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July - August 2012 VOL. 2 • ISSUE 5 • `100

Canna Patel

A Paprika Media presentation



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Schüco Green Technology f Schüco – Green Technology for the Blue Planet That means clean energy from solar products and windows. And the contribution that Schüco makes to the environment with pioneering building envelopes. To be more precise, with Energy3: Saving Energy – Generating Energy – Networking Energy. Window and Façade systems not only save energy due to optimum thermal insulation, they also generate energy thanks to efficient solar solutions. This creates an excess of energy which can be used by means of intelligent networking. For building functions, as well as for everyday life. The result is a significant step towards energy self-sufficiency. Towards the sustainable conservation of natural resources. And for a secure future.

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y for the Indian market Schüco TropTec System solutions made for the Indian market Schüco is the worldwide premium supplier and a driving force behind innovation for pioneering, green technologies for the whole building envelope. The company‘s intelligent systems for windows, doors and façades made of aluminium and steel set the global standard. This means that Schüco provides system solutions for sustainable, aesthetic architecture from a single source and keeps abreast of German quality standards. In summary: an invaluable advantage on the Indian market.

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Natural’s Speciality Division

Enabling 3-D Veneer Applications

Designer's Delight


Web : Scan this for more details

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ome of the most incredible equations begin with a discord. That was the case with me and Canna Patel (on a long distance call almost a decade ago) – daughter of the iconic architect Hasmukh Patel, brilliant architect and extraordinary human being! Canna and I have had our issues, sorted them out and remained friends over the years. Maybe that is one of the reasons why I never realized how much the younger generation of designers is in awe of her. When this fresh graduate started offering peans to one of Canna’s project she had seen somewhere and gave the credit to her US training, I decided to share the true-blue Indian woman who is more eastern in her outlook and beliefs than anyone I know. To create an identity independent of your iconic legacy is no mean feat, but Canna has proved that by following your heart and being honest to your work, it’s possible. Read all about Canna and what makes her the woman she is. This issue can be termed unofficially a Gujarat special, not only for the cover story, but you will enjoy the creative genius of two very special designers from there – Archana & Amit Shah and Chetan Vadesa – celebrating ethnicity with a modern touch beautifully. It’s true when they say adversity brings people together. We feature one such project from Japan which was a result of the community and designers coming together after Tsunami. Japan has also given the design world – Nendo, probably one of the most talked-about young designers of our times. His conceptualizing is interesting to say the least. Read on to find out more. Before signing off, I have some happy news to share. We have an online address and would love for you to give us your feedback. Keep in touch though your favourite point-of-contact and we shall respond. So long…

Babita Krishnan

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Words: Samar Malik; Images: courtesy the designer

On a journey of self discovery, Chandaa Narang unleashes the artist in her while being in sync with her corporate training.

Conversations 92 DESIGN MATRIX • JULY-AUGUST 2012


• Cover featuring: Canna Patel • Photograph by: Tanvi Madkaiker • Location: Patel residence, Ahmedabad


COVER STORY Unveiling the person behind the professional – Canna Patel. Pg 24




Ar. Aamcher is extremely pleased with the country’s awareness on meaningful issues like the environment. Pg 36

Architects Archana and Amit Shah weave a home around a waterbody, quite literally. Pg 66




Chandaa Narang’s beautiful journey from the corporate world to an artistic one. Pg 92

A quick glance at the works of Sonam Chandna, a young makeup artist. Pg 38

An attempt to understand the importance of brand ambassadors with the case study of Durian. Pg 74


PHOTO FEATURE Abhishek Chaudhary’s illustrations inspired by Indian art and traditional styles. Pg 100

Seven East designed by Samir Dharurkar sets an example in using motifs effectively; while Japanese designer Nendo, gives wings to footwear. Pg 42

GLOBAL EYE Harsha Kotak look beyond the controversy behind the art-installation by Anish Kapoor – The Orbit Tower. Pg 82





Chetan Vadesa’s conservation of the majestic Khirasara palace in Rajkot will give every visitor a magnificent experience. Pg 52

Merino Industries takes the first step in bridging the gap between the professionals and the facilitators. Pg 86

Products that will flatter your design senses. Pg 111



The first of a series of articles giving an insight into the world of aluminium. Pg 60

The ‘Sky-deck’ – a functional yet strikingly innovative mobile table. Pg 88

Ar. AA Zuberi takes us through the role designers play when creating a home. Pg 106

ETCETRA Information and news from the design world – happenings, events, reader’s contribution and more. Pg 117 JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 17

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May - June 2012 VOL. 2 • ISSUE 4 • `100

RUPESH BAID “To me work means designing a human experience.”




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I have been observing the development of

issue, I must say there is a huge progression.

your brand very carefully in the last one year

It is refreshing to see the wide spectrum that

and decided to complement you on the fact

you cover issue after issue. Wishing that you

that I see no drop in the quality of content.

continue moving in leaps and bounds.

In most cases, magazines tend to lose their

Brinda Chadda,

focus once the brand is established, which has

Interior Designer, Kolkata

not happened with Design Matrix. I’m looking forward to your future issues as I’m sure you

I picked up the last issue of Design Matrix

will go from strength to strength. Nitish Kumar Waghela,

and am very impressed with the quality and

Designer, Surat

style of the content of this magazine. But I am writing particularly to say that I am looking

The ‘Young Guns’ feature in May-June issue is

forward to read the new column Global Eye

commendable. Appreciate the way you are

by designer Harsha Kotak as I think it will give

encouraging the youth and their freedom of

readers like myself a glimpse into the design

thought in design. They are indeed the future,

world out there without having to use our

looking forward to more. Just a thought, have

air miles. And I also think it will be interesting

you ever thought of looking into smaller

to read a designers perspective on different

towns and cities for young designers? I am

aspects of design. Am sure this will give an

sure there many who have not got the right

additional recognition to the magazine.


exposure. I am one such designer and would

Sr. Manager - Corporate Sales

love to be part of the magazine. Arjun Roy,

Asian Business Exhibition & Conferences Ltd

Entrepreneur, Baroda

I just received the latest issue of Design Matrix, Sorry for this belated letter, but I had to tell you

and even before I could go through the whole

anyway, how much I loved the cover story on

magazine, I am writing this letter to you. I am

shoe design in your March issue. I have never

in love with the cover. I love how you guys

seen your magazine before, but it caught my

choose off-beat covers and something that

attention at a roadside vendor in Mumbai. I

is always eye-catchy. The background at the

had not thought about the design element

back on the Rupesh Baid cover completely

in footwear, till I read the article. Great work!

stands out with the dark shades of the

Do you cover all aspect of design in your

photography. Looking forward for more such

magazine? Please do mail the details.

dramatic covers.

Corina Collaco,

Treena Mukherjee,

Hair Stylist, Mumbai

Graphic Designer, Delhi

I have been following Design Matrix from the

Thank you readers for ‘liking’ us on

very first month, and after seeing the latest



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Cover story



Words: Babita Krishnan; Images: Tanvi Madkaiker

What do you do when you have an iconic father and an illustrious brother in the same profession? You carve a distinct niche for yourself to get away from the inevitable “comparison”! And that is exactly what Canna Patel decided to do almost 25 years ago. We journey back in time to know all that has contributed in making the accomplished professional and exceptional person that is she is.


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Babita Krishnan: I have to begin with your father, Hasmukh Patel, a highly respected professional and person. What has been his influence in shaping your choices? Canna Patel: I use to travel a lot with my father and we spoke about different things related to design which moulded my sensibilities. We did not have too much money but we always stayed in good hotels – he was very particular about that. So I learnt to appreciate the finer things in life from him at an early age. But I must mention that a lot of this came from my mother as well who, by just being herself, imparted a sense of style to me. BK: And with your brother Bimal? CP: We were both studying in the US at the same time and my brother who is only 2 years elder than me but behaves like he is 10 years older, would call to ask after me all the time since he knew my habits very well. I use to work till 4 AM and survive on coffee, and he would take me to task for that. But it was all fine – that’s what brothers are for (laughs). BK: With your legacy, the choice of a profession must have been very clear. CP: I’m not one-dimensional, there is more to me than my work. I have done 17 years of professional dancing and have even performed abroad – bharatnatyam and kathak. I cooked since I was 13 and did professional courses from a five star cook when I was 14 so I knew all my jams and jellies, squashes and breads, by the time I was 15 and was conquering recipes by 20. And gardening is another passion which I got from my mother who was a very good gardener. Though not trained for landscape, she use to do landscape design for my father’s projects and ran landscape classes at home. As a little kid I would run around near my mom and could rattle off a lot of botanical names. But yes, I wanted to be an architect. BK: So interior design became a natural career choice for you. CP: Actually no, it was always architecture. When I went to the USA for architecture in 1988, I also applied for interiors, but there were no good post graduate programmes for interiors in USA then. I wanted to develop myself intellectually at a theoretical level. So I took admission in Berkeley, which was a very highly rated school. I got scholarship for my research work there and was groomed completely in architecture focusing on ‘social and cultural factors in design’. Canna is greatly influenced by her professors and guides in the US – from whom she learnt to do post-occupancy valuation, to look at the analytical aspects of design along with the historical and cultural aspects that make a place. BK: When did you come back to India? CP: In 1990, after Berkeley, I called Dad and told him I wanted to work as I had five jobs lined up. I just wanted to test myself. Although JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 27

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 27

6/28/2012 8:50:10 PM

he wanted me to come back, Dad felt that if I really wanted to

BK: What does that entail?

work, I could stay back. (He and my brother have never worked for

CP: It means when you go to visit a Mughal garden as a visitor,

anybody.) So I did that one year stint and had a blast.

there is an experience of movements through the aesthetics, how is that movement designed or how it could have been designed.

BK: Then you came back and joined your Dad’s firm.

When I was studying, the philosophies for music, art, dance and

CP: Yes, I came back and got headlong into work. After working for

architecture were the same, so I took kathak as a dance form to

some time, my mother told me that I cannot be doing just projects,

understand aesthetics used in designing the gardens – how they

“getting married is a project too”. So I had to look for a chokro and it was

both invoke the same kind of joy in the spectator.

an interesting phase when I would meet prospective grooms “strictly on weekends” as I had my work. Believe me, it was a difficult task as we

BK: Not very romantic, but I see that it has turned out fine for you.

were raised with certain beliefs which are a part of me and I could not

How did you workout logistics of the marriage, especially since you

compromise on them. You need an intellectual person to spend your

had such a demanding career?

life with – I could not have married a rich guy with no brains.

CP: You marry someone who can hold you in life and Mukesh was

It is a little difficult to imagine Canna going through the

that one for me. I was doing three architecture projects which

‘selection process’. Imagine her reaction to people asking her if

would take time to complete. So we got married and for the first

she intended to work after marriage. “You can stop working and

year, I would be with him for a month since he was doing his post-

I will bring all the money for you,” would be the answer they get.

doctorate, then comeback to India for my work.

BK: So where did you meet your husband?

BK: That must have been tough!

CP: That is an interesting story. He is a British citizen of Indian origin,

CP: It actually helped, as we were two well-developed personalities

and was in Anand, so I had to go there to meet him. On our very

from different cultures and ways of life. Later we moved to the US

first meeting we discussed our respective thesis – mine was a

and since he was doing his research at the University and I was the

kinesthetic study of Mughal gardens.

green card holder, I went looking to join an architectural firm. It was


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 28

6/28/2012 8:51:05 PM

a bad time for the US economy and I must have given some 65

institutes and he asked me to stay and work in California since I

interviews but I wasn’t prepared to lie or sing the American tune to

was comfortable working in the US. But I thought, I left my country,

secure a job. I did odd jobs for the first three months but they were

practice and got married, I am not going to let him go!

all very interesting ones and I learnt from each one of them. One of them was with a leading design firm in San Francisco which needed

BK: But your work?

a design for an executive desk. I am very good with cabinetry

CP: It was Dad’s idea that as I did not have a work permit for Europe,

drawings. The designer could not believe that such a young girl

I would work on projects for him and make two trips to India in a

could do it. This was a one week job. Then I worked for a British guy

year. I was told to get a laptop and fax machine. Now I needed to

for four months which was a 3-people firm. I still remember that

work on projects that I could handle from a distance and so in 1993,

when a client was scheduled to come, he would instruct “3-piece”.

