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General Theological Seminary ​good morning everyone my name is Andrew Fisher this is brown el Mar teller neck white Chinese Longview and Robert Marshall our project is the world's first active surveillance as a service solution there is an active peak of security worldwide such as event the happy comparison we want to catch our more suspects let's repeat offenders less cab describe a safer campus for students etapa see our current design objectives of the harbor connelly we want to maximize accurate detection of suspects and Chinese maximize usability of service for enforcement of potential customers what the next class utilities customers we want to minimize false readings of track keese minimize network usage during native election and tracking we want to minimize interaction and set of focuses so our technical approach we've broken down into four parts unmet needs that design concepts and finally are selected design and the technical specifications for that design will be focusing first on the unmet needs far as amenities let me focus on our real time analysis multiple camera truck ground level analysis and it's growth disabilities so we went through a few iterations with our design concepts and we created this graph here which is a lot of efficiency effectiveness and the complexity of a project so optimally you want a project that is a small dot in the top right corner of the graph this would have a low-complexity high efficiency and high effectiveness as everybody knows as a project becomes more efficient and effective sometimes it grows in complexity so this first project here although not very complex which is good as little efficiency and little effectiveness number two was the second iteration that we had was a little bit better although it's not quite what we're looking for this project front exterior design screen for our normal looking for with for being a full-featured web application and three being a desktop application we decided to go with three because the slate slightly lower complexity for this project and allow us to come in just in time where a number for whatever's put a little bit past July also with us to selectively design in order to select a design had any four criteria this application needs to be scalable it needs to be cost-effective needs to be secure and it has to be flexible with these four in mind what we were able to do is take several of our designs passing through filters so we got feasible design technical specifications for that design fall into three major categories the first which is the algorithm for leg massager the algorithm concerns itself with detection contract the second area of the specifications is the actual system architecture which is going to be a layer design it needs to be scalable I have to be affected third last but not least is the distribution and maintenance of this software needs to be delivered to customers efficiently and it needs to have updates and user support at all times so when we based on currently available open source computer vision library which is able to track and detect motion objects and colors and shapes and we will use this then to have a system make intelligent decisions the open source library that will be using is called opencv and I said they can detect on humans most importantly and then different colors different shapes different objects it's it's a bunch of C++ functions that can do this and then m q cv is a dinette wrapper which wraps the c++ functions into c sharp functions which makes it easier for us to work with and now you're able to see an example of us tracking multiple humans in real time the tracking of analysis they've done well with anything recorded so the main novelty of a project is to be able to trap the same person from camera camera and identified the same person so to do this we have omar cruz for identifies devil news first is the RGB color adamant based on the person's clothing skin tone and hair color next is the size of the person most importantly their height and things such as the size of their head torso arms and legs on mexico vs motion so the speed of travel and the direction of travel and then gate and the different patterns of walking and now we will show an example of us tracking a person again this analysis being done in real time as the video is being reported as you can see even though the lighting is bad and the face is not always fully facing the camera can still detect them so once we identified person and tagged these features to their ID will be able to match them from camera camera animals the same person such that when a crime is committed we can begin active suspect tracking for long post so how are we going to do this our system architecture is a layer design we're going to have different layers in each that do not need to concern themselves with the implementation details of the layer directly below that are directly welcome so the first layer is our presentation layer this presentation layer can be any number of things it could be a web application a desktop application or even a mobile application all it has to concern itself with is updating its own user interface which might look something like this we're in the bottom left you have a video the bottom right of campus map this would be for law enforcement use where they would be able to see at a glance all these different attributes at the top they be able to select his own or area of concern they be able to select an active chase all sorts of they would be able to report on in within the app but the presentation layer would make this possible without having

concern itself with the implementation details in the other the algorithm itself was located in the business logic later this is an independent layer where the logic is going to happen this is where the date is going to be pulled in and processed it's going to be a controller for the data it's going to hold the algorithm like I said it's going to hold all the data access logic third layers our database layer a pretty important layer it's also independent it doesn't need to know how it's being accessed all these to do is maximize the efficiency that it stores it in which a source of state so it's optimized for capacity it's optimized for speed and because we're using a distributed database it's got the capacity of the database is going to be near limitless seeing here is an example of an entity relationship diagram the important part of this slide isn't the actual diagram itself it's that we're using a relational model it's going to give us superior speed to we were to use a non relational model no sequel database for Jennifer and lastly important to a lot of IT operations of the big data analytics that can come from this we're going to have a lot of operational database or clusters of sequel server databases that can be loaded into a data warehouse once this data is loaded in store historically it can be reported over by a new cluster we can run exploratory analytics on this would all be done in the database layer and a sample of what that might look like would look something like this where you would be able to generate with ease a heat map of where crimes are occurring the city something that can't currently be done just because of the granularity the reports that exist now so our project management can be broken down three categories the deliverables of budgets of communication and planning through our project so the derivative deliverables are going to consist there's first WPF application which is going to be what the user sees the logic library where the actual tracking is going to having the operational database which is where you'll have the ability to persist and make