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This our second issue is again being supported by the most incredible people and companies. It took a little longer than expected to get out into the universe but it rained so any delay has been magical. Our pages are filled with new product launches and a trip to Greece. Once again the accommodation is all about comfort and luxury and of course, food. I have been introduced to a whole new visual sensation, that of wedding cakes, an art form. Have a look at Wades Cakes Look Book as well. Wine will always have a special place in our lives and am sure you will not be disappointed. The normal G&T as we know it is fast developing in to a major player on the social scene. Gin (d ʒɪ n) is described in the dictionary as “a clear alcoholic spirit distilled from grain or malt and flavoured with juniper berries”. They are going to have to redefine that with craft flavour-infused gins becoming the order of the day We are happy to bring you the first of many articles to feature gin. Garry Frasca

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THE LATEST LAUNCHES Paul Mitchell brings you the latest in hair care from roots to ends.


LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE WITH CHANDELIERS Delos is a leading antique lighting and furniture showroom in Cape Town.

FRANCOIS PISTORIUS PHOTOGRAPHY I believe in storytelling to capture each brand in a way to create a story each brand and it’s people resonates with to showcase what they are about and want to communicate.

THE TALKING TABLE Its a place on the Greek island of Lesvos where people stay, eat and talk together.

WADES CAKES Castle of Cuisine is what Wade van der Merwe prefers to term his dazzling edible creations.

CREATION WINE “The art of wine making begins long before the first grapes are harvested or the first barrels filled..

TOADBURY HALL Country Hotel was established in 1997. Our spectacular 25-hectare country estate is situated in the world-famous Cradle of Humankind on the banks of the Crocodile River.

ZANDVLIET WINE Zandvliet Wine Estate, on the outskirts of Ashton in the Robertson Valley, plays an illustrious role in the narrative of the South African wine industry.

CLEMENGOLD GIN Nine botanicals – with sundried ClemenGold peels taking the flavour lead – are used when distilling this handcrafted gin.

Our Values For us, producing the highest quality professional hair care available is simply not enough. John Paul Mitchell Systems is (and always will be) dedicated to making our world a more beautiful place. We were the first professional beauty company to stand up against animal testing and our charitable efforts continue to set the standard for giving in our industry. A commitment to caring for people and the planet is a driving force in everything we do. "Success Unshared Is Failure" - John Paul DeJoria



Paul Mitchell fits into every woman's lifestyle, creating hairstyles that are as unique as each individual's personal style. Paul Mitchell® INVISIBLEWEAR™ is a complete line of hair care and styling products that’s all about embracing the beauty of imperfection and making chic simple. In today’s #NoFilter beauty world, there’s nothing more desirable than an effortlessly cool look. This line will help you achieve tousled, touchable styles. We’ve created the ultimate beauty cheat code—freedom from a complex routine.

To create the perfect foundation for undone, effortless looks, INVISIBLEWEAR® Shampoo cleanses and volumizes for a gorgeously relaxed look. It works to add just the right amount of texture and life into dull-looking hair while infused velvet flower softens each strand for flawless manageability. INVISIBLEWEAR® Conditioner is the perfect hair care product for detangling while also building just the right amount of body. Moisturizes, while replenishing hair for gorgeous gloss. The lightweight formula, infused with velvet flower, softens hair and adds perfect manageability. For instant texture with natural-looking volume, INVISIBLEWEAR® Undone Texture Hairspray adds undone texture and body for an effortless look. It volumizes perfectly, adding life to flat hair for a natural look and touchable hold. Achieve the beautifully undone style you desire using INVISIBLEWEAR® Undone Texture Hairspray. Create perfectly undone definition using INVISIBLEWEAR® Memory Shaper™. This soft memory product creates a natural-looking finish while also adding the perfect amount of flexibility and shine. The lightweight formula, enriched with velvet flower, leaves hair feeling soft, smelling fresh and effortlessly manageable.

Too much humidity can wreak havoc on hair. INVISIBLEWEAR速 Volume Whip速 is the perfect product to resisting the damaging effects of humidity while also providing a long-lasting, crunch-free hold. It helps you achieve perfect blowouts and add shine while also fighting frustrating frizz. Hold your hairstyle in place no matter the weather with INVISIBLEWEAR速 Volume Whip速.

