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December 2, 2016

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Closed-meetings decision made in secret Secret workshops have been reintroduced closed doors had not been debated by the new workshops in secret, without advising the public. to the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board – board at a public meeting. When the Flagstaff inquired a couple of apparently by stealth. But the board has already partly surrendered weeks ago about council’s proposal to keep The move to hold the workshops behind to council pressure, holding a series of weekly To page 2

Robbie Ford dispatches a Kaikoura express

Devonport families are sending care packages to earthquake-ravaged Kaikoura. At rear, from left: Jo Sullivan, Robbie Ford and Penny Hay. Front from left: Jonny Ford, Blue Eakin and Zara Ford. Robbie’s parents Brian, a former All Black, and Barbara, live in Kaikoura. Full story page 10. Phil Clark P 09 446 2125 M 021 940 041 E Peter Ayton P 09 446 2109 M 021 336 300 E

Cheltenham/Narrow Neck Blank Canvas 141 Vauxhall Road, Narrow Neck Open Home Sat/Sun 1.00-1.45pm First time on the market in 49 years! This 1922 bungalow sitting on 637m2 of prime flat land is a wonderful opportunity to create your own family haven.

AUCTION ON SITE: 1pm Sunday 11th December 2016 (WILL NOT BE SOLD PRIOR)



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FUNERAL SERVICES Your local funeral home

Mark and Paulette Rowley

For personal, professional service. Funeral Director and Monumentalist

Ph 445 9800

Office and Chapel 16 –18 Anne St, Devonport

December 2 2016

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Council wants secret meetings

the public out of workshops, we were told by both Devonport-Takapuna Local Board Chair Grant Gillon and council staff that the board’s meetings would remain as transparent as they were in the past, if not more so. Gillon said there would be no more workshops and that all of the board’s dealings would be conducted during its business meetings in the future. Karen Lyons, General Manager of Local Board Services, said the board would hold briefings before the business meetings. The public would be excluded from those briefings but they “will only be held on matters that are considered confidential,” Lyons said. At the board’s first full meeting last Tuesday, the issue of workshops was not raised or further debated. Gillon, however, mentioned an upcoming workshop almost in passing to a member of council staff. Subsequent inquiries by the Flagstaff revealed

the local board held a secret workshop two days after its business meeting. It will continue to hold weekly workshops for the rest of the year, all of them closed to the public. Last week’s workshop included work on the board’s Annual Plan, Gillon said. He said he was still hopeful that the board’s workshops would be public again next year. Meanwhile, he conceded that the new board had agreed to the secret briefings for the rest of this year after it was asked to do so by council officers. Gillon said board members made that decision behind closed doors and without a vote. He said he hadn’t given up on the issue. “I am still negotiating with Democracy Services and will continue to do so over the next few weeks.” Democracy Services staff wants uniformity in how all local boards operate, Gillon said. “My position is that each board should make its own decisions and that there is room for that. So I am hopeful.”

The battle for open democracy For the last three years, the DevonportTakapuna Local Board (DTLB) was the only one of Auckland’s 21 local boards to open all its meetings to the public. These include business meetings, where board members make their decisions, and workshops, where the board receives advice and conducts most of its discussion. The other 20 local boards in Auckland exclude the public from their workshop meetings. Three years ago, the DTLB advocated a more transparent approach and voted to hold its workshops in public as well. The battle over secret workshop meetings started six years ago, on the inception of Auckland Council. All local boards, including DTLB, followed council staff advice to hold workshop meetings in secret. In its second term, the DTLB voted – against council advice – to open workshop NEW ZEALAND COMMUNITY NEWSPAPERS ASSOCIATION AWARDS Best Community Involvement: 2014, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2008, 2005 Most Improved Newspaper: 2011, 2010 Best Young Journalist: 2014, 2012, 2013 Best Journalist: 2012, 2009 Best Junior Sports Journalist: 2014, 2013 Best Senior Feature/Lifestyle Writer: 2014 Best Junior Feature/Lifestyle Writer: 2014 Best Headline Writing: 2012, 2013 Canon Media Awards Community Reporter of the Year: Highly Commended 2015 Devonport Publishing Ltd PO Box 32 275 First Floor, 9 Wynyard Street, Devonport Telephone: 09 445 0060 Email: Website: EDITOR: ADVERTISING: REPORTER: DESIGN: COPY EDITOR: OFFICE MANAGER: PRINTER:

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meetings to the public. This year, council is making a renewed push for conformity. Karen Lyons, General Manager of Local Board Services, says: “For 20 of the 21 local boards, not having public workshops has been business as usual over the past two electoral terms.” She explains the reason for secret workshops. “The overarching aim is to enable local boards to be as efficient and effective as possible in their governance role.” Lyons says their purpose is “to enable staff to give free and frank advice and to enable local board members to test advice and consider draft information to help them develop a greater understanding of issues to aid future decision-making.” Secret workshops thin end of democratic wedge; Flagstaff Notes page 14.

Council pushed for secret workshops before election Council officers planned a post-election strike against the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board’s open and democratic stance, documents obtained by the Flagstaff under the Official Information Act show. On October 7, a day before the local body elections, Karen Lyons, General Manager of Local Board Services, emailed to council colleagues a fully prepared slide show. Entitled “Successful ways of working – that are effective and efficient” it recommends the newly elected board members close workshops to the public. The document says “there are other mechanisms to inform the public and to gather community views/input on issues/projects” – without stating what these are. The document recommends board members “bring work programme-related matters into the workshops” essentially moving more discussion into a non-public arena. In an October 28 email to new board members, Eric Perry, the relationship manager

to the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board, slightly modifies the stance, saying selected and pre-approved members of the public could attend some of the meetings. “We can invite identified key stakeholders to these closed-door briefings, which would help ensure that those members from the public with identified interests in a topic can be involved at the beginning and throughout discussion, which would hopefully allow those groups to feel genuinely engaged/involved in board decisionmaking processes,” he says. No mention is made of any legal reasons for the meetings being secret. Instead, Perry says the board “will need to develop ground rules or guidelines to assist us in determining when a ‘closed door’ briefing is required.” “We would also need to flesh out in more detail how we manage the involvement of key stakeholder groups in closed-door briefings as outlined above, as I can see some potential fish hooks here,” he says.

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December 2, 2016

Weaving to enhance cultural identity of New Zealanders Jude Hoani started weaving after an accident she had while working as a commercial fisherwoman in the Marlborough Sounds. “A broken arm taught me to weave,” she says. Hoani learnt to weave in order to strengthen her arm. “But weaving is very addictive, so I never stopped,” she says. This summer, Hoani is teaching locals to weave as part of a series of free workshops at the Devonport Recyling Centre. Her mission is to make harakeke (more commonly known as native flax) the new silver fern. “We just need to embrace it more. Harakere needs a profile like the silver fern, or even bigger. It is just so useful and without it we wouldn’t have survived. It’s unique to New Zealand and we need to embrace it more,” she says. In a classroom set up in a large container at 27 Lake Road, Hoani makes it easy for her student to embrace the craft. “I supply everything and we go straight into the weaving,” she says. She also takes her students around Ngataringa Park to teach them about the care, protection and cutting of harakere. Hoani showcases the native plant as part of everyday life. “I prefer making things for daily use rather than special occasions. I want to put harakere back into our daily lives,” she says. Her creations include hats, mats (taanata), and baskets (kete and waikaua). Weaving has recently lost institutional support, Hoani says. “Unitec’s course in weaving closed in 2012 and the only place to learn now is at Te Wananga O Aotearoa in Mangere,” she says. Hoani says she gets harakere from a variety of sources on the North Shore. “You cut it with a knife,” she advises. Any particular kind of knife? “A sharp one!” Hoani grew up in the Hokianga as the eighth of twelve children. “I was born on the ferry from Kohukohu to Rawene on the way to

Passing a craft on… Jude Hoani is running weaving workshops at the Devonport Recycling Centre hospital,” she says. She arrived in Devonport five years ago after her husband, father and two best friends died within a year. “The easiest way for me to move on was to leave and I did, overnight. Devonport

is a good place to move on to,” she says. You can often see her with her Scottish terrier Scoota in the village. Scoota can’t walk very well, so is often pushed about in a pram or carried in one of Hoani’s woven bags.

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Dr. Andrew Steele BDS Otago Alzena Ali, Dental Hygienist/Therapist, BOH Otago

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December 2 2016

The time is ripe… Anna Thomas enjoys Joachim Kreitmair’s steel sculpture The Sweet Fruit is Ready for Picking


Five Loaves Cafe, Devonport, in remembrance of the late King of Thailand, King Bhumibol and to celebrate our first anniversary

The Five Loaves cafe will be al open as norm fter before and hais the Budd t Ceremony

on Monday 5th December from 10am - 2pm

Monks will perform a Buddhist Blessing • Chant Prays by the monks • Lunch for the monks (by 11.30 am) • Dhamma talk by the monks’ leader

• Sprinkling of Holy Water • After finishing the Buddhist ceremony, finger food and drinks will be available

Thank you for all the support that we have had over the past year!!

Kwan and the team at Five Loaves

Five Loaves Cafe 29 Church St Devonport Ph 445 8954

Five Loaves café has partnered with Grinders Coffee Roasters – the new kids on the block in Auckland. Grinders have been perfecting the art of roasting amazing coffee since 1962, and it has been mastered in Avondale,West Auckland. Grinders have teamed up with Five Loaves to get the best coffee in town to the people of Devonport. The Grinders team will be on-site on the 5th December for people to ‘ask the experts anything’ about coffee & the coffee-making process.

