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Welcome to the November Issue.

The days are getting shorter, there is a chill in the air, and the holidays are right around the corner–November is here! It is time to gear up for the biggest shopping day of the year. Regardless of your political affiliation or whom you're pulling for, please remember to exercise a basic American freedom on November 6th. Countless soldiers throughout history gave the ultimate sacrifice so you and I would have this right. Let us do our duty and go to the polls and vote. Inside you'll find another great issue filled with interesting reading! Please check out our cover story on Unifour Pain Center and the business spotlight on Molly Malone's Boutique, as well as articles on the 2012 Kitchens and More Tour and attitude control. The Thanksgiving holiday offers a wonderful opportunity to get together with family and friends to share a meal and celebrate good times. Spending time with loved ones makes every holiday special. Take a moment this Thanksgiving to remember what you are thankful for.


LIVING Living the Good Life

November 2012

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Decorat ing Your Mantel for the Holidays By Donna Price

I recommend here, you won’t see the electrical wire.

k Step 3 k

Natural Greenery At this point, I make a trip to my yard (or neighbors) and gather various sprays of natural greenery. Leland cypress, juniper, magnolia, holly, nandina, curly willow, dried hydrangeas, pine cones and sweet gum balls all work well mixed into garland swags and centerpieces. Some of these can be spray painted gold or silver. This is the step where the magic happens. Unfortunately, I think it might also be the step that a lot of people miss. In my opinion the secret to creating a mantel with an authentic, rather than a manufactured look is in the natural greenery you use. When it comes to greenery, a lot of people stop at Step One using just the inexpensive, standard Christmas garland you can buy at any department or hardware store. But, if you execute this step, it will take your mantel from drab to fab.

The fireplace is a natural focal point when decorating and entertaining. One question I get asked a lot this time of year is “How do I decorate a mantel for the holidays?” People don’t always believe me when I tell them it’s very easy; truly, anyone can create a traditional look with layers of full greenery and ribbon. Here are a few tricks and my fail-proof formula for creating a beautiful Christmas mantel that you’ll be proud of and your friends will envy.

k Step 1 k

Basic Foundational Greenery As a starting point, use some basic and not-particularly-attractive green garland that you probably already have on hand. This layer is just the foundation 88 HICKORY HICKORY LIVING LIVING • NOVEMBER • NOVEMBER 2012 2012

for you to build on. It won’t be seen once you’ve completed your mantel, I promise. And take comfort in the fact that you can achieve an authentic look with store-bought garland and a few fresh embellishments.

k Step 2 k

The Lights! Next, layer on your lights if you’re using them, that is. And why wouldn’t you?!? Make sure to weave the string of lights in and out through the garland, not in a straight line. Don’t worry about wrapping each individual light around the garland in order to hide the ugly green wire. I know lots of people who do this, but truthfully, I’ve never been that picky. If you follow the other steps

k Step 4 k

Add your accessories. When it comes to accessories, there really are no boundaries. They can be things like decorative picks, ornaments, stocking holders, candles, figurines or collections. Be as creative as you want! I tend to choose colors that compliment rather than distract from the room.

k Step 5 k

If it still needs something, add ribbon. This step also seems to be one that a lot of people are afraid of. But trust me, when applied properly, ribbon is your friend. The trick to laying ribbon

properly is to not worry too much about it! I find that the ribbon on a lot of Christmas mantels is just laid too perfectly. Let it fall in large, loose loops randomly throughout the mantel. Weave the ribbon randomly across the mantel, placing it behind some of your accessories in places and in front of them in other spots. Remember every so often to stand back and take everything in at a distance so that any tweaking can be done. And don’t stress about this. You can produce a mantel fit for the pages of Martha Stewart Living. The most authentic and effortless looking mantels aren’t about perfection. And there you have it! All done? Well, what are you waiting for? Grab an eggnog, and put your feet up! ABOUT THE AUTHOR Donna Price is the owner of Bumblebee Interiors. Pictured are their creative designers responsible for the mantel design. Left to right, Meredith Price, Katie Brakefield and Donna Price.