intelligent decisions using that data and the data warehouse where you will be able to perform exploratory analysis on your historical data so budget project has three main oceans forth while processing than the actual cameras and software licenses due to the resources we clearly have proton off campus when now that is all zero in order to organize our communication planning we're using digital studio online the utilization of the Visual Studio online allows us to access our current version of our code from a repository we can download the code and then eventually update the code and push it to the repositories or members again download it in a month data and then we can communicate for visuals to be online and then assigned task to each other and then here is the user interface Visual Studio online where we can assign task to each other and access the code so as of 2013 the video surveillance market had estimated net worth of 14 billion dollars of that market small subsection called video surveillance as a service market or the SaaS that's me a net worth about two billion dollars the V SAS is about the closest approximation to what our project would fit into it is important to note though that our project is different than it because as of right now that would be a asum system as of our systems and active system where we will have to be processed data as it comes in to track people into updated database in 2020 the video surveillance market and that's made net worth of 48 billion dollars and video surveillance as a service market is estimated be six point two eight billion dollars that's a four hundred percent growth in a little under five years so actively around the world there are about a hundred million cameras and use if we estimate implementing the system across ten million in those cameras and we charge ten dollars per camera for processing and maintenance costs we can estimate a hundred million dollars per month or 1.2 billion dollars per year so here's a very simple breakdown of our timeline first our design phase which is completely done which is where we perform architecture creative architecture diagrams and the process flow diagrams what we are working on currently and will continue to work done more winter break and during the spring is the development which is where we develop the logic and the algorithm and also the system architecture here is a more detailed breakdown of what we will be doing with the Gantt chart as you can see all of the research is done the development is currently what we're working on yes we would like to field any questions may have regarding the graphic you lost me on project fly help me understand sure so with uh with the resources that we have build with school open source resources of there are there won't be any licenses everything we're doing is open source and free so we're not going to need the license any software the clog process and there's lots of free online cloud providers that we can use to get started so our initial budget for setting up this project is zero we don't have to buy anything physical and we don't have to certainly don't have to bind you or or any server times we and what exactly are you open to deliver at the end of this project we're going to deliver a WPF application which will be the front end which is going to be able to be implemented on any windows system in addition to that we're going to have the actual logic that's going to hook up to that application or pulling in all the streams and processing them we're going to have our operational database we're going to be able to persist all the data that's coming in and all the decisions that are made lastly we're going to implement a lite version of a data warehouse will be able to offload that data for both performance reasons and reporting just all you guys have been having recently cities on an essay I mean obviously just abandoned tears it is clearly a need for more active surveillance right now as we've said there are many of companies that offer the ability to put a webcam a new business in your home and do that your

tablet that's great but that means someone has to be watching that all the time and people get tired um we need something that can go across campus and track people on its own and when a crime is committed automatic until law enforcement this is where it happened and this is where the criminal is going so we get texts all times about crimes happening scsu robberies of those people who are almost never caught with this system we will track them even though the cops or I five minutes later which it makes sense that they were taking five minutes to get there don't know at that time that the Quinn knows you know five blocks away to the left so in addition to what he said that the current model is when a crime happens the police are notified via some stimuli whether that's the Viking app whether that's a phone call or they just hear from somebody else another phone call that somebody got robbed when that happens they arrive at the location where the crime happens there's no way for them to know where the person who committed that crime went on the other hand with this system they would be able to see everybody in that area when that stimuli was generated where they went where are they currently and they would be able to quickly iterate through each person that was in that area see who is there is the person who suspect tag them using the app and that person would then be tagged on the map for all law enforcement that area to see so as that person goes to flee throughout the city they'd be tracked from place to place picked up from camera to camera attract in real time nice presentation they got today guy stood up actually have to comment and a question that a comment is very large scope is very very ambitious project so the associate comment is I would recommend hierarchy of deliverables a key role would you want to pick any one wonderful and then the others can cast a formats you're sure that you have a liberal in a second you talk a little bit about how you manage across such a large group there's a big team there and I'm sure that I know you talked about the timeline but we're about leadership well we did mention that the slide we're using the tool called Visual Studio online which the code repository and on top of a poco story also has a spot for a chat and also for updating a timeline almost that way you you can assign tasks to other people in the group and they have made it gives them a due date which gives a little more accountability I'd say for getting these I like giving these like sections of the project done and it's a good way to split up is that everyone can see what everyone else is doing because everyone is alerted when someone updates the code I want to learn it when it's such a new project is done and we can use that to communicate between each other just by figure out where someone needs help or like you know who finishes early so they can jump on to another section and that's all those individuals do you online so in addition to what Mark said the door using is for agile development so we broke what we're going to do into several iterations with the first iteration being our minimum viable product which is just a working application doesn't have all the bells and whistles and by the end we're hoping to have all the bells and whistles so with this tool what we can do is we can plan the tests that we want to complete for each iteration and we both the iterations into two weeks two weeks prince and the tool automatically creates burndown charts of you know who's like Mark said who's lagging behind who's really excelling and it allows us to keep a pretty good audit record of what exactly everybody is doing Eastman School of Music.