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Re-invigorate! Awaken your senses with the fresh and fabulous hues of spring. As we anticipate the season's first blooms, we colorize our latest look book with bursts of beautiful bedding for your home, courtesy of our ever-evolving designers' interpretations of Spring. Each page offers a peek at patterns and hues fitting for today's diverse tastes. Not to be missed are our own-make down pillows and comforters and DEWOOLFSON'S signature duple silk bedding. There is so much that goes into making a lovely bed and we believe it all begins with perfectly filled and stitched down and silk fillers. If you are eager to learn more about any of the linens you see on the following pages, click on the image and you will be taken to that page on our merchant website We hope you find our Spring look book to be delightful and positively motivating.

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DEWOOLFSON速 comforters, pillows, and featherbeds are individually filled and sewn from the finest materials and shipped from our North Carolina factory within 48 hours. We use only hand-select European white goose down or feather fills, covered with some of the world's finest European downproof fabrics, including your choice of cotton cambric, batiste, sateen, silk, and an eco-friendly organic cotton. Our comforters are available in up to five warmth levels, and can have additional down added anytime within a year of purchase. Our down pillows are fully adjustable for firmness within a year of purchase (charging only for shipping and the cost of the additional down, by the ounce).



As always, orders for custom sizes and fills are gladly accepted.



DEWOOLFSON速 brand fine down products for the home for over 30 years. 10

Duple Silk Comforter

Silk-filled comforters are the perfect addition to DEWOOLFSON's line of fine sleep products. Silk, a natural insulator that stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter, is one of the oldest known textile fibers and the preferred fill for sleeping comfort in many countries. Duple is DEWOOLFSON's term for double silk. Silk filled and silk covered. Our summer weight is covered with a lightweight (13 momme weight) silk habotai cover and stitched in a traditional butterfly pattern. The winter weight is covered with a heavier silk satin (19 momme weight), sometimes described as "buttery smooth", and sewn in a box stitch pattern. Both are filled with the finest hand-pulled mulberry silk floss. Naturally hypoallergenic. Eggshell white.


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2015 DEWOOLFSON Spring look book  

Awaken your senses with the fresh and fabulous hues of spring. Each page offers a peek at patterns and colors just right for today's diverse...

2015 DEWOOLFSON Spring look book  

Awaken your senses with the fresh and fabulous hues of spring. Each page offers a peek at patterns and colors just right for today's diverse...