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DESIGN MATRIX • November-december 2013


November-December 2013 VOL. 4 • ISSUE 1 • `100

Naresh & Monika Shah A good design should be versatile without any undue repetition of ideas



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10 Design Matrix • November-December 2013


S ’ R O T I ED N O T E


esterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin,” as said by Mother Teresa, with an optimistic mind, I present, the special third anniversary issue of Design Matrix, featuring a thought provoking cover story on Ar. Naresh Shah and a blend of projects from India and abroad with a grand pictorial essence, specially laid for our readers’ delight. Celebrating the completion of three years with sheer happiness; the team Design Matrix aim to make our forthcoming issues more colourful. For this endeavour, we have joined hands with MIT Institute of Design, Pune; a culturally-rooted institution, leading the Design education revolution in India. With our new venture with this institute, we aim to put young creative minds on work and encourage them to share their innovative design concepts with us. The intellectual faculty members of this institute will keep us posted about the current trends in the architecture and interior designing arena and we aspire to bring out a regular column on MIT ID, this issue onwards. With a bright vision to make our publication a true and complete design magazine; we look forward for your response. Do send us emails, messages, posts and continue the calls pouring in and feel free to express your views regarding our publication. We will be glad to put forth the bouquets and brickbats conveyed by you in our Inbox section. Your comments will surely help us improve and give you what you want to read in the forthcoming issues. With the ticking clock, I am sure most of us are looking forward to the most exciting time of the year, the festival of lights. The time is fleeting without waiting for anyone; in two months’ time, there comes a promising new year. I hope that the secret Santa will fill our stockings with goodies; and foresee a bright New Year. On this positive note, I wish all of you a very Happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year!

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12 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

CON TEN TS 18 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

122 124 22 COVER STORY Ar. Naresh Shah – the ATM for designs, the Detail Guru and the Googly Master; shares his design mantra with Design Matrix. pg 22

GLOBAL EYE An epitome of revolutionary designs by Ar. Zaha Hadid ; the lady Gaga of Architecture pg 46

DESIGN ASPECT Sensitized Design Solutions by Vinod Mehra and Associates (VMA) pg 54

ARTY-TECHTURE A residential design with a classy touch pg 64



Design Kharkhana at IESCOA, where ideas gear up and given shape to young talents pg 82


Ar. Ajay Nahar builds ideal work culture with Nahar Business Centre pg 84


Ar. Apurva Bose Dutta an architectural journalist, interview the principal architects of VBT Consortium , Bengaluru pg 92


Manhattan- Hang on the Brewery pg 96


Re-creation of a century old design to a spacious comfortable home pg 99

MIT Institute Of Design -a premier centre for design education, practice and research in India pg 68




‘PocoLoco – Spanish fare at a reasonable cost in the heart of Mumbai pg 103

EVENT REPORT Highlights from India Furniture Expo 2013 at Mumbai pg 113

INSIGHTS Nature friendly product lines by Somany Ceramics pg 114

HAPPENINGS Great ventures by global industry leaders pg 116

Product Feature DuraStyle - a unique bathroom series pg 119

GREEN DESIGN Good idea needs a material to transform them into reality; Meet HI-MACS pg 120

American hardwoods add ‘back to the elements’ kind of feeling to The Pavilion, Downtown Dubai pg 72

Three budding architects with creative mind, provide solutions for making the World Heritage Site at Ellora , UNIVERSAL pg 106





An apartment design with warm and stylish ambience pg 76

Refinery hotel-a stunning design by Stonehill & Taylor, New York pg 109

‘Beyond Bombay Balconies, a focal point on transformation of Mumbai’s balcony spaces pg 122

Interesting product ranges with a vibrant feel pg 124 November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 19



September-October 2013 VOL. 3 • ISSUE 6 • `100

Bhavna Jacob Love for art and drawing inspired me to choose architecture and interior designing – a creative line as my career. In tenth grade itself, I knew I wanted to be an architect.

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8/26/2013 8:29:11 PM

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20 Design Matrix • November-December 2013


The Sept- Oct 2013 issue was well presented. I

the coming year. I wish all the best to the

enjoyed reading the cover story on Ar. Bhavna

Design Matrix team.

Avantika Salvi Pune

Jacob the most and I totally agree with Bhavna that every individual should develop vast reading habits to keep oneself updated about the affairs surrounding the world. I personally

The trend corner article was a great design

feel that Design Matrix wonderfully features

sensitive piece well explaining the different

the personal front of a designer.

genres of design; right from the contemporary

Riddhi Sharma Uttarkhand

to the Classical and the Neo- Classical. I would say Design Matrix is a superb magazine

bringing together different design elements Firstly I would like to heartily congratulate the

to the readers’ desk. Keep it up!

Smitha Dindonkar Mumbai

DM team for featuring great design pieces with a great pictorial essence. The airport project at Los Angeles turned out to be gorgeous. I look forward for seeing more such

The feature on Le Cdeor mango wood vases

projects in the upcoming issues of Design

in the Design Promo section of the Sept-


Oct issue of your magazine was really mind

Ruchira Karnik Nashik

blowing. Not only did the article speak about the rich colour and the attractive design but

also gave the readers guidelines for protecting I am a regular reader of your magazine and

the vases in different environments. I am keen

I loved the Design Aspect article on Ambi

to know the prices of each family of vases

Valley in the last issue of Design Matrix. It

and feel it would have been appropriate

was a real pictorial treat, well explained

if the same would have been mentioned in

with a smart presentation. I could sense the

the article.

aesthetic beauty of the space and would like to congratulate the team for bringing out

Arun Das Chennai

such lovely concepts.

Preethi Naik Bhatkal

I liked the Residential Design article. The

article has come out well. I would say that Design Matrix has always been an inspiring

I took pleasure in reading the article on One

magazine for young designers to give their

Avighna Park. The images gave me a feel of

creative best to the society. Over all I like

being on site and sensing the ambience. The

the presentation style of Design Matrix and

interview was interesting and informative,

would like to say it is a great design medley in

highlighting the current scenario prevalent

the architecture and interior segments.

in the realty world. I am assertive that Design Matrix will bring out more in-depth articles

Payal Shah Mumbai

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 21

Cover story

Ar. Naresh Shah

The quintessential

detailing Guru ‘Honesty is the best policy’ - an ardent follower of this philosophy, Ar. Naresh Shah shares the legend behind the formation of his firm ‘Naresh Shah & Associates’, and his venture into the world of architecture and interiors. Ar. Naresh Shah has the knack of creating alluring designs that are exceptional and original, be it a home, an entertainment centre or a car showroom.

Creative ideas, out of the box thinking are his assets and the best thing about him is that he shares them with us. -Ankita Patel


n L.S. Raheja School of Architecture alumni, Ar. Naresh Shah begun his journey in the world of architecture in

1984. Naresh Shah & Associates (NSA) came into existence in 1989, with the active participation of Monika Shah, who happens to be his wife and an architect, who boosted his initial career by drafting for him, in a staff of two .The team kept expanding until the year 2000, the drafting tables vanished and computers replaced the desk spaces. For 19 years NSA handled immense work pressure from the tiny space and maintained its team’s loyalty of various contractors and suppliers over more than 3 decades. Today the firm boasts of 20 versatile team members, who derive immense pride in handling hundreds of projects in different genres of design, carving a niche for themselves.

Words: Marilyn Madathil & Hitesh Mistry Photo Courtesy: Dheeraj Thakur & Shubhinoy Kapoor

You’ve started your journey as an architect three decades ago. What changes have you observed in the architectural arena over the period? “Earlier, architecture used to be a simple needbased industry; the clients were satisfied with any mishmash of designs collected from various sources. Today, this industry revolves around comfort, leisure and need; stale designs are no longer welcome. Many new exotic materials are available in the market. With the growing needs and easily available finance options, the clients

22 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 23

Naresh shah is a person who has a solution for every problem. He is not just a boss for us, but a mentor who motivates us to grow in all aspects, be it work or life. -Sneha Thakur

demand grand luxurious designs. Though,

first choice for a career. Architecture stepped

we have splendid ability, availability of very

into my life as an accident of sorts. I was driven

cost-effective material and labour; still we –

by my excellent drawing skills towards this cre-

Indians – are drifting towards readymade or

ative industry.”

branded product lines. I personally feel, every pieces, be it a light fixture, furniture or any

Can you share your experiences before forming NSA?

such other accessories.”

“While pursuing the degree in architecture,

designer should start working on individual

in the second year, I was crestfallen due to the

What inspired you to pursue the dream of becoming an architect?

demise of my father. The thought of not want-

“I hail from a simple middle-class family. My

at the back of my mind, so along with studies,

sole intention, while appearing for twelfth

I took a part time job post college hours mere-

grade board exams was to pass and join my

ly to earn a monthly salary of Rs.100. To take

father’s modest family business. My dreams

work more seriously, I joined Ar. Tusshar Shah

got shattered to pieces, when my father

with the responsibility of the peon, draftsmen,

informed me that his business could accom-

manager and a designer. “

ing to be a liability on my siblings was always

modate only two of his sons. I was ruled out

did not study hard enough. My grades did not

We would love to know the interesting story behind the formation of NSA?

allow me to pursue ‘Plastic Engineering’ - my

“I certainly hope it’s an inspiring story for oth-

from this possibility, as I was the youngest of five siblings. Though I was good at studies, I

24 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

ers. I wouldn’t have been married, if this firm did not

icy to own up our mistakes honestly, if any. That is

materialise. I owe all the credit for this adventure to

how a lot of transparency comes into the relationship

my wife Monika. When I met her, I was in a partner-

between our customers and us. In such circumstanc-

ship with my four college buddies, under the name

es, we take our client into confidence and explain the

‘Pentarch’. While with this firm, I gained a lot of quali-

situation and offer our best solutions. They tend to

tative exposure in creating masterpieces.”Monika’s

appreciate such gestures. A few of my clients have

visions of my independent start, of me being my own

gone on record to say,” “Don’t worry, you’re not God.

boss, lead NSA here today.”

We’re all humans. Mistakes are but a part and parcel of our profession.”

We would like to know about your initial big breaks... It’s funny how I got my first big break. Only a few

Have you witnessed any bad phase in the industry - till date?

months after the inception of NSA, one fine morning,

“Frankly speaking, we are not too happy with the cur-

I was strolling through Villa Suburban, an interior fur-

rent scenario in our industry. We have created a niche

nishes shop; the owner M L Gupta got impressed with

for ourselves, so it does not affect us directly. Many

the fact that I bluntly refused the commission offered

a times, you tend to compete with the wrong set of

by them and gave me an opportunity to design a run-

people, which leads to unfortunate consequences.”

ning showroom single-handedly . This break onwards, my career only saw the continual up curve!

“Architecture is one of the fantastic industries where creativity and technicality go hand in hand. But the sad fact remains that many designers do

Tell us something about your office environment and how you nurture team spirit?

not realize this. To attain awards, name and fame,

“At NSA, we all are at par and work towards a common

tangible originality. Even in architectural colleges,

goal; and this is what has made us successful today. At

students are taught the lessons of design as a tool

times, I make tea for my staff, if my office boys remain

for clearing exams and not for knowledge. They are

absent or are away on an errand, on any given day.

not aware of electrical layouts and the basics regard-

I have also tended to the reception table, attending

ing air-conditioning and plumbing. In my office, I

calls, in case of our receptionist’s unavailability.”

conduct regular classes for my staff on these basic

“From an early stage only, we had formed a pol-

the designs are copied from the various references and are portrayed as the final product, lacking any

parameters.” November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 25

He has a scrutinizing eye for detail and an excellent understanding of scale and proportion. His endearing people skills always bring out the best in all those who work for him -Dhaval Chheda

As an experienced architect and faculty at SVT Polytechnique, share your contributions towards improving the present education system in this stream? “I always wanted to share my knowledge with the society at large. So it was my personal decision to start teaching with the intention of purely helping others. Being faculty for almost 20 years at SVT Polytechnique, I have the opportunity of setting the syllabus on practical terms. My intentions towards introducing practiceoriented designs and concepts to the academics hopefully will benefit the student community and our next generation of architects will be very different.”

What is the definition of good design, according to you? “For me, a good design is something that satisfies the end-user immensely. The excitement of a new space usually gets absorbed and dies after six months. If the 26 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

client starts really enjoying his space after

needs to paint the ceiling, whenever

those six months, is when I believe I have

required. We discourage our clients from

actually done a good job. It is the responsi-

buying readymade furniture or even light

bility of any good designer to provide origi-

fittings. If you want to create good interiors,

nality, good lighting and proper ventilation

sky is the limit. I am passionate about creat-

- while designing a space.”

ing interesting individual pieces for my cli-

“My fortè is to create a maintenance-

ent’s specific needs which serve in just the

free design. In most of our interiors, we

right amount of customization, aesthetics

avoid to use paint on the wall. One just

and function.”

“According to me, a good design should be versatile – without any undue repetition of ideas. This philosophy has successfully helped me pave my path towards different segments – dentistry, showrooms: commercial or residential. When you design a medical clinic or an entertainment centre, you know people will be coming there and benefitting from the same. That is what I enjoy the most.” “When I see the excitement of people at an entertainment centre, it gives me utmost satisfaction than designing a bor-

the person NARESH SHAH

ing office, where people would continue to work putting their head down. I would love to design an office – that is as good as an entertainment centre. My principle is to cater to the right people at the right time. But at the same time, my personal favourite remains residential projects.”

“I’m fortunate that my clients have faith

do you manage?

in me, allowing me to take risks and experi-

“Design is a process of evolution. You

ment with design. We are not in the habit

may come across some fantastic ideas at

of showing 3Ds, we believe design is ever

any given time. I’ve formed a unique moti-

evolving and I am lucky to have clients that

vational process, where I force myself to

wait till the end for their surprise!”

believe that I was a better designer yesterday than today. If I think I’m better today,

You are involved in a vast range of projects in different streams. How

it might stop me from creating something newer every day.”

Sir is more of a teacher than a boss. Whenever we make mistakes he like a father correct us .Designing could be learnt from anywhere, but the way to live in this profession needs to be learnt from him. –Siddhant Sanghvi

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 27

“Naresh manages to create an extremely familial atmosphere in the office, where the members of the firm are not only colleagues, but also a support system both professionally and personally; a great boss, teacher, colleague, friend, confidant and father figure.” Suruchi Damani, HOD, Interior Design team

Residential...? Any reason in particular? I’m designing it for a particular family, and I know the end-

The hospitality-industry is growing at a very fast pace. How do you look forward to bring-in innovations in this area?

user from day one. I derive a lot of satisfaction when I see

“We have certain concepts in mind. It’s not always feasible

my clients enjoy their special space with peace and har-

to create a five-star or a three-star hotel. I would like to cre-

mony in their family. I want to build a dream project of

ate a modular hotel, which is mobile in a way and can be

mass-housing, available on a shoe-string budget of just

shifted from one location to another easily. If the business

Rs 2 lakh.”

does not run in a particular area due to some factors, then

“A residential design is a personal one for a private space.

it can be moved from that place to some other location.” “I aspire to create this with 10-15 rooms. It may sound impractical, but I believe in the adage “Greater the challenge better should be the innovation.” Every solution just needs somebody to rack their brain to make impossible, possible.”

