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THE AVIATION ISSUE A closer look at the people, products and design directions for 2017


UNEQUALED ELEGANCE With one of the most spacious cabins in the super-midsize class, the Gulfstream G280™ is unequaled for its comforts, conveniences and capabilities. Complementing its beautifully appointed cabin is a long list of technological innovations and amenities—many originally created for the Gulfstream G650™. The G280: super-midsize flexibility with a large-cabin feel.

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Designed and made in France

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in F ra n c e

2015 THG - Photo Didier Grieu

60 an s


"Beaubourg" Collection


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Bath & Art de Vivre


We create the most exciting and challenging interiors flying today and into the future.

Having completed more than 200 highly customized quality cabin interiors since 1977, our Design Studio at Jet Aviation Basel understands that aircraft interior design is a process as well as an end product. We are experts at managing unique cabin interiors to ensure that they are aesthetically beautiful, technically feasible and ergonomically sound.

Jet Aviation Basel I Completions Center I Design Studio Tel. +41 58 158 4111 I


We can supply these and many other items: ~ Fine china ~ Bespoke china ~ Luxury crystal ~ Silver/gold and platinum flat wear ~ Bespoke table linen ~ Bespoke bed linen ~ Cashmere blankets, throws and soft furnishings ~ Luxury amenity bags ~ A full range of high brand cosmetics and toiletries ~ Silk eye masks ~ Sleep suits ~ Cashmere/alpaca socks ~ Luxury bath robes ~ Towels ~ Leather tissue box, trays and accessories Telephone +44 (0) 1279 215186





















A premier business jet completion center providing artistry engineered interiors for private clients, corporations and heads of state

Greenpoint Technologies

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SUBSCRIBE Annual subscriptions are available in the UK for ÂŁ35, and can be ordered by telephoning 01244 346 347. International subscriptions vary by country please either call +44 1244 346 347 or email: stating your full address for a subscription quote. If you would like further information regarding online subscriptions/ pricing please contact us using the above telephone number. Design et al ISSN 1750-8851

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T H E NEW 6 0 CAN TIUS The magnificently bold new 60 Cantius has arrived to single-handedly refute any notion our world is getting smaller. The unrestrained, free-flowing spaces above and below deck are designed to feel infinitely life-changing. With chic amenities and functionality commensurate with world-class entertaining. Suddenly, your universe abounds with possibility. For more details about the incomparable 60 Cantius, visit your dealer or go to

Designed by you Made by us By choosing Heirlooms, you can be sure everything from your table and bed linens to bathrobes and towels meets the most exacting standards. Yours – and ours.



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A Passion for Excellence

There are some issues that are more design focused than others and this is without doubt one of them. Whilst here at Luxe et al, our aim is categorically clear, to focus on the design side of both the super yacht and aviation industry, until recently our perspective has been broad. However you may have noticed in recent issues we are not merely taking an overview we are drilling down to the very components of the design schemes in question, looking at individual pieces, new ranges, innovation and the people responsible for this. We continue in this vain this month, looking to the future from both a technological and design perspective and talking to the people who are really making a difference and shaping the future.

With 2017 already here we are looking ahead to The International Yacht & Aviation Awards, which are now in their 7th year, and will once again celebrate the best in marine and aviation design; you will be able to take a closer look this month at some of the short listed projects in this year’s awards. This is sure to be an exciting year, with categories extended and expanded in line with industry expectations and requests. Applications will remain open until 7 April 2017 so there is still time to submit and to take a look at further short listed projects in the coming months. Until next month, Joanne

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Designers in Profile...

George Kalogridis (Founder/CEO) DESIGNER IN PROFILE... Nichole Gradert (Deconel Director - Deconel Division of Kalogridis International Ltd)GEORGE KALOGRIDIS Kalogridis International Ltd.




Which sector do you specialise in? GK: Head of State and VIP Corporate jets, Which Sector do you specialize in ? Superyachts GK: Head of State and VIP Corporate jets, NH: Deconel Director Head of State and VIP Superyachts Corporate jets, airlines). NH: Deconel Director Head of State and VIP Corporate jets, airlines How long have you worked in this sector? GK: 35 years How long have you worked in this sector? NH: 10 years GK: 35 years NH: 10 years Which other sectors do you work in?

And trends/design directions moving forward... GK: Consistently coming up with heretofore developing new composites to suit specific unknown solutions to design problems which applications both in areas of design and further broadens the scope and boundaries of flammability. what can be made practical. NH: Coming up with new techniques is essential trends/directions moving forward… to stayAnd current and continue offering materials that are interesting and inspiring for designers. GK: Consistently coming up with heretofore unknown solutions to design problems which further the scope and boundaries of And now a littlebroadens about you: what can be made practical. GK: Residential, commercial, airline, hospitality Which other sectors dohospitality, you work super in ? The car you drive: NH: Residential, commercial, GK: Residential, commercial, airline, hospitality GK: Porsche GT3. NH:up Mini Cooper S NH: Coming with new techniques is yachts. NH: Residential, commercial, hospitality, super essential to stay current and continue offering Your favourite restaurant: materials that are interesting and inspiring for Whatyachts interesting projects have you worked on GK: The Conch Shack at the bend of the road designers. recently and what was your direct involvement? What interesting you workedat Tarpon Bay, Eleuthera, an out of the way GK: Worked with interiorprojects designerhave to carry out restaurant theatop of the hill overlooking Andon now little about you: on recently and whatcarpeting was your direct concepts into coordinating and Lake Como, Ceviche restaurant in the involvement? decorative wall design for First Class Mini-Suites In a you pinch, having a great steak The car drive: GK: Worked with interior to carry Galapagos. for major Middle Eastern airline.designer The under the steer headGT3 here in Dallas, Tx. GK: Porsche out concepts coordinating carpeting and wall covering was ainto 3-dimensional design NH: MyNH: Kitchen. Mini Cooper S decorative wall design for First Class Minicontaining LED lighting. The flooring was a multi Suites major Middle Eastern airline. The texture and for color carpet also containing Best way to relax: Your favourite restaurant: waschallenge: a 3-dimensional design fiberwall opticcovering lighting. The to produce GK: Free diving, spear fishing, fishing, GK: The Conch Shack fly at the bend of the road containing LEDdesign lighting. flooring an elegant, graceful withThe longevity forwas a wildlifeat photography. Tarpon Bay, Eleuthera, an out of the way multi texture and color carpet also containing discriminating airline passengers with products NH: Spending timeon with mytop four restaurant the ofdogs the hill overlooking fiber Thebefore. challenge: to produce which haveoptic neverlighting. been used All passed after a Lake long day. Como, Ceviche restaurant in the requirements of OSU 65/65. an elegant, graceful design with longevity Galapagos. In a pinch, having a great steak NH: The challenge: Keeping a luxurious VIP with for discriminating airline passengers The place thatthe gives youhead inspiration: under steer here in Dallas, Tx. look in a commercial products whichenvironment have never with beenstrict used before.GK: Driving on a mountain NH: My Kitchen. dirt road coming flammability andrequirements durability requirements. All passed of OSU 65/65. onto an endless vista. Viewing the sea on the east side of Ilhabela, Brazil. Waking up to the Best way to relax: Working the Superyacht/Aviation sectorVIP NH: within The challenge: Keeping a luxurious Northern Lights in Iceland. GK: Free diving, spear fishing, fly fishing, mustlook be different than the domestic and with strict in a commercial environment NH: French and Chinese architecture. The sea. wildlife photography. commercial markets have you found this to flammability and durability requirements NH: Spending time with my four dogs after a be the case? Ideal holiday destination: long day. GK: Yes, challenging although extremelyand Aviation Working within the Superyacht GK: Travelling to an unexplored destination. invigorating. of quality, sectors Very musthigh be standards different than other markets, NH: Whistler, Canada for snowboarding or The place that gives you inspiration: alonghave with you FAA and Marine found this qualification—very to be the case? the Yangmingshan mountains of Taiwan for a GK: Driving on a mountain dirt road coming strictGK: deadlines with attention to highextremely quality Yes, challenging although warmer setting. and detail, most being spot on. onto an endless vista. Viewing the sea on the invigorating. Very high standards of quality, east side of Ilhabela, Brazil. Waking up to the along with FAA and Marine qualification—very The perfect drink: Please describe any relevant technological Northern Lights in Iceland. strict deadlines with attention to high quality GK: A cup of Oriental Beauty hot tea. advancement that maybeing have spot influenced NH: French and Chinese architecture. The sea. and detail, most on. your NH: Taiwanese pearl milk tea. work in recent years. GK: In manufacturing carpetadvancements we continually have Ideal holiday destination: Which technological Final thoughts: develop new techniques in dyeing, tufting and Travelling to an unexplored destination. influenced your work in recent years? GK: BeGK: persistent in your pursuit of excellence. processing. We have developed and patented NH: Whistler, Canada for snowboarding or GK: In manufacturing carpet we continually a product called Deconel to coordinate with the Yangmingshan mountains of Taiwan for a develop new techniques in dyeing, tufting and the carpet. Deconel is a soft sound absorbing warmer setting. processing. We have developed and patented embossed/3D sculpted surface covering. a product called Deconel to coordinate with This development created a market whereby The perfect drink: the carpet. Deconel is a soft sound absorbing none previously existed. GK: A cup of Oriental Beauty hot tea. embossed/3D sculpted surface covering. This NH: We are continuously researching and NH: Taiwanese pearl milk tea. development created a market whereby none developing new composites to suit specific previously existed. applications both in areas of design and Final thoughts: flammability. Andcontinuously trends/directions. GK: Be persistent in your pursuit of excellence. NH: We are researching and 12 Luxe Et Al

