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November-December 2012 VOL. 3 • ISSUE 1 • `100



2nd ANNIVERSARY ISSUE A Paprika Media presentation

Shabnam Gupta A

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“At 80, I hope to still dress like a teenager, not party but create funky party spaces…”

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Le Cdeor is a name synonymous with artifacts, sourced from all over the world - be it contemporary, traditional or fusion. These are available in a variety of materials like stone, ceramic, recycled metal, glass, fine bone china, polystone, porcelain, wood, etc. The artifacts perfectly blends with any interior decor. Ideal for gifting purposes also. Visit our exclusive showroom in Mumbai.

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ne morning, some eons ago, I got a call from a senior colleague (editor of a film magazine) asking for a favour – to see the first site done by a friend’s daughter (“She is the grand-daughter of Ramanand Sagar” I was told!). Did I have a choice? Little did I know that it was indeed a favour she did to me by introducing me to Shabnam Gupta. The infectious enthusiasm of the slightly nervous person I met that day has not abated a bit – she still seems to treat each project as her first. Over the years, we have cemented our friendship over endless cups of chai and inane chatter; and as I came to know her better, I need to dig into my design vocabulary to describe Shabnam the person who is not too different from the designer in her – both free souls, both are ‘contained wildness’. For our Second Anniversary Issue we tried to capture some of it and share with you and believe me, it was a tough but fun task. And the same celebratory and wild mood spins through the entire issue, bringing together myth, stories, trends, happenings and of course responsibility through our different design stories. It would seem almost like the whole world is in a celebratory mood like us – this is the festive Anniversary Issue after all as Design Matrix turns two! I can’t help but share the exciting things that we have been doing and what is planned for you in the coming months. We floated an online competition on our facebook page: to give Taj Mahal a modern look on Shahjahan’s behest , and got tremendous response, the second one is on right now and the winner(s) will be part of the next issue. We plan our anniversary celebrations a little differently, but you will have to wait for the next issue for your share of that. In fact, 2013 will have lots in store for you and we wish to thank you for your wonderful updates and suggestions that keep us on our toes…always! Looking forward to the New Year…

Babita Krishnan

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• Cover featuring: Designer Shabnam Gupta • Photograph by: Roycin D’souza • Location: courtesy WTF, Versova, Mumbai



COVER STORY Her projects become a statement, though unintentionally. We try to get into her mind and understand what makes Shabnam Gupta, a role model for younger designers. Pg 28

INNOVATION A sustainable and budgeted approach to a beautiful home − Rahul Deshpande’s skills at work. Pg 42

DESIGN INSIGHT This one for the ladies. Get to know design in detail of the beautiful stones you wear. Pg 48

DESIGN FOCUS Leaders of the aluminium industry share important insights about the material. Pg 55

GLOBAL EYE Harsha Kotak takes us through the innovation and creativity of 100% Design in London. Pg 72



Arunima Subramanium blends various themes in one. A clinic that is more than a treatement spot. Pg 82

Dr. Art+Design creates beautiful pieces of art; while Sleek Kitchens defines your dream kitchen with its accessories. Pg 106



Who says recycling always has to be monotonous? Workshop Q adds quirk to your mundane nothings. Pg 92

New products to entice your aesthetic side. Pg 109


MY SPACE Designer duo Shilpa and Sameer Belvally of Studio Osmosis present their home, that is a reflection of their professionalselves as well as their love for all-things personal. Pg 96

MUSINGS Revisit the stoneage − tracing the history of ceramic. Pg 102

News, events, products and more from the field of design… Pg 115

ERRATUM The name of senior associate Akbar Maredia was wrongly mentioned as Akber Narodia in the slug Leisure Design of the September-October 2012 issue. The error is deeply regretted.


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September-October 2012 VOL. 2 • ISSUE 6 • `100

Suntosh Baheti

“Trust of the clients is my real earning in so many years as a designer and I cherish it the most.”



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8/31/2012 11:59:50 AM

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10/25/2012 5:14:33 PM

After reading cartoonist Harendra Kapur’s article in your magazine, I am totally in love with his work and have started following him. Please do keep featuring such talented young professionals. Its great to see the talent they have. Shyam Rastogi, via email Your facebook initiative with Chromakey Designs, is a great way to encourage young designers and also give a chance to practicing professionals to do something different than what they are doing at work. I did not get a chance to participate this time but will surely do it the next time you float the competition. Priya Mehra, Interior Designer, Pune I really loved the online competition you floated and did try to put a few thoughts together. It actually made me think out-ofthe-box and took me back to my college days when we would design anything


Design Matrix is one of the those magazines according to me, that one can actually read. It truly keeps you completely involved from end-to-end. Not only that, every time I reach the last page, I get upset to realize that it is over. Can’t wait for the next issue. Great work! Anita Shamani, Manager, Tangent, Pune

that came to our mind. Unfortunately, this time I could not complete what I wanted to create but promise to participate in the next one. Imtiaz Lakdawala, Interior Designer, Mumbai

I really must complement your design team on the way the Maritime Xperential Museum and Global Eye were presented. In fact, that is the strength of your publication − the print quality which enhances the images, almost making them seem real. I like the array of design topics you cover in each issue as that keeps the reader interested till the last page. Looking forward to your next. Irfan Kamal, Businessman, Kanpur It is interesting to note that as a design magazine, you don’t talk of only things beautiful to look at but also encourage information about what goes into making it beautiful. The initiative of doing a series of articles on aluminium is really informative and appreciated. I did not know before reading in your magazine that Aluminium is almost 95% recyclable! It truely is a Wonder Metal and we shall have no choice but to increase its usage in future if we want to preserve our planet. Sumita Malik, Educationist, New Delhi


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10/25/2012 5:14:39 PM

Dining Chair & Table Occasional Chair & Table Leisure Sofa Custom-Made Furniture Artefacts, Sculptors Suite No. B-4, Hind Service Industrial Estate, Dyaneshwar Mandir Road, Off Veer Savarkar Marg, Shivaji Park, Mumbai - 400 028. India Tel./Fax : +91-22-2444 6177 E : info@kunstkarigar.com gjparmar@gmail..com W : www.kunstkarigar.com

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chairs, chairs and chairs...

10/25/2012 5:14:41 PM


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10/25/2012 5:14:47 PM

Stepping beyond the realm of interior design

ESSENZA ESSENZA DESIGNER FURNITURE Unit No. 23AH/ 23BJ, Laxmi Industrial Estate, New Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400053 Tel – 67103835/ 32420622, Email – essenzafurn@yahoo.com, www.essenzafurniture.com

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10/25/2012 5:15:15 PM

Cover story


Wildness The independent streak has been her hallmark from a very early age – she did not want her Bollywood-connect to be highlighted. Shabnam Gupta looks at everything through black and white but creates a world full of colour. Babita Krishnan tries to discover the woman behind the designer and finds they are not exclusive of each other. Words: Babita Krishnan; Images: Roycin D’souza; Projects courtesy: The Orange Lane


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10/25/2012 5:15:45 PM


ook at each element in her projects individually and you will

environment and I think that is what made us what we are today.

wonder at it, but they all come together beautifully to create a space that is so…Shabnam. To condense a conversation that

lasted more than four hours was a little difficult but here it is Shabnam Gupta in an unplugged conversation.

BK: So when did interior design become a career choice? SG: I don’t think I ever planned it. I was never very ambitious in life but was always very creative, always a rebel and unlike any of the other girls I grew up with. I was the first one to break any rules of the house

Babita Krishnan: Coming from such a well-known Bollywood

when it came to any tradition that we had to follow – if there is a rule,

background, you didn’t think of doing the obvious – join the band-

I need to break it! I think my natural foray into this field is because of


my parents – creativity was instilled at such a soul level, right through

Shabnam Gupta: Precisely for that reason – not to do the conventional (laughs).

BK: How was growing up in a family so closely associated with films?

our childhood that it was a part of our life rather than being an effort at being creative. Our weekends were spent at the family farm which

is really huge. So if on weekdays we were swimming in the pool, on weekends we were finding rivers to jump into, trek, camp; a holiday

SG: We were not a typical Bollywood family in my opinion, and

meant a long drive, discover a new place and things like that. So, when

all of us were brought up like any normal middle class kids. In fact,

you grow up like that you are naturally imbibing creative seeds and I

with 12 cousins growing up in a joint family, we didn’t even know that

think that is why it was such a natural progression into this line.

a world existed outside our house. We were a boisterous bunch of kids and life was so content and fulfilled at home that we didn’t really interact with anyone outside. We were raised in a very traditional

BK: So while they channelized your creativity, I am sure you must have decided on the specific direction you wanted to go.


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 30

10/25/2012 5:15:59 PM

SG: Today it seems funny, but when I grew up, I think my par-

SG: I am aware that somewhere it has become like an identity,

ents realized that no one will marry me because I was too much of

but it is not something that I do intentionally; it is just who I am,

a tom boy. So there was this “Taming of the shrew” exercise where

how I dress. I do try to be correct and proper even in my clothes,

I got admission in SNDT in the Home Science Department and

deep inside it doesn’t work for me. So while I hope to be an ele-

walked out of it within six months. Then I got into interiors as my

gant old lady, till then this is me. And colour is just something I

parents spotted my talent and interest and pushed me in the right

relate to at a very basic level and I don’t have the fear of playing

direction – they realized that I have an eye for the unusual. So one

with colours. And that in my opinion is the most important aspect.

thing just led to another and today here we are (smiles).

You just need to believe in what you are doing and that is not something you can train yourself to do – it comes from within. It

BK: But the tom boy did find Puneesh to tame her, didn’t she?

is not something that you work towards, but yes it does reflect in

SG: We will probably be fighting about who is taming who till

your work.

we are 80. But it was a very important phase where my dad wondered about my future. While all the girls my age were dressing up

BK: But I have seen projects where you have used soft colours and a neutral palette.

and checking out the competition and guys, I was too busy playing

SG: When I sit with my team and we decide to do this project

lagori and football with the society boys. When I look back I can just

differently – just when we have congratulated ourselves to have

imagine what a hopeless case I must have seemed to my parents.

completely cracked it, someone comes along and comments “Oh, it is Shabnam’s work!” So, even if we steer away from the colour, it

BK: From a colourful childhood, let’s move to the colourful profession. We see that colour plays a very important role in your work.

is the underlying style which is woven into every designer’s work which comes through. NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 31

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 31

10/25/2012 5:16:50 PM

BK: Something like a signature?

work and need to be happy with yourself”. So you step out into the

SG: I don’t like to call it the ‘signature’, because for me that

world with a fantastic self confidence which cannot be instilled in

marks the end of the road, and that scares me. I hope to keep evolv-

any school, and suddenly realize that you need people, society! We

ing; I want to learn and create something new with each project.

had to fend for ourselves and we learnt from our mistakes. I would fight with clients when I had just started out, walk out of projects

BK: How were the initial days as a professional?

leaving big money, but now I realize that there are ways of moving

SG: When I started my career I was not a people’s person. It

around an obstacle. You don’t need to walk the straight path all the

was never important for me to socialize or mingle. We grew up with

time, you just curve the path a little to overcome the block. When I

this philosophy that “You don’t need the world – you need your

started out as an intern, I worked from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM and got


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 32

10/25/2012 5:17:33 PM

paid `850 That wasn’t enough to afford an auto-rickshaw everyday,

There are situations where maturity demands grey shades and

so I used to walk (not wanting to use the car) and did not complain

there is something called too much honesty! And in our profession,

as I was passionate about my work and I did it out of choice.

a lot of people who have made it big have relied less on their work skills and more on their PR. Even I have faced situations where diplo-

BK: You have clients with whom you share a closer rapport –

macy is required and then you become a psychiatrist and think,

they are friends. So for you both relationships – client and friend

“do I agree with the husband or wife, or spit out my own opinion!”

– walk hand in hand. How do you mark the boundaries?

And every architect or designer would understand what I’m talking

SG: People close to me know that for me it is either black or

about. So for people who know me, I don’t need to role play – either

white – which doesn’t speak too highly of me as a professional.

as a friend or as a professional, but for those with whom I need to NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 33

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 33

10/25/2012 5:17:51 PM

are kept at a distance and not allowed to cross a certain line. I am a

ents as well. Also, with me they leave their star image back at the film

terrible actress and all this switching roles is not for me.

set and meet me as individuals. But I have heard horror stories, and when faced with such clients, I have just walked out – sometimes

BK: But you have a long list of Bollywood clients, who want to

even towards the end of a project – it is most graceful to do that. But

portray their public perception in their homes but you don’t necessar-

you learn all this over time. Initially, I used to take things very person-

ily agree with that. So how do you find a balance between the two?

ally, and then I learnt to detach myself.

