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June 27 2014

June 27, 2014

Bus overcrowding protest gains momentum… p 2

Calls for review of Devonport i-SITE… p11

Interview: Himalayan Trust’s Prue Smith… p16

Ngati Whatua wants five storeys for settlement land

A five-storey development with no coastal strip will be allowed on the Wakakura land if Ngati Whatua has its way. It is also seeking a five-storey provision for its newly purchased block at Vauxhall Rd,

currently occupied by the Navy. non-notified and pre-1944 demolition controls Five-storey developments are also sought removed on all Ngati Whatua land on the for much of its other land on the peninsula Devonport peninsula, it said in a submission – many hectares on it abutting the coastline. To page 5 Any development on the land should be

An ice time had by all

A quick dip is all that is needed… hardy souls braved the sea last Sunday for the annual Devonport midwinter swim. More pictures pages 38-39 Phil Clark P 09 446 2125 M 021 940 041 E Peter Ayton P 09 446 2109 M 021 336 300 E


“Put simply, Peter and Phil really know what they are doing and you can trust them to do a good job. I highly recommend them.” - David


“We believe that you acted in the best interests of your client at all times.”


- Rod & Michelle

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June 27 2014

Campaign for safer school buses shifting gears


FUNERAL SERVICES Your local funeral home

The campaign by two mothers to make school buses safer has moved from a local to a national level. Last Monday Liz Brown and Lisa Clementson met with North Shore MP Maggie Barry, asking her to help initiate legislative change. Barry agreed with many of the mothers’ concerns and has passed them on to Associate Minister of Transport Michael Wood. The week before, at a meeting between Auckland Transport (AT), Ritchies, and

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secondary school principals, Brown and Clementson were told by AT staff that school buses supplemented the public bus service, that passenger capacity on buses is based on weight and therefore more children are permitted on a bus than adults, and that neither seat belts nor having a seat per person are legally required on school buses. Since the meeting AT investigated all complaints made by the pair and 20 other parents. AT says staff have ridden the 087 route multiple times and they “have identified a number of issues” that are now being addressed by Ritchies. Ritchies occasionally uses smaller buses, which leads to overcrowding, say AT who have asked that standard-sized buses are always used. Two additional buses have also been put on.

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June 27 2014

Cat finds calm during the storm – at panelbeaters

Feline fine… Jarrod Coleman says Turtle manages to have catnap, even during the shop’s busy work hours A cat spooked in the violent storm two listed her online at the Pets on the Net da- Fleet Street Panelbeaters at 445 0483 or weeks ago has found safe harbour at Fleet tabase, but the cat’s owner is still unknown just drop in, like she did. Street Panelbeaters – and has stayed there and Turtle is not micro-chipped. Storm pictures page 24, 25. “She certainly is well fed and most likely ever since. The black adult cat – believed to be a has an owner. I am worried she will get run female – came crawling from behind an over here and I don’t want to take her to the industrial bin when office manager Sharon SPCA either because I worry she might not make it,” Harnett says. Harnett came to work the next morning. If you recognise Turtle, please contact “She was just here, drinking the rain water, looking shell-shocked and she hasn’t left,” Harnett says. She spends her days in Join us for an information the workshop and occasionally roams the evening hosted by Liz Sawers neighbourhood between the doctors and Licensed REAA 2008 aUCTiOn from Viking River Cruises. the post office. Panel beater Jarrod Coleman has even aUCTiOn When: Thurs 10 July, 6pm given her a name – Turtle. “She jumps into “More the cars and goes asleep on the blanket in Where: In store , the corner, or she plays with kids that turn xperience E RSVP by Mon 07 July by emailing up. We feed her and try and keep her out of Better the dust,” he says. “At night we have to lock her out of the or phone Results” shop though because she would set off the VIEW FROM THE PROPERTY alarm, but there are enough dry spots for | 96 VICtorIa roaD DEVOnPORT Harvey World Travel Birkenhead mountain Hideaway - two unique Dwellings her outside,” he says. Renouf AREINZ GRANT SPEEDY a family villa resting high on the slopesRowan of mt Victoria, a self-contained office with extra rooms, 25 Birkenhead Ave 0274 511 800 double garage, plus a full 825m site with mountain access - quite the package! With four Harnett has contacted the local vet, put a bedrooms, two living and fantastic09 views across Devonport to the harbour beyond, 736 this is 445 3414 orand city021 683 Ph: (09) 480 0652 a home for families, extended families, work from home businesses or just those requiring flexible card on the supermarket’s noticeboard and living options. Walk to the village and its shops, cafes, supermarket, library, waterfront

Viking River Cruises Info Evening



and beach, CbD ferry and two primary schools. Great location for all the family!

VIEW | Sat/Sun 2 - 2.45 pm or by appoIntmEnt AUCTION | on SItE SunDay 17 marCH 2013 at 3 pm unLESS SoLD prIor PREMIUM.CO.NZ | 60335

BElMOnT | 11a CorrELLa roaD



BA D Se evO ne D n W BU PO Si R T ne SS

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June 27 2014

What do effective change management and a good marriage have in common? Great communication!

change Management


How successfully run and implemented is change at your place of work? Whenever i am called in to help with change, there are two factors always present:

Ask yourself the following questions:

Communication around change is not equal to the impact of the change, and the project is usually well ahead of people impacted by the change.

• Are you noticing you don’t really talk about things unless you have to?

• is your relationship a happy one?

Why is this? Because people struggle with change. At its core, change denotes things becoming different, therefore the status quo shifting, which can cause more impact than may be recognised. Introducing counter-resistant strategies, leading to engagement of the change is a process, which is all too often undermined by the full realisation the impact change actually has, individually, team-wide and across the company.

Gloria Masters

She studied psychotherapy at university for five years, which she uses in combination with cBT. She has many years’ experience working alongside couples that struggle at times within their marriage.

If your team are struggling with change Gloria is here to help; she has many years’ experience working with transformational change management processes to elicit engagement/buy-in and minimise resistance to change.

“We were having problems in our marriage, arguing over trivia and not enjoying time spent together any more.

“I have been an HR Manager for over 20 years and attended many change management workshops. I was most impressed with the view Gloria Masters had of this, as it explained clearly why I have always encountered such resistance to change. With her insights we were able to significantly alter our perception and practice of change within the company.”

Gloria took us through a series of sessions which involved looking at ourselves as individuals, ourselves as a couple and ways to build on what we had. It took some work but as a result we are happier than we have ever been.” c&GR Glenfield

Suzanna Denham HR Manager, Daimler nZ


Office in DevOn LAne nOW OPen

• Do you feel you share more with others than you do with your partner? Gloria can help. Gloria has run a therapy clinic since the year 2000.

To see more on this; download the article Successful Change Management off the website at and also feel free to check out the Change Management workshop. For any further information, phone Gloria on 027 483 2323 or email her at:


• Are you bored in your marriage?



Mediation Ph DD 214 7275 or 027 483 2323

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June 27 2014

Shore celebrations


It’s a goal… North Shore United players celebrate a Davy Fahy first-half goal against Takapuna at Allen Hill Stadium on Sunday. The sides drew 1-1. From page 1

Ngati Whatua rubs locals up the wrong way with high-rise plans

on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan. Whai Rawa, the commercial arm of Ngati Whatua o Orakei is aiming to maximise what it can develop on its 25.9 hectares on the Devonport Peninsula Precinct - far beyond what the draft plan has proposed. The iwi also opposes any restrictions on the development of its land that council may impose due to extra traffic. It argues that council, by zoning land residential, should automatically anticipate the traffic such a zone generates. Whai Rawa wants: • An increase in maximum height from 14.5m (four storeys) to 18m (five storeys) in large parts of the Marsden St, Plymouth Cres, Hillary Cres, Vauxhall Rd and Wakakura Cressub-precincts. • Removal of pre-1944 building demolition control overlay on Wakakura Cres, Vauxhall Rd, Beresford St and Birchfield Rd.

• Removal of the requirement of an esplanade reserve or marginal strip at Wakakura Cres to be replaced by a Conservation Covenant to allow some public access. • Removal of an Historic Heritage Overlay from much of Wakakura Crescent subprecinct. • A new sub-precinct on Beresford St including 83, 85, 87-89, 91-93 Beresford St plus 3 Sandy Bay Rd, (about one hectare) which would allow four-storey development. • The allowing of larger earthworks as permitted activity. • The removal of the limited notification of framework plans to landowners within the sub-precincts. • The 40% of maximum building coverage on land to exclude roads. Whai Rawa’s submission seeks to remove a number of Mixed Housing Suburban (MHS) rules, replacing them with Terraced Housing

and Apartment Building (THAB) zone rules. It wants the MHS requirements – for height-to-boundary control, building length, building setback, front and side yard size, separation between buildings, outdoor living space and landscaped area requirement – replaced with those of the THAB zone. “Together, these factors present a fantastic opportunity for Council to give effect to their intensification goals,” the iwi’s submission says. Meanwhile, hundreds of local residents are asking council to drastically tighten the Unitary Plan rules and restrict Ngati Whatua’s opportunities to develop the former Navy land, requesting the maintenance of the existing maximum building height of two storeys, the installation of new infrastructure before allowing intensification and that all development consistent with the area’s existing character. All submissions are on Council’s website.

Why did the chicken cross the harbour bridge? Drop the apron, grab the family, grab your friends and come on down to the Esplanade Local Bar & Grill for

“Chook in a Box”

100% organic certified locally grown Roast Chicken

100% certified, organic chicken tender, succulent and full flavour, with hearty winter vegetables, rich gravy and our own baked herb bread, served in the baking dish ready to share. At less than $20** per person, it’s a dinner worth crossing the road for. **based on 4 people sharing 1 whole chicken and 3 large vegetable dishes.