I took up my first interior project which was a house done in Indore,

I hated the stockings, skirt, vest, jacket, routine and I felt like telling

by my father. We were living in Milan at that time. I would draw my

him that the client is not going to give the job for your dressing.

designs to scale by hand on A4 sheets at home and fax them to

But now I understand that if the staff is shoddily dressed when the

Ahmedabad on Friday. I used to visit all the furniture showrooms,

clients walk in, it reflects on the infrastructure.

open drawers and since they won’t let you take photographs, come back and draw everything from memory. So all I did in 1993-94

BK: And the home front?

apart from the long-distance projects, was to learn the rudiments

CP: My husband and I learnt about and from each other – small

of furniture – hinges, overlaps, thickness. I used to work on only one

incidents which throw light on a person’s intrinsic nature and help

project at a time and my brother would show my faxes to people

you grow together. He realized that having grown up surrounded

as they could not believe that I could churn out those drawings

with ‘designer objects’, I wasn’t going to walk into a departmental

without a drafting table.

store to buy a can opener or a bag just because it was cheaper. He learnt to ‘pay for design’. Then my husband got a European mobility

BK: So that is when you really got into interior design.

fund for two years which allowed him to work in 2-3 research

CP: I learnt sketches like this, all detailed out with proper JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 29

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 29

6/28/2012 8:52:07 PM

“My personality completely rubs off in my projects – while I am fairly modern and liberal, the Indian values are deep rooted and that comes from the way I have been brought up and the environment I have lived in.” 30 DESIGN MATRIX • JULY-AUGUST 2012

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 30

6/28/2012 8:53:06 PM

Material Library


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 31

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Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 32

6/28/2012 8:54:57 PM

instructions. I did this for six months. I did my first interior project in 1994 and in 1995 I had three projects, all interiors, monitoring them from a different country! I was designing a house in Ahmedabad and people believed that an Italian designer was doing the job (laughs). I also lived in Greece and then France, learnt the languages, absorbed the culture and tied it in my designs. But then I realized that I needed to station myself if I wanted to progress further in my career. So when my husband decided to go to New Castle for another fellowship in 1996, I came to India. BK: You guys were still on the move? CP: Yes, even after six years of marriage. But in 1997 we decided to stay in India for a few years and then go back. So life was always in a limbo about where to live, and then Aakash was born. (Smiles) BK: How did you manage pregnancy and motherhood with the rigorous demands of your profession? CP: I worked through my entire pregnancy but was advised rest in the last week so work came home. Then I took a 15-day break and work started coming home again. I believed myself to be very modern and wanted to stay on my own post delivery but soon realized that managing a baby and career was impossible. So we moved to Mom’s place for three months as it was only a 12-minute drive away from work. We never had a full time aayah and by choice we didn’t have a social life. If we had to attend something in the evening, either me or Mukesh won’t go. Till Aakash was 9-years-old, he was never left alone for even a night. BK: A perfect solution so you could manage both work and home. Weren’t you tempted to take architectural projects, now that you were here and could manage them? CP: The practice evolved and there were opportunities to do architecture, but I have a very strong attitude that whatever I do I have to be exceptionally good at it. Once I achieve that, I will start looking for alternatives. So five years ago, we started doing that because I had more or less reached the top of the heap. Also, I started doing architecture because I was fed up of correcting the mistakes. I realized that I knew architecture better so now we practice interior-architecture. At the age of 45, I started my own practice and it was scary. There were times when I wondered if I would ever make money to support my lifestyle, but it worked out well and the practice has grown from 10 to 30 people doing powerful work like a cultural institute, institute for chartered accountants, a hotel, etc. another interesting project is for a milk dairy where we are making two residences and a 10-room guest house. These are all architecture-interiors, but we have interior projects as well and I am happy doing both. BK: There must be people in the profession you look-up to. CP: Of course. You learn from others everyday but some people have a greater impact on you and you adopt and adapt those JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 33

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 33

6/28/2012 8:55:25 PM

things to become better both professionally and personally. You

lifted any more, in came drawers and finally the present one.

even learn from your clients and these lessons are very important. BK: You have a young team… Canna is a brilliant orator and presenter and she gives the credit

CP: Well, the mind needs to be young. Having gone through that

for that to Ar. Brinda Somaya. In 1990 at forum on Women

year of hard work in Berkeley, when I see very young people not

Architects in Ahmedabad, Brinda made a presentation in her

motivated, little lazy, I can’t believe it. I can’t believe that things can

crisp and clear style that had Canna completely floored. She

be put off for the following day.

promised herself that if she was ever to lecture, people should look forward to attending the talk and go back with a “wow”

BK: How is it working with Canna Patel?

feeling. With a recent presentation in Milan and diary booked

CP: You will have to ask my colleagues (laughs). I am not the variety

across the country, she has surely managed to achieve it with the

who picks up the phone and calls people in. I have these stools

help of her highly dedicated team.

spread all over the office and I just pull one and sit with whoever I have work with. I don’t expect them to leave their chair when I

BK: You have the experience of working both abroad and in India,

come. My staff knows that when I want what I want, I need it,

is there a difference in the two environments?

whether I am sitting in my cabin or next to them. We also have a lot

CP: Of course. I enjoyed being anonymous in the US, because here

of fun together – office parties and get-togethers.

you always have been someone’s daughter working at someone’s place, and I learnt a lot there – how to interview, how the work

BK: What about the competition?

culture should be, etc. Americans are open to new talents so if you

CP: I like to challenge myself and therefore compete with myself. I

went there as an unknown new person with special talent they will

can’t compromise on the quality – of both the material I use and the

use it. I also learnt to celebrate and enjoy life, have fun at work. They

people I work with.

are also very particular about how you dressed at work, whatever your position in the practice, there were unsaid rules for all. It is only

BK: How do you unwind after a full work day?

now that these things have come into India.

CP: In recent times, it’s the car drive from office to here (about half an hour) when I am on the phone, catching up with friends

BK: So did you bring that kind of culture into your work process as

since the driver is driving. It is fun, but as a woman there is no real


unwinding as you want it to be. You come into the house you have

CP: Most of it I could, like interviews, office celebrations, etc. but

been away for the last eight hours and you have to deal with all

the dress code, frankly, has come into gear only in the last couple of

household issues. But on Saturday and Sunday evenings I swim.

years because of awareness, and architecture has become a lucrative career option. Another American system which I incorporated is

BK: Saturdays are a holiday?

to have fixed days for submissions, corrections, etc. everything is

CP: I work half a day. That half day is for academic purposes where I

process and time driven.

interact with research students, look into the admin aspects of the studio, work on presentations or create a HR review forms. Recently,

BK: What were some of the challenges that you faced when you

I set up a whole system of training an intern. All my notes, ideas and

came back to India?

thoughts are written down in my red book.

CP: Not challenges, but changes which were challenging to implement. One of the systems that I introduced, much to my

BK: So when does Canna party?

father and brother’s amusement, was to pay people by the hour. We

CP: Not much, because Ahmedabad weather is not very party-friendly.

were the first practice to start this in India and now I think many are

You can’t party every weekend and then go to work on Monday. Every

doing it. As an architect you are paid for all the extra hours you have

morning, after my coffee I take one chakkar of the garden, notice things

put in. The value of our time is understood better and so efficiency

and give those chores to the gardener. On Sunday mornings two hours

increases. Then in the world of ‘materials’, nobody had codes,

are in the garden where we review them. We do pruning and some

names, nobody gave samples, etc. I will not accept any brochure

experiments on plants together. That is the best time of the week for

without a sample – I would name and code it for my material library.

me (she smiles as she leans back on her rocking chair).

It has made a difference to the way the projects come out. To understand Canna Patel’s design philosophy, one has to The material library that is of an international standard started

decode her as a person – a simple task provided you do it with

from empty beer boxes in 1993. Since you cannot take beer

a clear vision. As she says, “As designers we talk to the world

boxes to a client, it became plastic boxes where everything was

through our work – sometimes it is a conversation, at times a

numbered for identification. When these boxes could not be



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A DROP IN THE OCEAN Ar. Aamcher is ecstatic to share the “shoe” with you. On a road trip to the land of undhiyus and dhoklas, Ar. Aamcher stumbled upon this shoe. Turns out the city of Ahmedabad is more than just the food, culture and the heat. This life-size canvas shoe, tied to the foot of a tree, making

Crafting C rafting B Beautiful eautiful S Spaces paces Exquisite E xquisite Collections Collections

Unmatched selection of tribal and traditional art Designer home accessories Skill based styling services for interiors 11/12, Baaya Design, Raghuwanshi Mill Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400013 Tel.: 022 - 65210165 /b /b d i!/baayadesign


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6/28/2012 8:56:51 PM

it look as though the tree is wearing this shoe, was there not just to attract eye balls. There was a message too. A tiny little board on the bark of the tree read “Trees are you, do not cut them”. On the occasion of World Environment Day – June 5, this installation, was standing in the corner of a by-lane in Ahmedabad. Last year, India for the first time, was the global host for the World Environment Day and was highly regarded for all the events that took place across the country. Putting all of this together, Ar. Aamcher would like to make a point here – for all those who complaint about the filth in the country, need to see the effort that a small section of people are making. With a population that big, there is a long-long way to go. But one must not disregard simple efforts made by individuals and small groups of people or organizations, contributing towards the environment. If you cannot be a part of it, do not complain. Ar. Aamcher is thrilled and excited to see such simple yet powerful social messages across the country. Jade Blue, the apparel brand who ideated this installation in Ahmedabad, we respect and appreciate your effort. Cheers!   To share more such designs or experiences, positive or negative, contact Ar. Aamcher at

Ar. Aamcher

Upgrade to a Fenesta home

Because noise should be seen. Not heard. One-time investment in Fenesta windows promises life-long returns: •No noise, dust, pollution, wind and rain indoors •More sunlight, ventilation and better view •More living space •Lower air-conditioning bills •No termites and zero maintenance •Villa window with security grill and mosquito mesh •Part of DSCL, the Rs. 5200-crore company Floor-to-ceiling slider

Authorised Marketing Associate: Motif Agencies, Shop No. 9, Ruturaj Building Opp. S.N.D.T. College, Juhu Road, Mumbai, Ph.: (022) 26603458 / 65819799 E-mail: JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 37

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CREATING BEAUTY Words: Natasha Bohra; Images: courtesy the artist


The young makeup artist Sonam Chandna believes ‘Good art is comprehendible by all, easy on the eyes and capable of stimulation of all kind,’ and seeks to reƀect that in the looks she creates.


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 38

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Young guns JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 39


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 39

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Makeup may have been discovered by an artist, trying to make the women he painted look more exquisite, beautiful and mysterious. Perhaps he painted many other contours of her women ſrst before settling onto the lips and the eyes. Maybe he was trying to give the corny sexual connotation to red lips as all other men during the ages have.



Sonam can be reached on

akeup, if done the right way,

We speak to Sonam Chanda, a young

can work wonders for a person.

Mumbai-based makeup artist who got into

It can highlight one’s best

this field purely for the love of it.

features, hide flaws, and make a person

“I got into this field just because I liked

look lovelier than he or she actually is. It is

makeup enough to wakeup up to it every

one of the most significant aspects in plays

day and it made me very happy,” exclaims

and movies, so much so that many a times,

the excited Sonam who studied sociology

a particular character becomes famous on

for her graduation and later on advanced to

account of the makeup.

a diploma in VFX Supervision. For Sonam,

Makeup is not a recent discovery,

makeup at first was a therapeutic activity

something that was invented a couple

which converted into her full-time profes-

of decades ago. It has been around for

sion, almost overnight. For her it is more

a very long period of time, as far back as

than work. When working on a project she

3100-2907 BC. Evidence of makeup has

seeks a lot of inspiration in art and she loves

been obtained from ancient Egypt, dat-

referencing. Also, every model has some-

ing back to this period. This is the oldest

thing unique to offer and Sonam’s agenda

recorded evidence of the use of makeup

is to understand the face and create a look

or beauty enhancing products.

for it, by it.

The worldwide makeup industry is

“The most experimental shoots happen

one of the most dynamic ones, one that

impulsively without any expectations and

has been growing steadily over the years.

they come out looking amazing each time,”

The industry was valued at around 100 bn

says Sonam. One of her favourites has been

USD in the year 2000. The growth rate of

a fashion video that she completed recently.

the industry was recorded at about 20% in

It was a mere experiment with four beautiful

the period from 1993 to 1997; and though it

yet crazy looks on the beach that turned out

took a down-turn with the recession in the

to be quite effortless and enterprising.

1990s, it soon picked up. Estimates reveal

For Sonam, makeup is more about the

that the current worldwide expenditure on

subject than about her talent. And thus she

cosmetics is around 18 billion USD.

likes doing beauty and skin work though

While we talk about such overwhelm-

she also enjoys fashion because every time

ing figures that are attracting young

you can tell a different story. With her work

ones to get in here professionally, there

in the next five years, she aims to be a versa-

is still the passion to be spoken about –

tile makeup artist. She is currently working

because at the end of it all, it is pure cre-

for advertising campaigns and magazines,

ativity and talent.

and is also doing a lot of red carpet looks


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Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 41

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Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 42

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Retail design


Words: Babita Krishnan; Images: courtesy the designer

When motifs are successfully used to brand the retail space, shopping becomes a sensory experience.


