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“In the spirit of enabling design, we strive to create in our own foundry and design studio the absolute best architectural hardware and lighting in the world.” – SA Baxter

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SAVOR EVERY MOMENT A special place gives comfort no matter the task at hand. In your favorite room, you can study the latest business deal, unwind from a day on the go or just indulge in quiet reflection. The cabin experience aboard a Gulfstream aircraft—tailor-made just for you, by you. GULFSTREAM.COM

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Juliette's Chelsea-based architectural interior design consultancy has established a reputation for creating elegant and sophisticated interiors which blend the classic with the contemporary. Whether co-ordinating a building site, managing an office of designers, liaising with leading architects and surveyors or managing clients property portfolios, Juliette's efficiency and attention to detail has been a driving force in her 25 year career as an architectural interior designer.

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45 m Wooden Lamination Motoryacht

ALL YOU HEAR IS THE SOUND OF THE SEA SHIPYARD Evliya Çelebi Mah. Tersaneler Cad. Nuh Sanayi Sit. A blok No:1 34944 Tuzla-İstanbul / Turkey Tel: (+90)216 395 05 64 (+90)216 395 08 78 Faks: (+90)216 395 29 91 OFFICE Postane Mah. Rauf Orbay Cad. Ara Sokak No:4 34940 Tuzla/Istanbul / Turkey Tel: (+90) 216 447 43 40

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The new Silent Gliss 5600 curtain track system provides benchmarking technology based on outstanding Swiss innovation which meets the complex demands of modern architecture. Silent Gliss 5600 – the world’s most silent curtain track.

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By choosing Heirlooms, you can be sure everything from your table and bed linens to bathrobes and towels meets the most exacting standards. Yours – and ours.

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Winners’ issues are always interesting to see; they give us the opportunity to really step in the projects and see for ourselves why they are winning schemes. This is the second of our two winners’ issues and does just that. The International Yacht & Aviation Awards are the only awards to focus solely on design: we get right the heart of it, from the complete project to the very components involved. As the industry’s design publication our aim is to bring you design directions and innovation in various forms throughout, from the key components the designers

recommend to the wider thoughts, aims, ideas and projections of those who are shaping the yacht and aviation industries from a design perspective. I think this issue achieves the perfect balance in doing just that. However, as design professionals, we are always keen to hear more from you so do please let us know what you would like to see more of. I am aware that the strength of any publications lies solely with its relationship with its readers, so feedback is always welcome. Until next month Joanne

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IMAGE: Yves Delorme Couture.




Which sector do you specialize in? I specialize in the furniture part of our business. Is the Superyacht/Aviation market an integral part of your business/large percentage of your market? When we showed our products at the Paris Maison & Objet in 2010, we realized that the majority of clients who were drawn to our products were from the Yachting industry. So, we made the decision to only show at the Monaco Yacht show. This is our 7th year to address those clients directly. How long have you worked in this sector? As a focus now, for the last 8 years.

What other sectors do you work in? We have a great presence in the Interior Design markets with showrooms in seven cities across the U.S. We also have an international showroom in Munich and recently opened our first international Sutherland Perennials Studio in London. If able, please give details of your recent interesting projects and your direct involvement/participation in these projects. The growth of the company is our goal, and we are eager to venture into new areas compatible with our core interests. Please talk us through your process of design, build and application for your products, where applicable. First we assess the needs of the market – the ‘holes’ in the industry that our products could fill. We also look to the worldwide design community for uniqueness 14 Design Luxe etEt al Al and inspiration. 

Though we have terrific designers with whom we have worked since the beginning, we are always open to a new approach. We have found that actual product designers are a lot harder to find than project designers.  In the former, the designers are fully involved in every detail and dimension, and in the latter, the process is more of an editor’s perspective.  We often move from drawings to 3D models, then to full size prototypes, then to production.  The process, depending on complexity can take 18 months or so. What do you feel separates you as a company from your competitors? Quality. We strive for superior quality over everything else. We are one of only two or three manufacturers who will entertain the idea of doing something totally imagined by a designer or architect.  Total custom is a strong suit for us. Working within the Superyacht/Aviation sector must be different than domestic and commercial markets, have you found this to be the case? We have. We do a lot of custom work with the yacht community and, if applicable, we will include those pieces in our standard offerings. Please describe any relevant technological advancements that may have influenced/affected your work in recent years. The ability to ‘print’ a prototype in 3D imaging is a game changer for us.  It can cut the time to prototype and inventory by months. Obviously the improvements in reality imaging have also had an impact on our ability to place pieces ‘in situ’ and take the guesswork out of the final product.

CONTEMPORARY, CLASSIC, VERSATILE AND TIMELESS DAVID SUTHERLAND The Perennials and Sutherland, LLC companies are icons and acknowledged leaders in the international design industry. CEO David Sutherland and President Ann Sutherland share an ingenious talent for curating the finest interior and exterior collections of luxury furniture, fabrics, rugs and accessories. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company is comprised of Sutherland Furniture®, Perennials Luxury Performance Fabrics® and David Sutherland Showrooms. Sutherland furniture can be found on some of the most exclusive superyachts in the world. Their Peninsula collection is a favorite of designers and architects. It is contemporary, classic, versatile and timeless. Designer Terry Hunziker’s warm minimalism blends well with a variety of styles and moods. The collection consists of teak and teak with powder-coated aluminum frames. Sutherland’s Eclipse collection highlights designer Joe Doyle’s trademark blend of function, proportion and timelessness. Eclipse is highbrow with a low profile; obvious yet unexpected. The collection is originally inspired by Le Corbusier’s signature designs from the 1920s, but is a better fit for modern living with its generous scale and incredible comfort. The soft curves of the cushions belie the innovative engineering required to achieve the simple lines of the frame. The collection is constructed from 316 stainless steel, which is recognized as the superior marine grade material, making it an excellent option for the deck of a yacht or a villa by the sea.

THE PENINSULA COLLECTION designed by Terry Hunziker. Shown in marine-grade yacht finish.




Which sector do you specialise in? Marine Industry and Healthcare Is the Superyacht/Aviation market an integral part of your business/large percentage of your market? Yes and this is 10% of our total sales. How long have you worked in this sector? 25 years What other sectors do you work in? Contract, Hospitality, Transport, office seating and Residential. If able, please give details of your recent interesting projects and your direct involvement/participation in these projects. We supplied upholstery fabrics for 18 Gondola’s which were built for a theme park in China, our Delft Blue pattern is also used for the typical Dutch appearance. We supplied Outdoor Fabrics for a big Beach Club in Oman. Supplied different materials for several hotels in Middle-East. Supplied a lot of artificial leathers for Hospitals and theatres in Europe. Supply materials to Superyachts like Feadship, Heesen Yachts and Royal van Lent Shipyards. And lots more. Please talk us through your process of design, build and application for your products, where applicable. We work closely with architects or even directly with the owner for several projects, we provide samples and think ahead with the customer which material will be suitable for each project and combinations possible. We can even make special designs or colours on request of 16 Luxe et al

the customer in small volumes to provide the best material the customer wishes to have. What do you feel separates you as a company from your competitors? Large range of products which match together and suitable for many applications together with our team of sampling and service, we try to do the utmost for our clients. Working within the Superyacht/Aviation sector must be different than domestic and commercial markets, have you found this to be the case? We started in the Marine Business so it’s familiar to us to be creative and productive at the same time. Please describe any relevant technological advancements that may have influenced/ affected your work in recent years. The possibilities to produce more structures, patterns and weavings then before. What are your current plans for 2017? We will start building a new office and warehouse in the Amsterdam Harbour! Do you have any predictions for upcoming trends/design directions? Modern classic, strong colours in combination with characteristic materials.

Vyva Fabrics was founded in 1990 and started as a supplier of upholstery materials for boats and yachts from a small warehouse in a Dutch harbour. 25 years later, they are a wholesaler specialised in the distribution and production of high quality vinyls, artificial leather and fabrics for indoors and outdoors. Their international client base ranges from architects to shipbuilders, and their innovative and durable vinyls and fabrics are used in hotels, restaurants, clubs, wellness centres, hospitals, universities, shops, and offices. With 25 years of experience and a diverse network of long-term relations they offer excellent service, and fresh and inspired ideas. With a hands-on, typically Dutch no-nonsense mentality, Vyva Fabrics love what they do, the materials and the people they work with. They supply original, modern day solutions that benefit all their clients. At the centre of their philosophy is durability; working with environmentally friendly materials and maintaining long-lasting relationships with clients. Gathering intelligence from international design shows and keeping abreast of up-coming trends for the interior market, the colour and material presentations from international trend forecasters and trend forums online ensures that Vyva Fabrics can always offer the absolute best. And yet equally inspired by nature: the sea, the water, the wind become elemental in their designs. Their fabrics and vinyls have vast versatility, from wall coverings to flooring, from furniture upholstery for indoors and outdoors, to cushions and curtains. They can be cut, stitched, embroidered, welded and lasered into any shape and form. Vyva Fabrics works with high quality brands, such as Agua Fabrics, Boltalfex, Chella Textiles, Dinamica, Majilite, Nomi Fabrics and Sunbrella. They also develop their own collections, called F.4.L. (Fabrics for Life). Bella Nappa is made out of polyurethane, looks and feels like leather, extremely strong, available in 25 different colours and designed for interior use. Viper & Viper Vintage consist of soft and flexible vinyl for exterior use. Viper has the look and feel of soft Nubuck leather. Viper Vintage looks like a retro linen fabric and can be combined perfectly with all colours in the Viper collection.