BOOK your table and your chook PH: 09 445 1291, or email


Whole organic chicken $34 Half organic chicken $22 side disHes: roast vegetables, salads, bread Med $9 Large $14 Regular a la carte and children’s menu also available

1 Victoria Rd, devonport


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June 27 2014

r Dealer is a survivor Obituary

June 27 2014

The Devonport Flagstaff Page 7

Popular businessman supported community customers

ss from satisfied A Devonport businessman eturn to them time and time known for his

integrity, sense of humour and sponsorship of many community groups has died suddently, aged 52. most loyal customer has Derek Rountree had owned the Devonport Roger Spragg who lives in Car Company for around 20 years. port. Rountree prided himself on customer satisfaction highfrom levelsus of return business, r has bought 14and cars and a sign in the car yard last Friday gave the m and hisrunning family,” Derek. totalsaid as “1959 cars sold to locals.” local60said lastinweek on hearing port Cars As hasone over cars the news: “Running a used-car business in at any one time and Derek is Derek was a a small town is not the easiest; straight-up guy.” to source a particular model Born in Te Awatumu he moved with his ired. family to the North Shore aged three when hishas father became ea which taken offheadmaster for us of Bayswater last fewSchool. years is rental cars. Primary, NorthRountree attended Torbay Intermediate Long Bay College, summercross months we canand have where he excelled at rugby and cricket. 0 cars out at a time.” He played many seasons for Grafton launching its website four a golden year United Cricket Club including in 1991-1992 when the premier side won the ago, Devonport Cars has been Auckland two-day championship. cars to customers acrossthethe Rountree opened batting with New Zealand Phil Island. Horne, scored 800 runs in y including the rep South the season including one brilliant century of ocals are lucky to ofhave 113 when the rest the team was bowled out around him foron under port Cars right here our80. He was still playing president’s cricket ep! last season. After school Rountree worked in the sports shop and ski industry both in New Zealand and overseas, then owned a lawn mowing taking a job at Point Cars on he Heartbusiness of the before Community Barry’s Point Rd which led to taking over the yard at Belmont that became Devonport Cars. Several hundred friends and family members paid tribute to Rountree at the North Shore Memorial Park chapel last Friday. They heard of his love of sport, travelling, his family and friends and socialising “with a beer or wine in his hand.” He was known for his cheeky, fun-loving manner, always ready with a quick one-liner like ‘Don’t mention the war’ or at times and

Devonport Cars


Rutherford Rede on the Shore “Putting your financial affairs in order”


Your local Financial Adviser

Getting Ready for Retirement Our business is about helping people to live comfortably, which includes helping them to prepare for their retirement Owner-operator of Devonport Cars for close to 20 years… Derek Rountree

We work with them to ensure: - we have their objectives to work towards

“inappropriate comment.” bleestate planning is Amongst his friends he was r nicknamed aila - their s inav l Cadealer “Del boy” after theta wheeler the ren fleet and reflects their has a complete rs a 1980s English TVvo show Only Fools and C rt o p n wishes De Horses. ableasfor hire. rs availDerek His brother oTim f cadescribed - their r savings are in a robust cheeky, fun, silly, loyal, o sensitive, eaD foinvestment k ahfragile o portfolio ready b and loving. s. orthe itfor is v r e funding and cashflow m m His daughtery Greta moving speech r sau ougave needs later in life highlighting her father’s love of Sting and U2 and the many family holidays he shared with For information on how to fund her, sister Emily and mother Nancy. your retirement, investing and The funeral heard Rountree had battled depression over the years. other financial matters, please

vonport Cars on the business

orth Harbour


Gleye & Parlane Engine Reconditioners Ltd

ring us for your free consultation

Rutherford Rede on the Shore

• Tyres PO Box 32596, Devonport • Wheel P: 446 6998 M: 027 486 7002 Alignmente: • WOF • Servicing

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June 27 2014

Why is winter a great time to sell? Look at what happened last winter 2013 (June-Sept)

• 58 sales over that period were made in Devonport. Buyers don’t hibernate in winter, they are highly motivated! • Highest median price was achieved in September $1,256,250. Great prices achieved despite being winter. • August had the lowest number of days to sell at 20. Wouldn’t you like the opportunity of a quick sale? • In winter 2014 I have a number of qualified purchasers that I just cannot find enough homes for. The smart sellers will see an amazing opportunity right now to capture this current buoyant market and not wait to be one of many on the market. Just remember to zig when others zag.

Your home could be here! Give me a call to discuss how to market and maximise the value of your home in the winter months to come.

Maria Stevens Your trusted local Devonport agent P: 09 446 2111 M: 021 979 084 E: 18 Clarence St, Devonport Licensed Sales Consultant REAA 2008

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June 27 2014

Great Fire of London ignites inspiration in local playwright Retired watchmaker Graeme Webber‘s idea for a musical came to him when he was standing in the London rain ten years ago. On a family trip to England, Webber found himself waiting for his wife and two teenage sons who were climbing the Monument to the Great Fire of London when inspiration struck. “It was of course drizzling when I noticed a plaque that said, ‘fifty yards from here in 1666, the Great Fire of London started at Farriner’s bakery on Pudding Lane.’ “I had been looking for an idea for a musical and thought bakery, Pudding Lane, fire; now that is something and I decided that this would be what my musical was about right then and there,” says the Hauraki resident. The idea developed over the next ten years. “I have picked it up and put it down a few times,” Webber says. Three years ago he finished a draft and took it around production houses in London but without any luck. Then inspiration hit Webber again, this time in a second-hand bookshop in Ponsonby. “I rifled through a book about the 17th century and came across this character who I realised was the one ingredient missing from the story. I changed my entire concept after that and am starting the production off with him now,” he says. Webber won’t reveal anything else about the character but says his story is set at a market in Queenhithe on the River Thames and that most actors in the cast of 20 are lo-

Musical inspiration… Hauraki’s Graeme Webber creating with his baby grand in the corner of his lounge. cals. They include Alistair and Gail Fletcher, Donna Allen, Donna Franks, Gillian Askwith, Malcolm Beazley, George Hughes, Linda Camplin, Kat Instrall and Mark Donovan. “And a pretty quirky thing I did was to give the role of the King to Elvis,” he says. Webber has relied on the help of other locals too. Company Theatre president Sherry Ede was instrumental in shaping the play, he says, as was its director Ruth Chapman. Webber wrote the songs on his baby grand

piano that stands in the corner of his lounge. “During the 1970s, I was part of a covers band but I didn’t write a song until I did some parent helping during the school productions at Hauraki Primary School,” he says. Webber has turned 70 but says that following his passions has kept him young. “It’s funny, I just don’t feel old at all.” • The Great Fire of London runs from July 3 -12 at the Rose Centre.

Celebrate NZ Design with Firefly Looking for somewhere you can go to view some of the latest and best New Zealand lighting, furniture and fabric design under one roof? Throughout July Firefly Light & Design will be showcasing the best pieces from a range of New Zealand designers. This is your chance to encounter close up the skill and craftsmanship that goes into each piece. If you are looking to add a piece of striking New Zealand design to your home, you can browse a variety of items and take advantage of special offers for the month. Designers featured include lighting designers David Trubridge, Rebecca Asquith, Tim Wigmore and local bespoke lighting company Epsilon, as well as Furniture by Treology, Montreaux & Kovacs (Christchurch) and craftsman Robin Cuff, among others. Local textile designs by Ingrid Anderson and Hemptech will also be on display if you are looking for fabrics with a New Zealand twist.


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June 27 2014

WINTER SPECIAL - $35 THREE COURSE MENU ENTREE Garlic Pizza Bread Fresh and hot Mozzarella Bread With mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce Daily-made Tomato Soup Calamari Fritti Fresh squid rings served with garlic, parsley and lemon Cozze alla Genovese Steamed fresh mussels in the shell, sautéed with garlic, rosemary, onion, wine and Napoletana sauce Fegatini Di Pollo Chicken livers with onion, mushrooms, garlic, sage and a marsala cream sauce

Parmigiana Lean escalopes pan-fried, flambéed in wine, topped with ham, asparagus, tomato, mozzarella cheese and grilled Marsala Gently sautéed in butter and mushrooms, flambéed in white wine marsala, with cream and parsley Pollo Cacciatore

Boneless breast of chicken served in a caper, olive, capsicum, garlic, chilli, onion and Napoletana sauce Chicken Pancake

Savoury pancake filled with fresh chicken, mushrooms and camembert, with a supreme cream sauce Calamari Luciana

Risotto Verde Sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, spring onion, pepper, capers, garlic and herbs

Pan-fried fresh squid rings served with capers, herbs, wine, a dash of cream and a Napoletana sauce

Spaghetti Bolognese “Just like mamma used to make”

Pesce Portofino

MAIN Fettucine Di Pollo Fiesta noodles with chicken, mushrooms, parmesan cheese and a cream sauce Lasagna Traditional Portofino-style lasagne Pepperoni Pizza Smoked ham, pepperoni salami, peppers, garlic and parmesan cheese Button Mushroom Pizza Avocado, Mushroom, parsley, artichokes, and feta cheese Bistecca Al Pepe Nero Succulent scotch fillet grilled to your request, finished with ground pepper, garlic, brandy and a creamy brown sauce *Not in conjunction with any other discount offers

Fresh market fish gently pan-fried with shrimp, champagne, and a creamy lemon sauce

DESSERT Brandy Snaps

A traditional favourite – caramel wafer pipes, filled with freshly whipped cream Chocolate Cheesecake

Exquisitely rich chocolate cheesecake topped with chocolate sauce Gelato Ice Cream

Ask the waiter for today’s flavour


26 Victoria Rd, Devonport Phone 09 445 3777

The Devonport Flagstaff Page 11

June 27 2014

Local board review critical of i-SITE

The performance of the Devonport i-SITE has been slammed by the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board. The i-SITE’s location, its failure to meet the needs of a typical tourist to Devonport and the organisation’s focus on making money were all criticised in a board working party report. A Flagstaff sting of the i-SITE’s operations in February revealed some visitors were told Mission Bay or Piha were the closest swimming beaches. i-SITE staff directed undercover Flagstaff reporters to the Masonic Tavern (closed) for live music, the Naval base for a public swimming pool and Victoria Skatepark in the city for the nearest skateboard facility when there is one in Devonport. Staff members had no knowledge of a cinema in Devonport. The local board, in its review, says that the i-SITE’s location at the end of the Devonport ferry building is so obscure “it can easily be mistaken as part of the Fullers ticket office.” Rather than booking national or regional tours or events, “Devonport visitors are primarily interested in the heritage of the area and enjoying the ambience of the historic seaside village atmosphere,” it says. “These visitors have two to five hours in Devonport and the i-SITE needs to focus primarily on encouraging them to make the most of their stay by providing information on local attractions tailored to each visitor’s needs,” it continues. “Advising tourists that if they want to swim they need to get back on the ferry and travel to Mission Bay isn’t making the best use of the opportunities that Devonport has to provide a satisfying visitor experience,” it concludes.

Worth walking around the road works for...

25% 50% to


Small changes are afoot at the Devonport i-SITE. A new list of attractions starts off in the right place.

