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Vair studio creates unique, memorable and compelling spaces, structures and environments, with the utmost respect for sustainability and our clients' interior design, functional and spiritual aspirations.




Calm and Comfortable Living at the Heart of Dubai Burj Khalifa Apartment-107 Floor by CK Architecture


Classic yet Contemporary Charm on the beautiful Oceanfront of Miami Beach Cadillac Hotel and Beach Club by Bill Rooney Studio inc.


Fusing Bold and Quirky Designs with Culture and History Malmaison Edinburgh City by Dakota House of Design


Luxury Urban Oasis Pier 27 by 2pi r Design


Modern Individuality and Personality Shandukani House by DĂŠcor Identity

Cover: Pier 27 by 2pi r Design. See pages 38-47.




Rejuvenated and Reconfigured Victorian Residence by Ash Wilson Design


Highly Designed and Decidedly Different Wrap House by JW Architects Ltd


Showcasing Australian Design and Lifestyle Lesmurdie Residence by Moda Interiors


A Quintessentially English Renovation Blending Traditional Architecture and Innovative Design Life Asoke Hype by Vair Design Studio


A Tranquil Escape in Busy Manhattan The Well by Rose Ink Workshop


Residential Retreat in the Magical Landscape of Norway Efjord by Snorre Stinessen Architecture


A Unique and Unforgettable Space in the Heart Of New York 35 Hudson Yards Interiors and Model Apartment by Ingrao Inc.


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The weather is unseasonal but fabulous for late Spring in the UK right now, but at the point of writing we and many of you around the world are still in lockdown. Whilst some of you are now seeing restrictions lifted a little, these are still unprecedented and unnerving times. However, it is important for us in the design industry to continue to spread hope, inspiration and ideas for now, for the future and for our lives in broader terms, so I hope this issue will be filled with bright optimism and illustrate a beautiful world. We have selected just a small number of the successfully shortlisted schemes in this year’s International Design & Architecture and Hotel & Property Awards. We thought at this stage, it would be good to share some of the

incredible hotel design schemes shortlisted, for whilst we cannot travel, we still need to be reminded and it is good for the soul and spirit to dream of our next destination. You will notice that in a change to our published schedule we are upgrading our regular issues from next month to a series of hard back books The World’s Most Glamorous Homes will be the first of three issues we will bring to you in this format. Right now we think it is a good idea to give a little and add a little value, so we do hope they make good coffee table books and great reading. Until next month Take care and stay safe Joanne

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“Elegance has been incorporated into each space by CK Architecture Interiors L.L.C., with backlit quartz and marble featuring accents of champagne colouring used in the apartment’s bathroom, adding a sense of opulence and royalty. .” CK Architecture Interiors L.L.C.’s latest project is a luxury apartment in a prime location of Dubai, residing on the 107th floor of the Burj Khalifa building. The design was to balance luxury and comfort and match the overall ambience of the Burj Khalifa whilst appealing to the client’s existing taste. The architecture firm used a combination of textures, colours and fabrics to ensure that the property would hold depth and elegance, whilst remaining a comfortable space. For the property’s living spaces, CK Architecture Interiors L.L.C. decided upon clean and neutral colours to create a calming tone. The team added accents of black to the palette which adds a sense of affluence to the space. CK Architecture Interiors L.L.C. believes that “Texture can bring a unique dimension to the room”, so it was important that a variety of fabrics and textures were used to create depth and add interest. The team carried this out by using different materials for each piece of furnishing and using fabric finish wallpaper on some of the property’s walls as a finish. The existing round column in the living space was transformed into a focal point through the use of caviarlike material, crafted by artisans from the Netherlands, which leads the eye to the optimal views the apartment offers, creating a link between the property and its location. The team cite the biggest challenge of the project as being “to take the aura around The Burj Khalifa from outdoor to indoor. The grandness, the luxury and sophistication all needed to be combined together without screaming out loud.” The lighting for this project needed to be carefully considered as CK Architecture Interiors L.L.C. felt that it was important to address the purpose of the space, and so decided to use pinhole anti-glare spotlights to create a hotel-like feel. The choice of lighting adds a subtle glow to each living space in the evenings, whilst the property’s floor to ceiling windows allow natural light to flow in whilst showcasing the enviable views of Dubai’s skyline. 20 design et al

Elegance has been incorporated into each space by CK Architecture Interiors L.L.C., with backlit quartz and marble featuring accents of champagne colouring used in the apartment’s bathroom, adding a sense of opulence and royalty. The backlit quartz helps to enhance and showcase the beautiful veins of the quartz, with CK Architecture Interiors L.L.C. carefully considering mirror placement to duplicate this. The bathroom space echoes the minimalist qualities of the property’s various rooms, with its clean palette featuring ceramic tiling by Fiandre, considered space and clever storage solutions. Entering the property’s kitchen, one is greeted with minimalist and white colours which was purposely carried out by CK Architecture Interiors L.L.C. in order to create an atmosphere that transitions easily between the kitchen and dining area. The original design of the kitchen was closed off to the other spaces, but CK Architecture Interiors L.L.C. wanted to create an open feel and so they broke the kitchen down in order to open it out to other spaces. Despite this, the light implementation emphasises the area as a separate functional space. Moving through to the apartments dining space, where CK Architecture Interiors L.L.C. have created an intimate space where the client can comfortably host guests or enjoy dining alone overlooking the illustrious Dubai landscape. The reflective material on the dining room’s cabinet and wall panels provides depth and a sense of spaciousness echoing the views from the floor-to-ceiling windows, through CK Architecture Interiors L.L.C.’s choice of dark material offers a luxurious contrast to the interior detailing. Preeti Sharma cites the dining and living room as her favourite spaces within the property, with personal touches of the client’s added so that “every inch of space has a story”. As the client was a collector, the team wanted to ensure that pieces were displayed throughout the apartment, this included the clients collection of over six hundred watches, which CK

Architecture Interiors L.L.C created a display cabinet for, and a collector’s shoe made up of gold and diamond is displayed in the centre of the apartment in storage designed by CK Architecture Interiors L.L.C.. In addition, the team included the client’s collectors painting in the dining area, a vocal cityscape that draws the eye and adds accents of colour to the room. Moreover, the cabinet also houses an electric fireplace, evoking further feelings of cosy and intimate dining. Burj Khalifa Apartment-107 Floor has seen CK Architecture shortlisted for the Luxury Residence £2.5-5 Million Award at The International Hotel & Property Awards 2020. Speaking about the awards, Managing Director of C K Architecture Interiors L.L.C., Cem Kapancioglu commented “It’s a prestigious platform to get recognised in the international market.” Preeti Sharma added “This means that so many years of hard work is finally paying off. Recognition on an international platform is a completely different feeling.” CK Architecture Interiors L.L.C. have delivered a spectacular design that integrates into its environment seamlessly whilst also adhering to the client’s tastes. The team have ensured that despite apartments grandeur, it still feels like a home, adding various pieces from the client’s collection to each space, creating a story and ensuring the design has a personal feel. C K Architecture Interiors L.L.C. applied various skills to ensure the apartment would feel spacious and open for the client, they played with ceiling heights, colours, lighting and completely redesigned the kitchen in order to create more space and add a sense of cohesiveness to the rooms. Burj Khalifa Apartment-107 Floor epitomises luxury and is a space the client can relax and unwind in whilst still feeling at the very heart of Dubai.