INVISIBLEWEAR® Orbit™ Hairspray works to boost volume while taming pesky flyaways. The fine, layerable mist resists the damaging effects of humidity while fighting frizz for the perfect finishing touch to your hairstyle. The essence of velvet flower provides incredible softness, so hair never feels crunchy or stiff. Featured on the Today Show as a beauty trick that helps a blowout last longer, INVISIBLEWEAR® Boomerang Restyling Mist® is a styling spray that revives hair that has lost its luster and detangles stubborn locks. Second-day hair can lose its body and vibrancy and INVISIBLEWEAR® Boomerang Restyling Mist® helps to restore moisture and fight frizz for soft, touchable and beautiful hair.


The story of Biosense began over 20 years ago and has established itself as a house hold name in professional hair-care. Biosense making sense of our modern lifestyle, using some of the most unique natural ingredients.

Biosense endeavors to give the professional hairstylist the tools to help create and perfect the perfect hairstyle every time, using natural ingredients to ensure efficacy and shiny, healthy hair.

The ultimate 12 in 1 treatment provides 12 benefits in one bottle! 12 in 1 is enriched with moisturizing Baobab oil, that aids in strengthening the hair, acts as an anti-inflammatory and has excellent smoothing properties. The ultimate 12 in 1 treatment was specially formulated to be the go to treatment that can be used every time you wash your hair. The leave in conditioner not only detangles but controls frizz, soothes split ends, repairs dry and damaged hair, extends life of your color, protects the hair from heat elements, gives great shine and replaces lost protein in the hair.

DNA AFTERSHOCK MOISTURE Enriched with watermelon seed oil Hydrates For dry hair, will stop further damage in tracks Helps with frizziness Controls,repairs & seals split ends Promotes shine DNA AFTERSHOCK PROTEIN Enriched with moisturizing baobab oil Strengthens & protects Helps with lost of elasticity Perfect for overly processed, colored and relaxed hair Strengthens hair follicles Protects against further damage

SILVER SHAMPOO •Enriched with Mongongo •Protects against UV damage •Contains acid violet and acid blue •Neutralizes all warm tones •Suitable for all blondes

What makes Biosense Silver Shampoo unique is the fact that it has acid blue and acid violet pigments eliminating yellow as well as orange tones in the hair.

Biosense launched Bioceuticals BIOCEUTICALS consists of 5 product ranges each uniquely formulated to provide the consumer with healthy hair and a healthy scalp. ANTI DANDRUFF RANGE FOR AN ITCHY SCALP, Contains proteins that reconstructs hair shaft Soothes itchy scalp Gently removes dandruff Sulphate and paraben free

RESOLVE RANGE FOR A PROBELMATIC SCALP Enriched with Jojaba oil Hydrates scalp Anti-inflammatory & Anti-bacterial properties Sulphate and paraben free Extracts: Zantalene, Jojoba oil, Panthenol

ITCH NO MORE Enriched with Sichuan pepper Anti-itching properties Soothing properties Safe to use during color application Paraben free Extracts: zanthalene, chamomile, calendula, menthol For dry, itchy and sensitive scalp

HAIR REVITALISING RANGE Enriched with butterfly bushplant Protection against free radicals & Promotes healthy scalp Anti-inflammatory & Antibacterial Improves scalp cell activity Preservatives free Extracts: Plant stem cell, menthol, lactic acid, cypress extract, sophoro extract

BIOTIN FOR ALL HAIR types Improves healthy shiny hair Increases vitality Stimulates hair growth Contains no yeast, wheat, gluten, milk, lactose, sugar, preservatives, soy, artificial colour or salt Take 1 capsule per day

Delos is a leading antique lighting and furniture showroom in Cape Town. Restoring and recycling relics from around the globe and presenting them to you is our business. A team of enthusiasts deliver superior products to all. Jason Calvert has over 22 years experience of bringing quality antiques to the South African market. Travels include Argentina, India, Morocco and various European destinations in order to maintain the highest standards. An authentic style and consistent collection has allowed growth for many years. Delos boasts one of the largest collections of original antiques in South Africa. Established at a landmark church and schoolyard in the Woodstock Design District, Delos aims to become a design destination of choice in Cape Town. Come and visit our shop and see for yourself! Delos @ The Old St.Mary’s School 181 Albert Rd Woodstock Cape Town Tel: Fax: Mobile: Email:

+27 21 447 5739 +27 86 656 2832 +27 71 607 9552

Photography by Francois Pistorius Click to visit website

Photography by Francois Pistorius Click to visit website

Photography by Francois Pistorius Click to visit website

Photography by Francois Pistorius Click to visit website

The Talking Table is a place on the Greek island of Lesvos where people stay, eat and talk together. A philosophy of sharing underlies one’s time in the grand old manor house on the village square of Molyvos, one of the most beautiful in Greece. The two South Africans who created The Talking Table did so from a belief in the power of good conversation engaged in around a table laden with hearty food. Mostly Greek food, in this case. What better setting for the creative workshops offered by The Talking Table since 2017: several in creative writing, in photography, painting, making your own illustrated children’s book, or a week to connect with nature. To these were added in 2018 a course in Greek cooking, and a week in which we walk the footsteps of the philosopher Aristotle on this island.

Workshops, attended by many South Africans but also by people from all over the world, are held in the mornings so participants have the afternoons free. In the evenings a long-table meal of Greek home-cooking is served in the garden. But the most important item on the menu is really the conversation, ranging from the light-hearted to the mind-challenging. The port village of Molyvos is a World Heritage site, set on a hill crowned by a Byzantine castle. The site has been occupied for at least 3 000 years and is still a living, working village of farmers and fishermen, where children play in the streets and old men sit in the cafes making conversation all day. The village lies on the northernmost peninsula of Lesvos, which is very close to Turkey in the north Agean Sea. This mountainous island, with its spectacular beauty, was known in ancient times as the Garden of Greece. The full programme of workshops at The Talking Table can be viewed on the website For more information, write to

Wade van der Merwe Castle of Cuisine is what Wade van der Merwe prefers to term his dazzling edible creations. Having spent most if this 17 year culinary career, running restaurants and training young chefs, specializing in confectionery, becoming one of the best known pastry chefs in South Africa and working at the Mount Nelson, 5 star Orient Express Hotel for 7 years making the High Tea famous worldwide, and represented South Africa as a member of the South African Culinary Olympic team all over the world – acquiring gold, silver and bronze medals for South Africa. Wade is passionate about the “sweeter things in life” and his passion shows in every creation from delicate wedding cakes to decadent deserts. Cakes by Wade specializes in creating individually designed and flavoured cakes and confectionery for any special occasion. With a rich history of decadent indulgence and passionate creativity, it remains South Africa’s premier choice for wedding cakes, pastries and desserts. We categorized the style of confectionery into four basic groups: traditional, formal, modern and abstract. “The wedding cake is a focal point, a highlight, for the bridal couple, but to be an effective part of the greater visual of the day, its decoration is as important as is the venue” he says simply. Using the cake type and design style as basis, the decor of the event as well as the personality of the clients are analyzed to select elements which are carried through to the cake decoration, ensuring a rounded whole. Arda Dinch Arda immigrated to South Africa in 2002 from Turkey. As a qualified marine biologist and wine maker, he quickly fell in love with pastry and the South African cuisine and finished his studies as a chef in 2006. During this time he met Wade van der Merwe and their business relationship grew from strength to strength. Tel/Fax: +27 (0)21 685 5041 Mobile: +27 (0)82 932 4522 Email: New Look Book Click Here

An Ode to Authenticity “The art of wine making begins long before the first grapes are harvested or the first barrels filled. It begins with the land itself, the spirit of which lives on in every bottle.” Having said that, Creation co-founder Carolyn Martin expands on the unique factors shaping the wines in the award-winning Creation portfolio. Some call it ‘provenance’, others ‘terroir’, but in a nutshell: it is the sense of place that makes Creation wines so distinctive. Established by Carolyn and her Swiss-born husband JeanClaude (JC) Martin, Creation falls under the appellation of Walker Bay, which fringing the south-western shores of the Atlantic Ocean, is among the coolest wine regions in South Africa.

The estate’s setting on the Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge combines close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean (only 9 km away) with an altitude of 290 m above sea level. The average mean temperature during the growth period is between 23 and 26 degrees Celsius with the cool night index 12 degrees lower than at midday. Thanks to these conditions the grapes ripen gradually, evenly and fully, resulting in elegant fruit flavours balanced by crisp acidity and subtle, silky tannin's. Another plus factor is the estate’s 450-million-year-old clay derived Bokkeveld shale soils which have good water retention and contain minerals beneficial to the pH levels of the wine.