SG: Creative professions tend to be very ego-centric, and films also fall under the creative category. It is just that since they have

BK: Respond to the cliché “I learn from every project”.

more screen presence, it is more apparent in the film industry. In

SG: I don’t think I grow in terms of my work with each project, it is a

your head you are as cool as you think yourself to be! I have been

personal evolution. I learn from every project and am married to some-

very fortunate to have attracted only the kind of movie people who

one who is a very calming factor in my life. Puneesh helps me step back

like my style but I can’t fool myself by saying that I get only those

and look at things objectively and of course my kids help me unwind.

kind, it is always a bagful of clients – you have to run your office, meet

These things are important. With each project one tends to become

expenses, etc. so there are projects where you can’t completely get

ego-centric, especially if the project does well and you get accolades,

your way and realize that you can’t get too attached to this project.

but I know that it isn’t me but the team that has done it. Nothing in life

And if in your journey, you have just a handful of clients who have

moves without the right people so there is no concept of “I” in my life.

translated into really close friendships, I think that in itself is beautiful because in your life realistically, how many really close friends do you

BK: How do you look at the journey so far?

have? You will have many close acquaintances, so if you have that

SG: When I look back I don’t squirm at my work but at the way

comfort level with 10-12 of your clients, it is fantastic. Even with stars,

I handled situations and every time I solve a problem, I wonder if

I know how much to push who as they are also friends, but like any

the result would have been different. So for me that is the achieve-

other client there are times when you need to back-off. They might

ment. I will go back home and say, “hey I could handle it”. That’s the

be stars, but as a designer you are getting into their life and weav-

feather in my cap rather than the project per se.

ing a story for them, otherwise you are creating a hotel. I don’t treat them as “stars”, they are like any other client but have a public image.

BK: Do you teach some of those tricks to your team?

We have the same set of problems, disagreements, probably a little

SG: No, I don’t teach them anything. I motivate and encourage

more ego to handle, but nothing that we don’t face with other cli-

them but at the end of the day, it is about the fire in your own belly.


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 34

10/25/2012 5:18:09 PM

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 35

10/25/2012 5:18:29 PM


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 36

10/25/2012 5:18:40 PM

For us that one installation is not about wanting to grab the eyeballs, it is more about getting into the skin of the project and then branding it thus. So if I don’t understand what message you want to put across, how can I create something for you. NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 37

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 37

10/25/2012 5:18:59 PM

But I think we all have fun working together, ideating, discussing, improving and that is the important part of our creative journey. BK: This profession demands 24-hr commitment. How do you find the right balance between work-clients-home-kids? SG: With two boys, my house is a football ground (laughs). This is something that is very special because I have seen so many creative women who have had to give up their jobs or what they love to do for kids. A woman needs a support system if she wants to pursue her dreams of a career. I feel very blessed (touchwood) because I have a husband who completely understands and nurtures my dreams. It is very important because when you doubt yourself, it’s your partner who should be able to push you. My mom and sister, Ganga, are

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 38

10/25/2012 5:20:42 PM

For me, design was never about the money, it was about a passion. But if fame, name and money are the goals, then everything gets diluted because you are being passionate for a reason.


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 39

10/25/2012 5:21:56 PM

integral to my support system. I didn’t stop working through both

having fun at work and Peacock happened like that and will turn

my kids. I came back from handing over a site at 9:00 PM, went into

two in January. We are now in talks about opening a second store.

labour the same night and after my elder son was born was back to

We have had feelers from out of the country which is great, there

my meetings in 25 days. I can’t do without these people in my life.

is a home makeover TV show that’s happening. These are exciting

When I look back and think it was such a breeze and I can juggle so

times for us and we are doing some wonderful work in the hos-

many things; it is because of them. You need to have the fire, grit,

pitality sector, where sky is the limit in terms of creativity. Also we

and need to be very strong and fortunate to have a support system

are fortunate that we are attracting the right kind of clients. If I’m

you can rely upon. In fact, my husband and kids are my reality check

working till I’m 80, which I hope I do, there would still be so much

and keep me grounded. So even if I want to feel self important,

that I would have not done or created. It is only about the journey

these three men in my life keep me firmly on earth.

which is endless.

BK: How do you see the next 10 years panning out for design in India?

BK: So in this light, what is your goal? SG: There is no goal, nothing I am working towards. I’m just

SG: While I feel that the younger lot of designers want every-

enjoying this walk so much. There are so many things I could get

thing at the click of a button and are a bit arrogant about their

into – boutique hotel, warehouse retailing, rural development –

work, I would add that hunger is good and there is a lot that can

these are all passions. As you grow older your perspective changes

be achieved. I’m sure when we were in their place a few years back,

and you become more sensitive to things you took for granted as a

our elders felt the same way about us. But I really believe that every-

youngster. Role reversals will keep on happening, you just need to

thing creative aided by information and technology, will culminate

be alive to understand it in your head

into something beautiful. I’m not too pessimistic as I know they will learn from their mistakes and in fact because of the exposure

She has been working with her contactors for the past 15 years

that this gen has, if they can channelize it well in their work, there is

and knows the names of even their daily labourers, sits and has chai

nothing to stop them, sky is the limit!

with them and that is a big reason for her long standing relationships with them. This Shabnam attributes to her upbringing which has kept

BK: It has been an eventful and exciting journey for you!

her grounded throughout. “I hope I can instill some of it into my kids.”

SG: There are always so many things that happen when you are

Having seen them, I can safely say you are doing just fine!


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 40

10/25/2012 5:23:12 PM


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 41

10/25/2012 5:24:04 PM



Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 42

10/25/2012 5:24:42 PM


Eco-Friendly Words: Madhevendra Puri Das; Images: Rahul Deshpande

One secret of becoming rich is to save money and Rahul V Deshpande saved not just money but also health and environment. Within the city of Kolhapur in Maharashtra, stands his chocolate cake-like red Laterite stone cottage surrounded by many cement constructions. “My profession in rural development at the NGO ‘Venu Madhuri’ inspired me for this,” reveals Rahul, whose home is called “Gaud Desh”.


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 43

10/25/2012 5:25:14 PM

Traditional houses are built using materials acquired locally, and here naturally available material can be seen. 44 DESIGN MATRIX • NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 44

10/25/2012 5:25:39 PM


Rahul Deshpande is a chemistry graduate and holds masters in Environmental Science; for last twelve years he is working as project coordinator for Venu Madhuri Trust (www.venumadhuri.org) of Mr. Hrishikesh A. Mafatlal as per the vision of Bhakti Rasamrita Swami. Venu Madhuri is meant for integrated, sustainable rural development. Recently Venu Madhuri has received a state level award for Excellence in Energy Conservation and Management in village development area from Govt. of Maharashtra’s Maharashtra Energy Development Agency.


his 1,725 sq. ft. home would have required 5,000 kg of steel and 875 bags of cement in the conventional

RCC method, but actually used only 500 kg (10%) of steel and 275 bags of cement, saving him almost 50% of the cost. The house stands on load bearing walls with no pillars and slab and the first floor is made of wood. There is no paint either inside or

Gaud desh has its own bio-gas plant providing enough gas that has helped reduce their

outside the house. Inside, the entire house

LPG requirement. The larger effect is that Rahul did not need a loan to make this house

is plastered with mud mixed with cow

and people now approach him for guidelines for similar construction methods in Kolhapur.

dung and grass straw, “Why use costly,

While this establishes the fact that Gaud Desh is cost effective, let’s find out how eco-

harmful and polluting paints, when nature

friendly is the construction. The house, made of approximately hundred year old teak and

has given us a variety of natural coloured

other wood which Rahul acquired from old buildings, saved buying new wood. To save

mud that go with cow dung,” says Rahul.

valuable soil Gaud desh is made from recycled white soil (best soil for construction purpose

This type of construction also saves on

– it can be reused number of times) as mortar for ground floor and plaster for the whole

electricity bills as during summer it remains

house. Instead of drilling a bore well the house is dependent on rain water harvesting and

cool inside and in winter it keeps warm.

has its own underground water tank with a capacity of 4000 liters – this apart from the

There is no need for fans in the main hall

municipal connection.

since the cross ventilation is so scientific

The family has no refrigeration but is soon acquiring a natural mud fridge which keeps

that there is enough breeze and light – and

eatables fresh and cool. Apart from their LPG stove there is also an occasionally used mud

proof enough is the dropped electricity

stove which runs on wood fuel giving natural flavour to food.

bill! But what does one do to reduce the

All house waste including night soil is used for bio gas and the slurry from bio gas

consumption of LPG used in the kitchen?

can be reused as a good fertilizer for farming and gardening. Since the Deshpande family NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 45

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 45

10/25/2012 5:26:30 PM

is four generations living together, building this house was a family affair – befriending contractors for old wood, working with the architect, researching designs from old houses, etc. was Rahul’s job, his wife cooked snacks and drinks for the construction workers while his mother looked after all the legal procedures at Govt. offices and got sanctions and his 67-year-old father pushed the construction while Rahul was away and his children Vilasini (8) and Chaitanya (6) carried small pieces of wood for the windows. Traditional houses are built using materials acquired locally, and here naturally available material like stone, mud, wood and cow dung from within a radius of 80 kms can be seen. The floor is coated once in fifteen days with cow dung; because of stone, mud and 46 DESIGN MATRIX • NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 20122

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 46

10/25/2012 5:26:50 PM

Rahul did not need a loan to make this house and people now approach him for guidance. roof tiles, one can experience the natural coolness in the house, mud acts as cooling agent and cow dung has insecticidal properties, plus it benefit kids to develop sharper brains because of specific bacteria in it. Construction of house was based on Vastu principles. The altar is located such that sunlight shines on it, lending a surreal look. There are two gardens – a vegetable garden and a medicinal garden. First floor has two balconies and a huge wooden swing. The walls have niches to light a lamp and the door has a string for the bell inside the house. Rahul explains, “The credit for construction also goes to my architect friends Dhananjay and his wife Pallavi Vaidya, and Santosh Alvekar, who are eco-friendly. It was Dhananjay who gave confidence to the laterite mason for using mud as mortar. All architects became part of the process. Also traditional rural artisans, specifically carpenter Sri Babaso Sutar of village Ghosarwad who took this as a mission and several others who in the process encouraged us by their words and action.” Rahul realized that construction of Gaud desh was a dynamic process it brought out the best in the family and adds, “For any project, we need to be resourceful and money is just a medium. The key to success is to aligning our desire as per desire of Supreme” NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 47

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 47

10/25/2012 5:28:06 PM

Design insight

Beauties SHINING

Words: Natasha Bohra; Images: courtesy Kashi Jewellers

‘Perhaps, it is the allure of dazzling sapphire teardrops in the continuing infinity of earrings that made her heart flutter or it was finding the ideal cut and intensity of its brilliance upon finding a stunning halfcarat marquise diamond that caught her attention! Never mind the reason, it was the attraction that caused the purchase of a beautiful piece of jewelry that can offer its owner the satisfaction of a lifetime.’


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 48

10/25/2012 5:29:03 PM

Sita Haran


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 49

10/25/2012 5:29:56 PM

Emotional appeal is one of the greatest motivators for a customer to choose a piece of jewelry over another. And thus it’s the thought behind the design counts.


Naag Mani

The Brain


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 50

10/25/2012 5:30:40 PM


ewellery has been a symbol of prestige and status for centuries. During the Egyptian period, jewellery used to

explain the standing of the person in the community. Thus, more you are bedecked, more respect you could command. Men and women adorned themselves equally with precious metal jewellery. Bangles, leather bands, gold and silver gemstone jewellery were popular in the early period. As the civilization advanced, attention of people shifted from plain, bland solid metal jewellery to that with beautiful designs. Simple carved designs found popularity among people which eventually advanced to a more detailed craftsmanship and intricate designs. Men and women started looking for exclusivity in designs, makes and fashion. Some of best carved jewellery pieces and exquisite jewellery designs belong to the gone by era, but nonetheless contemporary designs of today are no less than any of the earlier jewellery makes. Today, designs have undergone a drastic transformation. Current generation


loves to flaunt the chic modernity with a hint of age-old tradition. The designs, cuts and craftsmanship are something which every individual notices before buying a piece of jewel. It has to be so done that it not only complements the wearer but also attract attention for its make and craftsmanship. We look at some exquisite brands and speak to Kashi Jewellers from Kanpur, trying to understand design in a little more detail. Kashi Jewellers, founded in 1955 by Late Shri Keshav Nath Kapoor, started out as a jewellery retailer, and now has evolved into a fully integrated company with combined production and distribution systems encompassing everything from gem purchasing to manufacturing for both wholesale as well as retail and exports. With in-house design, manufacturing and repair facilities, Kashi Jewellers gives utmost priority to quality and customer service. Under the supervision of Shail Kapoor and Ridhi Gala Kapoor as designers, they are directing the in-house designing

Bridal Diamond set NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 51

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 51

10/25/2012 5:31:20 PM

Emotional appeal is one of the greatest motivators for a customer to choose a piece of jewellery over another. And thus it’s the thought behind the design that counts. At Kashi, they understand this and that’s how designs are converted from thoughts to drawings to beautiful and everlasting pieces.