December 2, 2016

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Devonport sets the scene for national sculpture show Fort Takapuna was once again the canvas for NZ Sculpture OnShore, the country’s largest and longest-standing outdoor sculpture exhibition, now in its 11th biennial year. The historic clifftop reserve above Narrow Neck was the temporary home for 107 sculptures last month. Crowd number were around 19,000 but organisers said the total would have surpassed 20,000 if the weather had not been poor. Nine local sculptors were featured among the work of established and emerging artists. Work by local schoolchildren was also on display. Most of the 250 volunteers running the event were from the Devonport peninsula, together with another 60 Devonport Rotary volunteers who looked after the parking, said Sally Dewar, who chairs the event committee and lives at Stanley Bay. The Flagstaff captured locals and visitors enjoying both art and scenery on the final day of the exhibition. NZ Sculpture OnShore is a fundraiser for Women’s Refuge, with all proceeds from ticket and art sales going to the organisation. Hold on to your hat… Claudia Rodrigues (left) celebrated her birthday with Anishka Wright, with Anna Korver’s Staircase with Dissolving Dress as a backdrop

Wind power… Colin Moy, partner Julie Noland and sons Nico and Geo were spellbound by the 10,000 white windmills in the Max and Bella and friends installation by Bernie Hartfleet and Donna Turtle Sarten

Dinosaur time… From left: Bart de Gouw, Keegan Pullar, Bronwen McDonald and Brodie de Gouw met up with Triceratops by Jack Marsden-Mayer

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December 2 2016


3 First Avenue, Stanley Point Devonport

It’s quiet, it’s elegant, it has history You’ll get a feel for living here the moment you walk through the gate. Open the gate and enter a superb garden, with a jacaranda tree, roses and a striking fountain, whose gently trickling water emphasizes the place’s tranquility. The house is a quality, character kauri villa built around 1900. There are circa 12-foot high kauri ceilings, wooden picture rails, a very long hall way, and all the light fittings are antiques, with an impressive, ceramic rise and fall chandelier in the dining room. Having said that, this place is thoroughly modern in all the most important ways. It’s gas centrally heated, with marble heated floors in the ensuites. Yes, there’s a superb family bathroom too. The lounge is so elegant and stately. But it’s the kitchen and dining area, flowing out onto the verandah and deck where you may well spend most of your time. The bench tops are heart rimu and there’s the most ingenious double sink you’ve ever seen. It really is an entertainer’s delight. The kitchen window itself is designed to slide and stack right back, making an open serving space out onto the verandah and north facing deck. Your kitchen garden surrounds you, too. Raised vegetable beds are full of prickle-free blackberries, tomatoes, marjoram, radicchio, mint, rhubarb, fennel, celery, rocket and more. You’ll make life-long friends of the neighbours here. You’re three doors from the water and there are local gems everywhere to discover. Your kids could walk to school (or bike when they get older), you can stroll to the Stanley Point ferry in 5 minutes, and you can still stand in the middle of the street and have a conversation with a neighbour. Fond memories will come free with this house if you decide to move in. We’d love to show you round and find out if you’d like to do just that.


4:00pm Friday 9 December (unless sold prior) CV $2,025,000


Saturday & Sunday 11:15am to 12:00pm -

Matthew Smith Real Estate Limited Licensed (REAA2008)

Matthew Smith Licensee Agent 021 924 435 I 09 445 9777 I

Shelley Menalda Licensee Salesperson 021 190 1344 I 09 445 9777 I

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December 2, 2016

Navy celebrates 75 years

The Royal New Zealand Navy celebrated A gun salute (above) for the entry of the naval fleet into the harbour 75 years with a variety of events around (below left) and Prime Minster John Key in Devonport to inspect the Auckland and Devonport, and hosted sailors INR Task Force from around the world to mark the occasion last month. Some of the Navy ships and visiting overseas vessels and personnel diverted away to help with the earthquake relief effort in Kaikoura.

Auckland’s leading theatre for children







by Tim



songs by

Christine White



Bookings ph 489-8360 or Licenced agent REAA 2008

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MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE AT NO. 24 If you are looking for a stylish character villa to suit all stages of family life you must see this. Much bigger than it looks, with multiple living options over two levels, this four bedroom, three bathroom home will guarantee harmonious separation of the generations. At the heart of the home is a large, open plan designer kitchen/dining room flowing onto a deck with views over the garden towards Mount Victoria. There´s plenty of space in the safely fenced, level back garden for outdoor family fun and large sunny decks to enjoy relaxing barbeques all summer. Centrally located for an easy walk to the ferry and village. A vibrant cafÊ culture, boutique shops, excellent schools, sheltered beaches and parks with any number of activity options are on your doorstep. An overseas opportunity for our vendors means that this home is seriously for sale, presenting a wonderful chance for you and your family to live the dream.

December 2 2016

24 Roslyn Terrace, Devonport Auction

1.30pm, Thur 15 Dec 2016 (unless sold prior) 28 Northcroft Street, Takapuna View Sat/Sun 10.00 - 10.45am

Helen Michell


Lynda Betts


All companies within this composite are Members of Bayleys Realty Group

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December 2, 2016

Martin doubts himself after pheasant drops in for tune-up A pheasant sighting in Devonport village could be the latest addition to Mt Victoria’s colourful wildlife. The mountain has a reputation for its rat population, and earlier this year a possum was sighted. Now it has fowl too. Last month, Dave Martin was working away by himself in his car repair shop in Wynyard St, when he heard the pitter-patter of little feet behind him. When he turned around, he saw a large pheasant running into his the garage. “I thought this is it, I have lost it,” he says. The bird hid behind a car in the back corner of the workshop. “It was very scared and very still, so I went across the street to Chiasso and they all came and had a look,” Martin says. Chiasso barista Amy Cunningham called the SPCA for help. “The lady told me she had grown up around Mt Victoria and seen wild pheasants there. She said it had probably flown down from there and asked whether we could take it back up,” she says. “She told me how to grab it – with confidence, gloves and covered arms. And she said to put a towel on its head if I had one, to make it dark.” Cunningham grabbed a large box, put on her hoody and a long pair of Martin’s work gloves. “And then I just grabbed it. He wiggled, just a little bit,” she says. The coffee-supplies box was just big enough to fit the pheasant’s long tail, says Cunningham. Once inside, she put a coffee sack over its head and closed the lid. That’s when Anthony Curach walked past on his way to Baked@Devonport’s Wynyard Street office. He offered to drive the pheasant up the mountain in his car. “Amy and I put the box put on the back seat of my Honda and drove about halfway up the mountain to release it,” he says. They parked outside the Devonport Bunker. “As soon as we opened the box he flew out like a bullet. It was fantastic,” Curach says. But the pheasant didn’t leave without

Devonport Dog Groomers

Short Bark and Sides Short Bark and Sides offers the ultimate experience for your pet

Full groom Bath & blow dry Puppy introduction to grooming

Prices depend on breed, size and coat Please call Barbara 021 141 0331 Local in Devonport, but happy to travel around the Shore. Short Bark and Sides NZ

Wynyard Street’s pheasant rescue team… From left: Anthony Curach, Amy Cunningham and David Martin. The pheasant is pictured in the corner of the workshop (below). a parting message. Cunningham says: “He flew straight up with a whole lot of poop going out of his backside. It was his way of saying ‘Thanks guys!’ I’m sure.” Since then, the Flagstaff learned about another local pheasant sighting, this one in the back garden of Vauxhall Rd resident Mickey Smith. Roger Giles, Mt Victoria’s unofficial guardian, says while he hasn’t seen pheasants on the mountain recently, he saw several feeding on vetch plants there in the past. Vetch is in bloom at the moment. “They lived on the golf course and would go back there after feeding on the mountain,” he says.

Bomb alert at Navy Museum A backpack left behind at the playground outside the Navy Museum sparked a police bomb-squad alert. The incident occurred on the night of 16 November, after about 100 peace activists had protested against a military conference held in Auckland earlier in the day. The Flagstaff learned the cul-de-sac end of King Edward Parade was closed off to residents as a robot explored the car park outside the museum and retrieved the backpack. Nothing of concern was found, a police spokesperson said.

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December 2 2016

Devonport pitches in for Kaikoura

Classic design but with all the latest features... What happens when you cross a beautiful, classic kitchen, with 21st century technology and materials? You get a space that sits beautifully in your villa but gives you all the modern conveniences you expect, and the durability you demand. With 25 years designing and making top quality joinery, you can be sure your custom-made Neo Design kitchen will exceed your expectations.

Charity began at home for local dad Robbie Ford last week as he helped load 400 boxes of goods for Kaikoura earthquake victims, half of them donated by Devonport families. Ford grew up in Kaikoura and his parents, former All Black wing Brian Ford and wife Barbara, still live there. He was only too happy to add his weight to the care-package initiative organised by Penny Hay of Cheltenham and her friend Lucy Dickinson. Days before the earthquake, Barbara and Brian had visited Devonport to look after their grandchildren Zara and Jonny, while son Robbie and wife Penny ran the New York Marathon. The grandparents arrived back in Kaikoura at 9.30pm on November 13 only to be woken at 12:02am by the 7.8-magnitude quake. “My parents live on a farm and have their own power and water supply. It’s a bit of a bugger but they are fine,” says Ford. But many of their neighbours are not fine and they are the ones who Hay and Dickinson want to lend a hand to. Last Wednesday, a truck was parked outside Hay’s house and Devonport families dropped off boxes full of non-perishable food and household goods, many of them wrapped in children’s drawings, decorated with stickers, letters and notes. “They are not just a box of supplies, but a message of love and hope from one Auckland family to one Kaikoura family in need,” says Hay. This is the third time she has organised an aid

Packages for Kaikoura… Devonport lends a helping hand effort on this scale. The first time was in 2011, seven days after the February 22 Christchurch earthquake. Then, Hay and Bayswater local Lucy McKenzie organised 550 care packages for Christchurch families. They followed up with Christmas parcels to Christchurch in the following December and registered as charitable trust 500 Friends in the January. After the Kaikoura earthquake, 500 Friends swung back into action. Hay sent out word via Facebook, and through local pre-schools and primary schools, friends and neighbours. On 23 November, a truck full of food and love left Cheltenham for Kaikoura. • Brian Ford, a winger known as the Kaikoura Expresss, was most famous for a try he scored for Marlborough in 1973 when it lifted the Ranfurly Shield from Canterbury.

Ngataringa Bay floods onto Navy land

Phone 09 443 4461


96 Hillside Rd, Glenfield, Auckland Hours: 8 - 5 weekdays

Under water… Navy land submerged by the tide Ngataringa Bay spilled over into Navy reclaimed defence land was swamped. “Once again, the Navy fire-school car property coinciding with the supermoon in mid-November, when the moon was the park was inundated, more than before, with a car parked in the middle of the closest it’s been to Earth since 1948. Keith Humphreys, who has lived in saltwater and the water lapping at the power Ngataringa for decades, said it was the station,” Humphreys said. “Kinda makes highest tide he had ever seen. The low-lying, you wonder.”

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December 2, 2016

We are dedicated to finding you the right fit Are you buying?

Thinking of selling?

The pieces that make up a fulfilling home purchase are varied. They begin with dreams which include the perfect location, house and neighbourhood and are tempered by factors such as affordability, and meeting the multiple needs of family, work and other interests. At Harcourts Devonport we are dedicated to working with you to put these pieces together to find the home you love.

Your reasons for moving may be simple or complex but it is usually a life changing and sometimes emotional decision. Let us take the stress out of selling your home. We are committed to a process which takes consideration of your needs, from price to privacy and everything in between. For confidential advice please talk to us, we are here to help.

Our Commitment to finding the right fit. “Our mission is to create clients for life.� To achieve this Harcourts commits to their promise, a written assurance that they will deliver an exceptional level of service and, most importantly, deliver on your primary objective – to achieve the best possible result in the sale or purchase of your home.