Eva Mechler is a master cabinet maker, her aim is to create wonderful products that give people the opportunity to experience the beauty of natural wood in everyday settings. Having worked in diverse manufacturing businesses in Germany and Switzerland, Eva completed her training over several years in both cabinet making and galvanization,both to master level. Eva has more than fourteen years of experience in the design and manufacture of solid wood products especially for the bathroom. With her true experience of handcraft and with her knowledge of production management, Eva is able to present a viable commercial product with originality and flair that will satisfy the highest quality standards. Wek 2016 Eva is celebrating her win of Bespoke Cabinetry Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Award 2017. Her collection of wood for the bathroom comprises of pieces manufactured to the highest level of craftsmanship with the simple designs selected to reflect the charismatic properties of the wood. The construction is also designed to work with the wood’s natural technical qualities so they are very strong. The concept of a wooden bathtub or washbasin is not new. In Japan for example, there is a long standing tradition of people soaking in wooden tubs known as “ofuro” for pleasure, health and relaxation. Stepping into a warm bath where the scent of wood combines with gently steaming water is regarded as an essential ritual at the end of every day. Making such a bath takes great skill. For the cabinet maker there is a challenge to ensure that the wood is not adversely affected by its contact with water. However, using a hand applied multi layered oil and wax combination in the surface finishing provides a protection which with proper care can be durable for well over twenty years of everyday use - at least as long as a conventional bath.

18 Luxe et al

Eva Mechler commented “Wood is a strong, pliable and aesthetically pleasing raw material that can be produced with less energy and pollution than artificial materials such as steel and plastic. Wood has natural properties that can enable elegance to be present in a variety of settings, such as the confined space of a yacht or small home, but wood is equally impressive when displayed in a large bathroom, a spa, hall or gun room, or as part of an integrated living and sleeping area.”


GOSLING WHITE CARBON FIBRE LOUNGE TUB CHAIR GOSLING MARINE The brief behind Gosling Marine’s product ‘White Carbon Fibre Lounge Tub Chair’ was to create an iconic piece of carbon fibre furniture which works both in the interior or exterior of a Superyacht. A comfortable, durable and lightweight piece for easy manoeuvre. Gosling Marine celebrated their award winning product at the International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2017. With an increasing requirement for lightweight and durable interior and exterior furniture, Gosling Marine focused on pushing the boundaries of the use of carbon fibre. With its unique property of strength-to-weight ratio, resistance to corrosion and maintenance free, carbon fibre is a welcome move forward from the more bulky teak, and echoes the key elements of Gosling’s client’s design brief. The Gosling Lounge Tub Chair was designed for the interior, with the potential to provide additional deck furniture. Art Deco architecture and the luxury liners of the 1930’s inspire the strong, fluid ergonomic design and exquisite detailing. The polished, marine grade stainless steel lines around the chair reflect the technique of architectural quoins used in buildings.

The combination of cool to the touch carbon fibre, with the more tactile teak arms gives the chair a modern look with a hint of the classical. The black carbon line, which runs around the chair, shows the complex carbon weave, whilst revealing the raw material, which is instantly recognisable as carbon fibre. The piece is upholstered in the sunbrella marine grade fabric and works beautifully with the external collection of Gosling Marine deck pieces. The designer’s success in rising to the challenge of pushing the boundary of the use of carbon fibre in furniture design and to incorporate it with the more traditional teak, was a well deserved triumph The ergonomic design incorporates Art Deco architectural detail on a small scale. The use of the thin, black line reveals the material of the piece without it having to shout ‘carbon fibre’. The Lounge Tub Chair is an iconic shape, with historical inspiration but a very modern, ergonomic, striking interpretation. The piece is comfortable, tactile, lightweight and versatile. The Gosling Marine carbon fibre collection is pioneering the use of carbon fibre, which involves highly skilled craftsmen to work with the sheets of composite. It has taken over two years of prototyping, mould making and technical research to develop the range. The collection combines trademark ‘white’ carbon fibre with traditional teak to provide the most durable deck furniture on the market. With its unique strength to weight ratio, resistance to corrosion, and low maintenance aftercare, carbon fibre is the ideal material for Marine furniture. Gosling has combined traditional cabinet making techniques with state of the art engineering to push the limits of the fibre’s use. Although initially conceived for Super yachts, the collection is equally perfect for a garden, swimming pool or spa.

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Which sector do you specialise in? Luxury bed linen, Bespoke, Couture Savoir-faire, Fine embroidery Is the Superyacht/Aviation market an integral part of your business/large percentage of your market? This area is definitely growing for us. Bespoke bed linen is usually used for superyachts as they need special requirements dimensions, colour and use. The aviation market is less interested by Couture bed linens but we can create unique products for these sophisticated customers. How long have you worked in this sector? 8 years What other sectors do you work in? Private individual, Interior Design, Decoration, Palace, Embassy, Ministry, Hospitality, Catering... If able, please give details of your recent interesting projects and your direct involvement/participation in these projects. We have worked with a historic Maison de Champagne to create special tablecloths. We had to visit the site to get a better understanding of their history and produce sketches to replicate onto the linen to tell their story and heritage. We have also worked with a lot of galleries to create modern surprising products for their clients. A range of stupefaction tablecloths were produced for one customer. At the moment, we have a project for a chartered plane for some bespoke linens, but we can’t say much more about it at this stage. 20 Luxe et al

Please talk us through your process of design, build and application for your products, where applicable. Our process at the beginning is really pragmatic. Our products need to be washed and used and it’s important to us that we don’t forget this during all design stages. I’m very inspired by decorative arts regarding patterns and working closely with my colleague Isabelle Chaze we become a “four-handed team”. Isabelle is my “première d’atelier”. Her knowledge is fantastic and to create a beautiful bespoke order we regularly go between her and our workshops and then back to me to ensure everything is precise and designed in the best way. What do you feel separates you as a company from your competitors? We are not a brand for a brand, we work with elegant and easy to care for fabrics. We always listen to our customers to ensure we always go above and beyond their expectations. We are like a tailor who respects your morphology, to help you to create something unique, because you are unique. We are a rather small team so we are all involved in each project which gives a great balance between creation, production and sales. Working within the Superyacht/Aviation sector must be different than domestic and commercial markets, have you found this to be the case? Working within the superyachts and aviation brings us a challenge outside of the everyday tasks. We have to consider all aspects of the lifestyle, from the sizes, how they’re used and cleaned in these movable dwellings.

LINEN -THE PASSION OF GENERATIONS YVES DELORME Family-owned since 1845, Yves Delorme is particularly recognised for bed and bath linen in fashion prints, based on original artwork and heritage to haute couture, as well as for its timeless classics. The passion of Yves Delorme to provide the finest bedlinens from pillowcase to duvet cover has been passed from generation to generation. Sophisticated, decorative or romantic, the designs found within the Yves Delorme collections are often considered to be the standard and reference in the bedding sector. The collections combine technical innovations with the most beautiful traditional materials to create a trend setting world of luxury and sensuality. The luxury bedding collections are manufactured from the finest traditional linen, percale, cotton sateen, jacquard and sateen damask fabric, these offer softness, comfort and quality in every season, as well as resistance to wear and their ease of care. Recently launched at the new Walton Street, London boutique is the Yves Delorme Couture range. This bespoke service offers clients and interior designers the freedom to tailor seven luxurious designs to their own personal requirements. The seven designs range from a sleek contemporary piped design called Adagio to the elaborate floral hand-embroidered design called Vivaldi. The experienced team in store are on hand to make this ordering process simple and efficient, where clients can select from a variety of colours, fabrics and sizes.

uk .yves del orm e .c om

Yves Delorme Couture

A Couture collection of seven luxurious bedlinen designs, developed by the Yves Delorme Design Studio; offering bespoke designs and services. Yves Delorme - 158 Walton Street, London SW3 +44(0)20 7589 4033 Harrods - Knightsbridge, London SW1X +44(0)20 7730 1234 ext. 3955





Which sector do you specialise in? High end residential, high end luxury hotels and super yachts. Is the super yacht/Aviation market an integral part of Which sector doyour youbusiness/large specialise in? percentage of your market? High end residential, high end luxury hotels Yes – the super yacht market accounts for a and super yachts. good 30% of our annual turnover. Is the super yacht/Aviation market an How long have in this sector? integral part of you yourworked business/large percentage of your market? We have worked in this sector for the last 8 years – steadily advancing ouraccounts footholdfor in a Yes – the super yacht market this expanding exciting arena. good 30% of ourand annual turnover. Whatlong other sectors do you work How have you worked in thisin? sector? Thehave highworked end residential is thefor main We in this sector thepart last 8 of our–market. work with designers, years steadilyWe advancing our foothold in architects or directly with clients. this expanding and exciting arena. If able, please give details yourin? recent What other sectors do youof work interesting projects and your direct involvement/participation in these The high end residential is the main projects. part of our market. We work with designers, I am part of every single project – I do architects or directly with clients. however have a brilliant team and my two Design Directors, Photis Photi and If able, please give details of your recent Phil Sturdy are remarkably talented. Lord interesting projects and your direct Browne, (former CEO of British Petroleum) involvement/participation in these projects. said to me once ‘Always surround yourself people who are even more – talented Iwith am part of every single project I do that you have – always employ the best’ – sage however a brilliant team and my advice. I’ve never forgotten that and it’s such two Design Directors, Photis Photi and a privilege work with them every day. We Phil Sturdyto are remarkably talented. Lord have just(former finished an of amazing for Browne, CEO BritishPalazzo Petroleum) Lordto Browne on‘Always the Grand Canal –yourself designing said me once surround the furniture, library and the architectural with people who are even more talented interior. are currently creating that you We – always employ working the best’on – sage some extraordinary, state of theand art it’s carbon advice. I’ve never forgotten that such pieces thewith exterior yachts, afibre privilege tofor work themofevery day. We alongside some stunning straw marquetry have just finished an amazing Palazzo for pieces of furniture. Lord Browne on the Grand Canal – designing the furniture, library and the architectural interior. We are currently working on creating some extraordinary, state of the art carbon fibre pieces for the exterior of yachts, alongside some stunning straw marquetry pieces of furniture.


70 Luxe et al

22 Luxe et alet al 70 Luxe

Please talk us through your process of design, build and application for your products, where applicable.

