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Living in the sky Feeling at home while travelling: Exclusive cabin interiors for helicopters and jets


COMFORT BY DESIGN Indulge in the feeling of seating created to embrace you. With innovative structural advances our new Gulfstream seats are as comfortable as they are beautiful. Discover promise in every journey. GULFSTREAM.COM

For your personal consultation, visit gulfstream.com/contacts.

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Ferdinand Alexander Porsche

We are a design agency as well as the origin of the premium brand Porsche Design. For customers worldwide we design products, turn brands into experiences and bring highest standards into the right form. Design is not only aesthetics to us, but above all content. This philosophy, combined with the legacy of german engeneering, forms the basis of our work.


Designs change before your eyes







www.ilorom.com +1 617.855.5078

Luxury Textiles





Aeria Luxury Interiors


RAISE YOUR EXPECTATIONS OF WHAT AN AIRCRAFT INTERIOR CAN BE . AERIA Luxury Interiors will surround you with sumptuous luxury, refined sophistication, and a style that’s all your own. Specializing in VIP completions for Boeing and Airbus airframes, the AERIA team is known for exquisite craftsmanship, uncompromising quality, and expertise that has been proven on more than 50 aircraft. Experience our heightened sense of luxury for yourself.

9800 John Saunders Road, San Antonio, TX 78216, U.S.A., +1 210 293 3200, www.aeriainteriors.com AERIA Luxury Interiors is the completions division of VT San Antonio Aerospace, Inc., which is an affiliate of ST Aerospace.








Engineering Luxury

Comlux is one of the leaders in Business Aviation, Transaction and Completion services. For over 15 years, we have been Engineering luxury for VIP customers looking for personal and professional management of their private aviation needs: aircraft sales and acquisitions, aircraft operations and charter management, cabin interiors, maintenance and upgrades.

Headquartered in Switzerland with a global presence around the world, Comlux delivers World-class Swiss-made business aviation services at the highest standards of the industry.


SUBSCRIBE Annual subscriptions are available in the UK for ÂŁ35, and can be ordered by telephoning 01244 346 347. International subscriptions vary by country please either call +44 1244 346 347 or email: subscriptions@design-et-al.co.uk stating your full address for a subscription quote. If you would like further information regarding online subscriptions/ pricing please contact us using the above telephone number. Design et al ISSN 1750-8851

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I TA L I A N L I N E N L I G H T I N G A N D F U R N I T U R E Showroom 1, 19a Boundary Street, Rushcutters Bay NSW 2011 Ph.+61 2 8354 0662 www.analu.com.au

Luxury Defined



By choosing Heirlooms, you can be sure everything from your table and bed linens to bathrobes and towels meets the most exacting standards. Yours – and ours.

+44 (0) 1243 820252 enquiries@heirlooms-linens.com www.heirlooms-linens.com

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As the front cover suggests, this issue is all about aviation; the annual Aviation Issue, as it has become known, celebrates, discusses and debates the technological advancements in design within this vibrant sector. At Luxe et al, we believe that there is great symmetry and compatibility between the marine and aviation design sectors, hence the reason why we look at both sectors in detail each issue. We are aware that advancements in both go hand-in-hand and. more than this. that customer profiles are alike. However, the significance and growth in this sector, the design directions being undertaken, mean that they are worthy of an annual issue dedicated solely to their work.

We have spoken to some of those shaping the future of the aviation design industry and taken a closer look at projects by Bombardier Business Aircraft, Iacobucci HF Aerospace S.p.A., Flying Flipper, Crescent Custom Yachts, Greenpoint Technologies and Textron Aviation. Over the coming issues we will once again bring you some of the shortlisted projects in this year’s International Yacht & Aviation Awards, giving you the opportunity to engage once more and vote for your favourite schemes and projects in April/ May. These previews will commence next month. Until then, Joanne


NATURAL ACOUSTICS BY TISCA The Swiss company Tisca, family owned and run since 1940, has recently introduced a new high-end stock range upholstery fabric line for (V)VIP Aircrafts, Business Jets and Yachts. This premium wool-blend fabric collection encompasses six different designs. Each design is available in a wide range of colors with 129 different positions in total. All available on stock, ready for immediate shipment and available with no minimum order quantity! The designs are characterised by small patterns and repeats, intriguing 3D effects and textures, combinations of different thread sizes, as well as small weave structures where “something pops up�. During development, special emphasis has been put on comfort and acoustics: The fabrics have been

16 Luxe et al

engineered to have a maximum sound absorbing effect, resulting in a quiet and noise-free cabin. They provide a highest comfort and convince with a soft, pleasant and cosy touch. As a result, this new fabric line is setting new standards in creating ambiance and providing the desired comfort in order to relax and find repose in a hectic, noisy and fast-paced world. Moreover, these eco-friendly fabrics are produced with natural, renewable raw materials. Fully aviation certified and passing all flammability, smoke and toxicity requirements. They have been named Mira X Allegro, Concerto, Ritmo, Commedia, Opera and Suono. www.tisca.com


A NEW COMPOSITION OF CARPETS BY SCOTT GROUP STUDIO Scott Group Studio believe that layered compositions exist all around us. They present themselves in a multitude of ways through depth, color, light and shadow. Inherently, layers provide interest, texture and complexity – a perfect opportunity to translate this idea materially. Whether observing natural layers through the process of atmospheric conditioning or discovering it more intentionally through fashion or art, The Stratis Collection is a result of interpreting layers via a series of luxurious patterns and textures, both refined and artistic. their products is an individual piece of industrial art.


ARCHITECTURALLY INSPIRED LEATHER BY TOWNSEND LEATHER As a premier manufacturer for fine leather, Townsend Leather understand clients’ desire for innovative and unique products. Their design-driven philosophy helps transform the way leather is used and they strive to help interior designers discover creative and unusual ways to use leather to express their client’s vision. Townsend manufacturing capabilities allow complete control over yield, quality, and adherence to strict testing as well as offer a wide range of in-stock and custom colors, finishes, and embossing’s. Townsend Leather is launching a new line within the Stacy Garcia for Townsend Leather Collection, Foundation. Taking cues from industrial building materials, Foundation is available in 6 easy to use metallic hues. Stay anchored with the architecturally inspired pattern Foundation. An embossed leather perfectly constructed with precision, Foundation is hand-tipped with a pearlescent sheen to further highlight its dimensional surface. With exceptional durability and geometric lines, this pattern can be used for seating, decorative inserts, wall or other vertical applications and will pass all aviation standards. Also available in custom colors in 3-4 weeks lead time! www.townsendleather.com Luxe et al 17


ELEVATING PASSENGER COMFORT CLOSURES BY OCTASPRING TECHNOLOGY Aviation industry newcomer Vanema is bringing to the market it’s revolutionary, highly environmentally friendly seat solution that will offer airlines the opportunity to reduce aircraft weight and CO2 emissions whilst bringing vast improvements to passenger comfort. Vanema has partnered with Airbus and STELIA Aerospace to develop a revolutionary seat cushion, which can be integrated and offered as an option in any STELIA Aerospace Business Class seats. Patented foam spring technology - Octaspring®, which has previously been utilised in luxury mattresses, is a key enabling technology that elevates passenger comfort, whilst shaving off up to 30% of the seat cushion’s weight. Octaspring® patented foam springs are individually placed inside seat cushions and move 3-dimensionally to evenly


18 Luxe et al

distribute body weight across the entire seat surface, reducing pressure points. The technology can be manufactured in varying levels of firmness, allowing for the creation of unique, ergonomic zones within the seating that produces a truly ergonomic experience without additional costs. Octaspring® technology has won multiple design and interior awards and in last year alone has been awarded the prestigious Crystal Cabin Awards as the Best Material Innovation and also nominated as a Finalist in the Best Passenger Comfort Innovation category for the APEX awards.