Of Devonport

We sell homes not houses Harcourts Cooper & Co Real Estate Ltd Licensed agent REAA 2008

18 Clarence St, Devonport, North Shore City PHONE 09 446 2030

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December 2 2016

December 2, 2016

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December 2 2016

Car ban threatens Bunker’s half century on mountain An international folk music venue and a local tourism owner feel under threat by the recent annoucement that Takarunga/Mt Victoria could be closed to cars by 2017. Devonport Folk Club president Roger Giles says a ban on cars could spell the end for the club that has been calling Mt Victoria home at The Bunker for 46 years. Paul Mullane, who has run the Devonport Explorer tour for nearly 30 years, says the closure will have an impact on his tourism operation. Starting next year, the Tupuna Maunga Authority wants to close off the tihi (summit) to motorised vehicles. An automated gate will continue to allow limited-mobility and service vehicle access, a Maunga Authority report says. Paths to walk up the mountain will have to be improved and parking at the foot of the mountain needs to be increased, the report says. Some of the existing seal on the maunga will be torn up too, it says. Giles is concerned about the folk club’s upcoming lease renewal in 2019. “We still have the same lease as when we started in 1969 and we need vehicle access. It’s as simple as that,” he says.

Twice a week, bands perform at the bunker, adding up to more than 100 concerts per year. The club has 280 members and numbers are trending upwards, Giles says. Closing the road as a sign of respect for the tihi is pointless, he says. “The top of that mountain has been modified so many times that there is not an inch I can see that’s left of it. “The crater slid all the way off the mountain and became Duder’s Hill. Ninety per cent of what was left has been dug up for defence purposes – like The Bunker, the tunnels, the gun holding. Then there are the two huge water reservoirs, sites for two signal stations and two signalmen houses, plus the car park,” he says. Mullane says many tourists will miss out on one of Devonport’s top sites if the traffic ban goes ahead. “It comes down to a time factor between walking and driving up and some visitors will miss out on an important part of Maori and European local history and one of the best views,” he says. Mullane goes up the mountain as much as six times per day in a 20-seater bus. “As a local resident, I have always tried to keep

our impact as low as possible. Keeping the size of our bus down is part of that,” he says. The Devonport Explorer won’t skip Mt Victoria all together in future tours. Mullane plans to take his bus as close as possible to the maunga, so visitors can walk up if they wish. The Maunga Authority admits closing the mountain to cars won’t be easy. The loss of 20 car parks on the tihi makes Mount Victoria “a very difficult site due to the limited parking options off the maunga,” its report says “The number of cars driving to the tihi is also attributed to the lack of parking around the maunga,” it says. A recent traffic count showed about 133 people walk up Mt Victoria and 66 cars drive up on a weekday. On weekends, those numbers almost double. North Shore ward councillor Chris Darby said there was generally strong support for keeping motorised vehicles off Takarunga/ Mt Victoria. “There is no intent to do a vehicle ban imediately or outright. It’s subject to improvements of pedestrian tracks and more car parks at the foot of the mountain,” he said.

Why settle for anything less than a multi-award winning agent? R FO


Stanley Pt Waterfront



Devonport Waterfront


L SO Cheltenham Bunbalow

• International Property Awards London – Winner Best Property Marketing • Winner Bayleys National Waterfront Marketing Award • Winner Bayleys National Residential Marketing Award • Bayleys National Top Achiever 2006 - 2016 • Bayleys National Top 5% Residential Sales • Top Salesperson Bayleys North Shore 2006 - 2016 • Bayleys Takapuna Salesperson of the Year since 2005


S Milford Beach

Bayleys Real Estate Ltd, Licensed under the REAA 2008


Victoria Bidwell M 021 947 080 B 09 487 0735


The Flagstaff Notes

December 2, 2016

By Rob Drent

I remain committed to my stance that vehicles should be banned from the summit and upper reaches of Takarunga/Mt Victoria. The Maunga Authority last week voted that cars be banned from the tops of Mt Victoria, Mt Albert, Mt Wellington, Mt Roskill and One Tree Hill. The new bans follow a successful trial of pedestrian-only access to the summit of Mt Eden. Automated gates will preserve access for people with limited mobility, while cyclists will be able to use the shared summit pathways. While there needed to be greater consultation locally – with residents and commercial operators such as Devonport Tours, who have taken visitors to the top of Mt Victoria for 30 years – it is a positive move and a bold decision by the authority. As I said in my editorial in July, the top of Mt Victoria is heavily modified by human use: mushrooms that are really vents for an underground reservoir, a weather station and a trig point. So a traffic ban would go some way in restoring the natural order. In addition to the enhanced experience without cars, scooters and tour buses, the summit of the mountain is regarded by Maori as the most sacred part. I do have some sympathy for older residents who will have trouble getting up the mountain without a car. But a slow walk on a road unencumbered by traffic would be possible for many. Moreover, the Maunga Authority has made a decision for the greater good and the health of the mountain. I am less sure about cyclists on the mountain road. With cars gone, cycling to the summit will no doubt become a popular route for cyclists around the Shore. I can see pelotons racing down the mountain at speed, causing chaos for walkers on the way up.

It is very disappointing that the DevonportTakapuna Local Board has been coerced into secret workshops and briefings. The board during its last term held these in public, a move the Flagstaff campaigned for and supported. Our local board was a lone voice though – the other 20 local boards in the Auckland Council area all held secret workshops. But now closed meetings are back – with no debate from the board at its first public meeting. Even the decision was made in secret. It seems council often feels more comfortable taking concepts and information to the board without the scrutiny of the media, and through it, the public. Why is it important to have the meetings open? Auckland Council and its organisations, particularly Auckland Transport, often come up with strange ideas based on little local knowledge. Sometimes poor planning and stupid options can be nipped in the bud before they gain traction. For example, the Auckland Transport plan to put a bus shelter outside Devonport Wharf would probably have happened if it had not been exposed by the Flagstaff early on. In fact, I wonder if the secret briefings are legal. All council information is public unless there are sound reasons for holding it back. The exclusion of the public from the meetings is in effect denying basic democratic rights to freedom of information, and the chance the scrutinise decision-making and how council spends ratepayers’ money. A more enlightened approach is being pursued in Tauranga. Its council has abolished secret briefings. Holding open workshops (except when there are legal reasons to exclude the public) was unanimously endorsed by the new council. Why the reason for secrecy in Auckland? More attention needs to paid to council spending by councillors and local board members. The ludicrous $500,000 spend by council’s promotions arm ATEED on a new slogan is the extreme example. But locally, a lot slips through as well. Local-body candidates pump out a lot electioneering puff on cutting back costs. But in meetings and contacts with council officials, the questions like “how much does this cost?”, “How much extra will it cost?”, and “Why does it cost so much?” are not heard often enough.

Devonport Library events flourishing This note is to say a huge thank you for letting Devonport know about C K Stead speaking at the library. For the Devonport Library Associates (DLA) committee, it’s always a special pleasure when we can bring someone of Stead’s stature here for the benefit of the local community. More than one hundred people attended. Roger Hall did a superb job as chair, facilitating and stimulating what was a very interesting and illuminating talk by Karl, who was in fine form, delighting the audience with his wit, and speaking movingly of his connections with Janet Frame and Frank Sargeson, among others. Many of the audience took the time afterwards to say that they had thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

We are planning an event next year to which all Devonport authors will be invited. A Devonport author is both a writer who lives in Devonport, and also one who has written a book while staying here, so will include, for example, alumni of the Michael King Writers’ Centre. This event will also celebrate the Devonport Writers’ Collection at the library, which the DLA is accumulating. Devonport writers should register by email with Jane Dodds: Jan Mason (Chair)

Correction In a story on promising golfer Bridget Connolly (Flagstaff, 26 November), her handicap was listed as 9. It should have been 0.9.

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December 2 2016

Mt Vic summit changes ridiculous I vehemently object to being prevented from driving to the top of our Mt Victoria when I want to show this exemplary view of Auckland to our visitors. There is no evidence of danger to pedestrians and there is a generous parking area at the top, which could probably be enlarged, if necessary. In contrast, you would look in vain for anywhere to create more parking at the foot of our mountain. Our forebears made a huge effort


Experienced, fun, friendly nanny with live-in experience •University student •Devonport local •Full driver’s licence •Available Monday-Friday daytime

to build a road to the summit so that everyone can enjoy one of the finest views of Auckland. Why should anyone be denied this pleasure at the whim of an unelected and anonymous body, with no Devonport connection at all? All Devonport residents must show their total opposition to this unjustified and ridiculous proposal. What is the local board doing to stop this nonsense? Denys Oldham

Plea for better retirement village on unique site

Contact: Holly 021 0275 6562

My family and I are well aware that one of the effects of a growing older population is an increasing need for elderly care and, sadly for us, hospital and dementia care. “By 2041, the number of over-65s” will “have doubled to 1.29 million people. An older population and an increasing number of people with dementia means a massive rise in rest-home and dementia-care beds is needed” according to Westpac industry economist David Norman [Otago Daily Times, October 2016]. “New Zealand is not building nearly enough rest-home-type facilities to meet demand.” Where there is a need, a successful operator like Ryman Healthcare can seize an opportunity. But to house our changing and increasing


Superb office for Professions, central Devonport. 69m2 self-contained, open plan. Ideal for say Accountancy, Law, Architecture etc. Tastefully decorated inc satin sheen kauri floor, air conditioning, multi outlets for power, phones, IT. Competitive rent and Opex, and negotiable lease terms.

