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Contents 2018

7 Message from Mayor Ferguson 8 Greetings from the Hernando Main Street Chamber of Commerce 10 Who let the dog’s out? Hernando Dog Park 14 Peddling fun Hernando Bike club 18 Leading from the front A chat Police Chief Worsham 22 An artful life DeSoto Arts Council 26 Travel in tunes The Jerry Lewis Ranch 30 Unique local stays Slumbering with history

34 From the school house A look at education 40 Out on the town Eats and treats 46 Taking care Finding health care around the corner 50 Finding faith Hernando’s church community 54 Happenings around town City-wide events and festivals 56 Calender of Events 58 Service Directory 59 Member Directory

Published by DeSoto Media/DeSoto Magazine Edited by Karen Ott Mayer

4 Hernando

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er b m a h C t e e tr S n i a M o d n a n Her of Commerce

2018 Board of Directors: Front row (left to right): Annette Jones, Gia Matheny - Ex-Officio, Dawn Edwards - Past President, Becky Wolf Back row (left to right): Michelle Ford, Neal Cannon, Cynthia Bigham, Chris Gannon, Mahendra “Esh” Sisodiya - Treasurer, Kelly Smith - Secretary, Jerry Edwards - President, Mayor Tom Ferguson - Ex-Officio Not pictured: William Stine

6 Hernando

2018 Ambassadors: Front row (left to right): Jennifer Ward, Michael Ann Dillinger, Nathan Tipton Second row (left to right): Darlene Johns, Carrah Grandi, Fran Boling, Kay Kopf, Jody Woody Back row (left to right): Miami Smith, Ashley Maddox, Mary Davis, Audrey Jacobi, John Hope Not pictured: Maria Capalad, Kim Derryberry, Bobbie Espitia, Brian Henry, Ellen Jernigan, Kristen Owensby, Robin Parker, Taylor Phillips, Sarah Bullard

Chamber Staff

Jesse Ingram, Executive Director Paula Lambert, Member Services Coordinator

421 West Commerce Street Hernando, Mississippi 38632 Office: 662.429.9055 Fax: 662.429.2909

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Completing the circuit.

At Entergy, the circuit means more than electricity. It means connection and potential. Families. Neighborhoods. Businesses. We’re all part of a circuit. So we invest in industry. Inspire education. Nurture community. We empower each other. And together, we power life. A message from Entergy Mississippi, Inc. Š2015 Entergy Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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8 Hernando


12/8/15 2:20 PM

! o d n a n er H o t Welcome

A letter from Mayor Ferguson

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Hernando. As a native who has called Hernando home for the last 53 years, I am humbled and proud to be leading the town for the foreseeable future. Just like anyone who considers Hernando for a new business or a place to live, I hold a particular vision for our community. Hernando has experienced strong growth for nearly 20 years as many people have discovered its unique charm, history, and entrepreneurial spirit. It is my vision to build upon this highly livable, walkable, and wellmanaged community. Hernando is nationally recognized as a community with outstanding schools, parks, and recreations. Our 2017 designation as a healthy hometown resulted from the commitment to design features like bike lanes, more sidewalks and the state’s largest and most popular farmers market.

All of these assets, combined with a strong desire to preserve our architecture, history, and landscape, have led us to successfully balance yesterday’s values with tomorrow’s vision. We’re a family community and our Hernando Main Street Chamber of Commerce team and events reflect these values. Our local business community is diverse and active, lending a unique personality to our historic square and innovative spirit. I look forward to leading Hernando to an even stronger future, and welcoming those who decide to call it home.  Mayor N.C Tom Ferguson, Jr.

Meet Mayor Ferguson Those who know Mayor N.C Tom Ferguson, Jr. know how high he sets his heights, literally. With a career as a pilot, he began his training at a local airport called Twinkletown in Walls, Miss. In 1990, he trained at the Midwest School of Aeronautics in St. Louis, Missouri. He completed subsequent training in Florida and Nashville with over 13,000 hours of flight time in single and multiengine aircrafts. In 1991, Mayor Ferguson founded Mid-South Flying Services, an agricultural flying service for local farmers in Hernando. He also served as a helicopter pilot for the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department. Mayor Ferguson holds fast to one other passion besides flying. “I enjoy helping others and I love my community.”

Hernando | 9

A letter from Jesse Dement From where I sit these days, I can’t help but think what goes around comes around. Last year, I had the privilege of accepting this position as the Executive Director of the Hernando Main Street Chamber of Commerce. As a Hernando native, I have grown up with this town and I couldn’t be prouder to still call it home. I look forward to playing a key role in helping our members and residents fulfill their own dreams and goals. It’s exciting to watch existing businesses expand, new businesses open, and the town continue to grow while retaining its charm and character. As I write this letter, one of our local favorites, LadyBugg Bakery & Cafe, just opened a new, larger location just doors down from where they’ve spent years baking their way into our collective hearts. Anyone who knows Hernando understands just how much a sense of community still exists despite our growth. Every season brings another family-friendly event to the square, whether it’s the Hernando Farmers Market beginning in April, our summer concert series, the 4th of July parade, or Christmas Open House. It seems like there’s always something to do right outside our doors. If it’s recreation that appeals to you, we’re always on the move. Last year, we highlighted the new Skate Park. This year, we’ve gone to the dogs with the opening of the Hernando Dog Park. If you’re looking to switch gears, the Hernando Bicycle Club offers bicyclists of all ages and experience a chance to ride the roads and meet new friends.

10 Hernando

Hernando moved into a new era of leadership with Mayor Tom Ferguson last year. Although a transition, Hernando’s history of strong leadership continues with Police Chief Scott Worsham, our educational leaders, and community organizations. For the last two decades, Hernando has gained national recognition for smart development, healthy living, and community strength. While we can’t cover every recent story in this annual publication, we invite you to turn the page and discover Hernando, Mississippi’s Front Porch--and my hometown. Sincerely, Jesse Dement Executive Director Hernando Main Street Chamber of Commerce

Fun to know Facts • City of Hernando Mayor: N.C Tom Ferguson, Jr. • County: DeSoto, Hernando is the county seat. • DeSoto County is the largest school district in the state of Mississippi with more than 30,000 students. • Population: Hernando has approximately 15,383 residents as of 2015. (source • The city’s population is 96.0% native born and 4.0% foreign born. • 86.4% of the population graduated high school or have a GED. 25.0% have college degrees. • 45.1% of people in Hernando, MS are single and 54.9% are married. ( • DeSoto County was once home to 10,000 family dairies. • In 1838, 40 acres was planned and laid out with a 450 foot public square surrounded by 172 lots. • In the two blocks around the square there were five streets north and south and five streets east and west. This plan still forms the center of Hernando. • Hernando’s Courthouse walls are home to a group of murals depicting the travels of Hernando DeSoto in 1520. Given by Fred Goldsmith of Memphis, the murals were hung and restored by S. H. Chism. • The Hernando Farmers Market is the largest market in the state and has repeatedly won national recognition from the American Farmland Trust. • Hernando residents enjoy convenient curbside recycling.

Testimonials “I love my hometown. This is my place.” Louie Smith, pharmacist and owner of Louie’s Pharmacy. “A wonderful community. Very family friendly and close to everything.” Elaine Thompson, resident for 11 years. “I love a small town because I am from a big city. I love the convenience. We have two children and have everything we need right here.” Jennifer Holcombe, resident for 10 years.

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e h t t e L o h W ? t u O s g o D

12 Hernando

When dog lovers around DeSoto County unite, they deliver their own pack of success. Years ago, informal talks began about building a dog park, and in 2017, that talk became reality with the grand opening of the Hernando Dog Park. Hernando | 13

Committee chair, Jennifer Hill, who is also a Senior Loan Officer at Fairway Mortgage, took the lead when Cindy Gordon approached her in April 2016. “We’re all dog lovers. I’ve been involved in rescues and transfers around the county for years,” said Hill. The new dog park, just south of the city at Renasant Park off Highway 51, offers residents an amenity that many urban residents seek. “Dog parks are some of the fastest growing parks in the country,” said Hill. Parks range from highly elaborate in design to simple green spaces where dogs can play and socialize. “These parks are very beneficial to the owners and dogs. They aren’t for children, but for dogs. They are completely fenced in and safe from traffic.” When locals began the project four years ago, the committee raised several thousand dollars towards their goal.

14 Hernando

In just over a year, Hill and her team raised $39,000, nearly $15,000 more than the required funding. The two-acre park includes fencing, a fountain, jump hoops, and benches. Hill and the committee designed the park themselves with the help of the fencing contractor. “We walked the land and they helped us decide the best way to fence the property.” “We couldn’t have accomplished this project without the help of our 11 sponsors. Dr. Brent Pattberg sponsored the fountain for the park,” said Hill.

While the ribbon was cut in late 2017, the work for this group is far from over. “Friends of the Animal Shelter is another group that is working to build an animal shelter for this city. Right now, we only have a few city pens for dogs. Anyone interested in helping with this project can find us on Facebook.� Meanwhile, the dogs are out in Hernando, claiming a dedicated two-acre park as their new hang out spot.

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Hernand o n u F g n i l d d Pe

16 Hernando

Bo McCarty peddles more than exercise around town. He’s peddling fun.

