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The Economic Impact of Short Term Airport Capacity Options Improving airport capacity in London and the

n marginal capacity uplift options – measures

South East is crucial in ensuring connectivity to new

likely to deliver a small improvement in capacity

and existing global business markets, and the UK’s

(between 1 to 3%), for example changes to air

long term competitiveness. Although London is

traffic control procedures;

currently well connected by air to global markets,

n options which offer reduced delays – for example

other hubs are demonstrating rapidly increasing

improvements in the use of runways, airport ground

connectivity, while Heathrow is already operating

movements or flow of passengers through terminals;

at 98% capacity.

and n options with the potential to redistribute traffic –

This report estimates the potential economic benefits

options which improve the relative attractiveness of

of the short term proposals received by the Airports

airports, for example surface access improvements

Commission, and considers them in four categories:

at Gatwick and Stansted, and regulatory changes.

n capacity uplift options – measures likely to

However, the report also demonstrates that

deliver an increase in capacity (between 10 to

longer wterm solutions are needed to maintain

17%), for example mixed mode at Heathrow and

resilience, connectivity and competitiveness.

development of an airport at Northolt;

Full report available online


The Economic Impact of Short Term Airport Capacity Options ECONOMIC IMPACTS OF SHORT TERM OPTIONS IN 2023 Capacity uplift options



Marginal capacity uplift options

Direct, indirect and induced gross value added (GVA) (£ million)




Direct, indirect and induced employment




Wider economic benefits GVA (£ million) Total GVA impact (£ million) Journey time savings (£ million)

Options which offer reduced delays Heathrow only

All London

Options with potential to redistribute traffic

n/a £5









£63 to £125


£110 to £220

£53 (STN Rail) to £76 (LGW Rail) Source: York Aviation

City of London Economic Development PO Box 270, Guildhall, London, EC2P 2EJ

Report prepared by York Aviation

York Aviation

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