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‘S ketch’ creates artwork embedded with a subliminal charm that stems from a steady hand and untethered mind.

Japanese painter, illustrator and sign writer ‘Sketch’ creates artwork embedded with a subliminal charm that stems from a steady hand and untethered mind. His visual language cultivated from years of applying his roundtip bristles to motorbikes, shop fronts, enamel and paper found scattered across the fringe of Japanese bike culture. Buoyantly floating downwind from totems left by ‘Big Daddy’ and Crumb, our favorite Japanese zoner-loner’s contribution to the seasonal range further illuminates Deus Ex Machina’s celebration of wit, more aphorism jingoism and with tongue resting ever so slightly in cheek.




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a)Raw Indigo

l) Graphite

b) Raw Black

m) Worn Indigo

c) Vintage Indigo

n) Resin Dipped Raw Black

d) Vintage Black

o) Vintage Indigo



e) Raw Indigo

p) Raw Indigo

f) Raw Black

q) Vintage Indigo

g) Vintage Indigo

r) Raw Black

h) Vintage Black

s) Worn Indigo



i) Resin Dipped Indigo

t) Raw Black

j) Vintage Indigo

u) Washed Black

k) Raw Indigo

v) Worn Indigo w) Raw Indigo



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A custom RnineT by Deus Camperdown

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The R nine T build was a coming together of like minds, shared visions, a

and Deus alternator cover badges. With the help of good friend Andrew

visceral desire to evoke the spectacular. Head wrench of Deus Camperdown

Simpson, alloy components discarded from the strip down, were melted

– Jeremy Tagand hooked in like a mongrel dog stripping the puppy bare and

down on site and a lesson in alloy sand casting was offered.

prepping the front end for a tank of epic proportions. Motoretro was assigned the task of fabricating the Heinrich inspired fuel tank and bodywork based

Colour was critical for the tank. Craftsmanship that deserved to be

on drawings from working sessions at The House of Simple Pleasures. The

showcased, and the gloss white livery is a winner, leaving enough

fuel tank is a work of art in itself, scaffolded on an internal labyrinth of

exposed alloy to highlight the hands on approach.

alloy channels to offset the considerable fuel load, that when full would slosh around like a local Vat an early opener if not for surge baffles aplenty.

The Heinrich Maneuver is Deus celebrating BMW’s history

A top the tank you’ll find a suede trimmed lidded recess housing the fuel

and innovation. Form and function together as one.

filler and ignition. The bespoke sub frame is a blend of square and round section tubing, upon


which, sits a hand crafted alloy and suede cafe racer inspired seat. The airbox

F O L LO W I N G P E O P L E .

has left the building making way for K&N filters. Power Commander helps with accurate firing, while gas leaves via reworked headers forming a 2 into

M OTO R E T R O, R B R A C I N G – ( H A R L E Y A N D G E O F F ) , C A R L I S L E T Y R E S & A C C E S S O R I E S ,

1 into 2 custom system fab’d in House.

R I ZO M A , M I C H E L I N T Y R E , G O O D R I D G E F R O M J O H N S TA M N A S , M I C K H O M E M OTO R C YC L E , C O N E E X H A U S T U S A , E A R L’ S L IT E M OTO R C YC L E , M OTO G A D G E T, S E R C O, C H R O M E G LO W, G R I P P Y R U B B E R , D U TC HY ’ S M OTO R C YC L E PA I NT

Body position is critical, Jeremy repositioned the foot-pegs and controls slightly rear-set from standard. Simplicity in design is also achieved with the addition of a Motogadget dash, offering all the benefits of the standard unit however more compact and handsome to the eye. Attention to hand crafted detail is clear to see with the BMW tank,

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2015 saw the return of the Deus Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build Off and the 3rd of May is was marked with a big red cross on the calendar. Round the world, on one weekend in May five continents gathered the masses together to celebrate the challenge of the Bike Build off - to make the most with the least. In 2013 we staged the first global edition of the build off with Deus flagships on four continents simultaneously hosting the cornucopia of creativity. This year we add another location to the mix with Deus Tokyo taking the game up a notch. The top three bikes plus the local peoples choice from each region went online to be judged for the global peoples choice winner.