Both Carolyn and JC come from wine pioneering families spanning three generations and there can be little doubt: the passion for wine is in their genes. JC qualified as a viticulturist and a winemaker before he was 23 and handcrafted his first wine in a converted filling station in a small French-Swiss village – a true ‘garagiste’! The equipment was basic but the results were impressive, setting the scene for what has become a highly successful career.

When establishing Creation’s maiden vineyards, JC meticulously considered soil, climate and aspect, selecting the cultivars best suited to the terroir and having the foresight to plant only virus-free clones. The French term ‘elevage’ comes to mind, says Carolyn, explaining that this blank canvas offered them the advantage of caring for the vineyards from fledgling vines to maturity. “Elevage is about honing and nurturing and this hands-on approach has been a golden thread running throughout our estate’s formative and subsequent history.”

In the Creation vineyards virtually everything is done by hand. Working closely with Nature, the skilled vineyard team combines time-honored methods with new techniques. Each block, row and vine is known to them so that changes and developments do not go unnoticed and modifications can be made timeously. The grapes are also harvested by hand - according to a clear strategic plan. “When and how grapes are harvested are crucial factors in determining the quality of the wine. Our harvest teams know exactly what to look for in a bunch and this artisanal method, called the ‘triage’ or selection, ensures that no leaves and only perfect bunches land in the crates,” explains Carolyn. In the custom-designed Creation cellar JC adheres to a philosophy of ‘enhancing the beauty of Nature’. Stating that it is the terroir and little intervention that make Creation wines so distinctive he says: “When you’re harvesting quality fruit it is not necessary to manipulate the wine. Rather guide it gently through the process to preserve the sense of place.”

Thanks to refreshing natural acidity, complexity, superb balance and the judicious use of oak Creation wines are exceptionally food friendly. And when it comes to wine and food pairing - an art for which Carolyn is famous - she believes that ‘what grows together, goes together’. This approach has its roots in her childhood when growing up on her grandparents’ wine farm. “We had a fantastic pantry, our own chickens, pigs and cows with a dairy. We grew a wide variety of fruit and veggies and I still appreciate fresh, simple food.” Accordingly, Creation’s renowned pairing menus are based on fresh, locally grown produce, meticulously paired with the wines.

Hemel en Aarde Road Land Line +27 28 212 1107 Hermanus GPS S34 19’54.40″, E19 19’54.92″

In the kitchen the inventive Creation Culinary Team work together, creating their new recipes or blending a little nostalgia with a hearty helping of innovation to reconstruct old favorites. Roughly 80% of their ingredients are sourced from within 50 km of the farm. “We are very proud of our own herb garden and we love the fact that we can offer our guests freshly purified water from our own dam. We use raw wild harvested bee pollen from a local beekeeper and get fresh flowers, veggies and fruit from family-run farms near us,” Carolyn says.

And so the story of Creation unfolds; a story with heart and integrity which, at its very roots, celebrates Nature’s rich gifts and the commitment of its founders to harness this bounty to its full potential. In conclusion Carolyn says: “Visitors to Creation often comment on how wonderful it is to come across wines and food that are artfully, thoughtfully, lovingly and purposefully crafted by hand. Our clients appreciate curated experiences, where time, the most precious commodity in life, has been invested to transform the wonders of Nature into products of exceptional quality.”

Toadbury Hall Country Hotel was established in 1997. Our spectacular 25hectare country estate is situated in the world-famous Cradle of Humankind on the banks of the Crocodile River. Easily accessible from the N14 Highway just a short drive from Lanseria International Airport. We offer discerning guests the versatility of so much to choose from, be it a celebration of a memorable wedding or special occasion in our banquet hall, a corporate business meeting or team build in our conference centre or a leisurely weekend outing at our fine dining Bijou Restaurant or more informal Otter’s Deli, Badger’s Boma or Wildwood Brasserie. In the words of Kenneth Grahame – Wind in the Willows. We welcome you to join us on an unforgettable journey to experience and live the tale of “Wind in the Willows”. Take heed of Mr Toad’s famous words, and head for Toadbury Hall Country Hotel “Come along dear friend! Hop up here; we’ll go for a jolly ride. The open road, the dusty highway. Come! I’ll show you the world. Travel! Scene! Excitement! Ha ha ha!!”