INSPIRATIONS Bridal Necklace The bridal diamond necklace set is inspired by the Whirlpool. A whirlpool is a swirling body of water produced by the meeting of opposing currents and has the capability of destruction. Human existence is often seen as a whirlpool of desires that gives rise to vices and discontent if the degree of desire is too high. When a girl gets married, her parents bless her to stay happy and content always. This piece of jewellery is symbolic to that feeling of content that the girl must maintain in her new life for a happy and harmonious future so that she does not end up drowning in her whirlpool of desires. Naag Mani This magnificent diamond ring derives its inspiration from the Indian myth that the naag mani gives some extraordinary powers to the snake. This ring brings the focus towards a giant diamond and two snakes that are protecting the diamond. The surface of the diamond is created by several smaller micro set diamonds. This composition describes the story of naag

Gold Temple jewellery set

mani in a fresh and modern appeal. This ring is made up of more than 1000 diamonds and attempting to produce appealing and

that are painstakingly set by expert master

timeless designs.


There is the science and discipline of jewellery design, then there is the art


of it! And to top it off, there is the art of

The magnificent peacock ring is inspired

creative jewellery design. Kashi Jewellers

by motherhood. This ring shows a mother

combines all the three very well and how!

bird feeding its baby. This design comes out

Being honoured with some of the most

in all its splendor and regalia. It brings the

prestigious awards of the industry, the

focus towards the pure relation of a mother

company has grown leaps and bounds and

and child. It depicts how a mother protects

so have their designs. A marvelous fusion of

and stays with her child on each and every

the stones with design is what makes the

step and is ready to sacrifice each and

pieces stand out.

everything of her life for them


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 52

10/25/2012 5:32:29 PM

ENTICE JEWELLERY Entice Jewellery launches a fine collection of emeralds and diamonds exquisitely handcrafted with international design aesthetics and is inspired by the traditional grandeur. It is crafted with gold, diamonds, polki, pearls and enamel. The range of ‘Emerald Enamor’ and ‘Obsessions’ are inspired from blooming flowers with a romantic yet classic style language.


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 53

10/25/2012 5:32:55 PM

We may run out of wood but not

Aluminium Well at least not for the next 200 years

Century Extrusions Ltd (CEL) commenced commercial operations in April 1991. The Company has extrusion manufacturing facility spread over an area of 7.31 Acres at Kharagpur (West Bengal), India, with an installed capacity of 15000 M.T. per annum. THE COMPANY The company has three extrusion lines with presses of capacities 2700 M.T. & 1620 M.T. (UBE, Japan) and 1250 M.T. (Indigenous) to cater to a very large range of extrusions. These presses are capable of producing extrusions in alloys ranging from 1xxx to 7xxx series. The Company has complete in-house facilities for Die manufacturing and for Heat Treatment of Dies. Remelt Shop for manufacture of Billets besides the facilities for Extrusion and Quality Assurance. PRODUCT RANGE The Company manufactures and supplies extrusions for various applications, such as Architecture, Road Transport Vehicles, Railways, Electrical & Electronic Applications, Consumer Durables, Irrigation, General Engineering, Defence applications, etc. The Company has an inventory of more than 6000 Dies to manufacture more than 4000 different profiles. QUALITY ASSURANCE The Company has an excellent Quality Management System. The Plant has been accredited with ISO-9001:2008 for its quality systems by DNV, The Netherlands. The Company usually supplies extrusions as per the tolerances prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The Company is well equipped to supply extrusions as per the tolerances specified by other similar standards such as BS, DIN & others and also as per customers specifications, by mutual agreement. MARKET NETWORK The Company has market presence all over India with its Marketing Offices in North, South, East & West Regions.

113, Park Street, N Block, 2nd Floor, Kolkata-700 016 Tel : +91 33 2229 1012/1291 Fax : +91 33 2249 5656 Email : marketing@centuryextrusions.com Regional offices : Bengaluru Chennai Delhi Kolkata Mumbai2012 54 DESIGN MATRIX • NOVEMBER-DECEMBER

Website : www.centuryextrusions.com

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 54

10/25/2012 5:33:45 PM


Design focus

Won r e d Metal Continuing our informative series on the metal, we decided to get the expert view points from some respected brands in the industry to understand this metal a bit more. And in this process came to know that Aluminium is the most commonly extruded material and can be hot or cold extruded, amongst other things.


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 55

10/25/2012 5:33:48 PM

Design focus

An Extrusion

One of the most used form of aluminium is Extrusions. Mr. Madhab Prasad Jhunjhunwala of Century Extrusions Limited explains the why & how of it.



Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 56

10/25/2012 5:34:27 PM


ven after more than a century of establishing viability of commercial production,



of aluminium remains unexplored. Continuous research and development and enhanced awareness have increased the usage of aluminium day by day and it will continue. A review of the global scenario of Aluminium production and consumption during the recent past reveals the growth pattern.

World Consumption Mln tons 2009



Primary Production*




(1) Primary Consumption




(2) Scrap Consumption




Total (1+2)




The above data shows that about a fourth of total consumption is sourced through scrap recycling *Data source-IAI reports

However, given the abundant availability of the raw material and its versatile quality, more R&D needs to be done continually to draw advantage of this wonder metal. Aluminium is used in various forms: Rolled Products, Castings, Extrusions, Forgings, Wire & Cable, Foils and others. Extrusion is perhaps the most complex of aluminium’s various forms. In contrast, the advantages are manifold. It is, therefore, the most appealing area for both manufacturers and end users since it generates opportunity, challenges as well as innovation. While globally, about 30% of annual consumption comes in the form of extrusions, in India, the contribution is only about 11%. There are various application segments of Extrusions, namely, Building & Construction (B&C), Transport & Structural, Auto Components, Industrial Equipments, Electrical & Electronics, General Engineering, Consumer Durables, Power, Irrigation, NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 57

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 57

10/25/2012 5:34:50 PM

Defence, Aerospace, etc. Of the 11% overall consumption, the

conductivity enables Aluminium Extrusions to be the most

B&C industry alone accounts for about 60% as against 64% of the

suitable choice for applications such as heat exchangers or heat

global trend.

dissipaters. 

Extrusions Segment Wise :World vs India World 4%







13% 64%

very efficient electrical conductors. Where the end applica-




tion calls for a combination of electrical conductivity and high


um is a better conductor than Copper.




strength, this is the best option. For the same weight, Alumini-



EE 60%


Excellent electrical conductors: Aluminium Extrusions are



Non-sparking: Many components of Aluminium Extrusions are made for application involving explosive materials.



Fire resistant: Aluminum does not burn even at extremely high temperatures. Aluminium alloys however melt at about 6500C without emitting toxic fumes.

The attached sheet gives the domestic scenario of Extrusions.


Seamless: Multiple designs can be integrated into one complex Extrusion shape thus minimizing metal consumption and

Aluminium Extrusions: Domestic


Estimated domestic market: 275 kt (FY12)


Estimated to grow at an average of: 7-8% pa


Extruders about: 143

 



Presses about: 212


Growing by the day

avoiding post extrusion activity involving joints and high cost. 

um Extrusions can be fabricated make it a very attractive choice as both cost and delivery time are drastically reduced. 

Major part of the gap in demand is met by Imports

Resaleability: Aluminium Extrusions can be recovered to the extent of about 90% from the demolished commercial build-

Top 10 Extruders account for about: 70% of Domestic market Remaining Extruders are medium to small players largely in the lower end spectrum

Easy to fabricate & assemble: The ease with which Alumini-

ings and/or from other applications. Given the high resale value, it makes replacements less costly. 

Recyclability: The recycling process consumes only about 5% energy of its original value. Out of the almost 1 billion tonnes of Aluminium produced since 1880, three quarters is still in productive use. The recycled products can be converted into fresh

This leaves huge growth opportunity for enhanced applica-

finished products in a very short time. The process of recycling

tions of Extrusions, whether in B&C or other segments. The charac-

is so eco-friendly and economical that it has become a lucrative

teristics of the metal, in the form of Extrusions, make it a preferred

industry in itself.

choice over so many other materials for any end application.





Lightweight: Aluminum is about 1/3rd the weight of steel,

The contribution of Aluminium Extrusions in the B&C segment is about 60% of the overall 11% consumption in India.

making Aluminum Extrusions easier to handle and an attrac-

The unique inherent properties of Aluminium Extrusions allow

tive material for use in applications where weight reduction is a

architects to meet required performance specifications, while

priority such as transportation (rail, road or aerospace), bridges

minimizing the dead load on a building’s supporting structure

and other applications involving moving parts.

thus making it the perfect building material. Doors and Windows,

Strong: Aluminum Extrusions can be made as strong as needed

Facades, Structural Glazing, Curtain Walling, in various designs and

(even stronger than steel) for most applications by alloying with

shapes, Building Hardware, etc, are made of Aluminium Extrusions.

other elements such as Silicon, Magnesium, Manganese, Chro-

While use of higher quantity of Aluminium Extrusions increases the

mium, Copper, etc. and by various heat treatments/cold work-

space availability, it reduces the load on any structure and speeds

ing depending upon alloying.

up the construction process.

Corrosion resistant vis-à-vis surface finish: Aluminum Extru-

Besides the conventional applications, use of Aluminium Extru-

sions offer excellent corrosion resistance. The natural formation

sions in the B&C industry in Aluminium Formwork System is on the

of oxide layer protects the surface from corrosion. This can

increase. Formwork components made of Aluminium Extrusions

further be reinforced by chemical treatments as anodizing,

enable accurate and high quality surfaces that save costs on the

powder coating, electro-colouring, etc to the desired choice of

finishing and the fitting of doors and windows. The components

colours and finish. Once protected, it becomes free from main-

are reused hundreds of times, substituting steel, timber, plywood


etc and thus reducing unit cost drastically and making the system

Excellent thermal conductor: The superior quality of thermal

environment friendly


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 58

10/25/2012 5:35:10 PM

Design focus

Century Extrusions Limited (Cel®)


entury Extrusions Ltd (CEL®) is one of

up to supply extruded & cold drawn rods /

The quality assurance department along

the leading Aluminium Extrusions

wires in coil form to be used as armour rods,

with the technical team in the plant ensures

manufacturers in India based in

detonator shell stock, rivet stock, welding

to consistently meet all the quality param-

filler wire, etc.

eters, such as, surface finish, tolerances on

Kolkata with an annual production capacity of 15,000MT from its works located at

The company has a capability to manu-

dimensions, flatness, twist, bend, angularity,

Kharagpur. With three Extrusion Press lines

facture Power Transmission and Distribution

etc and proper fitting of complementary

– 2700 MT & 1620 MT (UBE, Japan) and 1250

Line Hardware. The facility has been put up


MT (indigenous) – all PLC controlled -- CEL®

at the same site at Kharagpur along with the

CEL® usually supplies material as per

is able to cater to the requirements from

extrusions manufacturing facility is located.

specifications prescribed by BIS. However, it

complex profiles to large-sized Bars in Soft,

With an experience spanning over two

is well-equipped to supply products as per

Medium and High Strength Alloys, ranging

decades, CEL® enjoys a number of first-mov-

the tolerances specified vide other similar


from 1xxx to 7xxx series alloys. CEL also has

er advantages comprising a comprehensive

standards such as BS, DIN & others and also

in-house facilities for Dye manufacturing

understanding of aluminium and alumini-

as per customers’ specifications, by mutual

and Melting & Casting of Billets and a team

um extrusions market, reputed brand and a

agreement. Hygiene of the metal is moni-

of experienced personnel and infrastruc-

strong customer base, among others.

tored and maintained to best standards


CEL has been accredited with ISO-

throughout the process. During the entire


9001:2008 for its quality systems, by DNV

production process QA checks and tests

extrusions for various applications, such

of the Netherlands. Certifications for ISO

are done at every stage. The finished goods

as, Building & Construction (B&C), Trans-

14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 are

so produced are again checked/tested for

port & Structural, Industrial Equipment,

under process.

mechanical properties, surface finish and

ture to supply quality products consistently. CEL®



dimensional accuracy before being safely

Electrical & Electronics, General Engineering, Consumer Durables, Power, Irrigation, Defence, Aerospace, etc. the company also


packed as per requirement.