Hernando | 17

It all began almost a decade ago when Bo participated in a charity bike ride and something unexpected happened. “I got hooked on it,” he said. Joining a friend Brandon, his son Kevin and his dad Ron, the foursome started riding informally around the neighborhood. When an acquaintance, Shelly Johnstone, who worked for the City of Hernando at the time, made a suggestion that he form a bike club, he decided to give it a try. And the Hernando Bike Club began. “We decided to put together a web page and just have an unofficial get together for people to ride,” he said. Ten years and many miles later, the original four set into motion a free, fun way not only to stay active, but to make a few friends along the way. What began as a driveway gathering, soon grew to the neighborhood entrance, then the bank. “We met on Saturday mornings and people heard about us by word of mouth. Eventually, the group outgrew the former spaces and began gathering on the historic square. They even found a name. “We heard the

18 Hernando

name Slow Spokes and we decided to take it for our own,” he said with a laugh. The Slow Spokes pride themselves on being slightly different from other biking groups. “Our club has a no-drop policy which means we’re not going to leave you behind or alone, no matter your skill level. If someone falls back, we circle back or wait for them.” In fact, Bo says he believes the group is really a social club with a biking problem. Moreover, majority rules when deciding on the rides which occur outside of town. “We have riders who may say they’ve got to be home by a certain time and they’ll choose to ride halfway. Or we may have some who want to go longer. Sometimes we plan ahead, sometimes we don’t. We just see what the group feels like when we get together.” Bo says that most people don’t realize just how far they can ride--even if they haven’t been biking regularly. “If someone can ride 10 miles, they can ride 20 without much trouble.” Over the years, the group has evolved to include many rides. During the fall when darkness hits early, one group meets at Snowden Grove on Tuesday and Thursday

evenings for a casual ride in a secure lighted area. “We do a lot of chitchatting on those rides,” Bo said. The group rides an hour or two before dark, circling a distance just over a mile. Conversely, a group has gone to Thailand for Ride for Him. To join in the fun, visit the Hernando Bike Club on Facebook. Biking is just one of the many healthy fun pursuits found in the city. Along with ball fields, the Hernando Skate Park and other city parks, residents can also enjoy walking paths and trails where fun and friends await.

FIRST TENNESSEE a stronger community First Tennessee is honored to be a part of the North Mississippi community, and proud to support those that make it a better place to live and work.





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7430 Goodman Road Olive Branch, MS 38654 662-890-4270

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om fr g n i d a Le the Front

20 Hernando

Hernando Police Chief Scott Worsham likes a few words that may sounds like a child’s rhyme but truly carry power. “Proactive progressive policing. It’s what works here.”

Hernando | 21

Here, in this case, means his part of DeSoto County which extends across 30 square miles with Hernando located at the central point. For Worsham, a native of Marshall County, a career in law enforcement began long before he arrived. “My father was a police officer for 32 years. It’s what I know and what I’ve always wanted to be.” He began his career in 1997 as a ranger with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, eventually joining a police department working many assignments in his tenure including patrol, training, K-9, SWAT, and undercover narcotics. He moved to DeSoto County in 1999 and has called it home ever since. Throughout the years, he’s appreciated guidance from well-respected Chiefs such as Darryl Whaley, Tom Long, and his own father, Bobby Worsham. Stepping into the lead role as Chief of Police in 2015, Worsham carried with him a strong personal philosophy founded deeply in duty, integrity and community. “I’m a huge proponent of community policing and relationships. We know our people and businesses and that helps us do our jobs.” A father and husband, Worsham is visible in the community whether it’s as a guest speaker or at a football game. He views himself as part of the community fabric rather than separate. And his department follows suit. “Our biggest attribute is our relationship with our community. We take time to educate people. We are blessed with the people who make up this town. It’s a very safe community.” His pragmatic, grateful approach extends to his own department of approximately 42 officers. “I am blessed with this staff. Our men and women put their lives on the line every day.” What he appreciates most about Hernando is the hometown feel. “Everybody knows everybody.” The Hernando Police Department remains visible throughout the town, supporting the community in many ways. One successful event is the National Night Out, held in Hernando during August. A national initiative, National Night Out began as a way to foster positive police-community relationships in order to build camaraderie and community in neighborhoods. Hernando joins hundreds of communities across the country for a night of fun, music, food and education. While Worsham has been in his role for two years, his work has only just begun. Working first with his team to improve the internal operations and procedures, his long term vision

22 Hernando

remains steadily on relationships. Through a Healthy Heroes grant, his department works with elementary age kids, teaching them about healthy eating. A new initiative is also underway. “We’re about to start a Big Brother program where officers volunteer to mentor underprivileged kids.” Worsham believes strongly that safety isn’t an isolated event in communities, but rather a result of relationships. “We’re looking at many ways to stay connected, like advancing

technologies to better serve the public. We’re committed to being prepared for the city’s growth. We are committed to making this part of the state even better.”

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2440 McIngvale Rd., Hernando • 662.449.1630 2600 Panola St., Hernando • 662.449.1089 5960 Getwell Road, Ste. 112, Southaven • 662.874.5400

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e f i L l u f t r A An

24 Hernando

Near the intersection of Highway 51 and West Commerce Street, the DeSoto Arts Council boasts another crossroads of sorts, weaving together local art and art lovers.

Hernando | 25

Since moving to their new location in 2017, the council now hosts art, events and just plain fun in a historic building within walking distance of the historic downtown square. Originally founded in 1999 as a nonprofit organization, the council constantly seeks to “stimulate increased participation in the arts, integrate art into people’s everyday lives, advance community support of the arts, and use the arts to affect community unity and change,” according to its mission statement. Margaret Yates, Executive Director, describes the new location as ideal. “It’s more welcoming and less isolated than the previous space.” With this new space, the DeSoto Arts Council serves as a venue for local artists to display their art and hold various art classes. During normal business hours, the space also functions as a gift shop for local artists to sell and showcase their work, including handcrafted jewelry, textiles, pottery, candles and more. The council focuses not only on local art, but regional artists and members. This year, Como, Mississippi artist, Sharon McConnellDickerson exhibited “A Cast of Blues”, a unique exhibit of significant blues musicians she captured in face and hand casts. Her realistic sculptures include a cast of over 50 famous faces of blues musicians. What makes McConnell’s art so remarkable is that she lost her eyesight years ago and completed the works blind. Aside from events held at their location, the DeSoto Arts Council lends a helping hand around the community throughout the year. Along with the art classes offered for people of all ages, the council participates in the annual Noah’s Gift Memorial 5K, sponsors the annual holiday Red Door Market at One Memphis Street, and judges art shows at local high schools.

26 Hernando

“We also hold a kid’s summer art camp and provide 40 kids with scholarships,” said Yates. On top of this, the organization provides scholarship and grant opportunities for interested teachers and schools (and homeschool programs) looking to receive funding for art programs and projects. Summer brings art outdoors with art walks held the first Friday of every month during May, June, July and August. “We also have live music and we do as much as we can with other local organizations like the Hernando Civic Garden Club,” added Yates. While the DeSoto Arts Council continues to grow, Yates always welcomes newcomers. “We want everyone to join and we’re fundraising all the time.” She continually reaches out to churches, schools, and nonprofit organizations to invite them to participate. Adding on to the children’s and adult classes offered, she hopes in the near future to offer specific classes for senior citizens as the volunteer base grows, “I’d love to have someone teaching yoga classes in the mornings or holding music lessons.” Hernando is known for its volunteer spirit across many organizations. The DeSoto Arts Council presents many opportunities for volunteering including teaching, decorating, event planning, and working in the gift shop.  Yates envisions growing a more diverse group including older adults, the physically challenged and low-income residents. “Every time I turn around, I see opportunities.” DeSoto Arts Council 2465 Highway 51 South Hernando, MS. Margaret Yates, Executive Director 662-404-3361

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Holiday Crossing 7147 Hacks Cross Rd. Olive Branch, MS 662.890.4800

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s e t a G e h t Behind views l a son er p s d or ff a ch n a The Lewis R of Jerry Lee Lewis

28 Hernando

For over 60 years, the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis commanded the world stage. Today, he’s still stirring up news.

Hernando | 29

The last man standing from the Million Dollar Quartet, Lewis has made yet another encore performance in his later years with the opening of his beloved Lewis Ranch and Killer Cottage. Located north of Hernando in Nesbit, the ranch welcomes visitors, not only for tours, but to actually stay overnight on the property in a cottage. Jerry Lee Lewis’ own father lived in the cottage for a time. Lewis, who moved to another residence a short few miles north, now calls the ranch his part-time residence. Lewis’ own son, Jerry Lee Lewis III, manages the ranch where his father spent his formative years, along with some of the famous names in music who frequented the ranch. Lewis III has returned to the area specifically to help run the new business. “I was in Michigan, but Dad asked me to help so I came home,” Lewis III said. With two young children of his own, he can completely relate to being raised on the land. “I spent a full 18 years here. There’s nothing like growing up on this property. We had horses and a dirt bike and a pool, but it was always more fun to jump in the pond,” he said with a laugh.           Lewis III believes people who visit will gain a better idea about how his father lived beyond the music. “He was a Southern boy at heart. You will of course learn about his music, past and present, but will also be able to spend a moment on the back porch.” A lifelong animal lover, Jerry Lee Lewis created a pet graveyard for all of his dogs

30 Hernando

where people can visit. Inside, his collections include guns, knives, belt buckles and sheriff badges. Visitors can enjoy an intimate look into the Killer’s life, including a tour of the woodpaneled living room filled with famous faces like Ray Charles, a tour of Lewis’ bedroom, his gold records and memorabilia, his Rolls Royce and even his personal piano. Lewis III said guests will be able to stay in the cottage and be a part of the lifestyle. He also says the ranch welcomes everyone from individuals to school groups, and he personally gives the one-hour tours as much as possible. Individual ticket prices run $30. Since opening the ranch in April 2017, the family has welcomed travelers, international groups and students. And, if lucky, visitors may have a moment to visit with the Killer himself when he makes impromptu visits. Lewis and his wife Judith travel beyond Mississippi when he gives an occasional performance or accepts an award. Practically retired, the couple enjoys spending time at home with their dogs. “He loves watching old westerns,” Judith said. For over 40 years, Lewis has called DeSoto his true home. And now, his own fans and friends can visit Lewis Ranch and join living history.

The Lewis Ranch 1595 Malone Rd Nesbit, Mississippi

Protect your family. Prepare for their future. Neal Cannon, Agent 952 South Central Drive Hernando, MS 38632 Bus: 662-449-7822


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l i e v e h t er d Slumber un of history

32 Hernando

North Mississippi’s landscape once held grand homes and architectural gems in the towns and rural hills. Today, while travelers may find fewer authentic spots, DeSoto County and Hernando still guard their past treasures where guests can sleep, dine and celebrate.