Kalogridis International Aviation Carpeting and Deconel INNOVATION, CREATIVITY, EXCELLENCE IN QUALITY Over the past 35 years Kalogridis design staff has specialized in turning concepts into a functional reality for aircraft ranging from entry level jet to Head of State aircraft. Kalogridis International offers a completely unique custom design experience in luxurious and durable handmade carpet utilizing exclusive proprietary blended 100% New Zealand wool, fine silk, and exotic yarns. Hand-sculpting, fiber optic accents, and more are often incorporated for a completely personalized finished carpet design. Now imagine the quiet relaxation of a 3D sculpted panel or surface covering that is lightweight and sound absorbing with a natural, organic feel designed to your exact specifications. Deconel may include stitching, embroidery, beading, metal leaf, paint, metal, and stone inlays, LED accents and many more techniques to coordinate with your carpet designs. Both products can be ordered separately or in conjunction for an overall effect. All handmade carpets and coverings are of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship, meeting requirements of both FAR 25.853 and OSU 65/65. Representatives are available in France. UK. Arab Emirates. Mumbai. Singapore. Company headquarters Dallas, Texas U.S.A. Announcing the world’s first ever VVIP BBJ 787 featuring Kalogridis carpet and Deconel Project management and cabin concept credit Kestrel Aviation Management Designed by Kestrel Aviation Management and Pierrejean Design Installed by Greenpoint Technologies.

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NOTHING MORE AND NOTHING LESS Bombardier Business Aircraft Global 6000

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With a heritage dating back to the very first business jet, Bombardier Business Aircraft has at its core a forward looking, innovative spirit that is embodied by its people and the aircraft they have proudly manufactured, sold and supported with the expertise handed down over the last 50 years. Bombardier’s extensive experience of innovation have led them to see opportunities where others see limits. A rich history of ingenuity inspires the company to relentlessly reinvent and refine every detail of the private aircraft. Every detail of a Bombardier business aircraft is meticulously selected. Their expert engineering and superior craftsmanship allows passengers to experience productivity when its needed and comfort where its expected. Nothing more and nothing less than what an exceptional private jet should be. Designing and manufacturing a business jet is a collaboration between multidisciplinary teams. It begins at Aero Bombardier with industrial designers who define the customer experience onboard using the latest in architecture and automotive design as sources of inspiration for the layout, furniture and materials that will be used. From there, they work with their customers to determine how they will use their aircraft, what their style is and the mood they want to create onboard. They provide guidance in determining layout, selecting the materials and a colour palette to personalise the aircraft. Finally, the team, including cabinet makers, upholsterers and painters, amongst many more, practice their craft. They bring the vision to life, making sure every detail is perfect. When the team see a Bombardier business jet in the sky, they can proudly describe the role they played in getting it there. Their work is recognisable because of the exceptional quality throughout your aircraft.

26 Luxe et al


The Global 6000 aircraft was designed to help get things done – from conducting a business meeting to getting a good night’s sleep. This flexibility has been granted through the fastest in-flight internet connectivity worldwide using the Bombardier WAVE Ka-band technology which will keep passengers connected at all times. Ka-band is unbeatable in terms of speed (up to 15 Mbps or close to 5 times faster than legacy air-to-ground systems), coverage and reliability, and to illustrate this confidence in the service, Ka-band is backed by performance commitments offered by the leading service providers. Along with the efficiency of technology, comfort has been maintained at the highest standards allowing passengers to forget that they’re flying with Bombardier’s advanced wing design which provides a smooth, restful flight. There is also the option to expand the personal space for passengers by almost a foot (30 cm) wider than the nearest competitor, this cabin delivers maximum comfort. Bombardier have created premier comfort with outstanding width, higher armrests and an impeccably shaped backrest, the new seats allow passengers to enjoy a delightful and inviting experience, ideally suited to long distance travel. This comfort combined with advanced soundproofing materials with proprietary interior and exterior design techniques contribute to lowest-in-class sound levels. The aft stateroom adds a sense of tranquillity with its large windows infusing the luxurious space with light. The stateroom holds a full-berthing divan, spacious wardrobe, independent temperature control, and lavatory area unit offers you maximum luxurious comfort. The galley is equipped to please with its substantial storage capacity and extensive work surfaces elevates comfort experience with its greater meal capabilities. It is also intelligently set between the cockpit and main cabin areas, for further passenger privacy.

During time on board, whether passengers wish to work, rest or play, time will simply fly by as they adsorb the exceptional interior. 100% fresh air is always available. The air management system can alter and regulate the cabin’s temperature, additionally, optimised cabin pressurisation provides a low altitude environment helps passengers feel more energised. This is productive for everyone from cockpit to galley, it is the best place for a crew to work in the sky. Bombardier have created a revolutionary media centre in the sky. Anything is possible with the most comprehensive cabin management system. By having the ultra-fast, reliable, intuitive connection and featuring a large media bay, it offers the possibility to wirelessly watch movies, mirror live streaming or display documents onto the largest HD TV monitors in its class. The latest in technology and design are seamlessly integrated to bring the most advanced and reliable flying experience. The revolutionary Bombardier Vision flight deck makes flying the Global 6000 aircraft an exceptional and effortless experience. It has business aviation’s most advanced avionics suite, with ergonomics and aesthetics that provide pilots with outstanding comfort and control. The unique combination of features such as the synthetic vision system on the head-up display and the MultiScan weather radar contribute to enhancing situational awareness at any time and in any weather. The industry leading flight deck reduces pilot workload for a safer, more efficient experience. Governments worldwide depend on the Global 6000 aircraft’s innovation, reliability and safety to fly some of their most demanding and critical missions.

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Iacobucci HF Aerospace in collaboration with Pininfarina introduce the business class cabin Cambiano, a solution focused on design, elegance and quality whilst creating a new way of business class, surrounding passengers and ensuring an unforgettable experience on board. Iacobucci is a worldwide leader in the development, production and distribution of galley inserts, and seating products for both commercial and business aviation. The company boasts a consolidated experience in the design, production, certification and maintenance of espresso makers, coffee makers, water heaters, trash compactors, induction ovens, cooking stations, trolleys, standard units, seating products, accessories and consumables. During 45 years of experience in the aviation industry, and a strong focus on product innovation, Iacobucci has largely expanded its business, product portfolio and production capacity over the past 15 years, to better serve its loyal customers. Thanks to its premium, made in Italy, durable and innovative products range and its best in-class customer service, the company is the first choice among elite airlines and private jet customers throughout the world. Lucio Iacobucci, President and CEO of Iacobucci HF Aerospace, considers today’s business environment a continuous challenge. He explains “a company has to fear obsolescence and must always try to be ahead of its time, through innovation and development. The moment this is stopped the obsolescence era begins. For this reason, as part of continuous innovation I strongly believe there is enough need and space in the aviation industry for new companies with new ideas when it comes to passenger seats”.