• Nightwear • Thermal

Mozart: ‘Gran Partita’ 6.30pm, Monday 7 July St Peter’s Church, Takapuna

Microdermabrasion & Vitamin C Radiance Facial Only


Treat dehydration, dryness & uneven skin colour, your skin will look fantastic!

• Bras • Pants • Stockings • Socks


Turn baCk The CloCk


One of the great masterpieces of chamber music performed by APO principal players and friends.

Book at or call 09 623 1052

Slippers • Togs

Devonport Lingerie Shop 2 Queens Parade, Devonport Mon-Fri 10-5 | Sat 10-4

Phone 445 8347

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June 27 2014

Devonport 18 Clarence St Devonport 09 446 2030

Belmont 1/19 Westwell Road

Belmont 3/19 Westwell Road

One House Too Many - Investors Say Sell

Much On Offer For So Little

Turn your attention to this ideal opportunity to purchase a stylish townhouse with sea views to the north and west, all day sunshine, and a private and secure courtyard. Built in the 1970s in concrete block and timber, this property is ideal for professionals or small families wanting to be close to schools, shops and public transport.

This 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home with harbour views and wonderful sunsets is beautifully positioned beside Belmont Primary. Close to schools, this home is ideal for families. Built in the 1970s with double garaging and internal access, there is opportunity here. 2 up and 2 down with open plan living, a stunning kitchen and upstairs bathroom, take a look at this.

Auction View Open

On site, 6th July 2014 at 11.00am (unless sold prior) Saturday & Sunday 1.30 - 2.00pm

For Sale View Open

$865,000 Saturday & Sunday 1.00-1.30pm

Jane Hastings & Jackie Mark P 09 446 2116 M 021 735 263 M 021 458 797 E E Devonport

Jackie Mark & Jane Hastings P 09 446 2113 M 021 458 797 M 021 735 263 E E Devonport

Devonport 20a Waterview Road

Hillcrest 74b Pupuke Road

Devonport’s Grand Design

Hot Price In Hillcrest

If all these home building programmes have fired up your imagination, then here is the perfect opportunity to create the home of your dreams. Nestled in family friendly Devonport is this north facing 693 sq m section with driveway and services already in place. The section is surrounded by beautiful villas and is within close proximity to the village and ferry to the CBD.

A view to the future. You had better get cracking on this one - Our Vendor has moved - now they have a property too many. A Large five bedroom family home requiring a new owner. Simply a wonderful opportunity for families seeking style, comfort and convenience. SOUND LIKE YOU?

For Sale View Open

By Negotiation Saturday 12-12.45pm

Glenice Taylor & Gary Potter P 09 446 2112 M 021 943 021 M 021 953 021 E E Devonport

Contributor to

For Sale View Open

$865,000 Saturday & Sunday 12.00 - 12.30pm

Jenny Hinton & Anne Iremonger P 09 446 2126 M 027 773 1841 M 021 443 959 E Devonport

The Devonport Flagstaff Page 13

June 27 2014

Devonport 18 Clarence St Devonport 09 446 2030

Devonport 80 Lake Road

Bayswater 33 Beresford Street

Very Pretty Villa

Villa With A Beach House Feel

With many original features harking back to its turn of the century origins, this centrally located character villa also has the bonus of a sunny, peaceful back garden that is perfect for outdoor dining, playing or a relaxing soak in the spa pool. The house features four spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms including an ensuite. Fabulous new kitchen, where cooking comes easy and with the dining area flowing through to the living.

This Classic Transitional Villa with stunning panoramic views, offers the best of both worlds. Combining its charming character features with an easy indoor/outdoor flow to a spacious north facing deck. Just perfect for entertaining friends and family all year round.

For Sale View Open

$915,000 Saturday & Sunday 2.00 - 2.45pm

For Sale View Open

$1,380,000 by appointment

Catharina Andersson P 09 446 2110 M 021 812 621 E Devonport

Caroline Devereux P 09 446 2107 M 021 573 305 E Devonport

Devonport 25 Regent Street

Devonport 28 Ngataringa Road

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North facing four bedroom family home that is light bright and spacious with a large back garden. This property has it all, and its walking distance to Takapuna Grammar, shops and Narrow Neck beach which the kids will love. The main level of the home provides families with a spacious new kitchen and both the dining room and lounge flow out to a substantial deck ideal for a good gathering of friends and a barbeque.

Large family home offering 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and multiple living options. Fantastic opportunity to own a renovated modern weatherboard home positioned close to Narrow Neck Beach, Waitemata Golf Course, and Devonport Village. Fabulous spaces and so much choice for families of all ages. Great buying here. Owners are keen to see an offer!

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June 27 2014

Cycle lanes compromised at the outset The first question I asked of him was would the cycle lanes have a detrimental effect on the flow of the 39,000 vehicle movements along Lake Road. The answer was no. Obviously, that was either a lie or incompetence. I also questioned why, at the most dangerous part of Lake Road, through the Belmont shops, did the cycle lane stop, leaving cyclists to make their way through it on their own. I was told that the cycle lane would not be recommended for use by children under the age of 13. Although that was never done it is heartening to see the sensibilities of the large number of children who cycle to Belmont Intermediate every day choosing not use those lanes, choosing instead to use the cycle lanes on the footpath. One of the things to remember about Mr Kit O’Halloran is that he too was an obsessive cyclist, even choosing to cycle to our meetings. I did question whether his opinions were biased. There is no doubt that the project was flawed from the start and a huge number of compromises made to the design to make sure it went ahead. Apart from Belmont, look at how the lane swerves around parked cars outside Takapuna Grammar and goes onto the footpaths at Hauraki Corner. But one of the things that really got me was that the whole project was sold to the community as a commuter cycle lane from Devonport to Takapuna. As is now evident, that too was not true. The cycle lane detours left at Esmonde Rd and goes nowhere. There has never been an intention to take it through to Takapuna. In the beginning, the council was very keen

You have to take your hat off to Barbara Cuthbert for her passion for cycling and, in particular, her defence of the Lake Road cycle lanes (Flagstaff June 13, 2014). The problem with passion is when it becomes an obsession it can blind you to the views of others. I was on the Devonport Community Board when Kit O’Halloran, a roading engineer and the project manager for North Shore City Council, first raised the prospect of cycle lanes on Lake Road.

Letters to the Editor Letters to the Editor are welcome. They should relate to Devonport issues. Unsigned or nom-de-plume letters will not be published. Email letters to or post to Devonport Flagstaff, PO Box 32-275, Devonport.

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to do counts of the number of cyclists using Lake Road. Again, from memory, it was about 300 per day (only 0.7% of total movements), which included the Devonport Espresso cycling club and the secondary school cycling teams – certainly not just commuter cyclists. Will they do another count? The answer is no because the success and viability of cycle lanes is dependent on the number using them and, as anyone will tell you, the numbers using Lake Rd cycle lanes have not increased to any extent from the day it opened. In the end it was a losing battle. The money to build the cycle lanes came from Transport New Zealand on the condition that were the lanes ever removed, the money ($400,000 from memory) would have to be paid back. Which is why you will never hear from any of my fellow Community Board members at the time that the cycle lanes have caused problems. They know they would have to find the money to make the repayment. Oh yes, as Barbara says, there was some consultation made with Devonport residents but no one knew the truth back then. The answer is simple of course. Remove the cycle lanes off Lake Road and develop the Green Route, through O’Neill’s Point Cemetery, across the new bridge and around the picturesque waterfront to Burns Road, which would give access through to Takapuna. I cycled every day of my life in Christchurch, to school and work. I always chose the route through Hagley Park. It was a joy to ride through the park each morning in the crisp morning air and the park environment. Roger Brittenden, former Devonport Community Board member

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June 27 2014


The Devonport Flagstaff Page 15

DBA misses mark over Wynyard St I cannot believe the Devonport Business Association, supposedly there to assist Devonport business, has without any consultation, taken it upon themselves to make a submission for all of Wynyard St to become a Town Centre Zone. Wynyard St is a vibrant and creative street where there is a real sense of community and is as an important part of Devonport as is Victoria Road, with its retail and hospitality focus. Every successful community needs balance and variety. Part of the charm of Devonport is not a fancy wharf or $8 million library, but the

closeness of the community and the ability to have its commitments, whether it be having a car serviced, new tyres, a boat built etcetera, met within Devonport. At a time when the economy had put pressure on many businesses I would have expected the Business Association to have done all within its power to maintain the status quo, not pander to the whims of Auckland Council. Shame on you Devonport Business Association – you obviously have no regard for the very people you are supposed to represent. Noeline Craig

Some cyclists becoming a law of their own I want to add support to Maria Jinks’ correspondence in the previous Flagstaff (June 13). Her experience is nothing surprising in Devonport nowdays. Since when have pedestrians been required to give way to cyclists on the footpath? It seems to be the rule now. So many cyclists charging along the footpath at high speed, pedestrians taking evasive action and...... most of them not wearing a helmet! Also one of the craziest things so common is mum, dad and the kids

in convoy... the kids are wearing helmets but mum and dad are not. Now we come to cyclists on the road...... yes, weaving in and out, not wearing helmets too, playing cat and mouse with the motorists. I remember as a kid getting a dressing down by a cop when he caught me riding my Raleigh Sports on the footpath. I hadn’t even got into second gear! Cyclists are a law unto themselves in Devonport. Derk Schoemaker

Where is the Lake Rd tolerance? I had to laugh when I read the account from John Ellington about our recent encounter in the cycle lanes when I dropped my son off at school. Yes I know that I was in the wrong – however I made a judgement based on the speed the cyclist was going and how long it usually takes for my son to get out of the car. Unfortunately my son got tangled whilst extracting himself from his seat belt so took an extra five seconds to get out. The

cyclist was going very fast and there was no way he would be slowing down for any obstacles. The angry gestures and verbal abuse led me to panic and quickly pull out without looking – sorry – and then the verbal abuse through the window was something I wish my young son didn’t have to hear. I truly hope that this cyclist doesn’t drive a car as with his aggression issues he probably runs down the aged and infirm at pedestrian crossings if they are not on the other side by the time the lights change. Lake Rd is a multipurpose thoroughfare and we all have to co-exist with it. Nothing will change with the traffic and bikes for a few years so let’s all get on with using it as best we can – with tolerance and a positive attitude. I am a resident of Lake Rd who walks, cycles and drives up it every day - and I continually have to adapt my actions depending on the situation. When turning into a driveway as someone is crossing, I let them go first – especially if they are pushing a pram. When cycling in the lane and a car is turning into a driveway – I slow down to let them in. When faced with the waves of school children walking through the Rose Centre car park, with no regard for cars, I drive slowly. You always have to look ahead of you and plan what action to take – sometimes it doesn’t work though as in my case above – so then that’s where the tolerance of each other comes in. Alison Hansen