Hernando | 33

In town, Magnolia Grove Bed and Breakfast has welcomed guests for more than 14 years. A stately 1900s era mansion, Magnolia Grove sits conveniently in the heart of Hernando, just minutes from Interstate 55. Owners and hosts Tom and Ellen Mulligan serve a four-course breakfast in a setting where stained glass, chandeliers and antiques surround diners. Four guest rooms boast period furniture, romantic furnishings and privacy. Active in the Mississippi Bed and Breakfast Association, the Mulligans have hosted potential innkeepers over the years as well as guests. Friendly and welcoming, Magnolia Grove has become a favorite destination for many travelers. Just south of Hernando, the oldest house in Hernando built in 1849 whispers stories of the past: the powerful Chickasaw Indian Chief Mussacunna, the former town of Jefferson, and the original owner John Robertson. Today, Rose Hill is transformed entirely thanks to the Burks family. “It was vacant for 10 years and everyone said it was too far gone,” said Adam Burks, co-owner of the property with his father Eddie Burks. The pair has worked 17 years to restore the home which charmingly haunts with its history. Filled with original photos, antiques and found objects, guests can stay on the property, either overnight or for an event. Perhaps the most interesting feature is that the house is actually a half of a house. “In the early 1900s, the family literally cut the house in half and gave it as a wedding present. The half that was moved burned down” said Burks. The staircase in the main hall hugs the wall as it ascends to the second floor, but prior to the split, was located in the center of the hallway. The home played many roles in local history. It served as a hospital for both Northern and Southern troops during the Civil War, it was eventually a post office and a Catholic church in the 1940s. With stately oaks lining the gravel drive and possibly the oldest living sassafras tree in the area, the setting is peaceful and reminiscent of earlier times. The Burks have faced monumental challenges throughout the almost two decades on the property. With a roof that had settled, the front wall literally fell forward. “At one point, we had straps and pulled the front wall back in to prevent the second floor from totally collapsing on the first,” said Burks. A wood burning stove graces the original kitchen and a new deck out back offers guests another gathering place. The pair even worked to relocate a family cemetery and original ironwork back to the property. “We found the original

34 Hernando

receipt for the iron gate in the house. The graves were in a nearby field and were neglected and vandalized, so we wanted to save them.� The home today is a living testament to the local past and a unique destination. Saving history has no price for families like the Burks and Mulligans whose lives revolve around preserving the past in order to share it in the future. And in between, those interested in slumbering under the veil of history can still find an antique bed and a story to go with it.


Hernando Main Street Chamber of Commerce


Hernando | 35

s s e c c u S g n Raisi By Ireland Little

36 Hernando

For nearly 150 years, learning and teaching have been ingrained into the local DeSoto County landscape. In 1871, Desoto County established its first district public school system. Fast forward 146 years later, Desoto County continues to thrive in education with 42 public schools serving the district, including five schools right here in Hernando.

Hernando | 37

Hernando schools exist in accordance with the Desoto County School System, ranging in grade levels between each school: Hernando Elementary School (K-1), Hernando Hills Elementary School (2-3), Oak Grove Elementary School (4-5), Hernando Middle School (6-8), and Hernando High School (9-12).    Over the years, Hernando schools and Desoto County Schools as a whole have gone through many changes. Most recently, in August 2015, Desoto County residents elected Mr. Cory Uselton, previous head principal at Desoto Central High School, to lead the district as the new Superintendent. A father of two sons who are in elementary and middle schools, he knows first hand what parents face.     Since his swearing in as Superintendent, Uselton has strived for a new level of success across the county. In regards to his philosophy on education, Uselton believes the main driver behind success has to do with the students themselves. “I believe that the primary responsibility of teachers and administrators should be to show a genuine interest in the well being of their students,” said Uselton. His personal vision for success focuses on the element of unity. Uselton created the slogan “#TeamDCS” in order to

38 Hernando

spread his belief that “teamwork among the schools, the parents, businesses and community leaders is critical to the success of Desoto County Schools.” During the 2016-2017 school year, the Desoto County school district earned a spot on the AP Honor Roll, had 16 National Merit Finalists, and had 118 seniors earn a 30 or above on the ACT. When it comes to extracurricular activities, the Desoto County School District had approximately 20 state championships. Hernando High School itself was ranked second in the state for standardized test scores, with an average grade of 95.1 percent.    As for future plans for Desoto County Schools, Uselton has set in motion a movement that is certain to encompass and empower all Desoto County public school residents: “#RaiseTheBar”. Uselton’s “#RaiseTheBar” challenge is his “vision…to go further, grow students and be more successful than we ever have before.”     “Our goal is for every child to receive the best education possible..I want to make sure that our students have every opportunity to be successful in all facets of their life including academics, extracurricular activities, and post-secondary endeavors,” he said.     On another front, Hernando offers students and families another educational



at Northwest's DeSoto Center in Southaven, just off of Church Rd.


Hernando | 39

Front Porch Learning Cottage

option when it comes to learning: the Front Porch Learning Cottage. Founded in August of 2015 by owner Angelica Hoffman, the Front Porch Learning Cottage has become a valuable partner across the education landscape. Since opening, the company has expanded tremendously from the initial 1,200 square feet to 4,500 square feet. The company’s mission is simple and straightforward: “To create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through development-appropriate instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles.� The company currently offers three separate educational programs to the public: a homeschool program, a tutoring program, and a test prep program. In the homeschool program, Front Porch presently consists of 10 certified teachers and 52 scholars. Some specific courses offered in this particular program include math, social studies, science, English, music, art, and Latin. In the tutoring program, Front Porch has 100 tutors who serve approximately 400 students weekly in a variety of subjects and courses. As for the test prep program, tutors offer aid (different strategies, time-saving

40 Hernando

skills, workshops) to students in preparing for important standardized tests like the ACT and SAT. Hoffman is already planning for continued growth. In the next four years, Front Porch is planning to expand its homeschool program to include all grade levels Kindergarten through 12. The tutoring program is also expected to grow.    When talking about learning, Hoffman is beyond passionate about her company’s purpose and vision. With the Front Porch Learning Cottage, she strives to enrich every learner in the most efficient and effective way possible. “We are all created differently, so we all learn differently; however, every person is teachable,” says Hoffman.     Hernando offers families rich educational opportunities. As such, Hernando is positioned to be successful, no doubt, for another 100 years.

I found my True North .

Maybe it’s theatre. Or biology. Or baseball. Whatever your child’s passion and inspiration, we will help them to discover and develop it. All in a Christcentered, nurturing environment that prepares them for their unique future.

Front Porch Learning Cottage

7400 Getwell Road Southaven, MS 38672 662.349.5127

Hernando | 41

s t a e r T d n a Eats aghan By Mckenzie Mon

42 Hernando

Hernando may feel like a small town but its eateries and retail shops fit the bill for all walks of life. Locally-owned and unique, it’s as easy to enjoy a slice of cheesecake at City Hall Cheesecake as it is to dine al fresca on the patio at AC’s Steakhouse. Support for local businesses is evident by their longevity and number. Hernando | 43

One of Hernando’s favorite charming foodie spots found a new home in 2017. Lady Bugg Bakery flew a few doors west from the original location that opened in October of 2011. The new location affords both the bakers and guests more room to enjoy their morning coffee or signature lunch. Known for everything from their homemade morning goodies to cakes of all types, the bakery now sports a separate coffee bar perfect for the coffee enthusiasts, more indoor and outdoor dining, plenty of kitchen space—and of course, Heather Bugg, the imaginative founder of this well-loved bakery. “Hernando has been a very supportive community for the small and local business,” said Bugg. Another go-to consumer favorite is Kelso Salon located on East Commerce Street. Kelso Salon first opened in June of 2017, but has since grown a sizeable fandom. Many people all across Hernando pop in for hair color, bridal and prom makeup, and even deep conditionings. One of the many reasons Kelso Salon attracts so many customers is because of the treatment people receive inside—and not just those on their hair. They offer refreshments of all sorts, ranging from water or coffee to a relaxing glass of wine for customers. “Hernando is a wonderful town that is

44 Hernando

AC’s Steakhouse

Ladybugg Bakery

Kelso Salon

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Everyone has an estate. Everyone needs a plan. Hernando | 45

Hello, neighbor!

Lauderdale Insurance Agcy Inc Sam Lauderdale, Agent 11 W Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 Bus: 662-429-5213 Please stop by and say, “Hi!” I’m looking forward to serving your needs for insurance and financial services. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. CALL ME TODAY.


46 Hernando

State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL

very diverse in many ways and all the businesses support each other,” said owner Adrienne Kelso. Kelso also believes Hernando chose her, rather than she choosing it. The hospitality at Kelso feels like your friend’s home and reflects the friendliness of Hernando itself. If you’re not a foodie or you don’t color your hair, shopping may be the answer. The Pink Zinnia, a boutique located in the heart of Hernando, carries many sought-after brands such as Kendra Scott, Dolce Vita, Kelly Wynne, and Vera Bradley. Whether shopping for yourself, your children, or a friend, you are sure to find it inside the warm shop of Pink Zinnia. This boutique opened in April of 2005 and has flourished ever since. The inviting shop offers shoes, accessories, and even children’s clothing. Not only does Pink Zinnia have fashion-forward clothing and accessories, it also has helpful and friendly employees that will make you feel right at home as soon as you step into the store. The Pink Zinnia employees say their favorite thing about being in Hernando is that it is so supportive of family-owned businesses. Specialty shops around the square offer tailored shopping. At Jack Anna Beanstalk, shoppers can find children’s clothing to suit any Jack or Jill. Just across the square, The Square Cupboard will delight with its artwork from local artists, tableware, gifts and more.

No matter where you are in Hernando, a unique boutique or a fun lunch spot awaits just around the corner.