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 43

6/28/2012 8:59:17 PM


ne of the most difficult and interesting areas to design are the retail spaces, simply because

there are too many external factors that need to be kept in mind for the design to be not just functional but aesthetic and inviting as well. To tread that fine line between the client requirement, his budget and your responsibility as a designer to deliver the finest blend of design is a tough call – but one that must be taken. It is always interesting to study where one draws inferences from when creating a motif or a theme that is followed within the space.

About the Firm Samir Dharurkar, a graduate from Mumbai’s Sir JJ College of Architecture, established We Architects in November 2009 after a wide experience of working at Sanjay Puri Architects, where he was associated in many prestigious projects like townships, hotels, malls and residential projects throughout India. “We” as a firm, believe in Architecture as mother of all arts and in a broader sense, it’s nothing but “Manifestation of three eternal entities - Truth, Love and Beauty”. We Architects is currently involved on architecture and interior design of various residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

We look at a boutique store at Grand Galleria in down town Mumbai, designed by Samir Dharurkar of the Mumbai-based We Architects, which houses ethnic, multi-cultural and inspiring brands with a portfolio of unstitched, mix & match and SKD (Salwar-Kameez-Dupatta). Explaining the design concept, Samir reveals that the shop is designed based on “The spirit of the time design value” which denotes the cultural climate of an era that is linked to an experience of artistic taste and forms an expression for the generations. This design value is based on the conception that every age has a certain spirit or set of shared attitudes that should be utilized when designing. Thus “form expression” which can be found, to some extent in the “air” of a given time and each generation, should generate an aesthetic style that expresses the uniqueness related to that time. So how did the concept develop? The store has a clothing line that interprets the natural elements through embroidered fabrics and lace motifs. “Taking this as a base, motif design becomes a central idea in store design and is oriented towards the artwork that reveals the elements from nature and surrounding environment,” says the designer. Natural motifs remain a perennial favourite with designers as they never seem to go out of style. One finds the same widely used in store design. Also prominent is the parallel that one notices between fashion and interiors. The simplicity of traditional motifs is popular with women as it adds character to the entire Indian ensemble and becomes a statement


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 44

6/28/2012 8:59:42 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 45

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Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 46

6/28/2012 9:00:30 PM

in itself. The same motifs are elaborated on

lights outwards. A brown mirror placed

various elements right from screens, display

behind it emphasizes the presence of the

racks, glass front to false ceilings and vertical

jaali, reflects the Barrisol jaali ceiling and

supports. Even the handle design reflects the

continues to multiply the space. Another

rich attention to detail.

jaali used as the background for the

“Floral motifs are more realistic and

mannequins, makes the clothing come

stylized as compared to some of the others,”

to life, while the paisley print on glass

explains Samir. “Also floral designs are more

enhances the display space dramatically.

popular motifs because of the resemblance

The use of colour in a retail space is

to a blooming motia flower that is a symbol

another important factor that needs to be

of happiness and prosperity, pipal patra

taken into consideration. A translucent white

that is a symbol of auspicious occasions

Barrisol provides the ideal background to

and abundance and champa and Jasmine

highlight the collection and white walls

flower which are symbols of fertility.”

and ceiling makes the space visually more

One of the most important things


to be kept in mind while designing is the

“Human nature is an integration of

space planning. Simple geometry for space

curiosity, experimentation and adventure

planning accommodates easy traffic flow that

and man has always felt the need to give

helps customers focus on the clothing display.

expression to his thoughts and feelings.

The use of Crema Marfil Italian Marble on the

This lead to birth of the Arts! The same

floor gives a stunning bright look to the store.

urge drove us to do something creative

And being scratch-free and stainless flooring,

and noteworthy for the society in which

it retains a fresh look throughout the day,

we dwell,” Samir explains the basic design

thereby reducing maintenance.

code that dictates all that they do at We

One of the strongest motifs used here

Motif design becomes a central idea in store design and is oriented towards the artwork that reveals the elements from nature and surrounding environment


is the jaali. Ancient traditions are integral

A design mantra that seems to work

to the Indian identity and sense of national

wonderfully at Seven East if the reactions of

pride. A jaali behind the cash counter

the client, Sanjay Bindra, and the customers

becomes the focal point radiating row of

are anything to go by JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 47

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 47

6/28/2012 9:01:01 PM


Words: Babita Krishnan; Images: Masaya Yoshimura & Kouji Fujii

What happens if the product on display at a store started moving? The Japanese design studio Nendo has done just that at the Camper store in Osaka.


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 48

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Retail design



Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 49

6/28/2012 9:03:02 PM


hen the vision of the brand

studio Nendo, form follows narrative. ‘It’s

nizable status through ‘bling’, but simply to

becomes the design concept,

about what kind of story you can find behind

help people enjoy walking,” Oki explains.

a different world opens up that

the object,’ says Oki. ‘Whether it’s a chair or

So the shop interior was designed such

not just takes the brand experience to a

a computer mouse, it’s all the same to me.’

that the shoes float in the air, and seem to

different level but speaks an exquisite design

And this translates beautifully in the first

freely stroll around the shop on their own!

dialect as well. A dynamic design concept is

retail space designed by Nendo for the Span-

Products displayed on shelves also seem to

the result of a dynamic design thought and

ish footwear brand Camper in Osaka, Japan

float on ‘footprints’ supported by thin pipes

process, this has been my observation over

within Daimaru Department Store.

that rise from the floor. The angles of the

the years and was reiterated when I saw the Camper store designed by Oki Sato. For Oki Sato, founder of Japanese design

“We decided that the raison d’etre of

different ‘footprints’ vary slightly from place

Camper shoes is neither to help people run

to place, so the shoes mounted on them

more quickly nor to give the wearer recog-

appear to be walking in slow motion. In the


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 50

6/28/2012 9:03:41 PM

Osaka store, shoes lined up in shop fixtures

This kind of design enables Nendo

University, Tokyo. Nendo means ‘clay’, spe-

seem to take off from the ground. Thin

to fulfill its design philosophy: to trans-

cifically a malleable type, such as children’s

pipes extend down from the ceiling at vary-

form people’s interaction with everyday

Play-doh. ‘It changes form, shape and

ing heights, as well as from the sidewalls,

objects; an approach described by the stu-

colour,’ says Oki. The name is fitting for a

with camper products displayed on their

dio as “giving people a small “!” moment”. It

studio that needs to evolve and change to

opposite ends, give this illusion of weight-

does this by creating a form that’s minimal

produce design solutions for the wide vari-

lessness, as if the footwear itself is taking

but full of character. “I like my designs very

ety clients that knock on its doors. Found-

a leisurely stroll. Other Camper models are

simple,” says Oki, “But I don’t want to make

ed in 2002, after Oki visited his first Salone

presented on shelves, hovering on footprint

them cold. It needs a pinch of humour or

del Mobile design fair in Milan, it has since

stands, also at differing heights to evoke the

friendliness.” Born in Toronto, Canada, Oki

quietly become one of the most prolific

feeling of movement.

did his MA in Architecture from Waseda

contemporary design studios JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 51

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 51

6/28/2012 9:04:17 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 52

6/28/2012 9:07:08 PM

Conservation Design


HISTORY INFORMATION & IMAGES: Courtesy the Architect

Ar. Chetan Vadesa’s conservation of the Khirasara Palace intends to make every visitor feel like a Raja.


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 53

6/28/2012 9:08:02 PM


he vibrations and magnetism of

geography and an incomparable history of


the mysterious land of Kathiawar

more than 450 years to unveil. This majestic

descendent of Thakor Bhimaji during the





bestow a unique character and

palace stands a few miles away to the west

Ghori Empire, who played a major role in

personality, not only to the place but

of Rajkot city. Towering 150 feet above

redefining the regional history. He started

also to its people. Every tree, stone, ridge,

the Khirasara village, it stands imposing,

renovation of Khirasara Castle with 350

hillock and path, every brick and remain

majestic and undefeated with a mysterious

masons, but mysteriously, in spite of the

is a store-house of legends and myths.

and legendary story. Historians have

sustained efforts, the masonry work would

(Though a bit exaggerated) Bards have

recorded three phases of the Khirasara

collapse in the evening. Thakor Ranmalji

sung ballads about the courage, kindness,

State – Thakor Bhimaji gained Khirasara,

visited ‘Nale-Sat-Pir’, a Sufi fakir from Sindh

justice and generosity of kings and princes

Thakor Ranmalji added Khirasara as a glory

dwelling to the north of the castle. When

and form golden chapters of the history of

of Saurashtra and Shree Sursinhji educated

asked about the mysterious happenings

the princely states.

the people of Khirasara.

at the site, the peer said, “Son, the world

The Khirasara Palace has a unique

The Palace was built by Thakor

is a forest full of dangers and difficulties, a


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 54

6/28/2012 9:08:28 PM

beguiling place - a maze. If you want your

even today. The renovated Palace faced

of the breathtaking ambiance at different

castle unbeaten, for Allah’s sake construct

repeated attacks but remained unbeaten

times of the day. Located 14 kms away

an enchanting place here. Then you will

and two canons of Junagadh artillery were

from the bustling city of Rajkot, on Kalawad

be blessed and your worldly structure will

mounted on the eastern gate of the castle

road, it is a 7-acre experience of serenity,

last forever.” Thakor Ranmalji interpreted

as memorials to the victories.

peace and clean fresh breeze, surrounded

those esoteric words and constructed a

The majestic monument of Khirasara,

by the rich heritage, history and royal

grand structure to the north of the castle,

which has witnessed the rich heritage and

comfort. Its present owner Dilipsinh Rana

where two to four hundred people could

culture of the glorious past of Kathiawar,

wanted to share this with everyone and

reside. The Pir and his retinue stayed in

and has borne the brunt of centuries of

entrusted Ar. Chetan Vadesa to restore it to

that abode for many years and the castle

history, now stands in its fullest splendour

its former glory. The result is that all the 25

remained unbeaten. The tombs of the Pir

and glory – in the resplendent present.

suites (1 Maharaja and 24 Royal) overlook

and his descendents Aaras Mahmad Pir

The property is strategically located

a waterbody, providing unparalleled views

and Hakimbai are present in the abode

atop a hill, providing a 360 degree view

and ambiance at different times of the day.


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 55

6/28/2012 9:08:45 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 56

6/28/2012 9:09:01 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 57

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Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 58

6/28/2012 9:10:01 PM

But surely it wasn’t an easy task – ask

was the prime focus. One of the smart

Chetan who smiles, “I love ruins,” and

changes incorporated was to place the

the sparkle in his eyes says it all. The

drainage around the palace to prevent

Rana family gave him a blank canvas and

the foundations and walls from soaking

he was very focused on how to bring

moisture,” he explains.

sunshine back into this ruined palace as

Before designing the new interior,

he believes that by conserving historically

there was the stage of dismantling the

valuable buildings in an urban context,

old one – some of it for reuse: doors,

you can revive traditional crafts, skills,

windows, shutters and parquet. Some

develop tourism and generate additional

were 200-year-old balusters, wooden

income. “Not every old buildings refers

canopies, wooden articles, mosaic tiles,

to cultural heritage and not every old

old British-made boutique ceramic tiles

building can or should be maintained,”

that were real gems for the designer and

Chetan explains his special attachment

he strictly told the on-ground team not

with this palace property.

to rush through any operation for fear of

Before starting the project, Chetan

damaging anything.

checked the technical feasibility and

With rejuvenated boxes of rooms

financial viability realistically. “There were

ready, Chetan started sketching the

multiple cracks on the interior walls,

interior concepts on walls...and the magic

partially missing roof cladding, rotten roof

began! Local craftsmen along with those

framework, moisture in the construction

from Rajasthan, Muradabad, Faridabad,

elements due to a missing waterproof

etc. were hired and every artefacts of the

membrane between foundations and walls

palace was restored. The furniture placed

as well as foundations and floors, fungus

in the Maharaja suite is the one used by the

everywhere – growing inside masonry

Maharajas during their reign. Every piece

walls and plaster, fed by the groundwater

was reconstructed with the best available

rising within the walls. Damaged windows

technical knowhow; though some glass

and exterior doors, and last but not the


least, high level of humidity inside the

damaged, some of them were single and

palace as rainwater had entered due to

Chetan wanted pairs, so replicas were

damaged roof and non-waterproofed

made on order especially from Faridabad.





terraces.” But the rejuvenation process was

In his own words, this project was “a

so keenly done, that no one can recognize

great joy” and he really enjoyed feeling

the same stone which has been placed at

like “a Raja” while watching the palace

the same place in its new avatar.

grow and take shape in two years of

Designing the interiors was the second

“Not every old buildings refers to cultural heritage and not every old building can or should be maintained”

conservation work.

phase – first the sanitation and plumbing

“These two years I have learnt not only

systems had to be strengthened with

to be grand but also calm in life just like this

proper sloping of wastewater pipes with

serene structure,” says Chetan.

specific locations and dimensions. “The old

And as the Khirasara Palace stands

sanitation system was surprisingly well laid-

grand once again, throbbing with life,

out, but most of it was blocked. Clearing

it invites you to visit this monumental

and making it live was the first challenge.

treasure, to rediscover history in its true

Hot water system and overall environment-

splendour, cherish footprints of time, and

friendly rendering of plumbing system

decipher the mystery of heroic tales….