Kalogridis International Aviation Carpeting and Deconel INNOVATION, CREATIVITY, EXCELLENCE IN QUALITY Over the past 35 years Kalogridis design staff has specialized in turning concepts into a functional reality for aircraft ranging from entry level jet to Head of State aircraft. Kalogridis International offers a completely unique custom design experience in luxurious and durable handmade carpet utilizing exclusive proprietary blended 100% New Zealand wool, fine silk, and exotic yarns. Hand-sculpting, fiber optic accents, and more are often incorporated for a completely personalized finished carpet design. Now imagine the quiet relaxation of a 3D sculpted panel or surface covering that is lightweight and sound absorbing with a natural, organic feel designed to your exact specifications. Deconel may include stitching, embroidery, beading, metal leaf, paint, metal, and stone inlays, LED accents and many more techniques to coordinate with your carpet designs. Both products can be ordered separately or in conjunction for an overall effect. All handmade carpets and coverings are of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship, meeting requirements of both FAR 25.853 and OSU 65/65. Representatives are available in France. UK. Arab Emirates. Mumbai. Singapore. Company headquarters Dallas, Texas U.S.A. Announcing the world’s first ever VVIP BBJ 787 featuring Kalogridis carpet and Deconel Project management and cabin concept credit Kestrel Aviation Management Designed by Kestrel Aviation Management and Pierrejean Design Installed by Greenpoint Technologies.

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KALOGRIDIS INTERNATIONAL AVIATION CARPETING AND DECONEL Innovation, Creativity, Excellence in Quality Over the past 35 years Kalogridis design staff have specialised in turning concepts into a functional reality for aircraft ranging from entry level jets to Head of State aircraft. Kalogridis International offers a completely unique custom design experience in luxurious and durable handmade carpet utilising exclusive proprietary blended 100% New Zealand wool, fine silk and exotic yarns. Hand-sculpting, fibre optic accents, and more are often incorporated for a completely personalised finished carpet design. Now imagine the quiet relaxation of a 3D sculpted panel or surface covering that is lightweight and sound absorbing with a natural, organic feel designed to the exact specifications of the client, this is achieved with Deconel. Deconel may include stitching, embroidery, beading, metal leaf, paint, metal, and stone inlays, LED accents and many more techniques to coordinate with individual carpet designs. Both products can be ordered separately or in conjunction for an overall effect. All handmade carpets and coverings are of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship,

obel Speciality Coatings


el’s Specialty Coatings division offers an extensive of aesthetically and technologically innovative d coatings for yachts, automobiles and aircraft. tings solutions provide identity and help protect nvironmental factors. They share their in-depth e and expertise in areas as diverse as fouling sset protection, color matching and surface heir dedicated design team keeps track on global ends and works with customers to help them their design brief into the technologies they can

el are able to quickly respond to the needs of the , anywhere in the world and have a highly skilled support team to help realize the perfect finish. , International®, Interlux® and Alumigrip® ave established a world-class reputation for e and meet the needs of customers who expect al performance, durability and brilliant visual

Townsend Leather has long been an industry leader and preferred manufacturer of high-performance leathers for the leading Aviation OEMs as well as the residential, hospitality and luxury yacht markets.

Their design and manufacturing capabilities allow them to have complete control over yield, el is a leading global paints and coatings and a major producer of specialty chemicals. to strict testing while offering a wide range of in-stock and custom quality and adherence rtered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, they colours, finishes and embossings. roximately 47,000 people in around 80 countries. n centuries of expertise, they supply industries umers worldwide with innovative products and Pinnacle Cowhide is one of Townsend’s newest luxury leather offerings, available in seven inle technologies designed to meet the growing stock colours as well as additional made-toorder colors. Pinnacle Cowhide will generally run of our fast-changing planet.

1.1 – 1.3mm in thickness and is aniline-dyed cowhide with a resilient protective finish. It also features a beautiful, embossed rounded grain for outstanding wear and great cutting yield. Pinnacle Cowhide is the perfect leather for durability and performance combined with a soft pleasing hand and can be customized to meet project requirements. Luxe Et Al 29

Townsend Leather have a passion for their products, for luxury, and for design. Their designdriven philosophy allows them to offer creative and innovative leathers along with virtually unlimited opportunities for customization. Manufacturing leather in up-state New York, their leather craftsmen have more than 40 years’ of experience and strive to provide top-of the-line leathers that are as unique as each of their customers. 14 Luxe Et Al

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JAMIE LAMBERT Managing Director FH Lambert Limited

Which sector do you specialise in? Aerospace (Aircraft Interiors), Automotive (Vehicle Interiors), Maritime (Super Yacht Interiors)

standard and quality across the board, we ascertain as much relevant information from them; which enables us to process effectively and efficiently to the same consistent standard.

Is the Superyacht/Aviation markets an integral part of your business/large percentage of your market?

Please describe any relevant technological advancement that may have influenced your work in recent years.

Both markets are very much integral to our company, the aerospace market accounts for roughly 70% of our business, with Automotive and Maritime at 10% .

To meet the standards set out by the industry, we provide a service which is to the highest quality. The company is accredited to the Aerospace quality management system AS 9100, as a result of this we have been able to implement new testing procedures as an added assurance to our customers.

How long have you worked in this sector? The business has been trading for over 50 years; but me personally within the business, nearly 15 years. Which other sectors do you work in? Brass Musical Instruments, Art and Interior Design (Artwork), Model Making/ Prototyping, Electronics and Jewellery.

And trends/design directions moving forward... Due to the high demand in grander scale pieces across all sectors; we have had to increase the capacity of our tank sizes.

Can you please give details of recent interesting projects and your direct involvement/ participation in these projects? Due to the unique cliental we work with; customer confidentiality is vital. However I can say we have worked on numerous projects for Royal & Private Jets/Yachts, along with first class interiors for some of the world’s leading airlines. Working within the Superyacht/ Aviation sector must be different than the domestic and commercial markets have you found this to be the case? With the client demands of prestigious luxury products; we approach our work with the client irrespective of the market they represent. Our end product is to the same ultra high 16 Luxe Et Al

And now a little about you:

Your favourite restaurant: Va Pensiero, Radlett. Hertfordshire. Best way to relax: A Few years ago I obtained my pilots licence; so when I have the time I like flying in a PIPER PA28 The place that gives you inspiration: Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. The perfect drink: Gin and Tonic (must be Hendricks though!) Final thoughts or words of wisdom: I’m a firm believer that if you look after your staff they in turn will

look after your customers.

FH LAMBERT Award winning FH Lambert Ltd are world-renowned specialists in decorative metal plating and surface coatings. The expertise of their accomplished team provides the ultimate sumptuous finish for manufacturers, completion centres and interior designers. Recent demand for larger articles has meant that FH Lambert have increased their processing capacity, in particular two of their more popular finishes; Black Chrome and Rose Gold.

The Decoplate Black Chrome finish is a striking choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd, it provides an understated elegance and looks superb in an art deco style interior. Secondly their Decoplate Rose Gold finish has a unique reddish-pink hue which differentiates it from all the other gold’s. It adds a touch of decadence to earth-toned interiors and beautifully sets off cherry and teak woods. The Decoplate Black Chrome tank capacity can process articles up to 8 feet long and the Decoplate Rose Gold can plate up to an astonishing 10 feet; considered as the largest in the industry. As well as specialising in many variations of their Decoplate finishes for aircraft interiors and other industries; there are also many related services available in-house, such as surface protection with spray lacquering and protection inhibitors/ nano coatings, metal repairs and restoration and custom colour matching; providing a one stop solution.