Do you think International architects are grabbing all the growth opportunities from Indian architects? “Definitely not... In fact, I want them to come to our country. Let the developers have the first-hand experience of working with them and let them choose between us. I’m sure; in the long run we’ll win them over. In India, everything has an emotional attachment. Let me give you an example.” “I was working on a 27 bungalow project at Ahmedabad. All of a sudden, the client realised that this was not economically viable for him. He asked us on the eleventh hour to transform the project from bungalows to apartments.” “The foreign architects might find it difficult to adapt to such situation but we - Indian architects understand and accept the pitfalls of our industry. We accept the client’s decision to change the design and go at length to understand the reasons behind it and understand that is part of our job.” “Our economy is much different from theirs; a skyscraper anywhere outside India is ten times more expensive though the specification remains the same. It is as 28 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

simple as tasting any other foreign brand butter and still agreeing that Amul is still the best.”

How can we make our country a better place to live in?

Rapid fire: Birthday: 6th June

“Our country is an awesome place to live in, but we need to realise this. We need to understand our own potential but the

Role model:

unfortunate part is that a lot of people portray a lot of negativity

My father, I’m just his replica

about our country.” “Whenever I’ve free time, I try to research on India from an

Any inspirational incident that you recollect:

outsider’s point of view. My YouTube history is overflowing with

During my 12th board exams, I was reluctant to appear for

that! (chuckles) There are certain good things about our govern-

Maths paper. My father motivated me with his words “Never

ment and some great leaders that even outsiders value a lot, but

fear failure; attempt everything that comes your way.”

are not brought to light by us Indians. We are yet to master marketing ourselves and should continuously have good thing to say

Favourite colour:

about our market leaders to motivate the youngsters. I always try

White, symbolic of purity

to research something positive about our country and happen to be a hardcore patriot.”

Favourite attire: Be simple – just a plain shirt and a trouser

A walk through with Monika..... Is yours and Naresh’s, a love match? “Yes, he was my senior. I met him for the first time on Nasa Trip.

Season you love: Summer, least polluted time of the year and the season is

Our same schooling background acted as a bonding catalyst.”

bright adding hues to the sky, flowers and to the nature

Being a married couple, is it easy to maintain a cordial relationship on the personal and professional front?

Message to young designers:

Be original

“I would like to say primarily that he is my friend, my love and my mentor. Whatever I have managed to learn in this profession is through him. On the sites that we work together, it is he who takes care of the details and I’m in charge of accessories and soft furnishings.” “Several times, we have had differences of opinions and have landed up fighting in front of our clients, but we were prepared for this the day I joined NSA. Early in our marriage, we had decided that professional grudges will be buried on the site itself and will not ever be carried home. Though it’s easier said than done, it’s an improving habit with every passing day of our marriage.”

As a woman, have you ever faced any hurdles or challenges in your professional life? “Feminity in fact is encouraged in this profession. When I joined more than decade ago, I realized that we spend so much time in designing the hard surfaces, but the maximum spaces are occupied by usually by the fabrics (curtains and bed sheets). That is when I started customizing those for NSA sites. So eventually we both have our own sites, but we become specialists for each other’s sites when it comes to technicality or soft furnishings. He has always been a guide to me in all technical issues, so the question of any hurdles does not arise. Furthermore, this is not a gender based profession. This profession respects and adores good talent. Rather, I would encourage young girls to enter November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 29

this glamorous profession, which also has a strong engineering, technical and creative aspect to it.”

experiences while working with his uncle and aunt, and the great lessons learnt from his master Ar. Naresh Shah. Excerpts...

Where do you see NSA in next decade? “Let the next generation take it over.”

What inspired you to join architecture and NSA?

Your daughter Hanishi has done architecture; tell us something about her.

“I’m not an architect by compulsion, but by passion.

“Hanishi is intelligent, always energized and a great

not humans. The curiosity to explore their world of

designer. Though she has finished her bachelor’s

thoughts implored me to join architecture. As a kid,

in architecture, she does not want to pursue it as

one was exposed to this world, but was not aware that

her career, as she feels everyone will credit her

it’s called architecture. NSA is not an office it’s a philos-

DNA rather than her talent. She works on her own

ophy I believe in , and a legacy that should continue.”

Somehow I was convinced as a kid that architects are

projects and refrains from taking any help from us.” “Her contribution to NSA is on subtle levels. On

What is your philosophy towards work?

Naresh’s 50 th birthday, she gave me a fantastic idea

Its passion for me. Work for me is an opportunity to

and supported me to gift Naresh a piece of his

learn something new every day.

professional achievements in the form of a book.” Her creativity has no bounds and sometimes, her

Your definition on innovation...

designs give both of us complex. We as parents,

is nothing but the lack of awareness, of what exists in

won’t force her to take up architecture and give

the cosmos. Innovation, for me is decoding the exis-

her complete freedom to decide what she wants

tent and bringing novelty to it.

to choose as her career.”

I have a dream... Naresh and Monika take pride in introducing their nephew Samit, a young dynamic designer and head designer at NSA. Samit, in a jovial chat, narrates his 30 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

to design a building that my country takes pride in calling it, its own.

Club River view A club is always a perfect place for enjoyment; considering this mantra, the designers created this massive project with various zones like lobbies, pool area, disc and restaurant with a different style; yet all connected with cohesive elements to form parts of the same structure.

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 31

A diamond merchants office - Bandra kurla complex The Breather This image indicates how a strong idea can transform a negative space into an elite lounging space within the working space. The use of animal print leather panels on the ceiling , uplifts the mood of this space. The use of porous , elements ( the fins), acts as an interface between the work space and the lounge.

Interiors of a mall at Goregaon Activating the centre The central atrium is activated using elements that radiate dynamism through its formal geometry.

32 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

commercial complex at Goregaon A lobby is not just a way from door to the elevator but is a social space for the guests or the visitors to pass time as they wait till served. This is a lobby area crafted for a commercial complex at Goregaon. The number 5 in the centre denotes 5th floor.

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 33

The Ceramic Boutique This is a ceramic boutique, selling luxury bath fittings. This project is not treated as a typical showroom. The whole experience of going to a sanitary fittings shop has been uplifted by making the space interactive.

34 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

The polished rough-cut. This is a designer jewellery studio at Andheri- Lokhandwala. The architect has broken the cliché of an orthodox jewellery showroom, to a design studio where it’s not just about the jewellery but about the overall experience that the client goes through. The foam concrete facade is made to tessellate, which is indicative of the platonic movements of the earth, radiating lava, in the form of light. The table shown here has a SS spinal cord that holds a computer screen. The designers created a cosy ambience with a good lighting effect and comfortable seating arrangement.

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 35

Residential Elements The perspective shown in this frame conveys a strong connection. The sofa sets, furnishings and curtains add to a very pleasant ambience. The designers have created a functional space with an ornate feel and modern edge.

36 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 37

Blurring the Lines An unique design with no paints on the wall. The designers used wooden flooring for an aesthetic appeal. In this space,the architect has created a bathroom within the room, almost of the size of the room. the bathroom is not just a space but also a major element in the room that adds a lot of character to the space and personality of the room. Here the boundary between the room and a bathroom is blurred but adding glass partition between the two, is making the room seamless.

38 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

Mirroring the motif A table designed with steel inlay on one side and glass on the other. The designers created a mirror image feel by using the same floral pattern on the table as well as the ceiling adding to a gorgeous atmosphere.

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 39

The Builders enclave. The architect through his language for this office is trying to strike equilibrium between the required sophistication and the rawness of building construction.

40 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

Casa Viento- Lonavala The area being prone to heavy monsoon calamity, the designers specially crafted the entrance area and the exteriors of this structure with glass. With an extensive use of Granite they created a maintenance free design. The architect created a room and called it the floating room between the two floors. Conceptually, it was designed to create a strong visual connection between the different levels of the bungalow and the outside. In order to achieve this communication there has been a strong structural working, which makes the structure look, weightless. The room is suspended from the roof without grabbing any support from the columns. Both the pictures here add to an elegant view of exterior and interior space of this enthralling holiday home.

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 41

Zaha Hadid

A Free Bird We all dream of designing with a fluid kind of spatiality, of multiple perspective points and fragmented geometry which has no boundaries a dream of being a free bird with no limitations or regulations. But when the wings are clipped and reality strikes, we crumble and give away those dreams of designing to our heart’s wish. So when I saw this free bird in the sky, my heart felt the desire to dance again, to dance without any fear. Words: Harsha Kotak Image Courtesy: Zaha Hadid Architects 46 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

Roca London Gallery, Exhibition & Events Space, London

Global eye


ame Zaha Hadid called as ‘the Lady Gaga of architecture’ is an epitome of ‘revolutionary

design’. Her work encompasses all fields of design, ranging from urban spaces to products and furniture. I am not sure whether her being one of the most powerful woman in the field of design got me curious to learn more about Zaha Hadid or because her statement “I am a feminist because I see all women as smart, gifted and tough” connected me to her. But I started studying her work and researching about her personality. November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 47

National Stadium of Japan, for Olympics 2020, Japan

At first, I took the opportunity to

interior projects - the recently opened

visit the Zaha Hadid Gallery which

Serpentine Sackler gallery and the Roca

displays some of her furniture and art

London gallery. I was mesmerized by

work, but that didn’t suffice and I wasn’t

the combination of lines and shapes

convinced to accept the title of ‘ First

orchestrated in such beauty. These two

Female Superstar in Architecture’ which

glorious spaces were enough proof of

is bestowed upon her. So I went and

why she is one of the most sought-after

experienced some of her buildings and

architect / designer of today.

48 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

Serpentine Sackler Gallery, Exhibition Space, London

It is not possible to fit everything

as a failure and whose designs were

here in a couple of pages, so here is a

only seen on paper. But over the

brief glimpse into her life and works.

past decade or so she has gone from

Zaha Hadid, this name was not

being the ‘Architect Who Never Got

heard of in the world of architec-

Anything Built’ to someone who can’t

ture. About a decade ago this Iraqi

stop building. Today her office boasts

architect who has made London her

400 staff and 950 projects in 44 coun-

home for last 40 years was discarded

tries. November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 49

London Aquatics Center, Olympics 2012, London

Accolades Zaha Hadid received the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004—the first woman to do so—and the Stirling Prize in 2010 and 2011. And in June 2012 she was awarded the title of ‘Dame’ Commander of the order of the British Empire’ (DBE) for her services to architecture. She has also won many other accolades like being titled ‘Woman of the year 2012’ by Glamour magazine and being on Forbes list of ‘The world’s 100 most powerful woman’. The list of awards is endless.

50 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

Nova Shoes, Product design for United Nude

LV Bucket Bag, Product design for Louis Vuitton

Brickbats On the other hand some of her works have been very controversial. Like the Soho Galaxy in China which was tagged as ‘unfortunate example [of] the destruction of Beijing old town’ by the Beijing cultural heritage. The design of the commercial building had difficulty fitting into the culture and environment of the old town of Beijing. Also, one of her first built projects ‘the fire station’ at Vitra furniture’s German campus is a stunning building but was found unsuitable to use as a fire station. It is instead now used as an events space which is so visually engrossing that it still attracts tourists. Its failure in the utilitarian sense did not stop this iconic building and many of Zaha’s other works

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 51

Galaxy Soho, Commercial Building, Beijing

from being well-trafficked by photographers and glossy print media around the world. These brickbats in many ways must help heighten Hadid’s fame. The 62 year old architect’s style and work are strongly influenced by the currents of postmodernism and avant-gardism in art, culminating in what would be dubbed the “deconstructivist movement” in architecture. Here is an excerpt from one of her interviews where she shares her thoughts:

52 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

Kuki chair

About Author: “When I left school I took a look at the

ken the glass ceiling in the world of archi-

projects of very large buildings, and they

tecture and is sure to be an inspiration not

seemed so massive and bulky. So it struck me

just today but for many more generations

that they wouldn’t be so bulky if they were in

of designers.

the shape of a gentle hill, or something simi-

One can love her or hate her, admire

lar. That’s when I started working on visual

her breathtaking leaps of imagination or

environment and landmasses applying fluid

consider these buildings mere products of

lines, trying to make a building look as if it

capitalism but there is no doubt that Zaha

were liquid. It took years to translate the word

Hadid is still an evolving enigma that can

“liquid space” into an idea to be further trans-

not be ignored.

lated into a building. This is why I used to

Hope that in agreement to the above

draw and paint more at the time, as a means

statement or to oppose – will bring about

of exploration and personal use, so to speak.”

turmoil of thoughts. And I will be waiting

Zaha Hadid has more than once bro-

Zephyr sofa

to hear those thoughts.

Harsha Kotak, an alumni of Savannah College of Art & Design, Georgia, graduated with an MFA in Commercial Interior Design, and for the last 17 years has practiced in the US, UK and India. She has worked on many prestigious projects for the White House and Pentagon in the US, as wells as for the US Embassy in New Delhi, India. Currently based in London, she handles projects across UK & Europe. Harsha’s passion to explore the world of design and share her views, gave birth to this regular column - Global Eye. She also writes about ‘Global Trends in Design’ for a few American publications. Contact:

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 53

Design aspect

Thoughtful Designs

A modern architecture and interior designing firm, Vinod Mehra and Associates (VMA), saw its inception in 1972. Shaped by the virtues of Indian traditions along with a purpose-oriented approach towards seeking excellence in planning, design, aesthetics and quality finishing, the firm offers sensitized solutions for an array of residential, industrial, hospitality, educational and commercial projects. Words: Marilyn Madathil

54 Design Matrix • November-December 2013


eaded by Ar. Vinod Mehra and aided by his children, Ar. Neha Mehra and Ar. Kartik Mehra, the firm is a unique blend of two generations. VMA has bagged several awards for innovative

designing, material and planning. AICA awards for Simran International, AGPPL, Ashoka School Foundation, Nasik, are some of the remarkable achievements that have added to its glory in the recent years. Some of the recent projects commissioned by VMA include Ashoka Education Foundation in Nasik, “Royale”-a Residential complex in Nasik, Row Houses and Bungalows at Lonavala; “Vavci” - fashion boutique, Amritsar; Commercial building for NIBR, Andheri; Factory for Nayasa Plastoware ,Daman and residential interiors of flats in the suburbs of Mumbai to name a few. Design Matrix explores some of the latest projects undertaken by VMA.

AGPPL Office Minimalism is a design concept that strips things down to their bare seeking to bring out the core of interiors, enhancing their functionality while minimizing the unnecessary details. Adhering to minimalism, VMA designed an office space for an eminent persona from Mumbai, a writer, director and producer, associated with Bollywood. Belonging and dealing with the cream of the society, the client brief included creating an elite office to be designed aesthetically and practically.

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 55

The client’s mindset revolved around making his office a second home, a place for work and leisure. The 29, 00 sq ft of centrally air-conditioned space was designed with a main cabin, private study, a conference room with an entire glazed curve; the reception and service areas within the interiors. Following the same design concept, the designers successfully created each space differently. One wall was glazed, exposing each and every cabin to the nature outside. The office being on the fourth floor of a glass building, the glass façade directly faced the Gulmohar tree planted outside, adding to the colour required during the day. Automated blinds with semi transparent and opaque mood were used, allowing the client to control the illumination and privacy level according to his frame of mind. For making the space incandescent, Leds , Halogens majorly accompanied with indirect LED lights were used in lighting the entire office. This illumination created warmth and character to the space at the evening and the night time.