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 59

6/28/2012 9:10:16 PM

METAL OF THE FUTURE Starting this issue we shall focus on Aluminium, which as an integral part of the design industry, and has been predicted as the metal of the future. We look at some basic facts about this metal…

A Design focus

luminium is a young material,

to “unlock” the metal from its ore – the

and in the little more than a cen-

hard, reddish and clay-like bauxite. Fur-

tury since its first commercial

ther years of experimentation finally, in

production, it has become the world’s

1854, saw the development of a viable,

second most used metal after steel. While

commercial production process. Alu-

there were some historical mentions of

minium is the metal of choice for leading

aluminium use, it was not until 1808 that

designers, architects and engineers, all of

its existence was first established. It then

whom are looking for a material which

took many years of painstaking research

combines functionality and cost-effec-


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 60

6/28/2012 9:11:18 PM

tiveness with forward-looking form and design potential. It is also an extraordinarily versatile material. The range of forms it can take (castings, extrusions & tubes, sheet & plate, foil, powder, forgings, etc.) and variety of surface finishes available (coatings, anodizing, polishing, etc.) means it lends itself to a wide range of products, many of which we use every day. Further, it’s light weight (a third of steel) and numerous material qualities – represented by a wide range of alloys – mean that products have been designed for use in all areas of modern life. It is a good conductor of electricity (one kg of aluminium cable can carry twice as much electricity as one kg of copper) and most overhead and many underground transmission lines are made of aluminium. It transmits conducted heat and reflects radiant

The current reserves are estimated to last for at least 400 years without factoring in the recycled aluminium. It is the third most abundant element in the earth’s crust and constitutes 7.3% by mass. And remelting used aluminium requires only 5% of the energy needed to produce the primary metal, thus reforming to produce a new generation of building parts.

heat, making it an excellent medium from

will continue to grow on its own economic merit to provide an increasingly efficient recycling system. When their complete life cycle is taken into account, from the production of raw material to the recycling of used parts, aluminium construction products make efficient use of energy and resources. Studies conducted on specific applications have shown that the energy and environmental benefits of aluminium can be substantial. The material’s light weight results in low energy usage during machining, transportation and handling. The use of aluminium components results in lighter construction and less material being used when building the foundation. In extruded components, many design features can be moulded into profiles at the production stage without requiring the use of any additional energy. The material’s

which to produce cooking utensils and

shopping centres and stadiums; for roofing,

excellent resistance to corrosion and weath-

foils, radiators and building insulation. Its

siding, and curtain walling, as well as for cast

ering reduces maintenance and/ extends

strength, combined with low density, make

door handles, catches for windows, staircases,

the lifetime of the product. The reflectance

it ideal for transport and packaging applica-

heating and air-conditioning systems.

of the material offers valuable insulation

tions. Aluminium is a unique metal: strong,

In addition to their particularly long

advantages. Finally, when used parts are

durable, flexible, impermeable, lightweight,

service life, aluminium construction indus-

recycled, remelting uses on 5% of the ener-

corrosion-resistant and 100 % recyclable. It

try products can either be used after dis-

gy that is required to produce primary met-

is the third most abundant element in the

mantling or indefinitely recycled, without

al. A popular well known fact about alumin-

earth’s crust and constitutes 7.3% by mass.

any loss of the materials’ basic qualities and

ium is that when the old Wembley Stadium

In nature, however, it only exists in very sta-

properties. The use of recycled aluminium

was demolished, 96% of the aluminium was

ble combinations with other materials (par-

also offers substantial energy benefits.

reclaimed and recycled.

ticularly as silicates and oxides). The current

Remelting used aluminium requires only

The life cycle of aluminium products is

reserves are estimated to last for at least

5% of the energy needed to produce pri-

measured in terms of decades rather than

400 years without factoring in recycled

mary metal. Thus, rather than contribut-

years. As a building material it is durable,

aluminium and as it is endlessly recyclable,

ing to society’s growing waste problem,

requiring little long term maintenance. It is

these reserves become almost inexhaust-

aluminium can be remelted and reformed

resistant to corrosion and common indus-

ible. It is created from bauxite ore which is

to produce a new generation of building

trial pollutants giving aluminium products

mined from reserves all over the world and


a much longer life cycle even in extreme

is generally found in deposits 4-6m thick just below the top soil.

Aluminium in general has always been

environmental conditions.

recycled at a higher rate than most other

The use of sustainable building mate-

Thanks to its strength, durability, corro-

raw materials. Given the necessary infra-

rials is only one part of the answer to the

sion resistance and recyclability, aluminium

structure, it is possible to recycle all alu-

environmental issues that affect us all. By

has become an essential product for the

minium construction industry applications,

using aluminium products you are choos-

building industry and over the past 50 years

for several reasons. First, there is a relatively

ing a material whose production has mini-

its use in building applications has shown

high level of scrap aluminium available.

mal long term impact to the environment,

continuous and consistent growth world over.

Second, aluminium has a high scrap value

is sustainable in terms of hundreds of years

Aluminium extruded, rolled, and cast prod-

which can contribute significantly towards

and endlessly recyclable. Aluminium can

ucts are commonly used for window frames

covering demolition costs. Finally, the

rightly be said to be the ultimate building

and other glazed structures ranging from

infrastructure required for the collection of

material and the building material of choice

shop fronts to large roof superstructures for

scrap metals is already well-established and

for the future JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 61

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 61

6/28/2012 9:11:55 PM

LEADING THE WAY Excerpts from a conversation with Mr. Krishna Bajaj of Geeta Aluminium, one of the oldest and reputedly the best brands in the Aluminium industry on the story of Aluminium so far and the way ahead. Design Matrix: To the uninitiated, where all does on find the application or

Aluminium and the place it enjoys in the overall industry scenario.

use of aluminium in our day-to-day lives?

KB: We are a 48-year-old company,

Krishna Bajaj: Almost everywhere!

which is not such a long time. We start-

(laughs) You will find it being used in

ed business when aluminium was Rs. 4

doors/windows and faรงades, plaster shut-

per kilogram and today it is priced at Rs.

tering, duct area fins, modular kitchens,

200. With a customer base of more than

office partitions, roofing, electrical trays

40,000, Geeta is placed at the top of

(heat sinks), modular partitions, home

the retail market ladder in the Western

and office furniture, floor skirtings, false

Region. With associates in west and east

ceiling, railing, curtains, garden equip-

India and nine company retails outlets,

ment, brooms & dusters, ladders, the list

we have more than 300 tons of stock

is endless and I can just go on.

at any given day and our team handles nearly 150 walk-in customers daily. This

DM: Tell us something about Geeta

requires strong in-house logistics.


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 62

6/28/2012 9:12:14 PM

DM: With the world moving towards sustainability, where does Aluminium stand?

aluminium as a raw material and the products manufactured from it. There has not been

KB: It is a recyclable material and the car-

any new and innovative products designed

bon emission levels are the lowest during the

using aluminium in the recent past. Also, as

recycling process as it uses only 5% energy for

the industry till now was being governed by

this. Aluminium is a lightweight metal with

few corporates so was a little tight-fisted in its

good drawing quality that leads to flexibility


in creating multiple products. It is used in solar panels due to its good conduction quality

DM: What has been the strongest posi-

and along with surface coating owing to its

tive of Geeta Aluminium as a brand of long

good weather resistance.

standing? KB: It humbles me when people, both

DM: What is the consumption of Aluminium in India? KB: 2.5 lakh tons per annum, which is very low for a country of our size and population.

within the industry and professionals take the name of Geeta with great reverence and respect. I feel this is due to the fairness and transparency of all our dealings. We ensure the availability of our full range at any given

DM: But why is that so? Why is the Indian

point in time and provide support in terms

builder/architect not inclined to using more of

of fabrication and installation along with


strong logistics. With my experience and

KB: There is no marketing effort by the

the dedication of strong professional team

manufacturers and no standardization of

we are loyal to our customers and have long

products either. This results in poor quality

associations with them which holds us in

end product as the complete focus is only on

good stead.

aluminium consumption (weight) and never on the end-user satisfaction. Moreover, there

DM: What can your clients and the

is no after-sales service, as this has never been

industry look forward to as innovations in

considered or perceived as a service industry.

the future from your stable?

Architects are most comfortable with wood

KB: It is time for the next generation

as it is easy to cut/assemble and they are able

to step in and this means making way for

to give a finish of their choice to the product.

new ideas and innovations, which is what

Unfortunately though, a lot is possible with

my son Kushal has done ever after joining

aluminium, the surface coating technology is

hands with me recently. We are coming

not so advanced in India and thus results in

up with innovative door/window systems

poor aesthetics. Low rate of use is also due

targeting all market segments. We want to

to lack of engineering & research and lack of

give cost-effective solutions and provide

quality accessories & hardware in the market.

the right products and support system to

Most importantly, it is a price-conscious mar-

our customers. We also wish to start train-

ket and there is hardly any education on the

ing programmes for fabricators & installers.

use of aluminium as an architectural product

Geeta offers turnkey solutions including

in India.

fabrication & installation with a nationwide

“To improve the consumption of aluminium in India, we need to offer high-quality products and that is what we are working towards.�

network of associates and after-sales servicDM: World over, Aluminium is being tout-

ing of products for existing clients. So there

ed as the material of the future. Why is India

is a lot to look forward to, most of which I

lacking in its use?

am unable to share with you right now

KB: Apart from the previously mentioned ones, some very specific reasons are

With focus moving to sustainability and

poor quality extrusions, poor raw material

the slow recognition of aluminium as one of

(scrap mix), no support and training to uplift

the solutions, the offerings from Geeta Alu-

the market (both from the manufacturer and

minium can only promise to take the industry

dealer fronts), no institutional education on

to the next level. JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 63

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 63

6/28/2012 9:12:19 PM



eeta Aluminium has been a brand

existing cliental avails and appreciates. In

leader in India’s Aluminium indus-

their quest to remain at the top of the heap,

try, specializing in the domains

Geeta Aluminium is constantly updated

of marketing, distribution and retail of alu-

with the latest technological developments

minium windows & doors. Being a one stop-

on an international scale and their most

shop for all architectural aluminium profiles,

recent international collaboration is with

the company also provides a complete

Schüco TropTec Windows & Doors, a name

range of compatible hardware to match &

synonymous with sustainable solutions and

support these profiles. With over 45 years of

comprehensive product ranges for energy-

professional experience and expertise, Geeta

efficient constructions. These window &

Aluminium offers a variety of products and

door systems combine the latest security

services like System Windows & Doors, Con-

technology with user-friendly comfort and

ventional Windows & Doors, Sliding Folding/

elegant designs.