THE FINALISTS SYDNEY k) First Place - Joe Fisher & Ryan Mischkulnig m) Second Place - Steve Dotlerty i) Third Place - Ross Camuglia j) Peoples Choice - James n) Peoples Choice - James Sinclair

CANGGU v) First Place - Kedux a) Second Place - Candra Wirawan q) Third Place - Made Zui b) Peoples Choice - Tommy Sunu

VENICE e) First Place - Josh Deardorff f) Second Place - Craig Marleau g) Third Place - Haven Jarel c) Peoples Choice - Bryan Wood

MILAN d) First Place - Marco Troiano p) Second Place - Eugenio Vezzetti u) Third Place - Jacopo Monti t) Peoples Choice - Elephant Garage o) Peoples Choice - Riccardo Andreotti

TO KYO l) First Place - Yotaro Shimoyama h) Second Place - Kei Tashiro r) Third Place - Reio Ono s) Peoples Choice - Toshiyuki Kinoshita























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4cyl Another Woolaway Masterpiece

considerable transformation.

across the top, so I wanted

The first step was to remove

them to be practical,” says

all the plastics. “I realized

Woolaway. “They’re used to

why not many people want

hold down the tank quite well.”

to customize this bike!” laughs Woolie “There are a

A custom subframe for the seat

lot of electronics under there!

and tail section was built to

And not a whole lot in terms

incorporate the electrical box.

of ‘raw beauty’ beneath

“This was not easy as there

Woolie’s Workshop and

the plastics. It all had to be

were so much electronics and

Deus Ex Machina USA are

addressed.” As a point of

traction control gyroscopes and

proud to present the ’4cyl’

reference, Woolie thought of

sensors that were required to

a collaborative bespoke

the Butler & Smith racers from

remain in their stock location,”

motorcycle build for Orlando

his youth that were successful

says Woolie. The new tray that

Bloom. The custom BMW S1000

in the AMA super bike class.

fits below the seat was first

R project was set in motion

shaped with aluminum, then

by BMW Motorrad and Bloom,

Unapologetically wide, the

vacuum-bagged in carbon

who called upon Michael

999cc 160hp inline four

fiber. The ABS brake pump and

Woolaway here at Deus to

cylinder motor isn’t an

all the accompanying brake

make it a reality. This isn’t

expected configuration to

lines were removed to further

the first BMW that Woolie has

base a custom build on, which

free up space. The one-off seat

built for his personal friend,

opened up new ideas and

is wrapped in black waterproof

whose garage is also home to

opportunities. Rather than

Kushitani leather with double

a 1964 BMW R60 restored to

being disguised, an oversized

diamond tuck stitching.

original condition by Woolie

Febur radiator is celebrated as

some years ago. Talks of a new

functional architectural piece

Up front, the 4cyl sports a

BMW project started a while

that adds a unique character

round headlight secured by

back when Deus founder Dare

to the broad-shouldered bike.

elegant brackets made from SS

Jennings, Woolie, and Orlando

One of the key elements of the

steel tubing for a more classic

met with Ola Stenegärd and

re-design are the parallel bars

look, a stark contrast to the

the design department at

that stretch across the top to

sharp-edged sport bike fairing

the BMW factory in Munich,

hold down the tank. “There

that the S1000 R left the

Germany and before long the

were a few details that were

factory with.

new superbike was sitting in

important to Ola from BMW,

Woolie’s Workshop ready for a

such as the board-track bars

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| 40 |

The front fender takes a similar

Davey Durelle from his home state of

styling approach with the use

Colorado “He had his guys turn out a

of carbon fiber. The stock gauge

clean top clamp, since we’d be using

cluster was retained to manage the

clip-on bars from Gilles Tooling.”

electronics and is tucked behind the

Gilles also provided rear sets and axel

small hand-shaped aluminum fairing

components that compliment the rest

secured above the headlight. The face

of the bike.

of the analog rev counter is brought to life by the sterling Ornamental

The 4cyl will be officially unveiled at

Conifer. Mirrors and brake fluid

Wheels & Waves in Biarritz, France

reservoir are from Rizoma. To secure

June 11th – 14th with fresh warpaint

the forks, Woolie put a call in to

and a set of BST carbon fiber wheels!