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CK Architecture Interiors LLC is a Design and Build company that is specialized in interior design & architecture, fit out services and turnkey contracts in Dubai. Our vision is to be the best interior design firm in Dubai.

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“The mood is represented through the crisp architecture that works well in the bright Miami sunshine, while new Deco details found throughout the guest rooms have been added and reinvented.”

The Cadillac Hotel and Beach Club is a multi-million-dollar renovation of an iconic seventy-year old hotel. Originally designed in the Art Deco style in 1940, the beautiful oceanfront resort retains strong elements of its original classic stylings, and old Miami charm. The team at Bill Rooney Studio inc. have artfully incorporated beautiful modern materials and contemporary details to carry the hotel and the beach club into the future. The newly designed guest rooms have been designed to facilitate luxurious lounging of an era departed and with an international flare, inspired by the past glory of the hotel and Miami Beach. Featuring three-hundred-and-fiftyseven guest rooms, the hotel is outfitted with meticulously designed décor that draws inspiration from the glamour and sophistication of the 1940’s deco style, while embracing a sleek and soothing contemporary Miami design. The mood is represented through the crisp architecture that works well in the bright Miami sunshine, while new Deco details found throughout the guest rooms have been added and reinvented. Crisp white stone floors, white walls with Deco inspired articulation, flattering ambient lighting, and subtle smokey blue accents create a sanctuary that allows the guest to unwind in style. The end result is both inspiring and highly-stylised, while equally welcoming and comfortable, providing guests with a glamorous and luxurious experience from arrival to departure. Upon entering, the public areas are filled with light and modern versions of the deco articulation found on the wall fluting details in the renovated public areas. Light terrazzo floors lead guests from a mood at 28 design et al

the entry that has a formal ambience, and gracefully unveils a more casual mood as guests journey to the lobby bar, swimming pool, cabana bar, and the beach. As the mood changes, the spirit of the hotel is maintained and remains cohesive. The guest rooms are designed to encapsulate a private sanctuary, highlighting that the Cadillac Hotel and Beach Club guest rooms are luxurious dressing rooms for guests to unwind in style while they prepare for their Miami Beach experience. The Cadillac Hotel and Beach Club project presented initial challenges for the team at Bill Rooney Studio inc., particularly relating to the guestroom design throughout the various existing 1940’s and additional 21st Century building configurations. However, the team at Bill Rooney Studio inc. envisioned the unique opportunity this proposed rather than focussing on the challenges. The result was producing awe-inspiring designs, such as corner bay windows that showcase breathtaking views, as well as providing delightful seating vignettes in the guestrooms, and unique moulding configurations on the walls and ceilings. The interior architecture expands upon the influence of the Existing Art Deco Style of the building through the use of interior wall fluting details in both the guestrooms and renovated public areas. These details are significant as they pair with the deco inspired fluting details on the façade which are a key aspect of the project. These deco details are very Miami and pairs so well in an environment with so much sunlight. The Cadillac Hotel and Beach Club has been shortlisted for Hotel Over 200 Rooms, Hotel Suite, and Beach Hotel

in The International Hotel & Property Awards. Bill Rooney, President of Bill Rooney Studio inc., explains that “The design works well with its context, allowing the guest to immerse themselves into a unique Miami Beach mood while allowing for an individual and aspirational experience that is glamorous and luxurious.” Rooney’s statement highlights such a guest experience should be at the core of any hotel design, and The Cadillac Hotel and Beach Club is certainly a place with a soul that emphasises place while offering experiences that meet guest aspirations. The firm’s design process demonstrates their hard work ethic and commitment to delivering unique design solutions for each of their clients. Prior to beginning the project of The Cadillac Hotel and Beach Club, Bill Rooney Studio inc. began with a research phase, ensuring that the team understood the goals, mandate, and clientele of the project. This process establishes that each project is catered to the specific requirements, highlighting that no two projects are alike, and Bill Rooney Studio inc. works to the highest standard in order to maintain a strong relationship with the client before, during, and after the project has been delivered. Bill Rooney Studio inc. have delivered a project that takes on a crisp interpretation of Miami Deco that offers a distinctive and unique stay in Miami. Bringing a traditional yet fresh charm to the beautiful oceanfront of Miami Beach, The Cadillac Hotel and Beach Club provides a comfortable and luxurious experience for guests looking to retreat into paradise.

Bill Rooney Studio

alluring and distinctive design


Rooney Studio hotels



Bill Rooney Studio, Inc. provides interior design services for select hotel properties and residential commissions that require one-of-a-kind solutions. Each design is alluring and distinctive, achieving the maximum result from the investment made by our cliaents.

Our design process reflects our commitment to providing bespoke design solutions for each client. We begin with a research phase, to ensure that we have a complete




inc. residential

understanding of the project mandate, goals, and clientele. No two projects are alike, so we work to define and deliver the hallmarks of success for your specific project. Throughout the project, we engage all project stake-holders to facilitate decision-making and ensure the end product fulfills the vision. Firm principals and senior designers maintain a high level of personal interaction with the client and build relationships that last long beyond the completion of the project.

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“The design has a classical foundation with contemporary 21st Century requirements of how one lives today in an incredibly hectic world.”

The new flagship hotel for Malmaison, the Malmaison Edinburgh City project delivered by Dakota House of Design, provides a luxurious and funky guest experience with cultural and historical references to the city of Edinburgh. Situated in St. Andrews Square, the hotel is a listed building that contains bold designs of its bedrooms and public areas that complement the significance of its architecture well. The design brief was to create a stylish seventy-two-bedroom hotel in the heart of Edinburgh City New Town, incorporating the uniqueness and individuality of the Malmaison brand. Each hotel dares to be different and is designed with the location and architecture of the buildings in mind, as well as local history and popular attractions, to create a story, while keeping the design sophisticated, elegant and timeless. The design needed to create an extraordinary experience for all of their guests. The central story at Edinburgh City is a contrast, told through the bold design by highlighting existing features with a contemporary twist; rich colours, royal tones, relating to Edinburgh Castle, traditional artwork - work of that era but displayed in a modern way, and large feature furniture creating statements using contrasting materials. The stunning reception area has a charming flare to it, immediately drawing attention to its padded fabric reception screen. A key aspect of the project, the concept of this feature was to capture the juxtaposition of the Thistle against the Rose. Two powerful symbols, the former is Scotland’s national emblem and the name of a street located in the New Town, while the latter is the rise of England’s national emblem and an additional street in the New Town. This feature further demonstrates another form of juxtaposition; hard against soft. The Thistle is a stark and harsh stem, highlighted in the robust materials used for the reception pods, while the Rose represents beauty and delicacy, displayed in the soft textures used for the panelling to the backdrop of the reception. The artworks were also specially designed 36 design et al