I start off every discussion with a client with a blank sheet of watercolour paper and an talk artist of pencils from hb of to Please usroll through your–process 8b, where theand leadapplication basically melts in to design, build for your the paper.where This helps to create something products, applicable. visual that connects my ideas with what client wants. You have with to give birth to Ithe start off every discussion a client the idea together the only way to do with a blank sheet–ofand watercolour paper that is to sketch. and an artist roll of pencils – from hb to 8b, where the lead basically melts in to Thankfully I sketch and draw very fast, the paper. This helps to create something sometimes even upside down if I’m having visual that connects my ideas with what to face a client – You it is have such to a visual and to the client wants. give birth efficient way to then discuss what they the idea together – and the only way to do mean or ‘not too decorative’. Each that is by to ‘tall’ sketch. one of us has different terminology – but visually looking at aand drawing Thankfully I sketch draw and verydesign fast, while you are talking gives youifthe sometimes even upside down I’mability havingto ensure you are on the same page. to face a client – it is such a visual and efficient way to then discuss what they My team thenor work solidEach work mean by ‘tall’ ‘noton toocreating decorative’. modelling of the pieces and rooms which one of us has different terminology – but are sentlooking to the workshop so we talk visually at a drawing andcan design over its creation. while you are talking gives you the ability to ensure you are on the same page. The prices are basically worked from how longteam it will takework a craftsman to make a My then on creating solid work piece – theofmaterials don’t it in modelling the pieces andinfluence rooms which the same way they did 200 years ago, when are sent to the workshop so we can talk it was largest part of a design expense. over itsthe creation.


What do you feel separates you as a company from your competitors?

The process I work with – the fact that we always go well and truly beyond expectations and that the craftsmanship is of museum work. you as a What do youstandard feel separates company from your competitors? Working within the super yacht/Aviation sector mustIbe different thanfact domestic The process work with – the that andalways commercial you found we go wellmarkets, and trulyhave beyond this to be theand case? expectations that the craftsmanship is of museum standard work. It’s different only from the technical issues of humidity, sunlight and adverse weather Working within the super yacht/Aviation constraints or weight – the expectation sector must be different than domesticis the same as it would be at have with your home. and commercial markets, you found this to be the case? Please describe any relevant technological advancements that issues It’s different only from the technical may have influenced/affected your of humidity, sunlight and adverse weather work in recent years.– the expectation is constraints or weight the same as it would be at with your home. Carbon fibre, 3D printing in ceramic powders and bronze Please describe any powders relevant– laser technology is really increasing and it technological advancements that means youinfluenced/affected can achieve some really may have yourexciting new things withyears. historic and traditional work in recent materials. I’m influenced by so many things – ballet,fibre, theatre, music –inseeing different Carbon 3D printing ceramic cultures and precious creativity powders and their bronze powders – laser first hand – thisis allreally has aincreasing profound effect technology and it on my work and my life view. means you can achieve some really exciting new things with historic and traditional What are your current plans 2017? materials. I’m influenced by sofor many things – ballet, theatre, music – seeing different Keep calm to precious continuecreativity striving tofirst be cultures andand their the best – the world is changing so fast – it hand – this all has a profound effect on my has so much anxiety work and my life view.that I think we are even more privileged to be able to create thingsare of lasting beautyplans and integrity What your current for 2017? against this world backdrop. Keep calm and to continue striving to be the best – the world is changing so fast – it has so much anxiety that I think we are even more privileged to be able to create things of lasting beauty and integrity against this world backdrop.


The prices quotesare having beenworked discussed and The basically from how accepted theaclient the piece thenagets long it willby take craftsman to make a technical drawing, which is incredibly piece – the materials don’t influence it in detailed andthey thendid it is made from the same–way 200 years ago, when thesepart technicals. itapproval was theof largest of a design expense. I canquotes put myhaving hand on mydiscussed heart at the very The been and beginning of this when sketching with the accepted by the client the piece then gets and say – it will be delivered four aclient technical drawing, which is incredibly months from onitaisTuesday afternoon detailed – andnow then made from between 4 and 5 pm and it will be perfect. approval of these technicals. I can put my hand on my heart at the very beginning of this when sketching with the client and say – it will be delivered four months from now on a Tuesday afternoon between 4 and 5 pm and it will be perfect.


TOP OF THE PYRAMID SILENT GLISS Silent Gliss is the leading global supplier of motorised and manual curtain and blind systems in the high quality market. They offer customers the very best in terms of quality, design, technology, service and individuality. The company’s core competence is innovation – inspired and driven by customer needs.

Innovations as far back as the first ever direct driven motorised curtain track right up until the introduction of the contemporary Wave Curtain Heading System. This demonstrates over 50 years of industry leading firsts by Silent Gliss. With committed customer support teams, they provide an extensive range of services including technical advice, fitting services and maintenance all around the world. Projects cover both residential and contract, including many private and commercial luxury yachts and cruise liners. Whilst they offer all styles of window treatment, Silent Gliss are acknowledged as leaders in the field of motorisation. With the increase in home automation they have developed a range of motors and controls that allows end-users to open and close their blinds by quietly and efficiently by switch, remote control or by the new Move app. Their recently launched new electric curtain track System 5600 has already redefined the highest standard in the industry.

Conceived and crafted by designer Nicolas Chambeyron, this mindful assemblage of historic motifs and original modern designs, utilizes the couture for interiors as has never been done before.

BEAUTY & FINE HARDWORK HOLLAND & SHERRY The Holland & Sherry Embroidery Collection combines fine handwork and state of the art instruments to produce designs unparalleled in beauty, sophistication, and craftsmanship.

The embroidery atelier in Bavaria, Germany underscores Holland & Sherry’s commitment to innovative, custom, vertical production. The concept of creating patterns both contemporary and classic has always been a guiding principle for Holland & Sherry and Nicolas Chambeyron. In many instances, more traditional motifs are paired with innovative new techniques to create designs that are ultimately timeless. The innovative, avant-garde patterns of the “Modern” collection are a testament to technique over tradition. Cutting edge technology and bold design combine with unexpected material choices to create updated, thoroughly original designs. This is where the couture roots of their company are on full display. In addition to custom embroidery, Holland & Sherry has developed collections which range across product categories from fabric, rugs, wallcovering, trim, leather, hardware and lighting. Every item they produce reflects their core values of quality and craftsmanship, in keeping with what Holland & Sherry started 180 years ago. www.

Luxe et al 23



Is the superyacht/aviation market an integral part of your business/large percentage of your market? Yes, we regularly supply rugs and/ or wood flooring to the superyacht industry. The rugs vary from luxurious silks to all weather outdoor rugs. Our metallic wood flooring finishes are very popular with yachts, especially in mint and taupe shades. How long have you worked in this sector? 20 Years What other sectors do you work in? Residential, hospitality, contract markets If able, please give details of your recent interesting projects and your direct involvement/participation in these projects. These include a riverside apartment on chelsea enbankment; wood flooring throughout a 7-storey belgravia house, a yacht in holland; a country house in gloucestershire; a contemporary mansion in the west midlands; 5-star hotel in the uae, a mayfair office suite. Please talk us through your process of design, build and application for your products, where applicable. We work very closely with our clients to understand their requirements, tastes and styles. We then suggest the most suitable designs from our portfolio and customize them to suit their projects. We even start from scratch in some cases and design exclusively for them without any extra design fee. We select the best 2424 Luxe Luxe etet al al

materials for the areas the rugs are going to be used in to give the client different price points to choose from. We pride ourselves in understanding the clients’ needs and catering to them in the best way. What do you feel separates you as a company from your competitors? We are a design studio as well a flooring showroom. I run the design side of the business and i am available to offer my expertise anytime a client walks in. We have our signature styles of very smooth colour gradation and very skillful hand-sculpting, carving the pile like wood. We also offer a very wide spectrum of materials from various types of wool, silk, metal, man-made fibres, linen, cotton, mohair, in hand-knotted, hand-tufted, hand-woven and machine-made. Working within the superyacht/ aviation sector must be different than domestic and commercial markets, have you found this to be the case? We have to bear in mind the ‘wet’ factor and use materials that are water-friendly. Fire retardancy is an important factor and we have the necessary test reports to provide if needed. The areas to plan and then fit the rugs in may be more tricky than residential projects. Please describe any relevant technological advancements that may have influenced/ affected your work in recent years. I can name the use of led lights that we are able incorporate into our rugs. Our ‘stardust’ rug using this technology won the architizer a+ award in the flooring category in 2017.

MAKE WALKING BEAUTIFUL TOPFLOOR BY ESTI Award-winning hand-made rugs and carpets are the speciality of bespoke flooring company, Topfloor by Esti. Design Centre Chelsea Harbour is home to owner and Creative Head Esti Barnes’ collection of contemporary rugs, many of them featuring her signature sculpted surface designs and subtle colour gradation. The Company offers one of the widest ranges of materials one can find. One of the world’s foremost rug designers and winner of Elle Decoration’s ‘British Design of the Year’ award and recently the Architizer A+Award winner in the USA, Esti and her team are on hand to guide clients through the rug buying process. All designs are made to order and can be woven to any dimension and colourway, with a choice of thousands of shades of silk, wool and other exotic materials. “Whether textural, tonal, colourful, patterned or plain, a rug should be designed to work in harmony with your furnishings. A bespoke hand-made rug will act as a frame, pulling together and perfectly finishing your room scheme. Think of your rug as an investment purchase. A Topfloor rug or carpet is not just unique to you but also an heirloom that will bring warmth and texture to your home,” she explains. Topfloor by Esti designs and makes rugs and carpets for private clients as well as for some of the most prestigious hospitality and retail chains around the world. Throw in a few chalets, yachts and country mansions and you have an idea of the breadth and quality of the company’s client list. Whether understated and elegant or making a bold statement, Topfloor rugs have a graphic quality often achieved through intricately-textured surfaces creating interplays between light and shadow.