56 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 57

Vavci, Fashion Boutique, Amritsar Visibility, accessibility, desirability hold the key to a wellplanned showroom, thereby allowing the customers to admire the product and purchase it. Keeping this in mind, VMA planned the re-creation of the extravagant space – Vavci, a fashion boutique at Amritsar. Describing the fundamentals behind this design, Ar. Vinod Mehra explains, “Allocating spaces for various utilities in an existing load bearing structure was quite a challenge, thereby allowing us bare minimum shifting of walls. Making its way through the readymade garment section, delivery section, ethnic section and fabric showroom on the first floor provides each space its individual appreciation. The result was an almost instantaneous transformation of space into a reminiscing artwork.” Being in the business for over a decade, the client had established himself well in the field of fabric designing for men. To create a place with huge display was the real challenge faced by the designers. This challenge was overcome by creating separate areas for display of each type of clothing. The ground level catered to readymade, ethnic garments with their accessories, and the first floor catered to display of fabrics for making shirtings, suitings, and their accessories. Segregating them was important in order to divide the display of space aesthetically and technically for promoting sales. To create an inviting, productive space, the colours mainly used were golden yellow, browns, deep red and off-whites as per their respective significance. The use of gold and yellow elements signified bright,cheerful as well as somber and traditional feel whereas red symbolized joy, life, energy and creativity. Various finishes such as wood, glass, mirrors, wallpapers and paints were used in designing the boutique, making the artistic design much richer. Elaborating further, Ar. Vinod Mehra adds, “The rich warm veneer across the showroom with an unlimited palette of colors, current yet classical, allowed us to play with the derived conceptual forms and capture the special effect visualized by us. Lighting creates space and an extensive range of dramatic and task lighting 58 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

was used to bring out the products in the

especially in places where the room was

showroom. Chandeliers were mainly used

normally not noticed. The glamorous gath-

for creating drama and concentration�.

ering of mirrors reflected light in a shim-

Mirrors have been used to enhance

mering aura of sophistication throughout

the airiness of a room, casting accents

the showroom. Random grids of various

in specific areas by reflecting particular

sized mirrors that literally mix and mingle

pieces within that room, such as beauti-

like a society gathering were used in the

ful furniture and decorative accessories. A

ethnic lounge creating a multitude of

feeling of openness and light was created,

space. November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 59

Office-cum-showroom for Simran International A leather manufacturer and exporter by profession, the client was looking out for an office-cum-showroom in an enclosed area. His requirement was to create an office, designed practically with the perfect lighting arrangement; creating an environment that enhances and compels the buyers to appreciate his product lines. The functionality of space was well-defined by the client and his requirement for a self-sufficient office was catered to by VMA. Adopting Ar .Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s motto ‘Less is more, a 2,500 sq ft floor space at Gurgaon, Haryana, was neatly planned into conference and display areas. Three spacious conference rooms were designed with individuality by a mirror screen. Well-flushed metal screens with punctures were laid functionally to suit the utility of the adjacent conference area. A special S.S matt finish jali was crafted for hanging the shortlisted jackets during finalization of orders by the client and buyers. Another requirement included designing a well lit comfortable spacious cabin for the Managing Director. This space was smartly designed with a translucent glass partition for a complete overview of the showroom. A self-sufficient pantry, restroom and a luggage room was also designed as part of the enclosed space.

60 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

A complete display of garments was designed on

Punjab, Andheri, needed re-designing with respect to interiors,” com-

periphery of the space, with balanced well lit niches bringing

ments Ar. Vinod Mehra, while describing the renovation process involved

out the colour in the space in the formal brown and white

in the residential project at Mumbai.

hues. The purest colour ‘white’ added to a minimalist inte-

A blend of classical and modern style was suggested to the client for

rior design look for smooth walls, floor and furniture. Brown

creating a space traditional in approach and modernized in outlook, main-

was used to create a sense of spaciousness and stylishness,

taining the old charm of the property and the requirements of younger

and it conveyed a feeling of warmth, honesty, earthiness and

generation. Various materials such as stones like Travetino and Satvario,

wholesomeness with simplicity and friendliness. The texture

recent sanitary fittings, trendy tiling, wooden flooring, veneers, wallpa-

on the wall created by P.O.P grooves and mouldings evoked a

pers, paintings and artifacts were extensively used to bring in life to the

sense of movement and rhythm within the space.

space. Focus lighting including LED, halogens and chandeliers were used

Furniture being an integral part of any design, classy,

to create different moods to beautify and suit the utility. With the constants

streamlined and modern furniture was designed in natural

being luxury and elegance, the aim behind this design was to create a new

woods and leather, ultra-modern chrome, glass and stainless

fashioned look in each room, with a creative process, and this objective

steel. With the idea of providing a natural feel to the ambi-

was successfully fulfilled by VMA, resulting in a space that is wondrous yet

ence, dark wooden flooring added warmth and sophistica-


tion to the design. White illumination, being ideal for the identification of colour and material, was intensively used to avoid formations of shadows and create an even distribution of light in the complete showroom. The use of leather paneling was a part of the design scheme giving the space a solid wholesome look, bringing orderliness and convention.

Revamping of residential interiors “A chance to redesign one’s own creation that was done 30 years ago is a rare opportunity that an architect can get. It happened when a 4 BHK bungalow of 3,300 sq ft at Shere

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 61

Twin bungalows at Varsoli, Lonavala Holidaying at hill stations is indeed a pleasant experience. VMA has recently designed twin bungalows at Lonavala. With a plot size of 5,250 sq ft, two luxurious 3 BHK bungalows were planned as G+1 structure, with a garden at its terrace level. The concept was to provide the twin bungalows an elevation of one big bungalow for achieving a grandeur feel. Straight line geometry, with a contemporary feel, was the thought for its initial conceptualizing. A combination of stone cladding, textured paint and large French windows was used for the exteriors, with balance between soft cape and landscape in the setbacks. Double height living dining room was designed creating a feeling of space leading. Idyllic moments could be cherished in the landscaped gardens in the front and rear of the bungalows.

62 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

About Ar. Vinod Mehra

industries (Daman, Haridwar), Flair Pens

Graduated from MS University Baroda;

Industries(Daman,Dehradun) and Asian

inspired and appreciated by his principal,

Plastoware Industry (Daman).

Ar. Suryakanth Patel; Ar. Vinod Mehra owes

Grabbing the right opportunities, and

him the credit for his initial career growth

through hard work, discipline and sincerity,

and development. Throughout his college

he paved his path towards progress and

years, Ar. Vinod Mehra invented his style

achievements. Sharing his insights as a

of innovation and presentation, thereby

designer, Ar. Vinod Mehra states, “Anything

developing a range of versatile projects

and everything around us influence while

in India and abroad right from hospitality

designing, it may be a chair or a building;

sector to industrial, from commercial

natural scenic beauty from a tree to its

and residential to institutional and so on.

leaf, from fashion to the colors involved

Some of the reputed brands that Vinod

in it; it is just a matter of time when the

Mehra has been associated with over the

thought is converted into a concept and

past 40 years include Hotel Airport Garden

implemented for execution.�

(Sri Lanka), Hotel Sun-N-Sand (Mumbai, Shirdi), Ashoka Towers(Nashik), Cello Pens

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 63


A contemporary


A home is where the heart is and with this mindset Design basics, an interior designing consultancy firm, formed by two young minds Rohit Ghuste and Dipali Ghuste, crafted a contemporary house with a traditional feel. Words: Marilyn Madathil

64 Design Matrix • November-December 2013


reating functional spaces that are aesthetically beautiful was the idea behind designing Shah’s residence at Amboli, Andheri, Mumbai. The first challenge faced by the designers was to give a

sizeable look to the living room. The designers amalgamated the living area with the terrace, giving a rimless wide glass sliding. This made the terrace area look as a part of the living room. The use of mirror on the storage area created the feel of a space double in size.

Feel and look Considering the fact that the house was designed for a joint family; the designers created a kitchen with enough storage and functional space. To create easy movement and not disturbing the distinguished storage areas, an island kitchen was designed with a non cluttered look. All the amenities used, including the washing machine and dishwasher are built in. The Buddha mural with stone finish and eye soothing light effects placed in the terrace area adds to a serene and calm ambience. The wooden lotus motif used in the parapet wall, blends well the traditional and modern look of the entire space.

Minimalism A minimalistic approach was followed while designing the master bedroom and the children’s bedroom. The master bedroom area is November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 65

66 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

designed with a classy touch with

room creates a pleasant atmosphere.

About Design Basics

the veneer finish complementing the

The designers Rohit and Dipali

artwork panel behind bed and bed linen.

created a contemporary, minimalistic,

Rohit Ghuste and Dipali Ghuste,the firm

The client requirement to design a TV

straight lined design with formative

specializes in residential, commercial,

unit panel in a flexible way to avoid the

artwork and touch of traditional flow

corporates, clinics and boutiques, with

obstruction of the space was successfully

within a span of 10 months. Every minute

a detailed planning and outstanding

implemented by the designers.

detail was taken care of considering

finishing. Envisioning the bright future

Established in 2003 by the


Understanding the need of the

the furniture selection, its placement,

of the company, Rohit

children in the family, belonging to an

other amenities, the bed coverings,

“ Using the most basic ingredients of

age group of early 20’s; their bedroom



brick, mortar and creativity, we design

was designed with a young and fresh

giving every space a distinct identity.

a unique experience for any space. Our

taste. The straight lined design gives a

Elaborating further, Dipali Ghuste, adds,

USP is to maximize utility and economic

sleek look to the space. The use of back

“We continue to follow our belief that

returns for our clients by possessing

painted glass on the sliding wardrobe

consistent attention to detail is required

and providing specialized skills and

and headboard enhance the colour

to ensure excellence in design. Every

completing the project within the set

scheme. The flower motif artwork

client deserves total personal attention,

time frame.”

behind the bed, vibrant cushion fabrics

no matter what is the size of the project

and bed covering that ensemble in the

or the difficulties involved.”



Ghuste says, November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 67

Design pedagogy


Leading Design Foundation

Design Matrix has joined hands with MIT ID in Pune with an aim to offer a strong platform to share innovative design concepts. The young student working minds and their pedagogues, aspire to bring in new ideas, through a regular column this issue onwards.

68 Design Matrix • November-December 2013


very deliberate action of generating perceivable and tangible

tors at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, in this endeavour.

elements that characterized the human environment has

All of them along with Dr. Sunil Karad and Prof. Anant Chakradeo

some form of design process behind it. - Prof. H. Kumar Vyas

of MAEER laid foundations of MIT Institute of Design, which is now

Design always has been an endeavour to bring about a posi-

one of the fastest growing centres of Design education.

tive change in the human environment and its importance is being

MIT ID is located in the famous Rajbaug farms spread over a

increasingly acknowledged in all walks of life. The designers’ way of

vast area of 125 acres on the beautiful banks of the Mula-Mutha

thinking will play an important role in influencing the attitudes of

River at Loni-Kalbhor, Pune. Rajbaug belonged to the legendary

leaders and opinion makers not just in design related fields but in

showman of Indian Cinema - Late Raj Kapoor and was formally

other domains also. India is witnessing an unprecedented change

handed over to Hon’ble Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad, by the Kapoor

and Design is becoming a force to reckon with. In order to bring

Family. This place was a resting place for the late showman who

benefits of Design to Industry and society institutions with a fresh

found high solace here and had wished that the land be used for

thinking that can balance high standards of academics with focus

social or educational purpose only. This picturesque area exudes

on Industry requirements are needed. MIT Institute of Design is one

peace and tranquillity and seems closer to Mother Nature in spite

such forward-looking still culturally-rooted institution that is lead-

of being located in close proximity of the busy Pune-Solapur

ing the Design education revolution in India and has achieved this

Highway. It can be the only place for the ‘Sadhana’, the seeking

balance successfully.

of knowledge.

About MAEER and MIT ID


MIT Institute Of Design is a premier centre for Design education,

MIT ID offers programs at Undergraduate and Post Graduate level.

practice and research in India and is part of the Maharashtra Academy of Engineering Education and Research. MAEER, formed by

All programs are full-time and duration is 4 ½ years for Undergraduate Program and 2 ½ years for the Post Graduate Program.

Dr. Vishwanath Karad- Executive President and Director General,

MIT ID follows a semester system and inputs are delivered

MAEER, a leading educationist of India, is already an established

primarily through classroom discussions, group assignments,

name in the field of academia and known for its excellence in

workshops, classroom projects, field studies supported by other

professional and technical education. In 2005, MAEER realised the

relevant methods.

need to have an institution which will create professionals who are

Study of Design is based on the premise of learning by doing

not only technically sound but also are sensitive to the immediate

and the major emphasis of the program is on the practical proj-

socio-economic needs and capable of creating culturally relevant

ect based learning. The programs are structured to provide the

solutions for the problems around them. It is in this context MAEER

basic conceptual skills of creative and innovative thinking during

group approached Prof. H. Kumar Vyas, who is the father of Design

the initial semesters. Gradually inputs related to technical skills,

education in India. He was joined by Prof. V.M. Parmar and Prof.

digital methods, technology and socio-cultural aspects of Design

Dhimant Panchal, both leading Design practitioners and educa-

are given. November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 69

The Programmes are offered in following three

• Student Internships

domains of Design; Industrial Design, Communication

• Final year graduation projects

Design and Fashion Design.

• Workshops by industry professionals

All fashion Design programmes are offered in Collaboration with University for the Creative Arts (UK).

• Placements • Feedback by industry professional in juries




Product Design

Graphic Design

BA (Hons) Fashion Design

Transportation Design

Animation Design

BA (Hons) Fashion promotion& Imaging

Retail and Exhibition Design

Film and Video Design

MBA Fashion Management & Marketing

Interior Space and Furniture Design

User Experience Design

M.Des Fashion Design

International Collaborations:

Typically, it starts with the organisations coming

In order to expose students to multi-cultural and global

to MIT ID with live projects and Design briefs that are

environment, MIT ID provides an opportunity to the

aligned with the courses offered in a semester. Espe-

students to study abroad and experience the excite-

cially, the senior students work on these projects under

ment of learning and living in a different environment

a faculty who leads the course. The project is super-

and country. The international collaboration program

vised by the faculty who is also in constant touch with

provides global opportunities to students and provides

the industry partner for the inputs, feedback and direc-

an exchange of knowledge by working with other pro-

tions on the project.

fessors and multi-sectorial research projects and helps strengthen the networking between students and uni-

Internships and Graduation projects


The next level is when the students do their 6-8 weeks

The dedicated International Affairs office is respon-

internship with industry and get an orientation towards

sible for the stepping up of internationalization of MIT

the actual functioning of an organisation. This is time

ID and has successfully carried out various programs

when they work on small assignments and get a first

like twinning program, students exchange, faculty

hands experience of working on real life projects and

exchange, collaborative research, guest lectures and

also understand the processes and system of the


organisation. Internships are an integral part of the academic curriculum at MIT Institute of Design. Over

Industry Focus

the years, many students have taken up various design

Since its inception the three focus areas of MIT ID have

challenges with different organizations. This involves


the students in a basic understanding of the company’s

• Having experienced and qualified Design profession-

operations. Internship is a credited course for the 3rd

als and educators in the faculty team • Developing strong industry linkages • Addressing the social issues

Year undergraduate students and 2nd Year Postgraduate students. As a part of their program students have to work on

A strong connect with the industry is the reason

sponsored diploma project with an organisation. The

why the students graduating from MIT ID have got

graduation project is the most important phase of the

a very positive response from the industry and their

program as the learner has to apply his learning in a real

work has received appreciation from all quarters. MIT ID

world situation. Diploma projects provide an oppor-

achieves this connect by partnering with the industry

tunity to the learners to work in professional environ-

are various levels. Moreover, the industry participation

ment and expose them to practical aspects of working

is seamlessly integrated in the curriculum itself and

on live projects. In the past students have worked with

an integral part of the academics. The various ways in

national and global design studios and organisations

which industry participation takes place is

where their work has have been highly appreciated.