cover story

Article by Kristie Darling

Photos: On the cover–Unifour Pain Treatment Center physicians Back row, left to right–Dr. Glenn Paige, Dr. Paul Lafavore, Dr. Joshua Smith Front row, left to right–Dr. Dave Eichman, Dr. Michelle Brown, Dr. Felicia Cain, Dr. Donny Brown Not pictured–Dr. Tom Herfurth, Dr. Chris Lariscy, Dr. Chris Hunt, Ashley Bartlette, PA

Pictured– Dr. Chris Hunt and Dr. Paul Lafavore review patient treatment plan 1212HICKORY HICKORY LIVING LIVING • NOVEMBER • NOVEMBER 20122012

For a physician, helping patients attain a higher quality of life is always the desired outcome. For the ten physicians practicing pain management at Unifour Pain Treatment Center, this is their motivation each day. Employing a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach, their goal is to help alleviate acute and chronic pain and improve quality of life for many who suffer from various painful conditions. “People don’t have to suffer with pain, and no pain is too minor for treatment. Today, we have many options in treating chronic pain. We develop an individualized treatment plan, and with a combination of treatment modalities, most pain can be managed and reduced,” Dr. Paul Lafavore, medical advisor, explained during my visit. “Patients want to return to their everyday lives, to get back to work, and to do the things they enjoy. Most patients can regain a comfortable level of activity.” TREATING PAIN EARLY A number of diseases and types of injuries bring patients to the Center. “We have patients of all ages. The most common conditions we see are low back and neck pain caused by herniated or deteriorated discs, arthritis, or failed back surgery,” Dr. Lafavore continued. “However, in all cases the most critical aspect is that we begin diagnosing the cause of the pain and treating the pain as soon as possible once the condition presents itself. By seeing patients early, we are more able to enhance patients’ performance and level of activity. Debilitating pain that lasts for long periods of time often leads to a chronic pain condition associated with depression, anxiety, dependence on medications, and disability.” To ensure early intervention, patients can make an appointment without a referral, and they will be seen within a week. The doctors at Unifour work closely with primary care physicians, physical and occupational therapists, psychologists, and local surgeons in a team approach to pain management. Treatment recommendations, as well as medication management, is communicated to all physicians involved in the patient’s care following each office visit. EXPERTISE IN PAIN MANAGEMENT The physicians at Unifour Pain Treatment Center are board-certified anesthesiologists with several

Photos: Top–Using radiology guidance, Dr. Michelle Brown performs a procedure to provide pain relief. Middle–Dr. Lafavore performs spinal injection Below–Clinical staff includes registered nurses, radiology technicians, and nursing assistants HICKORY LIVING • NOVEMBER 2012


physicians subspecialty-certified in pain management. They are skilled at diagnostic and therapeutic epidural injections and nerve blocks that are administered at the Center. These advanced treatments, in combination with physical or occupational therapies, aquatic therapy, chiropractic services, psychological, and medication regimens help manage pain so that patients can resume the activities they enjoy. Dr. Chris Hunt explained, “Our goal for patients is a better quality of life through a combination of pain management options. Many of our patients are not surgical candidates, and many conditions don’t require surgery to relieve pain. In these cases, a personalized, multi-modal approach, which may utilize injections, medications or other therapy is appropriate. Even small improvements in a chronic pain patient’s daily life are very important–being able to attend a grandchild’s soccer game or getting around the house or garden without discomfort. Reduction of pain can make a huge difference by increasing activity, and often improves depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness sometimes associated with loss of function due to chronic pain.” A LITTLE HISTORY Unifour Pain Treatment Center was started in 1980 as a practice within Frye Regional Medical Center. At that time, there were only a handful of pain treatment centers in the country. In the mid-1990s, the medical community placed more emphasis on managing pain. In 1996, the American Pain Society (APS) introduced the phrase “pain as the 5th vital sign.” By 1998, it was apparent that an off-site pain management facility would better serve our community. The pain service was relocated in the Unifour Medical Commons on Tate Boulevard. Growth of the practice has been ongoing, and Unifour is now the largest pain management clinic in the region. Physician coverage is available 24 hours a day, and their affiliation with Frye allows fully comprehensive and inclusive treatment plans for patients with pain.