Tilt & Turn, Furniture Profiles, Roofing Sheets,

The company believes that a great

Solid Aluminium Cladding Sheets, Window

start to its own future growth would come

& Door Hardware, Furniture Hardware, uPVC

from building mutually beneficial business

Hardware, Fabrication Machines, etc.

relationships with distinction-driven orga-

The after-sales service – Geeta Support System – is a value-added facility that the

nizations and professionals and that is the way forward


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 64

6/28/2012 9:12:57 PM



chüco probably represents one of

engineers, and 12,000 partners in 78 coun-

of India, such as high humidity, frequent

Europe’s most impressive economic

tries. Architects and investors are also part

rainfall, high noise levels and smog pollu-

success stories. Since its establish-

of the global partner network.

tion in growing urban centres. The com-

ment in Bielefeld, Germany in 1951, the

The aim is to supply the best products

pany is working with chosen local partners

company has unceasingly developed from

and services for all project types – from

to combine these specific requirements for

metal fabricator to the worldwide premium

sophisticated residential buildings to large

energy efficiency and optimum indoor cli-

supplier and a driving force behind innova-

commercial projects. This comprehensive

mate consistently with the highest design

tion for pioneering, green technologies for

expertise has made Schüco Network the

requirements, without compromising on

the whole building envelope. The com-

partner of choice around the world to cre-

reliability – providing system solutions for

prehensive product portfolio ranges from

ate sustainable, green living and working

sustainable, aesthetic architecture.

window, façade, door systems, and efficient

environments. Schüco know-how, backed

Strict quality management is adhered

solar energy and solar heating solutions,

with superior German technology, is now

to with tried-and-tested Schüco service, as

through to innovation in intelligent energy

also available in India, where geographical

well as warehousing and logistics matching

management. This broad range indicates a

and climate conditions demand new tech-

the international standards. The company

superior technology strategy to view the

nological approaches, with its corporate

extends comprehensive support that starts

building as a whole, in order to exploit its

India head-office in Mumbai and branch

with consultation during the design stage,

energy potential to the full. An invaluable

office along with the central warehouse as

including intelligent software solutions and

contribution to climate protection – after

well as a technical training centre located in

finally support in implementing the project,

all, buildings account for 40% of the world’s


which ensures achieving pioneering archi-

energy consumption and, therefore, also

In addition to the tried-and-tested

tecture to the best local quality standard

produce a large proportion of CO2 emis-

aluminium and solar products, Schüco has

and using green solutions that combine

sions. Innovation, responsibility & reliability

developed Schüco TropTec™, an innovative

sustainability with the most demanding

are the values that distinguish Schüco solu-

aluminium window and façade system spe-

design requirements

tions and the people behind them. Today,

cifically for tropical countries. The perfectly

the Schüco Network has 5,250 employees,

tailored window, sliding door and façade

Green Technology for the Blue Planet.

of whom more than 2,000 are qualified

systems meet the specific local challenges

Clean Energy from Solar and Windows. JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 65

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 65

6/28/2012 9:14:02 PM

Residential design


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 66

6/28/2012 9:15:55 PM


SIMPLICITY! Words: Natasha Bohra; Images: courtesy the architects

Who says there is not much to be more comfortable in the tropical weather of our country? Check out this farmhouse designed by Archana Shah & Associates, and you will know what is to be done.


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 67

6/28/2012 9:16:02 PM


he unique blend of a peaceful

The interiors are created in such a way

surrounding coupled with simple

that every area of the house is segregated



through a waterbody. It creates the set-

farmhouse, designed by Ahmedebad-



ting for a distinctive layout, connecting

based Archana Shah & Associates. The

the inhabitants with nature. The entrance

space that has been created is such that

is a simple, spacious and symmetrical floor

it defines the sense of style, ethnicity and

plan resembling a courtyard. All spaces and

simplicity to express the love for nature of

the ambiance are created in a way, that

both, the designers and the client.

every element enhances the transparency

Sprawling green lawns surround the

of water. But this water does not remain

50,000 sq. ft. plot area of this minimalistic

stagnant. It flows from the main square

farm house in the outskirts of Ahmedabad.

to a small rectangular one, separating the

Magnificent paintings by artist Ravi Varma

dining and living areas. After which, it rec-

along the serene white walls with a com-

ollects in the outer circular pond and from

forting sight of water welcomes you to this

there (after getting recycled) flows back to

gorgeous home that is adorned with mini-

the main square.

malistic and warm traditional decor. The

The pillars around the central square

sound of falling water and the clear spar-

waterbody, also termed as the “central

kling waterbody will calm raw nerves and

family square”, are done in vibrant colours

inspire a relaxing mood and atmosphere.

reflecting the traditional way of living. To

Flow of all the spaces in the house is around

enhance this raw effect are wooden planks

water, which helps lower the overall tem-

that serve as a bridge to the central family

perature inside the four walls, so to speak,

square. The baithak-style, low seating com-

owing to the extreme weather conditions

pletes the look.

in the city.

The furniture in the living room, much


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 68

6/28/2012 9:16:09 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 69

6/28/2012 9:16:28 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 70

6/28/2012 9:17:08 PM

About the Firm Established in 1995, Archana Shah & Associates, has rendered architectural and interior design services to corporates, organizations and individuals. The firm consistently aims at rendering complete solutions from designing to successful executions in a very comprehensive manner. Landscaping, styling, graphic designing, signage designing and else are other areas of special interest. Taing a step further in expanding the services portfolio, the firm has established Aura Design & Projects Pvt Ltd. which is a complete professionally managed turnkey solutions provider. Website: JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 71

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 71

6/28/2012 9:17:18 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 72

6/28/2012 9:18:00 PM

like the rest of the house, is uncluttered with simple straight lines. From the usage of sleek wood and vibrant tapestries, upholstery and the dramatic use of natural wood in the interiors, the layers of detail are evident in every area, both inside and out. In the dining area, there are benches on both sides flanked with chairs, forming an interesting layout. All furniture is customized and made out of natural wood. The bedrooms are designed with clean lines and simple details that combine the smooth lines with strong texture to create a dramatic effect yet retain richness in design. And to add to the required dose of ethnicity, all the furniture was painted with an antique polish for a muted traditional appeal. “Our design style is functionality, working on the client’s brief and to give them maintenance-free interiors. It is our conscious effort to not try and enforce our own likes and interests into the project, but instead we understand the client’s needs, expectations and lifestyle and then blend them with our designs,” shares Archana. And rightly so, this farmhouse is a modest reflection of the firm’s style and design philosophy


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 73

6/28/2012 9:18:11 PM

Design insight

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 74

6/28/2012 9:18:35 PM


Words: Soumya Kak; Images: courtesy Durian Industries

A successful branding exercise goes hand in hand with brand perception and this depends on the brand ambassador’s image that needs to gel well with that of the brand he/she endorses.


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 75

6/28/2012 9:18:49 PM


ome time ag ago, the advertising world swore b by models and super models, but now n we have brand

aske a few advertising ambassadors. We asked veterans the differenc difference between the two – a model is just a pr pretty face you use to sell a product, but a b brand ambassador is t brand can draw the one with whom the parallels of perception in the minds of the buyers. His/her ener energy and excitement 76 DES DESIGN IGN MATRIX MATRI MA TRI RIIX • JULY-AUGUST R JJU ULLY LYY AUG UG U GUST USS 2012 20 2 012 2

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 76

6/28/2012 9:19:01 PM

towards the brand will rub off on the consumers and encourage them to buy. “Brand ambassadors are not necessarily models, in fact in most cases, they are prominent people from a different field altogether,” says Abhay Mukherjee, a senior advertising professional from New Delhi. What the advertisement will finally convey plays a very important role in the creation process. “We have to keep many factors in mind while creating the storyboard as the intent has to match the communication and fit into the slot of a few seconds!” says Tapan Dasmun-


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 77

6/28/2012 9:19:17 PM

shi, a freelance copywriter. “I work very

or against the perception of the audi-

closely with the entire production team,

ence about the star. It is easier in the films

which includes the stylist and photog-

which are anyway larger than life, but ads

rapher, to get the right look communi-

are different as you are creating the look

cated through the camera. Whether print

to sell a product,” she adds.

or TV, the ads need to be crisp, slick and

To understand this concept better,

appealing – a heady mixture,” he laughs.

we decided to take apart the recently

The same thought is echoed by Suhas-

launched advertising campaign of the

ini Mathre who has been responsible for

well-known furniture brand Durian. Shot

styling not just ads but theatre and now

by photographer Rohan Shreshtha, it fea-

movies as well. “You have to understand

tures the brand’s latest ambassador-actor,

the concept of the ad and what look fits

anchor, wife & mother Sonali Bendre. “Our

it best and then create the same for the

range of furniture is expansive and we

model. Sometimes it becomes really dif-

wanted a brand ambassador who would

ficult to match the two, especially now

be as multi-faceted and well-known to

when most brands prefer to use stars as

the people. Sonali was the perfectt choice

their ambassadors. We have to work with

as she wears so many hats with aplomb,”

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 78

6/28/2012 9:19:40 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 79

6/28/2012 9:20:31 PM

says a company spokesperson. “We wanted three very distinctive looks for her that would reflect the three broad categories of furniture that the brand offers to the market.” The first was the ‘Victorian Look” which had to reflect simplicity with class. “Somewhere in 1960’s the hula-hoop style dress was made famous by Audrey Hepburn. We decided Sonali’s look accordingly – with the current trends in mind, we decided on bright colours without changing the essence. This look depicts our Victorian collection, where elaborate wood work is the key,” explains the spokesperson. “Since black is the most favourite colour when it comes to furniture, our next look was very dark with a Black and White theme. This was the ‘Gothic Look’,” she adds. Sonali is wearing a black Gothic skirt, charcoal eyes, black shadow and black nail polish to enhance the look. “The skirt was customized especially for this look – the messy frills and umbrella bottom give a dramatic touch to the whole ensemble. It was really interesting to create this look for Sonali as it is slightly away from her usual public image.

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 80

6/28/2012 9:20:53 PM

But we had great fun doing this as even she was excited to experiment,” reveals another member of the styling team. This look compliments the black and white sofas, with clean lines and a rich look. The third ‘Cruise Look’ is a more relaxed and cleaner look, “Sonali’s make-up was deliberately kept neutral and hair straight. The only bold feature is her lips painted scarlet red to add colour to the otherwise white and brown background,” says Rohan. This look depicts the contemporary and luxurious furniture line with sofas in earthy shades of beige, brown, nude and white that spell comfort and style. Whether the entire campaign reflects the intent or not is something left for the audience to decide, but one needs to appreciate the thought and creative process behind designing a brand process. A brand ambassador might not necessarily be the right choice for the purpose, but with the right concept and an imaginative production team, the final packaging, in most cases, turns out just right!

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 81

6/28/2012 9:22:03 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 82

6/28/2012 9:22:52 PM

Global eye

Quirky & Titillating Images: courtesy Arcelor Mittal

In her very first coloumn, Harsha Kotak tackles a controversial art-installation by Anish Kapoor - The Orbit Tower.


ear readers, welcome to Global Eye

£19 million contributed by Britain’s richest

a new ‘blog-style’ column, which

man, the steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal of the

intends to provoke thoughts and

Arcelor Mittal steel company.

harvest your imagination. And what better

There has been a lot of mixed reaction

way to start this than reviewing the most

surrounding this artwork since its inception.

controversial art-installation of 2012 ‘The

So when I got a chance to attend the press

Orbit Tower’.

conference at the unveiling of this monu-

Last month on my way to Greenwich,

ment, I happily grabbed it. An opportunity

I saw this colossal red helter-skelter stick-

to meet the artist himself, I thought, might

ing out of nowhere and was unable to

help give a firm grip to my own views about

decide whether it was a water slide or a

this sculpture.

crane (twisted in a weird shape). But then I

My first impression of the tower, which

remembered seeing a picture in the news-

looks like two entangled hoola-hoops and

papers – this was ‘The Orbit’ a sculpture/

sorely sticks out from the rest of the build-

an art installation/a monument designed

ings and its surrounding, was not very

by artist Anish Kapoor and engineer Cecil

positive. The sculpture, though not very


huge in scale, tries to tease you by being

The Arcelor Mittal Orbit is an observa-

so complex but confident at the same

tion tower in the Olympic Park in Stratford,

time. But Anish says “that is the purpose of

London. This tallest sculpture in the UK is

it”, he thinks “it’s awkwardly beautiful with

made of a continuous looping lattice of

its elbow sticking out which makes it feel

tubular steel. Standing at a 114.5m, it will

unsettled”. He describes The Orbit as both

be 22m taller than the Statue of Liberty of

art and architecture – “It’s experiential. Your

New York and offers unparalleled views of

body is fully involved. It’s about being in the

the entire Olympic Park and London’s sky-

Orbit – a journey”.

line from a special viewing platform. The

As an observation tower, The Orbit has

project is said to have cost £22 million with

two observation floors, a 455-step spiral JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 83

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 83

6/28/2012 9:24:09 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 84

6/28/2012 9:25:00 PM

Anish Kapoor feels that people will grow to love his spiralling red tower the same way they had come to appreciate other monuments which were initially loathed, including the Eiffel Tower.

staircase and two lifts. The visitors would

Kishore, Art Director at IBM, Banglore, is

take the lift to the top and descend the

already smitten by this work of art and says,

spiral staircase; which would allow them to

“The London Olympic logo and fonts itself

appreciate the views around. The artist says

are very unconventional. So representing it

that the colour red (RAL 3003) was selected

with this kind of a tower, which is such an

with a purpose of standing out amongst

eye-catcher, is apt. The Olympic spirit is all

the other grey and white buildings on the

about breaking away from the ordinary,

Olympic site. But I feel the grey mesh cov-

going to the next level and just being dif-

ering the spiral staircase and the viewing

ferent to be recognised. In this case, dem-

platforms takes away from the red looping

onstrating the strength and flexibility of

lattice, making it look like scaffoldings on a

steel, yet retaining a sporty, aesthetically

construction site.

driven design is really a masterpiece.”