For the first time Iacobucci HF Aerospace has entered the business class sector, to create maximum space, superior comfort and an experience where passengers will arrive at their destination completely relaxed and refreshed. Their latest development is a brand-new seat design, Cambiano, which exemplifies passion, craftmanship, commitment to quality, innovation and technology. The robust Italian companies within the supply chain adds value and calibre to the final product. Iacobucci HF Aerospace integrated and exclusive solutions for commercial and business aircraft, collaborated with

34 Luxe et al

Pininfarina to present their bespoke business class seat and cabin. The innovative design allows the client to customise elements according to preferences and needs. Paolo Pininfarina, Head of Design at Pininfarina, believes “that this element combined with the absolute distinctiveness from a design standpoint will make Cambiano a very appealing seat for airlines”. In this project, inspired innovation and technological research, have led to a new concept where space is reorganised and optimised through new solutions to guarantee an unparalleled in-flight experience. Cambiano features high quality upholstery design details that gives the Iacobucci HF Aerospace brand its positive reputation. The hand-crafted seat, realised by the Italian seat manufacturer, combines a contemporary design with luxurious finishes ensuring the highest level of comfort on board. The seat can stretch in a full flat position to ensure maximum space and superior comfort with the 67” installing pitch providing more length in the bed position. The seat is equipped with an innovative screen, electrical PC power outlets and 3 USB chargers for each person. In front of the cabins, passengers can enjoy a private and convenient drawer, lined with Alcantara material, for their personal belongings. The one leaf meal tray is lightweight and comfortable to use and during the flight, privacy is ensured thanks to the innovative shell design. “The decision to partner with an excellent designer such as Pininfarina was to introduce our bespoke business class seat. I am very proud of the engineering and design of the developed product and I am confident it meets customer demand in a competitive market where innovation inspires elegance and comfort”, Lucio Iacobucci states. A vivid example of bespoke design unveiling attention to detail, innovation and technology, in a challenge between present and future. In line with Iacobucci’s philosophy, the innovative design allows the client to customise some elements according to preferences and needs. Inspired innovation and technological research, have led to a new concept where space is reorganised and optimised through new solutions to guarantee an unparalleled in-flight experience.

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Introducing the Flying Flipper SUPERFLY GT 42. The only boat that combines outstanding driving and racing performance with excellent family comfort, all wrapped up in beautiful, modern Scandinavian design. Superfly GT 42 is a game changer and sets a new standard in boating. Flying Flipper started as a race boat project in the early seventies by the legendary racing driver and boat constructor, Sigurd Isacsson. His race boat the Flipper was raced succesfully in numorous races and as a result of this he and the Flipper team decided to start building boats for the leisure market, letting the customers take advantage of the racing experiences and technical evolution the Flipper team had on the race tracks. Flying Flipper have put a lot of pride and effort in designing a boat for the modern boat users that will stand out and last for a long time. Flying Flipper has, in close collaboration with Red Yacht Design, created a boat that looks like nothing else on the market, still the design feels so natural and pure, all the way from its edgy and sharp hull to its unique sliding glass roof top, with a roof line that ends up in an aft side window shaped like air inlets. They worked hard to implement the Scandinavian way of design solutions, where simplicity meets style and ends up in perfection. The Superfly GT 42 is designed to inspire drivers and bring out the best performance. They wanted to design a boat that Flying Flipper love themselves. The new Superfly GT 42 is designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

Characterised with practical elegance, the new Superfly GT 42 is a great proof of Flying Flipper’s dedication to combine style, high performance and uncompromising safety. Flying Flipper worked hard and in close collaboration with Red Yacht Design to develop a new high-tech and fuel-saving racing hull. The new Superfly GT 42 is also the only boat in this segment that offers two cabins and a double-bed in both forward and rear cabins. Other unique features are the automatic glass hard top -just push the button and watch the top glide away - and the great options of modern power solutions. With its sleek hull lines and aggressive appearance this beauty is exciting to drive from the beginning. Combining style, and refined power with sporty attitude, Superfly GT 42 provides versatile opportunities to make the most of a day at sea. Whether it’s just cruise in style, high-speed chase across the open waters or even spend a day on a racing course, the new Superfly GT 42 won’t disappoint. When they designed the exterior for the new Superfly GT 42 they wanted to create something that was far away from your daily life and closer to your dreams. The uniqueness of the boat continues in the way Flying Flipper planned the interior and how they arranged the layout and clever storages. They wanted to create a social

42 Luxe et al

boat where passengers would want to spend time with friends and family. The new Superfly GT 42 is the only boat in this segment who could offer family or friends two separate cabins, one forward and one large owners cabin in the rear. The saloon contains a spacious living area combined with a full sized high tech kitchen and a diner table. The roomy and bright bathroom offers all the luxury convenient a passenger could want and need. In the cockpit, there is situated a spacious U-shaped sofa that within seconds transform into face forward seats when it’s time for take-off. A table is hidden under the floor and folds up by a push on a button. In the forward cabin, there are two separate beds and a lots of smart storage room., here is also a glass roof hatch for easy entering and baggage loading. The glass hatch combined with the big side windows creates a bright and roomy feeling. In the rear, lies one of the boats most unique features, the aft cabin. This is the owners cabin where there is a double king sized bed and lots of storage. Two big rear windows on each side of the bed as well as two more on each side of the boat will create a bright and roomy feeling. Not to mention the big glass roof that will provide the impression that you are sleeping under the stars. ”I wanted to create a yacht that looks like nothing else on the market, still the design should feel natural and pure! All the way from its edgy and sharp hull to its unique sliding glass roof top, with a roof line that ends up in an hidden aft side window shaped like air inlets”, Owner of Flying Flipper, Michael Reimer, tells Luxe Et Al. The new Superfly GT 42 is produced by using light weight carbon, allowing maximum strength at minimum weight costs. Only the best materials are being used for the exterior as well as for the interior. Flying Flipper has combined different materials and textures to create a unique and exiting interior. They work as much as possible with eco-friendly and natural materials. Flying Flipper allow the customisation from a variety of different materials and colours, superior quality and the finest parts. Superfly GT 42-E sets a new standard in eco boating with cutting edge innovations. Flying Flipper offers the new ECO – Hybrid concept, providing a choice to harbour drive in silence and slow cruise with zero pollution by using the strong Torqeedo electric inboard engine. The Superfly GT 42-E is delivered with an ecofriendly interior. All the fabrics and wood work has ben certified to meet the highest demands and Flying Flipper take great honour in only using an ecologically sound production line.

The new

Superfly GT 42 Legends are not born, they are created...