Accommodation Toadbury Hall’s five-star accommodation is truly world class with five executive suites and five standard suites all offering exquisite finishes, queen size beds, luxurious linen, fluffy towels, a mini bar, coffee station, a digital safe, lounge area, selected DSTV and air-conditioning, large, full en-suite bathrooms with an olde caste iron legged bath and a spacious shower. Selected suites also feature under-floor heating and fireplaces and most or our suites are wheel chair friendly. Executive & Standard Suites Each guest suite is air-conditioned and has a queen size bed, down feather pillows and luxurious linen, a mini bar, a coffee station, a digital safe, separate lounge area and work area, DSTV, private patio, large full en-suite bathroom with an olde cast iron legged bath and a huge shower. The suites are all private and lead off onto our manicured gardens and rolling lawns. Bridal Suite The Bridal Suite is located in the main hotel, leading onto a private balcony overlooking the hotel pool, lakes and ponds.

Presidential Suite The Presidential Suite is privately located in its own stand-alone building. This suite offers a magnificent upstairs bedroom with en-suite bathroom and an adjoining office area, with doors opening onto a large balcony with a scenic view. Downstairs is an elegant yet comfortable living room, a kitchen and an additional en-suite bedroom. The living room leads off onto a huge patio to enjoy sunrise and sunset as you watch nature unfold around the huge lake in front of the suite.

With a relaxed, country-style atmosphere, the various restaurants at Toadbury Hall Country Hotel, namely; Bijou Restaurant, Otter’s Deli, Badger’s Boma and Wildwood Brasserie, provide a vibrant dining atmosphere for every occasion – from breakfast to late-night cocktails. Experience cuisine which has been engineered by our Executive Chef who has been responsible for great eateries in various parts of Johannesburg over many years. As our Food and Beverage Executive he has established a strong reputation as a talented chef and restaurateur. Bijou Restaurant caters for that fine dining experience, and also boasts beautifully manicured expansive gardens with sunset vistas, a platform for avant-garde cuisine serving classical French dishes where you will experience a culinary journey focused on seasonality and local provenance. Each dish features high quality ingredients, which are beautifully presented along with locally sourced, produced premium South African wines. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, as well as brunch, afternoon snacks and sundowner cocktails.

An easy drop-in spot for passers-by, local residents and hotel guests, which provides an all year round casual country-side setting featuring a beautiful outdoor deck overlooking lush gardens and majestic lakes. Otter’s Deli is a great place to pick up morning breakfast and tapas treats, as well as gourmet burgers and salads and is perfect for that contemporary, delectable outdoor picnic, keeping with the tradition of elegance and fine dining and adding in the element of a casual lifestyle. Toadbury Hall’s famous Le Pique-Nique, gourmet picnic baskets are all freshly prepared from Otter’s Deli.

This country style, open deck Brasserie overlooks the Crocodile River and has a warm, relaxed and welcoming ambience. We serve local, craft beers, handcrafted cocktails, boutique wines, and culinary delights at a reasonable price in a casual yet refined atmosphere that welcomes foodies, winos, and beer geeks alike looking for that Gastropub experience. Sit back and listen to the murmuring sound of the flow of the water and watch the sun rise and set either from the deck or at a picnic spot alongside the river.

The Perfect Wedding Collection Getting married is one of life’s biggest celebrations and spoilt for choice, our beautiful Wedding Venue Collection, offers a number of exclusive options amongst tranquil, picturesque, gardens and a wonderland of lakes and rivers at which to host your memorable day. Toadbury has planned and hosted more than 1 500 successful weddings and has remained a 5-star rated venue since its establishment. Experience our Estate with a dedicated site inspection at Toadbury Hall Country Hotel where one of our professional wedding coordinators, who collectively have more than 25 years’ experience and will guide you with detailed precision and professionalism throughout the planning of your dream day. Primarily we offer two exclusive and completely separate wedding venues for these celebrations, namely Toad Hall and Wildwood Brasserie. Various options do exist for smaller and more intimate receptions or celebrations from outdoor and picnic weddings to Bijou Restaurant. Minimum and maximum guest numbers typically determine the venue and the selection of dates available to you. Navigate our wedding specific information using the top menus. Explore the beauty of our wedding venues through our gallery. We appreciate you considering Toadbury Hall Country Hotel for this memorable day and we look forward to showing you around in person. Toad Hall can comfortably accommodate up to 160 guests is our estate’s main banquet hall. This authentic, African thatched complex boasts high ceilings, natural light, retractable doors opening onto spacious outdoor patios overlooking our manicured gardens. During summer months, this complex is cool with airconditioning and during the winter months the banquet hall provides heating and 2 impressive fire places boasting a blend of charm and elegance. Toad Hall provides exclusive use of various additional venue options for your ceremony and post service; namely the Toad Chapel, Toad Gardens and Gazebo, Rose Chapel and Gardens.