• Professional projects by faculty • Live industry projects for students 70 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

The diploma project is also an opportunity to identify talent for full time hiring.

Professional Projects

Employed Women Association (SEVA), SWACCH, MNREGA,

To maintain the rigour in academics and keep them

DRDO, Clean Hands Inc., NHAI, Arunim and many more.

updated about the latest trends in Design, technology and business, the Design Office under the leadership of

Future Directions

the Director undertakes a number of diverse projects. The

MIT ID currently has around 1000+ students studying

faculty members, most of whom are experienced industry

across all the disciplines and is poised for growth in com-

professionals, undertake such projects and this becomes

ing years. In a short span of 7 years, MIT ID has become one

a very crucial component of their knowledge base. MIT ID

of the most preferred Design institutes among the aspiring

so far has worked with organisations like Samsung, Godrej,

Design learners and also a preferred choice by the industry

Thermax, Continental, Unilever, Hyundai, SIAM (Auto Expo),

to recruit Design talent. MIT ID has always believed in the

Kitchen Grace (modular kitchen manufacturer) and many

philosophy of embracing change for betterment and has

more on such projects.

planned a series of initiatives with the aim to communicate and deliver the value of Design to industry and soci-

Social Connect

ety at large. MIT ID reviewed its entire curriculum through

MIT ID has recognised that the real value of Design lies in

intensive workshops and discussion among all the Head

bringing about a positive change in the society and com-

of all disciplines. Further key members from the industry

munity and this has been an equal importance in the aca-

were invited to provide their views and insights on the cur-

demics as well as the projects that are undertaken. MIT ID

riculum. Based on the feedback MIT ID will be soon mak-

is one of the few global institutes that offers unique cours-

ing its program 4-year for undergraduate and 2-year for

es like “ Design for Special Needs”, “ Green Design”, “Social

Post graduate thus making the programs more industry-

communication” and multiple topics under Inter-Design

focussed and in sync with the latest industry develop-

studies which enables the learners to stay connected their


immediate social and cultural environment. It is by these

MIT ID also plans to start multiple campuses in few

inputs MIT ID ensures that the learners are sensitive to

locations across India and rolling out short term programs,

issues around them and encourages them to identify to

executive education programs and Industry focused pro-

opportunities for Design intervention and develop solu-

grams. MIT ID will gradually broaden its scope and offer

tions that create a positive social impact. The faculty also

programs in other allied disciplines like architecture, per-

work on projects that have a social connect and so far MIT

forming arts, culture studies etc. and become one of the

ID has collaborated with NGOs and organisations like Self

leading Art and Design University of India. November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 71

Case study

American Whiteoak Spell

American white oak helps fuel inspiration for local arts community at ‘The Pavilion’ - Downtown Dubai.

72 Design Matrix • November-December 2013


he brothers Ahmed and Rashid Bin

the effect of the ‘outdoors feeling’ inside.

Shabib, organizers of UAE’s ‘The

The front of the building is a lawn visible

Shelter’ group, approached leading

to passersby and features a series of sculp-


tural installations.The designer made use

Malak, to design a space that would attract

of natural light maintaining a balance with

the attention of the local arts community

concrete floors and solid white oak finish-

and give local creative’s the feeling and

ing creating an airy space of white walls

ambience of a home away from home.

and high ceilings.




The end result was the warm and homely

The Pavilion offers two gallery spac-

‘The Pavilion’ - Downtown Dubai, which

es, a library, a special screening room,

not only achieved its goal of pulling in the

lounge area, restaurant and espresso bar.

country’s growing crop of artistic minds,

The experience starts with Gallery One,

but was also able to blend modern creative

a 30m-long space that acts as the main

designs with strong accents of American

gallery and entrance area. The extended,

hardwoods across every corner, wall and

corridor-like space is flanked on one side by

surface of the venue.

the glass exterior wall and on the other by

The Pavilion is packaged as a unique

a bare white wall. The space then leads off

hub for a diverse range of arts events, offer-

to the left, into a more enclosed, sheltered

ing a platform to promote an active cultural

part that is home to the reception area. This

community to the public and to support

area is followed by a space that opens up

the work of a rising generation of artists in

into a cavernous open-plan area drenched

the region. Located at the former Down-

in natural light. This is the heart of ‘The

town Living Sales Centre, the city’s newest

Pavilion’ and home to a lounge, library,

dedicated non-commercial contemporary

restaurant and the much-loved shed and

art space sits along Emaar Boulevard and

vertical garden.

directly across the Burj Khalifa. The 1,400

The Shed - a semi-private space is fur-

square metre (15,000 square feet) one sto-

nished with solid American white oak table

rey building is fronted with glass and offers

and chairs. American white oak was used

a clear view of the Burj Khalifa and with

for key aspects of the project. The interior November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 73

designer chose white oak for its availability in long lengths, appearance and stability

elements’ kind of feeling to ‘The Pavilion’ and

in quarter sawn format, its consistent overall look and hard wearing qualities. For ‘The

shines out throughout the venue. Using solid

Shed’, the designers added a sun-bleached effect for the American white oak, gently

white oak gave us the advantage and confi-

whitening the timber without wanting to hide the grain or the inherent beauty of

dence of working with a building material that is

oak behind a layer of stain and lacquer adding to a completely natural look. Elaborat-

built to last and easy to work with. Its sturdiness

ing the usage of American white oak, Malak explains, “As an interior designer, I have

and strength makes it a good conversation start-

always preferred working with American white oak, mainly for its strong features like

er for people who visit the space, while its beau-

great consistency, minimal imperfections and ability to take staining very well. This

ty and value in furniture is highlighted across the

hardwood species possesses the distinction of being an honest and timeless material

tables and chairs used in the restaurant.”

that fits perfectly well into any contemporary spaces. It also exudes a great feel and ages beautifully over the years. A sampling of these features is demonstrated in the table and chairs used in ‘The Shed,’ which showcases American white oak’s natural aesthetic beauty.” The restaurant space, furnished with five metre long solid white American oak tables accompanied with bench-style seating and high-backed banquets, makes for a highly sociable eating and seating area. ‘The Pavilion’ houses an espresso bar that features a 12m counter facing an open kitchen, which builds an element of activity and interactivity into the design. “Aside from being heavily resistant to decay, another strong advantage gained from using American white oak is that design firms, craftsmen and architects not only regard it as a hardwood that is durable and easy to work with but also cite it as a very reliable building material. This is particularly true in instances when one does not have the luxury of inspecting the order prior to the purchase,” adds Malak. The Pavilion’ is a homely and artistic cove for the creative minds of Dubai and is made more remarkable with the presence of American hardwoods in the background. Elaborating further, Malak adds “American hardwoods helped to bring a ‘back to the

74 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

Project Name: The Pavilion, Downtown Dubai Client: Emaar Properties, Brownbook Project Architect & Interior Designer : Studio M, Principal - Abboud Malak Dimension: 1,200 square meters Cost: USD 1.5 million Wood Species: American white oak, Quarter Cut Photographer: Sid Silva Project Manager: Mohsin Jawaheri

Residential design

Elegant Abode


aintaining the best balance of design and functionality, the




apartment for a young couple with two small kids. The concept of the house was driven by the client’s key requirements of maximizing the use of available space and designing a house that is contemporary with an understated elegance. The designers,

with detailing created a

kid friendly design, avoiding too many projections and sharp corners .

Appealing Design The designers created a stylish space with a carpet area of 23,00 sq ft at a newly constructed 10 storey apartment at Juhu with the use of rich materials. A combination of Italian marble, copper panels, dark veneers complimented well with the back painted glass, corian counters and custom artwork. The lobby area is a simple design with White PU panels with central panels of white Travertino specially crafted to greet the visitors. The ceiling is a combination of a fumed oak veneer in the cove and a coffered ceiling with custom star lights highlighting the door. The flooring follows the straight lines of the ceiling with inlayed wood planks in the Lady Gray Marble. As soon as one turns towards the door; the unexpected red glass panel wall frames a solid wood door, adding vivacity to the lobby area. A long recessed mirror slit in the door breaks the monotonous veneer and serves as a handle. The main door opens directly into the living room dividing it into the living and dining space. The “Picasso” marble 76 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

Dynamic designers Ar. Keyur Asarawala and Ar. Sharvari Bhagat, founders of s k designs, revamps a 4 bedroom flat in to a spacious 3 bedroom space with functionality. cladding with fumed oak veneer panels is the eye catching element of the space. In front of the panel, a formal living room is set up with custom designed three seater sofa and two arm chairs. The solid wood custom designed centre tables and coffee tables were built by the designers on site. The dining room is anchored by the Copper Panel, cleverly designed to cover the existing structural column. For generating a formal experience with homely feel, the dining table was crafted with a thick black mirror top with off center wooden legs for support and was combined with the formal dining arm chairs with a simple bench. The glass hanging lights compliment the overall eclectic look of the dining area. Within the dining area, the mandir is hidden behind a custom made laser cut wooden screen that reads more as a back lit art panel than a door. The dining room is adjacent to the kitchen and separated by a back frosted glass panel. The overall concept for the kitchen revolves around creating an excellent open space with a minimalist approach. The kitchen area is designed in U shape with a seamless white Corian countertop and a back painted glass back splash. The cabinets are made on site with soft touch tandem boxes with a wood grain Formica finish. The monotony of the wooden cabinets is broken by a few green back painted glass cabinets and steel trims. The over head cabinet is a sleek linear cabinet in black lamination finish. The service counter on the opposite side is a tall unit in white PU finish that holds the built in Microwave and Oven. November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 77

Fun and relaxation is a key element in our day to day hectic lifestyle. Understanding this need, an entertainment area is created on the other end of the living room. The focus of the room is the TV panel wall in white PU with SS grooves. The TV is flanked on both sides with custom art panels in bright red and gold. The all glass display boxes on the two far ends frame this wall. The wooden ledge at the bottom anchors this entire composition. A white leather sectional sofa allures one for utmost relaxation. The small bar in the other corner of the room is bound to draw one’s attention. The solid wood bar counter is softened by the leather panel facade. The wooden floor and bamboo blinds further add to the warmth and inviting feel of the room. Another striking feature of this house is its powder bathroom designed with gold, brown and cream colour palette. The tiger eye composite stone panelling at the two niches is well complimented by the Gold wash basin on the beige Braccia Aurora marble countertop. The wooden panelling behind the mirror curves into the ceiling , just enough to tie the whole scheme together. 78 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

Entering the Bedroom Spaces

robe has laser cut art on the two sliding

The three bedrooms are designed with

doors which reflects each kid’s individual

a different design concept, still continu-

preference. The “pencil colour” drawers

ing with the overall clean contemporary

at the bottom are designed for toys stor-


age that are easily accessible to the kids.

The kid’s room is the heart of the

This room has an attached walk in closet

house. To create the best for the kids, the

and bathroom. The kids’ bathroom con-

designers planned the space meticulously

tinues in the fun and colourful palette of

and the brand storming sessions with the

the bedroom. The overall colours in the

client, lead to the final design. The basic

bathroom are neutral white and off-white

concept was to design a bright colourful

with the colourful Corian countertop and

room that is multifunctional and can grow

the accent glass tile, add to the splash of

with the needs of the kids. The colour


scheme of the room revolves around pri-

The Master Bedroom has a subtle

mary colours – red, blue, yellow and com-

colour palette of dark wood veneer with

binations taking the lead.

off whites and sage green. This room has

The bed wall was designed as a focal

been planned as a spacious open room

wall with a wooden ledge that continues

cut off into the bed area and the entertain-

down to form the study tables and fur-

ment area; combining two smaller rooms

ther down to become the side tables. The

and opening up the space. To create an

surprise element of the room is the fact

urban modern and uncluttered design;

that the individual beds slide and can be

the designers built the wall of Niches, with

pushed off to the corner to make room on

six oversized Niches in dark Veneer with

the floor for playtime or pushed together

mirror at the back. The bed follows the lan-

in the middle to be used as a double bed.

guage of the ceiling and is a custom solid

The individual study tables have a custom

wood bed with a curved headboard. The

art panel on the top with their names

dark wood headboard stands out against

spelled out in it. The art panel is kept as

the textured white wall backdrop. The PU

a magnetic board for the kids to put up

cabinets on either side of the wall offer a

their school notes or pictures .The ward-

perfect frame for the bed. The designers

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 79

created a separate entertainment area in

use of wood tile flooring from the bath-

design principle of clean lines with a more

the bedroom to relax with a book or watch

room into the dressing area with a com-

feminine touch to it. The bed is a custom

some TV.

bination of clear and black mirror on the

designed upholstered leather bed with a

The client being open to modern con-

wardrobe doors. This area is designed with

leather headboard framed in a laser cut

temporary design, the attached bathroom

neutral colour palette with the black Italian

dark wood panel. The metallic textured

in this room was designed with glass. This

marble counter top and accent wall panel.

wall colour with a hint of purple in it pro-

helped make the room look bigger. A false

The Guest Bedroom has a slight eth-

vides a perfect backdrop for the bed. The

sense of a bigger space was given with the

nic flair to it. The room follows the overall

wardrobe continues the same design

80 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

element of using the full height laser cut

together by the corridor that runs directly

wooden panels as door handles for the

in line with the main door of the house

sliding frosted mirror finished doors. The

The simple layering of solid wood pan-

attached bathroom to this room is a clean

els suspended from the ceiling backlit by

modern design in a palette of different

yellow LED lights has proven to be quite

shades of grey with the wood cabinet and

a conversation starter for any visitor to

the mirror frame bringing in the neces-

the house.

sary warmth. All these bedrooms are tied November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 81

Creative ideas

Design Kharkhana at IESCOA

Design Kharkhana; a live workshop was held this October, for the students of IES College of Architecture, Mumbai. The event was managed by Ar. Siddhant Shah of India Design Company and Design Matrix played a pivotal role as the media partner.

82 Design Matrix • November-December 2013


ith an aim to bridge the chasm between students’ abilities, their interests, IESCOA held an interactive live workshop for students, to stir up their minds and bring

out new design concepts. The event opened with the welcome note made by Prof. Gaurish Chandawarkar, Principal In-charge of the college. Ar. Martina Maria Spies and Ar. Arjun Rathi presented brain storming sessions for students and motivated them throughout the workshop; gearing and shaping their interesting design ideas.

Highlights Ar. Martina Maria Spies, an Austrian architect and designer residing in Mumbai and Vienna, gave an interesting presentation on Dharavi –a central area within the megacity Mumbai and probably the largest informal settlement of Asia consisting of about 80 “Nagars”. Her pre-

a minimalist Neo-Arabic theme with all furniture and details custom

sentation depicted the harsh reality of the place, where people from

designed, inspired the young minds to create something unexpect-

different backgrounds live together under poor hygienic conditions.

ed with elegance, simplicity and functionality. Explaining further on

With a thorough research on this space, she emphasized on the fact

his industrial design manifesto; he added, “Each project proposes a

that though the Slum Rehabilitation Authority has initiated numer-

simple solution that often involves a narrative aspect. The approach

ous redevelopment projects, but the high-rise buildings, which have

to design is hands on, practical and collaborative. Our designs look to

been built; ignore the vital connection between home and work-

experiment with materials and challenge processes that find applica-

place, neglecting community spaces and references to the traditional

tion on commercial projects. We don’t tend to stick to a single style,

housing culture of India. Her presentation was on the different com-

favourite material or formula, but consider design as a craft, where

munities, focused on the livelihoods of the investigated clusters and

deep understanding of materials, processes and user behavior serve

the solutions of spatial organization developed by the inhabitants.

as a knot.”