Second Tuesday of each month, 7pm Devonport Croquet Club, Wairoa Rd Devonport New members welcome, but a knowledge of the game of 500 (though not necessarily expertise) is required. Admission $5 per evening to cover costs, plus a small plate of food for a shared supper Please email your interest to ''

NIALL DE BURCA Monday 30th June, 8pm The Bunker on Mt Victoria, Devonport A traditional Irish Storyteller, Niall grew up in Galway, Ireland, and returns to the Antipodes to share a lifetime of storytelling in the ancient art of Shanachie. He loves telling stories with humour and in the family tradition. 'Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story' For bookings phone 445-2227 - tickets $15

DEVONPORT SPINNERS, WEAVERS, KNITTERS ETC MEETING Wednesdays 10:00am - 12 noon St Augustine's Church Hall, Calliope Rd, Devonport Meeting weekly for tea and crafting together. For more information call or email Molly Wheeler on 446 6027, ''

BELMONT PARK BOWLING CLUB Club roll-ups every Tue, Thur & Sat, 12.50pm Venue: 46 Roberts Ave, Bayswater Social, casual, and serious bowlers welcome (loan bowls available). For more information phone 445-6285 or email '' Devonport Peninsula Community eNEWS To receive the Devonport Peninsula eNEWS, a monthly email listing of community events and other community notices, please email us at

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Devonport 09 445 2010 |

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June 27 2014

Rising to the Hillary Challenge As the only employee of Sir Edmund Hillary’s humanitarian legacy, the Himalayan Trust, Prue Smith works from her home office, but also goes on frequent field trips to Nepal. When in Kathmandu, she stays at the trust’s office, an old brick and plaster building off the beaten tourist track. “There is a small room that once was Ed’s. So I sleep in Ed’s bed, basically,” she says. Smith spoke to Maire Vieth.

Prue Smith isn’t afraid of challenges. In fact she craves them – regularly. A little over a year ago, Smith signed up as the Himalayan Trust’s general manager. It is a new role. She is the trust’s only employee and she essentially runs the show. For the previous two years, she was Head of Development at Auckland Art Gallery leading into the opening of its new gallery building. “I do tend to set myself up for a lot of work,” she admits, but adds that the job at the Himalayan Trust simply had her name on it. Sir Ed founded the non-profit organisation in 1960, wanting to improve the living conditions of Sherpa in the Himalayas over the long-term. Fifty-four years later, the trust operates with an annual $350,000 government grant and has built more than 27 schools, an airstrip, two hospitals and numerous village health clinics. It helps conserve cultural heritage treasures, supports reforestation and steps up when emergency relief is needed. Smith made sure New Zealand was the first country to set up an Avalanche Relief Fund after 16 Sherpa died in the Mt Everest avalanche this April. “Many of them came from the village where we work, so there is a straight relationship to us and our intention is to support the around 40 children of the families that no longer have a breadwinner, to ensure that they can complete their education,” she says. By last week, the fund had

Working round the globe… Prue Smith raised more than $37,000. This June, Smith travelled around New Zealand to support a health project in Lukla, the village where Sir Ed built a small airstrip during the mid-1960s. Lukla has grown dramatically over the years and some of the infrastructure can no longer cope. In 2007, ten houses were destroyed by a fire because there was no water to put it out. A young Sherpa couple, Jangmoo and Lakpa Sherpa, asked Smith to help them raise money for a new water system that will provide both drinking water and hydrants. Ten days of functions, dinners and galas in Christchurch, Nelson and Auckland, plus an assembly at Vauxhall School, generated $50,000, Smith says. “The Nepalese have contributed money, time and labour too. When I was there in April, people were digging ditches for the pipelines and breaking stone to make rubble for the concrete work,” she says. People like Jangmoo and Lakpa epitomise what Edmund Hillary hoped to achieve when he built the first classroom in Khumjumg, Smith says. Jangmoo is a doctor studying in Sydney for a postgraduate degree in public health, which she wants to apply back in Nepal. Lakpa is the community leader who got Lukla’s water project off the ground and now chairs it. He went to a school built by the Himalayan Trust, as did his father. Smith, who is Australian, went on her first trip to Nepal and Tibet 27 years ago after

she married New Zealander Andy Thomson. “Andy had been there twice before and I was quite envious,” she says. After they had planned the trip they decided it would make a good honeymoon. Three weeks before they left, they got married in their Devonport garden. At the time, Smith’s passion was in the arts. She and Thomson had met in Sydney where they both went to art school during the early 1980s - he focused in ceramics and she on visual communication, graphic design and printmaking. In 1984, they moved from Glebe to Devonport. “First I got a job in Metro magazine’s art department, then I shifted over to More magazine and later Fashion Quarterly, both of which I art directed while my sons Max (now 26) and Ben (now 23) were young,” Smith says. When her third son Louis was born, Smith worked from home as a freelance designer, but also started writing about design, architecture, art and babies. She knew about architecture because she also has a degree in it, and she knew about babies because she had three. Two years later, she became deputy editor of Little Treasures magazine. Smith’s interest in development work took off while she, Thomson and the boys lived in the South African city of East London from 1998 to 2001. “I encouraged Andy to apply for a job at Volunteer Services Abroad and it turned out to be life-changing for me,” she says.

The Devonport Flagstaff Page 17

June 27 2014 In many ways it was life as usual. The children went to school and Thomson worked for the local government there. Smith started working at the Daily Dispatch, a newspaper that had supported the anti-apartheid movement. Steve Biko, the leader of the Black Consciousness Movement during the 1960s and 70s, was a friend of its editor. “I loved my work there. I was training black journalists and subeditors, having more or less just become one myself,” Smith says. She also volunteered at a squatters’ camp near Nompumelelo Primary School, helping its principal with advocacy work for new buildings and a toilet block as well as teaching classes in English and music. “The experience is what got me interested in development work. You could make a difference very easily. I am not a missionary, not involved in the work I do from a religious basis, but it certainly felt and still feels good to make difference and help people in their lives,” Smith says. Back in New Zealand, Smith enrolled in a postgraduate degree in Development at Massey University and in 2003 she got a job as the communications director of Oxfam, where she worked for the next seven years. The organisation’s work in the Pacific included water hygiene and sanitation projects, agricultural developments to support livelihoods in places like Samoa and vocational training to reduce urban drift in Vanuatu. Smith grew up in rural New South Wales as one of four children of teachers. “When I was very young, they taught at the Murrin Bridge Government Station for Aborigines. We lived on the station and I went to the little school where my father taught. For him, this was a highlight of his career,” she says. The family then moved to Broken Hill, a big mining city in the outback, where Smith went to a huge school with all the mining kids. Then they were off to Dubbo, the centre of an agricultural farming region. When Smith was 15, her mother insisted the family move to Sydney, where the older siblings went to university. Smith loves the wild outdoors that reminds her of her early childhood. She says she is not a climber like Sir Ed, but enjoys walking in the Waitakere Ranges and on Great Barrier Island, or taking her dog Jimi for long walks around Devonport. Three years ago however, she did climb Mount Kilimanjaro with a group of Devonport friends. “It was their idea at a 50th birthday party at Fort Takapuna. I had had a few wines and said, sure.” The climb turned out to be a real challenge. All was well until the last day of climbing what she calls the “Coca Cola route,” the easy route for tourists. Smith developed altitude sickness early in the day, but was determined to finish the climb. “As soon as we were on the top, the guide told me it was time to head down, and he literally ran me down the mountain. I did say at the time, never again above the treeline,” she says. Currently, Smith is dreaming about a family trip to Mt Everest Base Camp next year.

In the footsteps of Hillary… Jangmoo Sherpa, Prue Smith and Lakpa Sherpa in Lyttleton, on their New Zealand fundraising trip What about her intention to not cross the treeline again? “The trees grow pretty high in Nepal, and they say the slower you go the better you can handle the altitude, so I may go at my own pace,” Smith smirks, but not very convincingly.

And her long-time love of art? “A few years ago I went to oil painting classes in Belmont and produced some pretty terrible stuff. It was kind of art therapy for me but now my life is so full on that I’m afraid I have no time for art therapy anymore.”



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June 27 2014

Double Take at Depot opening of Turangawaewae

Making a difference in Devonport… Queenie Karanui and Linda Blincko. Blincko says Karanui’s philosophy of saying ‘Yes’ inspired her many years ago and still shapes the Depot’s mission Lia Kent Mackillop’s portraits of Devonport identities came to life during the opening of Turangawaewae: Sense of Place, as many of the subjects walked past their own framed image. Turangawaewae is both a 116-page book and a gallery show of selected photographs from the book. In tandem they celebrate theyDevonport community. Kaumatua John Retimana joked about wearing the same shirt as when he was photographed due to his tight fashion budget. Ruth Coombes, Helen and Rod Cornelius, Queenie Karanui, Emily and Roger Giles, Gifford Jackson, Margaret Lawlor-Bartlett and Peter Bartlett, Mary Williamson and Peter Norwood were some of the other locals honoured in the book and present at the show’s opening. Long-time gallery coordinator Linda Blincko said Turangawaewae was not just about people who have lived in Devonport, but about “how they have lived here, how substantially they have contributed to and cared for Devonport’s heritage, environment, aesthetic, identity and social well-being.” In another corner of the gallery, Kevin Hill’s photographs of Devonport caused a different kind of double take with images of traffic-free Albert, Victoria and Lake Roads. • The exhibition runs until July 10, when Celebrating contribution…Jack Smith and Ruth Coombes there will be a closing event

June 27 2014

A family affair…Turangawaewae photographer Lia Kent Mackillop, with mother Vivienne Kent and grandmother Kay

The Devonport Flagstaff Page 19



OPEN 7 DAYS Bagged & Bulk Free loan trailers Delivery

PH 444 1999 Enjoying the show… Beverley Booth (left) with Lesley Gardner and Mischa Hill, the wife and daughter of Kevin Hill, who had photos exhibiting in the Depot’s adjoining gallery

The Devonport Flagstaff Page 20

June 27 2014

Devonport 09 445 2010



Devonport 21 Rattray St ANOTHER WORLD - COME SEE! Join us Wednesday 2nd July between 6.00 and 7.00pm for a special wine and cheese viewing. A great opportunity to discover this exceptional three bedroom, two living, two bathroom home. A total home and garden package superbly located at the end of a quiet cul de sac within the village.