Hernando | 47

e on or f g n i Car another

48 Hernando

Seeking medical care in north Mississippi begins in local communities like Hernando. With medical practices and pharmacies independently owned by career health care providers and major acute-care hospitals within a 30-minute drive, residents have access to all levels of care. Hernando | 49

In Hernando itself, it’s not unusual for the doctor or pharmacist to be the person standing next to you at the ballfield, having graduated from the same local schools years earlier. Louie’s Family Pharmacy which opened in the late 2017 symbolizes the meaning of personalized care. A 1983 graduate of Hernando High School, Louie Smith has stayed close to his hometown, following graduation from the University of Mississippi pharmacy school. When Walgreens came to Hernando in 2008, he opened the store for the company where he spent 24 years. In 2017, he made a significant move with the decision to open Louie’s Pharmacy on Highway 51. “While we may not have the long hours of a national chain, we can offer better service and as much access. I’ve come to the store after hours when a customer realizes they are out of medicine,” said Smith. The store layout is reminiscent of a simple drugstore from the past. With parking right in front and with easy access to the front door, customers avoid navigating large, illogical lots and long distances. The store even boasts a $1 section, complete with tupperware and household items. “We had no idea how popular this would be!” The pharmacy offers as many medicines as a national chain and Smith can do compounding of certain topicals and capsules on site. Louie’s can even arrange delivery to those customers who can’t physically visit the pharmacy. His wife Leigh describes Louie’s as a family-owned business. “One thing I believe we do better is that we really help our customers understand their insurance and costs.” In fact, Smith says many people believe national chains have deeper discounts or better pricing than an independent pharmacy-which isn’t always the case. “Many times, a customer doesn’t understand if they have the right coverage and we can help them save money.” As a member of the Mississippi Independent Pharmacies Association, Smith also has access to a larger resource and voice for community-based pharmacies. Not only a local, Smith has also led his profession for years as a preceptor at several pharmacy schools. He currently invites pharmacy residents to work at Louie’s to fulfill their course requirements. In the end, Smith can offer what many busy, overloaded large chains can’t provide. “I’ve got time to talk to my patients.” Across town on McIngvale Road, Hernando Family Medical

50 Hernando

Center offers comprehensive family care through local hands. Purchased by David Sluder, RN and Vanessa Sluder, FNP in 2016, the local team also includes Sarah McKnight, a nurse practitioner who has been caring for families for years. Nurse Practitioner Vanessa Sluder has been treating local patients for nearly a decade in the Hernando area. With everything from wellness exams to allergy shots,

Comfort You Can Count On!


the practice team can also treat minor injuries like broken bones or lacerations. Friendly, local and highly accessible, Hernando’s health care professionals across town are dedicated to keeping their neighbors and friends healthy-for many years to come.

Hernando | 51

h g i H on d e d n Grou y it n u m om c h it a f s ’ o d ernan H

s g in d il u b t s ju n a th e is mor

While groundbreaking happens east of Hernando on the new Colonial Hills Church, a small white wooden framed structure on Commerce Street stands as a reminder of how long organized churches and religion have graced the hills of north Mississippi. 52 Hernando

Hernando | 53

Worship Times: Sunday Morning 8:45 am and 10:55 am Sunday School 9:45 am 1890 Mt. Pleasant Road Hernando, MS 662.429.7026

54 Hernando

Hernando’s faith community reflects a wide range of beliefs with local pastors and churches involved in everything from Boy Scouts to running food pantries and clothing drives. From pastors to priests, the local faith landscape dates to the earliest days when only native Americans and explorers crossed the land. CrossPointe Church in Hernando now occupies one of the oldest surviving church structures in the county. The original First Presbyterian Church located on Commerce Street was built in 1878, the same year the yellow fever epidemic hit Memphis and Mississippi. Guests and parishioners can still sit on the original pews on any given Sunday. Nearby on Mt. Pleasant Road, the Hernando United Methodist Church has marked over 180 years of service to their congregation. Faith leaders come in all shapes and sizes, from those leading large congregations of hundreds to those ministering to small groups. From Baptist to Catholic, an interfaith spirit colors community events, crisis situations and prayer days. In short, there is a place for everyone. Luke Saunders, the campus pastor at Colonial Hills Church in Hernando, reflects the vibrant, honest make up of many spiritual leaders. Casual and approachable, Saunders joined the church in early 2017. “We have about 400 people and just broke ground on our new church just east of town.” Recognizing that Americans have “unchurched” more and more in the recent past, Saunders openly talks about finding

faith through strong feelings of discontent or disconnect. “We’re all about helping people find and follow Jesus Christ,” he adds. With a rich legacy, Colonial Hills works hard to reach people across all seasons of life, not only just Easter and Christmas. “Our fall festival this year drew 1,600 people. It’s truly a community event.” Like other churches with specific missions, Colonial Hills works close with the DeSoto County schools, ministering to families and children. With two churches, in Southaven and Hernando, their reach is far. One ministry provides children with after-school meals. “We sponsor 150 kids and it’s a big part of our church. We provide food for after school and in back packs for those kids who may not eat over the weekend.” With a young family of his own, Saunders knows how important it is to help families when they need it most. “I love Hernando. It’s a great place to minister to families. We care very much about our moms and dads because we believe ministry starts in the home.” While Saunders is busy these days supervising concrete pours and construction, he believes it takes people, not buildings, to keep communities filled with faith. “We think this building will be another tremendous asset to the area for everyone, but in the end, we’re more all about helping people find Jesus Christ.”



PERSONAL & BUSINESS ACCOUNTS • LOANS Hernando • 970 Byhalia Rd. 662.429.9973 •

Hernando | 55

d n a s g n i n e p Hap s g n i n e p p a more H Hernando is known for its happenings, attracting crowds from around north Mississippi. Events range from fairs to musical events, parades and jubilees, bringing Hernando’s Historic Square and other venues alive in every season. Born from local cultural legacies, national holidays and a desire for just plain old-fashioned fun, the celebrations mark time on local calendars---and in the hearts of residents. Sunset on the Square

56 Hernando

A’Fair in Hernando

Perhaps the longest running town festival in Hernando, this beloved event began in 1974. Sponsored by the local Optimist Club and held the third Saturday in May, the festival features a 5K race and is known for its arts and crafts.

Sunset on the Square

When the weather warms up, so does the music. Every Thursday evening in June the community gathers on the square to enjoy live entertainment.

Fourth of July parade

It’s the cutest parade ever! Filled with wagons, bikes, and kids, perhaps the only other thing more prominent is the red, white and blue that covers the entries and town.

Water Tower Festival

In honor of the town’s historic water tower, this fall festival focuses on live music and food. Held on the historic square, it’s quickly become a regional favorite.

Halloween Off the Square

This family-friendly event allows kids to trunk-or-treat in the county administration building parking lot in a safe, fun setting.

Christmas parade

Held the first Monday in December, the Hernando Christmas Parade starts the holiday season with the annual Christmas parade, one of the largest in the region.


Halloween off the Square Water Tower Festival

Hernando Christmas Parade

Hernando | 57

calendar of events Cedar Hill Farm Easter Egg Hunt Cedar Hill Farm – Hernando Get your picture taken with the Easter bunny, visit the petting farm and hunt for Easter eggs. Purchase homemade fudge or fresh donuts in the country kitchen. 662-429-2540 -

Hernando Farmers Market Courthouse Square – Hernando Held each Saturday, April – October from 8am to 1pm on the town square and featuring farm fresh local produce, dairy products, baked goods, canned goods, and artisan crafts. 662-429-9092

Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maize Cedar Hill Farm – Hernando Open daily late September through early November. Pick-your-own pumpkins, get lost in the “Corn Maize” and enjoy a petting zoo, pony rides, Chicken Show and hayrides. Experience the “Corn Maize” turned haunted on Friday and Saturday nights along with the Haunted Hayride and Trail of Terror. 662-429-2540 -

Mississippi RiverKings Ice Hockey Landers Center – Southaven From mid-October to late March, the RiverKings Hockey team provides professional hockey entertainment to the Mid-South region and is the longest running active professional sports franchise in the area. 662-342-1755 -

58 Hernando

April Mudbug Bash Panola Street on the Square – Hernando All the crawfish and trimmings one can eat; silent and live auction and samplings from area restaurants. This event benefits the Palmer Home for Children. 662-449-2400 – Confederate Memorial Service Hernando Memorial Cemetery – Hernando Honor those who died for the Confederate states during the Civil War on the last Sunday in April. Mississippi’s second oldest Confederate monument, located at the cemetery, was erected in 1875. 662-393-4448

May A’Fair Courthouse Square On the third Thursday in May over 200 art, craft and food vendors converge on the historic courthouse square. A’Fair features live music, kid’s activities, a 5K race/walk, and prize drawings! 662-280-8875 –

Sunset on the Square Summer Concert Series Courthouse Square – Hernando Thursday’s in June from 7:00pm-9:00pm Hernando’s “Sunset on the Square” Summer Concert series promises a funfilled evening of music for the whole family. 662-429-9055 – Picnic and Parade Around the Square Courthouse Square – Hernando Kids decorate their bikes, scooters or other non-motorized vehicles in patriotic colors and parade around the square in Hernando. 662-280-8875 –

July Hernando Independence Day Celebration! Hernando Civic Center Baseball Fields. Bring your lawn chair for a night of entertainment. Food, Bands, Fireworks Spectacular! and 662-429-9095.


City Wide Scavenger Hunt Teams scatter across the city with a list of clues and tasks to complete. They are asked to take photos of local landmarks and retrieve items. Once those tasks are completed, they are eligible for a grand prize. A fun way to Summer Library Program spend a Saturday. First Regional Library – Hernando, Horn 662-429-2688 – Lake, Olive Branch, Southaven, Walls Concerts, magicians, wildlife and more. Celebrate the summer with special events hosted by DeSoto County’s local libraries! 662-429-4439 –


September Water Tower Festival Courthouse Square– Hernando A favorite among the locals, come and enjoy music, arts, crafts, children’s activities, food, a barbeque contest, and car show. 662-429-9055 – Play Day in the Park Conger Park – Hernando On the last Saturday in September, children in the community celebrate the occasion of the City of Hernando’s designation as a Playful City USA. Free games, music and food are part of the celebration. 662-429-2688 –

October Front Porch Jubilee Cotton Gin– Hernando Enjoy live music on a Saturday in October at the Clifton Cotton Gin just off the historic downtown square. All proceeds go to renovate the Historic Von Theater.