Anish’s signature style – character-

Fans say it’s a landmark to rival the Eiffel

ised by bright colours, cloud-like shapes

Tower and critics say it’s an eyesore blotting

and distorting mirrors – is most evident in

the landscape. My perspective is that over-

the Orbit’s red paint, the darkened coni-

all The Orbit provides a twist to the idea of

cal entrance & the concave mirrors in the

a sculpture as a viewing tower but as an art-

observation room. But none of these help

work it is under whelming and does not do

create an aura that his other creations have.

justice to the term public art, which in sim-

Also, scale has always been central to his

ple words means ‘art that pleases the pub-

work and I suspect that he would have liked

lic eye’. Any public art needs to be higher

this sculpture to be bigger but was restrict-

on its artistic value more than on its social

ed by budget and planning permissions.

and economic one. But this artwork lacks in

My views were still a bit divided after

visual / aesthetic enjoyment.

the press conference. I like the fact that it’s

To sum it up, when I asked Anish Kapoor

not ordinary and a little awkwardness is

how he handles all this criticism linked with

to be expected when you ask an artist to

The Orbit Tower, he laughed and asked

design a building, but my heart is still not

“what criticism?” adding “it doesn’t affect

dancing with joy at seeing a masterpiece by

me or my other work. Some love it, some

a Turner prize-winning artist. Was I expect-

hate it and that’s ok as it’s all a part of the

ing too much from this public art?

process. It’s controversial and that’s a place

My 8-year-old son looked at the pic-

to start. Discomfort is ok.” He feels people

tures and said “Mum, this is like Lego gone

will grow to love his spiralling red tower

wrong”, but on a serious note I decided to

the same way as they had come to appreci-

ask a couple of friends from different disci-

ate other monuments which were initially

plines of design to share their thoughts.

loathed, including the Eiffel Tower.

Interior Designer Natalie Mendez,

But standing in front of the Eiffel Tower

Director at Inventive Design, Indiana, says,

I had felt uplifted by the vision, a vision

“Some aspects of design such as accessibil-

that stays with you peacefully and is not

ity, sustainability and how to move large

trying to tantalize. The experience of look-

crowds through the exhibit seem well

ing at The Orbit was not the same – it tries

thought-out, but the overall impression of

to nudge you and disorient you, trying to

the structure is somewhat disturbing. Its

tease you – and maybe that is the intention

sense of line is tangled, out of proportion,

of the artist, but I certainly was not over-

overstated and lacking the brilliance and

awed by it.

elegant simplicity of other great designs such as the Eiffel Tower.” Whereas, Graphic Designer Meghna

I would love to know your first thoughts from these pictures. Write in your views to JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 85

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 85

6/28/2012 9:26:16 PM

TRYST WITH DESIGN Prominent designers share and discuss interesting insights about specific problem areas while designing, in a meet organized by Merino.

MERINO MR+TUFF GLOSS LAMINATE Merino’s range of super gloss laminates is resistant to scuff and mar abrasions, making them ideal for use in places where creativity gets restricted for want of a better surfacing material. Mar refers to light surface damages which are usually shallow and single it may not be readily noticeable, however the existence of a group of such Mar, visibly degrades the appearance of surfaces. Merino’s MR+ tuff glass technology gives excellent Mar resistance thereby maintaining the gloss level three times longer than ordinary high gloss laminate. It also gives 2-3 times better abrasion resistance.


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 86

6/28/2012 9:29:14 PM

Design promo


esign is not just about creativity. It is particularly important for the visualization of the designers to turn

into practical working products with the availability of right materials in the market. As an initiative by Merino in association with Design Matrix, a brunch meet was organized in the month of May. A select few designers were invited and were presented with the latest and innovative product offerings by Merino. The idea here was for the facilitators and designers to meet and discuss the various issues one faces while designing. Very often, due to the multiple levels of communication, the designers are not entirely aware of the entire range of products available in the market along with their features and advantages. This was an initiation to try and bridge that gap. At the event, Merino presented its

MERINO AB+ ANTI BACTERIAL LAMINATE Merino AB+ anti bacterial laminate is intended for application where there is a need for additional protection of the surface against bacteria. A very special resin formulation is applied over decorative surface paper to achieve high degree of bacteria growth resistances. Mainly used in health sectors like hospitals, pathological labs, nursing homes, medical research institutes and also in areas where bacteria can spread rapidly like public buildings, toilets, catering facilities, swimming pools, changing rooms, fitness facilities etc. Whenever Bacteria comes in contact with the laminate surface, anti-bacterial chemical physically penetrates the bacteria cell wall and in the process essential function of the micro-organisms gets disturbed and bacteria multiplication is stopped by killing it. Merino Anti Bacterial surface reduces bacteria by more than 99%.

two latest offerings – the AB+ anti bacterial laminate and MR++ tuff gloss laminate to the guests which constituted a number of well-known professionals – Reza Kabul, Anil Dighe, Neemesh Shah and Kanhai Gandhi of KNS Associates, Ashish Gupta, Amit Raje, Manish Dixit, Prakash Gore, Imtiyaz Lakkdawala, accompanied by Madhusudan Lohia, Director and Madan Singi, Regional Manager (Western region) from Merino. The session was moderated by Babita Krishnan of Design Matrix, with Shaila Udeshi and Natasha Bohra from the team also in the audience JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 87

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 87

6/28/2012 9:29:31 PM

Creative ideas


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 88

6/28/2012 9:29:45 PM


THE SKY Words: Shekkhar Viswanathan; Images: Fuminari Yoshitsugu

Sometimes what results from seeking a simple solution to an everyday problem – however small and inconsequential – can be quite a stunning design.


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 89

6/28/2012 9:30:09 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 90

6/28/2012 9:30:36 PM


ver wondered where to keep that

radio on it while you hang out your laun-

cup of tea and the ubiquitous

dry, or it can be used as a counter when

mobile phone when leaning on

you have a beer on your balcony on a nice

your balcony? The cement edge or the

day. This collaboration between the initia-

railing is not an option! Well, Japan-based

tive and Torafu ensures that the portable

Ishinomaki Laboratory has a solution to

design is manufactured by the people of

offer – the ‘Sky-deck’.

this region as a means of supporting the

‘Sky-deck’, a small table which is made

local community while making the prod-

to hook onto handrails of balconies or look-

uct commercially available to the con-

out points, has been created by the Japa-

sumer market.

nese firm Torafu Architects. The functional

Floating in the air, Sky-deck stretches a

surface is manufactured by Ishinomaki Lab-

narrow balcony space out by just a little bit,

oratory which is ‘a place of creating some-

into the city beyond. Made from Canadian

thing new’ for the community, established

red cedar, the ‘Sky-deck’ offers a surface on

by designers and others in Ishinomaki, a city

which to rest your mobile phone or radio,

which was devastated by the Tsunami on

or can act as a counter when you’re out

March 11, 2011.

on your balcony enjoying a drink. floating

This small table uses just enough

in the air, the ‘Sky-deck’ stretches a narrow

pieces of wood to be hooked onto the

balcony space out past its boundaries, just

rail. You can put your mobile phone or a

a little bit further

Principle use Manufacturer Material Size Design period Production period Website

: : : : : : :

Product Ishinomaki Laboratory Canadian red cedar 308×453×90mm (when folded)-450mm (when set up) 2010.09 - 2012.02 2012.01 - 2012.03


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 91

6/28/2012 9:31:00 PM

Conversations 92 DESIGN MATRIX • JULY-AUGUST 2012

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 92

6/28/2012 9:31:28 PM

! Y R E V O C S I D F L E S F







Words: Samar Malik; Images: courtesy the designer

On a journey of self discovery, Chandaa Narang unleashes the artist in her while being in sync with her corporate training. JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 93

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 93

6/28/2012 9:32:37 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 94

6/28/2012 9:34:16 PM


he refers to herself as a ‘serendipist’

brand growth and a large credit goes to



the product developers. That was when


I decided that product development is

in absolution. Chandaa Kochar is an

an arena that needs focus, in all business

artist who rediscovered herself after

fields. My lateral move to an artistic realm

being a documentary film maker and a

meant changing my thinking from people

photographer for ten years before swinging

to science. No more comfort grooves to

into the corporate rigmarole.

follow, instead I have to design technically





wanderer fait

Having studied Art from Mills Col-

a utilitarian form that graduates into eyeball

lege in USA, Chandaa went back to study-

grabbing art. Every time I lose heart, I pull

ing business and later getting completely

out a photo of a Phillipe Starck-designed

entrenched in the corporate world. Art took

toilet pot, and get re-charged,” she smiles.

a backseat until she took over the reins of

Chandaa is an expressionist with a

Frazer and Haws, the British silver brand. It

strong belief in the traditional Hindu voy-

was then that all lines acquired more mean-

age of learning by experience and obser-

ing and the opportunity to explore her

vation called Darshan Shastra, as she plays

inherent creativity presented itself to the

with images and materials by placing them

fullest. Her connect with the divine mani-

within the theoretical concepts that she has

fested itself in her sculptures and canvases

developed by observing life. In the corpo-

as Chandaa’s observation of the subject and

rate world individual expression is not pos-

feel for the material is highly sensitive.

sible, but in product design emotions are

But why this transition from corporate

very important, how does she manage that.

to the artistic realm? “Corporate India start-

“I am trying to evoke a reaction (hopefully

ed a very exciting stage of its development

a positive one) in the minds of people who

since the 1990’s. Creative business models

are already besieged with ‘buy-me’s. What

were the order of the decade. Frazer and

and how I develop must jump out at people.

Haws has been one of the pioneers in its

And if my product can’t get people to relate JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 95

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 95

6/28/2012 9:35:03 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 96

6/28/2012 9:36:00 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 97

6/28/2012 9:37:26 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 98

6/28/2012 9:38:15 PM

to it, means my creativity isn’t in sync with

tion of the final result is in the hands of the

my clients,” she says. Does the corporate

contractors/vendors. However, with India’s

background help her as a product designer?

visionary entrepreneurship, our designs

“Positioning; pricing; personality are all too

and products will become an industry very

important. As a former corporate person I

quickly. China is ten steps ahead of us in

understand that the buyer dictates design,

their design protocol – Hong Kong-based

it’s not my ego I have to satisfy. Which

product design institutes are swiftly com-

designer wouldn’t love to create in limbo,

petitive, but I believe Indian creativity has

like putting herself as is out there, or shout-

a global metaphor, and once the mechan-

ing from rooftops that what I do is pure art!

ics of quality translations of products is

Design is a much harder discipline – I have

organized, our pool of creative talent and

to be a gymnast, keeping all the business

technique is endless. The private sector will

factors in mind, I will develop that product

wake up to this need soon. And when it

which an entire boardroom of different per-

does, then I want to be right there, head of

sonalities and different disciplines are happy

the line,” Chandaa laughs.

with. There is no place here for my ego.”

Hiring a designer and paying design fees, means getting the physical actuality of that design. You have the right to demand it. And every right to get it!

Chandaa’s creations are a continuation

What is design and development? “It’s

of her belief in Darshan Shastra. The obser-

a tedious nuts-and-bolts job – from con-

vation is more a third-eye perception and

ception to the physical working form is

the interpretation totally individualistic. It

a long non-creative mechanical process.

is this power of unique elucidation and its

Just drawing lines on paper or a 3D com-

connect with the divine that positions her

puter rendition is not designing. The follow

art in a genre of its own. Working as an art-

through is as necessary as the design itself!”

ist and an artisan, Chandaa has developed a

Chandaa feels sad that India has much

touch-feel synergy with stone, wood, resin,

creativity but no inclination towards hard

alchemy and silverware and feels her art is

work, especially the production process.

in the lines and in the boldness with which

“When I am following through my designs

she challenges set doctrines, “Turn it on its

during the production, I keep tweaking it,

head and then it will make sense. It starts

sometimes even changing it, applying a

to flow towards newness.” Armed with this

new technique to traditional process’ – the

conviction, she turns the metaphors, if not

creation cycle is endless,” she reveals the

on their head, then certainly towards dif-

dedication to her vocation. Talking about

ferent horizons. But she has a last word for

the product design scenario in India Chan-

the clients as well, “Hiring a designer and

daa states, “Compared to other countries

paying design fees, means getting the

we might appear indolent, even unprofes-

physical actuality of that design. You have

sional, but that is not so. Creative design is

the right to demand it. And every right to

a nascent field, and the work ethics aren’t

get it!” With this statement Chandaa finally

in place yet. We work like architects or engi-

proves how the corporate and the artist in

neers or town planners, where the execu-

her co-exist JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 99

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 99

6/28/2012 9:39:10 PM

Photo feature

ILLUSTRIOUS Armed with a Masters from IDC IIT Bombay, Abhishek Chaudhary, an independent illustrator and graphic designer from Delhi, attempts to create a fusion of the traditional with touch of contemporary styles. The basic intent of this project was to use Indian art and traditional styles for today’s youth. He tries to make it youthful with the use of myriad colours as he believes that India is a nation embodied with glorious colours. Bollywood posters, Mughal Miniatures, Indian Comic superheros, etc. who became the inspiration since he feels it is unfair to blatantly follow popular western comic book & Pop Art when we have such a rich cultural heritage and highly evolved art forms. His illustrations are a medium to bring out personalities of the characters and help the viewer understand the context and era looking at each one of them. And of course, amuse with details of the character’s personality and emotions. 100 DESIGN MATRIX • JULY-AUGUST 2012

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 100

6/28/2012 9:39:47 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 101

6/28/2012 9:39:49 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 102

6/28/2012 9:39:59 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 103

6/28/2012 9:40:26 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 104

6/28/2012 9:40:50 PM

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 105

6/28/2012 9:41:18 PM

My space


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 106

6/28/2012 9:41:34 PM




Ar. AA Zuberi of the Hyderabad-based Lines N Archs talks about the role designers play when creating a home out of a residence to suit the client’s lifestyle.