Belmont 21 Westwell Rd Trish Fitzgerald M 021 952 452 Devonport 09 445 2010 Sue Harrison M 021 909 549 A/H 09 445 6519 Devonport 09 445 2010

Auction: 3:00pm 5th July 2014 On Site (unless sold prior) View: Sat/Sun 1- 1.45pm, Wed 2nd Jul 6-7pm



Bayswater 28A Beresford St STREETS AHEAD IN BERESFORD! Offering a superb contemporary lifestyle in one of Bayswaters most sought after streets this stylish five bedroom, three bathroom home captures the essence of family living. A home of great proportions with its over height joinery, generous storage and internal access double garaging.

Milford 1/3 Margaret Pl Trish Fitzgerald M 021 952 452 Devonport 09 445 2010 Hardy Fan M 021 908 198 P 09 213 1168 Devonport 09 445 2010

For Sale: $1,395,000 View: Sat/Sun 2.00pm-2.45pm


One of only two and the perfect location for education and employment! Just a short walk to both Westlake schools, North Shore Hospital and the Milford shopping precinct a five minute bus ride away. Beautiful polished timber floors and room to improve. Our off shore vendors clear instructions are to sell!

Westlake Gold! Lance Richardson M 021 796 660 Devonport 09 445 2010

Auction: 10:00am 10 Jul 2014 at Bruce Mason Centre (unless sold prior) View: Sat/Sun 1.00pm - 2.00pm


Takapuna 4 Herbert St Ultimate Do-Up Must be Sold • Brick, cedar and tile construction • 3 double bedrooms 2.5 bathrooms • Double garage and open fireplace • Sea views over Shoal Bay • Close to Hauraki Primary • Bring your flair and imagination

Toni Gregory M 021 044 3663 A/H 09 446 1023 Devonport 09 445 2010 Sue Harrison M 021 909 549 A/H 09 445 6519 Devonport 09 445 2010 Auction: 4:00pm 28 June 2014 On Site (unless sold prior) View: Saturday 3.30pm - 4.00pm

Best in Show! On 966m² of land, this well located 1920’s bungalow (just off Seacliffe Ave) captures the best of its era. Wood panelled interiors, beamed ceilings and elegant bevelled doors. A home offering exceptional character and a natural entertainer. Four double bedrooms, two plus bathrooms.

Forrest Hill 2/54 Richards Ave Ron Sadler BCom M 021 613 546 A/H 09 486 0142 Devonport 09 445 2010

Auction: 10:00 3 July Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna (unless sold prior) View: Phone For Viewing Times

Brick and Style Fully renovated chic 2 bedroom home with garage, decks and exclusive use lawns to provide great outdoor living and zoned for Westlake Girls and Boys Colleges. Solid brick and tile construction this is a great starter, investment or retirement pad.

Cathy Fiebig M 0800 248 245 A/H 021 383 149 Devonport 09 445 2010

For Sale: $599,000 View: Sat/Sun 12.00pm-12.45pm

The Devonport Flagstaff Page 21

June 27 2014

Devonport 09 445 2010



Devonport Newly Renovated, Perfectly Decorated

Devonport Narrow Neck Beach Beckons!

Linda Simmons M 027 459 0957 A/H 09 445 6337 Devonport 09 445 2010 Lorraine Wood M 0800 571 771 A/H 09 445 8215 Devonport 09 445 2010 Auction: 12:00pm 28 June 2014 On Site (unless sold prior) View: Sat 11:30 am

10 Turnbull Road • Just 200m from Narrow Neck Beach • Much adored but ready to be restored • Your chance to create your dream home close to the beach • To get a better feel of this special home, see VIDEO on line at

21 William Bond St • Current owners renovated this villa for themselves, to the highest levels of quality and perfection. • Lucky for you - they’re off to do another! • Huge back garden (section 647m²) • To find out more - see our VIDEO on line at

Linda Simmons M 027 459 0957 A/H 09 445 6337 Devonport 09 445 2010

Auction: 3:00pm 28 June 2014 On Site (unless sold prior) View: Sat 2.30 pm


Devonport 19 Summer Street Style and Sophistication This immaculate and substantial residence is one of the finest Edwardian Villas in the Stanley Bay area. Set on a full 1012m² flat and sunny northwest facing plot of land with securely fenced and attractive gardens to front and rear, this majestic home has everything a modern day family could ever wish for.

Devonport 1 Kiwi Rd Carol Wetzell M 027 245 3392 A/H 09 488 7559 Devonport 09 445 2010 Ian Cunliffe M 0800 248 521 A/H 09 445 3967

Devonport 09 445 2010 Tender: Closes on 8 July 2014 at 4:00pm (unless sold prior) View: Sat/Sun 1.00pm-1.45pm

Devonport 27 Hanlon Cres Carol Wetzell M 027 245 3392 A/H 09 488 7559 Devonport 09 445 2010 Ian Cunliffe M 0800 248 521 A/H 09 445 3967 Devonport 09 445 2010 Auction: 10am 26 June 2014, Bruce Mason Centre (unless sold prior) View: By Appointment

Home Sweet Home This appealing 1940’s home is sure to impress. Great indoor/outdoor flow, this lovely traditional 2 bedroom home (plus a nursery/ study) has room to add value or live in and enjoy. Close to Narrow Neck beach and the Waitemata Golf course, this is a winner. Don’t miss this great opportunity.

Eddie de Heer M 021 498 390 A/H 09 445 4495 Devonport 09 445 2010 Lisa McGeehan M 021 447 184 A/H 09 446 0640 Devonport 09 445 2010 Auction: 10:00am 4 July 2014 at 34 Shortland St, City (unless sold prior) View: Sat/Sun 2:00pm - 2:45pm

Picture Perfect This fully renovated, beautifully appointed Edwardian villa will delight you with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two living spaces, an office, attic and plenty of storage space all in addition to 65m² of commercial area. Bathed in all day sun and tastefully finished, this property has much to offer. View today!

Belmont 54 Williamson Ave Beautifully appointed and so easy care - Enjoy this wonderful lock up and leave, just minutes from Narrow Neck Beach. This stylish low maintenance home has three bedrooms and two living spaces with wonderful indoor/ outdoor flow. Perfect for busy lives. Call NOW to view!

Lisa McGeehan M 021 447 184 A/H 446 0640 Devonport 09 445 2010

For Sale: $879,000 View: By Appointment only

The Devonport Flagstaff Page 22

June 27 2014

Local board lobbies for new heritage bus shelters Devonport is proud of its uniqueness, even when it comes to bus shelters. When Auckland Transport (AT) asked the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board to pick their favourite regional bus shelter design out of three prototypes, the board’s members said they didn’t like any and instead asked for a fourth option, a design that was appropriate for heritage suburbs like Devonport. Board member Grant Gillon said: “Less glass, less contemporary would be welcome,

here and in other heritage areas, I am sure.” Currently, there are 20 different bus shelter designs across the region, varying in quality and usability. Auckland Transport manager Mark Lambert said AT is looking to gradually roll out a new singular design across the region. Ironically AT is also proposing to build a unique bus shelter outside the new Devonport Ferry building; made entirely of glass and metal, and added to the Marine Square design at the 11th hour.

Peace park in sync with history Plans for a designated peace park at Fort Takapuna that were proposed in 2010 by the Devonport Peace Group should be included in the current local Area Plan, says Ruth Coombes of the Devonport Peace Group. It would require a sign and the planting of a tree, Coombes told the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board this month.

Kayak from the front yard

House for rent overlooking Ngataringa Bay Available 25 jan - 14 Feb 2015 3 bdrm, 2 bathrooms, sleeps 6. Fenced renovated courtyard with wifi and comfy furniture, 8 seater table and bbq. Great summer spot. Perfect for visiting relatives. email or ph Ph: 021 273 1195

Start Date: Monday 14th July, 2014 Location: Takapuna Boating Club, North Shore

A designated peace park was suitable even though a portion of the land area has since changed ownership to Ngati Whatua o Orakei as part of an iwi settlement. “The space in the south-east corner of the reserve, overlooking Cheltenham Beach and the Hauraki Gulf, would be very suitable,” she said. “Maori conscientious objectors were incarcerated at the barracks during World War One. A strong Ngati Paoa/Tainui connection exists. Princess Te Puea used to visit them and when refused entry sat outside where her people could see her,” Coombes said. The concept of a peace park was also not in conflict with the area’s military history, Coombes claimed, addressing a concern raised by the Devonport RSA four years ago. No disrespect to the land’s military history was intended. “It is a well established convention to use former places of conflict for peaceful purposes,” she says. The park would also acknowledge the well established history of peace activism in Devonport, New Zealand’s first Borough that declared itself nuclear free. “It could even become part of a Devonport heritage walk,” she said.

Bus shelter design not run past council Planning experts at Auckland Council had not been consulted by Auckland Transport (AT) in the design of the proposed bus shelter at the ferry building. Councillor Chris Darby told the Flagstaff that he recently discovered AT bypassed Council’s Built Environment Unit (BEU) when planning the new Devonport bus shelter. “As council’s political urban design champion, I am completely unimpressed with this disconnect and am taking steps to ensure the BEU and Major Projects Review Team becomes immediately involved and their professional advice is listened to,” Darby said.

It’s a BID of a wrap! The Devonport Business Association’s (DBA) application to become a Business Improvement District (BID) was formally ratified by the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board (DTLB) last week. A rate charge for the BID’s annual budget of $120,000 will be struck on July 1 and Devonport will become one of 49 BIDs across Auckland. BID project manager Murray Hill thanked the board for seed funding. He said the set rate was not excessive and would be manageable even for small local businesses. “At the same time, $120,000 is enough money to really make a difference to the local economy,” he said. Devonport’s BID was “one of very few BIDs where the landlords will contribute,” he said. Hill said positive outcomes were already tangible. The DBA was formed in 1948 and had launched two unsuccessful BID campaigns previously, the last one in 2002. DTLB chair Mike Cohen congratulated Hill, the DBA’s chair John Waugh, and members Eddie De Heer and Pauline Baker. “It has taken ten years to get to this point, but like a good wine, it has been worth waiting for,” Cohen said.