Halloween Off the Square DeSoto County Administration Parking Lot – Hernando Bring your costumed children to trickor-treat just off the square. Fall displays offer great picture taking opportunities. 662-429-9055 – Springhill Cemetery Tour Springhill Cemetery – Hernando Take a step back in time and enjoy a walking tour of the cemetery as you visit with some of Hernando’s first citizens.

November Hernando Christmas Open House Local Shops – Hernando Visit dozens of shops, enjoy wonderful food and listen to carolers on the second Sunday in November. Don’t forget pictures with Santa in the Chamber office! 662-429-9055 –

December Hernando Christmas Parade Courthouse Square – Hernando On the first Monday in December, the parade features more than 100 entries with floats, cars, marching bands, fire trucks and Santa Claus! This festive favorite offers loads of fun for the whole family. 662-429-9055 – Cookies with Santa Gale Center – Hernando On the first Sunday in December, bring your children to enjoy cookies and have their picture made with Santa. 662-429-2688 – Sip’n Cider Local Shops – Hernando Sip cider around Hernando on the second Friday in December. Vote on each cider as you finish your holiday shopping to be entered to win a door prize! 662-429-9055 –

Hernando | 59

service directory Hernando Main Street Chamber of Commerce 421 West Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 Phone (662) 429-9055 Fax (662) 429-2909

Animal Control

City of Hernando Animal Control.......................(662) 469-8004 DeSoto Animal Rescue Society........................(662) 342-9448

Automotive/Motor Vehicles

Driver’s Licenses.........................(662) 429-1353 160 License Drive, Nesbit License Plates/Tags.....................(662) 469-8030

Building and Construction Building Permits

City of Hernando Planning..........(662) 429-9092 DeSoto County Planning Commission.............. (662) 469-8023

Building Inspector

City of Hernando.........................(662) 429-9092 DeSoto County Planning Commission..............(662) 469-8023

Business Licenses

City of Hernando.........................(662) 429-9092 DeSoto County............................(662) 469-8023


Hernando Municipal Court..........(662) 429-9096 DeSoto County Courthouse.........(662) 469-8000


Police Department 911 or 2601 Elm Street........................(662) 429-9096 Fire Department or 475 W Commerce Street..........(662) 449-0504 Sheriff’s Department or 3091 Industrial Dr W.................(662) 469-8500 Un/Employment Office WIN Job Center...........................(662) 342-4002 7320 Highway 51 N, Southaven, MS

Garbage/Trash Collection

City of Hernando.........................(662) 429-9092 DeSoto County............................(901) 236-0660

Health & Human Services

Child Support..............................(877) 882-4916 165 W South St, Ste 100, Hernando Family & Child Services...............(662) 469-8012 (Investigation of Child Abuse or Neglect) 3246 Highway 51 S, Ste 2, Hernando Food Stamps...............................(662) 469-8420 3210 Highway 51 S, Hernando Health Department.....................(662) 429-9814 3212 Highway 51 S, Hernando


First Regional Library Hernando.................................(662) 429-4439 370 West Commerce Street

Marriage Licenses




Entergy........................................(800) 368-3749 Gas - Propane Gibson Propane...........................(901) 363-0101

Gas and Natural Gas

Atmos Energy .............................(800) 863-7749

Internet Service Providers

BellSouth (DSL)...........................(800) 321-2375 Comcast......................................(800) 266-2278

Telephone BellSouth Installations:

Residential...............................(888) 757-6500 Business...................................(866) 620-6000 Repairs: Residential...............................(877) 737-2478 Business...................................(866) 620-6900 Comcast....................................(800) 266-2278


Belmont Water Association.........(662) 449-5551 City of Hernando.........................(662) 429-9092 North Mississippi Utilities...........(662) 429-9509 Nesbit Water Association............(662) 429-8800

Voter Registration

DeSoto County Circuit Court Clerk......................(662) 469-8007, ext 1 2535 Highway 51 South, Hernando

Government Offices

475 West Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 Phone: (662) 429-9092 Fax: (662) 429-9099

Mayor & Board of Alderman

Mayor.............................................Tom Ferguson Alderman at Large.....................W.I. “Doc” Harris Jr. Alderman Ward 1...........................Sonny Bryant Alderman Ward 2..........................Andrew Miller Alderman Ward 3.............................Gary Higdon Alderman Ward 4..................Michael McClendon Alderman Ward 5............................Cathy Brooks Alderman Ward 6................................Jeff Hobbs

City Hall

All Personnel...............................(662) 429-9092 City Clerk..........................................Katie Harbin City Attorney............................Kenneth Stockton City Judge...........Anthony Nowak, Robert Quimby City Court Clerk.......................Cassaundra Perry Community Development.................Gia Matheny

Office of Planning

Director of Planning........................Keith Briley Building Inspector Building Permits..........................Kristen Duggan Business Licenses......................Kristen Duggan Code Enforcement…………….Kristen Duggan

DeSoto County Circuit Court Clerk...........(662) 469-8007, ext 1 2535 Highway 51 South, Hernando

Emergency Services


Parks & Recreation

Call Before You Dig (Buried Cable Locator)...............(800)227-6477

60 Hernando

Chief of Police Scott Worsham...........(662) 429-9096 Fire Chief........................................Hubert Jones Assistant Fire Chief........................Marshel Berry Director DeWayne Williams.........(662) 429-2688 Program Director………………….Dolly Brechin

Public Works and Utilities

Public Works Director   Gary McElhannon.....................(662) 429-9092 Utility Clerk    Nicole Kee............................(662) 429-9092 Annabelle Ibsen

DeSoto County Administration 365 Losher Street Hernando, MS 38632 Phone: (662) 469-8000

Board of Supervisors............(662) 469-8002 District 1 Supervisor........................Jesse Medlin District 2 Supervisor.......................Mark Gardner District 3 Supervisor............................Bill Russell District 4 Supervisor.........................Lee Caldwell District 5 Supervisor............................Michael Lee

County Administrator

DeSoto County Schools

5 East South Street Hernando, MS 38632 Phone: (662) 429-5271

Superintendant of Education Cory Uselton

School Board

District 1 Milton Nichols.................(662) 895-2718 District 2 Michele Henley................(901)652-3555 District 3 Ann Jolley........................(662) 781-1169 District 4 Shelia Riley......................(901)484-5192 District 5 Sarah Doss Thomas…......(901)387-7738

Hernando Elementary

455 Riley Street, Hernando.........(662) 429-4160 Principal.........................................Renee Triplett

Hernando Hills Elementary

Vanessa Lynchard....................... (662) 469-8180

570 McIngvale, Hernando...........(662) 429-9117 Principal....................................Stephanie Gilder

Chancery Court Clerk

Oak Grove Central Elementary

Misty Heffner……………….(662) 469-8005

Circuit Court Clerk

Dale Kelly Thompson……….(662) 469-8007

Chancery Court

Land Records..........................(662) 469-8397 Chancery Court Records……..(662)469-8398

Tax Assessor

Parker Pickle...............................(662) 469-8029

Tax Collector

Joey Treadway.............................(662) 469-8030

DeSoto County

Planning Department..............(662) 469-8023 Director of Planning.....................Bennie Hopkins Deputy Director.............................Austin Cardosi

893 Oak Grove Road, Hernando…. (662) 429-4180 Principal............................................Stacey Pirtle

Hernando Middle School

700 Dilworth Lane, Hernando.....(662) 429-4154 Principal.............................................Dr. Jerry Floate

Hernando High School

805 Dilworth Lane, Hernando.....(662) 429-4170 Principal.......................................Duane Case

State and Federal Officials

Mississippi State Senate District 1 .........................................Chris Massey District 2 ..........................................David Parker District 19...................................Kevin Blackwell

Mississippi House of Representatives

Judge Craig Treadway….............(662) 469-8359 Judge Gerald Chatham................(662) 469-8314

District 6.........................................Dana Criswell District 7.........................................Steve Hopkins District 24................................................Jeff Hale District 25..........................................Dan Eubanks District 28..........................................Robert Foster District 40........................................Ashley Henley District 52...........................................Bill Kinkade

Chancery Court

U.S. Senate

Circuit Court

Judge Percy Lynchard….................(662) 469-8347 Judge Mitchell Lundy…………….(662) 226-1343 Judge Vicki Daniels……………(662) 563-8715

County Court

Judge Allen Couch………….…….(662)469-8347

Youth Court

Judge Craig Treadway......................(662) 469-8336

Justice Court

8525 Highway 51 North, Southaven...................................(662) 469-8026

DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff Bill Rasco........................(662) 469-8500


Senator Thad Cochran Senator Roger Wicker

U.S. House of Representatives Representative Trent Kelly

member directory Accountants

Holly Renee Seymour, CPA, PLLC Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 912-6022

Myers Law Group 2042 McIngvale Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-1994

Williams Pitts & Beard Accountants PLLC 2042 McIngvale Rd., Ste. A Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-4436

Owens Law Firm, PLLC 5 W. Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 292-7275


Smith, Phillips, Mitchell, Scott, & Nowak Law Firm 2545 Caffey Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5041

A2Z Advertising, Inc 2593 Highway 51 Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 367-4848 Comcast Spotlight 3251 Players Club Parkway Memphis, TN 38125 (901) 208-7906 Kaeser & Blair Inc. 2380 East Parkway Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 230-9461


Cedar Hill Farm 008 Love Rd. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-2540


Coleman Crawford Estates 2780 College Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-2157 Park Place Apartments 315 Losher Street, Suite 200 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-4242 The Magnolias of Hernando 2321 McIngvale Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-2009


AERC, PLLC 342 West Valley Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 298-0057