Photos, top to bottom: • Dr Hunt explains plan of care to patient • Dr. Felicia Cain and “Mr. Bones” • Friendly, professional admissions staff

Opposite page: Unifour Pain Treatment Center's staff is well trained, professional and compassionate.



EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY OF PATIENT CARE The hospital-based facility is impressive. Still a service of Frye Regional Medical Center, the large, freestanding facility located at 250 18th Street Circle SE in Hickory is welcoming, comfortable, and outfitted with high-tech equipment so patients can easily receive the individualized care they need. As in a modern hospital, pleasant waiting areas, consultation and treatment rooms, and fully monitored recovery suites are well equipped and private. Drs. Lafavore and Hunt gave me the full tour, and I was impressed with the spacious environment within this stateof-the-art facility. “Conscious sedation is administered to reduce anxiety during injection treatments,” Dr. Hunt explained. “We use fluoroscopy to visually monitor the injection site to ensure

exact placement and maintain a higher level of safety. We have on-site radiology technologists and can, through the radiology services offered by Frye (at two locations–FryeCare and the main campus) incorporate diagnostic testing, MRI, CT scans, and EMG studies. “Basically, we are full-service for our patients with on-site procedures and medical management, diagnostic resources provided by Frye, and our ability to refer to other specialists in the area if necessary,” Dr. Hunt continued. Pain can be caused by many conditions and can affect any part of the body. Patients are seen with cancer pain, back and neck pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, diabetic and other neuropathies, neuralgias, failed back surgery, chronic muscle spasm, arthritis, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, spinal stenosis, shingles, and injuries. “Shingles is probably the most painful condition we see in the elderly,” Dr. Lafavore told me. “We treat these patients as emergencies, and with shingles, it is critical that diagnosis and treatment begin as soon as possible. Early intervention decreases the

possibility of the condition becoming chronic.” In the case of diabetic neuropathy, by alleviating the pain, patients are more able to continue their exercise routine centered around a weight loss program, which in turn, helps manage their diabetes. In addition, migraine headaches can be managed with the use of Botox injections, and several Unifour physicians specialize in this treatment. COMPASSIONATE PROFESSIONALS AT YOUR SERVICE “We have a well educated, professional, and compassionate nursing, radiology, and office staff,” Denise Beck, RN and administrative director, said with a smile. “They treat everyone like family, and patients feel comfortable when they are here. It is very rewarding to see improvement in a patient who has suffered with chronic pain.” In addition to board-certified and fellowship-trained physicians, and the nursing and radiology staff, the practice employs Ashley Bartlette, certified physician assistant. She has experience in both pain management and internal medicine. As part of the team, Ashley works closely with

the patients’ physicians to establish an effective care plan. “We are very fortunate to have her services at Unifour Pain Treatment Center,” Denise continued. DON’T PUT OFF ATTENDING TO YOUR PAIN Remember, you don’t need to suffer. If pain keeps you from being your best, or reduces your work and leisure activities, you need to know what’s causing it and how to manage it so you can get your life back. Make your next step a call to Unifour Pain Treatment Center. Most major insurances are accepted, as well as self-referrals and physician referrals. Your first appointment may begin your journey to enjoying a pain free life again. The Unifour team is there to help you make it happen.