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Addict Leather

Obsessively grading the colour of

The contact high from the dusty gold

weather-fade on sleeve zip tape

wasn’t enough to quench his thirst

doesn’t sound like a condition

though, he needed to take his habit to

needing medication but for Satoshi

the source and started manufacturing

Ishijima its that pursuit of the perfect

items with the same passion he used to

patina that has become his vice and

sniff out treasure.

the only cure for him is found in fastidious attention to detail in the

He sought out the exact grade of

jackets he makes.

sheep leather popular in vintage English garments and cast his own

He is the force behind Addict Clothes,

box and pin components for the

a company he started to trade in

zippers to match unobtainable

between war English motorcycles and

vintage shapes. Addict aims to

vintage garments for the discerning

recreate the passage of time in

connoisseur - if you wanted a 70s

a modern garment, reinstate the

deadstock Belstaff roadmaster with

details lost in mass production

original Harrods hagtags or and worn

and bring a new definition to

twice 68 Lewis Leathers Cyclone,

the word vintage.

he was your man.

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Stevie Gee is a artist based in London, England. He is an illustrator, designer and artist and has exhibited his work in New York, Berlin, Paris, London, Bali, Milan and now Japan. His personal work is often story based and frequently depicts a world of hairy creatures, voluptuous women and characters from B-grade motorcycle movies. Humour and satire play a big role in his work. Born to a jazz guitarist Father and fortune teller Mother, Stevie has spent most of his life on the road but has currently settled in London, working for the music, fashion, motorcycle, surf, skate and sex industries. As a young man he was a notoriously hard drinker, heavy brawler and ladies man, however, he now prefers to shy away from his fearsome reputation and from the harsh glare of the “celebrity artist� limelight that he has been unwillingly thrust into. Stevie now prefers to spend his nights quietly at home drawing and painting for people around the world. Recent group shows include Kustom Kulture show in Milan alongside The Pizz, Anthony Ausgang and Keith Weesner and the Folklore show in New York curated by Evan Hecox, alongside Ed Templeton, Thomas Campbell, Stephen Powers and Geoff McFetridge.

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One of the few places in the world where boardshorts are regular daily attire.

world of apparel design. Our dedication and passion for surfing has led us to

Tropical heat and year-round waves means most surfers in Indo spend more

create some of the most fashionable and functional boardshorts out there,”

time in their boardies than out of them. It’s no coincidence that this is where

explains Erica Togashi.

we create our range, at the Temple of Enthusiasm in Canggu. A ton of different fabrics are rubbed between our fingers and thumbs, pulled and It starts with a Deus family get-together, designers, surfers and artists rubbing

stretched in search of something different and new to work with. With our chosen

shoulders and sharing thoughts on the top floor of a century-old Gladuk. It’s in this

materials in hand, patterns are cut and dyes are mixed. Experimenting with new

traditional Indonesian wooden house where the seeds for each new range of styles

garment dyes, indigo dying techniques, traditional screen printing and pigment

take root and grow.

printing, we figure out for ourselves what works and what doesn’t.

The references come from everywhere and anywhere, new designs are thought

It’s an organic process with plenty of trial and error, but as the hum of our ten

up and weighed up, all ending up with a thumbs up or thumbs down. With

sewing machines punching through fabric drifts out of the Gladuk the boys know

talent like Tyler Warren, Stevie Gee and the Land Boys coming in to share

it’s almost time to start testing. As the old saying goes, ‘If you don’t hear the sound

their artistic imaginations with us, our head designer Erica begins sketching

of sewing machines you’re not really making clothes.’

out the ideas and creating the graphics for the patterns. Once we’ve sewn up a round of samples it’s over to the surfers to see how “It’s amazing to work with such passionate people who want to create some of

they hold up in Canggu’s saltwater playground. With a variety of breaks on the

the most authentic boardshorts out there. The fact we’re able to test, sample

Temple’s doorstep, Harrison, Zye, Matty and the rest of the Deus family riders

and work through any issues with fabrics and fit, to ensure every detail is

get to work. They have the pleasure of trying out the prototype boardshorts,

thought through and has a reason for being there, is a rarity these days in the

and even when they’re out on the road searching for waves they still have a job to do.