Ph Colin Parry 445 3845 or 021 02667475

population, our community should not lose sight of balancing other priorities; to create healthy urban environments that enhance society, to protect the ecology of conservation areas, and preserve our heritage and history. Ngataringa Bay Action Group is not opposed to a retirement village being built at Ngataringa Road – it’s a unique site that offers the opportunity to build a quality facility that includes hospital-level care – but it should be done well. Devonport and Takapuna peninsula deserve better than Ryman Healthcare’s current proposal. Please support the community to communicate this view to the hearing panel in the most effective way possible. Iain Rea for Ngataringa Bay Action Group

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December 2, 2016

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Community gets behind cooking project I would like to thank the Flagstaff for writing an article (7 October) on our efforts to help with the homelessness issue in central Auckland. We are cooking 50 meals and distributing them each Tuesday evening. There has been support in the form of food, money, clothing and other goods, hands-on help and good wishes. All this from the Devonport and surrounding communities has greatly enhanced and embellished what we are doing. The people that receive the food are very appreciative of a homecooked meal made with care and attention. We are also able to pack a small lunch for the next day, with a filled roll and slice and fruit, as a result of the gifts of food and support. Many of the street people have lost their belongings as zealous rubbish collectors bin anything that is on the street if they leave to go to the bathroom. With the goods we have received, we have managed to replace what has been lost. At the new Mayor’s inauguration there was a photo of three homeless men sitting in Aotea

square. All three are gentleman we have helped with your assistance – the slippers on the feet of one of them came from your generosity. Criticism is often heard about this group – that they are lazy, drink or do drugs, or that they chase trade away from the shops. All that could be true. But what we see is a group of mainly Maori men who are down on their luck; have serious health issues and are trying to survive in desperate situations. To see the efforts that they make to stay clean and tidy when they have hardly anywhere to go to wash is heartbreaking. A couple work and there is one student. It is so little that we can do but it is appreciated. They now watch out for the car and are often lined up to wait for their meal. They are unfailingly courteous and polite and never fail to enquire after our health and to ask if all is well with us. To the Flagstaff, reporter Maire Vieth and the community – thank you so very, very much. We couldn’t do it without you. Victoria Brown

Defence forces needed in times of crisis What timing your correspondent Michael Fleck has (Flagstaff, 18 November). No sooner has he decried a 15-year spend on our defence force activities than their capability is called into action for disaster relief of Kiwis. What a small world he must live in to think that our defence force personnel should go in harm’s way without protection. Who would go to Afghanistan for reconstruction without arms to defend against an undefined enemy? What ship would go into waters where pirates and drug runners are armed to the teeth and not have arms to defend itself? New Zealand is a safe haven compared to many places on this Earth. But as a dutiful member of the world community, we are often called upon to go beyond our happy place and need our people safe.

In Mr Fleck’s world we would have them stand shoulder to shoulder without anything resembling weapons for defence. That’s a health and safety issue right there. If anything, New Zealand should stand up and be an integral part of the defence community and that would see more proper jobs, trades and professions that would go back into our community like it did before it was dumbed down and neutered. Mr Fleck should take all the firearms and weapons out of our communities instead of levelling his sights on a structured organisation that has given New Zealanders more in its time of existence than most. Let’s be a bit more patriotic and not idiotic. Ian Ferguson • In fairness to Michael Fleck, his letter was received and sent to our printer prior to the South Island earthquake. Editor.

Belmont Pharmacy

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DEVONPORT LIONS SANTA PARADE & DEVONPORT CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL Sunday 4th December, 11am-3pm Windsor Reserve, Devonport Waterfront

Commencing with Devonport Lions Santa Parade, stepping off from Clarence St at 11am and then afterwards in Windsor Reserve until 3pm. Including Dance in the Park, the Devonport Craft & Fine Food Market, Devonport Volunteer Fire Brigade demos, food stalls, try-out bike zone plus Devonport Businesses Christmas Windows competition and model trains Christmas display at 93 Victoria Rd! For information about the Parade contact Bruce Wetherall: or for info about the festival contact Maria ph: 445 9533 or email

DEVONSTOCK MUSIC FESTIVAL Sunday 11th December, 2pm-5:30pm Windsor Reserve, Devonport Waterfront

Devonport Youth Forum are excited to announce five amazing bands/artists playing at Devonstock this year! Featuring: Lakes, The Rubics, Shed, O-Boy & Sophie Mashlan. There will be food stalls plus plenty of shade so come and celebrate free live music in the beautiful surrounds of the Devonport waterfront!

SUMMER FUN PRESCHOOL PLAY Tuesdays 9:30am-11:00am at Windsor Reserve Thursdays, 9:30am-11am at Bayswater Park

A FREE fun time for preschoolers to play with big toys, be active and to make new friends. Bring your toddler and a coffee and enjoy our beautiful parks! For more info, contact Carolyn or Maria on ph: 445 9533.

STREET GET-TOGETHERS Devonport Peninsula Trust has some funding available to encourage people living in the Devonport peninsula area (Devonport to Hauraki Corner) to get together with their neighbours to develop neighbourhood connections. For further info please contact Maria on ph: 445 9533 or email Devonport Peninsula Community eNEWS

To receive the Devonport Peninsula eNEWS, a monthly email listing of community events, and other community notices, please email us at

With special thanks to the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board for funding the Devonport Peninsula Trust.

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December 2 2016

Previously United Travel



EVENINg PRESENTATION THURSDAy 8 DECEMBER 6.00PM IN TAkAPUNA Join us for a presentation on South America with Viva Expeditions and Chimu Adventures, specialists in smallgroup and tailor-made holidays. Jo from Viva has just returned from Patagonia, and she will cover highlights of her recent trip and feature the Big 5 must-visits in South America – Iguazu Falls, Rio, Machu Picchu, the Amazon and the Galápagos.


Gifts of Joy for the Whole family

YOU Travel Takapuna 2 Northcroft St, Takapuna (09) 486 1625


December 2, 2016

Contributor to

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The Devonport Flagstaff Page 20

Devonport 09 445 2010

Major sponsor for the North Shore Cricket Club

December 2 2016

December 2, 2016

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Devonport 09 445 2010

Major sponsor for the North Shore Cricket Club

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December 2 2016

For a step-by-step rundown on how I can help you sell your Devonport home for more, please contact me today, and I will bend over backwards to help you.

LINDA SIMMONS M 027 459 0957 DDI 09 445 6337 E 09 307 6340 |

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December 2, 2016

Aidan Nicholas – following Richie’s footsteps Aidan Nicholas is heading from high school to university via Godzone, the gruelling annual South Island adventure race that even Richie McCaw said was “tough”. The 18-year-old Takapuna Grammar (TGS) school-leaver starts his engineering degree at the University of Canterbury in February. But after just three days of lectures, he skips uni for Queenstown, where he and three teammates will navigate a course through more than 500km of challenging terrain. Aidan expects they will run, kayak, mountain bike, cave, rock climb, raft and abseil for around 100 hours in total. But that’s all they know about the race for now. A map showing the race checkpoints will be available only hours before the start. Even then, there is no set course. How each team navigates between checkpoints is for them to decide. So is when and how much they sleep. With Aidan in the team are an 18-year-old girl from Napier’s Taradale High School and two Aucklanders, aged 37 and 47. All are firsttimers in the unassisted Godzone event their goal is to finish within the seven-day cut-off time, which is not an easy feat. McCaw’s team finished in five days and came 20th in last year’s field of 60 teams. “The first event is for experience. Teams that do well have done lots of them. I am planning to do one a year while I’m at university,” says Aidan. Training is under way. Currently, Aidan runs an hour a day to build a base of leg strength. “It also gets them used to the fatigue of constant running,” he says. Aidan finds Devonport a good place to prepare. “The rocks around the coastline are good for technical running and agility. Mount Vic and North Head are good for running or mountain biking up and down, and the sea is great for kayaking,” he says. He is using his school bike for now and has borrowed a kayak, but will have to invest in new equipment. Godzone doesn’t come cheap. Aidan reckons it will eat up around $8000,




In Richie’s footsteps... Aidan Nicholas and his teammates aim to finish the Godzone adventure race within seven days including the $1800 entry fee. Preparing for extreme fatigue will be the second stage of training and coincides with Aidan starting a summer job as a builder. “Once I start working full time, I will have to train for 24 to 30 hours on the weekends,” he says. Transitions will take practice. “It is easy to waste time during those. But it’s also easy to gain a lot of time if you have disassembling and reassembling your bikes, packing and unpacking their canoes sorted, even when you are really tired,” he says. Aidan is an experienced adventure racer. He has competed for TGS for the last four years in

the junior Get2Go event and the senior Hillary Challenge. He is also an accomplished member of the TGS cycling team and won a gold medal at this year’s national secondary school champs. When he was younger, Aidan played soccer, did gymnastics and sailed Optimists and 29ers. Over the years, all these sports have helped give him the fitness, strength, speed, endurance, adaptability and tactical sense he says you need in adventure racing. And being organised is a big part of it, too. Aidan plans to be back at uni the Monday after Godzone, “even though I know I’ll be knackered”.

E Auckland Live presents shake & stir and QPAC’s production of

Adapted for the stage by shake & stir theatre co

17 – 22 DEC Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna Tickets* $12 – $26 * Service fees apply.

Illustration by Quentin Blake.

The World’s No. 1 Storyteller

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December 2 2016

Local Board’s meeting time criticised Changes to Devonport-Takapuna Local Board meeting times have been criticised by Grey Power. In its new term, Devonport-Takapuna Local Board has decided to start its monthly meeting at 4pm instead of the previous 6pm meeting start-time. But Grey Power North spokesperson Bill Rayner said the afternoon start made it tricky for many local residents to attend

Reach your Devonport Peninsula customers cost-effectively Contact the Flagstaff for our rates and dates. Email: Website:











local, flexible, friendly!


due to working hours, rush-hour traffic and parking difficulties. He said: “4pm is just not convenient for a lot of people and it’s not that the 6pm start in the past has been an issue for locals.” “Communication and consultation with the community is a key problem council has right now, so why make it harder for people to attend?” The board resolved to hold its public forum at 6.30 pm and to schedule any controversial items for the latter part of the meeting. Board chair Grant Gillon said: “And then if it’s not working, we’ll review it.”

Fewer library books borrowed The number of hard-copy books borrowed at Devonport and Takapuna libraries is decreasing, while electronic books and magazine rentals are on the up, a quarterly council performance report says. In July to September 2016, residents borrowed six per cent fewer books than during the same period last year. Over the same period, nine per cent more e-books and e-magazines were issued.

Bayswater Community Committee wants local board involved in boating clubhouse future Any sale of the Takapuna Boating Club’s historic Bayswater clubhouse should include local authority involvement, a community groups says. Gay Richards, chair of the Bayswater Community Committee (BCC), said the recently proposed sale of the clubhouse posed a potential threat to the building’s continued community use. Speaking at the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board November public forum,

Richards said the building’s history of a “semi-community, semi-commercial use” was preferred by the BCC. “And we want the local board to make this happen,” she said. A working party on the issue should be set up by the board, Richards said. She added that the Takapuna Boating Club had received public money to restore the building, which added weight to the idea it should be retained for community use.

Travel Sketching. What a great gift idea!


Open daily 10am-10pm. For more info or a quote contact: or call: (09) 446 0100

10 week course $535.00 (incl materials)

Beginners one day boot camp *$230 (incl materials) *See website for dates or call Tony 021925 031

Devonport 82/2 Ngataringa Road

3 A 1 B 1 C 1 F 2 J Affordable entry level into Devonport. Brilliant indoor outdoor flow, new kitchen and spacious dining, great entertainers home

Auction 6.30pm, Wednesday 7 December 2016 In Rooms 136 Broadway, Newmarket (unless sold prior) View Sat/Sun 10:30-11:00 Tanya Kwasza 021 59 39 39 Marie Graham 022 391 1086


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December 2, 2016

Wood nominated for seat on Maunga Authority The Devonport-Takapuna Local Board has nominated George Wood to be considered for a seat on the Tupuna Maunga o Tamaki Makaurau Authority (Maunga Authority). The board is one of eight in Auckland with maunga located in their areas. At the start of this local election term, the Maunga Authority asked those boards to each nominate a member for the statutory authority. The Governing Body will then select three of the eight members to sit on the authority. In the last election term, the DevonportTakapuna Local Board was not represented on the authority. However, North Shore Ward Councillor Chris Darby did have a seat on the Authority.