to sit with the “juxtaposition” concept, with pieces of art that are formed from a ripped poster mix of a famous Edinburgh statue and a spaceship, or a blending of a modern ladies’ portrait with a Greek classical portrait. The Restaurant sits atop the Bar Terrace, again alluding to the theme of juxtaposition with its floating panels of illuminated burnt timber against dark coloured existing walls and pilasters. The original building is built from various sizes of sandstone blocks, which at the rear become the walls to the Bar Terrace, providing a sensational natural warmth and dramatic effect when illuminated by uplighters. Due to the inclusion of the stone in the design, the team wanted to bring the outside into the interior, which was achieved by the floating back illuminated planted rafts. The Bar area creates a “cellar” type of feel in which the lighting is key. While the main theme of the hotel was to emphasise dark and bold tones, Dakota House of Design ensures that certain public areas allow guests to enjoy light spaces while enjoying a morning coffee, full lunch menu, early evening cocktails, or late-night drinks. Lighting is key to creating the mood for guests, with lighting levels lowering at 9pm while UV lighting canons light up the UV works of art. Again, the juxtaposition theme comes into play as normal painted artworks are transformed into UV painted wild animals of the night. The design works well as it tells the story while still creating a sophisticated hotel with a style that is quirky and yet seductive. Bedrooms are cosy and distinctive and public areas are funky but still elegant, giving the guest a unique hotel experience. Dakota House of Design has designed something which is photogenic from every corner and every angle. A particular challenge that presented itself to the team was the requirement to work carefully round the building, taking into consideration its listed status and Scottish heritage, and how to present the building with character while leaving the original building envelope undisturbed. Dakota House of Design achieved this by

designing features such as the front of the house office and the reception feature screen with minimal accepted fixing to floor, walls, and ceilings. Furthermore, concealed glows and free-standing lamps were incorporated into the design due to the limitations of how the team could work around the lighting scheme due to the building’s listed status. The design integrates with the wider environment as the street names are incorporated into the story through the reception feature and on throughout the hotel. One particular landmark in the New Town is the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, serving as inspiration behind Dakota House of Design’s use of traditional artwork in a contemporary style, such as blown up pixelated artwork in the suite bedroom headboards. Dakota House of Design used the surroundings of Edinburgh to help them tell a story, told through the design of Old meets New, much like Edinburgh itself. For their intricately detailed and unique design of Malmaison Edinburgh City, Dakota House of Design have been shortlisted for Hotel Under 200 Rooms at The International Hotel & Property Awards. Rudi Hynes, Junior Designer for Dakota House of Design, highlights that “The International Hotel & Property Awards are important as they provide a wide range of companies an opportunity to showcase their portfolio to the wider community and hopefully achieve recognition they deserve.” Malmaison Edinburgh City is a boutique hotel that stands out from the crowd, differing greatly from many hotel designs and interiors. Jonathan Livesey, head of development for Malmaison, Hotel Du Vin, and Frasers, desired a design that would show appreciation to the original Malmaison in Leith, Edinburgh. This in turn allowed Dakota House of Design to enhance the hotel’s “dark and moody side”, a contrast against the “light and airy” designs of many other contemporary hotels. Dakota House of Design have delivered a thought-provoking and timeless design that will “rock the boat” in the industry.

Dakota House of Design, 1 Dinsdale Place, Sandyford, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE2 1BD

+44(0)191 261 0261

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“The interior of Private Residence Pier 27 encapsulates a contemporary style and sensibility, where clean furniture and sight lines grant panoramic visibility throughout the entire space.”

2pi r Design were enlisted to create a timeless interior for a luxury private residence in Toronto, Canada. The lakefront property showcases stunning metropolitan views of its surrounding cityscape and horizon, and acts as a calm respite from city life, one which is filled with culture and character. Pier 27 wanted to create an urban oasis for their clients, a globe-trotting couple. The rectilinear footprint of the residence features 180-degree views of the cityscape, so an open concept layout was chosen to maximise the property’s surrounding views. The residences canvas begins with its exterior, with 2pi r Design taking into consideration the dominance of its architectural envelope, as the space inherited a series of structural beams and columns that wrap around the window glazing. This presented the interior design team with an opportunity to take a more creative approach when blending the exterior elements with a timeless interior. 2pi r Design blends a cultural awareness, devotion to creating art, and a determined spirit of experimentation. Steen Lin and Calland Lee, founders and partners of 2pi r Design, work closely with artisans and artists, pushing the boundaries of design each step of the way and achieving beauty in the unexpected. Projecting a global understanding and experience, each project infuses a sense of place and quirky variations that create a strong emotional connection. Speaking about 2pi r Design’s favourite aspect of Private Residence 27, Calland Lee said “Creating unexpected moments of pause with unique touches that bring out the honesty of materials, the twobedroom residence is filled with a playful 46 design et al

juxtaposition between texture and raw finishes.” Artful interventions throughout highlight the glamour of Asian culture, while the effortless pared back style is reminiscent of a relaxed, North American lifestyle. The team ensured that they displayed the client’s favourite keepsakes and objects collected to enrich their lives and add a personal touch to each space. Each room contains curated artifacts from the client’s travels, evoking memories at every turn. Paired with an equally large terrace that extends the living space beyond its walls to bring the outside in, this private residence is truly an urban oasis. The interior of Private Residence Pier 27 encapsulates a contemporary style and sensibility, where clean furniture and sight lines grant panoramic visibility throughout the entire space. Floor-toceiling windows enable natural light to touch every corner of each space; all the rooms are flooded with light and the visual transparent highlights the attention to design details, proportions and material harmony. A neutral palette incorporates noble materials with elegantly appointed details, mixing the warm, natural tones with an eclectic mix of tailored furniture and custom artworks to reflect the client’s international taste. Warm colours lift the muted tones and bring the decor to life and contrast beautifully against the grey skyline view. Despite the property’s open plan layout in the main living areas, the interior design team have created a distinction between each space through the use of different flooring and rugs. The living room floor is made up of light panelled wood, this ends upon entering the residence’s kitchen where the flooring transitions to an

elegantly marbled grey tile. This ensures that despite the open layout, each space in the property is truly its own. Speaking about how the design integrates into its wider environment, Calland Lee described it as “complementing the architecture as a beautiful statement on it’s own, showcasing the full floor-toceiling façade, the planning for the suite started from the core and worked outward to maximise the unobstructed 180 degree city views.” The enviable Private Residence Pier 27 project has seen 2pi r Design shortlisted in the Luxury Residence £1-2.5 Million category at The International Hotel & Property Awards 2020. Speaking about the awards, Calland Lee commented “These awards uphold the design integrity and raise the bar for design innovation by sharing knowledge across hotel and property developers around the world.” 2pi r Design endeavours to achieve harmony and unity within the spaces that they create, establishing an aesthetic that respects the past, present, and future of their clients. The luxury Pier 27 Residence is truly a stunning project that is a marvel for any guest who encounters it; the breathtaking surrounding views and elegant and contemporary interiors complete the atmosphere and provide a unique home for its residents. 2pi r Design have remained true to their design philosophy and explored different ways in which to be creative, delivering a quirky and unparalleled design that will truly define and deliver an exceptional experience for its homeowners.