STUDIO F. A. PORSCHE Studio F. A. Porsche is world leading in product, transportation and space design. Founded in 1972, by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the studio strives for the perfect symbiosis of form and function. For the last 45 years the studio follows its elementary virtues: Purism, Functionality, Perfection, Relevance and Passion. Today, Studio F. A. Porsche yields premium design services for selected clients worldwide and the brand Porsche Design. The studio is part of the Porsche Lizenzund Handelsgesellschaft with its headquarters at Zell am See, Austria. Further offices are located in Berlin, Los Angeles and Singapore. In 2017 German premium cabin and airplane seat producer INAIRVATION contacted them for a design based on their innovative CHAIR concept, they were immediately thrilled. Topics like aviation, private jets and business travel exude fascination and usually include high complexity. Private jet interiors are often characterised by low and narrow cabins equipped with large and heavy airplane seats. This enforced the decision to focus on design creating a business jet interior which feels spacious and light. The design is based on the CHAIR – a customisable seat concept by INAIRVATION which allows for versatile options of configuration. Instead of hiding this innovative modular structure of the seat

beneath layers of padding and cushions, their designers rather chose to highlight its technical aspects through the design. This approach supports the Studio F. A. Porsche philosophy ‘design must be honest’. The result is a puristic design, which is based on a clear horizontal structure created by floating elements. Following a holistic approach, they applied this concept to the entire interior design of the cabin. The interplay between the different areas of the jet is emphasised by sideboards, which mirror the floating, horizontal structure of the seats. An open cockpit accentuates lightness and spaciousness. It allows the passenger to directly experience its functionality and the unique thrill of flying.



In the VIP jet industry, Studio F. A. Porsche are currently working on a project that will be launched soon.

There are many challenges in the aviation industry currently and in the time to come; how to implement technology in the fast-moving times, installing a screen now in a plane will look old in 5 years. Hence the need to include technology and make it invisible to create a timeless look. The travel experience, spacious cabins and comfortable seating will keep on being important in the future.

Based on their design philosophy “Design must be honest” by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, Studio F. A. Porsche strive for the perfect symbiosis between form and function. Only by analysing the function of an object, the form becomes evident. Furthermore, all the designs follow the principles of Function, Relevance, Purism, Passion and Perfection to create innovative and timeless designs. Studio F. A. Porsche create designs for international clients coming from various industries, as well as their own brand Porsche Design. With every new project, they strive for innovation in the design or the materials used.

The technological advancements have influenced work in the recent years. Currently they see that additive manufacturing gives the possibility to offer more specific and customised design solutions. Studio F. A. Porsche work with a wide array of key interior suppliers. They are working closely with F.List in Austria. They share the same values of authentic materials and high-quality execution but most importantly they have the same mind-set towards quality. Working with F. List enables Studio F. A. Porsche to produce the designs they created in exactly the quality envisioned.

THE FUTURE For Studio F. A. Porsche they foresee spaciousness as a main aspect to improve passenger travel experience in VIP Jets. Furthermore, it is not their goal to just have a cosy “hotel room” in the skies but to celebrate flying and travelling as such. The Porsche Design customer is enthusiastic about speed and the plane, hence, the excitement of flying needs to be a part of the overall experience. Studio F. A. Porsche will be seen with a concept design together with LHT at the AIX in Hamburg. They worked together on a future Galley concept to improve the passenger experience in the cabin. They will continue to work more in the VIP Jet and VIP Yacht industry after their great success with the Dynamiq Yacht GTT 115 in 2017.

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ACUMEN DESIGN ASSOCIATES In the mid 1990’s few people would have predicted the aviation industry would look the way it does today. The landmark moment came in 1996, when British Airways went against convention and entrusted industrial designers to come up with something remarkable for its new First Class cabin – the result was the iconic ‘Bed in the Sky’. Acumen’s ground-breaking cabin design offered passengers a lay-flat bed experience, something which at the time was unheard of in commercial air travel. The first of its kind, the design has been the starting point for every First and

EVOLUTION OF THE CABIN There have been several landmark designs in the last two decades that have shaped the industry. The ‘Bed in the Sky’ gave passengers more privacy and personal space – kickstarting a trend that would ultimately make its way through the whole plane. By the early 2000’s, features that would normally be associated with premium travel were making their way into Business Class. The unveiling of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner in 2007 presented designers with new opportunities to improve the status quo for both airlines and passengers. Taking inspiration from the automotive industry, Aura – one of the first seating designs for the B787 - did just that. The seat’s unique sculpted armrests gave passengers 11 percent more bed space

Business Class cabin since. More than 20 years later, it is unimaginable for passengers in these cabins to fly long-haul without a lay-flat bed – proving how one radical design can transform an industry. For Acumen, aviation interior design has always been about more than aesthetics - the way passengers interact with the environment is just as critical. Since its inception in 1981, Acumen has worked on more than 40 full design programmes for the world’s biggest airlines and has been awarded more than 15 original aviation design patents. This has been built on the ability to not only create radical, blue-sky ideas but also take them to the skies – making them a commercial success at the same time.

– a dramatic increase compared to other leading designs of the time. Coupled with its mix of surface materials and innovative stowage options, Aura’s modular design enabled it to be configured as a shortpitched (angled bed) or long-pitched (lay-flat bed) product - giving airlines more flexibility in their passenger offering.

As passengers at the front found themselves with more space, airlines were scouring the planet looking for a design that could offer similar improvements to rest of the plane. Business Class passengers want two things: aisleaccess to exit the seat and a comfortable, spacious lay-flat bed.

The commercial deployment of the Airbus A380 ten years ago was another standout moment for the industry. Having worked with Airbus in 2000 to define the baseline cabin interior for the A380, Acumen’s vision was for an interior that reflected the aircraft – modern and spacious, defined by open spaces and clean lines. As part of the Etihad Design Consortium (EDC), Acumen designed ‘The Residence’: a three-room apartment with the world’s first doublebedroom aboard a commercial aircraft. More akin to a luxury hotel-suite, ‘The Residence’ offered an unprecedented VIP experience with full-size privacy doors and a sperate bed and seat.

In 2013 Acumen invented, patented and began developing its own Business Class seating product capable of offering just that. Considered the ‘holy grail’ of aviation design, Acumen’s concept enabled airlines to offer an uncompromised level of privacy and personal space, with no negative impact on passenger numbers.

The internationally patented was then selected by United Airlines to become ‘Polaris’—resulting in one of the biggest orders of Business Class seats in recent aviation history.




In two decades, the aircraft interiors industry has changed dramatically. Whilst nobody can accurately predict what aviation interior design will look like in another 20 years, there are certain trends that are already emerging.

In a new era of air travel, with new planes and the advent of new technologies, design will continue to play a central role in driving innovation to improve passenger experiences. With the recent growth of low-cost carriers, traditional airlines are facing a challenge to offer passengers an experience worth paying for. Investing in unique designs has been proven as an effective way to improve brand reputation and customer loyalty. At Acumen we look forward to playing our role in creating the next generation of aircraft interior designs and helping take air travel to a whole new level.

The recent decision to retire the B747 passenger plane marks the end of an era. For the past 50 years the ‘Queen of the skies’ has dominated the aviation landscape. But as one type of plane lands for the final time, we may soon be seeing another return to the sky: the return of supersonic travel is edging nearer.

The recent growth of Super Business Class (cabins with the luxuries you would expect in First) and high-density Business Class, has seen the focus for many airlines switch to the lucrative business traveller market. Consequently, the number of airlines investing in new blue-sky First Class cabin designs has declined – but for design consultancies like Acumen, this presents a very real opportunity to redefine what luxury air travel is all about. With potentially less passengers in the cabin, designers have the space to create something truly innovative. 46 Luxe et al

Designing a contemporary supersonic interior is a very different brief from that of contemporary commercial or even a private jet interior. Like being a passenger in a Formula One racing car, supersonic flight is an experience – and the interior cabin needs to reflect that. With luxury swivel seating and 360-degree OLED displays already being discussed, the supersonic cabin of the future may end up being more like a flying planetarium.