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 107

6/28/2012 9:41:56 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 108

6/28/2012 9:42:19 PM

Sometimes one plays the role of a designer, who needs to create the space, but most of the time you need to be more of a guide who takes the client through the various possibilities and helps him choose that which is right for him, especially when designing his home


s a designer what sets us apart is

The informal living area on the first

our creative ability to understand

floor is well placed with a contemporary

the unspoken needs of a client

L-shaped sofa from Stanley. The wall unit is

regarding his space and give him solutions

again designed to reflect a contemporary

that are not only aesthetic and functional

style with leather upholstery from New

but practical and within his budget as well.

Zealand that surrounds the gold leafing

Very few of us get a client (maybe once

and a fabulous toughened glass (2 mm

or twice, if we are lucky) in our years of

thick) with indirect lighting to hold the TV.

practice, who would give us a space and say

Natural wooden grains for veneers and a

create it – unmindful of the cost.

pink marble floor give the space a dash of

The very first step in design is to

required elegance.

understand the client and his need

A wall panel, aesthetically done display

thoroughly and the process begins from

area, and curtains from Décor add to the

there. We spend time asking questions

warmness of the living area. Chandeliers

and observing them to get a wholesome

from UK perfectly blend with the patterned

image – beyond what he is telling us as

fans to complete the look. The overall

this enables us to give him the best design

effect created is that of a royal comfort

solution to his living space. A case in point is

which the client desired. The dining area

the interiors of this bungalow designed in a

with its PVC-3D wall panelling, a sliding

Modern/Contemporary style in geometrical

door with 3D glass work that opens into

forms to give a bright yet elegant look.

the kitchen, false ceiling designed using

The main design elements used are

wooden rafters and polish; the master

false ceiling with direct and indirect lighting

bedroom headboard and panel become

effects, PVC-3D wall elements, wallpapers,

focal points of the design. The headboard

leather upholstery from New Zealand,

is beautifully designed using leather

mirror, natural wooden grains for veneers,

upholstery while the panel is designed in

polish and laminations. To continue the

a combination of light and dark natural

elegance, one cannot ignore the space

veneer of ply as horizontal rafters.

underfoot, hence one finds Crema Italian

These are the areas which would

marble on the ground floor and pink

not change so much as their occupants

marble on the first floor. The entrance foyer

would not change in their likes and dislikes.

is designed with PVC-3D wall pattern and

However the children’s room needs to be

display units.

kept dynamic so that it can adapt to the

The display unit in the living area is

changing needs of a growing kid(s).

beautifully designed with a circle in the

Sometimes one plays the role of a

centre, drawers and open shelves for display

designer, who needs to create the space,

items with lighting arrangements and

but most of the time you need to be more

wallpaper background and a mirror. This

of a guide who takes the client through the

was to add an element of sophistication

various possibilities and helps him choose

to the space as the client wanted the living

that which is right for him, especially when

room to reflect a plush environment.

designing his home

About Ar. AA Zuberi is the Chief Consultant, Lines N Arcs, Architects & Interior Designers. He can be contacted at 3-6-430/2, Flat No. 402, Venkateswara Apartments, Hyderabad 500029; Mobile: 09848850419; Email:; Website: JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 109

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 109

6/28/2012 9:42:28 PM

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 110

6/28/2012 9:42:54 PM


H C N LAU Bling collection by DotP SD

DotPSDWe an accessorie s brand, combines the rich ness of Indian design and with a healthy ser ving of amalgamates it pop culture. With their late st collection, they bring how! The amazingly qui back bling and rky and retro hand-emb roidered range of bags and spring in your step. A com clutches will add a for table day bag, a little pouch with a detachabl this range brings back the e sling and a clutch, much loved disco. The bra nd combines the sophis with the delicacy of variou tication of leather s other materials, melan ge of colours and reflects arti across India in a contem san skills from porary manner.


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 111

6/28/2012 9:42:59 PM

Bombay Store loves India

The Bombay Store introdu ces the ‘I Love India’ collection. This special ran ge is inspired by classic folk symbols of Indian art, culture and people. The designs por tray the vibran cy and youthfulness of Indian folk art. This exq uisite range includes Assamese women, a Raj asthani couple, a Bengal i Girl and Kerala’s famous Kathak ali mask, which represent the diversity of the Indian people, their traditions and cultures. These strikin g designs are used on a range of products like clocks, coasters, fridge magnets, bags, mugs, sho t glasses, flip flops, scarve s – blending the traditional with contemporary. ww w.thebombaystore.c om

Fresh new range by


Rinox Kaufmann Ltd, a par t of ACL Group and a big player in the stainless ste has its new range of pro el architectural space, ducts. The product line has been expanded to includ hinges, glass connectors, e patch fittings, shower lock cylinders, spider fittin gs, glass door handles and such as superior rust pro more. With features tection for the patch fittin gs, self closing from upto 30 deg hinges, high-strength stru rees for the shower cture for the glass connec tors and the spider fittin maximum strength to we gs designed for giving ight ratio; the comprehen sive range of architectural and hardware products by Rinox, is provided in diff erent specifications of size s, shapes, colour and thic kness. ww

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 112

6/28/2012 9:43:08 PM

A new address –

Confluence Elite Confluence Elite, a concep t design store has recent ly made its debut launch Mumbai, wtih the launch in of furniture designer Ma nasi Manjrekar’s summe lection. The store features r colManasi Manjreka’s design s along with other interes ing national and interna ttional furniture and access ories. Customers can cho from the range of produc ose ts like furniture, art, sculptu res, pot tery and more. ww

Terra Sans offers haute living as it brings together the renowned international players from the world of home decor and lifestyle, FENDI Casa and Streamlined by Ipe Cavalli. Terra Sans Home Couture, interior experts is the result of the passion of designer duo Nitin and Seetu Kohli and entrepreneurs Neha and Priyanka Nagar, in a giant step to consolidate the fragmented home decor market in India. The springsummer collection was unveiled with a lot of whites, bright colours, clean cuts and simple designs. Fiery oranges, zesty lemons and pristine whites were splashed across the myriad home furnishing pieces that adorned the showroom.

A fresh new collaboration for

Terra Sans


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 113

6/28/2012 9:43:18 PM

The Spalsh collection



In keeping with the spirit of the beautiful monsoons, Dreams Home Furnishing Studio has launched the Splash Col lection of bath linen and accessories. The collection comprises of super sof t and thirsty towels and bath-sets which are made from fine combed cot ton yarn and are available in a variety of fres h colours. The use of embroidery, appliqué and lace on towels and an option that all of these can be personalized with initials or names to make for an ideal gifting idea, makes it exclusive. 022 23853232

New colours by


launched a set LG Hausys & Decorex, has id colours for of nine new HI-MACS® sol and natural colours 2012. It includes neutral in Blue and Steel zar such as Marta Grey, Ma e Green that fit min Jas , wn Grey, Toffee Bro to natural materials. per fectly in combination energetic There also is the bright, and introducing also is ex Lemon Squash. Decor y are Gray The . nish fi nite gra new pat terns in o, puccin Caramel Crystal, Candy White, Cap tely non-porous and Black Bird. It is comple durability and of el lev and has the highest ing. It also has our col its e los thus does not g for per fectly uniform thickness, allowin imperceptible joints.


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 114



6/28/2012 9:44:13 PM

Dornbracht launches


Flagship store Germany based luxury bath and kitchen design fitting manufacturer ‘Do bracht ’ unveiled its first fl rnagship store in New Delhi. The store will showcase entire gamut of premium the range including Deque, Horizontal ShowerAT T & The display is housed in 110 SELV. sq. m. area with live display of the product ‘RainSkyE an electronically contro ’, lled rain module in which water, mist, light and sce combine in choreographi nt es that are based on nat ure itself. ww

The Colorart collection by Maspar is simple yet elegant to boost up your mood and is easy care bed linen, which requires low maintenance, light ironing and has fewer wrinkles. Available in twenty four different solid colours, gives a feeling of harmony and bestows sound sleep. The collection is made available in three sizes - single, double/queen size and king size.

Colorart by



Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 115

6/28/2012 9:44:29 PM


May - June 2012 VOL. 2 • ISSUE 4 • `100

RUPESH BAID “To me work means designing a human experience.”




Cover_Final.indd 1

4/26/2012 7:45:32 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 116

6/28/2012 9:44:37 PM


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 117

6/28/2012 9:44:55 PM

Happenings 118 DESIGN MATRIX • JULY-AUGUST 2012

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 118

6/28/2012 9:45:10 PM

THE ONE The One furnishing store in association with Design Matrix, hosted a casual wine and cheese evening, at their showroom in Andheri. The idea was to bring together a select few designers of the industry and talk about design as a part of their lives. While doing so, Anshuman and Rashmi of the One walked the guests around the showroom, introducing them to the variety of offerings by all the international brands at the store. Also in attendance was the entire team of The One for answering any query put forth by the guests. The One offers an amazing range to all the furnishing needs related to interiors for your home or office. Brands on display are Montgomery, Eijffinger, Russel & Harvey, Bernard, Reynaldo (The Netherlands), Jim Dickens (UK), Comersan (Spain), Cascadeco (France), blinds from Destiny (Spain) and Diaz (Belgium), lights of Voltolina (Italy) and Fenesta. The showroom houses the crème de la crème from around the world. The evening was attended by designers such as Alhad & Amit Raje, Kalhan & Santha Mattoo, Samir Dharurkar, Seema Joneja, Rajan & Ritu Goregaonkar, Sachin & Shami Goregaonkar, accompanied by Babita Krishnan, Editor and Natasha Bohra, Deputy Editor of Design Matrix. The evening concluded with a feeling of wanting more. Surely, we can look forward to more such evenings in the months to come!


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 119

6/28/2012 9:47:23 PM


STEELCASE WORKLIFE Steelcase, the 100-year-old leader in the ofſce furniture industry from Michigan, USA recently opened the Steelcase WorkLife – their new ‘living showroom’ – in Hyderabad.


eadquartered in Grand Rapids,

“100 Dreams, 100 Minds, 100 Years,” an



open dialogue on the future of work

reputedly the world’s largest

and life and the work-life balance and

office furniture company, offering a

the innovation required to support

comprehensive portfolio of workplace

the changing world or work. This

products, furnishings and services to

celebration highlights Steelcase’s core

leading local and global companies.

commitment to human-centred design



To help recognize and meet new

and commitment to always look to the

needs of the interconnected business

future to anticipate and meet changing

world and to optimize the ways people

needs. Steelcase WorkLife showcases

work, Steelcase, WorkLife Hyderabad

the company’s philosophies that see the

is designed to showcase the practical

office as a critical business tool. It displays

application of Steelcase’s knowledge,

a wide range of the latest products



designed to support new ways of

individuals and teams to work anywhere,

working, such as the Think and Leap task

anytime, around the world to be their

chairs, the Manifesto workplace system

most productive and successful.

and the i2i chair and Media scape which




The opening of WorkLife Hyderabad

are designed to support collaboration

is especially noteworthy, as 2012 marks

and team work. Hyderabad WorkLife is

the 100 th anniversary of Steelcase’s

the third WorkLife ‘living showroom’ in

establishment. In celebration of this

India, joining Worklife Delhi and WorkLife

important milestone, Steelcase created



Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 120

6/28/2012 9:50:13 PM

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 121

6/28/2012 9:51:11 PM



STYLE STUDIO CERA Sanitaryware Ltd. recently announced the opening of its CERA Style Studio at Mumbai. A pioneer in the Sanitaryware segment for 30 years, CERA is renowned for its elegant products with advanced features.