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“The balance between contemporary design and affluent features results in an ambience of modern excellence, with the use of colour in each space complementing the art throughout the space.”

Designed to be a space for modern, single living, Shandukani House is a residence that provides entertainment with flowing, open areas that connects each room throughout the property. The homeowner, who is a businesswoman, wanted this project to express her personal tastes and be suited to her way of living, whilst carrying a quality of understated luxury. Décor Identity chose a light colour scheme and open plan design, acknowledging the sophistication that is found in simplicity. The balance between contemporary design and affluent features results in an ambience of modern excellence, with the use of colour in each space complementing the art throughout the space. Each room has its own atmosphere, created from the colour palette, while the spaces are connected through the modern, classic, and timeless flow of furniture. The client desired luxury, while keeping accessories and styling elements clean, sophisticated, and minimal - a home where children can roam freely yet retain a simple and modern feel. The design journey began with the architectural plan, assisting the client to achieve the look and style they desired, with Décor Identity deciding upon the tiles, bathroom fittings, kitchen design and colours, and paint colours. The client’s brief required a space that enables the homeowners to feel at home while being able to entertain guests sufficiently. There are eight entertaining areas, including a cinema space for children and friends to enjoy in their free time. Each space in the residence has been designed with fine detail; the wallpaper, lighting, and soft details were thoroughly planned since the residence was in the building phase. Décor Identity started the decor planning early during the building process, ensuring the team understood the direction and the goal to achieve the overall style of the project. 56 design et al

The interior design work was styled to complement the architecture of Shandukani House; the large open windows allow for natural light to flood the interior, and so Décor Identity wanted the interiors to harmonise with this. A soft yet natural-toned palette is used throughout the home, elevated by seldom touches of stronger colours for added depth and luxury. Each room is given its own character with the colour palette and patterns that are used; the kitchen and dining area employs subtle scatters of dark blue for a subdued pensive character, whereas the seating areas combine an assortment of textures, patterns and neutral undertones, that are brought to life with green accents. A richness in texture and detail is employed to preserve depth and intrigue in a very light and natural interior space. In doing so, Décor Identity achieved the client’s brief of a modern, clean and simple space with luxe and glamour. Additional statement elements such as the bold lighting pieces complement the contemporary style whilst showcasing the care that Décor Identity invests into their projects. The inclusion of a home cinema and wine cellar enhances the opulence of the project and again defines this as a home for modern living. A statement element of the home is the in-built Wine Cellar in the ground, an area that invites guests to socialise and be captured by this breathtaking piece. Many details within the residence are round, including the staircase and the lighting focal points above it, and the round sofa, each complementing the architecture and serving as statement pieces. There are seven bedrooms within the residence, each with their own character yet appeal to the design of the rest of the home. By doing so, the team were able to keep most of the larger statement pieces neutral,

while adding a touch of colour to the designer pieces. The team at Décor Identity sought out a simple, modern, and timeless design, and so the large and open plan spaces presented themselves as challenges for the team. Décor Identity wanted to ensure that the spaces flowed harmoniously while making each living area warm and inviting. The team decorated the multiple spaces in the open plan living areas to be neutral and calm, adding colour in accessories, accent ornaments, and scatter cushions. This created an individuality between each area, bringing a different character while maintaining the flow between spaces. For their contemporary and timeless design of Shandukani House, Décor Identity has been shortlisted for Luxury Residence - Global in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020. Elisha Annandale, Owner and Head Interior Designer of Décor Identity, highlights that the “awards will be a great achievement and great highlight” for her career, further commenting that “to be acknowledged for your work in the design industry is what I believe will be the top of my career.” With a comfortable and simple design style that provides easy living for young families, the Shandukani House is more than a house, it is a home. The interior of the home is designed to capture the modern architecture of the residence, while a natural palette on the exterior was used to blend the interior and exterior spaces, introducing calm, even tones and accented accessories. Elisha Annandale suitably describes the project as a “dream home”, a residence that breathes modern individuality with personal touches, making it the perfect home for a family.

Decor Identity specialises in a full interior design and decorating service. Providing each client with an individual design concept, tailored to suit the style and requirements of each client. We believe our service and product is of high quality design and offers value for money. We can provide quotes on all areas of interior aspects required from kitchens, bathrooms, tiling, furniture, window treatments and more. design et al 0

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“The eclectic style of the home was carefully carried throughout each room, with a colour palette that offers a nod to the historic tones with dark blues and greens, contrasted with a section of mid-century antique furniture, integrating the appeal of the home to a wider environment.” The majestic two storey Victorian Residence project has been renovated and extended from its original design, built in 1863. Reconfiguring, defining, and fusing were the cornerstones of the design brief, ensuring two different design styles of traditional and contemporary were combined to meet the client’s requirements. The goal of the renovation was to “marry the old with the new”, which is eloquently portrayed throughout the interior of the home. The team at Ash Wilson Design were careful to respect the history of the 1863 period home, while making sure to accommodate the needs of a busy, modern household. Functionality was the key starting point for the design, and the team identified factors that previously did not work for the family in their existing household, and navigated a new design, warranting structural changes and new layouts. Upon entering this property guests are greeted with high ceilings, arched hallway details and a beautiful stained glass door. It was important to introduce artwork that immediately set the style of the home upon entry. The kitchen is a grounding design statement for the home, with its colour palette and simplicity, setting the tone within the house. Selecting specific Mid-century modern pieces of furniture throughout the house and creating a colour palette that connected each room was the essence that ultimately brings the design together. While undertaking the renovation on this Victorian period property, the team had a broad range of design challenges, particularly as the brief required a modern extension. Re-designing the layouts, ceiling heights and window design in the extension were fundamental to making this project accommodate a traditional elegance with a modern style. A favourite aspect of the project is the “Gin Room”, named during the early stages of design planning. Aisling Wilson, Creative Director of Ash Wilson Design, states that it was her favourite as it was the most challenging as the design brief required a space that the client could entertain, socialise, and relax in. Located at the 64 design et al