Luxe et al 47

AERIA LUXURY INTERIORS, LLC Established in 2012, AERIA Luxury Interiors based out of San Antonio, Texas, USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of VT San Antonio Aerospace offering completion, refurbishment and MRO services to the world’s most elite clientele. AERIA Luxury Interiors dedicate themselves to creating one of a kind custom luxury cabins that suit each customer’s taste and style, while delivering world class comfort in each private jet.

CURRENT PROJECTS In June of 2017, AERIA delivered its first B777-200 VIP completion to an undisclosed customer. The wide-body Boeing aircraft interior boasts masterful design and modern luxury. Features include a sprawling master suite, multiple private lounge areas, crew quarters and spacious dining and living room areas. Highlights include

raised ceiling and doorways, top of the line galley and entertainment equipment and truly one of a kind, custom art deco, floor-to-ceiling bulkheads created by famed art designer Alex Turco. Every detail was carefully selected and quality crafted by the in-house AERIA team.

THE CHALLENGES Customer expectations for the quality and immediacy of initial design concepts require that AERIA Luxury Interiors find improved ways to deliver high quality, photo realistic images and animations during the sales process, including integration of Virtual Reality techniques in presentations and cabin configuration validations.

Emphasis on long range capabilities of transport category aircraft results in an increased focus on lightweight interiors, while improving noise

AERIA Luxury Interiors are currently in the process of beginning a VIP interior on a narrow-body BBJ for a Central Asia customer in the first quarter of 2018 along with many prospects in the pipeline. They also continue to bring in steady business on their maintenance operation making AERIA a one stop shop for VIP aircraft service.

THE INDUSTRY levels, entertainment and communication systems capabilities and visual & tactile elegance, all of which traditionally add weight. AERIA Luxury Interiors believe that FAA and EASA certification requirements, already the biggest challenge for aircraft cabin interior innovation, will only become more stringent and therefore their designers will need real understanding of new rules and interpretations to deliver workable solutions.


The Dee Howard Company facility in San Antonio, which AERIA Luxury Interiors now occupies, is where the world of VIP completions for large, commercial aircraft started. Much of AERIA Luxury Interiors team originated from there and it’s the business model which other successful completion centres mirror their operations after. Over time the VIP world has evolved, but AERIA continues to pave the way in opulent design and modern elegance allowing them to become a leading contender among competitors. Some of the many key suppliers AERIA Luxury Interiors work with are Zodiac, Rockwell Collins/BE Aerospace, UTC Aerospace Systems, Custom Control Concepts/Astronics, Honeywell are some of our more widely used vendors. They provide good, reliable products and good customer support. A shortage of technicians and craftsmen is a current challenge in this industry who have the skill set to perform this type of work. Continuing instability in the global economy which, for the business, translates to indecision and the prolonging of decisions to proceed with aircraft interior completion projects. AERIA has been using 3D printing in its interiors since 2014. The 3D printed parts are used in proof of concepts, decorative features and pieces as well as production parts. It is very efficient, saves time and cost and does not require the fabrication of expensive jigs and tooling to produce parts.

AERIA Luxury Interiors feel aviation design is dramatically upscaling premium airline First and Business class offerings, including sleeper seats, personal entertainment, cooking options and luxury suites will put pressure on VIP completions to offer superior luxury and exclusivity. That will require a greater emphasis on R&D, product development and supplier partnerships. 48 Luxe et al

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COMLUX COMPLETION Comlux stands for Comfort and Luxury. Comlux is one of the leaders in Business Aviation, Transaction and Completion services. For over 15 years, they have been Engineering luxury for VIP customers looking for personal and professional management of their private aviation needs: aircraft sales and

acquisitions, aircraft operations and charter management, cabin interiors, maintenance and upgrades. Headquartered in Switzerland with a global presence around the world, Comlux delivers World-class Swiss-made business aviation services at the highest standards of the industry.

Comlux Completion is an Innovator in large to very large business jet aircraft proposing luxury engineered cabin completions, upgrades and refurbishments. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Comlux Completion has established itself as one of the most unique and modern completion & service centers in the world exclusively for Airbus Corporate Jets, Boeing Business Jets, Bombardier Business aircraft and Sukhoi Business Jets.

ENGINEERING LUXURY Since 2008, Comlux has developed its own completion center in Indianapolis USA: Comlux Completion. They are fully approved by the manufacturers to perform completion and service work on ACJ, BBJ, Bombardier and Sukhoi VIP aircraft. Their modern facilities built in 2012 were extended in 2016 to accommodate Wide body VIP aircraft. Indeed 2017 was a great year. They signed various maintenance

THE INDUSTRY Comlux has set up an innovation and research centre in Indianapolis USA with a highly skilled engineering team constantly looking for the most efficient and ingenious solutions and the next inventive technologies available, thus being proactive and always a step ahead.

projects including interior work in the first quarter of the year, one BBJ and one Global 6000, both with Asian customers. In early 2017 they delivered the first ever EASA certified VIP cabin on a Sukhoi SBJ aircraft to one of their customers in central Asia. Regarding the future VIP aircraft programs like ACJ neo and BBJ MAX, they have announced a partnership with four Design Firms: Alberto Pinto Design, DesignQ, Unique Aircraft and Winch Design, to work jointly with future customers on these programs. They also announced in the second half of 2017 the signing of their first BBJ MAX 8 completion which will arrive in Indianapolis in the 4th quarter of 2018, and the signing of their first ACJ320 Neo completion, which will arrive in September 2019. They are currently on schedule to deliver their first wide body aircraft an A330 at the end of 2018 as well.

They are also developing partnerships with several key suppliers to offer the latest and greatest products in the industry such as the complete VIP cabin integrated solution in partnership with Rockwell Collins.

AN UNPARALLED EXPERIENCE Comlux Completion is the only completion centre in the world built to be a completion centre and having recently expanded the facility can now work on wide body and narrow body aircraft simultaneously. They have all the completion approvals a customer requires including: ACJ Completion Center & Authorized Service Center, BBJ Completon Center & Authorized Warranty and Repair Center, Bombardier Authorized Service Facility (BASF) & Modification Center, SBJ Completion & Service Center. Offering custom design, an in-house design team, and partnerships without external major aviation design In Q4 2017 they launched the Comlux 3.0 innovation and technology program and performed their first Digital Maintenance work on a BBJ. Digital Maintenance is not only paperless, but a fully integrated work order management tool. It increases reliability, eliminates potential human errors and decrease redundancies. All departments can follow

teams, Comlux create custom interiors exclusively for their clients and innovate with future technologies such as full digitalisation of design and manufacturing processes, integration of the newest high-tech equipment, and customised cabin weight and noise reduction programs. Proud of their acheivements to date, Comlux Completion boast 10 completions delivered to date, 2 in progress and 3 in the order book, all cabins delivered on schedule, below weight specifications and below specified noise levels. Driven by quality rather than quantity, Comlux can offer up to four narrow body completion slots per year and one wide body completion slot every two years.

instantly and seamlessly the progress of the documentation, thus bringing more efficiency and resulting in an improved data package for the customer. The Digital Maintenance process allows that all task cards and part tracking efforts are performed electronically using wireless tablets and bar code scanners, instead of using paper task cards and boards.