Graffiti on the wane Graffiti vandalism seems to be decreasing in the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board area. From 1 July until 30 September, there were 338 graffiti incidents reported to council, which is 17 per cent lower than during the same period last year, a quarterly council performance report says.

Golf course going native Dead and dying trees on the Waitemata Golf Club course are likely to be replaced with natives. Blue crosses and red dots have been springing up on the course as an arborist identifies which trees, if any, are “dead, dying or dangerous,” says Waitemata Golf Club general manager Robert Rookes. The golf club’s tree committee is “looking at long-term tree replacement with native trees.” The club’s board of management is still to discuss the arborist’s report and will consult with council on any future tree replacement, Rookes says. “We are a long way off progressing with this. We are just getting an idea of how things might work,” he says. Under scrutiny... trees at Waitemata Golf Club

Selwyn Foundation to manage senior housing from next May The Housing for Older People joint ven- 2017, a council report says. The management ture between Auckland Council and the Sel- of pensioner housing in Devonport will then wyn Foundation will officially start in May come under the Selwyn Foundation.




A postbox at the corner, room to park your car, your own backyard to share a cuppa. A bygone era? Not at Fairview! Retiring to Fairview means moving to a neighbourhood with luxurious villas and apartments, gardens, streets and outdoor living, a stunning location, security and care on call if and when you need it and… the everyday pleasure of being part of a good, old fashioned neighbourhood. See what insiders call the perfect retirement any day between 10 and 3. 21 Fairview Ave | Albany | ph 0800 102 662 | Premier Lifestyle Villages group includes Fairview Lifestyle Village, Fairview Care Ltd and Settlers Albany Lifestyle Village.


Villas Available your place in the sun

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December 2 2016

December 2, 2016

The Devonport Flagstaff Page 27

Trades & Services

The Devonport Flagstaff Page 28

den electrical ltd

December 2 2016

Jim McBride



Painter and Decorator

phone 0274 937380

Call Carl for all your electrical needs 0274 937380 or 445 7528

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Solid Plastering Block-work Fireplaces Gib-stopping Small or Large Jobs

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Member of the Master Painters interior and exterior quality workmanship • no job too big or too small

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Sick of flushing money down the... Repairs, refurbishments and new work for both Plumbing and Gasfitting.

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Including gas heaters, instantaneous hot water systems and more. Full project management and pensioner rates. For all your Plumbing and Gasfitting needs Call the boss (Bruce) today on 0274 472 742

McMinn Plumbing Ltd

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Guy Anderson



Professional Quality Service • Gasfitting • Certifying/Licenced • Digger Hire • Plumber/Drainlayer • All Aspects of Plumbing & Drainage

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Sam the Floor Sander Floor-sanding Polyurethane Water base Chemical base Stain

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Friendly, experienced service for all of your plumbing needs.


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Professional Quality Service Craftsman Plumber and Gasfitter

Ph 021 841 745 David Mortimore New installations Repairs and Maintenance

Precision Plumbing 2010 Ltd

Painting and Decorating All commercial and domestic decoration undertaken. Interior and exterior decorating. All wallpaper and fabrics. Expertly hung. Skim coat plastering and stopping Specialist in decorative paint finishes, carried out by a tradesman with 25 years experience. Competitive pricing. All work guaranteed.


ar PHONE 445 2549 30 yreience e p x MOBILE 021 767 093 e

December 2, 2016


� Servicing � Full Full Vehicle Vehicle Servicing � Full Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance � WOF WOF and Maintenance and Maintenance � � WOF ANDRE WENDY CUMISKEY CUMISKEY ANDRE & & WENDY ANDRE & WENDY CUMISKEY

Ph 445 4456 4456 Ph (09) (09) 445 Ph (09) 445 Fax (09) 445 7629 Fax 445 4456 7629 Fax (09) 445 7629 1A Fleet Street, Devonport

Trades & Services


Andrew Holloway Floorsander • Floorsanding • Polyurethaning and staining • Tongue and Groove repairs • Serving Devonport since 1995 Please phone for a free quote Phone 027 285 4519



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Your local NZ qualified electricians for:  Renovations  Maintenance  LED changeovers  Garden Lighting  Ultrafast Broadband

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Interior / Exterior Residential Commercial Lives Locally Free Quotes /Quality Work For all your painting needs

Call Sean Reeves for a free quote • Housewashing • Roof treatments • Waterblasting • Window cleaning

Carpenter available now Qualified builder and craftsman for door/window/sash/cord/sill Carpenter available now replacements for door/window/sash/cord/sill All joinery repairs replacements All carpentry and associated All joineryservices repairs building All carpentry and associated Home inspections building services Bathrooms Home inspections All work guaranteed Bathrooms

Scott 021 188 7189 AllBarnett work guaranteed Licensed building practitioner Scott Barnett 021 188 7189

Barnett Bros.


Creating great looking, functional, outdoor spaces

REUBEN Mobile: 022 043 4526

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Corey Norton M 021 0220 5444 | After Hrs 550 4218 email:

Qualified builder and craftsman Carpenter available now for door/window/sash/cord/sil replacements All joinery repairs Villa Masonry All carpentry and associatedLtd • Brick work building services • Block work • Paving • CobbleHome driveways inspections • Paved Patios • Repair work Bathrooms No job too small!

All work guaranteed Scott Barnett 021 188 7189

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• Fences • Kitchens • Bathrooms • Cabinetry • Alterations • Decks Call us on 09 392 2486

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December 2 2016

Shorebirds’ mass migration

Penguin meets shorebirds… Evie Chapple Dodd brought her toy penguin on a birdwatching trip to Windsor Reserve with mum Irene Chapple

6 Great Reasons to Shop Local for gifts, goods and services this Christmas Save time, stress petrol and money Avoid Lake Road! Shop local, keep us local Put your $ where your heart is – invest in your local community

Hundreds of shorebirds, painted mostly by local schoolchildren, have landed on Windsor Reserve and made it their temporary home. The brightly coloured wooden cut-outs make up the Devonport Flock – the local arm of a national initiative to raise awareness of New Zealand’s endangered shorebirds among young people. Volunteer Chris Eagles said: “Each of the painted birds here represents one young person who has just learned about shorebirds, which is great because it will be up to the next generation to look after them.” Chris’s husband Jim Eagles was the driving force behind Pukorokoro Miranda Naturalists’ Trust Windsor Reserve project. He said representatives from each of the local schools came along to an opening ceremony. “It was much better than having a politician there. Two Devonport Primary

School girls read a poem they had written about godwits called The Bravest Bird. A boy on crutches from Hauraki school, gave his speech standing on one leg, pointing his finger at the audience, telling them they had to help look after the birds,” he said.

Build your community Santa in the village 11am - 2pm Sat/Sun 10th/11th Dec Sat/Sun 17th/18th Dec Fri 23rd Dec Chirpy supporters… (from left) Lily McGivern, Freya Williamson and Isla Gillies at the shorebird exhibition

Pitching in… Claystore volunteer George Crook

December 2, 2016

The Devonport Flagstaff Page 31

to Windsor Reserve 26 November - 13 December

Claybenders: Clay Voices A showcase of contemporary ceramics produced by students and graduates of the Otago Polytechnic Diploma of Ceramic Arts.

Leading from the front… Devonport Flock organiser Jim Eagles and St Leo’s School Year 4 student Sam Murphy pair up

The Depot Summer Showcase

A ‘buy and takeaway’ exhibition which promises to be a pre-Christmas cracker providing both exhibitors and visitors with an ever-changing vista of exhibiting and purchasing opportunities.

Suzanne Thornley: Yves Tanguy Revisited

Works inspired by the French surrealist Yves Tanguy. Monday 12pm to 5pm Tuesday – Saturday 10am to 5pm Sunday and Public Holidays 11am to 3pm Colourful addition… Zoe Mantell, a Year 12 student at TGS, with her pink bird

28 Clarence St, Devonport Ph 963 2331

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Professional Services

December 2 2016



ng Celebratsi 5 year e serving itthy commun

Call us for a free quotation and put the life back into that favourite chair or lounge suite


Vision examinations Glaucoma checks Contact lenses and solutions Spectacle repairs Driver’s licence certificates

The Arcade 6 Wynyard St, Devonport

Dr. Adrian Stocco The Arcade, Devonport 445 8030

Red Dragon Computers

Providing IT support to Devonport’s home users and small businesses since 2001 • Fast, reliable & cost effective • Windows computers & iPad Setup • Wi-Fi networking and ADSL broadband • New computers custom built • Repairs, Upgrades, Servicing • Virus & Spyware removal

Get it right first time with a Microsoft Certified Professional

Phone 215 9178

Christopher Jones Ph 445 7810

Ovlov Marine Ltd

Devonport’s Locksmith

• Full boating services • Repairs and maintenance • Expert advice • Free peninsula pickup • Mobile service available

Parking out front in loading zone

Ph (09) 377 4285

APPLE REPAIRS, UPGRADES & REFURB SALES SSD and RAM upgrades Same day / Priority overnight service Genuine apple parts 10 Victoria road, Devonport 021 622 815


SPeCialiSing in • Ceramic Tiling • Laundries • Stonework • Decks • Bathrooms • Waterproofing • Kitchens • Silicone Application

Call Doug 09 446 0687 Mobile 021 187 7852


Quality renovations or new projects 1. Foundations 2. Building 3. Gibbing and stopping 4. Painting 5. Tiling 6. Landscaping 7. Repairs and maintenance Your ‘one-stop’ building company new to Devonport providing qualified staff and competitive prices. Contact Bernard Carey Phone 445 1331 or Mobile 0274 471 132


• New keys for existing locks

comprehensive home

• Lock repairs

handyman services

• Installation

142 Beaumont Street, Westhaven

Caledonian Premier Tiling • Tile Installation • Existing Rapair-work • Certified Waterproofing • Guarantees

• Lock Hardware Contact Scott on

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72 Lake Road, Devonport

John Campbell answerphone/fax 445 4390 phone 027 246 5891

Fitness & Personal Trainer Personalised programmes 1:1 or small group Nutrition Advice 30 or 45 minute sessions Devonport Health & Gym

Janet 021 101 96 95

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December 2, 2016

Out and About with your local North Shore MP Member of Parliament – North Shore Minister for Conservation, Arts Culture and Heritage and Seniors