Find us on...

F.H.Lambert Limited Watford West Works, 85a Hagden Lane Watford. Hertfordshire. WD18 7UA. UK.

+44 (0) 1923 229 444

+44 (0) 1923 255 717

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With superb design, Venue and their Stage™ content service deliver an exceptional experience to the aircraft cabin with rich content options for entertainment, news, moving maps, games, magazines and more, to make every flight more enjoyable; complete wireless and wired control of the cabin environment; and connectivity capabilities that bring a seamless, swift and reliable flow of data to and from the aircraft.

No compromises. The Venue cabin.

Rockwell Collins’ phased approach for upgrading from older content management systems to Venue streamlines the transition. All while minimizing the impact to the aircraft’s structure and interior. When it comes to the design, installation and support of a cabin management system, experience matters. Rockwell Collins has maintained a steadfast focus on the aircraft cabin for more than 40 of their 80+ years in aviation. ™

shared with about ct with aft as know , fully nal vices reaking s the dentify that er n.

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Technology continues to evolve, and older cabin management systems cannot keep up. Business aircraft owners need a cabin management system that can meet today’s requirements but also advance at the speed of technology. The Venue™ cabin management system can do this and more, with no compromises. That’s because Rockwell Collins is not only investing in the hardware, but also in the future of inflight capability and connectivity.

e you

nt nts that work

Many business-jet owners are choosing to retain their aircraft longer and are considering updating elements such as the cabin interior. This can highlight obsolescence issues with their cabin management system.

Rockwell Collins know business aircraft – from flight deck to cabin to flight services and support. This experience combines with their drive to continually advance cabin and connectivity technologies, taking the cabin experience to new levels of capability for customers. Rockwell Collins - Venue™ cabin management system


Many business-jet owners are choosing to retain their aircraft longer and are considering updating elements such as the cabin interior. This can highlight obsolescence issues with their cabin management system. Technology continues to evolve, and older cabin management systems cannot keep up. Business aircraft owners need a cabin management system that can meet today’s requirements but also advance at the speed of technology.

HCI Interiors London are more than just yacht decorators; offering a personal service With superb design, Venue and their Stage™ content service deliver capturing the unique design style of a yacht, an exceptional experience to the aircraft cabin with rich content options for entertainment, news, moving maps, games, magazines the way the rich palette details and more, to make every flight more enjoyable;of complete wirelesscan make and wired control of the cabin environment; and connectivity capabilities that bring a seamless, swift and reliable flow of data to the perfect finishing touch, influencing mood and from the aircraft and complementing lifestyle; such as stunning Rockwell Collins’ phased approach for upgrading from older content management systems to Venue streamlines the transition. All while minimizing the impact to the aircraft’s structure custom handmade goose downandquilts in silk or interior. customers’ owninstallation fabricandand handmade custom When it comes to the design, support of a cabin management system, experience matters. Rockwell Collins has With Rockwell Collins Venue™ cabin management system, connectivity meets maintained a steadfast focus on the aircraft cabin for more cushions and throws which canthan be40bespoke control. Maximize productivity. Access real-time information. Immerse yourself in of their 80+ years in aviation. embroidered or enhanced by metallic inlays.entertainment. All beautifully designed to complement your lifestyle. Rockwell Collins know business aircraft – from flight deck to cabin The Venue™ cabin management system can do this and more, with no compromises. That’s because Rockwell Collins is not only investing in the hardware, but also in the future of in-flight capability and connectivity.

to flight services and support. This experience combines with their drive to continually advance cabin and connectivity technologies, taking the cabin experience to new levels of capability for customers.

With Venue, there are no compromises.

HCI has a highly experienced team who can create Sunburst pleated and fabric walls using textiles that comply with international marine standards.

Visit us at MEBAA, stand 421.

The company have been supplying bespoke upholstered luxury furniture, flame retardant fabrics, soft © 2016 Rockwell Collins. All rights reserved. and speciality wall-coverings to the most discerning and experienced interior professionals for almost 20 years – from smaller residential projects to large scale commercial. 18 Design Et Al

05/12/2016 16:31:51

RC-Venue-Luxe et al-230x297_Nov2016.indd 1

Seamless device connectivity Content at your fingertips Easily upgradable

No compromises. The Venue cabin. ™

With Rockwell Collins Venue™ cabin management system, connectivity meets control. Maximize productivity. Access real-time information. Immerse yourself in entertainment. All beautifully designed to complement your lifestyle. With Venue, there are no compromises.

Seamless device connectivity Content at your fingertips Easily upgradable

Visit us at MEBAA, stand 421. © 2016 Rockwell Collins. All rights reserved.

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THE KING AIR 350I - TRUE TO ITS LEGACY OF INNOVATION. The world’s most legendary turboprop is now the world’s most advanced.

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Since the very first King Air was introduced by Beechcraft in 1964, it has been the class leader in capabilities and sales. Its unmatched versatility, reliability and safety are the reasons that individuals, companies and governments in 105 countries around the world have purchased more than 6,000 of the aircraft. The new-generation King Air 350i continues its undisputed reign. Its design has been enhanced and upgraded. The cabin size and load-carrying capabilities are unequalled in any competitive turboprop. Its overall efficiency is amazing.

However great its performance and value are, its new interior is where the King Air 350i truly excels. It is the most luxurious, comfortable and capable ever offered in any turbine aircraft in its class.


26 Luxe Et Al

The new seats have waterfall headrests; there are optional aft ottomans and optional seat warmers. Elegance is achieved with the use of soft materials throughout the cabin, complemented by downwash and floor accent lighting. The newly designed forward refreshment centre has LED drawer lighting and hot/ cold beverage dispensers. The cabin also features state-of-the-art LED lighting at each seat, new worktables and electro chromic window darkeners, effortlessly achieving the ultimate environment for working or relaxing. The King Air 350i offers more cabin reconfiguration than ever before. Seating is standard for eleven passengers. The increased space is not merely quantity by quality as the vertical sides of the cabin give each passenger more leg and shoulder room allowing them to sit-up straight. The seat re-configuration is both versatile and time-savingly flexible. The cabin can conform to the mission. It can easily be configured to accommodate a variety of roles, from air ambulance humanitarian missions to carrying cargo to corporate transport. The chairs and cabinets are attached to floor-mounted seat tracks for easy reconfiguration. An optional large cargo door 49 inches wide by 52 inches high (124 cm × 132 cm) accommodates oversized loads.

“The King Air’s reliability, versatility and operating efficiencies continue to make the entire family of turboprops a popular choice in the European market,” said Kriya Shortt, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “We’re looking forward to getting the upgraded King Air 350i/ER and 250 into the European marketplace, where owners/ operators have responded enthusiastically to the investments we’ve made in bringing the latest technology, safety and comfort to the cockpit and cabin.”

The aircraft surpasses its predecessor’s high-calibre performance with more payload capability and range, a quieter interior with standard Wi-Fi, and Pro Line Fusion™ avionics with full touchscreen simplicity. The King Air is the world’s most popular business turboprop aircraft – a title never simply granted, but earned again and again with continuous enhancement over five decades.


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28 Luxe Et Al

A SOPHISICATED, ELEGANT SPACE Bombardier global express interior re-design by Schรถninghwulffraat shortlisted for the international yacht and aviation awards 2017 in the private jet design - concept award. By Schรถninghwulffraat

Luxe Et Al 29

30 Luxe Et Al

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Luxe Et Al 33

SchöninghWulffraat is a private jet aircraft interior design studio. With more than 19 years of experience in the aviation interior-design industry, they create high-end, custom interiors, using their knowledge of airworthiness certification, enthusiasm and experience to develop the utmost interior. SchöninghWulffraat create sophisticated and elegant spaces within aircraft interiors. The relationship with their clients is based on full access from start to finish. The design process evolves as the ideas come to fruition, and they take the time to transform those ideas into the forms and materials that best express them. Their ethos is to create a customised jet interior that reflects the client’s tastes and lifestyle. As an added layer of their personalized, client-focused design, they also strive to incorporate the authentic symbolism of each client’s’ culture into their individualised jet interior.


The concept for this project was driven by the desire to create a new updated aesthetically pleasing look and CMS for older Global Express aircraft. The designers set out to accomplish this efficiently by utilising past interior completions experience. The challenge in this project was to maximize the inner space and style of the Bombardier Global Express, while maintaining structural provisions and avoiding certification issues. Entering the Galley/hallway there is a clear sense and feeling of open space and luxury. The simple and functional style combined with high-end materials give the hallway a statement finish which is then continuously represented throughout the entire sumptuously indulgent design element of the jet interior.