Ar. Arjun Rathi, a young designer from Mumbai inspired students

Followed by the interesting presentations, the students were

with his experimental and explorative design ideologies. His presen-

divided into groups to come out with innovative design concepts.

tation on Driss El Jay Market –a community engaging market typol-

Both the young designers mentored the students to bring out their

ogy, serving as a community plaza with designed ‘Rain-water har-

creative best. The selected entries included a sustainable café design

vesting Trees’, providing free drinking water to the citizen glued the

created by third year students; Karan Sarkamia,Chinmay Dhamapur-

students’ attention. He further discussed on Cellular Fission, which is

kar, Sakshi Wadhwani, Sonu Sharma and Soham Patil ,using waste

an intersection between architecture, sculpture, origami and spatial

shipping containers and beer bottles. The other selected entry was

analysis, displayed at this year’s (2013) Kalaghoda Arts Festival and the

an Eco friendly design , with a place to sit and a nursery from where

India Design Week. His other concepts like making a series of lamps

plants and flowers pots could be brought ,created by Hetal Sheth,

as a tribute to the ambassador car; Empezar CFS building design with

Harsh Visaria, Sushmita Singh, Riddhi Gala and Vidhi Jain of FY BArch.

locally available materials and incorporating sustainable technolo-

The event became a learning platform for the students, struggling to

gies; Massa designed for on-appointment spa treatments, following

get their numbers, colours and shapes right. November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 83

Corporate design

84 Design Matrix • November-December 2013


Dynamic Workspace

Pleasure in the job, puts perfection at work; stimulating, inspirational and motivational – these words best capture the spirit of Nahar Business Center; a well-designed building with offices and shops , which embraces an ideal work culture. An immense level of creativity by the Ar. Ajay Nahar coupled with an approach to think out of the box is the key that makes this office space a coveted address to house any business. Words: Puja Singh Nahar Images: Prashant Bhat Design Team: Nahar Projects/Perceptions

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 85


one are the days where offices were perceived by just wall and rigid expressions. More people

are embracing the idea that a dynamic work environment stimulates their mind and inspire innovation. Once such space carefully perceived by Ar. Ajay Nahar is this Business Center at Powai.  The doors to this office building open to a dramatic spacious atrium as refreshing as a cool atrium breeze.  Designed using an interesting interplay of contrasting dialogue between modern day and nature elements the space creates much visual interest that would hopefully inspire some genius ideas along the way.  Though we see a lot of sleek elements like glass, steel, fiber and glossy surfaces in this contemporary space this one benefits with their fusion with the natural elements.  One can literally get a gasp of a fresh outdoor feel with luscious tall palm trees along with the bright sunlight that filters through the glass façade.  The space uses plants in abundance and the amoebic shaped wooden bench coupled with the floral motifs on the wall flow seamlessly in the atrium. Additionally, a small Zen garden in the outdoors connects with the inside theme. The white colour palette is predomi-

nately seen adding a pristine feel to the space yet it is far from being start primarily by the interesting variations that the minute detailing seen in patterns and textures in the various design elements. The ribbed reception table in smooth finished surface flanked by a wall adorned with floral motifs is absolutely eye catching.  The Japanese writing on the backdrop of the concierge represents strength at work further enforc86 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

es and generates a dynamic work spirit.

malist design.

outside the walls of their office. The curved

The unusual design of the curved seating

Ditching the crisp blank glass façade,

ceiling & flooring design coupled with the

to form a wooden feel not only serves a

Ajay has designed a series of graphics with

vertical fins that demark the space without

functional aspect but also adds a distinc-

human figurines to break away from the

much rigidity from the vicinity thus main-

tive creative touch well illuminated by the

mould and reflect a revitalized business

taining & casual and inviting aura to the

pendant lights above. The colour changing

model well suit men and women in busi-

space cleverly segregate this space. This

lighting creates a suitable ambience with

ness attire adorn the glass façade just so

all white space is positively illuminated by

focus on accents to generate more visual

that you don’t fire out and inspire you to be

the burst of green grass that adds freshness

appeal in the space like seen in the interest-

on the go all day long.

to the space. This interactive core benefits

ing slit wall in the backdrop. Externally Cold

The passages leading to the office on

largely from the large ceiling height and

cathode lighting encompasses a feature

the upper level wind around the atrium

the expansive views through the large glass

at the 7th floor level, which is a strong ele-

that creates a visual interest whilst circula-

façade. The floral motifs added on the wall

ment of design and breaks away the façade

tion. The splash of grey on accents walls in

and well as those seen in the cut out trellis


the floor lobbies adds an industrial feel to a

on the white tub chains are in well sync with the outdoor feel.

The freestanding Touch screen kiosk is

primarily white space. The white on white

conceived to climate the need of tedious &

design elements and free flowing, flooring

Another well-designed facility is the

space occupying traditional name signage

walls and ceiling design add fluidity to the

spacious well-equipped gymnasium called

of the occupants and information of the

space. The oversized signage’s indicating

Muay-Fit. In this office space we motive not

facilities and the nearby whereabouts. Ar.

the floor level is functional as well as aes-

just the mind but also the body. An inter-

Ajay has cleverly used contrasts in backdrop

thetic elements. The services area carefully

esting passage flamed with bamboos on

walls to highlight areas and create interest

integrated as disguised in the space.

either side and visual in Japanese script rein-

to elements, which would otherwise go

The Japanese coffee shop-‘Cha- Bar’

force the enso theme. The rustic floor and

unnoticed. There is nothing frivolous about

at the mid level is designed to encourage

equipment lends and industrial feel to the

this space yet it is a far cry from a stark mini-

and entice people to expand their horizon

space coupled with an interesting ceiling

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 87

design .This space is the ideal health retreat to begin or end a dynamic day at work Use of bold golden Aluminum Panels along with dark grey with clean lines accompanied with the reflective aqua green glass gives this Business Center the commercial look it desires. The overall Architecture has a strong sense of existence in its surroundings and mainly caters to the residents nearby following a Japanese concept of work many hours, work close to home and Ajay has flavored this with an environment of being relaxed at work. In totality Nahar Business Center is a truly dynamic architectural expression from inception to executive. This is one workspace that dynamically works. 88 Design Matrix • November-December 2013



Defining new

architectural forms

Windsor Troika, Bengaluru Evolving from the quintessential primary shape - the triangle, the upcoming Windsor Troika is designed as an integrated development with two G+18 residential towers with common amenities and with a clubhouse designed on the shape of a lotus petal.

Architects V T Anand and Neelaksh Mahajan, principal architects of Bengaluru-based VBT Consortium , discuss their practice and their design philosophies with Ar. Apurva Bose


rchitects V T Anand and Neelaksh

various typology of projects including

Mahajan, principal architects of

Commercial Buildings, Hospitality Projects,

Bengaluru-based VBT Consortium

Sports Complexes, Institutional Buildings,

(VBTC)have over the years

believed in





innovation, pragmatism and a client friendly

Condominiums, Group Housing, and Master

approach in all their projects. The firm hails


from its parent company, V.B.Thammaiah & Associates, one of the oldest architectural

Apurva Bose Dutta (ABD): As an archi-

practices in Bengaluru and has dealt with

tectural firm that has witnessed almost

92 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

Ar. V T Anand

Ar. Neelaksh Mahajan

six decades of architecture and has main-

to architecture has definitely undergone

younger generation also drives the firm to

tained a global presence, how has the

a change in sync with the advancements

venture into hitherto unexplored architec-

firm’s perception and approach to archi-

in technology. However, the approach

tural realms.

tecture changed in these years and what


has influenced the transformation?

remained the same over the years.

Anand & Neelaksh: Changing trends in

ABD: Coming from two different gen-

sibilities. After which, Neelaksh takes it from

architectural needs ensure that all archi-

erations and from different cultural back-

there to convert these possibilities into solv-

tectural practices, including VBTC evolve

grounds, how have you transformed your

able design concepts, ideating on planning

to address new design challenges. But,

individual strengths to a compatible work-

and form development. Once the project is

that is the essence of innovation – to con-

ing relationship to form a successful partner-

on the floor, I oversee the technical execu-

stantly change, ideate and create. Having


tion of the project in terms of coordination

said that, we do wish to confirm that what

Anand: Infusion of youthful ideas of a

with consultants, site visits, etc. However,

has not changed and should never change

younger partner with the experience of

we do ensure that both of us are always

is the fundamental integrity in the work-

an older partner has helped this firm grow

updated about the progress of the projects

ing of our design process. Our approach

from strength-to-strength. The vigour of a

at every stage.




We try to approach every design project together, with brainstorming sessions to understand constraints and explore pos-

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 93

Verity, Bengaluru A residential campus in the IT hub of Bengaluru, this project brings with it efficient planning with an optimum 74% of open space. The design of these 320 residential units on G+9 floors has been based on the concept of ‘360 degree view’.

BAGMANE TRIDIB, Bengaluru The site of the five acre lake-facing property of Bagmane Tridib (a part of Bagmane Technology Park) posed challenges of the designing of a commercial space in the urban hub of Bengaluru in a natural setting. With a total built up area of approximately one million sq ft, this IT building has been designed for IGBC Gold rating.

ABD: Every architectural endeavour at VBTC is designed considering the three key aspects of habitable spaces – physical, psychological and social. How do you correlate these aspects to produce authentic architecture? Anand & Neelaksh: Any space-making exercise involves physical planning to cater to functionality. That is a logical sequence. But to give true meaning to Architecture, psychological and social issues must be considered. Irrespective of the building typology, budget, time constraints; the firm has always tried to incorporate all these aspects into its designs. The benefits of a long standing experience of the senior generation as well as the innocence of the young designers transforms into a fantastic combination that ensures the balance between physical, psychological and social aspects in our design. We try never to lose the focus on the fact that any built environment should ultimately connect to the end user at all cognitive levels. ABD: You have shown a keen interest in design dialogues and collaborations with diverse architectural firms across the world. What are the strengths of these architectural practices in these foreign countries that you look forward to retaining in your own firm? Anand & Neelaksh: Our design dialogues with other architectural houses have helped us bridge existing gaps in construction technologies. A better understanding of materials and their application in architecture and adopting their virtues and adapting them to our context has helped us in enhancing the design outcome. Exposure to international trends in architecture definitely works in our favour, but the biggest strength that we have been able to imbibe

Junction Mall, Bengaluru Designed as a mid-segment mall in the urban context, the retail value of the project has been greatly enhanced due to the high visibility (on account of its location) and the comprehensive planning. 94 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

is the Design Administrative Process followed globally. Each country’s architectural practice has its own character owing to various socioeconomic factors and in our interactions with architectural houses worldwide, we have felt that each region has its own core strength. For example, from our Southeast Asian counterparts, we learnt how they

have perfected the technique of integrating built -in interior details with architecture, right from design inception stages. As a result, even a 400sqft condominium gives the spatial feel of a premium apartment due to the finesse in detail and the operational comfort. Our dialogues with some of the eminent American architects has given us an in-depth understanding of architectural engineering and most importantly, superlative and innovative façade design solutions using contemporary materials. Though our interaction with European architects has been limited, we can say this with full confidence that nowhere else in the world except Europe, is it more apt to say, that Architecture is definitely an ART, and POETRY. ABD: Bengaluru has been witnessed to a large spate of architectural experimentations. Referring to this development, in your opinion how has Indian architecture responded to the many challenges that it faces today? Anand & Neelaksh: Bengaluru, being a cosmopolitan environment adapts to change seamlessly. This is also due to the confluence of various architects from different parts of India, practicing in the city. In the recent years, Indian architecture has truly emerged at a global scale, be it in terms of design, experimentation or simply scale. On par with international cities boasting of architectural achievements, many of our eminent architects have not only delivered but have excelled many a times. It is also good to see some of the younger firms

Master Planning for a residential township, Serenity Ventures, Ahmedabad A plotted development spanning 1400 acres, this project has been designed on the concept of Chakras and the Vaastu Purusha. The master planning of this project was conceptualized to provide the commercial viability of grid planning, yet break away from the monotony through integration of the Chakras as nodal points translated into green pockets.

addressing specific issues in terms of sustainability, reviving vernacular planning and construction techniques and getting more sensitive

A lot of research in the field of contemporary energy efficient

to environmental issues. We are also seeing that some of the firms

materials is being carried out. We are trying to incorporate materials

are pioneering usage of alternative building materials, experimenting

and mechanisms such as green glass, photovoltaic cells, motion and

with bamboo, mud blocks, etc. This is definitely a step forward in an

light sensors, building automation systems, Air conditioning operat-

attempt to rise to global standards and yet maintain an Indian iden-

ing on variable air volumes, etc. into our projects. Rain water harvest-

tity.Apart from confirming to global standards, let us not forget that

ing is anyway mandatory; artfully integrating it into the site planning

architecture in India has to also address various vernacular challenges

and design is a value-addition. It is important to consider all factors

such as Vaastu-compliance, budgetary constraints, human resources

affecting energy efficiency right from the concept stage and carry it

and sociological behaviour patterns, to name just a few.

all the way through till the final execution.

ABD: As a firm which believes in Energy efficient buildings, what

ABD: Please acquaint us with some of your present projects.

are the challenges in the present day context that you have faced, in

Anand & Neelaksh: Currently, we are handling a very diverse project

a scenario where the term of ‘Energy Efficiency’ has been invariably

profile comprising various upscale residential condominium projects,


Boutique residences, Villa and Villament developments of about 2.5

Anand & Neelaksh: Incorporating energy efficiency as one of the

million sq ft built up area, ITSEZs and commercial projects adding

key factors into our design process is definitely a mandate. As we

to about 2.0 million sqft. We are currently dealing with a 16 acre

handle fairly large scale projects ,we should be at least aware of the

global standard industrial campus, among others. A lot of interesting

magnitude of energy loads required to establish and more impor-

projects are lined up and we are excited to explore architecture

tantly maintain such built environments. The key here is to incorpo-

through its many layers.

rate service integration from the initial stages of design formulation

We are happy to share that we have started a new design

itself. After our initial design formulation, we invite MEP and HVAC

venture titled “STORY” - a collaborative effort between VBTC and

consultants on board to incorporate energy efficient solutions into

some of the veterans from the construction industry. Story aims to

our design before we finalize the design. Fortunately, nowadays

create unique design concepts for boutique villas, derived from each

there is increased social awareness towards saving energy. It has also

individual client’s interests, dreams and aspirations, built to world-

helped that regulatory bodies such as MoEF and IGBC are also pro-

class standards.

moting the same. November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 95


Manhattan The craft brewery

96 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

“You can have Manhattan The one we used to share The one where we were laughing And drunk on just being there Hang on to the reverie�Hang on to the BREWERY..!!