That’s what friends are for

Our Navy has always understood the importance of protecting our maritime freedoms and helping out in times of trouble as it showed after the Kaikoura earthquake struck on November 14. It was heart-warming to see the unstinting support of nations here to attend the Review which were quick to offer their help with our response to that massive earthquake. Vessels from the US, Australia, Canada, Japan and Singapore diverted to Kaikoura to help HMNZS Canterbury provide much needed relief and transport. As my colleague, Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee, said despite the changes to the planned celebrations, it was poignant to see the anniversary marked with such cooperation and camaraderie. I know many of you have been actively offering your support to those who are bearing the brunt of the earthquake and our Government’s working hard to provide relief to individuals and businesses in the region including a $7.5 million wage subsidy package as an initial step along with a primary sector support package of at least $5 million and tax relief measures. I’ve just returned from Antarctica where I visited Scott Base and the

historic Scott and Shackleton explorer’s huts as the Minister for Arts, Culture & Heritage. The Antarctic Heritage Trust is the world leader in cold climate conservation and in the past 14 years they’ve meticulously restored the British explorers’ huts and now they are working their magic on the Hillary Hut at Scott Base. Sir Ed and his team built the hut in the January of 1957 during their Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition. The hut was New Zealand’s first base in the Ross Sea and the origin of what has now become Scott Base. The Hillary Hut has deteriorated in the harsh conditions and was in dire need of restoration so last year the PM launched its conservation plan. AHT’s “Expedition South” fund and awareness raiser, inspired by Sir Ed’s expedition and using the same model tractors, drove the length of NZ and their “fiver for the driver” raised an impressive $784,000. But more was needed and time was tight, so while I was down on the ice, I announced the Government will contribute $180,000 to allow the Trust to finish the restoration work in time for the 60th anniversary of Sir Ed building the hut on the 20th of January next year. There are some extraordinary challenges in preserving heritage in one of the world’s most extreme environments and the Antarctic Heritage Trust is to be commended on its outstanding achievements. After my few days on the frozen continent, including overnighting in a tent at

Cape Evans, I have even more respect and admiration for the historic feats of endurance and determination of Scott, Shackleton and Hillary. If you are interested to learn more about Sir Ed’s hut please go to Grant and I always enjoy the biennial NZ Sculpture OnShore at Fort Takapuna and we joined about 19,000 visitors to admire the creativity on display from more than 100 artists. The event continues to go from strength to strength and I applaud the dedication of the organisers and volunteers. The colourful flock of nearly 3,000 wooden shorebirds across Windsor Reserve, many painted by children from our local schools, is well worth closer inspection. The Flock project, organised by the Pukorokoro Miranda Naturalists’ Trust, is a fun way to spread the message about threats facing our diverse migratory shorebirds. When the Prime Minister recently visited the Devonport Naval Museum we met the trustees and we both painted a couple of Godwits and Red Knots to add to the flock. On Friday, December 9th I’ll be hosting my colleague, the Hon Amy Adams, for a breakfast meeting at the Takapuna Boating Club and you’d be most welcome to join us. Amy is an engaging speaker and her work is at the heart of driving reforms around the important area of family violence. For more details, please contact Joan Finlayson on 09 489 9083.

Hon Maggie Barry ONZM

NORTH SHORE ELECTORATE OFFICE 15 Anzac Street, Takapuna | PHONE 09 486-0005 | | @maggiebarrynz

Funded by Parliamentary Service and authorised by M Barry MP, 15 Anzac St, Takapuna

The celebration of the Royal New Zealand Navy’s 75th anniversary and its International Naval Review showed very clearly the bonds our Navy has forged globally since 1941. It was good to see so many New Zealanders out in force to support our current Navy personnel and enjoy the International Naval Review events.

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December 2 2016

Grammar DECEMBER 2, 2016

Subject Awards for Class of 2016 YEAR 11 FIona Anderson Distinction Classics Amadeo Barrionuevo-Grosman Distinction Media Studies Lillie Brewer 1st Chemistry Lillie Brewer 1st French Jessica Cheung 1st Biology Jessica Cheung Distinction English Will Clarke Excellence Geography Aeron Conger Distinction English Aeron Conger Excellence Spanish Stephanie Craig 1st Mathematics Applied Stevie Dixon Excellence Food Technology and Nutrition Daniel Eaton 1st Design and Visual Communication Nelly Farmiloe Distinction Geography Sinalei Faulalo Distinction English Issac Francis-Bidwell Excellence Technology Resistant Materials Scott Fraser 1st English Literacy Jasmine Gray 1st Media Studies Stella Henderson 1st Visual Arts - Digital Scott Heslop 1st Economics James Hwang 1st Economics and Accounting Taikyung (Derek) Jeong Excellence Japanese Taikyung (Derek) Jeong Distinction Mathematics Extension Kellie Ke 1st Mathematics Aliesha Kemp Distinction Biology Aliesha Kemp Distinction Physics Victoria Kim Distinction Mathematics Kate Lee Distinction Chemistry Kate Lee 1st English: the Auckland Girls Grammar Old Girls Award Kate Lee Excellence History: The Norah Hamlin Trophy Taekyung Lee Distinction Mathematics Abigail McDonald 1st Dance

Abigail McDonald 1st Drama Joshua Morris 1st Science Katja Neef Excellence German You Jin Noh Distinction Chemistry You Jin Noh Distinction English for Academic Purposes Gaige Nortje 1st Physical Education Jazmine O’Connell 1st Business Studies Alex Oldham 1st Science Alternative Luke Patterson 1st Music Hannah Posthouwer Distinction Physical Education Aimee Qiu Excellence Special Education Sebastion Safka 1st English for Academic Purposes - Level 1 Rebecca Scholtz 1st Classics Rebecca Scholtz 1st Physics Amanda Sim 1st Accounting Maya Steel Excellence Health Benjamin Taumoepeau 1st Computer Science Jackson Taylor Distinction English Lily Te Wiata Excellence Te Reo Maori Barnaby Watts Distinction History Louise Wigram Excellence Art Louise Wigram 1st Mathematics Extension Tessa Wishart Excellence Technology Soft Materials YEAR 12 Katherine Aitken Distinction Geography Paris Allan Excellence Tourism Maia Baillie Excellence Technology Soft Materials Cloe Barbera Excellence Year 12 IB Creativity, Activity, Service Thomas Benison Distinction Year 12 IB Literature Fin Bowen 1st Music Theatre Dougal Burden Distinction English Dougal Burden 1st History: the Gallipoli Stone

Cameron Burton 1st Mathematics Extension Cameron Burton Excellence Year 12 IB/NCEA Computer Science Su Ann Chai Excellence Hospitality Jost Claassen Excellence German Grace Cowley Distinction English Mitchell Cuthbert 1st Biology Lara Dyer Distinction Mathematics Statistics Emilly Fan Distinction English Oscar Finnemore 1st Design and Visual Communication Julia Giurgiu 1st Classics: the C.C. Robinson Award Sean Green Distinction Physical Education Lily Hannington 1st Dance Sam Harris 1st Visual Arts - Design Miller Hazelman 1st Physical Education Practical Miller Hazelman Excellence Technology Furniture Making Halim Hoskin Excellence Geography Halim Hoskin Distinction Health Sanghyuk Hyung Distinction Mathematics Maiko Iwasaki Excellence English Second Language Katherine Jacobs 1st English Katherine Jacobs Excellence French Katherine Jacobs Excellence Japanese Katherine Jacobs 1st Physics Katherine Jacobs Excellence Spanish Aoke Jiang Excellence Chinese Gabriel Jones 1st Drama Iris Leng 1st Economics Nicole Linnell Distinction Media Studies Richard Lu 1st Accounting Richard Lu 1st Chemistry Sofia Lykkeberg Excellence Year 12 IB Arts Blake MacDuff Excellence Technology Resistant Materials Jack (Jonathan) Maran Distinction Year 12 IB Overall

Jack (Jonathan) Maran Excellence Year 12 IB Mathematics Jack (Jonathan) Maran Distinction Year 12 IB Science Jack (Jonathan) Maran Excellence Year 12 IB Spanish Ab Initio Molly McGarvey Distinction History Harvey Merton Distinction Biology Harvey Merton Distinction Chemistry Harvey Merton Distinction English Harvey Merton Distinction Physics Natchaya Promvichai Excellence English Second Language Manurere Ratana 1st Te Reo Maori Poppy Ross 1st Music Molly Ryan Excellence Special Education Haruka Sato 1st Mathematics Shania Shameem Distinction Accounting Shania Shameem Distinction Mathematics Extension Liberty Soanes 1st Art History Liberty Soanes 1st Media Studies: The Robin Holding Award Natasha Tan 1st English for Academic Purposes - Level 2 Michaela Teape Distinction Tourism Hayley Tubb 1st Visual Arts Photography Yujie (Stephanie) Wang Excellence Year 12 IB Individuals and Societies Yujie (Stephanie) Wang Excellence Year 12 IB English Language Caitlin White 1st Mathematics Statistics Max Wilton Excellence Year 12 IB Spanish Language B Michael 1st Michael 1st

Worsfold English Literacy Worsfold Physical Education: the Wareham Shield

Alice Wu 1st Visual Arts-Practical Emily Wynn Excellence Health Suhwoo (Veronica) Yoon Excellence Year 12 IB Overall

Suhwoo (Veronica) Yoon Distinction Year 12 IB Mathematics Suhwoo (Veronica) Yoon Distinction Year 12 IB Individuals and Societies Suhwoo (Veronica) Yoon Excellence Year 12 IB Literature Suhwoo (Veronica) Yoon Excellence Year 12 IB Science Alice Yorke 1st Business Studies Tianyuan Zhao Distinction Mathematics YEAR 13 Shanaye Anderson Excellence Technology Soft Materials Aidan Aubert Excellence Spanish Chris Bentley 1st Design Visual Communication Jordan Blum 1st English: the Sam Dorrington Award McKenzie Bolland Distinction Geography Mitchell Bremner Distinction Mathematics Calculus Alice Burley Excellence Geography Esther Cain 1st Visual Arts, Painting Esther Cain 1st Visual Arts, Photography Iverson Chan-Tung Distinction History Yutong Cheng Excellence Year 13 IB Creativity, Activity, Service Cup Georgia Cole Excellence Year 13 IB Spanish Language B Devon Copp Distinction Mathematics Statistics Jacob Cosgrave 1st English for Literacy Vincent Desvaux De Marigny Excellence Technology Resistant Materials: the White Cliff Timber Award James Dulcich Excellence Year 13 IB Theory of Knowledge Josh Eastmure 1st Physical Education: the Wareham Shield Year 13 Peter Eissing 1st History: the Toynbee Cup Sean Gallagher 1st Technology Furniture Making Marijke Geerkins 1st Classics: the C.C. Robinson Award