The Devonport Flagstaff Page 23

June 27 2014

To achieve The BesT resulTs, you Need To deal wiTh The BesT iN New ZealaNd Bayleys has New Zealand’s best auctioneer… and that’s official. Daniel Coulson has once again won the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand Auctioneer of the Year title. It’s the second time Daniel has won the prestigious accolade. And he is the reigning Australasian auctioneering champion too. So what does that mean for you and your property? It means you are dealing with the best in New Zealand – sales professionals who are at the top of their game. This, combined with Bayleys Reach, and our ability to find buyers others can’t, means you will benefit from achieving the best result on auction day. When you want to deal with the best in New Zealand, and enjoy the optimum results when the hammer falls, the best scenario is just a call away... with Bayleys. 0800 Bayleys

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June 27 2014

Storm batters Devonport Fierce gales and heavy rain whipped through Devonport a couple of weeks ago, uprooting trees and leaving many locals without power for hours – and for some for days and a few even for a week. The whole of Devonport’s commercial area was without power for the morning of June 11. Damage to the Bayswater ferry jetty temporarily closed down Bayswater’s ferry service and has forced Fullers to reopen it from a temporary site on the marina until the old jetty is repaired. The storm also damaged trees. Bayswater

School lost five mature Macrocarpa trees along Roberts Ave. Four were uprooted and one broke off. On King Edward Parade a mature Pohutukawa broke at its stump and buried Stephen Hinchey’s car. He was philosophical about it. “I was going to buy a new car anyway, so now I just have to do it a bit sooner,” he said. William Bond St resident Bobbie Douglas Cooke found a large tree blocking the driveway in the wee hours of morning. “We got up at 5.30 am, got out a torch, lit some candles and made a cup of tea on our gas

stove,” she says. Her husband Bill Cooke got in their car, backed out of the garage and found a tree in his way. “In the end, he climbed the fence to the neighbours’ and crawled out onto the street from their side, then walked down to the Stanley Bay ferry and caught it just in time,” she says. Douglas Cooke stayed at home and waited for the tree removal company, while writing a family history and tinkering with painting. It was the perfect weather for both.

Bayswater bears the brunt... A Macrocarpa uprooted at Bayswater School (above) and what was left of the old Bayswater ferry terminal (below)

June 27 2014

The Devonport Flagstaff Page 25

Bird’s eye view… Stephen Hinchey (above) examines his car, buried by a fallen Pohutukawa tree at Torpedo Bay, while (below) Bobbie Douglas Cooke managed to squeeze out of her driveway after taking a saw to her neighbour’s tree, which had been uprooted


The Devonport Flagstaff Page 26

June 27 2014

Tenth anniversary concert a winner CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS Tūrangawaewae Sense of Place Until 3 July

Tūrangawaewae – Sense of Place opened in the weekend and what a turn out! The gallery was buzzing and one of the most popular areas was our community photo wall. We’ve had a lot of people contribute but we want more! Let’s fill up every inch of that white wall. Please bring in your old and new photographs that reference your identity, history, heritage, memory, community and represent your sense of place. The exhibition closes on July 3rd, don’t miss this opportunity to learn about, share and interact with your community.

Patrick (Paddy) Cornfield and the Devonport Chamber Orchestra (DCO) recently performed their tenth anniversary concert together at Holy Trinity Church with great aplomb. Cornfield, although not earning his living as a pianist, is every bit the professional musician. On this occasion he performed two concerti from the jazz age. Ravel’s Concerto for Left Hand and Gershwin’s Concerto in F are each extremely demanding works for both pianist and orchestra, and were performed with great style and energy. Both Ravel and Gershwin died in 1937, coincidentally from brain tumours. Ravel had visited the USA in 1928 and visited jazz clubs with Gershwin. The orchestra was larger than usual with 55 players. The woodwind, brass and percussion sections as well as the strings were expanded to cope with the demands of the music. The orchestra was conducted by Ashley Hopkins, who showed great understanding of the music. The syncopated rhythms and variations in tempi posed challenges, which were well handled, and soloist and orchestra were united in their support of each other. Ravel wrote the concerto for an Austrian pianist who had lost his left arm in World War I. It opens with a very solemn introduction from lower strings, contra-bassoon and bassoon. One might hear the despair associated with the war and its aftermath. The other sections of the orchestra joined and their growing crescendo was broken suddenly by the entry of the piano. There were several long solo piano cadenzas with jazz idioms and rhythms dominating. Using only the left hand the pianist covered much of the keyboard. He demonstrated both technical prowess and sensitivity. There were occasional hints of the Bolero from both brass and percussion sections. The middle section, with the piano in much calmer and contemplative mood, hinted at a period of reconciliation and acceptance. The concerto ended with a crescendo of brass fanfares. The Gershwin concerto was very much

by Rogan Falla

Belmont Pharmacy

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part of the jazz age and opened with timpani and brass followed by bassoons and strings. Hints of the Charleston, jazz clubs and the Prohibition era abounded. The first movement’s slightly frenetic chords were interspersed with dreamy melodies from the piano. The piano and orchestra often finished each other’s phrases. The violins produced a full-bodied sound in the lush romantic theme towards the end of the movement, which ended abruptly with chords from piano and percussion. The sinuous, muted trumpet theme of the second movement was played brilliantly by Matthew Verrill in true blues style. The third movement was full of verve and energy and incorporated a number of the themes heard in the earlier movements. Congratulations to all for these brilliantly executed performances. The orchestra illustrated great family solidarity. Paddy Cornfield’s wife and three children were in the orchestra, as were the three Choi brothers and Ashley Hopkins’ wife and two children (his daughter was the able leader of the orchestra, with a fine solo in the Gershwin). Other significant solo contributions came from the woodwind, brass and percussion sections. The vicar of Holy Trinity, Charmaine Braatvedt, had welcomed the orchestra to the church and paid particular tribute to Roger Booth, who is the organiser of these concerts. It says much for Booth’s rapport with the orchestra that these very talented players travel from all over Auckland to make music together and to share their enthusiasm for music with the residents of Devonport. • The next DCO concert will also be in Holy Trinity Church on Sunday 27th July at 2pm and will feature John Choi as soloist in Mendelssohn’s lovely violin concerto conducted by Brecon Carter. Those who were fortunate enough to hear John’s stunning performance of Beethoven’s violin concerto last year will not want to miss his Mendelssohn concerto in July.

Belmont Pharmacy

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June 27 2014

The Devonport Flagstaff Page 27

Bus lanes would serve greater numbers Barbara Cuthbert’s response to your recent editorial regarding Lake Road and the cycle lanes predictably mentions motorists only once and then goes on to highlight the needs of cyclists and public transport. Your editorial was correct in stating that the cycle lanes were foisted on an unsuspecting public with a minimum of consultation and research. Her claim of ‘lengthy public consultation’ is quite incorrect. The negative effects of the cycle lanes resulted in vigorous lobbying from a number

of groups and citizens. The result was that the upgrade between Esmonde and Hauraki Roads provided four lanes for private, public and commercial vehicles, together with cycle lanes that did not impinge on the vehicle lanes. In spite of claims to the contrary, motorists are able to observe, on a daily basis, that these cycle lanes are rarely used (apart from the early morning and weekend lycra-clad recreational cyclists). Your editorial suggested the cycle lanes could be replaced by dedicated bus lanes.

Excellent idea. Such bus lanes would serve the needs of hundreds of passengers, rather than the occasional cyclist. Yes, funding has been allocated for the widening of Lake Road, although local politicians seem to be inextricably dragging their feet. Cycle lanes are already marked on the footpaths on either side of Lake Road and frequently used by school children as the safest option. Cyclists also have the option of the Bayswater graveyard route with a brand new bridge. An upgraded four-lane road, where vehicle traffic can flow freely alongside Two sides to cruise ship shoppers dedicated bus lanes. An obvious solution that caters for all road users. Let it be done! In the latest Flagstaff (June 13) Janine that I escort, our day begins by travelling Dr John Reynolds Leighton writes about the number of cruise ship along Tamaki Drive, Mission Bay, St.Heliers, coach tours being parked in the Devonport area Auckland Museum, over the Harbour Bridge and voices her concern that these cruise ship pas- through Takapuna and down to Narrow Neck, sengers should be encouraged to travel by ferry Cheltenham to drop off at the ferry terminal for lunch and refreshments in Devonport. and not by tour coach to Devonport. Here in Devonport, our cruise passengers Not all cruise ship passengers take organised spend money at restaurants, bars and various shore tours from the cruise ship. A large number are completely independent shops. I am quite sure the restaurants enjoy and make their own arrangements - some travel- having our overseas guests for the limited time ling to Devonport by ferry and a number spend available. If you particularly do not want our coach tour cruise ship passengers in Devonport time in the city centre. The writer (a local resident) contracts to we can go elsewhere and Takapuna / Milford a number of cruise lines as Tour Escort and would certainly like to see us. Tour Dispatcher of Tours. On all shore tours Warwick Andrew

House Values

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Beyond naff Forget professional landlords, raised mortgage deposits and overseas corporate land investors, Kiwi families and younger generations of Devonportonians are being hampered in their hopes of owning a piece of home by the excessively avaricious tactics of some suburban real estate agents, who use crass measures to actively cultivate immigrants. Unbelievably, there is actually a local agent who cunningly drives around in a London cab. When a fleet of branded, motorised rickshaws? Or perhaps berettopped, cycling realtors garlanded in onions? Beyond naff. R France

ADOPT A GREYHOUND “YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND” LOVE OF YOUR LIFE Contact Pammie-Denis 09 - 4454295 (Devonport)

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Dennis Hale & Nathan Hale

Choose North Shore Areas covered are: Devonport, Bayswater, Belmont, Takapuna, Milford, Castor Bay. In association with Harcourts Cooper and Co Licensed Agent, REAA 2008

Devonport’s only

Gym in the Park … $11.50

JOIN ONLINE from a week includes:- Seniors Club (Cardio and resistance training) On Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 11a.m.