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“W e really dig being able to reference particular eras of surf style and add our personal touch� | 53 |

Sandbar Nihon Wave - DMP52906C Nihon Wave

Canggu Berawa - DMP52902E Pond Blue

| 54 |

Top: Infusion eyelets at the CF and back pocket for a streamline, minimal look - but strength and long lasting durability Bottom: Inspired by the old postage stamps from the 1950’s we’ve designed an Original Deus Engineered and Tested stamp on interior of boardshorts

| 55 |

“It’s a load of fun heading off across Indo on our bikes, traveling, surfing and practically living in the boardshorts we help create… some of our trips have definitely put them to the test! We’re really lucky to get to work alongside everyone who makes our boardies, it’s a pretty unique thing, especially taking them back and working with designers to iron out the kinks,” says Zye Norris. Après surf it’s back to the Gladuk where the refinement process begins. Everything is discussed, what’s just fine and what can be improved, then the adjustments and tweaks can begin. Back and forth, from the surf to the studio. If we have a pair that simply aren’t making the grade they’re scrapped. This goes on for weeks, and along the way the guys can’t help but inject a bit of their passion into these boardshorts. “Sure it takes time but it’s satisfying. It’s like we’re building these boardshorts to look and perform the way we want them to, we customize them. We really dig being able to reference particular eras of surf style and add our personal touch. We have so many different fabrics to test. If they’re rubbing or slipping while out surfing we work out why and fix it,” reveals Harrison Roach. When the last change is made, the final selection is laid out and the last pairs are sewn, along with all the finishing touches of trims, string, badges and labels. Then all that thought, time and consideration finally ends up on a hanger. “Our unique approach has created a one of a kind boardshort, and kept the Deus range full of artistinspired styles, classic aesthetics fused with modern fabrics, and functional designs that have been tried and tested,” says International Director of Surf Dustin Humphrey.

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| 60 |

Under promise, over deliver, and keep it air cooled! That was the recipe for the inaugural Luftgekühlt classic

rolled away. Surrounding the airplane hangar-esque

air-cooled Porsche event held at Deus Ex Machina in Venice

main building of Bandito Brothers was “365 Alley” and

last year, and it seemed to work quite well. The bar had

a large parking lot of German hot-rods ranging from

been set and when word got out that Patrick Long and

914s thru late ’90s 993s – all aircooled machines. Inside

Howie Idelson where assembling a second gathering, the

was a jaw-dropping mix of rare race cars, a 904, and

resounding excitement spread faster than the Kremer 935

906 deliberately positioned on a backdrop of vintage

that was booked to roll in on the day. Luftgetkühlt 2 was

movie posters and color-coded book shelves articulated at

given new life on March 1st, 2015 in a Baja-flavored

Guggenheimish proportions within the space. The talk of the

desert oasis of the Bandito Brothers compound in the

day was the white LeMans-winning Kremer 935 race car

heart of Culver City’s Art District. Even the elements seemed

that made a grand entrance and parked helter-skelter in

to budge from their water-cooled tendencies as if on cue.

midst of the throng, which seemed to perfectly offset the

It had rained the night before, cleared up for the duration

meticulously positioned cars inside. The best part is that

of the air-cooled gathering, then poured down again in

the machine hadn’t been

biblical proportion as the masses abated and the last cars

| 61 |

| 62 |

South Zye Norris and I were sitting in a Bluebird cab,

depending on my mood. Once we’d packed and

wearing sweat stained t-shirts and inebriated

bought wax, all that was left to do was inflate our

expressions. It was 3:00 a.m. and the two of us

‘I can accomplish anything’ egos and get the hell

had just witnessed a Bule lose his two front teeth

out of Bali. Awesome.

in a Balinese brawl. As with most drunken altercations, the guy on the receiving end hadn’t

Awesome until we realized how far we had to go

done much to deserve it. He was served his knuckle

just to get to our starting point. Upon arrival, the

sandwich simply because his clothing was too

waves were pumping… but why so many people?

‘hip.’ It didn’t take a genius to realize we would

And people we knew! In The Endless Summer,

have been next if we hadn’t gotten out of there.

neither Robert, nor Mike were ever dropped in on by someone from their hometown. Sure, Indonesia

Zye and I had been planning an escape from

isn’t new to the surfing world. Most of its quality

Bali in the two weeks leading up to that moment.

breaks have been found, ridden and for the sake of

We’d brought the surf/road trip concept, in all

entrepreneurial surf capitalism, abused. But what

Its sentimental glory, to Indonesia. The journey

the hell? Someone had even stolen my thongs.

would start in Lakey Peak, where we’d surf ourselves stupid in perfect, un-crowded waves