In line with the growing demand in the ®

By virtue of the type of available infra-

has necessary set up to supply extruded &

B&C industry, CEL has special focus on the

structure, expertise, strong team work and

cold drawn round bars and hexagonal bars

Architectural profiles/sections. The com-

high quality material standards, CEL® takes

in straight lengths for various engineering

pany is committed to cater to this segment

pride in being a world class manufacturer

applications. The company also has a set

to the fullest satisfaction of the end users.

of aluminium extrusions


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 59

10/25/2012 5:35:11 PM

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 60

10/25/2012 5:35:34 PM

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 61

10/25/2012 5:35:42 PM

Design focus



Hindalco Industries Ltd. the flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group, is India’s largest aluminium producer. A leader in the extrusions industry, Hindalco manufactures a wide range of extrusions for multiple applications. We get in conversation with the brand to understand what is being done and can be done to make aluminium a material of choice in the Building & Construction (B&C) industry.


ust being ‘intelligent & creative’ is of no

DM: If it is such a wonderful material,

grows and because of that a lot of brands

use if not followed by ‘application and

why is the consumption low and so little

are now looking at the Indian market. While

commercial viability’ and thereby mak-

known about it and its use?

we have some Indian lead fabricators, we

ing the innovation exercise complete says

AJ: One of the main reasons is the ini-

also now have brands from Italy, Germany

A. Jayagopal, Vice President & SBU Head –

tial high purchase value of products made

and France coming into the field. This has

Extrusions, in an exclusive with us.

with aluminium, which is a deterrent. Lack

happened only in the last few years. This

of product standardization, awareness and

year we have launched Hindalco’s own win-

Design Matrix: How is the aluminium

promotion, also plays a role. Awareness

dows brand ‘Eternia’ with design, hardware

market looking to you as it is placed today?

will grow with emergence of brands. Take

and customized machinery from Europe.

A.Jayagopal: Aluminium is a high

the example of the flooring industry or

‘Lifetime Value Product’. What it means is

bathroom fittings industry; it is only when

DM: As a perceived leader in the indus-

that the initial cost (which might be high),

brands come in, that standards rise high

try, what have your efforts been in the

the maintenance cost during the life of the

and awareness increases. It is slowly hap-

direction to generate awareness about alu-

product (which is negligible) and then when

pening in aluminium and the result is show-


you stop using it, its resale value (which in

ing with the increase in its consumption,

AJ: Some years ago, we got a study

some cases is higher than the initial cost)

which has grown 3.4 times from 0.68 mio

done and came up with a few solutions. One

when put together, aluminium scores over

tons in 2002-03 to 2.29 mio tons in 2011-12.

was to get the lead architectural fabricators

other products. In the last decade, there has

together and create a body which would set DM: How many brands are there in fen-

been an upswing in the Indian Aluminium industry, which is in direct relation to the

estration in India to create a recall?

certain guidelines to ensure quality. While we were able to bring them together, we

increase in the GDP per capita. Aluminium

AJ: When India grows, there is an

could not keep them together and that

is a wonder metal and the only minus that

automatic growth in every industry. With

idea was dropped. Second, we thought

one can probably find is the initial value;

large young working middle class getting

that we could advertise our own extrusion

while its ‘life time value’ is far superior than

empowered financially, most importantly

products and through them educate the

its competitive material like steel, uPVC, etc.

with rapid urbanization, the realty market

people about the quality requirements and


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 62

10/25/2012 5:35:47 PM

guidelines – set an example in a way. Third

but the biggest development focus is B&C

option was to come out with our own brand

and transport. We had started this concept of

and then through that get quality in the

aluminium gallery where we had displayed

forefront. We took the third option. We did

applications with our products, by our clients

advertise also where the main message was

– a place for people to have a touch and feel

“Thickness matters” so that people become

experience and make informed decisions

aware of design criteria. When branded

about the quality that they want. Here we

products are available, one is certain that

showcased windows, doors, ladders, curtain

some science has gone into developing

walling, furniture, grills, false ceiling etc. When

it and there is a belief that they will follow

branded stuff is made accessible and avail-

consistency in design and quality. Just the

able, awareness and consumption increases.

way people come and ask for the flooring or bath fittings by name, we want people to

DM: So what do you foresee in the

come and ask for window systems by name

future for aluminium as a B&C product, and

and say we want ‘Eternia for our home’, etc.

that of Hindalco as a brand? AJ: Like I said in the beginning, alumin-

DM: This has increased brand awareness

ium is a wonder metal – this is where future

I agree, but what about industry as a whole?

lies as the world has no other option but to

AJ: We conduct architect and builders

turn to it. Slowly wood will go out and alu-

meets to educate and inform them about

minium will become the obvious replace-

aluminium as a B&C material and about

ment for windows. In hi-rises aluminium is

what we have to offer to them in terms of

already there, well established. Now there

windows, façades, roofing, etc. Apart from

is competition with uPVC material which

these meets, our franchisee fabricators

is aggressively marketing itself. Aluminium

have sales teams who contact architects

scores over uPVC in almost all attributes like

directly and give information about all that

strength, aesthetics, temperature stability,

we are doing. Exhibitions are another way

fire-resistance, sound proofing, maintenance

of increasing awareness. Hindalco also does

and in being endlessly recyclable. Hindalco

a lot of product development, which means

also has plans for brand extensions and from

using the right alloy for the profiles and

windows we want to move on to differ-

shapes, etc. and we do a lot of application

ent products like aluminium shutters, grills,

development like our roof-on-roof concept

handrails, furniture, etc. Even today we offer

which is very popular in Kerala. We try to see

the possibility of huge gamut of B&C appli-

how the applications can be improved. In

cations to the consumers – windows, doors,

fact, that is the reason why we can offer so

front façades, rolling shutters, hardware, fur-

much to the market – front façades, roofing

niture, ladders, etc. in a range of finishes.

sheets, aluminium roofing structurals that we have installed in around 300 projects.

DM: You had also mentioned transport as the focus area.

DM: So one of your major focus is on innovation?

AJ: World over, the manufacture of automobiles, airplanes, railway wagons,

AJ: Only intelligence and creativity is

boats, bicycles, etc. uses a lot of aluminium.

not innovation, you have to convert it into

In Europe 140 kgs of aluminium is used per

a successful commercial proposition then

car and in India this figure is 40 kg per car. In

it becomes innovation. We did not want to

India, we are now in the development phase

just be market driven, rather we wanted to

for these applications. We supply for ‘All alu-

be market driving. Replacement or increase

minium buses’ and ‘Aluminium truck bodies’

in rate of replacement of competitive mate-

being made by Maharashtra and Andhra

rial with aluminium – both through distinc-

Pradesh State Transport undertakings and

tive marketing efforts is our focus. We are in

OEMs. Also we are working to bring out a

different areas of application of aluminium

new advanced design for ‘All Aluminium Bus’. NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 63

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 63

10/25/2012 5:35:52 PM

DM: So Hindalco is really looking at innovation seriously. AJ: We are looking at driving the market with implementation of new applications, through our own brands and in collaboration with OEMs. This would enable putting out the products for the consumers which in turn will increase the aluminium consumption in the country. For us it means that we think varied applications and we replace or increase the rate of replacement of our competitive materials with aluminium. That is the real meaning of innovation for us. For applications development through OEMs we implement the following processes: (a) Design Verification Plan – design requirement & process route (b) Computer aided design and simulation (c) Prototyping – tool designing and fabrication (d) Testing and (e) Launch. Some of these steps are outsourced through competent third parties.

desired, which is associated with the aware-

RRP: When an association is created

ness of application. But with that changing

people with wide ranging and different

now, pan India it is growing yet a lot needs

interests come together and the net result

to be done to accelerate that awareness

is that nothing really moves in the desired

specially the fact that it is one of the most

direction – that of awareness and applica-

economically viable materials – not just as

tion, etc.

a base infrastructure material, but also for fenestrations, etc. In fact, you might not be aware, but roofing makes a major portion of the overall aluminium consumption in India — about 400 million sq. m.

DM: As a brand what does Hindalco offer to its end consumer? RRP: At Hindalco we have Eternia windows, there are aluminium roofing & façades, which I’m looking after. Façade


DM: But how do you account for the

material consumption is approximately 10

ontinuing our conversation with

low awareness/information amongst even

million sq. mts. area and with proper aware-

R.R.Parulekar, Head Aluminium Roof-

the professionals?

ness we could really increase the usage.

ing & Façade business, we discover

RRP: Due to the lack of marketing from

that aluminium has “lightenss of paper and

the producers. Also, only the primary pro-

tenacity of iron; has corrosion resistance of

ducers are experimenting with develop-

RRP: We have a large unorganized sec-

copper or gold but the price of iron”.

ment of different applications, other manu-

tor – there one faces the problem of down

facturers are not investing in this so when

gauging. This is not a safe practice, there are

DM: But that is very slow…

DM: As compared to other countries,

development of application is poor, the

absolutely no standards available and this

why is the awareness about aluminium so

level of interest is also low. There is no orga-

can be really dangerous in case of an emer-

less in India?

nized effort from the industry as a whole to

gency like fire, etc.

R.R.Parulekar: Aluminium is a very versatile and light material, it has the “light-

push for alternate application, awareness generation, etc. DM: But isn’t there an aluminium asso-

rosion resistance of copper or gold but the price of iron”. But it is not used as widely as

DM: As one of the industry leader, what steps are you taking to tackle the unorga-

enss of paper and tenacity of iron; has corciation?

nized sector? RRP: As a brand Hindalco is taking


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 64

10/25/2012 5:36:02 PM

many steps in this direction – through

ing, the concept of aluminium roofing

on-roof concept is also gaining ground as

adverting, participating in the trade fairs,

can be widely used. The main reason is

it helps increasing the life of the primary

etc., we are trying to increase the aware-

the extreme climate in these areas – rain,

roof and control the temperature inside

ness that will percolate to the user. Some-

heat, etc. Aluminium has a unique proper-

the home.

times the intermediate customer, who in

ty – it doesn’t corrode, and can withstand

India could be the builder, needs to be

onslaught of rain for at least 25 yrs without

responsible to give the best available to his

any problem. Also, in summer the tempera-

customer. The applications of aluminium

ture inside an aluminium structure would

RRP: No. This is only one applica-

are more industry-based like electrical,

be a few degrees lower than the tempera-

tion. We are also targeting the industries.

transport, automobile, and B&C. So the

ture outside and it is the inverse in winter.

Sheds use aluminium sheets across all

total consumption of aluminium in B&C is

This is because of the high reflectivity and

industries. It will be a solution across all

only about 12% of the overall figure. That

conductivity and low radiation proper-


is why there is little spend on awareness

ties of the metal. It can be used on high

strategies. The small extruders are not get-

altitudes; in fact, I believe it to be the best

ting together and follow wrong practices

material for such places to create shelters,

which are harming the B&C industry more

homes, etc., especially for soldiers.

consultant, architect, builder or the user.

DM: Where do you see aluminium as a B&C product in the next five years? RRP: It will definitely replace some things in construction and will be looked

than anything else. The industry needs to educate the influencer – it could be the

DM: So is this roofing primarily for the domestic market?

DM: But right now you are concentrat-

at as an alternative material. The problem is that it is not given a very high rating on the

ing only on the coastal areas?