THE FUTURE For Comlux Completion “the sky is the limit” literally when it comes to aircraft interior design, as there are so many new and improved options available including things like OLED monitors on the aircraft and many different layout and material options to meet any of their customer’s needs. 2018 is set to be a great year for Comlux, with the delivery of their first wide body aircraft and inputting their first ever BBJ Max 8, as they celebrate their 15th anniversary of being in business. 50 Luxe et al

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TIMELESS APPEAL Crescent Custom Yachts Mucho Mas

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Crescent Custom Yachts is located in the magnificent setting of the Canadian Pacific Northwest, a part of the world renowned for spectacular boating along its breath-taking coast. With a six-bay fully enclosed shipbuilding facility, Crescent is able to have multiple projects underway at all times. The 330 Ton Marine Travelift assures easy and dependable access to the docks located on the protected waterway of the Fraser River, minutes away from open ocean. Muchos Mas is the result of a collaboration of the design team, owner’s team and shipyard to create a yacht that answers many of the small details that make the difference between a great yacht and a spectacular yacht. The client requested a clean, modern space incorporating a warmth of wood. They also asked to include as much natural light where possible in the existing design, leading to the enlargement of the main salon windows, a unique feature on the yacht. The interior was created to be modern yet warm and welcoming. Crescent Custom Yachts worked on a palette utilising warm and cool colours; where the warmth came from the walnut timber and veneers with the cooler grey tones reflected in the soft goods and metal finishes. JQB Design Ltd created a dramatic exterior profile offering both contemporary style and disciplined proportions for timeless appeal. Crescent Custom Yachts constructed a 145’ (43.9 metre) yacht for the Caribbean and Mediterranean charter market. It was important that the CCY 145 had less than 500 GRT whilst offering an exquisite yet welcoming interior with multiple generous exterior spaces for entertaining and relaxing. During the initial stages of construction, the yacht was purchased for family use and named Mucho Mas.

The yacht was designed with the dual personalities for ‘family’ and ‘charter’ service. The layout and material selection kept these priorities in mind throughout the design process. The large sundeck provides generous space for large gatherings as well as the dual hot tub configuration helps distribute guests on exterior deck locations creating more intimate groupings of guests. The main salon aft window retracts to create a flush interior/exterior bar area, whereas outside on the sundeck features A/V projection for exterior entertainment/movie experience. “It takes an extraordinary team to build extraordinary yachts. Our management team boasts international yacht building experience from Canada, United States, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, and England. We are also fortunate to have the best craftsmen available in the Pacific Northwest and it will show in our projects.” As told by the shipyard Manager, Dave Marsden. Taking nearly 9 years from initial planning until execution, Jonathan Quinn Barnett shaped a dramatic exterior and interior offering both contemporary style and disciplined proportions for timeless appeal. JQB Design Ltd developed 58 Luxe et al

an interior arrangement that is as functional and spacious as it is innovative, and offers deluxe accommodation for ten, in an environment exceptionally well-suited for enjoyment. The key features of Mucho Mas is said to be the Master Stateroom and the Head Vichy shower room with horizontal shower and shower bed. This creates a reclining shower experience with six computer controlled water bars, set above a reclining space. The shower is built with honey onyx stone, whilst the horizontal shower and shower bed-deck are heated. There is an overhead skylight from the foredeck hot tub to allow natural light, or a colour light show, into the shower. Scott Hay, General Manager of Crescent Custom Yachts: “Our flexibility in how we run each custom project based on our clients’ needs sets us apart from the average shipyard. Communication structure, reporting and financial set-up are all things we tailor with each client. We offer design and engineering services but will also work closely with a client’s own team. It is a collaborate effort and the results give our clients exactly what they want.” Large windows in the salon and sky lounge open social areas to daylight and to a panoramic view of the passing scenery. Other attributes include an on-deck master suite with an office positioned outboard for a spectacular view, four guest suites on the lower deck, sky lounge with full-service bar and a spacious sun deck with hot tub and barbecue. The lower deck accommodates two VIP and two guest suites whilst the lower deck aft guest staterooms can be converted into a single full-beam VIP guest suite. Service aspects have been carefully thought out to allow access to all areas of the interior to enable the crew to perform their services with the least amount of guest disturbance. Exterior deck areas have been designed for a variety of uses, from elegant entertaining to sunning and enjoying the view. The sun deck includes a large jetted tub with waterfall fill and adjacent service bar with barbecue for casual relaxation and entertaining. A large transom door transforms the swim platform into a portable beach and base for fishing, diving and enjoying water toys. Also, an intimate seating/ sunning area on the foredeck with a hot tub. While the exterior spaces were developed to meet the owner’s specific desires, it was necessary to consider the impacts on weight, structural changes and supporting systems. Two of the largest exterior changes were to the forward Portuguese deck and the sun deck. Crescent Yachts rose to the occasion and met the demands of a challenging build to complete a terrific yacht for this client. Jonathan Barnett maintained a positive attitude throughout the 10 year design/build process. His steadfast belief in the integrity of the design was critical to its success.

THE VISION OF ULTIMATELUXURY Greenpoint Technologies Crystal AirCruises VIP 777-200LR

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Crystal AirCruisesTM is the latest addition to Crystal’s long history of award-winning luxury travel. The market for luxury air travel is growing rapidly, and Crystal has embraced the opportunity to expand their award-winning Crystal ExperienceTM to the skies. The Crystal AirCruisesTM Boeing 777-200LR, Crystal Skye, is a game changer for the luxury air travel industry. The Boeing 777 is a complement to Crystal’s award-winning Cruise line. Crystal has converted a typical, commercial aircraft interior configuration into a luxury private jet, customized to the highest standards of aviation design. Crystal teamed closely with the Greenpoint Design Team, spending many hours evaluating the interior design, functionality, aesthetic and requirements of the aircraft. The strategy has been to embed Crystal’s value and culture into the interior design of the aircraft, and every detail has been evaluated to fit the luxury brand. Greenpoint joined efforts with Crystal early in their planning process. The design development began with a study of Crystal’s mission for the aircraft, which translated into an interior tailored to meet Crystal’s desires and service requirements for today’s elite jetsetter. Greenpoint’s Design Team studied themes present on Crystal’s river boats and cruise ships, then collaborated with Crystal to conceptualize an aesthetically pleasing yet functional interior. This resulted in a smooth design process, bringing the vision of the ultimate-luxury travel experience to flight. “Crystal Skye beautifully complements all things Crystal, with its exclusively styled design and custom experience she will offer guests. In all our pursuits, and particularly with Crystal Skye, creative collaboration has been an integral part of success. It has been wonderful to work with the experts at Greenpoint to conceive and create this aircraft’s exquisite interior design, as their team made our visions an astounding reality,” announces Edie Rodriguez, Crystal CEO and President. Crystal’s chief requirement was for the 777 to include an expansive Lounge and Bar for guests to dine, relax and socialize. The Lounge features a centre bar, sofas, custom coved ceilings, dining tables and ample space for