Toad Chapel is a quaint traditional Olde English-style Chapel in a tranquil garden accommodating up to 160 guests. Along the pathway to Toad Chapel, a vintage Bell is rung to announce the bride’s approach to Toad Chapel, bringing the most discerning hearts to tears of happiness as the doors open to the view of the man of your dreams and your special guests. For tantalizing cuisine, our discerning guests are afforded the versatility of so much to choose from, be it a celebration of a memorable wedding or special occasion our banquet hall, a corporate business meeting or team build in our conference centre or a leisurely weekend outing at our fine dining restaurant, Bijou or Otter’s Deli, Badger’s Boma or WildWood Brasserie. Experience cuisine which has been engineered by our Executive Chef, Philippe Wagenfurher, who has been responsible for great eateries in various parts of Johannesburg over many years. As our Food and Beverage Executive he has established a strong reputation as a talented chef and restaurateur. Our extensive menus are interchangeable to accommodate your personal requirements. Annual food increases will be of immediate effect in January of each year for the year ahead. Menu prices remain subject to change due to economic factors during the course of the year and children under the age of twelve years will be charged 50% of the agreed adult menu price. Children under the age of five years will not be charged. Should an outside caterer be used for specialized dietary requirements such as Kosher or Halaal catering for the entire function, a surcharge will apply. Please speak to your coordinator regarding the options available.

The Perfect Conference Collection Toadbury Country Hotel is a well-established events destination in Muldersdrift, North-West of Johannesburg, Gauteng. Our hotel offers a variety of meeting rooms for conferences, workshops, team building, product launches and gala dinners. All of our conference venues are private and secluded from the main hotel. Our friendly coordinators will create the perfect ambiance for a refreshing meeting. Toad Hall, is the largest of our meeting rooms and can accommodation up to 220 delegates. This authentic, African thatched complex boasts high ceilings, natural light, retractable doors opening onto spacious outdoor patios overlooking our manicured gardens. During Summer months, this complex is cool with airconditioning and ceiling fans and during the Winter months the Banquet Hall provides comfort with underfloor heating and 2 impressive fire places boasting a blend of charm and elegance. Conference Centre This venue is directly opposite from Toad Hall under the thatched complex and can accommodate up to 80 delegates Boardroom 1 & 2 Our small intimate 5-star boardrooms are ideal for board executives. These two venues are exclusive, each accommodating a maximum of 12 delegates. Dependent on availability and capacities required Bijou Restaurant, Otter’s Deli and Wild Woods are also available upon request and subject to availability for smaller conference breakaways.

Contact us Beyers Naude Drive Ext. Elandsdrift, Johannesburg South Africa 010 593 7523

Zandvliet Wine Estate, on the outskirts of Ashton in the Robertson Valley, plays an illustrious role in the narrative of the South African wine industry. Proclaimed as a farm in 1838, Zandvliet counts among the very first farms to bottle Shiraz. One of its distinguishing characteristics is a small range of low limestone hills on the southern outskirts of the farm, bringing the special magic to its kalkveld (calcareous earth) terroir. Their flagship Kalkveld Shiraz has now inspired the development of the Kalkveld Lounge, an intricately designed tasting room which will significantly augment the area’s tourism offering. Kalkveld Lounge – wine indulgence “The opening of the Kalkveld Lounge was the first stage of a comprehensive redesign of the area surrounding the historic Cape Dutch homestead (this gabled architectural style is quite unique for this area),” says winemaker Jacques Cilliers. “The expansion will further include 4-star accommodation, a restaurant, and conference facilities – all elements sure to lure locals, tourists, corporates and couples planning the perfect wedding.” The Kalkveld Lounge also offers you the opportunity to try your hand at blending your own wine with the guidance of winemaker Jacques Cilliers. Your very own blend is bottled and labeled for you – ready to be taken home for the next celebratory event. Home of Shiraz Zandvliet’s special relationship with Shiraz will continue as part of the estates wine making strategy. “We are currently planting more Shiraz on the farm: this year 4ha and next year another 15ha,” says Cilliers. “In order to produce a Rhone-style blend with Shiraz Mouvedre, Grenache, Carignan, Counoise and Terret Noir, we’ve also established these cultivars during 2017.”