front of the house, it was a room that was disconnected and dark. Lacking a defined function, it is the one room that has not only dramatically and visually changed, it is now the family’s favorite room. The sofa was specifically selected as it combines a 1950’s shape with a contemporary edge. Selected for its shape and detail, the moss green velvet fabric adds a sense of luxury, while its exaggerated bulbous shape adds an interesting element. The alcoves house original Art Deco pieces, a drinks cabinet and a chest of drawers, and above the chest of drawers hangs an American sunburst metal wall art sculpture. The addition of bespoke three-quarter glass French doors to the dividing room were the key to connecting back the space to the house, adding additional light and some depth from the dark navy colour in the adjacent room. A key aspect of the project was to relocate the main bathroom. The home had to be versatile and cater to a busy family of five, which presented challenges for the team. A significant challenge was to ensure each child had sufficient space to sleep, play, study, and socialise, as well as designing a bedroom space that would grow as the children did. The youngest child of the family originally had the smallest bedroom, which did not offer ample space to enjoy recreational activities. Aisling Wilson therefore suggested relocating the main bathroom to the smaller room, which in turn provided the youngest child with a much larger bedroom. By doing so, the space caters perfectly to the child’s needs, as well as having many more sensory aspects that make it a more enjoyable space to live in. The design integrates well into the wider environment, connecting with the garden on a functional level, as the windows to the rear of the house currently house off black sliding doors. Furthermore, such a feature visually enhances the interiors, as it now sits perfectly against a beautiful, natural backdrop. The residence naturally has an abundance of historic charm, with many existing features still intact. Furthermore, special care was taken to restore original plasterwork within the

property from plasterwork specialists using Fine Irish plasterwork. Additionally, custom Artwork was created for the “Gin” room in the front of the house, adding a personal touch to the home. The design aesthetic is brought together from an amalgamation of the client’s needs; to have a house that works and a home that accommodates for each person that lives there. The eclectic style of the home was carefully carried throughout each room, with a colour palette that offers a nod to the historic tones with dark blues and greens, contrasted with a section of mid-century antique furniture, integrating the appeal of the home to a wider environment. The Victorian Residence project displays a regal and contemporary characteristic that has seen Ash Wilson Design shortlisted for Living Space - Europe, Interior Design Scheme - Europe, and Residential Property Value £2.5-5 Million. Aisling Wilson highlights that “The International Design & Architecture Awards are very important for the design industry. Not only do they reinforce our design community, it brings all of the creatives together and celebrates the wonderful work that has been done over the past twenty-four months.” A true testament to the hard work and sheer creativity that radiates from Ash Wilson Design, the Victorian Residence project reflects the passion and inspiration that Aisling Wilson injects into all of her projects. Aisling highlights “I have created an original design. I feel originality is a strength within our industry, it contributes in many ways. It can be an inspiration for many, or not, either way it evokes a reaction.” Ash Wilson Design has delivered an exceptional build that not only offers the comforts and needs of a modern home, but displays an aesthetic and style that exudes luxury and timelessness. The Victorian Residence project has been rejuvenated and reconfigured into a beautiful home that will serve to be a spectacular living space that will serve the needs and desires of the client.

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“The success of Wrap House is that it shows how house design can be opposite in terms of design, functionality, philosophy, detail and character to a conventional standard to new build houses.”

JW Architects Ltd were enlisted to create a contemporary family home designed and built to the highest standard. The properties form was developed in response to the context of the heavily wooded site and in collaboration with the client’s desire for a house which would precisely meet their requirements. The brief from the clients was to “design a house which is opposite in terms of design, functionality, philosophy, detail and character to a standard new build house, which most importantly retains the essence of a family home”. The home was to be designed to support, encourage and respond to family living. The residential new build, located in Buckinghamshire, features two opposing blocks of accommodation which were designed around three axes of main circulation routes through the property. A central atrium between the two blocks strengthen the main axis allowing light to penetrate deep into the property which connects the use with the outside in three different directions. The central atrium allows for one main referencing point which connects the other two main axes within the house and which off of the main spaces feed off from. The protective wrap adds cohesion to the design by encapsulating the blocks, providing an architectural gesture to circulate the user to the front door and atrium space of the house as well as creating the architectural language for Wrap House. James Whelan, Director of JW Architects Ltd cites the central atrium as his favourite aspect of the project, commenting “The use of large glazed skylights, plus large windows on both sides, as well as the coloured glass fins leading to the reading area creates a wonderful ever changing play of light and also the views out to the ancient woodland provide an amazing connection to the outside world.” 72 design et al

Wrap House’s design was developed to respond fully to the context of the heavily wooded site and where the massing elements make the most optimum use of light, space and volume as well as being sympathetic to the surroundings. JW Architect’s design received planning permission without a problem, however, their biggest challenge was ensuring that the final aesthetic of the house matched the design intent and concept. The team achieved this by developing a simple palette of materials which were contemporary in design but collectively allowed Wrap House to create its unique architectural design. The team incorporated white render bands to create the wraps, with timber cladding used to break up the façade and provide a more natural feel to the house, this was set upon a solid grounded base of Phyllite slate cladding. In order to create the three dimensional timber façade we developed and fabricated our own fixing bracket to ensure the timber fins to sit exactly of JW Architects wanted them to and also so they worked with standard timber cladding sizes, this was a hugely challenging, but ultimately very rewarding for the team when seeing the final outcome. Speaking about how Wrap House contributes to the Architectural sector, James Whelan commented “The success of Wrap House is that it shows how house design can be opposite in terms of design, functionality, philosophy, detail and character to a conventional standard to new build houses. It promotes contemporary design in terms of how light, materiality, features are all combined in a subtle but striking design to create an amazing place to live for our clients.” Due to the uncompromising design of Wrap House and the high degree of finish,

the final stages of the project involved a large amount of input and coordination between JW Architects and all of the contractors on the project to ensure its success. Speaking about JW Architects, James Whelan said “We design all of our buildings to a very high degree of detail and Wrap House is a great exemplar of the notion ‘the devil is in the detail’. The final stages of the project could have been very difficult but conversely because the detail had been worked through it was a great joy to see the project come to fruition.” Wrap House has seen JW Architects shortlisted for the Residential £2.5-5 Million (Property by Value) Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020. Speaking about the importance of the Awards, James stated “They help showcase the story behind projects where design is at the forefront of a project. The Wrap House brief from the clients was about not producing a conventional house, it was about producing something different but highly designed. This is what we feel we have achieved, and we would like The International Design & Architecture Awards to recognise this but also to help tell the story of the house and the design.” JW Architects have produced an idyllic family home unlike any other, which features a high level of design whilst remaining sympathetic to its rural woodland surroundings. Speaking about their new home, the clients said “We have been hugely impressed with the level of the design of Wrap House, each day we get to experience views, features and plays of light. The project not just fulfils the original design brief but far exceeds our expectations.”

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“The Lesmurdie Residence is the perfect project to showcase Australian design, boasting magnificent views over some of Australia’s most beautiful landscapes, and honouring the Australian lifestyle and love for nature, outdoors, and entertaining.”