The interior is designed to be shared and intensely welcoming for the owner and their guests. The seats offer unmatched comfort and elegance so that any journey would be a relaxing experience. This design provides exceptional personal space, tailored for the ultimate passenger experience.

34 Luxe Et Al

By integrating monuments and using simple dynamic clean lines the cabin feels spacious. The horizontal and vertical lines emphasise the main cabin dimensions. Every inch of space and every design detail is set in an integrated whole of form, colour and material. Throughout the jet cabin a wide range of materials can be selected to customise the interior. In this design, a combination of ultra-leather and high-end woods adorn portions of the walls and furniture, highlighted by colourcoordinated silk-inlaid carpeting covering the floor. The soft leather hugs the chairs, while gold plating adorns the fixtures. The interior design can be customised on the level of color and trim to fit the client’s personal style. The aft cabin zones defines the passenger’s own private space, an area for working, dining or relaxing. Although optional, this private cabin zone can be also become a private bedroom with a luxurious bed. The gentle lighting generates a roomy spacious feel while providing soft, indirect lighting for reading. The aft Lavatory design is based upon existing structural and system provisions. The simple continuous lines generate a spacious modern luxurious look and feel. Feasibility has been completed with involvement from engineering and production teams. The intent is to complete the interior with a multi use STC. The concept is currently being proposed to potential customers, owners and operators that are either considering buying or owning older Global Express aircraft. The design is for the Global Express, XRS and up. The relative low cost of used Global Express aircraft make this large cabin aircraft cost effective with a new interior and avionics upgrades.


DETAILS >L\ZLNLVTL[YPJMVYTZ[VV\[SPULĂ„_[\YLZ Every inch of space and design detail integrates form, color and material.

Duncan Aviation Lincoln Airport 3701 Aviation Road Lincoln, NE 68524 <:(

Eyos | Schoningh Wulffraat Design Nieuwe Prinsengracht 39 1018 EG Amsterdam The Netherlands

We are a private jet aircraft interior design studio. With more than 20 yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; experience in the aviation interior-design industry, we create high-end, custom interiors. We use our knowledge of air worthiness certification, enthusiasm and experience to develop your utmost interior.

A PLACE FOR ENTERTAINMENT AND RELAXATION Aquarius by Autoban and Mengi Yay Yachts, shortlisted in the International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2017 Interior Design - Power Yacht Category.

36 Luxe Et Al

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Turkish shipyard Mengi Yay’s latest delivery is the 45-metre yacht Aquarius, which was launched in June 2016 and since then she has been cruising around the Mediterranean. Aquarius is a tri-deck displacement yacht built with a wooden laminated epoxy hull and engineered by long-time collaborators Ginton Naval Architects. Her overall exterior design is by Oğuzhan Güler, and it is characterised by sleek and straight lines drawing the eye to her almost vertical prow. Aquarius’ interiors are the work of Autoban & BTA Design, which has drawn the vessel’s internal volume of 300 gross tonnes into beautiful spaces.


Indoor areas include a spacious full-beam main saloon featuring large windows and twin fold-down bulwarks on either side, which offer very good views. The fold-down bulwarks are just off the formal dining room and enhances the dining experience when at anchor. With exterior entertainment and relaxation areas being a major focus of the design one of the most remarkable features onboard has got to be the full-beam, three way-opening aft beach club. With port and starboard fold out sections and an extendable bathing platform and the sundeck featuring a large sun pad aft on the hard top, this stylish beach club can be opened up on the three sides when at anchor. A space such as this is more common on much larger yachts, but Mengi Yay and designer Oğuzhan Güler managed to create a luxurious and well thought out beach environment that will set Aquarius apart from other yachts in this size range. Accommodation onboard is composed of a master suite located forward on the main deck, four guest cabins and four crew cabins for a total staff of eight.

The master suite is spacious and is found forward on main deck, it is not quite full beam throughout, as two private fixed balconies, one on each side, take up some of the space. This sacrifice is certainly worth the interior space lost when considering the view and fresh sea breeze that can be enjoyed without having to leave the comfort of one’s suite. The four additional ensuite guest cabins can be found on the lower deck. The aft bridge deck can be arranged to host a tender or store other water sport equipment or toys. A couple of 1,450hp CAT C32 engines power the vessel, allowing for a top speed of 15 knots. Cruising speed of 12 knots will deliver the maximum cruising range from the 33,000 litre fuel tanks. 42 Luxe Et Al

Autoban’s combination of light and dark wood with beige hues give the interior a contemporary classic feel. This is starkly contrasted with the ultra-modern style of the main bathroom, here Autoban have kept it simple black and white with an ornate marble effect over the walls and the floors making the entire room feel luxurious. The main salon benefits from large windows, allowing natural light to flood the room and further enhance the cosy, warm feeling that Autoban have created in this space. On the upper deck, Autoban have created the ultimate luxury of having a hot tub near the bow of the yacht – this is strategically placed next to a screen where the inhabitants can play their favourite films and truly entertain their guests.

Autoban’s favourite aspect of the project was the generous interior spaces that they were given, this allowed them to create an inner shell which served as the foundation of the design. The design works well because every single item and detail is custom designed for the client by taking into account his lifestyle and way of living. Autoban was founded by Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Çağlar in 2003, they are an internationally renowned firm based in Istanbul, Turkey. Their works range from architectural design, interior design and product design. As interior designers Autoban respond with sensitivity and innovation to every client project, seeking to understand its history and shape its future without assumption or replication. Autoban celebrate form: they are fascinated by uncommon materials, and common materials used in uncommon ways. They skilfully and instinctively push materials to reveal their full potential. Autoban enhance function, they design for people and for the enjoyment of the environment that comes from its efficient and intelligent design. There cardinal rules are to design a functional space which will inspire its inhabitants. Autoban creates character rich designs that imprint themselves on the people who enjoy them, and spaces that foster memorable interactions between users. Approaching each project initially as storytellers, their work seeks to understand the character and context of each project. Each element is informed by a uniquely space-centric approach, blending sophistication, and minimal forms with rich materials.

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JET AVIATION COMPLETIONS Since 1977, Jet Aviation Completions has been crafting beautifully bespoke private aircraft interiors. One-of-a-kind, each project is an individually designed and hand-made reflection of a personal aesthetic or idea. In 2001, the centre opened its own in-house Design Studio, and today a team of 14 designers draw on experience across residential, commercial, yacht and aircraft architecture and design. An impressive portfolio covers over 40 wide- and narrow-body completions, designed in-house and in collaboration with external designers, from initial concept right through to certification and delivery. But how does one get from an initial drawing to an airworthy interior? And how does a design studio manage to blend a client’s personal style with the complex spatial and regulatory constraints of an aircraft? Elisabeth Harvey, director of the Jet Aviation Design Studio, reveals the detailed process that takes a client effortlessly from hand-drawn idea, to hand-crafted aircraft.



Where ideas are brought to the table, an initial sketch is produced, and a concept is born. The Jet Aviation Design Studio meets one-on-one with a customer or their representative to discuss requirements. “We’ll talk about design direction, spatial needs and aesthetic preferences and begin to draw up first concepts and layouts to inspire further conversation,” explains Harvey. “We try to ascertain what functionality is important, and preferred designs, and how we can weave their individual aesthetic style into a workable aircraft interior. We also advise the customer,” she adds. “The Design Studio has a wealth of experience in interiors, architecture, furnishings, fittings and aircraft compliance to help define an overall concept that is both expertly conceived, and meets rigorous aviation regulations.”

As part of the detailed design package the Studio prepares, customers are given a series of floorplans tailored to their requirements, designed to give them a clear idea of the space and scope of their chosen airframe. This is then presented alongside a clear aesthetic vision for the interior design, including mood boards, illustrations and drawings. “We will also spend time designing bespoke furniture ideas, sourcing specialist finishes, accessories and artwork, and working with a network of experienced craftsmen and producers to find the exact details that turn a concept into reality,” comments Harvey. These details are then incorporated into realistic renderings, presented to the customer for final review.



During the final stages of the design process, the Studio works with the customer to define and refine every detail of the design. “The foundation of not only design, but also engineering knowledge, that we have built up at Jet Aviation enables us to envision our clients’ wishes, and also gives us the confidence to create incredible designs in our production facility,” continues Harvey. This philosophy maximizes the options for the customer, allowing a truly bespoke VVIP interior design. “This flexibility is critical to our clients,” Harvey adds.