250 18th Street Circle SE Hickory, NC 28602 828-324-4005 HICKORY LIVING • NOVEMBER 2012


Service League of Hickory Presents Purchase Tickets Tickets can be purchased for $25 at the following locations: • Lowe’s Foods (in Hickory) • Bumblebee Interiors • Jenny’s • Hen & Chicken • Catawba Science Center • Service League Thrift Shop Information, including additional ticket locations, driving directions, tour schedules for chefs, caterers, participating businesses and musicians performing can be found at: or by calling 828.327.2481

By Diane Taylor

Mostafaloo Home

The Service League of Hickory is celebrating its 75th year and presents the 7th annual Kitchens & More Tour on Saturday, November 17th, from 10 am - 5 pm. The 2012 event features six Hickory homes, tastings from local chefs, along with food demonstrations in select kitchens. A variety of local musical talent will perform in homes throughout the day. On tour day, made from scratch hearty frozen beef vegetable and lentil soups and delicious homemade desserts may be purchased at the Service League house. In addition, one-of-a-kind artwork by Michelle Major with Be a Voice Arts (BAVA), specialty and gift items, and crafts created by our artistic members will be available for early holiday shopping. For the second year, the nonprofit organization, Arts for Life, will sell high quality art. These pieces were created by pediatric cancer patients while receiving treatment in our state’s top cancer treatment centers. In addition, participants can purchase raffle tickets ($2/each or 6/$10) for a chance to win a $350 Unique Oriental Rugs & More gift certificate, a $100 gift certificate from Josh’s on Union Square, plus many other donated items. New this year is the 75th anniversary edition of Market to Market & More Cookbook. Originally published in 1984, this updated version contains all original recipes along with over 150 new ones. Cookbooks will be sold at all homes on the tour for $25 each.

Where do the proceeds go? 2011 Kitchens and More Tour efforts raised over $45,000. This year, funds will be distributed to: Cooperative Christian Ministry, Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina’s Kids Café and Backpack Program, the Service League of Hickory scholarship fund and the Women’s Resource Center. 75 Years of Community Service As a greater Hickory nonprofit, over 300 Service League of Hickory members keep the 1937 founding philosophy alive. Their local community services support philanthropy, service, and education. Through their efforts, the Service League of Hickory has returned over $1,500,000 to Hickory and Catawba County over the last 75 years.

Homes on Tour 16

• Service League of Hickory–Oakwood Historical District • John Chamberlain/Malinda Beam–Oakwood Historical District • Alex Bernhardt–The Point of Lake Hickory • David & Azam Mostafaloo–Moore’s Ferry, Lake Hickory • John & Eileen Leach–Northeast Hickory • Bill & Sue Martin–Northeast Hickory • Chris & Marian Story–Overlooking Lake Hickory


Mostafaloo Kitchen Photos provided by Service League of Hickory




Molly Malone's Boutique Bringing Fashion to the Area with Three Locations By Meredith Collins

Molly Malone’s Boutique recently opened their third location in Birkdale Village, adding to the success of the Hickory and Mooresville stores. All Molly Malone’s locations sell one-of-a-kind jewelry, apparel, handbags, shoes, accessories and more. With the holiday season upon us, Molly Malone’s Boutique is the perfect place to find the greatest gifts and the latest fashions to keep you in style. Owner Amanda Rogers lives in Hickory with her 3 ½ year old daughter, Paisley. Her career in the retail industry began over 16 years ago, and she opened her first retail location in 2001. Her business grew rapidly, and Rogers opened Molly Malone’s Boutique in Hickory in September 2005. In May 2011, the store expanded into a larger location behind Olive Garden. A second store had opened in Mooresville in 2008, and this year Rogers opened her third location in Birkdale Village. The business has continually grown, and Rogers’s interest in fashion and business is growing, as well. “I absolutely love what I do,” Rogers said. “I’ve always had this passion.” She shares this passion with her family. Merilee Gwaltney, Amanda’s mother, helps in the stores, and daughter Paisley spends time there, too. “It’s definitely a family affair,” Rogers said.