Barton Law Office 165 W. South Street, Suite 208 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 710-4252 Chatham Damare’ Pittman PLLC 291 Losher Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-9871 Graves, Smith, Palmertree, & Shaw PLLC 140 W. Center Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-9302 Kyle Wynn & Associates 2555 Caffey St Hernando, MS 38632 (601) 978-1700 Megan A. Cole, Law Office of George B. Ready 175 E. Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-7088

Stan Little, Attorney at Law 2525 Caffey St. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-8405

Bakeries and Cafes

Beverage Wholesale

Lady Bugg Bakery 205 E Commerce St Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-7000

Builders & Developers

City Hall Cheesecake 221 East Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 469-9117

Lee Lee’s Sweet Shop & Bakery 1139 Holly Springs Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 288-1600


Clark Beverage Group Inc. 1235 Scott Street Senatobia, MS 38668 (662) 280-8540 Bridgforth Properties, Inc. 3606 Bridgforth Road Olive Branch, MS 38654 (662) 429-4441

Gustafson Properties, LLC P.O. Box 827 Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 428-8086

BancorpSouth 60 E. Commerce St. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-9816

Kelly Excavating & Septic 1654 Slocum Road Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 603-3919

BankPlus 885 E. Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-7325

Lenox Windstone Venture LLC 1326 Hardwood Trail Cordova, TN 38016 (901) 758-9777

Community Bank 475 E. Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-8484

Life Style Homes, LLC 1074 Thousand Oaks Drive Ste 1 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-2332

All Star Chevrolet 7240 Craft Goodman Road Olive Branch, MS 38654 (662) 895-5536

First Security Bank 985 E. Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-4115

M.A. Home Builders 3751 Getwell Rd S Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-0418

Country Ford 95 Goodman Road East Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 349-4300

First Tennessee Bank 500 E. Commerce St. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-7021

Mountain Creek Cabins LLC 3036 McCracken Road, Suite 2 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 672-2246

Landers Auto Group 315 E Goodman Rd Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 349-3006

Guaranty Bank & Trust Company 2440 McIngvale Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-1630

Business Services


Renasant Bank 180 E. Commerce St. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-7833

The Stroud Law Firm, P.C. 5779 Getwell Road Building C1 Southaven, MS 38672 (662) 536-5656 Walker Brown & Brown Law Firm 2540 Highway 51 South Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5277

Auto Sales and Service

Advanced Collision Inc. 1473 Hwy 51 S. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-8992 Burleson’s Auto and Diesel Repair 3250 McIngvale Rd Hernando, MS 38672 (662) 429-5005 C&M Motorwerks 1580 Hwy 51 S. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 469-4777 Craigen’s Garage LLC 1710 Holly Springs Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-8135 DeSoto Collision Centers 6751 Elmore Rd Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 349-9441 Gateway Tire & Service 2100 McIngvale Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-3832 Griffin and Son Auto Service, LLC 2035 Stateline Road West Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 280-6906

SecurTrust Federal Credit Union 3870 Goodman Road East Southaven, MS 38672 (662) 890-8760 Southern Bancorp Bank 970 Byhalia Rd Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-9973 Sycamore Bank 1025 E. Commerce St. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-0457 Trustmark National Bank 2510 Highway 51 South Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5251

Bed & Breakfast

Magnolia Grove Bed and Breakfast 140 East Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-2626

The UPS Store 429 E Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-1641

Car Wash

Car Wash USA Express 2300 McIngvale Road Hernando, MS 38632


GranDan’s Catfish Catering 2397 Scott Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 820-3735 Scotty’s Catering Company 928 Nesbit Road Nesbit, MS 38651 (901) 834-0744

Chamber of Commerce

Byhalia Chamber of Commerce 2452 Church Street Byhalia, MS 38611 (662) 838-8128 Horn Lake Chamber of Commerce 3101 Goodman Rd. W., Suite B Horn Lake, MS 38637 (662) 393-9897 Olive Branch Chamber of Commerce 9123 Pigeon Roost Olive Branch, MS 38654 (662) 895-2600

Hernando | 61

Southaven Chamber of Commerce 500 Main Street Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 342-6114

Longview Point Baptist Church 1100 McIngvale Rd Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-1044

Child Care

New Discovery Christian Church 961 Vinson Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-5939

Heavenly Hearts Learning Center 1710 Tchulahoma Road Nesbit, MS 38651 (901) 483-7200 Kaco’s Kids Childcare & Preschool 905 Magnolia Hills Cove Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-7649


DeSoto County Chiropractic 1134 Church Rd W Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 393-4848 Henry Chiropractic 2620 HWY 51 South Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-7534 Mid South Chiropractic 210 E Commerce Street, Suite 1 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 890-0012 Morton Chiropractic Clinic 55 East Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-6102

Christmas Trees & Supplies Merry Christmas Tree Farm 1890 Getwell Road North Nesbit, MS 38651 (662) 429-9462


Christ Community Church of Hernando 1464 Byhalia Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-6036 Colonial Hills Church 700 Dilworth Cove Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 393-2445 CrossPointe Church 71 East Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 893-0913

Riverbend Church 173 Kapik Industrial Drive, Suite D Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 404-4043 The Hill Hernando Church Family 1775 Memphis St. Ste. B Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 298-3584 Victory Baptist Church 4353 Highway 51 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-2265


A-OK Cleaners 2440 Mt. Pleasant Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-7016

Cleaning Services C & P Enterprises 11545 Sullivan Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-8057

Cleaning Crew 275 East Commerce St Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 691-0737 Fish Window Cleaning 52 W. Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 469-4163 Heavenly Sunshine Property Services 9115 Southview Southaven, MS 38671 (901) 562-5326 Klean Your Way, LLC 826 Cardinal Lane Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-0876


Collision Repair

Dance Instruction

Pounders Repair 345B E. Commerce St Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 240-4088

Stars in Motion 569 Olivia Lane Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 349-6422

Commercial Shopping Center Leasing


Computer Networking & Cabling

DeSoto Family Dental Care 460 Byhalia Rd. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5239

Benchmark Autobody 280 East South Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 469-4500

Joe Poppenheimer Management, LLC 1018 Goodman Road West Horn Lake, MS 38637 (662) 349-9607 Net-Works South, LLC 429 East Commerce St., Ste. 110 Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 491-7051

Computer Services

Memphis IT Solutions, INC 165 N. Main Street Collierville, TN 38017 (901) 457-4230


Kona Ice of Olive Branch 3833 Spring Lakes Olive Branch, MS 38654 (662) 420-6906 Tphillips Enterprises, LLC 2153 Paris Cove Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 413-5911


MMC Materials, Inc. 1955 Nail Road Horn Lake, MS 38637 (662) 393-7676

Construction and Plumbing

Progressive Construction of the Mid-South 8712 Kerri Ruth Rd Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 233-4553


Bedrock Stone & Design 283 E Commerce St Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 647-4720

Belhaven University 7111 Southcrest Parkway, Suite 105 Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 469-5387

Albro Construction Services 1978 Hobbs Cove Horn Lake, MS 38637 (662) 298-8569

First Presbyterian Church 1455 McIngvale Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-6646

Northwest Mississippi Community College ABE/GED Department 4975 Hwy 51 North Senatobia, MS 38668 (662) 562-3698

Convenience Store/Gas and Diesel

Hernando Baptist Church 11 East Center Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-6361

Northwest Mississippi Community College-Desoto 5197 W.E. Ross Parkway Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 342-1570

Cosmetics & Skin Care

Hernando United Methodist Church 1890 Mt. Pleasant Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-7026

University of MS DeSoto 5197 W.E. Ross Parkway Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 342-4765

First Baptist Church Nesbit 1645 Hwy 51 N Nesbit, MS 38651 (662) 429-5319

Holy Spirit Catholic Church 545 East Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-7851

62 Hernando

Exxon Tigermart 870 E Commerce St Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5154

beauticontrol 3390 Rhett Butler Drive Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 428-6964

Darlene’s Permanent Makeup & Nails 2400 Hwy. 51 South Suite # 2 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 812-9271

Center Stage Dance 131 West Center Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 298-3069

Children’s Dental Center-Dr. Jason Coleman 1150 Monteith Ave, Suite 102 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 298-2105

DeSoto Family Dentistry 225 Losher Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-3000 Hernando Dental Group 2264 McIngvale Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-6736 Hernando Smiles 7 East Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5055

Direct Home Sales

Pure Romance by Nancy 3290 Shady Hill Dr. Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 487-2833

Dog Kennels

Hernando Kennels 5464 Robertson Gin Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 485-7233

Economic Development Organizations DeSoto County Economic Development 316 West Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-4414

Education and Support Family Resource Center 3246 Hwy 51 South, Suite 1 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 404-6030


Lane Electric 3459 Hourglass Drive West Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 277-9178 Whitfield Electric 222 Kapik Dr. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-4542

Emergency Services/Ambulance Fleetwood Transport Service LLC 224 A Motor Scooter Drive Nesbit, MS 38651 (662) 444-4753


Burns Cooley Dennis Inc. 2446 Caffey St., Suite 2A Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 238-1661 Joe Lauderdale, Consulting Engineer 231 W. Center St. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-2780 Neel-Schaffer Inc. 5740 Getwell Rd. Bldg. #2 Southaven, MS 38672 (662) 890-6404 Waggoner Engineering 2475 Memphis Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-2100 Fowler Engineering, LLC 1989 Oak Tree Cove, Suite A Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 469-9571


DeSoto Family Theatre 9105 HWY 51 North Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 280-6546 Green Machine Concerts 6275 Snowden Lane Southaven, MS 38672 (662) 892-2660 Kandy Land Choo-Choo Train 405 Golden Way Coldwater, MS 38618 (601) 955-933 Kudzu Playhouse-Northwest Miss Theater Guild PO Box 47 Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 481-3271 Mixx Entertainment PO Box 674 Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 674-7183 Santa Steve 841 Cloverleaf Dr Southaven, MS 38671 (901) 573-1607 TNT Sound, Inc 1620 Dancy Boulevard Horn Lake, MS 38637 (662) 342-1466

Equipment Rental and Sales United Rentals 2141 Paris Cove Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 301-6630