It wasn’t until we got over the fact that Lakey

before island hopping the whole way to Lagundri

Peak would never live up to our film inspired

Bay. For guys like us, Lagundri Bay on Nias Island

expectations, that we appreciated it for what

is Mecca: The perfect place for us to end our long

it was. In gusty offshore winds, dreamy three-

journey of self-indulgence.

meter cylinders spun along the reef. When we left after a week of waves, Zye decided the amount of

An ultimate automobile had been waiting in our

time we spent in the barrel was worth a hundred

villa’s driveway for such a time of flight. The

pairs of thongs, at least. Our phone’s GPS system

weathered nineteen seventy-something Land

stopped working shortly after our departure. All

Rover was pimped out with a tray to carry two

of the travel stories I’d read in the lead up to this

motorbikes and a roof rack to stack a bevy of

had implied that getting lost is a great part of the

beautiful boards.

experience, but after ten hours of driving, the idea of misadventure had lost its charm. Our old

Like Wingnut and Pat O’Connell, we were

Land Rover puttered through the mountains

channeling Endless Summer ideas. Indonesia was

before reaching a gradient that had it beaten.

where we’d find the waves of our dreams. Zye

Yep, we were stuck halfway up a hill. It was then

could pretend he was Robert August and I could

that we realized the Landrover didn’t perform

choose between Mike Hyson and Bruce Brown,

as well as it looked.

To Sian Photos: Woody Gooch Words: Harrison Roach

| 63 |

A few rice farmers crowded around and it was

Afterward we found ourselves excited about

the sheer stupidity of it until both bike’s

the first time of many that we’ve paid the price

the lack of red colour on swell charts. To be

wheels had left the ground… there was a ditch

for not knowing the local language. The only

fair, both of us had just had our ass handed to

behind the mound. I slammed into it and onto

‘sentence’ we could muster was “Jalan jalan

us more than we were willing to admit. Some

the dirt but somehow, Zye managed to come

ferry?” Unfortunately, ferry meant nothing to

time out of the water would do wonders for our

out unscathed. Curled up in the fetal position

the farmers and their eagerness to please was

deflated egos. Not to mention the tender reef

with the wind knocked out of me, I looked and

wasted on the breeze.

cuts scattered all over our bodies.

wondered how he’d done it. In what became a common occurrence, Zye laughed while I

Egos now well and truly M.I.A, we retraced our

Next stop was a tiny town two kilometers above

steps, found the correct route and made it to the

sea level where three active volcanoes sat

Lombok ferry a full day later than expected. Back

waiting to erupt at any minute. We first heard

When we tired of riding, we trekked to the

‘online,’ we found the surfing world was in its

of Ganung Bromo from a friend who’d said the

volcano’s crater. The two of us sat on the edge

psychotic, code red mode.

scene was breathtaking and the surrounding

and stared at its hissing cavern with stunned,

area a dream for camping and motorcycle riding:

muted expressions, before walking back down,

our kind of heaven. He was not wrong.

feeling insignificant in the scheme of the world.

all giving their own opinions of where would

It makes sense, being over two kilometers

And that’s about where we’re at right now,

be best.

above sea level, but I’d be lying if I said I

packing up a tent underneath a volcano in the

A huge swell was on its way and friends, friends

struggled to breathe.

of friends and friends we don’t even know, were

wasn’t surprised at how cold it was. It felt and

middle of Java. It’s time to put the old Landrover

Even with my amateur knowledge, I knew the

looked like we were in Nepal, not Indonesia,

back into gear and hit the road. Next stop is

direction was perfect for Desert Point. And it just

and the whole place had a sulfuric, rotten egg

Sumatra and then the Mentawaii islands, before

so happened Desert Point was only a short drive

stench. When the volcanoes came into view it

moving on to our final destination and Mecca,

from the harbour.

quickly faded from our minds, if not our nostrils,

Lagundri Bay.

and we tried unsuccessfully to compose our We were filled with horrid excitement. It wasn’t

‘I’m not shocked by anything’ attitudes

going to be big. It was going to be huge.

It was breathtaking. The center volcano shot thick plumes of grey smoke into the sky, its

The four days of swell that followed were some

crater enormous.

of the wildest days of our lives. Only a handful of the surfers in town gave it their all and their

For the next week we rode our bikes on one

reef cuts could have easily been misconstrued

magic piece of terrain after another. Zye and I

for marks left by a tiger’s claw. Desert Point was

flew up and down volcanic sand gullies.

three hundred meters worth of mind-blowing

We used each turn like a berm and each bump

intensity with no room for escape. Many an

like a jump. Our confidence turned to cockiness

alpha male felt a curbing of enthusiasm with his

(the egos having returned) and it was only a

back oozing blood and his board in two pieces. It

matter of time before a string of fantastic spills.

was thrilling.