“We are the bridge between design and engineering,” explains Harvey. “Where the final aesthetic is integrated into an airworthy interior.” The Studio offers design management services, meaning that they work closely with engineering, production and certification professionals throughout the completions process to ensure the design intent is respected, and to manage and communicate any changes. Inspections are made on behalf of the organisation and the customer to ensure quality and design parameters are met. The result is an interior that is innovative and exciting, seamlessly certified and, above all, beautifully bespoke.


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Jet Aviation Design Studio provides a full service end-toend servicenot only creating the design and livery of an

aircraft, but also sourcing everything from cutlery and linens to tailor-made amenities or bespoke artwork — the final

touches that make an initial vision a reality.

Renderings by ACA Advanced Computer Art GmbH,

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FACTORYDESIGN Factorydesign is a multi-award winning, creative design agency with studios and workshops in West London. From strategic front-end thinking to detailed design, they have developed effective and measurable programmes for global players across the industry including British Airways, Etihad, Delta Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and Scandinavian Airlines. THE WORK Factorydesign are involved in all aspects of cabin interior, from First Class seats to place settings and lighting. As a business they are deeply involved in the reality of commercial aviation but always look for opportunities to push the envelope and offer ideas or solutions to problems that are unique. They celebrate innovation wherever possible; believing the competence to create a viable, working product is only the baseline for a designer. The key elements of their current work are business class seats for a number of carriers around the globe, catering elements, lavatories and galleys as well as product strategies for several expanding airlines. Factorydesign have recently completed projects with Delta One creating all-suite business class seats, the first ever to feature an individual door; Malaysia Airlines Business Class seating; and Acro series 7 Premium economy seat. The completion of these projects has involved working with Thompson Aero Seating, Acro Aircraft Seating, Boeing, Airbus, and SWS certification.

THE PROCESS Factorydesign have a process that always begins with the passenger experience. They design for airlines all over the world and of course, everyone wants a newer, better improved product,

THE CHALLENGES Airlines continually demand more from a cabin in terms of function and personality; and both the aircraft makers and the cabin suppliers pull rabbits out of hats every year at Hamburg and other aviation shows. Factorydesign have long championed seating and environment solutions that break down the familiar ranks of row by row seating. The hope is to see productive relationships between aircraft makers and cabin equipment suppliers that move them a step closer to more creative cabin layouts.

THE CLIENTS The relationships Factorydesign form with their clients are based on the recognition that the very best results come from the very best clients. This is not indicative of the size of their purse (though this can help!) but in the designer’s ability to work closely with the client and 48 Luxe Et Al

really get to the heart of both the brand and the ambition for what they want for their passengers. Time is always spent early in a project and before any design activities begin, looking and learning about the client’s culture, their territories, their past and where they want to be in the future. This immersion process is what provides the clues to work out what to do next. Their

but essentially it must be one that carries the DNA of the country from which it is operating. The early stage of every project examines the personality of the brand alongside all the obvious technical and operational needs. Whenever possible they build into the project a continuous phase of development with any or all of the suppliers and aircraft manufacturers, to manage the product development and cabin integration process. Without close attention and collaborative design refinement, the ‘vision’ that has been created and the technical intent can easily become distorted or lost. The process of new design is constantly challenged with the prospect of ‘tomorrow’, the pace at which advancements occur. Like all design companies, Factorydesign must predict the future to some degree and create ideas that can both take the passengers and their clients on a journey, whilst keeping a close eye on all the things that are changing on the ground. Ideally the passenger experiences a degree of seamlessness between similar ground/air experiences – a cup of coffee, glass of wine, comfy seat. It will not be long before wireless connectivity is considered the norm, not an add-on. Using materials and products determined by the personality of their clients and the feasibility of their use, Factorydesign often face certification issues which require additional work with the best suppliers to address them. The priority must be the integration of technology into the design schemes. As product designers they have to be in tune with technological developments on the ground and always on the lookout for the latest opportunity for ground/air technology integration. Of course, all work, particularly involving new technology requires a weather eye on the certification race.

creative processes are unique to them and seldom shared outside client relationships, but as a consultancy, they are privileged to have employed some great talent over the years, and to that end, they made all members of the company shareholders in 2014. This reflects enthusiasm from within, where they have the reality of all working together seamlessly but with each

member bringing a special skill or resource to the table.

THE FUTURE 2017 will see Factorydesign celebrating twenty years in business and continued energy in developing their skills and success in the aviation sector.

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GREENPOINT TECHNOLOGIES Founded in 1987, Greenpoint Technologies is a premier Business Jet Completion Center providing turnkey VIP interior completions for private individuals, corporations and Heads-of-State. They encompass all disciplines in-house including interior design, engineering, program management, manufacturing, installation, certification and post-delivery support. They have led the VIP industry by completing the world’s first V-VIP Boeing 747-8 in 2014 as well as the world’s first V-VIP Boeing 787-8 in 2016. THE HISTORY The company’s first VIP Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) completion had actually been delivered in 2001. Since then, the company has delivered over 20 full interior (green) completions with various upgrade programs for both widebody and narrowbody aircraft. Artistry, engineering and innovation are part of Greenpoint’s roots. The company, for example, developed the patented 747-8 VIP Aeroloft®, an interior kit that has been installed on four VIP 747-8s flying today. It contains eight private sleeping berths, a changing room and staircase installed above the main deck between doors 4 and 5 of the 747-8.


The company supports various upgrades on a fleet of Headof-State business jets, serving clients for over a decade. Other programs include Boeing and Airbus interior design development for confidential customers. In completing these projects Greenpoint has worked with Boeing, Kestrel Aviation, Pierrejean Design Studio, and Crystal AirCruises, amongst other private clients. Greenpoint has also worked closely with Boeing to deliver the world’s first 747-8 V-VIP Interior Completion in 2014 and the first 787-8 V-VIP Interior Completion in 2016. Recognizing the Boeing 787-8 is a different type of completion, they met with Boeing to understand the new airframe, then identified its technical challenges and determined solutions which they implemented on their two 787-8s.

Next, designers define and detail furniture standards, then model and sketch all interior elements. Lighting and soft materials such

as fabrics, colors and textures are selected to meet flammability certification requirements, and are applied to finish the interior for client approval. Interior colors, texture layouts and features are adjusted and fine-tuned in advance of fabrication to visualise the décor concepts and design elements, Greenpoint Design Illustrators use software including 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD, Photoshop and After Effects digital computer aided drafting (CAD) data to build virtual interiors, renderings and videos. Thus, the Greenpoint Team can assess the décor, function and livability of the interior layout in ways not possible through the traditional art-based graphic design process.




Modern, clean and functional interior schemes are the increasing focus for modern day jet owners, with clients wanting the luxury and performance of their cars, yachts, homes and offices in their airplane. This has created an interesting balance between the four sectors, within which parallels are becoming ever more present and relevant for designers. To be prepared, aircraft designers need to be far ahead of new trends and technology, advocating for these features early.

In 2017, Greenpoint plans to monitor progress and quality inspections prior to delivery of their second 787-8 VIP interior completion and the Boeing 777-200LR VIP interior completion for Crystal AirCruises. In addition, they recently signed an MOU with Spike Aerospace to develop the interior for their Spike S-512 Supersonic Business Jet. Another busy year developing design schemes for their upcoming confidential programs is excitedly predicted.

Greenpoint’s Design Team works with each client to create an interior concept that reflects their individual tastes. They can either lead the interior design effort or assist third-party designers. The design process begins with an ergonomic study which translates into the floorplan layout, designed to meet the customer’s desires and specification requirements.

Greenpoint’s cabinet and machine shops transform the design and engineering into reality. All interior components, excluding IFE and systems, are built in-house. Cabinetry is built and engineered to be low maintenance, aesthetically beautiful and specifically customised for each interior. Cabinetry artisans and installation technicians will then carefully install the interior elements including all systems, cabinetry, ceilings, sidewalls, flooring and furniture per the engineering and design specifications for an on-time

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delivery. Their design team works closely with the engineering team, who develop the technical requirements to design, manufacture, install and certify the custom interior. Engineering generates all drawings and requirement specifications, as well as analyses aircraft stress, substantiation, weight and balance loads and systems certification for overall functionality and airworthiness. Greenpoint’s Engineering Lab conducts pre-design and certification testing for each program. The lab is an important asset in the engineering process as it provides immediate feedback to the Design Team in validating design feasibility.