We call it the influencer who has the capac-

RRP: One of our largest market is Ker-

sustainability table as compared to some

ity and power to decide what should go

ala, where people want huge bungalows

other materials. But only the initial cost of

into the project.

and with the climate being what it is, this

making or extracting it from bauxite and

roofing concept has become very popu-

the use of energy is high, but when you

DM: You had mentioned roofing ini-

lar. There are two main reasons: one is the

recycle it, only 5% of the total energy is

tially in our conversation. Tell us about that.

education and related to that is the sec-

consumed. So that should put aluminium

RRP: We have been in the roofing

ond, quality consciousness. People under-

very high on the sustainability chart, but

business for more than four decades now.

stand the concepts and hence do not

till the awareness reaches all levels, we can

Though all the coastal areas use our roof-

compromise on the cost. Then our roof-

only wait


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 65

10/25/2012 5:36:42 PM


tial,” says Frank Venjakob. “This has already been clearly shown in


companies was thoroughly positive and encourages us to continue




increased imports and exports, and

the short history of fensterbau/frontale india. The figures are higher for both visitors and exhibitors. The feedback from the exhibiting to develop the market.”

the overall development of the sub-

The conference organizers also summed up the second event

continent continue to amaze Economic

in Bangalore in 2012 as positive. “The professional window and

experts. The Indian building industry

facade manufacturers were tremendously interested in German

with ten per cent annual growth has a huge demand for modern-

know-how. There were many Indian manufacturers with a quality

ization and heavy investment activity.

orientation, because they want to serve the premium segment in

Energy efficiency is extremely important in the Indian build-

India. They were therefore looking specifically for information about

ing boom. Energy and environmental technology face special

technologies and quality products. In this sense, the conference is

challenges, in India and globally, and the country is tackling these

a key element of the exhibition concept, which meets the Indian

with exceptional enthusiasm. Modern technologies and prefabri-

experts’ desire for competent and neutral information,” says Jürgen

cated units can make a key contribution here. “Glass, windows and

Benitz-Wildenburg of ift Rosenheim, the International Strategic

facades are a major factor of every building. For example, the right

Partner of NürnbergMesse for fensterbau/frontale.

choice of glass and frames and professional installation can save up

The third edition of fensterbau/frontale india, the Internation-

to 30 per cent energy,” says Arun Sharma, General Secretary of IFF –

al Exhibition & Conference - Window, Door and Facade will take

the International Fenestration Forum.

place in Mumbai from 7–9 March 2013. After New Delhi in 2011 and

“As organizer of fensterbau/frontale, the leading international

Bangalore in 2012, the venue in 2013 is the Bombay Convention &

trade fair for windows, doors and facades, it was a logical step to also

Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, India’s biggest city and most impor-

turn our attention to Asia – and launch fensterbau/frontale india,”

tant business metropolis. fensterbau/frontale india is organized by

says Frank Venjakob, Director International Exhibitions at Nürnberg-

the NürnbergMesse Group in cooperation with the Indo-German

Messe, Germany. “The manufacturers, processors, architects, plan-

Chamber of Commerce, ift Rosenheim and the International Fenes-

ners and building specialists can be best networked with colleagues

tration Forum. The exhibition and conference are supported by GSI

and business partners there directly in and for the Indian market.”

– Glazing Society of India, CCPS – Confederation of Construction Products and Services, UWDMA – uPVC Window & Door Manufac-


turers Association, and IGBC Indian Green Building Council.

fensterbau/frontale india, the International Exhibition & Conference

The products and services at fensterbau/frontale india 2012

Window, Door and Facade, celebrated its successful premiere in the

include profiles, semi-finished materials, materials, production aids,

Pragati Maidan Exhibition Centre in New Delhi in February 2011. The

components and prefabricated elements, hardware, fixing equip-

first event attracted almost 3,000 trade visitors and 47 exhibitors to

ment, shading and ventilating equipment, machines, installations

the Indian capital from India, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Austria, the

and tools, operating systems and equipment, office organization,

United Arab Emirates and the PR of China. Parallel to the trade fair, the

services, associations, research & development, and technical infor-

internationally renowned German institute ift Rosenheim together

mation. Detailed information about fensterbau/frontale india 2013 is

with the Indian experts from IFF – the International Fenestration Forum

available online at www.frontale-india.com

presented a three-day programme of lectures under the heading of

ift Rosenheim together with the Indian experts from IFF – the

“Envelopes for Green Buildings”. The conference programme focused

International Fenestration Forum again present a three-day confer-

on energy efficiency, shading, security, temperature and sound insu-

ence programme on “Envelopes for Green Buildings” parallel to the

lation, and on the peculiarities of the Indian market.

exhibition. In six sessions, international experts provide an outlook

In February 2012, fensterbau/frontale india attracted exhibitors

on trends in science and markets and closely examine energy effi-

and visitors to the South Indian metropolis of Bangalore. With 3,717

ciency and quality. The lectures range from best practice examples

visitors and 69 exhibitors, the 2012 event exceeded the figures of

from all over the world to questions of the specific requirements

the premiere in 2011. New amongst the exhibiting nations were

of the Indian market. For further information, please contact ruch-

companies from Italy, Portugal, Switzerland and Great Britain. The


exhibitor survey impressively reflected the positive mood: 93 per cent of the exhibiting companies were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall organization and the course of the exhibition. The quality of the visitors was also rated as good or very good by 71 per cent, and 79 per cent of the exhibitors even established new business connections. “The window market in India has great poten-

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 66

10/25/2012 5:37:01 PM

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 67

10/25/2012 5:37:43 PM

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 68

10/25/2012 5:37:46 PM

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 69

10/25/2012 5:37:53 PM


Vibration-Dumping Tapes

100% UV-stable


Surfaces to Protect Carpets Ceramic tiling Linoleum Decorative laminates parquet floors Untreated rough parquet floors Doors Windows and frames Sanitary

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 70

Self-adhesive backed protective Bumpers out of 100% UV-stable Polyurethane, that be used as feet, stops, spacers and protectors in many applications.

10/25/2012 5:37:55 PM

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 71

10/25/2012 5:38:56 PM

Global eye

100% Design By: Harsha Kotak


ow exciting is it to attend the same design & trade shows every year? A question I have asked myself year

after year. And though the answer is always the same, I end up dragging myself to the doorstep of a few important ones, one of them being the 100% design show in London. As the name suggests the show is intended to be a design experience in itself. 100% Design is based on the simple principle of delivering a high quality experience by clustering relevant content and providing a platform for a wide spectrum of commercial design interest.


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 72

10/25/2012 5:39:11 PM

The show was a bit different this time due to the way the content was presented in 4 different zones – 100% Office, 100% Design & Build, 100% Interiors & 100% Kitchen & Bathroom. Each zone had a heart/hub where the community of that zone met for seminars and parties or meetings. But what I enjoyed the most and found interesting was the concept of a ‘Bloggers Lounge’ by Knoll. Here all design bloggers with an itch to blog can do so comfortably and instantly. NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 73

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 73

10/25/2012 5:39:32 PM

I decided to experience the show in a different way this time. There was a mission on my mind before I stepped in and that was to find gems from a treasure chest of designs. I planned to do this by obliterating the old & repeats from last time and to focus on 4 elements – Fun, Trend, Innovation & Future. And it wasn’t difficult to find these elements in all the multifunctional furniture, integrated lighting & sound systems, sustainable materials, mobile hubs & communication systems that were on display.


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 74

10/25/2012 5:39:59 PM

FUN - Starting with a few items which were screaming ‘Fun’ were, the Fonts seating from Tabisso and the ‘Dressing up’ furniture by Kam Kam from Korea. Fonts were favoured in furniture and my favourite designs without doubt were these letter chairs and complementary punctuation pieces from Tabisso.

‘Dressing up’ Stools by Kam Kam

‘Fonts’ seating by Tabisso

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 75

10/25/2012 5:40:25 PM

INNOVATION – Mosaic Lights - a new technology in installed lighting, gives a harmonious combination of glass mosaic and lighting. Offered as functional or decorative modules, they can be installed in the form of a painting (how about a lighted up face of Mona Lisa in your bathroom?) to create an ambiance in the bathroom or can also be used to provide information like time or direction on the wall or floor. And the beautiful bespoke acoustic wall coverings seen in the images here are made of wool felt and can be installed in homes theatres, meeting rooms, hotels, offices etc. to give that touch of glamour to an otherwise plain wall.

Mosaic Lights


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 76

10/25/2012 5:41:21 PM

Bespoke Acoustical Wall Coverings by Anne Kyyro Quinn NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 77

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 77

10/25/2012 5:42:03 PM

TRENDS – Continuing from last year, the key trend still seems to be of egg or pod like organic designs used to create space inside a space. These pods were seen everywhere in different shapes and sizes mainly used for commercial areas like airports & offices. The pods from OOF are multifunctional units for public and private


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 78

10/25/2012 5:43:15 PM

dimensions used both indoor and outdoor, providing privacy for mobile interaction & networking. The coffee tables from Isis concepts are again a big trend setter with tablet and laptop users in public areas. The push & pull-out surfaces can be used in different angles to hold a tablet.


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 79

10/25/2012 5:43:45 PM

Bed Room

FUTURE LIVING – This was the most popular section at the show – the launch of YO! Homes, the pioneering and intuitive living space set to revolutionise contemporary homes. Simon Woodroffe, the man responsible for YO! Homes, demonstrated the first prototype of this home of the future. Woodroffe comments that “Since the invention of the city centre apartment, we’ve never really re-invented it. Yo! Home is that new invention.” Twelve moving parts drawing on the mechanics of stage scenery allow the transformation of an eighty square metre space (size of a one bedroom

Bed Room being converted into Living Room

apartment) into a much bigger home. Woodroffe shows that, at the pull of a wall, the opening of a floor or the press of a button, he can transform an 80 square-metre space into a home containing: a master bedroom suite; a second bedroom; a sunken sitting room; a cinema; a dinning room; an office; a full size kitchen; a breakfast room; a bathroom/spa; a party room; a wine cellar and an additional hidden storage. YO! Home acts as a precursor to the launch of new build apartment blocks in cities around the world where space is at premium. So look out for one coming next to you soon. That’s it from 100% Design this year, overall it was a well put together exhibition offering just enough range to provide a taste of the world’s best designers and brands Please send your suggestions or questions to harshakotak@designmatrix.co

Living Room


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 80

10/25/2012 5:44:39 PM

Glossy doors which look like a wall slide to the sides to reveal a fully fitted kitchen and a roll-out worktop

Bath with a rain-shower & a sunken Spa

Floor opens to reveal a concealed Japanese style dining area

Harsha Kotak

Living Room converted into cinema NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 81

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 81

10/25/2012 5:45:45 PM


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 82

10/25/2012 5:47:25 PM

Unmasking talent


Elegance Words: Chintu Parekh; Images: courtesy the designer

Weaving together six themes for one facility is not an easy task –even if Arunima Subramanium’s design for ISAAC makes it seem so!


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 83

10/25/2012 5:48:04 PM


hen Arunima Subramanium of Atelier met her client Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta, to design ISAAC, a boutique skin clinic cum wellness centre, the site that was handed over was a 6,000 square feet, four storey, commercial space located at Chattarpur Enclave, in Delhi.

“The site was a leased old building squashed on two sides with buildings without any interesting

features, apart from a large double-height staircase with a skylight,” smiles Arunima reminiscing the design process. This was going to be the first ISAAC clinic, so along with the look and ambience a brand identity had to be created. Thus started several brainstorming sessions with the client regarding services being offered, design concepts, themes, etc. Each section of the centre had to be designed according to various services the clinic was offering. No permanent changes could be made to the front elevation of the building as the landlord wouldn’t allow it. So the entire front was covered with tennis court fencing which was then clad with artificial creepers. A bright red door and a wrought-iron gate finish the look (and a very European one at that!).