ocated in the new business district of Andheri West in Mumbai, customers across Maharashtra and Goa can now experience the entire range of stunning CERA products at a new customer-friendly destination. Vidush Somany, Executive Director

inaugurated the Style Studio which has over 2,000 square feet of product display and the visitors can interact with the studio team and explore the line-up of products. Moreover, the Mumbai sales team can now engage with the trade and influencers, who can browse, discover and experience the incredible features of the luxuriously stylish portfolio of products. According to the COO Atul Sanghvi, consumers and influencers will have better access to the Style Studio, as it is situated in the heart of the city. The Cera Style Studio displays a range of the latest designs that have been transforming homes for some time now and can also be leveraged as a display tool by the trade, as they can bring in their customers and show the vast range displayed 122 DESIGN MATRIX • JULY-AUGUST 2012

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 122

6/28/2012 9:55:41 PM

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 123

6/28/2012 9:56:20 PM

An unconventional and snazzy decor, a magazine to flip through, wifi to carry on with your work and a cup of coffee to savour while waiting for your turn at the Yuva branch of SBI. 124 DESIGN MATRIX • JULY-AUGUST 2012

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 124

6/28/2012 9:56:37 PM

Reader contribution




Our reader Nawzer Kerawala shares the changing face of banking he came across on a business trip to Hyderabad at SBI’s Yuva Branch.


tiff pinstripes, tie, a serious look and a general air of preoccupation, the very thought of going and interacting with a banker gives you the shivers, and top that with the general

disinterested and lackadaisical attitude of a nationalized bank and you’d rather keep the money at home. This is probably the reason, that a lot of banks are not able to lure the general public and more specifically the youth into opening an account with them. Most people have salary accounts wherever their employer creates it for them. Well, one bank has decided to change it all and to consciously target the youth. Give them an ambiance which is as fresh and young as their attitude towards life and voila! The YUVA branches of SBI are born. The whole space has a very relaxed and fun environment which would intrigue the young person enough to lure him in and eventually start banking with the branch. Small music kiosks, nooks to sit and chill a juice bar, the lounge-like ambiance are all a welcome first. Looking forward to more Yuva Banks in all the cities in the near future JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 125

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 125

6/28/2012 9:58:07 PM

Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer

and ideas are closely deliberated upon here. Business participants have exclusive

International Billiard & Home Recreation Expo

Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Sum-

opportunities to expand their corporate

With more than 25 new exhibitors partici-

mer will be a place to provide many busi-

networks at the show too. All the products

pating in the International Billiard & Home

ness opportunities to all the participants

exhibited at the show rank high on the style

Recreation Expo, this leading trade show

coming from different parts of the country

and elegance counts and several top indus-

has been entirely sponsored by the Billiard

and abroad as well. Hong Kong Fashion

try experts attend the event at each of its

Congress of America. Since its inaugural in

Week for Spring/Summer will facilitate all


1983, the expo has been providing ample

the visitors to grab the latest trends of the

business & networking opportunities, latest

industry. It will be beneficial for all visitors

Date: July 6-8, 2012

products and education for the key indus-

as they will be able to choose products for

Venue: Hotel Golden Tulip, Raipur, Chhattis-

try distributors, manufacturers, poolroom

the upcoming Christmas season. There will


operators, dealers and retailers. Showcas-

be a designer’s corner in the event that will

ing the largest collection of modern prod-

all these products will be there to fulfill the

The Northern Motorcaravan Show

growing needs to outsource creative ser-

The Northern Motorcaravan Show is a one-

accessible to all Billiard Congress of America


of-a-kind exhibition that deals with Ameri-

(BCA) members. The BCA trade show also

be filled with Home Tech & Electronic Gifts;

ucts for home recreation, the International Billiard & Home Recreation Expo will be

can, European and British motorhomes,

offers a reasonable and resourceful way to

Date: July 3-6, 2012

caravans, compact van conversions and

gain access to the hundreds and thousands

Venue: Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition

vehicles of luxury coachbuilt. The exhibition

of quality buyers in one single platform and

Centre, Hong Kong

presents a great platform for the exhibitors

at a low cost.

Fashionista Lifestyle and Fashion Exhibition

to display their products and services in front of the prospective trade visitors and

Date: July 18-20, 2012

also gives them a rare chance to lock impor-

Venue: Schaumburg Convention Center, Scha-

Fashionista Lifestyle and Fashion Exhibi-

tant business deals. The Northern Motor-

umburg, Illinois, USA

tion – Raipur, is a fashion and lifestyle sector

caravan Show is scheduled to take place

trade show in India. Organized at the Hotel

in the city of Knutsford and offers camp-

Office Expo

Golden Tulip, the event serves as a conve-

ing opportunities for visitors throughout

The Office Expo is organized by Media

nient business platform for a large number

the three days of the event. Apart from the

Expositions & Events at Pragati Maidan,

of exhibitors to showcase an extensive

caravans, there is going to be a display of

New Delhi. The Office Expo is a pioneer

array of fashion apparel, home decoration

all the necessary accessories that go along

show in providing niche platform for

themes, handicrafts, handbags, scarves,

with the van.

office automation, office furniture, stationery, audio visual, security, I.T. and service

gift items and several other related fashion accessories. The show is billed as the fast-

Date: July 13-15, 2012

solutions. It is a mega event which helps

est growing business fair of its kind in the

Venue: The Cheshire Showground, Cheshire,

in providing enormous opportunities for

entire country and the latest fashion trends

Connecticut, USA

exhibiting various products and emerging


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 126

6/28/2012 9:58:28 PM

trends in making the office environment more efficient and effective.

Architecture and Design Film Festival of India 2012

kitchen accessories, gardening tools, toys and informative trade publications are

ADFF India 2012 is organized jointly by

showcased during the event and attend-

Date: August 4-6, 2012

AARDE Foundation and Faculty of Archi-

ing companies are provided with ample

Venue: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

tecture, Anna University, Chennai. This

business networking opportunities too.

festival will be India’s first and only Film

The cosy and minimalist trend design

Festival to celebrate and create dialogue

theme is one of the main highlights of the

Decorex Joburg is the Trend ToolBox, an

on architecture and design values. The

show, which is attended by over 850 pro-

invaluable tool for interior designers, retail-

Film Festival will screen more than fifty

fessional exhibitors.

ers and manufacturers featuring colour

films from all over the world for five days.

forecasts, emerging product finishes,

The films will be sourced from all over the

Date: August 16-19, 2012

future fabric and industry themes that will

world. The film would focus on any one

Venue: Stockholm Exhibition and Congress

affect the industry. It strives to showcase

of the subjects – architecture, landscape,

Center, Stockholm, Sweden

the consumer with inspirations of room

urban planning, sociology, design values,

settings coupled with the product to inter-

works of architect, urban psychology,

Magic Show

pret the style of your choice.

graphic design or set design, and theatre

The Magic Show Las Vegas is the promi-

design etc. The festival aims to create an

nent event of the apparel and clothing

Date: August 8-12, 2012

awareness and dialogue in public between

industry. The event sets a bench mark

Venue: Gallagher Convention Centre, Mid-

different fraternities.

as being the most popular and wor-

Decorex Joburg

thy event of the apparel and clothing

rand, South Africa

Texas Home and Garden Show Fort Worth Home and Garden Market pres-

Date: August 15-19, 2012

industry. This platform will entertain the

Venue: Anna University, School of Architec-

people engaged with the industry, from

ture and Planning, Chennai

the beginners to the professionals. New industrialist will get a focused opportu-

ents an extensive array of interior and exte-


rior products for the new or ready home.

Formex is one of the premier interior deco-

to get introduced with the big names of

Home, building and designer industries

ration sector trade shows in Sweden. The

the industry. This common platform will

gather here annually to offer the latest in

show serves as a convenient platform for

set new standards for the industry to take

home design. Many exhibitors are partici-

top professionals from the Nordic inte-

it on the heights. The show will be orga-

pating from across the globe in Fort Worth

rior design sector to directly interact with

nized by the Magic International Inc. Mag-

Home and Garden Market to present their

each other and exchange information on

ic is one of the most popular Las Vegas

latest products as well as services.

the latest topical issues. More than 26,000

Trade Shows.

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attendees take part at the show, including Date: August 11-12, 2012

a large contingent of foreign participants

Date: August 20-23, 2012

Venue: Fort Worth Convention Center (FWCC),

as well. A wide array of interior design

Venue: Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

themes, art and craft items, home textiles,

Vegas, Nevada, USA JULY-AUGUST 2012 • DESIGN MATRIX 127

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 127

6/28/2012 9:58:30 PM


• Agar Bazar S. K. Bole Road, Dadar (W), Mumbai 400028 Tel: (022) 24318444/555 Email: 9/B & 9/K, Laxmi Ind. Estate, New Link Road, Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400053 Tel: (022) 26327733 / 34 Email:

Pg. 1: Ebco Pvt. Ltd. 402-3, Hyde Park, Saki Vihar Road, Mumbai 400072 Tel: (022) 67837777 Email:

Pg. 2 & 3: Durian Veneers Durian Industries Ltd. 401, The Summit, Western Express Highway, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai 400057 Tel: (022) 26269000 Email:

Pg. 4 & 5: Schueco Green Technology Schueco India Solar & Windows Pvt Ltd Premises No. 64, 6th Floor, 3 North Avenue, Maker Maxity, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai 400 051 Tel: (022) 6786 8989 Email:

Pg. 6 & 7: Le Cdeor

Tel: (022) 25114285 Email:

Pg. 12: Mathios Stone HF Interiorss 32-Madhav Darshan, Waghawadi Road, Bhavnagar – 364 001. Tel.: (0278) 3001215/2427376 Email:

Pg. 13: Durian Laminates Cedar Décor Pvt. Ltd. F/2, Shapath-1, Nr. Cargo Motors, Opp. Rajpath Club, S. G. Highway, Ahmedabad - 380015 Email:

Pg. 14: Geeta Geeta Aluminium Company Pvt.Ltd. D/4, Ansa Industrial Estate, Saki Vihar Road, Saki Naka, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400072. Tel: 9930806685

Pg. 15: Astral ALCA PLAST Astral Poly Tecknik Limited 207/1, Astral House, B/h. Rajpath Club, Off. S.G.Highway, Ahmedabad – 380 059. Tel: (079) 66212000 Email:

Pg. 20: Uniply Elementz Decorative Veneers

MRJ Trading Pvt. Ltd. 201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Bldg., Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400057. Tel: (022) 26187132 / 26131442 Email:

Uniply Industries Ltd #52, Harleys Road, Kilpauk, Chennai - 6000010. Tel: (044) 26605995 Email:

Pg. 9: Cera

KiTEC Industries (India) Limited C-18/11, Jeevan Bima Nagar, Borivali (W), Mumbai – 400 103. Tel.: (022) 2895 1144 Email:

Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. Madhusudan House, Opp.Navrangpura Telephone Exchange, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380 006. Tel.: (079) 26449781/26449789 Email:

Pg. 10: Natural Veneers Turakhia Overseas Pvt. Ltd. 307, Traffic Lite, Next to Bank of Baroda, M.G. Road Ghatkopar (West), Mumbai- 400 086

Pg. 21: KiTEC CPS

Pg. 22: MRJ Flooring MRJ Trading Pvt. Ltd. 201, Shyam Kamal ‘C’ Bldg., Agarwal Market, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai – 400057. Tel : (022) 26187132 / 26131442 Email:

Pg. 23: DECOREX SOLUTIONS PVT LTD New Patel Sawmill Group 204/B, Vertex Vikas, Sir M V Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400069 Tel – (022) 26833377/0952 Email:

Pg. 36: Baaya Design 11/12, Baaya Design, Raghuwanshi Mill Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400013 Tel: (022) 65210165

Pg. 37: Fenesta Windows Motif Agencies Shop No.9, Ruturaj Bldg., Opp. S.N.D.T. College, Juhu Road, Mumbai 400 049. Tel.: 26603458 / 65819799 Email:

Pg. 41: Prayag Prayag Polymers (Pvt.) Ltd. Customer Care: 9310002486

Pg. 110: Uniply ATS Plywood Uniply Industries Ltd., #52, Harleys Road, Kilpauk, Chennai – 600 010. Tel: (044) 2660 5995 Email:

Pg. 123: UBM-INDEX Trade Fairs

IBC: Sleek Kitchen Sleek International 224-227, Blue Rose Ind. Estate, Western Exp. Highway, Next to Maruti Showroom, Borivali (E), Mumbai – 400 066. Tel: (022) 64527616 Email:

BC: DANSANI Bathroom Furniture Ultramine Group Chatterjee International Centre, 33A, J. L. Nehru Road, 6th Floor, Suite #10, Kolkata 700 071 (M) 9874430000 Email:


Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 128

6/28/2012 9:58:31 PM

BIC.indd 2

6/29/2012 12:30:55 PM

Design Matrix_July-August 12.indb 2

6/28/2012 9:58:36 PM

July-August 2012  
July-August 2012  

Catch Architects Canna Patel, Harsha Kotak, Samir Dharurkar, Chetan Vadesa, Archana & Amit Shah, Nendo, Torafu Architects and AA Zuberi alon...