represent a groomed personality By Sabiha Akond Rupa




Jaipurhaat Jaipurhaat, a city surrounded by the Tulsi Ganga, Jamuna and Haramati Rivers, has a history dating back to the British rule. Situated among the North Bengal provinces, this city is approximately 265km from Dhaka. Its name is assumed to have derived from the once mighty Raja Jaygopal, whose palace grounds and other landmarks still have their remains within the city grounds

What to eat Jaipurhaat is especially famous for its agricultural products, like rice, wheat and potatoes. Since potatoes are fresh and organic, local dishes made exclusively with potatoes, such as aloor dom, aloo poori and aloo bhorta, should be at the top of your list of things to eat! If you’re craving a banana split with a scoop of your favourite ice cream for dessert, Jaipurhaat is the place to have it, since this area produces some of the best bananas in the country.

By Farah K Iqbal

What to do Pahar Pur, a Unesco World Heritage Site, is situated in the very heart of Jaipurhaat. Also known as the Somepur Bihar, it is considered the epitome of Bangladeshi success in terms of philosophy, architecture, art and sculptures. Anthropologists believe this site to be a symbol of the legacy left behind by the predecessors of Bengal, as well an icon of the history behind the Muslim Rule in the 1600s. The Palace of Raja Jaygopal is a must-see, along with the Garuda Pillar at Bhimer Panti located in the vicinity. After completing a tour of the historic sites, your next stop should be the Dargah of Nimai Pir, a famous shrine in North Bengal that is visited by religious followers and historians alike. Apart from the historic attractions, shopaholics must visit the market places in the town center, where each bazaar has a unique flavour of hospitality.

where to stay The Archeological Rest House, situated between the museum and the temple, is recommended by the Lonely Planet travel guide as a comfortable stay in Jaipurhaat. The rest house’s large and functional rooms are kept clean, and it offers excellent value for money. Located inside the grounds of the ruins, it’s also safe for guests to go on night strolls around the complex on their own. Photo courtesy Tiger Tours




Getting There

uses and trains are the best way to reach Jaipurhaat. There are nonconditioned buses that leave Dhaka every hour, and every train that is bound to North Bengal has a stop in Jaipurhaat. Dhumketu Silk City, a train bound to North Bengal, would be our recommended mode of travel to reach Jaipurhaat, which takes about five hours to reach from the capital city. Tiger Tours Limited offers tailored packages to Jaipurhaat.

INDEX Hotline numbers: 0184 145 5500, 0184 144 5500 or e-mail: http://bangladeshunlocked.

The writer is a team member of Tiger Tours Photo: Syed Zakir Hossain

Photo: Syed Zakir Hossain




BEIJING Beijing , often called Peking , is the political and cultural centre of China. With a history that dates back over 3000 years, it’s a city full of opulent palaces, temples, tombs and gardens, but that doesn’t mean it’s stuck in the stone ages. Beijing has all the makings of a modern city, complete with glitzy skyscrapers, shopping districts and an efficient subway system. If you want to experience Chinese culture and immerse yourself in the great history of ancient China, Beijing is the best place to start Compiled by Safwaan Karim What to do

Jingshan Park This park is a great place to interact with locals. You’ll find people doing all kinds of things, from singing Chinese opera to doing t’ai chi. The top of the hill that the park is built on provides a great view of the Forbidden City (another landmark,) which is immediately south of the park. Temple of Heaven This is the largest building of religious worship in China, a stunning example of ancient Chinese architecture and a great place to just sit and people watch. The temple has three major attractions: the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, the Imperial Vault of Heaven and the Circular Mound Altar, so make sure you buy the three-in-one ticket when visiting.


Great WalL If you visit China, your trip won’t be complete until you visit the Great Wall. Tour buses take visitors to various sections of the wall near Beijing. The most popular is Badaling, but if you don’t want to be surrounded by hundreds of people, you would do better to visit Mutianyu, Simatai or Jinshanling. However, Simatai and Jinshanling are only for the adventurous types, as they include many steep climbs. Also, it is important that you set off early, around 7am, to make the most of your trip.

Travel Where to stay

What to Eat

Leo Hostel (Tk2,800/Tk4,500 per night) This one is for the backpackers on a budget and those who want to experience old school Beijing. There are many hutongs (narrow streets and alleys found in Beijing) nearby that are worth checking out. The hotel is a great place to interact with fellow travellers, as they gather in the common area and stay up until very late at night; however, it can get quite loud, so if you’re a light sleeper, this might not be the place for you.

Chuanr Chuanr is basically skewers of barbequed meat with spices. The meat that is most commonly used is lamb, but in touristy areas, you can also find chuanrs made of insects, birds and other exotic animals. You can find them in various night markets and side streets scattered all across the city.


INDEX` Tanghulu This traditional snack of candied fruit is common in many Chinese cities, including Beijing. It comes in a variety of flavours like strawberry, kiwi and apple. You can find this in many parts of the city, but there is a huge selection of flavours at the Wangfujing snack street.

Leo Hostel 52 Dazhalan Xi jie, Qianmen, Xicheng District, Chongwenmen and Qianmen, Beijing, China Ph: +86 10 6303 1595 The Peninsula Beijing 8 Goldfish Lane, Wangfujing Street & Forbidden City, Beijing, China Ph: +86 10 8516 2888 Michael’s House Beijing S Yard, 1 Zhiqiang Garden N, Xiaoxitian, Beijing, 100088, China Ph: +86 10 6222 5620

Peking Duck Often considered the national dish of China, Peking duck can be found all over the city. But for the best duck, you have to go to Bianyifang or Quanfude, the two legendary restaurants that have been rivals for over a century.

Quanjude 14 Qianmen West Street, Beijing, P.R.China Ph:+ 86 10 6304 8987 Bianyifang (Flagship restaurant) No. 18 Chongwenmen Outer Street, Glory Plaza 4/F, Chongwen District Ph: +86 10 6711 2244

Michael’s House Beijing (Tk7,600/ Tk18,300 per night) This courtyard style hotel is situated in Huo Hai, which is close to three beautiful lakes. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities and are set with Chinese decor. With lots of restaurants and bars, the area around the hotel is great for morning strolls as well as a night out.


singapore airlines has daIly flights from bangladesh to singapore, where connecting flights to beijing are available.

The Peninsula Beijing (Tk15,000/ Tk43,000 per night) The Peninsula Beijing is probably the most well-situated hotel in the city, as it’s walking distance from Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the night market and Beijing’s most famous shopping street.

Globe Trotter New York City, USA Saxony, Germany

Empire Of The Sun International September 5 Dixieland Festival Dresden May 12-19

Bangkok, Toulouse,Thailand France

Piano Aux Jacobins Jae Danupon September 4th-28th Kaewkarn Classical Concert May 25

Mount Abu, India Hong Kong, China

HK International Summer Festival Comedy Festival May 23-25 September 5th- October 6th



In town

Dance workshop on Kalaripayattu The Design Fashion and Art Foundation of Bangladesh (DFAFB), in collaboration with the Eagle Dance Co, organised a four day long workshop at Shilpakala Academy held from August 27th – 30th on Kalaripayattu, an Indian martial art inspired dance form that initiated in the southern state of Kerala. The workshop was conducted by the distinguished Indian dancer Kajal Hazra. The grand opening ceremony was graced by Minu Haque, president of DFAFB, Lipi Khandaker, vice president of DFAFB, Uday Kumar, joint secretary of DFAFB and Walli Ahmed chowdhury, general secretary of DFAFB





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