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SEWN x STRAWN BARTON STRAWN [‘09 BEDA, ‘13 MBA] didn’t plan on designing clothes. He couldn’t sew, so he asked his mother for lessons and a passion was born – and so was a business. Strawn’s Lumina Clothing Co. features their signature bowties as well as pants and button-down shirts, all produced in the United States. Most of their merchandise is purchased online, but you can also shop at their trendy new downtown Raleigh store. The featured denim is made from Cone Denim’s White Oak Mill in Greensboro, NC. www.luminaclothingcom.

SWEET ALABAMA NATALIE CHANIN [‘87 BEDN] is the founder and creative director of Alabama Chanin, as well as the author of several books sharing her designs. Her work has been featured in Vogue, the New York Times and Time magazine. Chanin’s clothes are made-to-order and all hand stitched in Florence, Alabama. The featured “Reverse Magdalena Jane Tank” is 100% mediumweight organic cotton jersey and features their Magdalena stencil, sewn in placement fashion using reverse applique.

AIKEN’ TO HAVE ONE HOLLY AIKEN [‘97 BADN ] is a nationallyacclaimed designer, working out of Stitch, her downtown Raleigh showroom. Aiken’s products are primarily made from vinyl with bold black webbing trim, accented by stripes or crisp geometric shapes. Her color palette is slightly retro and always just right. Every one of Holly’s bags is made in North Carolina and has been lovingly constructed with precision and care to withstand the daily grind.

FRESH CUT DAVID BRYAN [‘11 MID] designed and developed the Handibot Smart Power Tool – a portable, Computer Numeric Control tool that precisely cuts, carves, and engraves a variety of materials. Roughly the size of a milk crate, Handibot is well suited to be carried to the location where machining is required, allowing a nearly infinite work area with proper setup.

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NO FOOLIN’ ANDREA DONNELLY [‘06 BADN] fell in love with the loom in beginning textiles studio. With her affinity for textiles, Donnelly launched her luxury handwoven scarf business. She experiments with color, texture, pattern and design, making each scarf one of a kind.

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