The Lesmurdie Residence encompasses a warm, contemporary, and inviting home that is designed to reflect the Australian lifestyle by connecting the beautiful interior with the magnificent surroundings. Establishing a strong relationship with their client, Moda Interiors have flawlessly delivered a timeless design that sits perfectly against its environment and inspires luxurious and relaxed living. Fitting perfectly into the landscape, the residence maximises the views over the Perth hills, fulfilling the design brief and requirements of the client. This was achieved through the use of natural finishes and a warm colour palette both internally and externally, allowing the exterior to feel as though it flowed into the interior. The kitchen, dining and living were all designed to face onto the views, truly making the views the heart of the home. The oversized balcony leading from the living areas allowed the team at Moda Interiors to bring the sense of indoor-outdoor entertaining to light, while the fireplace in the living room not only created a magnificent feature but also aimed to encourage year-round entertainment. The outdoor kitchen that can be fully enclosed from all weather conditions was an extremely practical addition, one that the clients loved. Furthermore, ample parking and space for the guests provided a more inviting touch when entertaining. A key aspect of the home is the design of the master suite. A large space was designated for looking out and taking in the breathtaking views, complete with its own balcony and a private retreat. In the master en-suite the freestanding bath was the hero piece, designed to face 80 design et al

the beautiful landscape with a stunning feature pendant above. The master suite is a space that the clients can comfortably relax and spend the majority of their time basking in the picturesque scenery of Perth. The husband and wife each had their own specific needs for the home and individual spaces, so an abundance of time was spent in the planning phase to achieve the best layout to meet those needs. Once the layout was perfect, the team then worked on selections and finishes to bring the overall look of the project together. This included spending time on the finer details such as the custom joinery for all wet areas and built in furnishings, meeting the requirements for these specific areas. A man cave was designed for the male client; a theatre come display room is dark and moody with a pop of vibrancy. A collection of memorabilia allowed the team to really capture the personality of the client, creating the perfect space to retreat or enjoy a few drinks. Furthermore, the second garage was also designated for the male client, providing a space for his beloved car. The Lesmurdie Residence is a family home, perfectly designed to suit the needs of the clients with plenty of space to entertain, host their grandchildren or guests, and with space to retreat together and separately. With the natural landscape being a huge aspect, this is a home that truly reflects the great Australian lifestyle. The only challenge that presented itself to the team was the build aspect of the home, as it was excavated and built into the Perth Hills, and the team had to be design-conscious of making this perfectly blend into its natural environment, as well as achieving a suitable layout with the block orientation. Moda Interiors achieved this perfectly through using

the correct selections so that the home blended perfectly within the surrounding landscape, all the while still making the design statement that they desired. The design integrates into the wider environment as it has been designed to perfectly fit it into the unique landscape that it sits in. The home appears as though it is perfectly perched into the Perth Hills. The colour scheme and design selections were a huge aspect of achieving this. The extensive use of the natural stone Travertine flooring throughout the home required specialist masonry skills while the rug in the main living room was hand knotted in Persian knotting and resulted in art on the floor to create a striking feature to the interior. The Lesmurdie Residence has been shortlisted for the Interior Design Scheme - Global Award and the Residential Property Value 1-2.5 Million Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020. Kate Barakovska, Director for Moda Interiors, highlights that the team feels that “the International Design & Architecture Awards are important as they provide us with the opportunity to share our design work globally and it inspires us to keep up to date with design on a global level.” Moda Interiors wanted to maximise the landscape views that were integral to the home, highlighting the unique character and style of the project that considers the natural environment that surrounds it, while still achieving a “wow” statement. Nina Solder, Interior Design Assistant for Moda Interiors, further comments that “[Moda Interiors] feel that the clever design and selections really reflect a contemporary Australian home which centres around our lifestyle of entertaining and bringing the outdoors in.”

Suite 11, 37 Cedric Street, Stirling WA 6021 P: + 61 8 9440 9000

M: + 61 414 345 457



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“There is a great connection between the architecture, the interior and the location. It is a wonderful combination that ticks all of the boxes of appropriateness.”

Life Asoke Hype, a condominium project based in Rama 9 district, reflects its location through its unique character, transforming into a site that is a melting pot of different styles and cultures. With affordable land prices, and easy access to major parts of the city, the area has become a home to various Asian communities which reflects through the project. Located in the new Central Business District in Bangkok, Vair Design Studio have aimed to create a space that not only reflects the characteristics of the location, but also provides an exciting twist to the familiar Asian design elements. Stepping through to the entrance, one is immediately greeted by the reception area, which contains a stunning feature wall made of extruding metallic rectangles, inspired by Chinese medicine cabinets. Specialist artisan skills were adopted to bring the feature wall to life, designing metallic rectangles made of different densities to mimic the Chinese medicine cabinets. The visually placed light boxes made of laminated fiberglass conveys an image of light shining through shoji (washi) paper doors. Deep red coloured walls align both sides of the main hall, inspired by the texture of traditional bamboo fences. The western style round booth seats further creates an element of surprise, while providing a functional, semi-enclosed space in the middle of the hall for dedicated sales activities. The design of Life Asoke Hype works perfectly for those visiting, as it captures one’s attention through its spectacular design, yet is familiar enough to feel comfortable and safe. Vissuta Thanopachai, Partner of Vair Design Studio, highlights that Life Asoke Hype “represents the characteristics of condominium living, the history, the location, and its people.”

88 design et al

The wooden shelves displayed provide a warmer and more refined element to the space. The LED stripe light on the shelves and the rectangular ceiling light both create dynamic leading lines, drawing attention to the feature wall behind the counter. Exotic red flowers in high-gloss containers contrast deeply against the green leaves in blue and white porcelain vases, displaying a perfect combination of luxury and exoticism. A long wooden table is placed at the centre of the meeting area, with delicately upholstered chairs in blue and white custom-printed fabric, inspired by the colour schemes of china porcelain. A large glass wall behind the meeting area separates the indoor from the outdoor, which displays a deep rush green vertical garden. Such vibrant colours contrast against the red interior wall, conjuring a majestic ambience through its bold design statements. Life Asoke Hype is located in an area where there is a large number of East Asian communities, particularly Chinese. Therefore, most of the design inspirations are drawn from East Asian traditional design elements. Such inspirations are depicted through features such as the metallic feature wall at the reception is inspired by Chinese medicine cabinets, the red wall surrounding the sale gallery conveys East Asian bamboo fences, and the implementation of red is the colour of prosperity in Chinese culture. For their culturally elaborate and well-thought out design for Life Asoke Hype, Vair Design Studio have been shortlisted for Lobby/Public Areas in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2020. Discussing the importance of the awards, Vissuta Thanopachai highlights that “they create awareness for excellent design works, both inside and outside of the design communities worldwide… They bring together designers from all over the

world to share their ideas and creations,” and are “very good marketing tools for design firms.” Thanopachai further addresses the way in which Life Asoke Hype contributes to and enhances the hotel and property sector, commenting that “With our design we try to create awareness for excellent design in the design community and the property sector as a whole.” The completed project certainly exudes a delicate style that honours the cultures of the different communities that reside in the area, highlighting its importance and unique style that it brings to the industry. The largest challenge Vair Design Studio faced was the limited time the contractor had to complete the construction. Certain materials and construction techniques had to be adjusted in order to complete the construction of Life Asoke Hype in time. The feature wall at the reception area was originally designed to be made of stainless steel, however, there was not enough stainless steel sheets and the import process would have taken a month. Therefore, the team at Vair Design Studio agreed to change the material from stainless steel sheets to a special metallic paint that required less time, yet displayed the same look and feel as the original concept. Life Asoke Hype provides the perfect stay for any guest, whether it be for business or pleasure. The project perfectly expresses and pays homage to its location and many cultures that reside in the area, enhancing traditional architecture and styles, and bringing them to the forefront of innovative, contemporary design.