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 84

10/25/2012 5:48:39 PM


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 85

10/25/2012 5:49:00 PM


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 86

10/25/2012 5:49:21 PM

While there were six themes at play, the overall feel of the place had to be such that would tie it all up tidily. The clientele would be upmarket, so the interiors had to have a rich look and feel, at the same time had to be contained within a stringent budget as the site was on lease. Not just that, there were too many peripheral costs including power backup, services, panels, etc., as it was also a medical facility. The ground floor comprises of the reception area, orientation lounge, consultant rooms, medical director’s office, accounts, operation’s head office and a pantry. The reception area was designed to accommodate around 15 people, as the client planned to organize small events from time to time and also a display area for beauty and skin care products. The orientation lounge was given the look of an English library complete with a mock fireplace, a high table and stools. NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 87

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 87

10/25/2012 5:50:30 PM


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 88

10/25/2012 5:51:34 PM

The basement houses the procedure and laser rooms, a waiting area and a store. The double-height staircase has been treated dramatically to create a feel of people looking in through windows at the guests as they climb up the stairs. “This was achieved by fabricating mock windows and installing large high-resolution pictures within them,” explains the designer. The first floor has the spa, beauty room, dentistry, a kid’s hangout room and a consultation room. The spa has three massage parlours with attached steam and shower rooms. Since the theme of the spa is “Garden of Eden”, the entrance to the spa area is like a walk through a garden. The three rooms are called the Lavender, Rose and Jasmine rooms. The Rose room is a couple’s massage room with a comparatively larger attached steam and shower room than the other two; Jasmine is an ayurvedic Shirodhara massage room and Lavender room offers Swiss massage therapy. The second floor houses the facilities of a fitness gym, where yoga, light therapy etc., is done. This floor also has the staff area and an outdoor garden café. The venture is promoted by Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta who is amongst the youngest aesthetic dermatologist and one of the few anti-ageing experts in India. The Spa also displays her sister-in-law’s brand of jewellery, on the ground floor. So next time you are in the mood for some TLC and Spa treatment accompanied with ideas of decking yourself up with branded jewellery, head to ISAAC


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 89

10/25/2012 5:52:37 PM

“Plush rich ambience enhances the feel-good factor of ISAAC. Ornate elements are used effectively to fuse the various themes in the space.” 90 DESIGN MATRIX • NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 90

10/25/2012 5:53:24 PM


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 91

10/25/2012 5:54:10 PM


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 92

10/25/2012 5:54:31 PM

Quirky MAKEOVERS Words: Natasha Bohra

With Workshop Q Radhika and Madhvi Khaitan take the initiative to utilize waste material to create something fun.


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 93

10/25/2012 5:55:21 PM


need to innovate with humour, creativity,

also increasing. But the point of

sustainability and functionality, was formed

concern is that natural resources to service

by young entrepreneurs Radhika and Mad-

all of them are fast depleting. We need to

hvi Khaitan in Jaipur, and is always looking

start recycling waste to conserve our natural

to “find calm amidst chaos”.

ith increasing human popula-

Workshop Q – a brand born out of the

tion the needs of people are

resources. Recycling minimizes the need for

“We believe in great attention to detail

raw materials so that rainforests can be pre-

and hold a passion to communicate designs

served. Great amount of energy is used when

with bold contrasts. Our work is inspired

making products from raw materials, how-

by everyday objects and how that inspira-

ever recycling requires much less energy and

tion is channelled to fabricate something

therefore helps to preserve natural resources.

both creative and useful by using waste

Reusing waste explicitly is a solution to

as raw material,” shares the excited Mad-

the looming landfills. It is the small initiatives

hvi. Workshop Q is a quirky and innovative

that make a big difference; and when these

eco-product manufacturing company that

recycled products have a quirky touch to it, it

blends simplicity with sustainable creativity.

comes as an icing on the cake. Workshop Q

It is not just a brand, it is a movement. On

infuses discarded materials with new value,

offer are lifestyle home accessories by sim-

prolong their life and divert them from landfill.

ply re-engineering seemingly useless waste


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 94

10/25/2012 5:55:45 PM

in an effort to reduce the waste generated

tional methods. Their treatment to materi-

by households and factories. They term

als and methods leads to new design ideas.

this method of reusing waste material, to

“We understand upcycling as a little bit of

make gorgeous, quirky, innovative and fun

recycling and a little bit of craft!”

designer home decor products by moving

The production of these quirky prod-

the scrap material up the value chain by cre-

ucts starts with sourcing for the raw mate-

atively transforming it, as ‘upcycling’.

rial and then designing a product using

“After having studied abroad for four

these raw materials. Radhika and Madhvi

years and then moving back to India, we

keep a keen eye on their surroundings and

realized that little emphasis is placed on

visualizing how simple waste can be recre-

recycling here. And how people perceived

ated. Primarily handmade processes are

eco-friendly as earthy looking and how

implemented for production, so once the

they did not want to do more than just reus-

waste is made usable, it is upcycled into the

ing a jam bottle for other purposes,” adds

first sample through a lot of trial and error.

Radhika. “We started Workshop Q simply by

Andy Warhol said, ‘They always say

re-thinking of all the waste lying around us.”

time changes things, but you actually have

The duo comfortably turns simple and

to change them yourself.’ A pat on the back

common materials into something new by

for Radhika and Madhvi for their eccentric

twisting ordinary processes into unconven-

yet conscientious initiative


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 95

10/25/2012 5:56:36 PM


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 96

10/25/2012 5:57:23 PM

My space



There is nothing half as pleasant as coming back home. And our designers give us even more reasons to love this place we come back to. However, when it comes to their own home, it is always exciting to see them at their creative best, as it is their own little space. Shilpa and Sameer Balvally of Studio Osmosis, give us a sneak peek into their private dwelling and give us their creative inputs on the thought process. NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 97

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 97

10/25/2012 5:57:56 PM


here is always an excitement in moving into a new home. And it is even more special when as

architects you are your own client. Usually a client has certain preferences on the style,

and art and make sure the same gets

budget, material palette that gives us a

reflected in the end-product and design.

certain direction, adding our creativity and

Similarly, for our home every element had

design ideas within those realms. But for

to be noteworthy; especially the thought

our own home we had a completely empty

into making the entire space feel like an

canvas, on which we wanted to create the

experience of emotions, stories, travels,

perfect painting.

rather than just a house to live in. Whether

As a design firm, we believe in

it is a naturally-lit, bright home during the

absorbing the individual needs of the

day or a dramatic and cozy haven after sun-

client, working cohesively on the design

down, we wanted a home we would long

and arriving at a solution which is not only

to return to.

creative but also tangible and sustainable.

We were clear that our home should be

While we have a contemporary and flexible

fresh, full of warmth yet dramatic – a story

approach towards design and technology,

teller, an experience, and an inspiration for

we derive inspiration from various walks

ourselves. Moreover, it needed to have that

of life, culture and history, people, travel

cozy comfort of nothing too extravagant


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 98

10/25/2012 5:58:26 PM

than a quaint warm yet simple home – a reflection of our love for travelling and photography, yet be compact, organized and clutter-free. Just like our projects, we wanted our home to revolve around a concept and an idea. Having said that, the house also needed to be designed super efficiently to meet the huge storage requirements





Artefacts, light fixtures, colourful wall accessories and an interesting mix of contemporary and traditional hangings form an important aspect in giving character to the house.


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 99

10/25/2012 5:59:09 PM


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 100

10/25/2012 6:00:22 PM

“While we have a contemporary and flexible approach towards design and technology, we derive inspiration from various walks of life, culture and history, people, travel and art.”

Especially, when the lady of the house is a designer, it’s hard to not give utmost importance to storage and organization. A strong concept flows in the house with use of nature-inspired fluid, floral motifs designed both randomly as well as in a grid through the house. The same invoke modernity and elegance when used in laser cut, backlit designs either forming doors separating the rooms, or closet sliding doors turning it into a feature instead. The colour and materials chosen were fresh and bright summer in the living room, greys and whites with spurts of primary colours, like winter in the master bedroom and fall colours in the mother’s room. The colour palette chosen also works with the activity of the room, integrating itself with the use of nature-inspired floral motifs, natural stone and brick-clad walls. The design fuses elegance with warmth and shades of modernity and minimalism thus making it look more spacious than what it really is. Every nook and corner has been used fabulously without making it apparent that it camouflages storage. Lighting in the entire house has been designed to suit various moods, occasions and highlight feature walls and each setting gives the house a new look which makes it fun. For family and close friends, this space is a reflection of what we believe in as people and what we are as designers NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 101

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 101

10/25/2012 6:00:52 PM



Splendour A glance at the growth of the ceramic industry since 24,000 BC!


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 102

10/25/2012 6:01:56 PM


rom millions of years ago, when traces of ceramic products were found, and when they were used for simple representational purposes alone, ceramic has come a long, long way. With

advances in technology, the wonders that can be created from ceramic is astounding. Manufacturers and designers, too, have pushed the material to all possible levels and today we have beautiful art pieces, not only to decorate our personal spaces, but to take care of our utilitarian needs as well. Let us take a glimpse through its evolution.

AN AGE OLD HISTORY Ceramics is one of the most ancient industries on the planet. Once humans discovered that clay could be dug up and formed into objects by first mixing with water and then firing, an industry was born. As early as 24,000 BC, animal and human figurines were made from clay and other materials, and then fired in kilns partially dug into the ground. The first use of functional pottery vessels for storing water and food is thought to be around 9,000 or 10,000 BC.

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 103

10/25/2012 6:02:12 PM

Elements of ceramic art, upon which different degrees of emphasis have been placed at different times, are the shape of the object, its decoration by painting, carving and other methods, and the glazing found on most ceramics. There is a long history of ceramic art in almost all developed cultures, and often ceramic objects are the only artistic evidence left from vanished cultures, like that of the Nok in Africa over 2,000 years ago. Cultures especially noted for ceramics include the Chinese, Cretan, Greek, Persian, Mayan, Japanese, and Korean as well as the modern Western cultures. Hobby ceramics, as we have come to know it today, exploded into the conscience of the public during the Great Depression. Erma Duncan, founder of Duncan Enterprises and Francis Darby, founder of Paragon Industries, began making glazes and kilns, respectively, for the home artist to enjoy making ceramics at home. Hence hierarchy of the ceramic manufacturer, distributor, traditional dealer and customer was formed. There is a lot happening around the world using ceramic. One such company is Vista Alegre Atlantis. We take a look at their offerings.

VISTA ALEGRE ATLANTIS Vista Alegre Atlantis, one of the largest manufacturers of porcelain in Europe, is amongst renowned brands crafting ergo-


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 104

10/25/2012 6:02:25 PM

nomic yet luxurious and stylish designs of porcelain, fine crystal, fine glassware, luxury earthenware and cutlery. They have set foot in India with their first showroom at L’Vista, Mumbai. Vista Alegre is one of the very few manufacturers of porcelain in the world to have 17 in-house painters who manually paint extraordinary art work of animals and birds in particular. The Vista Alegre bird collectionare jewels in themselves, as they are perfect rÊplicas of real birds. They are totally hand-painted with the aid and counselling of biologists and ornithologists, and in the presence of a live specimen to be able to replicate accurately their forms and colours. Vista Alegre Atlantis has a long-standing tradition in launching special pieces, designed by renowned and prestigious artists and designers, in limited series

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 105

10/25/2012 6:02:45 PM

Design promo

ING Vysya - Art Bench

beauties! DESIGNING

Dr. Art+Design beautifully creates pieces of art that completely lift the image of a project.


r. Art+Design, brainchild of Mitali


Bajaj, provides creative support

Godrej Garden City, Ahmedabad enchants

services to architects, real estate

as 9 deers prance in a field of green creat-

and hospitality developers. It is an aesthetic

ing a landmark at Godrej Garden City; The

design management firm conceived as a

Thumb Rule sculpture in the atrium of the

co-creative lab on the premise that art and

ACC corporate office, carried on the cover

design is to be enjoyed by everyone. Blur-

of its annual report, symbolically depicts

ring divisions between art form, design and

ACC’s firm grip of things - demonstrat-

sculpture, Dr. Art+Design conceptualizes,

ing solid performance. An added twist,

manufactures and installs engrossing and

a creeper rises with eco-friendly passion

interactive public art and furniture. “Our

to envelop the new world, signifying the

fundamental philosophy is to create experi-

green building. The thumb-up position

ences and increase brand value through art

establishes the rule, ACC’s success as a con-

and design”, says Mitali Bajaj.

fident leader.