66 Luxe et al

guests to walk and socialize. The full-service bar is a focal element with beautiful stone veneer, coloured LED lighting and the signature Crystal logo. Greenpoint customized coloured accent and sidewall wash lighting scenes to enhance any ambiance. The expansive Lounge and Bar will allow passengers to enjoy a relaxed, social atmosphere with music playing through high quality speakers. Guests will feel the comforts of a five-star hotel with a main lounge in which to eat, mingle, work or relax. The interior installation began in august 2016 at Greenpoint’s moses lake facility. A chief requirement for crystal’s 777 included a grand bar and lounge for guests to dine, relax and socialize. The lounge is an expansive room with a centre bar to gather around, sofas, custom coved ceilings, dining tables and ample space to stand and stretch. The full-service bar is a focal element with beautiful stone veneer, coloured led lighting and the signature crystal logo. Another requirement from Crystal included a Wine Cellar. Greenpoint explored many options, and concluded on a beautiful compartment filled with crystal glass storage, wine racks and a chiller. It will host an assortment of wine pairings to complement the Michelin Star inspired meals. In the two galleys, the Executive Chef with utilize convection microwaves, espresso makers and refurbished steam ovens to provide the Crystal Guests an amazing dinner experience at 37,000 feet. As guests move aft to their seats, they will notice hand-tufted carpet with a soft, plush feel and vibrant design, extra-wide aisles and a ceiling modified for extra height and space. Passenger seating is customized for supreme comfort, featuring luxury lie-flat seats arranged in a staggered 2x2x2 configuration. The Crystal Exclusive ClassTM seats, a bespoke version of Zodiac Aerospace’s Aura seats, fully recline to a lie-flat configuration of 70.5 inches. Custom Welsh handcrafted leather sleepers provide optimum comfort in both lie-flat and upright seat positions. Each seat features customised privacy surrounds, a four-way adjustable headrest, storage ottoman, and a 24” highdefinition monitor with a full suite of in-flight entertainment.

Up to 88 passengers will enjoy a superb entertainment experience with a personal 24” high definition monitor, the industry’s largest, and a separate interactive touch screen switch panel. Audio and On Demand programming will come to life on the large personal screens. Guests will also enjoy complementary highspeed internet access, Bose Noise Cancelling headphones® and Apple iPads® pre-loaded with personalized itineraries. The interior also features four spacious lavatories, customized to feel residential and modern, with stained grey veneer oak cabinetry, large mirrors, updated vanity lighting and premium fittings to ensure a refreshing journey. Certification requirements for this aircraft restricted the types of materials typically specified for a private business jet interior. Through research and development, Greenpoint Designers selected high-end fabrics and materials including quilted leather seating and soft mohair sofas. The culmination of reflective, shimmer and durable, stain-resistant white materials create a bigger, brighter interior. Greenpoint’s cabinet and machine shops transform the design and engineering into reality. All interior components, excluding seats, IFE and systems, are built in-house at Greenpoint. Crystal’s cabinetry is built and engineered to be low maintenance, aesthetically beautiful and customized for this aircraft. Cabinetry artisans and installation technicians carefully installed the interior elements including all systems, cabinetry, ceilings, sidewalls, flooring and furniture per the engineering and design specifications to meet an on-time delivery. Bret Neely, Executive Vice President at Greenpoint Technologies mentions, “Our goal for this program was to create a luxurious interior showcasing the elegant brand Crystal established with their cruise ships, yachts and riverboats. Greenpoint is a company built on Teamwork. Both internally and externally with our customers. It was amazing to see the combined core team come together to focus on Crystal’s guest experience, resulting in the beautiful and functional interior we see today.”



RUAG has outstanding technological capabilities on land, in the air and in space. Today about 8,700 committed and skilled staff at the production locations in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, France, Austria, Hungary, Australia and the USA are driving forward the technologies of tomorrow. RUAG specialise in creating exclusive cabin interiors for customers who want to feel at home in the sky, as well as cabin interior services for jets, helicopters and propeller aircraft, especially but not only in combination with major service intervals.


RUAG Aviation feels that aviation design is heading in the direction that requires interiors to be seamless working and living environments; sky environments where customers feel at home, safe and happy. It is through the project SkyLife™, where RUAG demonstrate the importance of their customers values. The quality of life in the sky is greater now than it ever was before with love and passion driving the design of SkyLife™ spaces, connectivity plans and design attributes. These new environments are the result of RUAG`s Legacy and strong historic culture of Swiss excellence, protection and independence.

Life and living in the sky like the Swiss eagle is what has inspired their new product line. Love and passion is what has driven the company to create unique spaces that reflect who they are. Legacy and the strong historic culture of Swiss excellence, protection and independence is what drives the RUAG product to be offered exclusively to those people who have passion for the same values. RUAG believes that noise reduction, increased space and constant connectivity are the key elements in making travelling as comfortable as possible. By listening to their customers. RUAG believes customers desire new comforts whilst traveling today. The feeling of being at home. The feeling of being connected to who and to what they want, when they want. And the feeling of being part of a culture with heritage and pride. RUAG’s new product line SkyLife™ is being offered and communicated on an exclusive basis to people who value the comfort of familiar interiors, connectivity when they want and serene silence as they want it. SkyLife™ is an exclusive cabin concept based on Life, Love and Legacy. This product line offers exclusive aircraft homes which are individually designed with passion and meet the quality of life one is accustomed to. RUAG’s SkyLife™ offers the luxury of quality time with loved ones in an environment of customisation. Through this project RUAG has been able to enhance the quality of travel life by keeping people connected, sharing in their passion for details and by honouring legacies, culture and heritage.

“Challenges always lead to new innovations. The challenge is to make sure those innovations are what your customers want, need and desire” 68 Luxe et al

The millennial need for technological advancements and constant connectivity has influenced the work at RUAG Aviation. Their customers desire for integrated seamless technology within the exclusive interior design has driven their designers to create functionality that does not hinder the beauty of their space. RUAG’s designers and craftspeople are artists inspired and driven by excellence, pride and passion.

Due to the speed and development of the industry, they have worked with a variety of talented interior designers who cater to the exclusivity their customers demand. Because these designers also live and work by the same code of honour; a desire to improve the customer’s quality of life, they have a passion for artistic excellence, and are also loyal to the security, culture and heritage.


Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, manufacturer of the industry’s leading business jets, is winding down from an exciting year of first flights and testing milestones on the all-new a Gulfstream G500 and G600. As 2017 ended, the company turned its attention to 2018, when the two new aircraft will certify and enter service. They have plenty to look forward to. Over the course of the G500 and G600’s rigorous flight test program, engineers were pleased to discover that the aircraft demonstrated performance several hundred nautical miles beyond original expectations. With the added range, the G500 is now even more impressive, capable of flying 5,200 nm/9,630 km at a longrange cruise speed of Mach 0.85 — an easy hop from London to Los Angeles.


At the same speed, its sister ship, the G600, will be capable of even longer distances — 6,500 nm/12,038 km at the same speed of Mach 0.85. Customers will save hours of flight time in each aircraft thanks to PW800-series engines, resulting in greater performance and speed, longer durations between maintenance, as well as increased fuel efficiency. While the two flight test programs are operating separately, the commonalities between the G500 and G600 flight deck and avionics mean much of what is being learned on the G500 applies to the G600 program. A revolutionary aircraft family is not simply an exciting achievement for Gulfstream but will set a new standard in business aviation for years to come.