Photos, top to bottom: • Amanda Rogers, owner of Molly Malone’s Boutique • Largest selection of Vera Bradley in Hickory 18


Whether it’s mothers and daughters looking for a unique item or a husband shopping for that special gift for his wife, Molly Malone’s is sure to offer a very comfortable and personal shopping experience. “With this economy, customers are more selective,” Rogers said. “When you come into our store you will always get extraordinary customer service. It’s something that sets us apart from big department stores.” This holiday season, all Molly Malone’s locations are filled with delightful gift selections partnered with a talented sales team available

Photos, above–What will you find when you visit Molly Molone's? A huge selection of Old Gringo boots, Brighton jewelry only available at Molly Malone’s and a friendly, educated staff to help you with all of your shopping needs! to assist customers in making the perfect selection. Rogers and her staff are in tune with each season’s latest fashion trends. For fall and winter, Rogers says you’ll continue to see lots of color blocked clothing styles and neon. The latest trends in jewelry are bubble necklaces and big, heavy statement pieces. Animal print is still in, and boots are popular to pair with a casual shirt, jeans or dresses. A few of their top brands include: Brighton, Vera Bradley, Waxing Poetic,

Trollbeads, Bonn Bons, Chamilia, Alex & Ani, Old Gringo, NYDJ’S, and much more! Visit one of the Molly Malone’s Boutique locations whenever you are looking for a special gift for someone on your Christmas list or something extra special for yourself! The website, mollymalonesboutique. com, details the different brands available at the boutique. On their Facebook page, be sure to like them for coupons and specials!

Hickory–2237 Highway 70 SE 828.328.2217 Mooresville–607 River Highway 704.663.1630 Birkdale Village–16926 Birkdale Commons Parkway, Suite C Huntersville, NC 28078 704-892-5668 Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-7pm; Sun - 1pm-6pm



© Robert Hambrick, III

Shell's BAR-B-Q Celebrates 60 Years of Food and Fun

In late November 1952, Fred and Violet Shell opened an 850 square foot eatery on Springs Road in Hickory and a Saint Stephens institution was born. Sixty years later, Lisa and Blake, better known as Bee, Watts are the proprietors of the 2500 square foot shiny, 50s style diner known as Shell’s Bar-B-Q. Much has changed, but much remains the same, only improved. Sixty years ago teenage cruisers sat in their hot rods on the curb, along with carloads of families. All had come to Shell’s for the same reasons: the great bar-B-Q, burgers, hotdogs, and cherry vanilla drinks. Today, teenagers and families frequent Shell’s, but now they come to a spacious 120-seat diner, or cruise by the drive-thru for the same great food, cherry vanilla drinks and cherry vanilla slushies. Lisa and Bee believe in consistent qual20


ity food. They still use the tried and true recipes that have satisfied customers for 60 years–its award winning bar-B-Q, coleslaw, chili, chicken salad, egg salad, pimento cheese, potato salad, and other homemade menu items. The menu includes those old-time favorites such as hand-dipped milkshakes, sundaes, banana splits, banana pudding and homemade fried pies. The menu has expanded to include popular items such as bar-B-Q nachos, salads and cold plates, pork chops, shrimp, flounder, chicken tenders, club and Reuben sandwiches, patty melts, wraps, veggie burgers and veggie wraps, and daily specials. These additions, breakfast all day, and other traditional American comfort foods combine to make Shell’s the preferred dining destination for generations of hungry folks. Shell’s has established itself as a hub of community activity. They have hosted outdoor concerts, pep rallies, and the Pink Heals Tour, as well as numerous fund raisers for community members in need, local and national charities, local sports teams, cheerleaders, church youth groups, ministries, veterans’ groups, and especially local schools. Lisa and Bee feel it is an honor to be

asked, and they are proud to assist the community any way they can. Sixty years of serving great food to great people in a great community is Shell’s history. They want you to become a part of the diner’s future. Please join Shell’s Bar-B-Q for the quality experience that has made history. Shell’s is located at 2609 Springs Road NE in Hickory. Their phone number is 828-256-2275. Fax in orders at 828256-1492. Visit on Facebook for activities, special menus and special events, and check the website for the complete menu. Email at For catering call Bee at 828-312-6527.