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“It’s the hub with entrances to reflexology, lecture library, mindful movement. It’s the space where you pause, reflect and set an intention before entering the next layer of spaces.”

Interior Design practice, Rose Ink Workshop, were enlisted to create a fullservice spa and wellness centre that was designed around the concept of health, consciousness, and well-being in an urban city. The Well project is located in Manhattan, New York, and was designed to be an environment that would support an individuals overall well-being. The goal for Rose Ink Workshop was to create a space that would be healthy, beautiful, happy, and slightly ethereal. The brand itself takes a holistic approach towards the services that are offered, and this was mirrored in the approach for the design. A challenge for the interior design team was to pull away from the idea of what a traditional centre of wellness should look like, and create a space that was truly unique. Rose Ink Workshop were inspired by nature, art, and the concept around a well and what it symbolises. It was crucial that the team kept everything light and natural, as not to take away from the user experience. The designers played with various textures, tones, shapes/forms, unique spatial layouts, organic materials and the natural products of plants and stones. Genesis Hospitality Corporation provided hand crafted Architectural Wood Refinements and throughout the design the team created a holistic environment using white-washed wood, selenite sconces, morrocan tiles, sculptural pieces, curved and textured walls, and concrete and fabric covered walls. In addition, the team used lighting to subtly highlight the architectural details and finishes. It is the details and finishes that make each aspect of this project come together harmoniously. Ensuring the flow of spaces and the unveiling of guest experiences were right became an important element to the team. Rose Ink Workshop had to carry out a lot 98 design et al

of programming to fit into the footprint of the space, and were presented with the challenge of ensuring the flow was right both operationally and aesthetically. Rose Ink Workshop worked closely with The Well team and built up the shapes of The Well to encompass the differing degrees of public to private space. Speaking about how the design integrates into its wider environment, Creative Director at Rose Ink Workshop, Liubasha Rose commented “The design incorporates both natural and urban elements, creating a hub that is calming, accessible, and modern enough for the patrons of the bustling city.” The Well can be seen as an escape from the crowded streets of Manhattan, a space where one can truly immerse themselves in relaxation and forget the pressures of life. The Well includes numerous relaxation amenities such as a full-service spa, meditation rooms, a private training gym, an organic restaurant, a reflexology room, locker rooms and a retail reception where one can purchase the products they had sampled within the spa, allowing guests to take a slice of relaxation home with them. The Well is a beautiful balance of luxury, health and wellness and serves to offer a soothing space where customers can completely disengage. Liubasha Rose describes The Well as “an ecosystem that channels positive energy so that people inhabiting the space take it in and expand their inner vessel and capacity for knowledge, spirit and understanding of the universe. So when they leave they can spread those feelings to do good and be well.” The project reflects the symbolism of which its name bears, a man-made vessel that since the beginning of time has provided people with access to water and help to sustain life. Liubasha Rose explains the choice behind the project’s name “In the context of our project, The

Well is a conduit for members to heal and to elevate energetically. It’s part of the same human wellness story...The heart of the club where our ‘intentions well’ is located and is designed with curved walls that feel like a hug when you’re inside. It’s the hub with entrances to reflexology, lecture library, mindful movement. It’s the space where you pause, reflect and set an intention before entering the next layer of spaces.” The Well project has seen Rose Ink Workshop shortlisted in the Spa/Spa Hotel at The Hotel & Property Awards 2020. Speaking about the importance of the awards, Liubasha Rose said “The awards are primarily important for exposure and awareness in the design community. It also helps with the credibility of the firms that are selected, and a wonderful way to acknowledge all the hard work that is put into these varying projects”. Rose Ink Workshop has created a tranquil escape that offers client’s complete escapism and acts as a juxtaposition to its heavily populated surroundings of New York City. The interior design practice’s initial goal was to create a space that would not only support an individuals overall well-being, but allow customers to take a piece of relaxation home with them. The team wanted to pull away from the idea of what a traditional wellness centre should look like and create a space unlike any other. To achieve this, the team added standout features in order to make the project feel truly unique, Liubasha Rose commented “As a design philosophy, we always err on the side of more texture. Plaster adds softness and erases hard lines. My favourite use of plaster in the club is the Relaxation Lounge, inspired by the Crystal Cave from the original Superman movies, there is diagonal toothy, trowel plaster on the walls and a smooth, almost Venetian plaster on the ceiling.”

Private Residence, Aspen CO. Photo by Patrick Sudmeier Wood Ceiling, Wall Panels, Door and Cabinets by Genesis Hospitality Corporation

INNOVATION REDEFINED Genesis Hospitality Corporation is in business to serve high-end residential and hospitality consumers and developers with superior quality, value-added, exceptional architectural woodwork solutions. Our values, along with our unsurpassed quality, makes Genesis Hospitality Corporation the supplier of choice. 970-635-9315 4004 Medford Drive Loveland, Colorado 80538

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“...The property does not seek difference in itself, but rather upholds the fundamental elements of design that connects to and respects nature.”

Located on an island called Halvarøy in Northern Norway, award-winning architecture firm Snorre Stinessen Architecture have created their latest project, Efjord. The property is a residential retreat, designed with a focus on creating a close connection to the beautiful, natural surrounding landscape, nature and the local climate. Situated on a natural ledge in the terrain, overlooking the fjord to the West, two of the most challenging climbing peaks in Norway which are towards the south and protected by a ridge in the terrain towards the East.

In addition, Snorre Stinessen, CEO and Owner of Snorre Stinessen Architecture, cites the property’s link to its landscape as his favourite aspect of the project, commenting “The transition and journey from the entrance, along the corridor that brings in the close landscape and vegetation, to the couple of steps down and into the living room which opens up to the view of the majestic mountains and a beautiful fjord which is a beautiful journey from hectic everyday life.” Stinessen believes that the property allows for slow living whilst allowing residents to have a close connection with nature and oneself.

The client desired a retreat that focused on the panoramic views of the site, but also transported them to a feeling of isolation and total privacy, away from hectic city life. The conceptual layout opens and closes the building in different directions, where the Eastern part of the cabin closes towards neighbouring buildings and opens towards a ridge. The opposite directions are sought at the front end of the cabin, opening to the magnificent views towards the dramatic mountains and the fiord to the West.