We took on one mound at full pace, not realizing | 66 |

“We found the surfing world was in its psychotic, code red mode�

| 67 |

| 68 |

| 69 |

Launched in 2011, Matt McAuley and Brain McPeck’s band TV Baby has worked its way through New York City’s music and art worlds, developing into a multidisciplinary project with deep roots in the city’s downtown scene. Their first release was produced by the L.A-based art gallery/book imprint OHWOW as an art book/album hybrid. The self-titled project featured the visual work of 40 artists and friends, including Jim Jarmusch, Alan Vega, Dan Colen, and Dash Snow—all of whom explored their relationship to television. In a way, it was a representation of Matt and Brain’s rich creative careers and the close collaborative bonds and friendships they’ve formed after nearly twenty years in the city.

TV B After first arriving in New York in 1997, Matt and Brain formed a number of free

jazz and no wave groups, including Aylers Angels and Russia, with Lizzie Bougatsos of Gang Gang Dance. In 1999, the two went on to establish A.R.E. Weapons

with Ryan Noel, performing in a number of galleries, including Colin de Land’s American Fine Arts, and at fashion shows with AsFour and Bernard Wilhelm.

Deus Records Presents

In 2003, the band released its eponymous debut album through Rough Trade

| 70 |

Records and embarked on a tour of Europe and Australia. Three albums with

“Wild Joy” on streetwear label aNYthing (A New York Thing) also founded by Aaron

Defend Records were to follow before Matt and Brain formed TV Baby. Following

Bondaroff. The single was accompanied by a video directed by long-time friend

the OHWOW release In 2011, Matt and Brain collaborated with Suicide’s Alan Vega

and graffiti artist Andre Saraiva. This year, TV Baby will release an exclusive and

on a 12” single and embarked on what is probably their most ambitious project to

limited vinyl-only 7” through Deus Ex Machina’s first imprint and endeavor into

date—a rock opera. Working with the artist Spencer Sweeney, TV Baby produced

music, Deus Records. Gabriel Andruzzi, multi-instrumentalist for pioneering post-

the show at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, a New York gallery. The surreal, gothic

punk revivalists The Rapture and a friend of Matt and Brain’s since their early,

storyline follows the life of a child born from a television set (naturally) who then

musically formative years in Washington DC, joins as producer, marking the trio’s

moves to New York City and falls in love with the internet.

first collaboration in over a decade. TV Baby’s vinyl-only debut demonstrates the band’s ability to marry a melange of musical styles, such as electro, punk,

More recently, TV Baby joined Glenn O’Brien as the house band for the relaunched

rockabilly and no wave. It also confirm Deus’ multi-disciplinary approach to

version of his infamous public-access show TV Party. They also currently host

producing objects of a highest consideration and quality - be it motorcycle,

an online radio program through Aaron Bondaroff’s Know Wave Radio called

leather jacket or sound, the same intentness is observed with this release.

ABY Tropical Apartments, playing everything from early electro and jazz to punk and

disco. Some notable releases include their single “New York Is Alright” issued on

This first release through Deus Records serves to solidify their new sound. With

both Rong Music and Maceo Plex’s imprint Ellum Audio with remixes by Eric “Dr.

throbbing synths, sweeping guitar, and lyrics both poetic and streetwise, TV Baby

Dunks” Duncan, Maetrik & The Idjut Boys. Shortly after, they released their single

have created a sound that captures both the angst and optimism of their time.

| 71 |

Cover Woody Gooch

printed by

The House of Simple Pleasures 98-104 Parramatta Road Camperdown Sydney NSW 2050 AUSTRALIA


The Temple of Enthusiasm Jalan Batu Mejan No.8 Canggu 80361 INDONESIA

The Emporium of Postmodern Activities 1 0 0 1 Ve n i c e B l v d , Ve n i c e , CA 90291 USA

The Portal of Possibilities Via Thaon Di Revel 3, 2 0 1 5 9 M i l a n , I TA LY

The Residence of Impermanence 3-29-5 Jingumae H a r a j u k u To k y o , J A PA N


Deus brand book 2016