Manhattan, a grand Pub recently opened at Gurgaon; emerges to be a new haven for the young and old alike, night mongers and the heartthrobs of NCR to live life to the fullest. November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 97


exus design, New Delhi; a multi-

designers have approached to make Man-

conceptualisation, detail designs, identity

disciplinary design firm offering

hattan a value for money. The beauty lies

design, feasibility studies, and help in the

architecture, interior design and

in the fact that the staffs take an extra bit

implementation of the concepts in reality.

product development solutions with an

of caution to serve the valuable custom-

Nexus provides specialised modelling and

aim to have global recognition; designed

ers. The pub’s impressive beer menu is

prototyping solution for retail products,

Manhattan in two levels, with a lounge

thoughtfully selected and accommodates

fixtures, furniture and industrial design

floor and live performance floor to create

few variations with changing seasons.

products actively and also oversees the

ample multipurpose spaces as lounge,

A drinkers galore, the Manhattan

design projects and manages the project

music and dance venue and games zone.

experience will leave one mesmerized

co-ordination and supervision process to

This wide range of attractions is intricately

with new friends and new experiences.

ensure a smooth execution and adherence

mixed with the entire fabric and interiors

One can find a vibrant corner or a dimly

to timelines.

to create an ambience enlivened with a

lit lounge for soft conversations and get

mind -blowing environment for loads

swayed by the psychedelic soundtrack or


of entertainment. One can enjoy the

the jugglery of the bartender.

• 2000-Dorset door-hardware product set

thrilling pleasures of lively Rock and Jazz

the benchmark for Indian building hard-

music, 4D gaming zone, huge screens

About Nexus Design

and live concerts, mouth watering

Set up in the year 2000 as a design firm

• 2004-Bagged first retail design award for

delicacies from around the world and

catering to the product design and envi-

the ‘time-factory’ brand store at Vasant

above all the best served Beer from its in-

ronment design needs of the industry, Nex-

house Brewery.

us Design was started as a partnership firm

• 2008-Pratyay’s omnibag concept won

ware industry.

Vihar, New Delhi.

The Brass metal kegs, the interior

by two architects and industrial designers;

the prestigious inter- national bag design

design elements, the hand drawn wall

Pratyay Chakrabarti, Devesh Bhatia, Parag


paintings, the timber flooring and ceiling

Anand and Arup Ranjan Dey with a vision

• 2012-Nexus got their first international

are all reminiscent of the late 80’s Manhat-

to become a global player in design, con-

design exposure and partnered GK

tan experience in New York. The whole

tributing to build a better living world. The

design, Japan

display, from the lavish interiors to the beer

firm focuses on high-end design solution

• 2013-Zambar Pune in 50 best themed

mugs and the beer menu are eye-catching

in ‘product design’, ‘architecture and inte-

restaurant’ in India by White Tiger pub-

and portraits the creativity with which the

rior design’ and ‘retail design’ in terms of


98 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

Design promo



Caruth Home, located in the University Park area of Dallas; Texas was re-created from a century old design aesthetic to a spacious comfortable home by general contractor, Kevin Key, Key Residential. The interior designing part was successfully handled by Becci Meier, Architectural Design Services. The landscape designing was performed by Jason Osterberger Designs.

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 99



both the sides of garden. A custom foun-

of a dry creek bed, which Key turned into

remodelling, Kevin Key states,

tain made with a Louisiana sugar kettle

a walkway from the street to the home’s

“We view home remodelling as

revolves around the existing red oak tree in

front door. The existing Austin stone por-

the transformation of a space, not just the

front of the house. The tree marks the start

tions over the windows were replaced with




physical characteristics and aesthetics,

real wood beams. The rear exterior is lit with

but the functionality and experience of

Gooseneck lighting. The walls are made of

our clients within the space as well. At Key

Austin stone and Pennsylvania Bluestone is

Residential, we strive to create homes that

used extensively on the pavers around the

are comfortable and warm, enhancing

pool. The rear exteriors are planted with

the liveability for years to come. We pride

Japanese yews, Pistachio – behind the spa,

ourselves on the development of close

Blue Atlas Cedar – focal tree along the back

personal relationships with each client and

fence line, Lacebark Elm – to the right of the

our trusted trade partners, resulting in a

wall planters.

thorough realization of our clients’ dreams. For us, it’s a partnership.”

The barn woods for flooring and custom tinted plaster wall finish adds a mar-

The University Park whole home reno-

vellous feel to the interiors of this rustic

vation included total interior renovation,

home. In the home office area, the exist-

landscaping, addition of a 135 sq ft sun-

ing oak wood coffered ceiling is treated

room and conversion of a third garage bay

with custom paint to give a distressed

into an pool cabana with outdoor kitchen

look. Eco-friendly plaster is applied on one

and entertainment area. The home, origi-

wall at a time to prevent drying out and

nally built in the 1980’s, was carefully con-

achieve desired texture and perfect colour

structed with the purpose of re-creating

blending. The living room , down stairs is

an eclectic curated look, as if the individual

designed with old doors and stained glass

items were collected and pieced together

windows, found by the home owner, while

over decades.

antiquing. Key, lightened up this space with a blue pine ceiling with non- structural faux,

The recreation process

made of real wood. A Sunroom is added as

Jason Osterberger , the landscape design-

an extension to the existing living room.

er added a few plants in the front yard ;

The room is designed with large low-E win-

Loquat- showy small scale tree to the left

dows on 3 sides . A multi fold door opens

off the front porch, Texas Mountain Lau-

the sunroom to outdoor patio dining.

rel at the right, Coral Bark Maple –winter

The designer turned a third of the

showy tree with red branching and the

home’s attached garage into a poolside

Little Gem Magnolias line were planted on

cabana out back. Wavy cedar siding gave

100 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

the cabana the lively look the homeowner

place in this room. Salvaged flea market doors

wanted. The Pool Cabana features a functional

lead from the bedroom into the master bath-

kitchen designed with cabinets made of rustic

room. The walls of the master suite are built

red oak added with a custom paint treatment

with circle sawn wood with paint finish. The

for a rough and worn look. The custom table

ceiling is made of structural solid rough beams

is crafted in a way that it can be used either as

that were distressed prior to installation and is

a casual dining table or a family project work

finished with paint to intensify the rough look.

table when needed .The chandelier over the

A custom soapstone vanity top complements

table, reinforce the style. A retro refrigerator

the farmhouse sink’s rustic feel. The homeown-

and a free standing sink basin with vintage

er found the refinished antique tub at a local

metal legs results into a warm experience in

reclaimed-fixture shop. A salvaged stained

this space.

glass window next to the tub was distressed,

The master bedroom has raised vaulted

framed and mounted into the wall separating

ceilings with a structural beam support. Coro-

the tub area from the lavatory behind, resulting

nado stone facade surrounds the B –vent fire-

into a kind of art. November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 101


The homeowner also requested many

It took a span of 8-9 months from start of con-

vintage, antique, or salvaged materials, hard-

struction to majority completion allowing the

ware, windows and doors, electrical and

homeowners to completely move in, with small

plumbing fixtures, and decorative accents to

additional items (powder bath, playhouse for

be integrated, to achieve the look and feel of

the grandkids, etc) added to the original scope

something old while allowing for the conve-

continuing into the following months.

niences and comfort of modern technologies.

The biggest challenge throughout this

Explaining further, Kevin Key adds “The use of

project was the level of communication

antiques and repurposed materials made for a

required to achieve the desired eclectic design

very difficult estimation of initial scope of work

and successfully execute it throughout each

and added to scheduling challenges, as we

space. This challenge was compounded by the

were often unable to determine how and to

homeowners generally being out of town at a

what degree items needed to be retrofitted,

second home in Florida and working with an

reframed, and sized to accommodate modern

Interior Designer based in Georgia. As a result,

electrical, framing and mechanical standards

the project required constant communica-

until they were actually delivered onsite. Cus-

tion and collaboration between homeowner,

tom built cabinets were hand finished to rep-

designer, remodeler and trade partners to

licate the natural patina of their antique coun-

achieve the desired end result. This partner-

terparts- a process developed of trial and error

ship sparked a creative exploration of building

utilizing multiple techniques and applications

materials and finishing techniques, such as the

of stain, paint, hand-scraping, distressing

eco-friendly plaster wall covering which had to

and finishing.�

be applied only one wall at a time and mixed to ensure colour consistency for each application.

102 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

Hospitality design

Spanish extravaganza ‘PocoLoco’; a modern contemporary prototypical Spanish Tapas bar – designed by the effervescent creative duo, Ar. Kayzad Shroff and Ar. Maria León; promises amazing dining experience in a cosy ambience. Words: Hitesh Mistry

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 103


ocoLoco’ is the first commercial venture of ‘Conniesours Dote’ – a hospitality group, headed by a young couple Saurabh Shroff and

Sonal Bandarkar. Armed with an apt location, a limited budget and sensing a void in the culinary world of Mumbai, the couple decided on serving unique Spanish fare at a reasonable cost. ‘PocoLoco’ is situated in the heart of Mumbai city, Bandra, Pali village, which has a plethora of some exquisitely renowned and newly coming up three-star & fourstar eateries. To differentiate in such premium market, one has not only to guarantee excellence in its offerings and services but also make sure that it provides an ambient atmosphere which is unique, rich and stands the test of time. The owner duo wanted a contemporary modern adaptation of Spanish Tapas Bar, employing a minimalistic material look and working primarily with wood or wooden artefacts, thus recreating a genuine Spanish environment. To make matter more interesting and challenging, the space available was only 750 sq ft. The premises previously housed ‘The Steak House’ which catered only to 30 patrons at a time and that too with claustrophobic result. The owners were keen on having a 50+ seating capacity, but with grand lavish experience. Due to the lack of usable space, the creative duo from Shroffleón, dug deep before coming out with the blue print. They considered many options before settling on their design plan. The most important aspect, when it comes to success in case of any premium restaurant is its lavishness of space. So how do you portray lavishness in rather

104 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

compact confines and yet provide for 50+

earth colour palette. Rich wooden furniture

capacity with enough space allocated for

combined with warm lighting spells an

Kitchen and sundry services? It’s needless

inviting and casual appearance. The location of the open bar allowed

to say that therein lay the challenge. The designer duo started with examin-

space to flow freely. Walls were treated

ing premises very minutely. They decided

with consummate articulation and proper

to make use of Open Kitchen, which is still a

placement of ceiling lights made it all the

novel concept in our part of the world. Hav-

more cosy and chic. Elements, such as

ing kitchen staff preparing their orders in

intricately carved hand tiles, long standing

plain view is something people are still not

bars, and small wooden tables were used

used to, especially when it comes to pre-

to enhance the Spanish flavour.

mium eateries. But the duo were confident in creating a unique environment befitting

The Designers

a Spanish bar.

Ar. Kayzad Shroff was born and brought

In a bid to portray lavishness, the

up in Mumbai, who has graduated from

creative duo opened up more space by

Cornell University and earned Olive Tjaden

incorporating mezzanine floor, which was

Scholarships and Mary Miller Lyons Award.

previously closed off and used only for stor-

Ar. Kayzad has also collaborated with Rob-

age purposes. Lack of windows was also a

ert Stern, a famed New York architect, on

major obstacle, depriving the eatery with

a number of residential, artistic, cultural

proper lighting. The designer duo took

and educational projects. He established

advantage of existing extension, opening

‘Shroffleón’ with Maria in 2008 in New York.

it to provide natural light – during the day-

He is currently associated with Kamla

time; and lit it artificially at night with warm

Raheja Vidhinidhi School of Architecture

lights, thus providing a glowing ambiance.

and Environmental Planning in Mumbai;

But this was only the beginning. Creat-

with a succesful teaching stints at Cor-

ing authentic Spanish Tapas bars environ-

nell University, NY, the Academy of Archi-

ment meant employing rich wooden fur-

tecture, Mumbai and the Balwant Sheth

niture primarily, and working with limited

School of Architecture, NMIMS, Mumbai. Ar. Maria León was born in Seville, Spain and has completed her undergraduate education at Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla, Spain. She attended Cornell University, riding high on a research fellowship from the University of Seville - for her higher studies and attaining Masters in Architecture, specializing in Digital Media for Architectural Urban environments. Before formation of ‘Shroffleón’ with Kayzad, she was part of celebrated Javier Terrados Studio in various housing, commercial and cultural projects, primarily within Iberian Peninsula, Morocco and Latin America. As with Kayzad, she is also a faculty at Kamla Raheja Vidhinidhi School of Architecture and Environmental Planning in Mumbai; with successful teaching stints at Cornell University, NY, and the Balwant Sheth School of Architecture, NMIMS, Mumbai.

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 105

Youth corner

Scripting Sculpted History

Ar. Siddhi Desai, Ar. Jay Kapadia and Ar. Siddhant Shah; alumni from NMIMS`s Balwant Seth School of Architecture bagged 3rd Position in NSDC _ Universal Design Competition ’12 for generating solutions to make the World Heritage Site at Ellora UNIVERSAL. Text & Images: Ar. Siddhant Shah

106 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

L-R Ar. Siddhant Shah, Ar. Jay Kapadia and Ar. Siddhi Desai


t a distance of 30 km from the

by the interaction with his environment and get

ing stone edifice. The design looks at being

opposite side of Aurangabad are

educated, encouraged and inspired by the series

modular interventions at various strategically

34 World Heritage Ellora Caves.

of experiences he has with his surroundings. So

important places depending upon the level

Situated in Sahyadri mountain ranges these

our design is about creating an EXPERIENCE for

of approachability it has.

monoliths have been carved out to an

all who descend the land of mind contempla-

immense articulation with an eye for details.


Design Methodology

The cave complex is a secular ground where

The projects deal with such sensitive areas

three important religious beliefs have thrived

Design Context

like World Heritage Site Ellora caves, which

and flourished architecturally, respecting

The core idea of our design inventory was

have huge inflow of both national and inter-

and learning from each other.

that, it will retain the authenticity, integrate

national tourists. Therefore as design meth-

with the site and complements the exist-

odology these site need:

Every person develops his concept of ‘self’

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 107

1. Quantification of users

designed using facets to fulfill a specific

touch screens are at the height from where

2. Types of users and their interest

function of that section. The facets are modi-

a young kid to an elder can operate easily.

3. Identification of important Nodes and

fied and manipulated depending upon the

The heights are adjusted to universal scales

needs of the function of the section.

to facilitate all. The interventions form beauti-

Demarcation and Zoning of Nodes

ful framed vantages from the insert. So is still

4. Kinds of Engagements in the Nodes and


visually connected to the cave when he\she

5. Tourist Management and Movement Plan

Intervention is a combination of the cata-

is reading and trying to comprehend them.