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 106

10/25/2012 6:03:00 PM

Le Sutra – the Indian art hotel, reflects Indian ethos from the time of the Rig Veda, the philosophy, the myths; unfold as stories narrated using art translated through hotel elements. Here you traverse the various chakras as you go up and down the lift; representative of the kundalini and the rising of consciousness. The Yoga Danda used by yogis for breathing is abstracted into the Yoga Danda chair in the Shuddhi ‘Self Purification’ room; the lapis

Indian Coinage - ING Vysya

lazuli Mandu inlay was an ancient system of water purification; the fibre glass Yoni lamp in the Vaasna ‘Sensuality’ room depicts male and female energy assisting each other to expand their aura and level of consciousness. Dr. Art+Design has also created ING Vysya Bank, the World’s first Art Bank that beautifully merges banking with art. Welcoming the guests, are two 6-feet tall iconic lion sculptures at the entrance acting as royal gatekeepers and trustworthy guardians. Following them is an installation of historic Indian coins. This installation weaves a texture of legends from various empires which ruled India since Indus Valley Godrej Garden City Steel Flower

Civilization, through medieval era, till the Mughal reign. Positioned centrally, the barter column shows history of the Barter System before invention of electronic money as we see it today. The artwork narrates the Barter story in the form of doodles by inclusion of

Le Sutra Hotel Ashoka Room Chair

figurines and texts For further details contact Mitali Bajaj at mitali@ drartanddesign.com

Mitali Bajaj

Out of the Blue mascot

Le Sutra Hotel outside niche maya-room NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 107

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 107

10/25/2012 6:03:38 PM

Design promo


With its assortment of accessories, appliances, hardware, shutters and kitchens, Sleek gives you a low down on what makes your kitchen a dream to work in.


leek accessories give the conventional storage space a complete facelift. The Swivel Larder Unit that rotates a full circle to give you a 360 degree view, and the twin corner units trans-

form wasted corners into an indispensible space. All heavy utensils like pressure cooker, big pots and pans are tucked away neatly in this corner unit. The new sturdy SS 304 wire accessories by Sleek are strong enough to withstand a load capacity of upto 150 kgs. Sleek has brought about a massive change with appliances that incorporate the latest global technology. Ovens equipped with functions like steaming, rotisserie and dual grill. Another innovation in the

banding and glass will leave the buyers spoilt for choice. Drawers

appliance range is the Sleek chimney that comes with a high suction

with airmatic soft-closing technology for easy pull and push, lift-up

capacity of 1000m3/hr leaving no worries of a smoke and grime filled

flaps that open upwards to prevent collision, telescopic channels

kitchen. With functions like energy efficiency and auto-ignition, Sleek

with ease in operation – Sleek provides all this and more.

hobs bring forth an element of increased safety and ease. Shutters in solid wood, MDF, marine ply and particle board with finishes in veneers, membrane, lacquered, postform 4-side edge

Sleek Kitchens has tied up with global brands like Grass, Sige, Tecnoinox, Terim and Lamp to bring in the class and sophistication of international products to Indian kitchens


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 108

10/25/2012 6:05:27 PM


H C N LAU Studio E9 brings in Stack

Studio E9 focuses on contemporary art and furniture, and import products from brands across the globe. The latest addition to their contemporary collection is the Stack by Established and Sons, UK. Usually a chest of drawers consists of an exterior frame, back panel and runners on each drawer. The height is limited to the size of the frame and the drawer can be opened in only one direction. With Stack, London-based designer Shay Alkalay has questioned these elements. These individual, multicoloured, floating drawer units are built up to different heights, creating a tower of drawers that can be pushed and pulled in both directions. It can be appreciated from all angles as a sculptural object as well as an entirely functional, practical item of furniture. Tel: 022 24458125


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 109

10/25/2012 6:06:41 PM


presents Extendo Made by Peka, Switzerlan d, Extendo is a series introduced by Ebco, that in 2012 received the Kitc hen Innovation of the year aw ard. The discreet pull-ou t shelf of Extendo, can be put to use in kitchens, livin g rooms and dressing rooms . Libell clip -on elements are formed from a single piece of sheet steel. The rounded shapes of the ele ments ensure every last inch of storage space is put to good use, and also the cur ved corners make the m easy to clean. It combin es direct access through the front of the shelf with an excellent overview of the contents. The shelf’s closed base and rim prevent obj ects or clothes from falling out or jamming. It also com es with a host of other features that make it uni que. ww w.ebco.in

Pella Corporation enters India

nlla Corporatio US-based Pe windows m rs of premiu re tu ac uf an m e Indian ve entered th and doors ha Abir ith w n io at llabor market in co oration rp t. Ltd. Pella Co Trademar t Pv and s w do fficient win well has energy-e as , ns tio uc w constr doors for ne en em t for g and replac as re-modellin al needs. d commerci residential an d installed, an ly selected er op pr n he W dows helps -efficient win Pella energy the winters ay warmer in your home st to your in cold air leak s and reduces ol in co e s the hous home. It keep itions. nd co id m at or hu ex tensive he es th e s featured in Plus, the glas help keep at s coatings th windows ha t like ac d an mer heat out the sum luables va ur yo t protec sunscreen to aviolet light s harmful ultr from the sun’ floors and d fabrics, woo de fa n ca at th s. photograph 110 DESIGN MATRIX • NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 110

om w w w.pella.c

10/25/2012 6:06:53 PM

BoConcept launch

es its new collection

In the 60 th year of its incept ion BoConcept has introduced a new col lection for the year 2013. They mainly look bac k to the 50’s and 60’s with the American ‘Ma d men’ TV series as reference and there are stylish pieces matching this trend. The choice of material defines the look in the roo m – exclusive black leather for that formal and elegant look or a petrol blue for a more fem inine set ting. The other strong trend is a loo k based on the German Bauhaus style wit h all its graphic lines and signal colours. It is cas ual, optimistic and playful and mixes prints, pat terns and colours in unexpected ways. ww w.boconcept.in

e linen, accessories a trendy collection of hom ers off tion lec col tive fes Address Home’s The accessories are concepts for one’s home. und aro ed ion fash cept are t and gifts tha ks in a stylized home con bring together global loo to r, ove rs rld tte wo pla rl from d pea source glass, mother of vases and jars in coloured and s der hol dle can and that includes handblown s art, candle al shapes of mirrors, wall ps and lam oor fl ps, and vases, unconvention lam le tab y of lection offers a wide arra new more. The new lighting col products available in the the All e. hom the in as are c cifi spe . for ility ts sib ligh g sen gin han a modern design ic mix coordinated with collection, create an eclect Tel: 011 41719292

Festive collection by

Address Home


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 111

10/25/2012 6:07:04 PM

The Starck 2 range by


Designed by Philippe Sta rck, the Starck 2 range by Duravit has been relaunc hed with a minimal nuance that gives the form an org anic and flowing charac ter. After the relaunch, the Sta rck 2 washbasins are mu ch finer and more contoured . However, Duravit has larg ely retained the design DNA of the range: the basins are still comfor tably large and deep. The conical wideni ng towards the wall has bee n retained as a typical fea ture of the washbasin with wa ll connection. This preser ves the established sur face are a that is a feature of the variants with pedestal or semi-pedestal. In the new model, the base of the bow l is flat and sweeps ver tica lly upwards through gently sof tened corners. The orig inal character of the traditional washbasin has been replaced by a modern, red uced form. The result is a delicate look that is refresh ingly light and airy. ww w.duravit.in


introduces the Plush W ine


es wine om introduc Plushplaza.c accentuate at promise to accessories th e. The nc ie inking exper your wine dr lance the ba rs de Wine Hol Pisa and Busa ease. There in mid-air with wine bot tle Saw Wine ante and Seealso is the D t created in e pieces of ar ar at th rs de Hol . Then there ess steel finish a mat te stainl ttle Stoppers ont Wine Bo is the Piedm hich is a to Wine set w and the Vene ens up to op ex terior that tle ot b e in w cessories. reveal wine ac aza.com w w w.plushpl


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 112

10/25/2012 6:07:30 PM

Da Milano’s

leather accessories for men Da Milano launches its ran ge of leather accessories for suave and stylish men. The brand specializes in high-quality fashion leather goods and accessories with sharp design and sub tle detailing for men. This collection includ es laptop bags, I-pad covers, wallets and other leather accessories in a varied ran ge of colours. The bags from this collec tion are designed to carry a laptop and all ess entials featured with multiple compar tm ents and are stylized with metal fittin gs. Tel: 022 40041395

wall and vitrified tiles, nched a range of digital lau has ., Ltd are yw itar San Cera floor tiles and also digital wall tiles with matching that consists of HD digital a also offers normal tiles. In addition to this, Cer polished glazed vitrified hnology. vitrified tiles with nano tec h a concept of igned a new website wit The brand has recently des the website and to on log hroom. Customers can designing your own bat tware and view it in 3D as om using the special sof design their own bathro ts from the Cera range and click and choose produc well as 2D. They can also place orders online. ww w.cera-india.com


launches digital tiles


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 113

10/25/2012 6:08:01 PM


September-October 2012 VOL. 2 • ISSUE 6 • `100

Suntosh Baheti

“Trust of the clients is my real earning in so many years as a designer and I cherish it the most.”



DM_Sept-Oct12_Cover_Final.indd 1

8/31/2012 11:59:50 AM


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 114

10/25/2012 6:08:25 PM


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 115

10/25/2012 6:08:44 PM



SUCCESS STORY Mayur Plywood shares its success with the channel partners and members of the design fraternity.


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 116

10/25/2012 6:09:08 PM


t an impressive evening celebrated in the Grand, Delhi, Mayur Plywood along with their channel partners that included around 400 dealers and

sub-dealers, along with architects celebrated the brand’s success. Representation from reputed architectural firms like Rajender Kumar & Associates, Semac Potential Ltd., SWBI, Space Matrix, Suresh Goel & Associates, GRID Plc, MR Warerkar, MRA Associates, The GRID, Urbane, Ashu Paul Associates, Design & Development, Mmoser, Aakar Design and Studio Lines were seen at the event. Ashwini Sarda, Vice President Marketing, set the tone of the evening by touching upon the various milestones like the ISO 9000, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 accreditations and the CE and FSC certifications achieved by the company. With great pride, he reminded the guests that Mayur Plywood has the distinction of being the winner of Power Brand and Star Brand. While Ashwini Sarda spoke about the recent past nostalgically, Sri Prakash More, Managing Director, shared his vision and future plans for the company. He spoke at great length about the new projects on the anvil that included the upcoming cement plant in Meghalaya and the fourth plywood plant in Guwahati. He also shared the `700 crore group turnover achieved from its real estate and plywood businesses, and its jute and flour mills. After covering the past and present achievements and ambitions of the organization, it was time for the style and beauty of the brand to come alive. Renowned models walked the ramp in designer clothes created with Mayur veneers. It sure was an experience to remember! NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 117

Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 117

10/25/2012 6:09:58 PM


WEE 3 DESIGNS After 25 years of design excellence, Wee 3 designs gave a gala bash to celebrate and thank its associates and friends from the fraternity.


une-based design firm Wee 3 Associates decided to thank all the people who have journeyed with them and have been instrumental in contributing in a major way to the success and

goodwill that the firm has built and enjoyed in the last 25 years. The trio of Suntosh Baheti, Rahul Mutha and Virendra Patel, that make up Wee 3 designs, have been in the forefront of the design scene in the city. With projects – big and small, commercial or residential


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 118

10/25/2012 6:11:15 PM

– spread over the entire state, the firm has earned a reputation of being true to their profession. A happy gathering of some of the top names from the city, the evening of 10th October at Hotel Sayaji was proof enough of the love and warmth that they share with their fellow professionals. Gracing the evening amongst others were Pratap Jadhav (Chairman Elect of IIID), Manohar & Padma Jhunjhunwala, Karan & Surbhi Jhunjhunwala, Babita Krishnan & Natasha Bohra from Design Matrix, Mani Bhai of Tangent and many others whom Suntosh Baheti credits with the success of the firm. At the helm of the celebrations was the entire team seen mingling with the guests


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 119

10/25/2012 6:11:40 PM



OF ARCHITECTURE An exhibition enriched by designers’ participation, helping the guests envision their creativity in a different light.


he Art of Architecture, an initiative by Design Matrix, is an event with a different approach towards architecture, interior design, landscape design and related fields: giving it the status of art, in the perceived sense of the term. Spread across

different cities in the country, this event invites architects and designers to participate in displaying their favourite design creation (architecture, interiors, rendering, sketch or even a collage) as a canvas that will be displayed at the venue as an art exhibition. This time the city was Pune and the venue was Out of the Blue. About 15 architects and designers displayed their “art pieces” at the art corner, of the newly opened Out of the Blue. Those whose work was displayed at the event were: Vikas & Nilima Bhosekar, Suntosh Baheti, Shobha Bhopatkar, Jitesh & Jayant Makwana, Christopher Charles Beninger, Ashwin Lovekar, Aijaz Hakim, Ramesh Edwenkar, Kunal Edwenkar, Ashit Parekh, Kumar Mangwani and Sanjeev Joshi


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 120

10/25/2012 6:12:32 PM


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 121

10/25/2012 6:12:49 PM

Design news

THE THIRD DIMENSION Our country is under constant scrutiny when it comes to design. There is a constant debate that is questioning India’s design sensibility compared to the rest of the world. However, there is no doubt that India has some brilliant and creative minds. But, there is always a flip side to any coin. There are various reasons behind the creativity of these professionals not getting out in the open. Begining with this column, we are attempting to give an answer to all those who are here to question the design sensibilities of Indian designers. Here we are attempting to bring forth great design ideas and the problems they are facing in getting into practicality, from the desk of architects and designers themselves.