ENWRAP’ rug by Esti Barnes


PIET VAN DER STAAY MANAGING DIRECTOR STAZO MARINE EQUIPMENT BV Which sector do you specialise in? Marine equipment and environmental decking solutions Is the Superyacht/Aviation market an integral part of your business/large percentage of your market? Since the early 80’s we have been active in the decking solutions industry, initially we marketed the smaller Motor Yachts representing a large size of the refit market here in the Netherlands. With the growth of our experience and innovations in the marinedeck material we later continued the growth into the sailing vessels and aviation market. When refitting or designing a new decking system for a superyacht we are talking about high volume of square meters and therefore they quickly became an important part of our business. How long have you worked in this sector? - What other sectors do you work in? Since 1931 STAZO is a family business situated in the Netherlands with a worldwide delivery of high Quality marine products. We specialise in supplying steering wheels, ship decks, deck sheets and marine locking devices. Customers choose us because of our flexibility, our excellent service and years of knowledge in this industry. Through the expertise of our professionals and our high-quality tools you are assured of the best results and the highest quality.

26 Luxe et al


If able, please give details of your recent interesting projects and your direct involvement/participation in these projects. Stazo Marine Equipment treats all their projects as highly interesting but we’d like to highlight the refits of the following deck’s: MY Sherakan, MY Jaquar, MV Sidney 2000, MY Maupiti, MY Tattoosh. These are relatively large and therefore noticeable projects for our Marinedeck product. Please talk us through your process of design, build and application for your products, where applicable. Typically we have a customer come to our company or trade show booth and ask our sales team about the advantages of our Marinedeck and its durability. Basically just like any other sale would take place we like to highlight the advantages such as the insulation value, anti slip and non-heat absorbance character of the material. After ‘’selling’’ the product to the client we usually receive technical drawings of the deck on which we can design and build our prefabricated deck solutions. After the design we’ll send the draft back to the client for the approval. With the approval of the design we will start the production of the Marinedeck. After the production is finalised we’ll ship the product out to the client where local professionals will take care of the application of the Marinedeck on the deck.

Since 1931 STAZO is a family business situated in the Netherlands with a worldwide delivery of high quality marine products. They are specialised in supplying steering wheels, ship decks, deck sheets and marine locking devices. STAZO is proud to be one of world’s leading manufacturers of yacht steering wheels, offering the largest assortment of styles and sizes, either traditional or modern styled. For the production of wooden steering wheels and wheels with wooden parts they only use FSC® C100659 approved and certified materials. Their design department matches global styling of yacht designs with their vision on how to build steering wheels. Their latest deck sheet product is MARINEDECK 2000®. Based on extensive research on alternatives for teak ship decks dating back to the1980’s STAZO concluded that due to the significant and overwhelming advantages and properties of natural cork, that it would always be their first choice from the beginning. With advances in technology and inspired by nature’s brilliance STAZO created MARINEDECK 2000®. The material is sophisticated, non-skid, easy to clean, with a long life cycle and with very limited or no maintenance. This product delivers high performance ship decks of composite cork and has been awarded with FSC® C100659 certification.






28 Luxe et al

Luxe et al 29

30 Luxe et al

Luxe et al 31

32 Luxe et al

Luxe et al 33

Gulfstream have delivered the G650 ER, a jet that flies at more than 92 percent of the speed of sound for thousands of miles with fly-by-wire precision. With the G650’s long and unfettered wing, Gulfstream have redefined how air flows over an aircraft wing, creating a highly efficient airfoil that delivers speed and an incredibly smooth ride. That same design innovation created a quieter, roomier and more adaptable cabin teeming with advanced technology, and was the deserved winner at this year’s International Yacht and Aviation Awards in the category of Private Jet Design. The Gulfstream G650 ER cabin design creates a seamless transition from work, dining, entertainment and sleeping through four distinct yet analogous living areas. A game of chess inspired the interior for this particular Gulfstream G650 ER, which is used as a corporate demonstrator for the company’s sales team. Like winning a chess match, businesses require strategic advances to succeed. Creating an interior environment that supports the key elements of business, from productivity to innovation, yet also encourages rest and relaxation, was critical to the interior design. The theme of chess is interwoven throughout the four living areas of the cabin — the galley, conference and dining area, entertainment/presentation den and sleeping area — via a number of carefully curated design elements, including; highcontrast detailing of Quarter Walnut and Quarter Black Composite Ebony veneer; the repetition of geometric shapes and patterns, from the hand stitching in the seat upholstery to the custom carpet weave; and the accessories and accents reflecting contrasting tones and geometric shapes evocative of the chess board. These design elements are supported by interior innovations that optimise cabin

34 Luxe et al


comfort and productivity. Passengers can stay connected through satellite communications and high-speed internet, hold important business meetings, enjoy a meal, relax or sleep. The cabin is designed to allow passengers to feel refreshed when they arrive at their destination, with quiet cabin sound levels, 100 percent fresh cabin air, industry-leading cabin altitudes and 16 Gulfstream panoramic windows that supply an abundance of natural light. Through the combination of creative design with technological acumen, the G650 ER cabin illustrates the important relationship between structured and artful thinking. The result is not only a serene and productive environment in which to do business and relax but also a manifestation of a strategy for success. Gulfstream’s favourite aspect of the project was the use of contrasting veneer species and finishes emphasising and complementing the architecture of the hand-crafted cabinetry. All of the living areas are multi-functional and flexible and thereby support a multitude of uses. The second living area, for example, features a comfortable sofa across from a credenza housing a 32” monitor. This space can make an effortless transition from a place to relax and watch a movie to an informal presentation suite that encourages discussion and collaboration. The sleeping area can serve as a private conference room and, once berthed, a place to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for a productive day upon arrival. Gulfstream aircraft are considered vital business tools by those who use them, thanks to their safety, technology, performance and cabin environment. The G650 ER interior emphasises the benefits of business aviation through the flexibility and continuity of the living areas and a design theme evocative of the chess board and the strategic thinking it requires. On receiving their award Gulfstream said ‘We are honored and humbled to win this award and feel that we are in very good company

with all other winners, past and present. Winning this year’s International Yacht & Aviation Awards was thanks to the entire Gulfstream team. From the outstanding group of interior designers to Gulfstream’s master craftsmen, engineers and the men and women who build these amazing aircraft, it truly does take a team to deliver a Gulfstream. We also appreciate our suppliers, who tailor customized materials that help us carry out our vision and give our clients a one-of-a-kind experience.’ Gulfstream strive for continuous improvement and are constantly working on enhancing and innovating the passenger experience on their aircraft with their interior designers engaged in intensive research and development with every client aircraft they deliver. They also embrace an outward perspective looking to other industries and creative fields, from visual art to consumer electronics, to identify new trends, concepts, materials and details that inspire them and help them offer the most tailored and customised design concepts they can to Gulfstream clients. They are also adapting new technologies to their design process. With the introduction of virtual reality, they can incorporate human factors into the engineering behind interior design and use it to create immersive cabin experiences for their customers wherever they may be, to help them make design choices. Gulfstream are part of an industry that is always looking beyond the now to discover what they can create for their clients and themselves as designers. They believe that to experience serenity, productivity and art in the space we live in is one of the most important elements of life. This award elevates that experience to other spaces that are just as important and innovative, especially the in-flight experience, which is where so many of us spend a great deal of time, at work and at play.

Luxe et al 35


A MAGICAL TOUCH WHICH BALANCES OLD WITH NEW Award Winning M/Y Nero Interior Design by Laura Pomponi

36 Luxe et al

Luxe et al 37

38 Luxe et al

Luxe et al 39

40 Luxe et al

Luxe et al 41

The award winning success of the interior design of the project is the work of Laura Pomponi of Luxury Projects, and Laura and her team celebrated their well deserved victory at The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2017 in the category of Power Yacht over 80 metres, in Venice. The project comprised of a full overhaul of all soft furnishings, new LED lighting systems, new art pieces, re-plating of all fittings and the complete rework of all woodwork throughout the yacht. The addition of new “fly-sails” (sun-awnings) shade system at the Sundeck Aft around the Jacuzzi, created shade for the entire outdoor dining area; the installation of a large guest bar in the Sky Lounge with custom-made barstools, original Luxury Projects design by Fendi, adds to the overall guest experience. The addition of a new seventh Guest cabin in the Boat Deck Lounge replacing the office, allows more flexibility with guest sleeping arrangements. Major structural modifications included: full repainting of Hull, Bulwarks, Fashion Plates, Deck Houses and Superstructure. The Bluewater Project Management team stated: “We wanted to take this iconic yacht based on the JP Morgan Corsair series of the 1920’s and give it a contemporary, state-of-the-art upgrade. Nero is one of the only superyachts with a black hull, and we have kept this standout feature so that she maintains her regal façade whilst recovering her gold and cream superstructure.” The secret to a successful refit project is a professional design approach, guided by Superyacht construction knowledge, combined with precise and organised management of expectations. MY Nero is a truly unique vessel, admired for her beautiful lines and classic styling, which can be effortlessly transformed from the most comfortable family yacht into a stunning venue for larger events, with huge deck spaces as well as multiple exterior 42 Luxe et al

seating and dining areas catering for both large gatherings and the more intimate moments of life on-board. The yacht’s “Snug” is one of the many highlights of Nero, situated on the sundeck makes an ideal place to escape from the heat of the midday sun or host a cosy dinner. The addition of the bar on the sky lounge deck is truly genius. It greatly improves the functionality and the flow of the boat. Guests will now get a more service orientated experience with the addition of a new coffee station and cocktail bar. The new bar is well designed and finished to a very high standard. This makes entertaining more fluid and befits the number of guests usually chartering. The use of subtle blues and greens throughout the sofas on board is tasteful and inviting it creates a very subtle nautical theme without being obvious. At Luxury Projects, they have an eye for detail that encompasses every last aspect of the design, even down to tableware and decorative solutions for table centres, a process in which they carefully analyse each choice until they came up with the perfect solution. It is always a great professional effort to convert a “Gentleman Yacht” into a fresh “Lady of the Sea”, integrating new features, technology, design and comfort whilst still enhancing the character of the Yacht. The owners of MY Nero stated, “We are all so very pleased with the end result. Our boat has maintained her beauty elegance poise and atmosphere, however, with Luxury Projects’ magical touch she has become even more elegant and definitely more inviting.” The success of the superyacht at the International Yacht & Aviation Awards has brought great satisfaction and sense of achievement to all involved and the excitement that this will for sure increase her appeal to the charter market in the Mediterranean at the start of this new season. Led by Laura, Luxury Projects have a very clear philosophy behind their creativity. It is to consider each project in its entirety from the perspective of the client, by listening and observing their lifestyle Laura can realise their visions in term of spaces, functionalities and innovation. The measure of a successful design is that it must give energy, it must be a pleasure to be lived in. The distinctive style that has become Laura’s signature is the optimisation of space, to refresh and innovate, using customised materials both natural and re-engineered, always adding less to create more.