Interior designer Philip Pikus of Cape Town handled the aesthetics. “The main inspiration behind the Kalkveld Lounge lies in the Zandvliet Estate itself,” he says. “I wanted to take the concept of a working farm and integrate that into the interior with elements of old and new in perfect harmony to produce an atmosphere of understated luxury.” Pikus’s approach to design resonates with Zandvliet’s passion to celebrate local talent. “I am all about sourcing responsibly, ethically and locally and I’m really excited that everything you will see there is proudly made in South Africa.” Up-cycling is a strong theme and Philip worked closely with his brother, Stephen Pikus who handcrafts luminaries predominately from recycled, re-purposed and renewable materials. “We’ve, wherever possible used things from the farm to upcycle into something new and beautiful.” An 8-meter long custom-built chandelier made from recycled wine bottles that hangs above the two long wooden tables in the main wine tasting area will warm the hearts of visitors.

Flowing from the passion for the ClemenGold fruit planted on the farm (the ANB Investment Group that also owns Zandvliet’s most famous product), ClemenGold Gin was born. Nine botanicals – with sun-dried ClemenGold peels taking the flavour lead – are used when distilling this handcrafted gin. ClemenGold and orange peel, cinnamon, honey, ground almond, juniper berries, angelica and orris root, and coriander are macerated and vapour-infused to bring gin aficionados this smooth Classic Cape Dry style gin with subtle hints of citrus. ClemenGold is a wonderfully sweet and aromatic soft citrus fruit that is sunripened and handpicked by selected mandarin growers from across the world. The essence of sunshine that this fruit imparts to this cosmopolitan gin is headily aromatic. We like to think of it as ‘citrus at its best’. Hope on Hopkins Distillery, in the heart of the Mother City, creates ClemenGold Gin using the age-old process of small-batch distillation with their two faithful stills, Mildred and Maude. The bespoke bottle and unique packaging design act as the perfect prelude for a great tasting experience.

How did we become involved in making gin? The passion surrounding SA’s leading branded mandarin, ClemenGold (sold exclusively in Woolworths), has led to the development of various different products over the past few years. Distilling a gin from this flavoursome citrus has been a dream of CEO Abraham van Rooyen and when he met Cobus Joubert (of the well-known Barrydale wine family) the dream came into fruition. What makes the gin unique | what is ClemenGold? ClemenGold is a wonderfully sweet and aromatic (and easy to peel & virtually seedless) soft citrus fruit that is sun-ripened and handpicked by selected mandarin growers from across the world. In South Africa it is grown in Mpumalanga, Limpopo, the Southern and Western Cape. The essence of sunshine that this fruit imparts to this cosmopolitan gin is headily aromatic. Our thoughts on the local gin trend? We are really excited to be part of the gin scene. There are numerous craft products that really do our country proud and several gins showcase our natural heritage in some way or other. The standard of labeling and design is also admirable. Best mixer? To be enjoyed as a classic G&T with a quality tonic | served on ice with a twist of ClemenGold or other citrus, or a cinnamon stick or sprig of thyme | excellent for use in a variety of cocktails

Bees Knees 40ml ClemenGold Gin, 20ml Lemon Juice, 20ml Honey Served short in coupe glass. Orange or ClemenGold peel for garnish

Elderflower Collins 40ml ClemenGold Gin, 15ml Lemon Juice, 10ml Elderflower Syrup, Soda water to finish Served tall in a highball. Decorate with a sprig of Thyme or whatever your favourite herb is.

Opening Hours Monday - Friday: 09h00 - 17h00 Saturday & Public Holidays: 10h00 17h00 (Closed on Sundays, Good Friday, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day) Contact Us Tel: +27 23 615 1146 Fax: +27 23 615 1327 Email: P.O. Box 36, Ashton, 6715, South Africa

General Enquiries and Orders Elaine van Heerden T: 023 615 1146/7

GIN & T ClemenGold Gin Fitch & Leedes Indian Tonic or Barker & Quin Indian Tonic Fresh cucumber ribbons Ice

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