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 122

10/25/2012 6:13:05 PM


as in Western Australia, Shanghai, Genoa,

The Taraporevala Aquarium has been in

Singapore, Japan and Dubai. They are built

need for a revamp for years now. The state

with more than 30,000 + living animals and

administration has been working out a

species. It forms a huge revenue model for

plan but there are bunch of reasons that

the country and benefits tourism.

have acted as road blocks in taking this to

Being on the coastal areas we in India,

step two. Sometimes it was issues related

should be able to build and sustain such

to pre-requisites of bidders, concerns of the

architecture. Some Indian aquariums are

residents of the area or simply the slow pace

also a home to marine species congregated

of work.

from several parts of the world. The aquari-

Ar. Ajay Nahar shares his views on the importance of this project taking off. The aquariums throughout the world

ums are fascinating places because they offer the visitors a glimpse into the watery world of marine life.

are not only an extensive collection of

In early, 2012 the government had can-

marine life species, but also a forum for con-

celled all earlier bids for the makeover of

servation and awareness program me where

Mumbai’s Taraporewala Aquarium that was

dissemination of the need of conserving our

initiated in 2008, which dangles between

aquatic marine life is imparted to the mass

ambitious plans and bureaucratic delays.

audience. Exotic fish, ferocious predators of

A recent news report quoted the Fisheries

the sea, fish we didn’t even know exist, all

Commissioner saying that the oceanarium

baffle and amaze us in their unique individu-

could be on dairy land in Worli, because the

ality. There are some aquariums around the

Marine Drive site was not large enough. The

This scion of Nahar Group is an architect from the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai with a Masters Degree in construction Project Management from Birmingham City University. He adds a new dimension to Nahar Projects with a multi-faceted role of a developer, planner and designer with ingenuity, skill, quality management and an eye for detail.

world that are simply mind boggling in their

government must make special policies for


enormity and dazzling beyond belief such

these kinds of aquariums to flourish



Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 123

10/25/2012 6:13:06 PM

DM online



The facebook competition of Design Matrix & Chromakey Designs has a winner. Presenting Nazish Abid’s remodeling of the Taj Mahal.


esign matrix recently joined hands with Chromakey Designs as the official stationery partner. Inspired by creativity and creating a blend of fashion and style, Chromakey Designs extends concepts that become a unique way of mirroring your thoughts

into words. A designer stationery brand, they create a piece of art that you can take home with you. Chromakey celebrates art with a twist. Owing to the enthusiasm towards “design” of both brands, a Facebook competition was floated inviting fans to give us their version of the Taj Mahal. After careful evaluation of all entries, this one by Nazish Abid was chosen for the thought behind the remodelling. Nazish is a final year architecture student at the Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. Hearty congratulations to Nazish!


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 124

10/25/2012 6:13:26 PM


of heaven. Inspired by this concept of the

eled in the heart of the moon with precious


‘garden of heaven’ the design also absorbs

black gems.

“For such the reward is forgiveness from

the fundamentals of Islamic architecture.

The geometric pattern of the fountains

their Lord, and gardens with rivers flow-

The vast steel structure with marble

of the gardens further deepens its roots in

ing underneath, - an eternal dwelling: How

cladding stands like a poet’s dream in the

Islamic architecture by romancing with the

excellent a recompense for those who work

form of Crescent moon and star. Gleam-

theme of Arabesque style. All in all, the Taj

(and strive)!”

ing in the eternal glow of a full moon, the

Mahal of today will continue to charm visi-

structure has the capability of mesmerizing

tors for generations to come and will forever

its visitors.

be witness to the eternal love of Shahjahan

Qu’ran, sura 3 (Al-i-Imran) Concept

and Mumtaz

Man’s existence and actions on the earth

The stilted gardens appear to the visi-

are fuelled by his most beloved desire to

tor’s eye as floating effortlessly over the

enter the ‘gates of heaven’. If Shahjahan

rivers (of paradise) – the springs (of nectar).

To be a part of the competitions log

would have been alive today, his greatest

The iconic structure announces its pres-

on to facebook.com/DesignMatrixMagazine

gift to his beloved wife would have been

ence and welcomes the visitors to the gates

& facebook.com/ChromakeyDesigns and win

the gift of remembrance, the remembrance

of paradise with verses from the Quran jew-

a chance to get featured.


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 125

10/25/2012 6:13:31 PM

Space review


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 126

10/25/2012 6:13:44 PM

Roush The rustic appeal of this store combined with the aesthetics and style of the shoes on display, just might have you pulling your wallet out….


ith the objective of starting a

Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai.

domestic retail business, Sara

The stores have a classic elegance which

Suole Pvt. Ltd., an established

is reflected in the furnishings, flooring and

manufacturer and exporter of shoes and soles

the warm lighting. A unique element in the

to the international market announced the

stores is the Craftsmanship Wall dedicated

launch of its new footwear brand “RUOSH” –

to showcase the long and laborious over

which means “passion” in Sanskrit. As a brand,

250 step process of shoe-making. The store

RUOSH is passionate about Design, Comfort

design facilitates the categorization done

and Craftsmanship.

for the shoe range offered which in turn for

facilitates the consumer in selecting the shoe

gentlemen whose sense of style goes

that suits his needs considering his lifestyle

beyond the fleeting looks of the season.

and personality.





RUOSH endorses style that strikes a fine

RUOSH believes in consultative selling.

balance between the classic and the modern,

This is evident when you walk into the store

the discreet and the bold with good taste

and are greeted by a style associate instead

being the only criterion for selection. RUOSH

of a sales executive. The staff is competent to

believes in simplicity and currently has

recommend shoes to a customer basis their

three exclusive brand outlets operational in

requirement, work life, personality, dressing

Bangalore as well as a store at the Chhatrapati

and feet structure


Design Matrix_Nov-Dec12.indb 127

10/25/2012 6:13:58 PM

GLOSSARY IFC: DANSANI Bathroom Furniture Ultramine Group Chatterjee International Centre, 33A, J. L. Nehru Road, 6th Floor, Suite #10, Kolkata 700 071 (M) 09874430000 Email: indiadansani@vsnl.net www.dansani.com Pg. 1: Jalaram Veneers Agar Bazar S. K. Bole Road, Dadar (W), Mumbai 400028 Tel: (022) 24318444/555 Email: jalaram_timber@yahoo.com

• 9/B & 9/K, Laxmi Ind. Estate,

New Link Road, Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400053 Tel: (022) 26327733 / 34 Email: jalaramvnf@gmail.com

Pg. 2 & 3: Ebco Pvt. Ltd. 402-3, Hyde Park, Saki Vihar Road, Mumbai 400072 Tel: (022) 67837777 Email: info@ebco.in www.ebco.in Pg. 4 & 5: Durian Veneers Durian Industries Ltd. 401, The Summit, Western Express Highway, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai 400057 Tel: (022) 26269000 Email: info@durian.in www.durian.in Pg. 6: LG Hi-Macs New Patel Sawmill Group 204/B, Vertex Vikas, Sir M V Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400069 Tel – (022) 26v833377/0952 Email: decorexsol@gmail.com Pg. 7: Birla White Ultratech Cement Ltd. Ground Floor, Ahura Centre, 82, Mahakali Caves Road, Near M. I. D. C. Office, Andheri (E) Mumbai 400093 Toll Free: 1800111717 www.birlawhite.com Pg. 9: Cera Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. Madhusudan House, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380 006. Tel.: (079) 26449781/26449789 Email: marketing@cera-india.com www.cera-india.com Pg 10 &11: Le Cdeor MRJ Trading Pvt. Ltd. 201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Bldg., Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400057. Tel : (022) 26187132 / 26131442 Email: artifacts@mrjgroup.in Pg. 12 : Prayag Prayag Polymers (Pvt.) Ltd. Customer Care: 9310002486 Email: mail@prayagindia.com www.prayagindia.net

Pg. 13: Astral ALCA Astral Poly Technik Limited 207/1, Astral House, B/h. Rajpath Club, Off. S. G. Highway, Ahmedabad – 380 059. Tel: (079) 66212000 Email: info@astralcpvc.com www.astralcpvc.com

Pg. 35: Durian Laminates Cedar Décor Pvt. Ltd. F/2, Shapath-1, Nr. Cargo Motors, S. G. Highway, Ahmedabad - 380015 Email: mail@cedarindia.com www.durian.in

Pg. 14: Bharat Flooring 32, Mumbai Samachar Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400023 Tel: (022) 40574444

Pg. 54 : Century Extrusions Century Extrusions Limited 113, Park Street, ‘N’ Block, 2nd Floor, Kolkata – 700 016. Tel: (033) 2229 1012/1291 Email: marketing@centuryextrusions.com www.centuryextrusions.com

Pg. 16 : CLS Industries CLS Industries Pvt.LTd. Plot no.38, 43, 44 & 45, Survey No.98, Maghpar Borichi, Anjar, Gujarat, India. Tel: 09711192810 / 09099052288 Email: sales@clsply.com Pg. 17: Geeta Slide & Fold Windows Geeta Aluminium Company Pvt.Ltd. D/4, Ansa Industrial Estate, Saki Vihar Road, Saki Naka, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400072. Tel: 09930806685 www.geetaaluminium.com Pg. 20: KiTEC Potable Water KiTEC Industries (India) Limited C-18/11, Jeevan Bima Nagar, Borivali (W), Mumbai – 400 103. Tel.: (022) 2895 1144 Email: sales@kitecindia.com www.kitecindia.com Pg. 21: Uniply Elementz Decorative Veneers Uniply Industries Ltd. #52, Harleys Road, Kilpauk, Chennai – 600 010. Tel: (044) 26605995 Email: info@uniply.in Pg. 24: Kunst Karigar Suite No. B4, Hind Service Ind. Estate, Dyneshwar Mandir Road, Shivaji Park, Mumbai 400028 Tel: (022) 24446177 Email: gjparmar@kunstkarigar.com www.kunstkarigar.com Pg. 25 : Armstrong Armstrong World Industries (India) Pvt. Ltd. B2, G-01, Marathon Innova, Off Ganpatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Pare, Mumbai – 400 013. Tel: (022) 3048 0800 Email: helpdeskindia@armstrong.com Pg. 26 : Essenza Essenza Designer Furniture Unit No. 23AH/23BJ, Laxmi Ind. Estate, New Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400 053. Tel: (022) 67103835/32420622 Email: essenzafurn@yahoo.com www.essenzafurniture.com Pg. 27 : Kalingastone Classic Marble Company 15, Bhandup Village Road, Subhash Nagar, Bhandup (W), Mumbai – 400 078. Tel: (022) 41404140 Email: info@kalingastone.com www.kalingastone.com

Pg. 60 & 61 : Versatile Ventures Versatile Ventures No.09, Sunbeam Deonar Baug, Deonar, Mumbai – 400 088. Tel: 098337 33717 Email: mumbai@versatileventures.in www.versatileventures.in Pg. 66 & 67 : Fensterbau Frontale India 2013 Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) Tel: (011) 4716 8888 Email: rucheeka@indo-german.com www.frontale-india.com Pg. 68 & 69 : Eternia Aluminium Windows Tel: 1800 103 9494 www.eterniawindows.com Pg. 70 : Pentagon Pentagon Tapes Pvt. Ltd. A-307, Durian Ind. Estate, Off G. M. Link Road, Goregaon (E), Mumbai 400 063. Tel: (022) 28768509, 40037036/37 Email: sales@pentagontapes.com, www.pentagontapes.com Pg. 71: MRJ Flooring MRJ Trading Pvt. Ltd. 201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Bldg., Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400057. Tel : (022) 26187132 / 26131442 Email: flooring@mrjgroup.in Pg. 91: Uniply ATS Plywood Uniply Industries Ltd. #52, Harleys Road, Kilpauk, Chennai – 600 010. Tel: (044) 2660 5995 Email: info@uniply.in IBC: Sleek Kitchen Sleek International 224-227, Blue Rose Ind. Estate, Western Exp. Highway, Next to Maruti Showroom, Borivali (E), Mumbai – 400 066. Tel: (022) 64527616 Email: enquiry@sleekworld.com www.sleekworld.com BC: Tangent The Furniture Mall Pls refer ad on back page to locate a store near you www.tangent.co.in


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