Equipment Sales and Service Davis Motorhome Mart 1145 E Brooks Rd Memphis, TN 38116 (901) 332-3414

Hernando Equipment 193 E. Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-6648

Event Planning, Weddings, Interior Design Made Ya Look 2615 School St Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 413-4177

Eviction Services

4SETOUT 2375 Memphis Street, Ste. 204 Hernando, MS 38632 (844) 473-8688


Banks & Company P.O. Box 160 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-6331

Finance Companies 1st Franklin Financial 2412 East Parkway Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-2662

Financial Planning

Independent Planning Group 2540 Highway 51 South Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-0040

Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

SERVPRO of DeSoto, Tate, and Tunica Counties 1160 Stateline Road East Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 349-6500

Fitness Centers

Crossfit Hammered Steel 2438 Highway 51 South Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 218-3791


Premier Carpets, LLC 1700 Highway 51 South Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-1550


Hernando Flower Shop 141 West Commerce St. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5281

Funeral Homes

Government / City

Heating & Air Conditioning Services

Congressman Trent Kelly 2565 Caffey Street; #200 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-3090

RW Heating, Air, Plumbing, Electrical, Inc. 160 Pleasant Hill Road Nesbit, MS 38651 (662) 429-2590

Graphic & Web Design ImageFuel Hernando, MS 38632

Southern Air Conditioning & Heating 175 Park Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-4429

Guns and Ammo

Home Centers


Home Improvement

Hair Salons


Health and Wellness

Methodist Olive Branch Hospital 4250 Bethel Road Olive Branch, MS 38654 (662) 932-9000

DeSoto County Schools 5 East South Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5271

DeSoto Defense Armory LLC 2440 Mount Pleasant Road Ste B Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 298-3052 ConXion Gymnastics Group 1725 Memphis Street Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 497-8560 Kelso 133 East Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 912-9190 Absolute Wellness 31 CR 442 Ripley, MS 38663 (662) 587-9061


Affordable Urgent Medical Care 900 East Commerce St. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-9111 Family First Clinic of Hernando 2416 Mt Pleasant Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 298-3181 Hernando Family Medical Clinic 2670 McIngvale Suite H Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-4988

Brantley-Phillips Funeral Home 2470 Highway 51 South Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-6262

Oxford Orthopaedics 1018 McIngvale Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 513-2000

Garden Centers

RedMed Urgent Care Clinic of Hernando 1250 East Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662)298-2238

Four Seasons Garden Center 1745 Highway 51 S. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-1768

General Merchandise Wal-Mart Supercenter 2600 McIngvale Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-3456

Golf & Country Clubs The Hills at Hernando 1000 Bradley Dr Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-0317

Golf Cars

Golf Cars of Hernando 3400 McCracken Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-1566

Stern Cardiovascular Foundation 391 Southcrest Circle, Suite 200 Southaven, MS 38671 (901) 271-1000 Weaver Clinic 124 W. Commerce St. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5221

Hearing Aids

Hearing Solutions LLC 165 W. South Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 469-3277

Eldridge Services Air Conditioning and Heating 3400 McCracken Road, Ste. 7 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-3024

Complete Home Center 32 East Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-0400 Bedrock Stone & Design 283 E Commerce St Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 647-4720 Baptist Memorial Hospital DeSoto 7601 Southcrest Pkwy Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 772-4000

Human Resources

AT & J Human Resource Solutions PO Box 334 Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 413-1386

HVAC Automation & Facility Management E/K Automation 2564 Highway 51 South Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 654-2394

Ice - Wholesale/Distribution Senatobia Ice, LLC 565 Highway 305 Senatobia, MS 38668 (901) 626-5380

Individual Memberships Bettye Taylor 1436 Village Wood Dr Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-0792 Bettye Webster 241 Green T Lake E Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-7555 Carol McGarrity 4803 Penny Cove Southaven, MS 38672 (901) 494-3815 Cathy Brooks 320 Shady Grove Road Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 485-8486 Cecil Sowell 749 Palmer Drive Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 409-1927

Hernando | 63

Ellen Jernigan 1610 Mt Pleasant Rd Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-7241

Nationwide Insurance - Jody Woody 210 E. Commerce Street, Suite 6 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5115

Hernando Wine & Spirits 2358 Mt. Pleasant Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-4403

Gladys Jenkins 792 Palmer Drive Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 606-5878

Shelter Insurance-Brandon Vanderburg 1576 Monteith Ave., Suite A Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5755

Martial Arts

Maria Capalad 1233 Green T Road S Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 812-9108

SouthGroup DeSoto Insurance Inc. 946 Goodman Road East Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 349-2021

N. C. Tom Ferguson, Jr Hernando, Mississippi 38632 901-387-9890

State Farm Insurance-Sam Lauderdale 11 West Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5213


Niteo Products 720 Vaiden Drive Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-0405

State Farm Insurance-Neal Cannon 952 South Central Drive Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-7822

North American Electric, Inc. 350 Vaiden Drive Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-8049

US Health Advisors 3265 W. Sarazens Circle, Ste. 203 Memphis, TN 38125 (901) 619-8783

Schulz Xtruded Products 2785 Mc Cracken Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 373-4114


Tegra Medical 3414 Highway 51 South Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5191


American National Earhart Agency 9086 Pigeon Roost Road, Ste. 107 Olive Branch, MS 38654 (662) 890-0851 Cooke Insurance Center, Inc. 220 W. Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-4488 DeSoto County Farm Bureau 2517 Caffey Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-7821 Farm Bureau - Daniel Bennett 2517 Caffey Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-7821 Humana 4330 Douglas Drive Olive Branch, MS 38654 (901) 647-3206 Insurance Consulting Group Inc. 4735 Spottswood Ave., Ste 204 Memphis, TN 38117 (901) 795-8444 Ken’s Insurance Agency 4210 Highway 51 South Hernando, MS 38632 (662)912-3914 L.S. & Associates Insurance Consultants Inc. 1973 Oak Tree Cove Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 393-9115

64 Hernando

Edward Jones Investments - Zachary Walker 2446 Caffey Street Suite 1B Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-0410 Primerica 180 W. South St Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-1203 IT/Networking/Surveillance/Repairs Horizon Managed Services, LLC 1989 Oak Tree Cove, Suite C Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 228-0020

Lawncare Services

Denny’s Advanced Lawn Care, LLC PO Box 815 Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 461-4843 DeSoto Turf LLC. 2887 Oak Manor Drive Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 355-7177


PENN LEGAL SERVICES 2375 Memphis Street, Ste. 204 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 298-3203


First Regional Library 370 W. Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-4439


Magnolia Lighting, Inc. 470 Highway 51 North Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-0416

Liquor Stores

Cork & Barrel 2631 McIngvale Rd., Suite 127 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 469-9081

Non-Profit Organizations

AARP Mississippi 141 Township Avenue, Suite 302 Ridgeland, MS 39157 (601) 898-5415

Hernando Taekwondo 2631 McIngvale Rd Ste 117 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-5425

Apelah, Inc 2022 Oak Tree Cove Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-3652

Map Books

Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South 3693 Tyndale Dr. Memphis, TN 38125 (901) 257-8624

MIDA Maps Accounts Payable P.O. Box 703 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-0022

Merchant Services

Priority Payments Mid South 1018 Ellington Drive Milan, TN 38358 (731) 613-2254

Mortgage Companies

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. 2220 Hwy 51 South Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5100 The Home Lending Group, LLC 5779 Getwell Road, Building C, Suite 3 Southaven, MS 38672 (662) 996-2020


Bhula Dham Inc. dba Super 8 Hernando 2425 Sloans Way Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5334 Days Inn 943 E Commerce St Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-0000 Hampton Inn LLC 2675 McIngvale Rd Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 419-1000 Westin Memphis Beale St. 170 H. George W. Lee Ave. Memphis, TN 38103 (901) 334-5906


Mighty Movers 2021 Robertson Rd Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 292-7301 Two Men And A Truck 2310 Nail Road W. Horn Lake, MS 38637 (662) 470-3137


DeSoto County Museum 111 East Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-8852 The Lewis Ranch 1595 Malone Road Nesbit, MS 38651 (901) 488-1823

BNI Hernando 210 East Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662)729-5115 DeSoto Arts Council 2465 Highway 51 South Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 404-3361 DeSoto Shrine Club PO Box 511 Nesbit, MS 38651 (662) 429-0511 Goodwill 480 East Commerce Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 508-1657 Grove Christian Academy Hernando, MS 38632 (610) 888-4038 Healing Hearts Child Advocacy Center 5627 Getwell Road B-3 Southaven, MS 38672 (662) 349-1555 Hernando Lions Club 2144 Mt Pleasant Rd Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-6324 Hernando Rotary Club P.O. Box 231 Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 268-7234 Home Builders Association of North MS 5627 Getwell Road Bldg C6 Southaven, MS 38672 (662) 349-0181 House of Grace 8535 Highway 51 North Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 253-0252 Krewe of Hernando 1640 Cedar Grove Dr Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 517-5132 Maddox Foundation 180 W. Commerce St. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-3699 Mid South Dressage Academy 6303 Robertson Gin Rd Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-0968 Northwest MS Association of Realtors 2795 Highway 51 North Nesbit, MS 38651 (662) 449-3553

Olive Branch YMCA 8555 Goodman Road Olive Branch, MS 38654 (662) 890-9622 Optimist Club of Hernando Mississippi PO Box 532 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 280-8875 Palmer Home for Children P.O. Box 929 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-2400 Porter Leath RSVP 868 North Manassas Memphis, TN 38107 (901) 577-2500 Region IV Mental Health Services 2725 Hwy 51 S Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-1808


Real Estate Developer

Hollye Granier ABR, MRP - Century 21 Bob Leigh and Associates 1576 Monteith Avenue Suite C Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 870-4020

Louie’s Family Pharmacy 2260 Highway 51 S Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 469-9055

Realtors / Commercial

Muddy Waters Realty 1045 Church Road East Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 209-0006

Funderburk’s Pharmacy 134 West Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5337


The Katz Organization 272 Titus Ave., Ste 216 Warrington, PA 18976 (215) 852-8755 KW Commercial PO Box 589 Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 833-8000