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December 2, 2016




Martin Greshoff 1st Music Max Griffiths Distinction Chemistry Max Griffiths 1st Mathematics Statistics: the Short Shield Max Griffiths Excellence Year 13 IB/NCEA Computer Science Juntian (Alan) Gu Excellence Year 13 IB Overall Juntian (Alan) Gu Excellence Year 13 IB Mathematics Juntian (Alan) Gu Excellence Year 13 IB Science Ella Halstead 1st Economics

Yuhan (Mica) Hou Distinction Year 13 IB Overall Yuhan (Mica) Hou Excellence Year 13 IB English Language Yuhan (Mica) Hou Distinction Year 13 IB Individuals and Societies Celine Human 1st Dance Katherine Jacobs 1st Mathematics Calculus Yunyi Jiang Excellence Visual Arts - Design Hyun-Ji Jo Excellence Japanese Eleanor Johnson Excellence Health

DECEMBER 2, 2016

Nathan Latch 1st Media Studies Sowoon (Jessica) Lee Distinction Year 13 IB Mathematics Sowoon (Jessica) Lee Excellence Year 13 IB Spanish Ab Initio Arthur Lee Kheen Leong Excellence Hospitality Alva Lin Excellence Year 13 IB Arts Ziling (Linda) Lu Excellence Year 13 IB Literature Nina Minogue 1st Drama Bijoux Nortje 1st Business Studies

Chris Pirie 1st Chemistry Chris Pirie Distinction Physics Andrew Richardson 1st Accounting: Margaret Cullingworth Award Amy Robertson 1st Music Theatre Sam Ross Distinction Biology Xiaoyi (Jasper) Ruan Excellence Chinese Anneka Scholtz 1st Art History: Margaret Cullingworth Award Lucy Spiers Excellence Special Education

Nina Stuart-Manning 1st Tourism Toby Wakelin 1st Biology Toby Wakelin 1st Physics Henry Watts Distinction English Henry Watts Excellence German Leah Wilks Excellence Year 13 IB Individuals and Societies Leah Wilks Distinction Year 13 IB Literature Hannah Williams Excellence French Adele Zhao Distinction Year 13 IB Science

Senior Prizegiving Special Awards GOLD MERIT AWARDS Jordan Blum Arts Council, Journalism Club, Peer Team Stage Challenge Emily Fan Student Librarian, TGS Strings, Debating, Journalism Club, Enviro Group Max Griffiths Lighting, Orienteering, Jazz Band, Concert Band, Arts Council, Sports Council Celine Human Arts Council, Cactus Dance Company, Fashion Show, Stage Challenge, Theatre Company Shani Human Fashion Show, Cactus Dance Company, Stage Challenge, Theatre Company Thomas Lunt Debating, Musicals, Theatre Company, Theatresports Amy Robertson Arts Council, Ball Committee, Musicals, Choir, Barbershop Michael Worsfold TGS Brass, Concert Band, Swimming NH/Auck, Deputy House Leader Brie Young Stage Challenge, Fashion Show Leadership, Musicals, Cactus Dance Company Jonathan Kemp 1stXI Cricket, 1st XI Football, Peer Leadership, Sports Council Edward Lotawa Fashion Show, Choirs, Swimming NH/Auck, Brass Band

William Lotawa Fashion Show, Choirs, Swimming NH/Auck, Brass Band Grace Cowley Enviro Group, Journalism Club, Debating, Student Librarian

Benefitz Graphic Design Scholarship: Alex Rankin Ex-Pupils’ Scholarship: Manurere Ratana IB CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) Award: Yutong Cheng The Takapuna Grammar The Peninsular Cup: Celine School International StuHuman dent Scholarship: Iris Leng The Farquarson Shield Rowan Nicks Scholarship: Senior Speech Winner: Ella Hill Harvey Merton The Warren Mason ScholarThe Year 11 Speech Cup: ship: Barnaby Watts Mitchell Bremner The Margaret Campbell The Dorace Mason ScholarShield: ship: Toby Wakelin Katherine Jacobs The Mike Donald Memorial The PTA Encouragement Award: Halim Hoskin Shield: Devonport Rotary Club Ester Cain Tony Steele Award: Liam Hill Scholarships: Pia Tapsell and Jasper Edgar. Post Award: Cheyenne Legacy Cup: Max Manson Abraham AFS (The American Field Scholar) Award: Charlotte UNIVERSITY OF AUCKLAND Stevens SCHOLARSHIPS: Zonta International Leader- Pacific Academic Excelship Award: Sophia Lord lence Scholarship: Iverson The Library Service Award: Chan-Tung Marijke Geerkins The University of Auckland Aroha Cup: Keegan Lewis Faculty of Arts Entry Level Daniel James Trophy: MatUndergraduate Scholarthew Harrison ship: Mary Margaret Slack Success Cup: Emily O’Connor Malcolm Fairgray Cup for The AUT Kiwa UndergraduHorticulture in Special ate Scholarship: Alice Burley Education: Vicki Bridle The AUT Significant Prentice Award: Micaela Student Scholarship: Storm Baard Robertson

Massey University Academy of Sport Scholarship: Hannah Williams Massey University Enterprise in Action: Bijoux Nortje, Jack Downs Massey University Business School Future Leaders Scholarship ($5,000): Jack Downs Victoria University: First-year Scholarships: Jessica Turner, Hannah Williams, Evie Atkinson-Willes, McKenzie Bolland, Ella Hill, Nathan Latch, Marco Legall-Misikini, Nina Minogue, Chamonix Stuart, Toby Wakelin, Sarah Winder Scholarship for First Year of Study Plus Music Scholarship: Martin Greshoff University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarships: Xavier Harnett University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship and University of Otago Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship: Juntian (Alan) Gu, Ella Hill, Alisa Kogiso TOP AWARDS: CHUBB CLEVERDON CUP All-Round Effort and School Spirit in Year 11: Danielle Neill

THE WHITE CUP All-Round Effort and School Spirit in Year 12: Emilly Fan THE SPOONER CUP Best School Spirit Overall in Year 13: Amy Robertson Academic Excellence in Year 11 June Spooner Award: Kate Lee Academic Excellence in Year 12 June Spooner Award: Katherine Jacobs Academic Excellence and Summa Cum Laude in Year 13 Chris Pirie Jordan Blum Toby Wakelin Juntian (Alan) Gu Yr 13 Academic Excellence in Year 13 and Proxime Accessit Simon Goodwin Academic Excellence in Year 13 and Dux of the School. The BOT Award and The Dux Cup Max Griffiths

The Devonport Flagstaff Page 36 ACCOMMODATION Cheltenham: 2 dbl br. Private beach access, daily or weekly rent. Fully furnished. Ph 445 3008. Cheltenham Beach Studio. Stunning studio with new fit-out only metres from the beach. Available for short or long-term holiday accommodation. Self-contained with separate access and private garden. Wi-Fi included. Phone Mike 021 747 526. Christmas Visitors need Accommodation? Gorgeous large central Devonport villa available for rent 01 Dec - 6 Jan. 5 B’room, quality furnished, swimming pool, easy flat walk to shops and ferry. Contact 029 292 2202. Classy 3 bedroom, 2 full bath, fully furnished Devonport house on Achilles Reserve near Narrow Neck. More information go to or Ph: 445 7895. Holiday Accommodation, Bayswater. Norwood studio. Private, well presented. $95 per night. Ph 446 1203. Holiday Accommodation Cheltenham, absolute beachfront. One double and two singles, shady setting, everything supplied. Ph 445 3008. House Wanted: Group of working professionals, all in their 20s, looking for a 4+ bedroom house locally. We are reliable, pay rent on time and have been living together for over a year now. Preferably looking for somewhere for at least 1 year+. Contact Emelia on 021 0231 1681. References available. Relatives visiting? Spacious garden studio with en-suite and kitchenette; minutes to Narrow Neck beach. Reasonable rates. Ph Pauline 445 6471. Stunning Cheltenham Beach Cottage, metres from the beach. Available for short or long-term holiday accommodation. Beautifully refurbished, one bedroom, self-contained cottage with a private garden. Phone Rebekah 027 694 3933 or email

PUBLIC NOTICE Vauxhall School is no longer accepting out-of-zone enrolments in 2017. From Term 2 2017, Vauxhall School will be accepting out-of-zone enrolments for year 0 (new entrants) only.  REST HOMES Ascot House Retirement Home, quality care with dignity in a friendly, family atmosphere. Phone Shona, 445 2518. Komatua Care Centre – We care for older people who have memory loss and behavioural difficulties. Professional care is given in a nurturing environment. For all enquiries phone 445 1707. Palm Grove Rest Home: A Non-Institutional style home providing compassionate, holistic care. Soul food and good people. Call Julia Nessim: 445-0009. SERVICES OFFERED At Your Request Home Cleaning. Our local team is ready to deliver 5-Star services in your home for weekly cleaning, spring, moving or open-home cleaning. Call Yvonne for a free quote 415 0028. Builder available Smalljob specialist, repairs and maintenance. Skilled, reliable and local. Please phone Clive Melling. Hm 445 2485, Mob 027 29 222 84. Cleaning Maid Easy Use own cleaning products and gear. Reliable/trustworthy/mature lady. References available Please contact Sharon -  021 405 596. Curtains & Roman Blinds Free measure, quote and design advice. 20 years’ experience. Phone Sara 027 625 5844. Devonport upholstery. Recover specialist. Antiques and contemporary styles. Recycling furniture for 36 years. John Hancox. Phone: 446 0372. Devonport Window Repairs. Sash and casement windows, wooden doors. Rotten sills and window components repaired or replaced. General carpentry. For your local window specialist. Phone Hubert Strang 446 6174 or 021 274 4191.

Classifieds SERVICES OFFERED Diggadrain. Drain unblockers and drainage experts. CCTV drain locating. Repairs. New drains. 0800 your drain. Dog grooming available. Full groom, bath and blow dry, puppy introduction to grooming. Devonport-based. Call Barbara 021 141 0331. Gardener Available Qualified  and experienced landscape designer. Enjoys getting his hands dirty. Good plant knowledge. Hard-working, reliable and creative with plantings. Contact Paddy 022 502 2122 or 446 6188 Gardening. Do you need regular help? No time for a tidy-up? Let me help. Experienced gardener. Ph Carolyn on 446 6517 or 027 292 8167 for a free on-site consultation. Gardening hedges, shrubs, lawns and weeding. Experienced. One off/ongoing lawns, reliable + attentive. Honest. No job too small, Customers pleased with work. Bruce 0275 393 719. Handyman. Mature professional in Devonport, Bayswater area. Repairs, painting, those jobs you just don’t have time to do. Free quote. References. Ph. Brian 021 150 8898. Housekeeper. Home cleaning, including windows. Experienced. References. Ph 442 2273, 027 492 6220. Housewashing, prof. service, 10 years-plus experience, reliable and prompt. Free quotes, also decks, driveways, paths, fences, roof moss treatments etc. Phone Rod 021 390 800.