Contemporary, classic and elegance are the key words for this amazing 90 metre vessel. MY Nero, inspired by the ‘Corsair’ series of yachts, offers all the toys and comforts of a modern yacht. The owners’ brief from the outset was to update and freshen up all of the interiors of the yacht with an entirely new palette throughout. They were very specific and requested that the overall style and comfort level of Nero was to be respected in its entirety. Every single element from lights, fabrics, decorative accessories and art were selected to strike a balance between the old and new simultaneously and within the same space.


Ya c h t s & P r i v a t e J e t s - L u x u r y V i l l a s & P e n t h o u s e s - H o t e l s & S PA s - L i f e S t y l e



44 Luxe et al


HERALDING A NEW-AGE IN SAILING SUPERYACHTS Carkeek Design Partner’s C 300 Global Explorer

Luxe et al 45

46 Luxe et al

Luxe et al 47

48 Luxe et al

Luxe et al 49

Carkeek Design Partners is built on 17 years experience designing winning racing yachts that have competed on every major regatta stage and have conformed to all major rule platforms. While remaining within the vanguard of Grand Prix yacht racing development, their goal is to expand their high performance design knowledge and methodology into the Superyacht market.

In line with the growing demand for ecofriendly yachts, the goal was to produce an efficient, autonomous sailing platform with the lowest energy consumption. The C 300 project involved extensive R&D, harnessing their latest CFD/VPP tools and methodology into the optimisation of the hull, rig, appendages and seakeeping, introducing a new direction into the superyacht arena.

The superyacht team at Carkeek Design Partners are dedicated to reshaping the superyacht arena with a level of performance and innovation that will be radical to this exciting market sector.

The concept of the C 300 was a result of a conversation with an experienced owner of a 50m+ sailing yacht wishing to upscale and considering a much larger, state-of-the-art sailing yacht. The goal for this concept was to create an exceptional sailing yacht in all aspects challenging existing thinking and with the strength to re-shape the market trend in both design and engineering.

The award winning Carkeek C 300 Global Explorer was conceived to challenge current superyacht design and performance thinking and, in doing so, introduce a new generation of performance superyachts. The Carkeek C 300 represents a unique skill set for both naval architecture and styling, projecting the Carkeek design ethos. Carkeek Design’s brief was to create a new generation global sailing superyacht with unprecedented performance under both sail and motor over extended distances. The challenge was to develop an exceptional sailing yacht, with the ability to re-shape the current superyacht design arena. Carkeek Design wanted to introduce their technology and extensive Americas Cup, Volvo, Grand Prix racing experience into the superyacht market, but also introduce their unique abilities to combine state-of the art naval architectural skills, hydro and aerodynamic expertise seamlessly with the highest level of design, styling and engineering. The new C 300 is a considerable yacht on all fronts, however their focus was to utilise each space carefully thus creating a variety of equally enjoyable yet unique experiences depending on the time of day or mode/ state of play.

50 Luxe et al

The Carkeek 300 global cruiser is a contemporary superyacht with a futuristic twist which features state-of-the-art design, engineering and innovation. This yacht not only embraces the latest technology and thinking but has also more importantly catalysed the development of many new patented technologies that are currently being developed for this groundbreaking vessel. Carkeek Design’s inspiration is derived from an extensive racing background which places an emphasis on highly optimised performance solutions, not only in the Naval Architecture but also in the design language and optimisation of integrated interior and exterior spaces. Their design ethos involves reducing the interior/exterior space to its purest form without compromising the highest level of comfort and elegance. The C 300 has many unusual features and elements. These include the multi position, adaptable recreational spaces around the yacht to suit all occasions.


The design includes the development of many moving parts to allow setting various modes depending on the conditions, time of day and owner or guest requirements. These modes include opening roof structures, aft platforms, and side terraces. The extensive uses of natural ventilation, insulation technology for warm and cool modes, structural glass incorporating the latest solar technologies, are just some the design highlights. Apart from the cutting edge exterior and interior design styling, Carkeek Design Partners have created a large yacht with the look, feel and control of a much smaller vessel. The yacht offers an unprecedented design platform in combination with the propulsion systems, heating, cooling and storage. The system’s design takes full advantage of the latest hybrid technology and retracting propulsion systems. The use of solar power has been maximised on the deck and superstructure. The interior and exterior are designed and optimised to reduce energy consumption. The C 300 will be the largest composite yacht ever to be built. There are only a few yards capable of this and they would need to build a new custom shed and facility for this project alone. Carkeek Design Partner’s vision for the superyacht market is firmly based on creating cutting edge, cool, innovative, iconic and timeless designs. They continuously strive for an outstanding and seamless blend of performance and style.





UNPARALLELED BUSINESS CLASS EXPERIENCE WHICH REDEFINES SPACE AND PRIVACY Delta Airlines in partnership with Thompson Aero Seating and Factorydesign Delta One Suite

52 Luxe et al

Luxe et al 53

54 Luxe et al

Luxe et al 55

56 Luxe et al

Luxe et al 57


Delta Air Lines is the first to announce a Business Class cabin featuring a sliding privacy door on every suite. Designed in partnership with Thompson Aero Seating and Factorydesign, and with an emphasis on exceptional customer comfort and privacy, the Delta One suite offers each customer a private space accessed by a sliding door, with thoughtfully designed personal stowage areas, an advanced inflight entertainment system and premium trim and finishes. The uniqueness and innovation behind the Delta One suite is the achievement of an unparalleled Business Class experience with a comfortable, residential feel. Delta is not only the first airline to announce an all-suite Business Class product, but has redefined the way the industry provides customers with a sense of space and privacy without reducing density via increased pitch and seat width. The suite door is not only the first to be announced for all seats in a Business Class cabin, but was the first to be installed on the Airbus A350, certified in compliance with stringent EASA Special Conditions. The unique cabin configuration with the large number of fully-enclosed suites meant that the certification path was different from that required for other previously approved suite arrangements. The Special Conditions drafted for these earlier designs could not be directly applied to the new design. All suites were therefore subjected to dynamic testing as well as the static testing that had been applied to earlier suite door designs to demonstrate an equivalent level of safety. The Delta One suite offers customers travelling on International Business Class unparalleled privacy through the fullyenclosed suite door, sliding privacy divider for centre doubles, and higher walls with a truly modern and customised design aesthetic. The personal space, including dedicated shoe stowage, a larger multitiered console top, and upper stowage unit, allows the suite a more elevated sense of private, personalised openness. As testament to the design effectiveness, the Delta One suite received the coveted 2017 Crystal Cabin Award for best Cabin Concept. The Delta One suite was designed in the context of the wider A350 and 777 cabins to create more private, residential zones onboard without compromising personal space. The interior lighting, trim and finish were selected to maintain focus on the suite’s innovative design and aesthetic while also upholding the aircraft’s light, spacious, and calming feel seen in other Delta One cabins.

58 Luxe et al

Factorydesign’s famed Vantage XL seat has once more proved itself as a premium product as part of Delta One’s new Business Class cabins. The Delta One cabin, which will contain 32 seats, is due to be rolled out aboard Delta’s first A350 craft by September 2017. The seat has been fully customised to incorporate all new features, including additional stowages, a double console for passengers to spread out their belongings, and an 18-inch HD monitor screen – all the while ensuring complete Delta brand identity on-board. With this streamlined design Delta aimed to give an individual, personalised experience for each passenger, with as much comfort and privacy as possible. In terms of the future of air travel, the concept of the “hotel in the sky” is becoming more ubiquitous and with the help of their partners, Delta have set their new product along that path. Factorydesign attended the International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2017 in Venice and were delighted to accept the award for Concept Cabin on behalf of Delta Airlines, Thompson Aero and of course themselves. They were especially proud that the product, which has been through an intensive development, engineering and certification process, now finding itself on an aircraft, was the winner in this very strong and innovative category. After the awards Ryan Graham from Factorydesign said ‘The first A350 Aircraft has recently rolled out of the paint shop and will be available for Delta One passengers to fly in the coming months, we’ll be excited to see how it stands up to it’s ultimate test. Moving forward, the seats have been developed for Delta’s 777 aircraft also, so will be great to see the offering on a yet wider aircraft.’ The International Yacht and Aviation Awards are unique and challenging the industry as far as Factorydesign are concerned ‘with the inclusion of Aerospace in the awards, for us, it provides a platform to discuss the products from a creative or design focus. Other awards in commercial aerospace rely on innovation or performance to hang accolades on (not that we are short of any on the Delta project). These awards however, look also at the beauty or aesthetic within the design, an area commercial aerospace is sometimes a little uncomfortable discussing.