Full Circle Photography & Design 2172 Pleasant Grove Drive Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 496-8095

Paradigm Corporation 315 Losher St., Suite 200 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-6108

Photos by Joey Brent 527 Wedgewood Drive Oxford, MS 38655 (662) 816-8155

Realtors / Real Estate Brokers

Physical Therapy

Audrey Jacobi - Austin Realty Group 1288 Byhalia Road Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 652-8884

Taylor Phillips - Austin Realty Group 2153 Paris Cove Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 413-5911


RCL Components 3155 Industrial Drive Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-0401


AC’s Steakhouse Pub 333 Losher Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 469-9790

Cornerstone Rehabiltation 421 East Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-4427

Austin Realty Group, Inc. 1288 Byhalia Rd. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-8888

Napoli Physical Therapy LLC 2631 McIngvale Road St. 130 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 469-9054

Beth Davidson - Crye-Leike Realtors 2380 E Parkway Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 233-6730

Big Muddy Coffee Co., LLC 2362 McIngvale Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 298-3109

Pressure Washing

Bobbie Espitia - Austin Realty Group 1001 Crockett Loop N Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 317-0971

Catfish Blues 210 East Commerce Street, Suite 8 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 912-9931

Bridgforth Properties, Inc. 3606 Bridgforth Road Olive Branch, MS 38654 (662) 429-4441

Chick-Fil-A Southaven 235 Goodman Road W Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 349-3587

Burch Realty Group 1139 Holly Springs Rd., Suite C Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-1700

Coleman’s Bar-B-Que 554 East Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-9851

Century 21 Bob Leigh & Associates 6900 Cobblestone Blvd. Southaven, MS 38672 (662) 449-3530

Crossroads Seafood 35 Hwy 51 South Hernando, MS 38632 (901 ) 832-0445

Clint Bolton - RE/MAX Realty Group 2446 Caffey Street, Suite 2 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 403-4200

Domino’s Pizza Delivery 2334 McIngvale Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-3468

Donnie Chambliss - Crye-Leike Realtors 1570 Carlee Drive Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 355-2074

Little Caesars 2348 Mt Pleasant Rd Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 469-9708

Parents & Kids Magazine 817 East River Place Jackson, MS 39202 (601) 366-0901

Dream Maker Realty LLC 7253 Goodman Road Olive Branch, MS 38654 (901) 409-5478

Mi Pueblo 2340 Mt. Pleasant Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-1920

Pest Control

At Home Memphis & the Mid-South Magazine 671 N. Ericson #200 Cordova, TN 38018 (901) 684-4155

Fran Boling - Crye-Leike Realtors 2380 East Parkway Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 574-8322

Sonic 955 East Commerce St Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-9840

Pet Grooming & Boarding

DeSoto Magazine 2375 Memphis Street, Suite 205 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-4617

Ginger Britt - Austin Realty Group, Inc 1468 Mason Drive Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 277-0587

Taco Felix 390 E. Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-1800

Helen Pierpoali - Crye-Leike 2380 E Parkway Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 230-9461

Zaxby’s-Oxford Foods 2575 McIngvale Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-9949

The Arc Northwest MS 5847 Getwell Road B-3 Southaven, MS 38672 (901) 907-9041 The Baddour Center 3297 Highway 51 South Senatobia, MS 38668 (662) 366-6929

Oil Change

Dipstix/ Owned and Operated by Sayle Oil 608 E. Commerce Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5066


J. Cox Orthodontics 1100 Monteith Avenue, Suite 100 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-8022

Paint & Flooring

Sherwin Williams 585 Olivia Square Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-4199

Party Rentals

American Event Tents 9035 Hwy 61 Walls, MS 38680 (662) 781-2280 M & M Party Rentals 3347 Pearson Road Memphis, TN 38118 (901) 366-0670

Payroll Services

Paychex 6555 Quince Road Memphis, TN 38119 (901) 753-2291 Pickens Pest Control, Inc. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-0069 The Dog’s Day 1565 Dancy Blvd Horn Lake, MS 38637 (662) 510-5513

TNT Pressure Washing, LLC 2145 Westwind Dr Nesbit, MS 38651 (901) 258-2311

Printing Services

EM Printing 3081 Bartlett Corporate Drive Bartlett, TN 38133 (901) 881-6134

Private Schools

Magnolia Heights School One Chiefs Drive Senatobia, MS 38668 (662) 562-4491

Promotional Material

Designs by Teri 75 Forked Creek Parkway Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 848-3814 M & M Promotions 1409 Houston Loop Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 349-4939


Hernando | 65


Bare Bath Essentials 5847 Getwell Road, Suite A7 Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 403-0475 Bon Von Gifts & Collectibles 214 W Center Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5266 Center Stage Fashions 324 West Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5288 Cynthia’s Boutique 2529 Caffey Street Hernando, MS (662) 469-9026 Delta Divas LLC 1725 Memphis Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 404-5455 Delta Home 51 1720 Hwy 51 S Hernando, MS 38652 (662) 420-3389 Discount Depot Liquididators Inc. 178 Kapik Industrial road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-9015 Downtown Beer & Tobacco 107 W. Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 469-9826 Jack Anna Beanstalk 2556 Highway 51 South Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 298-3673 Peddler Bike Shop 3075 E Goodman Rd, Suite #2 Southaven, MS 38672 (901) 327-4833 Reliable Equipment 250 Highway 51 North Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-4426 Rick’s Vintage Shop & Antique Market 470 E. Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 469-9439 Saint 2420 East Parkway Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 469-4650 Side Alley 295 Losher Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 469-9479 So Co 300 W. Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 298-3493 Something Creative 2538 Railroad Ave Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 574-7680

66 Hernando

Sports of All Sorts 345 E. Commerce St. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-1162 Sweet Pea’s Boutique 2338 McIngvale Rd Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 469-4857 The Bunker Boutique 2631 McIngvale Rd #106 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 469-4400 The Pink Zinnia 134 West Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-5533 The Square Cupboard 328 W. Commerce St. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-2686 Vintage Warehouse 141 West Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5281

Retirement Communities/Senior Living Wesley Meadows Retirement Community 1325 McIngvale Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-2070

Roofing – Commercial The Garland Co. 109 N. Main Street Memphis, TN 38103 (901) 361-7045

RV Parks

Memphis Jellystone RV Park 1400 Audubon Point Dr Horn Lake, MS 38637 (662) 280-8282


Career and Technology Center - West 1005 Kuykendall Lane Horn Lake, MS 38637 (662) 393-6211 Hernando High School 805 Dilworth Lane Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-7825 Hernando Middle School 700 Dilworth Lane Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-4154

Security Consulting Arion Risk, LLC 4786 Wheeler Road Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 488-1291

Forensic Consultants, LLC 165 West South Street, Suite 210 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 469-4560

Sewer - Porta-Potty Kelly Septic Service 1654 Slocum Road Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 674-0432

Sports Organizations Memphis Grizzlies 191 Beale Street Memphis, TN 38103 (901) 205-1477

Mississippi RiverKings 4560 Venture Drive Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 342-1755

Starward Vacations, LLC 2170 Hwy. 51 South, Suite 5 Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-1000


Front Porch Learning Cottage, LLC 2420 Mt. Pleasant Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 915-7575

Storage Facilities

Utilities - Electric Power Companies

Oak Tree Mini Storage 2036 Oak Tree Dr Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 619-4246

Utilities - Natural Gas

Hernando Self Storage 2795 McIngvale Rd Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 912-9202

Storm Shelters

Express Shelters LLC 5240 Sinai Drive Mason, TN 38949 (901) 692-3804

Swimming Pools

Aquaworks Pools 2575 McCracken Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-8200 Splash Pools Inc 556 Whitfield Drive Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 469-5717


AT&T Authorized Retailer; Spring Mobile 1202 E. Commerce St. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 449-0798 C Spire Select Retailer 425 E Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-0066 C Spire 230 Goodman Road E., Bldg 1 Southaven, MS 38671 (855) 277-4735

Televisions Stations WREG-TV- Channel 3 803 Channel 3 Drive Memphis, TN 38103 (901) 543-2142

Title Exchange

Money Matters 38 West Commerce St. Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-5855


DeSoto County Tourism 4716 Pepper Chase Road Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 393-8770

Tractors & Lawn Equipment

Entergy Mississippi 1661 Scott Street Senatobia, MS 38668 (800) 368-3749

Atmos Energy 5249 Pepperchase Drive Southaven, MS 38671 (800) 863-7749

Utilities - Propane Gibson Propane 1585 Memphis St Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-6211

Utilities - Water Services North Mississippi Utilities 1481 Byhalia Road Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-9509

Venue Rental

1 Memphis Street 2467 Memphis Street Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 550-5632 Landers Center 4560 Venture Drive Southaven, MS 38671 (662) 280-9120 Rose Hill at Mussecuna Estates 5000 Robertson Gin Road Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 238-4393


Animal Medical Center of DeSoto County, PLLC 1974 Oak Tree Cove Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-8807

Waste Management Systems Waste Connections, Inc of TN 621 E. Brooks Road Memphis, TN 38116 (901) 398-5400 Waste Pro 2187 Stateline Road West Southaven, MS 38671 (901) 655-2032

Website Design

AngelFish Media 2514 Ice Plant Lane Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 326-4071

Wade, Inc. 1985 Highway 304 West Hernando, MS 38632 (662) 429-4483

Unofficial Agency 73 Union Avenue Memphis, TN 38103 (901) 421-5480

Travel Agencies


Brent Travel LLC 527 Wedgewood Drive Oxford , MS 38655 (662) 832-1134

Soul Good Tees 100 East Commerce Street Hernando, MS 38632 (901) 206-9367

H ERNANDO D ENTAL G ROUP 662-429- OPE N ( 6736)

Amy Wadsworth, DDS • Mark Skidmore, DDS Family Dentistry

2264 McIngvale Rd, Hernando, MS 38632

2018 Hernando Main Street Chamber of Commerce  

Get a look into the great small town of Hernando, Mississippi. Mississippi's Front Porch!

2018 Hernando Main Street Chamber of Commerce  

Get a look into the great small town of Hernando, Mississippi. Mississippi's Front Porch!