Photo: The Watts family–Left to right, Duncan, Tristan, Lisa, Blake "Bee", Liam Paid Advertisement












he Catawba County Chamber is proud to announce the winners of the 2012 Edison Project from our nine finalists: First Place $5,000 winner–David Scalise-Tileware Products LLC: David and his business partner, Mike Freedel, have developed a new fastening system for shower accessories installed in tile mortar. They have manufacturing and distribution in progress and are looking to expand on their already working business model with investor assistance.

Inside The Chamber

Chamber Announces Edison Project Winners

G. Daniel Hearn, CCE President/CEO Catawba County Chamber of Commerce

Second Place $3,000–James TateTension Technologies: James has developed an innovative load indicating lock washer and patented tensioning components. James is seeking capital to manufacture product to meet demand, as well as continued testing, research, and to establish a marketing program. Third Place $2,000–Molly Hemstreet-Opportunity Threads: Molly has already established a social enterprise that is an eco-textile cut and sew operation that is mainly grant funded. She works with entrepreneurs who have production requests that are below most textile company’s minimum orders. She is looking for capital for additional equipment and is seeking out new customers to grow a sustainable self-funding business. This competition, the first of its kind in Catawba County, was developed last year to highlight the importance of entrepreneurship to community. More importantly, the competition identifies those most promising, innovative ideas, and provides the opportunity to demonstrate how they might survive and thrive in our very competitive marketplace. The Edison Project also provides technical support to these entrepreneurial ventures. It was a great success in 2011 as a Catawba County project. This year the Edison Project was expanded to include Alexander, Burke, and Caldwell counties. We have recognized these entrepre-

26 26


neurs, because they have risen to the top throughout this process. They each submitted an executive summary, describing the essence of their plan to a panel of judges comprised of business consultants, executives and investors. The best of those executive summaries moved to the next step in the competition as finalists. In the next step in the process, the finalists presented their concept and plans, as well as descriptions of how their venture would make money and successfully compete in the marketplace. Each finalist was allowed 15 minutes for a PowerPoint presentation to a panel of experts including investors, a commercial lender, a merger and acquisitions specialist, a business consultant, and a marketing entrepreneur. Tough questions about the entrepreneurs’ assumptions followed. If you’ve never presented to such a panel, you can’t imagine the pressure! Well, I saw these entrepreneurs perform, and they were each impressive. Through the Edison Project, the entrepreneurs participated in a series of business development workshops, worked with their mentor teams, and prepared a written business plan that outlined the target market, the business model, the competition, the resources needed–human and capital– and most importantly, how they will make money. Throughout this process, each entrepreneur was advised by a business coach/mentor. Additionally, other resources were utilized. Some of those resources included the CVCC Small Business Center and ASU’s Small Business & Technology Development Center. A panel of judges evaluated the strength and quality of the business plans, including the assumptions, clarity of the plan, and overall feasibility of the entrepreneurs’ due diligence and planning process. In the final competition, five-minute presentations were made to a community-wide audience who voted for the best new business idea. Congratulations to our winners!







20 yr. Instructor • 35 yr. Professional Guitarist • • • •

Scales and Modes Chord Charts & Tabs Ear Training & Playing 300+ Songs - CD or Ipod


Minor and Major Repairs All Makes and Models

Official NC Inspection Station

(828) 322-4031 - Repairs

(828)-238-4873 - Wrecker

2260 Hwy 70 SW • Hickory, NC 28602 HICKORY LIVING • NOVEMBER 2012




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