Upon entering the property, one is immersed in a minimalistic, yet cosy environment. The cabin’s living space is a warming juxtaposition to the outside environment, featuring a cylinder fireplace, soft furnishings and a rug, one can imagine basking in the warmth of this room whilst looking out to the snowy fjords. Floor-to-ceiling windows were a key element incorporated throughout the cabin’s design, allowing residents to always feel a part of their surroundings and a connection to the landscape. Speaking about how Efjord’s design works so well, Snorre Stinessen explained “The building sits comfortably in the landscape and provides a sense of belonging, while at the same time, providing a different approach to the traditional. The property does not seek difference in itself, but rather upholds the fundamental elements of design that connects to and respects nature.” Whilst the connection to the environment was important, it was essential that the building also adhered to the functional requirements of modern family life.

The cabin’s exterior consists of two materials, structural glazing and core pinewood. The wood, typical for this region has been treated with iron sulphate to achieve an even patina. The property’s interiors have been designed using birch veneer and the floors in granite tiles to complement the stone outside. The cabin is placed on height with the existing terrain to allow the outdoor spaces to interact seamlessly with the natural terrain. The terrain itself provides a natural orientation and positioning of the building that allows the different functions to work in tune with the movement of the sun, providing a balance between privacy and views. 108 design et al

The materials used throughout the design were chosen due to their traditional qualities in Norway and because they were

also a prominent part of the local fauna. The team used wood with natural greying pine for the exteriors and birch for the interiors, whilst the saunas interiors and the ceiling of the sauna and the cabin’s bathrooms are clad in aspen slats due to the hygroscopic properties of the wood. The cabin’s floors, made from stone granite, resonate a connection to the actual stone ground upon which the cabin was built and the property’s mountainous surroundings. In addition, the terrain and surrounding vegetation were protected throughout the building process, with the terrain receiving only minimum physical impact following the cabin’s construction. Efjord has seen Snorre Stinessen Architecture shortlisted for both the Residential Architectural Property Award and Glasshouse Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020. Commenting on their involvement in the awards, Snorre Stinessen said “The award is certainly one of the most important programmes for upholding the importance and impact of good design and architecture. Its long term and clear presence is in itself a beacon in this regard and the focus on involving a wider audience emphasises the fact that design and architecture, good or bad has an importance and effect which is much broader than just the object itself.” Snorre Stinessen Architecture, already acclaimed for the properties they create, have produced another impeccable design to add to their portfolio. Efjord is a true retreat tucked away in the magical and snowy landscape of Norway, one where residents can escape the strains of everyday life and immerse themselves in pure comfort and relaxation in the heart of the mountains.

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“The design directive was to attract an international clientele that was able to travel and is accustomed to luxury, which is translated into top-of-the-line spaces that are anything but generic.”

The 35 Hudson Yards is a monumental architectural development that is injected with Tony Ingrao’s distinctive modern luxury. A fixture on the AD100 Architectural Digest’s list of the greatest talents in the world of design, Tony Ingrao’s elevated sensibility means exquisite proportions and materials that are always unexpected, richly textured, and beautifully illuminated. The 35 Hudson Yards Interiors and Model Apartments is a mega-development that has long been hailed as a new destination for dining, shopping, working, and living. Its tallest residential tower, 35 Hudson Yards, seeks to put it all under one roof, bringing a versatile and convenient nature that caters to all its guests. The David Childs and Skidmore Owings Merrilldesigned building & interior architecture & design by Tony Ingrao of Ingrao Inc features ground-floor retail, Class-A office space, an Equinox Club and Spa, the world’s first Equinox Hotel, and two restaurants. On top of it all, one-hundredand-thirty-seven apartments will start on the 53rd floor to make the most of the light and views, while the residences maximise space for tenants, with two-to-sixbedroom homes ranging in size from 1,500 to 10,000 square feet. A key aspect of the project is the lobby, taking inspiration from David Child’s organic architecture. Tony Ingrao designed the lobby, offering an unexpected arrival experience with a nautilus shaped ceiling light installation that seamlessly guides residents through the lobby to the elevator corridor. Here guests will encounter a contemporary bespoke commissioned tapestry that rises from floor to ceiling. The selection of exotic woods, stones, and metals creates an inviting and luxurious atmosphere complimented with collectable furniture, art, and lighting pieces that further elevate the most luxurious building in Hudson Yards, providing a truly unique private residence in New York City. 118 design et al

The common design scheme throughout the building commands attention in an understated way. The design of the 35 Hudson Yards kitchen, a bespoke installation by Smallbone of Devizes made of lacquered eucalyptus, takes inspiration from the concept of nature and lightness, incorporating the design into its wider environment and creating a sense of open space. This translated into every aspect of the design using unique materials such as exquisite Eucalyptus cabinets and Opal Ice stone countertops. The bronze trim details echo the materials used on the exterior facade of the building, further elevating the kitchen experience into a calm and contemporary space for the residence. The result is a stunning design, with common areas, and stylish, lavish model units that are desirable and luxurious spaces for clients to live in. New Yorkers are always seeking more light, kitchen storage, and closet space, which has been carefully considered during the design and implementation of 35 Hudson Yards. Top-of-the-line items were selected carefully by the team, ensuring a unique and long-lasting design that would attract an international clientele that travels and is accustomed to luxury. The result is a project with common areas and stylish, lavish model units that look like people actually live in them. “Hudson Yards is a totally unique space,” Tony Ingrao comments, “it provides a complete lifestyle experience that is integrated into a spectacular urban setting while being connected to the art filled neighbourhood and innovative High Line park with extraordinary city and water views.” The Developer of the residences, Related, asked for the most luxe finishes available; from the rarest wood and stone to the highest quality hardware. The design directive was to attract an international clientele that was able to travel and is

accustomed to luxury, which is translated into top-of-the-line spaces that are anything but generic. For the model apartment, Ingrao Inc. felt it was best to keep things neutral and add interest through texture. The firm did not want the palette to be too cold, therefore each aspect of the design has a slightly warm tint. Furthermore, part of the experience of being in a Hudson Yards 35 apartments is not to interfere with the extraordinary views, yet live harmoniously alongside its environment. The 35 Hudson Yards Interiors and Model Apartment is an innovative and unique project that has been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme - Global, Luxury Residence - Global, and Residential £10 Million Plus at The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020. Lujac Desautel, Assistant to Tony Ingrao, highlights that “The International Design & Architecture Awards are an opportunity to share our work with the broader international design community and celebrate the incredible work being architects and designers around the world.” Interior Design firm Ingrao Inc. have created a design scheme that not only adheres to the initial brief but one that will exceed the expectations of the clients who stay. The design of 35 Hudson Yards reflects its design inspiration of nature and lightness, through the use of exotic woods, stones and metals, highlighted by the residences panoramic windows which allow natural light to stream in whilst treating guests to the incomparable views of New York. The collaborative work of Ingrao Inc., David Childs and Skidmore Owings Merrill and Related has ensured that clients can enjoy a truly unforgettable space in the heart of New York.


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