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Scott Group Studio specialises in handmade custom carpets and rugs with showrooms in major markets across the United States that service architects and designers for residential and commercial business, as well as the super yacht market. Scott Group Studio’s most recent collection, Stratis, plays off the idea of layering. They’ve looked to places like nature, fashion, art and architecture for design inspiration, finding patterns which are created from light filtering through foliage, or the shapes that shadows create in architecture as well as how pattern and material are layered in garments. The result is a diverse collection of designs that really highlight the materiality of their product and capability of what can be created within their product line. The manufacturing process of hand tufted products are created at their mill(s) located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is where the staff base of over 16 designers design and oversee projects through production. They work with customers to execute their design vision while also understanding the best construction suited for performance depending on how the aircraft is used, whether it is an owner operator, a fractional or a fleet. Scott Group Studio predict that an art deco influence is returning, softening the edges of geometric shapes leading to curvilinear forms appearing in furniture like sofas and chairs. Memphis style influences are seeping in with bold saturated colours palettes and complex pastels are replacing more typical neutral tones paired with earthen colour reds, camel and more grounded hues. There is a continued desire to see the outdoors in, bringing balance and harmony to new environments. The Scott Group Studio have an exciting 2018 planned with eight product introductions scheduled over the next twelve months between three brands, Scott Group Custom Carpets, Hokanson and PWV. In addition, they are enthusiastic to begin a design collaborative partnership with one of the industry’s most renowned designers.


As a true all-inclusive manufacturer, Tisca designs, develops and produces a range of premium quality textile floor coverings, fabrics and curtains in harmonised designs and colours for the complete cabin interior furnishing under one roof. Founded in 1940, family owned and family run, Tisca group has grown to become one of the most prominent and leading manufacturers of mobility, contract and home textiles. Tisca are a leading supplier to the commercial airline industry and are offering customised products and solutions also for yacht, railway and bus interiors. Moreover, they cater to the residential and contract market such as hotels, public buildings and offices. Tisca have successfully introduced an exciting new carpet collection: Tiara Coloured by Nature. In addition, Tisca develops an inspirational new trend collection of upholstery fabrics, carpets and curtains each year. This holistic and exciting new collection reflects latest global trends in terms of patterns, textures, materials and colour combinations. Tisca are the only company worldwide that genuinely design, develop and manufacture such a diverse range of compliant carpets, fabrics and ready-to-install products within one company and without subcontracting. This makes everything faster, more reliable and cheaper for their customers. Tisca is the ideal one-stop shop for all aircraft interior furnishing needs. Tisca’s customers can cover their entire soft interior furnishing needs; allowing them, and the designers involved, co-ordinate and implement any projects much more effectively. Customised products are manufactured in very short lead times. Their in-house design and development team approach the most extraordinary customer requests with creativity, passion and flexibility. Their huge stock-range program is an unparalleled service to the market.

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A CLEAN SHEET DESIGN Textron Aviation Citation Hemisphere

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“For the first time in more than 20 years, the large-cabin segment will see a clean-sheet design aircraft with the Citation Hemisphere,” said Scott Ernest, Textron Aviation president and CEO.

board (CAB), which is comprised of both their current customers and other industry executives operating various products in this class to affirm what customers need in this segment. They have stayed in contact with this group throughout the cabin design process, which has provided them with a valuable constant feedback loop. The input from the CAB members has already led to several design changes throughout the process. Textron Aviation started with a spandex model of the cabin, with what they call “paper dolls”, that allowed the flexibility to easily incorporate changes throughout the layout of the cabin. This was then turned this into a full-scale cabin mock-up, which they debuted to customers just seven months later at NBAA 2016.

The Citation Hemisphere will be powered by two next-generation Safran™ Silvercrest™ engines with over 12,000 pounds of thrust. The Silvercrest engines incorporate the latest advanced, field-proven technologies to offer unrivalled performance in its class in terms of direct operating cost, propulsion efficiency, reliability and environmental friendliness. These engines lower fuel consumption by up to 15 percent, reduce NOx emissions by up to 40 percent under CAEP/6 standards and half the noise footprint compared to other engines in its class, the future of efficiency.

The cabin layout of the mockup showcases a workspace that will provide for maximum productivity as well as an intimate and more private stateroom environment. The front galley offers a versatile, brightly lit workstation with granite and stone surfaces and stateof-the-art modularity for changing missions. The Hemisphere incorporates fully breathable seats, which will be the widest in the class, and features thermo-electric technology to optimize heating and cooling comfort for passengers. The seats are designed for maximum comfort, oversized windows let natural light fill the cabin.

When the company decided to enter the large-cabin class of aircraft, they knew it was important for them to get customer input from the very beginning of the development process as this is a new class of aircraft. In April of 2016, Textron Aviation formed a customer advisory

After much discussion with the CAB, the team confirmed that lighting is a very important aspect of the design so natural lighting is abundant with 20 oversized windows. These were optimally placed throughout the cabin in addition to skylights located in the front galley

78 Luxe et al

The Citation Hemisphere is Textron Aviation’s newest jet in development in the large-cabin category announced at NBAA 2015. The aircraft will be the largest aircraft in the company’s broad product line with a 4,500-nautical mile range and best-in-class technologies and comfort. It will seat up to 19 passengers and is the widest cabin in its class at 102 inches. The three-zone cabin features a comfortable 6-foot, 2-inch stand-up clearance with a flat floor.

and aft lavatory. The cabin will also feature lavatories in both the front and back of the aircraft, while a best-in-class spacious baggage area will be accessible during flight. One of the things that really sets Textron Aviation apart from their competition in the large-cabin class is that they bring vertical integration to the aircraft. By understanding that the increased range capability requires maximum comfort and productivity, they have leveraged vertical integration capabilities to ensure the cabin comfort is best in class. Interior furnishings, including the seats and cabinetry, will be designed and handcrafted by their in-house, highly skilled craftsmen. This allows them to not only control the quality of the aircraft, but also provides the agility to adjust the design and interior for each individual customer. Textron Aviation do not limit themselves to any certain design elements – they are constantly looking at what’s new and play off of different shapes, colours and fabrics. Textron Aviation are seeing a shift in design where more and more customers really want their aircraft to be an extension of their office, their yacht or their homes. They are moving from a set of three or four pre-determined interior designs to choose from, to the flexibility to meet a wide variety of customers’ needs and wants. Three individual zones are equally well-suited for moving your business forward or affording a relaxing environment between your destinations. Customisable configurations allow for a cabin layout designed around passenger’s needs.

Building the World’s Greatest Superyachts THE NEXT ISSUE:

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what grounds you

Hand crafted, luxury carpets. Made in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA 001.616.954.3200 www.scottgroupstudio.com BOSTON | CHICAGO | DALLAS | GRAND RAPIDS | HOUSTON | LONDON | LOS ANGELES | NEW YORK | NIMES | SAUSALITO | SCOTTSDALE

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Luxe et al Magazine, published by design et al; this issue concentrates on the Aviation Industry - with project from Bombardier Business Air...

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Luxe et al Magazine, published by design et al; this issue concentrates on the Aviation Industry - with project from Bombardier Business Air...