6. Execution Plan

logued sections and the 5 listed engage-

The scale of the insert is not intimidating,

ments as mentioned above. The interven-

thus generating a very approachable feel to

Design Solution

tion is strategically conceived depending

all the users. One doesn’t feel out of place

Design concept: Rock Facets

upon its targeted user, site condition, acces-

when in the design. Even the construction

Ellora cave are the finest examples of the rock

sibility, things to be seen and the level of

methodology is effortless and effective. The

cut architecture. The cave are carved from

interventions. The aim of our designs is to

depth of these plates is given in the third

the face of the rock and then gone deeper


direction. The reflective glass is used for pro-

into it. The space that is created inside is

visitors. All eight inserts are modular and flex-

tection the rain and harsh sun. The design is

purely an outcome of the requirements and

ible in nature. The design is an outcome of

simple and intuitive with low physical effort

a predefined programme or function of

selecting the apt section which will appre-

for the users.

the cave. Had the cave to be a temple the

ciate and complement the value of experi-

carving was done to such a precision that a

ence which visiting that particular set of the

Materials and Maintenance

previously determined object (form of the

caves. The central space of the design is kept

The design is durable, impervious, corrosion

temple) is achieved. In this process the cave

linear for easy mobility of the physically chal-

resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and

is chiseled and facets are created on the rock.

lenged. There are certain sections that push

resistant to vandalism and neglect, and less

It is these facets that are carefully further chis-

out to incorporate the tangible walls to allow

demanding in the existing setting because

eled into to achieve the caves. This nascent

the visually impaired users to use it without

of use of efficient materials. The sections will

beauty of the caves is used to re-create the

much difficult. The components are at ergo-

be precast in Ferro concrete with striations

physical manifestation of the idea of a cave.

nomically angled, so that one can easily read

achieved in form work. This will complement

A number of small sections are meticulously

or see the screens playing the videos. The

its setting. The glazing will be done in situ


thus ensuring water proofing and protection from harsh weather. Clean concrete finished facets will demand less maintenance. The design is made modular by having flexible joint surfaces making it universal for mass customization and adaptations on all sites. Thus we have provided experiential solutions for unique environments.

108 Design Matrix • November-December 2013



outlook Stonehill & Taylor, New York-based architecture and interior design firm, with a magical spell adds an Industrial- chic look to the Refinery Hotel, at the heart of NYC’s Fashion

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 109


ocated on West 38th Street, the building was originally built in 1912 to house high-end retail and

tea salon on the first floor and various factories, predominantly hat making on the upper floors. The speciality of this building lies in its ornate neogothic façade and industrial interiors. This duality is reflected in the design of the hotel with refined public spaces in the lobby area and a more industrial and raw elegance in the guestrooms and the rooftop bar. As the popularity of wearing hats as a fashion staple

110 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

waned and the economy of New York became more serviceoriented; the building was over the years re-purposed to an office building before being converted to a hotel. Explaining further, Christina Zimmer, Principal at Stonehill and Taylor, says “The design narrative was guided by the historic facts surrounding the building and how we imagined people to be living and working there in early 20th century. We thought about the owner of the tea room that existed on the ground floor and the ladies that frequented it, taking a break from their shopping on 5th Avenue; just a short walk away. We also thought about the millinery factories on the upper floors, which were part of NYC’s booming garment district, making and selling their wares to those same stores.”

The lobby Stonehill & Taylor designed the lobby with a modern and sophisticated version. The design derives its inspiration from the neo-gothic details on the façade. The designers re-

interpreted them in a fresh and modern way. White plaster groin vaulted ceilings and a 72’ long entry runner offers the guest with an arcade like experience to the reception area. The warm wood reception desk and the curate artwork behind it, feature a custom installation of hat making tools by linking the current design and its history. The bar, named Winnie’s Tea Lounge in honour of Miss Winifred T. McDonald, an original tenant, incorporates rich plaid patterned wood walls paying tribute to Winnie’s heritage. The warm wood walls, intimate lighting and tea-related furnishings evoke a feeling of a sophisticated tea salon of early 20th century. The bar area with custom gothic-inspired glass partitions; though separated is a part of the lobby.

The guest rooms The guestrooms have a tailored, slightly raw aesthetic inspired by the original hat-making factories and the historic garment district. The design vision was to create a unique industrial loft like feel.

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 111

fireplace. The ceiling of this space was made with wood salvaged from the dismantled water tank previously at the top of the building. The indoor-outdoor main bar area has salvaged French terracotta floors and a 1,200 sq ft retractable skylight. The open-air outdoor lounge features casual seating to enjoy city views. Stone and Taylor was ranked 2012’s top NY design firm in the hospitality sector by ENR. With primary specialization in hospitality, healthcare, research and academic institutions, the firm uses a collaborative approach to produce unique designs. The firm’s successful projects range from interior design to architecture, new building construction, historic preservation and renovations, including: The Crosby Street Hotel, The NoMad Hotel, Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, The Ace Hotel, The President Hotel and the new Hyatt House brand. Stonehill & Taylor has designed the highest number of LEED certified hotels in New York and the first LEED Gold hotel with the Crosby Street Hotel.

All guestrooms have concrete ceilings and hardwood floors with custom area rugs. Sewing machine inspired desks on this space, inform the guest about the past of this building. The feel of an industrial factory design is inspired by a coffee table, reminiscent of old factory carts and surface applied hardware. Upholstery with inside out over lock seam and steel and leather headboard with buckles, reference the garment industry. The other striking elements of this space are signature floor lamps, inspired by fashion photographers’ lights; spacious and luxurious bathrooms featuring custom inlaid mosaic stone flooring, polished brass and antique bronze details.

Rooftop bar The industrial-chic aesthetic continues in the rooftop bar. The expansive 3,500 sq ft space provides a year-round rooftop hangout with superb views of Manhattan and the Empire State Building. The roof is divided into three sections: indoor, indoor-outdoor and outdoor. The intimate indoor lounge features a fountain and

112 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

Event report


at mumbai

All India Furniture Manufacturers and Traders Association and India’s leading organizer of trade shows viz. Introductions Trade Shows Pvt. Ltd, joined hands together to present INDIA FURNITURE EXPO 2013


he fair recently opened doors to

The EDGE – Furniture Design Contest

awarded to Zeeshan Suhelaziz of Anju-

the latest designs from all over

was organized for students of Architec-

man Islam Kalsekar College, Panvel, for

India and overseas, while trade

ture and Interior Designing. Around 76

creating an innovative design of bunk

visitors discovered upcoming design

students from 10 colleges in and around

bed. Pranay Naresh Vira of Padmashree

trends, eco-friendly products and network

Mumbai participated in this contest and

Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Architecture was

with their existing suppliers. This event,

proved their designing skills. The designs

awarded the third prize; sponsored by

being India’s leading tradefair for the

created by the students were displayed

Woodmall, for his unique design of a sofa

furniture industry offered buying groups,

at a special pavilion at the event and

set. The consolation prizes were award-

retailers, interior designers, architects an

were judged by the renowned architects

ed to 17 participants for their designs.

opportunity to liaise and place orders,

and designers, Ar. Suchit Gadkari, Ar.

learn the industry developments and

Tushar Desai, Ar. Nitin Killawala, Ar. Ashok



network with their peers.

Butala and Ar. Raja Chauhan.



A wide range of furniture including institutional,



Held in Nehru Centre, Mumbai,

The first prize, worth Rs.25, 000,

categories and other home decor

the event was inaugurated by Kamlesh

sponsored by Living room Lifestyle Ltd;

products were displayed at the event.

Sheth, President, IIID – Mumbai Chapter,

was bagged by Prashant Pravin Cha-

Over 100 Exhibitors from India, China,

accompanied by Pulin Shah, President,

van of The Lokamanya Tilak Institute of

and Indonesia participated, and over

All India Furniture Manufacturers and

Architecture and Design Studio for cre-


Traders Association and Jivesh Sachdev,

ating an outstanding centre table. The

architects, interior designers, exporters,

Managing Director, Introduction Trade

second prize of Rs 20, 000, sponsored by

traders, and direct consumer buyers

Shows Pvt. Ltd.

Eurotech Design Systems Pvt. Ltd; was

visited this grand event.





Mr Amiet Barot, Kirni Furniture and Mr Jivesh Sachdev, Introduction Trade Shows Pvt. Ltd.

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 113


Somany, a true global Indian brand

Somany Ceramics Limited, the flagship company of the H.L Somany Group, sets a benchmark in home interior design with unique product lines.


bhishek Somany, Joint Managing

The non- slippery tiles

water is used more often. With a revolu-

Director, Somany Ceramics Ltd,

The non- slippery tiles is the another lat-

tionary technique, the surface of the tile

spearheads the company’s tiles

est product offering by the company.

is coated with a material that gives the

and sanitary ware business operations.

These tiles are ideal for spaces where

feet traction when walking. Its undulated

The company’s product offering includes

finish decreases the possibility of slipping

Tiles, Sanitary wares, CP fittings and Tile

and falling, the colours and finishes of

laying solutions making it possible to

these tiles provide an effective antithesis

service varied consumer needs. Somany

to modern designs. With digital technol-

Global, Tile Master, Ezy Grout and Ezy

ogy gaining rapid acceptance, endless

Fix are the brands that come under

application possibilities can be carried

the Somany umbrella. The company is

out to give any house a natural look.

present across the entire value chain of

Some of the remarkable achieve-

its product segments and the diverse

ments by the company include The Pow-

brand basket provides complete tiling

er Brands Award 2010-11 and The Indian

and laying solutions for residential and

Power Brand 2011-12. Somany Ceramics-

commercial purpose.

Kadi Plant has been awarded with OHSAS 18001: 2007 Certification by International

Product basket: The dirt-free “Green” tiles from Somany ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ by Somany Ceramics is very stable materials, which, in first, preserve their original hardness and resistance with time, as typical of the stoneware materials. This product degrades the nitrogen oxides, thus allowing the improvement of air quality. By using these tiles, designers and homeowners can ensure good indoor air quality. This tile repels allergens and won’t absorb odours like smoke and paint fumes or release harmful gases. Available in 150x900mm, 225x900mm and 600x600mm sizes, active range is available at all Somany display centres and Somany global showrooms across the country. 114 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

Accreditation of UKAS by Certification body ISOQAR.


September-October 2013 VOL. 3 • ISSUE 6 • `100




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Bhavna Jacob Love for art and drawing inspired me to choose architecture and interior designing – a creative line as my career. In tenth grade itself, I knew I wanted to be an architect.

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Hafele India launches

state of the art, Mumbai Design Center Hafele, India completes 10 years of functionality and design this year and continues to offer best interior solutions and fittings.

Mr Jurgen Wolf, MD Hafele India Pvt. Ltd. inaugurating the New Hafele Design Centre in Bhandup, Mumbai.


afele, one among the leading

Edelbad and Boing; kitchen fittings

the new Design Centre, Jürgen Wolf,

world leaders in architectural

solutions from Vauth Sagel and kitchen

Managing Director, Hafele India Pvt.

hardware, furniture and kitchen

partner Blum. A new range in lighting,

Ltd says, “Functionality is how we think;

fittings launches a State of the Art –

sliding, living room and bedrooms fittings

functionality is what we make and

Design Centre in Bhandup, Mumbai; a

can also been seen at the Design Centre.

functionality is what we sell. With the

real experience centre where one can

Moreover, the design centre is equipped

opening of this Hafele Design Center in

see, touch and feel Hafele’s products and

with an in house skill enhancement

Mumbai, we are committed to identify

fittings in a live environment.

training centre to train on the usage and

and understand the specific needs of

assembling, of various appliances and

our customers across segments and

fittings of the various brands at Hafele.

provide them with desired benefits and

Spread across 7,500 sq ft, Hafele’s Mumbai Design Centre offers an array of products and fittings from world

The New Design Centre offers the

now bring a World class Experience to

renowned super-premium brands in

world’s finest designs and innovative

our customers in a real life environment.

appliances such as Asko, Bertazzoni,

interior fitting solutions making it a

All Hafele products stand for quality and

Falmec and Liebherr; a complete new


design keeping their functionality at the

range of bathroom solutions from Webert,

and contractors. On the launch of

116 Design Matrix • November-December 2013




top of the mind.”

Sonam Kapoor

The CERA brand ambassador Cera, a pioneer in the sanitary ware segment for over 30 years, now connects well with the young and positive India, that connects well with Sonam Kapoor.


era, the fastest growing Indian premium



provider has signed up with

style icon, Sonam Kapoor as its brand ambassador for its forthcoming campaign. Cera, which embodies style, value, and innovation, could not have found a better fit than the style diva Sonam to be its face. As the brand ambassador, Sonam and Cera find a common connection with the brand’s core value, style. This firm stands for superior styling, trendsetting innovation and finest product quality, backed by nation-wide sales and distribution and service network. Atul Sanghvi, Chief Operating Officer, Cera, opines, “She is extremely talented, sophisticated and a style inspiration for everyone in the country.” He strongly feels that Sonam is the perfect brand fit to be its ambassador for its range of sanitary ware, faucet, wellness and tiles. Cera won the Product of the Year award for three years in a row for its innovation and has been awarded Power Brand for the last two years consecutively. Recently the firm bagged Asia’s Most Promising Brand award at Dubai.

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 117

Left to right Anil K Goel, Managing Director, Saroj K Poddar, Chairman, and Dr. Andreas Hettich of Hettich India

Hettich plans to invest `500 crores in India With a rich heritage of 125 years of expertise in furniture fittings and hardware; the Hettich brand is synonymous with quality, innovation, reliability and closeness to customers, the world over.


ettich, one of the world’s largest

ture certain select products, starting with

prides itself to be always close to its cus-

manufacturers and a leading brand

wire baskets and aims to serve customers in

tomers. It has 18 state of the art manufac-

of furniture fittings, announced

South Asia and Middle East and its subsid-

turing plants across 7 countries spread

plans to invest Rs. 500 Crore in India over the

iaries in other geographies.“India is a grow-

over Europe, Asia and America.

next five years. The company established

ing market and per capita consumption

Hettich India Pvt. Ltd., a joint venture

operations in India by setting up a 50:50

of furniture in the country is expected to

between Hettich Group, Germany and

JV with Adventz, the Saroj Poddar Group in

increase in line with the western world. We

Adventz, the Saroj Poddar Group, servic-

the year 2000. Announcing the company’s

see a very bright future here and are invest-

es dealers, furniture manufacturers and

decision to invest significantly in India, Dr.

ing substantially to develop the market. We

large project customers directly, adopting

Andreas Hettich, Global CEO of Hettich,

are looking at India not only as a growing

a B2B and B2C business models. The com-

says, “We are fairly satisfied with our

market, but also as a manufacturing desti-

pany also interacts with interior design-

business in Asia. In fact, India is now one of

nation offering the advantages of sound

ers and architects to offer right technical

our largest subsidiaries in terms of sales and

legal system and well entrenched demo-

solutions to support them and convert

will soon become a manufacturing hub in

cratic political setup besides a huge talent

their dreams into reality. It has six regis-

the near future.”

pool to manage complex engineering and

tered offices and application centers in all

production processes,” adds, Dr. Hettich.

metros across the country, viz., Mumbai,

Recently, the company has invested Rs. 100 crores and set up a manufacturing

Hettich has presence worldwide in

plant in Vadodara. This plant will manufac-

110 countries through 39 subsidiaries and

118 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Product feature


uraStyle comes in two versions: for the project sector, there is





impressively co-ordinate products for every application and all architectural conditions. The key selling points are utility, hygiene, short cleaning times, quick and easy assembly and a price structure that is in line with project requirements. DuraStyle offers great variety for individual combinations. With tremen-

dous versatility, it has something to suit every ambience and taste and adapts to the available space. The DuraStyle bathroom series offers tremendous value for money and meets a wide variety of different budget requirements. The washbasin and toilet are designed slender and understated, almost weightless. Its special lightweight properties are also reflected in the furniture: a successful mix of open and closed surfaces gives the vanity units and console substructures, boards and cupboards a light and airy appearance. The combination of light and dark décors and wood shades creates additional interest. The characteristic feature of the bathtub is an upward lip on the rear rim that keeps things looking tidy as bathroom products, such as shampoo, can be stored behind it. Despite its distinctive features, DuraStyle predominantly showcases understated design since not every element can or should stand out. The focus is on the intelligent and harmonious combination of all elements. “The implementation of a holistic approach led from Duraplus to DuraStyle- a unique bathroom series whose visual lightness and simplicity of form are particularly effective in interaction with architecture and interiors. A bathroom programme that is not just about design but fully functional”, says Thun.


tremendous design freedom DuraStyle, Duravit, a leading bathroom manufacturer in collaboration with Matteo Thun and partners sets new standards in the sanitary ware industry with DuraStyle. November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 119

Green Design

Material of Possibilities HI-MACS® solid surface has exceptional 3-D thermoforming and translucent properties that yield versatile design possibilities and does not put a stop to creativity or client’s needs.


ood ideas need a material to transform them into reality and with this ideology, HI-MACS® an Acrylic Solid Surface Material is manufactured by LG Hausys and distributed by Decorex Solutions. This innovative solution

is available in 108 shades and in different material compositions.