Non-members $10 per session. BEHIND THE TENNIS COURTS ON


Trades & Services

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den electrical ltd




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Call Carl for all your electrical needs 0274 937380 or 445 7528 Mark Sinclair


June 27 2014

Attic conversions, Villas, Basements, Kitchens & Bathrooms Extensions & Renovations, Plans drawn, Permits obtained

Clayton Construction Ltd Contact: Peter Clayon 021 876 397, 445 1815

RIDDINGTON BUILDERS 100% Quality Craftsmanship Call Brad Riddington 021 274 3371


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Member of the Master Painters interior and exterior quality workmanship • no job too big or too small

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Renovations or new projects 1. Foundations 2. Building 3. Gibbing and stopping 4. Painting 5. Tiling 6. Landscaping 7. Repairs and maintenance Your ‘one-stop’ building company Licenced Building Practitioner

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Top Plasterers – 27yrs NZ Trade Experience All aspects of interior plastering $$ Save wallpaper stripping – NEW over old wallpaper for a smooth paint finish $$ North Shore base, Free quotes Auckland Area Just call Directors


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Alan Michie Ph 445 3013 • 0274 957 505

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• Automatic and manual Recondition and Service specialists • Free pickup and delivery

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7 Day Prompt Service LOCAL & RELIABLE All sizes available 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5 and 9 metre bins Ph 486 3885 Lawn Mowing Gardening, Trees, Hedges Rubbish removal Waterblasting Housewashing


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June 27 2014

McCartney braces for next hurdle

Audit office opinion sought on donations A Devonport resident has taken her concerns about undeclared interests by local body politicians to the Office of the Auditor-General. Lyndsay Brock lodged the complaint after Auckland Councillor George Wood and Devonport-Takapuna Local Board member Joseph Bergin had been recorded at different times as voting in support of an area of Smales Farm land in Takapuna to become a Special Housing Area. Both Wood and Bergin, who ran on the same ticket in the last local body elections, each recieved $1450 in donations from the Smale Family Trust. Brock said the amounts of the donations were not large but an interest in the agenda items should have been declared.

adapted by Tim Bray

Heading to world junior champs in July… Eliza McCartney

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Auckland’s leading theatre for children

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Eliza McCartney broke three national athletics records in preparation for the IAAF World Junior Championships being held in Oregon, USA, next month. The Year-13 Takapuna Grammar School student set new national records in the 17, 18 and 19 year-old female divisions on May 31 at an Auckland winter meet with a vault of 4.15m. McCartney had set the previous record as well, at 4.11m. It has however been a frustrating season for McCartney. A six-week-long bout of glandular fever cut short her training and ruined any

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chance of vaulting the 4.3m needed to qualify for the Commonwealth Games. But then when she was well enough to return to training, a new problem arose. “It caused a few stresses on my body and I ended up with shin splints. Luckily they don’t stop me from training, they are just not ideal.” Eliza has to wear braces and ice her legs every night. At the junior world champs Eliza is aiming for the 4.30m vault that would have got her to Glasgow. At a practice last week, McCartney cleared 4.22 m.

Bob FlanaganOwner

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SERVICES OFFERED AAA Window Cleaning, Free Quote ph David 021 368371 At Your Request Home Cleaning. Our local team is ready to deliver 5 Star services in your home for weekly cleaning, spring, moving or open home cleaning. Call Yvonne for a free quote 415 0028. Bookkeeping Service for small/medium local companies. Let me help with your GST, PAYE and all monthly accounts. I can set you up with online accounting and work in my office or your home/ office. Phone Janet on 486 1222 or 021 661138 to discuss your needs. Bookkeeping services offered. Experienced with Xero and MYOB, all IRD returns. Contact Sue on 445 6802. Builder available Small job specialist, repairs and maintenance. Skilled, reliable and local. Please phone Clive Melling. Hm 445 2485, Mob 027 29 222 84.

Board wanted Monday to Thursday (4 nights). Room only, no meals. For mature male civilian working for the Navy. Ph 446 1825 or 021 1385 665

Cheltenham - stunning luxury. Fully furnished apartment. Steps to the beach. Short term/ long term. Phone 445 1118, 022 105 0712 Classy 3 bedroom, 2 full bath, fully furnished Devonport house on Achilles Reserve near Narrow Neck. More information go to or Ph: 445 7895 Relatives visiting? Spacious garden studio with en-suite and kitchenette; minutes to Narrow Neck beach. Reasonable rates. Ph Pauline 445 6471. Stunning Cheltenham Beach Cottage, metres from the beach. Available for short or long-term holiday accommodation. Beautifully refurbished, one bedroom, self-contained cottage with a private garden. Phone Rebekah 027 694 3933 or email To Lease - Central Devonport Office/Studio 69m2. Air conditioned, own facilities. Delightful ambience, newly refurbished and ready to go. Terms negotiable. Ph 445 3845 or 021 266 7475


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REST HOMES Ascot House Retirement Home, quality care with dignity in a friendly, family atmosphere. Ph Shona, 445 2518.


Diggadrain. Drain unblockers and drainage experts. CCTV drain locating. Repairs. New drains. 0800 your drain.

Dog Grooming in Hauraki Corner. www.thedoggroomer. Louise 486 2321 Gardener Available Qualified and experienced landscape designer. Enjoys getting his hands dirty. Good plant knowledge. Hardworking, reliable and creative with plantings. Contact Paddy 022 502 2122 or 446 6188 Gardening. Do you need regular help? No time for a tidy up? Let me help.  Experienced gardener. Ph Carolyn on 446 6517 or 027 292 8167 for a free on-site consultation.SERVICEO Groove Kitchens, new kitchens, stove tops, German hardware, Garth Waring ph 021 397 863 or 476 7666. Handyman: need something fixed, quickly and well? Or need garden maintenance? Contact: David 445-0668, Housewashing, prof. service, 10 years-plus experience, reliable and prompt. Free quotes, also decks, driveways, paths fences, roof moss treatments etc Phone Rod 021 390800. Locksmith, Devonport’s own Scott Richardson. mob 021 976 607. Stonemasons, Landscapers. All terrain TATONKA crane truck. Dave Milina & Barb Cooper.  W:, P: 0275 430 288, E:

SERVICES OFFERED Web Design service. Design, hosting and maintenance available.  Special rates for the Devonport Community.  Contact Vanessa:  vanessa@ Wood-Tech are specialists in creating custom-design kitchens - all over Devonport. See our website - or call 09 810 8136 - for a friendly kitchen consultation SITUATIONS VACANT

Part-time Administration Assistant / Accounts Person ‘The Rose Centre’ The Rose Centre, situated at Belmont on the North Shore, requires a part-time accounts/ administration assistant for our new manager. We are looking for a friendly, flexible and helpful person with multi tasking accounts & office administrator experience. Methodical and accurate with an eye for detail, experienced in MYOB or similar. Fit and energetic you will be willing to help with the servicing of the community centre, theatre and preschool, and have a strong customer service ethic. You will be able to work both independently and in a team. This is a new position commencing early July and reports to the Manager of The Rose Centre and indirectly to the Manager of the Rose Centre Pre-School. A copy of the job description can be obtained by emailing Applications consisting of a covering letter and CV should be made to this email by 5pm 30th June.

Real Estate

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Osteopathy is  a  hands  on  therapy  that  successfully   alleviates  a  wide  variety  of  symptoms  and  can   accelerate  the  healing  process  for  a  many   musculoskeletal  injuries.  The  Devonport  clinic  has   been  running  for  10  years  helping  young  and  old  alike.   ACC  Registered   Tel:  09  445  6783  for  an  appointment   19  Clarence  St,  Devonport Village

June 27 2014 TUITION

Astrology Charts w. Xanthe Katsouras@ The Devonport Health Store, Victoria Rd, every Thursday 1-3pm. Chess tuition and club National Chess Centre, Devonport St Paul’s. See www.nationalchesscentre.

Classical and acoustic guitar, music theory. Fun, comprehensive, tailored to you! Devonport based. Michelle Birch, BMus (Hons), Text 021 1275184 Devonport drama since 2002 Drama classes 8 - 18yrs Artspace on Mt Vic. gallen@clear., 021 262 4907.

Guitar tuition - beginner/ intermediate guitar lessons. Flexible hours. can come to you. Call or txt Josh 021 128 5556 Gardening Tuition at ‘Natives & Roses’ $30hr. Individual lessons in technique, planting design, selection and shopping. Your garden or mine. Ph Gillian 488 7059 Learn piano/keyboard. Lessons from $17.00. Private, Professional, Affordable, Enjoyment for all ages. Competitions, Practical, Theory Exams. NZ Modern School of Music 0800-696-874 .

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Reach your Devonport Peninsula customers cost-effectively. Contact the Flagstaff for our rates and dates.

June 27 2014

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LOUNGE SUITE We provide gentle, holistic chiropractic care to enhance you and your family’s health and wellbeing.

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Dr. Adrian Stocco The Arcade, Devonport 445 8030

Red Dragon Computers

Providing IT support to Devonport’s home users and small businesses since 2001 021 358 303 STYLING & PROPS FOR REAL ESTATE, RETAIL, EVENTS & INTERIORS.

• Fast, reliable & cost effective • Windows computers & iPad Setup • Wi-Fi networking and ADSL broadband • New computers custom built • Repairs, Upgrades, Servicing • Virus & Spyware removal

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Caledonian Premier Tiling • Tile Installation • Existing Rapair-work • Certified Waterproofing • Guarantees SPeCialiSing in • Ceramic Tiling • Laundries • Stonework • Decks • Bathrooms • Waterproofing • Kitchens • Silicone Application

Call Doug 09 446 0687 Mobile 021 187 7852 Do you have a passion for paper? Come and view our range of wallpapers

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“Fornace art cub

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• New keys for existing locks • Lock repairs • Installation • Lock Hardware Contact Scott on

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The Devonport Flagstaff Page 34

June 27 2014



School NEwS

JUNE 27, 2014

Our Lions’ Young Speechmaker has message for teens After taking out first place in the senior school speech competition, year 12 student Andy Song went on to claim third place in the Lions Clubs International Young Speechmaker contest last Sunday. Andy chose the topic ‘Social artificiality’ for his winning speech. “I was growing concerned at the way teenagers are quite artificial in their social encounters.” The idea came to Andy while scrolling through his Facebook notifications and seeing countless, repetitive, ‘like-for-alike’ posts. He realised how disingenuous the compliments most people got were, making people feel “undervalued.” He decided that he needed to make his peers realise the importance of giving ‘real-life’ compliments, as ones made over social media will never be as satisfying. “The most difficult part of the second competition was that the audience was older than at school,” explained Andy. There were six teenagers and the rest of the room was entirely adults. “I was

worried that they wouldn’t get my jokes that were targeted at teenagers, such as my Frozen ‘Let It Go’ reference.” However Andy’s confident demeanour and quirky message were still able to impress the judges who said, “he had a good presence.” Later Andy commented, “Maybe next time I’ll write a speech that’s relevant to both teenagers and older generations.” When it came to the impromptu topic Andy felt “put on the spot.” He claimed, “I got slightly stuck on the impromptu topic, ‘Does every vote count,’

but I managed to somehow relate that to how youth needs to be better educated about current events and society to be able to properly vote. “It was a great learning opportunity,” stated Andy. “All of the other contestants gave impressive performances and I think we all learnt something new from each other.” The school acknowledges and appreciates the support of the Devonport Lions’ Club for sponsoring the entrance fee for this competition. By Lizzie Vercruyssen