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ANDREW WINCH Founder, Winch Design

What projects are you currently working on? Currently the company has several yachts being delivered, two planes which are in the process of being completed and architectural projects in destinations as far flung as Cape Town, the Seychelles and Montenegro. In the latter, we are working on an iconic yacht club at Portonovi, a new 60acre luxury resort and super yacht marina. What projects have you recently completed? Winch Design is known as one of the leading international design studios in the world. With recent project completions including the interior design of the 74m Amels motor yacht Plus Ultra, the interior design of the largest volume yacht ever built, the iconic 156m motor yacht Dilbar and anexpansive city penthouse apartment inspired by the Art Deco era. What companies have you worked with for the above projects? Companies we have collaborated with on several projects across all three departments include David Linley and Thomas Mercer Where do you feel super yacht design is going in terms of interior schemes? Super yacht design is becoming more focused on integrating interior and exterior living spaces. The focus on having a large

52 Luxe Et Al

beach club and spa area creates a great feeling of openness inside the yacht, maximising the space. Along with glass and material technology advancing, the structural constraints are becoming less, leading to more interesting ways of designing spaces and combining areas. Are there any key design directions you would like to discuss? For us, the most important direction in terms of design is that creating the perfect environment for our client’s lifestyle is the priority. Clients increasingly want all of their surroundings, whether it’s a yacht, plane, home, private office, helicopter etc created exclusively for them and with the same level of design and attention to detail. We are increasingly being asked by clients to create several projects because they want a seamless transition from their home in one country to their private plane, to their yacht and on to another property. We are currently also looking at designing a bespoke car, train and even a bicycle! Trends going forward? As super yachts continue to grow in size, so too do the possibilities for palatial private spaces, spas, balconies, gymnasiums and secluded spots where one can focus. Cinemas of the highest quality are becoming significant, both internally and on deck. Impressive personal zones will continue to push limits from snow rooms to private pool decks that transform into sports courts. Anything is possible for the

future to create truly unique and innovative spaces that meet the owner’s wishes. PYC (Private Yacht Compliance) regulations are dictating interior finishes so all materials and finishes have to be carefully selected to comply with this. What are your favourite recent schemes please describe key elements. We don’t have a “house style” at Winch Design, so every scheme is a favourite because we are creating something unique for each client. For me, the marriage of form and function is something I believe we do very well and those elements are my favourites, because we make the impossible a reality. What product companies have you worked with that you would be happy to recommend to other designers? We work with so many different companies and craftsmen around the world who excel in their respective fields. Our teams travel extensively to find the absolute best, the unique and the unusual so our address book of contacts is sizeable and it is not something we share! Any final thoughts? Our clients are our greatest inspiration. We strive to achieve design excellence by creating designs that are majestic, timeless and truly unique, whilst exercising a design insight that extends to 360 degrees.

MICHAEL BORK Aircraft Interior Architect , VIP & Special Mission Aircraft Services Lufthansa Technik- Hamburg

What projects are you currently working on? We are working on several projects at the moment, including A320. A340, A350 and a study for a B-787. What projects have you recently completed? My last completion projects were a B767 and two B737 Head of State aircrafts. Our team completed several more, including a B747-8. Where do you feel aviation design is going in terms of interior schemes? We at Lufthansa Technik are focusing in several directions. The ultra individual solutions (which always was a core competence of Lufthansa Technik) and on the other hand, solutions serving a broad and general approach for most needs and tastes. Our Elite-Program is a typical example, but even here we offer more and more possibilities that make the aircraft very unique. And of course all variations between the two. Name the key themes to consider when approaching design in 2016 and beyond. We at Lufthansa Technik are most flexible in terms of design and style and not bound to any specific “look” like a brand or some design offices. Our focus here is to translate all customer wishes into a new design the best way possible and to combine it most efficient with proven and innovative technology.

What are your favourite recent schemes? We presented several design concept works in 2016 including an A350 and also our cooperation with Mercedes Benz Style.

aspects. The more information you have about the things that might play a role in a project at early stages, the bigger the chance to deliver a visual and functional convincing product without a long way round

If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to design schemes, what would it be?

Three: My pencil. Drawing is still the most intuitive and direct way to bring ideas to life and things in order.

Collect as much relevant information and wishes first, then shape clear “design tasks”in words and ask yourself: What exactly should be achieved? Which means of design serve best? You cant think what you cant say - based on this, emotion and intuition can come into play and probably makes best sense in the end.

Four: 2D, 3D and all kind of visualisation techniques. There is no better way to imagine things than seeing them. Before things are built and get real it is all about precise imagination and good planning. This starts with the pencil mentioned above, but it is very soon followed by 3D concept design models, later come high realistic renderings, movies and VR by our 3D artists. But also our engineering VR and detailing in 3D is flanking and supporting the design work.

What products/services could you not live without when designing? One: Our design team and the whole LHT VIP department here at Lufthansa Technik. It satisfies me to see how it has developed over the past years. It is like a precise clockwork during all phases of a project. It is something I can rely on in my work, which makes it easier for me- as an Interior Architect- to focus on my real core work, but having all relevant information at hand in time. A very comfortable and unique situation, which I appreciate very much.

- As a designer please list the following

Two: All other departments of Lufthansa Technik, like Innovation, Overhaul, but also some of our world class suppliers, etc. They all support the design work tremendously. Not least design and architectural work is to bring things into a visual and ergonomic order and to harmonise many aspects and wishes within a convincing design language, that has to be developed out of many detail

ii. The place you can relax There are a lot. It can be almost anywhere. It is more situation dependent. If I have the feeling things are “right”. It can be a dinner with good friends, the view into a blue sky on the beach or a situation at work, when we are about to develop good solutions. It can also be in front of a master piece in a museum seeing how someone brought complex relations into a visual harmony.

i.The place that gives you most inspiration There is no special place for me. I find inspiration in our studio at work or by looking at nature or natural evolution but also in all kind of human products and behaviour (all those are “places” for me in a way…). Within those, art and design objects can be of special interest for me of course , because somebody else already invested efforts to create something that makes sense and gave context that is especially focused on design and human perception.

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FREESTREAM AIRCRAFT SERVICES LIMITED Founded in 1992, Freestream Aircraft Services Limited. is an experienced, global business jet sales and acquisition company comprised of a team of aviation professionals dedicated to serving their clients 24/7, handling the purchase and sale of business-class jets around the world. Its client services include in-house design and completion/refurbishment oversight. A LOOK AT FREESTREAM’S PROJECTS Freestream handle around 50% refurbishment and 50 % new completions. They take great pride in refurbishments as they embrace and champion change. The joy for them is in creating something from nothing, in being able to take a ten year old aircraft and create something elegant and timeless.

breaking the surface on refurbishment requests. Other projects include a Falcon 2000 refurbishment which requires a more seasoned aircraft being redesigned into something fresh by updating interior aesthetics and avionic equipment on par with 2017 offerings. In addition to this they are working on a Falcon 8X new completion project where they are taking a new aircraft on the market and are beginning to explore design elements and opportunities for their client and preparing for the completion process.

Freestream Aircraft are currently working on a Gulfstream G650 demonstrator and is in fact the first G650 demonstrator to undergo a full refurbishment for a private client after purchase. The G650 is such a new aircraft they are only just

New completions on new-to-the market aircraft is an exciting prospect for Freestream, as well as posing a challenge due to the quality issues that may need to be faced alongside identifying what new exciting elements can be utilised, which

may previously have proven unworkable. New completions are all about the details. On a new aircraft completion, where the platform is innovative and sleek, the details make the design. Freestream constantly look for details that can set that client’s aircraft apart from the others being delivered. Freestream have also recently completed a new G650 delivery, two Global XRS refurbishments and also a Challenger 605 refurbishment.

A LOOK AT HOW FREESTREAM DESIGN Within an increasingly competitive brokers market, Freestream have a unique edge on the competition because they offer a rare design and completion management service. Their services encompass full design for the exterior and interior of every aircraft large or small. They meet with each client to discuss needs and desires for their aircraft and then execute the design and quality control throughout the completion project and lead the delivery process until the aircraft is in the client’s hands. Much of the company’s success comes down to catering for the individual needs of each client. They have many long-term customers who have a very classic taste and for them the interiors will always be elegant, but technology savvy. The team is always exploring the newest opportunities on the market whether it be sustainable materials never used before or how to bring more elements of custom furniture into a fuselage. As designers they are inspired to experiment with luxury fabrics from suppliers such as Loro Piana and Hermes as well as


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In 2017 Freestream have some larger refurbishments on deck for Boeing Business Jets, which is an absolute passion for them due to the ability to really design and finesse the

incorporating wovens and leathers from Bottega Veneta. They not only use high end aviation targeted brands, but also work with these luxury manufacturers to see how they can work with their fabrics and create something that will be durable enough not only to suit the aircraft upholstery, but also bring their clients favourite home comforts to their aircraft. When it comes to addressing the challenges of integrating technology into the design schemes Freestream believe that keeping aircraft technology updated is a constant acquiring of information, but it is something that as designers they are well accustomed to working with and therefore it becomes part of the intrigue. Finding what’s new on the market and integrating it in the smoothest way possible. The goal for each project that they work on is to link creativity with the latest innovations available, to make each aircraft attractive yet practical for its user.

interior. They will also start design conversations with clients as they begin to plan for the purchase of new aircraft types on the market such as Global 7000’s and G500’s.