Tell us a little about your background (education, experience etc.). I have a BFA degree in Industrial Design. Early in my career I worked at a couple of Product Design offices in Chicago in the late 80’s including a firm that designed small boats, which I particularly enjoyed. A former classmate suggested I visit Teague Design in Seattle where he was working at the time designing Boeing plane interiors, including Air Force One. My brother and I then took a 2 week motorcycle trip through the scenic mountainous western USA from Colorado to Seattle and arrived on a spectacular sunny August day, and I started work at Teague shortly thereafter. It was there in Seattle in the late 80s that friends mentioned Glade Johnson Design and his intriguing yacht and jet interior design projects. I approached Glade and worked for him for 6 years before starting my own yacht interior design firm in 1997, Ardeo Design. Since 2015 I’ve been Design Coordinator for Westport Yachts in Washington State designing some of the yacht interiors as well as coordinating with outside Interior Design firms that design some of Westport’s yacht interiors. Please give us a brief overview of the submission for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017. The owner of the Nordhavn 96’ “Lacey Kay” had previously purchased a 76’ Nordhavn expedition yacht, partly because they liked the interior, which I had designed. During negotiations to build Lacey Kay they contacted me to discuss designing their new yacht’s interior as well. With interests in the metal industry, they asked if the design could incorporate

60 Luxe et al

polished stainless steel inlays, which I enthusiastically replied “absolutely!” Like many owners, the client wanted to include some new elements on this project, having spent time on his Nordhavn, learning what does and doesn’t work for him. One of the requests was for the inclusion of a motorized wall partition that rises from the stone countertop to close off the Galley from the Dining Area. What are the key elements of the design? The Owners’ requested a contemporary and comfortable design for their casual lifestyle. They also asked for a separate tea/coffee station in the dining room to allow family and guests to help themselves to beverages. This minimises unnecessary foot traffic in and out of the galley, an area of the yacht that is typically very busy. What is the end-purpose of the project (charter, sell etc.)? Private use. What companies have you worked with for the above project? All interior joinery work as well as custom dining table and cocktail table with ottomans were produced by the Nordhavn South Coast Shipyard. Turnstyle Designs hardware, Northwest Design Guild Custom Furniture, Wired Custom Lighting, ADG Custom Lighting, Cantalupi Lighting, Dornbracht plumbing fixtures, to name a few. What do you feel separates you as a company from your competitors? Good listening and communication skills and obsessive attention to detail are paramount.

What are your current plans for 2017? We’re quite busy at Westport Yachts at this time, so the yearly motorcycle trip may have to be only a long weekend. I’ve just completed the interior design of a new Westport 112’ “Lyon’s Pride”, collaborating with the owners to include features such as edge lit textured glass wall panels, walnut and Macassar ebony joinery work, and custom cast glass inlays in table tops. She’s due to launch in September and we look forward to sharing her with Luxe et al. And now a little about you: The car you drive: Lexus RX 330. Practical and comfortable. (I currently have two kids in University so my dream car is on hold at this time) Your favourite restaurant: Tapas Bars in Spain. We’ve just visited our daughter whom has been living in Madrid. Best way to relax: A glass of wine with friends after a tennis match or golf game. The place that gives you inspiration: Adventures while travelling and experiencing new places. The perfect drink: A nice red wine. Final thoughts or words of wisdom: After all is said and done, after the lengthy design and construction process of these tremendously complex and beautiful machines, it’s exciting to see the project finally come together. Time for that brief moment of celebration with a glass of wine and friends.


Tell us a little about your background (education, experience etc.).

What do you feel separates you as a company from your competitors?

Began working in marine design in 1982. Attended the Yacht Design Institute and graduated in 1988. Began designing Nordhavn Yachts in 1988 starting with the iconic first Nordhavn model, the N46, and have been doing so ever since with designs ranging from 35 feet to 135 feet.

Our ability to conceive, engineer and build the yacht in-house; and the immense amount of experience and commitment that exists in our company: in almost four decades, PAE has maintained the same ownership team, the same naval architect designing and the same factories building our boats. Much of our staff – from project management to marketing – have been with the company for about 20 years.

Please give us a brief overview of your submission for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017. We have submitted a 96 foot expedition yacht with emphasis on world cruising in remote locations. The interior design was done by Scott Cole of Ardeo Design in Seattle, Wa. What companies have you worked with for the above project? Ardeo Design, South Coast Marine Yacht Building, Alcom Marine Electronics, ABT Hydraulics, Caterpillar Is there any reason you chose this project in particular to enter into the awards? It is the most gorgeous Nordhavn 96 we have designed to date and perfectly combines design quality, integrity and capability with the owner’s objectives, tastes and style.

Do you have any predictions for upcoming trends/design directions?

impact that these yachts tend to evoke. What products/services could you not live without? 3-D design software, computers, Phil Arnold my engineer What are your current plans for 2017? Working on a new 40 meter design for an existing client who is considering moving up, along with various other smaller projects that are in the works. And now a little about you:

More fuel efficient propulsion systems along with more eco friendly materials.

The car you drive: Ford F150 pick up truck.

Please describe any relevant technological advancements that may have influenced/ affected your work in recent years.

Your favourite restaurant: Los Olas in Carlsbad CA.

3-D modelling has been the biggest advancement which has allowed us to visualize every aspect of the yacht’s interior and exterior and give our clients the understanding they need to be comfortable to move forward on a project What do you feel are the biggest challenges the superyacht/aviation industry will have to face in the future? Limited mooring facilities and rising fuel cost. Also the negative environmental

Best way to relax: Surfing, Golf, Off-roading. The place that gives you inspiration: Any beach Ideal holiday destination: Whistler Mountain, BC for skiing. The perfect drink: Margarita or a good Vodka Martini. Final thoughts or words of wisdom: Never think there’s nothing more to learn.

Luxe et al 61 73


Tell us a little about your background (education, experience etc.).

What is the purpose of the design (planned build, design exhibition etc.)?

I earned my interior design degree from the Savannah College of Art & Design, and over the past decade I have had the privilege to design within a diverse range of sectors, including residential, commercial, exhibit, institutional, hospitality and, now, aviation.

The project was the design for our new four-living-area Gulfstream G650ER, Gulfstream’s flagship aircraft. The aircraft is one of our demonstrators – it serves as our main G650ER for air shows and client demonstrations throughout the world. Our goal was to showcase the flexibility of the G650ER cabin, its multifunctionality – both as an office in the sky and home away from home – and its individuality.

I have spent the last five years, here at Gulfstream, working directly with our clients to design detailed concepts for their G650, G550, G450, G280 and G150 interiors and overseeing those completions to delivery. Recently, my role has transitioned to research and development at Gulfstream. In my new position, I help innovate interior design solutions for our current and future Gulfstream products, as well as explore benchmarking opportunities that will continue to allow Gulfstream to be recognized as the leader in business aviation. In addition, I guide the overall design direction for our entire demonstrator fleet. Please give us a brief overview of your submission for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017. Our submission focuses on a Gulfstream G650ER with four living areas. This is the first Gulfstream corporate demonstrator that features this configuration, and we wanted to create a cabin design that allows a seamless transition from work to dining, entertainment and rest through four distinct yet analogous zones.

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Business aviation has a multitude of benefits that gives passengers an advantage, from immense time savings to speed, comfort and schedule control. All of these naturally led us down the path of basing our concept on the game of chess. The strategic importance of owning a business jet can be correlated to the wise strategy, consideration, confidence, analysis, foresight – planned for as skillfully as a chess game. What companies have you worked with for the above project? UTC Aerospace Systems, Scott Group, F/ List, Tapis Corporation, Garrett Leather, Townsend Leather, Hermes Home Fabrics by Dedar, Rogers & Goffigon, de Le Cuona, Sandra Jordan and Dahlgren Duck & Associates. Is there any reason you chose this project in particular to enter into the awards? The G650ER is our flagship aircraft, and the four living areas featured in this design showcase the unparalleled comfort and flexibility of this aircraft. We created a compelling interior with high-contrast

elements and the hand-crafted details that Gulfstream is known for, including quilting and stitching details on our upholstery. What do you feel separates you as a company from your competitors? Gulfstream’s interior design team has created thousands of unique interiors for clients around the world. We work closely with our clients to tailor the interior, which is, of course, an extremely important aspect of the aircraft. Our Interior Design team brings in a wealth of education and experience that allows us to offer one-of-a-kind design elements and a wide range of ideas that marry depth and practicality. These designs are implemented with custom materials that include hand-tufted carpets, high-end fabrics and custom-made leathers. We then expertly elevate these details with quality finishes and Gulfstream craftsmanship. We are proud to offer our clients the knowledge of worldwide design and an understanding of how it functions within the aviation environment. What are your favourite recent schemes please describe key elements. Gulfstream Interior Design takes great care to know exactly who our clients are and their preferences. We also want to simplify the sometimes overwhelming task of narrowing down their design desires into a cohesive aircraft cabin. To that end, we have developed five prevalent and distinct design aesthetics that serve as launch pad for their personalized designs. Of those, the three most prevalent aesthetics are Sport, Layered and Classic.


Tell us a little about your background (education, experience etc.).

What is the purpose of the design (planned build, design exhibition etc.)?

What companies have you worked with for the above project?

I started my journey studying yacht design at Southampton in the UK and qualified in 1994. Shortly after this I started my company specialized in racing yachts ranging from Americas Cup to Volvo Ocean Race and Grand Prix Racing Yachts. This proved a successful formula for many years and in 2011 I decided to broaden my portfolio to include performance superyachts, with the goal to seamlessly combine state of the art naval architecture, technology, design and styling. Today Carkeek Design is based in Palma Mallorca, arguably the global hub of superyachting.

The C 300 project genesis was an experienced owner of a +50m sailing yacht considering a much larger, state-of-theart sailing yacht. The C 300 idea hatched from this conversation. Our goal was to create an exceptional sailing yacht in all aspects challenging existing thinking and with the strength to re-shape the market trend in both design and engineering.

At this stage we´re in the selection process, evaluating many suppliers and specialist companies in the different areas. Our primary collaboration at this stage is with the builder, engineering teams and spar makers. Most of the key design elements are handled in-house which is a considerable advantage because we´re able to optimize and progress the design loops at higher pace and with seamless communication between the various departments. This includes naval architecture optimization, engineering, exterior and interior styling, and systems and project management to name a few.