SERVICES OFFERED Inside house cleaner Devonport, Belmont, Takapuna and Milford area. Phone Chris at Lifestyle Plus on 09 488-7279 or 027-245-6264. Or you can email chris@ Interior Organising. I help busy people simplify and organise their home & work spaces, by creating environments for easy flow and function. Services include:  move coordination and set-up, decluttering and hands-on coaching, closet design and home offices ~ organise installation. Phone Felicity: 022 0719 479. Landscaping – Format Landscapes, 18 years’ experience, Dip. Landscape Design.  Design and build. We undertake all aspects of hard and soft landscaping including decks, paving, fences, retaining walls, planting etc.  Small to large projects.  Free quote Call Matt 021 599 107. Locksmith, Devonport’s own Scott Richardson. Mob 021 976 607. Master painter Qualified and experienced.  Water-blasting and licensed waterproofing.  Quality craftsmanship guaranteed, interior/exterior work.  Phone Chris 027 385 0406. FREE QUOTES. Painting, decorating, restoration, reasonable rates ph Bernard 021 0255 5456. Professional Make-up Artist - School Balls, Weddings, Fashion & Special Occassions. Phone Stephanie Jane 021 116 8842 or email Tagbuster, graffiti looked after Devonport to Hauraki Corner. Call the Tagbuster 0800antitag, 0800 2684 824.

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TUITION Mathematics Tuition Available for years 9 to 13 by a retired maths teacher. Phone Graeme 445 8575. Mathematics Tuition, Sensitive tutoring offered at all levels of the secondary school curriculum. NCEA, IB and Cambridge welcomed. 100% pass rate in 2015. NCEA 3 calculus specialist. Ph Peter Ridge BE, Dip Tchg (sec) 445 2283. Piano Lessons. Piano & music theory tuition from classically trained pianist. Devonport-based and can travel to your home. Ph 021 079 0005 or email Primary Tutor Maths, English, Health & Wellbeing and Drama for 5-11 year olds. School prep also available. Visit www.gschuwertutoring. com for further details. 027 410 6871 gschuwertutoring@ Singing lessons in Devonport. Contract Dr Sue Braatvedt 473 9113 or 027 340 2884. All ages. SLSS Swim School, 11 Evan Street, Belmont (off Eversleigh Road). Specialists in preschoolers. Phone 486 6728 for more info.

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TUITION Art Classes, Devonport artist available for tuition in drawing, pastels and other media, screen-printing, painting. Classes held in artist’s studio by the sea. Children’s classes Wednesday after school. Contact Erica MFA, DipTchg PGDipAC 021 127 9671  or Art Classes @ D’Port Community house: Wednesday night, life drawing; Friday morning, mastering art. Ph Lucy Bucknall – 446 0389. Art Travel Sketching for beginners. Learn to find your creative side in a fun learning environment over 10 weeks. Kerr St Artspace Tuesdays or Saturdays. Ph Tony McNeight 021 925 031. Learn piano/keyboard. Lessons from $19.00. Private, Professional, Affordable, Enjoyment for all ages. Competitions, Practical, Theory Exams. NZ Modern School of Music 0800-696-874.TUITION Learning Support Specialist NZ qualified primary teacher and registered teacher of dyslexia.  Offering tailored tuition during or after school. Ph 027 391 3716 or visit


agent, who has been selling  including 10 years of  mpany - Devonport Realty Ltd 

December 2 2016

Joe Martin

0274 326 731


1 Fleet Street, Devonport 1 Fleet Street, Devonport Phone Phone 445 445 04830483 email: email:

Dennis Hale & Nathan Hale

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December 2, 2016


20 Seabreeze Road, Devonport

Occupying one of Devonport´s most desirable locations positioned metres from Narrow Neck

Tenders Close

beach, this majestic American style bungalow with separate studio has grand street appeal. In the same family for 24 years the opportunity to own this beautifully styled home has been scarce. On an elevated 622m² site the home benefits from many unique features - the stunning array of connected leadlights, dramatic granite fireplace, the warm matai floor all create an ambience of peace, tranquillity and style. The Impressive front verandah with wide views of the park runs the full length of the main house, while the dining and kitchen flow out

3.00pm, Mon 19 Dec 2016 (unless sold prior) 83 Victoria Road, Devonport View Sat/Sun 11.00 - 12.00pm

Patricia Hinchey M 027 222 3367 B 09 487 0706 BAYLEYS REAL ESTATE LTD, DEVONPORT LICENSED UNDER THE REA ACT 2008

to the entertaining garden and patio at the back. Four gorgeous double bedrooms plus study plus studio, three bathrooms, large double garage are all showcased here. Seabreeze Estate - Smell that sea air, enjoy your swim before breakfast.

All companies within this composite are Members of Bayleys Realty Group

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December 2 2016

Annual Skate Day comp celebrates Scotty Brewer Local skateboarders honoured the legacy of the late Scotty Brewer as they competed in Devonport’s annual skating competition. Scotty Brewer Skate Day Competition coordinator Ben Sheeran said the day was “all about Scotty’s kaupapa and about getting young people involved in celebrating him by skating.” Devonport Community Coordinator Maria Teape, who organises the event, said Scotty was on people’s minds all day. “His mum Jackie and brother Claus stopped by early on and two skaters here today were friends of Scotty’s,” she said. Scotty was a local teenager and skater who helped design Devonport’s Ngataringa Skate Park. He died in 1998. Scotty’s parents Jackie and Craig continue to donate the winners’ cups each year. Results: U13: 1st Will Gibb; 2nd Jaime Bucknor; 3rd Billy Neeves; 4th Perry Schmidhalter-Ward. U16: 1st Jakob Haywar; 2nd Liam Anderson; 3rd Brad Runner; 4th, Thomas Winnie. Open: 1st Jesse Peters; 2nd Lochlan McKay; 3rd Kyle Svensen; 4th Liam Whiley Flying high… Liam Donnelly (at right) getting air during the Open competition

Our Current Exhibition.... Rosemary Eagles Nov 26 - Dec 13


...something special for Christmas.

N Wilson was $3200 now $3000

C Foster was $1100 now $950

J Smith was $950 now $800ea

C Platt was $850 now $700

P Collis was $690 now $550 K Nixon was $2200 now $1850

Art by the Sea gallery 30 King Edward Pde. Devonport Ph 4456665

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December 2, 2016

Showing their skills… Ben Gibb (above) about to land a trick on the pyramid, while Gracian Kern (above right) lifts off the spine


Learn golf in a relaxed environment, followed by a social wine. 65sessions Allequipment equipmentprovided provided Complimentarywine wine weeks All Complimentary

• Waitemata


Cost $199 person - Dec 8th, 15th and Jan5:30pm 12th, 19th, 26th and Feb 2nd - 6pm. $100 per - Starts Thursday 22nd October - 6:30pm. Maximum of 8&women. more info & sign up Robert on 09 445 8716. For more info to sign For up contact Robert on 09contact 445 8716.

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December 2 2016

PREMIUM.CO.NZ | FINE HOMES BAY S WAT ER | 79A B AYSWATE R AV E NUE R e l a x e d V illa Liv ing | B a y sw a t e r Life st y le • Picture-perfect villa designed for easy family living and effortless outdoor entertaining • Four spacious bedrooms, including a fully appointed master retreat • Delightful tranquil setting, surrounded by sundrenched, easy care mature gardens FINAL VIEW | SAT/SUN 12 - 1 PM | PREMIUM.CO.NZ/60513 AUCTION | ON SITE SUNDAY 4 DECEMBER 2016 AT 1 PM UNLESS SOLD PRIOR KIM PAUSINA 021 201 7488 PREMIUM REAL ESTATE LTD MREINZ LICENSED REAA 2008

S TAN L E Y P O IN T | G 5 DE V O N PAR K A p a r t m e nt Liv ing Pa r E xc e lle nc e • Fabulous ground level position in the West Wing. Refurbished throughout • Spacious living, dining and entertaining opening out to grounds and stunning views • If you’re looking for privacy and peace - this is it! VIEW | SAT 2 - 2.45 PM OR BY APPOINTMENT PRICE | BY NEGOTIATION | PREMIUM.CO.NZ/60511 ROWAN RENOUF AREINZ 021 736 683 PREMIUM REAL ESTATE LTD MREINZ LICENSED REAA 2008

BAY S WAT ER | 20A NO R WO O D R O AD L o v e A t Fir st Sight | Top Loc a t ion • Great Eco friendly family home, own solar PV power system • Open plan living, dining areas with good in/outdoor flow • Three double bedrooms, main bathroom and master ensuite VIEW | SAT/SUN 1 - 1.45 PM OR BY APPOINTMENT | PREMIUM.CO.NZ/60515 TENDER | CLOSES WED 7 DECEMBER 2016 AT 4 PM PETER VOLLEBREGT 0274 515 188 PREMIUM REAL ESTATE LTD MREINZ LICENSED REAA 2008

D E V O N P O RT | 15 MACK Y AV E NUE I n c o mp ar a ble Liv ing | Che lt e nha m B e a c h • Architectural ‘modernist’ inspired bungalow • Intelligently designed, four bedrooms, two living • Self-contained ground floor for guests/family VIEW | BY APPOINTMENT PRICE | BY NEGOTIATION | PREMIUM.CO.NZ/60500 KATHRYN ROBERTSON 021 490 480 PREMIUM REAL ESTATE LTD MREINZ LICENSED REAA 2008

D E V O N P O RT | 141 V I CTO R I A R O AD V i l l a On V ic t or ia - $1.675M • Beautifully renovated three bedroom villa • New contemporary kitchen, stunning new bathroom • North westerly deck for evening sunsets VIEW | SAT 2 - 2.30 PM OR BY APPOINTMENT PRICE | $1.675M | PREMIUM.CO.NZ/60505 KATHRYN ROBERTSON 021 490 480 PREMIUM REAL ESTATE LTD MREINZ LICENSED REAA 2008

D E V O N P O RT | 100 V I CTO R I A R O AD Gr a n d M a nsion I n The He a r t O f De v onpor t • Six double bedrooms, six luxurious tiled bathrooms • Restored and renovated to a high standard • 961m² site bordering Mt Victoria, two living areas VIEW | SAT/SUN 2 - 2.30 PM OR BY APPOINTMENT PRICE |$2.695M | PREMIUM.CO.NZ/60471 GRANT SPEEDY 0274 511 800 / 0800 036 288 PREMIUM REAL ESTATE LTD MREINZ LICENSED REAA 2008

2 December 2016 Devonport Flagstaff  
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