In an ever increasing highly competitive market, the future looks bright for Freestream Aircraft in the years to come.

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HAECO PRIVATE JET SOLUTIONS For over more than sixty years, HAECO has evolved from a small MRO in Hong Kong operating with limited post-war resources into one of the world’s leading aircraft engineering and maintenance groups. The exciting story of the company’s development directly reflects many of its core values, including service innovation, technical expertise, operational excellence and integrity, as well as the company’s ever-present ‘can-do’ spirit. HAECO Xiamen’s services encompass not only refurbishment, but the entire cabin completion lifecycle in its business unit of HAECO Private Jet Solutions. Dedicated teams handle design engineering and supplier management as well as certification and manual supplements. HAECO PRIVATE JET SOLUTIONS HAECO Private Jet Solutions (HPJS) provides the integration service for corporate jets and private jets. They were the first Airbus approved and Boeing licensed cabin completion centre in Asia. Providing a one stop cabin completion and integration service to the cabin modification or reconfiguration for a private or corporate jets; from industrial design, engineering design, parts in house manufacturing or global purchasing, installation, certification to after sales service. They are also a designated Airbus Service Centre to provide aircraft maintenance and modification service. HPJS are currently working on a cabin modification project; the key element is converting the aircraft passenger cabin to requested functional cabin. Another project is working together with a customer to provide VIP cabin designs featuring different customer types such as government or state, corporate and business jets charters. With this project the key elements are functional, modern and internationally acceptable. HPJS demonstrates its customized service, its high quality product, on time departure and competency on its execution through the finished three A319 green completions. HPJS also successfully completed cabin modification and reconfiguration on three BBJ/B737 projects.. In addition, they have just completed a conceptual cabin design called “Zen” this year with 1:20 cabin model using 3D printing techniques, with the whole process being completed in their workshop. These projects required working closely with global suppliers for the cabin parts manufacturing and also partnership with HAECO Group’s subsidiary in U.S. who is an FAA ODA (Organization Designation Authorization).




HPJS believe that the aircraft cabin should not only be designed to satisfy the necessary regulatory requirements, but also to maximise the comfort of the passengers. As such, the aesthetics of the aircraft represent certain spirit or culture in the designed cabin, this plays a key part in passenger comfort, such as colour, style, lighting and the material selection.

HPJS’s preferred designs incorporate natural and naturist materials such as wood, leather and wood veneer. These types of materials offer a degree of uniqueness to the overall design based on the natural and unique patterns that nature provides. While the production of wood veneer has a high cost and its own technological requirements associated with it, wood veneer uniquely presents a noble and unique taste of the customer and their status.

HPJS has identified that 3D printing technology in aircraft design is the way forward. This is primarily driven by cost and simplicity that can provide more variety to the customers in shorter spaces of time. New materials and VR technology adoption provides the customer with more options in providing the perfect cabin for the customer that can satisfy their special requirements.

The process to ensure a certified cabin conversion can only be achieved and accomplished by an approved Design Organisation (DO) who is awarded with Design Organisation Approval (DOA). The DO process for conducting the design must be set up according to the rules of the Certification Authority without deviation. As a designer there are several factors that drive the challenges of creating innovative schemes. Apart from the strict regulatory control imposed in aircraft and cabin design, the other main features include moving fluidly from traditional to more modern design concepts. 56 Luxe Et Al

When considering the integration of technology into the design schemes, according to HPJS the main challenges to be faced are the simplification of production and installation of customized interiors. Cost impact, lead time and innovation when working with carbon fibre fuselage and interfacing. It takes a high degree of innovation, creativity and unique solutions and problem solving to balance cost, elegance (aesthetics) and maintaining the regulatory requirements set by regulators.

While technology will evolve, the challenge is always to bring together new elements inside the cabin that suits the individual taste of ultra-high net worth individuals. HPJS is well placed to integrate these solutions tailored for the special customers given their unique strength in cultural awareness and industrial design. HPJS has stated that for 2017 the focus will continue to be the growth and development of cabin reconfiguration, modification and refurbishment services for their customers.

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Simplicity is the driver behind the revolution in all new consumer product designs and yet it was the view of the San Francisco based company, Cobalt, that general aviation has been immune to this progressive design focus. They believe that the industry that is held together by such stringent regulation and certificationheavy demands has reduced aerospace companies to only have an economic interest in making merely incremental improvements to well-defined and wellunderstood aircraft designs.


Aircraft designer and CEO of the aircraft startup company Cobalt, David Loury, felt that a change was needed. This change would impact the look and feel of small aircraft, particularly single-engine propeller aircraft, something that hasn’t changed much in decades. He wanted to relate the design to the fantasy of flying; he wanted to bring a solution that was radically disruptive. Yet aircraft buyers are notoriously conservative when it comes to new design, preferring tried-and-true models, and so the challenge was to create something quite beautiful and unusual that it would help to buck this trend. Based on the premise that ‘Life is short’ David Loury’s passion was to create something that was completely compelling.

His design is certainly unorthodox. The large bubble canopy providing a panoramic 320 degree view, rearwardfacing “pusher” propeller, and heavily swept wing set it apart from just about every currently available certified pistondriven, single engine aircraft. It has been a journey of 10 years to create this 5- seater futuristic-looking plane. It is one of only a few aircraft that features a small wing at the nose, called a “canard,” which, when paired with a rear-facing propulsion system, helps improve lift and thus performance. The plane’s cutting-edge design is aimed at performance and safety. The forward canard wing makes it particularly difficult for the pilot to stall the aircraft, and a fullaircraft parachute ensures that pilots who make critical errors have an extra layer of insurance in place. With these features, the aircraft would also be one of the safest in the category. Most small aircraft accidents are the product of stalls, and most of those stalls are produced by pilot error. Those errors typically happen when a pilot—particularly an out-of-practice pilot—is distracted in the cockpit. Simpler 64 Luxe Et Al

and safer aircraft are more accessible aircraft, and the more pilots that fly, and the more frequently they fly, the safer the skies become. The design will promote an easier and safer way to fly by incorporating Silicon Valley design sensibilities likes the ones behind the iPhone. For example, instead of a standard dashboard filled with dials, gauges and switches, the Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie has three iPad-style screens that display the most essential information, for example much flight time is left based on remaining fuel.

Cobalt says the aircraft is capable of travelling as fast as about 300 mph, which would make it the fastest single-piston-engine plane. (Other aircraft in this class typically do not reach speeds faster than about 280 mph.) Inspired by fighter jets it dispenses with boxy fuselages and instead borrows a streamlined design (and bulbous cockpit canopy), the Valkyrie features clean exterior lines and leather seats hand stitched by former Hermès craftsmen. The rearmounted propeller allows for increased visibility in front and a quieter cabin. A minimalist cockpit is laid out around a space for the pilot’s iPad. The company says that, in addition to seating as many as five people (including the pilot), the aircraft will also offer enough storage space for luggage, golf clubs, and even skis. Cobalt says that it can customise the interior and exterior of the plane. The Valkyrie is Cobalt’s entry into the market and at $700,000 dollars is aimed at a customer who wants a higher performing single-engine piston aircraft without taking on the complexity and expense of flying a turbine-powered aircraft. The Valkyrie is designed to impress at first sight: sleek and beautiful, like a high end sports car with the intuitive safety of an Apple product, but the Valkyrie is not a toy. Its main purpose isn’t recreation, but moving people around over relatively long distances. For example, the aircraft makes it possible to reach most of Western Europe from London without refuelling. It’s being marketed as an affordable way to travel in style. Cobalt has taken over $50 million in pre orders for its first two models, the Co50 Valkyrie and the Valkyrie-X.

Flexjet Red Label | Ric Michaels, Designer Global Product Intelligence

Luxury carpet. Exceptional experience. Made in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA 001.616.954.3200



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Rethinking convention with state of the art interiors, blending high tech amenities and timeless craftsmanship were the basis for the creation of the Legacy 500. The interior design takes the high tech capability of the cockpit (fly-by-wire/ glass cockpit) into the cabin zones. A blend of state of the art technology and meticulous, detail oriented craftsmanship makes it a modern, comfortable and user friendly environment. Large glass panels in the valance sections feature touch screen control and information monitors that merge modern styling with improved ergonomic function.