Please give us a brief overview of your submission for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017. The CARKEEK 300 global cruiser is a new breed of superyacht with a futuristic twist featuring state-of-the-art design, engineering and innovation. The yacht not only embraces the latest technology and thinking but has also more importantly catalysed the development of many new patented technologies we’re currently developing for this groundbreaking vessel. This is highly complex project with many parts and players involved and we’re currently in the process progressing towards a build. The C 300 is the largest composite yacht ever built. There are only a few yards capable of this and they would need to build a new custom shed and facility for this project.

What are the key elements of the design? The C 300 has many unusual features and elements. These include the multi position, adaptable recreational spaces around the yacht to suit all occasions. We have developed many moving parts to allow setting various modes and hence experiences, depending on the conditions, time of day and owner or guest requirements. These modes include opening roof structures, aft platforms, side terraces. The extensive use of natural ventilation, insulation technology for warm and cool modes, structural glass incorporating the latest solar technologies. Apart from the cutting-edge exterior and interior design styling, we’ve created a large yacht with the look, feel and control of a much smaller vessel. This has come about through our unique experience and state of the art performance technology applied to the superyacht world.

Is there any reason you choose this project to enter the awards? Our inspiration is derived from an extensive racing background which places an emphasis on highly optimized performance solutions, not only in Naval Architecture but also in design language and optimization of integrated interior and exterior spaces. Our design ethos involves reducing the interior/exterior space to a purest form without compromising the highest level of comfort and elegance. The C 300 exemplifies this philosophy and we felt it was the right moment and platform to showcase our design thinking and language.

Each part of the yacht has a purpose and unique feel to provide all aboard an unprecedented experience.

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Conrad Shipyard are celebrating victory at the International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2017 in the category of Sailing Yachts under 40 metres with their project S/Y Bellkara, delivered in June 2016. Designed for an experienced sailor who held a lifelong dream to own a top-class and uncompromising performance yacht, she is a custom-built, aluminium, slooprigged and fast ocean cruiser designed and built just for this purpose. A beautiful and dynamic silhouette is emphasised by silver paint and a noble line of deckhouse windows. She features a carbon mast, lifting keel system, hydraulic winches, functional deck layout and modern hydraulics, all of which attribute to making her both a joy to handle and a thrill to sail. Three guest cabins and two crew cabins alongside a spacious and cosy interior provide an excellent level of comfort of living so she can be used for both global cruising and fast passage making. Bellkara is a fast, agile, and responsive yet luxurious cruiser delivering the highest level of comfort to its owner and his guests. She is 27.9 meters long, 7.4 metres wide and draught with the lifting keel can be changed from 2.3 metres to 4.7 metres. The yacht has a performance optimised hull powered by carbon rig and advanced sails in combination with lifting keel, the true secret to the outstanding nautical characteristics of Bellkara. The modern, dynamic silhouette of the yacht is underlined by the characteristic deckhouse glazing and four-spreader mast towering over the deck. To be able to achieve and maintain her purpose of longrange cruising at open seas, Bellkara has a powerful 355-horsepower engine, large fuel tanks and an exceptionally strong hull. The pride of Conrad Shipyard lies in their knowledge that all Conrad yachts are truly unique, built with passion and by individuals who have a master-class understanding of sailing and yacht building. Their experienced 70 Luxe et al

team work relentlessly to predict the needs and exceed the expectations of their clients, clients whose aim is perfection which will be visible and tangible in every detail of the yacht. The belief they maintain is that yacht building is really an art form, which must be inspired and transpired by having a full and deep understanding of what the client’s needs and aspirations truly are. This in turn is what makes all of their creations extraordinary and unique. The interior benefits of Bellkara benefits from a wide beam, providing an outstanding amount of volume divided into two zones. The aft part contains crew accommodations with two double crew cabins, crew mess, laundry, and navigation desk. The crew area has a separate companionway and direct access to the engine room. The large and functional galley forms a link between the crew area and the space for the owner and his guests. The full beam main salon comprises of a generous dining area and a lounge – located in the central part of the boat. Bellkara enjoys a notably bright interior, particularly for a sailing yacht, due to the extensive superstructure glazing throughout alongside its luxuriously white painted furniture built with elegant oak and cherry wood accents. All of the interior styling was performed by both Yacht Construction Consulting GmbH and Conrad Shipyard, working closely together to manifest their client’s dream. Bellkara can comfortably accommodate seven guests, split across a master suite in the bow and two double cabins, as well as a Pullman berth. The exquisite master suite features a fantastically large bedroom, walk-in wardrobe and exquisite bathroom. The owner’s apartment is isolated from the salon by means of an adjoining corridor, so it provides a remarkable comfort and silence. A spacious garage, located at the stern of the yacht, can fit a close-to 5m tender, alongside any other boat toys the owner may have. A favourite aspect of the yacht, as mentioned by Conrad Shipyard, is that she offers both


the enormous pleasure of sailing a purposebuilt, reliable yet sensitive sailboat, as well as being an environment of pleasure, rest and relaxation due to her interior comfort level and focus on noise reduction through insulation. Specialising in building the highest quality, class approved steel and aluminium custom yachts, Conrad Shipyard is an experienced and talented yacht builder. Typical ranges in lengths of their vessels range from 25 to 90 meters. They are located in Gdansk, Poland – the most historical shipbuilding city in Northern Europe. The shipyard employs, in partnership with her parent company Marine Projects Ltd, over 300 of the best specialists in naval construction, complex engineering, old world craftsmanship and modern yacht building. They work with the best and most reliable suppliers and companies in Poland and throughout the world, focusing on adhering to their motto of “The highest quality of custom yachts and the best value”. Their employees have experience in building a variety of yachts of different styles and a versatile level of technology, including aluminium carbon rigged, performance sailing yachts, large cadet training squareriggers, steel and aluminium motor yachts from the best Dutch, German and British designers and custom high-speed craft. In addition to yachts, they also specialise in the production of luxurious yacht furniture and interiors, matching the standard of their custom-built vessels by focusing on achieving the highest level of global design and quality. The client’s dreams and expectations for Bellkara were not just fulfilled, but exceeded thanks to the devotion and passion exhibited by Conrad Shipyard’s team. Their close focus on each detail of the design and adherence to the client’s wishes created a masterpiece of a superyacht, with her recent win at The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017 being indicative of her beauty and success.

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A BLANK CANVAS FOR DREAMS, FOR STORIES TO BE TOLD SkyRanch One by Sotto Studios and Embraer Executive Jets

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SottoStudios introduced the SkyRanch One concept with the determination to respond to the trend of bespoke luxury, a clear vision that Eddie Sotto, founder of SottoStudios, saw as lacking in private aircraft interiors was the legacy of luxury, the intrinsic story in the details of the craftsmanship that is so abundant in other luxury products such as automobiles and yachts. During his research into this project Eddie came across a quite inspirational character, Captain George Whittel Jr, who had a beautiful highly polished aluminium DC2 in the 1930’s which he loved so much that he wanted to build a boat to match it. With the help of yacht designer John Hacker he created a magnificent mahogany powerboat called the Thunderbird to complement his streamlined plane. From this story evolved the origins of the concept for SkyRanch One, based on the conviction that anything is possible, if a plane can inspire a yacht why not create a yacht that can fly! SottoStudios questioned everything about what luxury was and came back with “complicated simplicity”. Luxury should be frictionless and more casual. Capture the solitude and privacy, the romance of the wide open spaces. And after all, aren’t the skies the last frontier of privacy? They saw an opportunity to really create something elegant, but relaxed. Enter SkyRanch One, the ultimate escape in the sky, with the classic details borne of the last century, the “Golden Age of Travel’ overlaid on a modern canvas. Their magical inspiration was celebrated as Sotto Studios and Embraer Executive Jets took the coveted accolade of winner of the Private Jet Design Concept category at The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2017. For the perfect partner for Eddie’s creativity he approached Jay Beever, VP of Design at Embraer Executive Jets, and it was a marriage of like-minded ambition. It was agreed that Embraer’s flagship “Lineage 1000E” would be the “ultimate product for the ultimate gift’. Sotto Studios and Embraer worked together to ensure the full and seamless integration of all aspects of the concept into the Lineage 1000E design, as the concept could not be only just

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about aesthetics, it needed the credibility of high technology and engineering. One key characteristic of the Lineage 1000E that delighted Eddie was the exclusive giant portrait window that fits the concept seamlessly, along with the skylights that allow natural light to flood into the cabin at a 45 degree angle. In this design scheme the beauty is in the simplicity and elegance of bleached woods, inlaid horn, soft wool, light gray leather and open air. The light Aspen colour scheme is just one of the choices available in the SkyRanch collection. Hermes “burlap” inspired wall coverings acoustically respond to keep the peace. Design should not exist for its own sake, and on SkyRanch One, Sotto Studios strive to select finishes and design details that tell a composite story every time they are encountered. With exclusivity assured they promise that “If it’s in a catalogue, it’s not on board”. That seamless continuity is what experiential design is all about. From the Bison horn Beer tap and faucet, or inlaid onyx counter that sets off the galley, to the bleached wood and soft mood lighting throughout, the story is there but never gets in the way. The recall of the yacht is continually referenced in details such as the boat throttle shower control. The intelligent lighting changes depending on the time of day. This concept was designed to respond to clients changing needs with interchangeable elements to the seats allowing for easy customisation to suit the requirements of taste and comfort of each client. Sotto Studios were inspired by the layering of European saddles and came back with modular seats, surrounded by hand engraved controls, bleached woods, woven leather, inlaid horn, English wool and other rich materials that soothe to the touch. SkyRanch One is a state of mind, so the design can be adapted to a variety of aircraft and is bespoke to each client. Each customer can work with Sotto Studios and the completion centre to deliver the “wow” that is sought after. Sotto Studios are used to it.