Unique features Good designers and architects create new visions that nurture the belief that everything is possible, beautiful and functional. It is their creative minds that transform good ideas into brilliant design, thereby inspiring one’s imagination and creativity. In a sense, inspired design is the medium that injects dream into reality creating a world without boundaries. Deliver the innovative solution that does not put a stop to your creativity or needs. Because when you’re inspired, you’re unstoppable. Meet HI-MACS®, inspiring solid surface with many advantages.

120 Design Matrix • November-December 2013


Low maintenance

Stronger surface with durability similar to that of

Built to last a lifetime, HI-MACS® endures its

natural stone – HI-MACS® stands up to everyday

everyday wear and tear with higher resistance

scratches. No worries if one accidentally inflict a

to stains, chemical and heat. With proper care

deeper scratch or surface impression; a trained

and maintenance, HI-MACS® aspires to remain

professional can easily resurface the same,

beautiful and durable for many years, for gen-

thanks to its sealant-free consistency.

erations together.


Affordable luxury

HI-MACS® is seamless and non-porous without

Do you want to upgrade your space without

crevices or surface irregularities where harm-

upgrading your budget, and then HI-MACS® is a

ful bacteria and mold may reside. Unlike other

perfect solution, offering greater value for lesser

surfaces, it does not require a regular reapplica-

price; assuring guaranteed quality with a price

tion of sealants or waxes against natural pits and

tag that won’t break one’s budget. A real afford-

cracks to maintain hygienic properties.

able luxury product.


Channel partner

HI-MACS® supports greener earth by using sus-

Decorex Solutions, Group Company of New

tainable material, eco-friendly manufacturing

Patel Saw Mill (NPSM), are channel partner for

process and recycling at the end of its life-cycle.

LG Himacs in India.

LG Hausys fully stands behind HI-MACS® quality.

NPSM have got more than 30 years of experience in brand development and distri-

Environmental feature

bution to facilitate the services to national level

HI-MACS® is an eco-friendly material and has also

for advancement of the products. NPSM have

been accredited with the ISO14001 Environmen-

joined hands with LG Hausys for introducing

tal Management Certificate. It is produced with

and distribution of high end interior and archi-

an outstanding energy balance. HI-MACS plants

tectural product for emerging India.

in Atlanta, USA and Cheong-ju, South Korea fulfill every obligation in terms of eco-friendliness. /

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 121

Book review

Beyond Bombay Balconies The photographer Ayesha Taleyarkhan captures the transformation of Mumbai’s balconies in her camera and beautifully presents the same in a coffee table book, ‘Beyond Bombay Balconies’; recently launched at an event organized by Ar. Siddhant Shah of India Design Company; supported by Tata at The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Apollo Bunder. Words: Marilyn Madathil About Ayesha Taleyarkhan Entering the world of photography in the black and white era as Business India’s first photographer was an ideal beginning of Ayesha’s career. From the world of b&w she moved on to the glitzy world of advertising photography of the late 80’s and 90’s. Insightful, yet contemporary will define Ayesha’s style. Some of her works includes, ‘Bombay Mumbai: a day in the life of an astonishing life’, ‘Stree: Woman of India’ and ‘the black and white edition.’ Her new venture Beyond Bombay Balconies portrays the contemporary balconies in the city visually, retaining the charm and diversity of the city –Mumbai. Beyond Bombay Balconies available for a special 20 percent discount at Rs.2400, especially for the readers of Design Matrix before 31 December 2013. Please contact  ayeshapiics@gmail. com and mention the publication.

122 Design Matrix • November-December 2013


arlier in 2002, the photographer Ayesha captured the city’s balconies in a book titled Bombay: Balconies & Verandahs. A decade later, she revisits the same spaces and is perplexed to

see some disappeared and other morphed. In this new coffee table book, the photographer depicts a photographic record of Bombay’s balconies. From charming little cottages tucked away in a quiet residential area to imposing public buildings to regular multi-story apartments, Bombay has always been a balcony city. Farewell - If I am dying, leave the balcony open. The child is eating an orange. (From my balcony, I see him.) The reaper is reaping the barley. (From my balcony, I hear him.) If I am dying, leave the balcony open. — Garcia Lorca The book starts with these lines revealing the fact that a balcony is a most sacred space – a shield that protects one from weather conditions; be it harsh monsoons or scorching summers. One can even utilize this space to spend leisurely time and rejuvenate. One can imagine the picturesque scenes when Ar. Abha Narain Lambah in the ‘Monitor’ section of the book says, “A lazy Sunday afternoon on the Balcony of an Art Deco building in the Backbay Reclamation offered a vantage view of cricket matches played in the Oval and the sweeping balconies of Marine Drive offered an undisturbed view of the Arabian sea.” The 170-page book consist of five sections written by different authors, including Rahul Mehrotra, Brinda Somaya, Jayashree Menon, Mini Chandran- Kurian , Madhulika Varma and Meenakshi Agrawal, each dealing with a specific aspect. The section titled ‘Megalopolis’, penned down by Mini Chandran – Kurian, is a eye opener showcasing the ironic side of the Mumbai city, the slums on one hand and the skyscrapers– their balconies jutting out in arrogance, asserting the grandeur and the magnificence of the city. Have we ever thought of the fact that balconies too have a life? Every balcony is different. The Art Deco, the Vernacular and the NeoGothic styles of balconies entices one with the classical lines and their old-world charm never fades. Ar. Rahul Mehrotra wonderfully explains the different structure and style in the ‘Muse’ section of the book. The section ‘Metaphor’ by Madhulika Verma brings out a kaleidoscope of colour, design and mood of a balcony space as a metaphor of life. Meenakshi Agrawal in another section ‘Medley’ explains the vital role of balcony space as a precious setting for films, plays, fables and poems. She adds, “The moment any action shifts to a balcony, it transforms the most mundane scene into the evocative and the romantic.” The final section of the book ‘Metamorphosis’, authored by a renowned Ar. Brinda Somaya ; details the new meaning and new avatar of a balcony space from being the space beyond the threshold to becoming an intrinsic part of the household. She adds, “I don’t think balconies are necessary a luxury... I firmly believe that whether it is a home, hospital, school or office, you need to come on to a space, which is semi private yet, interactive, a space that you feel is your own.” November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 123


LAUNCH n by Spacio The bling collectiofurn ection ‘The Bling Collection’. The coll iture and accessories, presents

or destination for for any Spacio, the one stop home dec up as distinct design element and décor items that double ies ssor acce ary por es that can tem piec con ign r an eclectic mix of des features a wide range of philosophy by bringing togethe ign des the cts , table refle ters on plat s, ecti dle stands, flower vase modern home. The coll product range consists of can The . way tle sub a in or déc e add a sparkle to the hom ion covers and runners. décor, wall murals, artifacts, cush ww

124 Design Matrix • November-December 2013


DLH launches exquisite flooring species Dalhoff Larsen and Horneman A/S (DLH), leading timber brand takes a step ahead in bringing the exclusive new species– Acacia Roasted Pecan, Acacia Spice and Mahogany Nyatoh in engineered wood floors to add grace to any living space with its stunning fine finishing and colours. These wood floors come in a single strip and with specifications – 14 X 127 X 2000mm. DLH intends to expand its position as one of the world’s leading suppliers of timber and timber products manufactured from sustainable produced raw materials. DLH is one of the world’s major timber wholesalers with sales and procurement offices in more than 25 countries on 5 continents.

Regal collection of Cha

lights from Casa

ndeliers &


Casa Shamuzzi launches its exquisite range of cha ndeliers and lights meticulously crafted in metal and come in six ranges of Grogio Perla, Monogram a, Zebrano, Perlage, Noir and , Go ld. This collection includes chande liers, pendants, sconces, and lanterns as well as table, console and floor lamps. The collection is designed to coordinate with over all look of living, dining, bed roo m. “Lighting is the most important asp ect of home décor. Our col lection of chandeliers and lights is designed keeping in min d the colour scheme that livens up any area of the room,” adds Pay al Jain, Director, Casa Shamuzzi, India. Tel : 0120-4344788, 0120-4 311245

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 125

The Great Eastern Home presents exquisite Artifacts

facts at The Great The elegant range of arti le in innovative ilab Eastern Home are ava nze ,designed bro of artistic designs made als creating an teri ma using superior quality y of people is arra t vas aesthetic appeal. “A e to make hom ir the opting for artifacts in ul. The true utif bea and it look more vibrant artifact of ce pie a of essence and beauty wever r,ho erio ext its can be judged from iated rec app ly tru its quality can only be piece h eac lly rna inte by discovering that an form to fted has been carefully cra s Anurag exquisite object of art.” say Eastern Home. at Gre Kanoria,Director,The 272 Tel : 022- 025776262/25777

veils The V Renaissance un Aristocrat Table Renaissance’ tom designed by ‘The V The Aristocrat Table - cus legs and gold r, hand-carved teakwood features rich green leathe e the table top requirements of a grande trimmings. Befitting the king systems, . Designed with special loc can be elevated effortlessly handles. The drawer with brass pull out it fashions a velvet lined tomization. ‘The the many examples of cus Aristocrat table is one of personal touch.. urious experience with a V Renaissance’ offers a lux Tel: +91-9811575040

126 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

Leather Stone by


m luxury Tempesta Luxury, a premiu nufacturing ma of ss ine brand in the bus h a stunning decorative stone tiles’ wit and natural stone r the lea fusion of genuine leather stone crafted a range of unique ne tiles clad sto l ura tiles and panels. Nat ian or European Ital d she with exquisitely fini ed process – leather through a patent ted in different rica fab us, plush and luxurio sed and mosaic formats- natural, embos inherent Italian of n atio panels. A combin ic production est dom ed style and dedicat of tiles, tion lec col s creates a world clas for luxury ice cho te ma ulti quite literally the home owners. 432565 Tel: 011- 43005880, 022 -26

Light Up the Festive M

ood with

SOMA Block-prints

SOMA, unveiled latest fes tive collection, comprising colour ful bed spreads, quilts cushion and table covers made with org anic cot ton and vegetable dye. Every product of SOMA is hand-b loc ked, made of silk and organic cot ton , with bold colours to cre ate a loo k that’s inviting and refreshing. The products are available at Soma shops, located at Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi, Cochin, Hyderabad and Bangalore. ww

November-December 2013 • Design Matrix 127

GLOSSARY IFC: Fensterbau Frontale India 2013 Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) Tel: (011) 4716 8888 Email:

Pg. 8: CLS Industries CLS Industries Pvt.LTd. Plot no.38, 43, 44 & 45, Survey No.89, Meghpar Borichi, Anjar, Gujarat, India. Tel: 09711192810 / 09099052288 Email:

Pg. 42: FINfloor Laminated flooring MRJ Trading Pvt. Ltd. 201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Bldg., Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400057. Tel : (022) 26187132 / 26131442 Email:

Pg. 1: Ebco Pvt. Ltd. 402-3, Hyde Park, Saki Vihar Road, Mumbai 400072 Tel: (022) 67837777 Email:

Pg. 9: Sleek Kitchen Sleek International 224-227, Blue Rose Ind. Estate, Western Exp. Highway, Next to Maruti Showroom, Borivali (E), Mumbai – 400 066. Tel: (022) 64527616 Email:

Pg. 43: KiTEC Flexibility KiTEC Industries (India) Limited C-18/11, Jeevan Bima Nagar, Borivali (W), Mumbai – 400 103. Tel.: (022) 2895 1144 Email:

Pg. 11: Jalaram Flooring • 935, Bhagwandas Wadi, Behind Kismat Talkies, off V.S. Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400 025 Tel: (022) 24318222 Email: • 9/B & 9/K, Laxmi Ind. Estate, New Link Road, Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400053 Tel: (022) 26327733 / 34 Email:

Pg. 44 & 45: Uniply ATS Plywood Uniply Industries Ltd. #52, Harleys Road, Kilpauk, Chennai – 600 010. Tel: (044) 2660 5995 Email:

Pg. 2: Lunawood Exterior Cladding & Decking 935, Bhagwandas Wadi, Behind Kismat Talkies, off V.S. Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400 025 Tel: (022) 24318222 Email: 9/B & 9/K, Laxmi Ind. Estate, New Link Road, Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400 053 Tel: (022) 26327733 / 34 Email: Pg. 3: Cera Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. Madhusudan House, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380 006. Tel.: (079) 26449781/26449789 Email:

Pg. 13: Concept Dekor Surface Dekor (India) Pvt. Ltd. Abdul Satar Lakdawala Comp., Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road, Jogeshwari-East, Mumbai – 400 060 Tel: (022) 28242424/28362424 Email:

Pg. 4 & 5: Durian Door Durian Industries Ltd. 401, The Summit, Western Express Highway, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai 400057 Tel: (022) 26269000 Email:

Pg. 14: Travette Engineered Hardwood Flooring MRJ Trading Pvt. Ltd. 201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Bldg., Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400057. Tel : (022) 26187132 / 26131442 Email:

Pg. 6: LG Hi-Macs New Patel Sawmill Group 204/B, Vertex Vikas, Sir M V Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400069 Tel: (022) 26833377/0952 Email:

Pg. 15: Birla White Wallcare Putty Ultratech Cement Ltd. Ground Floor, Ahura Centre, 82, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (E) Mumbai 400093 Toll Free: 1800111717

Pg. 7: Geeta Windows Geeta Aluminium Company Pvt. Ltd. D/4, Ansa Industrial Estate, Saki Vihar Road, Saki Naka, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400072. (M) : 09930806685

Pg. 16 & 17: Uniply Elementz Decorative Veneers Uniply Industries Ltd. #52, Harleys Road, Kilpauk, Chennai – 600 010. Tel: (044) 26605995 Email:

128 Design Matrix • November-December 2013

Pg. 75: Faus Laminated Flooring MRJ Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Bldg., Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400057. Tel : (022) 26187132 / 26131442 Email: Pg. 89: UBM-INDEX Trade Fairs Pg. 90 & 91: Le Cdeor MRJ Trading Pvt. Ltd. 201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Bldg., Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400057. Tel : (022) 26187132 / 26131442 Email: IBC: Exteria Century Plyboards (I) Limited 6, Lyons Range, Kolkata – 700 001. Tel: (033) 3940 3950 Email: BC: Durian Home Furniture Durian Industries Ltd. 401, The Summit, Western Express Highway, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai 400057 Tel: (022) 26269000 Email:

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November - December 2013 issue of Design Matrix  

This is our special third anniversary issue of Design Matrix, featuring a thought provoking cover story on Ar. Naresh Shah and a blend of pr...

November - December 2013 issue of Design Matrix  

This is our special third anniversary issue of Design Matrix, featuring a thought provoking cover story on Ar. Naresh Shah and a blend of pr...