Storage zones on the side ledges open like jewel boxes, framed by complex shaped machined accents. Floating surfaces allow for tasteful separation of materials that are crafted in the spirit of individually tailored elements chosen by the owner. All this wealth of interior exploration is governed by an overlying architecture that uses GD&T principles for maximum fit and finish and accessibility, reducing assembly and maintenance cost. A perfect blend of high tech and comfort, aligning with Embraer’s values to challenge the status quo, the architecture allows for an increased variety of material combinations coming close to a one of a kind design tailored to each individual customer.

Then convinced that good is never really good enough, Embraer Executive Jets started with a clean sheet of paper to design the Legacy 450, stablemate to the record shattering Legacy 500. The result: a new cutting-edge corporate jet that transcends all others in the mid-light class. As with the 500, It is truly a remarkable union of technology and design offering digital flight controls with full fly-by-wire, the largest-in-class stand-up cabin, and class-leading stowage capacity and speed. It’s the kind of aircraft that emerges from not listening to conventional thinking – and instead, redefines what’s possible. This jet is a flawless union of technology and design. Optimally placed windows and ergonomic seating are only the start; the very latest in user-friendly features complement the Legacy 450’s stylish and comfortable interior. With its ergonomic design for enhanced comfort, the Legacy 450 provides an experience which is a new definition of luxury and a feeling of freedom.

72 Luxe Et Al

The interior finishing is exceptional with areas of customised personalisation. The modern interior design incorporates simplicity, transparency, light, and serenity to convey a feeling of sensual elegance. Innovative interior finish materials create unique solutions for customers, such as stone flooring in wet areas and stone countertop. The project allowed a new look towards introducing innovative technology with regard to user interface, as well as manufacture and assembly methods and maintaining a comfortable, high luxury environment. The use of GD&T principles within the design create a perfect fit and finish quality and allow for maximum accessibility, thereby reducing assembly and maintenance cost. At 6-feet (1.83 m.) tall and 24-feet (7.32 m.) long, with a flat floor, the Legacy 450’s cabin is the largest in its class. Two centre club seats fully berth to create beds, for undisturbed sleeping during the flight. The other seats, available with optional heating and massage, swivel and offer lateral and forward movement. The Legacy 450 seats a total of up to 9 passengers. Seats are also available with optional lumbar adjustment, leg rest and flexible wing. Foldable tables open flush with the side ledge, increasing the usual table surface area. This impressive craft offers unparalleled luxury for the epitome of flight experiences. An on board refreshment centre even provides a microwave oven and coffee brewer. The Legacy 450 is the only mid-light business jet with an optional wet galley. The wet galley features hot and cold water with a large ice drawer and optional crystal, china, and silverware. The Ovation® Select ™ Cabin Management System gives full HD video, optional surround audio, Apple TV, and a wide range of connectivity options including 3.1 Mbps high-speed data and Wi-Fi connection. The Legacy 450 is the only jet in its class to replace conventional controls with full FlyBy-Wire technology; a pilot’s dream cockpit. This technology enables a smoother, more natural feeling flight by translating the manual input from the pilot electronically rather than mechanically. Electronic fly-by-wire systems increase the number of control surfaces that can be actuated simultaneously. This allows for maximum performance and control while reducing the pilot’s workload and creating a smoother flight for passengers. Additional flight envelope protection also increases flight safety. The Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 flyby-wire system has received a prestigious Flightglobal Achievement Award in the Innovator of the Year category 2010.

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CONTEMPORARY FLAIR Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 105 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Shortlisted for the International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2017 in the Power Yacht 25 - 50m Category.

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The unveiling of the MCY 105, the largest to date, coincided with Italian shipbuilder Monte Carlo Yachts’ five year anniversary, and the 32-metre flagship is the most tangible exemplification of the company’s vision, of Monte Carlo Yacht’s iconic, timeless style and the naval allure of its collection.


Featuring the MCY collection’s iconic design elements such as a perfect balance of the hull and superstructure, the MCY 105 is the result of a painstaking attention given to proportions, inherent dynamism of lines, and to every single detail, no matter how small. The MCY 105 is elegant and instantly recognisable: the imposing bulwarks and a high bow award the boat with the naval allure distinctive of the timeless MCY style. This yacht is the largest in the MCY collection The boat yard’s distinctive trait of creating spaces only available on megayachts is particularly evident here. Created by the design team of Nuvolari & Lenard with the active input of her Hong Kong owner, MCY 105 follows the exterior styling and aerospace construction methods pioneered in the company’s four earlier models. This has allowed the Italian yard to build to precise tolerances and this translates to extra square footage throughout the yacht. The yacht’s interior exhibits a contemporary flair and the interior spaces onboard are voluminous. The large Portuguese deck at the bow, and the flybridge with spacious and stylish living space are unmatched in its class. The unique and ergonomic raised Pilot House gives maximum comfort and the sense of space extends down backlit alabaster stairs to the 484 square foot master suite, which is located on the main deck. The overall impression of the master suite is one of space and light; this is enhanced by large floor-to-ceiling windows. This split-level suite at the bow is more like a spacious apartment than a cabin, with the upper level bed illuminated by a broad skylight. Brushed-grey-oak surfaces are paired with nubuck and African leathers inlaid with bronze.

The bathroom suite is divided by a fabric panel, instead of a solid wall, providing privacy without impeding the sense of openness. Warm brown Tabaco Wave, a natural stone from Brazil, covers the floor

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and shower walls and the stonework is framed by white Carrara-marble stripes. Enclosed toilets are divided by a large his and hers sink. The full-beam VIP cabin measures 333 square feet and is as spacious as many master suites found on larger yachts. One twin-bed cabin, another with triple bunks, and quarters for five crew members (accessed via a separate entrance) comprise the rest of the lower deck. The saloon mingles distressed-teak flooring with distressed-grey-oak walls with none of the wood being artificially treated or finished. Leather and marble accents are used sparingly and create an authentic and natural ambiance throughout the yacht. The flybridge space features a carbon-fibre hard top with a large opening in the centre. This outdoor living area houses two round tables for dining, and an outdoor grill and bar and at the aft end, two large lounges sit in the sunshine. This 753 square foot flybridge is the perfect location to enjoy alfresco dining. In addition to its lavish interiors and sculpted exteriors, the beauty of the MCY 105 is its short, six-month build time, made possible by its advanced construction methods. This approach allows the company to produce precisely built, highly customised superyachts in about half the time it would take other shipyards to turn out a production yacht of this size. Typically, the interiors of most motor yachts of this size are built in situ and over 100,000 man-hours are usually needed to complete the interiors. Due to Monte Carlo Yachts’ monocoque design the interiors of its boats are built in modules outside the hull on the shop floor where the craftsmen can work on all four sides of a project at once with tools and materials easily at hand. Not only is critical work done faster, it is also done better because the installation is not done in confined spaces. Wiring and plumbing are designed to be ‘plug-and-play’ and all of this results in tremendous savings in time and effort. The MCY 105 with its sporty profile and sculpted look is one of the most elegant yachts in the 100-foot range and this combined with spacious interiors, and decor from Hermès and Armani, along with custom furniture from Poltrona Frau, make it the ultimate expression of Monte Carlo Yachts style.

Demain se dessine aujourd’hui Tissus d’ameublement & accessoires de décoration

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THE WORLDâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S LEADING DESIGN NAMES 2017 Yacht and Aviation

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Be inspired

Whether driving, flying or sailing, we develop an affinity with our carefully chosen means of travel. They donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just get us from A to B, they also move us emotionally. Designers of these highly desirable modes of transport specify only the very best components throughout the construction process and they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t compromise when it comes to the coating which will give their creation the aesthetic appeal that it deserves. They want a coating that is available in any color, including custom finishes, that has the durability to withstand the rigours of any environment, anywhere in the world; they want a coating that can be applied to any material, produced by a manufacturer operating at the forefront of coatings technology; and they want a product that can be bought with the complete confidence that only an unmatched global track record can bestow. These coatings are all available from one source: AkzoNobel Specialty Coatings. Luxe Et Al 85

IMPOSSIBLE IS JUST A DARE. At Embraer, we find inspiration in the greatest of challenges. The creation of entirely new aircraft, and categories. And the inclusion of technology previously unavailable in aircraft this size. The better way. The efficient way. The unconventional way. You see, we’ve never been ones to settle for the status quo. And we’re looking for those who share a similar mindset and are willing to act upon it. Because we believe for those who do — doing the impossible is just the beginning.

Rethink Convention.

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