In fact SkyRanch is more than a state of mind, it’s a blank canvas. Sotto Studios can adapt the design to any aircraft or refit. The modular seating concept allows infinite combinations. They visualise everything in 3D first to explore every option. The talented team at Lightbox brings the ideas to life in a way that goes beyond renderings, they are so real, they’re slices of life. On receiving his award Eddie said “ It is very gratifying and encouraging to win against such stiff and noteworthy competition. Quite unexpected! The SkyRanch One is a very special design to us and Embraer is a very supportive design partner. Jay Beever, who heads interior design, got us their big portrait window which sets the scheme apart.” Eddie was delighted that there has been such an increase in interest in the project resulting from the win at the awards, something which encourages him to continue innovating. He believes that “The awards draw attention to the best of what’s new, recognise hard work, and give the design community a voice’. And bespoke yachts are something that have come back into discussion for Sotto Studios “So we’ll see if next year we land in another category (in The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2018). Would love to have an entry in both!’ exclaimed Eddie. Jay Beever, VP of Interior Design at Embraer Executive Jets said “We are honored by this recognition from our colleagues in design, especially considering the finalists in our category, and this award is also a celebration of our incredible journey in our partnership with Eddie Sotto. This design exemplifies the realm of possibilities with the Lineage 1000E as a canvas, and the Sky Ranch is just one of many concepts we have in our portfolio.” When asked why the Awards are important Jay said “The Awards are essential to the growth of our global design community, drawing the most creative collaborations to the surface and continuously challenging us to blur the line between the idea and reality. Equally important, the Awards are a key design reference in our conversations with customers because they showcase the highest form of creativity; the tangible form. When you see each of the projects, the common denominator is the passion for design, whether it be a super yacht, an aircraft interior or an airline lounge, each of the entries embodied a passion for perfection and a driving force to come up with distinctive creations that challenge the imagination. To have such a forum in which the design and the designer can be recognised is both fulfilling and rewarding.”



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Autoban’s first yacht design, Aquarius, is a 45m full wooden laminated epoxy tri-deck displacement superyacht that is destined to spend almost half of the year on the sea. Therefore, offering the luxury and warmth of all the home comforts was the pivotal inspiration behind the design process and guided all of the design decisions. Autoban’s design is a well mastered and delicate balance in the blend of functions and materials in a space where strict boundaries go hand in hand with constantly changing external factors. This consideration tailored the transparent and semi-transparent interrelations between the space, daylight and landscape. The yacht is spread over three fully internal decks plus an open-air sundeck, and the space is considered as a one entity, with the narrative being conveyed from the outer to the inner layers in a continuous flow of incremental adjustments. This gradual change whilst creating the distinct passage between in and out, added a certain depth in the interior design. The main bedroom is encased by an outer shell of light and dark wood with beige hues to invigorate a sense of being swaddled by its curvaceous form and it delivers a contemporary interpretation of the classic style. Sliding horizontal slatted timber doors give access to a starkly contrasted ultramodern bathroom. The same slatted panels cover the windows creating a secluded area of escape, whilst also allowing filtered daylight and views to permeate into the interior. The main salon and the passages benefit from large windows which allow the space to be flooded with natural light that is further amplified by reflections in the bright white lacquered ceiling. Rounded corners and organic forms are defined by polished teak and brushed oak among other wooden material. Along with braided wallpaper they enhance the warmth and cozy feeling. Wet areas advocate Autoban’s fascination with uncommon materials, and common materials used in uncommon ways. The bathrooms are highlighted by a

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monochrome or dual streaked bookmatched marble that are selected for their unique vein structure and cover the space again as a shell from the ground throughout the walls. The staircase connecting the decks takes the same approach to layering; a ribbed panel formed by irregular triangle slices curl around the staircase generating an immersive wooden presence to make the inhabitants feel surrounded by nature. Autoban have applied their signature aesthetic by maintaining a unity in interior architecture engaging all indoor and outdoor areas. The bespoke lighting fixtures and furnishings of Autoban are accompanied in the exterior relaxation areas by complementary furniture that has been selectively chosen. All are to welcome both the serene life and the animated social gatherings on board. On the upper deck, a hot tub is introduced near the bow that is strategically placed next to a screen to foster again the enjoyment of the environment. In its entirety, the whole layered interior architecture offers a sense of openness and richness, purposefully plain but imposing in style, finished with high quality meticulous craftmanship. The materials are skillfully and instinctively pushed to reveal their full potential. The award winning total aspires to create an enduring and timeless design. There was great excitement within the Autoban team on receiving the award as winners of both the Interior Design category and the Poweryacht over 40m at The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2107. Their aim to approach the interior design in a holistic manner, seeking an interrelated harmony in the story introduced into the space, has met with great approval from their esteemed peers. Autoban have a keen interest in the transport sector. It started in 2011when they designed the Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge at Istanbul Atatürk Airport that won Skytrax World’s Best Business Class Lounge Awards. Then came the Heydar Aliyev

International Airport in Baku Azerbaijan where they were held responsible for the interior design of the entirety of the new terminal building that brought the Red Dot Design Awards. Now with Aquarius, they have found themselves again concerned with the traveling habits of people and how they can add a value with design. Autoban are currently working on another yacht interior design project, this time it is a 40m motoryacht charter that invites them to consider a yacht that will host different type of clients. Another project from the transport sector, is the Galata Port İstanbul which is under construction. Autoban is responsible for the interior design of the passenger terminal for cruise liners. Internationally Autoban is commissioned to reinterprete the interiors of Alcron, the first art deco hotel of Prague and which has a Michelin-starred restaurant. In the Maldives Islands, two resorts covering all the atoll in which they reside; one destined to be an awe-inspired world class hotel situated in Muravandhoo Island, the other one more offering a life style in Bodhufushi Island. ‘The Awards create a reference point for what is considered good and high quality in the related sector. Of course, this is justifiable when the organiser has a certain credibility. Awards can influence the direction that sector takes. This kind of endorsement rewards the efforts of the company and its team. Wining an award is surely not the core subject when we design, but when happened they channel attention towards your company and bring a value on your reputation. They make you more visible and distinguished.’


A NEW LEVEL OF SUSTAINABLE COMFORT BROUGHT TO TRAVELLERS Delta Airlines SEA Club at SeattleTacoma International Airport

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Delta Air Lines opened Seattle’s second Delta Sky Club on 21 October 2016 at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) at the intersection of Concourses A and B, adjacent to Gate A1. The SEA Club provides an inviting environment and every detail represents Delta’s commitment to ensuring the best possible customer experience. This project was the celebrated winner at The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2017 in the category of Airport Lounge. The club features modern décor, picturesque views of Mount Rainier, six shower suites (designed with long-haul customers in mind) and more than 400 seats, making it a relaxing environment for guests to touch down before, after and between flights. The interior design for the project was the responsibility of Seattle based ECH Architecture. Delta’s signature blue glass backdrop greets guests at the reception desk where dedicated club ambassadors provide personalised assistance. The fluid shapes found throughout the club’s design pay homage to the Pacific Northwest’s waterways and move through the reception and customer service areas, creating a natural flow that draws guests to the centre of the lounge. The lounge spans two levels with an open floor plan, 30-foot ceilings with curved panelling, two dramatic floating staircases and a mezzanine level with an art gallery. The twisting mezzanine meshes seamlessly with the gently curved ceiling, mirroring the layout of the bar below. The most innovative and sustainable feature in the club is the energy-efficient, electrically tinted windows manufactured by View Dynamic Glass. These intelligent windows with electrochromic glass keep the club temperature and sunlight

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at optimal levels, reducing energy costs, eliminating the need for window coverings and allowing guests to stay connected to the outdoors. They have tinting that can be automatically controlled through light sensors on the building’s exterior or manually controlled through a smartphone app. The blue windows also integrate perfectly with Delta’s brand colours. The club’s furnishings come from some of the top furnishing manufacturers in the world, including Boss Designs, Keilhauer, Knoll and Steelcase. Though the space features an open design, the designers managed to achieve a balance between space-efficiency and privacy with strategic furniture arrangements, quiet work areas and custom divider screens which maximise privacy without blocking light. The Delta Sky Club team worked with Boss Designs to create custom-made sofas with high walls for privacy, conveniently integrated power outlets and luxuriously upholstered Scottish leather from Muirhead. They also kept the views of Mount Rainer in mind when creating the seating layout for the entire club, from the dining area to the mezzanine level, making every seat seem like the best seat in the house. The bespoke banquette in the centre of the club was created by the club’s in-house design team to create versatile gathering places, including both intimate areas for solo travellers and casual, conversational areas for larger groups. Guests can choose from large, circular tables, individual seats divided by powered armrests made of solid walnut, powered cyber bars and two American black walnut live edge tables with brushed stainless legs. The walnut tables complement the stacked walnut wall at the club’s entrance, and the

tables’ live edge detail further echoes the Pacific Northwest region and the flowing curves found throughout the space. The banquette was intentionally crafted using dimensions and materials typically found in residential environments for maximum durability in a high traffic environment and maximum comfort for travellers on long layovers. The club also has a full-sized kitchen and buffet area intentionally designed to flow with the rest of the club, highlighting Seattle’s culinary culture by featuring exclusive menu items by acclaimed Chef Ethan Stowell. The dining tables are evenly spaced to offer plenty of privacy, custom power poles provide outlets throughout the dining area. The bar at Delta Sky Club offers a variety of premium and complimentary beverage options including Washington wines, locally inspired cocktails, IPA craft beer, a self-serve espresso machine and freshly brewed Starbucks coffee. One challenge the designers faced during the design process was figuring out how to work around a Washington state liquor law that prohibits seating from being located directly at bars in airport lounges. The solution was to create a large, central island which creates an informal gathering space for guests to swap stories about their travels while sipping on custom crafted cocktails. The island’s surface is made of terrazzo with large flecks of cobalt blue glass and it’s surrounded by roomy leather stools with molded walnut backings. Arguably the bar’s most striking feature is the backlit backdrop made blue Kimono silk glass by LivingGlass.





SUPERYACHT / AVIATION DESIGNERS Indepth profiles with the world’s leading superyacht and private aviation designers discussing key trends and the future of design.

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Luxe et al - The Winners Issue | Part Two  

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Luxe et al - The Winners Issue | Part Two  

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