A clear message – bullying is not OK Covered in pink anti-bullying stickers, around 20 students from the Peer Leadership Team (PLT) and the Peer Sexuality Support Programme (PSSP) joined together in late May to promote Pink Shirt Day. This is an annual event, created to stop bullying by celebrating people’s differences and promoting positive relationships. The organisation’s motto is to “Speak Up, Stand Together, and Stop Bullying.” The successful day, run by the students from both teams and the coordinators of PSSP Mr Dan Eichblatt and Mr Richard Hills, involved handing out hundreds of anti-bullying stickers to everybody who arrived through the gates of the school; effectively spreading the message and creating awareness for the cause. The

students also spoke in a junior assembly, signed their names and pledged to never and did fun activities at lunchtime in the be a bystander to bullying. Hopefully the school courtyard, which included a large message was heard loud and clear. By augustine Morgan-guthrie chalk-drawn pink shirt where students

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June 27 2014

Takapuna School NEwS

Grammar JUNE 27, 2014

Taking up the challenge Quick to make, colourful to look at and delicious to eat, Special Education unit students endeavoured to wrap it up! Master chef Jamie Oliver ran a food revolution for the Guinness Book of Records on Friday 16th May, with the challenge of cooking a “rainbow salad wrap.” His aim was to “bring cooking skills to as many people as possible, by delivering hands-on food education programmes to kids in over 800 schools and centres,” so that he could “improve lives through food.” Inspired by Jamie, the students took part in the challenge by creating their own colourful wraps. The challenge started with excited

students discussing their reasons for taking part. “Jamie Oliver wants everyone to eat healthy,” explained Marian. Another hungry student, Johnny, popped in, “because they are yummy and crispy and healthy!” The students assembled into three teams, in three different rooms, to prepare their

masterpieces. Each team got to work, mixing together a range of colourful and healthy ingredients including carrots, lettuce, cheese and chicken. The challenge produced a yummy wrap for each student and a fun period for all. By LiLy MacDonaLD

Stage success at Sheilah Winn Eight talented students ventured to Shakespeare central, to compete in the national Sheliah Winn competition. Founded in 1991, this incredibly prestigious competition attracts more than half of New Zealand’s secondary schools every year, competing for the opportunity to visit and perform at the Globe itself. Our

The Pridian

The revival of The Pridian. Editors Jake Thumath, Sabina Giurgiu and Augustine Morgan-Guthrie with the first edition hot off the press.

finest demolished the local competition in late April and were invited down to Wellington to compete and partake in intensive acting workshops, coached by Shakespeare’s most professional disciples. By the end of it they were ready to take on the stage. Ayden Geerligs, Liam Cairns, Charlotte Salthouse, Kelsey Schutte and Natasha Birch perplexed audience members with their ominous performance of the infamous ‘Three Witches’ scene from Macbeth, and students Maya Wyatt, Andy Song and Bijoux Nortje performed a stunning excerpt from another iconic Shakespearean tragedy, antony and cleopatra. As the Shakespeare weekend concluded, the award ceremony recognised that Takapuna Grammar had once again succeeded. In her second year participating in the national final, Maya Wyatt owned the stage, collecting the “Best Performer” award and the” Most Truthful Connection” award with Andy Song, for their compelling performance. The pair will also be attending the National Shakespeare School production later this year in Dunedin. By PhoeBe Johnson

The Devonport Flagstaff Page 36

June 27 2014

Youngsters set the pace at peninsula cross-country

Solid crowd support helps get the runners across the finish line. Competition was as hot as ever at this year’s peninsula interschool cross-country races held at Fort Takapuna – none more so than in the eight and nine-year-old boys and girls races. The Flagstaff captured some of the action.

Girl power… Emily Clarke (Devonport) up front, with Georgia Smith (Bayswater) on the right and Brook Leonard (Hauraki) on the left

Almost there… Emily Davies (Hauraki) on the home stretch


The Devonport Flagstaff Page 37

June 27 2014

Devonport school colours were in full display as competitors rounded the first bend. Results: 8-YEAR-OLD GIRLS: 1. Izzy Fox (BEL), 2. Isabel Plummer (SB), 3. Lucy Mason (HAU). 8-YEAR-OLD BOYS: 1. James Ford (DEV), 2. Kianni Hooker (VAU), 3. Frankie Wright (SB). 9-YEAR-OLD GIRLS: 1. Amelia Green (SB), 2. Georgia Keanne (DEV), 3. Lola Wood, (VAU). 9-YEAROLD BOYS: 1. George Rush (BEL), 2. Ryan

Parr (SB), 3. Tom Meade (VAU). 10-YEAROLD GIRLS: 1. Emma Mason (HAU), 2. Pippa Plummer (SB), 3. Laura Hooper (SB). 10-YEAR-OLD BOYS: 1.Toby Saxby (BEL), 2. Billy Neves (BEL), 3. Hunter Rice (BEL). 11-YEAR-OLD GIRLS: 1. Lucy Cooper (VAU), 2. Catherine Andrews (SB), 3. Angela Choi (HAU). 11-YEAR-OLD

Hello and welcome to this edition of ‘Hot Property’, my monthly commentary on the real estate market and how it affects us in Devonport.

The Reserve Bank and the Grand Old Lady This month I listed a magnificent 100-yearold gem at 1 Kiwi Road, Devonport. What sets this lovely home apart is the site’s Business zoning, which creates all manner of interesting options. Devonport is known for the entrepreneurial and artistic heart of its residents, but all too often they are subject to working from a small corner at home or paying commercial rents for a work space in the village town centre. 1 Kiwi Rd solves the dilemma by providing a defined 65 square metre office / studio / café / retail space. In addition, the rest of the large home is beautifully restored and exquisitely finished.

If you have your own small business or aspire to start one then I recommend you view 1 Kiwi Road. Open homes this weekend are from 2.00 – 2.45 pm; alternatively you can call me to arrange an exclusive viewing. The Official Cash Rate (OCR) and the 20% Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) have received a lot of media attention lately as the Reserve Bank attempts to contain inflation. However these actions will have little impact on house prices in Auckland. Fundamentally there is a housing shortage with average net migration projected to be in excess of 10,000 people for the year. An accelerating population growth combined with continuing low levels of new home

Eddie de Heer

PHONE: 445 2010 (Bus) 021 498 390 (Mob) 445 4495 (Home) EMAIL:

BOYS: 1. Charlie Glass (VAU), 2. Nicholas Ea stwood (SL), 3. Josh Schon (VAU). BEL=Belmont Primary, DEV=Devonport Primary, HAU=Hauraki School, SB=Stanley Bay School, SL=St Leo’s, VAU=Vauxhall School

construction will ensure that demand will continue to outstrip supply. According to Tony Alexander, Chief Economist of BNZ Bank, New Zealand’s economy is performing exceptionally well by global standards and will continue to do so for the next number of years. His recommendation regarding interest rates is to fix for three years. In summary, if you are considering buying a property then now continues to be a good time. Interest rates remain historically low and high demand will ensure that house prices will continue to rise. As always, please feel free to contact me regarding any real estate matter you may have – I’d love to help. Until next time.

Eddie de Heer

The Devonport Flagstaff Page 38

June 27 2014

Sun shines on Devonport midwinter swim

Aye Aye Captain… Malcolm Fort, an Air New Zealand pilot, flew his 1990s uniform to a saltwater landing

Local board funding available for community groups Hibiscus and Bays, Upper Harbour, Kaipātiki and DevonportTakapuna local boards have funds available from the following schemes for Round One of the 2014/2015 funding year, to support not-for-profit community groups and organisations with funding for projects and activities: • Local Board Community Grants (applications must be consistent with the priorities as set out in the relevant Local Board Plans) • Strengthening Communities Fund (North Shore). Applications close on 15 July 2014 for projects that start after 1 November 2014. Apply online at (community group funding).

Bright and bouyant… Tiffany McIntyre, a Year 5 and 6 teacher at Stanley Bay School, enjoyed the dip in her mother’s dress and grandmother’s hat, which became a blonde wig once wet

Find out more: phone 09 301 0101 or visit


Close to 100 people took part in the annual Devonport midwinter swim last Sunday off Windsor Reserve

June 27 2014

The Devonport Flagstaff Page 39

Making a splash at the Devonport midwinter swim…from left to right: Ben Sawyer (7), Dominic (3) and Alexander (7) Bent


D E V ONPORT | 4 0 TAINUI R OAD P icn i cs U n der The Plum Tree After 94 years of being in the same family, this adorable cottage villa is now available to a new family PAM CHAPMAN 0272 905 768 wanting to experience summers at Cheltenham Beach, walks to North Head, and plenty of picnics under the plum tree in the back garden. In winter, relax in the morning sun on the back deck, feeling DEVONPORT: 445 3414 PREmIUm REAl EsTATE lTD lICENsED REAA 2008 languid in the privacy of the back yard. Yes, this property is all about the ‘location’. If it has been a dream to live in Cheltenham, then let me help you make it a reality. VIEW | sAT/sUN 12 - 1 Pm OR BY APPOINTmENT AUCTION | ON sITE sUNDAY 13 JUlY 2014 AT 2 Pm PREMIUM.CO.NZ | 60406 | SeLLinG THe FineST HomeS | DevonporT 445 3414

The Devonport Flagstaff Page 40

June 27 2014

Looking for a Premium Price? Get a Premium Agent! Top Salesperson Premium Devonport 2012/2013/2014 Kathryn brings to Premium Devonport her sound judgement, strong business acumen, a determined work ethic and an appetite for all things ‘property’. A down-to-earth, relaxed disposition, combined with her affable nature, enables Kathryn to relate to anyone. With a diverse career background in policing and law, finance and business, marketing and advertising, Kathryn combines these skills with an advanced understanding of computers and social media to enable her to market a property to a large and targeted audience. Clients can take confidence from the fact that she is knowledgeable on current market trends and will work hard to obtain a premium price for her vendors, often exceeding their expectations. With an intimate knowledge of Devonport peninsula and surrounding suburbs, Kathryn listens to what her customers want and works smart to achieve results.

Put yourself in a great buying position for Spring and call Kathryn today.

Kathryn Robertson 021 490 480 PREMIUM REAL ESTATE LTD LIC.REAA 2008

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